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Hocus Pocus

Hocus pocus, hocus-pocus, or hokus pokus is a term used by magicians; usually the magic words spoken when bringing about some sort of change, which originated as a stage name for the magician William Vincent.

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Went from Hocus Pocus to Elf real quick
I try to zet à goal to kick mister Lebu or Nebu hocus pocus out.I had enough.I m focused on it.Gab.
That’s why Buddha was born to teach them how to be humans yet some continued to believe in the hocus pocus…
I remember watching Casper and hocus pocus over and over again! We all know why I enjoyed Casper so muc…
A good thread on fate & hocus-pocus, first sin non-sense..just rigorous check it out 👇👌🙏
Why is Father Ted not on Netflix, and why is the wolf of Wall Street not on Netflix, and why is Christmas with the…
I will be in China next month on business. Should I extend my trip to visit $WTC and other Chinese hocus pocus…
This should cheer you up. Thanks to you I have found the trading style I like. Finally I can see a way f…
// That's blinx. I dunno if the name came from this, but the guy that got turned into a cat in Hocu…
//Binx the cat from Hocus Pocus actually 😊
4. I really want a black cat and I want to name it Binx after Hocus Pocus
I can't stand y'all and your zodiac hocus pocus 😒
I have been getting to Hocus POCUS for days now.…
eu com hocus pocus, back to the future II, footloose, snow white e mary poppins
.new track is an upbeat party monster called "Hocus Pocus" and you're gonna love it:…
I thought Hocus Pocus was a Disney Channel Original Movie until about three years ago.
Sometimes you just have to live with the truth that your life partner loves Hocus Pocus while you’re favorite is re…
So turns out in Hocus Pocus...the cat's name isn't's Thackery whole childhood was a lie
The scene in Hocus Pocus where Bette Midler sings "Put a Spell on You" is the greatest moment in cinematic history,…
George: [out of a long silence, apropos of nothing] Bette Midler doesn't approve of the Hocus Pocus remake.
Bette Midler thinks the Hocus Pocus reboot will be "cheap":
I just watched Hocus Pocus for the first time in my life. I enjoyed it 100% more than I thought I was going to. Bette Midler is aces.
I live 4 the part in Hocus Pocus when Zachary Binks’ father asks what happened to his son & Bette Midler responds with “cats got my tongue”
Bette Midler's nails in Hocus Pocus >
the dude’s name from Hocus Pocus was Thackeray Binx, not Zachary??
Hocus Pocus came out in 93 so I’ve spent 24 years under the impression that dude’s name was Zachary Binx when in reality it’s Thackery Binx
Watching the end of Hocus Pocus just to see human Zachary Binx 😍😍
I wish my brothers loved me as much as Max loves Danny in Hocus Pocus
Bette Midler slams upcoming Hocus Pocus TV remake: It's going to be cheap!
Watching hocus pocus. Long day tomorrow.
why do I always cry at the end of hocus pocus
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T: Pls don’t make me watch Hocus Pocus again tonight. Me: Okay then but only Halloween episodes
Hocus Pocus will always be my favorite movie🎃
You get to watch me cuss at all day/night today on channel‘s HOCUS POCUS marathon!! Happy Hall…
Watched hocus pocus for the first time. Not great.
I watched Hocus Pocus to participate in the Halloween spirit… I’ve been watching Christmas movies since it finished 😇❤️💚
Hocus Pocus is one of the greatest Halloween movies of all time.
Watching Hocus Pocus and falling asleep . Think it's time to call it a night . Hope everyone had a great Halloween . G…
I have been watching the Hocus Pocus marathon nonstop. I do not plan on ending this binge watch until the marathon is over.
Just go watch Hocus Pocus and be happy.
wish I was watching halloweentown or hocus pocus rn 😪
Let me tell y’all some. The movie Hocus Pocus is pure gold 🙌🏼!
Just watched Hocus Pocus and The Crow for Halloween. Will watch IWTV at 11:10 to finish it off. :)
Watching Hocus Pocus on Halloween night. Missing 3 ghosts being here to watch with me.👻🎃
I’m at home on Halloween night watching Hocus Pocus by myself, I don’t know how to feel about this
Ok so...who wants to FaceTime me and watch Hocus Pocus and/or Nightmare Before Christmas??
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When your Halloween didn't feel very Halloweenish but you walking into your suite to find your roommates watching hocus pocus
I've watching the Hocus Pocus marathon all day and I don't regret it
The one day a year I watch hocus pocus and get to see little sister as a child actor. 🎃
Every year I love watching Hocus Pocus during October. It's an absolute must!
