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Homeland Security

Homeland security is an umbrella term for security efforts to protect states against terrorist activity.

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Trump budget:: What's the point of military and homeland security when you have nothing left worth defending?
The question no one asks: Why do we have a Dept of Homeland Security, isn't the Defense Dept supposed to keep the Homeland secure?
Underlying pt is that the DoD budget being so out of portion & given xtra consideration in the budgeting process pr…
Additional material added to this post:.
Trump budget pits his deportation priorities against 'law and order' agenda
DHS heavily redacts even basic info in response to my/request for docs on Dem hacks.
(Breitbart) -Thirty-one Democratic and Republican Senators are asking the Department of Homeland Security to...
"“I’m not worried about the backlog, I’m worried about securing the borders.”
Homeland security. If we're upping DoD spending 1 would think a big budget at the defense department would promote better homeland security
That point in the story where you realize the agency with a vaguely-sinister name like "Homeland Security" wear black armor fo…
On the 3 major increases. Defense homeland security & veterans affairs are all oddly linked of you think of it
This guy is a senior homeland security advisor in the White House FYI
Protect homeland security training at FLETC-Artesia - Artesia :
Do you think their level of lies has anything to do with this? and the level of surveillance we are under
Sean Spicer always treats his briefings like a customer service counter. "I don't know anything, let me connect you w…
That's not true/He increased Homeland Security budget by 2.8m to include the cost of the wall
Privacy hawks in Congress call on Homeland Security to warn Americans of SS7 hacking threat
Trump's budget plan calls for spending reductions in virtually every agency except for Defense, Homeland Security, and…
Shout out to lil Dicky aka Da Homeland Security agent!! True lyricist with real life going in on incredible beats and rhythms.
wants to axe & other culture agencies; funding would go to hike in defense/Homeland Security spending http…
As I recall, it's a two part vetting process. First by the Office of the UN & then by the US State Dept w/ Homeland…
Trump must order Homeland Security and State Dept to ignore this judge and continue implementing the EO, period.
Homeland Security offers talk on cybersecurity, safety
Human vetting more effective than computers, Homeland Security finds
What are the top products & services for Department of Homeland Security via…
Putin alerted Dept Of Homeland Security (Nazis used same name for where Gestapo tortured people)that Boston bombers had trained in Russia.
De Blasio says he won't cooperate with ICE, but then does joint raids with Feds/Homeland Security...
a $2.8 billion increase in funding for the Department of Homeland Security
Dear Why did you REPEAT the lie that Homeland Sec thinks the Muslim ban is effective security-wise AFTER you were corrected?
Border Electric won a $58,350.00 contract from Department of Homeland Security
Trump budget: Winners include the military, homeland security; many domestic agencies would be losers, by .
😁 Peter Dutton Think Trump's travel ban was bad? Peter Dutton may soon have the ... ♥♥♥
Responsibility for vetting the immigrants rests with the Department of Homeland Security. As the ongoing...
Homeland Security seems a lot of effort just to keep Peter Dutton busy Peter Dutton ♥♥♥♥
"So Joho went to USA to negotiate with DEA and homeland security. He was promised immunity if he gave them...
Trump's budget plans include funding cuts for Meals on Wheels & NPR and increases for defense & homeland security
U.S. immigration courts are already jammed with a record 542,411 cases. is set to increase that caseload. https:/…
Australian government quietly planning a massive new Department of Homeland Security: htt…
Passwords are personal and travelers to the US should not be asked to reveal them to government agents.
The Coast Guard is a major Homeland Security military force that protects the nation, he is gutting it to build a wall…
Homeland Security considering separating families at border: report
"MSNBC has obtained a leaked intelligence document from the Department of Homeland Security that undercuts...
DHS Again Tells Trump that Muslim Ban Won’t Work - Last week, the Department of Homeland Security provided the ...
The Coast Guard falls under the Department of Homeland Security, not the Department of Defense.
“Trump's own Department of Homeland Security warns that Trump's "extreme vetting" not likely to stop terror threats…
I just called my rep to Ask the Department of Homeland Security to Release DREAMer Daniela Varga — you should too:
A frightening look into the Department of Homeland Security
By the way, when does get to appoint HIS OWN (Department of Homeland Security)? .
