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Hold Your Breath

Hold Your Breath is the second album of Melbourne band The Conglomerate. It was recorded in 2005 at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne, but due to personal issues of a band member, it was not released until later in 2008. The album was launched at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club in March, 2008.

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Don't hold your breath - Tories don't want to hear anything 'negative' (i.e. anyon…
Trouble is is incapable of doing anything so don't hold your breath!!
Let's hear Ted deny it and announce he is suing the NE! Don't hold your breath!
This is the end. So hold your breath and count to 10. Love adelé's SKYFALL.
heh keep bashing away ladies these awful tories might have one heart cell left 💓 I doubt it don't hold your breath 😊🌟❤
don't hold your breath just yet. But yes, one member is working on iOS for us.
if you're waiting for the day I don't wear workout clothes to school, don't hold your breath
It's the end hold your breath and count to 10
OMG THIS ACTUALLY WORKS! . 1. Hold your breath for 5 minutes. . 2. Die
Dr. Andrew Weil popularized the 4-7-8 breathing technique: inhale deeply for 4 seconds, hold your breath your 7 and exhale for 8.
Wouldn't hold your breath Tom in getting a response
Do not hold your breath. They only report Israeli deaths, not their crimes against humanity
You are awesome and today is going to be legen- wait for it but don't hold your breath cuz this part is way too long- dary
thank you - will let you know the response. Don't hold your breath .
Hold your breath and go deep underwater with Filipino freediver
Don't hold your breath; sub-Saharan Africa hadn't even discovered the wheel when we arrived...
Recipe for relaxation: exhale completely, inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds and exhale for eight second…
when the blowhard releases his tax returns we will know! Don't hold your breath!
I hate for someone to tell me to call them. I can tell you I'm not going to do it. Don't hold your breath. 🙄
Let's play a game?. Hold your breath for 5 mins and I'll give you 1 million dollar.
But hold your breath. Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you. Over again.
Hold me down by my throat, as I gasp for breath you push yourself deeper, causing me to *** all over your *** .. More pleas…
waiting on Cruz, a lawyer, to file suit based on false allegations. Don't hold y…
Don't hold your breath! Just got response from RA saying gvmt will not move on 1950s women's pensions! We need ECHR htt…
Hey hold your breath & swallow for a while to get rid of those hiccups. Then you'll have MORE fun on a Friday night.
Don't hold your breath if you expect an equal hit piece like this for Swilery.
My column on Delhi's air pollution and the recent NYT piece. Hold your Breath and Cut the Hyperbole:
sorry but wouldn't hold your breath for a call back. Hope your parcel turns up soon!
don't hold your breath Jon. We waited weeks for a bed, to receive two right hand sides. Nobody contacted us 1/2
Be present, notice the beauty around you, look into the eyes of your loved ones and hold their hands. Breath...
Don't hold your breath. You'll die.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hold your breath, hold your beatless beat. Coz better days will come 🙏
Don't hold your breath or count on it!
well, present your scientifically valid refutation to the masses of evidence that support evolution.I won't hold my breath
For all you fellow Grinches & Grichesses. Christmas will be over on Boxing Day. Just hold your breath, it will come.
Oh my god! This actually works! . 1. Hold your breath for 5 min. 2. Die
If a woman hits me and I'm not in love with her. Please don't hold your breath.
Trying to for a year but limited cooperation. FireAuth discussing finally on 15th. Don't hold your breath!
Don't hold your breath. You stop breathing, you stop thinking. Breathe.
That's about right ,Shepton to get a year's free parking on Market days ,don't hold your breath Frome
If Devon and I ever break up, I'll post nudes for y'all. But don't hold your breath
Don't hold your breath.I'm allowed by our ethics but not allowed to lie for him.They are innocent until proven guilty.
Hold your breath because tonight is the night I fall for you over and over again❤️ don't make me change my mind.
Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.
There are times in life when you have to ignore such warnings as "Don't hold your breath" ...
Don't hold your breath.they have been supporting the ANCorrupt circus for years! Won't change!
Hold your breath till your heart blooms
I wouldn't hold your breath. Does it really matter in the whole scheme of things anyway?
