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Holby City

Holby City, stylised as Holby Ci+y, is a British medical drama television series that airs weekly on BBC One.

Jemma Redgrave Lee Mead Star Trek

Ex-Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten’s Holby City debut is a hit with fans
Missed the podcast last week was on dayshift. Jesus does porky eve…
I have a new appreciation for Jemma Redgrave's scenes in DW now that I'm sort of a Berena shipper despite never having seen Holby City... ❀️
Watched in holby city and yep definitely have a bit of a crush now 😍❀😍
can I just say I watch holby city every week and love it, this weeks was great, great acting especially
hi David can I say what great acting in this weeks episode of holby city,
I liked a video Holby City: Dom falls down the stairs/Dom confesses to Isaac abusing him/isaac is
Where's my holby city and casualty fans gone?πŸ˜‚
decided to start watching holby city again but I have no idea what's going on 😟
I had ear phones in n my mum shouts "oh no they've been given a black eye" n I was like "oh no who" n then she said "in Holby City"
Yikes! I was going to mention ligaments/tendons, what with all my Holby City/ER expertise!! πŸ˜‰ Get t…
I really want to meet Alex I love him in Holby City and I loved him in Casualty, The Bill and Waterloo Road.
Screencaps of Bernie Wolfe from the last episode of holby city S19 Ep27
Holby City in the bath...I should be a girl πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ”₯
This week’s review, in which we discover why you shouldn’t wear your best dress on AAU…
On this date holby city episode when lightening strikes twice (S6) was on πŸ“Ί
With Serena gone, Holby City, statistically, has 100% more lone Wolfe's.
Thank you. Holby City was nominated for a Bafta last year.
Holby city and Corrie had abortions these past couple of weeks too! Way too readily available in soaps..
What about the offspring of the 'squeezed middle', 'Mondeo Man', and 'Holby City Woman'?
Great admirer.But OUR war has been won. Just watch Holby City. Other causes beckon.
The abuse storyline in Holby City is killing me.
Holby City without is like wine without alcohol. It's just not natural.
Brilliant episode of Holby City tonight well done Dom
Someone on Holby City has the same unusual complaint I did. FAME AT LAST.
Gemma Oaten's debut ruined by 'inaccurate' plot hole.
rewatching holby city from last night and still cry when Dom gets hurt even more ps Kyle is looking cu…
What a brilliant addition to our show :).
only just watched last nights Holby City like an hour ago and I'm so happy with the outcome πŸ˜…
We thought we recognised the new face on Holby City...
Did you see BBC Holby City last night and how the makeup artists dressed Dominic's face after falling down the...
Holby City seemed mild after watching this twice!
It is! You have the chance to write a mini episode of Holby City and film with the actors
Yes last year there was a Drama skills workshop. They created an episode of Holby City. Is it the same…
Gemma Oaten praised for debut but fans can't ignore THIS massive blunder.
Watched Holby City for the first time in years last night and I already hate Isaac and want to protect Dom...
Horror violence for Dom, big shock for Fletch and 8 other Holby City spoilers
Excellent Holby City on BBC One. Perpetrators of domestic violence are cowards. Well done for showing not only women…
Ex-Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten makes first appearance on Holby City
Serena we miss you in holby city and we can went to see you back in holby city any see Bernie
"A nurse told me the biggest problem facing the NHS is Holby City. Then again, she could've said obesity". My kind of humour, Milton JonesπŸ‘πŸΌ
Have you watched the BRAND NEW : yet? don't miss out on the discussion
Discussing eps 17 & 18 of and analyzing where stands. Join me on a new :
I found clips of Connor from when he was in holby city (like 8 years ago) and OMG πŸ˜‚
Not news on Guy unfortunately but Holby news:...
ohh yeah I thought she died when she was in Holby City..
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Sat in the hotel bar watching Holby City, what a way to end an away day πŸ˜‚
On this date holby city episodes a kind of loving (S5) and eat your heart out (S16) was on πŸ“Ί
Been to Spain for the week, highlight watching Holby City in the hotel room. Awesome!!
