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Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Jerusalem: Photo, PM Netanyahu meets Holocaust survivors ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day this Sunday night and M…
Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine recalls a Holocaust survivor who died at VA Tech—on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
On Sunday, Jan. 29, "Songs from a Lost World of Italian-Jewish Composers" for the Intl. Holocaust Remembrance Day https…
As good as not mentioning Jews on Holocaust Remembrance day , or Kings remarks or Canadn muslims
I didn't see this much respect dedicated to the Jewish People during Holocaust Remembrance Day. Sup with that?
Dear Mr. Guterres, I just listened to your speech on Holocaust Remembrance Day and want to thank you for being who you are. Gail Shinberg
Um. Where was all this honoring on MLK day? Holocaust Remembrance Day? Presidents' Day? Honors a sketchy, racist PO…
Oh for God's sake 'Trump 'failed the Jewish people on Holocaust remembrance day', really? smdh
IMO, every day should be Holocaust Remembrance Day. I never knew about this.
Kind of like WH leaving out Jews on National Holocaust Remembrance Day. This administration is horrible.
I wrote this a month or so ago. To be fair, I gave it to Obama also.
More than 7,000 Auschwitz prisoners were liberated on this day in 1945, a day now commemorated as International Holocau…
Commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day through personal stories that must be told, taught and never forgott…
Spokane's Yom Hashoah service takes place at TBS on Sunday, April 23, at 7 p.m. There will also be a Holocaust...
After what they did for Holocaust Remembrance Day? It is.
It's like the White House putting out a statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day that doesn't mention the Jewish community.
it would be like putting out a statement recognizing Holocaust Remembrance Day without mentioning Jews.
Did Trump sign the refugee ban on Holocaust Remembrance Day on purpose, or is he accidentally the most horrible person in th…
Holocaust remembrance... day the church decides to stay in the past by refusing to openly accept same sex marriage! .
On Holocaust Remembrance Day the victims of Naziism turned away at the doorstep of America in 1939.
Join us on 4/26 from 3:30-5pm in the Saxe Room for "Witness to the Shoah: A Holocaust Remembrance Day...
Reminder!. Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Ha'Shoah) 2017 in Israel will start the evening of Sunday, April 23 and...
27 January, Holocaust Remembrance Day. I'll never forget our visit to Auschwitz, thinking about that horror.
why is that surprising? They didn't mention Jewish people on Holocaust Remembrance Day either.
And yet, on Holocaust Remembrance day, god forbid we recognize the genocide perpetrated against the Jewish people...
oh you mean the same people who put out a statement on Holocaust remembrance day without mentioning Jews?
as Jared stood there on holocaust remembrance day for Delerium Tremens immigration announcement, horror n dis…
sadly I don't think our is interested in helping out today's refuges any more than FDR was
Today marks Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom Hashoah. We shall never forget the Holocaust, and it shall never happen again…
Maybe that's why their statement was lacking empathy on International Holocaust Remembrance Day!
Honoring her Nazi collaborator grandpa on remembrance day for Nazi victims *is* a problem. My grandma lost most her fam…
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Israelis observe Yom Hashoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day, this year on Sunday, April 23rd. At 10 a.m.,...
ALEC BALDWIN CRUSHES IT " Last week it was Holocaust Remembrance Day. And, as you know, 6 million people... were at my i…
Such a good orthodox Jewish woman u r supporting your father who won't mention Jews in a statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day
Holocaust Remembrance Day was created to counteract Holocaust deniers. President Trump's statement did the opposite. https…
White House doubles down on removing Jews from Holocaust Remembrance Day statement "because others were killed too" https…
White House overlooked Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day because it was being inclusive, spokesperson says.
The White House said they made no mention of Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day because other people were killed too
No mention of Jews in White House's Holocaust Remembrance Day tribute
Trump suspending refugee programme on Holocaust Remembrance Day - this is the man Theresa Appeaser held hands with
On this Holocaust Remembrance Day, the United States has told war refugees that because of their religion they aren't w…
Rewrite for you: Trump bars Syrian and other refugees based on religion, on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
"Christians Only" they said on Holocaust Remembrance Day. They aren't even trying to hide it.