Don't hold your breath I'm not losing sleep over you 🔥🦄
Angela Knight has a particular skill she brings to all her roles: pro-active ineffectualness . Don't hold your breath
If you cough after smoking weed, hold your breath drink water. You will cough one more time and then it will stop. your welcome
With Murphy and Flores it was oh no hold your breath time. Although Flores played a better second base than short .
sha Sha, it looks like you have a headache. Hold your breath for 43 seconds and you'll be fine😊
Just one more thing: Intentionally bombing a hospital is a war crime. Don't hold your breath for US officials to face The Hagu…
Hold your breath, we're going deeper. To infinity and beyond!
Waiting for Apple's live Internet TV service? Don't hold your breath.
David Cameron urged to tackle UK's 'scandal of hunger' - don't hold your breath
I know I'm going to let you down so don't hold your breath now
Don't hold your breath unless you are trying to meet death 😴
I won't be coming back don't hold your breath. You know what you've done no need to go in depth. .
They didn't reply to mine so don't hold your breath...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
No mom please continue to tell me how you're going to buy the car I want to replace your 2015 car as I hold my breath hoping mine starts😑
don't hold your breath, the courts threw down the laws we passed in Texas for id for voting
Farrah is thinking of changing her ways! Don't hold your breath guys 😂
Apple is leading the way with the cruft, and Microsoft seems eager to follow. So… don’t hold your breath.
Yeah, don't hold your breath. Even if they do make one, you'll asphyxiate long before it's finished.
Don't hold your breath. Hate is the new national pastime.
A hissing from the wainscoting. You hold your breath. A tapping. A fearful odour. Movement. There is movement.
I wouldn't hold your breath on that one Pete...
Your voice shakes. even the mountains. your touch. unsettles my heart. I wanna hold you. like a fragile breath. with me. for t…
Will Abbott step up? Don't hold your breath. "Liberal MP's impassioned plea for refugees
So let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater. And if I may just take your breath away,I don't mind if there's not much to say
When I see your name. in my timeline. I keep very still. and hold my breath. so as not to frighten. you away
Hold your collective breath no longer, my friends. Behold, a still…
Exhale completely. Inhale for four seconds. Hold your breath for seven seconds. Exhale for eight seconds. Repeat to relax …
If you *really* need to sneeze but can't, hold your breath for a few seconds. The sneeze WILL happen.
my portfolio is super red as well! We just gotta hold n be patient , we may have one last flush, but don't hold your breath
Don't make me push you off that cliff to conserve air My news is on. you need to hold your breath during the n…
Just about sums it up. Don't hold your breath though - the FA are more likely to fine us than help us
You know I love you but don't hold your breath.
hmmm 1st has strep & now you. OMG EVERYONE HOLD YOUR BREATH!!! SC IS TRYING TO GET US SICK!!
Did you know that it is possible to hold your breath from now until the end of your life?
(don't hold your breath!) must investigate Mexican Immigration policies! Let's compare!
Big WRU announcement on Tuesday. Stadium naming rights deal? Worth more than BT Murrayfield deal? . Don't hold your breath.…
You want apologies, girl you might hold your breath until your breathing stops forever.
Hold my breath as you're moving in,. Taste your lips and feel your skin. When the time comes, baby don't run, just kiss me …
Don't hold your breath.. they haven't shown the TRUE Vanessa, either..
Review: Johnny Cash's Music Shines in "Ring of Fire," But Don't Hold Your Breath for the Story A/C
"How to Hold Your Breath review – magnetic Maxine Peake is bedevilled in morality play  "
Gripped by How to Hold Your Breath last night, starring the fab and the charismatic Maxine Peak…
really want to see How to Hold Your Breath so much theatre so little time!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Something called 'How to Hold Your Breath'. I bought a ticket purely for Maxine Peake. I have no idea about the play.
The night when you can't sleep. The night when you swallow the silent cry. The night when everybody around you is asleep. When you feel an emotiont trapped in your throat, your eyes get blurred from the cries. The night when you want to scream. The one when you hold your breath, clutch your mouth to stay silent. The moment when you feel you’ve stopped breathing. The night when you realize you miss them. You should have tried harder. The thing that mattered most to you – isn’t yours any more. Now this night can make me or break me.I have to survive this night and wait for the sunrise.The sunrise will surely define me who i am...Yeah i think i am brave now. Now I know how to survive the deadly situations with a smile on the face.YES YES YES I AM BRAVE NOW.
