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Home Secretary

The Secretary of State for the Home Department, commonly known as the Home Secretary, is the minister in charge of the Home Office of the United Kingdom, and one of the country's four Great Offices of State.

Theresa May Home Secretary Theresa May Diane Abbott Amber Rudd Shadow Home Secretary Prime Minister Home Secretary Amber Rudd Chief Whip Leon Brittan Jeremy Corbyn Crime Commissioners James Brokenshire Lauri Love Andy Burnham

So that's why there was no control of immigration under Tories. Home Secretary cancelled an IT contra…
Old "Jezza" must keep Diane as "Home Secretary" if Labour come to power! Don't let her near 'Finance' whatever you do! Ref: Her LBC disaster
Diane Abbott is unfit to be Home Secretary after she called for MI5 to be abolished!!
New post (Patient records may not all have been backed up before NHS cyber attack, ...) has been published on -…
Cyber attack: Nissan latest to fall victim as NHS forced to cancel or delay operations
we have the Home Secretary who thinks our NHS services are back to normal and It appears that after the is now on
And will continue for as long as the police act as the military wing of lefty wannabe dic…
The previous home secretary to Rudd was - Theresa May - the "strong and stable" one!!. QUELLE SURPRISE!!.
Cyberattack hit 'one in five' NHS England trusts, says Amber Rudd
Theresa May is a poor leader & she was a poor Home Secretary. Just scrutinise her record.etc.…
Home Secretary says NHS must learn from But it was Ministers who pulled plug on Microsoft support: https:…
"The heart sinks whenever Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, talks about anything to do with computers".
Theresa May knew there problems with when she was home secretary. Listen to this doctor - .
Home Secretary Amber Rudd says 48 of 248 NHS England trusts were affected by the cyber attack with all but six now runnin…
'97% of NHS trusts working as normal after cyberattack’ – Home Secretary Rudd
Theresa May was Home Secretary for 7 years. Cyber security was part of her job. The attack on NHS shows how crap she was…
The Home Secretary confirms that one in five NHS England trusts have been affected by the ransomware attack
1994. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown respond to the death of John Smith. The says it must be Blair. http…
I'm sorry Home Secretary this is nonsense. The preparedness for this is inoculation: upgrades & patching, n…
"Amber Rudd, the home secretary, can burble all she wants but the Tories have overseen chaos in NHS computing systems."…
Secretary Maenal sudden appearance. She was looking for her lost mole. Paolo said she might have left it in Alden's home.😍😄.
saying Theresa May would have had to resign in old days over being Home Secretary and failing to appreciate cy…
Taxi for Hunt. NHS cyber attacked and Cons use Home Secretary Amber Rudd on instead of Health Secretary Jere…
UK interior minister says health system has recovered from cyber attack Don't you mean Home Secretary?
I may be WRONG but I understand that for SEVEN yrs as Home Secretary - Theresa May was responsible for Cyber defence !.
This is our Home Secretary. How can she made sensible decisions when she has no idea about or the h…
A total of 48 NHS trusts were hit by cyber-attack, of which all but six are back to normal, says UK home secretary. https:…
UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd tells BBC she expects NHS trusts to learn from cyber-attack and upgrade IT systems
Green Party pulls out of election seat to help Labour defeat Tory Home Secretary Amber Rudd https:…
GP "The Home Secretary was Theresa May & she 'knew' there were cyber issues in the NHS and she did nothing" https:…
Conservative Friends of out canvassing on Sutton streets with the Home Secretary for our great candidate…
Never forget the hate and animosity has against from her days as Home Secretary
DT Chris Green: Diane Abbott is one of Labours best and is candidate to be Home Secretary with r...
Would be Home Secretary screwed up, erm "misspoke", to the…
I am happy to become Deputy Prime Minister and Home Secretary. I promise this country a brighter, more secure future under this government.