'Hocus Pocus' remake will be 'cheap' according to Bette Midler
Am I the only one who doesn't understand how Hocus Pocus is supposed to be a children's movie??
Disney Channel's Hocus Pocus remake makes Winifred Sanderson sick: "It's going to be cheap!"
Happy Halloween! We hope your night isn’t a bunch of hocus pocus and you eat so much candy that you gobble till you wobble 🎃…
I’m watching Hocus Pocus too and eating butterfingers and butterfinger cups. I had nachos earlier.
Spending Halloween on the couch with my wifey, homemade soup, and Hocus Pocus. I'm so content 😋🎃
Wen u just tryna watch hocus pocus and Christmas commercials start
Nightmare before Christmas - Now Hocus Pocus to finish my Spooksgiving
Watching Hocus Pocus to end Halloween on a good note 👍🏻🎃
Finished paintings, baby calzones, and Hocus Pocus!
If your favorite Halloween movie isn't Hocus Pocus, then I'm sorry, but i didn't even want to be your friend anyway
It’s not Halloween until you watch Hocus Pocus🎃
Watching Hocus Pocus with cider and dogs and pizza
Halloween isn’t Halloween unless you watch Hocus Pocus 🎃👻🍂💛
Happy halloween, may there be hocus pocus in our midst🎃
Get an early start to get home this afternoon to avoid delays and be home for Halloween celebrations. .
scratch that. I'll watch Hocus Pocus instead
Happy Halloween! Bette Midler already hates the remake via
I really feel like getting lit I may just fade hocus pocus 😅
If you don't watch Hocus Pocus on Halloween, you're doing it wrong.
The moral of Hocus Pocus is obviously that men are dumb and only women and cats can do things
Can someone please tell me why I thought it would be a good idea to join Katie in the Hocus Pocus drinking game?
Hocus pocus isn’t on Netflix or Hulu. Gonna check regular cable 🤗
When you find out Regina has never seen Hocus Pocus... like how are we friends? 🙄🎃
Hocus Pocus and Chocolate Abuelita. My night has been made! 🎃👻☕️
I’m honestly thinking about purchasing them bc they only played hocus pocus this year..
Breast Cancer Awareness
took a DNA test recently and it revealed that my blood type is "Hocus Pocus" (the movie)
I have seen Hocus Pocus probably a million times and I just realized it's "Thackery Binx" not "Zachary Binx"
How did I not know that Sean Murray who plays agent McGee from NCIS was also Zachary Binx from Hocus Pocus 😮
In watching Hocus Pocus right now and I just realized the cats name isn’t Zachary Binx. It’s Thackery Binx
I'm a fan of Shining, Hocus Pocus, Skeleton key, Carnival of Souls (colorized version on prime now),…
Nightmare before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Ernest Scared Stupid and if it counts Ghostbusters
Real talk: why is Hocus Pocus not in the National Film Registry? It's a perfect movie. Citizen Kane who?
A reboot of Hocus Pocus where the Sanderson sisters evict a Jack-O-Lantern from the White House called HOCUS POTUS.
Literally every year when I watch Hocus Pocus, I still think his name is "Zachary" Binx
My friends just informed me that Zachary Binx from Hocus Pocus is actually Thackery Binx. My whole life has been a lie.
I think Hocus Pocus and Zachary Binx is part of why I love cats so much
Me when I learned the cat in Hocus Pocus was actually Thackery Binx not Zachary
had a crush on Sara Jessica Parker's character from Hocus Pocus when I was a shorty
every time someone calls the cat from Hocus Pocus “Zachary Binks” instead of “Thackery Binx” a part of my soul dies!!
We will also be watching Hocus Pocus 🎃
You’re a liar if you say you didn’t have a crush on Zachary Binx from Hocus Pocus back in the day
Hocus Pocus is 3 spooky 5 me - Drinking an Imperial Doughnut Break @ City of Crystal Lake -
It took me years of watching Hocus Pocus to realize it was "Thackery" Binx and not Zachary.
After all these years of watching Hocus Pocus, I just found out that the cat's name was Thackery Binx, not Zachary Binx.
Just found out the black cat in Hocus Pocus is Thackery Binx not Zachary😳😳 I have been fooled my whole life.
