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Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a privately held retail chain of arts and crafts stores based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and is formally called Hobby Lobby Creative Centers.

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LSE Research: Hobby Lobby ruling, poor ratings for Obama, and why is Ann Coulter afraid o... soon frm
Omg aisles of Christmas already?!? Hobby Lobby never ceases to amaze me!
It's time to start up an organic foods rival to Philly coop says 'vote with your wallet' via
I seriously cannot believe Mac got out this early... saw him at hobby lobby lol
Ayyy super smart friends, who wants to write me a mad paragraph about the decent in the Burwell v Hobby Lobby case? No one? okay.
Dems Stand Against the Law of the Land: Vow to ‘Fix’ the Hobby Lobby Decision
Anyway, the USSC in the Hobby Lobby decision, even suggested workarounds, so this has no effect at all on women.
also everyone who was super riled up about steubenville and the hobby lobby decision SHOULD BE JUST AS MAD ABOUT FERGUSON
It seems Orwellian to me that you call this theocratic, since the only party being coerced was Hobby Lobby.
No Hobby Lobby in Ferguson, I believe. MT why is silent on
The NYT decries the Hobby Lobby decision, but when it comes to Indians & peyote, they're all for religious freedom: http…
Letters to the editor: Hobby Lobby has rights too - Aug 14 @ 2:15 AM ET
S/O to the people boxing in the hobby lobby parking lot 😂
if you have a Hobby Lobby in your area, you can buy a new guishishou candleholder and it's 50% off till Saturday! :)
Hobby lobby, Chik Fil A and Cliven Bundy were worthy of anger. But not the govt unleashing *** on unarmed protesters.
shout out to Ricky Bobby smoking with Zack and Cody in the lobby jerking off is my favorite hobby
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Monday I played baseball in the front yard with the boys and then went to hobby lobby looking for baseball shoe strings.
walked into Hobby Lobby today and they already have homecoming stuff out👏 football season here we come💗
Between Ferguson,and the Hobby Lobby; I'm beginning to feel as though we're losing decades of social justice progress
All this Hobby Lobby drama... Companies should just do free showings of Teen Mom 2. Only birth control u need!
Hobby lobby is heaven on earth. Can I just live there?
A little delayed, but now it is undeniable that I will continue to shop at Michael's instead of Hobby Lobby and forever will.
And I'll say it: killing people, torturing them, this is worse than Hobby Lobby not having to offer certain type of contrac…
Washington Post says- In a surprising twist of fate, the protesters may have the Supreme Court on their side. (Just not in the way you might think.) In Citizens United v. FEC and Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the court ruled that corporations are covered by the First Amendment and that freedom of religion can be extended to corporations. Cornell Law School professor Lynn Stout has asserted that these rulings solidified the notion that a corporation is an independent entity, similar to a person. She said, “Because of the legal ‘personhood’ of corporations, buying a share in a corporation is like making a contract with the legal ‘person’ that is the company, which is different from buying the company.” In short, the notion that a corporation is simply a giant sole-proprietorship where shareholders have total control is legally untenable. So if shareholders don’t own the company, who does? Market Basket’s employees, customers and suppliers say they do.
Fantastic roundtable discussion at Spenard Roadhouse this morning with Mark Begich and Cecile Richards, President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. The recent Supreme Court decision re: Hobby Lobby allows businesses to remove women's birth control benefits from their employees for religious reasons. This decision turned freedom of religion on its head: Instead of individuals' religious rights being protected from their employers, now a CORPORATION'S religious views can be used to deny access to birth control to it's women employees. How can a corporation have a religion? Most women (even mothers with children) usually spend much more of their lives trying to avoid getting pregnant than having children. Low or no-cost birth control can make a huge difference financially to families, not to mention preventing unwanted pregnancies. Mark Begich has worked with Cecile Richards and other women's groups, trying to find ways to counteract the Hobby Lobby decision. Please join me in supporting Mark Begich for ...
In June, the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision on the controversial Hobby Lobby case. We further explore the...
Megyn Kelly was on fire Thursday night when she responded to Nancy Pelosi’s comments made earlier that day on the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision.
Many Liberal American women defend Sharia Law for American Muslims...and you think Hobby Lobby decision was harsh...
Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a stark reminder of the importance of reclaiming the Senate from Democrats.Recently, Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did something that Supreme Court Justices almost never do; she gave an interview to Yahoo's Global News Anchor Katie Couric.  This strictly held protocol of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has usually been followed to keep these lifetime appointees, out of the public eye and off the stage of public opinion in order for us to hold onto the illusion that above every other institution of our federal government, the Court can be trusted to keep our ship of State on course--listing neither to the port nor starboard.  Owing to her health, and her objection to the proper narrow decision in the Hobby Lobby case, Ginsburg couldn't help herself.  She, and her liberal friends became frustrated that not enough attention was given to her dissent in the case; so Ginsburg and her Left Wing associates in the media decided it was time to fuss and ...
Yesterday, Senator Barbara Boxerhad an op-ed at the Huffington Post about, among other related issues, the nonexistant threat that women will be denied birth control to treat medical conditions as a result of the Hobby Lobby decision. I personally know someone who works for a religious organization…
An interesting perspective regarding the the controversial Hobby Lobby ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court...
What I Am Up at 1:00am Thinking About: I think we all have an opinion about what is the most difficult time in a person’s life. 2 year olds get a pretty bad rap. Teenager: the very word instills fear in the heart of most Americans. Having worked with, lived with, and observed parents and children for many years, I’m pretty sure I can boldly proclaim that the absolute WORST time of a person’s life (in general, in the United States) is early 20’s. During a recent visit with a victim in the throes of this disorder, I coined a new phrase that perfectly describes it: “The age of dashed hopes. (hereafter referred to as TADH)”. Honestly, now, which of us would, in a million years, relive our early 20’s? We spend our high school years planning for the future, dreaming dreams, and looking forward to being FRE! How did that work out for you? Don’t get me wrong. Those dreams need to be dreamed and plans need to be planned. That is an essential step in the development of TADH, which can man ...
