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Home Depot

The Home Depot (or simply Home Depot) is an American retailer of home improvement and construction products and services.

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"Lucy, I've got some mansplaining to do.". -Ricky Ricardo at Home Depot
Home Depot is all ready for all of your needs! Stop by today for all you
Six new Black Friday ads were unveiled today, including Walmart, Home Depot, Cabela’s and more… https…
Lowes/ Home Depot has Santa and Jack Skelington yard blow-ups two weeks before Halloween.
Why didn’t he say for the New York incident that this isn’t a terrorist issue it’s a Home Depot van issue???
So I guess you think Home Depot was at fault for the New York terror attack last week also, using your own logic!!!
The irony that it was a Home Depot truck in NYC terror attack
Main stream fake news media wants me to think Christians & Mormons can run people over with Home Depot trucks?Can anyone give me an example?
Strange that Bernie Marcus, co-owner of Home Depot who contributed $7M to Peeotus' campaign & latest terror attack w/HD truck? Diversion?
Where was Superman?! Edmonton RCMP shot by refugee, Are trucks at Home Depot now banned or UHaul trucks to…
I’m going to guess that Democrats will very soon want to ban all Home Depot trucks because they are all to blame for the…
Home Depot to Put Western Base in Orange - latimes
Calling on a BAN on all home depot trucks. Never mind the people driving them. Thx LIBS for fighting for people like this. MAGA
Yeah thats it Donald home Depot trucks are the problem, how about a total shut down of taco…
Weird, I don't see Liberals condemning Home Depot for renting weapons of mass murder or calling for truck control legisl…
That's just plan stupid. To suggest home depot did anything wrong.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Heavy police presence Home Depot. Parking lot taped off. Believed NYC terror suspect got his weapon/truck here.…
We must outlaw Home Depot truck rentals at once and while we are at it - let’s outlaw public gatherings as well
Hey, Liberals! Just come out and say it. The truck is racist. Home depot is racist. This was an act of Whi…
It was Home Depot and Uber’s fault that this terrorist attack happened.…
An 'extremely credible source' has called my office and told me that Crooked drives a Home Depot truck. .
I’m okay with regulating Home Depot delivery trucks if that means we will also regulate guns.
Eight dead after in Home Depot truck runs down bikers - NY ... - Daily News
So far the terrorist has made Home Depot and Uber look bad.
I am calling for a total & complete shutdown of Home Depot Trucks entering the USA until we figure out what the *** is goin…
NYC terror attack suspect reportedly rented Home Depot truck in New Jersey today that he used to allegedly kill 8 peop…
Uber had no rules against drivers in rented Home Depot trucks.
they’re playing into you at home depot IM SHOOKETH
A man rented a Home Depot truck to run people over in Manhattan, at what point do we start having a conversation about…
“It’s unclear where he rented the truck” I guess the Home Depot logs don’t give it away or anything. Swell reporting
not unless it's got an orange Home Depot logo on it
Home Depot President Loves Trump, so what better Truck to use for Obama/Islamic attack.
The Dems narrative will be ban Home Depot for leasing trucks! Same as ban guns logic or ban Trucks
Awaiting the day they park a Home Depot truck on your forehead.
Someone was shot in Manhattan today? What a coincidence. Some jihadi killed 8 New Yorkers with a rented H…
What conceivable sort of Vetting, however Extreme, could predict the rental of a Home Dep…
How did the truck kill when all we hear about is guns? Need Home Depot rental truck control?
I'm dying imagining you and Matt taking a 30 yr old day laborer you picked up outside a home depot trick or treating.
Even has to go to Home Depot sometimes.
Yep we definitely need to ban the rentals of assault trucks. Any…
Driver of pick-up was driving a Home Depot rental truck. . Home Depot tells they'll be cooperating in investi…
After 12 vehicular attacks in Europe how could this guy walking into a Home Depot truck rental go unnoticed...
Awaiting Chuck Schumer press conference demanding that we ban Home Depot delivery trucks ...
Home Depot, CAIR Maryland respond to recent NYC attack.
Home Depot founder and CEO Bernie Marcus has endorsed Donald Trump for president.
Time for background checks for Muslims renting trucks from Home Depot in Manhattan.
