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Holy Crap

Holy Crap is the second episode from the second season, a holdover from season 1 of the FOX animated television series Family Guy.

$30 MILLION EVERY MONTH!! Holy Crap. But our military has to suspend child care. Truly shameful.
Holy Crap! I got like 5 more followers last night while I was asleep! Um...I hi everyone!
Holy Crap! Looks like is a booze and I mean A SERIOUS booze hound!
Holy Crap! Uncle Father Joe had a girlfriend?!? Is that gonna get Bubba killed in the Night at the Museum audiobook?
Mad Dog...Holy Crap he IS Biff Tannen!!! And we are in the alternate 1985.where's Doc and Marty when you need th…
There's this guy trying to SWIM across the Atlantic Ocean!!. Holy Crap that's like 3,500 miles 😰😮
Holy Crap!!! GorDon Keith becomes the voice of reason!!!
Holy Crap!!That's very Disturbing!! I freak out if one of my students fall out of their chair!! WOW! Hurry Jo & get there
Holy Crap- City of Cleveland is rocking! Can they do the Tri-Fecta? First, the Cavs. Now the Indians are on the Warpath. Oh wait... Browns.
DEEP FRIED TWINKIES in the freezer aisle are a thing...really. Hubs comment: Holy Crap! Holy Crap is right! /
Holy Crap it looks like the cast of “Will And Grace” are shooting again
Holy Crap we've got a Michael K. Williams cameo on The Sopranos!! Please tell me he's playing Omar!!
Holy Crap on a *** are in this show! I've never heard of it but it's already my fav!
OMG. Holy Crap. Rudy Giuliani just confirmed 9/11 was an inside job and Bush took down the towers!.
Holy Crap! You're displaying picture of Sarah Palin..the Tanya Harding of politics? I have to block U fr stupidity!!!
Holy Crap...he's got yellow already?!?!?!?!
Little Giant Ladders
Holy Crap. The RNC website does not contain a single reference to Donald Trump. No picture, no name. Total blackout.
Holy Crap!! Kali Linux can now be VM'd in your browser!!.
Holy Crap! I never woulda thunk it!!! No wonder he was able to draft Dri Archer.
Holy Crap, in the new mission you have to assassinate Geoff Boycott!
I just realized how messy my hair is right now holy crap
$BBEPQ. Holy crap it's a party. I love parties.
do you actually believe your own delusions? Holy crap you are one of the "special" ones! 😂 😂 😂
Holy crap last day of my junior year
Today's a bad day to be flying anywhere holy crap.
Saw headline "171 survive the National Spelling Bee". 1st thought: "holy crap! What tragedy happened & why would anyone target the NSB?!"
makes me think, dear god. 5 years to go. Then: holy crap. my baby will be 13 in 5 years!
Holy crap. American cops are thugs:
I didn't realize how big my cut was holy crap
holy crap..BJ had hair..see what you kids dud to him!
Holy Crap I try to open Instagram profile from the Instagram profile from the problem on the Ukraine?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Holy crap. There's so much I've got to get done today after work and school. Mini mental breakdown.
I just watched your Magician Maki for the second time but with sound and holy crap, you sound nothing like I thought you would
holy crap, I didn't know that! I thought having a gun was illegal too
Holy crap I just lost my mom at Costco.
Holy crap I'm gonna miss this class! Had some great times in clinicals with these group of friends!
Holy crap I can't keep up with my mom in the store. Literally waddling and struggling 😩😂
I finished my first year of college holy crap
Holy crap man. is KILLING it on Snap for Truly great use of the platform at all levels.
Neanderthals built complex underground structures 176,000 years ago - and no one knows why. Holy crap!
HOLY crap, Jose Baez is so strenuously denying he had sex with Casey Anthony, he must be guilty. lol
Wdf why doesn't my car have this where can I get one of these holy crap I NEED this in my Scion.
Anyone know how big Moser's cheque will be? Holy crap, vino-esque levels of bribery...maybe.
