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Hillbilly Jim

Jim Morris (born July 5, 1952), best known to fans as Hillbilly Jim, is an American professional wrestler and disc jockey.

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Imagine headlining a ppv with a 10 man match featuring Hillbilly Jim, Koko B. Ware, Hercules and the Red Rooster.
Jim is singing like a hillbilly to these old country songs and I'm dying 😂😂😂
Live RF Shoot interview review: Big John Stud tried to shoot on Hillbilly Jim in the ring.
Jimmy Hart and Hillbilly Jim gonna be the musical backing!?!?
Hillbilly Jim whooped singing Santa's *** today courtesy of Zane.
ATN (aka has posters of Hillbilly Jim and Matt Millen in his room smgdh.
Best and worst wrestling related X-Mas gifts you've received? My worst was a bootleg Hillbilly Jim shirt.
If someone were challenged to come up with the most Hillbilly name ever, wouldn't Jim Bob *** be at least in the top 3?
They have buy 1 get 1 50% off WWE stuff at ToysrUs..this Bray looks like HillBilly Jim
Rey's attire is inspired by Hillbilly Jim.
I'm pretty sure The entire league knows Pettine is in way over his head except for hillbilly Jim
Hillbilly Jim gets all excited when someone introduces there daughter: via
Alex Shelley vs. Hillbilly Jim in a Texas Death Match in Tiajuana
Bret Hart, Lanny Poffo aka Genius, who the brother of Macho Man, and Hillbilly Jim.
Hillbilly Jim is on commentary, Mark Briscoe sounds just like him on ROH commentary
Sting, Christian, Hillbilly Jim, Chyna & the Fabulous Freebirds for the WWE HOF Class of 2016.
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the first one is Captain Lou Albano and the second one is Hillbilly Jim
Is it just me or does 1984 Hillbilly Jim look like 2015 Willie Robertson???
Yeah, they're dolls! We had at least 4 of those big ones...Hogan, Piper, Iron Sheikh, Hillbilly Jim
I had that SAME toy when I was a little kid...with Hulk Hogan and Hillbilly Jim!
Hillbilly Jim in. This is the first time since Wrestlemania III that Hillbilly Jim is in a match that isn’t a battle royal/Royal Rumble
I didn’t even realise Hillbilly Jim was still employed at this point so fair play to him for getting in the main event.
hey baby, wanna visit my bridge? We can wrastle! I'll be Hillbilly Jim, who will you be?
lol!! Hillbilly Jim and Koko B Ware. This is awesome!!!
Gorilla and Hillbilly Jim on commentary for this. Weird.
Just learned the Hillbilly Jim is the only living member of WWF’s Hillbillys stable, including Uncle Elmer, Cousin Luke and Cousin Junior.
Could someone go get Hillbilly Jim and Ricky Steamboat and tell them to be ok please
That whole year was Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan and Hillbilly Jim.
I still haven't seen the Hillbilly Jim or Terry Funk Cards, can you post pics?
Larry from Tuscaloosa please shut up your hillbilly *** you & jim are so embarrassing to real loyal Bama fans not band wagon fans
Hillbilly Jim telling some good stories and giving props to King Kong Bundy
Did I just hear Hillbilly Jim's theme song on the show? That is the most amazingly random song choice ever. I love it.
With much of the country experiencing record high temperatures, be sure to listen to Hillbilly Jim . . .
FACT. wwe superstar Hillbilly Jim had twin sons separated at birth!!! That's right..
I think I remember who that dude was...the name is on the tip of my tongue. Um...oh yeah! Hillbilly Jim!.
Speaking of the Hulk Hogan story JJ, it's also being reported that Hillbilly Jim thinks you have a "purty mouth".
Predictable Guardian piece on "racism in pro wrestling" predictably excludes Sheamus, Hillbilly Jim and even Mr. Fuji
Just pre-ordered and got the special character "Hillbilly Jim Crow."
Jim Tom Hedrick at Hillbilly Woodstock! Meet the legendary moonshiner at the Maggie Valley ABC
.Hillbilly Jim was not inbred by Missouri standards.
Jessie the body Ventura, hillbilly Jim, king Kong bundy
Maybe they can put hillbilly jim in the game, brother! good ol hilljack jim.