Former CEO of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, a Trump supporter and fan of “the wall”. . . your company’s truck is all over national news. Karma.
I read that Home Depot's Bernie Marcus supports Bannon with lots of $$$
Batman needed a Batmobile, Home Depot was there to help - Atlanta Journal Constitution
Homeless/transient RV camp growing fast in Eastlake in the Home Depot / Walmart parking lots. Crime on the rise. Where…
Lukas stole 3 elevators from a Home Depot last Tuesday
Why is Home Depot playing Justin Beiber right now?
Eric Bledsoe in 5 minutes: "I was out at Home Depot with my wife"
Home Depot is Cypress Park: storage aisle of ppl being tossed out of
Christmas trees are out at Home Depot. Oy.
I'm my happiest in the Home Depot lighting section lmao
Does anyone have a sandwich shop, Ace, or Home Depot Hector Rondon could work at? Pitching is not his specialty
After many trips to home depot and many hours of work, we can officially say that we’re young, dumb, and broke
I mean,,, it's no Home Depot parking lot & chicken nuggets date but ya it's the best I can do :/
[Home Depot]. Me: I’ll take your finest home . *All surrounding dads tear up with joy*
I once had two courses at a 7-11 until I realized I was at a Home Depot
Website Builder 728x90
Drunken man with knife attacks woman, man outside Home Depot, cops say |
Home Depot cashier: hold on, how do you pronounce your last name. Me:
People’s perceptions of what is fair and just are not set in stone; they evolve over time.
Chillin' at home watching the games and David Pinard keeps coming on my tube with his Home Depot commercial..! Proud of you bro
This Thursday night is Ladies Night at The Home Depot! The women of Outer Banks Entrepreneurs look forward to...
I just seen one of y’all uncle run out the Home Depot in El Cerrito with a power-tool. He was wearing a doctors mask & a safety vest.
Home depot has to train ppl how to use a tape measure. LOL
Yeah you do! Home Depot has all your animal skeleton needs. Horse, spider, dogs and more. ☠️💀☠️
That finish line landing is like trying to downside the side of a home depot.
Great kid's safety day at The Home Depot!! Huge thanks our local fire fighters, police departments, EMS folks, and the E…
I'm borderline buzzed plus high at Home Depot & it's so strange lmao
Home Depot hammers out plan for Hammond | Local News |
look what our Home Depot kids workshop is doing.
Boy Scouts and Home Depot working together to build sifters. Thank you for helping those in need!
Aww, we are one big happy home Depot family:)
John. John. Home Depot called. They want you back. You are a
Creat millions of jobs in USA by stopping Home Depot from illegally manufracting paint product forceing tham to build manufractions-
The score is still 0-0 for the Vipers Vs Powel River But The Home Depot challenge was a blast with there amazing ry…
key to Chicago to time line is home depot ssnumder in time clock to computer Carrie Merkle
Very proud work for Home Depot and made my day to have a picture Ann Marie Campbell!
Home Depot 256 and 6327 team up for our orientation great job George and Alfredo
Home Depot panicked over fact that millennials cannot even hammer a nail
There's primers you can use that go over oil based the use Behr Marquee from home depot
Plus the multiple trips to Home Depot. Mrs.O has figured out it's cheaper to hire out.
Not only does that home depot draw more smaller business, lo…
Great day with our associates and their families. This is what Home Depot is all about 👍
Let's say a home depot wanted to move into your community, t…
I lurk /r/spacebuckets and SAG's post history on the regular. Only thing Home Depot l…
"We'll probably go to Home Depot and Olive Garden...I'm not sure if we'll have enough time! We'll see!"
Selling Home Depot one customer at a time! Awesome as always!
Little Giant Ladders
[Home Depot]. Me: Hi, I'd like to return this toilet plunger, please. Cashier: I'm sorry, is it defective?. Me: No. It worke…
Add buying spray paint from Home Depot.
From Goodwill to Home Depot: Where the Guthrie Theater gets its props
Amazing night Building with our Dads and Dudes! Thank you PTA!! Thanks to East of Chicago Pizza and Home Depot for…
If it's the senior retirement apartments next to Lucky and Home Depot it was on fire per Press Democrat. They have photos.