Watching season 5 of drag race to get my Alaska fix... Holy crap I forgot how much Jade annoyed me
Holy Crap lofthouse scared me when she said I'm on senior fail list
Minhyuk: even my baby's sleeping voice is sexy, then should we have a date in ur house?. hOLY CRAP MINHYUK B YE
so hoped I'd be trivia caller when you were hosting but holy crap I got called on Monday w He was fab but u&K r daBest
I'm so going to bed early tonight. Holy crap!
holy crap Jimmy! Matt in Vancouver just went to the nuclear option to end the border war
Like, I've never thought my artwork was good enough for someone to actually BUY it. Let alone on their wall. Holy crap.
holy crap I just sat next to donald trump at my local bankruptcy court and I snapped this photo of his notebook
Holy crap! Never thought I would see that. I guess his Pocahontas comments got to her.
Holy crap, someone solved it! DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK if you don't want cipher spoilers...
holy crap dude Ash is literally your twin I thought that was her!
Holy crap I had no idea he was up for the job!
Holy crap, the reviews for The Christians have just been stunning. Thanks, Twin Cities! What a lovely feeling.
Holy crap! A couple of days after a shooting a block away...
Holy crap, the screen door didn't hit him in the *** did it?
Holy Crap. Chris Darker Art just sent me some INCREDIBLE fan art he made for me and the channel. I am blown away...
Holy Crap! don't you realize whats happening? Carrot top is killing all the other prop comics to take their powers!
I want some of what Alex Castellanos is smoking. Holy Crap !
I-Beam support from the Word Trade Center... Holy Crap, seeing such a massive piece of steel so mangled... O.o
Holy Crap! Director = Ivan Reitman. Because you know it's only recently that I've bothered to really notice those things.
Holy Crap!! . Urine Ignition!. How to light a fire with your pee..
Holy Crap, Vex can Life flight people! working that creative use of items.
Holy crap I just almost went into sleep paralysis 0_o
holy crap, government departments are paying their bills. Nothing new.
Holy crap you're right. You were replying to a joke thread so...
Holy crap Jesse your character is so dumb sometimes.
Holy crap I just realized I make over 1k a month. Where tf is all this money at tho???
Um, Bernie, gun violence really is not a laughing matter. Holy crap that was creepy.
HOLY CRAP it is windy in LA right now.
Holding back these tears of joy holy crap
Wait for someone who says, “Holy crap, how did I get so lucky?” when you walk in the door, exhausted from work at 6pm aft…
So this is what DanDy looks like when he has a real mid laner in China? Holy crap, I forgot how good you were sweet, sweet Prince of Thieves
Preston James VT 4-8-16… “Exclusive: The Coming Shift to the Esoteric” (or, “Holy Crap… this is a BIG one from...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
holy crap and I thought I was advanced with like 20 cats lmao
holy crap it wasn't. Thank God he wasn't hurt 😥
Holy Crap! I thought this was a scene from a movie when I first saw it.. Crazy!
Drake snaps on Pop Style holy crap 🔥
Only going to get to see my mom for a few hours with this weekends agenda but holy crap and I'm going to enjoy it
The cool people in my followers will get why this is so freakin' awesome. Holy crap.
I woke up from all the notifs and holy crap never fails to amaze me
Dyeing my hair is going to be so much easier holy crap
Holy crap.. kings, wild, wings, and Rangers all are 0 for 1.. 😔
Holy crap! Kudos to the guy in the cherry picker. That's a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, moment.
Holy crap, John Wick Chapter Two is exactly what you want. More guns, more stunts, more fights, beautiful settings,the…
Holy crap the wind right now is insane
I see you got to the Oh Holy Crap moment. It somehow manages to get even better from here. Whole new level of awesome. :-)
holy crap. Is it just me or are dc animated movies getting progressively darker?
Gotta shake off that Memento after effect… holy crap, what a week.
Holy crap, Raven sounds like 'possessed Regan' from The Exorcist. Save Raven!!
Yes lady you must watch it.and come to think of it VIXX do dress like them holy crap LMAO
Guess what album is officially on Spotify? ... HOLY CRAP ITS LIVE FOLKS!
