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Hip Hop

Hip hop is a form of musical expression and artistic subculture that originated in African-American and Hispanic-American communities during the 1970s in New York City, specifically within the Bronx.

Dj Kool Herc Lil Wayne Mona Scott Erica Mena Remy Ma Neo Soul Krush Groove Kanye West South Bronx Nicki Minaj Alicia Keys Star Wars Rich Dollaz

Donald Glover is blowing my mind rn. So pumped for 'Lando Gambino' in Star Wars later this year. Sci-fi and Hip Hop on a collision course. 😍
Rolling In The Deep by Adele on Hip Hop and R&B
Timmy Turner by Desiigner on Hip Hop and R&B
Man Sky might be top 3 in terms of beauty on Love and Hip Hop with Erica Mena and Apryl Omarion
Summer Sixteen by Drake on Hip Hop and R&B
77. Love & Hip Hop: New York. - Kimbella vs. Erica Mena. - Screaming at Kimbella throwing glass out of nowhere!
And Trump thought General Pershing was just so cool.. Loves the "Hip Hop" *** gangsters. Loves the *** Hates the East Asian muzzies.
Don't let Aaron Hernandez suicide distract you from the fact on this date in 1994 Nas dropped one of the best Hip Hop albums…
the bull Kurt from love an Hip Hop cheating because Rashida started lacking in sex, just like la-la that why Carmelo Anthony got a hood chic
Miss hearing about love in Hip Hop and rap music
Over the years, I've grown to love RnB/Pop music as much as Hip Hop, which says a lot.
Yeah his music is boring. He doesnt know where he fits in Hip Hop right now and it shows. He still is…
Are other "gate keepers" in Canadian Music also this disconnected with Hip Hop?
Free new music! Check out new Hip Hop music that Kodak Black fans can't stop listening to FYA FLAME BE THE 1ST TO DOWNLOAD
Hip Hop culture is beautiful. It promotes unity & individuality. Some Hip Hop music, however, can be an instructional guide for fratricide.
Seriously, If you believe that Hip Hop kids were listenin to Will Smiths "Men In Black" in 97 then you were lied to
Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson on Hip Hop and R&B
We've now reached the point where there are fans of Hip Hop who haven't experience Luda's animation in music videos. Smh http…
The Bronx Revolution and the Birth of Hip Hop (excerpt with Joe Conzo Jr and Crazy Legs) on Vimeo
Happy Birthday to The Clown Prince of Hip Hop has recently been in such cartoons as Spongebob Squarepants & Advent…
can barely stay awake & Tonight I really wanted to catch up on this week's episodes of Lockdown, KUWTK & Love & Hip Hop 😩
I wish ya'll could do some Hip Hop competitions in Eastern Cape, it would be lit bro. You'd make a legends for real.
18 years ago today we lost a major part of Hip Hop... RIP Christopher Wallace
At City Hall rally lead by & I got to talk Hip Hop importance w/
She seems to be fulfilling the role of every women that was ever featured in a Hip Hop video. Nothing new...
Listen to State of Hip Hop by Chef on
Long Song Away by Kevin Ross on Hip Hop and R&B
We Dem Boyz by Wiz Khalifa on Hip Hop and R&B
Big up my new york Brooklyn brva we got a surprise for Hip Hop next month Feat. Zico &…
I have never, we really need to pray, The Envy in SA Hip Hop is bad,God save your children🙏
We are number 9 on the ReverbNation Hip Hop charts for Asbury Park, NJ!
Atlanta's online Hip Hop radio station is looking for hot new tracks for airplay
Time for a bit of Hip Hop on Standby for music from Das EFX, Eric Sermon, Redman & Method Man.
.and of talk Hip Hop and Politics with Rap Radar
Thank you Jose Snacks Rodriguez for capturing these great shots from the Hip Hop and Poetry pre-AHHA show event...
Lil Wayne just called himself a dinosaur and I'm really happy about it. Dinosaurs need more representation in Hip Hop.