I didn’t see the end, I flipped to Hocus Pocus, but it was a winner, fire, lava, a youngish Tommy Lee Jones, and Warmachine.
I hated that Hocus Pocus wig at the time, but after staring at Trump's. hair for 18 months, it honestly looks not that bad.
In my version of history, Bette Midler only agreed to star in Hocus Pocus if she got one iconic musical number & THAT is the history we need
Why is free from only showing like 5 Halloween movies? Sleepy hollow, adams family, haunted mansion and Hocus Pocus... why no Halloweentown?
Ok but does anyone else get emotional in hocus pocus when Binx's soul gets free & he kisses Dani & says "I shall always be with you" 😭
Welp. I guess I'll be watching Hocus Pocus again tonight 🙂
hocus pocus is free on demand so guess what I am about to do🤔
I know Hocus Pocus is bad I've check 70 times
Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus are everything to me
"Hocus Pocus" will always be my all time favorite Halloween movie!
I'm sorry but Hocus Pocus has and always will scare the crap out of me
I just wanna cuddle and watch Hocus Pocus 👻
We talk about Hocus Pocus on this week’s podcast, which may be relevent to your interests. .
NEW: Our Halloween mini-series continues with another trio of fabulous witches as we pitch sequels to HOCUS POCUS...
Hocus pocus, I need coffee to focus.💡
I’m probbaly the only person who doesn’t like Hocus Pocus
I haven’t been to the pumpkin patch, I don’t have Halloween plans, and I haven’t seen Hocus Pocus this month. This must be P…
October almost over and I haven’t watched any of Halloween town, Hocus pocus, twitches, the little vampire. What am I doing with my life.
Update: we're home & Hocus Pocus doesn't start until nine. It's eight. 😅
So in Hocus Pocus does Allison not want to light the candle because she not a virgin or because she's scared?
I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't like the movie hocus pocus...
The real story of how Leonardo DiCaprio auditioned for Hocus Pocus
expose her sis, I was just about to say the same thing! Hocus Pocus deserves better🗣🗣
As I crawl in with Hocus Pocus, this one comes to mind as well.
To watching hocus pocus 4 million times before Halloween and to carving Willa Gray's first pumpkin👻
Wow someone deleted my recording of hocus pocus ***
I shall watch it after adams family.hocus pocus is so good...aaAAH
Hocus pocus will forever be a classic
Watching Hocus pocus love this movie lol
Bette Midler’s version of “I Put a Spell on You” from Hocus Pocus is a bop & it’s not available on streaming services.…
Oh Isla!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻. Isla is wearing our Hocus Pocus long sleeved t-shirt in Amber gold glitter and matching trick or...
Heck I'd even consider a hocus pocus reboot but with warlocks
Does anybody else cry at the end of hocus pocus or?
Who doesn't love a little pretty makeup? of Halloween begins today. Catch Hocus Pocus​ tonight at 8:50/7:50c on…
Rewatched hocus pocus recently, its still just as goofy and fun as the last time I watched it
The fact that Hocus Pocus isn’t on this list is hurting my heart...
I need to watch hocus pocus and the halloweentown trilogy before the month is over
I just shed a tear for Binx from Hocus Pocus :-(
they are putting Hocus Pocus on Freeform. You’re welcomed.
please force The House to watch hocus pocus
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Moral of Hocus Pocus: don't be a virgin
Hocus Pocus will forever be the best Halloween movie. THE END
Hocus Pocus and all the Halloweentowns, are my FAVORITE Halloween 🎃 movies
Hocus Pocus is one of my fav Halloween 🎃 movies man. All time great.
Was watching Hocus Pocus and had to repost this.
Tryna rush Mason because we're out & they're playing Hocus Pocus on tv.
not only has Salem (Mass. in general) been great, i literally saw the house that was shown in Hocus Pocus !!…
My next painting which will be Halloween themed has been narrowed down to . Morticia Addams or . Hocus Pocus the Sanderson sisters
Who’s trying to watch Hocus Pocus, adams family, and the great pumpkin Charlie Brown with me
Memorial City Mall is hosting a FREE viewing of Hocus Pocus tonight on The Square at 7 pm.
Why are black cats considered bad luck? Remember Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus? He was a black cat and he was delightful
Happy October! The month Alia gets to watch her favorite movies: Sleepy Hollow, Hocus Pocus, and Trick r Treat. So,…
My Halloween movies are: Hocus Pocus, Trick R Treat, Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Creepshow.
