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Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a privately held retail chain of arts and crafts stores based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and is formally called Hobby Lobby Creative Centers.

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Outstanding reminders from - Fusionism, Hobby Lobby, and the Constitution via
Confession time: So... I'm locked into a pretty rigid schedule leading up to family coming and Star Wars Day. Needed some art supplies that Michaels didn't have. Now, I've been avoiding Chick-fil-a and Hobby Lobby because I like the *** and my *** but the only other art store was on the other *** end of the city, so solution? Take my birth control into Hobby Lobby and take it while checking out. Now I'm glad they're chewables. *Mic drop*
Traci from Maple Valley just won a 50 dollar gift certificate to Hobby Lobby.
BREAKING: Head of secret service resigns presumably in protest of Hobby Lobby expansion in Puget Sound
Bobby Jindal to appear with Hobby Lobby family in support of Bible museum, TIME reports
Louisville Co-Manager at Hobby Lobby (Louisville, KY): Overview Are you looking for a company...
RBG tells CU, Shelby County, and Hobby Lobby would have been different if SOC still there.
Busy evening! Went to Hobby Lobby with the girls to buy a stamped cross stitch pattern, walked out with 2 Latch kits. Found a costume for my baby boy Kevin, he's going to be a monster! Went out with my mom, Aunt, & girls earlier today. Now sitting & eating with my beautiful girls, life is good!!!
Things I can't handle: kids, screaming kids, and hobby lobby on a rainy Saturday.
The home goods store has nothing on Hobby lobby
Almost ready for bed 6:30 am comes quick and I didn't sleep well last night.. Have kys dresser painted so it is drying now, prolly going to hobby lobby tomorrow after kys lesson while I'm on break :)
Pictures taken today by Commissioner Jerry Keith Coleman: Ribbon Cutting event for Hobby Lobby scheduled for October 13th
What I found at Hobby Lobby... Dirty people! That is a good Christian place! 😂
Rob and I have been married almost 22 years and Saturdays have always been our day...Today's date day started with a visit to Hobby Lobby then down to Kennesaw to a store that she wanted to go to (clothing store) where she got a few things for herself and after a visit to the flooring store to look at tile, we went to a store I wanted to go to (Cabellas) where she got some more things for herself (I know, what is wrong with this Then we caught the 4:25 showing of a great movie called The Song (highly recommend). Then after dinner at Sweet Tomatoes we stopped by the Sprint Store to visit our grand daughter at work for a few minutes. Then we came home to a chihuahua and three cats. I really love my life. God at work.
Found out that Hobby Lobby still has lots of bright and shiny things to distract me from the project at hand. Thanks to Debra Funke staying on task, we will have a cool glass block Halloween and Christmas decorations.
I have had a great weekend. Started Thursday morning attending grandparents day at Brimfield Elementary in Kent, OH. Visited Cade's kindergarten class. Thursday evening went to Cade's flag football game against Copley. Cade is the center and on defense plays an end. His team won. I stayed at Jon's house all night and then went to school again, this time visiting Carter's 3rd grade class. My daughter-in-law was kind enough to take me to Hobby Lobby in Stow. On my way home I stopped and visited with Katie, Blake and Annabelle in Copley. Brody was in school. Today Jack and I got up early and traveled to Millersport, OH (near Columbus) to see Braden's football game. He threw a pass for a touchdown and then ran to score the extra points after the TD. Braden's team the Berne Union Rockets won 28-24. At the same time received a text from Jon - Carter also threw a TD pass during his game this morning,, After Braden's game we went for lunch at Buco Di Peppo's, probably spelled wrong, in downtown Columbus. ...
If a sorority girl goes to hobby lobby but doesn't buy anything, did she really go to hobby lobby?
Went to Cape Girardeau today and hit, Sam's, Menards, Kohls and Hobby Lobby. And the jeep dealership! Car shopping trying to decide between a SUV or another Chrysler 300??? Sat in a WHITE Cherokee Jeep and really liked it. Did not like the Grand Cherokee Jeep which I was a first interested in. Had to hit Sam's for family get together scheduled for Oct 18th. Accomplished a lot but really tired. Bought myself a hand drill. Was going to get myself one for Christmas but I need one now. Black & Decker is what I ended up with. Anyone have any suggestions on a new vehicle???
Once walking into hobby lobby I was the happiest person on earth
What a wonderful day. Ended with a trip to hobby lobby and this little boy found a fox to go with his birthday decorations and held it and loved it an kissed it all through the store.
I had an awesome day today Even though I was not feeling too good Went shopping with my mother my Sisters But I sure did miss my other sister Stella... The funny part that I was not feeling good and my sister was pushing me on the wheelchair at Hobby Lobby We kept bumping into things good thing we did not break anything there And guess what I got my early Birthday present From my sister Lola
I just took like a 3 hour nap. I was suppose to go to hobby lobby. Didn't happen. Then the neighbor girls came over to invite us over.
Well, I need to go to Hobby Lobby more often.
I can never resist the urge to ask people in line at hobby lobby what they are making...the lady in front of me was buying spray paint for days so I had to ask...she said if it's not moving in her house she's spray painting it!!! Then we chatted all the way to the parking lot about our spray paint techniques...good times
I've been a busy beaver today since I discovered Hobby Lobby :O)
I was in hobby lobby on yesterday and saw a painting. Who remembers being taught this prayer,"God is great God is good let us thank Him for our food, for by His hand we are fed Thank you God for our daily bread". It hit me when you get to the part that says, :by His Hands we are fed", it is only God who feeds us on a daily basis we get so busy with stuff and take for granted we will have food everyday and forget to thank the one who supplies it on a daily basis... Thank you God for my daily bread!!
Hobby lobby makes me so excited to get married and have a home to decorate!
Hobby Lobby is a chain of craft stores running in accordance with Christian values. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled in the company's favor to not provide employee health insurance that covers cer...
Not content with pretending they only care about abortion, the religious right is hoping the Hobby Lobby ruling will let them strip women of the right to use ANY contraceptives.
