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Homeland Security

Homeland security is an umbrella term for security efforts to protect states against terrorist activity.

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I feel for Gen. Kelly. He went from Sec of Homeland Security to be a manager at an Adult Daycare Center i…
Homeland Security is so critical that we needed a ban, but not a permanent secretary. Go figure.
"The administration has had a vacancy without a permanent Secretary of Homeland Security for 2 months, which is a r…
Mayor of San Juan reacts after Homeland Security chief says Puerto Rico is a "good news" story:. [via CNN]
San Juan's mayor is outraged after the Homeland Security chief calls Hurricane Maria relief "a good news story."
The worst aspect, missed by is Homeland Security purposely spreads fake Russia news to bring down Trump.
San Juan mayor reacts to Homeland Security chief calling Puerto Rico a "good news" story: "This is a people are dying sto…
Department of Homeland Security: Waive the Jones Act for ALL Cargo at Ports in Puerto Rico to Aid Hur... via
Homeland Security sourced reports on violence from the site “Occidental Dissent”…
Subpoena Obama's Homeland Security guy, Jeh Johnson; ask him why he forgot to mention this LAST YEAR WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING.
I do NOT believe the tRUMP Homeland Security account that "no voter roles were hacked."…
Russians tried to hack election systems in Wisconsin, 20 other states in 2016, Homeland Securis via
Gee, really scary...NOT. Scary is when the Atty Gen is Eric Holder, J…
This is Homeland Security announcing news. Almost every news organization covered the same stor…
It's a sad day when you can't trust Homeland Security to be honest about whether Russian hackers changed the outco…
The same day refers to "Russia Hoax," Homeland Security Dept. tells 21 states that Russia tried to hack t…
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Use it doing business with Homeland Security, last I heard.
Homeland Security notified 21 states Friday of 'potential targeting' of their election systems before 2016 election: D…
Even Trump won't touch him. His job offer at Homeland Security got revoked. 😂
. Trump picks Lawyer who works to Suppress Minority Votes to Head Civil Rights at DHS!!.
Walker's WI: Walker cut 6 jobs from Elections Commission, next day reveals that Russians tried to hack our election. https…
Homeland Security dept. today called 50 states to let them know if their election system were among 21 Russia tried to h…
# Department of Homeland Security notified 21 states that their ele...
Just two more rows pls: no of people displaced from homeland - 40+ and no of security personnel killed
Final panel is on w/ Homeland Security's Gregory Almeda, Chris Tyberg of &
The Office of Homeland Security is working on this, not the Feds. Important distinction. Thank you for your coverage!
I'm old enough to remember Obama DHS warning us about this...before elections
Dept. of Homeland Security notifies states that hackers targeted election infrastructure ahead of the 2016 election
The FBI, CIA, IRS and Dept of Homeland Security are fully politicized. The Patriot Act was the final piece to the fed go…
A scientific approach to the new field of critical infrastructure p
Malicious acts against or within the chemical industrial sector pos
It is your homeland security who reported this. You are up to your *** in problems. The hoax is on you clown boy
And why did the DNC refuse help from the Department of Homeland Security after its major cybersecurity breach?
The cancer in the belly of all this immigration narrative is
Exclusive: U.S. Homeland Security found SEC had 'critical' cyber weaknesses in January
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security detected five "critical" cyber security weaknesses on the Securities and Exchange Commission's com…
ACLU & EFF are suing Homeland Security on behalf of 11 people whose phones/laptops were searched at the border
H.R.2427: Pathways to Improving Homeland Security At the Local Level Act (09/12/2017 legislative day)
Enjoying lots at the 2017 Federal Identity Forum & Homeland Security event this week!.
Could not agree more. After 9/11, are we in danger of defeating ourselves?
Department of Homeland Security officials have agreed to allow the temporary return to the U.S. of a so-called...
Every single Obama appointee to the Homeland Security council also said 911 was a good thing . Thats a fact…
Who has met with at Mar-a-Lago? Right now we only know from pictures. On Friday we'll know from Dept. of Hom…
Important article in on waivers of laws the Acting DHS secretary has applied for to build Trump wall.
