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Hip Hop

Hip hop is a form of musical expression and artistic subculture that originated in African-American and Hispanic-American communities during the 1970s in New York City, specifically within the Bronx.

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A new favorite: Hip Hop ' Jazz ' Chill - Future is Olds'cool by on
I started watching Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta last week and it's a whole bag full of trash and I absolutely love it.
Join Us in Atlanta for our Protect Your Magic : Hip Hop & Healthcare Town Hall Meeting...
Check out our show tonight! . First Family of Hip Hop on Bravo. 9pm after Real Housewives of Atlanta . Check for the song "Mad…
LOL they just watch Love and Hip Hop and Housewives of Atlanta and think everything's great down there
Seith Mann: we're grounded in the truth, in history, inspired by the book "The Big Payback: The Business of Hip Hop"
Hip Hop: The better way to see the USA Daniel Sanchez Mike Wolfe
Jeezus, I'm so impressed with Michael Rapaport's Hip Hop knowledge
It's a lie if don't get nominated for best Hip Hop album this year. But we know they are not Joni Mitchell
If you're a Hip Hop head, you should know Skeff Anselm.
Hip Hop by Dead Prez Get in Rotation today, upload at
Blondie - 'Rapture'. Because Debbie Harry & Co understood the cultural importance of Hip Hop.
I liked a video from Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson - Questions Part 3 | Love & Hip Hop
I'm on a Netflix roll today. A documentary about Levon Helm of The Band and one about Hip Hop. Both were good!!!
True story: I once shared a stage with Chomee and Arthur Mafokate when I was still a Hip Hop underground artist. It was in 2008 @ Elukwatini
Doing a countdown of 2016s biggest Hip Hop and R&B songs on the radio today. Tune in to us at 101.3 Jamz!
Rain drop. Drop top. My baby nephew stops crying only for hip hop
.flexes his production muscle on 'Malibu,' masterfully producing on four of the 16 tracks ht…
Hip hop Black Women will always be view as sex objects for angry white males just as they once were during the antebellum period
Early cyphers w/ my uncle snoopdogg as we film. I told yall "Growing Up Hip Hop ATL" is as REAL…
EXO isn't even a hip hop group and none of the members auditioned for rapping the first place. Why do y'all always drag ou…
2017.let's have more hip hop sets at events...we can't be playing 6hours of house straight... Ae
look at Jungkook jamming to GD during Hip Hop collab stage he needs to acknowledge his fanboy 😂
CL saved the hip hop stage, it was such a mess
If you would like to increase your exposure in the Hip Hop Category? Check out
Join me tonight the last Tuesday of 2016 this is the best 90s hip hop party on the…
I liked a video from Hip Hop Violin Freestyle - Damien Escobar
.takes traditional african drums and blends them into modern hip hop and rap on 'Rapping Drums'
Hey I'm searching musicians for collaborations, male/female voice, to collaborate with on Hip…
Hip Hop Trivia: "The Breaks" released by what artist and what was the year of the release.
Be here💕💕. " 'Tis the Season to Train". Thursday December 29. Contemporary Core&Floor with Justin 5-6pm. Hip Hop with R…
Earnings of songs from Infinity Challenge History x Hip Hop will go to donation 👏🏼 . T/N: IC did it before in other events to…
Incarcerated Scarfaces gotta be top 25 hip hop beats of all time
Don't miss BAM of Hip-Hop royalty at one of our first nights of 2017!. £4 TICKETS & INFO:
Who monitors album sales? He said that he's the hip hop artist that has sold the most albums in Ke. Verifiable?
If you smoke weed w/o recording yourself smoking it while hip hop plays in the background did you even smoke weed???