My living room looks like hobby lobby threw up
If I had a million dollars, I'd still be broke after I left hobby lobby 😍
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ok so I was a bit crafty this evening!! I love these stadium letters that everyone is making now and cost upwards of $100 for a decent size . So I thought hm these are paper mâché letters of me and hubby's initials an it cost me like $3 bux for the letters at hobby lobby , some old craft paint I had laying around and the lights where like $6bux and the rope I glued around the letters was like $2 so it cost me like 11ish. Miss, INDEED!! Lol !! LET ME KNOW WHAT YA'LL THINK!!!
Found out this afternoon that I could get a job at Hobby Lobby making 15.00 an hour with health insurance and a 410k. After 17 and a half years at EMS and my top pay as a Medic was 12.28 an hour. Priorities are definitely messed up somewhere. Any thoughts?
Had a good day today. Enjoyed lunch with my friend Lorrie and off to Hobby Lobby and INTO THE WEST, western furniture store. The lastly a trip to Starbucks to finish the day. Also a discussion from Lorrie that her and Jennifer want to know when it is their turn to get a quilt!!! Lol maybe one of these days who know when.
fortunately for me, I don't go to hobby lobby very often. This commercial invaded my home and my eyeballs unbidden and uninvited.
How have I lived this long without Hobby Lobby? Moving to Albany
Love is your husband going to Hobby Lobby with you and not complaining about looking at every single thing. Love that man!
When you tear up about a piece of art at Hobby Lobby, you buy it right then. Figure out where it’ll go later.
*TONIGHT'S MEET* Tonight's meet is canceled! Lol just kidding, we got jokes today. We are going to the same spot as last night, Woodmen and Academy Hobby Lobby\King Soopers. I think last night worked well, so we will try It again. As always please be respectful so we can keep this spot, and PICK UP YOUR TRASH! There are trash cans at the front of the businesses. Thanks guys! *SEE YOU THERE*
Today some West people were in my line at Hobby Lobby and while I was ringing them up they said "have fun making Daddy's Money"💰
hobby lobby had Christmas trees up in July.
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT YALL. Hobby Lobby is already in the Christmas spirit😍 made my whole day
that stuff has been all over hobby lobby since August!
Awesome day! Got to pick some ginormous pumpkins that Uncle Brandon T planted, got to ride in the combine and go to Hobby Lobby! ! :)
Just showing some art with frames! Makes a world of difference! Frames are half off this week at Hobby Lobby, girls!!!
So Crystal and I were headed to Hobby Lobby and get on one of the drives by the mall when a young man desided to pull out in front of us. I had to hit the brakes so hard Mavy ended up in the floor boards. I spun around and followed that little punk to the movie theater. When he got out I laid into him. I told him how I drive a truck for a living and how I see every day how bad actions behind the wheel can kill. When I got done he was about to throw up he was so nervous. I should feel bad but I don't! Someone needs to teach these young people the consequences of not paying attention while operating a car. It could save their lives!
About to go to Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Think I'm going to start crafting and decorating again. Wanna make Kai a wreath for her door.
Got way too excited for Christmas after walking down the holiday decor aisle in hobby lobby
10 years later.. Still waiting in line at hobby lobby 💀
I wanted to post a picture on Instagram, but my phone is have a mental breakdown right now, so I'll just leave this here :) Tonight, I left the session of one of my 1st Year Plan graduates with icing-smeared jeans, a sweet card, a Hobby Lobby gift card, some new props and a full heart. I am truly thankful to have clients who are so thoughtful and always remind me why I love my job, especially on those days when I'm in desperate need of that reminder.
Let's hope pressure put on this one like on Hobby Lobby revolutionaries.
We'll it has been a good weekend had a blast with momma and pawpaw at mule night and me and the hubby s went to mule day had a good time with him and thanks you for my supprise 2 tickets to the Alabama homecoming game super excited thanks babe . And had a blast with best mom in the world went to hobby lobby in jasper and went to my favorite place to eat crackle barrowl thanks mom had a blast love ya bunches .i hope everyone has a good weekend and a blessed one
a pumpkin patch up your alley at Hobby Lobby
Nothing more annoying than the evil hobby lobby moms. 😒😒😒
This could be dangerous... Going to hobby lobby alone. Nobody to force me out.
Simple decoration! I do these for every holiday. Go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby and grab a few bags
Hopefully Hobby Lobby keeps me. I'm feeling this job 😕
Mom, come out of Hobby Lobby, my phone's dying 😩
After looking around in Hobby Lobby I walk out to my car to leave only to see my keys laying right there, on the inside, in my LOCKED car..👍
I didn't bother 'splainin' my hotflash while checking out at Hobby Lobby today. I enjoyed women thinking I needed Betty Ford.
This is what happens when you go to Hobby Lobby and take pictures with ornaments and then Accedently drop them
Hobby Lobby is a trap don't go in there you will be stuck for hours.
just found out I'm color blind at hobby lobby
Walking around hobby lobby with my drunk dad 😂
So Michael's has all their senior stuff in silver and Hobby Lobby has all their gold stuff that says junior.. highly upset
Just saw Mrs Andriano at hobby lobby.. lol
Needed to get out of Hobby Lobby before I blew my entire paycheck on Halloween decorations
I literally could spend my life savings at hobby lobby.
Hobby Lobby makes me wish I was 8 again
At hobby lobby and mom looks at a list she has and loudly says "I need balls".only my family...
Hobby Lobby is my fav this time of the year 😊
At hobby lobby getting some letters
it's a craft punch i got from hobby lobby by You'll love it
We are dangerous men. We shop at Hobby Lobby, we eat Chik-fil-A, we watch Duck Dynasty, & we graduated from Liberty U. -B…
*** it's been a while since I went to Hobby Lobby. I was in heaven. Saved $16 with coupon :3
Hobby lobby is probs my fav store ever 👌
My mom sending me pictures from hobby lobby of things I could use to decorate with at the wedding >>>>>>
We have Pin the Probe on the Politician, Hobby Lobby protest sign-making, and photos! And wine!
