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Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby is an event played prior to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. It is a contest among the top home run hitters in Major League Baseball to determine who can hit the most home runs.

Todd Frazier Aaron Judge Giancarlo Stanton Gary Sanchez Justin Morneau Bryce Harper Corey Seager Josh Hamilton Adam Duvall San Diego Chris Berman Joc Pederson Werner Park Yankee Stadium Cincinnati Reds Hunter Renfroe Justin Upton

More people watched the Home Run Derby than the NBA All-Star Game or NFL Pro Bowl
Here is on what baseball in Miami can be after seeing the celebration that was the Home Run Derby:
Bryce Harper should be banned from the Home Run Derby for turning this one down!
I want to see Bryce Harper vs Aaron Judge at next year's Home Run Derby in D.C.
Who will win the Home Run Derby?. Bryce Harper's pick might surprise you.
Aaron Judge. Bryce Harper. Giancarlo Stanton. I want to see those 3 in the Home Run Derby next year.
Please let Aaron Judge crush Bryce Harper in the 2018 Home Run Derby in DC.
No way Bryce Harper and Mike Trout could hang with Aaron Judge in the Home Run Derby
Miguel Sano advances to Home Run Derby final with win over Gary Sanchez
I think Gary Sanchez already won the best custom bat portion of the Home Run Derby. Aaron Judge's ain't bad either.
Gary Sanchez puts on show in first round of Home Run Derby
Seed Gary Sanchez and Seed Cody Bellinger have been knocked out of the Home Run Derby. -Eric
Miguel Sano advanced to the finals of the Home Run Derby. Defeats Gary Sanchez.
All I can say about this Home Run Derby is that Hunter Renfroe would have won
Hunter Renfroe has to earn his way there first... But he'd be excellent in a Home Run Derby.
I wish Doc Emrick was doing the Home Run Derby
Join us tonight for Build a Burger and $2 aluminums of Bud and Bud Light. Stay after to watch the Home Run Derby...
Watching this 2008 home run derby and Josh Hamilton was a straight beast
We know, we know ... The Home Run Derby is supposed to be TOMORROW. . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
watch the home run derby from ESPN Zone tomo 🤔
Kind of surprised there are two players from the NL East in the home run derby and neither of them asked Jim Johnson to p…
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They're showing Josh Hamiltons legendary Home Run Derby round on ESPN Classic and I'm over here reminiscing. We should have 2 World Series 😥
Greg Cote: Home Run Derby, not All-Star Game, is real star of baseball's midsummer break
"What's the home run derby? I can't tell if it's Baseball or Horse Racing" -
Aaron Judge is going to win the home run derby
Cody Bellinger (belly) is in the Home Run Derby. going yard means hitting a home run lol yah know? Like hitting dingers?
Home Run Derby promo during the Indians game
We see you at MLB all star game HS home run derby
who you got in tomorrow's Home Run Derby? Former & paired i…
How rookies have fared in Home Run Derby
🔥 Trending Now: View 100s of documents and presentations featuring Home Run Derby now:…
Bellinger is taking that home run derby W . LA over NY
Cody Bellinger joins the list of players to have their dads pitch to them during the Home Run Derby.
2017 Home Run Derby: Start time, TV, live stream info, things to know
I don't think any home run derby performance will ever match Josh Hamilton's. That was one of the most insane performances I've ever seen!
There's just one thing everyone wants to see in Home Run Derby
Home Run Derby: Giancarlo Stanton looks to defend title
It's a youth movement at the Home Run Derby this year.
The mlb Home Run Derby is today and I'm genuinely excited
Whats a broke nursing student got to do for some home run derby tickets??
Drawing from his College Home Run Derby experience, Aaron Judge has potential to take MLB title htt…
I pretty sure Happ should go to the all star game to pitch the home run derby
Bryce Bush (commit) unloads on one to start the 2nd round of the HS Home Run Derby. LIVE: https:…
Congrats to Zach Michalski of the on taking the 2017 All-Star Home Run Derby crown!