And Google, Amazon, etc... Don't hold your breath...
Just close your eyes and hold your breath. Because it feels right. We'll keep it moving until we make it to the other side
"Feeling sleepy? Hold your breath until you cant anymore and then breathe out slowly. This will increase your heart rate."
ADVENT: DAY 4 Do you feel the pressure of the holidays building even before they get underway? Breathe. Hold your breath on the intake then exhale loud and hard saying, “Soon it will be Christmas. The Birthday of Hope! The Birthday of Joy!” Pray for your own life.
"Don’t hold your breath waiting for a big data lake to solve your problems" >> Nice piece!
Don't hold your breath. College basketball season is underway, those brackets don't fill themselves out.
Junaid Jamshed is a former singer and currently preacher and fashion designer. He owns Junaid Jamshed Private Limited that is a fashion retail brand in hot demand. It is a market leader when it comes to traditional dresses, according to the company's website. That must be right and we all know how popular this brand is. Anybody, wishing to know more should visit the website attached below. Not only Junaid himself is Shariah-compliant, so is his business as claimed in its profile. That said, let's have a look at their tax practices. Guess the amount of tax paid by this successful entrepreneur like Junaid in 2013? Hold your breath and listen: Only Rs 52,303. You must also be curious about the tax paid by his business. Let me tell you first that it has 54 business points in Pakistan's different cities and six in UAE, UK and US, according to their official website. However, the information registered with tax authorities indicate the number of business points only 21. The income tax paid by Junaid Jamshed Pvt ...
Pick a song, and sing a yellow nectarine. Take a bath, I'll drink the water that you leave. If you should die before me, ask if you can bring a friend. So, pick a flower, hold your breath and drift away...
How To Control Emotions Instantly For centuries, the art of breathing has been one of a myriad of tools employed by Yoga masters in order to calm the body and mind, in preparation for meditation, contemplation or simply to remain in control of one's emotions. Long utilized as a spiritual practice, a recent study has now brought the use of breathing as a way to control emotions into the realm of neuroscience. The results are promising and could mean a reduction in the administration of drugs as a form of anxiety, depression and anger management. Our breathing pattern changes automatically according to our emotions. For example: Panic - Short, fast, shallow breaths Anger - Long forced breaths Calmness - Slow steady breaths Happiness - Long inhalations, long exhalations We cannot directly work on our emotions as they are controlled by subconscious mind. But we have two powerful tools which can change our emotions- from negative emotions to positive emotions. Whenever you feel any negative emotions such as An ...
ADELE - Skyfall (Official video HD): via hold your breath and count to ten...
Hold your breath, baby. We have to make our hearts sit still. Hold your tongue, honey. The things we know could unleash ***
[looks over neighbour's fence while he's in the pool]. "Dude, we get it. You can hold your breath for [looks at watch] 19 …
You will hold your breath the entire time - - GIF By
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Into the night, we hold our breath waiting for the sun. So take my hand and close your eyes. There’s nothing left to hide.
Precisely. That is the Australian way, as in almost all countries. Don't hold your breath for criminalisation.
This is the end... Hold your breath and count to ten... Feel the earth... Move and then hear my heart burst again...
Don't hold your breath. It gets worse by the day.
Take a deep breath and hold your breath for a while.
but don't hold your breath cause I ain't never coming back. sincerely yours, Steven.
Don't hold your breath,AFP work for Liberals.
If all you are going to do is hold your breath, then stop being afraid and jump into the water.
All he has said in advance of statement is that the system is going to be "reviewed". Wouldn't hold your breath!
There can be times when no things come together. You hold your breath for this moment but do not breathe for this day alone
Scared. That the next silence. Is followed by your apology. And another goodbye,. So I'll hold my breath. Until. You. Say. You. Wo…
Every time U appears on screen I hold my breath because I NEVER know what your character is up 2. How do…
Haa, I wouldn't hold your breath :p
Hold your breath my dear we're going under
finding out abbott is on tomorrow night. hope Leigh Sales tears him to bits Don't hold your breath 😨
Trouble sleeping? Exhale, then inhale for 4 seconds. Hold your breath for 7 seconds, then exhale for 8. Repeat.
