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Hinkley Point

Hinkley Point is a headland on the Bristol Channel coast of Somerset, England, five miles north of Bridgwater and five miles west of Burnham-on-Sea, close to the mouth of the River Parrett.

Theresa May George Osborne

Estimated cost of Hinkley Point C plant rises by 8%, EDF says
Hinkley Point C nuclear plant hit by cost over-run and delay - EDF
The Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant is already facing a £1.5bn cost over-run and delay of up to 15 months
Hs2,DUP, Hinkley Point how many more wasting taxpayers money tick tock tick tock the clock is ticking ,
Hinkley Point C costs rise 8 percent: Construction has only just got going and already the…
If Hinkley Point C project will cost more and take longer, what are the implications for UK energy supply?…
Dear Vogtle, Hinkley Point, Flamanville, Barakah, Leningrad II, Taishan all delayed - the exception…
Cost of Hinkley Point nuclear plant climbs another £1.5bn to over £20bn, as project is again delayed…
The amount seems to have risen £0.7bn in the past few hours. >> EDF warns of £2.2bn cost overrun on Hinkley Point C
Hinkley Point: EDF raises cost estimate for nuclear plant
Cost overruns & delays at Point so far cut profit margin from 9% to 8.2%, says http…
"Does the construction now need the support of the DUP? That costs £1.5bn."
BBC News - Hinkley Point: EDF raises costs again by 1.5bn for planned UK nuclear plant
Few notice that endless wind farm projects are brought on stream, on time, on budget.
EDF estimates the cost of completing the new Hinkley Point nuclear plant will be nearly 10% more than expected
Imagine if intense support for nuclear by UK government over past nine years had been applied to renewables. Shame https:/…
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RK Bell Group a Bridgwater business and as part of the SIA- Somerset Infrastructure Alliance would like to thank eve…
Dear is there a new nuke build anywhere on the planet being built on time & within budget?
The 'negative learning' effect in action
Cancel Hinkley Point C, save £20.3 billion, spend at least half of that on the NHS and the rest on green energy
You great pillocks did not listen when I told you what would happen long before agreeing this contract schemers win,
Blog Post: Cost of Hinkley Point C rises by 8%, EDF says
Offshore wind power could be 25% cheaper than energy from Hinkley Point nuclear plant says Ofgem CEO
The cost of building the new Hinkley Point nuclear power plant has risen to £19.5bn.
Hinkley Point C costs soar as France's EDF hikes its estimate.
Point is "already over time and over budget" only nine months since being approved
I think most significant part of Hinkley Point C news will be delay, not cost. Will coal phase-out be delayed? Will old…
Hinkley Point nuclear power statoin - another economic white elephant. Along with Misallocation of resources. https:…
Surpise, surprise! Hinkley is £2.2bn over budget and a year behind schedule. More evidence of defunct energy policy.
EDF Hinkley Point Rip-off of century, first agree to dearest electricity ever, guarantee price for 35 years then agree pr…
and in "other news" you're not hearing/seeing Hinckley Point costs rise ... again.
Hinkley Point: EDF adds £1.5bn to nuclear plant cost and delays it by 15 months!
Hinkley C is costing £1.5BN more and taking longer. How much more and longer will it be before it's not worth doing?.
Jill Kirby is 100% right Hinkley Point = rotten deal, that May shd hve canned. Remember which…
A train carrying nuclear waste from Hinkley Point power station to Crewe depot is passing Cheltenham about now 🚂☢️
C will not cost taxpayers extra, be built on time, pigs can fly, says EDF Energy boss…
.boss Vincent De Rivaz attempting to reassure Lords committee Point C can be built on time.http…
'New era of UK nuclear power' as Hinkley Point finally gets go-ahead
Featured Job: Project Quantity Surveyor: Infrastructure - Hinkley Point C, Bridgwater: Our client is on...
Vanity projects are so 15th century. May would fit in well. High Speed 2 is a insult to the people of the UK.
