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Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a privately held retail chain of arts and crafts stores based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and is formally called Hobby Lobby Creative Centers.

Mike Huckabee Supreme Court David Green

"Whatever your hands find to do, do it for the glory of God." -David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby
Given that the Ninth Circuit is well known for being most Left wing, have they not even read SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision?
Inspired by Hobby Lobby, a Missouri state rep tries to deny his daughters birth control.
Inspired by Hobby Lobby, a Father (and Missouri State Rep) Tries to Deny His Daughters Birth Contro…
Thanks to Hobby Lobby, we can expect to see more attacks on women like the First Amendment Defense Act that Raúl Labrador (R-ID) supports.
in ( Hobby Lobby ) paid for it to at least part & Catholics, Church of Christ, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Wal Mart, Protestants.
Hobby Lobby has their Christmas stuff out. FREAKING FINALLY you guys.
President Obama renders Hobby Lobby ruling obsolete -- "Obama effectively neutered the Hobby Lobby ruling and ensured that all women, even …
Some radio control cars racing in the parking lot between Hobby Lobby and Galaxy Hobby in Lynnwood.…
If only this town had a friken Hobby Lobby I could be crafting for my apartment right now 😁
I could spend all day in hobby lobby 😊
The worst decision anyone can make is choosing to go to Hobby Lobby with me
My point is that the Supreme Court recognized Hobby Lobby as a Christian business because the owners are Christians.
A man in the Hobby Lobby parking lot today (with his windows down btw) had a nice little date with Mary Jane. 😳😳😳
did you try Micheal's, Hobby lobby. Craft stores in general?
Idk how you do it! I get enough to of hobby lobby and the fabric department their. I could never do joanns! Lol
There isn't a Walmart or Hobby Lobby near us. Did the others. Stopping at a Dollar Tree in Venice Beach tomorrow ;)
I really enjoy pooping. It's my favorite hobby. If the Hobby Lobby sold toilets, I'd be set.
Maybe I can find a daddy at Hobby Lobby
aight. Lmao I'm going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow!
*Hobby lobby with Chloe and didn't buy anything or barely said hi to lilly.
This might be a great fit for you: UT - Co-Manager - UT
hobby lobby! It's a craft store in my area I guess idk how big the store is location wise
So, this craft store called Hobby Lobby has all their Christmas stuff out already. -This is my suicide note
when I just spent $30 at hobby lobby for arts and crafts, get ready Christmas is gonna be so cool this year
I want to get my nails done, but I also want to go to hobby lobby, and I also want stuff from anthro but I also want to be able to pay bills
It never fails that I end up at Hobby Lobby or Kirklands when Mason is at work lol
I hope there's a hobby lobby in Houston
probably. I love them. Favorite section of hobby lobby 😂
So who wants to drive me to Hobby Lobby so I can pick up a sketchbook and pencils? We could get lunch lmao idk
I could do it cheaper at Michael's. Hobby Lobby might do it for free.
Come out this Saturday to get your car washed at the Wendy's on Lavon infront of Hobby Lobby!!!
When you and the gang get asked to leave hobby lobby for taking advantage of their dank af acoustics
I will forever refuse to shop at hobby lobby.
I'm getting so tired of all this stuff going on. Forcing Hobby Lobby to give their employee abortion insurance to...
It's disgusting how much I work I like live at hobby lobby
The Hobby Lobby newspaper ad will result in me spending @ least $100 in their store to support their courage. Others?
Not Hobby Lobby. We wouldn't have each other (I am NOT Christian and won't put up with others forcing me to be)
I found some tatting thread and a shuttle on sale at Hobby Lobby ...and here is a start to a simple…
Dont you work at Hobby Lobby or something like that Brenda, I know I wouldnt trust them with my
Maybe Hobby Lobby isn't so bad after all
I need to go to hobby lobby and get stuff for my office
Maybe Hobby Lobby isn't so bad after all via /r/pics
never been, but hobby lobby is my favorite place to shop. They have some of the coolest automotive stuff
Deck is almost done getting painted, Saturday is decoration buying day at hobby lobby and Joanne's. Then I'll be floating the river.