Don't hold your breath that will be a while until I'm not single anymore
Guess what I'm going to wear for the party tomorrow? Hold your breath...I'm going to wear a smile :)
Baby, would you, would you like to go to / Paradise with me / Hold your breath now
New phone. Do not hold your breath for text messages. Because obviously I will not be able to work it.
Without words you made me know love,. Without words you give me love,. Because you even let me hold your breath,. Then you ran away.
Doung just that! . "Hold your breath while we announce the winners!
Hold your breath while we announce the winners!
Join Judicial Watch (But Don’t Hold Your Breath). George A. Yesthal . Tonight they're reporting that IRS Chief,...
Du Quoin: 'Don't Hold Your Breath' on Mark Sanchez to Rams, No Shot to Start over Bradford...
Don't hold your breath for something which is beyond your control. . If it's meant to be, it will happen.
““Hold me till i scream for air to breath”👀” and your in my mentions because
I'm gonna need to eat plenty of fruit n veg then love, don't hold your breath
Your talk is cheep, your lies are week, so hold your breath, don't even speak. You liar. You liar.
I notice you hold your breath, as well, Clarice. Yes. Your beauty takes my breath away. MY GIRL
Don't hold your breath, It a long way between the taxi rank and Protea glen.. Ndlovu & Sunday are at work
which QSers manipulate to remove the need to aim accurately never mind hold your breath. I have video proof I'm not over stating
Give me the date and match and I'll ask our librarian. Got to say don't hold your breath tho
don't hold your breath, there was a snowfall in April last year 😔
Swimming. Wouldn't it be more fun if you didn't have to hold your breath to do it?
The checkouts have been filthy since last year so I won't hold me breath. Your response is very poor
Baby girl hold your breath, you about to get so wet💦
didn't you hold your breath every time the US got Over our blue line
The smell of my breath From the blood in your neck. Oh I hold my soul From the lands unknown, so I can play the strings of your death
yes, not face to face but he was instrumental with Hold Your Breath
I wouldn't hold your breath at this point.. Lol if our practice pitch is anything to go by.. Essington is prob under water lol
For those who complain that time passes too quickly; try this: Hold your breath for a minute while observing the second hand of your watch. :)
He would just hold you and you could feel his warm breath on your neck and he'd keep you warm. He would kiss your forehead too
hold your breath. It will be over soon.
do you breath or hold your breath while playing flappy bird? . You're welcome.
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This core & Ab crusher is effective!... Just be careful to not hold your breath!... Inhale and exhale…
I wouldn't hold your breath. They've been at this for days!
Okay, so now you all need to hold your breath... Don't scream! Another update on the way! 😜
If you think im coming back dont hold your breath...
'No restrictions on help for those effected 'says Cameron, i wouldn't hold your breath
You instinctively hold your breath when you casually stretch.
Don't hold your breath I am not losing sleep over you, im mr reckless with a capital R
Ima hold my breath until you fill it in your chest when i go under
I didn't try it! I went with the hold your breath option ;-)
Hey, everyone, don't hold your breath on this one.
From picture they should do but do not hold your breath judging by past experience with them,
Do not hold your breath for change within the Vatican | via
dont hold your breath. Cant see it myself but i live in hope. Sad thing is we shouldnt have to rely on 1 player
Gosh when someones breath is so bad u got to hold your breath on the train! Not about this life
Hello Face Book Friends, you are all invited to Bootle, hold your breath, for an exhibition of Art by me, Peter Barker, and George Lund (the chicken guy) at The Art Gallery,32 Stanley Road, you could get a Number 53 or any Southport Bus from Queens Square, by the auto toilets next to Yates Pub. Alight at the Pitch Pine Pub, (watch out for Bank Hall Road Junction) and then The Bus Stop is just past PDSA, blue, glass and brick, building, on your right hand side, as you head towards Bootle. Buses are frequent and takes maybe ten 15 mins Trains also frequent and take maybe five or so mins If you get lost ask a policeman.