Someone let me come over tomorrow and watch the Home Run Derby
Home Run Derby tomorrow let's get it
I got G. Stanton over A. Judge in the 2017 T-Mobile Home Run Derby. Fill out your bracket now. via
Actual Baseball Tonight podcast selling point: "we'll talk to Jessica Mendoza on what it takes to win the Home Run Derby"
Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez will participate in the 2017 Home Run Derby - River Avenue Blues
Gary Sanchez said that he has been invited to be in the Home Run Derby and is considering it. Aaron Judge said he still hasn…
slugger Miguel Sano has been added to Home Run Derby field.
Need to have a Home Run Derby on a lake this summer 😍.
If you have never seen the old black and white films of Home Run Derby called by Mel Allen, they are great.
cant wait for the BBQ! You betta be ready for some competition in the Home Run Derby, gonna be the Last Man Standing :)
Dez missed the Cowboys’ annual Home Run Derby because he drove to the wrong stadium 😕 (per
Hoping to see 2003 Home Run Derby champ Garrett Anderson at DH
\"Can we get Bumgarner in the Home Run Derby?\" - Karl Ravech campaigns for MadBum's inclusion to commissioner Rob…
Kirby Puckett cheering on Mark McGwire in the 1992 Home Run Derby is fantastic.
Chris Berman will no longer be calling the Home Run Derby. Instead he's going back, back, back under the rock from whic…
Chris Berman is done doing the Home Run Derby?!?!?!?! And here I thought Christmas was over.
WYR? spend your night rewatching last nights Home Run Derby or go out to dinner with Moises Alou and Steve Bartman
This team is playing like it's a Home Run Derby every night - Greg Zaun 🔥🔥
Mark Thornhill wins the Home Run Derby at the Babe Ruth World Series!
Matt Duffy, Lucius Fox and another prospect going to see Adam Warren in the Home Run Derby monday.
Hit a career winner with our Home Run Derby! Amway is looking to fill a Assistant Brand Manager, ...
Wow MLB Reddit is evil 😂 . "Why didn't any of the hitters select James Shields as their pitcher for the Home Run Derby?"
Funny. Just watching taped Home Run Derby. Players should have been aiming for the DJ.
Giancarlo Stanton was made for the Home Run Derby:
Congratulations to Giancarlo Stanton on winning the Home Run Derby! -
Defending champ. Strongest man in MLB. Frazier-Stanton final LIVE on ESPN or here:
Giancarlo Stanton causes marketing nightmare for Marlins after hitting so many home runs in last night's HR Derby. https:…
Maddox Power will be on display at the Home Run Derby! READ:
Visit us at the Home Run Derby and spin to win a limited die cast truck!
Come on bro…. Wil Myers takes a pitch from his brother to the ribs during . VIDEO: htt…
Come out to the for the HOME RUN DERBY! Tonight! http…
Wanna hear and her brother fight? Episode 42: Home Run Derby, Vacations, and Forgiveness
In the home run derby, you're not allowed to throw a pitch until the previous ball lands..Same rule applied to me the last 4…
Giancarlo Stanton won the Home Run Derby by hitting 20 more home runs than anyone ever
Robinson Cano goes out early against champion Giancarlo Stanton in Home Run Derby -
Ken Griffey Jr., A-Rod, & Big Papi faced off in best HR Derby you've never heard of at a minor league park in 1996. https…
Giancarlo Stanton has tied Bobby Abreu for most HR in a single Home Run Derby (41). He still has one round left. 😱 https:…
The Giancarlo Show: Stanton slams 61 to become Home Run Derby legend - ESPN
Great time at the Home Run Derby at Petco Park in San Diego! Thanks to my friend Robert Swartz!
McCovey Chronicles: The Giants have the longest Home Run Derby drought in the National League: The last Giant...
Home Run Derby is the coolest sporting event I've ever attended. Also, Todd Frazier has a fan for life when he's not in a CHIsox uniform.
Nobody put on a show like The Kid did during the Home Run Derby
Stanton wins the Home Run Derby, Jose starts the All Star Game, Ozuna wins MVP, Rodney holds and Ramos closes it out? Sounds good.
LA Dodgers' Corey Seager not concerned about Home Run Derby ruining his swing
espn​.com >> Curse-buster: Corey Seager has no fear of Home Run Derby
"I would think he'd win it. Easy, hands down."- Barry Bonds on Ichiro in the HR Derby. .
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22 year-old Corey Seager will be the 9th rookie to compete in a Home Run Derby.
Cincinnati's Adam Duvall will swing away in this years 2016 Home Run Derby this Monday evening at 8 p.m.