Point C opportunities! Come and find us on Wed at the Next Generation Somerset careers & education fair
Britain hopes to showcase skills at Hinkley Point. ht…
Hinkley Point C will not cost taxpayers extra, says EDF Energy boss
Secret government papers show taxpayers will pick up costs of Hinkley nuclear waste storage via
We don’t need or and we can build a better Britain. Great piece by
'What kind of Britain do we want to build?' asks after and
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2Day on Radio 4 we learn of the Technical Problems that Daunt EDF in Flamervile, France. With the Capping Dome? Hin…
Britain hopes to showcase skills at Hinkley Point.
We have a chance to build an economy fit for the 21st century + create a better country in the process. Bravo.
We must think carefully about the kind of Britain we want to build:
China are the worlds leader in hacking/industrial espionage, yet the Tories have contracted them to build Hinkley point nuclear power plant.
EDF: we won’t ask for more cash if Hinkley Point goes wrong 
The Britain that is trying to build has unstable foundations. A country built for the rich, not the rest.
Energy boss promises he won't ask British taxpayers for extra money for the new power station at Hinkley Point https:…
& - ultimately it's about what kind of Britain we want to build, writes htt…
Signs that Theresa May is going to disappoint massively: 1. not sacking Carney; 2. HS2 go-ahead. 3. indulging Hinkley…
The Britain that Theresa May is trying to build has unstable foundations | Caroline Lucas
Vanity projects are so 15th century. Theresa May would have fitted in well | Patrick Barkham
Hinkley Point, Theresa May and the Chinese by Peter Brookes- political cartoon gallery
UK approves new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point, Somerset, after measures agreed to "enhance security"
Theresa May risks wrath of China by ordering security services to review controversial Hinkley Point nuclear p...
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Steve Thomas, Professor of Energy Policy quoted in today's Mail on Hinkley Point
Hinkley Point will be obsolete before it even starts, but Theresa May had no choice
Hinkley Point, Theresa May and the Chinese - political cartoon gallery
Theresa May on the phone: giving go-ahead nuclear power at Hinkley Point on understand it only supplies those who've passed t…
Sure. My other issue with new nuclear power is delays, delays, delays and cost blowouts. eg Hinkley Point - costs quadrupled
BBC Parliament on BBC Two crid:5a7jbj ... that, as well as the proposed nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C, the ...
Letters: Reasons to stop the Hinkley Point project
4 reasons why Hinkley Point nuclear likely to go ahead
Sign the petition asking to scrap plans for nuclear plant now!
One reason not: You can't unbuild nuclear waste. Strike price, economists? Anyone?. Point
Hinkley Point: Four reasons the project will go ahead.
(what;s the) Point - Another old solution. Move with the times. Renewables.
On Thurs we'll be at handing in our petition to stop Hinkley Point C. Pls sign if you haven't already! https…
Public support for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power pla... via
Barbaric. Why do we even entertain these people. Tell them to stick their Hinkley Point money where the sun don't shine
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Poll: UK public support for debacle sinks to 25%.
200,000 tonnes of Welsh-made steel will be used to help build the new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point
Sign the petition asking to scrap plans for Point now!
Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson on the economic benefits that Point C will bring to the
Sign the petition asking Theresa May to scrap plans for Hinkley Point nuclear plant now!
Hinkley Point: Four reasons the nuclear project will go ahead
GMB dismiss smart-grid as it's years away & says we need Hinkley Point instead, as if that could be built tomorrow.
DTN Mongolia: Hinkley Point is test of UK-China trust: The bond between the two countries is at a crucial jun...
Meanwhile, warns Post Maybe the UK should look at the African countries China owns already.
EDF decision on Hinkley Point should be declared void, say French unions - The Guardian
Overpriced nuclear mega-projects like Hinkley Point not the way forward
Offshore wind is not just cheaper, but also less risky than Hinkley Point - https:…
China warns of 'crucial juncture' over Hinkley delay. Failing to go ahead with the Hinkley Point nuclear project co…
China’s nuclear bomb-maker to take a stake in Hinkley Point. via dailymail
EDF decision to be declared void, say French unions, board members knew delay
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China's ambassador to the UK has called for a quick decision on the project
Plenty of emerging countries to do business with .