And it happened on Holocaust Remembrance Day, in a move that is at best ignorant and more likely dark signaling to the foes…
Choosing Holocaust Remembrance Day to ban Muslim refugees, guaranteeing death to many shows Trump's learned nothing from h…
The St. Louis Manifest (is a Holocaust Remembrance Day project with sharp new resonance today.
Prioritizing Christians is un-American. Banning Muslims is un-American. Doing both on Holocaust Remembrance Day is unco…
Jewish groups pan Trump for signing refugee ban on Holocaust Remembrance Day https:/…
Trump signed a refugee ban on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Any thoughts on that as you and Jared begin the…
Trump admin statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day omits reference to Jews, anti-Semitism, slaughter of 6mil. First for any Whi…
That you banned refugees on Holocaust Remembrance Day says more than any statement ever will,
We shut the door on Syrian refugees on the same day we marked Holocaust Remembrance Day and the March for Life. "Never f…
On this Holocaust Remembrance Day, I hope we'll recommit to "Never Again" for all of our brothers and sisters no matter…
Enacting a refugee ban on Holocaust Remembrance Day is exactly who these people are. Fascists.
Anti-Defamation League says it is "puzzling & troubling" that Trump did not mention Jews in his Holocaust statement https:/…
Noted for history: A Trump administration executive order banned refugees from entering the United States on Holocaust Remem…
Trump is signing this on Holocaust Remembrance Day
Great timing: GOP proposes a religious test for refugees on Holocaust Remembrance Day
The utter villainy that goes into enacting a massive refugee ban on Holocaust Remembrance Day is mind-boggling.
Remember today. Trump issued an executive order halting Syrian refugee intake. Today is also Holocaust Remembrance Day.
To sign an order barring refugees on Holocaust Remembrance Day is pathetic.
.observes Holocaust Remembrance Day by slamming the door on the world's most desperate people w/ "extreme vetting."
On Holocaust Remembrance Day, please consider how it began when discussing and Extreme Vetting. Never Forget.
I can't help feeling like Bannon is deep in the mix when Trump issues a Muslim ban on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Trump targets Muslims, refugees in new executive order issued on Holocaust Remembrance Day via
."I have the best statements on the Holocaust Remembrance Day. The best. And everyone knows it." http…
Donald Trump is signing a refugee ban on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
President Donald Trump is commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day by slamming America's door on refuge…
On Holocaust Remembrance Day: never forget that the U.S. denied Anne Frank & her family entry into America as refugees…
Trump signed the , IN a country that honors freedom of religion, ON the same day as Holocaust Remembrance Day.…
Dear on Holocaust Remembrance Day my synagogue told me the Syrian refugee family we're sponsoring is not coming. Go…
Pentagon social media team managers ordered not to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, or as Steve Bannon knows it, Jewish New Year.
Scheduling BDS events on Jewish High Holidays & Holocaust Remembrance Day too an increasingly common tactic. Happened
Holocaust Remembrance Day is on my birthday
Holocaust Remembrance Day. Never forget. Inspired by the poem "I never saw another butterfly" by Pavel Friedman.
"That is the 3rd Ann Frank joke I've heard today""It's Holocaust Remembrance Day" - 1 unidentified person and then
(Fragments of the speech on the Holocaust Remembrance Day – April 18, 2004) … I had an unusual educa
Every butterfly painted for The Butterfly Project represents one of 1.5M children who perished in the
Elizabeth May to the Globe and most esp Holocaust survivors for National Holocaust Remembrance Day everyone!
.Dear here you can admire winning entry https:…
.Dear here you can admire winning entry
Why do Israelis observe a moment of silence to the sound of sirens on Holocaust Remembrance Day?
See hand-painted butterflies honoring the children of the made by our community, on view thru 7/25.
This Holocaust Remembrance Day like each one before, never fails to remind us why we struggle against the occupation https:/…
Considering he forgot 2 mention Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day, good: Emotional Trudeau visits Auschwitz
Should we scrap Holocaust remembrance in favour of an all lives matter day?
the 4th of July in Hungary is Holocaust Remembrance Day how DARE you people disrespect it :/
DePaul honored Holocaust Remembrance Day on 5/5 w/ event coorganized by Ctr for Jewish Law & Judaic Studies:
Just 1 day after Holocaust Remembrance Day, Knesset Deputy Speaker calls for Israeli army to burn Palestinian babies https:…
Holocaust Remembrance: Last night was the start of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Jews consider the day to begin ...