"Have you heard of the $1,750-per-person “Gathering,” which starts Thursday in Orlando, Florida? Probably not. But if you’re female, *** non-Christian, or otherwise interested in the separation of church and state, your life has been affected by it. The Gathering is a conference of hard-right Christian organizations and, perhaps more important, funders. Most of them are not household names, at least if your household isn’t evangelical. But that’s the point: The Gathering is a hub of Christian Right organizing, and the people in attendance have led the campaigns to privatize public schools, redefine “religious liberty” (as in the Hobby Lobby case), fight same-sex marriage, fight evolution, and, well, you know the rest. They’re probably behind that, too. Featured speakers have included many of the usual suspects: Alliance Defending Freedom President and CEO Alan Sears (2013), Focus on the Family President Jim Daly (2011), and Family Research Council head Tony Perkins (2006). This year, howe ...
Garden Ridge & Hobby Lobby are the 2 places I could spend all my money at
I need to go to Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge asap.
4 drugs & devices can end the life of a pre-born baby Hobby Lobby successfully defended its policy at Supreme Court
Which one said the Hobby Lobby decision 'doesn't matter'?. Charlie Baker Roger Goodell.
For those of you interested HOBBY LOBBY has opened in North Myrtle Beach...:) :)
The Hobby Lobby decision wasn't the Supreme Court's last word on birth control. Six justices have signed on to an injunction that allows Wheaton College, a religious
Don't know how you feel about Hobby Lobby or if you have one around. But they do custom frames.
no one the night I'm thinking about I pucked u up and we went to hobby lobby so I could get stuff for debate.
was back when the Hobby Lobby mess was going on
A federal judge cited the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby birth control case in ruling that a member of a polygamist Mormon splinter group does not have to answer questions from the Department of Labor because of his religious beliefs, the Salt Lake City Tribune reported.
The Mafia should declare itself a religion. RFRA may provide better way of avoiding testimony than the 5th Amendment
Looks like the USSC f'd up this one ...
YAS YAAAS YAS 😭 you're the reason for trips to Hobby Lobby, Michael's & the dollar store 💰
I can't wait till able to go to hobby lobby so I can start on treys birthday stuff :)
We've tried to: -- pass the Paycheck Fairness Act -- overturn the Hobby Lobby decision -- reduce student loan debt -- raise the minimum wage -- extend emergency unemployment benefits -- pass comprehensive immigration reform Republicans said no. (But they did shut down the government.)
Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Conference: This is a one-day meeting for legal scholars writing on Burwell v. Hobby Lo...
I was just promised Starbucks and Hobby Lobby tomorrow 😍 I mean, who needs work anyways? 💁
Had my first Hobby Lobby shopping trip tonight! Thanks to my neighbor and dear friend Amanda Knoop, you are the best! I'm glad I have you to help me decorate :)
Can't forget Joann's and Michaels for other craft stuff ... oh and what the Hobby Lobby?
How to stay gorgeous, even when your religious bosses deny you coverage for your contraception. More about the Supreme Court's decision on Hobby Lobby: http:...
How the Hobby Lobby ruling is helping a member of Warren Jeffs’ polygamous church
on California where hobby lobby and lassens are!
Hey guys!! I want to host a party at my house. I'll provide the box style wreath frame, burlaps, bunches fall flowers and few other thing. Just bring 20 dollars to help pay for the burlaps and the box style wreath frame. Bring ur own decors of what u want on ur wreath (fall, Halloween, footballs, favorite color, letters, ribbons& flowers.) I'll provide dessert and coffee. This is gonna be so much fun!!! Who want to come & buy to make ur own wreath, let me know what's ur favorite color of burlaps(s) 2 each person. -Turquoise -black -orange -natural burlap with black scroll pattern -yellow -avocado -burnt orange -natural -red -chervon (grey/white) Dollar store have bunch of flowers, fall, and Halloween decors. Hobby lobby, micheals, and wal mart as well! Who ready for a fun and learn to make a wreath??!!
I forgot that we are getting a hobby lobby in etown.
Somebody is drifting at the new hobby lobby lot by walmart . Bruh.. no chill 😼👍
Tomorrow Autumn's scarf will be finished, then I will be able to start back up on the terminal Afghan. My shipment of yarn came in at Hobby Lobby, so I'm back in the game. 10 skeins 10 days.
GOD name when it work for you Hobby Lobby
Recent article shows the Catholic Bishops engineered the Hobby Lobby decision
Steve Green and many Christians continue to ignore the Bible when convenient while cherry picking only the parts...
This woman is my hero. Hobby Lobby Makeup Tutorial:
Judge: Hobby Lobby decision means polygamous member of religious sect can refuse to testify In child labor case
You have to be a math nerd to work at Hobby Lobby, they give you a math test on percentages etc. and they ask that you do not use a calculator at all. Im sorry guys math was my weakest subject.
“Someone help me find another job asap” same!!! Let's go work at hobby lobby 😊
Finally decided to do my bathroom in inspirational quotes.This is a start and some of what I got at Hobby Lobby today.
Judge says Hobby Lobby ruling allows Mormon cult member to avoid talking to feds
Chick-fil-A has sundays off so they can pray for forgiveness for all the crap they sell you. JK! That's Hobby Lobby...
Tremendous turnout today for our "Women Stand With Scott" press conference, where I demanded Congress take action on bills that would guarantee women equal pay for equal work and reverse the impacts of the Supreme Court's anti-woman Hobby Lobby ruling. I was joined by my wife, Lynn, and more than 40 supporters. To read more about our event, click here:
I had plans to get so much stuff done today but I didn't leave hobby lobby until they closed and then got excited to hang new decorations.
His music isn't played much here except in Hobby Lobby. I want to share this blessing with others!
I wish I had a lot of money because if I did I would have bought something from every shelf at hobby lobby today 😋
I want to DIY craft my entire life. About to go crazy at Hobby Lobby tomorrow.
Hobby Lobby Makeup Tutorial via this is the best thing I've ever watched in my whole entire life to date I swear it
Little Giant Ladders
I'm sure somewhere in the bowels of hobby lobby there's a glitter encrusted plaque of this
Obama declared war on Hobby Lobby but not on ISIS. He is nuts!.
And the rhinestones can't cost anymore than $10 at your local Walmart or hobby lobby.
Post Hobby Lobby: Judge OKs "religious reasons" as excuse for not answering Fed questions about illegal child labor. h…
Be back in a bit, I"m running out to Hobby Lobby to buy some condoms.