Failing to proceed with the Hinkley Point nuclear project could threaten China's relationship wit-->
warns UK over £18bn power deal as Ambassador links future relations to fate of Point
The U.K. is a pioneer in nuclear technology. Why the *** are we getting China to build our nuclear power stations??
Exactly. And how good is it to see writing about China after all this time?
China warns UK relations are at 'historical juncture over Hinkley Point Blackmail appears to be new weapon of choice
Hinkley Point Stalls Again: What is the Future of Nuclear in the UK
Blackmail is the new weapon of choice from the Eastern Block.
Good piece: Britain has struck out for a special relationship with China.
China warns UK relations are at 'historical juncture' over Hinkley Point
Isn't this one of the countries described as a great opportunity to have an agreement with by Brexiters?
Andree Frieze wrote to Richmond Park MP Zac Goldsmith to ascertain his views on Hinkley Point and to press him to...
Hinkley Point: China warns Theresa May over 'suspicious' decision to delay nuclear power station
Osborne rejectd safeguards to provide extra protection for Hinkley Point from potential national security threats
Osborne rejected safeguards over Chinese role in Hinkley Point: national security is as important as economy, stupid
Hinkley Point decision puts the spotlight on George Osborne's controversial subsidy deal
Theresa May puts the brakes on Hinkley Point nuclear power project amid security fears over China’s inv...
The Conservatives have realised too late that Hinkley Point is a rip-off | Barry Gardiner
Hinkley Point is bad business. Theresa May should put it out of its misery.
George Osborne and the buttering up of Beijing for Hinkley Point project - Daily Mail
Theresa May’s government sits on final decision of Hinkley Point project despite EDF go-ahead
Imagine if Scot Govt would attract such investment - Hinkley Point gets final investment approval from France's EDF
Hinkley Point: EDF to make final decision on future of nuclear plant next week.
Hinkley Point 'litmus test' on post-investment |
Hinkley Point 'litmus test' on post-investment ~
Brexit will not scupper Hinkley Point, insists EDF
Hinkley Point 'litmus test' on post-investment -
With any luck it will be cancelled or at least the price slashed
Hinkley Point 'litmus test' on post-investment ::
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Hinkley Point C critics try to derail it amid Brexit vote turmoil
EDF workers' committee wants Point nuclear delay: postponement of white elephant as early as today?.
French Unions tell they are not in position to give opinion on Hinkley Point C project following 60 day consultatio…
Brexit could mean the end for Hinkley Point nuclear power station
then reduce hinkley point by half.. move it to ritztania.. have Scots build reduced scale reactr on acc of..
Will Hinkley Point C ever get off the ground?
This paves the way for the final investment decision for Point C
The French energy firm EDF has confirmed that it's still confident it will build a nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point. htt…
Hinkley Point 'litmus test' on post-investment:
Hinkley Point ready for "final investment decision". says consultation with French unions complete. No date for boa…
We're STAYING with UK: French power giant EDF 'has confidence' in Hinkley Point scheme
UPDATE 1-EDF says has full confidence in Hinkley Point, Brexit no barrier -
5 ways to power the UK far better than Hinkley Point.
Five ways to power the UK that are far better than Hinkley Point
France gives go ahead to Hinkley Point, French minister says
French economy minister says France will give ok to Hinkley Point boondoggle project. But no decision actually made.
Lots of respect for - more power than Hinkley Point! Hope that he does the business tonight.
Do we really need any more reasons not to scrap Hickley point in favour of alternative renewable energy generation?
EDF engineers say confident Hinkley Point can be built on time via
Port Talbot is a big problem. But so is Hinkley Point. Story: Guardian.
Replacing Hinkley Point C with would save British bill payers £40billion
Just some statistics behind decision factors
Hinkley Point: Why the money man jumped - BBC News
EDF chief Levy says will not delay Hinkley Point via
Provides a choice for the neighbours to Hinkley Point?