I'm listening to Don't Go Messin' with a Country Boy by Hillbilly Jim on Outlaw Country.
Yes, hello Your racial stereotypes offend me. Please remove Hillbilly Jim, Sheik and Tanka from your site.
used the term midget at 3. Hillbilly Jim, Haiti Kid, and Little Beaver vs Bundy, Little Tokyo, and Lord Littlebrook.
Legends House was such an entertaining show. Gene Okerlund & Pat Patterson were hilarious!! Hillbilly Jim is a great man.
Only Jimbo dresses up as a former wrestler. Hillbilly Jim would be my vote.
Hillbilly Jim will talk your ear off. Great dude.
Hillbilly Jim is cool as a fan. Real nice guy.
On the same flight as Hillbilly Jim. Don't go messing with a country boy... And now there's two country boys on this flight.
I arranged to get *** Foley on with Pat S can probably get Hillbilly Jim or Bruce Hart to call you guys
Wow! I just won this for free, WWF CARD HILLBILLY JIM 1985
I'm gonna dress as Hillbilly Jim for Mania next year.
“HillBilly Jim was a big Bob Probert fan. Amazing pic.
once you kill Sting, there's not a lot of tricks left in the bag. Hillbilly Jim ain't saving us from George HHH Martin.
You can't go wrong with Hee Haw reruns, at least until Hillbilly Jim returns.
Next match. Ultimate dragon vs hillbilly Jim
Let's face it, 45% of wrestling fans can be considered Hillbilly Jim lookalikes.
Is the guy in the Hillbilly Jim costume going to be told to change?
Why is he called Hillbilly Jim? Maybe he just wants to be called Jim?
Hillbilly Jim, Howard Finkel, and Nikolai Volkoff. Saxton hanging out with three white dudes who look like Shaft next to him.
HillBilly Jim look alike? Security is asking him to change or be escorted out..
Hope the Hillbilly Jim lookalike gets ejected
Imagine the state of the conversation between Byron Saxton, Hillbilly Jim and Nikolai Volkoff over lunch.
Renee just ratted out the Hillbilly Jim guy. Now he'll have to change.
Hillbilly Jim's got the same birthday as me. Up ye's xx
Hillbilly Jim has been hanging poolside all day. And Road Warrior Animal was outside for a bit too. super surreal
I was just earlier today telling my wife there was a difference between Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Hillbilly Jim.
Wrestlecon brunch. is so sweet and Hillbilly Jim who's absolutely amazing.
punk and piper vs Bryan Danielson and the iron sheik. Texas Tornado rules. Winner faces hillbilly Jim and trips.
The Kansas guitarist/bassist/something who looks like a relative of the pro wrestler Hillbilly Jim? = silver at least
And now one of the best matches of all time. King Kong Bundy vs Hillbilly Jim ...oh...and the midgets 😀
Starting of Wrestlemania morning at a brunch with Honky Tonk Man, Hillbilly Jim, The Hardy Boyz and more!
Oh my... Talk about getting handsome over the years... Hillbilly Jim. woah.
I just noticed I have on jeans, Jim beam tshirt, red flannel, and a camo baseball cap on, Iookin like *** a southern hillbilly goofball
That was some Jim dandy of a game. I am ready for Saturday for Kentucky to by 10
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If Arnold went to WWF in the early 80's he would've worn overalls and been Hillbilly Jim's Austrian cousin
Agreed. I hope they call up everyone. Hillbilly Jim, you're up next!
I had the same thought you did although Hillbilly Jim played the role of Koko B. Ware.
Looks like Hillbilly Jim dosen't klnow where to go. Where's HIS induction, btw?
It's time with the projector. With a hillbilly Jim photobomb...
quality photobomb by Hillbilly Jim there
Hillbilly Jim standing behind DDP wishing for some TV time
Always impressed by the lats on Hillbilly Jim.
I'm a big fan of Hillbilly Jim - when will finally induct him into the HOF??
hey bro hillbilly Jim fan, can you draw me one? Your very gifted
Probert after learning Hillbilly Jim was indeed Bruce Jenner By Cracky
Reppin' my hometown with Hillbilly Jim. He may be the nicest dude I have ever met.