Leaked papers 'link the Home Secretary to offshore tax haven'
I ran through May's record as Home Secretary when she took over as PM. Here's why you shouldn't elect her in June
*** Home Secretary is looking at introducing new 'barista visas' to ensure coffee shops keep EU staff after Brexit . ht…
"Barista visas", Amber Rudd? Really? As a Home Secretary, beyond embarrassing. Clueless and out of your depth.
So Gordon brown key and Home Secretary's set up conveniently so it was only a Scottish link but queeny in Derby pulling tong out made me
Saw it this morning. Quite something when a lass that were on apprentice makes more sense than the Shadow Home Secretary.
That Diane Abbott is Shadow Home Secretary says all you need to know about the paucity of talent in Jeremy Corbyn's…
this from John Campbell's biography on 'Roy Jenkins - A Well-Rounded Life'. He was Home Secretary and Chan…
Lily Allen would fill me with more confidence as Home Secretary than Amber Rudd. Smarter, better judgement, a moral…
.messages must be accessible to intelligence services, says UK Home Secretary .
Home Secretary accuses Apple's Tim Cook and WhatsApp of giving terrorists 'a place to hide' .
All purpose parts banner
Public security is top priority says UK Home Secretary after 4 killed in Westminster terror attack
🇬🇧 Prime Minister will announce the replacement Home Secretary tomorrow
I failed Home Secretary about to become a failed Prime Minister at EU negotiations
Last night at dinner I talked to the Home Secretary, about crime in area, issues arou…
Very sad to hear of the death of Lord (David) Waddington, an excellent Chief Whip, Home Secretary and then Governor of Be…
*Regina (MM (Lebanon)) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Children’s Commis... |
home, finally. kid off to sleep. . it is time for 🍷 & Madame Secretary on Netflix 😊
She totally failed to control immigration when she was Home Secretary. Both EU and non EU.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson purchases Kalorama home for $5.6M via
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sells Bay Area home for $2.3 million
British hacker Lauri Love will be extradited to face US charges, home secretary confirms
U.S. Homeland Secretary Kelly warns Guatemalans to stay home
BREAKING: Home Secretary, Lord Sidmouth, introduces the second reading of the Habeas Corpus Suspension Bill. — Febr…
Kumar had served as the home secretary when Jitan Ram Manjhi was the Bihar chief minister. 
⭐️ • Lord Waddington obituary: Chief Whip and former Home Secretary was loyal supporter of Margaret Thatcher:…
Assalamu alaikum to members. Today monthly meeting at Najeemudeen home after isha prayer. Please participate on time. SECRETARY
Former Home Secretary Lord Waddington dies at age of 87
You only have to look at her record as home secretary to see that, WHO is the real Teresa May?
Former Conservative home secretary dies aged 87
Mr Straw also celebrated former Home Office Secretary John Hayel about a marginal deal to market the US housing and education operation.
Home Secretary Amber Rudd speaking after the dinner at CCA Annual Conference. A good and firm performance.
Sorry to hear of the death of Lord Waddington, Chief Whip and Home Secretary under Mrs. Thatcher, then Leader of the Lords…
Great evening in the company of Home Secretary - even managed to get in a quick mention for
Pleased to meet Home Secretary at Conference this evening, discussing policing in Sth Ribble h…
Transport Secretary urges buyers to think twice about opting for diesel…
David Waddington served as home secretary in the final year of Margaret Thatcher's premiership from 1989-90.
An opportunity to talk about the Isle of Wight and Women in Politics to Home Secretary at Conferenc…
Min Brison and Parliamentary Secretary Leslie welcomed at the Winter Meeting
The Home Secretary talks about how Cressida *** was appointed as first female Met Police chief and deserves the post.
David Waddington, Home Secretary and Chief Whip in Mrs Thatcher's govt & Leader of the Lords in John Major's govt, has died, he was 87.
Domestic violence: May to oversee new law Doesn't she trust the Home Secretary,After the child refugee issue,
Home Secretary unveils new ‘centre for expertise’ to prevent child sexual exploitation
This is what happens when Margot Leadbetter's nastier sister is Home Secretary. And indeed Prime Minister.
This is what happens when Margot Leadbetter's nastier sisters are Home Secretary and Prime Minister.