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Just had a look at weather for Sunday & the wind is still due to be gusting 50mph+ when we're due to row, so don't hold your breath everyone! Bloody unbelievable... Anyway, just so you know if anyone is still looking for accomodation in the Scillies, I've booked me, Emma L, Kate, Ros, Sean & Cat into Troytown campsite. I've also arranged for the weather to be perfect, no wind & no rain!! If anyone else wants to join us let me know asap & I'll increase the booking! Cheers Sarah xxx (maybe see y'all Sunday!)
Tody I have to keep reminding myself hold your breath count to ten. But it's not working gr
"Steven" Yeah, look Let me tell you about a kid named Steven He's slowly running out of things to believe in Every couple of months his mom leaves him, for no good reason his step-dad beats him Not too many friends, only ever had a few of them, but recently they don't want anything to do with him Always eating lunch in the bathroom stall, he just wants to feel normal and be cool again, yeah Always feeling like the outcast, he's been going crazy ever since his dad passed He needs guidance and advice but instead he only has breakdowns and flashbacks of the car crash uh It's been getting harder everyday, if he was still around everything would be OK 'Cause his dad was always the light at the end of the tunnel, but now that same *** tunnel is looking dark and grey He keeps quiet in the back of the class and when the bell rings Steven hurries home fast scared to death the other kids will kick his *** on the long walk home 'Cause its happened in the past so He's getting used to the black eyes and fat lips but . ...
Well boys and know you're sick when it's necessary to hold your breath to eat. I'm officially sick. I'm staying home 4 the duration.
OMG! This works I have tried it. Wanna try? Here are the steps 1. just hold your breath for up to 10minutes - - Hold it - - Hold it - - Hold it - - - Hold it 2. Die
who is speaking in this? : Devin landed the DAAS-44 and the repairs began. This planet is beautiful and calm said Brittany. This beach paradise planet makes me want to swim in the water said Debra. I know said Brittany. I am going to go change said Debra, leaving Brittany all alone. Debra entered the DAAS-44 and closed the door. You, Brittany, come to me said a voice. Brittany looked around, but no one was there. Come to me where the bubbles are said the voice. Brittany looked at the crystal, clear water and saw bubbles forming above the water’s surface. Come with me. I want to speak with you said the voice. Brittany looked at the water as it turned dark blue and placed her hand in the water. Now, hold your breath said the voice.
Dear Friends, Our Company, TECHNO TORUS, just LAUNCHED its Prestigious, Unique & Innovative, PATENTED Product “TECHNO LOCK” (Automatic Window Lock) with FIVE YEARS REPLACEMENT WARRANTY to Indian Market on 26th Jan. 2014! Being a PATENTED Product, NO COMPETITION/NO DUPLICATES/NO SUBSTITUTES for 20 years!! With our 15+ years Successful Experience in the DS Industry, we designed a Highly Remunerative Innovative Traditional Sales Plan (“EMP Model”) for Marketing, with Zero Investment! We have a series of Wonderful, Innovative & Easy to Sell Products (in different segments) ready to launch every month! We started the Process of Recruiting our Business Partners such as Master Franchisee/Unit Franchisees/Techno Kiosks/Business Centers/Techno Centers/Corporate Dealers/Professional Dealers/Business Development Managers/Business Managers/Business Executives etc. in every States! Hold your Breath, we will come soon across India to other States also, with this Amazing Opportunity to real Entrepreneurs! For mo ...
I'm friends with the monster underneath my bed, Get along with the voices inside my head, Trying to safe me don't hold your breath, And you think I'm crazy yeahhh you think I'm crazy well life's not fair
It will make you hold your breath, Don't miss it! (Non-Vine)
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I will be 16 weeks on Saturday, so im going to the doctor next wednesday to find out the sex of the baby! Everyone hold your breath for that one and only GIRL!!!