Are you with in thinking Ichiro will win the
The guy who Bud Black had batting leadoff, is in the Home Run Derby. Congrats
Ichiro would win the if he entered, according to
Congrats to Adam Duvall on being selected for the 2016 Home Run Derby!!!
.will represent the at the 2016 Home Run Derby in San Diego. 💪
Jeff Seager is already getting loose. Corey's dad will throw to him in the Home Run derby.
Would you watch a home-run derby involving Ken Griffey Jr. and ...
Corey Seager to slug away in Home Run Derby. Don't panic!
Here's the Home Run Derby bracket. Some interesting matchups. Not an easy road for Cano.
in 1998, Jr. won his second Home Run Derby title, at Coors Field. He'd go back-to-back the next year.
This All-Star is participating in the 2016 Home Run Derby!. Congrats, 💪🏼🌟
The reigning Home Run Derby champ is in. Here we go,
It's official. Catch Robbie going for his second Home Run Derby title on Monday.
Where the Cubs players at in this Home Run Derby?
Seattle slugger Robinson Cano to compete in 2016 Home Run Derby via
How did Trevor Story not get in the home run derby??
| | Back in HR Derby, CarGo seeks better fate: It'll be Carlos Gonzalez, not Nolan…
Back in HR Derby, CarGo seeks better fate
Why is Nelson Cruz not in the home run derby
No I'm NOT available to pitch in the Home Run Derby monday. Don't @ me.
Wil Myers will be the 5th Padre to participate in the Home Run Derby. . Garvey-1985. Sheffield-1992. McGriff-1992. Gonzalez-…
It'll be CarGo -- not Arenado -- representing the at the Home Run Derby.
Dave Hanseder coaches home run derby winner. 5 dingers!!!
Adam Duvall will participate in the 2016 Home Run Derby!!! Keep the title in Cincy Adam!! ⭐️⭐️🔴 https:…
Wire: Back in HR Derby, CarGo seeks better fate
Will Johnny Cueto be participating in the Home Run Derby?. *** no."
I bought tickets to the Home Run Derby does that get me into fan fest?
I'm talking Hornets Summer League, Rain at the College World Series, and a Panthers Player at the Home Run Derby in CLT! . Sports is next
Jake Arrieta throws his bat into the ring for Home Run Derby
A Home Run Derby is something I can get behind:.
Yahoo Sports Cubs' Jake Arrieta says Home Run Derby would be 'fun experience' ESPN ATLANTA -- Winning games on the…
I'd pay to watch vs MadBum 1-on-1 Home Run Derby followed by a beer drinking contest
Madison Bumgarner really, really wants to be in the Home Run Derby. Put on a show here today, including bashing a ball in…
True story:. I once did a Home Run Derby with Jim Corsi and Yorkis Perez in Triple Play 2001.
BREAKING NEWS: reported that Sanchez will be the starting pitcher for this years Home Run Derby in San Diego
Clay Bucholz would be a great pitcher for the Home Run Derby
Alumni game and home run derby. Let's see how this goes.
I challenge TC to a home run derby before the Jays game.
Let's make it like home run derby (which is boring and no one watches EVEN LESS)
We better have a home run derby today at practice
I would give money to see a home run derby or like a hit-a-thon featuring and honestly.
Hit a in our home run derby at our 'Spring Slam' softball tournament on June 18th!
Why did Bobby Tewksbary pitch in the Home Run Derby?
MLB 16 has to the best MLB game since MLB2k1. The home run derby freaking sold me!
i didnt see the end of the review did they call this on Toronto
I'm ending this before it gets out of control
This is like playing the MLB All-Star Game as three innings, then a home run derby, then two innings of softball.
A Home Run Derby is fun. It's just like taking batting practice, and y...
I challenge you to a home run derby 😏
I would rather watch a men's league softball home run derby than
Thanks Cheryl Resua & Ed Young !. Last night at our Home Run Derby one of our parents Cheryl Resua was kind...
Grow a sack and make everyone follow the rules or else this just proves how soft this league is
Micah tied for 1st in the Home Run Derby! Go Micah!!
What would be the softball version of PKs? Coach pitch home run derby? Dizzy bat race? Open to suggestions.
Comparing All Star Race qualifying to the Home Run Derby might be the dumbest thing I've ever seen on this website.