Today is Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). Join us in remembering the millions of lives lost.
Holocaust Remembrance Day begins tonight. Read op-ed on importance of from IS mbr
Holocaust Remembrance Day: Anthony Davidson will present “From Munkatch to Manchester through the Gates of Auschwitz” East Library
'Schindler's List'? Here's an even better watch for Holocaust Remembrance Day
I liked a video Yom Ha'Shoah: A Memorial for Holocaust Remembrance Day
In recognition of Holocaust Remembrance Day - the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is hosting two live...
Obama praised Syrians on Hanukkah. Egyptians in a Passover address. Will Germans be next for taking in Muslims on Holocaust Remembrance Day?
Turkey is commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day. Do not forget Turkish diplomats saving Jews from Holocaust
Today is both Holocaust Remembrance Day and national high five day. Who planned that one out? Yikes
Every Day is Holocaust Remembrance Day !. Lucille Eichengreen. In 1925, Lucille was born in Hamburg, Germany and...
Every Day is Holocaust Remembrance Day !. Auschwitz survivors. Alexander Riseman, 88, poses at his home in...
Every Day is Holocaust Remembrance Day !. Auschwitz survivors. Edith Baneth, 88, poses at her home in London. She...
Every Day is Holocaust Remembrance Day !. Auschwitz survivors. Imre Varsanyi, 86, poses for a portrait in...
she calls for a holocaust just days after Remembrance Day. So stupid it actually makes me sad. Do people ever learn?
He even turned holocaust remembrance day in to an excuse to play the victim card.
We're expected to remember the Jewish holocaust and remembrance day and everyone else but black people always being told to forget
One minute silence for the Holocaust, one minute silence on remembrance day. 'Black history month' Get over it it was hundreds of years ago.
Thinking of my grandparents this Remembrance Day
By far the best article all week. Check it out, puts things in perspective as they say. .
Remembrance day, personal note. I was not a Canadian during WWII, but I came from a family of Holocaust...
Every day should be Holocaust Remembrance Day. Always remember where hatred can lead.
Remembrance Day: A Jewish girl who survived the Holocaust and the couple who helped her
Free webinar on GIM with Holocaust Survivors I recorded in honour of Remembrance Day.
honestly, on remembrance day I make a point to think about POWs, refugees, and victims of the holocaust and Soviet work camps too.
Pretty sad that UW moved the Veteran's Roll Call outside today but left the Holocaust Remembrance week people inside on Veteran's Day.
On Remembrance Day, we are privileged to have a Holocaust survivor visit to talk about her experiences as part of our WW2
I'm sorry for making everyday a holocaust remembrance day but the hate never stopped.
Jewish Remembrance Day today - God bless those who suffered through the Holocaust, all 6 million.
Eve of Remembrance Day: My mother's journey to survive the living among Nazis
Israel stops, and recalls as a nation when the siren sounds at 10:00am on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Zigi is amazing, one of the most interesting people I've met -& his sense of humour/charm is second to none
projection or Photoshop. An insult to all Jews on Holocaust remembrance day.
Shame on you, Germany! Thousands racists marched on Remembrance Day with the slogan "Stop cult of guilt"
Increasingly, the Left uses Holocaust remembrance as a fig leaf to cover modern-day anti-Semitism.
Sad day, morning was remembrance parade, evening holocaust education.
Cazorla having a holocaust on remembrance day. Couldn't make it up
I added a video to a playlist Holocaust Remembrance Day Special 2015 with Vanessa Lapa | Charney
Remembrance Day. Today he mocks the holocaust
Usual Jew hating, Holocaust deniers out in force, especially indecent as it seems it's because it's eve of Remembrance Day.
Jewish Holidays (The Holocaust Remembrance) - Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2015 is on Thursday, the16th of Apr...
There are no words although his come close: on Holocaust Remembrance Day, a survivor speaks
There's an International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Explain to me again why you're telling us to "get over" slavery?
Schindler's List Theme in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day and th... (Vine by
"Polish Jews led for deportation by SS soldiers during Warsaw Ghetto's destruction." -AP
First result for “Kevin White” on BR’s AP photo set returns “International Holocaust Remembrance Day.” Think anyone will notice if I use it?   10% Off
Watch: comes to a standstill to remember the
(Impressive!) This powerful video shows Israel coming to a total stop for Holocaust Remembrance Day
They Put Her in a Gas Chamber - Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recognized Holocaust Remembrance Day with a blunt criticism of the West’s...
