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Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or simply Hogwarts is the primary setting for the first six books of the Harry Potter series by J. K.

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At Universal Studios and the Hogwarts express worker looks at and says ," Weasley perhaps?"
The hogwarts express Harry, Ron and hermione pops but they're expensive and I have no more room
1st day at was a success! Read the story and see the photos and videos of the journey there on the blog! .
If you just change the spacing around a little bit, Hogwarts express becomes hog wart sex press. Hehehe
Harry is heading off to Hogwarts! So are we! All aboard the Hogwarts Express...right through platform 9 3/4!
All aboard the Hogwarts Express! 🚂 Except this time, we're going shopping in Milan!
Yeah my wife collects the HP ones but she's skipped the Hogwarts Exp…
Special cake for a special day. The Hogwarts Express is about to depart at the Palace Theatre.
Seeing someone vape while riding a skateboard reminds me of the Hogwarts express
I have a Hogwarts Express. That might be the last thing I bought, actually, and that was a while ago.
Finding a ticket for the Hogwarts Express makes reading so much more magical!
All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Enjoy a Harry Potter themed 4 course meal. Respond by owl or get your tickets here…
So, not only have I got an evil cat into one of my lectures, I've also managed to get the hogwarts express into the…
Hogwarts Express in the Urals? A viaduct built next to the town of Krasnoufimsk, some 200km west of Yekaterinburg.…
Harry Potters fans can travel to for a ride on the Hogwarts Express 🚂. 😁 .
He stands in awe of the steaming engine, the train that shall propel him to the stage that he was born for, the Hogwarts Express.
I literally would have used it for the Hogwarts Express and nothing else and that didn't justify the price
It may be a dumb question but what the *** does the trolley lady do for money the rest of the year when the Hogwarts Express isn't running?
This baby on his 2nd ride at the hogwarts express. Feeling nervous yet excited. 🍁
Do YOU know what numbers are on the Hogwarts Express are? I heard the answer, and I still don't know! 😂
Orlando, its better since it has the Hogwarts express and Diagon Alley. Also WHEN!?
Just rode the hogwarts express and I'm buzzing ma *** off
Taking the Hogwarts Express (JK but it feels like it - first time riding a train in Europe!)…
He is ready for the Hogwarts Express
Happy 20th, Harry Potter! Throwback to me getting scared to death by a Dementor on the Hogwarts Express. ✨🔮
Chapter 10 As the Hogwarts Express drags along the countryside, all the kids' hearts race in time with the engine. The scene is so
Fancy reading a vintage post? We went on the Hogwarts Express and Tried Butterbeer!
I'm most looking forward to seeing the hogwarts express and forbidden forest as they we…
Had the weirdest dream where . I was making out with Mrs. Weasley on the Hogwarts Express 🤔😉😫-🖤
Just got on my Hogwarts Express to Scotland from King's Cross! Pretty sure I saw Albus Severus Potter there!
Today's the day Albus Severus Potter boards the Hogwarts Express at King's Cross for the first time ⚡️
Rolled onto the Hogwarts Express 15 minutes late with Starbucks. See you at 11:20, Edinburgh!
I want to ride on this Hogwarts express..
Every night I hear the train and I always think about the hogwarts express
Harry Potter date night on the Hogwarts Express. @ Heber Valley Railroad
Wizard World Camp-it was full STEAM ahead on the Hogwarts Express!made with
What's the matter, Hogwarts Express derail when exposed to truth? Why a 3 day delay for…
You need a park to park ticket to ride the Hogwarts Express between the two Potter la…
So in the film universe, Harry's birthday is either September 1st, or the Hogwarts Express leaves on July 31st for school.
Happy birthday to our favorite boy wizard and the amazing writer who brought us along on the Hogwarts Express! ⚡️
Even though it was a horrid day we did Gringotts, forbidden journey, the mummy, dragon challenge, the Hulk, Hogwarts express.
This is a much cooler version of the Hogwarts Express.