Micah tied for 1st in the VLL Home Run Derby! @ Verona Little League
Micah tied for 1st place in VLL Home Run Derby!! @ Verona Little League
Who wants to have a home run derby tomorrow?
Dailyn Jayden and Jaylon hanging out at the home-run derby !!! ✭
Please keep live updates coming. Sitting at a home run derby.
He's done in for the Home Run Derby.
Home run derby champions and runner ups , great job to all !
Maybe Santana will be in the home run derby
Cancelled qualifying? F that that's like cancelling the home run derby at the MLB all star game
Nothing better than some 3 year old whiffle ball home run derby!
Home run derby in the clubhouse.winner Micheal being such a good sport after the game, being decorated with cards.
Easy way to win this year's Home Run Derby: Have Steve Geltz pitch to you
Steve Geltz is in line for a lucrative contract to pitch for someone in the Home Run Derby
A little home run derby for and wedding...
Yo ya remember the baseball video game where it was like the home run derby but we was midgets and we would destroy the household?
Being in the bleachers for Home Run Derby at stadium is up there.
Congrats to my little sister for winning Home run derby 🏆❤️
Big Phil might of hooked it up with the home run derby tickets in San Diego🔥
Shoutout to my little bro for winning the home run derby today!! ⚾️
Nobody won today's home run derby. Miguel Cabrera and Justin Upton each hit seven home runs. J.D. Martinez five, Victor Martinez three.
Can't win championships with an offense that resembles Home Run Derby, though.
Another home run derby today for the
.& took on in a pregame home run derby today at Target Field!
Upton's second walk-off dinger of the season caps a wild two-months-early edition of Home Run Derby at Petco Park.
he might be scarier than David Ortiz in home run derby on the show
It's a home run derby in San Jose today. Fresno State's Whitney Smith just hit her 1st HR of the year. Bulldogs up 9-5 (top 3rd).
A home run derby will take place on an aircraft carrier in June
We are live at Opechee park for opening day and Home Run Derby for Lakes Region girls softball. Our Broadcast is...
Congrats to these boys and girls, who won the Phillies Home Run Derby yesterday at CBP!
Everyone come show your support at our home run derby for Mere!!
Phillies fans can take to the field for home-run derby via
When you're in a home run Derby and you get 7 homeruns
Someone show phizz the 2012 home run derby tape
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Coy won the Triple Crown Borders Wars 9u home run derby in Rocky…
Rockies are turning this game into Home Run Derby!!
I didn't know the DBacks were having a home run derby tonight
If I'm ever in a Home Run Derby, I'm bringing Hoover in to pitch to me.
Said he'd pick Billy Butler in the home run derby. That's my only beef with him.
Grab your tix for favorite home run derby & support local hero Nathan Sexton. ht…
Might as well call this the Home Run Derby.
May 15tH At LOUYAA Park is our first Home Run derby for our players, parents and coaches. Come help us raise...
Nice Homer but who's going to win the Home Run Derby🤔
Home run derby or crucial series for vs. 4 have left the yard thru 3! 🌬⚾️ Aggies up 9-2
The draft is like the home run derby, the more at bats (picks) you get, the more chances you have at home runs.
We had batting practice for our home run derby. First hit of day John broke the light cover
he's the reason I don't watch the home run derby either.
Somebody tell Christ Berman to go be on a home run derby telecast and leave the NFL Draft alone.
Victor Martinez won today's home run derby. He hit six home runs. Miguel Cabrera hit four, J.D. Martinez three and Justin Upton two.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Beautiful night for the Border Wars X Festival Night and Home Run Derby!
Can't believe that these things are not full for May yet. Play Home Run Derby
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Going on on to talk - You are going to want to use this to win:
Win 7X Your money in Home Run Derby! Join May 1-Month $2K Frontloader only a few spots left
Our 2016 Home Run Derby is on June 18th at Coolray Field! You can register here:
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Blasts 33 HR in 60 Swings in Home Run Derby in the DR (Round 2 November 2014)
At Sullivan high school ball field for the Home Run Derby.
Wow, this year's MLB Home Run Derby jerseys are fantastically retro: With San Diego hosting the All-Star ...
Zach LaVine beating Aaron Gordon in the Slam Dunk Contest is like Justin Morneau beating Josh Hamilton in the 2008 Home Run Derby.