Just spent two hours in hobby lobby ***
Tbh the only thing saxophones are good for is Hobby Lobby music
I sometimes go to hobby lobby to hang out and waste time.
I strongly take back my hobby lobby statement
painting supplies at Hobby Lobby are now more expensive due to their legal costs in fighting abortion battles.
Hobby Lobby has the cutest birthday cards everrr 💘😭
Someone broke the S off all the Mr & Mrs frames @ Hobby Lobby LOLz 😂
I wish I was cool enough to work at hobby lobby or some kind of craft store
Hobby Lobby may be closing all there stores! They are Christian based & the Government is not being nice!
They should go work at Hobby Lobby or a Christian bake shop.
I won't shop at Hobby Lobby, but Imma *** sure use their coupons!
Hey, have you ever had RC's Pizza in rhe Hobby Lobby shopping center on Sawdust? It's pretty good
MRW Hobby Lobby threatens to close its stores because of the Affordable Care Act
I wanna go into all the Hobby Lobby stores and yell at their female employees for letting a corporation control their bodies
Wonder if Duke of Hazzard model cars will disappear from craft stores based in Texas (Michael's) and Oklahoma (Hobby Lobby)...
They have stuff to kill vampires in Hobby Lobby. This stores collet than I thought
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Funny how I don't remember Cruz calling Kennedy an "activist judge" when he ruled for Hobby Lobby:.
Mandi and I are having a spa day so m going to her house in my pajamas and no makeup but I have to stop by Hobby Lobby first like this
Hobby Lobby sells it as stuffing for Easter Baskets.
Hobby Lobby has fleece on sale and so does JoAnn Fabrics.please purchase some fleece to drop off to our...
Want to feel like a fish out of water, get weird looks and feel like you don't belong?. Be a young guy in Hobby Lobby or Joann's Fabrics.
Admit it, you want people off of College to make your drive to Hobby Lobby easier…We're on to your game
Mart Green - Chief Executive of Hobby Lobby shared with Genesis Pure IBOs last Saturday... . "Only about 9...
ICYMI: Watch HDS Prof. Diane Moore talk about Hobby Lobby decision at
yes Morgan at La Foi Salon its in shopping center as Hobby Lobby ... I love love loved her! Amazing with blonde (806) 771-4545
.pins recent bills to last year's Hobby Lobby ruling, and cites AU's Alex Luchenitser.
What's the basis for saying Arkansas RFRA allows racial discrimination if Justice Alito, out of all people, said RFRAs don't in Hobby Lobby?
.because liberal boycotts always work so well, just ask Chick-Fil-A, Hobby Lobby and Rush Limbaugh
The Orthodox Union (Jewish) supported the Hobby Lobby challenge purely on religious liberty grounds:
"The Court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield...". --Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, dissenting in Hobby Lobby
federal RFRA covers businesses too. Have you heard of the Hobby Lobby case?
Everything in Hobby Lobby is 50-80% off. I picked a good day to feel crafty. 😍🎨
4 nutapalooza Every case has right court: patent? E.Texas. Hobby Lobby? 10th District Court. But scandal is anything slightly pro-human
Leadership is not about privilege it's about being a servant. . - David Green, Hobby Lobby.
Anytime I come into Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or Jo-Ann fabrics. I'm like a kid in a candy store
Now that's what I'm talking about - Holly "Hobby Lobby" cheats on husband with another family values charlatan
A man (ahem Mike Huckabee) says that states can ignore the Supreme Court. Fine void the Hobby Lobby decision. Oh wait. Not that one he says.
Mike Huckabee: Christians are second class citizens in the US because of Hobby Lobby, War on Christmas
heard my moms heart shatter into a million pieces cause I told her hobby lobby is going out of business
Two outdoor pillows from hobby lobby only a few months old. Paid 16.99 each with 50% off. I will take $20.00 for both. The pot of flowers with the stand and the metal picture I will take 10.00 for them also from hobby lobby. The clock has never been used paid $20.00 from Hancock fabric will take $13.00 for it. Two metal dragon flies from hobby lobby. $10.00 for the pair. All in like new condition
Nice animal print bangle. Auction starts at $1. Auction ends Tuesday at 5:00. Meet in Hobby Lobby parking lot for pick up.