Operation Blue Roof is set up at Home Depot 1750 US1 South, St. Augustine to assist residents that received roof damage fro…
First, he was accused of Home Depot theft ring. Now, it's killing a ... - Miami Herald
Shout out to Home Depot and Kwik Trip for helping support our Family Fun Night
Home Depot has some closeout FAKE turf in the back. Hindsight I kno…
Breaking: Clayton Co Police looking for two men in this car. Responsible for death of man in Home Depot parking lot off 75/M…
Dean Heller stands between them, quietly hoping Home Depot will be paid? Chip in!
Rep Martha McSally (R-AZ) accepted $15,650 from Home Depot. She serves in the Committee on Armed Services.
We had another great women's workshop at Home Depot on Richmond Rd!! The Halloween signs turned out great!…
Meeting Professor Lupin was legit. He hangs out at Home Depot these days.
Arthur Blank, Home Depot foundations pledge millions more to hurricane aid via
Former CEO of Home Depot wants to be the official sponsor of trumps Mexican wall forcing us to reach a new LOWE
concur. Home Depot feels like a Mills Fleet Farm with drywall supplies.
"The Nightly Scoop"Sheri of D38 has been with Home Depot for 19.5 years.Her dream vacation is Las Vegas.…
Cool. And now I get to help, doing my job. I've got a load for a Home Depot near Fort Lauderdale.
Home Depot teaming with Google Assistant so I can shop by voice. I'd rather talk to my local hardware store.
Kohl's pairs with Amazon and Home Depot chooses Google as voice-device battle advances
Need something from Home Depot? Just ask the Google Assistant and shop with your voice.
Tiki Torches BOGO at the Home Depot! You deserve proper villains, America, not these Gap Outlet Coupon Nazis.
was selling $100 million of blinds when Home Depot decided to acquire them.
Sugar Land, TX: Our Mobile Claims Center is up at Home Depot, 15505 Southwest Freeway. Hours & more locations:
Home Depot's race to respond to Harvey
🎶All around the store, customers grumble at me🎶 sings Mark McGrath as he gets berated while working at Home Depot
"USA TODAY: Lowe's to boost staffing as Home Depot rivalry intensifies" on
When I was little I thought going to Home Depot was the worst thing ever. I was wrong. Going to Home Depot as an adult is…
Ok so... Seth Rudetsky turned me into an Andrew Lloyd Webber fan... where's the nearest Home Depot paint thinner... askin for a friend
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Not even Home Depot is safe from Amazon via
Home Depot transforming store rooftops into 'mini solar farms': The Home Depot Inc. (NYSE: HD) is adding more..
Home Depot complaint! Wake up and seize an opportunity! | Home Depot, Inc. Staff Performance | PlanetFeedback
We need to put these signs up in Home Depot
Parker Cannon walks into Home Depot, he looks at every paint color & stops at indigo. A tear falls down his face & he say…
Literally. Like with actual paint from Home Depot or something.
The Home Depot Kids workshop @ St. Joes picnic come join us today from 11am to 5pm. h…
One company bucking the weak retail trend: with
Well I think my time is important. But I buy from local places if I can otherwise no diff between Home Depot and Amazon.
Going to get weird when anyone who goes to Home Depot to get tiki torches is asked by the clerk if they're a Nazi
Home Depot : Lifts Guidance for the Second Time This Year -- 2nd Update
Home Depot thief falls after stealing power tools -
Home Depot lifts guidance for the second time this year via
Home Depot just had its biggest quarter ever.
Home Depot reports highest quarterly revenue ever, as confidence expands. It's economic go-time.
I looked into that, at least with Lowes – the website didn't seem to show decent options, but I'm going t…
The great American housing boom continues.
Lowes could pin a kick me sign on my back and Punch my dog, I still wouldn't go to Home Depot bc of the falcons connection lol
.is still Amazon-proof -- and the housing market is still one of the brightest spots of the U.S. economy
Home Depot benefits as more Americans spend more on their homes, spurred by rising home values. Fred Katayama repo …
Try Home Depot or Lowes and look for replacement welder's glass as an option
Home Depot can still offer one thing Amazon can't $HD $AMZN
Because shopping at Home Depot makes you feel productive.