When the teachers are Hip Hop heads but work in Carroll Gardens.…
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Karlie Redd and her new rumored boyfriend Ceasar from Black Ink Crew were spotted along...
Down to the ghetto to spread the Hip Hop gospel Come for a Kenyan tour cause ew love you
'First Family of Hip Hop' Cast Talk The Legacy of Sugar Hill Records with The Breakfast Club with
Dan Lish talks discovering his talent, Hip Hop and fantasy worlds,color vs. black & white,working w/ Raekwon on more ht…
Literally just got caught in the middle of Love & Hip Hop filming in Perimeter Mall.
Check out my interview with Jason Lee of Love and Hip Hop!
sing and implicate Hip Hop and R&B perfectly with their style. While Lee Yeon Hee because he said she is sweet. ㅡ 2PM’s JunSu is GD’s +
10. Love & Hip Hop: New York. - Chrissy vs. Kimbella. - Chrissy didn't have to punch her like that!! Poor Kim. Lmfao. https:/…
Unthinkable by Alicia Keys on Hip Hop and R&B
went in on but the dopest MC diss in Hip Hop history is by Mr. Jones in 2001. He bodied Jay Z. Ether
Remy destroyed Nicki, Migos beat up Sean Kingston, Young Dolph dodged 100 bullets matrix style...This will be a *** of a year for Hip Hop
Three 6 Mafia is the first Hip Hop group to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song, and first to perform at the c…
showing Kung Fu Vampire major love. Hip Hop is alive and well!
Hip Hop is truly dead if we let Nicki Minaj survive a RAP BEEF by posting memes on Instagram. Stop it. Remy Ma violated h…
Did you see all those Hip Hop stars that showed up in the Live Instagram battle last night... yes. Natural Born Pre…
Hip Hop cover I painted for Spider-Man paying homage to the legend: All Eyez On Me.
Jay-Z being the first emcee inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame in 2017 is such a huge slap in the face to Hip Hop c…
Shout out to one of the greats for being the 1st Hip Hop artist inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Salute 🙌🏼💯
FELLAS Grab ya dxcks if you love Hip Hop. LADIES Rub ya titties if you love Big Poppa
Bul said he would rather hit the trash *** white girl from Love & Hip Hop instead of Bria Myles... I'm disgusted & appalled lol.
Sanaa Lathan in Brown Sugar was my dream job for a longtime. That's how much I love and appreciate music and in particular Hip Hop
RIP Clyde Stubblefield. The Man who played the drum pattern that created Hip Hop. (Funky Drummer)
Dagens slog Hip Hop och Rap YouTube video i Sverige.「Sage the Gemini」's 『Now and Later』
If you wanna rock with somebody who I don't rock with, then don't rock with me no more. Rich Dollaz, Love & Hip Hop
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This really is UK Love and Hip Hop. Where is our Peter Gunz and Rich Dollaz? 👀👀
Can you make a song from this Hot new Hip Hop track
Remy Ma speaks on revealing her miscarriage on Love & Hip Hop.
Listen and Share a selection of the latest and greatest hits in Afrobeats, Tropical House, RnB, Hip Hop, EDM, and...
Watch this Love & Hip Hop finale be boring af. I need Atlanta to come back.
If QC the label gets one more good artist they're going to become the Rocafella of this era of Atlanta dominated Hip Hop.
Sunshine by Eric Benet on Hip Hop and R&B
Hip Hop legends of SA Hip Hop are Bob Mabena and Thembi Seete. 😊😊😊
Love and Hip Hop in Atlanta is so stupid lit
Congrats to the PHS varsity Dance Team, which took 2nd in regional Hip Hop competition & 3rd at State!…
Making noise for the Kingdom of Christ in New York City, resurrecting Hip Hop as we knew it through Holy Hip Hop, on Disciple97
You all turned Rap/Hip Hop into mumble music crap. All this BS auto tune and mumbling. Yall like anything that has a nice beat
Breakbeat Hardcore/Jungle/DnB,Hip Hop,here Is just some of my Danny Breaks collection who Is britains answer to Mar…
Lee Scott waffles on at around the 54 minute mark! Shout outs to Connoisseurs of Hip Hop @ Reel Rebels Radio.