Reading BBC item more closely - it is talking about Hinkley Point C (NOT Flamanville) forgings - my mistake
You can grow a successful business in Britain. China seems to think so!
Segolene Royal on collision course with Macron. French minister casts doubt on Hinkley Point via
"EDF engineers back Hinkley Point. But internal note tells it all: "POLITICALLY, economically, industrially" significant!!
BBC News - Hinkley Point: Why the money man jumped
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Hinkley Point is the biggest con ever perpetrated by this Tory Government.
As opposed to UK in hock to France and China? Hinkley Point anyone?
BBC: EDF orders replacement RPV domes for Flammanville, Hinkley Point from Japan Steel Works
The UK can avoid the unknown uncertainties of Hinkley Point by investing in the known certainties of renewables:-)
What about that Hinkley Point NPS? If not built, you can then just dump Steel. High energy?
Hinkley Point project could still be postponed NO
Is EDF still accountable for uk? Will Hinkley Point actually get the loan to be built from French Govt??
A board member at French energy firm EDF says he will vote against its plan to build a new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point in the UK.
EDF engineers back Hinkley Point project in the UK -
Interesting take on why we shouldn't be spending escalating billions on Hinkley Point.
French energy minister casts new doubt on Hinkley Point reactor construction decision.
Tigers extinct in Cambodia, Hinkley Point C and plastic bag charges — green news rounup
French minister casts doubt on future of Hinkley Point...
Listen to discussing and the wider case for new on
Hinkley Point nuclear project could still be postponed - The Week UK
Hinkley Point: Why the money man jumped
Hinkley Point nuclear project could still be postponed
Hinkley Point is a costly mistake, but only France can pull the plug | Simon Taylor: Brit...
Hinkley power station 'will go ahead': The £18bn Hinkley Point nuclear power plant will go…
Hinkley Point nuclear power station will go ahead, says
Steve Bell on Hinkley Point nuclear project – cartoon
Hinkley Point nuclear project in crisis as EDF finance director resigns - another triumph for
EDF finance chief 'quits' over Hinkley Point nuclear plant -
Hearing it's now quite unlikely EDF will take final decision on Hinkley Point at board meeting next week. Could be a few m…
Hinkley Point pylons, in Somerset, could provide a target for...
SSDC stand all set up for the Hinkley Point meet and greet event at the new Somerset Energy Innovation Centre
EDF slated to make final investment decision on Point C new reactor later this month
An interesting comparison of Hinkley Point C nuclear station output compared to solar (and wind) with storage:
Still waiting on investment decision. EDF’s Survival Threatened by C via
Hinkley Point C offers businesses huge potential in 2016, you can register your interest to supply here
Which is cheaper: or Case from the UK| Energy Matters
Been birding at Hinkley point today & it was even too windy for the gulls!
No doubt where wind turbines are unacceptable, pylons from a nuclear power plant will be just fine for Ms Rudd
Hinkley Point pylons will ruin says local MP
An impassioned speech about Point C Connection Project from in Another strong voice supporting
Point C is more than just a power station. Read about the local opportunities:
Year 13 useful for Hinkley point paty of your presentation
Reminder that the wholesale price for Hinkley Point C will be guaranteed at £92.50 + inflation
perhaps the BBC can report on the guaranteed higher MWh price offered to EDF to build Hinkley Point?
Final investment decision on the Hinkley Point C power station expected 27 January
EDF to take long-awaited final investment decision on Hinkley Point at a board meeting on Jan 27, Le Figaro reports:
We're sponsoring the breakfast debate on Hinkley Point C next week. Lots to discuss
EDF considers selling €3bn stake in UK nuke business to help fund more evidence that numbers don't add up.
Petition: Scrap Hinkley Point C plans in favour of tidal energy.
nope - there will be £22bn poison pill in Hinkley contract
Osborne's new best friends the Chinese, who helped him when all sensible investors fled Hinkley Point, are now in financia…
Broker tells investors to sell EDF shares because of Hinkley Point costs
QT Nigel Farage says that we have offered China double the current price of electricity for 35 years for them to build Nuclear Hinkley Point
Weird adding up of random numbers. Purchase of £6bn of LNG ~ £6bn of equity in Hinkley Point C?