Dessert: It's a Nutella milkshake (good idea, in a Hogwarts Express cup (for Great night to…
Here's a picture of me riding the Hogwarts Express to honor Harry Potter's birthday ⚡️
Hogwarts Express. Don't forget to change at Manulla Junction
Quiz time: can you name the train line that appeared in the Harry Potter movies as the Hogwarts Express?...
Omg 😂. I haven't been to Hogwarts express before.
Can you imagine Professor Lupin boarding the Hogwarts Express for the first time without his friends? 😢
I love lupin. I love that he's possibly day drinking while on his way to teach at hogwarts while on the express. I love my scrawny child
Southampton look like they've just got off the Hogwarts Express.
In 3 months time I will be in the USA scream-crying as I enter Hogwarts and ride ON THE ACTUAL HOGWARTS EXPRESS 😰
Drinking a beer on the Hogwarts Express. This is it. This is the happiest I'll ever be.
Just saw the Hogwarts Express get pulled over by a cop👍🏻
I've always wondered how it was possible that Harry and Ron had a compartment all to themselves on the Hogwarts express in first year...
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'Due to delays on the Hogwarts Express, passengers travelling to Hogwarts should take the replacement bus service.'
A lifetime of from a chance meeting on the Hogwarts Express.
Take us to Hogwarts! These are the tracks for the Jacobite train (aka the Hogwart's Express). We…
One of the Hogwarts Express scene were filmed here, absolutely spectacular view, we are on…
You'll have to sit through mine on Hogwarts Express Day. ;-)
I mean, except for Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express.
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Weird, I know. Also, I got a Hogwarts Express ornament & the Elder Wand. All done in 30 minutes! Amazing!
might as well be called the Hogwarts express. Both are fictional business endeavors that require feats of…
Harry Potter fans warned about risking death to recreate classic movie moment -
.a warning is out to people about risking lives on Glenfinnan Viaduct. Could you help raise awareness? https:…
All aboard the ghetto hogwarts express aka the Kissimmee Amtrak lmao
I had one shaped like the Hogwarts Express!
It would be my wildest dream for to join us along with the Hogwar…
All set to ride the Hogwarts Express with Raelhyn! 😍😍😍
Harry Potter fans risking death to recreate movie scene via
Harry Potter fans warned they are dicing with death
I asked my dad to get me a present from Harry Potter studio tour so he got me a photo of himself next to the hogwarts express
Harry Potter:. Harry Potter fans are putting themselves in danger:
Need to go back to the soon! Still haven't seen the hogwarts express, dark arts or forbidden forest expansion yet! 🙈✨
Harry Potter fans 'dicing with death' to get pictures of Hogwarts Express train
Harry Potter fans ‘dicing with death’ to get pictures of Hogwarts Express train
What do you call a wizard who's running late for the Hogwarts Express? Hurry Potter
Harry Potter fans are risking lives by trespassing on Highland 'Hogwarts Express' railway line, warn…
fans warned against trespassing on railway line at Glenfinnan Viaduct
The Hogwarts Express was originally built by the Muggle engineers at Crewe, in Cheshire, England.
Took the Hogwarts Express for a new adventure @ The Wizarding World…
Dear does the Hogwarts Express go through York, Darlo, Durham and Newcastle? I know the knight bus does. Asking for a friend.
Waiting to ride the Hogwarts Express back to Islands of Adventure.
Love this opening par: "The train was like the Hogwarts Express, but for feminists"
Hogwarts Express - still a better service than First Great Western... 😆
All Ron Weasley wanted was to ride the Hogwarts Express in peace. Then he met Harry and went on a 5 year journey saving the world.
The kind of stuff I read while waiting in line for the Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios.
Hogwarts Express leaves tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. Don't be late.
Forever wondering if Scottish students have to travel all the way to London to get the Hogwarts Express only for it to g…
Get $10 to spend on pops for free and get a chance to win a full Hogwarts Express
The Hogwarts express just arrived! . Available for order at . Check previous…
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"Take it away Earl!" (Overheard on the Hogwarts Express) . No. It is Ernie. Why are you even here.