Hobby Lobby's Steve Green has big plans for his Bible museum in Washington
No one could have predicted Hobby Lobby decision would be used to protect FLDS against labor laws. via…
Hobby Lobby decision means someone can claim a religious exemption to answering police que...
Judge: Hobby Lobby decision means polygamous sect member can refuse to testify in child labor case
thx - "marriage" has nothing to do with what Warren Jeffs did. With or w/o the Hobby Lobby ruling.
In the Republican nominee for Congress is a Jewish African-American Vet. who supports Hobby Lobby and Citizens United decisions.
How the Catholic Church masterminded the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby debacle
The Norman Report - Hobby Lobby and Donald Sterling Jeff Norman speaks with University
Ginsburg seems to have finally figured out that Hobby Lobby wasn't a Free Exercise ruling.
Instead of demanding $15 an hour, you can work at Hobby Lobby. They already pay their workers $14/hour
Hobby Lobby represented that 4 of 20 covered by ACA(not FDA) incl abortifacients. Studies say no
Well, today I saw an muslim couple in a 15 passenger van with the back seats out and plastic boxes in there places all closed up. I have a theory that ISIS may use this and make their main target Christian establishments like Chic-Fil-A or Hobby Lobby. It won't be the obvious targets like churches. We need to be aware of our surroundings and be mindful of certain people that may cause harm to our families. It's not just a physical battle with ISIS but a spiritual one of the god they worship. God says in his word, "Whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven". It is time, that we as Christians, should rise up and bind the hands of the enemy, the thoughts of ISIS, and to declare confusion in the camps of the enemy. We need to declare the Spirit of God and plead for the mercy of God over America. It is our time to rise up with boldness and conviction and declare the word of the Lord. God has blessed the United States of America. Now it is time fo ...
Eden Foods = hippie Hobby Lobby. Progressive on food, antediluvian on women's issues control_n_…
Not too early to mark your calendars: THURSDAY OCT. 16th -- SPECIAL PROGRAM: Prof. Josh Hawley of the University of Missouri School of Law to speak on his experiences arguing 'Hobby Lobby' case before the United States Supreme Court. Time: 7 to 9 PM Appetizers and Rustic Italian Wood-Fired Pizza, Soft Drinks. Cash bar. Location: Arcadian Moon Winery, Highway 13 and I-70 Junction, Higginsville, Missouri Link: to the public. Your hosts: Lafayette County Republican Central Committee and Federated Republican Women's Club of Lafayette County, Missouri. Paid for by Lafayette County Republican Central Committee, Heidi Kolkmeyer, treasurer.
Day Five - Thursday. NO pictures today. We did MORE errands and returns ... IKEA again to return the item (shower caddy) we originally forgot cuz it was too short ... go figure. Back to Target to return the air pump because it didn't have the nozzle attachment ... ugh. Picked up a new one and picked up several other things that Janna "needed". Stopped in at Michael's for some odds and ends then we also took a slight detour to Nordstrom Rack that is always a dangerous place for both of us but we both came out happy girls with our purchases ... nice retail relief :). Then it was on to Costco to stock up on all things you stock up on from Costco. Bought some tp, salmon, ground beef . that we returned cuz it was not good ... EW ... looked like it was already cooked on the inside ... double EW! Janna went to take class again :). I took off and went to Hobby Lobby to get alittle bit of my scrapbooking fix and Janna wanted Christmas lights to hang in her room. Stopped off at Ralph's (same company as King ...
J. Alito must be feeling pretty good today. POTUS basically adopted the exact workarounds he proposed in Hobby Lobby
You’re right. POTUS adopted Court’s Hobby Lobby and Wheaton College workarounds
Two of Hobby Lobby dissent predictions prove false: Gov can offer exemption to for-profit, and don’t need to certify
There are a few places that I just feel awkward and out of place in. Like rural Moroccan towns, some parts of Abu Dhabi, and Hobby Lobby.
Senator Patty Murray focused on countering Hobby Lobby ruling
6 Things every Latina should know about the Hobby Lobby decision:
Megyn Kelly Proves Liberals are LYING about Birth Control & Hobby Lobby ...: via
Today, hobby lobby here we come! I'm so excited! That is the best store ever invented for any person who even has the slightest creative bone in their body!!! Thank u to person who thought of hobby lobby!
Now I understand the ladies in bedazzled shirts, scouring the clearance racks at hobby lobby...they've given up on passion and romance too.
My DAR Chapter are collecting Items for Danville VA Hospital. Contact me or send to the address listed below. It’s getting close to the Holiday season, and time to collect items for the VA Hospital in Danville. As your District III Service for Veterans Chairman, I can say our Chapter did an exceptional job last year with donating so many items, and I thank you on behalf of the Veterans. I will be collecting items for Danville at our September and October meetings, as I would like to take the items to Danville right after our District III Meeting November 7th, when I collect the other 10 Chapters’ items for Danville. Here are some of the items that the VA Hospital would like have now and into the winter season: * New Socks * New Boxers or Briefs—M, L, XXL, 3XL * New T-Shirts, white or colors—XL-5XL * New Long Sleeve Flannel Shirts and Polo Shirts—L, XL-5X * New Sweat Pants and Shirts—L, XL, 2X-4X * New Tennis Shoes in men’s sizes 10 to 15, Velcro and tie. * New Jeans in various sizes and leng ...
Whoop! Whoop! My daughter will be here Saturday.Road Trip to Hobby Lobby and the Dolla Tree.'cause a dolla make me holla! Yes,my daughter has to been seen with me in public.Ha-ha on her!
columnist says Hobby Lobby doesn't have to obey law. . Birth control not in Obamacare but . 1993 law does protect Hobby Lobby
I really have this strong desire to just go and get a bunch of stuff from Hobby Lobby and get crafty with my roommates.
what happened to obeying the law of the land?: Vow to ‘Fix’ the Hobby Lobby Decision
I am having a yard sale on Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. Will,have new stuff from hobby lobby, candles, clothes, shoes, toys, fishing stuff, Xmas arrangements, purses, brand new jewerly, dishes and many more other stuff. This is 3 family yard sale so lots of stuff. Come and shop 225 E Madison Ave.