It's the day of reckoning at Holby City with Connie and Elle going head to head. Who will win? Tonight's is directed by
fans, we have a lot to discuss. Watch the BRAND NEW and joint the conversation
Holby City reveals a big cast shake-up as Casualty's Lofty joins the wards and Donna returns:
Hey Chizzy . when is Derwood back in holby city with you? miss you both not together be great to see Hector again to xx
Like the cast of Star Trek and Holby City...^^
Casualty and Holby City fighting over Lofty like
Still not over the fact that Donna Jackson is returning to holby city. Wish I was a surprise though.
O your moving to Holby City is my visit still on i hope so ??? xxx
did you also advise them that asystole is a non-shockable rhythm? This error is frequently on and Holby City.
Lee Mead ironically hit announced his Casualty:
Start your weekend with a brand new : . Join the discussion!
Lee Mead struck with illness just as his Holby City role is announced
Casualty star Lee Mead heads to Holby City as Lofty and Donna return via
Just incase any Meady fans have had their head under a duvet for the last 24hrs, the news is... LOFTY RETURNS .…
Poor poor Lee, still got a blocked nose but he's heading to for a Charity gig tonight!
Sue's () weekly review as usual on brilliant as usual. Thanks Sue!...
πŸš‘ swaps for the Keller Ward and returns to htt…
Did you know the new : is up early this week? Watch it now:
Glad this has been announced. I'm literally writing all the characters right now 😁via
Lee Mead ironically hit with illness as it is announced his Casualty character will return in Holby City
Just a few more - the common room and study areas looked like a Holby City scene this afternoon. Saving lives! DRS ABS…
Check out the BRAND NEW : . No, it's not Saturday yet, but u r getting it anyway!
I love all Holby City characters, especially [looks at blurred writing on hand] Henry Harrison?
I'll still never understand why Casualty and Holby City are set in the exact same hospital, yet are completely different hospitals...
Breaking News: Anas Sarwar to take on leading role in Holby City via
I saw Henry Kelly, Victor Meldrew and some bloke from Holby City yesterday. Not even joking.
don't they just. Holby city and casualty will be next. Get a grip
Love how casualty and holby city are merging characters ✨
It felt like you'd written for Jac before - have you worked on Holby City before?
Hello, my name is Montse and my birthday is on September 13... πŸ’–.
10/10 choice. Stars the doctor out of holby city in it as the 'hunk' in a v neck too.
don't worry about losing you've cracking shows like.. err.. um.. err.. Holby City? Eastenders?.. maybe not
Holby City & Peaky Blinders are my last lines . If they go, I go.
On this date holby city episode star maker (S8) was on tv.
When Connie gives Sam the picture of grace in series 9 episode 12 of holby city was the cutest scene β€οΈπŸ’–
I'm just having a strop now. I mean, no offence but can't they scrap Casualty or Holby City to save some cash?
spent the whole day thinkin holby city was on tonight & ive just realised its Monday πŸ™„ gutted
Gorgeous 1920 x 1080 HD screencaps of Jemma Redgrave from last week's "Holby City"
another successful show gone. Yet money is still ploughed into dross like casualty, Holby City etc!!
The BBC are useless. What next? EastEnders going to Sky and Holby City to Netflix?
Been watching Holby City lately because my sisters obsessed with it and it's actually pretty good, looking forward to tomorrow's episode πŸ€”
A few weeks ago I made a blink and you will miss it appearance on Holby City. No idea how I got that head injury!!! –  10% Off
oh you are finally watching Holby City then
02:15 Holby City: Sacha's birthday celebrations don't go quite according to plan.
Bored while waiting for holby city to come on bbc 2 at 2:15am
Two things I didn't expect on the Cuban paquete - Holby City and Bonnie Tyler
more injuries than an episode of Holby City
don't forget if your still up at 02:15 holby city is repeated on BBC2
If Casualty didn't break me enough, they play the Holby City trailer straight after πŸ˜©πŸ’”
On this date holby city episodes trial retribution (S9) and devils dance (S14) was on tv.
Holby City or the X Factor for talent & value? Really??