The things you learn when you get a free trial of XM. Like Hillbilly Jim - radio DJ
What could be better than spending time with my mom & Hillbilly Jim?!!! 💗💗💗
when i was a kid, i always wanted Hillbilly Jim to make an appearance on the Dukes since was always on the A-Team
good promo alot better than some of your old one's. I don't know about the hillbilly Jim beard. It's like bundy had sex with Hillbilly
Hillbilly Jim! Best part of the gimmick battle royal!
It's interesting that Hillbilly Jim is the only one on that isn't in the WWE Hall Of Fame yet.
Hillbilly Jim seems like a chill cool dude.
Go see this show...our buddy Jim has worked so hard to bring Fort Smith such an original show. If you've seen the...
Hillbilly Jim, Cousin Elmer goofy country boys gimmick and make it a totally gaga act.
clearly the only right answer is Hillbilly Jim!
I got all but two. The one next to Hillbilly Jim and the one next to Hacksaw. I think it's Ricky Steamboat.
only one I got stuck on is the one right beside hillbilly Jim hardly ment to be Austin??
How many can you name? Here's a clue I'm in far left corner second from the top...under Hillbilly Jim
Dolph, Ryback, and Rowan are the 21st Century’s answer to Jimmy Snuka, Junkyard Dog, and Hillbilly Jim.
Pretty sure if Luke Harper ever goes face, he'll end up being Hillbilly Jim
All the wrestlers and ours (Kentucky's) is Hillbilly Jim. We gave you Miss Elizabeth too. And Braden Walker! And Eugene!
Today, "Hillbilly Jim" would have picked up a stand-up bass instead of a curl bar. Bet he does "Wagon Wheel" at karaoke.
Pretty sure the Australian equivalent of Hillbilly Jim just boarded this tram.
Why is Hillbilly Jim at the Joe Bonamassa concert?
my dad keeps calling me a hillbilly because I'm wearing a camo hat... okay Jim I see you
Hillbilly Jim came out on Wrestlemania 17, remembered this dual set my brother got one Birthday in the…
Sting. Hillbilly Jim. Beefcake. Lita. *** JBL. Lex. Myself and others basked in the sunshine of the Apple at fanfest in Queens.
You want some more you f-in redneck hillbilly do you BOY YES YOU BOY JIM I AM CALLING YOU OUT BID BAD JIM
Great meeting Hillbilly Jim at to complete the Legends House cast
don't go messing with a country boy...By Hillbilly Jim lol
yeah I got a question. Are you cousins with Hillbilly Jim?
Pre-Orders to meet Hillbilly Jim at Wrestling "Big Event 5" ends tonight
Olympian Jim Thorpes remains should not B movd US court
hillbilly Jim or Jesse the body Ventura or a road warrior
Hope you're able to get Hillbilly Jim back on the show. Another great ep and went too fast.
*** Foley looking like a cheap Hillbilly Jim
I like that idea. Hillbilly Jim flat out wins!
What an episode!!! Hillbilly Jim needs his own podcast. Where you at podcastOne? Call the man and get to work.
Hey Steve, Any chance you'd contact podcast one and talk them into giving Hillbilly Jim a podcast. He'd be great.
great podcast w/ Hillbilly Jim. And the Kamala podcast was incredible. I love to here you guys out of your gimmicks. N b real
Hey Hot Rod, Awesome podcast with Hillbilly Jim. Why not contact podcast one and talk them into giving him a podcast?
Hillbilly Jim hit's Piper's Pit with a sack full of some of the greatest untold stories in history-
Find out why Hillbilly Jim turned down a chance to be a pro-basketball player on Piper's Pit
"Actually, I prefer to be called Hillbilly James." --Hillbilly Jim, post-grad school
we gotta throw in hillbilly Jim too in that case 😂
signal hillbilly 588 sisco Jim kremlin enabled a big art gama jr mace go and vanity maybe crevas
Kyle O'Reilley vs. Hillbilly Jim for the PWG championship
Would it be funnier if that were Hillbilly Jim?
Sadly there are plenty of super intelligent people who are just as racist as Jim Bob hillbilly. It's bigger than IQ, IMHO.