The Hobby Lobby decision is worse for our nation's health than you realized NEJM
.is a true advocate for the rights of women! This Monday, learn why!
Wicker corner shelf from Hobby Lobby. Less than 3 months old. Perfect condition. $25
ok hold on man I used to work at hobby lobby back in the day lol
First off, when I get off work Tuesday at 6am, I'm off until Friday at 2:30 pm every week. Not everybody works days at hobby lobby like u
Opening Mid September. Behind Hobby Lobby. (Biloxi) "Produce Outlet" you all have asked, when are you going to open "C&M's Produce"? Well, this building belongs to a friend and thought why not. It's already built we just have to hire people and fill it with fresh produce, milk, bread and eggs. 👍
Thank you Hobby Lobby for fighting for your rights. And for paying your people TWICE the Minwage and for not making them…
Today, Hobby Lobby Club members visited Kibera Girls center where we were taught how to bake banana cup cakes using unconventional ovens (heated with charcoal). It was interesting and a good opportunity for our kids to see how different life can be. Have a look!
My second day on the job at Hobby Lobby I'll be doing some professional framing
Today marks the big Back to School Day for so many of my friends. It is surreal to not be starting the school year with YOU gals!! I will always treasure what we accomplished together and how much each of you taught me! And now for everyone starting today that needs a little inspiration: here is a fun repurposed picture frame that serves as a dry erase board to write inspirational quotes, to do lists and to remind us what really matters!! PS- the still sell this frame at Hobby Lobby. You can use the 40% coupon on your cellular device to get this inspiration pretty cheap:) prefect to mount or sat on your desk!!
Why the Hobby Lobby decision is so truly awful.
Look what someone did at Hobby Lobby. Is this a cry for help?
Trying to decide if I should go to Hobby Lobby and look at wedding things OR stay home and do laundry. Anyone wanna go to Hobby Lobby with me?!
Hobby Lobby has their Christmas trees and decorations out already. I am not ready for this. I am still waiting for the hot summer weather to hit. 54 degrees here in the middle of August. smh
Isn't it odd that pelosi and the progressives screamed "it's law now so get over it" about the ACA (obamacare) and now want to "fix" the Hobby Lobby ruling by the SCOTUS? I guess it isn't so odd when you think these are the people that declared we have to "pass it so we can see what's in it" because as another of their rank said "at this point what difference does it make". Wow I just realized that the word rank really applies here in more than one definition. Another word that seems to fit these mongrels is ilk...
Good Morning, Ladies! I started my day in a warm/hot shower. My head and neck feel better, although I can feel the aches lingering nearby. I'm out of coffee creamer, so I'm having to use milk (yuck). Never mind...I'm throwing out my's THAT bad. So, I guess I'm looking ahead to a day without coffee. I can manage. I need to be more organized around here. I'm tired of days without clean dishes and running out of daily necessities and having a stinky sink because I've neglected the dishes for so long. True, I have been sick, but things shouldn't get so bad so quickly. I will make an effort to manage my household better than that. Sounds like a new Family B & B post brewing. :) Today, I've a therapy appointment. I can't wait! I haven't seen her since June! Travel plans for both of us resulted in the cancelation of my July appointment. I'm anxious to share my new crafty biz ideas and see if she can recommend a local group of crafters that I should get to know. She's always really good ...
There is a real battle in the US specifically now after the Hobby Lobby/Invocation rulings from atheist on the first Amendment. They feel the first amendment gives them freedom from religion and using the ACLU to forward that position on threat of legal action. If you actually read the amendment it provides freedom of religion not from. This battle has become as much "religious" persecution of Christianity where neo Darwinism has become a type of religion. That is just as wrong to forward that position over any other religion.
So I had a flat this morning, but I managed to drive from Moore to Hobby Lobby!!!
Say I'm a Protestant and not a Catholic in Ireland. Say I;'m the atheist that I am. I get pregnant - when it's not when I want. Then the Catholic Church owns my womb. I can understand it owning a Catholic girl's womb - her Church - their rules/her rules. Same for someone working for Hobby Lobby, no much worse. Say I'm living in Iran - same deal. Islam then owns my womb. I don't know of any country controlling guy's tools. Chastity belts for men, where their female partner holds the key. If he wants sex it can only be with her. No fooling around - no Onanism - look it up! Now that would be fair!
Beautiful morning at the bus stop. It feels perfect outside! Gonna do an outdoor project then off to Hobby Lobby to buy fabric for ottoman, valances, and throw pillows. Make it a great day!
Politics, the Dark Lord, and Hobby Lobby: An interview with the Satanic Temple via
Spurred on by the Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobby ruling, Eden Foods CEO Michael Potter has revived a March 2013 case to nix coverage of all birth control from his employees’ healthcare plans. In turn, many shoppers have soured on the ...
See the guy w. the Coexist bumper sticker.Tell him the Hobby Lobby 300 miles away is putting in a Chik-Fil-A & he should protest 11-4
Clergy protest Hobby Lobby decision by handing out condoms at local store
Hobby Lobby candles and smoke detectors being recalled this morning. Here's why:
LSE Research: Hobby Lobby ruling, poor ratings for Obama, and why is Ann Coulter afraid o... soon frm
Omg aisles of Christmas already?!? Hobby Lobby never ceases to amaze me!
It's time to start up an organic foods rival to Philly coop says 'vote with your wallet' via
I seriously cannot believe Mac got out this early... saw him at hobby lobby lol
Ayyy super smart friends, who wants to write me a mad paragraph about the decent in the Burwell v Hobby Lobby case? No one? okay.
Dems Stand Against the Law of the Land: Vow to ‘Fix’ the Hobby Lobby Decision
Anyway, the USSC in the Hobby Lobby decision, even suggested workarounds, so this has no effect at all on women.
also everyone who was super riled up about steubenville and the hobby lobby decision SHOULD BE JUST AS MAD ABOUT FERGUSON
It seems Orwellian to me that you call this theocratic, since the only party being coerced was Hobby Lobby.