Department of Homeland Security to step up support for Jewish institutions across U.S. after wave of bomb threats
Trump's admin. labels as 'domestic terrorists' via Department of Homeland Security
1/2 A recent Department of Homeland Security intelligence assessment found that most foreign-born violent
Today, we are celebrating 14 years of keeping America safe. Happy Birthday to your Department of Homeland Security! ht…
Donald Trump protesters labelled 'domestic terrorists' by Department of Homeland Security
Most foreign extremists are radicalized after living in the US for years, says Department of Homeland Security
Department of Homeland Security document undermines case for
We now have two internal Department of Homeland Security memos. . Each one undercuts Trump's travel ban in a different b…
Report: Most Violent US Extremists Radicalized After Entry - A report from the Department of Homeland Security ...
deferred action for childwood arrival Homeland Security arrested and jailed 680 migrants for being in the country...
but these are cops from the Department of Homeland Security, not Immigrations & Customs Enforcement. Read th…
Homeland Security employees locked out of computer networks via .
ICYMI via U.S. Homeland Security employees locked out of computer networks: sources
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Yes, you know more than Homeland Security. Bowling Green - NEVER FORGET!
Muhammad Ali Jr. looking into suing the U.S. Treasury and Homeland Security.
Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, is here. Our wonderful Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar. Former
Penzone to Homeland Security: Give me a 'responsible, ethical and legal solution' on holding migrants via
Homeland Security chief John Kelly tried to allay some of Mexico's concerns about President Trump's executive orders
Russia attacks Department of Homeland Security. a "glitch" the same way Russian ambassadors die of 'heart trouble'. https:…
"Dynamic Partnerships: Strengthening Community/Personal Sector Collaboration" at the
US Homeland Security chief John Kelly visits counterpart in Mexico, says both agree migration should be safe, lawful, orderly.
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly says there will be no mass deportation. Directly contradicting Trump.
Homeland Security Sec John Kelly:"There will be no mass deportations...or use of military forces in immigration ops"
What you need to know about homeland security deportation memos via
"There will be no mass deportations," U.S. homeland security chief Kelly tells a Mexican news conference
This was from Dec. 10. He was rumored to be Homeland Security Secretary. We need to subpoena his communications time period.
Every American should be concerned about the Flynn leaks — here's why
Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson and the shadow of Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly at the presser in Me…
Update your maps at Navteq
Today in MX Tillerson & Kelly work to get the US-MX back on a tandem bicycle once again ->
So, I have questions: Why would the Department of Homeland Security need Ashton Kutcher's help with hunting child traffickers?
"It is extremely difficult to vet personnel from war-torn areas where there has been a complete breakdown..."
Department of Homeland Security Tried to Hack Indiana Election System . WHO will be arrested?.
Please pray for the people at Standing Rock! The military/homeland security is clearing the area; going through...
If we attack our immigrant community members, then we will never be the country we aspire to be.
Walmart cooperates with Homeland Security and have a unspoken of contract to supposedly "help keep this counrty...
Thorny issues: Trump envoys in Mexico - The US secretaries of state and homeland security are in Mexico for mee...
New Jersey homeland security officials are on a heightened state of alert
In a contradiction, Homeland Security chief says deportees will be sent back to their home countries, not Mexico
I can't believe nobody has used this since Trump was elected: "The current Homeland Security terror alert level is 'orange.'"
Immigration officers 5 of in Homeland Security.
Homeland Security tried to downplay raids as routine. Now Trump says they're unprecedented
WATCH LIVE: U.S. Sec. of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly meet with Mexican officials.
Department of Homeland Security officially spreading lies about immigrant crime.
this piece is helpful on history. Why are there ZERO articles on this change?
LIVE: Dozens perhaps a hundred law enforcement just lined up on road above Homeland Security copter orbits
Time to fire Lori Scialabba, acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services at Homeland Security.
Homeland Security officials: new policies would not affect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
Homeland Security unveils sweeping plan to deport undocumented immigrants http fu trump and cops yea there are no quotas are bergen county
President Trump has decided to appoint Kevin McCallister as head of Homeland Security. .
"50 Shades of Brown" - a TSA Agent's Handy Guide to Homeland Security
A scary development for AZ families: chief signs sweeping new deportation guidelines.
Mr. LeFrak said to the president, “I thought you were going to have homeland security deal with this."
Here is Mombasa Governor Sultan Emir Hon. Ali Hassan Joho meeting with US Homeland Security officials in...