355 yards of yarn crocheted within 3 an a half days lol 1.420 yards which is 4 skeins left which is what I bought yesterday to crochet on this afghan I'm gonna need 5 more skeins after that an that's only step number one. Hobby lobby just became a walmart to me lol
The last day cult is the new world order, also known as the one world government. The ideal formula for mind control is combining government with religion...the bread and butter formula for cults. This cult is a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and influential group of genetically-related individuals (at least at the highest echelons) which include many of the world's wealthiest people, top political leaders, and corporate elite including bankers, insurance industry and oil billionaires. They create a One World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda. Their intention is to effect complete and total control over every human being on the planet and to dramatically reduce the world's population by 5.5 Billion people. The Koch's are billionaire oil people and they own the gop/tea party and they control all the CONservative majority courts including the Supreme Court. Examples of the new world order rulings includ ...
Via: Tom O Halloran By: David Green, the founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. When my family and I started our company 40 years ago, we were working out of a garage on a $600 bank loan, assembling miniature picture frames. Our first retail store wasn’t much bigger than most people’s living ro…
Have a 2 bedroom/2 bath 2 story apartment I'm looking for someone to take over my lease. Rent is $485 a month, you will not have to pay a deposit, all you do is pay a $45 application fee and my deposit will rollover to you. It's at oak manor apartments in city of Cullman behind hobby lobby. They are pet friendly but you would be responsible for pet deposit
The people at Hobby Lobby are *** and those who voted to let them be *** are also ***
Hobby Lobby opens in Novi...Jan 30 th..yay
Join the list of our contest winners! Like and Share now to be entered to win the $50 Hobby Lobby gift card to be drawn for this Monday 1-19-15! We love to give things away to our customers! Here are a few past winners.
Anyone know when Hobby Lobby is hiring?
I wish there was a 24 hour Hobby Lobby
I'm sure that Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and AC Moore are going to sell out of every shade of pink ribbon on their shelves! Keep on turning Seekonk pink!! 🎀💗 I'm sure Amy's family is in awe with the support they are receiving. This is just awesome.
Ok FB friends when does the Hobby Lobby in Aberdeen open? In need of some crafty supplies!
What a perfect addition to ANY home! (Pick up a letter at Hobby Lobby or craft store; paint it your color; add Uppercase Living house numbers!) is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about Home Decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. …
So happy that there is a new Hobby Lobby in Maplewood. (didn't know that til yesterday) so no more driving out to Woodbury anymore.
size 2x men's shirt. just wrinkled from being in a box. $2. Meet at hobby lobby at kearney and ks exp or meet @ Kmart on Glenstone(this meet is only on Wed between 3 and 4 any other time/day will be at hobby lobby at ks and kearney.
Today when I was rearranging things in my home, I picked up those "peacock feathers" that I bought from Hobby Lobby. I noticed that they felt and looked kind of fake. Then, I noticed that one had a sticker still on it that read: Made in China. Anyone know anything about this? Is this how they sell the feathers so cheap at certain places?
Im gonna do this, waiting on sun to shine to paint. I found the labels @ Hobby Lobby.
So I went to Ashland today .I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to look for some Decor for the Roost. It was closed on Sundays . So i had drove a hour and its closed right. Well im like ill treat myself to Starbucks i always hear how good it is. So i go in and tell the lady Ive never been,and she should give me her most popular coffee. So $4.40 cents later Im in my car expecting the Ark Angel to sing when i drink this thing. I was not impressed.And I didnt taste vanilla in it at all .No thank you Starbucks. I will keep buying my Chase and Sanborn for $4.99 a can at save alot.Im the same way with hot dogs.I grew up on the cheap ones.To me a all beef hotdog ***
Does anyone know how many positions will be open at Hobby Lobby ? Also will they hire tomorrow at the job fair ? Everyone keeps posting the page for holiday inn express just wondering if anyone knew any more ?