I had a bad experience with the lowes where I live, but I also don't want to shop at Home Depot for the same reason as you lol
The great American housing boom continues
The great American housing boom continues. via
Call me petty, but I go out of my way to find Lowes & refuse to shop at Home Depot bc of its ties to Arthur Blank t…
Just took a showed. You have no idea how hard it was to sneak that thing out of Home Depot.
A pair of records were broken in Q2:
Being grown is getting just as excited to go to Home Depot as you did going to toys R us when you were a kid 😂
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The great American housing boom continues -
Home Depot Q2 comp sales up 6.6% and company reports highest quarterly sales in its history $HD
My legacy with the Home Depot is all about people and helping them achieve growth and success in all they strive for.
Planning on remodeling your kitchen? Follow us for the latest design and tile trends available at Home Depot.
I went to Home Depot and asked the manager to pull my finger. "You can do it, we can help" doesn't apply to everything. I kn…
Why Home Depot is thriving in the age of Amazon by
Companies like Home Depot are holding onto their finance chiefs longer--and it is helping shareholder returns
everybody keep coming to Home Depot wanting solar eclipse glasses and I swear it was a recall on em
First-time homebuyers help drive Home Depot to record sales, earnings
the Home Depot employee who sold them those tiki torches watching the news this morning
Home Depot had its highest quarterly sales, and richest earnings in the company's history, and it boosted its...
The boom is booming and Home Depot is setting records.
Is it good or bad that the Home Depot Mexicans didn't recognize me? 😂
Home Depot sticks above Amazon and Target in ranking of top U.S. retailers - Atlanta Business Chronicle
You see those pressed khakis and polos Scott. White supremacists love Lowe's, Home Depot, Pier One too..
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
A judge orders State Dept to turn over Clinton Benghazi emails. State Dept officials could be seen at Home Depot asking…
Come join us at National Night Out at the Home Depot at 1800 N. Tustin! Food, K9, motors and performances coming up! http…
Found this tape at Home Depot to decorate my TK for Capital Pride!
You can ask Home Depot? They have rentals but I'm not sure if it's cross country.
Father's Day gift ideas with Home Depot - Story
in Pearland has lost the forest for the tree in this case.
If nothing has been left out of the story, inexcusable behavior on the part of Home Depot, but in lockstep…
Home Depot must be taking customer service (& employee relations) lessons from Delta airlines.
Home Depot is a private corporation.
We need to find this veteran a job who in the Texas area can offer this hero a job
Army veteran is fired from Home Depot for trying to stop thieves
C'mon Give this guy his job back for chrissakes.
I love going to the lumber section at home depot
Home-Depot-Canada : Summer savings! Save up to 50percent Off on select patio sets, BBQs and outdoor power equipment…
Army vet fired from Home Depot after trying to stop shoplifters
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Is this where we are now, firing people for doing the right thing? Army veteran is fired for trying to stop thieves
Y SoundCloud advertisements Home Depot and Lowes, like these X fans really bout to drop everything and pick up a bucket of paint smh
Wandered around Home Depot. I gotta get a hoisr so I can fill it with fridges with built-in cameras.
Army veteran fired from Home Depot in Texas after trying to stop shoplifters - New York Daily News
Today, was a good day. I was called the Super Hero of the Home Depot I work at. Because I'm always game to help others out. That felt nice.
When u bring home stray cats from Home Depot 😳 My heart is bigger than I am but my kids are so happy 😍☺️ Welcome to…
Thanks Ted. Yeah, at Home Depot I would've had to spend $700 on that stuff. $100 per 10 square feet I believe.
trellis finally built in the backyard. Got my wire/gripples from A-posts from Home…
Guess I'll start stealing from Home Depot then🤔🕵
'I NEED TO WORK' Veteran: Home Depot fired me for stopping shoplifters
should rehire this vet. He was doing what he was trained to do -- doing the right thing.