I'm sure homeland security did it. Usually, the initial reports are the most truthful.
Graham Spanier trial in PAsoon 4 Sandusky cover up.Was PSU prez. Hired at Homela…
Still don't believe me you're in civil war
BANNON needs to go away in any fashion whatsoever! CIA, Homeland Security, PROTECT THE HOMELA…
The only thing that stands in the way of destroying society is us. Silence is not the answer to tyranny h…
More Homeland Security whistleblowers coming forward sounding the alarm
DHS just signed sweeping guidelines dramatically the expanding the scope of deportation enforcement.
(Department of Homeland Security considers considers National Guard for immigration roundups)
Memos signed by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly describe sweeping new guidelines for deportations
Homeland Security Chairman: We're in the Fight of Our Digital Lives ht…
- 'New US travel ban to spare green card holders'
New US travel ban to spare green card holders, secretary for homeland security says
Internment camps are always in the future of the GOP but are actually in the past of W Wilson and FDR .
Under DHS proposal, parents of children smuggled into US could be prosecuted - The Seattle Times
CIA That Funded the 'Moderate Muslim Brotherhood' Narrative Opposed to the Group's Terror Designation. h/t htt…
H.E Ali Hassan Joho meets with US Homeland Security officials on integrating in counter-terrorism strategies.
Top Senate Dems ask Homeland Security to investigate Trump's conflicts of interest
DHS chief signs sweeping new deportation guidelines
Homeland Security Secretary signs aggressive new guidelines on deportation: report
Held a round-table meeting with a multi-agency team convened by Nabeela Barbari, Senior Advisor at the US Dept. of Homel…
Homeland Security spokeswoman tells NBC News: "That AP story about the National Guard is incorrect. It's not true."
interesting because the Pew Hispanic Center and Homeland Security work in conjunction with US Census.
Did u see who was behind the rape in the article? A Miami PD officer and former Homeland Security. I never heard about…
Homeland security became alarmed by a recent court case filed by an inmate filing a law suit for a separate "Salafi Jumu'…
Following Kellogg's retirement from active duty, he joined Oracle Corporation as an adviser to its homeland security divis
Department of Homeland Security arrested 680 immigrants in week-long roundup:
Peter is now a consultant to Homeland Security. YES
Sec. of Homeland Security wants to require foreign travelers entering the US to provide their social media passwords or be…
Mohamed Elibiary, Obama's man on Homeland Security w/ties to Muslim B'Hood (terror group) FORCED to resign
DHS Sec. Kelly says the 640 arrests last week were part of enforcement operations targeting "public safety threats."
Not fired. You’re promoted. Meet the new head of homeland security everybody. Nick. Great guy. Everyone is saying he’s…
Over 680 arrested in immigration raids: Homeland Security Secretary
Was the War on Terror Created by the Neocons to rob masses of billions
Great Interest in IHLS Big Data for Homeland Security Conference: iHLS fifth annual……
Killers, child sex abusers and drug traffickers... 'we're getting the bad ones out'. -- Sec Homeland Security General…
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Homeland Security captures 680 illegals in first major raids of Trump era via
I'm calling all senators on Homeland Sec Committee to request investigate breach of security protocol https…
The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is inviting comment and COUNTING CALLS before it decides whether to...
Homeland Security Chairman has not voiced any concern that Michael appears to be compromised.
If only there were a Committee on Homeland Security & Government Affairs, with a chairman who is super concerned ab…
Really that's why he flew out for fallen Navy Seals funeral service? But you're probably a homeland security..
this situation is NOT a distraction, it directly impacts our homeland security
The Dept of Homeland Security has already taken the blame for the poor roll out.
Excuse me, this is still the same homeland security that was working 4 Obamacare 8 years, LOL
Trump's assistant for homeland security, Michael Flynn resigned
these critical thinking papers for my homeland security class are going to be the reason why I go insane 🙃
obama signed ndaa giving powers to homeland security. Trump should use it. Arrest Soros, Podesta, deray Mckesson.
Kelly said Monday in the statement, has been clear in affirming the critical mission of DHS in...
I don't trust any of these creeps, the Trump Administration or the CIA, Homeland Security or the FBI for that...
Homeland Security boss lists crimes by immigrants rounded up in raids.
