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Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is a street in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, splitting off Sunset Boulevard in the east and running northwest to Vermont Avenue, where it straightens out and runs due west to Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

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At the end of the day I'm just another crazy person Air Drumming on Hollywood Boulevard
..she had a star on Hollywood Boulevard since 2010 and is a 1 count popular for now with her Jurassic Park characte…
Shld kneel near hollywood boulevard and can least collect some donations.too
What??? George Clooney doesn't have a star on Hollywood Boulevard!!! Seriously *** ??
Doesn't depression with the star on Hollywood Boulevard have to pay for it?
Hollywood Boulevard & the opening of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, May 18, 1927. 'Art Deco in the Movies' collection. http…
PHOTOS: premiere takes over Hollywood Boulevard in LA
those are just homeless people that hang out in front of the Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard...
See who's on the... side of the 6900 block of Hollywood Boulevard!
An artist tossed up a life-sized Kanye-West-as-Jesus statue on Hollywood Boulevard.
a life-size Kanye West "Jesus" golden statue has been unveiled on Hollywood Boulevard
There's now a life-sized Kanye West Jesus statue on Hollywood Boulevard:
A gold life-size Kanye West 'Jesus' statue is unveiled in Hollywood Boulevard by Plastic Jesus
Jamie Foxx: He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Motion Pictures at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
Vin Diesel and the xXx crew shut down Hollywood Boulevard last night for the premiere.
Memorial set up for Carrie Fisher on Hollywood Boulevard grows a little more each day as well as people visiting to pay respe…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I wonder. Is Sunset Boulevard the first "meta" Hollywood movie?
Ryan Reynolds brings the family for Hollywood Walk of Fame honour
Tonighy hollywood boulevard at hollywood bar , come join us 🙌
Apollo Rodriguez Struck and Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver on Lankershim Boulevard in North ...
.rolled into the Fonda Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard for a very special and very intimate show
I think it's time to change my profile picture. 📷 by @ Hollywood Boulevard
because that's how much Beyonce's lemonade cost on Hollywood Boulevard
Found my new favorite actor on hollywood boulevard today. 🍑🐏
A spaceship landed in front of our hotel & closed Hollywood Boulevard & Vine - walk the red carpet with me "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”
Watching Stephen Fry with Hugh Laurie on Hollywood Boulevard reminds me of watching Peter Cook and Dudley Moore...
"Hollywood Boulevard between Betty Grable's and Rod Serling's stars... August 26th, 2006" by Akira Rabelais on
You know how in Closer, there's a line that goes, "Central London is a theme park"?. I feel the exact same way about Hollywood Boulevard.
Sometimes when you get old, you get a star on Hollywood Boulevard.
Lana Del Rey out and about in Hollywood Boulevard.
It's crazy late and I know nobody will see this or care but if someone says "the boulevard" they talking about Hollywood B…
Update your maps at Navteq
I can't believe Hugh Laurie is getting a star on Hollywood Boulevard - that's awesome!!
*** is definitely when you die and are forced to be reincarnated as one of the people on Hollywood boulevard
Thursday night I was fellin pretty good, I was walkin down the boulevard of Hollywood
living lives of loud desperation. hoping 4 big break . never comes on Sunset Boulevard in shadow of fading Hollywood sign. life's closeup
Congratulations on getting a star on the Hollywood boulevard. It was long overdue. :)
Do your thing and don't care if they like it! . 🔌 @ Hollywood Boulevard
Watch "Hollywood Boulevard and the Gospel of Mark" on YouTube
.. this is one star I couldn't miss on Hollywood Boulevard 🙌🏽 King of Pop
that's excellent news. Congratulations. You will always be the shiniest star on MY Hollywood Boulevard.
President Obama is in Los Angeles. This explains the blockade of Hollywood Boulevard which I saw.
Hugh Laurie's getting a star on Hollywood Boulevard! Congratulations! A job fantastically done!
Almost time! Excited to receive my ⭐️ tomorrow. Meet me at 11:30 a.m. on 6201 Hollywood Boulevard.
