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Home Run

In baseball, a home run (abbreviated HR) is scored when the ball is hit in such a way that the batter is able to reach home safely in one play without any errors being committed by the defensive team in the process.

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Our talking to Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash on the Home Run, with from 4pm so he wants yo…
Giancarlo Stanton has hit his 59th Home Run! He is now only 2 away from tying the "Real" HR King Roger Maris at 61.
T3: Indian Hills hits a 3-run Home Run to extend the lead to 4-0 Indian Hills.
Drew Goodman sounded so defeated after that Home Run
BREAKING: Alex Gordon hits the 5,694th Home Run in MLB this season, breaking the record set in 2000
Home Run on the Hudson: Baseball's History in Hoboken and Jersey City | Jersey Digs
Home Run on the Hudson: Baseball’s History in Hoboken and Jersey City
Like Ted Kennedy in the 90's honoring Sosa and McGwire the Home Run kings. Sammy Sooser and Mike McGwire
OTD in 1948Joe DiMaggio went yard with his 300th career Home Run off Detroit Tigers Fred Hutchinson.…
McCann blasted his Home Run off a Yankees fan face.. weird how things work
Just a reminder that Tommy Hunter once gave up a Home Run to Munenori Kawasaki.
Home Run 👑. Ryan Zimmerman is now the all-time Washington D.C. baseball HR leader with 238, passing Frank Howard.
Only Willie Stargell and Ralph Kiner (4) have more 3 Home Run games that Andrew McCutchen (3) in Pittsburgh Pirates History.
2 pitches into his on-bat: Rodríguez smashes the ball over the scoreboard in left center field for a solo Home Run for 5-1
The best Home Run reaction of all time
Red, white, and BOOM! Brandon Moss smokes a 474 foot Home Run! Game tied at 5 after 5.
Now this is how you throw a Home Run ball back!
I looked at tickets when it was in Cincinnati and Home Run derby tickets was just as high as the game
We were in the left field seats. Home Run missed us by a few rows.
This day in 2009: Mark Buehrle hit his lone career Home Run -- at Milwaukee off Braden Looper.
Home Run. Pop fly to Left Field. Ground Out to 3rd. Bunted to pitcher, thrown out at 1st. Foul ball caught by catch…
first pitch of the game, after a 1-7 win, and I get hit off for a 407ft home run
. This *** couldn't hit a home run with a telephone pole.
Not sure they could get JHay at first on a DP, so they want to cut off the run at home instead
Trump calls his trip a home run, where ever single world leader says he struck out. Problem is he's playing T-ball.
First tasting, just now! We just cracked open our first batch of sima! Home run! It's…
Trump steers clear of the press after returning from "home run" trip abroad
RECAP: A clutch homer puts the in the W column once again. ht…
A-Gon finds form with first homer of season
But I heard Duda hit a home run, so that's good, right?
George Springer just smacked this ball to center for his 10th home run.
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Lol!!! If he means a home run in the world court of embarrassment.
Every strike brings me closer to the next home run. -
Guys helping at Run for the Brave 5K by Operation Welcome You Home. Such a great event! Glad we could be a part.
and only 1 home run and 7 RBIs. 0 homers since May 1st. 0 RBI's since May 10th. That makes the .310 less impressive
Guess a loser is calling himself a "home run" hitter for the first official foreign trip. H…
He should have "run home" earlier. Now he has to lose all the shoes he accomplished to fit into his mouth.
“Trump touches down on US soil after an inaugural trip abroad he called a "home run"
7-1 MLB Run as the 2nd Home Run Pick of the Day cash vs as well! (5-0) Sunday picks:
Trump was born on third base, but thought he hit a triple.
You actually had to SHOVE someone out of your way to get in front and you call that a home run? Most of us call that bad manners.
He means he couldn't wait to run home
— every time they come. It made her realize that they wouldn't just come home from a run. It made her realize how long they —
Trump calls his first trip abroad a home run. Since none of the countries he visited plays baseball, so as usual they won't understand him.
rushed home just to find out no one here. Now Idk if I should go run the streets or stay in and watch a movie
Ngowep in for the pirates tonight..represent. home run
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Note: Matt Wallner's home run earlier tonight gave him 60 RBIs this season, breaking the Southern Miss freshman record.
B3 | Utah steals home for one run to tie it up, and a sac fly gives them the 5-4 lead.
Lucas Duda's fifth-inning home run was calculated at 447 feet, the second-longest home run at PNC Park this...
When Brian hit that home run I was so glad.
And this was what he considered a "home run"?More like bases loaded and strikes out trying to bunt for a base hit.