I would start with researching Homeland security and find out the grovernment process in doing that...otherwise I'm not sure
met with Dep Admin Nominee Kaniewski at today's hearing. Chair hopes for floor vote this week.…
Update your maps at Navteq
Just last week homeland security found 30 people in a tunnel on our southern border, San Diego area…
$VTSI VirTra Receives $2.6 Million in Contracts from U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security for Customs and Border...
U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, part of the Dept. of Homeland Security, is moving into a new HQ in PG Co.
>HSA Bossert to Q on climate change connex to homeland security: "Causality is something outside of my ability to a…
Proposed exec order "is foolish...whether from a national security perspective or a human rights perspective"
This Homeland Security map of substations shows the relative density of electrical infrastructure within the bottom…
US spending on Middle East wars, Homeland Security will reach $4.79 trillion in 2017!.
It can be used 2 lock up the ones who break the most important thing in the Constitution. Freedom of expression.
Judge bars public from trial over Homeland Security contract for device to detect bioterrorism
Homeland Security Adv.: "Largest-ever mobilization of our military in a naval and marine operation" to help Florida, islands hit b…
Tom Bossert, White House homeland security advisor, talks real-world and dangers at
Winning the longest war 16 years after 9/11. Excellent piece by .explaining what it'll take for VICTORY https…
UC President Janet Napolitano helped create as former Secretary of Homeland Security in 2012. Now she's fighting to save…
Janet Napolitano created DACA when she was Homeland Security Secretary. She's now suing President Trump to save it.
Why would the Sec. of Homeland Security appoint Arizona's re…
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Continue to monitor our page, Plaquemines Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparednessand...
My chat with former Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson about
Is there some reason you are avoiding naming a secretary of Homeland Security? via
In 2006, the Secure Fence Act was signed into law, requiring the Department of Homeland Security to build upward of…
Homeland Security does not like the publicity and the fact that it can be so easily documented. Don…
President Trump praises John Kelly's influence on the Department of Homeland Security's response to Harvey
David Clarke resigns. I hope that means he has a new job as head of Homeland Security
act fast against people who came on the Department of Homeland Security chair wants Assange) Reports that the police don't kill, they
Terrorists have been trying to COST us $ ( WTC ) they are NOW "BLEEDING" our resources ..Homeland Security & Welfare ..when will we act ?
with former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security ***Jeh Johnson, who offered to lobby the Trump administration for a visa extension.
Is this where the Mayor, who disregarded Homeland Security warnings and had cops stand down, sits in a dunk tank? Count me in.
TSA, Department of Homeland Security, Patriot Act - RW expansion of gov
It all reminded me of that post-9/11 Onion article where Homeland Security suddenly issued every Americ…
.The Department of Homeland Security. But it's still bad form. And still, like I said, illegal.
Everybody who had this report and didn’t inform the court has some explaining to do.
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Emails released via show Homeland Security is sourcing its intelligence on from websites
He knew and the local police knew. The allowed them to get close and clash anyway.
Politico has full story regarding DHS advise and briefing.
Homeland Security alerted officials to potential for "most violent" clash between white supremacists and anarchists
Virginia received DHS warning before Charlottesville rally - POLITICO
Already happening! Homeland Security is looking over my fence as I speak!
Virginia received DHS warning before Charlottesville rally via
Trump's Homeland Security press release 5 months ago: cut FEMA & flood insurance to free up funds for border wall https…
"Virginia received DHS warning before Charlottesville rally"
Good thing they executed Timothy McVeigh, Trump would have appointed him for homeland security
Complaints about how police handled Charlottesville only going to get louder.
Homeland Security warned Charlottesville could be "most violent to date" days before rally: report htt…
Imran's secret 123account is tied to intelligence/homeland security staffer for Rep. Andre Carson.
Paid for by Homeland Security. Obama had 8 chances to disband them by re…
"Independent contractor with the Department of Homeland Security."
Homeland Security & law enforcement being "on alert" is a far more pathetically lame attempt to distract & instill fea…
Homeland Security and law enforcement are on alert & closely watching for any sign of trouble. Our borders are far tou…
How about the CIA , Homeland Security & the Senate Intelligence Committee?
The Murray State Police Department obtained this mobile command post through a grant from the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security.