20 Rappers That Kept Hip-Hop Hot In 2016 - The end of the year is here – 2016. In many ways, 2016 was terrible.
Students begin journey to entrepreneurship at via
Join fans of DJ Timbuck2 TONIGHT at METRO to celebrate his life and love for Hip Hop. Get tickets at…
Motivation by Kelly Rowland on Hip Hop and R&B
Los Rakas 😍😍 Panamanian bilingual group. They're music is a mixture of Hip Hop, Reggaeton, and Dancehall. 🎧
We want new Hip Hop music to promote to the world submit yours at today
Love Me Now by John Legend on Hip Hop and R&B
Knock You Down by Keri Hilson on Hip Hop and R&B
Introducing you the new member of Seventeen's Hip Hop team! -- (dont hate me dkjfksdfk) ht…
Hip Hop • House • West African Music • Stay tuned for a full line up to be released. In the meantime, save the date! 😘
Dance Team had a huge day at UWEC. 3rd in Poms. 2nd in Hip Hop. Elizabeth A. 1st Hip Hop Solo. Ariana, Brianna, and Josie…
While lots of Hip Hop acts nowadays struggle to sound like they do on recording, the Sugarhill Gang are still...
Listen to Hip Hop legend Dana Dane speak about Tower Beats! We Workin'! RT
Fresh Dumbledore. - King of Hip Hop. - greatest lyrics of all time. - I'm always shocked when i realise only germans know…
Lil Kim is the Queen of Rap. Alicia Keys is the Queen of RnB. Lauryn Hill is the Queen of Hip Hop. Eryka Badu is the Queen of Soul
Eminem's pen game is crazy!! If you disagree, you don't know hip hop
Yeah 2017 is the year wizkid goes from afrobeats to hip hop 😞
My hip hop radio is down on Pandora and I'm mad as ***
Hip Hop ain't the same ; Everyone getting away with weak verses ; They lowered the bar for real 😔
After a gap of 7 years, the father of tamil hip-hop is back for 💥🔥
I cannot stand watching love and hip-hop, cause I hate seeing females get cheated on 😴💯
Rude Boy by Rihanna on Hip Hop and R&B
Gojira-Magma is the best album of the year, as many good hip hop albums that came out this year I can't name a best
Pom team took 3rd place in Hip Hop at the Glenbrook South competition.
I have homies from way back who made music like the new J Cole. It's like he's trying to refine mid 2000's west coast underg…
Congrats on your imminent return to A great wrestler with a sharp wrestling AND hip hop IQ. The cream a…
Even though I'm not there yet in the physical I understand where is at mentally and I respect it. hip-hop
Zayn should've never collaborated with Snake swift. Now she's really gonna believe she can do a hip hop/ R&B album.
I'm comfortable with people raising their children and not,blaming hip-hop for a certain type of language." - Estecle
Today in Hip Hop History: dropped '2014 Forest Hills Drive' on Dec. 9th, 2014.
2 hour episode of Love and Hip Hop tomorrow 🙌🏽😼
Feeling lots of this Sunday! Congrats for 3rd in the hip hop category & for raising their previ…
Ameriblacks really seem to think they have a *** clue when talking about Hip Hop outside their bubble
I think Cynthia's daughter might have potential. Kandi's daughter will be on Love And Hip Hop soon. I could just feel it.
If your "best of hip hop/rap" list doesnt include: Rakim, Pac, Biggie, Tribe, J Cole, Kanye West or Nas, it isn't good to me.
And now, no longer represents what it seemed to represent in the past years.
host a new 2017 Hip Hop showcase featuring all up and coming artist. If…
I wrote a review about J. Cole's new album and it got over 200 upvotes on reddit. So I guess I should start my career in Hip Hop journalism.
Highly thought of Hip Hop blog is looking to showcase undiscovered talent
Hip Hop evolution on Netflix is really retelling "The get down" "Krush Groove" and "Straight out of Compton" in documentary form..