No Hobby Lobby in Ferguson, I believe. MT why is silent on
The NYT decries the Hobby Lobby decision, but when it comes to Indians & peyote, they're all for religious freedom: http…
Letters to the editor: Hobby Lobby has rights too - Aug 14 @ 2:15 AM ET
S/O to the people boxing in the hobby lobby parking lot 😂
if you have a Hobby Lobby in your area, you can buy a new guishishou candleholder and it's 50% off till Saturday! :)
Hobby lobby, Chik Fil A and Cliven Bundy were worthy of anger. But not the govt unleashing *** on unarmed protesters.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
shout out to Ricky Bobby smoking with Zack and Cody in the lobby jerking off is my favorite hobby
Monday I played baseball in the front yard with the boys and then went to hobby lobby looking for baseball shoe strings.
walked into Hobby Lobby today and they already have homecoming stuff out👏 football season here we come💗
Between Ferguson,and the Hobby Lobby; I'm beginning to feel as though we're losing decades of social justice progress
All this Hobby Lobby drama... Companies should just do free showings of Teen Mom 2. Only birth control u need!
Hobby lobby is heaven on earth. Can I just live there?
A little delayed, but now it is undeniable that I will continue to shop at Michael's instead of Hobby Lobby and forever will.
And I'll say it: killing people, torturing them, this is worse than Hobby Lobby not having to offer certain type of contrac…
Washington Post says- In a surprising twist of fate, the protesters may have the Supreme Court on their side. (Just not in the way you might think.) In Citizens United v. FEC and Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the court ruled that corporations are covered by the First Amendment and that freedom of religion can be extended to corporations. Cornell Law School professor Lynn Stout has asserted that these rulings solidified the notion that a corporation is an independent entity, similar to a person. She said, “Because of the legal ‘personhood’ of corporations, buying a share in a corporation is like making a contract with the legal ‘person’ that is the company, which is different from buying the company.” In short, the notion that a corporation is simply a giant sole-proprietorship where shareholders have total control is legally untenable. So if shareholders don’t own the company, who does? Market Basket’s employees, customers and suppliers say they do.
Fantastic roundtable discussion at Spenard Roadhouse this morning with Mark Begich and Cecile Richards, President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. The recent Supreme Court decision re: Hobby Lobby allows businesses to remove women's birth control benefits from their employees for religious reasons. This decision turned freedom of religion on its head: Instead of individuals' religious rights being protected from their employers, now a CORPORATION'S religious views can be used to deny access to birth control to it's women employees. How can a corporation have a religion? Most women (even mothers with children) usually spend much more of their lives trying to avoid getting pregnant than having children. Low or no-cost birth control can make a huge difference financially to families, not to mention preventing unwanted pregnancies. Mark Begich has worked with Cecile Richards and other women's groups, trying to find ways to counteract the Hobby Lobby decision. Please join me in supporting Mark Begich for ...
In June, the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision on the controversial Hobby Lobby case. We further explore the...
Megyn Kelly was on fire Thursday night when she responded to Nancy Pelosi’s comments made earlier that day on the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision.
Many Liberal American women defend Sharia Law for American Muslims...and you think Hobby Lobby decision was harsh...
Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a stark reminder of the importance of reclaiming the Senate from Democrats.Recently, Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did something that Supreme Court Justices almost never do; she gave an interview to Yahoo's Global News Anchor Katie Couric.  This strictly held protocol of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has usually been followed to keep these lifetime appointees, out of the public eye and off the stage of public opinion in order for us to hold onto the illusion that above every other institution of our federal government, the Court can be trusted to keep our ship of State on course--listing neither to the port nor starboard.  Owing to her health, and her objection to the proper narrow decision in the Hobby Lobby case, Ginsburg couldn't help herself.  She, and her liberal friends became frustrated that not enough attention was given to her dissent in the case; so Ginsburg and her Left Wing associates in the media decided it was time to fuss and ...
Yesterday, Senator Barbara Boxerhad an op-ed at the Huffington Post about, among other related issues, the nonexistant threat that women will be denied birth control to treat medical conditions as a result of the Hobby Lobby decision. I personally know someone who works for a religious organization…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
An interesting perspective regarding the the controversial Hobby Lobby ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court...
What I Am Up at 1:00am Thinking About: I think we all have an opinion about what is the most difficult time in a person’s life. 2 year olds get a pretty bad rap. Teenager: the very word instills fear in the heart of most Americans. Having worked with, lived with, and observed parents and children for many years, I’m pretty sure I can boldly proclaim that the absolute WORST time of a person’s life (in general, in the United States) is early 20’s. During a recent visit with a victim in the throes of this disorder, I coined a new phrase that perfectly describes it: “The age of dashed hopes. (hereafter referred to as TADH)”. Honestly, now, which of us would, in a million years, relive our early 20’s? We spend our high school years planning for the future, dreaming dreams, and looking forward to being FRE! How did that work out for you? Don’t get me wrong. Those dreams need to be dreamed and plans need to be planned. That is an essential step in the development of TADH, which can man ...
Legal scholars are still sorting out the possible implications of the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision. While the case dealt directly with birth control coverage and the Affordable Care Act, it could even be cited in future bankruptcy cases.
By Sofia Resnick When a very pregnant Felicia Allen applied for medical leave from her job at Hobby Lobby three years ago, one might think that the...
Go glad I have family that lives near Hobby Lobby! I need cupcake holders & don't have time to get them before the baby shower!
Richard Cohen explains impact of Hobby Lobby ruling on LGBT discrimination executive order
I bought any much of cute house decorations from Hobby Lobby today. That store is so *** addicting!
Had a fun day in Merced with Azalea Macillas had lunch...hit up hobby lobby and went grocery shopping...came home dropped the food off with Benny so he could put it then we went to my cuzNs house to visit with her then off to a friend's house to bs with her for a home eating dinner and watching movies
James Griffin offers insight on the role the relationship of statutes & regulations played in the Hobby Lobby case.
This morning was the grand opening ceremony for the new Hobby Lobby in Gainesville, FL. We showed up with our notepads so that we could note which of our elected officials came out in support. ...