So as I walk down the Blvd, I was reminded of you. I miss you @ Hollywood Boulevard
***TRAFFIC ADVISORY***ROAD CLOSURE***. This is to advise you that Palm Bay Road between Hollywood Boulevard and...
Go to the bars on Hollywood Boulevard, visit Universal Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, go on a celeb homes tour?
We are located blocks away from Runyon Canyon and the historic Hollywood Boulevard.
Look who's here! Catch Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps on Hollywood Boulevard at Disney California Adventure Park.
Hollywood Boulevard shut down on Monday, May 23 for the stars of Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass”...
Ayyyeee just copped some bud on Hollywood Boulevard 👌🏽
Covered Palos Verdes Boulevard, Calle Miramar, Paseo de la Concha, and Via Riviera today in the Hollywood Riviera.
You get to walk down Hollywood Boulevard which I can only imagine is just as beautiful...
William S Hart Studio was located at 6404 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Calif, the strip has changed a bit
Last time I listen to him. Had a good night on Hollywood Boulevard doe ^^∆
Its a good day in L.A , Hollywood boulevard , Fairfax was good place
TONIGHT ON 7 NEWS: Remembering the Prince of Pop. His flashmob tribute on Hollywood Boulevard.
i think i watch snapchat just for the "look at the sunsat" and "hollywood boulevard" idk why I like it so much lol
Just to add he is on Hollywood Boulevard and caught my eye with a big grin and well thought out statement on his cardboard plaque.
"$1 or I'm voting for Trump *flips cardboard* or Hilary" . The things you see in Hollywood Boulevard... 😶
Idk who that is, it was some random guy selling his mixtape on Hollywood boulevard lmao
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at least now we know if you come to LA you could make bread impersonating Robert Smith on hollywood boulevard
so whats up tavon when are we gonna see you on HOLLYWOOD boulevard for an autograph L.A.
This relatively quiet part of Hollywood Boulevard somewhat reminds me of classic movie sce…
A wide open march in support for Bernie Sanders went west on Hollywood Boulevard through…
Monday Night the Team will be in Hollywood. Beyond the 4 walls! 8782 Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, ca 90069...
Morgan Freeman Narrates Pedestrians On Hollywood Boulevard... This is the greatest thing ever
You do know (I was OFF!) who's on the side of the 7000 block of Hollywood Boulevard! --->
♫ I'm taking a ride with my best friend ♫. Depeche Mode Live on Hollywood Boulevard sur
Thank you so much! I hope we run into each other on crazy Hollywood Boulevard...
All hail the heroes! Check out what people are saying about Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard
Terrifying for understudy to go on when audience has paid to see the (ill) Hollywood VIP but Ria Jones shone in Sunset Boulevard last night.
Up and down Hollywood and Sunset. Up and down Jefferson and Crenshaw. Up and down Figueroa, Alameda, Slauson. West to Santa Monica Boulevard
yeah because when I'm walking the Hollywood boulevard, the first thing I think is "let me grab my work boots."🙄
89. Sunset Boulevard: thanks to Patton's book for getting me to watch this excellent movie. A truly haunting tale of Hollywood
this is the literary equivalent of... . *** NAW...(((BETTER THAN))) a "STAR" on Hollywood Boulevard!!. 'Bo' knows...💯!
There's a totally stoned guy outside Dunkin Donuts on Hollywood Boulevard giving out fist fulls of dog treats.
Yet some pansy whiners are upset about pro-Trump chalk messages. .
Hey guys, starting my new career in LA! @ Hollywood Boulevard
i wonder if hes gonna treat himself, jump in this Aston have a slow cruise round hollywood boulevard lookin 4 trannys to save LOL
“Trump Muted” by Pøbel on Hollywood Boulevard: . Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fam...
Why Fit In When You Were born to stand out ‼️ @ Hollywood Boulevard
Fantastic performance by Hollywood legend Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard at London Coliseum Theatre
Join The Huntsman Winter's War cast on the red carpet at Hollywood Boulevard ..…
At an ihop of hollywood boulevard...
Spring vibes only. . Rebecca Hollywood Boulevard Collection. Fisit our showrooms at
Come (peacefully) protest (at CNN's LA HQ, 6430 Sunset Boulevard, LA (get off at Hollywood and Vine Metr…
sorry been at the farm it's Hollywood boulevard by wet n wild in the fergie collection
The hills of hollywood on fire, a boulevard of hope and dreams,streets made on desire
The Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard site has some first rate fan-films right now. Watch them, then buy the
the wwe one is just like a star on Hollywood boulevard really. It's contribution or star power. It's kinda fun.