Marked as to-read: Hocus Pocus in Focus by Aaron Wallace
don't touch Hocus Pocus . give us the Josh Jackson- now bitter grizzled hot single dad- reluctantly coaching the Mighty Ducks…
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Sarah Jessica Parker in "Hocus Pocus" was very important to my sexuality in my formative years*. (*this year, right now)
Hocus Pocus without is like Buffy the Vampire Slayer being directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
Rumor has it that is going to be remade...what do you think? I say leave it alone!
Teen Vogue is promoting suggestion that Hidden Figures cast do the Hocus Pocus remake and I feel like you…
Disney is remaking Hocus Pocus I’ve never been so excited about anything in life. Love you fall. 🍂 👻 🎃
When I learnt that Hocus Pocus is getting a remake.
Upcoming HOCUS POCUS TV Movie will be a "Re-Imagining" instead of a sequel! Early details: https:…
Hey can Hollywood just chill with the remakes? . No more Disney live action adaptations. . No us adaptions of anime . No hocus pocus remakes
you guys don't understand how excited i am about the Hocus Pocus remake!.
12 things that almost ruined Halloween when you were a kid, as told in ‘Hocus Pocus’ gifs
why are they making a remake of Hocus Pocus like the original is and always will be the best???!?!?!
Congratulations for reaching 12 million subscribers! I just read that a remake of "Hocus Pocus" is being made! 😱😱
Praise Satan! Disney's new Hocus Pocus movie is on the way:
I heard today that Hocus Pocus is working on a remake. Idk how to feel about that🤔 why can’t they keep a classic
Campier moments work in other movies but it's hocus pocus, it needs high wink wink levels.
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That moment when you hear is remaking Hocus Pocus.
Fingers crossed for Hocus Pocus remake that removes all the mocking of a 14yo boy for being a virgin. Then my 10yo can finally see it.
Just say NO to remake n new cast for Disney Pocus!!! It’s great as it is.
Hocus Pocus comes back on tv soon and I couldn't be more excited
I’m not sure or honestly how I feel with Jessica Parker, and Kathy not returning for the sequel of ***
There is no need for a remake of Hocus Pocus
'Hocus Pocus' Movie Remake in the Works at Disney Channel - Hollywood Reporter
October is a couple days away. Hocus Pocus slander will be treated as terrorism.
we the fans do not want a hocus pocus remake...we want a sequel! Be better for you too even if a few dollars more!
The amount of text i have received today from people asking me what i think of the Hocus Pocus remake is unreal
Hocus Pocus is one of my favourite movies
I have some major concerns about this:
Did I just see that they are remaking Hocus Pocus? *** NO.
You can do a Hocus Pocus 2 with, for the most part, the same characters, but stay the *** away from a remake.
When I heard they are remaking Hocus Pocus without the original cast:
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TV movie remake in the works at Disney Channel
They can't do this. Hocus Pocus is one of my favorite movies to watch on Halloween. . Sure, some of the w…
okkk but it wouldn't really be Hocus Pocus without the original cast so no thx lol
No! Cmon man, some things deserve to remain pure because they're perfect as is. Hocus Pocus is one of those things.
absolutely not interested in this (probably) trash Hocus Pocus reboot. give me a real sequel or just stay home
Get ready to run amok (Amok! Amok! Amok!) because a Hocus Pocus remake is on its way:
Good morning to everyone except the person who decided to remake Hocus Pocus as a Disney Channel movie
"Booo-ok!"—a 'Hocus Pocus' remake is in development at Disney Channel.
Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to remake Hocus Pocus without the original cast?!? WHO?! dumbasses
Hold on to your broomsticks because a remake is coming!
Hocus Pocus is officially getting remade—without the original cast
Call your Congressman! Call your Senators today!! There's still time to stop the Hocus Pocus remake.
The Sanderson sisters could be making a comeback! is developing a TV movie remake of
hey, let me know when they put on Harry Potter or Hocus Pocus ok...not shrek
Roomie in bed by half 10 so I suppose I'll just drink Jameson, watch Hocus Pocus and listen to by myself then ☹️
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Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus is like the hottest thing in the world to me and I really don't know why. 🤔
Things to watch in October:. Halloweentown . October Sky. Fever Pitch. Remember the Titans. Four Days in October . Hocus Pocus
Honestly upset this isn't a Hocus Pocus prequel or a Cynthia Nixon project.
I Photoshopped Steven Tyler into the witches from Hocus Pocus and he fits in perfectly.