Bernie and Serena from Holby City, I ship them so much πŸ’™πŸ’Ž
gets me gasseD that they've have some holby city characters in casualty recently
you mean? Mate, I watch Eastenders and Holby City, I can't say anything πŸ™ˆ
I was asked once but could not attend as I was a casualty in Holby City.
We'll have gorgeous 1080p HD screencaps of Jemma Redgrave from "Holby City - Brave New World" tomorrow.
ngl i love louis theroux. i listen to the archers and i watch casualty and holby city but otherwise i just. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
was scriptwriter for City Hear her talk ref her books 6 Oct
I've taped Holby City and Casualty on the video player
"Medical episode". That's an edition of Holby City isn't it?
The mothership claims she spotted from Holby City on the 185 with kids/scooter in East Dulwich.
Fat chance. Holby City is more my level. I live in hope. (Just).
Georgina Campbell: from guest roles on Casualty and Holby City to winning a Bafta and sharing lollies with Jude Law htt…
Holby City star Robert Powell is on stage with Liza Goddard in Sheffield in Alan Ayckbourn's riotous comedy,...
Oh my god, I just cried my heart out at Holby City. What incredible acting from the whole cast, especially - you are phenomenal!
Not gonna be able to watch Holby City the same after trying to twerk on John Michie last night πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ
Holby City "-the bedside manner of Kylo Ren or Lord Voldemort". I am done.
Yet another ill-judged balloon release on prime time telly last night. This time right at the end of BBC Holby City - so sad
I feel understanding of the NHS comes frome watching Holby City and Casualty reruns
Marc Elliot is coming into Holby City AND playing Dom's new love interest? My TV screen just got 100% hotter.
Holby City (18/27) review: Jesse gets his priorities in order
Marc Elliott to join Holby City as new generalΒ surgeon
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BBC One - Holby City, Series 18, Prioritise the Heart, Secrets from the past OOH BERNIE.
EastEnders star Marc Elliott gets short, back and Syed for Holby City role
EastEnder Marc Elliott heads for Holby City: Former EastEnders actor Marc Elliott has been cast as a doctor in...
Former EastEnders star Marc Elliott joins Holby City as a new love interest for Dominic Copeland:
Former EastEnders star Marc Elliot has announced he will be joining the cast of Holby City as the new love interest of D…
Remember Marc Elliot as Syed Masood in ? He doesn't look like this anymore!
I thought it had linked πŸ˜‚ Syed from EastEnders is joining the cast of Holby City.
Marc Elliott to join as new general surgeon Issac Mayfield
(Daily Record):Masood is unrecognisable in new Holby City role : MARC..
Recognise this handsome ex EastEnder, who's soon to turn up on the wards of Holby City?
EastEnders' Syed Masood is unrecognisable as he joins Holby City
Former Eastenders star Marc Elliott joins Holby City as Dominic’s new love interest
EastEnders' Marc Elliott is looking a little different in his new Holby City role!
Holby city last night were so good πŸ‘πŸΌ
spoilers: Marc Elliot joins cast as Dr Mayfield, aka Dominic's new love interest! http…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
This is the picture I love from Jac's office in Holby City. Any idea how I can get hold of this?
Syed Masood 'scrubs up' well huh? Marc Elliott joins Holby as Dominic's new love interest:
Syed Masood looks totally unrecognisable in his new role
Heather Peace's episode of Holby City airs on the 19th of April, and she will be playing 'Alex Dawson'πŸ˜€
Junior doctors, all they do is sit on the hospital roof drinking coffee or shag each other in cupboards. I've seen Holby City. Charlatans
the casts of Casualty/Holby City used to be. Also seen Joss Ackland, Wanda Ventham and various others
02:45 Holby City: Bernie is forced to question what she wants when her future at Holby is put in doubt.
This hasn't actually been on TV yet so no ones seen it! HP will be in Holby City sometime soon, the other actress is
Also that man who used to be in holby city who looks a bit like Orlando bloom is in it
Saw there was a good British actress on Holby City the other night
Your life has been impressive. I never had you down as a Holby City fan? xx
Why demote Connie to consultant in ED when she used to be director of Holby City? Bizarre decision from producers
U.K. Friends, what is Holby City and where can I watch it online?