We hooked Kendall up with this hot *** guy - I am Cupid holy crap
'All In' just dropped and holy crap vocals on point 👌🏼
Coachella is crazy this year and I'm missing it! and Holy crap amazing lineup...
Ernie Reyes Jr.WHAT!!! WHAT! Holy Crap...he is beyond a legend!!! That's it I got nothing.I'm speechless.I'm Done.
Holy Crap! That is what Anthony Michael Hall looks like now? He grew up!! LoL commercial.
Holy Crap ! If you think old Hollywood movies weren't naughty...
Holy Crap! New video! Corey Lewandowski protecting young white girl from assault by Mexican man at Trump rally
Take a look at the link below and scroll down to the “Holy Crap – What a Finish” section.
Holy Crap..Chris Young and Cassadee Pope are amazing together!! Love it!!
Philippine Airlines baggage overdose! Holy Crap!!!. Family of 5 or so with ...
Holy Crap! It looks like the Rivercenter Mall is on fire in downtown San Antonio
Holy Crap! Ballet Beautiful workouts by Mary Helen Bowers are killer! Free on YouTube.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Holy Crap, how did I never watch Pinky and the Brain as a child? This show is brilliant!
Holy Crap! you were right about Manning and Jim Namtz this morning. .
Holy Crap! Was this real? If buddy was filming wouldn't he have stopped and tried to rescue??
Holy Crap. Der Spiegel reports that George Bush had ISIS leader in jail -- and let him go.
Holy Crap! Where's James Arness when you need him? Oh, right.
Holy Crap! All on sale this week only at HomeGrown.
School traffic is the worst thing ever on the face of planet earth holy crap!
Holy Crap 600 followers? I need to do something about this..
Holy crap a fight almost broke out in line because someone was yelling spoilers.
I watched the movie today and I was like holy crap they are twins!!
Holy crap John Scott is awesome. No days off for an All-Star. (Best part is the check in at "The Gym").
Holy crap. What did I just watch. Does it really matter? Because I loved it. .
Holy crap I have 700 subs on my main. And then there's my art channel 💢
— HOLY CRAP today just got much much better
Holy crap, you are high! Do you honestly believe ALL crime is the responsibility of the black community?
All purpose parts banner
Holy crap! I was above the fold on the Community Picks today! Thank you for the support!!
Holy crap, it's awesome. Depressing (to realize that this is an all-day, every-day thing) but powerful. Kudos.
Holy crap, the finally fined someone for hitting a QB other than is still going...
okay Pete explain this on Dec 18th holy crap
i cant wait to hang out with my BUDS tomorrow holy CRAP
holy crap I am so stupid I forgot about Pound
okay Jeremy explain this on Dec 18th holy crap
Holy crap. No school means I have to dress myself for two entire weeks. 😟
I knew there was a reason I did the Cloud solo today. Final Fantasy is 28 years old. Holy crap... 3 years younger than me.
holy crap I only have 1 semester of high school left
holy crap this is in Austin brb gonna go find this house
Holy crap my eyeliner and eyebrows are fleek today.
Holy crap . I literally want to put on a bucket and play football for that guy . Great interview
Holy crap. I'm like 90% sure that I just realized is my new favorite movie.
Holy crap jbh mv just came out on the tv IM SO HAPPY ASFGHKLJL
Holy crap I thought today was Saturday lol
You ever just stare at your bf or gf and think holy crap you're hot bc I do, oh my 😍
Holy crap my hair is so fried. I feel like I have to pull my hair back like Ariana grande.
I just remembered what the Danny Phantom drink was that some friends used to make. MelloYello, Powerade and Sprite, I think. Holy crap
I went all out on Christmas gifts this year holy crap.
I'm not big on Star Wars but holy crap it was good!!
The biggest surprise in was when the credits rolled and I was all "Holy crap!It's 2015 and Kevin Hart was…
Holy Crap Falcons! $44,000 dollars! Thanks to you, Many family's are going to have a Very Marry Christmas! 💚
holy crap, right on the NB border. That may be stretching it a bit.
holy crap the guy who plays Mr. Belding in Saved by the Bell is in this
Holy crap. New "Earthrise" photo from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
Holy crap. There was a crossover between Webster and Next Generation?!