Legal scholars are still sorting out the possible implications of the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision. While the case dealt directly with birth control coverage and the Affordable Care Act, it could even be cited in future bankruptcy cases.
By Sofia Resnick When a very pregnant Felicia Allen applied for medical leave from her job at Hobby Lobby three years ago, one might think that the...
Go glad I have family that lives near Hobby Lobby! I need cupcake holders & don't have time to get them before the baby shower!
Richard Cohen explains impact of Hobby Lobby ruling on LGBT discrimination executive order
I bought any much of cute house decorations from Hobby Lobby today. That store is so *** addicting!
Had a fun day in Merced with Azalea Macillas had lunch...hit up hobby lobby and went grocery shopping...came home dropped the food off with Benny so he could put it then we went to my cuzNs house to visit with her then off to a friend's house to bs with her for a home eating dinner and watching movies
James Griffin offers insight on the role the relationship of statutes & regulations played in the Hobby Lobby case.
This morning was the grand opening ceremony for the new Hobby Lobby in Gainesville, FL. We showed up with our notepads so that we could note which of our elected officials came out in support. ...
Coming from a girl who has used every marker or pen on the planet, I feel it my duty to give a review on all new products I purchase and try. I do a lot of lettering--I have a lot of markers. Copious amounts. Trust me here. I know markers. Take Note!! (Numbers coordinate with photos.) 1. American Craft chalk markers Target $3.99 Useless! Bullet tip. I was hoping I would love these. I didn't. Don't bother. I wouldn't take one if gave these away. 2. Crayola Gel Markers Walmart $4.79 Love! Pleasantly surprised. Thy really do show up on a black background (chalk board) and are washable. 3. Craftsmart Chalkboard Markers Hobby Lobby $10.99 set of 4 Work great. Wash off easily from the chalk board. Bright colors. My only complaint is they are chisel tip. Not my preference. 4. Sharpie paint marker Walgreens $2.99 Bullet tip. Works great if you can master the pressure and technique. It can be tricky. I have only been able to get a one time use out of most, sometimes two but would recommend. 5. Chalk Pencil Walmart ...
Since 2011, Meggan Sommerville has been suing her employer Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. and fighting for her right to use the restroom that matches her gender identity, a right that her employer of 16 ...
A list of stores that extend their teacher discounts and rewards to Homeschoolers! Most only need to see your excuse letter from the district and some dont want any proof at all! These are all stores in Mansfield! I am in the process of finding more and will add to this list as I find them. Just ask to speak to a manager or go to the service desk and ask about their teacher discounts. Office Max Staples Barnes and Noble Hobby Lobby Joann Fabrics
One faith group appears eager to take the Supreme Court's recent Hobby Lobby ruling in a new direction -- one the ruling's defenders probably won't like.
Many people have a tendency to look down upon Christians and consider them to be bigots, racists or people who are prejudiced. People of faith who love Jesus are often misunderstood. Christ himself was misunderstood and they killed him for what? He forgave them, but yet they persecuted Him. Some people just walk in love. A dear friend reminded me this week of my cousin, Corby Fisher. Corby is the kind of man who never draws attention to himself. He just simply loves people, serves others and asks for no credit. He works as an artist at Hobby Lobby and has for many years. He is on a camera on Sunday mornings at Life Church because he is serving. He loves all people with all of his heart and asks for nothing in return. He is to be admired and thanked, but he doesn't do anything for man's rewards or accolades. Corby may be one of the Godliest people I have ever known and I am sure he will get on to me for writing about him, but when you are related to a person who has such a private testimony that you know . ...
I want to thank Louise Plodinec for her July 14 letter about Hobby Lobby winning the battle not to cover contraception for its female employees because some forms of birth control cause abortion (“Don’t overlook the hypocrisy”).
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling may be a blow to the left, but Hillary Clinton and her supporters clearly believe she can use the decision to rally her base.
This is indeed a real punch in the gut for Missourians and progressives like me who opposed Amendment 1. This feels like the sad news that was received when the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision was...
HA! Back in your self righteous "holier than Thou" faces fundamentalists AND Hobby Lobby *** LMFAO
At the WHOPPING diaphram usage rate of 0.1% & pretending that all 21,000 Hobby Lobby employees were women & all sexually active & able to get pregnant, Mrs P...
Photos from Secular Coalition for America's post in Hobby Lobby Made Me Want to
If I ever go into Hobby Lobby again, it will be to ask for Hanukkah materials. And Kwanzaa materials. And I might just have my video running.
"My Jesus is better than your Jesus" Ruling May've Poked Hole in 'Corporate Veil'
Amendment 1's very narrow win: sadly akin to SCOTUS' Hobby Lobby ruling and Fox2's idiotic yanking of Angie Mock off mornings.
“Casually spent 3 hours in hobby lobby... I'm not sure if we got enough 😂my bank account cryin now.
go to hobby lobby, they are ready for Christmas.
Was talking offline with three small town guys. They asked what I did and I said "feminist writer" because that was shorter than whatever it is I really do, and they were all really excited because they're apparently the three most liberal guys in their town. We talked about abortion rights and the Hobby Lobby case and social model of disability. That was really satisfying.
Ginsburg’s fierce 35-page dissent in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby wasn’t her last word on the case.
Went to Mount Vernon this afternoon. I was able to get to Hobby Lobby but that was it. Usually my craft stops don't happen cause there's never time. *sighs* Got my Corner Chomper though & SnPhoto Crops.