Not Patrick Dempsey interrupted the bride who IS Amy Adams from Jeremy from Holby City trying to win her back. Makes sense.
Ohh!! I think he was in Holby City. Outstanding career progression.
Holby city is on the tv I think it's time to go hame
hello you! 😊 what was the holby city guys name again that came into work we saw?? Xx
Holby City Connie was brilliant but Casualty Connie is perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ Neither do I! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
One of the stars in this has appeared in holby city but which one?
Would the different Star Trek series (DS9, Voyager) count? Or Holby City as a spin-off to Casualty? :-)
What does Rick Griffin from Holby City know about Rugby?
On this date holby city episodes cruel to be kind (S4) and holbys got torment (S15) was on tv.
A MILLION ''THANK YOUs'' FOR 'HOLBY CITY' AND 'CASUALTY'.my week's highlights (and for guy henry in 'Holby')
The NHS staffing crisis is so bad that Jeremy Hunt is now allowing people to apply if they've worked on an episode of *** €¦
everybody knows Holby City is on a Tuesday!
Binging Holby City and someone calls to ask me to go out and be a functioning human being.
Probably about the same as an episode of Holby City
look what I found - u can't wait till your in the tv again I love holby city and your on it again xx htt…
Rubbish; if it's not baking shows, it's F1, casualty, Holby city, Jezza Kyle.
On this date holby city episodes for better for worse (S5)/ 12 hour nightmare (S10) and exit strategy part two (S16) was on tv.
can you please get someone from Holby City and Casualty on the show this year πŸ™πŸ»
Watching holby city. Connie v ric wars are too funny πŸ˜‚
I hope she gets well soon, The closest I've been to a hospital is Holby City.
New carbon of Catherine Russell BritishActress in BBC TV drama Holby City.
also stars Carla from Corrie, ex boy band lead singer Steve Hart and holby city star Mark Moraghan
please. I beg off you please do a casualty/holby city cross over
except for House, Casualty, Holby City and ER - all essentially fly on the wall ;)
Today I am back filming an ep of BBC's Holby City & yes the knits are with me! Knitting recent orders off set - will yours be one of them?
Watching Holby City and they are covering Never really seen it covered on TV, the key to most of my weirdness πŸ€”
l tried to download Holby City Where We Belong from 15/03 but there is only 12 mins available and not the full hour why is this
i feel so old. I can remember you on Holby City. And Happy St Patricks day. Xx
Harry puts holby city on to fall asleep ahhh πŸ˜‚
Holby City and Casualty are the same to me.
Has she done Lewis Hamilton and that guy from Holby City?
On this date holby city episodes coming back to bite you (S11) and we have the technology (S17) was on tv.
Rachel's audition for Holby City went well...
Post-Holby gathering; de-briefing and de-compressing after a tour of the Holby City set at…
From what I have been told it is Holby City. Don't suppose you took any pics? Thanks
I'm so excited for to start in Holby City 😍😘
Othello seems that you've walked into the wrong set, this is not holby city mate
I was a regular on 'Holby City,' and I did daytime; that's how I started of...
be careful of heart attacks tho, last week on holby city someone ate 15 and it was nearly the end. Stay safe xo
Visiting the new set for hospital drama Holby City shortly (or Fir Park as it used to be called). Wish me luck!
Plus we analysed the content of this week's Holby City following your formula
I must be on a different planet but i cannot stand programmes such as holby city, happy valley etc cheesy as *** .
Finally catching up with this week's Holby City!
On this date holby city episode baptism of fire (S6) was on tv.
City 'department put in special measures via squibreport
Holby City proves again to be the most dangerous placement on Earth for health care staff
This agency nurse sounds so much like Chantelle who used to be in Holby City!πŸ˜‚
You're not a true actor working in Britain until you've had a role on either Casualty or Holby City
I'm scared of blood, needles and hospitals yet still religiously watch casualty and holby city πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
How could the put a health hazard in charge of the ED, Holby City Hospital is going to burn down!
On this date holby city episode tip of the iceberg (S3) was on tv.