Women recall experiences in Nazi Germany on Holocaust Remembrance Day
Eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day: Israel demolished homes of Palestinian citizens of Israel 15 minutes from Tel Aviv htt…
Proud of board member who honors Holocaust Remembrance Day
Holocaust Remembrance Day, how about we have a day for White genocide. God forbid we do that, then we would just be racist bigots.
Netanyahu on Holocaust Remembrance Day: Bad Iran deal proves lessons of ... - Haaretz
What makes it worse is that today is Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Hashoah)
Live blog: Israel to usher in Holocaust Remembrance Day
Honored to introduce guest speaker, Annie Bleiberg, at Holocaust Remembrance Day tomorrow.
Tomorrow is " Holocaust Remembrance Day" I might have to watch Freedom Writers
Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Hashoah) 2015 begins in the evening of. Wednesday, April 15 and ends in the evening...
And lest we forget, it's Holocaust Remembrance Day.
At precisely 10 am 4/16, sirens will ring all over Israel in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day | The Joshua Fund
sad to see that everyone remembers but seem to forget that it's (Holocaust Remembrance Day) both deserve…
Holocaust Remembrance Day begins tonight. Read about it & other holidays in this book.
Holocaust Remembrance Day. Never forget, never again. Proud of being a jew!.
Holocaust Remembrance Day begins shortly, in memory of 6 million Jews murdered during Holocaust. 70 yrs later, the anguis…
On this Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, we remember the millions slaughtered and brutalised by the Nazis...
In the next few hours, Jews and non-Jews alike will stand in silence to mark Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day http:…
10 hours. That's how long it will take to read victims' names at Holocaust Remembrance Day:
All are welcome to attend the Holocaust Remembrance Day event at the JCC tonight at 7.
Today is Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. . Echoes and Reflections provides teachers and their students...
On the Eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the former president releases a video in support of the European Jewish...
Holocaust Remembrance Day to be honored with play readings - Celebrities including Kathleen Turner and Ellen Burst...
AP: Kathleen Turner and Ellen Burstyn to honor Holocaust Remembrance Day with play reading
Ellen Burstyn, Kathleen Turner, more to honor Holocaust Remembrance Day with play readings via
Don't know why but did remind me of Holocaust Remembrance Day & reason it happened..
Holocaust Remembrance Day is a very special day for all of us: we must never forget the tragedy of Shoah. Ale
Tuesday is Holocaust Remembrance Day, seventy years after allied forces liberated Auschwitz Birkenau, the German...
Yesterday was both Holocaust Remembrance Day and National Chocolate Cake day. In one day, the worst and best humanity hat…
House President to attend International Forum for the Holocaust Remembrance Day...
Holocaust Remembrance Day will take place in Jubilee Lecture Theatre on the 30th of January >
Photo: justdia: In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, join us as we remember and honor the memory of the...
it's Holocaust Remembrance Day and they're forecasting showers
PM Netanyahu at Yad Vashem on Holocaust Remembrance Day 27 Apr 2014 See...and hear...and pray!
.nor did we see a statement so grandios on Holocaust Remembrance Day-we did when Whitney Houston took a dirt nap tho
Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke yesterday evening at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem. The occasion was Holocaust Remembrance Day. In his free weekly newsletter (sign up for it ...
John Kerry chose the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, of all days, to invoke the inflammatory term “apartheid state” in reference to Israel.
Today marks the 61st anniversary of the Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel—the day on which the world’s only Jewish state pauses in memory of those murdered in the most savage episode of genocide in modern history. The day falls between the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the anniversary of the founding of Israel and, as such, both recalls the great struggle for survival of 20th century Jews, and the great event that came out of that struggle, namely the establishment of the state of Israel. It is therefore fitting that we join in solidarity with Israel to remember the mothers and fathers, the brothers and sisters, the husbands and wives, the sons and daughters who perished in the Holocaust, and to celebrate the courage of those who resolved that the Nazis—like all those who attempted to annihilate the Jews in the past—would fail. It is the great good fortune of the United States that Israel was established and has flourished beyond the wildest expectations to become a beacon in the ...