Army vet fired from after trying to stop shoplifters
When a six-year-old in Home Depot tell you in front of a suburban family that you suck *** and you wondering how they knew
Home depot has been screwing employees for years
I'm not gonna lie this is cool, but I also really liked the idea of paying the Home Depot guy to drink with him.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If you do find a place you like then you can buy mold testing kits before signing any agreements. It's lik…
Help your backyard this summer with a $500 Home Depot GC Thx Enter to WIN
I started a go fund me page to help Jim Tinney him 70 yr old fired from Home Depot fired f…
'I need to work': veteran says he was fired from after confronting shoplifters…
So, does this mean people can start walking in to Home Depot and take whatever they want
Safe to assume every Home Depot employee is a doomsday prepper right
I was at Home Depot one day and this guy walked past me with a cart full of t…
I never saw employees at Kmart/Home Depot or Montgomery College in Silver Spring/Rockville, Maryland... until I began working there
I think I've seen Bravo Fox asking for change at the light on Eastern Ave. by Home Depot
The one and only thing I miss about Home Depot is being within walking distance of the fruta fresca man and getting my cup of fruit
Shout out to all the time i went to home depot and took a selfie with a employee there.
Father cited after infant left in hot car outside Home Depot store in Bend
There are lines at Home Depot because they never have more than one person on register
Fun fact: former General working at a Home Depot can control the Venezuelan economy:
has all home improvement supplies. (Wait that's Home Depot). .never mind.
Thanks Eric, President Obama did a great job getting our stock market back up.
Employee of Home Depot saves child from kidnapper, gets fired for his heroism.
Thank you Redmond Home Depot, I appreciate your partnership!
Oregon man says Home Depot fired him for 'doing the right thing' by preventing what seemed to be a kidnapping. https:/…
What the *** is he talking about? We actually have boycotted home depot since finding out they are big trump contr…
Someone put the KKK at Home Depot, and it wasn't them. That is such BS, just to get a reaction.
I'm just sad because I'll never be as cool as the kids that hangout in the Home Depot parking lot every night.
This makes me feel like I never want to shop at ever again
Go away and do something constructive. Like you know amything about Americans and Home Depot!!!
“Delusional Moron Eric Trump says Americans should ignore ‘nonsense,’ just focus on the lines at Home Depot”https:/…
In the land of stupid—Eric is King. Eric Trump: We’re thriving as a nation — just look at the lines in Home Depot.
Anyone believe Eric von Trump has ever been in a Home Depot?
A husband and wife buy 18 paving stones at Home Depot for the best reason. See how they got the amazing backyard...
Does anyone seriously believe Eric Trump has ever set foot in a Home Depot?
Did not know Home Depot was an economic barometer. Always thought that was Kmart.
shame! Looks like I'll be driving xtra 10min to give my business to Just ridiculous.
Home Depot's slogan should be, "You can do it, we can help.put you in the hospital."
Jonathan Bennett walked into Home Depot and my face turned a different shade of red
Home Depot employee says he was fired for helping child
75% off Martha Stewart Living Ornaments at the Home Depot right now. Merry Christmas fam.
Does this Home Depot gift card say happy Father's Day or does it say could u please finish grouting the tile? I need i…
Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus jokingly told Piedmont Healthcare that if these shovels are not from Home...
Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus is donating 75M for a heart center and joked if the shovels are…
I'm joining Home Depot in celebration of their kids workshop's 20th anniversary. It's FREE! Find out more at
I just need a girl that's down to make people uncomfortable at the Home Depot with me. This solo act is getting old AF
Tornado filmed in central New Jersey this morning at about 7:30 as it moved through a Home Depot parking lot. https:…
Just got back from Kelly's dad's house, Walmart, Aldi, Big Lots, K-Mart, Home Depot & Harbor Freight... last preps for summer rentals.
A huge thank you to the Home Depot on Lehigh Street in Allentown Pennsylvania for their donations.
Busy month with Corp Events for BDO, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft/Bing and now Home Depot too!
All of you were let go from your companies at 65, and work at Home Depot or CVC now, remember this:
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
My Starbucks date this morning and Home Depot buddy
Ran into former Blue Jays catcher and now TV analyst Gregg Zaun at Home Depot in handyman mode…
I spent about 45 avocados at Home Depot this afternoon. I had gone in for a one-avocado light switch plate cover.