MC Bear, the Gentle Ben of Hip Hop, world's best ursine recording artist
My ep LIL TRACEY is out now on all stores! Thank you everyone supporting - you made it in the Hip Hop chart! ❤️🏁
If you like Hip Hop. Tonight there is only one place... DJ SERIO. at Coffee Pot. Via Michele di Lando 20
A week from tonight I'm showing the Hip Hop classic "Krush Groove" at my Strange Brew Cult Movie…
Mean with the Hip Hop on the decks straight out of Nyanga East township in Cape Town we call this a take over. The…
This song to me is Hip Hop on so many levels bring it to life and…
Kobra Kai Dojo is now a Hip Hop dance studio here in NoHo. Wish Cobra Kai would regroup & declare war on all the hipsters!
For Free by DJ Khaled on Hip Hop and R&B
Decided to watch Mrs Doubtfire until I can watch the new season of Love & Hip Hop
For the Jazz - Hip Hop lovers. Jordan g. Keith Bubby Webb on the beat .
Slow Motion by Trey Songz on Hip Hop and R&B
He was like a Kofi Annan of Hip Hop, keeping the peace between the Heads of State. RIP Ant Live (Anthony Barrier.)
I liked a video from Les Mills Dance - Hip Hop - all the moves
Dj Kool Herc is known as a Godfather of Hip Hop for extending the drummers solo at 1620 Sedgwick ave and Cedar park ca. 1973
Staboy by the weeknd is good if you like RnB/Hip Hop. One dance was fine. First Time by carley rae jepsen was also good
It just hit me that this past weekend I MC'd at to the father of Hip Hop, Dj Kool Herc. Life is crazy.
I'm pretty excited to present my presentation tomorrow on Dj Kool Herc, the Father of Hip Hop.
EP. 18 Breaking BAD: as we hit on politics, Lil Wayne's BLM interview, Hip Hop news, canceled cuffing season & everythin…
Thanksgiving is set to be LIT this year in Black homes across the US thanks to Shirley Ceasar and the Hip Hop...
Had to give Kool Herc respect and snap a quick pic! The Father of Hip Hop!!!
Another music biography: When the Beat Was Born: Dj Kool Herc and the Creation of Hip Hop by Laban Carrick Hill
to Dj Kool Herc, a true pioneer of Hip Hop!
Philippine Allstars: How to...They are what Hip Hop dancing
The feeling on The Internet was it was supposed to be Rob Swifts House in Australia & some People as we had no idea of Hip Hop went Ghetto !
I recently did an interview about Christ, Community, Hip Hop & my relationship w/ Check it out!…
Kanye West will live with North West in North West and North West University will let him teach y'all American motswako AKA Hip Hop
. We have a Hip Hop and Rap festival in Puebla, Mexico and we want to have a screening. Where can I write to you?
New Blog Post on Christ, Community & Hip Hop: an Interview with .
Our Zumba festival is one of a kind where you move to the beats of Latin, Hip Hop, Salsa and Mambo. buy your tickets.
📹 Jessenia Vice rounds up the week in Hip Hop. Discusses Drake, JLo, Lil Wayne, Lloyd Banks and more
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Dare online friends all over the world with your musicality skills through & Hip Hop battle!…
Love And War by Tamar Braxton on Hip Hop and R&B
Hip Hop was a blast this morning at Baila Comigo Dance Fitness Studio! Thanks, Ana Ferris! The November class...
They have Dr. Dre look like the Ike Turner of Hip Hop in this movie...
Check out Kyambo "Hip Hop" Joshua reveal he managed because of NFL player Larry Johnson asking him to -
both changed music forever, Kurt to Rock/Indie/Punk, Travis to Hip Hop, both great live performers.. etc
Althea (Thi Thi) of Love and Hip Hop fame is the *** Terrence Howard was cheating with in the Foolish video
This Saturday, October 22nd get out to Club Phoenix and party at Fort Wayne's only Hip Hop and R&B nightclub!...