Jim Thorpe, Pa., fights to keep body of namesake
My action figure days ended in about '86. That said, I had Piper, Hogan, JYD, Andre the Giant, and Hillbilly Jim.
Also looks like he could be Hillbilly Jim's son.
Getting some tires on the Christian Hillbilly mobile! (@ Used Tire Warehouse in Clarksville, IN)
an angrier version of Hillbilly Jim
Meet Wrestling Superstar Hillbilly Jim at the Bowling Green HPB Outlet on Sat, August 23, from Noon to 3 p.m.
Also the portraits of Hillbilly Jim and Terry Funk, who apparently represent local arm wrestling champions.
Jim Bob *** s Hillbilly Band. Could see him as lead jug blower.
yep. Met some WWE stars that day, all of which are now released, and met Hillbilly Jim (Nicest guy you could ever meet!)
I had a Hillbilly Jim... I loved it!
Aye, fine Jim. Scanning too! Old b&w from the 80's - scottish hillbilly stuff from my youth!
I'm excited to watch tonight to see if Hillbilly Jim beat The Honky Tonk Man for the Intercontinental Title!
Is that the WWF Hillbilly Jim theme song you're playing when Sean talks about the bull? That's good work by you.
I remember first walking by Olympic Records and seeing a Hillbilly Jim action figure in the window. Old school. Awesome store
Imagine this. Cena goes to Hogan for revenge match training tips. SEE ALSO: Hillbilly Jim training
Bray could at least be accompanied by Hillbilly Jim
I'm in a horseshoe league on Mondays, and a cornhole league with on Thursdays. Hillbilly radar is starting to reach it's peak.
Hillbilly Jim reference in the first 5 minutes of by
please induct Hillbilly Jim to the Hall of Fame! He deserves it!
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More people in this world need to be like Hillbilly Jim. The world would be a better place.
can we talk some old school WWF? Hillbilly Jim coming from the crowd
Andy Williams always dresses like Hillbilly Jim. That's a life award for .
Coming soon to the sports hillbilly podcast interview with former coach Jim Dotson.
hello hillbilly jim how are you doing?i'm doing well I thought I drop by to say hello hello hillbilly jim
you're a *** hillbilly, Jim. You come from a long line of them, but it's ok
It's not a party till you've been sexually molested by a hillbilly named Jim "Single-Stroke" Bob
Oh you're talking about the will part :') "don't paint any idiotic flames on it like some white trash hillbilly"
The psycho Duck Dynasty character was tired about 3 minutes after his first promo. Thanks Vince for the heel 2014 version of hillbilly Jim
How about if Hillbilly Jim joined the Wyatt Family!?
At this point, Wyatts theme changed so much, shoudl just give them Hillbilly Jim's theme
Jim Furyk, looks like a proper southern hillbilly *** but what a golfer.
Had a great day playing golf with my friend Daniel Hollins.
Heenan didn't want Hillbilly Jim & Uncle Elmer to wear bibbed overalls. Wonder what he'd think of Wyatts' clothes.
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the kids never too young for hillbilly Jim's white lightning
. well throw your hillbilly Arkansas *** out of California..!!. out out out..shoo!..LOL
To recap HuffPo's slam on WWE: Kamala is racist, Hillbilly Jim is accurate.
you are the love child of Hillbilly Jim and the Gobbledygooker.
Proud to be only candidate with Jerry Lawler's endorsement. Sadly, Hillbilly Jim and I couldn't come together on Medicaid expansion.
Could the Wyatt's be nephews of Hillbilly Jim??? Hm.
Hillbilly Jim and Duggan are the first two to come to mind.
I didn't know Pat Patterson and Hillbilly Jim were members of 2032
Just heard a Mean Gene Okerlund introduction for Hillbilly Jim on the radio. Brought back memories.
Loved how Hillbilly Jim patiently explained to how they were cooking the fish. True friend and a great guy.
WWF Hillbilly Jim performing this old contry song live at The Slammy Awards 1986 in Baltimore Civic Center . VHS recording ,720p for better quality.