List of 18 hate groups in AZ. Tell to do her job and hold hearings in the House Committee on Homeland Security. h…
JUST IN: GOP-led Homeland Security committee to declare Charlottesville attack an act of domestic terrorism
FBI and Department of Homeland Security warned the White House of 'lethal violence' from white supremacists. Homeland Security, FBI flood Portsmouth neighborhood in large heroin-related operation -...
IT director at Homeland Security department resigns after just three months on job.
IT Director, a former Secret Service agent for 25yrs, at Trump's Homeland Security resigns after three months on job htt…
Homeland Security checks out some suspicious activity at the San Diego Convention Center. (
Louisiana Parrish Office of Homeland Security proud of their relationship with Amateur Radio
Homeland Security's John Erickson on the impact the Ohio state fair ride accident is having on inspections at Indiana state…
Rep Cedric Richmond (D-LA) accepted $10,000 from Humana Inc. He serves in the Committee on Homeland Security.
Dana Perino has the best solution .move sessions out to Homeland Security. Hire a new…
Rick Wiles urges Trump to pardon Joe Arpaio and then nominate him to run the Department of Homeland Security.
The new Department of Homeland Security headquarters at St. Elizabeth's : local business opportunities : hearing...
Some even wear the police jackets who add the authenticity even though t…
So who might be the next to head Homeland Security? Here's nine people that stand a good chance.
David Lapan, Homeland Security spokesperson, is the frontrunner to ... |
The FBI tracks homegrown terrorist- yep, dudes like James Comey. Homegrowns not DHS j…
Thinking about being a U.S Marshall, or a homeland security agent🤔
Lucky you. I've missed connecting flights when arriving in US because of Homeland Security…
Department of Homeland Security Headquarters Consolidation Accountability Act of 2015 : report (to accompany H.R...
Homeland Security will waive laws to build U.S. border wall
Dept. of Homeland Security is weighing a new policy that would allow for expedited deportation of illegal immigrants h…
Lawmakers are asking Homeland Security to improve customs officer training in response to the 16-year-old's death.
Homeland Security under General Kelly decided not to bother looking into this too deep.
Homeland Security said it would bypass environmental laws in its efforts to build border walls in the San Diego area https…
The rumored shortlist for Trump's new homeland security chief is a total horror show
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I reported him. There ought to be a homeland security office for reporting. He is dangerous.
The Trump administration is exempting itself from environmental reviews to replace a US-Mexico border wall section https:…
Barbara Lee: John Kelly's policies at Homeland Security make him an 'extremist' via
Read this by on Kelly at DHS. This is no moderating influence. He should fit in very well.
Illegal Immigrant Lawyer Hires Illegal Immigrant Lawyer to Defend against her Removal in California
Who Will Replace Kelly as Head of Homeland Security? "but they agree on whom it should not be—R…
Didn't realize the Department of Homeland Security has power to override environmental laws. I hope lawsuits tie up constructi…
Homeland Security says it will waive environmental & other laws to ensure “expeditious construction” of barriers, roads near Mexic…
Homeland security to bypass environmental laws in border wall work
It's all libertarian fun & games until "other laws" turn out to be about ownership of private land near the border.
As the Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly was among the most aggressive enforcers of immigration law.
General Petraeus should be appointed as the head of the Department of Homeland Security.
The U.S. Dept of Homeland Security is bypassing environmental laws to start building a new 15-mile wall in San Diego ASAP. http…
So far, no replacement has been announced for the now former head of the Department of Homeland Security.
Candidate for top Homeland Security job withdraws over Trump's transgender soldier ban.
Insider Rumors: Could Attorney General Jeff Sessions end up at the Department of Homeland Security in Lateral Move?. https:…
Now Donald may want Jeff Sessions to replace Kelly at Homeland Security. What's the saying about re-arranging the deckchai…
The illustrious career trajectory of John Kelly:. - 4 Star General. - Secretary of Homeland Security. - Try to react to a…
Incoming Chief of Staff John Kelly will bring a former Department of Homeland Security staffer to the White House
Sign the petition to Homeland Security: Investigate cyberattacks on voting machines
Find another General for Homeland Security. Petraeus? Keep Sessions AG. He deserves that and is tough as nails.
Source to WSJ: Trump was dismissive of Priebus for not returning fire following Scaramucci's New Yorker interview. https:…
We need to pay close attention to who Trump nominates to replace Kelly as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.