PCS union attacks over current silence & cuts after years of vilifying as Home Secretary. https:…
I feel that her previous job as Home Secretary is driving her decision. .
The UK Home Secretary gave a speech about controlling immigration & the police are treating it as a "hate incident". http…
the Home Office...that went on to have Leon Brittan as the Home Secretary. Clearly a place of cleanliness, David?
. Do this as an affidavit and send it registered delivery to Queen, Home Secretary, Permanent Secretary and PUSD
if they drop Leon Brittan in it, the establishment is blown wide open. . A paedophile Home Secretary makes the place look untidy.
Home Secretary at time of members imprisonment: Leon Brittan
What is the connection between Leon Brittan, Home Secretary, Charles Napier, Treasure of PIE & the Culture, Media & Sport…
Bihar's B P Sharma has been assigned an additional charge of Home Secretary till January 1, 2017.He is a 1981 batch IAS officer of Bihar ca…
Slogan on website is “Death 2 traitors, freedom 4 Britain,” which was only statement given in court by Jo's murderer. ht…
And imagine how strong Labour would be with a credible leader, chancellor & home secretary, instead of the amateuri…
Banning neo-nazi group should be just the first step, the second is undermining their appeal; this needs input too
Making Tulsi Gabbard-the Secretary of State would be a HOME RUN for Donald Trump. Here's why
British neo-Nazi group classed as terrorist organisation and banned
UK Home Secretary notes increase in anti-semitic attacks in UK and her desicion to ban neo-nazi group and worries o…
National Action is over. This is a big loss.
Home Secretary praises the contribution of Jewish community to the UK , at
Packed reception Parliamentary Chanukah party. Never too early for doughnuts. Home secretary…
Ooh, well done lads. That'll stop the Home Secretary and MI5.     😂
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -JFK.
Neo-Nazi group National Action banned by UK home secretary
The Home Secretary has employed terrorism laws to ban a far-right group for the first time.
Neo-Nazi movement, National Action, to be first extreme right-wing group to be banned as a terrorist organisation
Neo-Nazi group National Action facing UK ban as Home Secretary lashes out
Nov15 - Home Secretary has ordered the extradition of Lauri Love to the US
Amber Rudd was like as Home Secretary 4 Gary McKinnon. Vulnerable Pple like u need special treatment w/some crimes.
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Theresa May tells Lauri Love case should decided by the courts but Home Secretary has a role.
Ever more apparent that Theresa May is not the safe pair of hands Tory MPs thought. Inefficacy as Home Secretary stopped them realising.
. May told she helped Racism as the Home Secretary;.
Did Theresa May just say she was against Xenophobia and Racism? She needs to tell her Home Secretary that.
If Corbyn Labour won a general election and Diane Abbott was appointed Home Secretary of the Uk would you feel
Amazed that Jonny Depp's ex is now the Home Secretary. Who knew?
Diane Abbott has been promoted to Shadow Home Secretary. Who says Corbyn has no sense of humour? 😂
Diane Abbott appointed Shadow Home more to be said...
Diane Abbott is Shadow Home Secretary. I wouldn't let her have my Tesco Card number.
Could someone maybe remind Amber Rudd she is the Home Secretary, and not Katie Hopkins stunt double
A black woman will be next Home Secretary; an Asian woman will be attorney general. White men in cardigans in Derry Stre…
How on Earth can the RW critise Diane Abbott appointment to Shadow Home Secretary
So is the new Shadow Home Secretary, what next Prince Phillip Foreign Secretary?.
I dont know how all u UKIP members want to ignore Steve Woolfe getting knocked out to come diss Dianne Abbott for Home Secretary
Diane Abbot is now Jeremy Corbyn's Home Secretary (No. 2 boss of the British people) in waiting.
Diane Abbott moves to Shadow Home Secretary, while Basil Brush takes up the Foreign brief
I'm hearing there's a "strong chance" Diane Abbott is going to get Shadow Home Secretary in Jeremy Corbyn's reshuffle.