THIS IS REALLY LONG :O :O So I guess I misunderstood about what was going to happen to Emberlynn. I thought that she would be going back to the vet on monday to get her surgery. What is actually going to happen is the vet will call us (provided she got in touch with Emberlynn’s vet at the free clinic) to talk about whether or not they can do the surgery and if they will be able to work out some sort of payment plan for us. Emberlynn right now has an open wound on her body. This is not ok and we need a surgery to happen. To remove both masses. We have had Emberlynn for about 10 years now and this on top of everything else is just not ok. I cannot deal with anything happening to her right now. I suppose if you never had an animal then you won’t understand, but they are not “just dogs”.these are family members. I love Emberlynn just as much as I love the rest of my family. Whether or not you think that is silly is up to you. This is really stressful for me. I really feel like I am losing my mind. I a ...
This is the info for Hobby Lobby Cindy W. Kelly
unfortunately the owners of Hobby Lobby would rather threaten the lively hoods of there thousands of employees (&...
I go spending crazy at those stores, too.and Gordmans and Hobby Lobby. Glad you had fun! 😄
I don't know what I'm going to do if all the Hobby Lobby stores close. It's my favorite store. 😔
there's also stores like Hobby Lobby, Pat Catans
*Walking through art supplies stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's*
Hobby Lobby may close all 500+ stores because they don't want to pay for proper women's healthcare or "abortion causing drugs."
Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores. 😍
Hobby Lobby is one of the greatest stores ever!!
It's been a year since the douchechalupa who owns Hobby Lobby threatened to close all his stores because Jesus hates healthcare for women.
In a country where freedom of choice is the cry, freedom for Hobby Lobby and those who share this faith to hold...
Why is Columbus getting all the new retail stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels and now *** Barrel?
looks like Hobby Lobby gonna close all their stores because they think birth control is abortion.
Hobby Lobby needs to call Arkin Pest Control stat!
Hastings Entertainment on 39th street in Kearney is closing on the 15th, Hobby Lobby will take over. Hastings has a location at the Mall.
I'm about to buy some bigoted yarn at Hobby Lobby so I can make a giant blanket. They're the only ones in town who stock this dope yarn. :(
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
2014 is drawing to an end. Time to get started on my new 2015 Calendar. Found exactly what I wanted 1/2 price at Books a Million. Found some great buys at Bed Bath & Beyond. 50% off plus an extra 20% with coupons. I'm all set for next Xmas with new table linens. :o) Found some gifts too. :o) Tomorrow? Nail apt. & then Hobby Lobby!
My favorite band Common Houses is playing tomorrow (Saturday) evening, 6:30-10:30 in Beckley, at Calacino's Pizzeria just up Robert C. Byrd drive past Hobby Lobby. This band makes magic, and not only because my brother Kurt O'Dell is the bassist: Dale Chappell, Chris Stockwell, and Matt Kiser combine to offer the very best musical experience anywhere around! Whoo-hoo!
"My hips lock up when I go to Hobby Lobby and large grocery stores" -
huh. Taper candles are at Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart and dollar stores down here.
Why can't all stores be 24 hours? I really need to make a Hobby Lobby run!
I went to so many clothing stores today without spending a dime... Then, I went to Hobby Lobby. Oops. 🙊
Is the Sexist of the Year Rush Limbaugh, Roger Goodell, Will Dana, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. or Hobby Lobby?
If you got mad about Hobby Lobby or that Rachel Held Evans book, but you're chill tonight...well.
Yep. A lot better than a mass produced item from Hobby Lobby.
Warning - Religious Freedom in Peril in Michigan! I try to be thoughtful about making political posts on Sunday, but regarding this issue I feel it is appropriate to help make people aware of the attack on our religious freedom that is happening in the halls of Lansing. Right now, we enjoy the freedom to worship as we please and for Pastors to preach in freedom in churches across Michigan, but if Lansing politicians have their way in the upcoming weeks, that can all change and most people don’t even know about it. The bill being pushed by Republican leadership is for the expansion of the Elliott-Larsen Act to include sexual orientation, specifically for people of *** *** bisexual, and transgender lifestyles. Currently, all Michiganders, regardless of their sexual preference or lifestyle, enjoy equal status under the law, however with the expansion of Elliott-Larsen, it will elevate those in the LGBT community to special status and protection under Michigan law above all other sexual orientations i ...