Coming from a girl who has used every marker or pen on the planet, I feel it my duty to give a review on all new products I purchase and try. I do a lot of lettering--I have a lot of markers. Copious amounts. Trust me here. I know markers. Take Note!! (Numbers coordinate with photos.) 1. American Craft chalk markers Target $3.99 Useless! Bullet tip. I was hoping I would love these. I didn't. Don't bother. I wouldn't take one if gave these away. 2. Crayola Gel Markers Walmart $4.79 Love! Pleasantly surprised. Thy really do show up on a black background (chalk board) and are washable. 3. Craftsmart Chalkboard Markers Hobby Lobby $10.99 set of 4 Work great. Wash off easily from the chalk board. Bright colors. My only complaint is they are chisel tip. Not my preference. 4. Sharpie paint marker Walgreens $2.99 Bullet tip. Works great if you can master the pressure and technique. It can be tricky. I have only been able to get a one time use out of most, sometimes two but would recommend. 5. Chalk Pencil Walmart ...
Since 2011, Meggan Sommerville has been suing her employer Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. and fighting for her right to use the restroom that matches her gender identity, a right that her employer of 16 ...
A list of stores that extend their teacher discounts and rewards to Homeschoolers! Most only need to see your excuse letter from the district and some dont want any proof at all! These are all stores in Mansfield! I am in the process of finding more and will add to this list as I find them. Just ask to speak to a manager or go to the service desk and ask about their teacher discounts. Office Max Staples Barnes and Noble Hobby Lobby Joann Fabrics
One faith group appears eager to take the Supreme Court's recent Hobby Lobby ruling in a new direction -- one the ruling's defenders probably won't like.
Many people have a tendency to look down upon Christians and consider them to be bigots, racists or people who are prejudiced. People of faith who love Jesus are often misunderstood. Christ himself was misunderstood and they killed him for what? He forgave them, but yet they persecuted Him. Some people just walk in love. A dear friend reminded me this week of my cousin, Corby Fisher. Corby is the kind of man who never draws attention to himself. He just simply loves people, serves others and asks for no credit. He works as an artist at Hobby Lobby and has for many years. He is on a camera on Sunday mornings at Life Church because he is serving. He loves all people with all of his heart and asks for nothing in return. He is to be admired and thanked, but he doesn't do anything for man's rewards or accolades. Corby may be one of the Godliest people I have ever known and I am sure he will get on to me for writing about him, but when you are related to a person who has such a private testimony that you know . ...
I want to thank Louise Plodinec for her July 14 letter about Hobby Lobby winning the battle not to cover contraception for its female employees because some forms of birth control cause abortion (“Don’t overlook the hypocrisy”).
The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling may be a blow to the left, but Hillary Clinton and her supporters clearly believe she can use the decision to rally her base.
This is indeed a real punch in the gut for Missourians and progressives like me who opposed Amendment 1. This feels like the sad news that was received when the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision was...
HA! Back in your self righteous "holier than Thou" faces fundamentalists AND Hobby Lobby *** LMFAO
At the WHOPPING diaphram usage rate of 0.1% & pretending that all 21,000 Hobby Lobby employees were women & all sexually active & able to get pregnant, Mrs P...
Photos from Secular Coalition for America's post in Hobby Lobby Made Me Want to
If I ever go into Hobby Lobby again, it will be to ask for Hanukkah materials. And Kwanzaa materials. And I might just have my video running.
"My Jesus is better than your Jesus" Ruling May've Poked Hole in 'Corporate Veil'
Amendment 1's very narrow win: sadly akin to SCOTUS' Hobby Lobby ruling and Fox2's idiotic yanking of Angie Mock off mornings.
“Casually spent 3 hours in hobby lobby... I'm not sure if we got enough 😂my bank account cryin now.
go to hobby lobby, they are ready for Christmas.
Was talking offline with three small town guys. They asked what I did and I said "feminist writer" because that was shorter than whatever it is I really do, and they were all really excited because they're apparently the three most liberal guys in their town. We talked about abortion rights and the Hobby Lobby case and social model of disability. That was really satisfying.
Ginsburg’s fierce 35-page dissent in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby wasn’t her last word on the case.
Went to Mount Vernon this afternoon. I was able to get to Hobby Lobby but that was it. Usually my craft stops don't happen cause there's never time. *sighs* Got my Corner Chomper though & SnPhoto Crops.
Aloha, Perhaps Corporations are people...I know Hobby Lobby is a
Website Builder 728x90
There's a first time for everything. Mom and I went to hobby lobby today...and neither of us bought anything!!! I think something is wrong!
About to drive on over to Hobby Lobby and ram a wire hanger up my *** I'm not even pregnant, y'all. Just doing it for …
Referring to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in favour of Hobby Lobby, attorneys for two detainees at Guantanamo Bay have submitted motions seeking their religious freedom.
Today was a really good day ! Went out to eat , saw random cool magic tricks, Got paid, went thrifting, went to hobby lobby & got crafty ♡
The TIW Take-away has been scheduled for Wed., Aug 27, from 2-5pm. Location is Extra Space Storage, 991 Milwaukee Ave., Deerfield. We'll post entrance details soon. Individuals are responsible for your own loading/transport. We have a couple of 9x12 area rugs, in good shape and neutral in color. Lots of costumes; the storage bins are not included. Lots of props and set dec stuff. Our hope is that other theatre groups will be able to use these items; we've all experienced the endless shopping for every show! Large sets or austere, pretty sure you'll find things that will always come in handy; (far fewer trips to Michael's, Jo-Ann's and Hobby Lobby!) So come over and feel free to be grabby!
By the way, Joann's crafts store is horrible. Michaels is better. Hobby Lobby is the best.
and more things and when i get paid i might go to Hobby Lobby with my mom and bro it would be fun and shop with them ..idk what though
Conservative Christians! Christian Right! Our society, our nation and the world would be a better place if there were none of these Conservative Christian kind of people (they do not even deserve to be called 'people' - they are sick, evil "low-life")! Fundamentalism and Biblical Literalism make Conservative Christians and the Religious Right worse than Islamic Fundamentalists. Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Todd Akin, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Gary Scheenberger, Jerry Falwell, the Koch Brothers, Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, the CEO's of: Hobby Lobby Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Microsoft, AT&T, Comcast, and the most ill-managed bank in the U.S. - Bank of America and on and on and on. Each and everyone - a hypocrite! One thing all of these Conservative Christians have in common - you guessed it -- passionate, undying love of the ALMIGHTY dollar. Maybe God SHOULD NOT bless the Conservative Christians! I condemn them.