Aloha, Perhaps Corporations are people...I know Hobby Lobby is a
There's a first time for everything. Mom and I went to hobby lobby today...and neither of us bought anything!!! I think something is wrong!
Breast Cancer Awareness
About to drive on over to Hobby Lobby and ram a wire hanger up my *** I'm not even pregnant, y'all. Just doing it for …
Referring to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in favour of Hobby Lobby, attorneys for two detainees at Guantanamo Bay have submitted motions seeking their religious freedom.
Today was a really good day ! Went out to eat , saw random cool magic tricks, Got paid, went thrifting, went to hobby lobby & got crafty ♡
The TIW Take-away has been scheduled for Wed., Aug 27, from 2-5pm. Location is Extra Space Storage, 991 Milwaukee Ave., Deerfield. We'll post entrance details soon. Individuals are responsible for your own loading/transport. We have a couple of 9x12 area rugs, in good shape and neutral in color. Lots of costumes; the storage bins are not included. Lots of props and set dec stuff. Our hope is that other theatre groups will be able to use these items; we've all experienced the endless shopping for every show! Large sets or austere, pretty sure you'll find things that will always come in handy; (far fewer trips to Michael's, Jo-Ann's and Hobby Lobby!) So come over and feel free to be grabby!
By the way, Joann's crafts store is horrible. Michaels is better. Hobby Lobby is the best.
and more things and when i get paid i might go to Hobby Lobby with my mom and bro it would be fun and shop with them ..idk what though
Conservative Christians! Christian Right! Our society, our nation and the world would be a better place if there were none of these Conservative Christian kind of people (they do not even deserve to be called 'people' - they are sick, evil "low-life")! Fundamentalism and Biblical Literalism make Conservative Christians and the Religious Right worse than Islamic Fundamentalists. Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Todd Akin, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Gary Scheenberger, Jerry Falwell, the Koch Brothers, Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, the CEO's of: Hobby Lobby Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Microsoft, AT&T, Comcast, and the most ill-managed bank in the U.S. - Bank of America and on and on and on. Each and everyone - a hypocrite! One thing all of these Conservative Christians have in common - you guessed it -- passionate, undying love of the ALMIGHTY dollar. Maybe God SHOULD NOT bless the Conservative Christians! I condemn them.
Night i am Tried as heck and i need some sleep i got things to do tomorrow i am gonna be busy do some laudary for mum and dishes and go swimming and clean the house if i feel like it but i probarly will do it and yea and maybe when i get paid i can go shopping or go to hobby lobby with mum and bro or friends if i can invite some over i want my friend Gianna to come over but i am hoping my other friend Alexis Alonso can come if out parent talk i really do hope!PLEASE SAY YES:) NIGHT PEEPS
Hobby Lobby. Legitimate Rape. Vote on Violence Against Women Act. 77 cents on the dollar. "Regrettable sex not rape"
The Hobby Lobby ruling divided the country. But it’s not motivating people to vote. - SECTION:...
Hobby Lobby should cover all care, of course.
worked at hobby lobby through Christmas it's the devil
Bad news: In "win" decided that mandates can override the Bill of Rights. ht…
So much for their so-called morality and closely held religious beliefs pfft
Hobby Lobby & Benefits: Hillary Clinton & her *** Feminist friends want to turn benefits offered by a Company to a demand or civil right.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Hobby Lobby and a *** in the Corporate Veil that would expose shareholders' assets
SUPER. Hobby Lobby restricts BC, but if you get pregnant Walmart will fire you via
Can we make all corporations claiming personhood take the Voigt-Kampff? "Hobby Lobby, you’re in a desert walking along in the s…
Hobby Lobby Allegedly Fired Employee Due to Pregnancy . This is the 'Christianity' that Jesus is against.
The Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling may have poked a hole in the 'corporate veil'
Aaron Adams: "I got a call back from Hobby Lobby and Asher didn't."
If for my bday everyone could just get me gift cards to hobby lobby, that'd be great
I'm ready for Round 2 to overturn Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision in the Senate | Patty Murray for Senate
Panel discusses impact of Hobby Lobby case in W.Va. - By Lydia Nuzum . The Rev. Mel Hoover thinks of it like a... http:/…
some of y'all's walmart's are so lame :( check michaels and AC moore or hobby lobby
Hate to break it to you Catholics but Protestants aren't heretics. Get off our backs and go protest hobby lobby or something
Henry Howard sounds like some Revolutionary War-era philosopher Hobby Lobby is going to make up then misquote.
Pick up your copy of Trumpet Magazine today!! Here are just a few places you can get one.Hobby Lobby, David's Meat Market, Jewel Mart, Olive Paris, Paris Coffee, Rockin L Music, Living Water Book Store.
| Justice Ginsburg talks Hobby Lobby, Roe v. Wade, and more -
Dear Mr. Jones, Adam Ames, we just heard some loud Counting Crows at the Hobby Lobby of bar-restaurants. Reeder, the restaurant is in Ohio. Some amazing thing would have happened if you were both here!
OMG!! I have just entered a Hobby Lobby for the first time and I am in LOVE!!! This place is like a holy grail of craft stores!! I may NEVER leave!!
The Gainesville Sun's photo gallery of the August 1, 2014 protest of Gainesville, Florida's Hobby Lobby:
Of course they are mostly doing more harm to women than good. In 10 minutes I watched they bashed Katie Couric, supported Hobby Lobby and...