I am not racist.. But I am the home secretary
UK has 'no plans' to make it easier for Australians to enter after Brexit I'd suggest you go talk with aussies first
.this is a personal plea. Please don't appoint Diane Abbott as Home Secretary.
Contrary take: Diane Abbott for Shadow Home Secretary is, in context, not laughable. Within the pool of Corbynites, she's the most talented.
Tory BACKLASH over Amber Rudd’s immigration plan to force firms to declare foreign workers
Following speech of U.K. Home Secretary Amber Rudd at & basically:
I see racist Home Secretary Amber Rudd is in the news again, the big racist.
When the Home Secretary repeats passages from Mein Kampf verbatim you know that something has seriously gone wrong in this…
means it's time to grab the popcorn🍿 I hope makes Abbott Shadow Home Secretary - that woul…
BBC News - Sofa boss 'disappointed' at home secretary's comments
When the Home Secretary has to deny she's a racist after a speech there is something wrong with the speech even if it's…
Diane Abbott for Shadow Home Secretary? 😂😂😂😂 Is that a joke? I just laughed out loud there.
Indian response to the Home Secretary's speech. We have to change views on this & continue as a country to ht…
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Would do a little jig if Clive Lewis is promoted to Home Secretary. Unlikely I know, but would be great.
Sofa boss 'disappointed' at home secretary's comments
Lot of people saying Kier Starmer as Shadow Home Secretary. Again, not sure. But not a bad choice.
Breaking: Home Secretary Rudd requires all UK residents who have Norman, Viking, Angle, Saxon or Celt ancestors to regis…
Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott. Repeat after me and try not to laugh.
CORRECTION: The rumour is that Diane Abbott will be Shadow Home Secretary. So that's alright then.
U.K. home secretary faces backlash over Brexit immigration plan
Terrific riposte to from owner of Hastings-based furniture maker she shamed for employing foreigners: https…
Feel like Rudd is trying too hard to make an impression as 'most heartless home secretary'. You thought the vans were extreme?
LBC radio host realises our new Home Secretary based her conference speech on Hitler’s Mein Kampf
Just came across this letter May sent, as Home Secretary, to new citizens.
The press has spent months investigating anti-semitism on the left. The Tory Home Secretary spits a stream of xenophobia…
Diane Abbott rumoured to be the new Shadow Home Secretary.
It's easier to 'vilify foreigners' than to stand up for European values under my SISTER the Home Secretary blasts …
Home Secretary says the public should have a say in the design of a new UK passport. I want this:
Theresa May & her side-kick little zero 'Home Secretary' are making clear that they think the British people did...
Britain will not wait for to cut Amber Rudd,the Home Secretary, to say
Home Secretary rules out an increase of migration of Aussies to the UK, in the lead-up to Brexit
Not only is Theresa May unelected, not only did she fail as Home Secretary on immigration she backs sharia law. NOT PR…
Can I ask you as a former Home Secretary that you intervene and stop this nonsense and support our Police Off…
Don't underestimate she faced down an angry mob of heckling Police Force while she was Home Secretary!
Theresa May says she wants "economy that works for all", while appointing a Home Secretary who directed two firms in an offshore tax haven.
Who is Amber Rudd? What you need to know about Britain's Home Secretary
Theresa May gave her first Eid address as Prime Minister--This was the same MP who, as the former Home Secretary,...
Well she did rather well as Home Secretary didn't she.
Theresa May’s record as Home Secretary is alarming, not reassuring
Theresa May gave her first Eid address-she, who as Home Secretary,was responsible for ripping my family apart.
Theresa was Home Secretary when he was extradited. His story is here:
Theresa May worst Home Secretary ever in terms of immigration. Record high levels. Weak and powerless inside EU.
You might be more convincing if you hadn't made such an utter failure of immigration as Home Secretary.
Theresa May as Home Secretary was responsible for creating an atmosphere of intolerance to any concerns about Islamist activity.
Theresa won't step in, she's 100% for NHS England privatisation as her 6 years of Home Secretary prove, she went al…
It did when you were Home Secretary as well ?.