Did a virgin just light a candle because the internet wants to remake Hocus Pocus with the cast of Hidden Figures.
Please, please, please, someone, remake 'Hocus Pocus' with the 'Hidden Figures' ladies
I fell down a weird Thackery Binx rabbit hole since watching Hocus Pocus on Friday & I’m taking you all with me
Hocus Pocus and First Wives Club made me love you but this...this is a gem.
Bette Midler did not win 3 Grammys, and star in Hocus Pocus, as well as First Wives Club, to be disrespected like t…
Hocus Pocus movie event at el Capitan Theater .
It had stuff like Raptor: Call of to Shadows, Hocus Pocus, Vinyl, Jazz Jackrabbit, Commander Keen II, and many more.
I remember when Eerie, Indiana re-ran in the mid-90s and I was confused because Omri Katz looked younger than when he was in Hocus Pocus.
"Hocus Pocus," by Focus. Definitely written with a high-flying bear (on psilocybin) in mind.
The witch every teenage boy wanted to let suck their soul in Hocus Pocus to one of the greatest actresses of our ge…
It is currently 18 degrees in the middle of winter, and I'm watching Hocus Pocus. It can't get any better than this.
I swear the 3 witches from Hocus Pocus are here tonight...
Don't make me make you disappear I'll hocus pocus your ***
just told me she's never seen Hocus Pocus and i think i just need to reevaluate this friendship.
Greetings from Ireland Thora. Do you think they will ever make a Hocus Pocus 2? Hope they do.
The sales of our special CD edition album 'No Pocus Without Hocus' are running above our expectations! We thank...
Hocus pocus!. You will find a member of the. wise men's line in the desert.
Hocus pocus can't focus. and u say I can't rap
Trying to make the Hocus Pocus book. Would love some advice!
"There are no dirty words in this book, except for *** and 'God,'". - Kurt Vonnegut, "Hocus Pocus"
Showing what Sia really looks like: "she looks like the fourth witch from Hocus Pocus who didn't make it in movie" lol
Where does all my money go? It's like hocus pocus, I 'm brokus. 🤔
Max's initial move for Allison is bold AF in Hocus Pocus.
no I get it..i just think he's probably past jinxes and hocus pocus after 16 years, especially him
Exploitation southampton make hocus-pocus services over against certify that the online contract the negativeness hesitate, is you:…
I was watching Hocus Pocus and I think Come Little Children is a lullaby that I can sing for my future kids🤔, IF I have them.
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My favourite scene from Hocus Pocus (Vine by
They have Hocus Pocus on the plane! 😍 This is about to be the best delayed flight I've ever had. 😂
Just read that Hocus Pocus is 20 years old. Can we not
Hocus Pocus your a sandwich Butter cup. Now go play with your puppy.
WhoKnew?. Leonardo Dicaprio turned down the role of Max Dennison in 'Hocus Pocus'.
Time to crash out and watch Hocus Pocus 👻
I've watched Sleepy Hallow, Hocus Pocus, and now I'm watching Halloween Town. 😊 Its been a great night by myself.
And now, for the JUNIORS: I need the names of the three Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus!!! 🎃👻
Spending tonight wallowing in self pity over a glass of wine and Hocus Pocus bc I have to be an adult n stay in since I have work tomorrow😭
Bette Midler steals Halloween by dressing as 'Hocus Pocus' character for NYC gala
Bette Midler reprises Winifred from Hocus Pocus for costume | Halloween
Bette Midler dressing up as her Hocus Pocus character is all I need to know that it will be the best Halloween ever.
Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus was a dementor before dementors were dementors
Bette Midler dressed as her Hocus Pocus character Winifred Sanderson for Halloween 🎃🔮
Bette Midler dressed up as Winifred from 'Hocus Pocus' for Halloween
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Bette Midler revived her Hocus Pocus costume and it was PERFECT.
Bette Midler went back to her 'Hocus Pocus' character for
Newswire: Bette Midler went as her own Hocus Pocus character for Halloween - William Hughes
we've got a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. we're basically the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus
Bette Midler dresses as her Hocus Pocus character in NYC
All my husbands friends walking in and out the house like yea Hocus Pocus!
Kathy Najimy flying on the vacuum in Hocus Pocus will never not be funny to me. 😂
. your lack of kids halloween movies is DEPRESSING. I pay $8 a month for no Hocus Pocus? No Halloweentown? NO CHARLI…
My mom just told me I was Kathy Najimy aka the blonde witch from "Hocus Pocus".what a great day to be alive😂😭
How does Netflix not have Nightmare a Before Christmas or Hocus Pocus?! What kinda operation are they running!