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Obama put a Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Homeland Security! Every office is filled with Muslims! Trump needs the cleanup cre…
What happened the last time a President lied and covered up something? . Donald J. Trump (warned by Homeland Security week's ago) had knowl…
Where IS Chairman of Homeland Security & Gvmt Affairs Cmtee can't reach him anywhere.
My question:what is their definition of hardened criminal? Those they list as homicide, why are they not in jail?.
"...deported veterans exist, although no one — not even the Department of Homeland Security — knows how many.
ISIS unveils its weaponized Drone strategy. Read INDEFENSIBLE
The human side of homeland security:
is pleased to host Neil Hershfield from Dept. of Homeland Security on February 22nd. You can't miss this! https:…
Federal agents arrested more than 600 people in immigration raids last week, Homeland Security chief says
I think people must be upset cause Obama sent 1000 a week out & is not working hard enough to send more. https:…
Excerpts-2: South Korean intelligence officer had to fight both Seoul and the Dept. of Homeland Security for asylum in the U.S. …
Steve Bannon needs confirmation from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security to actually be appointed to the...
Trump's Secretary of Homeland Security met EU Commissioner for Migration & Home Affairs
The City Diner in Jersey City is the worst so-called diner in Jersey City. Out security is jeopardized by this Homeland Security hole.
Homeland Security: Parts of Trump's border wall may just be a fence
HS Sec Kelly on Trump travel ban: 'I should have slowed it down by a day, maybe two.' reports: "
Getting ready for a Homeland Security Committee hearing, featuring testimony from new DHS Secretary, Gen. John Kelly. h…
Homeland Security secretary: The chaotic rollout of Trump's travel ban is 'all on me' - Los…
Homeland Security secretary expects wall to be 'under way' within two years
I have never agreed that an organization called Department of Homeland Security should exist
DHS chief: Travel, immigration ban should have been delayed
hearing will examine gaps in our security at the Southern border and what we need to do to put via https:/…
Homeland Security Sec. Kelly says he should have delayed implementing Trump travel ban, advised Congress; takes responsibili…
Yeah, but foolish to ban people already approved to come to the US by the Dept. of Homeland Security.
At House Homeland Security Committee hearing, Kelly denies that Bannon pressured him on green card issue.
Wracking my brains to puzzle out what made Homeland Security detain this US-born American citizen..if only there we…
DHS chief takes responsibility for quick rollout of travel ban, saying, 'I should have delayed it.' htt…
JUST IN: Homeland Security Secretary Kelly says U.S. is not considering adding other countries to travel ban.
Department of Homeland Security voices concern that lone-wolf attacks could be carried out at US airports:
Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly: I should have delayed the travel ban executive order http…
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Moments ago, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly took responsibility for the rollout of the executive order on immigration.…
Just finished the first panel with Gen. John Kelly. If you watched it, you KNOW why Trump picked him. Period. -VJ. http…
businessinsider Homeland Security expects the border wall to be 'well under way' in two years …
DHS chief Gen. John Kelly admits he should have delayed Trump's travel ban: "This is all on me" via…
Homeland chief: I should have delayed order on immigration -
JUST IN: Homeland Security Secretary Kelly says police grants given to 'sanctuary cities' would be suspended on case-by-case…
I have instructed Homeland Security to check people coming into our country VERY CAREFULLY. The courts are making the…
Homeland Security admits should have delayed travel ban. .
America has a lot of issues to tackle. Healthcare. Education. Homeland security. But why is nobody addressing Sweat Pants in Public?
"In retrospect, I should have -- this is all on me by the way -- I should have delayed it just a bit so I could...
Homeland chief: 'Thousands' of Syrian fighters could reach US
The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is taking comments right now about the appointment of Steve Bannon to...
Call the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and tell them Steven Bannon doesn't belong on the National Security Council.…
ACTION ALERT: The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is taking calls about Bannon's appointment to the NSC. You can…
imagine Homeland Security's face... David Brent would have more tact than
Homeland Security suspends implementation of Trump ban
Wow. The Department of Homeland Security just announced it is suspending the implementation of Trump's bigoted travel ban.…
What is our country coming to when a judge can halt a Homeland Security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intention…
Department of Homeland Security and State Department suspend Trump's Muslim ban
UPDATE: Dept. of Homeland Security has also suspended all actions to implement the travel ban order.