Meanwhile, just down the road from Hinkley Point are installing community solar
China to invest £6bn for one-third stake in Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset, energy company EDF says https…
Hinkley Point C: 'no other country has found a way of making nuclear power cost anything like £92.50 per MWh'.
Xi Jinping to sign Hinkley Point nuclear power deal in UK - BBC News
Concerns raised over plans for Hinkley Point nuclear reactor: CONCERNS have once again been raised about the H...
Govt finally admits it is subsidising Does this strengthen state aid legal challenge against UK?
point: UK energy policy is now hunkering in a nuclear bunker By
Hinkley Point C 1st new nuclear power stn for decades: giving 24,000 jobs & power to 6m people for 60 years. Result of…
Q&A: China's investment in the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant
The Great Hinkley Point disaster - Osborne's pet nuclear project is almost as much of a mess as HS2 says Ross Clark: http…
Govt finally admits to subsidising nuclear - while cutting help for renewables. https:…
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EDF to find more investors for Hinkley Point C project - Power Technology
Energy expert Nick Butler says UK shd not build Hinkley Point reactor until EDF has successfully built one in Finland or F…
Hinkley Point C: important milestone for new build in Europe
UK government finally admits to subsidising - while cutting help for
Our MPs claim must stand on own but continue 2support 50 yrs Thick or bribery?
agrees to fund about 1/3 of the £18bn cost of Point C reactor: a good move?
Gov admits it is subing nuclear. 87% cuts to subsidies for solar is scary
Analysis says solar could provide same amount of electricity as Hinkley Point C for half the subsidy cost
China’s CGN agrees to invest £6 bln in Hinkley Point nuclear power plant, and will take a 33.5% stake
Russian news outlet reports PRC nuclear deal with the UK *** private investors
Chinese investment for Somerset's Hinkley Point C power station to be ... - Somerset County Gazette
Nuclear go-ahead: construction of Point plant to begin 'within weeks'
Positive week for Hinkley Point but some demons persist
Shock stat of the day from The £7m of subsidy on offer for solar is equivalent to two days of subsidy for Hinkley Point
As much as possible, your critical infrastructure should be national - Caroline Baylon in
Hinkley Point so expensive Investec tells investors to sell EDF shares. Le bateau is going to go down, mes amis.
Morning! Talking to Dave Harvey at Hinkley Point. Coming up at 9
Hinkley Point you say, yes, through the village and first left after the post office
EDF and Chinese on brink of Hinkley Point nuclear deal
French and Chinese governments to sign deal to build £24.5bn Hinkley Point white elephant nuclear power plant
UK guarantees £2bn nuclear plant deal as China investment in the Hinkley Point nuclear power station announced
It's time for the government to think again about Hinkley Point: . The government's new nuclear power station...
Hinkley Point: what price avoiding humiliation? anachronism
Private capital & public money - the real costs of Hinkley Point power station
“a litany of setbacks” in Finland, France & China for EDF’s nuclear reactor, the same type planned for Hinkley Point
UK to give 2 billion pound guarantee for Hinkley Point nuclear power
£2 billion investment in Hinkley Point good for South West
Hinkley Point branded nuclear 'white elephant' by former civil service
The search is on for the owners of a rare red parrot after it was found near a Hinkley Point's nuclear power station
The Hinkley point fun run images are now on my website, check it out! via
So having needed EU authority to build our own nuclear plant, Austria can challenge UK on whether it's 'sustainable':
Your ignoring point that state aid given to renewables why not UK could challenge Energiewinde subsides
Check out our new education video giving a comprehensive overview of our programme
Nice article from on the story so far for Hinkley Point's new reactor .