At Today's Matinee:. the Role of The Beast's Castle will be shared by Hogwarts and The Polar Express
Pretty sure I saw queuing for the Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios ...
At the private event at on Saturday. No wait for Hogwarts Express. Great event, OI!
Currently drinking a Stella on the Hogwarts Express. Dreams do come true.
Currently drinking beer on the Hogwarts Express. Can't say I ever thought I'd say that.
Riding Hogwarts Express at Universal and a girl riding with us goes, "This looks a lot like the one in the Harry Potter movies." 🙈🙈🙈🙈
Purposely missed The Hogwarts Express so we could roll up in this bad boy, ready to start the drama.
I didn't even know it was on, guess the spirit just lead me to express my passion for Hogwarts..
Sat on the train in London... Then I realised the last train I actually got was the Hogwarts Express 👏🏼👀 u remember drinking Butter Beer? ✈🌞👍
This is awesome - take a trip on the REAL Express! I want to do this when I visit this summer.
So excited to be boarding the Hogwarts Express!!!
Turns out the Hogwarts express is having a year off today. Today's mode of transport.
There's a definite Hogwarts Express vibe on my computer bag the way for thermodynamics.
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we're taking the train to New York today. we're both excited. but Tim seems to be expecting the Hogwarts Express. -p
Why was Lupin so resolutely asleep on The Hogwarts Express? Sleeping pills? I mean it's like an eight hour journey...
Toot! Toot! Peep! Peep! Not quite the Hogwarts Express, but Ribblehead here we come!
Special Early Bird tickets to YOH! Hogwarts Express Returns are almost sold out! These tickets include a free...
We are getting Sirius-ly excited to see you Beth! The Hogwarts Express won't disappoint!
Special Early Bird tickets to HOGWARTS EXPRESS RETURNS are almost sold out! Get yours on now:
Some lucky attendees will get disposable cameras to HOGWARTS EXPRESS RETURNS. Mark from snaps:
Off to the today! Last time I was there they didn't have the Hogwarts Express, so I'm super stoked!
oh no I meant new for me😅 the hogwarts express wasn't there before (but privet drive is opening on Friday 😏)
each time I went there was something new there, like I went at Christmas and then the new Hogwarts Express
that you can ride the Hogwarts Express? Hop on for a magical journey!
My Supergirl and Powergirl POPs come on June 14th so I'll do a live unboxing of those. My Hogwarts Express POP rides and my Marvel PLPs (She
Puffing Billy is uncannily similar to the Hogwarts Express leaving Hogsmeade Station. Coincidence? I think not.
"Is this platform 9 3/4?" and the PM on the Hogwarts Express.
With a cup of Butterbeer, I bade my farewells, went on the Hogwarts Express to become a…
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That moment you arrive for the experience (yes that's the hogwarts express 👉🏻 http…
Jumping on the Hogwarts Express because I work for the coolest company in the world.
Voiceworks is as transformative to self-belief as 'an owl with a Hogwarts letter'—in
Really wish I could just board the hogwarts express 🚂
Congrats to Craig Pekios and Alyson Quan for winning our Hogwarts express prize packs!
But... It's like Harry Potter. It's cool and stuff. Oh well, Scotland has the Hogwarts Express.
Sounds like the Hogwarts Express and I'm here for it.
I just booked tickets on the real Hogwarts Express.
"Europe isn't like the hogwarts express, you can't take the train wherever you want"
Take me back to the start. ⚡️🚂 @ Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross Station -…
Bout to clap back at some Death Eaters on the Hogwarts Express.
riding on the Hogwarts express has been the best experience of my life
vsheltonsmith Remember this place with the Ford Anglia and Hogwarts Express? 🚂
You can only take the Hogwarts Express at King's Cross. To board the Knight Bus, you stick out your wand hand.