The So-called President is losing his control as the State Department & Homeland Security have disobeyed Trump now stopping…
State Department to reinstate visas; Homeland Security says it won't tell airlines to keep visa holders off planes. https:…
Homeland Security no longer directing airlines to prevent those affected by travel ban from boarding US-bound planes
The Department of Homeland Security and the State Department both suspended President Donald Trump's travel ban
Ward said Skyrocket was better visited in the ground in the reach of the Wisconsin Department of Homeland Security.
Scott Anthony Archives: Clarification of the So-Called "Travel Ban" from the Department of Homeland Security:
Third, our own Dept of Homeland Security hacked into state voter rolls. No other hacker has been ID'd
Call Senate Committee on Homeland Security about Bannon being on NationalSecurity Council-…
Homeland Security inspector general launches investigation into the implementation of Trump’s travel ban
Homeland Security chief: Parts of border wall will be transparent
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It's also obvious that whichever Legal expert wrote it. Has not read the . 10 yr old Homeland Security manual on this subject
Homeland Security expands its power to help states with election system cybersecurity.
Morale at Homeland Security has 'skyrocketed' under Trump via
Presidential Memorandum Organization of the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council:
Homeland Security secretary wants border wall built in the next two years
Homeland Security chief hopes to complete border wall in two years
Homeland Security chief wants to complete border wall with Mexico in two years
“The fate of all these people is ... up to the whim of how bold is the port director for that airport willing to be” http…
The inspector general of DHS has opened an internal investigation into the implementation of Trump’s Muslim ban.
Homeland security secretary: I hope Trump's border wall will be finished in 2 years
Homeland Security Secretary Kelly says countries on travel ban could stay on list
it is incumbent upon the DOJ the FBI and Homeland security to hold the MSM accountable for generating false news
What are the top cities for Department of Homeland Security contracts via…
NEW: Morale at Homeland Security has "skyrocketed" under Trump
Visa ban: DHS inspector general to review whether agents engaged in misconduct or failed to comply with court orders h…
Department of Homeland Security Sec. John F. Kelly ~ "We cannot gamble with American lives. I will not gamble with American l…
"This is not a ban on Muslims" says US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly
American Medical Association says 1 in 4 physicians practicing in US are international medical graduates on visas
President Trump's homeland security secretary hopes to have the border wall completed within two years. Ambitious! https:…
Homeland Security inspector general will review implementation of Trump immigration ban
2/ Dept of Homeland Security seems loyal to the core, they are tens of thousand & they have same authorization as police ...
'Johnson added that Homeland Security has given up tracking right-wing domestic extremists.'
JUST IN: Washington state attorney general to file lawsuit today in federal court against Trump, Homeland Security ove…
The Secretary of Homeland Security found out that the Muslim ban executive order was being signed by watching TV.
Homeland Security named these 7 countries on that Act which Obama signed.Reax the whole act
1) Secure Fence Act of 2006, authorizes Secretary of Homeland Security "to take all actions the Sec determines necessary & appropriate..."
same countries Obama administration and Dept. of Homeland Security outlined:
According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the state of Maine is "not in compliance" with the REAL ID Act.
the ban is Obama's Terrorist Travel Prevention Act 2015. Countries chosen by Homeland Security
! top Dem on Homeland Security, slams Trump ban on refugees calling it a 'shameful act' that doesn't help terrorism fight
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it is The Terrorist Travel Prevention Act 2015 Joe. Made law by Obama. "Countries of Concern" chosen by Homeland Security in 2015
Not surprising. CPB and Homeland Security act as if court rulings don't matter. Full on Constitutional crisis is co…
The 'Muslim Ban List' was from the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015, drafted by Homeland Security and signed by Oba…
Homeland Security leaks embarrassing details about Trump
Sen John McCain is Chairman of Senate Committee on Armed Services and Member of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security.
Dept. of Homeland Security says it will still enforce executive order after Judge enters order to halt deportations
WH advisors Bannon and Miller overruled the Dept of Homeland Security's judgment the travel ban should not apply to Green C…
The Department of Homeland Security said Trump's White House denied them ANY input on how to implement the executive order.…
“These are people with valid visas & legitimate refugee claims who have already been...[cleared] by State Dept & De…
Changes Needed for Department of Homeland Security - YouTube THIS IS TREASON against
They'll have another opportunity in April when Trump requests all the increased funding for Homeland Security.
did you read the last sentence? It does indeed ban green card holders. Confirmed by the Dept of Homeland Security.