Slessor- Hip Hop (Prod. By Pro Cee) will premier on made on monday tonight.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Temple of Hip Hop with now playing : Homeboy Sandman - Speak Truth feat. Kurious, Bree…
Good Morning. Get your day going with some real Hip Hop and Neo Soul. listen to
Come check me out next week at Duquesne University as I discuss "Gender and Hip Hop." This event is free and open...
I have that for some GOOD Hip Hop! If you can relate then do yourself a favor and PRESS PLAY!
Love & Hip Hop got y'all women thinking crazy is cool, but then y'all mad when we go get us a Rachel Ray that just wanna cook…
Cuz Tax is a popular personality in Hip Hop? Charlamagne used Flex name and Mister Cee's when they got arrested.
"Seeing us progress not from degrees but Hip Hop."-Troy Carter to podcast
Consider this EVent: Hip Hop for Hope Concert ft. Dre Murray, Alex Faith + more! 2/03 7-9:30pm at Harvest Bible Ch…
New Edition was the first RB/Hip Hop group.they were in Krush Groove dammit.
Trap Queen by Fetty Wap on Hip Hop and R&B
"Love & Hip Hop" star Remy Ma suffered a tragic miscarriage but reveals her plans for more kids
Registration began today for: Adult Tap, Ballet, Ballroom Dance, Dance and Stretch, Drama, Hip Hop, Modern Dance...
usually I just clean on my day off... maybe listen to a little 90's Hip Hop... hip hop hooray, oh, hey, oh
I met Treach & recruits call to tell you that they are committing to the Ducks. It has you feeling like saying Hip Hop ***
Hit the club on Hip Hop nite they said!
Joe Grind - What I'm looking for feat. 112! Oooi this one too smooth. When 90's R&B meets UK Hip Hop. .
Woke up to the "Hip Hop, Carmen Jones". "You don't like me? That's okay, I like me." Mos Def's character. Lol Slowly nodded my head. "Yesss"
TONIGHT! - January 21st. DJ DAN FUNK rockin' Bar Louie all night long. Playing the best top 40, EDM and Hip Hop.
Trump inauguration looks like all the performance scenes on Love and Hip Hop lmao empty and dead
Hip Hop track of the day : *** The Hammer by Cypress Hill from Last Action Hero Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
I am so excited about this Hip Hop inspired Civics curriculum from Dr. Bettina Love.
A unique combination of classic New Orleans Funk and R&B with more modern Afro-Beat and Hip Hop influences hit...
Coming Saturdays to Dance 101 Atlanta, beg/int. Contemporary at 1pm and beginner Hip Hop at 2pm…
Tune in to my show today in less than an hours time at 10pm GMT to hear some great Hip Hop, Rap and Grime Music fro…
Send me dance songs, hip hop, some trap, anything! As long as it sounds good I'll mix it in!!
the influence of 'Dragon Ball Z' on a generation of today’s MCs
"Visions of Martin Luther staring at me / If I see it how he seen it, that would make my parents happy" . https:…
Need a girl who a hip hop head like me lol
This is Dina and she's going to teach us about hip-hop.
Need beats? Check out the Charm City Hip Hop beat store!.
Hip hop is dead they say. Pls this is the hip hop i needed (im just kidding dun kill me)
Official!! All Hip Hop heads tune in with this!! Real life Rap concepts!! . Hip Hop in the flesh! Listen!!
Catch me on the Up on Touch Central tonight between 18:00 - 20:00 talking some Hip Hop
Internet changed rap more for the worse and if you dont agree then that means you probably didn't discover hip hop…
To Do Today: Hear joyful hip-hop or watch films that will prepare you for our dystopian future.
Book the 1st dj to ever go platinum in hip hop history for your next event !