There's some crazy "Repent!" Christian preachers down on Hollywood Boulevard, and so Lareign (from TX) and I (from KY) feel at home.
These West Hollywood boys, tho! Giving me life today on the Santa Monica Boulevard. The cakes and...
The wife's only (apart from me) arrives on Boulevard while we're walking past.
So I went on a 15 min walk down Hollywood boulevard and it was pretty eventful lemme tell ya😂
Fun hike in Hollywood with americanhopkins and reb12588 @ Hollywood Boulevard
...was quiet residential street not bustling like Hollywood Boulevard, between clients there was...
Hollywood boulevard is a big trap house.
By me a star on the Boulevard, it's Californication. @ Hollywood Walk…
For example LA, not worry if I have only 3 days to see the Hollywood sign and the boulevard but just wonder the city and get lost
Fact: Morgan Freeman can narrate anything. Add of pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard to his resume :) https:/…
6 AM. Hollywood Boulevard deserted, even by the sleepers. Only a lone Mad Hatter babbling to himself as he walks along working his fingers.
Hustler Hollywood to open new store on Hollywood Boulevard! (
We are NOW OPEN at 6540 Hollywood Boulevard! Come see us for star treatment!
countdown! Had to snap this tonite on Hollywood Boulevard.
How many *** would you suck for a star on Hollywood Boulevard?
my niece lives in Hollywood Florida right off Hollywood Boulevard plays at the Hollywood beach bandshell in her band sometimes
Had an amazing time all over LA from Manhattan Beach to Hollywood Boulevard. Soixh fun. Thanks Just Ask Mickey...
ICYMI: Listen to Morgan Freeman narrate random pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard
MisSelaHughes : So, this happened today 😊 @ Hard Rock Cafe - Hollywood Boulevard - LA - Bombano... …
Having lunch at the hard rock café on Hollywood Boulevard. Oh what's this? I found one of my new T-shirts in my pocket, it's here. Just one
Photo: 'Oscars So White' protesters on Sunset Boulevard and Highland Avenue hours before Oscars ceremony -
The Oscars turn Hollywood Boulevard into chaos. Getting to the office the next day is always a nightmare
Heading out to boulevard peace lol.
are you at Hollywood boulevard tonight? Any chance you're going to scope?
was walking on the Hollywood Boulevard at night and this song started to play at a liquor store when i was young
Harry's hair while performing on Hollywood Boulevard for Jimmy Kimmel
Today is the day to visit Hollywood boulevard. Oscars evening. No ?
LIVE - Hollywood Boulevard bump shot in anticipation of the Oscars tonight now on HD 1 & SD 1. Source is
In live from Hollywood Boulevard, last preparations for the red carpet !
Today Its all about the Oscars here in Hollywood at Hollywood boulevard . Last preparations…
I think I'll take a drive along Hollywood Boulevard & see if anything is going on. Oh. Wait. It's not April Fool's Day. Never mind.
Walking down Hollywood Boulevard with a credit card
Need to know what time is turning up at the red carpet. I decided I'm leaving to go to Hollywood Boulevard at 6am.
build up: .and .shut down Sunset Boulevard
I am going to Hollywood Boulevard at 6am so I have 2hours.
Ah LA Home of the Hollywood Boulevard And The Hollywood Sign If you can Find it.
Lady Gaga singing with Elton John at Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood today.
Yeah Rob is our homie too.😎 (Take us to Hollywood Sunset Boulevard.
I want a new tour bus full of old guitars. My own star on Hollywood Boulevard, somewhere between Cher and James Dean is fine for me.
"Ehhh, what's up doc?" Visited some stars on Hollywood Boulevard this week.
CANDIDS: January 22 - shopping at Intermix on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood, California.