My $3.50 lamp!! I bought an ugly lamp at a yard sale for $1. Used it for the "light kit" I bout the shade at Hobby Lobby on sale for $1.50. And the Kerr canning jar I got for free from someone getting rid of jars. I bought the tin lid at "The Carriage House" in Oxford, Ks. for $1.00. My husband drilled a hole in the top of the tin lid, added the "light kit", wired it up, added a bulb and voila!! I use this as my desk lamp.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “I certainly respect the belief of the Hobby Lobby owners... [r/politics]
MT RBGinsburg: My male colleagues didn’t really understand the Hobby Lobby case MY Justice just keeps stepping higher
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Male justices don’t understand what Hobby Lobby meant for women
Wow: A Fox News host lectures Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Hobby Lobby case, says she lacks "working knowledge"
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks male Supreme Court justices who voted against her on Hobby Lobby ruling have 'blin
Do the 5 male justices understand ramifications of the Hobby Lobby decision? "I would have to say no," Ginsburg said
Justice Ginsburg predicted this in her Hobby Lobby dissent... and here it is... Well who remembers the Satan statue that is getting placed in Oklahoma? You know the one that is going to sit right next to Ten Commandments statue in on the State Capitol. Well, Thanks to Hobby Lobby.. The Satanists are about to really pull a victory, a "religious" victory. They are filing a lawsuit requesting Hobby Lobby type exemption from state mandated counseling for abortions. Satanist Spokesperson Lucian Greaves puts it simply: “…the Supreme Court has decided that religious beliefs are so sacrosanct that they can even trump scientific fact.” This case is certainly not as clean cut as their statue case, it is, nonetheless, still a very compelling argument. In accordance with the Satanic religion, Satanists believe in science as a tenet of their religion. Therefore, under Hobby Lobby precedent, they are arguing they can get exempt from the ridiculous and costly abortion counseling required by many states. Oklahoma a ...
Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Hobby Lobby: My male colleagues have a “blind spot” about women
interviews Justice Ginsburg on Hobby Lobby and future plans http…
Video: katiecouric: SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg talked to me about her 35 page Hobby Lobby dissent.
Imagine if Scalia said Ginsburg had a blind spot on Hobby Lobby because of her gender.
When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, allowing businesses to dictate healthcare coverage, five conservative men disagreed with three women and Justice Stephen G. Breyer. “Contraceptive protection is something every woman must have access to, to control her own destiny,” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Ginsburg's sexist Hobby Lobby comments are ridiculous, but worth noting they were prompted by stupid, leading question from Katie Couric.
RBG weighs in on Hobby Lobby, Citizen's United and the "blind spot" she feels her male colleagues suffer from VIDEO
Ginsburg: Hobby Lobby majority has 'blind spot' on women's rights - MSNBC
Ginsburg's new Hobby Lobby dissent: "Contraceptive protection is something every woman must have ac...
Did male justices in Hobby Lobby have ‘a bit of a blind spot’? Justice Ginsburg says yes
West Chicago Farmers' Market today! New vendors have been added. Check it out, open til 1 p.m., corner of North Ave & 59 near Hobby Lobby.
Tony Robinson on how Hobby Lobby's lawsuit weakens its religious convictions.
I may spark some controversy with this but here goes.Supreme Justice Ginsberg spoke with Katie Couric regarding the Hobby Lobby ruling and the male justices having a "blind spot" when it comes to women and birth control. I've kept my opinions to myself but here goes. Hobby Lobby is not the only company in America that has been in lawsuits regarding their religious beliefs. And here is my opinion. If that company/entity does not want to do business with you because of their religious beliefs then go to another business. If you work for a company that you don't like their religious beliefs and you feel your rights are being violated.then go find you another job where "your rights" and "benefits" fit your lifestyle. It's as simple as that. We all have "rights" but "benefits" are an "option" that should be up to the company as to whether are not they are "provided". In the past years, I have seen numerous signs posted in business windows that states "we have the right to refuse service to a customer". ...
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg trolls Scalia in blistering dissent of Hobby Lobby ruling
Reason 1 why I steer clear of Hobby Lobby: . Christmas decorations in July.
On July 21, President Barack Obama delivered on his promise to expand special rights and privileges to homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals, and at the same time, specifically rejected repeated calls to include religious liberty exemptions for Christian-owned businesses. His executive order is an immediate response to the U.S. Supreme Court's recent Hobby Lobby decision and the failure of Senate Majority leader Harry Reid's attempt last week to punish companies like Hobby Lobby, which practice their Christian faith in their business. Defying the Constitution, which gives only Congress the authority to make laws, President Obama decreed that anyone who does business with the federal government must adopt written policies that specifically mandate special protections for "sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin." See OneNewsNow story here. Obama's love affair with homosexuality will impact some 24,000 companies with 28 million workers, or one-fifth of the U.S. workforce. More alarmin ...
A Flowood, Miss Hobby Lobby employee Felicia Allen was about to pop and not surprisingly asked for her medical leave, then was fired.
Went to hobby lobby to buy stickers and washi tape...came out with CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS and a buch of home accents.. No washi tape :/
The Satanic Temple said in a statement on its website that the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on Hobby Lobby now gives women the right to opt out of state laws that require abortion seekers to first read pro-life materials.
Explosive New Allegations Against Hobby Lobby Emerge - Seriously people wake up
Satanic Temple seeks exemption from abortion laws
Maybe with Costco and Hobby Lobby coming to Hanford you think maybe they will make a four lane on 43 from selma to Hanford?
So ABC 30 reported that not only is Hobby Lobby remodeling the old WalMart, but that 2 developers have filed plans for the southwest corner of 12th & Lacey for two separate shopping centers!
Hot hot news! I don't have a link for an article yet, but I saw on the news that the satanists are using the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision, and they are calling it "Plan B - Beelzebub." How sweet it is! If the law doesn't honor the satanic "deep seated religious beliefs", they'll be in even further violation of the Constitution than they were when they ruled for Hobby Lobby. An enemy of an enemy is a friend, on top of which, satanists never give anybody any problems, they're anti rape, anti child abuse and pro knowledge, which places them far above christianity as far as morals go. Listening to the christians wail and gnash their teeth over this will be the entertainment of the year. The first rule of the satanic church us, "Don't be stupid." They're comnanded to not respect the stupid, so imagine this. A christian shows up in a store owned by a satanist, wearing a cross and thanking god for the convient parking place he found, and the store owner says, "It's against my deep seated religious beliefs to asso ...