Hip Hop is "black" when crime happens. When it wins an award it's everyone's culture.”
groups that are popular bc of Hip Hop music
Calling all Mzansi underground Hip Hop & House artists. Social media promo 4 free.**
In the 1970s, an underground urban movement known as "Hip Hop" began to develop in the South Bronx in NYC
People! Donald was just paraphrasing the early 90's Hip Hop group, Digital Underground. "Just grab 'em in the biscuit!"
I'm looking for good, new Rap and Hip Hop music of the underground variety. Hit me with ideas over here.
One can’t talk about the height of blog era raps and Los Angeles’ growing alternative Hip Hop scene without...
The NY Library for the Performing Arts acquires Hip Hop archives, honouring its established movement…
.to the rescue! Soulja Boy low key an OG out here in these Hip Hop streets! 🤐👌🏾
I added a video to a playlist Flatbush Zombies on state of Hip Hop, beast coast, Skepta - Westwood
Rubble Kings is on iPlayer, a film documenting how New York gang culture lead to the invention of Hip Hop. An amazing story.
I'm glad I was a 90's teen and heard real music (Hip Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul). Nothing like the 90's music.
SUN 10/2 (Tomorrow Night). PullUP 1st Sundays. DJ Aebldee on the 1s and 2s. spinning Hip Hop, Neo Soul, 90s, and...
Hip Hop started as a voice of the community...time to get our voice back
Truffle Butter by Nicki Minaj on Hip Hop and R&B
If Mona Scott gets Faith Evans on Love and Hip Hop next season I'm jumping out a window
Robert Ornelas, pastor, Hip Hop musician takes office as Chairman of the American Independent Party September 6 2016
I can already see Mona Scott's wheels turning.Education and Hip Hop/ Teacher Wives/ Real Teachers of Atlanta
So I'm watching Love & Hip Hop from Monday (at work) and I just Wana kno who does Mona Scott think she's fooling??
I have no idea why my teenage daughter hates me listening to Roger Whittaker, with a bit of volume, waiting to pick her up from Hip Hop?
Since Malaysia is dating a rapper now hey need to throw her in Love and Hip Hop and just cancel Basketball Wives all together.
Russell Simmons said that Phat Farm was the first "Hip Hop clothing brand" in 1992 with a straight face on a VH1 series by Steve Stoute...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
This "When The Bough Breaks" movie is gonna get all them Love and Hip Hop dollars
Hip Hop needs someone to step in and save Lil Wayne from Birdman like Master P did when he saved Snoop Dogg from Suge K…
Lil Wayne been in the game since 12 . He really the Michael Jackson of Hip Hop .
Yup. Cole dan whooped some major Hip Hop *** ..
Sisterhood of Hip Hop - I'm just here for Siya & Brianna. Although Lee is growing on me LOL.
I dont think he will mix some hip hop for you SORRY ??? Bud I will not even let him !!! No , no , no way I will let Brandon hip hop your way into that so called scene THANK YOU !!! I am actually the one knowing DJ,s and sure I can mix quit a bit myself to !!! I am pritty good in listening and analizing sound and find the as we call it moment of "" overgangen "" actually !!! Bud not at all specificly Hip Hop !!! Bud sure I can if it comes to making music !!! Bud any way I sure have a slow computer here and it sure will be because of hackers I bet !!! Bud YO go with the flow and you can leurn it yourself !!! Because very right you better leave us out of THAT so called scene as young people call it !!! Bud sure I am not saying the people are bad people !!! I know Gabbers only mean friends !!! Bud its not at all me !!! I was never that not serious !!! And the drugs that sure people know that comes along with it also defenetly was and is not !!! You people will even risk your lives for party's !!! So NO THANKS ...
Police in Montreal, Canada forced Liquor Control Board to ban Hip Hop after April "Muzique" nightclub shooting. Other cities should do same.
ATTN Hip Hop acts, if you have a budget and are looking to get some exposure across the MID WEST in Sept (...
Hip Hop 4 Life is looking for Program Facilitators with a range of skills like leadership and youth development. Inbox me.