That dunk contest was like the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium when Josh Hamilton hit 763 home runs but Justin Morneau won.
No one even remembers that Justin Morneau won that 2008 Home Run Derby after the show Josh Hamilton put on.
Due to the weather the last few days our Home Run Derby will take place tomorrow at Freedom Park
Congratulations to Wiregrass Cardinal John Milanowski of Headland High School. He took the Home Run Derby today in Dothan, Alabama.
Josh Reddick hosts Home Run Derby: NFL coming back to L.A. HOUSTON — The NFL has ended its 21-year absence from the…
A quick insight from the Adelaide Football Club about the upcoming Home Run Derby tomorrow night!...
Only 2 men have won Home Run Derby and All-Star Game MVP Award in the same season and one of them is Garret Anderson in 200…
I'll never forget how small Griffey & Frank Thomas made Three Rivers Stadium look in the 94 Home Run Derby.
Ahead of the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium, Duke and HC David Cutcliffe played Home Run Derby this week:
2009 Home Run Derby gold ball my professor gave us to conclude his class this semester ✊🏽⚾️
BASEBALL FEVER? Our NEW Home Run Derby game launches tonight! Head to a theatre near you! Game on!
Check out this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home located close to base! Priced to sell!.
Excited to join & tomorrow for their Home Run Derby in honor of 9/11
ESPN Classic is showing a home run derby between Hank Aaron and Ken Boyer and it looks like it's from 1958
Date for alumni game, hit a thon, and home run derby will be moved to November to increase participation. More information coming soon!
you guys literally have home run derby cespedes. I've been waiting years for him to be a legit slugger like that lol
Apparently there's a home run derby in Oakland
Why don't we call the game tonight " the home run derby" come on were better than this!
also, Clerks comes to mind:. "Objection your honor! The home run derby was pretty cool"
"I'm 2k Westbrook and I have Direct TV". "And I'm NBA Live Westbrook and I got Cable"
Happy birthday , when is that home run derby so you can watch this wrestler take you yard? 😂😂
Home Run Derby .. on relationship with Mariota, must see TV .. tickets headed back to Tally ... next
Home run derby with Charles and Leroy *** computer owns everytime.
Oh come on, wasn't he the star of the Home Run Derby in the Met's ballpark 2 yrs back? LOL Berman saying Ces*Speed*Es smh
If you have ESPN Classic be sure to check out the show “Home Run Derby”. It originally aired…
If Josh Tomlin pitched to Cespedes in the Home Run Derby, would it ever end?
Storen's phone will be ringing off the hook from players planning to be in next year's home run derby.
[Video] Carlos Gonzalez, DJ LeMahieu, and Ben Paulsen head to Studio 42 for a Home Run Derby.
you heard it here first: next year's home run derby . . . Cespedes is bringing Storen as his pitcher.
I have been the biggest fan of since watching him destroy the Home Run derby at Hope can make a deal to keep him
nah but it's fun watching arenado and cargo literally having a September home run derby between them
Home run derby at the tigers game tonight.😂😂
Mahtook homers to dead center. It's home run derby now for the trail 7-0.
Apparently the bats didn't get the memo that tonight is home run derby
Like the 12 year old home run derby
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My best sports moment of the year has to be at the home run derby this year. Epic performance. We need our Reds back.
Wait wait Todd Frazier just hit his 5th home run after the All Star Break? The guy who won the friggin' Home Run Derby this year?
We will be holding a "We Remember 9/11" Home Run Derby on Friday, September 11th at 6pm at the Endicott Softball...
Fridayhosts Home Run Derby on our Softball field to honor
Today is a PERFECT day for some baseball
Make sure to come on out to the house tonight for a wiffle ball home run derby! Event goes from 5-8pm, so come hang out!
$100 says at least 5 players on the sidelines at the next home run derby use iPad Pro to take pictures.
I added a video to a playlist Campo Beisbol Zocalo Home Run Derby Sportmaster
Happy birthday! Maybe I'll let you win a home run derby for once
How far do the pitchers throw from in the Home Run Derby?
Tennis need II have an Ace Derby like baseball has the home run derby
I think tennis should do like baseball. Baseball has a home run derby tennis should have an Ace derby
There's no system being used to track multiple concussions. Are we really interested in fixing this issue?