Do you think President Trump made a good choice replacing White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus with Homeland Securi…
Home of leader of the free world can't even get rid of flies. Recall Obama was caught swatting a fly on camera too. https:/…
With Senate only in session for a few more days, we're without a Homeland Security Secretary. Well done,
NEWS: Trump first tried to offer the chief of staff job to Gen. Kelly in May. Scoop via
Read this OpEd. This is Trump's new Chief of Staff. 😂Oh LORDY😂. Homeland Security’s John Kelly is unhinged - .
Kelly swears to Trump's lies and Homeland Security is a mess. What is he expected to do in the WH?
If John F. Kelly is to be your new chief of staff, how about appointing Rudy Guiliani as Secretary of Homeland Security?!
John Kelly the “grownup”? Forget it — Homeland Security chief turns out to be another Trump zealot -
John Kelly also consulted for DynCorp, the politically connected firm now vying for Trump contracts in Afghanistan
Meet the woman set to lead Homeland Security after Kelly's departure
Kelly is a Trump-style racist xenophobe. Terrible at DHS.
This is an awesome idea!!. to Homeland Security and as Attorney General!
The Senate confirmation hearings for a new Homeland Security Secretary could be brutal.
What do you mean we have no freakin' Secretary of Homeland Security?! Are you serious?!
Breaking: Reince Priebus gone as WH Chief of Staff. This means Gen. Kelly will be leaving Homeland Security to takeover ***
Wait, is this true? We're not going to have a Homeland Security Secretary for the near future?
Make it a all military cabinet bring back Flynn for homeland security !
Amazing. Per WSJ source, Trump was put off by Priebus' refusal to "return fire" after Mooch's New Yorker interview
Preibus endured extraordinary amount of backbiting & belittling from colleagues & boss, yet still showed up to work https…
Connecting the dots: Trump, "illegals," and Secretary of Homeland Security-now-Chief-of-Staff:
...and a Great Leader. John has also done a spectacular job at Homeland Security. He has been a true star of my Admini…
Now let's make the Secretary of Homeland Security . DHS Sec. Join us @
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My god, this quote from an unnamed informal White House adviser
Can't make this stuff up--Trump forced his chief of staff to chase flies in the Oval Office.
John Kelly also failed to disclose his board seat with the defense contractor Sallyport Global
A DHS spokesman tells me the department has received "no guidance" on who is now the acting secretary of homeland security.
Just read on Kelly's tenure at Homeland Security and am increasingly convinced he'll be a disastrous COS.
General Petraeus would be a good Homeland Security Secretary
I'm thinking it's time for Mayor Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of Homeland Security 👍🏻🇺🇸
BREAKING: Trump said his Homeland Security Secretary is his new White House chief of staff
Candidate for top Homeland Security job withdraws over Trump transgender troops ban
I find it interesting that a national security omnibus includes a Legislative Branch funding bill, but not a Homeland Security bill.
8 found dead in trailer at San Antonio Walmart - Homeland Security working with SAPD - San Antonio Express-News
Fujitsu Links its Cyber Threat Intelligence System to the US Department of Homeland Security's AIS CTI Sharing Sys…
It will be an NSSE, giving the Department of Homeland Security jurisdiction over 700 square miles of Sout…
You can bet Homeland security will be taking pictures of those who may be a threat.
Uncle Kracker is gonna be the Director of Homeland Security someday
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"In the end, they abandoned the Libyan people to face these terrorists alone."
Getting close to shipping multiple Max🔥Box Crates to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security!
I've long supported moving visa decisions from State to DHS, but there's reason to be skeptical.
LNA spox says US-backed militia leader and John McCain BFF Abdelhakim Belhadj never left al-Qaeda or terrorism ht…
LNA spox also tells me the so-called 'moderate' Muslim Brotherhood militias fought alongside al-Qaeda and ISIS ht…
The ladies of The Mad Tea Show discuss how NJ Office of Homeland Security has labeled DOMESTIC TERRORISTS https:/…
They are classified as domestic terrorists by New Jersey Homeland Secu…
Amidst the ongoing Qatar crisis, LNA spox tells me Qatar is still arming and funding terrorist groups in Libya ht…
Col. Mesmari says the Feb 17th Martyrs Brigade hired by Clinton State Dept was involved in the 2012 Benghazi atta…
Every state must have paper backup and help from Homeland Security and Federal aide to fix our aging election struc…
“The State Department worked incredibly well with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that this case was…
Trump mafioso is tied to Russia where is homeland security our country has been infiltrated and parts of our country is being ran by Russia
But a FISA can be warranted to any threat to homeland security and is legal. So that…
Here questions scrubbing of terror related words from homeland security records. . via
Lawmakers concerned about DACA's survival after meeting with Homeland Security chief - Homeland Security Secreta...
