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History Channel

History, formerly known as The History Channel, is an American-based international satellite and cable TV channel that broadcasts a variety of reality shows and documentary programs including those of fictional and non-fictional historical content, together with speculation about the future.

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Because I cannot watch any other broadcast TV without breaking the law. Discovery Channel, History Channel etc.
And the History Channel. Law n Order SVU, and the other one with Mark Harmon. My main tv channels.…
National Geographic throwing some SERIOUS shade at History Channel over Amelia Earhart claims.
This Amelia Earhart special on the History Channel has me SHOOK
Just got interviewed for a project on the History Channel. Twas' the perfect time to request the Liberty Bell be replaced with a Taco Bell
holy crap. American Ripper is coming to the History Channel next month!!!
Watching Vietnam in HD on History Channel. Tet Offensive was overwhelming US win. Walter Conkrite should've been...
We're watching American Pickers on History Channel at the moment
Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers” on the History Channel will be in West Virginia in May
Next Week on the History Channel:. Over the Rainbow, The Search for the real Munchkins
One thing History Channel gloriously fails to mention is that Gor Mahia won the first 2-1. Small club mentality
Watching American Pickers on the History Channel ! Too much fun ! You don't realize you're learning something !
He probably IS watching the History Channel, since the History Channel shows nothing but American Pickers and Pawn Stars.
History 101: If by "I love history" you mean "I love American Pickers and Pawn Stars on the History Channel," you don't love history.
4) no history on the History Channel. 5) no science on Discovery. 6) no gambling on BET
First time I'm watching the American Heroes Channel. Reminds of when History Channel had consistant, good programs.
Still waiting for the History Channel to pick up my spin off series of Ice Road Truckers titled Ice Cream Truckers
yeah and I noticed no History Channel. I need my American Pickers !
Wow can't believe the History Channel conned me into watching The Curse of Oak Island... such a bull crap show and ending..
precisely what I do when alone at home: documentaries marathon. History Channel. And bad food, of course
If you give me the remote I can promise you we're going to be watching the Food Network, Animal Planet or the History Channel. Sorry. 😅
That's great to hear. You can never tell with History Channel what you're gonna get. But I should've know cause WALTON GOGGINS.
I will be watching American Pickers on the History Channel
Anyone else find it odd that the only non "American Pickers" show on the History Channel, in what seems like...
No- History Channel is all Ice Road Truckers, Mountain People and Mississippi Swamp men...all great supporters of mine
Remember when the History Channel would have shows about history and not Pawn Stars or Swamp People
I love the History Channel show The Curse of Oak Island! There, I said it.
Funniest thing I've read in a long time: Chuck Grassley’s War on the History Channel.
Chuck Grassley is continuing his surprisingly long feud against the History Channel
I liked a video National Geographic Documentary [HD] | History Channel | The Library of Alexandria
Same reason why History Channel is now Aliens and Military Channel is Pawn Shops and Ami…
To celebrate 10 years on YouTube, Hank and I are rewatching our old videos. This Day in Vlogbrothers History:
Dont believe anything on TV. . anything. A&E history channel etc. The owns all of it.
If you say you don't like Animal Planet or The History Channel then you're lying to yourself
The history channel has me missing sleep for the second night in a row 😨😨
Real documentary what is the NEW WORLD ORDER - History Channel Documentary.
what's going on with the channel today. It has not worked on my TV since yesterday all other channels work
Put that on the history channel. We're talking about this season
Fox showing more History programming than the *** History Channel.
graphic, Discovery channel etc.) or history being told by the one who actually was there (Leon Degrélle, Goebbels etc.)?
American History Channel, this is the wrong weekend to run non-stop Hitler documentaries. I keep confusing them with "20…
How about recording on the channel of YouTube MeriStation the History of Nintendo, is that okay?
Is it possible Trump doesn't divest because he can't afford it? | If true, he was elected on false…
JOIN US FOR A NEW PODCAST NOW! Leave your feedback to be part of the show, check t…
I added a video to a playlist Secrets of The Book Of Revelation Documentary History Channel
Michigan football games will now be aired on the history channel due to fans constantly referencing the past
Lately has started doing very short programmes – David Hendy on the channel's history, now on Schoenberg. I HATE IT…
We're combining science with art, history & culture at Guy's: .
Merry Christmas pastor prince. Grace 🙋. There is a program on History Channel right now painting our Lord Jesus Christ in another light.
I wrote some dialogue I'd love to see on the History Channel's reality series Ice Road Truckers. Enjoy.
My man Raymond Care y'all have no idea I can't wait History Channel Dec. 8th 10/9 pm CST
Belsat ‘prompts’ Channel 1 to demonize for different view of history
I mean, it is a special trademark of Channel Awesome history since 2013.
Acting extra, History Channel, for reenactments of German politics era 1933-1939
Ahoy there as history created with new cross-Channel record | Bailiwick Express
Children's Television in one-channel RTE land in the 1970s. Untuned white noise was preferable.
Hi Susan. Unfortunately Gettysburg will not be repeated on the History Channel. Thanks for your enquiry.