Like obviously Austrian objection to Hinkley is anti nuclear, also blatant attempt to interfere with …
EDF CEO Jean-Bernard Levy on Hinkley Point: "Our objective is to be able to make a final investment decision as soon as…
Useful reminder from that Hinkley C is now 6 yrs later than promised, and still no final decision made
The Road to Nowhere? | Hinkley Point new nuclear power plant: the story so far Top effort by
Nuclear subsidies for Hinkley Point facility will cost far more than is claimed
if hinkley is such a great deal then explain why EDF has not jumped on it.
UK to proceed with Hinkley Point C plant, via
UK threatens to hit back at Austria over Hinkley Point legal challenge over nuclear subsidies via
Lost hunt hound on the Hinkley Point rd earlier. Could've caused a nasty accident. When will they start caring about their hounds?!
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Hinkley Point C update. These songs are banned on radio: Ultravox's 'Vienna', 'Rock Me Amadeus' by Falco & 'Bring Me Edelweiss' by Edelweiss
Even if court appeal against decision for subsidy on Point C is effective. Politically it is a disaster for
BBC News - EDF pushes back Hinkley Point nuclear decision
BBC News - Hinkley Point C excavations unearth bones from the Dark Ages
threatens to hit back at over Hinkley Point legal challenge
Austria shouldn't be alone in opposing UK's 35 years long state aids to
Cop: Do you know how fast you were going?. *so exhausted I can't talk but I point to the treadmill display*
One reason why relying on privatised, centralised energy infrastructure isn't very good strategy
EDF pushes back Hinkley Point nuclear decision -
EDF Energy might delay Hinkley Point C project due to a drop in profits:
Hinkley Point nuclear funding decision delayed again
Prof Caroline Mitchell argues Hinkley Point "acted as a major road block for a sensible energy policy in GB"
Point funding decision delayed again
EDF Energy delays decision on Hinkley Point nuclear plant
Good afternoon Please see vacancy for an Induction Facilitator based in Bridgwater Induction Facilitators will be customer facing and responsible for all administrative activities relating to the day to day running of the Hinkley Point C Induction centre This is a full time position fixed until April 2016 with the potential of a rolling contract thereafter. The salary for this role is £21k If you are interested in this opportunity please email a CV and covering letter to hinkley-jobsby Wednesday 26th November 2014 Please pm me your email address for a copy of the job description
a leading energy company analyst: "If I was sitting in Whitehall this would scare the daylights out of me"
Future of Hinkley Point C new plant in doubt as crisis hits shareholder Areva
plant on the edge again as key tech provider and funder, Areva, in deep financial trouble
Our splash today is on a review into Hinkley Point amid fears its completion will be delayed by years
Relying on the French group to supply 7% of UK energy from Point and then commissioning a study on possible building overuns?
Future of Hinkley Point C plant is under a cloud amid a financial crisis at Areva.
UK nuclear future in doubt amid mounting Areva losses and delays in other plants Rethink time!
UK Govt determined throw £billions at it but nuclear still failing -
Major delays (if ever) to new Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Plant. So much for long term UK energy strategy Nuclear
Hinckley C threatened by areva woes going to be more challenging
Hinkley C, most expensive plant ever needed as current build over time&budget but French nuke co making loss.
Problems in projects Finland, France “Hinkley Point nuclear plant future in doubt as crisis hits Areva h…
Point nuclear plant 'threatened by Areva financial crisis' -
Saudi Electric in talks to acquire stake in Hinkley Point C - via
Shares in French nuclear group Areva plunge on financial target suspension
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
A large construction project should never be awarded to a failing contractor ever!
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 . Plans for Britain's first new nuclear plant in a generation could be threatened by...
Expert says Areva could be forced to withdraw from Hinkley Point consortium amid mounting losses
Shares in French nuclear group plunge on financial target suspension as losses mount via $AREVA
Hinkley Point plan faces secret review Go to hydro electric we have plenty of water!!
"EDF and Areva have not yet taken a formal decision to proceed" I'd like pound for every time I've said that recently
The shareholder in the Hinkley Point C scheme in Somerset has reported a series of financial loss
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