Mespil Road just turned into Hollywood Boulevard there! Aidan Gillen just strolled past me and two minutes later there's Domhnall Gleeson 😍
performers to appear in Sunset Boulevard with Hollywood star Glenn Close
motorcycle cop has been hurt in a cash on the NB Hollywood Freeway near Burbank Boulevard. More
I dreamt about a tornado no1else saw&me running after a photographer who took pictures coming out of a Starbuck's on Hollywood Boulevard.
Tune into NOW to see the guys perform and take over Hollywood Boulevard!
Flames threaten after collision on Sunset Boulevard in East
Back on Hollywood Boulevard filming "Stars in Cement" the music…
Sunset Boulevard shut down immediately after multi-auto crash in East Hollywood
► Photo: Truck catches fire in East Hollywood crash that closed Sunset Boulevard -
Flames threaten businesses after collision on Sunset Boulevard in East Hollywood
Sunset Boulevard shut down after multi-vehicle crash in East Hollywood
26th January 2003: Coldplay on Jimmy Kimmel Live at Hollywood Boulevard https:/…
David Bowies star on Hollywood Boulevard the day after he left earth forever
On the blog today: The people you meet on Hollywood Boulevard :)
The boys will also be shutting down Hollywood Boulevard on Thursday for a special performance for Jimmy Kimmel!
The Pikey, English pub on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, has an annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration. Can’t wait for the July 4th party!
💖If you're looking for a cheap but really good highlighter this one is around $5 it's called Hollywood Boulevard💖
USA! Here's your chance to get tickets to see 1D peform live on at Hollywood Boulevard on 11/19:
| Harry and the boys' next show is at on Hollywood Boulevard this coming Thursday, November 19. -s
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Edith Head's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located at 6504 Hollywood Boulevard.
Harry and the boys' next event in Los Angeles is Jimmy Kimmel Live on Hollywood Boulevard on Thursday, November 19.
"Hollywood Boulevard is being shut down for One Direction on jimmy kimmel". Liam: "sorry Hollywood". HES SO CUTE
And in the prayer of EVERY $2.00 hooker from Santa Monica to Hollywood Boulevard.
USA! 1D are taking over and Hollywood Boulevard on 11/19, and you could be there! Details coming to you at 4…
I don't think it's very fair that my dad just facetimed me from Hollywood Boulevard to tell me he's about to go shopping in Beverly Hills😒
Tonight I'm with Janet Klein on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Feliz! Join the fun!
Now leaving Hollywood Boulevard for Orlando Florida will see the big differences in the parks.
Out there on Sunset Boulevard. All you maggots smoking *** Out there on Hollywood Boulevard
grandfather from the wonder years. @ Hollywood Boulevard
Photo: Cheers to be back after 9 years! (at Hollywood Boulevard)
When your work was put up on the wall and you felt more like you had been given a star on Hollywood Boulevard
UPDATED w/ Just Jared Pics! Bindi Irwin, Derek Hough & DWTS Cast at the Hollywood Boulevard for the Flash Mob opening h…
View looking east on Hollywood Boulevard at Ivar Avenue. The Broadway-Hollywood Building can be see…
Road trip to LA was a blast. Went to Santa Monica Pier, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Boulevard and the Hard Rock Cafe.
Throw back to that one time we went to Beverly Hills and got a flat tyre on Hollywood Boulevard!…
Friday Night Freestyle: Late night street performing on Hollywood Boulevard at the amazing…
Paul Rudd gets Star on Walk of Fame - Hollywood Boulevard // Michael Douglas ... -
Photos capture the private lives of Hollywood Boulevard street performers: Hollywood Boulevard i...
My current situation at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard
Got stuck in Lake George during Hurricane Irene and lost my camera on Hollywood Boulevard.
1927 – Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard was opened.
Silly Laws: It is illegal to drive more than two thousand sheep down Hollywood Boulevard at one time.
.front of the Guitar Center on Hollywood Boulevard, alongside the likes of B.B. King, Jimmy Page, and Johnny Cash.
here are two v fun pictures of Santa Monica and Hollywood Boulevard to help mask my stress :-) :-) :-)
Fml, London is cold. And was on Hollywood Boulevard yesterday, ten mins from the apartment I stayed at last week. Ungghh.