Ran into WM today to buy acrylic paint since Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays..I got out of my car and the first thing I heard was the "F" word over and I walked around my car I saw a younger lady (I use that word loosely) pushing the cart with a baby in it and she was yelling at the man (again..loosely) and everyother word was "F this and F that",,,I wanted to say "I know what your babies first word is going to be but I looked at her and she was A LOT bigger then me so I just kept my mouth shut (shocker)~That poor little girl doesnt have a chance in life!!!
Come talk Hobby Lobby with myself & in the Omni Gaslamp 2 at 5pm! Lots of good religion and law papers on tap
This may be an odd request but PLEASE bear with me and SHARE this status: I am looking for a lady that was at Hobby Lobby Friday afternoon that helped my mother after she fell in the parking lot and helped her into Hobby Lobby. I have found out who the employees were that helped and from what I understand they said this lady that helped my mom was an angel! So, with that said...I MUST FIND HER! I need and want to thank her personally. If anyone knows my mother, they clearly understand why I am so passionate about finding her. My mom had a few people walk by her and not help her...this lady stopped and did the right thing and I would love to tell her personally what a blessing she is. My mom nor the HL employees got her name. PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS ANGEL!
Our day was jammed pack! Did not expect to be either. We were only home for breakfast, then off to church, then off to lunch and to run an errand (would have been errands if Hobby Lobby was open!), then to drop off Little man, and off to see Mockingjay, then back home for dinner and bedtime for little man! Now time to relax and enjoy some homemade hot cocoa with a smidgen of milk and some homemade marshmallows.
Just so a Hobby Lobby in New Jersey. That has to be the worst combination of crappiness out there, right?
Update your maps at Navteq
What a weekend!! Saturday was spent tearing thru Hobby Lobby with my Sis. Did a lot of spending, but our houses will look fantastic this Christmas season!! Sam Moon was next and we tore it up there too! We will look fabulous! Finished up with El Fenix and home. Neva and I always have THE best Sister adventures. So glad she is there for everything in my life. Love you dearly, baby Sis.
Have an old ugly frame lying around the house?? As long as the glass is still intact why not paint it and turn it into a romantic new mirror :-) Half of the ugly old frames you can pick up cheap at a yard sale or find in your attic are going to be made out of real wood and built to last instead of the cheap resin or plastic like most fancy shabby chic frames are made at Hobby Lobby and they still cost wayy to much even on sale or with a coupon when all you get is faux. Use one of their 40% coupons on a can of Looking Glass Mirror Spray Paint by Krylon and turn any glass surface into a beautiful accent mirror! It’s not necessarily a replacement for true vanity mirror as it doesn't always come out crystal clear like a "real" mirror but has a slight romantic old Hollywood glow to it but if you are patient and do one thin layer at a time it can come out absolutely gorgeous OR you can even rough it up with a sanding block or use a spray bottle of water to help add an aged patina look :-)
Meghan Manley I can't believe you gave me a hobby lobby gift card! Thank you my friend!!! I can't wait till tomorrow I wanna go !!! So excited! Crafty dollars! Yipe!
A hobby lobby store coming to auburn opening dec 26? From the looks of their website, I may be there as soon as it opens.
ok! I'd say painter pens are your best bet! I got mine at hobby lobby
Panel on Hobby Lobby implications for religion cancelled, so went to hear more about crisis in the humanities. Now, to drink.
We have been to target hobby lobby (it was closed) toys r us (I have my brother jerry and my nephew left then I'm done) and bass pro to see Santa it has been a busy busy expensive day...
Lucas just told me I smell like . Hobby Lobby
Large fall centerpiece with candle. $69.99 at hobby lobby. Selling for $15. Se Hsv
Someone pick me up and take me to hobby lobby and somewhere to eat
I wish I had known that I'd be stuck at home for a few weeks. I would love to have the stuff I need from Hobby Lobby to make these new bows I want for my Christmas tree.