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day & commemoration of at Warsaw Ghetto
(JTA) — Popes John Paul II and John XXIII are being declared saints of the Roman Catholic church on April 27, which is also the eve of Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s a coincidence but a notable one. These two post-Holocaust pontiffs revolutionized relations between Catholics and Jews, fostering interfaith dialogue and embedding respect for Jews and Judaism in official Catholic dogma. “These two popes transformed not just the church, but made a bigger impact on the outside world — and on us,” said Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor, a vice president of the World Union of Progressive Judaism and longtime participant in Jewish-Catholic dialogue. “As a Jew, my life, and the safety and security of Jews, have been improved by the actions of these two individuals.” Pope Francis, who took office little more than a year ago, will preside over the solemn ceremony at the Vatican, taking place on the day Catholics celebrate as the Second Sunday of Easter. It was Francis who decided to canoniz ...
Nothing says "Holocaust Remembrance Day" quite like opining on whether Israel is becoming an apartheid state. Nicely played, John Kerry. . .
As the grandson of the only survivor on my father's side of the family, it is important to never forget and remember today's Holocaust Remembrance Day. Thank you Congressman Raul Ruiz, MD
As Israelis mark Holocaust Remembrance Day at ceremonies naming individuals among the 6 million murdered Jews, The New York Times reports that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has in the past been “vilified” because he “challenged the number of Jewish victims.” In an article today about Abbas’ st…
Holocaust Remembrance Day event on campus today! The film Misa's Fugue will be shown at 3:00 p.m. in Room 195 today, April 28. The film is about a Holocaust survivor and his art. It's FREE, and everyone is invited. Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorates the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in which the Jews remaining in the Warsaw ghetto fought the Nazis who came to liquidate the ghetto. They held them off twice as long as the entire nation of Poland did when the Nazis invaded Poland on Sept. 1, 1939.
For Holocaust Remembrance Day, this short animated segment reminds us that every word we have is sacred:
We have an exciting week ahead at Hillel! Take a look... Tomorrow: Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) at 8...
Tomorrow is the remembrance day for the holocaust
Israel gears up to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day
Israeli TV adds 'killed in Auschwitz' to Anne Frank bio
Do you think Obama will commemorate the existence of the holocaust tomorrow??
wow and it's Holocaust Remembrance Day so that's cool
Never forget. Always remember. Never again. Learn about Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) & see our...
Thousands walk in Los Angeles for Holocaust Remembrance Day with Walk to End Genocide
Hey do you think you could have waited until a day after Holocaust Remembrance Day to start comparing Jews to Ap…
Tomorrow is Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Let us never forget, and teach our children to do the same.
In commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Can be downloaded from my Web site for free.
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RTPopes John XXIII & John Paul II were declared saints today — just in time for Holocaust Remembrance Day
then again, what else is one to do on Holocaust Remembrance Day?
May we always remember. Holocaust Remembrance Day begins at sunset today 4/27/14 & ends at nightfall Monday 4/28/14 http…
Really proud of for recognizing Holocaust Remembrance Day through this 24 hour reading.
Holocaust remembrance day: a survivor's story
Teaching the Holocaust: A job best done by business?
Thank you for bringing my attention to this day of remembrance. My grandparents were also su…
In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, a pic w my grandparents Pearl and Otto who both survived the camps
Holocaust remembrance day. We must never forget. 🔯
it's holocaust Remembrance Day you thot we are over 🙅
Was anybody hip that it was Holocaust Remembrance day?? I just seen it on my calendar
This evening we will mark Holocaust Martyrs' & Heroes' Remembrance Day, honoring the memory of the six million victims of th…
Knesset set to mark 25th annual Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony: Knesset to exhibit rare photos of Je... JPost
Saw 8/10 of my ADL NO crew for a day of remembrance for the Holocaust and heard from some lovely survivors. Love love love seeing everyone.
Full transcript of Benjamin speech for Yom Hashoah:
Today is Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance day. Every year at this time I am reminded that it was not only the gas chambers that were responsible for the destruction of my ancestors, or the germans, or the nazis, but the indifference of apathetic bystanders who refused to speak up and say no. Hate is only as powerful as those standing in it's midst allow it to be. Apathy is the real crime. Tonight, tomorrow, next week, next year, when you see injustice, speak up and do something. Do not sit idly by. Hatred cannot exist in a world filled with those who will not tolerate it. Change it. Do something. Speak up.