Just imagine: I used to be the kid playing Linkin Park thinking hip hop was garbage. (Irony!) I grew up and understood it a whole lot more.
In honor of the first day of my American Indian literature class: Hip Hop videos by Native artists:
Hip-hop podcast host charged in fatal NYC concert ...
More are still coming (inseezy,breeze,MX) that ONE hit,is all they need. Durban hip hop will take over for the next 10years co…
Lakota hip hop artist from gives a strong performance at event!
Manje,the industry has changed,peoples taste in music changed. Thanks to AKA and Casspers beef,hip hop became a thing.
NO gqom,NO hip hop on the lokshin streets. Only house music. Soon as a typical black guy starts rappin kthiwe iNigga
I remember I was in grade 5,6,7 and 031 hip hop was still a thing for these cheesy ni**as. Sibabiza ngama ***
My favorite love and hip hop episode 💀😭😭
Technicalities of the origins of "Umswenko" not the issue here. Hip Hop is known for taking something old and breathing n…
Please come support my people on hosting there first event at The Office Pub on John St downtown for Hip Hop Night, doors open 7pm
"Hip hop is for anyone who feels disenfranchised." *** thank you for this emotional af episode of The Room
The First Hip Hop Summit in Uk and Europe from Napoli to London year 2006 Main Sponsor and Organizer...
A new favorite: Hip Hop ' Jazz ' Chill - Future is Olds'cool by on
I started watching Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta last week and it's a whole bag full of trash and I absolutely love it.
Join Us in Atlanta for our Protect Your Magic : Hip Hop & Healthcare Town Hall Meeting...
Check out our show tonight! . First Family of Hip Hop on Bravo. 9pm after Real Housewives of Atlanta . Check for the song "Mad…
LOL they just watch Love and Hip Hop and Housewives of Atlanta and think everything's great down there
Seith Mann: we're grounded in the truth, in history, inspired by the book "The Big Payback: The Business of Hip Hop"
Hip Hop: The better way to see the USA Daniel Sanchez Mike Wolfe
Jeezus, I'm so impressed with Michael Rapaport's Hip Hop knowledge
It's a lie if don't get nominated for best Hip Hop album this year. But we know they are not Joni Mitchell
If you're a Hip Hop head, you should know Skeff Anselm.
Hip Hop by Dead Prez Get in Rotation today, upload at
Blondie - 'Rapture'. Because Debbie Harry & Co understood the cultural importance of Hip Hop.
I liked a video from Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson - Questions Part 3 | Love & Hip Hop
I'm on a Netflix roll today. A documentary about Levon Helm of The Band and one about Hip Hop. Both were good!!!
True story: I once shared a stage with Chomee and Arthur Mafokate when I was still a Hip Hop underground artist. It was in 2008 @ Elukwatini
Doing a countdown of 2016s biggest Hip Hop and R&B songs on the radio today. Tune in to us at 101.3 Jamz!
Rain drop. Drop top. My baby nephew stops crying only for hip hop
.flexes his production muscle on 'Malibu,' masterfully producing on four of the 16 tracks ht…
Hip hop Black Women will always be view as sex objects for angry white males just as they once were during the antebellum period
Early cyphers w/ my uncle snoopdogg as we film. I told yall "Growing Up Hip Hop ATL" is as REAL…
EXO isn't even a hip hop group and none of the members auditioned for rapping the first place. Why do y'all always drag ou…
2017.let's have more hip hop sets at events...we can't be playing 6hours of house straight... Ae
look at Jungkook jamming to GD during Hip Hop collab stage he needs to acknowledge his fanboy 😂
CL saved the hip hop stage, it was such a mess
If you would like to increase your exposure in the Hip Hop Category? Check out
Join me tonight the last Tuesday of 2016 this is the best 90s hip hop party on the…
I liked a video from Hip Hop Violin Freestyle - Damien Escobar
.takes traditional african drums and blends them into modern hip hop and rap on 'Rapping Drums'
Hey I'm searching musicians for collaborations, male/female voice, to collaborate with on Hip…
Hip Hop Trivia: "The Breaks" released by what artist and what was the year of the release.