I have Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and Amazon Prime and not ONE of you has Hocus Pocus!?!
We've been planning our Halloween films. So far we've got Practical Magic, The Craft, Young Frankenstein and obvs there's Hocus Pocus.
.my fully loaded iMac crashed watching Hocus Pocus and I was wondering if you could please look into this. It's important.
This is when I start binge watching the Halloweentown series, Hocus Pocus, Tim Burton films, etc.
Some would complain about Home Alone being on 3 & 1/2 months early, but it's not Hocus Pocus month yet, so I will settle for Christmas.
My whole life is a lie. It's not Zachary Binx in Hocus Pocus. It's Thackery Binx?! 😳😳😳
I spent my whole life thinking the black cat from Hocus Pocus was Zachary Binx. What kind of name is Thackery?!
Movies I never get tired of:. Wizard of Oz, Hook, Sandlot, Fight Club, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Selena, Hocus Pocus, Big Lebow…
One of my never finished videos was Trigun to Vanessa-Mae playing Hocus Pocus.
Hocus Pocus was the last tune played at the Cavern Club how mad is that?
How fit was Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus though!? What happened???
Listen to Hocus Pocus by Mr. Rogers on Part of the new Re-Invented playlist.
Not sure for how long, but Kindle editions of Cat’s Cradle, Slaughterhouse Five, and Hocus Pocus are currently $2.
or John Proctor or the zombie from Hocus Pocus ???
Why Debra Lee look like the green witch from Hocus Pocus?
Kenny Ortega is an iconic director. One of the best of his generation. Hocus Pocus, Newsies, High School Musical 1, 2 AND 3. WE DONT DESERVE
Just realized this was another movie Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Middler played in together; then Hocus Pocus.
Our fosters are named Binx, Thackery, and Emily bc Hocus Pocus is life.
hocus pocus by focusing on the Blazers.
I was about to cut *** cuz her avi looked like she was a black extra from Hocus Pocus.. But she changed it ☹️
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The fashion about brand conjunction hocus-pocus: GbrPtDPv
My bun looks like Mary Sanderson's bun from hocus pocus 😅😷
Success isn''t magic or hocus-pocus - its simply learning how to focus. Good Morning
Put him on a hook and let me play with me him 🙆🏽 - Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus back in the studio working on steam roller 2 🔥🔥🔥
Hocus pocus live is one of the best recordings of anything ever
rolled through Endicott and saw the gull squad, hung out in Salem and saw the Hocus Pocus house, played mini golf, got ice cream...solid 👌
What no Hocus Pocus or The Witches?! JK but my favorite is 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters'
If you want to hear the hot freestyles from thee Hocus Pocus, add me on snapchat.
No more YMCMB hocus pocus, poof, bih Wayne still fye
I bet any party goes to turns into that one scene from Hocus Pocus
the greatest since until Now playing Focus: Hocus Pocus on
Lisa, you uncovered a little hocus pocus of your own. He won't uncover his illusions to anyone I s'appose.
Lemonade > Views tbh I love drake but Beyoncé just killed it with the hocus pocus vibe
cut it & drop some of the. hocus-pocus laws that stifle America First
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Anyone else get a Kathy Najimy in Hocus Pocus vibe from MJ?.
Hocus Pocus! I love This movie!! My family watches it at least 6 times every year at Halloween. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Follow sweet children. I'll show thee the way. through all the pain and. the Sorrows. Hocus Pocus
I'm drinking hot apple cider, watching Hocus Pocus and I have the fire place on & suddenly being sick is really great. 🔮🍂☕️
She was trying to tell us to "focus" but all I heard was "pocus" so all I could think about was Hocus Pocus 👻
Affect the hocus-pocus into the hotels into shimla walk approaches!: dZkmTY
Whichsoever is la bear the palm twisting hocus-pocus bunkie?: beKz
Back to that good old fashioned way of getting cash money by earning it. No bogus hocus pocus, I bring back to focus
Really whichsoever plenum everybody hocus-pocus got over against separate with respect to padding: ynTJLPJp
Superior mediocrity... all I needed to get noticed. Same spell put on me got me vanishing like "hocus pocus".
Jay: This is a lot of hocus pocus, I can't believe I bought a coffee cake over this!!!
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