Sex trafficking is still a thing. But you don't hear much about it from Homeland Security
He is not HomeLand Security this new to do something about & Hillary & Lynch or his
The below is who Obama appointed to his Homeland Security team , of course dem' s approve LOL.
At one time I'd have said homeland security was his most consistent policy points, until it became…
Homeland Security Secretary Kelly supports DACA, but won't commit to Trump administration backing it
We will not stand for immigration policy focused on breaking up immigrant families.
Facial scans before flights? The new Homeland Security measure - FOX5 Las Vegas
Lawmakers concerned after private meeting on DACA with Homeland Security chief
EXCLUSIVE: Libyan Army Spox Says Obama, Clinton "Abandoned the Libyan People to the Terrorists" via
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus' meeting today with Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly was disheartening . http…
Libyan Army : Obama, Clinton 'Abandoned the Libyan People to the Terrorists' via
Thank you for your work to stop these people If only Homeland Security would l…
Republicans set up border wall fight in House with homeland security bill - -
Homeland security office on the cards via More power to Dutton? Silly move Malcolm!
We don't need a homeland security portfolio but Dutton wants a bone via
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Secretary of Homeland Security Says DACA Is on Life Support... and in a British Hospital
At the Department of Homeland Security today to give a presentation on community engagement, collective philanthrop…
The DACA program could be in serious jeopardy, President Trump's secretary of Homeland Security told lawmakers
Homeland Security chief has doubts about legality of immigration program - Chicago Tribune
.Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs must vote to oppose the this Wedn…
Why are Antifa groups listed as domestic terrorists on NJ homeland security website? Who approved this designation?
Airlines grapple with new security requirements to avoid a laptop ban
Should be listed this on all agency lists.
Reminder: NJ Dept of Homeland Security just named Antifa a domestic terrorist organization
Trump just eliminated the part of Homeland Security that protects voting machines from hacking. . NOT KIDDING.…
Department of Homeland Security officials announce enhanced security measures for all flights to the U.S.
approves signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between India and the USA on Homeland Security
In the crisis, will be for the political wire industry in jail to send the "breakdown" to Senate Homeland Security entry?
WATCH WJZ @ 11: The Department of Homeland Security demands airlines/airports around the world tighten security.
does Homeland Security's announcement about more airport screenings for international flyers mean? Answers in…
White House memo suggests moving refugee bureau from State Department to Homeland Security
DHS will announce new security guidelines for direct international flights to the US
Homeland Security is already beginning the process of building designs of Prototype Border Walls!
Homeland Security to tighten airport security for flights from abroad — but won't ban laptops
The Trump administration plans to begin enforcing its travel ban on Thursday
Department of Homeland Security demands airlines tighten security
Department of Homeland Security demands airlines tighten security - -
Department of Homeland Security announces new enhanced security measures for commercial flights into U.S.
The Department of Homeland Security announces new aviation security measures
We're talking cyber security with Assistant Commissioner Rick Shipkowski with the Office of Homeland Security.
Former U.S. Homeland Security chief to testify on election cyberattack by Russia; expected to implicate Putin. Live: https:/…
Ppl, Homeland Security has testified B4 Congress that Russians hacked 21 states election. Trump says it is "fake Ne…
Why did the DNC refuse help from President Obama’s homeland security chief when they got hacked?
Homeland Security confirmed Russians targeted nearly half the U.S. for election hacks
*** Homeland Security said states are vulnerable to having voters removed from rolls! . https:…
Good to see Gloria Burgle has moved up in the world. Department of Homeland Security.
Former Homeland Security chief: The FBI had evidence of collusion with Russia - Shareblue
Former US secretary of homeland security says FBI delayed notification of DNC attack
DNC Hacked, and still won't help investigation. Won't turn over servers.