Be here💕💕. " 'Tis the Season to Train". Thursday December 29. Contemporary Core&Floor with Justin 5-6pm. Hip Hop with R…
Earnings of songs from Infinity Challenge History x Hip Hop will go to donation 👏🏼 . T/N: IC did it before in other events to…
Incarcerated Scarfaces gotta be top 25 hip hop beats of all time
Don't miss BAM of Hip-Hop royalty at one of our first nights of 2017!. £4 TICKETS & INFO:
Who monitors album sales? He said that he's the hip hop artist that has sold the most albums in Ke. Verifiable?
If you smoke weed w/o recording yourself smoking it while hip hop plays in the background did you even smoke weed???
20 Rappers That Kept Hip-Hop Hot In 2016 - The end of the year is here – 2016. In many ways, 2016 was terrible.
Students begin journey to entrepreneurship at via
Join fans of DJ Timbuck2 TONIGHT at METRO to celebrate his life and love for Hip Hop. Get tickets at…
Motivation by Kelly Rowland on Hip Hop and R&B
Los Rakas 😍😍 Panamanian bilingual group. They're music is a mixture of Hip Hop, Reggaeton, and Dancehall. 🎧
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We want new Hip Hop music to promote to the world submit yours at today
Love Me Now by John Legend on Hip Hop and R&B
Knock You Down by Keri Hilson on Hip Hop and R&B
Introducing you the new member of Seventeen's Hip Hop team! -- (dont hate me dkjfksdfk) ht…
Hip Hop • House • West African Music • Stay tuned for a full line up to be released. In the meantime, save the date! 😘
Dance Team had a huge day at UWEC. 3rd in Poms. 2nd in Hip Hop. Elizabeth A. 1st Hip Hop Solo. Ariana, Brianna, and Josie…
While lots of Hip Hop acts nowadays struggle to sound like they do on recording, the Sugarhill Gang are still...
Listen to Hip Hop legend Dana Dane speak about Tower Beats! We Workin'! RT
Fresh Dumbledore. - King of Hip Hop. - greatest lyrics of all time. - I'm always shocked when i realise only germans know…
Lil Kim is the Queen of Rap. Alicia Keys is the Queen of RnB. Lauryn Hill is the Queen of Hip Hop. Eryka Badu is the Queen of Soul
Eminem's pen game is crazy!! If you disagree, you don't know hip hop
Yeah 2017 is the year wizkid goes from afrobeats to hip hop 😞
My hip hop radio is down on Pandora and I'm mad as ***
Hip Hop ain't the same ; Everyone getting away with weak verses ; They lowered the bar for real 😔
After a gap of 7 years, the father of tamil hip-hop is back for 💥🔥
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I cannot stand watching love and hip-hop, cause I hate seeing females get cheated on 😴💯
Rude Boy by Rihanna on Hip Hop and R&B
Gojira-Magma is the best album of the year, as many good hip hop albums that came out this year I can't name a best
Pom team took 3rd place in Hip Hop at the Glenbrook South competition.
I have homies from way back who made music like the new J Cole. It's like he's trying to refine mid 2000's west coast underg…
Congrats on your imminent return to A great wrestler with a sharp wrestling AND hip hop IQ. The cream a…
Even though I'm not there yet in the physical I understand where is at mentally and I respect it. hip-hop
Zayn should've never collaborated with Snake swift. Now she's really gonna believe she can do a hip hop/ R&B album.
I'm comfortable with people raising their children and not,blaming hip-hop for a certain type of language." - Estecle
Today in Hip Hop History: dropped '2014 Forest Hills Drive' on Dec. 9th, 2014.