Today I took the Hogwarts Express back to my childhood 🚂❤️ @ Harry Potter Studio Tour - WB…
EXCLUSIVE: to release Mystery Minis, Hogwarts Express, and more! https:/…
All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Check out Emma on her wish at the Wizarding World of
All aboard the Hogwarts Express! On Thurs 4th Feb our Year 7 students will be celebrating Harry Potter Book Day. https:/…
OK. now we can ride the hogwarts express~
On my first ever train ride atm 🚞 ... Feeling a little disappointed it's not more like the Hogwarts Express.
Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Full Set What more could you ask for?
Now that we have the Hogwarts Express, have got to add the inside of Gringotts to the tour
Just ride the Hogwarts Express. My dreams are coming true
It feels like the Hogwarts Express is chained up in the air while Chuckeline comes from another dimension... .
My friend said Alison coming back from 06 05 would be impressive. I said there's more chance of us going to Narnia on the Hogwarts express
All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Check out the new line of in my shop…
From the Union Pacific 49'er to the Hogwarts Express, you just never know what you might find on the high-rails...
I used to dream of getting on the Hogwarts express to go to Hogwarts and the second I stepped on the train I would wake up
Once the day arrived that it was time to board the Hogwarts express, Ginny made her way to platform nine and three +
"I'm sorry, Constable, but I had to catch up with the Hogwarts Express!"
This train just flickered and stopped like when the death eaters attacked the hogwarts express
Universal has two parks and each has their own Harry Potter land. If you get a park hopper you can ride the Hogwarts Express!!!
My lil Nephew has found a shared love for the Hogwarts Express and Thomas the Tank Engine.
pretty sure Pansy Parkinson gave him an OTPHJ on the Hogwarts Express though.
Waiting for the hogwarts express :)) @ Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross Station - Universal Studios
12% of Britons missed the Hogwarts Express this morning but have just seen a Ford Anglia so it's okay.
yes, please go to King's Cross Station, take Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts from Platform 9¾ at 11 AM sharp
HP World was AMAZING! I got a wand from Olivanders, ate at the Three Broomsticks,rode the Hogwarts Express &played Quidditch!
Over dinner there was a request to find Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross tomorrow. Pretty sure the Hogwarts Express won't be there though...
I've been to IoA and seen Hogsmeade & castle, but agree, would love to go back & see Diagon Alley, Hogwarts Express, etc.
1 September 1993: Dementors board the Hogwarts Express during the trip to Hogwarts. Lupin drove them away from Harry. ht…
I never thought the Hogwarts Express would be so small!
It's not quite Hogwarts express but nevertheless. Thanks for the ride
If you missed the Hogwarts Express this morning, please do not take a flying car to school.
Back to Hogwarts in five days! Who's bringing the Butterbeer so we can all get Voldemortal on the Hogwarts Express?
Фотосет: batcii: based heavily on this post, two very different trips on the Hogwarts Express 
"I'm scared of trains but I'd get on that hogwarts express" -
Um, obviously get my wand and catch The Hogwarts Express. What else?
Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 40028 new in package Train Free Shipping ! -
Why doesn't Ron sit with his brothers on the Hogwarts Express?
Maybe he just missed the Hogwarts Express!
*i am in Platform 3/4 with my dad waiting Hogwarts express train, I see you coming with your school stuffs * Hello Harry!
Last minute packing! The Hogwarts Express leaves at exactly 11 o'clock. Run straight at the wall between platforms 9 and 10. Don't miss it!
Train 2 Croatia has some slightly sub par Hogwarts Express vibes
every train whistle I hear I always assume it's the hogwarts express
Getting ready to board the Hogwarts Express.
Brad went through to ride the Hogwarts Express.
It's a date !! Yup although can't wait 2 go home. In Harry Potter land waiting 2 go on the Hogwarts express (25 min wait) xx
like from muenchmax on - Caption: Polar or Hogwarts Express? Full...