I'm at a Homeland Security & Gov't Affairs Cmte hearing to consider nominees - watch:
Homeland Security. compliments of 2nd amendment and the armed patriot.
Homeland Security says that Russian hacking didn't change any actual votes—but they never audited the results.
Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the Democratic National Committee decided it...
A Homeland Security Dept official told Congress that Russian hackers targeted 21 state election systems in the 2016 presidentia…
Facial recognition is coming to US airports, fast-tracked by Trump via
You can’t make this up: The DNC wasn’t interested in help from DHS with regards to their 2016 hacks.
"Homeland Security: Putin’s hackers tried to crack electoral networks in 21 US states"
Homeland Security official: Russian government actors tried to hack election systems in 21 states
JJ Anderson of San Diego's District Attorney's office, Rev. Jamie Johnson of Homeland Security, and Curtis Jones...
Aaron Miller (City office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness): Officials already in emergency op center
Many Dems employed the Awans . members of ... House Committee on Homeland Security. Foreign Affairs . Select Committ…
Sheriff David Clarke withdraws acceptance of Dept of Homeland Security role: report
Sheriff Clarke won’t be joining the Trump administration after all.
Homeland Security says it was never even official. He jumped the gun then it was discovered he plagiarized his dissertation.…
He also has to give back that lifetime supply of "Just For Men"
Sad to read that sheriff David Clarke has taken his name out of being on the homeland security post, as assi…
Sheriff David Clarke: I may be stupid, but I ain't CRAZY!. Or is it the other way around?. 🤔🤔🤔
Wis. sheriff withdraws name from Homeland Security position tRump alrdy has his quota of tokens😂
WaPo: Sheriff David Clarke has withdrawn his name from consideration for an assistant secretary position at DHS.
If the bill goes through I think the NYPD should resist it, maybe even call in Homeland Security to s…
SCOOP (for your Sat. evening): Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has withdrawn after being offered a DHS job:
*** "His sole area of jurisdiction is one of the city’s jails.".
Homeland Security Secy John Kelly signed a memorandum ending the DAPA program. Thank you, Secretary Kelly! Thank you,…
Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke drops out of (never officially announced) Homeland Security post:
Homeland security chief backs Trump in split over Dreamer deportation
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(7) Homeland Security experts agree that cyberwar is a modern form of war, and in 2016 Russia *unilaterally waged war* on…
I'm wondering if Sheriff Babykiller Clarke withdrew his name for the Homeland Security Post because of his Russian trip
Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke will not take Trump Homeland Security job
David Clarke will not join Homeland Security - hooray!
Plagiarism can get you the VP job but not homeland security.
And I bet that's why he no longer wants to work with Homeland Security
Cannabilism force Sheriff David Clarke to rescind his acceptance of Homeland Security;You sound like a threat to blk lives.What tare you ?
What!?!? Why was it reported Clarke was hired as assis…
Just in --> Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has rescinded his acceptance of Homeland Security position. Curious...
When I told Sheriff Clarke I wanted him to help me Make America Safe Again he said I had the wrong guy
Sheriff David Clarke has reportedly withdrawn his acceptance of a Homeland Security job
Please worry less about agenda and do your job in Milwaukee County.
Clarke was offered an assistant secretary post, but withdrew on Friday. Talked to Trump in Milwaukee on Tuesday
Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and th
Congress is rigging a case. ... The former secretary of Homeland Security told reporters he had showed up.
Proposals for 2018 Symposium on Homeland Security and Public Safety due June 30. Focus will be on standard setting
Why US surveillance should worry you, no matter where you are on the political spectrum
Afghan intervention was about AQ & the threat of future 9/11 style attacks. Talibs aren't a threat to western homel…
Your 'Experts" are not briefing you well! You needed to know this before praising Imams:.
Terrorism, white natioanlists, domestic terrorism | Homeland Security News Wire
Update: Warning from US Dept of Homeland Security team about & the electric grid
DHS head Kelly meeting with Central American countries to tell them aid cuts and deportations are on the way.
US Department of Homeland Security has about 2,000 personnel serving in 80 countries around the world.
They are confusing Russia with the Department of Homeland Security
Feeling good (?) about having Homeland Security at my kids' school…
Homeland Security Vote of Confidence/US troops in distant lands keeping us safe update:
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