2 hour episode of Love and Hip Hop tomorrow 🙌🏽😼
Feeling lots of this Sunday! Congrats for 3rd in the hip hop category & for raising their previ…
Ameriblacks really seem to think they have a *** clue when talking about Hip Hop outside their bubble
I think Cynthia's daughter might have potential. Kandi's daughter will be on Love And Hip Hop soon. I could just feel it.
If your "best of hip hop/rap" list doesnt include: Rakim, Pac, Biggie, Tribe, J Cole, Kanye West or Nas, it isn't good to me.
And now, no longer represents what it seemed to represent in the past years.
host a new 2017 Hip Hop showcase featuring all up and coming artist. If…
I wrote a review about J. Cole's new album and it got over 200 upvotes on reddit. So I guess I should start my career in Hip Hop journalism.
Highly thought of Hip Hop blog is looking to showcase undiscovered talent
Hip Hop evolution on Netflix is really retelling "The get down" "Krush Groove" and "Straight out of Compton" in documentary form..
MC Bear, the Gentle Ben of Hip Hop, world's best ursine recording artist
My ep LIL TRACEY is out now on all stores! Thank you everyone supporting - you made it in the Hip Hop chart! ❤️🏁
If you like Hip Hop. Tonight there is only one place... DJ SERIO. at Coffee Pot. Via Michele di Lando 20
A week from tonight I'm showing the Hip Hop classic "Krush Groove" at my Strange Brew Cult Movie…
Mean with the Hip Hop on the decks straight out of Nyanga East township in Cape Town we call this a take over. The…
This song to me is Hip Hop on so many levels bring it to life and…
Kobra Kai Dojo is now a Hip Hop dance studio here in NoHo. Wish Cobra Kai would regroup & declare war on all the hipsters!
For Free by DJ Khaled on Hip Hop and R&B
Decided to watch Mrs Doubtfire until I can watch the new season of Love & Hip Hop
For the Jazz - Hip Hop lovers. Jordan g. Keith Bubby Webb on the beat .
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Slow Motion by Trey Songz on Hip Hop and R&B
He was like a Kofi Annan of Hip Hop, keeping the peace between the Heads of State. RIP Ant Live (Anthony Barrier.)
I liked a video from Les Mills Dance - Hip Hop - all the moves
Dj Kool Herc is known as a Godfather of Hip Hop for extending the drummers solo at 1620 Sedgwick ave and Cedar park ca. 1973
Staboy by the weeknd is good if you like RnB/Hip Hop. One dance was fine. First Time by carley rae jepsen was also good
It just hit me that this past weekend I MC'd at to the father of Hip Hop, Dj Kool Herc. Life is crazy.
I'm pretty excited to present my presentation tomorrow on Dj Kool Herc, the Father of Hip Hop.
EP. 18 Breaking BAD: as we hit on politics, Lil Wayne's BLM interview, Hip Hop news, canceled cuffing season & everythin…
Thanksgiving is set to be LIT this year in Black homes across the US thanks to Shirley Ceasar and the Hip Hop...
Had to give Kool Herc respect and snap a quick pic! The Father of Hip Hop!!!
Another music biography: When the Beat Was Born: Dj Kool Herc and the Creation of Hip Hop by Laban Carrick Hill
to Dj Kool Herc, a true pioneer of Hip Hop!
Philippine Allstars: How to...They are what Hip Hop dancing
The feeling on The Internet was it was supposed to be Rob Swifts House in Australia & some People as we had no idea of Hip Hop went Ghetto !
I recently did an interview about Christ, Community, Hip Hop & my relationship w/ Check it out!…
Kanye West will live with North West in North West and North West University will let him teach y'all American motswako AKA Hip Hop
. We have a Hip Hop and Rap festival in Puebla, Mexico and we want to have a screening. Where can I write to you?
New Blog Post on Christ, Community & Hip Hop: an Interview with .
Our Zumba festival is one of a kind where you move to the beats of Latin, Hip Hop, Salsa and Mambo. buy your tickets.