I liked a video from THE HOME RUN DERBY!!
I thought I was going 2 - game - instead I ended up at a Home Run Derby at Citizens Bank Park!
Todd Frazier of the Cincinnati Reds wins the Home Run Derby
Several hitters have done it in batting practice.Andy Baggarly recalls that Vlad Guerrero and Alex Rios did it during the '07 Home Run Derby
Jesus Aguilar of crushes 6 homers in the first round of the Home Run Derby
Blue Anchors 1B Ricky Sanchez hit 1 homer in the Home Run Derby
"Jose Bautista and Troy Tulowitzki have been named captains for the 2014 Home Run Derby"
Fun Fact: Our own Dan Gladden caught as many balls at this year's Home Run Derby as he did at the 2014 version
Fresh off his time in Cincinnati at the MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby, catcher Woody Wallace…
WEATHER UPDATE: We are ON for today's Home Run Derby (3pm) and All-Star Game (7:15pm) Hope to see you there!
night with the Home Run Derby bein' timed and all that I am still very happy for winnin' it in front of his home fans the
Watch Todd Frazier's final shot that gave him the Home Run Derby title in front of his hometown fans.
Prince Fielder said he used one of Ryan Rua's bats in Home Run Derby. "I hit a homer with it [recently], and it felt good," Fielder said.
We dropped by the Triple-A Home Run Derby last night at Werner Park. More photos:
Last nights Home Run Derby on ESPN got a 4.9 rating, higher than any Stanley Cup Final game since the Rangers won it all in 1994 (5.2).
ICYMI: Josh Donaldson hits one of Home Run Derby's longest shots of night in this moment.
MLB Home Run Derby perspective by with a hint of Ron MacLean. Good point Mr. Cherry.
Todd Frazier and Ken Griffey Jr. are now only players to win Home Run Derby after finishing 2nd the previous year. http:/…
Hometown hero Todd Frazier wins the Home Run Derby in Cincinnati
Hometown hero Todd Frazier delights Cincinnati Reds fans by winning the Home Run Derby
In honor of Justin Morneau, the announcer should congratulate "Joe" Frazier for winning the Home Run Derby.
Todd Frazier joins Ryne Sandberg as only players to win Home Run Derby at their home ballpark.
Todd Frazier wins the 2015 Home Run Derby, hitting 15 HRs in the finals to beat Joc Pederson!
I mean, if they are going to rig the Home Run Derby couldn't they have rigged it for Justin Morneau to win last year?
Congrats to Toms Rivers' own on the big Home Run Derby win!
The hometown kid wins it! Todd Frazier uses bonus time to beat Joc Pederson, 15-14, and win the 2015 Home Run Derby. http…
As heard on Sports Radio 810 WHB, Todd Frazier wins the 2015 MLB Home Run Derby in front of the hometown crowd in...
Wow that Home Run Derby was a lot of fun. Todd Frazier with a big win for Jersey!
This may have been the best Home Run Derby in my lifetime.
For the Home Run Derby, Chris Berman clearly asked his barber for "The Holgorsen"
the Home Run Derby is a treat for all baseball fans except Phillies fans...we see this on a daily basis.
Beautiful night for the AAA Home Run Derby at Werner Park! So far leader has 13 home runs…
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So does anybody remember that Josh Hamilton DID NOT WIN the 2008 Home Run Derby. Justin Morneau won. Check the records if you need to.
Love the new home run derby. Way less boring and more suspenseful
Pujols boutta win the home run derby
& FOLLOW for a chance to win this slick set of custom catcher's gear made for the Home Run Derby.
I just had a whole conversation with someone that thought I was watching the home run derby with Nash Grier in Hawaii . Thanks
Joc Pederson is going to win the Home run derby
Welp both players are out of the Home Run Derby. Wasn't expecting that at all from and Maybe next year!
both cubs players couldnt get past the 1st round in the home run derby. Why am i not surprised
Rookie Kris Bryant just hit his dad's pitches in the Home Run Derby while going up against Albert Pujols. That is cool.
You know what the Home run derby and the rest of the baseball season have in common? No Cubs in the next round.
Cubs even break my heart in the home run derby
My entire timeline is people watching the home run derby, except Erik Karlsson, who is watching The Bachelorette.
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