I used to think that Hollywood Boulevard was where dreams went to die. Now i know it's London…
PHOTOS: performance for draws thousands to Hollywood Boulevard
I had a live reading of my pilot script perfomed on Hollywood Boulevard tonight. Yay me! 😊
Adam Perry Lang is back in Hollywood through Friday behind Jimmy Kimmel Live's studio on Hollywood Boulevard,,,
So confused why Chris O'donnel got a star on Hollywood Boulevard?! Like what has he ever done?
Jimmy Kimmel's crew went out on Hollywood Boulevard for a special Oscars edition of his Lie Wi...
The cocaine-snorting Oscar statue that popped up on Hollywood Boulevard has been removed.
A cocaine-snorting Oscar statue has popped up on Hollywood Boulevard.
Bomb Scare Snarls Traffic Near Oscars Site: Much of the area around Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue is...
Look who I found! I'm moving to Santa Monica immediately... @ Hollywood Boulevard
LA is exactly like New York. The Spider-Man down on Hollywood Boulevard was just as drunk as the one in Times Square.
Mr. Incredible convicted in Hollywood Boulevard scuffle in which he body-slammed Batgirl
Mr. Incredible convicted of Hollywood Boulevard brawl with Batgirl:
Mr Incredible convicted of attacking Batgirl on Hollywood Boulevard
"Mr. Incredible convicted in Hollywood Boulevard brawl with Batgirl" New York, bet this happens in Times Square !
Mr. Incredible convicted in scuffle with Batgirl on Hollywood Boulevard -->
Reeperbahn made me feel like was on Hollywood boulevard in pretty woman
A Public Service Announcement to the darling ladies of Hollywood Boulevard on a Friday night: The Cardinal Rule of Respectable Whoring states you can either show all your *** or all your *** Never both. *** or *** Take your *** pick. Also, for the love of God, practice walking in those heels before you embarrass yourselves in public. That's all.
The History: In the late 1800s, Hollywood Boulevard was known as Prospect Avenue. The Prospect Elementary School...
Happy Birthday Richard Widmark. December 26, 1914 – March 24, 2008.For his contribution to the motion picture industry, Widmark has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6800 Hollywood Boulevard. In 2002, he was inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as the villainous Tommy Udo in his debut film, Kiss of Death, for which he also won the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer. Early in his career Widmark was typecast in similar villainous or anti-hero roles in film noirs, but he later branched out into more heroic leading and support roles in westerns, mainstream dramas and horror films, among others.was an American film, stage and television actor.
Intolerance is a 1916 silent film directed by D. W. Griffith, of the four stories included in "Intolerance" the one placed in Babylon around 539 B.C. obviously was the one on which most of the unprecedented budget was spent. Griffith built enormous sets, including a life-size Great Wall of Babylon in Los Angeles, and used 3000 extras for a production that cost more than $2 million. When the movie was completed it was placed at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard and became a notable landmark for many years during Hollywood's golden era, until it fell into disrepair.
MJ has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: one located at 1541 Vine Street & the other at 6927 Hollywood Boulevard.
Friday, October 31 2014 Whisper Entertainment cordially invites you to: 3rd Annual Circus Freaks @ OHM Nightclub Join Whisper Entertainment as we will be having our 3rd Annual Circus Freaks Halloween at OHM Nightclub. We will be giving away $500 cash for the best costume of the night. OHM Nightclub is the hottest new club to open in Hollywood. There are two rooms, EDM and Hip Hop. They feature state of the art lighting and sound systems, with an amazing 150,000 watts giving life to our speakers. Located on the 4th level of the Hollywood and Highland Center, enjoy the fabulous outdoor patio is directly above the world famous Hollywood Boulevard. Over 19,000 square feet holds up to 1,100 people for a spectacular night of dancing. Location: OHM Nightclub 6801 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, California 90028 DJ Spinning: EDM: DJ Courtland + DJ Jaesinz Hip Hop: DJ Don + DJ Beyond + DJ Yuko Guest List: Door Opens 9:00pm $10 Girl Tickets (limited) $20 Discount Pre-sale Tickets before Oct 15th $30 Online Guest List Gen ...
If you're ever feeling down, a 45 second walk down Hollywood Boulevard is enough to remind you that you're doing better than most.
A scuffle broke out outside of the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard between several people [...]