📹 Jessenia Vice rounds up the week in Hip Hop. Discusses Drake, JLo, Lil Wayne, Lloyd Banks and more
Dare online friends all over the world with your musicality skills through & Hip Hop battle!…
Love And War by Tamar Braxton on Hip Hop and R&B
Hip Hop was a blast this morning at Baila Comigo Dance Fitness Studio! Thanks, Ana Ferris! The November class...
They have Dr. Dre look like the Ike Turner of Hip Hop in this movie...
Check out Kyambo "Hip Hop" Joshua reveal he managed because of NFL player Larry Johnson asking him to -
both changed music forever, Kurt to Rock/Indie/Punk, Travis to Hip Hop, both great live performers.. etc
Althea (Thi Thi) of Love and Hip Hop fame is the *** Terrence Howard was cheating with in the Foolish video
This Saturday, October 22nd get out to Club Phoenix and party at Fort Wayne's only Hip Hop and R&B nightclub!...
Hip Hop is "black" when crime happens. When it wins an award it's everyone's culture.”
groups that are popular bc of Hip Hop music
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Calling all Mzansi underground Hip Hop & House artists. Social media promo 4 free.**
In the 1970s, an underground urban movement known as "Hip Hop" began to develop in the South Bronx in NYC
People! Donald was just paraphrasing the early 90's Hip Hop group, Digital Underground. "Just grab 'em in the biscuit!"
I'm looking for good, new Rap and Hip Hop music of the underground variety. Hit me with ideas over here.
One can’t talk about the height of blog era raps and Los Angeles’ growing alternative Hip Hop scene without...
The NY Library for the Performing Arts acquires Hip Hop archives, honouring its established movement…
.to the rescue! Soulja Boy low key an OG out here in these Hip Hop streets! 🤐👌🏾
I added a video to a playlist Flatbush Zombies on state of Hip Hop, beast coast, Skepta - Westwood
Rubble Kings is on iPlayer, a film documenting how New York gang culture lead to the invention of Hip Hop. An amazing story.
I'm glad I was a 90's teen and heard real music (Hip Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul). Nothing like the 90's music.
SUN 10/2 (Tomorrow Night). PullUP 1st Sundays. DJ Aebldee on the 1s and 2s. spinning Hip Hop, Neo Soul, 90s, and...
Hip Hop started as a voice of the community...time to get our voice back
Truffle Butter by Nicki Minaj on Hip Hop and R&B
If Mona Scott gets Faith Evans on Love and Hip Hop next season I'm jumping out a window
Robert Ornelas, pastor, Hip Hop musician takes office as Chairman of the American Independent Party September 6 2016
I can already see Mona Scott's wheels turning.Education and Hip Hop/ Teacher Wives/ Real Teachers of Atlanta
So I'm watching Love & Hip Hop from Monday (at work) and I just Wana kno who does Mona Scott think she's fooling??
I have no idea why my teenage daughter hates me listening to Roger Whittaker, with a bit of volume, waiting to pick her up from Hip Hop?
Since Malaysia is dating a rapper now hey need to throw her in Love and Hip Hop and just cancel Basketball Wives all together.
Russell Simmons said that Phat Farm was the first "Hip Hop clothing brand" in 1992 with a straight face on a VH1 series by Steve Stoute...
This "When The Bough Breaks" movie is gonna get all them Love and Hip Hop dollars
Hip Hop needs someone to step in and save Lil Wayne from Birdman like Master P did when he saved Snoop Dogg from Suge K…
Lil Wayne been in the game since 12 . He really the Michael Jackson of Hip Hop .
Yup. Cole dan whooped some major Hip Hop *** ..
Sisterhood of Hip Hop - I'm just here for Siya & Brianna. Although Lee is growing on me LOL.