Just so all my family knows all I want for Christmas is a hobby lobby gift card :) you can get me other things and I'll be grateful but if all I get is a hobby lobby gift card from y'all I'll be ok 👌
A garden trellis from lowes is about $11. Hobby lobby sells stars for about $5 each. Awesome :)
Order your memory pillow in time for Christmas. If you have a shirt of a loved one that has passed, lives far away or you just love them so much I can take their shirt and turn it into a pillow. My pillows are made where the pillow insert can be removed for easy washing. On the pocket of the shirt I can embroidery also. The price is $15 if u provide the pillow insert(which can be picked up at Joanns, Hancocks, Hobby Lobby and Walmart. If you want me to pick up insert the price is $20. If you need to ship to me pm with info. I can take orders up to December 12 for Christmas deliver. Shipping charges for places not local to me will be additional charge. If you have any questions pm. Thank you
If you’re wondering why this wasn’t covered by the Mainstream Media, it was probably busy attacking Hobby Lobby...
look at hobby lobby case in USA, corporations can have a religion to avoid paying for birth control on employee health ins!
I always want to knit on Sundays. . However, Hobby Lobby is closed and they have the best yarn. So no knitting ever happen on Sundays.
IHOP & Hobby Lobby on Friday for Mamaw's birthday was fun! I'm obsessed with IHOP. & in love with Hobby Lobby. & of course, I love Mamaw! 💕🙈
When I see these at Hobby Lobby... I nerd out completely :3 and
Zach im still mad that we didnt go to hobby lobby
“Where can I get a full length mirror?” Target, Ross, Hobby lobby, places like that
They yelled at me for taking selfies in hobby lobby 👸
Why do I get desires to go to places such as Lifeway, Chick-fil-a, or Hobby Lobby on Sundays?
Christina DiEdoardo's presentation about the legal road to the Hobby Lobby ruling.
I always need to go to hobby lobby on Sunday!
Drive all the way to Hobby Lobby just to be reminded they are closed on Sunday.
No Hobby Lobby by me that I know of . Michaels yes I'll try there!
Figured maybe Michaels . No Hobby lobby by me .
Christina DiEdoardo is breaking down the legal history behind the Hobby Lobby ruling by SCOTUS.
Learning every step of how First Nations religious peyote use led to Hobby Lobby being exempt from discrimination law at
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
they do but they risk suits like Hobby Lobby did. They need protection from crippling and bankrupting lawsuits.
Why does hobby lobby have to be closed on Sunday's?? 😞
words can't explain how much I hate hobby lobby
okay I got cha this week while I'm down. Hobby lobby is having a sale!
Think I'm going to apply at Hobby Lobby 😏🎨
give me a gift card to hobby lobby for Christmas and i'll love you forever
Drove all the way to hobby lobby in Burbank and it's closed. SOB.
Do they know Hobby Lobby's closed on Thanksgiving? :)
Seriously so excited we're getting a Hobby Lobby. 😍
I love love love hobby lobby. I just spend to much when I go 🙈
Hobby Lobby is against contraception, yet this burlap hair clip they sell is the strongest birth contro… …
so yesterday I was at hobby lobby with Adam and his family
*** . Hobby lobby is closed on Sundays ...?
WAKE-UP CALL for Saturday 11/22/2014 -- We will soon step into the time of year when; with complete disregard for THE BIBLE and HISTORIC TRUTH many will blindly join the world in the 'pagan traditions' we now call Christmas. We now have 'so-called' leaders in our modern 'churchianity' that are speaking out defending what 'they perceive' to be some sacred Holy-Day, and how they are trying to save Christmas or put Christ back in Xmas. It is a SAD SCENARIO when we have DRIFTED SO FAR AWAY FROM THE BIBLE TRUTHS the Saints of old fought for and even died to uphold. Our modern Christmas has NOTHING to do with The Christ of The Bible! Why would anyone make such an effort to 'put Him back' into something HE WAS NEVER IN??? Jesus said, "The world cannot hate you; BUT ME IT HATETH, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil." - John 7:7 Did this sound like Jesus knew 'the world' would celebrate Him once a year...or any time? WAKE UP CHURCH!!! Just a short walk through Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Lowe's o . ...
What if the Westboro Baptist Church protested Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
From Hamdan to Hobby Lobby: Nine Years of the Roberts Court | American Civil Liberties Union of Maine
Out and about with my hunni bunni. We needed to get out of the house and just spend some quality time with each other. Getting some household things and just window shopping and putting those things we like has our hearts desires :) (being wise of course...hehehe) Been to Guitar Center, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn fabrics. Jose is looking for model cars (Camaro).
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