When Nervous Records where killing it with House & Hip Hop.
Much love to my fans, We are number 1 on the ReverbNation Hip Hop charts for Walvis Bay, NA.
The Get Down is the Star Wars of these Hip Hop based shows so far.
Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Freestyle, Paso doble dancing in the video. Who else is doing this? Tinashe deserves better.
2016 Championships 10/28-30 in with Moncell Durden Lindy Hop to Hip Hop workshop
Listen to I'LL HOUSE YOU Feat FATMAN SCOOP (Hip Hop in my HUT Mix) by JUNGLE BROTHERS on
Here's in the 80's was when real Hip Hop got up to get down! The one's that loved Rap can u wrap yr minds around...
Bow Wow announced his retirement from Hip Hop today. I thought that happened in 2002 when Like Mike came out. The more…
Hip Hop was born on 8/11/1973 when Dj Kool Herc threw his first block party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx https:/…
Khaled the Hip Hop version of Kirk Franklin. You're not sure exactly what he does but he plays an instrumental role.
How does a Hip Hop blog not know better than to call it "purple drank"? Come on bruh its lean.
For check out how is bringing dance back into Hip Hop culture!
Angela Yee got the Love & Hip Hop extras as her co hosts on al the time. Yikes
2014 was a good year for SA Hip Hop. - Gusheshe, Caracara, Bump the cheese up, Steve kekana, Amantombazane, sgelekeqe, Heaven, Tsekede 👌🏽🔥
Are ready for the revolution of him? Frank Nitti is bringing the world a new kind of Hip Hop...Click Below.
They don't call him the The Johnny Clegg of Hip Hop for nothing 😎🎶
Kings of Hip Hop and inductees of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Public Enemy’s “first action figure as a set”...
Jeremy Lin look like he's on the set of Love & Hip Hop waiting for Erica Mena to throw a drink at him.
Wanna do a 90s thread on 80s to early 2ks on R'n'B & Hip Hop artists like Kriss Kross, Montell Jordan, Will Smith,slick rick etc. But time 😩
Hip Hop needs to stop sampling "Murder She Wrote" by Chaka Demus & Pliers and not giving them credit.
Free day at Peace Live and Hip Hop camp! Thanks to teaching artists, Breana Moore, Maria Bittick, Precious Williams and Molly Walker!
Good Morning Hip Hop. It's a warm Friday in PG County. One day we will be together again, Momma. Peace, Hip Hop & Purple Rain.
2016 Championships 10/27-30 in Moncell Durden Lindy Hop to Hip Hop workshop
We are really looking forward to performing at The Power of Hip Hop: LIVE tomorrow - alongside artists from the...
*** does Menace 2 Society and New Jack City have to do with Hip Hop honors ?! NOTHING!
Weekly podcast is looking for Hip Hop & Rap artists to feature on their "Artist Spotlight"
1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the South Bronx is considered the birthplace of Hip Hop
We are now taking over your radio !. Tune in to GOOD HOPE FM and get your weekly Hip Hop fix !!!
Get ready to dance to a new beat with premiering Sisterhood of Hip Hop on Tuesday, July 12 at 9/8 c
Dance, Acrobatics & Yoga Instructors. . Fusion Fitness & Dance in Wallingford is looking for Jazz/Hip Hop and...
If you a true Hip Hop head hit this link
How we look watching Kat Williams try getting on Love & Hip Hop!
Nicky Minaj is She wins best female Hip Hop artist 2016
I repeat Sean combs is the deep end of Hip Hop.
"In the US we don't care about anybody else's music, it's not a 2 way street, only outflow of Hip Hop" Tricia Rose
Speaking of Hamilton, how about Hip Hop texts for shared reading. I am thinking Gwendolyn Brooks We real cool
I was a fine artist realized it was boring so i started doing graffiti which lead to my niche Hip Hop.
I use to really look up to Hip Hop artist, who I seen living that life, in I still have love…
Come dance to the Hip Hop stylings of Court Dogg & DJ Axis while supporting Southern Nevada Pug Rescue!