I AM LOVING watching The History Channel "Weather Stories from the Bible" tells why ISLAM NATION'S EATDIRT
had a moment of clarity, I remember a history channel thing about the tunnels under DC, they had a map. Somebody overlay it w/ comets area
Remember when Tiffany appeared on History Channel by via
There's no record of aliens not at the first Thanksgiving! (Sorry - I got confused - that was from A History Channel Thanksgiving)
Hamilton Collection
7+ TOP YouTube Stats Austria's election will make history next month, wha…
Went into history channel website n it seems to have a long history of activities including sales of Slaves but tha…
For the first time in IEEE SLSWYC history we are going live ,. IEEETv : Wayoscope Youtube :…
CIVIL WAR THE GAME - GREAT BATTLES by the history channel
25 November 1120: The 'White Ship' sank in the English Channel, drowning William Adelin, the son & heir of Henry I of England.
Times change. I've gone from mocking the History Channel for too much Hitler to wishing more people would've watched.
Channel 4 have bought the most expensive tent in history
Also, I'm not allowed to watch The History Channel because I get shouty
It’s the thing nowadays, just as the “History Channel” seems to be all ghost hunters and alien abductions.
I think he became a history expert from watching History Channel and B Hollywood movies.
I find it ironic that the History Channel changed their logo to a thanksgiving themed one.
"The Men of the History Channel 2017 Calendar. Ft. Schama, Snow, Graham-Dixon, Sebag-Montefiore. All nude, all year."
Hey, you. Yeah you. Sub to my YouTube channel in my bio!!! Gonna have some great content coming out. Talking history and culture this week.
"It's classy.AMC is on par with the history channel or National Geographic.". --Overheard at thanksgiving.
is great example of why so many have tuned out of Channel. Virtually no actual history progra…
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Learned somethin new today wrote the codex pages&named all the medals. The BF is a huge history buff & ❤️s that channel.
I'm with you! My husband & I watched it on History Channel last weekend. Made me sick. It's happening, people turning heads.
Am I the only one who's sick of there being no meaningful historical content on the History Channel? Probably. But still...
History of Yulia Tymoshenko and her daughter CEX-BABY, from I advise yo…
... Jerry Seinfeld how much is your transcript cast cost from pawnstars from the history channel!
shouldn't Jackie be on the history channel . u know cause its actual history.
Today in history:. In 2014- the lyric video for "What I Like About You was released on their vevo YouTube chan…
Today in history:. In 2014- the video "LIVESOS: AVAILABLE NOW" was released on their YouTube channel
sounds like I'm watching swamp people on The History Channel
Learn about different types of with the Historic Channel
have you watched history channel Hunting Hitler series?
here is 1 HD channel now at least. The good news is one local TV we have the Nazi Channel, I mean Viasat History
Today in history:In 2013- the boys posted a video to their 5 Seconds of Summer YouTube channel thanking fans…
Got this lovely book from the wonderful people at the history channel! Tune in to Vikings next Wednesday I just...
Myth? Good try history channel. It's no secret that black "slaves" were the first to be traded on Wall Street
Bonus: If you're on an iOS device, you can two-finger swipe to jump back and forth in channel history. 👉📱👈
I like all of the shows on history channel about treasure and monster hunting
Turned to history channel. No. HIstory again
The worst terrorist attack in the US since 9/11. The worst mass shooting in US history. And BBC News channel is still cove…
I'm watching the History channel in the club and I'm wondering how do these people kno what's goin on on the sun..ain't nobody…
History Channel is airing a special about Nostradamus predictions regarding the 2016 election. And they say our media is a disaster. [scoff]
I've always been dismissive of Nostradamus, but this History Channel special about his predictions for 2016 is changing my mind...
History Channel, 10pm this special on Nostradamus' predictions for the election if you're undecided or just into history
LMAO just saw a commercial for Nostradamus' 2016 election predictions on History Channel.
I've watched a documentary on History Channel & they interviewed Tun Mahathir. He said it came from Scrabble.
The ice carriers and the Spruce Goose were both hilarious, and I am glad the History Channel taught me about them, hah
was invented 50yrs ago by the govt. in the Cold War look on History Channel for Tim Berners-Lee author Evan Andrews
can we talk about the fact that Slade Smiley is acting in a History Channel show?
The fact the History Channel just endlessly shows Ancient Aliens 'documentaries' is exceptionally
Really sad to hear the passing of Gabe Rygaard from the History Channel show Ax Men
Electronic Device Insurance
Gabe Rygaard, one of the stars of History Channel's now-cancelled Ax Men, was killed in a car accident Sept. 16. He was n...
star of the canceled History Channel reality TV series Ax Men and one-time candidate for Clallam
For me? Military family and a nerd that watched the History Channel and news. Pentagon being hit was when I really started getting upset
History Channel's American Pickers is a fun show and all, but it's game over once they finally encounter a psycho worthy of True Detective.
Darrell Ward, star of History Channel's "Ice Road Truckers," dies at 52 in small plane crash
Whoopi Goldberg wants to be on Star Trek: Discovery This past Sunday August 14th, the History Channel aired a two-
You are no longer the History Channel. You have become the American Pickers Channel.
It's the episode of American Pickers on History Channel when they get the cycle car. Let's all watch that, yeah?
Why in the Sam Hill does Ozzy Osbourne have a show on History Channel?
Why is there more history on the Travel Chanel than the History Channel?
History Channel is showing Leni Riefenstahl's footage from the 1934 party convention (which became Triumph of the Will). Depressing as ***
Scott Wolter - He does Knights Templar in America stuff on History Channel. Potential guest?
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