Didn't you vote yes for his pick for Homeland Security? . When you're done throwing up, go look in the mirror…
"It will bar green card holders," Gillian Christensen, acting Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman .
OK, but you voted to confirm Trump's nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security.
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Homeland security says green card holders included as ACLU files lawsuit after two Iraqi men detained at New York .
Homeland Security confirms it will use Trump's Muslim ban to exclude US green card holders. Racist and illegal.
Spoke to customs and border supervisors in charge on site. They said they're waiting for direction from DC Dept of Home…
Green card holders included in Trump ban: Homeland Security
Trump administration tells Border Patrol chief to pack his bags one day after the president ordered Homeland Security to build his wall
Today, in 2003, Department of Homeland Security became the United States 15th Cabinet Department. Former PA Gov. To…
in 2003 Houle watches The new federal Dept. of Homeland Security officially open w/Tom Ridge as Sec. Gen
TIH: On this Day in 2003, The Department of Homeland Security, under Tom Ridge, became a cabinet department.
On This Date: January 24, 2003; The new federal Department of Homeland Security officially opens as Tom Ridge is...
Maryland US Senator Chris Van Holland voted against General John Kelly for Secretary of Homeland Security on Friday.
ICYMI: MPAA's congratulates Gen. John Kelly on his confirmation as Secretary of Homeland Security:
.backed Gen. James Mattis for secretary of Defense and John Kelly for Secretary of Homeland Security
BREAKING: Senate confirms Ret. Gen. Kelly to be Secretary of Homeland Security - NBC News
The has sworn in John Kelly as the Secretary of Homeland Security
Congratulations to our newest Secretary of Homeland Security, General John Kelly!
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The Department of Homeland Security hates Djibouti . this is
Senate now voting on Kelly nomination to head Department of Homeland Security
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a good agency, unlike the theme park of the same initials
In what sense is wiping out 'Islamic' terrorism 'terrifying?'. Asking for the Department of Homeland Security.
2) the Department of Homeland Security was created in 2001. Before that, the cumulative IQ was a full human short. . Third of all, as
CGI awarded Department of Homeland Security contract for credential management services -
Provided funding to states and the Department of Homeland Security to save thousands of police and firefighter jobs
Jeh Johnson lives in Montclair NJ. I'm from Montclair NJ. This clearly qualifies me to run Homeland Security.
I would like to know how much Jeh Johnson of Homeland Security is involved in the plans for the Inaugural. Does he vet the snipers? Moslem.
Get him out of Homeland Security!. Jeh Johnson’s Radical Family Tree Why He Supports Illegal Immigration, All Muslims
Worth pointing out it’s not just Dept of Homeland Security. It’s Depts of State, Justice, Defense, CIA, and FBI.
Nonsense. Detainees cleared by Dept of Defense & Dept of Homeland Security are obviously not suspected terrorists.
US Dept for Homeland Security officially designated elections as critical infrastructure. More in the latest report: htt…
That's profoundly silly. They were cleared by Dept of Justice, Dept of Defense, Dept of State, and Dept of Homeland Security.
Homeland Security laws require international students to be enrolled full time.
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John Kelly Proves He Has the Vision, Skills to Improve Department of Homeland Security via
Great to meet with General Kelly today, nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security. I look forward to working with…
Janet Napolitano, President, University of California; former Secretary, Department of Homeland Security; former...
Homeland Security pick Gen. John Kelly failed to disclose position at lobbying firm on ethics disclosure
If this seems incomprehensible to you, it's because it's from a belief system that still resides in the 7th century. http…
Judicial Watch announced that a federal court judge ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to produce...
My take on Gen Kelly's confirmation hearing as Sec of Homeland Security, speaking truth to (Trump) power.
FBI and Homeland Security detail Russian hacking campaign in new report
US TRANSITION - Deporting "Dreamers" not priority for Trump, says his Homeland Security pick
General John Kelly (Ret), a soldiers soldier!. Thank you Mr. Trump for putting a marine in charge of the Department of Homeland…
It's too bad Homeland Security can't check out Trump's phone records to see with whom he has been chatting (plotting).
"Phoenix As the Model for Homeland Security and the War on Terror" with Douglas Valentine, 1:00PM, Wednesday, Janua…
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