Finally found a website to deisgn and order a Personalised Holby City hoodie. :)
If you are a Casualty or Holby City fan then follow my fan account
Will see you all tonight for (let the battles commence) and we're back at Holby City Hospital for another dose of
Anonymous said: I'm really confused. Apparently Casualty and Holby City are linked, both set in the same...
On this date holby city episodes choose life (S5)/ on a mission (S10) and unraveled (S15) was on tv.
I thought it was the Swedish guy from Holby City...
Thanks to Geoffrey Wansell for a kind review of - 'Holby City meets Happy Valley'
Higher quality Holby City screen captures added to the gallery from series 2 episode 12
yeah it's not Holby City, try finding a British porter in England :)
From Holby City in an Italian restaurant in Leicester Square
Find it stupidly hilarious that characters from holby city pop up to casulty 😭😭
Holby City on BBC 1 at 8:00pm March 8th, 2016
Great mini series. We now need to see you in 'Holby City'! When will this happen?
Great performance by you as always in Tuesday's Holby City episode πŸ‘ Zosia is such a brilliant character 😊
casualtys loss is Holby City and Stella's gain !! Simples πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Just a clarification on behalf of the BBC. The Pope's Easter address will be broadcast, as usual, from the Holy City and NOT Holby City.
This account is going to be based around Holby City and Casualty but may be other programmes in the near future. X
On this date holby city episodes wonderland (S6) and anything you can do (S16) was on tv.
I have so much holby city to catch up on.
That's dear who, ironically, played a nurse in Holby City and had Holby's first *** kiss (back in 2002?)
I really hope they do a holby city/ casualty crossover it'll be just like unit with her and Bernie πŸ™ˆπŸŽ‰
I remember the guy playing the STD nurse when he was in Holby City
it is. Punishable by death by holby city
Been waiting in hospital to be seen for five hours and my mum just went "they don't have waits like this in holby city or causality"
Oi Is that in on my telly box?! Catching up on Wicked performance, congrats babe
Spoilers for 8th March, who has got that loving feeling?
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Holby City | S18-E22 On the Ropes | Radio Times 'Serena is in love with Robbie'
Welcome to Holby City ED! would be great to get an interview with you on the radio! Reply if you're interested!
hurry up with the presser lads, I need to catch up on last nights Holby City
Vyvyan would be horrified, but mostly because of that time you were in Holby City, Adrian.
On this date holby city episodes dispossessed (S2)/ honour thy father (S7) and take her breath away (S11) was on tv.
This week’s review: the ever circling poo bird of fate targets Digby
Problem is Labour use out of work actors from Holby City,do they count towards the 100
Georgia Marshalls story is like an episode of Holby City or summetπŸ˜‚πŸ”«
I second that, excellent acting by you on Holby City, very handsome tooπŸ˜‰
Waiting for Georgia Marshall's snapchat story to turn into an episode of Holby City
Trying to spot all the out of work Actors from Holby City,& the Away Day Brigade from Head Office
please follow me Chizzy ❀️ Mo is one of my faves in Holby City 😘
wht inspires you to act in casualty? I nevr realy watch casualty only Holby City and even tho i hate blood n gore i stil enjoy it
Thank you Sue Haasler for another cracking review.
Thanks to everyone who alerted me to the episode of Holby City last night in which a patient has APS! This isn't...
Jeremy Hunt's claim that 43% of doctors are at work questioned after it's revealed his figures include the cast of Holby …
Casualty just had its "I'm a big star...I was on Strictly Come Dancing" moment, then the actor thought..."Wait, this is not Holby City"
Holby City features autistic character in new storyline: Holby City storyline features Jules... Society
The Jump 2016: Tom Parker replacing Tina Hobley on show: The singer will be taking over after the Holby City actress was forced to p...
I'm feeling that way about moving to Holby City. Must be impossible to get insurance there?
Congrats to my darling son Jules who debuts as Jason in Holby City BBC1 next Tuesday. A star is born!.. Biased? Moi?
True! People watch Holby City and think everyone survives a cardiac arrest...reality is average 18% survive...
Feel like I'm in an episode of Holby City today, though without too much drama, no blood but extra weirdness...