Photoset: finallycowboys: Fun day at the hobby lobby
Go out and support Hobby Lobby and take pics and post them at I Support Hobby Lobby!
We came just two votes shy of beating the GOP leadership's filibuster of the "Not My Boss' Business" Act that would have overturned the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision. Add your name, and let's win Round 2!
If you section leaders are doing bandanas I have a coupon for 40% off at hobby lobby until August 2nd. Let me know if you need the code.
Satanists will use Hobby Lobby decision to ex... How the 'Hobby Lobby' decision paved the way for Satanists to save women's rights. via
So Brian made me a shadow box so we can display all the sand we have collected over the years at various beaches. Then a trip to Hobby Lobby for bottles and accessories. Now we have a collection to build on. So excited with the way it turned out.
Yet more hypocrisy from Hobby Lobby: RH Reality Check reports they've allegedly fired a pregnant woman after she requested time off.
A Satanist group is using the Hobby Lobby ruling to campaign for a religious exemption to anti-choice abortion laws. The Satanic Temple (TST) is a religious group that "believes that the body is inviolable ­­subject to one’s ow...
The real way the Supreme Court made the Hobby Lobby decision?
In the buildup to the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision, and even more so in its aftermath, prominent news outlets have been aggressively spreading falsehood
no you don't get to define his religious beliefs. Hobby lobby invests in the same forms of contacept the object 2
A former Hobby Lobby employee says the "pro-family" company discriminated against her because of her pregnancy
We don't have Hobby Lobby in Alaska,but we can shop on line! Screw Oblamo and his cronies!
Hobby Lobby already has Christmas stuff out!?!? 😨😨
I love love love Christmas, but I'm not ready to see decorations yet. Take it easy Hobby Lobby.
So everyone who was all for the "religious freedom" granted in the hobby lobby case is supportive of the satanic temple's rights now, right?
Can't wait to hear how the pro-life Hobby Lobby supporters respond to this...
Hobby Lobby has essentially told women that our needs are not important to them. They do not want to pay for a woman's right to contraceptives but they still want our money. Being the so called "Christians" they are they say they do not pay for drugs that potentially cause abortions. Yet, they still pay millions of dollars to buy products from China, where abortions are a state of service and often coerced. We will not shop at Hobby Lobby until women's rights are their first priority and not their own twisted religious agenda. They are basically trying to run women into the ground like we need to be bare-foot and pregnant, slaving in a kitchen for their men. If this is the way they feel they do not deserve our money.
I learned a long time ago to be careful what you wish for. When the Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby could use its religion to violate parts of a federal law, anyone with half a brain knew that the floodgates had just been opened.
I always liked this pic when I managed the frame shop@ Hobby Lobby.
From "the nicest Satanic cult in the world”
Media outlets are aggressively spreading blatant falsehoods about the Hobby Lobby case.
Satanists seek to use to exempt women from anti-laws (ex. mandatory-but-false dr. Statements)
I look forward to them finding a plaintiff and starting a tort action. The Satinists base their religion on...
Today's ADVENTURES IN GETTING READY FOR ANOTHER SCHOOL YEAR...hit up HOBBY a display case for a signed baseball from a former student/future ⭐️SUPER STAR⭐️, the AMAZING WTWTA Quote that I've wanted for a week, hung table group numbers from the lights, tried to be like Alyce Kahn Gonzalez with the contact paper on the file cabinet...not as successful, but I like it...thanks for the inspiration hon, made TREAT & SNACK boxes, and got some orange crates to organize end of desk!!! Still not done...the EXCITEMENT builds!
You know who carries it? Hobby Lobby. And I refuse to give them my money.
Her allegations—as well as those brought by other former Hobby Lobby employees—call into question the company’s... http:…
did you find those at hobby lobby? I've been looking for something like that!
No different than hobby lobby enforcing their religious belief on their employees
Satanists want Hobby Lobby-style religious exemption from anti-choice counseling laws via
In the three weeks since the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, the main congressional response has already sputtered in the Senate. Reproductive rights advocates are now doing what so many have done in this age of national legislative impasse: turning to the states. The court’s decision allowed…
Hobby Lobby Millionaire to fund pro-bible class in OK
I would buy everything at hobby lobby dude that's like m favorite store 😂
Jesus Christ, the has us rooting for the Satanists against Hobby Freekin Lobby.
Satanists pushing for religious exemptions a la Hobby Lobby
Hmmm, Hobby Lobby not only has their Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff out, but they have a bunch of Christmas stuff out as well. Am I old-fashioned, or is that just wrong?
"Satanists aren’t the only ones following Hobby Lobby’s lead" by
This weather make me want to go to Hobby Lobby and buy fall decorations but there are 2 problems. Its only July and I don't have any $. So there goes that.
Satanists want to use the Hobby Lobby ruling against "informed consent" abortion laws:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Hobby Lobby alleged to have fired pregnant employee who requested time off to give birth via
WOO YAY SATAN. Satanists to use Hobby Lobby to block pro-life propaganda.
The only people telling me to boycott Hobby Lobby are the ones who don't realize that I have no clue what the *** Hobby Lobby is.
In a fiery and provocative speech last week President Obama criticized companies that although following the laws of the United States (Written by Congress, Signed by the President, Upheld by the Supreme Court) violated his sense of morality.He accused them of being unpatriotic and renouncing their "citizenship ".This surprised me the most because of his objections to the "United We Stand " and "Hobby Lobby " Supreme Court decisions which assumed "personhood " status for corporations.I thought he objected to that premise and I know further to the left politicians definitely do.So my question is why or when were corporations granted "citizenship."?