Imma do what I want, whatever Imma rage til the dawn, all nighter Don't hold your breath you know I'll sleep when I am dead I live for the night I live for the lights
Couple Dreams are considered to be a figment of an imagination, but it's only those divine dreams that meet PURPOSE and find TRUE DESTINY. It all started with not one but two individuals together at the same time and at the same place. These two were ironically complete strangers... Question, have you ever been in the same room with someone and not even know they were there; only for God to reveal to you something so precious and beautiful. He was in love with her. He never spoke with her and for some reason; he could not muster up the courage to approach her. What was that reason? It was the fear of rejection. He did not even think it was possible! However, once he finally approached her, it did not go as planned. She really wasn't having it. However, Alas! Somehow God made a way. After the first moment they spent together it was no looking back! God took the blinders off of her eyes. She was consumed by a smile. You see, it was something different about him. It wasn't just the way he looked at her; it w ...
Hold your breath, Make a wish, Count to three Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination, take a look and you'll see into your imagination, we'll begin with a spin traveling in the world of my creation, what we'll see will defy explanation, if you want to view paradise simply look around and view it, anything you want to, do it Wanna change the world? There's nothing to it
Totally up set. But hold your breath, it just waste your energy. Be patient one Huuufff. ga gampang belajar ilmu sabar...
I don't have one, don't hold your breath.
pareng leif hold your breath MELTON IS COMING...
I may regret this later but I think I'm going with No Limit Greatest Hits to start off the day...maybe I'll be bout it bout it for doing some work today. (don't hold your breath tho)
If you're wondering when the storms will end, don't hold your breath. Dr Rob Thompson, a meteorologist at the University of Reading reports: 'This pattern of weather, with a constant conveyor belt of Atlantic storms hitting southern Britain, shows no sign of abating yet. It’s caused by conditions in the North Atlantic where warm, moist air from the tropics is coming up unusually close to very cold polar air. This clash of air masses is effectively a storm factory, causing twisting, rotating weather systems to form before being fired eastwards at Britain by a strong jet stream.' 'Fired eastwards at Britain' sounds a little like paranoia. At least it's not snowing…
Sometimes its good you don't hold your breath.
HexCraft is being tested severely at the moment, please hold your breath, release is expected soon, in February. Finally got leaderboards to work (glad that's out of the checklist) Don't forget to join us at - we will be showing off HexCraft to you guys and giving you hints and tips to play the game :) It's coming!!!
What you did to me boy I can't forget, if you think I'm coming bak, don't hold your breath ;)
Okey dokey... I didn't think it would come to this, but I'm done with guitaring and recording for the time being. I've packed up all my gear for the first time in 10 years and I wont be going anywhere near a guitar for the forseable future. Thanks RPM for giving me the creative bursts I've had over the last 6 years, but I'm now running on empty as far as creativity is concerned. Also, persistent tendon trouble has really *ucked me over. I might be back one day, but don't hold your breath :)
Ok so backing in to my drive way was a good thing!!! Trying to get the passat through the 6" of snow on my driveway.., well that was a hold your breath and pray moment!
Friends with the monsters under my bed get along with the voices in my head you think you can save me dont hold your breath you say im crazy
New Zealand v India, 1st Test, Auckland Form guide (last five completed matches, most recent first) New Zealand WWDDD India LDWWW Teams news New Zealand have a pretty settled combination with Corey Anderson batting at No. 6 and wicketkeeper BJ Watling coming in at No. 7. They have resisted the temptation of playing four quicks, which means Doug Bracewell will sit out, making this a big match for the India-born legspinner Ish Sodhi, against some of the best players of spin. New Zealand 1 Peter Fulton, 2 Hamish Rutherford, 3 Kane Williamson, 4 Ross Taylor, 5 Brendon McCullum (capt.), 6 Corey Anderson, 7 BJ Watling, 8 Tim Southee, 9. Neil Wagner, 10 Trent Boult, 11 Ish Sodhi India won't be changing their top seven from the Durban Test unless they see a really flat pitch and play five bowlers with MS Dhoni batting at No. 6 and R Ashwin at 7. Don't hold your breath, though. Ravindra Jadeja should be rewarded with a place ahead of Ashwin, and Ishant Sharma should compete with Bhuvneshwar Kumar for the third sea ...
My new photo project for the year; '60 Seconds of London'. It will consist of 60 60-second long exposures of London. Got 11 months to go so don't hold your breath...
IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT OUR NATIONAL FLAG? The Indian National Flag is a symbol of massive pride and respect. But hold your breath! The same flag was used to wash buses in the garden city of India, Bengaluru. Watch on how the flag is insulted by reducing it to a mop!
Hold your breath cause you'll not gonna believe the picture coming on the way. It presents a striking example of how the irresponsible media sabotaged people's minds Feb. 5th , 2014|7
Fingers crossed and hold your breath Marc's plane is boarding as I type. I can't believe they are taking off in this.
OK hubby's off to work another one of those hold your breath kind of days. I'll be so glad when this weather stops it snowy self. I worry every day he leave for work because of how far he drives. This crapy winter doesn't make it any better.
Hold your breath and count to ten and fall apart and start again.
and now hold your breath till Friday
.attending DENPASAR - BALI.hold your breath all brothers and sisters.keep calm.
I dont know what i have become! A monster oh wait thats you. Hold your breath or you will drown in your own faith.
For anyone that actually thinks that UK may cancel tomorrow, dont hold your breath. As of 3:45am, the administration has yet to even send out an email saying that they are monitoring the situation. They are supposed to make a decision before 5am according to my boss. Lets see what happens.
Today is the day the man is coming to put us on t'internet!!! Don't hold your breath - things are never that simple when you live in the middle of nowhere. Been without since we moved !
Don't hold your breath, the Constitution happens to be inconvenient, like many other Liberal truths! The do not care for critics, only power!
I’m delighted to see Hold Your Breath in Literary Review’s Christmas book round-up. Philip Womack has reviewed a range of titles by brilliant authors such as Sally Nicholls, Anthony McGowan, Chris Riddell, Elizabeth Wein and others. He describes Hold Your Breath as a, ‘Top-notch thriller. Taut and enthralling’. Many thanks to Philip Womack and Literary Review magazine.
You can't touch me now. There's no feeling left… ♫ Don't Hold Your Breath by Nicole Scherzinger (at Jihan's Home) —
Talked about "Hold Your Breath" starters Insiders back in August and LT Jonathan Martin was at top of list.
Shahrukh Khan Fans,,Hold Your Breath,,Sequel is on the Cards..SRK gave Green Signal to will start in 2015.
"Hold Your Breath" by feat Leah is streaming worldwide on
Jared Cohn, director of popular Bikini Spring Break, Hold Your Breath, and 12/12/12, has been secured to direct Dead Afterlife.’s Michael
Excited that Hold Your Breath is Amanda Craig's Children's Book of the Week in the Times. She says it is 'Clever...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
So, it's Operation for entertainment, and Operation Yew'd Be Advised Not to Hold Your Breath for the political establishment.
Don't Hold Your Breath for More 'Bridget Jones': Oscar-winner Colin Firth just can't get away from fans of Mr.
That awful moment when you have to hold your breath while feeding your baby cause she smells so bad...
hold your breath... Make a wish... Count to three...
Some men lie like its like breathing . ...So By all means hold your breath gentlemen.
Hold you breath and count to 10 start again close your eyes and count to 10
To avoid hiccup, just hold your breath then jump for 6 seconds
sadly don't hold your breath. We waited for a new oven for like 3 months :/ let's hope your landlord isn't a cheapo
Going under isn't so bad, as long as you can hold your breath.
Hold your breath.. And count till 10..
it works, trust me. Hold your breath swallow three times
No need to hold your breath. Besides the less brain damaged people walking the earth the better. What's up?
hold your breath and swallow three times, dont breath till you did three. Promise
You want apologies Girl, you might hold your breath Until your breathing stops forever, forever
Hold your breath when a black bird flies, count to seventeen and close your eyes. I'll keep you safe inside
When you're jumping in the water and it's the second before you grab your nose and hold your breath
If you are waiting for me to want you back don't hold your breath 😌✌
If you don't like me, hold your breath. Lol
Your a puss if you can't hold your breath for a minute.
Don't hold your breath lace, it'll pump your blood harder.. just take deep breaths, I'm almost done anyways
don't hold your breath! Take a deep breath then forge ahead!
.Don't hold your breath ... they'd have to grow a pair first. Like the sentiment, though. Right on.
don't hold your breath, lol but I got you for real!!!