Ex Marks Hotel? Starting point for original journey. You really should read this:
Photo: A shot from the bus stance of the Jacobite Steam Train (aka the Hogwarts Express). This is what we...
doubted it. Snape had looked as if he'd been hit by the Hogwarts Express several times over, but he tried to be optimistic
"Goodbye August, but hello September. Hogwarts Express leaves from Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station at 11 o'clock sharp tomorrow."
and MARS in 2 days!!! :] "Instead of Poland we made a good decision to go to WarnerBross studio on Hogwarts Express for my B-day"
From hobbit holes to the Hogwarts Express, explore former movie sets around the world:
omg thanksgivings at the potters though. And if harry HAD met Ron in the Hogwarts Express. OMG SJSJS WEASLEY AND POTTER DINNER
Bad news for wizards and witches: the Hogwarts Express has been taken out of service. To your brooms, everyone! MLS
Getting ready to ride Hogwarts Express. @ Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross Station - Universal…
"If you weren't on the Hogwarts Express this morning then your life is sad."
All aboard! The new Hogwarts Express is truly amazing!
Fabulous lunch in the Leaky Cauldron, time to catch the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade!
Catching the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade from Diagon Alley after lunch & butterbeer in the Leaky Cauldron. Best sentence and day ever!
You actually walk through this wall like in the movie. @ Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross Station -…
On the train going to islands of adventure / hogsmead @ Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross Station -…
On the express train to Hogwarts castle!! ❤️😃💃 @ Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross Station -…
I'll get to see Diagon Alley and ride the Hogwarts Express
Anyone heading to London soon? Do not forget to visit Platform 9 3/4 in Kings Cross Station where Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry students board the Hogwarts Express. Stop by and take a picture running into the wall!
1 September 1992: Harry and Ron missed the Hogwarts Express and travelled to the school with the Flying Ford Anglia. htt…
Harry Potter and solcerer's stone Harry Potter ordinary life as a child in the family after his aunt and uncle when he was a baby left on their doorstep by Albus Dumbledore. His parents were killed by a dark wizard named Voldemort's powerful but he disappeared while trying to kill Harry. By the Dursleys, he was mistreated because the Dursleys do not want Harry and the others know that they are a family of witches. Harry's life changed when her home flooded with letters until they had to flee but eventually Rubeus Hagrid from Hogwarts itself deliver the letter that is an invitation to school at Hogwarts. Harry Potter finally determine its popularity in the world of magic during a visit to Diagon Alley, shopping witches and Gringotts, the wizarding bank. At Gringotts, Hagrid also carry out the task to pick up a small object that is very secret. On the way to school with the Hogwarts Express, Harry met several members of the Weasley family is Ronald Weasley, the twins Fred and George Weasley, and Percy Weasl ...
23 years ago today, Harry Potter boarded the Hogwarts Express and met Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Little did they …
"A scarlet steam engine was waiting next to a platform packed with people. A sign overhead said: Hogwarts Express, 11 o'…
just take the Hogwarts Express to the wardrobe, into Narnia , cross the bridge to Terabethia, off to the yellow brick road bro
Dad: It’s like we're on the Hogwarts Express! I'll be Hagrid, Steven will be Proff Lupin.Me-Who am I? Steven-Jean Valjean.-And we're off! :)
On this day 23 years ago Harry, Ron and Hermione met for the first time on the Hogwarts Express. http:/…
where are you? I'm on the Hogwarts Express and I can't find you
I think im going to lost the Hogwarts Express... Can and come here and take me with their car?
celebrates one million riders on Hogwarts Express. .
You know the Hogwarts Express that's now in Diagon Alley in Florida was built in Switzerland and I'm proud
All aboard the Hogwarts Express ! . Glenfinnan viaduct and The Jacobite steam train. Scotland. UK. . by danUK86...
I expect Escape from Gringotts to be disorienting. Really excited to see Hogwarts Express, Knockturn Alley, and that dragon!
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I haven't been since they changed it up and have the Hogwarts Express train ride. I'm going in October!!
Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts and the Hogwarts Express have both been added to the app.
nothing different than the opening of Carsland at DCA. The tricky part here is Hogwarts Express since it connects the parks.
Grimgotts wasn't open yet, but I did get to ride the Hogwarts Express. Was quite nice, I thought. Diagon Alley is fantastic.
Yes now get on the Hogwarts express and GTFO
We got to ride the Hogwarts Express twice!!! I can't wait to go back and see Diagon Alley!!!…
Hogwarts Express train full ride POV - Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade at Univ...: via - wow that is massive.
Did you see the Hogwarts Express at Wakes last
Getting ready to ride the Hogwarts Express!
you can officially ride the Hogwarts express tomorrow at universal. goodbye. 😭✌️
July 8, 2014 is the opening day for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express. I am such a kid, I wish I was going to be there or that I worked there or lived there. Have any of you been to Hogsmeade, the first part of the HP park?
You guys, the Tardis makes an appearance on the Hogwarts Express.
Here's Tim and his wife Jenn riding the Hogwarts Express between the two Universal parks. It looks really cool.
Went to Diagon Alley soft opening! I got a magical wand and got to ride the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade!!! —...
How long does the ride on the Hogwarts Express last?
Definitely have to go back to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I want to get on the new rides and the new shops AND THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS
Was only at for the last 2 hours it was open to see & Hogwarts Express, & it was amazing!
Take the Hogwarts Express from London to Hogsmeade and visit Hogwarts Castle
Drinking a strongbow on the Hogwarts Express was just awesome for the pure novelty of it.
well looks like I have to get off at the next stop on the Hogwarts express
need to ride the Hogwarts express asap rocky
omg i cant ride the hogwarts express bc i didnt get park2park tickets. My dreams have been CRUSHED 😭
Looks like Hogwarts Express is going to have a re-ride line during busy times for sure.
Awesome visit today to Diagon Alley! First in line for Hogwarts Express. Thanks for all the tips. http…
*I look over at you from the bench on the Hogwarts Express and sigh moving near you.* Draco...
On the same Hogwarts Express as Nice tube socks bro
Don't forget, having your park to park tickets prior to trying to ride the Hogwarts Express will save you time!
Hogwarts Express reride line will be in use starting tomorrow, 2nd ride will be 2x wait of 1st! ~
About to board the Hogwarts Express to Kings Cross Station.
Basically we took the Hogwarts express to island of adventure from Universal Studios👌 just did the hulk ride😍
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Hogwarts Express steam is working overtime tonight! ~
Omg how cute is ?! So nice and awesome keeping the Hogwarts Express running on time.Folks like her keep us all coming back!!
All aboard! Take Harry Potter's journey on the Hogwarts Express at Read my review.
Lol @ the guy who tries to pull a Draco on the Hogwarts Express "My father will hear about this."
this is in universal. U can even ride the Hogwarts express to Hogsmede from London!!
Enjoying some butterbeer by the Hogwarts Express. Just your typical Monday.
Hogwarts Express 16, if only that's where it really went.
ok that's awesome! That means we can go to both hp worlds and ride the hogwarts express I think! Childhood dreams tbh
Tomorrow the Hogwarts Express is scheduled to begin operation at 9 am
The only complaint I have about Diagon Alley is at the Hogwarts Express. The girl that voices Hermione is NOT Emma Watson.
Harry Potter fans..I went to Diagon Alley today..rode the hogwarts express, had some butterbeer, and went to hogwarts
I just want to board the Hogwarts express that is all
Gunna take a trip to Orlando in October to ride the Hogwarts express and drink butter beer in Hogsmeade. Gunna need by my side.
"The Disneyland Hotel is a combination of Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Grand Floridian" - guest behind me in line for Hogwarts Express
Universal Orlando visitors get early Hogwarts Express ride
Orlando Sentinel - Universal visitors get early Hogwarts Express ride
Universal Studios visitors get early Hogwarts Express ride
Getting ready to see the new Harry Potter section parks can't wait to board Hogwarts Express
I feel like it's Aug 31st and I'm going to King's Cross in the morning to get on the Hogwarts Express. To go to Hogwarts.