I really want Dutch right now holy crap since whenn
Holy Crap was right.Kojima and Miyozaki did do the fusion dance
Holy Crap, Grayson is running for the Senate - and from Florida? Oh My Living Jesus God ! Everyone Pray NOW and...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Holy Crap! Ben Carson is talking pie on the podcast with and . They didn't even mention he'd be on!
Holy Crap, it's two weeks until cheer competition🙀
Holy Crap! My fingers aren't working correctly! You DO NOT look like the elephant man!
Holy Crap is trying to take credit for the actions of Dalton McGuinty. that's unbelievable!.
Holy Crap, did BBC3 release all of Orphan Black series 3, at once?!. That's it, weekend over.
Holy Crap, this is why I don't in the ocean or the bay! fights
Holy Crap. Some reports are saying the men are throwing the women and children overboard to reduce crowding on boats. POS
Holy Crap! our State Representatives want to get rid of the Mortgage Interest Deduction. Don't let...
Holy Crap! I never knew Ray Wise played Alec Holland! That's three Twin…
It's so quiet here. Middle and youngest children are home but the older one is away at Gramma's. So no fighting! Holy Crap they fight a lot!
Holy Crap! They need an air traffic controller at the Jays game!!
Holy Crap guys, we hit 1,000 today! Thank you so freakin much! I will get something super special planned next week. Thank y…
Holy Crap. The God question? Jesus. Did no one at Fox see The Newsroom?
Holy Crap! Tasting INGLORIOUS *** Our Penta aged in Rye Whiskey that a…
General Information • Holy Crap! Star Wars Battlefront Dogfight mode: I think I'm going to have to pre-order t...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I move in to Ohio University in 20 days!!! Holy Crap!
Travis Snider been DFA'd. Holy Crap go get him too!
Holy Crap, Batman... Robin is 70!. Happy birthday to Burt Ward. pic:
Holy Crap! Thought Jian Ghomeshi was making a return to CBC airwaves. Nope. Just his doppelganger in the band Magic!
Holy Crap! Joel Osteen is kind of making sense...
Holy crap! just posted our glidecam interview on his youtube page! It has already…
Do you ever just meet one person. and at first it is awkward. then you start talking. and its like. “holy crap where have you be…
Holy crap, Uwe Boll is really asshurt.
I love my uncle and my cousin holy crap this makes me happy
Holy crap this chick is so bipolar *** is up with her
And I used it to buy a sandwich! This is actual real life holy crap, it's amazing.
Rock Am Ring was legendary today! Thank you!gonna have to ask around for a crowd shot, because holy crap!!. http:…
Holy crap the game I helped make for a friend finally got onto the iTunes App Store. Go buy it.
Holy crap!its only 2-3 weeks until Supercon in Miami beach at the !! Yes! Its gonna be epic!
holy crap. I need to go to one of those shows!
Holy crap man, today's a legitimately hot *** day!
Holy Crap!!! No filter, no makeup, and I just had a I literally have no…
Holy crap this is so close we can almost taste it! Come on Hutchy!!
Holy crap! is looking so good on her cam I might explode!
Holy crap, where have I been? Always loved him on Home Alone in the hotel.
Holy crap I'm really bored and i need some friends to talk to
Holy crap, Swift is now open source!
Holy crap too many mimosas before work 🙈😴
Holy crap this might be even better than last nights 2 and Legend in a pack! RT
HOLY CRAP. This fan's post took me way too long to realize it was Jensen. Well, I'm an *** and this is just creepy
This probably doesn't need to be said but. holy crap.
You can watch videos on watch have Holy Crap!
Holy cow, we carry a lot of crap in our purses!! that show us what we can't see.
Ok, this is kinda crazy coming from Apple. Swift is now open source. Holy crap.