After review, Texas home run! Mathis with his second on the day. Longhorns lead 9-3.
STORY: (By girls soccer takes home the title!
If by "home run" he means that he began at home plate and made it back to home plate without any assassinati…
I liked a video MLB 17 Road to the Show - Part 30 - Inside the Park Home Run?!
VIDEO: This is why you don't carelessly toss a home run ball back onto the field. 🙄 .
Home run? His fat *** had to get a hover round to finish.
I balk at home run characterization. ⚾️
Excuse me Mr. President but your foreign trip was NOT a Home Run; you hit the ball Out of the Field. Superb leadership…
Trump at conclusion of first foreign trip: 'I think we hit a home run'
"home run?" maybe in the pee-wee league. A complete embarrassment on all fronts is more like it.
He may call it a home run, but the newspapers in the European capitals say he acted like an *** abroad.
Jared Kushner even flew home early to prep for the home run party
Iowa baseball Home Run hitter, Jake Adams named Player of the Year in the Big 10 Conference...Hawks getting ready for Big 10 Tournament...
There's a new Home Run champion of all time & his name is Henry Aaron😍
Kevin Pillar is the first Centerfielder to hit a walkoff Home Run since Vernon Wells on July 20, 2006 vs Yankees (of…
Thanks to Kevin Pillar's walkoff Home Run, earn their first 4-game sweep of the Mariners in franchise history
Triple - Home Run - Single - Double. In order for Christian Walker. This is how the 3rd cycle in history was completed.
Live: Dak, Dez, Zeke and Witten among Cowboys facing off in sixth annual Home Run...
I can't believe what I just saw. Canaan Smith just hit a Home Run to DEAD CENTER at in Tyler.
Manny Ramirez hitting homers in Tawaiin but the Home Run call is TOP 10 .
END 6: Sky Sox add four runs in the 6th highlighted by a 3-run Home Run from Garrett Cooper. Sounds trail 5-0
On this day in 1958 first baseman Gil Hodges hits his 300th Home Run and Pee Wee Reese plays his 2000th game
We are off to the races! That's Home Run for and $2500 for the HR Challenge. Join the fun today at https…
Just saw a poster for a local Optimist Club event called "Strike Out". Wouldn't it be more appropriate called something like "Home Run"?
Maack hits his second Home Run of the game and puts the Golden Eagles up 8-0👀👀
Casey Maack hits his first Home Run of the season! That's for the Golden Eagles! 🔥
Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska hits another Home Run from the Senate Floor regarding some of the problems inside...
PoPo Place of the Day!. The Prize pack is still there... Clue Back, TRACK, Gone, Home Run!
Neil Gorsuch: The President's Home Run for the Supreme Court: The Gorsuch nomination is another vital promise kept…
freekin Home Run 👌🏻 got me proud of our history there... the reason Europe is free 😎👍🏻 bring on
Ozzie Smith won 2 Gold Gloves w/the San Diego Won 11, and hit one epic Home Run, with the St Louis
Jorge Soler career with 1st PA: Home Run. Last PA: Triple in World Series
"Sorry we will have to beat you at your home field w/ everyone watching"was the only thing we needed to hear for a run-r…
Good morning! I have a few errands to run today and then I'll be home to stream! I sure can use some good vibes today. Last night was rough
Listen. The point about Odysseus is he GOES HOME. He's an immigrant. He has a good run, but then he GOES HOME!
Time is running out. Please join our team, Band Together for a Cure. You can run, walk, or even stay home, but...
1975 - Carlton Fisk hit a home run in the 12th inning in a 7-6 win over the Cincinnati Reds in Game Six of the World Series
Why equipment leasing keeps your business current w/ tech and might save you in the long run-
They'll pack up and go home as soon as they run out of fingers and toes.
Being overseas away from your home country you run into totally new flavors like mixing coffee and avocado in a cold drink! Hmm. Not bad!
Asked about partial birth abortions, a home run. What was it he said again?. And SCOTUS, what is his reasoning her…
2011 SGA days| I'm coming home 🐻. p.s. who was it that came up with RUN MSU…
Madam President last night u hit a home run Donald came with hate & ignorance & u lit up the room with relief & intelligence
.and rolling into BIG HOME GAME TONIGHT=> Game PREVIEW vs. Dixon => =>
Getting followed home by a heroin addict wasn't fun, especially trying to run up a hill in heels and Jack wearing a traff…
I didn't expect this much amazement or 'RAGE' from I've always been a huge fan but *** ..this is a home run!
Now that I've got both the girls home and they have had their lunch I'm gonna run around the house trying to get it as tidy as possible
Making Cash's version of Hurt the backing track to the trailer was a home run decision.