Get the inside story on what it means to be mobile 1st from Home Depot, Hilton and Comcast. via
Everyone meet at Home Depot on dale mabry we are building an arc
Langone was more of a financier for Arthur Blank, Bernie Marcus et al, than an actual founder of Home Depot
Off the subject: I thought Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus founded Home Depot.
STUPID CRIMINALS - Man poses as Home Depot employee to steal air conditioners.
Home Depot riding home projects wave - Huntington Herald Dispatch
Amazon is much more recession-resistant than Home Depot, however.
Boi I'm shaped like Luffy u don't want none of this with yo Mexican construction worker standing…
Thank you Home Depot Associates for an amazing Q1!! via
Home Depot's profit tops on higher sales of big-ticket items .
"Investors are focusing on earnings right now."
"Investors and markets are turning a blind eye to the news of Trump and Russia." htt…
Electronic Device Insurance
Hackers seize unreleased film, demand 'huge' ransom - moves to the forefront
Thank you to Home Depot and the managment at 3904 for the Veterans patch.
We strive to balance the art and science of retail. $HD
Judi presenting Rachelle with her 2 year anniversary badge! Thank you for being part of our front end team! Home De…
Yea, we put out a block of suet that has bugs embedded in it that we buy at home depot (h…
It's not likely that Home Depot will loose much of its niche to Amazon. Lowe's and others are the real competition
And not to mention there's already a Home Depot there why would I work at the other one
Home Depot: thank you for selling papaver Orientalis. Persist on selling the Somniferums. Why? Too many pain patients.
The title should be "When foxes get a Home Depot gift card on 75% off plumbing aisle day".
Raffling off a cooler to raise money for an associate @ 1603 who lost her home in a fire!
We released our Q1 earnings this morning. See our $HD
Client discusses health care stocks with
So many retailers are struggling. The mall is not what it used to be. Check out this new video for more.
VIDEO: Home Depot co-founder on his $38M donation to help veterans . THANK YOU Mr.Marcus. A patriot businessman.
Well when home depot backed out they follow to
Breast Cancer Awareness
Guys!! I met a real life Home Depot worker!!
favorite place to buy outdoor furniture (tables, chairs, picnic tables, etc) not named Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, or Sam's Club in FBX, GO!
Tell garden retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco, Walmart, Ace Hardware and True Value to pledge not to sell... https:…
Home Depot co-founder: Trump has accomplished a lot so far
Uhhm going to raid Home Depot for all of their plants!
Some retailers still looking strong in this market... Home Depot, Lowes, Sherwing Williams, and more...
The first thing I do when I go to Home Depot is buy a "Help Wanted" sign, then I walk around the store holding it up.
*saunters into Home Depot listening to The Greatest American Hero theme song* . “Excuse me, can you tell me where the large plungers are?”
Rose food from Home Depot and my love
realtordotcom: 5 things NOT to buy at Lowe’s and Home Depot
Sounds a lot more pleasant than getting lost in the bowels of a Home Depot
Now he took all his dead plants to Home Depot screaming at the managers that his trees is dead m they deadass gave him a refund n new trees
The first trips to Home Depot after buying a home are so much fun!
I know it's springtime in south ozone park when everyone is chillin in the Home Depot parking lot as if something is going down
go into Home Depot and find Canadian hardwood wood chopped down in Canada…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Back at it again with that Home Depot foundation
A great Murkrow appeared! It will be 570 meters from Home Depot until 3:43 AM.
A wild Koffing appeared! It will be 1177 meters from Home Depot until 3:30 AM.
A great Ekans appeared! It will be 556 meters from Home Depot until 3:08 AM.
A great Venonat appeared! It will be at Home Depot until 3:07 AM.
Walmart Bank of America Google Apple data center Walmart Kohl's Home Depot and many other big comp…
Wearing a full coverage foundation today and feeling like the foundation might have come from the Home Depot
Little Havana Cuban food truck comes to They're by Home Depot on W. National Ave. Delicious!
Home Depot plans to hire about 600 people for Las Vegas Valley locations
Home Depot, Habitat team up to help Dougherty County veterans.
Habitat, Home Depot partner to repair homes of Dougherty County veterans via
Vote for Cheyney University every day in Home Depot's Retool Your School contest til April 16.
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