Today is Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Never forget, and work to stop it from happening to others.
Oh boy. Hardest movie to watch, but it's Holocaust Remembrance Day. It's only fitting.
Lest we forget that today was Holocaust Remembrance Day and the OVER 6 Million Jews that were killed in the concentration camps
It is Holocaust Remembrance Day. I remember the 6 million lost, because to forget means to lose them all over again. Prayers for peace.
JERUSALEM (AP) — In an annual ritual, Israel will come to a standstill Monday morning for the country's official Holocaust remembrance day. Air raid sirens will wail across the country as pedestrians stop in their tracks and drivers exit their vehicles and bow their heads to honor the six million vi…
On this Holocaust Remembrance Day, let us be aware of and remember the holocaust of Christians occurring today in the Middle East.
Reflections on Holocaust Remembrance Day call on the world to always remember, and to never grow complacent in the face of hatred and intolerance.
Remembering my late grandparents and their incredible will to live on this Holocaust remembrance day. Never Again.
I attended one of the most meaningful, moving and educational events, held annually, tonight, commemorating Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.joining the community, children, Holocaust survivors, children of survivors, grandchildren of survivors, elected officials, dignitaries, diplomats and many interfaith leaders to make sure we never forget. Thank you to Debra Linick for her continued leadership and vision and to those who participated making this annual event so inspiring.
Holocaust Remembrance Day has begun. Please take a moment of silence for the Jewish People who were lost during this dark time,ART WORK by ELENA BOND
My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of the 6 million who were lost on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
I just came back from Holocaust Remembrance Day event at B'nai Israel congregation. The event was very interesting, respectful and overwhelming for me as an Israeli, listening and watching how Jewish Americans remember the Holocaust. Prof. Norman Goda gave a very interesting speech, and my only hope for next year, that I will get to see many more students joining me to a similar event. I want to thank B'nai Israel and everyone that was involved in creating this important event.
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, a time to remember the horror of the slaughter of millions of Jews and our duty to insure that nothing like this happens again.
Sometimes 60 MINUTES hits it out of the park. Tonight on Holocaust Remembrance Day, they did a retrospective on the Mr Witner from Prague. He saved thousands of children from Nazi death, while risking his own life. I have seen video of him in an audience at a t.v. taping, unbeknownst that members in the audience were grown up survivors. What is so unbelievable about the Holocaust, unlike the civil war, or the sinking of the Titanic, or even a story from the bible, is that there are still people alive from 1945. Since it was only 69 years ago, a person w some memory of this would be app. 74-75. I have had relatives, neighbors, and a boss from work who have shared stories w me. One of the children he saved summed it up thru tears. He said he marveled at the strength of his parents and the others, who could see the danger, and sent their children out of harms way to live in England. Can you imagine doing that? The stories of the will to live and surviving, are as tearful as the damage that living through thi ...
Yom Hashoah, also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day, occurs on the 27th of Nisan. Shoah, which means catastrophe or utter destruction in Hebrew, refers to the atrocities that were committed against the Jewish people during World War II. This is a memorial day for those who died in the Shoah. The Shoah is also known as the Holocaust, from a Greek word meaning "sacrifice by fire."
Lighting a candle for the 6 million on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Never forget.
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. With somber hearts we honor the memories of the millions of innocent men, women, and children who lost their lives and families. We additionally pause today to pay tribute to those who bravely fought against the perverse evil of genocide.
Today is Yom Hashoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day. Today we remember the victims of the most terrible crime. Never forge…
Every day is Holocaust Remembrance Day for me (& ) but since it's International Holocaust Day I have a few thoughts.
MT Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Teach remembrance with these resources:
Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Hashoah) starts tonight. Never forget. "There may be times when we are powerless... http…
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Please remember the 6.1 million Jews who lost their lives, and never forget them. יום השואה
Full transcript of Netanyahu speech for Holocaust Remembrance Day |
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Teach remembrance in your classroom this week with this collection of resources:
Would be nice if you commemorated Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, and those who saved many.
Join AEPi tomorrow from 10am to 6pm at the Russell Union for Yom Ha'shoa, Holocaust Remembrance Day.