41 years ago today, Carlton Fisk hit his famous Game 6 home run.
Houston coach Tom Herman: SMU hit a home run by hiring Chad Morris  via
Please weigh in/comment on my blog... How much would you pay to watch first run films day-and-date in your home? https:/…
Evening Standard : boss Alan Pardew: I can't believe we got a free run to sign Steve Mandanda
Homes that are built today are wired with devices and equipment that run for most of the day. This means that...
Getting ready for day 3 of Home Run for Healthy Kids
Guntis completed a 12.1 km run workout on 21/10 in 1:07:09 with 167.5 rTSS.
stop, still mocking me, following behind me- I literally run home because I'm terrified of what they might do
Hopefully my car will run on credit this morning. Forgot to get gas on the way home. Thankfully I'm on 12miles from…
41 years ago today in sports history this happened...vs Fisk Home Run Foul Pole
Put the dog in the bathroom and go on a run for 30 minutes, come home to find a tunnel has been carved under the bathroom door.
Can extend their unbeaten home run when they welcome tonight?
is needed home to run Atlantica and tend to his daughters. Everyone needs to be put in line. DM us to apply today! [
Town are playing at home tomorrow so we're going to be running this between 9am-12, but we may well run a similar day in a few weeks time
Coming home from my morning run and crawling back into bed w/ Luke >>>
Sandy Alomar Jr. hit the World Series’ 700th home run on this day in ’97. This is a sign, right???
Was suppose to wash my hair guess I'll be flying home when I get off to wash it and run back out to my hair dresser 🙄
Knew how to take a penalty this lad! Not all the stupid tip toe run ups, just send the ball home.
Home to so definitely cosmic connection! It's certainly a place where you can let your curiosity ru…
Know who else hit a home run once in 90 plate appearances? Your butt.
Drunk driver who knocked cyclist off bike in hit & run caught after witness followed him home:
Wonder who advised to attack at Al Smith dinner. Trump was killing, had the room, & that Melania moment was a home run. B…
As you're driving home from the voting booth, crying hysterically, at least consider that America had a pretty good run fo…
None of my friends have a *** to run home to. I'm so excited for this trip 😍😍
John Ryan Murphy hit 1 home run in 90 plate appearances this season.
Completed 5k run/walk (I walked!) With the team at 12 Wing Great day, weather perfect. Home to change into 1A.
if I took you home it would be a home run
All the lovely ladies who work to run the family and are excellent home makers as well, need a…
Today someone is gonna catch a possible home run with his Fedora while listening to a podcast costing the Cubs a tr…
Met with the inspirational team behind the Plan9/PlanX startup Travly: our home grown rickshaw startup giving a run for…
I am too excited to go home and sit watching films all night 😌AFTER I've been for a run 😴
sure but now tommy "Home Run" hunter is the closer in a road elimination game.
Tommy "Home Run" Hunter must have given Ubaldo some techniques on how to be clutch
Dee Gordon's Home Run was Pure Magic: After hitting a home run in the first at-bat following the death of Jos...
Why 2016 is the Year of the Home Run (Jeff Passan/Yahoo Sports)
Mike Piazza's Post 9/11 Home Run, an emotional and healing moment for New York City.
Dylan Cozens hit his 39th homer. He now stands alone as the Phillies AA single season Home Run king
Little Giant Ladders
KING Chris Davis hitting his 33rd Home Run of the season tonight
8/21: Former star went 1 for 4 with 1 Home Run, 1 Run, and 1 RBI for the A affiliate
St. Louis Cardinals: August 20fh-2015: Yadi Molina hit his 100th Home Run of his career,and it was the Cardinal team 100 Home Run
Come run with us! Home Run tonight at 6:34pm from the Nike Store at Eaton…
I would rather have deep dish when I order...but my favorite is Beggars Pizza.grew up eating Home Run inn too.
Jeff Seager is already getting loose. Corey's dad will throw to him in the Home Run derby.
I added a video to a playlist GOT7 - Home Run - (Color Coded Han|Rom|Eng Lyrics) | by Yankat
Jones just misses a Home Run, and Doubles off the wall not sure what Orlando was doin,lol.
Daniel Murphy started off the month with 1 hit (Triple) in 12 At Bats but is 3 for 4 so far today with a Home Run.
Ken Griffey Jr gotta start a how-to series on YouTube. Here's his first installment: How to Rob a Home Run
The last time Seth Smith hit a Home Run? April 30th. Hits 2 in 3 At Bats today, more than a month later.