You see, in life sad endings are more common than you think. So for every happy ending, hold onto it as if it was your last breath.
My phone isn't sending my messages so if you're waiting for a reply you might not want to hold your breath. 😷
OMG what an AWESOME show jaw dropping and hold your breath stunts :-)
If you leave me a voicemail, you might as well hold your breath while you leave me that voicemail
"But he smells like ranch dressing!" "Just, I don't know, hold your breath or something!"
hold your breath. Without releasing suck in more. Wait 5 sec suck in more, wait 5 sec then suck in more. It's supposed 2 wrk
You're looking to get a reaction out of me. don't hold your breath
if I dont care now, dont hold your breath waiting for me too start
Im about to dive in, baby girl hold ya breath , we about to get so wet, swimming in your body
*starts preparing for Capture the Flag* (Aqua, May, Danny and Olympia VS. Icarus, Harry, Jamie and Jaesa) ~Icarus
Kendall's imitation of girls who listen to Don't Hold Your Breath by Nicole Scherzinger
I added a video to a playlist Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath
Extensive fashion spread “Hold Your Breath and Open Your Eyes” from is in March issue
A new favorite: Nicole Scherzinger Don't Hold Your Breath (Starshine Rough and Dirty Pop mix) by Jordan Starshine
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Once upon a time, back in March of 2010, two rambunctious teenagers (Andrew & Simon) set out to create a band, Prom For 8. After many hard working months of writing and playing music, they set out to record their first Ep entitled "Hold Your Breath." In the spring of 2011 Prom For 8 recorded their...
Obama and the ICC - Four Reasons Not to Hold Your Breath: via Will Obama ratify the Rome Statute!
Watch the music video for Don't Hold Your Breath by Nicole Scherzinger and more new Pop and Dance Pop videos on VEVO.
Official Music Video of "Hold Your Breath" by Hills Have Eyes From the 2012 Album "Strangers" Video by YOURBROTHERS Filmed by João Diogo Sardinha Edited by F...
Headed to the pre party for Hold Your Breath's opening night! If it's playing in your city, check it out!
Last night was sick at the premier of Hold Your Breath. Props to The Asylum! Straight Jackitt making moves. Stay with us for more!
Last night was amazing. Chris and I were able to represent our band Straight Jackitt at the private screening of the film "Hold Your Breath", which features our song "Vote For Me". Afterwards there was a red carpet event at a local club which we attended. We entered with the director and the starts of the movie! Here is Chris and I with the director, Jared Cohn, and the score's composer, Chris Ridenhour.
Visit: for more videos, free tracks, and info and lots more. Sam Miller - Don't Hold Your Breath
Hearing "Don't Hold Your Breath" by Nicole Scherzinger on the music channel & it reminding you of =D x
I'm about to Dive in, baby gurr hold your breath.
So very very sorry for your loss. Deep breath. Hold it in. Let it out slowly. Repeat.
Babygirl hold your breath , you gon get so wet.
Make sure you hold your breath to make the expression look real.
Led Zeppelin seems to be counting down to an announcement Thursday, but don't hold your breath for a tour: ...
You tend to hold your breath so that the happiness you're harboring inside of you doesn't escape...
Your the realist kid breathin' if i hold my breath
Don't hold your breath, I'm not loosing sleep over you
This Asian just joined me by the pool, he is wearing goggles and having hold your breath contests with himself.
5. Samar also claims to have sourced from a brochure by World Future Council whose founding member, hold your breath, is Frances Moore.
don't hold your breath. I bought £50s worth when there was 100 millionaires and I got 1 number
yeah well don't hold your breath. That won't ever happen. They gotta protect their man GWB and themselves from the harsh truth
Don't hold your breath... Chances are he is a *** bag just like everyone else
Be nice Randall -but don't hold your breath-think artworld is a bit perverse and prefers to romanticise about u afterwards!
You're invited to Six Degrees of Separation - Click here to RSVP
Just hold your breath to make to sure you don't wake up again.
I love driving through tunnels. Who else used to make a wish and hold your breath going through em as a kid?
And risk stepping on the toes of his buddy Rahm? Don't hold your breath, Obama won't do a thing.
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