A friend of mine saw Christmas merchandise for sale in a Hobby Lobby already. Ok, so, I LOVE Christmas, but REALLY, retail??? THAT is ridiculous.
Not Hobby Lobby but still a victory for reproductive rights. The Pink House in Mississippi stays open!
Hobby Lobby co-founders David and Barbara Green thank employees, customers and supporters after the Supreme Court granted a landmark victory for religious li...
One more skein of yarn from hobby lobby today with a 40% off coupon! yes I have a problem. But I will not be near there again until next week and I have things in the works!!
I believe in being fair. Dr Bryan Terry recently received low scores on a survey he received. It was not because he holds a liberal view, it was because he did not just give a black and white yes/no answers. What Dr. Terry demonstrated is not all questions are just black and white, and even the questions sometimes need to be questioned. I will post his answers in a second. I want to ask you though, do you want someone who will just vote straight down the board as instructed, or do you want a person who will examine the issues, poise questions, and vote informed? Below is the response to the survey that I copied and paste. I am not the author. Let us examine Dr. Terry’s actual answers. Question 1: Prohibit recognizing civil unions between same-sex couples, Yes/No? Coggin blindly said “yes”. Dr. Terry on the other hand knows that Tennessee currently has 3 recognized same-sex marriages which are being reviewed in Federal court. Given court rulings throughout the nation, rightly or wrongly, it is li ...
Game room sign about 3ft long. Bought at hobby lobby for 49.99. I will take 25 obo. Pick up in Georgetown
In what just may be the most stunning example of hypocrisy in my lifetime, Mother Jones has uncovered numerous investments on the part of Hobby Lobby’s retirement fund in a wide variety of companies producing abortion and contraception related products. Hobby Lobby is currently seeking relief from certain contraception benefit requirements [...]
Don't laugh . But I went by Hobby Lobby and saw the sign the door and I thought it said now open so I went back to the car to get my purse I'm telling my son to stay here it'll be okay I'm going to go ahead and look around a little bit and it is said not open Reading Is addiction is bad
Hobby Lobby is a company with Biblical values. It refuses to cover certain birth control, yet the company's 401K plan invests in companies that make those drugs.
Picked these up from Hobby Lobby today. They've got lots of cool Mustang stuff there!
Boycott Hobby Lobby they are blasphemers snf lyers. Yea right they care about the unborn and newborn.
Who will be the first to claim the "Hobby Lobby Religious Exemption" against paying for The Jewish State to kill Palestinians?
So it seems Jesse is not only happy to take $1.8 million from Chris Kyle's widow, he's also against the Hobby Lobby ruling. He's taking some heat on his page right now.
So I understand that Hobby Lobby has their employees sign something that says they agree not to sue the company for any reason. Ok, also I know that it is the law that you receive maternity leave after giving birth. But apparently Hobby Lobby, who by the way is building a Bible museum, has made it easy to discriminate and impossible to be held accountable. They are more concerned about the zygote than human. Once that baby is born, they exit the scene. Hmmm, me thinks there's something stinky in the air.
Went to Green Bay today with my sister-in-law Brenda. Wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to get some materials to make my magnets. Was a beautiful day regardless of the rain. Now watching the Chicago CUBS play in honor of my father-in-law. Miss you dad Baumler, I know you are watching them in HEAVEN.
Any suggestions where to buy sand other than hobby lobby and amazon ??
I was in Hobby Lobby today, wandering around. I came across a display of pretty sparkly glass things, jars and figurines and whatnot, just the kind my grandma used to have. When I was young I viewed them as being there to get me in trouble for breaking them, when I was older their purpose seemed to be to collect dust. Well, my guard must have been down, because I found myself thinking alien thoughts like, 'that would look so nice on that table by the window! And that thingy could go next to the plant...' when I realized what I was doing, I ran waving my arms and screaming from the Hobby Lobby (at least, in my mind I did). I feel like quite enough of an adult for now, thank you, and have therefore banned myself from craft and trinket stores for the next ten years. A person has to take a stand sometimes, even against themselves.
Hey, you. Yeah, you with the hypocritical disposition. You and Hobby Lobby were meant to be together.
Joining community for a conversation on fair pay for women and impact of the Hobby Lobby decision on NM women.
Franken, Klobuchar back bill to override Hobby Lobby decision - Minneapolis Star Tribune
The Satanic Temple has launched a campaign seeking religious exemption from laws that restrict access to abortions, citing the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling. The group, which "facilitates the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists, and advocates for individua…
When satanists get involved in the Hobby Lobby debate, the Supreme Court will decide "that's different".
Which view of Christianity does the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling defend?
In a statement, the Satanic Temple said that it will use the Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobby decision to exempt its believers from state-mandated informed consent laws that require women considering abortions to read pro-life material.
Baylors Ken Starr weighs in on Hobby Lobby case at DC event - Associated Baptist Press
So now Avik Roy wants SCOTUS to write the rules for implementation like they did in Hobby Lobby. No judicial overreach there.
Anybody want to go to Hobby Lobby tonight and look at Christmas lights or trees? We did last night. well not for the Christmas stuff but they were putting it up. It` just around the corner.
Great read “My piece on the economic implications of Hobby Lobby and corporations as people.
Obama will not want this to go to Supreme Court, where Hobby Lobby was won, he'll send it to his nuclear-stacked panel
Open yr eyes to Egan’s brilliance: MT More idiocy on Hobby Lobby fr the NYT
More idiocy on Hobby Lobby from the NY Times op-ed page.
Times columnist makes his case for why Supreme Court erred with Hobby Lobby ruling.