Theresa May's track record on immigration as Home Secretary was appalling. Her comments rejecting an Australian-style poi…
I think this a doppelgänger because the Theresa May that I know especially when Home Secretary couldn't give a Castlemaine X
A friend of mine who worked with May as Home Secretary always used to comment that she was a bit dim. Scary.
November 2015 – Theresa May MP, Home Secretary, refused to explain why the police are not prosecuting practitioners… ht…
HM chairs meet to review Kashmir situation; NSA, IB Chief, BSF DG & Home Secretary present in the meet
Home Secretary forced to defend cost of £2m Great Wall of Calais - Daily Mail
Theresa May is not fit to be Prime Minister. She was a terrible Home Secretary & is an even worse PM
Secretaries to Mr David Blunkett (the Home Secretary), Mr John Prescott and Mrs Margaret Beckett (the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Don't worry Sam I'm promoting you to Home Secretary.
Record as Home Secretary is not promising...
Sadly, Maxwell-Fyfe went on to be a god-awful Home Secretary and Lord Chancellor.
Theresa May is also responsible for speight of hate crimes. She was Home Secretary and had no contingency plan in place
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This present Home Secretary that has replace St Theresa May is like uncooked custard - wet between the ears and a waste of human space.
Theresa May blamed the former Labour government, but she had 6 years as Home Secretary to sort it out and failed
Yes, good start but still words rather than actions (as when she was Home Secretary). She's still Theresa 'May' in my eyes.
When I hear "Prime Minister" I now think Theresa May. But when I hear "Home Secretary" I also still think Theresa May 🤔
Home Secretary is clear that people in need of protection should seek asylum in the first safe country they enter.
Also, I'm afraid, a way of doing things that was arrived at under the oversight of Theresa May as Home Secretary.
"It is not just a matter of the odd error." reflects on record as Home Secretary. https:/…
.. has shown herself to be without integrity as Home Secretary. Workers rights at risk
LEST WE FORGET was Home Secretary when used in 18 areas
Dirty rotten *** - acting on direct orders from Theresa May, the sharia lover - when she was Home Secretary
. is blind in that eye. While still Home Secretary she was unable to read my letter:
we've had one of those for years lol, it's called the Home Secretary, last one was Theresa May
Right... and Theresa May did SO much to tackle inequality during her 6 years as Home Secretary!...
Commons Theresa May is a failure, she failed as Home Secretary and she's already failing as PM She voted for
We just found out one of Theresa's May last acts as Home Secretary was failing to meet her immigration targets
MAGGIE MAY scrapped my Human Rights when Home Secretary. Misconduct in Public Office?
Home Secretary appoints Matthew Parr as new HM Inspector of Constabulary:
Today, I brought the new Home Secretary to the House to demand a full public inquiry into Orgreave. Watch here:.
After wrongly deporting 50k students in her role as Home Secretary, this doesn't bode well:
May's experience at despatch box as Home Secretary is showing so far. now enjoying cracking jokes at Corbyn's expense
.Well, you have the Home Secretary, The Justice Secretary & Police & Crime Commissioners throughout England & Wales
running the Foreign Office??!!. All we need now is Victor Meldrew as Home Secretary!. Expect fireworks (and more bomb/jaw dropping)...
😱 so there's no change in government really, just a ex Home Secretary who is a sham PM, God help us
Home Affairs Select Committee chair Keith Vaz says Theresa May has done "extremely well" on police reforms as Home Secretary
"Amber Rudd to The Home Office? Christ. I though May was an incompetent Home Secretary, which…" — Anglian Reed
Please let the rumours of Amber Rudd as Home Secretary not be true. A staunch Remainer in charge of immigration? No way! It should be Boris!
Laws says May ended up as an effective home secretary - a tough person to work with who expected her junior ministers to do what she said
Katie Hopkins lays bare Mays *** up after *** up after *** up as Home Secretary strange how Sky - BBC - C4 have ignored them all.
That's my Home Office finished. Can I be the Home Secretary now? 50 WPM. GSOH. UK based.