For those who want to know real Hip Hop, check out this event July 9-10
Hip Hop is Prayer ! . everyone and have a wonderful day ! . Errikka Jordan Anthony Sessa Marco Sessa...
Join the young activists of KC for a UNITY FEST at 47th & JC Nichols now! Bar-B-Q! Positive Rap/Hip Hop! Peace! Love! Action! Come get it!
Hoops and Hip Hop interview for Dime Magazine with The Big Short writer and director, Adam McKay. …
Taking a moment to pose with Hip Hop legend Curtis Blow
Tha Dogg Pound is probably the most slept on Hip Hop group ever and when I say Dogg Pound I mean the entire crew not just Daz and Kurupt!
LIVE IN STUDIO: Kelly Keefer from the Chemung County Humane Society and SPCA, Inc. brought Hip Hop to visit...
hmm.. how does one of America's greatest Hip Hop groups end up being the house band for the Fallon show? Are they...
About to go live in one hour on Today's music theme is Hip Hop collaborations/features. This show will be blazing!
10pm til 1am its the extended Hip Hop & Breakz show with DJ Scott live on DAB in London & Manchester, via the app &
Henry Rollins followed by a Hip Hop show??😭😭 so good, where have u been all my life radio 6
Hip Hop heads, don't miss out on this amazing free show tonight at 9PM at Hi *** Lounge!
Listen to Hip Hop.. feat Dem Boyz by Jing Wu Media on
What a peaceful ceremony without the contest of AKA and Cassper. Phela labo are the Kaiser Chiefs and Orlando Pirates of Hip Hop
Okay so these people in Love and Hip Hop always in studios recording music we never hear.👀
Part of the new face of urban mainstream radio resurrecting Hip Hop as we knew it through Holy Hip Hop, on Disciple97
Off to Wales a bit later to brew up some Hip Hop! Let's do this Balter Festival!
Be a part of the largest Hip Hop cultural event in NYC. Brooklyn stand up! .
> What has been the most influential mixtape in Hip Hop?
NYC music blog is interested in featuring talented Hip Hop, Pop, & Alternative artists
Massive props to my homies Stephen Green and Josh E Taylor on kicking this bad boy off - Call & Response! Hip Hop...
New Hustle & Flows podcast is up. and I talk NBA playoffs and mid-season recap of Hip Hop in 2016.
Ranveer Singh to learn Hip Hop and Tango for Befikre!
Its been long since Sunil Grover came in a Hip Hop look with !!!
& classic Hip Hop duo. Will has confirmed a 2016 tour. Learn more on our site.
R.I.P B.I.G, Pun, L, Chinx, Stack Bundles, Jam Master Jay etc this for Hip Hop this for the greatest city in the world New York.
You can't hate Roots and watch Love & Hip Hop or Empire which showcases the WORST in black stereotypes
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
By that I mean, I just hope Mona Scott Young doesn't dare try to bring the Love and Hip Hop model to the UK.
Born Allah - King_Dome of Heaven by Church of Hip Hop
Stay in touch with Hip Hop community at Que devient la reine du hip-hop Missy Elliott ?...
This week one of the most slept-on Hip Hop gems, Black Trash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones, celebrates its 15...
Hip Hop is so accepting of that YesJulz girl, but not other black girls who are doing far more dope things than she is. It's w…
Nas Is Like is a perfect Hip Hop record, producer/ DJ and MC in total sync, just a total classic
2016/07/16: Bronx, NY, United States: From the Hustle to Hip Hop with Mobile Mondays! at Th…
We aren't a monolith but we can't afford any in Hip Hop to do what Lil' Kim has done to her face.
I bet Mona Scott-Young hit Gucci phone the moment he got outta jail like, "We'll love to have you on Love & Hip Hop!" 󾌦󾌦󾌦
I'd say 90% of commercial Hip Hop promoted is based around money sex and violence. So why is it shocking to see death occur from this??
if you love 90s Hip Hop, you should check out the line-up we have for our festival in July!