Taylor Swift shut down Hollywood Boulevard on Thursday night, shaking it off in a brief concert for Jimmy...
Wait! I was just walking down Hollywood Boulevard and his star says it's "Meriam"!
"ICYMI: shut down Hollywood Blvd. for electrifying performance
ICYMI: shut down Hollywood Blvd. for electrifying performance
Note: We'll add video as soon as it's made available online. Nearly 15,000 screaming fans lined Hollywood Boulevard on Thursday night to see Taylo...
Taylor Swift Shakes It Off On “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Continuing her whirlwind promotional tour, Taylor Swift showed up at “ Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night (October 23) to plug her forthcoming album 1989. The “Out of the Woods” songstress was in fine form with her full band as she took over Hollywood Boulevard and belted out “Shake It Off” while fans cheered her on. And during her interview with Kimmel, Taylor recalled visiting the show ten years ago before she was a global superstar. Jimmy noted, "Taylor came to our show with her mom and her guitar, and somehow she got a hold of the guy who books the bands here, Scott Igoe, and she asked if she could play a song for him. And he said, 'No, you can't be in the greenroom, we serve alcohol here. You're too young. You have to go.' So he threw her out. He threw Taylor Swift out of our building!" Swift chimed in, "All's well that ends well. I think of it like this: you probably would have gotten in more trouble with Jimmy had he wandered out and been ...
My week in Los Angeles in a nutshell: arriving and staying awake for 30 hours, a tour of the many famous gates of Beverly Hills, Mechanical Bull vs. Balls, taking a punt to get in Jimmy Kimmel Live, Biz Markie karaoke, Runyon Canyon and running off alcohol, morning coffees, irish coffees, the weirdness of Hollywood Boulevard and the beauty of Santa Monica.
Los Angeles -- The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a brawl that broke out on Hollywood Boulevard in which costumed combatants traded blows as a camera rolled. FOX 13 News sister stat...
- Yes: the main Sorcerer's Hat thats at the end of Hollywood Boulevard at DHS
Taylor Swift took over one of Los Angeles' busiest streets on Thursday when she performed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Set up on Hollywood Boulevard, Swift played to ...
The stunning literally stopped traffic yesterday on
We are never ever getting back together ❤️❤️ @ Hollywood Boulevard
Taylor Swift shut down Hollywood Boulevard. Did we mention that Swift is kind of taking over the world?. ...
Taylor Swift shuts down Hollywood Boulevard for outdoor concert on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
Seen on Fahlo: Just left an incredible Taylor Swift concert taking over Hollywood Boulevard.
Taylor Swift brought Hollywood Boulevard to a standstill last night:
A real-life brawl between faux superheroes erupted on Hollywood Boulevard—but don't worry, Chewbacca and Co. were there to break it up.
Police are investigating a brawl that broke out between Mr. Incredible, Batgirl and other characters on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.
brought Hollywood Boulevard to a standstill last night:
Hollywood Boulevard was shut down Thursday to make way for a Taylor Swift concert to be aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Continue reading: RSS Feed
Taylor Swift *** Shuts Down Hollywood Boulevard: Taylor Swift had a very big stage to fi...
Batgirl & Mr. Incredible fight on Hollywood Boulevard, while Waldo & Chewbacca try to save the day! Watch:
“...and someone overdosed on Hollywood Boulevard. Hwood officers heading to both locations.” key art awards related? prob
Chewbacca broke up a fight between Mr. Incredible and Batgirl, and then all *** broke loose. SuperHero Domestic Violence all on Hollywood Boulevard! (VIDEO)
A brawl between several characters on Hollywood Boulevard outside the famed Chinese Theatre was captured on video Tuesday. In the video, people dressed as Mr. Incredible and Batgirl appeared to have been involved in a fight when a costumed Chewbacca and Freddy Krueger stepped in and tried to stop the dispute. However, the man in the Mr. Incredible outfit went on to slam Batgirl to the ground as a crowd looked on in apparent shock. Read KTLA’s story here:
TIAGO was my final stop on my "farewell tour" of Hollywood Boulevard. 'Til we meet again...and we will meet again (soon, I hope)...Ciao!