Very proud of grad, Gemma Copping who landed a role as new story assistant on
you won't find many of those in Holby city. Lol :-). Certainly brightened up my dreary day in the office. X
Catching up on Holby City, just watched them use a PAT slide upside down. Not great for anyone let alone someone with a C-spine injury!
One of our graduates lands a writing role for the BBC!
This game was why I didn't need Holby City
CPR is not dignified or glamourous like in Casaulty/Holby City. We need more open discussions about what it involves
Former University of Northampton student secures television role on BBC1's Holby City -
Sharon D Clarke: from Holby City to siren songs
In completely unrelated news, after last weeks Holby City phase, I now can't get the Murder She Wrote theme song out of my head
Jemma Redgrave on her "fierce" Holby City role: 'Bernie Wolfe will face friction'
he could appear on HOLBY CITY as a patient
Calling fans of Jemma Redgrave - Kate in . Jemma has joined Holby City!. More @ https:/…
can't believe the damage you did to car in Holby City. I hope you have paid for the damages and learnt your lesson!
What a treat for fans, Jemma Redgrave joining. She talks about why she's loving filming on the wards >
depends on how much you want to spend being on a holby city salery maybe Argos
spoiler alert! on a dramatic turn of events for Dominic
.We should be looking to see what we can learn from Holby City Hospital. What lessons are there for other DGHs?
The girl next to me in the computer room has watched an episode of eastenders and is now watching holby city πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Time to catch up on some Holby City before work 😊
Work colleagues moaning about their various ailments. Between them they have enough material for the next series of Casualty AND Holby City.
Thought I'd torment myself by watching MOTD. Have found it's on an hour later up here as we have Holby City. Of course w…
Now you're the country's favourite pharmacist, maybe you could get an acting role in Holby City.
Apparently I missed about half of last nights Holby City through falling asleep
Holby City bosses cast Jemma Redgrave as surgeon Bernie Wolfe after seeing her on Doctor Who via
oh I hadn't realised you were still there. It's like Holby City late night extra.
I think I should start watching holby city ... I watched it tonight and really enjoyed it so let's see the sister of casualty in action !!
I have such a guilty pleasure for holby city idec😸
BBC Scotland opt for a holby city repeat instead of putting match of the day at the same time as England. πŸ™ˆ
Playing on Tuesdays threw us, the lads are usually tucked up watching Holby City.
Whoever came up with the idea to put holby city on before match of the day needs a brick to the heed. 😴😴
BREAKING: striker Daniel Sturridge is currently having a medical at Holby City ahead of a Β£19m move
'I heard you were Henry the Hoover in Holby City'; Alan Carr just burned a robot. I love it.
Our Alan Bates Winner 2015 will storm it in Holby City tonight
I remember weird stuff working at Holby City too!
.and you should stop thinking Holby City is real life. It is as real as 'east enders'... pure BBC dreamy ***
Basically Connie deserved every single one of the awards for Casualty and Holby City! She's Queen B for a reason!
We have been mutual for years :P Pretty sure it was because of Holby City aha :) are you in accommodation???
How did Holby sin city beat Zo's standalone?!?!?!
On this date holby city episodes long days night (S5) and last dance (S16) was on tv.
Can't wait to see my hero make his BBC1 debut tonight. Rumours he's about to join the cast of Holby City
I used to be able to watch Holby City, 10mins in and they've given some one 300mg of metoclopramide for being sick once...
You look very like Camilla Arfwedson (Secret Escapes Advert, Holby City) from that angle. Both very beautiful women.
wait, that's not the word I mean is it? I mean the thing that makes really expensive films look like holby City anyway.
It started off with that guy off ur apprentice (Sam???) and now this guy off holby City
Idk who this blonde nurse on holby city is but she is πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
For we have 10 of the best Henrik moments courtesy of - thank you 󾌰 !...
Tuesday's are the best, Fargo and Holby City
BBC Store includes 137 episodes of Casualty, 436 episodes of Doctors, 156 of Holby City, and 248 episodes of Bargain Hunt.
I watched Holby City can I debate NHS funding? Thought so.
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