Russell Martin & Michael Saunders are the first Canadian teammates in MLB history to hit a Home Run in the same inni…
.Home Run went 378 feet over the Blue Monster in left. Just missed the bulls head above the wall.
Congrats on Home Run - Ties Rafael Palmeiro at All Time. http…
With this Home Run, Albert Pujols catches Rafael Palmeiro for most MLB HR by a former Chiefs player with 569!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
On this date in Baseball History (May 22nd, 1963). Mickey Mantle hit the longest Home Run of his Career!!
Ben Brooks follows his 2-run Home Run with a ground rule double in the same spot. 7-5
Click here to support Home Run for Habitat Grand Traverse Region 2016 by Habitat for Humanity GTR
Home Run! Jackson Kotecha just crushed one at Rogers Centre!!!
Bartolo Colon speaks to the media after hitting his first career Home Run:
T6. Neider with a inside the park Home Run on a hard hit line drive to deep center Wolves now up 9-1.
May 15tH At LOUYAA Park is our first Home Run derby for our players, parents and coaches. Come help us raise...
Yasmany Tomas 1st Career multiple Home Run game yesterday and a huge double tonight now down just a run
The Twins will display the Home Run ball from Byung *** Park that went 466 ft according to ESPN stat cast. Displayed in Centerfield deck area
I'm don't know how I feel about Matt Vasgersian imitating Gary Cohen's Home Run call in
Update: Carlos Beltran hits a solo Home Run off of the Nick Vincent.
Yesss I know you love Home Run inn but that's the only pizza I DONT like 😩
Home Run inn pizzas home cooked be bangin💯😭
Update: Mark Teixeira hits a SOLO Home Run off of the Drew Storen.
So...We got word that we'll have an autographed Eric Hosmer rookie card in the live auction at the Home Run for...
Update: Mike Moustakas hits a SOLO Home Run (2nd) off of Ricky Nolasco https…
Update: Brian Dozier hits a SOLO Home Run (1st) off of Luke Hochevar
Update: Brandon Moss hits a 3-run Home Run off of the Williams Perez.
BREAKING: MLB has suspended Rockies SS Trevor Story 50 games. MLB: "He hits a Home Run like every hour. He has to be on…
.launches Home Run scheme to help emerging companies
July 30th :: Ryan Rua hits an inside-the-park Home Run vs. the Yankees.
Canisius HS on the board early vs. Ottawa Hills in Bradenton Fla. with 3 run Home Run early in game.
Nicknames are baseball, names like Zeke and Pie and Kiki and Home Run and C...
In 2015, 16 different players hit at least 1 Home Run. How many players will hit 1 in 2016?
The Cardinals longest Home Run in 2015 was hit 450ft by Peter Bourjos.
His blasts won Games 2 & 3 for the A's in the 1911 World Series. Frank "Home Run" Baker was born 130 yrs ago today. https…
The Cardinals hit 1 Home Run today against the Braves.
Will the Cardinals hit a Home Run today?
Hit a Home Run this spring by protecting your family with Term Life Insurance. Learn more.
At Fulton County Stadium when Hank Aaron hit the Home Run to beat Babe Ruth's Record
Maybe it s from his stellar WC outing? Too many Home Run shots? Zero complete games in ML career. 6 Inn Gerrit
Went for run. Discovered I lost apt fob on said run. Realized heading home, buying beer. Wouldn't have happened if I'd just skipped the run.
Just got home from a 20min cold freaking run 🏃.. lol but it's OK I…
You can run these posters on the home page of including full social media distribution $100.
if Ted Cruz was my dad i would run away from home... I would never stop running fyi
My seats, I'll watch EJ run thru the tunnel, every home game! Fight On!
Jeb has hit a home run! Rubio has finally been put in his place!! Yay for Jeb and Chris. Whew !!
Literally bought the moment announced the news, literally going to run home every day to see if it's arrived! 👏
Hogs 30, Vols 13 with 3:18 left in the half. Tennessee needs to get the run game going, then go over the top with a playaction home run.
I will be making a run to the store as soon as I get home. Chamoy and soup ☝🏼️
Guys can you be a stay at home husband if your wife happens to run her own hugely successful comapny?
Jordan Barnes makes perfect lob on the run to Duane Clark, who stuffed it home for a 57-51 CBC lead over Westchester St.…
Last night's food run took us to the one and only home of Jerusalem Street food in…
They're teeing up for a home run right here. Clearly he's been practicing for this.
your a bum. Where was that home run power during the summer? Ha so much for a bad day yesterday...HR, 2B, 3RBI today.