L. Brooks Patterson failed in his run for governor multiple times but strangely enough was heard to say not worry about Detroit, at a GOP fundraiser during the GWB reign of doom to America, as they would be taken care of. Well the man who could NOT win the backing of his party to ascend to the throne of Governor of Michigan now has created his legacy even if he spoke knowingly of it within the last decade NOT 30 years ago L.Brooks is a shady character at best. We were spared him by the Koch Brothers backing the self proclaimed "Nerd" Candidate. Spared to a worse doom Rick Snyder know thy name. Pandora's Box has been opened and tyvm for that Hobby Lobby. Who will be next? Privatize a basic need to sustain life?? unconscionable!! Have I got your attention yet? Mark Ruffalo, yes the actor whose recent work in the Film version of Tony Award winning "The Normal Heart", was here joining in the PROTEST . The Normal Heart was about the AIDS awareness movement of the 80's in NYC. So is it art imitating life or vic ...
Journal of the American Medical Association piece: Hobby Lobby decision ... - Washington Times
Larry Brooks with the Hobby Lobby swipe at Mike Fisher in the last graph:
The county's first Hobby Lobby store will open in Oxnard -- will u frequent the store?
blocks bill to blow up Hobby Lobby decision, Valerie Jarrett responds (Video) via
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today spoke on the Senate floor about the war the Democrats have waged on religious liberty, particularly the Catholic Church. Forty-six Senate Democrats are cosponsoring legislation to reverse the Supreme Court’s Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision and force businesses and…
Very cute wall decoration bought at hobby lobby for $15 asking $8
The Hobby Lobby case is being hailed by freedom advocates as a great victory. On balance it certainly it is a victory for those who value personal freedom. But it also contains land mines that may one day prove destructive to freedom.
Guest column: Hobby Lobby ruling likely to have no effect on access to contraceptives via   10% Off
In our paper today: Hobby Lobby is going to open a store here. Time to make some signs.
“Reason 52859 to love hobby lobby 😋 are we hanging that up in our room
Most of the recent media buzz surrounding Hobby Lobby, a popular craft store chain, has focused on the company's Supreme Court victory permitting it to refuse coverage of certain forms of contraception. But in a separate legal battle, a longtime transgender employee is alleging discrimination — a co…
Any of you amazing and talented local musicians interested in playing a few tunes at a big rally in Billings on Tuesday? 4:45-5:30 to oppose the Supreme Court ruling on hobby lobby. Get at me!
It's not just Hobby Lobby. There are one hundred cases that have been filed for the right to discriminate against women's healthcare. NOW calls them the "Dirty 100".
Yesterday on Capitol Hill, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, had a message for President Obama and Senate Democrats voting to undermine the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby... Read More
Super awesome Friday! Hanging out with Nicole Lexi Nevarez. We worked out, having lunch on our way to hobby lobby to get stuff for dream boards
I really wanna go to the hobby lobby.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said Thursday that he supports the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling, just weeks after saying on national television that he ...
“The Transgender Rights Case Against Hobby Lobby that no one's talking about
Sitting here at Chick-fil-a, reading the instructions to my new RC helicopter I got from Hobby Lobby. Wearing my gun too (concealed). 'Murica!
Republicans continue to insist women are merely breeding vessels with no voice in that whole baby-making discussion http:…
I just joined Democrats to call on Congress to pass the bill to reverse the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision. Join me.
Dr. Carla Roberts co-authored an op-ed with Dr. Anwar Osborne, of Emory’s Emergency Med Dept, on Hobby Lobby ruling-
Birth control is a healthcare decision that should be made by a woman & her doctor. I support
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
“NemoMHA: She believes different than you. So what?”. Ask hobby lobby why obsessed w insurance
Hobby Lobby — the company that just beat back Obamacare’s mandate to provide all types of contraceptive coverage to employees, even those believed by …
Democrats use Hobby Lobby defeat as a rallying cry for November midterms.
At the age of 25, cheering for six years and coaching for 7, spending my whole college career in a sorority, I just discovered that Michael's has a much cuter ribbon selection than Hobby Lobby. I feel like my whole has been a lie.
Travis Weber on CBN News: FRC's Travis Weber on CBN News discussing the recent Hobby Lobby case and it's impli...
The depth of CEO Sam Green's "I'm going to force the world into my way of thinking" dementia knows no bounds. BOYCOTT HOBBY LOBBY.
Shocking no one: Is Now Discriminating Against a Transgender Employee by v…
Senator Warren delivered a floor speech on the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision and urged passage of the Protect Women's Health from Corporate Interferen...
A woman’s decision to use birth control is not her boss’s business. Congress has the opportunity to reverse Hobby Lobby right now, but they must hear from you so they have the courage to do the right thing and stand up for the rights of women. Join us!
@ Hobby Lobby -- PROTEST at the new Hobby Lobby in Burbank
Call for the resignation of SCOTUS who passed discrimination against women into law with the Hobby Lobby case
Plans for my WAREHOUSE LAST SALE! (have I said that before?) It will be Saturday August 9th, 8-8! I will have 4@ $1 ben, $1 ben and rest is mostly $2-$5 items! Will also have lots of Oak shelving to attach to wall brackets that housed my wall of "Carnival Glass"...That will be pictured at a later date. If you like JulieAnn's in Nevada or Hobby Lobby items, you will love the two 8' tables that are full of very nice items. Also included are Metal shelf, Eletrolux sweepers, party trays, Thero chest, dresser, tall Silver Dollar tree, 1 and 55 gal Aquariums, some clothes L-XL womens, shoes, totes, wreaths and a Christmas Section of trees, lighted and non lighted, very nice items, no junk allowed here! Write it down, hope to see you then. Time has passed for early sales, now it is AUGUST 9th! Hubbard Farm: 305 Street off hwy 65!
After being denied access to workplace facilities for being transgender, a Hobby Lobby employee is now pressing a discrimination case with the Illinois Human Rights Commission. 