Tory Chris Grayling: He voted to cut ESA. It's believed Chris will get a top job, possibly May's new Home Secretary. h…
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You forget that she was home secretary, and already knows where the loos and coffee machine are.
LONDON: Home Secretary Theresa May is set to become Britain's new Prime Minister Wednesday when David Cameron...
Outrageous. I wonder what the former Home Secretary has to say about this?
With a new PM from the remain camp and a truly awful record as Home Secretary, isn't going anywhere. We must hav…
Prime Minister David is to resign Wednesday, paving the way for Home Secretary Theresa May.
She was absolutely useless at job of HOME SECRETARY lets just hope she has more common sense than we've seen so far.
James Brokenshire tells that rumours about him being the next Home Secretary shouldn't be believed
Surprised no mention of treatment of LGBTI asylum seekers. Theresa May has been Home Secretary for six years!
Congratulations to the Home Secretary on her upcoming promotion- is a heavy responsibility and I wish her w…
Ms. May, the home secretary, or Ms. Leadsom, an energy minister, will become the first woman to lead Britain since Margaret Th…
May has been a car crash as Home Secretary she will be a car crash as PM foisted upon us by 199 MP's Sky News BBC and C4 democracy ??
Has she been made Shadow Home Secretary yet?
Thank god is here to clear up the mess left by the last government... in which she was Home Secretary.
Good news! They're loading a Next Home Secretary market to the site now, so should appear shortly.
During her six-year term as Britain's home secretary, Theresa May, the incoming Prime Minister, built a...
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Catalan government is considering legal action following shocking revelations about smear campaign by Spanish police & H…
Now heard two Westminster sources tipping James Brokenshire as next home secretary - May's capable immigration and securi…
Theresa May becoming Prime Minister is bad news for privacy campaigners: Home Secretary Theresa May w... by
Reasons not to welcome Theresa May as PM, no.16: has voted against almost every pro-LGBT law possible
We'd be fools to think as PM will make the Tories a more compassionate gov't b/c as Home Secretary she wa…
still trying to workout what see did as Home Secretary? now
Open letter to home secretary from & activists re inquiry
EU Diplomats Ready for Tough British Leader: During her six-year term as Britain’s home secretary, Theresa Ma...
"The Home Secretary Theresa May is the driving force behind destroying the Human Rights Act. what it shows is... http…
Continued work with int'l partners is key to ensuring safety at home. Secretary Johnson met today w/
Here's who will be in Theresa May's cabinet - according to the media as Home Secretary? I hope not!
Theresa May will be the first Home Secretary to move directly to PM since Lord Palmerston in 1855.
Theresa May is a failed Home Secretary: On the failures of Britain’s new Prime Minister.
"It says here on your CV that in your role as Home Secretary you were responsible for immigration. What happened?" https…
DTN Canada: What to expect as May starts untangling the UK from the EU: LONDON - Home Secretary Theresa May i...
Theresa May: Longest serving home secretary set to become UK’s PM
Larry the Cat is not going anywhere - and is already eyeing up Theresa May: . When the Home Secretary arrived...
She arrived Number 10 this morning as Home Secretary, she will be the occupant from tomorrow evening.
James Brokenshire fending off tricky questions about Brexit/immigraiton by saying they're for the "next Home Secretary"
Prophetic photo?. Theresa May as UK Home Secretary in a handshake with Hilary Clinton as US Secretary of State.
Theresa May's the worst, or if not the worst then she comes unbelievably close, Home Secretary in my entire lifetime ht…
Never liked Theresa May as Home Secretary. And so confused between the two now.
Happy to be corrected but I think Theresa May would be the first Home Secretary ever to go straight to PM. (Callaghan was HS five yrs b4 PM)
Had horrible thought over dinner: Theresa May will make Chris Grayling (chairing her campaign) Home Secretary.
UPDATE: Theresa May, UK-Home Secretary has won the 1st round of elections to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister
'Teflon Theresa' Katie Hopkins hits out at Home Secretary for failing to back Brexit
Jonathan Foreman: Theresa May is a failed Home Secretary and a bad choice for PM:
Theresa May is a great self-promoter, but a terrible Home Secretary". Devastating article pulled by the Telegraph.