USC STUDENTS! THE METRO RAIL RUNS FAIRLY CLOSE TO THE LOCATION WE ARE HOLDING THE VIEWING PARTY TONIGHT. Below are instructions: Get on the Metro Expo Line heading towards Metro Center/7th Street (Downtown LA). Get off at the last stop (Metro Center/7th Street), and transfer into the RED line downstairs towards NORTH HOLLYWOOD. Be careful to go into the RED line train, as the purple line also runs on the same track on that spot. Also make sure you get onto the one heading to towards NORTH HOLLYWOOD and not towards union station. There will be stands asking you to tap your tap card to transfer. You do NOT need to tap. Due to recent changes to the metro you no longer need to tap to transfer. Get off at HOLLYWOOD/HIGHLAND Station. Once you exit the station you should be on Hollywood Boulevard. Make a RIGHT and head WEST towards HIGHLAND. You should pass by the wax museum on the way. At HIGHLAND, make a RIGHT and head NORTH. The venue will be on the LEFT (West) side of the street once you pass FRANKLIN, no mo ...
Beverly Hills and Hollywood Boulevard with the cousins. ✌😎
Day 2: Spend our day in Santa Monica Pier/Beach, and then went up to Hollywood Boulevard, but my phone…
Via GAWKER: Who is Joe Biden (other than the hardest-partying vice president in U.S. history, that is)? When a visit from the VP interfered with traffic near Jimmy Kimmel's studio, he sent a reporter out to Hollywood Boulevard to find out what Americans really know about this Biden character. Consen…
Late night host Jimmy Kimmel asked 11 people on Hollywood Boulevard who Joe Biden is - and none guessed correctly.
On this date in 1998 : Country group Alabama joins the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7060 Hollywood Boulevard.
Checking in in my nice appartment on Walk Of Fame ! — à Hollywood Boulevard
It gets stranger and stranger every day. — at Hollywood Boulevard
some crappy little hostel thing on Hollywood Boulevard, the location is great though so I'm not bothered. I'm at WB right now!
✨Turning up on a Friday early morning like hey!!! 👍✨ @ Hollywood Boulevard
from Hollywood Boulevard or Oxford Street you mean?? there is something very fishy about these perfectly turned out Jihadists
what Boulevard? Hollywood? Look at my pics and the receipts have addresses of locations
Found this Hollywood Boulevard-style tribute to Paul Lambert on Borussia Dortmund's 'Walk of Fame'
MJ wanna be on Hollywood dude look just like him😂 @ Chinese Theatre Hollywood Boulevard
OH JESUS.Look who I met at the Hollywood Boulevard!He's such a nice guy.Talked for about 10 mins!
Hollywood Boulevard was blocked and you two were telling me to find another way home lol
I liked a video from S1 Ep1 ● Hollywood Boulevard ON AIR with Yeena Fisher
anyone remember the episode of KUWTK when kourtney fell over whilst walking down hollywood boulevard?😂
Goodnight from LA (8 hours behind UK) with this iPhone pic of Amoeba Records on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.
to watching work his magic on Hollywood Boulevard. That's the gorgeous on…
Tourist report LA day 2: The best sushi I've ever had is at Katsuya on Hollywood boulevard
“Hollywood Boulevard for the movie premiere. Can't. Wait. THIS is excellent
Arrived safe in LA - always weird and cool to be back. The US is so different it's funny. Lovely place on hollywood boulevard as well!
BTS Shooting with my Aussie mate photo cred: @ Hollywood Boulevard
Beatles trivia: Which song by The Beatles is named for a street overlooking Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, CA?
West Hollywood update: Sunset Boulevard closed in both directions at Horn Drive
Jason Cooper in Boulevard Recording studio in Hollywood yesterday. (via
JUST IN: Multiple fire agencies responding to apartment fire off Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood
Britney and I are finally together. The world can rest easy. @ Hollywood Boulevard
Beautiful September day to take a tour down Sunset Boulevard through Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.