Night i am Tried as heck and i need some sleep i got things to do tomorrow i am gonna be busy do some laudary for mum and dishes and go swimming and clean the house if i feel like it but i probarly will do it and yea and maybe when i get paid i can go shopping or go to hobby lobby with mum and bro or friends if i can invite some over i want my friend Gianna to come over but i am hoping my other friend Alexis Alonso can come if out parent talk i really do hope!PLEASE SAY YES:) NIGHT PEEPS
Hobby Lobby. Legitimate Rape. Vote on Violence Against Women Act. 77 cents on the dollar. "Regrettable sex not rape"
The Hobby Lobby ruling divided the country. But it’s not motivating people to vote. - SECTION:...
Hobby Lobby should cover all care, of course.
worked at hobby lobby through Christmas it's the devil
Bad news: In "win" decided that mandates can override the Bill of Rights. ht…
So much for their so-called morality and closely held religious beliefs pfft
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Hobby Lobby & Benefits: Hillary Clinton & her *** Feminist friends want to turn benefits offered by a Company to a demand or civil right.
Hobby Lobby and a *** in the Corporate Veil that would expose shareholders' assets
SUPER. Hobby Lobby restricts BC, but if you get pregnant Walmart will fire you via
Can we make all corporations claiming personhood take the Voigt-Kampff? "Hobby Lobby, you’re in a desert walking along in the s…
Hobby Lobby Allegedly Fired Employee Due to Pregnancy . This is the 'Christianity' that Jesus is against.
The Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling may have poked a hole in the 'corporate veil'
Aaron Adams: "I got a call back from Hobby Lobby and Asher didn't."
If for my bday everyone could just get me gift cards to hobby lobby, that'd be great
I'm ready for Round 2 to overturn Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision in the Senate | Patty Murray for Senate
Panel discusses impact of Hobby Lobby case in W.Va. - By Lydia Nuzum . The Rev. Mel Hoover thinks of it like a... http:/…
some of y'all's walmart's are so lame :( check michaels and AC moore or hobby lobby
Hate to break it to you Catholics but Protestants aren't heretics. Get off our backs and go protest hobby lobby or something
Henry Howard sounds like some Revolutionary War-era philosopher Hobby Lobby is going to make up then misquote.
Pick up your copy of Trumpet Magazine today!! Here are just a few places you can get one.Hobby Lobby, David's Meat Market, Jewel Mart, Olive Paris, Paris Coffee, Rockin L Music, Living Water Book Store.
| Justice Ginsburg talks Hobby Lobby, Roe v. Wade, and more -
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Dear Mr. Jones, Adam Ames, we just heard some loud Counting Crows at the Hobby Lobby of bar-restaurants. Reeder, the restaurant is in Ohio. Some amazing thing would have happened if you were both here!
OMG!! I have just entered a Hobby Lobby for the first time and I am in LOVE!!! This place is like a holy grail of craft stores!! I may NEVER leave!!
The Gainesville Sun's photo gallery of the August 1, 2014 protest of Gainesville, Florida's Hobby Lobby:
Of course they are mostly doing more harm to women than good. In 10 minutes I watched they bashed Katie Couric, supported Hobby Lobby and...
My $3.50 lamp!! I bought an ugly lamp at a yard sale for $1. Used it for the "light kit" I bout the shade at Hobby Lobby on sale for $1.50. And the Kerr canning jar I got for free from someone getting rid of jars. I bought the tin lid at "The Carriage House" in Oxford, Ks. for $1.00. My husband drilled a hole in the top of the tin lid, added the "light kit", wired it up, added a bulb and voila!! I use this as my desk lamp.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “I certainly respect the belief of the Hobby Lobby owners... [r/politics]
MT RBGinsburg: My male colleagues didn’t really understand the Hobby Lobby case MY Justice just keeps stepping higher
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Male justices don’t understand what Hobby Lobby meant for women
Wow: A Fox News host lectures Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Hobby Lobby case, says she lacks "working knowledge"
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks male Supreme Court justices who voted against her on Hobby Lobby ruling have 'blin
Do the 5 male justices understand ramifications of the Hobby Lobby decision? "I would have to say no," Ginsburg said
Justice Ginsburg predicted this in her Hobby Lobby dissent... and here it is... Well who remembers the Satan statue that is getting placed in Oklahoma? You know the one that is going to sit right next to Ten Commandments statue in on the State Capitol. Well, Thanks to Hobby Lobby.. The Satanists are about to really pull a victory, a "religious" victory. They are filing a lawsuit requesting Hobby Lobby type exemption from state mandated counseling for abortions. Satanist Spokesperson Lucian Greaves puts it simply: “…the Supreme Court has decided that religious beliefs are so sacrosanct that they can even trump scientific fact.” This case is certainly not as clean cut as their statue case, it is, nonetheless, still a very compelling argument. In accordance with the Satanic religion, Satanists believe in science as a tenet of their religion. Therefore, under Hobby Lobby precedent, they are arguing they can get exempt from the ridiculous and costly abortion counseling required by many states. Oklahoma a ...
Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Hobby Lobby: My male colleagues have a “blind spot” about women
interviews Justice Ginsburg on Hobby Lobby and future plans http…
Video: katiecouric: SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg talked to me about her 35 page Hobby Lobby dissent.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Imagine if Scalia said Ginsburg had a blind spot on Hobby Lobby because of her gender.
When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, allowing businesses to dictate healthcare coverage, five conservative men disagreed with three women and Justice Stephen G. Breyer. “Contraceptive protection is something every woman must have access to, to control her own destiny,” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Ginsburg's sexist Hobby Lobby comments are ridiculous, but worth noting they were prompted by stupid, leading question from Katie Couric.
RBG weighs in on Hobby Lobby, Citizen's United and the "blind spot" she feels her male colleagues suffer from VIDEO
Ginsburg: Hobby Lobby majority has 'blind spot' on women's rights - MSNBC
Ginsburg's new Hobby Lobby dissent: "Contraceptive protection is something every woman must have ac...
Did male justices in Hobby Lobby have ‘a bit of a blind spot’? Justice Ginsburg says yes
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