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Home cooked fuel for my 8 mile hilly run I have planned tomorrow
When hits a home run to tie the baseball game!! Cheering you on all the way from Birmingham! GO WOLVES ❤️…
-- me home then, Oliver. You have a tub to run for me, and those magic hands of yours to smooth my shoulder. *Pressing --
congrats Paolo, will it run til April? That's the only time am home in Manila
She started from her home now she's here!!!winner Pilar Gonzalez tests 1st run in her new facility
Anyone interested in going to see the last four SFC home games of the season (even just one or two). Keep me...
Definitely hit a home run with this one ⚾️💜 @ Goshen College
S/O to for her first home run since 3-Under T-ball
Someone just said she can't do this business because she's a stay at home mom of 2 kids. So am I and I run a whole team. No excuses!!
Dude, you sound wasted!Go home man.You're drunk or something.Oh don't try and direct the traffic.It'll run you down
I never got to the ending. Didn’t help that it wouldn’t run on my home computer, so I only played it at mum’s work after school
Was that him screaming when coming to? That sounded like a home run hit!
Trump was born half way between 3rd base & home plate, swearing he hit the 'Yoogest,most majestic,greatest gold-plated' home run!.
Home at last! And proudly wearing my finisher shirt and medal. :). This was the run I struggled…
1.5 mile run just to come home to Casey's pizza
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
won 1-0 over Royals win in walkoff fashion as BUC walks home the winning run, Lee Mutter with…
I'm the type of female that'll run the shower or bath for my man when he gets home from work and suck his *** so good in the moment. 😜
Debating on a din tai fung run before heading home after work 🤔
where does the current run on 26 straight rank on Maryland's all time home winning streaks? Is it the best ever?
Can't wait to see Michael Phelps dab on 'em when he scores a home run during the World Cup 🏊🏽
Sometimes my inner child screams "let's run away from home" and my adult side is really starting to consider it.
Melissa came into my room with a bat and started swinging around acting like she was about to hit a home run
The mix for the slider patties? Home run. I think I just nutted on myself
Jarrett Arakawa back on mound at LMS in 7th. Allows 1 run after LoCoco leads off with a 3B & home on Sheldon-Collins RB…
Come on let's hit a home run tonight. We are behind you.
Got my first legit college home run tonight! Along with and chase Urhahn!
welfare of citizens. They do know what business run in their country, so help d economy, let people patronize Home made products.
bought a second home in Florida, couldn't pay his mortgage, went up for short sale. Can he run a trillion dollar economy? Not likely
Don't let the mother-in-law try to run your home just because you both have have to be out of town get her straight
Joe Montana says he can't run, participate in sports, or read when he's…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
A home run teacher if ever I've met one.
You can FINALLY leave your phone at home & still track your run, w/our new Apple Watch app!
Boys championship run starts Tuesday JV boys at home 6pm. Varsity boys at home at 7pm. Spread…
Just reach home and the mosquitos just run in
Rush home for the debate and run into a silly panel and a clutch of commercials. ABC does not give a good impression.
Last leg of the Mileage run about to start, headed home from Fun few days has me on track for PM on Tuesday! ^Jon
Took me six hours to get home from Fulham yet I managed to get in my best run in months as soon as I got home. . I'm scared of my body.
Welcoming the newest member to be Home Run Solutions family, Case Daniel Bartelheimer! Our office assistant Kyla...
When you run home to catch up your parents on their way to church. There's my cardio for today
In Photos: hit his second home run in as many days. 50 photos from
The real home run king. Happy Birthday Hank!
Another home run for Michael Druhan in the 7th!
After a Game 1 loss, Spring Hill right fielder Michael Druhan starts off Game 2 with a home run to give the B…
I couldn't tell if I was at a softball game or a home run derby.. Good game.
Home Run ---> NFL's missing data on air pressure is another black eye in deflate-gate saga via
Home Run !. weekend with this fantastic album by Gary & Philly!. Get "Love Hate" THX :D.
The guy will be a better bad ball hitter then Vlad Guerrero.. Home Run.. then again, it may go behind him
this should be HOF worthy Watch: Albert Belle - 50th Home Run - Tom Hamilton via YouTube
Joey Gallo hits a walk off Home Run in the 11th to give Texas the 1-0 series leave over Toronto.
The "Shot Heard 'Round the World" (Bobby Thomson's Home Run) was just to get to the World Series where the Giants lost.
I'm looking at a Home Run.bases loaded
Who is America’s No. 1 enemy? Home Run - Joseph Farah hit it out of the ball park! via
On this day in 1961, Roger Maris passes Babe Ruth with Home Run --->
22 years ago at this exact minute, Joe Carter hit the walk-off 3-run Home Run to win the 1993 World Series.
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