I dont think he will mix some hip hop for you SORRY ??? Bud I will not even let him !!! No , no , no way I will let Brandon hip hop your way into that so called scene THANK YOU !!! I am actually the one knowing DJ,s and sure I can mix quit a bit myself to !!! I am pritty good in listening and analizing sound and find the as we call it moment of "" overgangen "" actually !!! Bud not at all specificly Hip Hop !!! Bud sure I can if it comes to making music !!! Bud any way I sure have a slow computer here and it sure will be because of hackers I bet !!! Bud YO go with the flow and you can leurn it yourself !!! Because very right you better leave us out of THAT so called scene as young people call it !!! Bud sure I am not saying the people are bad people !!! I know Gabbers only mean friends !!! Bud its not at all me !!! I was never that not serious !!! And the drugs that sure people know that comes along with it also defenetly was and is not !!! You people will even risk your lives for party's !!! So NO THANKS ...
Police in Montreal, Canada forced Liquor Control Board to ban Hip Hop after April "Muzique" nightclub shooting. Other cities should do same.
ATTN Hip Hop acts, if you have a budget and are looking to get some exposure across the MID WEST in Sept (...
Hip Hop 4 Life is looking for Program Facilitators with a range of skills like leadership and youth development. Inbox me.
When Nervous Records where killing it with House & Hip Hop.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Much love to my fans, We are number 1 on the ReverbNation Hip Hop charts for Walvis Bay, NA.
The Get Down is the Star Wars of these Hip Hop based shows so far.
Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Freestyle, Paso doble dancing in the video. Who else is doing this? Tinashe deserves better.
2016 Championships 10/28-30 in with Moncell Durden Lindy Hop to Hip Hop workshop
Listen to I'LL HOUSE YOU Feat FATMAN SCOOP (Hip Hop in my HUT Mix) by JUNGLE BROTHERS on
Here's in the 80's was when real Hip Hop got up to get down! The one's that loved Rap can u wrap yr minds around...
Bow Wow announced his retirement from Hip Hop today. I thought that happened in 2002 when Like Mike came out. The more…
Hip Hop was born on 8/11/1973 when Dj Kool Herc threw his first block party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx https:/…
Khaled the Hip Hop version of Kirk Franklin. You're not sure exactly what he does but he plays an instrumental role.
How does a Hip Hop blog not know better than to call it "purple drank"? Come on bruh its lean.
For check out how is bringing dance back into Hip Hop culture!
Angela Yee got the Love & Hip Hop extras as her co hosts on al the time. Yikes
2014 was a good year for SA Hip Hop. - Gusheshe, Caracara, Bump the cheese up, Steve kekana, Amantombazane, sgelekeqe, Heaven, Tsekede 👌🏽🔥
Are ready for the revolution of him? Frank Nitti is bringing the world a new kind of Hip Hop...Click Below.
They don't call him the The Johnny Clegg of Hip Hop for nothing 😎🎶
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Kings of Hip Hop and inductees of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Public Enemy’s “first action figure as a set”...
Jeremy Lin look like he's on the set of Love & Hip Hop waiting for Erica Mena to throw a drink at him.
Wanna do a 90s thread on 80s to early 2ks on R'n'B & Hip Hop artists like Kriss Kross, Montell Jordan, Will Smith,slick rick etc. But time 😩
Hip Hop needs to stop sampling "Murder She Wrote" by Chaka Demus & Pliers and not giving them credit.
Free day at Peace Live and Hip Hop camp! Thanks to teaching artists, Breana Moore, Maria Bittick, Precious Williams and Molly Walker!
Good Morning Hip Hop. It's a warm Friday in PG County. One day we will be together again, Momma. Peace, Hip Hop & Purple Rain.
2016 Championships 10/27-30 in Moncell Durden Lindy Hop to Hip Hop workshop
We are really looking forward to performing at The Power of Hip Hop: LIVE tomorrow - alongside artists from the...
*** does Menace 2 Society and New Jack City have to do with Hip Hop honors ?! NOTHING!
Weekly podcast is looking for Hip Hop & Rap artists to feature on their "Artist Spotlight"
1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the South Bronx is considered the birthplace of Hip Hop
We are now taking over your radio !. Tune in to GOOD HOPE FM and get your weekly Hip Hop fix !!!
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