(Jerusalem, Israel) -- What a tremendous honor to attend the opening ceremonies of "Yom Hashoah," Holocaust Remembrance Day, at Yad Vashem this evening. It was my first time to participate in this ...
Holocaust Remembrance Day starts tonight. Remember. Do not forget.
Solemn ceremonies mark Holocaust Remembrance Day: Solemn ceremonies were held in Vaughan on Sunday to mark Yom...
Benjamin Netanyahu sends Holocaust Remembrance Day message to those who 'seek to destroy us'
Holocaust Remembrance Day begins this evening and lasts until tomorrow night. Using this history-focused media gallery from KACV's local perspective on "The War," students will learn about the Holocaust and consider why the atrocities occurred. (Grades: 11)
Hundreds gather to mark Yom Hashoah, also known as Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.
On Holocaust Remembrance Day. "On this day, on behalf of the Jewish people, I say to those who have sought and still seek to destroy us: You have failed and you will fail." Benjamin Netenyahu. 1:05pm - 27 Apr 14
Today is 'Yom Hashoah', Holocaust Remembrance Day. We must learn from the past so that we do not repeat it.
For anyone who follows me, today is Yom Hashoah, aka Holocaust Remembrance Day...Please take a moment of silence to honor…
Tonight begins Holocaust Remembrance Day. So important to remember and never forget, especially what is happening in the Ukraine where Jews are being told they must register, in other countries where they are committing mass genocide, and where hate crimes against any religion are being committed.
Today is Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. May the memories of those who perished be for a blessing and may...
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. A day to reawaken us to the reality of evil and the peril of indifference.
Remembering the 6 million Jewish personnel that were killed on Holocaust Remembrance Day. My God. That would be the population of Toronto and Houston gone. Just gone! Always remember and pledge never again.
Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) Documentary Film - Monday, April 28 at 1:00-3:30PM, here at the JCC, "Orchestra of Exile" - The great violinist, prodigy, Bronislaw Huberman saved innocent lives from Hitler by creating the Palestine Philharmonic, now Israel Philharmonic. Speaker Dr. Moshe Avital. RSVP to Kellyp
This is Holocaust Remembrance deepest sorrow to the victims and descendants of the Nazi Holocaust...may we be vigilant and never turn a blind eye to the dehumanization, persecution and murder of innocent people. ..may we recognize within ourselves what we humans are capable of when we lose sight of the preciousness of every life.
At sundown on April 27, the world observes Yom Hashoah -- Holocaust Remembrance Day. We remember the millions of Jews, Romani, LGBTQ and others murdered by the Nazis. We align ourselves with any and all persecuted & maligned people across the globe. There is no freedom until all people are truly free.
Holocaust Remembrance Day here. All the tv channels are either off the air or airing some form of Schindler's list, Sophie's Choice, The Piano (i think that's the name of that one), etc. Very sad and somber day. Still so unbelievable what happened to more than 6 million people - at the hands of their fellow humans. Tomorrow morning sirens will be heard across the entire country - the sirens they use to warn us of incoming rocket attacks - and every person will stand for 2 minutes while they observe silence. It's so chilling when it happens. Then seeing the photos from around the country - of cars stopping on the highways, all traffic stopped, everyone stops everything they are doing to remember. As much as I whine about this place, it's amazing for doing this to remember the poor souls.
As we approach Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, please keep the victims, survivors, and their families in your prayers.
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Why Yom Hashoa, Holocaust Remembrance Day, is so Important! Recent events in the Ukraine show us just how important it is to remember Yom Hashoa or Holocaust Remembrance Day. While Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has said he is going to find and punish those who distributed leaflets ordering Jews in eastern Ukraine to register with pro-Russian separatists, Jewish leaders say the fact that the pamphlets were even distributed, some 70 years after the Holocaust, has had a chilling effect on Jewish communities worldwide. We must remain vigilant everywhere, today, and stand up firmly to anyone who threatens the existence of another human being. We cannot just trust our politicians to do this for us - we must all bond together!
April 27, 2014, is Holocaust Remembrance Day or Yom Hashoah. The following collection is designed to provide teachers with rich and meaningful resources on the Holocaust, engaging lesson plans and information to help students take steps to move forward without forgetting the past.