Holy crap, iOS 9 is going to change things up on your iPad with multiview and multitouch
And its shame that Quereda never look at Olga Garcia to the Spanish WNT. Holy crap!
Holy crap, I've only just rolled in the door of my humble abode. Talk about late night out or what!!
I leave in less than a month holy crap
[gasps out and drops my head forward, my hair falling over my face, letting out small pants] A-Ah, holy c-crap..
Okay I know Hard mode is supposed to be just that but holy crap there is a HUGe gap between this and Normal
. Holy crap omg I love you thank you this means the world
I've been drinking alot of water for the last few days and my body is all, "Holy crap! I can function normally!"
Holy Crap! There's thunder and lightning at our house!. Maybe you're not so crazy.
ALRIGHT!!! Holy Crap. Here... so I used a hashtag instead...shoot me in the face. Alright, that's it...I…
Holy Crap: in Spanish: Executive Amnesty is ‘Important’ - People ‘Benefiting from It’..
Holy crap I totally forgot about that😂
Seriously had one of the best meals of my life at Au Cheval today holy crap
Avengers was so good holy crap I saw it in imax 3D totally worth it 😎😍
Holy crap, I found a perfect representation of my life.
LOL holy crap that is really different xD and yay for scythes!
This is how DotA games should be holy crap
Holy crap. This happy hour was a monster. I'm gonna dream of frappuccinos. Death shift for sure
Holy crap just found out blatt tried to call a timeout when we had none left if the ref would've seen it we would be down 3-1 right now
Holy crap, that may not be overrated after all! Great win!
I'm stressing so much like holy crap😕😔
Didn't realize how big Halsey is getting holy crap
Holy crap, I can't stop sneezing! Must've brought some pollen in from when i was outside. 😤
Went to a trampoline park with for the first time ever, holy crap. So fun. So sweaty
holy crap I haven't seen the last 3 episodes 😫 too much is happeneing
Jared Gilmore is so bad at acting holy crap
That car accident was horrible. Holy crap.
Holy crap there is a smoking lounge in atlanta. Woot
2 hours to get my bags. Holy crap American Airlines
Holy crap!! I just saw some Amish people right now!! They look so weird but cool!!
Holy crap, how much propaganda can you spew in one day?
I'm watching it right now and HOLY CRAP
Holy sweet crap!!! This is amazing! I'm trying to zoom in to read all your notes.
holy crap the composer of splatoon is toru minegishi?? the zelda dude??? talk about flexible, WOW!
So this is what Monday feels like after a weekend of substantially more sleep than normal. Holy crap.
is the best best friend I could ask for holy crap
Holy crap. 2000 people follow me now?. You silly, silly people!. Much love sent to you 💕
Microsoft HoloLens @ Microsoft Build 2015 This isn't sci-fi people are actually doing this holy crap
Holy crap someone plz take me to a luke concert.
holy crap! That's nuts. My friend has season tickets though and I believe bought the package at the beginning of the post
once he got me a chocolate chip rum cake with little puddles of chocolate cream in indents on top of each slice. Holy Crap.
Holy Crap. Paxo just joked about improv groups from being the only troupes(/troops) England send to Scotland!!
Holy Crap, Lee Hamilton still around? I remember when he was doing play by play during Humphries/Means years.
Holy Crap! Jam Cave got extended and is getting a tattoo due to a fan donating $500
LRT: Holy Crap! I tried to gloss over Ari's abuse of Bobby Lee, but this seals it: he's an ***
Holy Crap. I just caught up with all the Bill Cosby stuff. Holy. CRAP.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Holy Crap, seriously?! I thought it was a Spinal Tap moment for sure. Loved the TMP w/ you & Sasso.
Holy Crap!!! You guys got transcribed by a dirt sheet! And they gave you credit!
just phased back in to wednesday ...Holy Crap!!! ;;)
Holy Crap, Batman...45 orders of Kreplach today for the Oregonian Dumpling Week... I'm tired!
Holy Crap! It's Wayne Newton on my menu! Coolest menu ever...and the hot brown has Baby Jesus Beer…
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