Butter Beers, wands, a castle tour, Hogwarts Express, The Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade, I think my life is complete.
Myeisha & Jerica I just want to ride the Hogwarts Express.. Round trip, Google times lol
*sniff of self pity at Hogwarts Express photo whilst being excited for you* ;) x
First Video of Hogwarts Express in Action from Diagon Alley Expansion at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
will you be able to ride the Gringotts coaster tonight or the Hogwarts Express?
I didn’t do rides today, but hope they’ll let me experience Gringott’s Bank and Hogwarts Express tomorrow morning on Sunrise.
One half day of work left, and soon, I will be riding the Hogwarts Express. It's a bittersweet trip, but I am happy to be going home to American soil.:-) I miss my bro and stepson.
Be a part of the excitement!! Your ticket on the Hogwarts Express launches on July 8!!!
Diagon Alley to officially open July 8 but no word if Hogwarts Express is explicitly included in that date.
VIDEO - Find out when Boarding Begins aboard Hogwarts Express :.
My friend works on the Hogwarts Express and apparently Draco and Neville are at Islands of Adventure right now.
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Riding the Hogwarts Express is absolutely phenomenally fantastically incredible. It's real life.
The Backyard Buddies, Hogwarts Express program will be held today at 1PM at Legion Field, Art Hall/ Warming House area.
Diagon Alley, Escape from Gringotts, the Hogwarts Express, and more! July 8!
For all of my muggle friends that have been curious, the enchantments currently placed in london will be lifted on july 8th. U will be free to roam Diagon Alley and ride the hogwarts express ⚡❤
Okay Harry Potter Fans!!! Word is that Diagon Alley, the NEW section in Universal Studios has its GRAND OPENING ON JULY 8th! You will be able to ride on the Hogwarts Express from Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure. If you are planning an Orlando vacation, I can help you with your planning so you can be a part of this experience. We are local agents in Penn Township who specialize in Universal Studios packages. Plus our services are totally FREE to you! Contact me Karolyn Seice at Karolyn or Lisa Greiner Warner at Lisa
Crying because Diagon Alley and Hogwarts Express open today in Universal and I can't be there because Im stuck taking fina…
If trains are good enough for Hogwarts, they're good enough for me. Plus the Hogwarts Express didn't have wifi.
Need to get to Florida and check out Diagon Alley and ride the Hogwarts Express!
Diagon Alley at Universal Studios officially opens on July 8! If anyone would like to donate to the "Help Taylor Board the Hogwarts Express" fund just me know 😃
And the new Hogwarts Express that actually moves and takes you to different parts of the park. 😩
I want to board the Hogwarts Express.
I reckon people will be fine for softs on hogwarts express though, so not all is lost
It's official, is opening 8th July Who's going to be 1st on The Hogwarts Express?
I waited 10 years before I could go to Hogwarts. Next month, I can finally visit Diagon Alley and board the Hogwarts Express after 16 years of waiting. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.
neither Gringotts nor the Hogwarts Express will be running today for the a today Show winners.
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Ahh at the new Diagon Alley in Orlando you can ride the Hogwarts express😍
Steven Spielberg is on site at and is inspecting the Hogwarts Express
Universal team members are getting ready for the Hogwarts express to open at
July 8th, I'll be riding the Hogwarts Express to Diagon Alley... 😏
The Hogwarts Express en route to in the distance.
Watching all the promo stuff for Diagon Alley makes me sad we can't get in 👎 I wanted to ride the Hogwarts Express.
The Today show went on a tour of the whole new island and the Hogwarts Express. I recorded it!
SOO jealous of the broadcasts this morning. Wish I was on the Hogwarts Express with you!!
With & the conductor of the Hogwarts Express in
All aboard! Guests will be able to take the Hogwarts Express to Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando beginning on July 8, 2014.
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