Inspiring first working day at Dave Stewart amazing office. — at Hollywood Boulevard
Warner Brothers studio tour, Madam Tussauds finished off with a lovely Japanese feast on Hollywood Boulevard. I love today. 😘
Sony Walkman WM-FX290W Cassette Player (Part 4 The Best Buy Review/Grand Finale) Redux 5.0 What's great about it: Excellent Radio Reception and Reliable Cassette Playback Operation What's not so great: No Auto-Reverse Playback Preset Tuner Controls. Digital Synthesized Tuning. Digital LCD. Extraordinary FM/AM Radio Reception. Weather Band Forecasts. Cassette Playback. Pocket Size. Effortless Sound Reproduction. The Sony Walkman features first-class audio components and accurate reception for musical entertainment to go. A poignant moment at the end of an audiobook. A Punk Rock portable audio experience on Hollywood Boulevard. Hard Rock on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Classic Rock on Victory Boulevard. R & B on Hylan Boulevard. Country music on Rodeo Drive. Sports talk radio on the bus ride to work. The Sony Walkman WM-FX290W FM/AM/WB Cassette Player is an ideal selection for playback of your cassette library at any location where portable audio equipment is an appropriate entertainment choice. The Sony ...
“Me Matt and Jack just witnessed 3 pearl harbor bombers taking pictures with the Godzilla star on Hollywood Boulevard 😂”
Hollywood Boulevard. The Sunset Strip. Dodger Stadium. Welcome to Los Angeles: Key to the City presented by…
And now comes word that Hollywood Studios will be host to a blizzard of "Frozen" activities throughout the summer months. There will be a daily character procession, sing-alongs with Anna and Elsa, fireworks, a polar playground, ice skating rink, ice carving demonstrations and a nightly party featuring a live band, all themed to the worldwide phenomenon. From July 5 through Sept. 1, 2014, "Frozen Summer Fun Live!" will bring to life the world of royal sisters Anna and Elsa and their fairy tale kingdom of Arendelle. Most activities are included in theme park admission. Here's the lineup: Anna's & Elsa's Royal Welcome: Each day at 11 a.m., Anna and Elsa, riding in a horse-drawn sleigh, will travel in a royal procession down Hollywood Boulevard. Rugged mountain man Kristoff is along for the fun joined by a flurry of skaters, skiers and ice cutters, all dressed in their Arendelle best. For The First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration: Inside the park's Premiere Theater, Princess Anna and Queen E ...
Awkwardly white girling at the GAP on Hollywood Boulevard. @ Gap
Lunch on Hollywood Boulevard. 🍝🍧 Our luxury cars, are parked on front the Italian Restaurant 🇮🇹
You already know I walked all over Hollywood Boulevard to find star..😂👍
Tonight I'll be performing at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood post BET Awards Party. jheneaiko
Two pairs of hands are better than one! ✨💇✨ @ Hollywood Boulevard
Photo: losangelespast: Color view of Hollywood Boulevard at night, 1950’s.
Loving LA, maybe I should move here! @ Hollywood Boulevard
I saw tons of stars when I went to Hollywood Boulevard..and got hit on the head with a metal pipe and mugged.
Prbly won't be able to ever say Again I drove a car down Hollywood boulevard. Even if it was for like 3 minutes
Read about my favourite affordable summer perfume from it's gorgeous
One of these days Herrera is going to have a heart attack like Big Tom at the wedding
Flashback through time and take a drive down Hollywood Boulevard with these 1950s car videos:
I just bought Chanhel Tee, Hollywood Boulevard Shirt, HotBuys Horses Skirt on Stardoll. Check out my Suite!
annd she looked fantastic as usual and I spent my night driving to hollywood boulevard just to drive back yay
Say hello and say goodbye to Los Angeles 😂😂 . San Francisco we are comin 🚘😎 @ Hollywood Boulevard
Orlando and Isaiaj with one of their heros @ Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood and Vine. There is a Starbucks on this corner!! @ Hollywood Boulevard
That magical moment when a Gangnam Style/"I'm Sexy and I Know It" mash-up wafts over Hollywood Boulevard...
Nothing but baddies on the bus turnt! 😁😁😁😁 @ Hollywood Boulevard
Photo: Only because only few make it in life. (at Hollywood Boulevard)
Only because only few make it in life. @ Hollywood Boulevard
Enjoying downtown Hollywood with my favs ✨ @ Hollywood Boulevard
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If you want *** why don't you hit hollywood Boulevard
I got offered crack 5 times on hollywood boulevard last night :0
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