July 16, 2014 - Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) blistered her GOP colleagues and the Supreme Court's ruling in the Hobby Lobby case just before a bill reversing...
Scott Brown: running away from questions AGAIN (on US Supreme Court decision about Hobby Lobby / Religious Freedom)?
Scott Brown won't answer a question about the US Supreme Court decision about Hobby Lobby and religious freedom
Hobby lobby is one of my favorite stores
Going to hobby lobby and seeing all the cute stickers makes me really want to make a scrap book
When I go into Hobby Lobby I almost always get a cart, not for my purchase, but to hold my coffee while I peruse the entire store.
Scott Brown would rather hang out where men poop than answer your dumb Hobby Lobby questions
Bid in Senate to overturn Hobby Lobby decision fails
Hobby Lobby has Christmas stuff out already!
Hobby Lobby reaction shows is here to stay!
Bold statement on "Brown stood up, walked to the back of the diner, & took shelter in the bathroom" http:/…
The Republicans blocked our legislation to undo harmful effects of the Supreme Court’s horrible Hobby Lobby ruling, http:…
What an awesome day. Met the rest of my office family ☺️ went to my 1st work social event 🎉🎊 managed not to spend $500 at Hobby Lobby...😎
says the women intentionally misleading people about the severity of the Hobby Lobby case
Boulder-based prophylactic manufacturer Sir Richard's Condom Co. has announced that it will provide free boxes of its products to any and all Hobby Lobby employees who ask for them.
Here's our take on the Hobby Lobby verdict from today, from yesterday -
The Supreme Court cited the government's own definition of the four birth control methods opposed by Hobby Lobby.
My birth control is not my boss's business. Hobby Lobby needs to stop imposing their Christian religious views on the nation. Harry Reid will save us.
What bothers me most about this letter, is this: Therefore, the Supreme Court’s decision allowed Hobby Lobby to...
Walked into Hobby Lobby today .. And they had all the Christmas stuff out!
New post: Hobby Lobby’s DC Bible Museum to display ancient artifacts and manuscripts
These are the legal consequences of the Hobby Lobby decision, but this court will not follow their own precedent unless it is to support a Christian viewpoint. They don't enforce the Constitution anymore; they are shoving their own Christian beliefs down our throats!
Ever since the Supreme Court ruled on the contraception mandate in the Hobby Lobby case, liberals across America have been losing their minds because they believe that the courts gave employers the right to deny contraceptive coverage, even though we all… [ 460 more words. ]
House is clean!! Now I want to go to hobby lobby to buy new decor!!!
I had a hobby lobby employee at my bar today and was an *** when he saw all my pink. He was a manager
Mrs. Dingell, What are your views on the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision, and what will you do to fight against the Court's decision to allow corporations to deny contraception to female employees? Thanks for sharing!
Democrats in the US Senate attempted to reverse the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision on the Obamacare contraceptive mandate. The bill which was introduced by (...)
Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Thursday was not pleased about Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) remarks about the Supreme Court’s hotly debated Hobby Lobby decision. Essentially, this was Pelosi’s argument: “We should be afraid of this court, that five guys [are] determining what contraceptives are legal or not.…
Shabby chic mail organizer for your desk come from Hobby Lobby $15 pick up at Griffin store on Brunswick Highway
You all have til 5p this afternoon to go to Hobby Lobby to fill out an applicaton!
Bright Houses new home, 4450 California Ave. Right next to Hobby Lobby. Shorter drive to work.
Used to love and support Hobby Lobby but today after my 15 minute walk through the store seeing aisles and aisles of CHRISTMAS on July 18, I was a little turned off. Left without making a purchase!
**FOR SALE** Chic pink & black toddler/girls/dorm room accessories! Most are brand new from hobby lobby or Jojo designs! 6 hanging pictures($8 each), 2 round standing frames($4 each), 1 small hanging hook for scarves etc.($4), a 3 knob decorative wall hanging for necklaces and jewelry-gorgeous! ($10), stool($4), wooden standing "diva" plaque($3), door knob diva plaque($3),4 drawer storage unit/nightstand($20), and toddler bedding from Jojo Designs incl. Sham, comforter and sheet($20) used condition, sham has a small ink spot on the bottom corner -( Brand new comforter set sells for $300). I also have a pink roll pillow embroidered with "Diva" for $8. I Can sell as a lot or seperate. If you buy more I will give you a discount. Smoke free home! Well cared for! In Easley.
Wonder if the Christian taliban considered this when the holler about what a win the hobby lobby is for religious freedom
Bakery owners from Oregon refused to produce a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage because of their religious beliefs. What can they learn from the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga decisions?
6-30-14 - At an appearance at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Hillary Clinton blasted today's ruling in US v. Hobby Lobby, saying it was "deeply...
For Scott Brown, the Supreme Court's contraception ruling in the Hobby Lobby case has become a dangerous third rail -- which he'll avoid at all costs.
AAUW: Empowering Women Since 1881 Tell the Senate to Fix the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision!
Dancing bear Chris Christie says he supports Hobby Lobby. Also says he hasn't decided on WH run. ⬅️Call BS on that!.
So called pro life Catholic Senator Bob Casey has no problem attacking Hobby Lobby. The Dem Senator's attempt to...
Last week, Megyn Kelly slammed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her lies about the Hobby Lobby case. And this week, Kelly’s new target was Jon Stewart of The Daily Show on Comedy Central. And she brings out the big guns. With so much bad information out there about the Hobby Lobby case, it is…
Megyn Kelly on new developments in Hobby Lobby case |
Tell Congress to vote YES on Hobby Lobby fix!
Glenn talks Hobby Lobby, Eric Holder, and partisan politics with Megyn Kelly via
LIKE A BOSS: Megyn Kelly CALLS OUT the left, Jon Stewart for trying to “mislead and divide” over Hobby Lobby decision h…
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