SA Hip Hop 2016 sounding much nicer than some international Hip Hop joints.
I added a video to a playlist Secret Squirrel Sample Beat (Produced by Hip Hop
8 days to go until we open - Unit 3 Uptown Vinyl Records Music Shop(from Abba to Zappa/Bop to Hip Hop/punk to funk!) https…
SEE VIDEO! Sylvia Robinson: Mother of Hip Hop and the real...
For one of the best nigtclub for Hip Hop in Vegas look no further than The Bank LV
So Anthony Mason was playing for the NY Knicks after getting robbed by the biggest Hip Hop act at the time, Biggie? Inconceivable!!
Tru Thoughts are very happy to welcome our latest signing Hip Hop & Grime maestro DURRTY GOODZ to our artist roster!.
Look out for some new music from Durrty Goodz on Tru Thoughts soon. A Hip Hop release and Grime release. Info:
Working on a new track with & real funky Hip Hop vibes pounding in the studio !!
Love and Hip Hop is supreme ratchetness i finally see this show and I'm like wth is going on
You owe it to the Hip Hop nation to!
I liked a video Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta | Jessica Dime & Jhonni Blaze on the Reality of Stripping |
I only drummer I know in Houston that can play both straight ahead jazz / modern jazz sound & Neo Soul, R&B, & Hip Hop is an Asian dude..
Hip Hop managers are NOT good at this. So we have companies setup to broker deals between artists & corporate America(Jaywan Inc included)
Geraldo Rivera said that it's important for Donald Trump to get the "Hip Hop" vote and whatever was in my mouth blew out my nose.
Instrumental of is all one needs to appreciate Soul singer Lou Rawls in Hip Hop = EVERYTHING! ❤
In the discussion of "best rap/hip-hop song of all time," one is not able to discount Dead Prez - Hip Hop
💢May 8, 1968: Today in Hip Hop music Executive Chris Lighty was born.
White people support Hip Hop more than blacks do
and the Hip Hop / Urban culture elements!! man Shinichiro Watanabe is a genius 😃
oh by the way I am worm star Hip Hop on Reddit it's a joke about an episode of Sesame Street where the little worm does...
Abigail Smith's essay on Black Lives Matter & Hip Hop was published in the University of Leeds Human Rights Journal
Yo you can't speak on Hip Hop if you don't know what the "No Fly Zone" is 😂😂😂
Afrika Bambaataa is The Godfather of Hip Hop and the founder of the Universal Zulu Nation. If these accusations are true, the culture weeps.
WAIT. So... neither Cipha Sounds the DJ nor Peter Rosenberg the "Hip Hop head" knew about the radio going from AM to FM between 1978-1981?
very wrong Hip Hop was created TO move the crowd Kool Herc was just grooving. Politics came later
A new favorite: SATURDAY Rude Jude Guest MC Waltzz 23 - 04 - 2016 Hip Hop & Grime by Puremusic247 on
Dj Kool Herc - The Father of Hip Hop: just won this round with this procuremen...
SA Hip Hop claims to support local upcoming art, but the struggle is real. If you hustle beyond our shores,...
Is Bang Na North, East, South or West Bangkok? I need to know which Hip Hop rapper to model myself on.
Yall really think drake brought dancehall to america? Dj Kool Herc invented Hip Hop and he was a dancehall Dj... so *** ?
Not concider. Dj Kool Herc is the founding Father of Hip Hop!!
Ghetto Latin Hustle by Mr Wiggles on Hip Hop -vs- Rap (Break Beats) in KaiserTone ♪♪
Hustle has firmly established its place as the Urban hotspot for Hip Hop and RnB fans around…
Now taking dates for Erica Mena of VH1's hit show "Love & Hip Hop" has turned her reality stardom into a brand …
ONE DAY TO GO!!!. We are so excited to host Eva Simons and Collie Buddz tomorrow for The Showdown - Hip Hop meets...