Law Center will mark Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, on Wednesday, April 30, with opening of “Sanctuary in Shanghai” exhibit, on European Jews who found refuge from the Holocaust in China. The exhibit will be hosted on the 2nd floor Atrium for the duration of Holocaust Remembrance Week. Featured speaker is Evelyn Pike Rubin, Jewish activist and author who escaped Nazi Germany as a child and grew up in Shanghai. Ms. Rubin will be speaking in the FCR/BDR at 12:30pm, be sure to RSVP to events
Netanyahu personally meets with survivors on eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day
Today is Yom Hashoah. It is the Holocaust Remembrance Day. Today we remember what has happened and vow to never allow it to happen again.
Abbas releases special statement ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day, first of its kind from a Palestinian president.
A new initiative seeks to redress young Israelis' growing disconnect with the official Holocaust Remembrance Day events.
We will mark Holocaust Remembrance Day with the opening of the exhibit, "The Courage to Remember" at the Blake Library. The event is co-sponsored by Temple Beit HaYam and the Martin County Public Libraries. Many local dignitaries will be present. Our guest speaker will be Cantor Emil Levy, a Holocaust survivor and CEO of the Flame Society.
Recalling a shameful time in American history ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day
On April 28, as part of Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, The Akiva School will host a collaborative performance by Örjan Henriksson and the Dance Theatre of Tennessee. Orjan Henricksson wrote, “The surfaces speak their own messages. It is my hope that the photographs draw the viewer closer and ask the viewer to look and listen to the messages these surfaces convey. In this way, I hope to honor those who have suffered and died in this indescribable horror and insanity.”
Today we commemorate Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). Join us at 2 pm for a FREE event that includes a candle lighting by Survivors and a talk about non-Jewish rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust.
Today is the Eve of Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day. Our prayer's go out to all the survivors and those who were lost.
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Do you or someone you know have a special connection to this day? We would love to share your story with others today to honor their memory.
Join us today at 1pm at MECA for a community observance of Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, followed by a film hosted by the Maine Jewish Film Festival Yom Hashoah Film Project.
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day..So please take a minute today, and pray for all the innocent lives taken in that horrible tragedy..We must never forget.
Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel: How Israel and the world contended with the challenge of selecting a single date to mark an unspeakable tragedy that happened every day for years.
A review in the Wall Street Journal will tell you what I know: David Laskin’s The Family is a brilliant epic. It is a book that should be bought and begun this Monday, April 28th—Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day and also my father's memorial anniversary. Peace be on the souls of loved ones lost. Peace be on our souls.
Holocaust Remembrance Day is observed annually on Yom Hashoah, the twenty-seventh day of the Hebrew month of Nisan. This is a time for remembrance, education, and advocacy on behalf of the millions of victims of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. In unprecedented and systemic ways, this period of genocide and mass murder was rooted in hate-driven political rhetoric and scapegoating that pitted neighbor against neighbor, manipulated religion for the sake of evil, and denied freedom by squashing dissent. Still even as the horror of the Holocaust calls to us from a too distant past, the reality of hate-inspired violence lives all around us. History is constantly threatening to repeat itself, and our faith demands constant vigilance.
Today is Yom Hashoah ( Holocaust Remembrance Day) I will be posting things relating to the Shoah today. Please be respectful of my choice of how to commemorate this awful horror and know that it is the hardest thing for me to talk about much less post about- but it is THAT important that we make sure this happens NEVER AGAIN.
Daily News Summary - April 27th 2014 Local News • Maan News: Abbas: New govt recognizes Israel and rejects violence - DFLP: Unity government should be implemented as soon as possible - Israeli official: Abbas speech death blow to peace talks • +972 Magazine: - Why Fatah-Hamas reconciliation might just work this time - 'There was no generous offer': A history of negotiations - By taking a step back, U.S. gives hope to Israel-Palestine • Jerusalem Post: Bill seeks to reinstate prohibition of speaking to PLO - Erekat: Netanyahu was looking for an excuse to end the peace talks - Israel gears up to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day • Haaretz: Obama brings curtain down on Mideast peace process - Analysis: The new Palestinian Authority - Palestinian PM offers to quit, easing way for unity government • Arutz Sheva: Herzog Blames the Government for Peace Talks Collapse - Haniyeh Urges Abbas Not to Bow to 'External Pressure' - HRW Accuses Israel of 'Shooting Palestinians' International News Sources • Al-Mo ...
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