"the views of te British public will be harder for even the Home Secretary to dismiss". Hmm, we'll see!!
AT LAST gets it: "Theresa May unfit to be Home Secretary" "failing the British people" etc.
Home Secretary in a conference of the Conservative Party quoted a Quranic verse
Home Secretary concession to ‘legitimate’ trade union activity on surveillance Bill
2/2. Does not overrule British Law" Think someone needs 2tell the Home Secretary do your job or go.
Breaking . Home Secretary agreed to Inquest into Police Cover up of . Innocent men framed (again) by British Police
It's high time the Home Secretary investigated the consistent, catastrophic failings of Dee Valley Police in Hollyoaks.
Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics, called on Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to...
"Only David Munro.." says the Home Secretary, risking a breach of the ministerial code
Home Secretary, Theresa May, speaks at the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners general meeting:
Good speech from the Home Secretary to particularly liked the 'and crime' focus on the role
Home Secretary speech to the Association of and Commissioners
Home Secretary addresses Association of Police and Crime Commissioners General Meeting -
Home Secretary submits to review of bulk surveillance powers
21st May 1816: Benjamin Barker tells the Home Secretary he has prevented a riot at Rockland, Nor...
# Singh report: Home Secretary first head to roll: . Das was transfe...
report: Home Secretary first head to roll ||
Breast Cancer Awareness
Like a 1980's prisoner watching the Home Secretary's speech to the Conservative party conference
Home Secretary "Put security first and vote for Zac Goldsmith" for
values that "Fleet Street" fails to uphold or practise. In the last 4 hours, Jackie Smith, the "Home Secretary" who had become embroiled in
ran for labour leadership the last 2 times. He is currently the Shadow Home Secretary
Lawyers crying - Shadow Home Secretary crying - families hugging - people saying they can't take in enormity of it all
The Irish press have picked this up. Well done, Home Secretary.
Home Secretary? Imagine you've been working for Teresa May & suddenly Boris Johnson is bounding into the office like a St Bernard.
Every Prime Minister from Harold Macmillan has supported UK in EU Every Foreign & Home Secretary too to my knowledge
Home Secretary and NSA Chief's meeting with Home Minister concludes.
Child survivors of earthquake ‘being sold’ in the - Home Secretary urges police investigation h/t Emily
Home Secretary urges National Crime Agency to investigate claims child victims of last year's eart…
James Chuter Ede served as Home Secretary under Prime Minister Clement Attlee from 1945 to 1951. He was born in Epsom in 1882.
Home Secretary breach Geneva Convention the Murder of Raoul Moat I am Instatutinally discriminated
Tony McNulty on Question Time on Expenses in support of Home Secretary ...
Keith vaz asks May whether she has ever visited asylum accommodation since being Home Secretary. She replies that she has…
The 'flawed' European Union is 'failing to keep its people safe', says former Home Secretary, Michael Howard.
What a super picture of Home Secretary, Theresa May, and our Police & Crime Commissioner candidate (PCC), John...
Met lawyer says cops accountability served by Home Secretary getting final report. Pitchford says no, that's the accountability of
Indeed. Done fairly well as Home Secretary - except for hot potato of immigration, However - only had Jacqui Smith to follow!
Today I have written to the Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, asking her to personally intervene and Apetsi. h…
by Jove I've got it! I'll make my Shadow Home Secretary, she's kind and tough & better looking than Theresa May ;D
Home Secretary questioned by Home Affairs Committee - News from Parliament - UK Parliament via
Home Secretary to be questioned by Home Affairs Committee: Evidence session on Tuesday 22 March 2016
So today's been a bit busy,. I was invited by Andy Burnham (Shadow Home Secretary) to give evidence in The Police...
Hon Ken Clark QC - what about judicial review test? Home Secretary explains JCs will be able to look at necessity and proportionality.
Andy Burnham Shadow Home Secretary has every confidence in a win for
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