Drake boutta have the best Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and Pop album of 2016
Will someone who is knowledgeable about Hip Hop culture ecplain to her where "Becky" as a PROPER NOUN came from
I created JC, a members only club in the Caribbean, as a gathering place for Hip Hop artists and International Brands.
Radio I must say there's a big change in Hip Hop verses back in the day. The artist was way colder, beats was su…
Further proves her ignorance of Hip Hop history
Got a Hip Hop class coming up at Rush Dancestudio, 5:30PM to 7:00PM! Come through! Lezgetit! Hustle and grind! :)
Diddy Calls Sean John "A Fashion Revolution" 18 Years Later - A Hip Hop brand that has stood the test of time.
Rock w/ me right NOW I'm in the mix on playing a lot of new Hip Hop, R&B, PLUS I have a Prince Tribute coming up at 7:45!
He sweeps something new and refreshing. air into Hip Hop.
You can feel the power of Hip Hop song what. he wrote.
That preview of Love and Hip Hop next week has me in tears. Karlie Redd is hilarious 😂😂😂
He was an artist, an innovator, a musical genius. A man that chat changed the feel of R'nB, Hip Hop, and Pop. . He...
Hip Hop artist Twista, of Illinois, was first to break U.S. news of Prince, followed by JustJared & then MSNBC then AB…
Jamie Foxx saif he was. He would call Hip Hop artist and tell them to change their music because The Lord wasn't pleased.
Arrested Development and are the only two Hip Hop artists to ever win a Best New Artist Grammy.
Hip Hop and Introduction to Africana Studies students have joined us for the afternoon sessions.
An unforgettable defining moment in Hip Hop history...
Hip Hop like the Harlem Renaissance was built by . did this . Africa . Jungle Brothers turned EDM
& - Hip Hop, Zumba, Bollywood, Salsa, BoxFit, and more at
This Saturday, CAB is hosting IND Earth & Hip Hop! We'll have three AMAZING artists that were…
Boy to watch Tumi Tladi, one of the upcoming talented Hip Hop artists
Heard about Cape Town's hippest street party, Burgers & Hip Hop? You don't want to miss it.
I just bought my ticket for Legends of Hip Hop concert on May 7 at Richmond Coliseum! Feel free to join!
Freddie Gibbs Turns Pain into Parties: Hip Hop singer plays to amped up crowd at Velvet Jones
Black Moon, Black Sheep, Eric Sermon, The Artifacts, Illegal and so much more. Only 90s Classics on Hip Hop...
Stay in touch with Hip Hop community at Festival Chorus – soirée Hip-hop : focus sur Ge...
Do you know which are Nas' favorite 10 Hip Hop albums?
Hip Hop is global. It's not an exclusive genre of music. We all acknowledge and respect the origins, but the movement is international now.
Jus Allah of Jedi Mind Tricks talks Music, Industry, and Hip Hop.​ -
Due to popularity of History of Hip Hop: Phife Special we are moving to the bigger capacity Hoxton Sq Bar & Kitchen
Thanks to special guests Hip Hop artist Maje and our Poet Laureate Rebecca Thomas for joining us
Hip Hop Star in the Making to Release New Inspiratio...” via
About to put my roommates on World Star Hip Hop. Lol. White girls are funny. And extremely scary.
First episode in and then seeing the clips for this season... Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta already got me lost for words
From the desk of mstinalawson to congratulations Kelly and God bless!. Hip-Hop…
.on communicating his Native American experience through hip hop:
About to get my hoop on! I'm about to show these people I'm more washed than a love and hip hop rapper
DJ Skratch Golfer would be a terrible name for someone in hip-hop.
And if you look to the left you'll see your casual hip hop listener
even this weekend I was like wOw hip hop is an art~form so like this is amazing
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