Hard to not love Hillbilly Jim, on WWE Legends House.
ha never thought of Hillbilly Jim. Wyatt was what I was definitely hoping Too good of a pic op to pass up
First I thought Hillbilly Jim bc of overalls and stomp/clap but now it looks like Bray Wyatt w/ the whole world in his hands.
WWE's Legends House is turning out to be a great show! I am finding myself liking Hillbilly Jim more & more! If you don't have WWE Network & you enjoy wrestling, its totally worth $10 a month!
Hillbilly jazz over at Fish Creek Radio Requests are welcomed!.
When I was a wrestling hillbilly (I hope I gave off as much positive optimism as Hillbilly Jim does.
Taken 7 years ago. Hillbilly Jim is Drake Younger in 20 years.
I just realized Hillbilly JIM and Jimmy Hart are roommates.
Jimmy Hart and HillBilly Jim won tennis lessons Fo…
Jimmy Hart and HillBilly Jim won tennis lessons Follow
Hillbilly Jim and Jimmy Hart for tag team champions!
Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the game show. . . Hillbilly Jim & Jimmy Hart.
Hillbilly Jim is one of the most positive people in the world.Great guy and an asset to
When did hillbilly jim join the tigers bullpen
This old Hillbilly Jim album cover kinda looks like , no?.
I always wondered if Sally was Hillbilly Jim’s cousin/wife.
big up to Sam and HillBilly Jim of for their amazing speeds in Rollapaluza's Rourke Speed Bike Challenge
HIllbilly Jim is so chill, I swear.
Was surprised at seeing Hillbilly Jim doing the Yoga (possibly DDP?) but it seems like Gene Okerlund always has a drink in his hand.
Just realised that Hillbilly Jim is the only guy in who is not in the ... why?
No, they named Hillbilly Jim the new WWE champion. Bout time too (also, yes).
Why is he not coming out to Hillbilly Jim's music?
Somewhere, Tony Atlas and Hillbilly Jim want to eat that tail..
It's good to see that the overalls with no shirt look made famous by Hillbilly Jim is still popular in these parts.
Seriously with the pickled pig feet, Tony Atlas & Hillbilly Jim? Ewww. Makes my stomach turn.
Only the 80s and 90s stuff, though. I always cheer for Hillbilly Jim.
jim "hillbilly" cusack. Sorry thats an insult to hillbillys
What... Hillbilly Jim, my night just got better.
"I ain't here for a long time, I'm here for a good time" -Hillbilly Jim-
.& Clem need to sit down to a nice southern meal cooked by residents Hillbilly Jim & Tony Atlas.
looks like you're stealing Hillbilly Jim's gimmick
Just got done watching Thursday's episode of Legends House. Hillbilly Jim is 1 down to earth dude Never needed the spotlight after retiring
Tony Atlas is the best on there. "Rodney Piper." Hillbilly Jim doing yoga where hes doing headstands is also a highlight.
I have come to like Hillbilly Jim quite a bit, love the way he looks at life. and Piper he seems to every week hate the idea of
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huckleberry reminds me of Hillbilly Jim
Hillbilly Jim discusses the horrors of having his chest waxed. Don't miss Legends' House, every Thursday at 8 ET - only on WWE Network.
Is Hillbilly Jim as awesome in real life as he is in WWE Legends House?
With Hillbilly Jim's current look, he could be on or today as a manager.
I love the pride Hillbilly Jim has in being from Kentucky.
Check out the hillbilly jim show on seius satelite radio saturday morning,its great man
If you powerbombed Hillbilly Jim on ice would he become ChillbillyJim
Watching Piper and Hillbilly Jim get waxed was the funniest thing ive seen in ages. Rolling up.. WWE Legends House rules!
are videos from WWE of Roddy Piper and Hillbilly Jim discussing the developments on this week’s Legends House.
New WWE Network exclusive video interviews with Roddy Piper & Hillbilly Jim.
The following are some WWE Network exclusive interviews with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Hillbilly Jim, where they discuss this week’s edition of “Legends House.”
I want Hillbilly Jim to just scream Kelly Clarkson
HIGHLIGHTS: Hillbilly Jim was in awe of the pain as he got in last night's episode:
I had her name all of them. She missed Tony Atlas, Hillbilly Jim, and Howard Finkel, but got the rest.
I liked a video Hillbilly Jim comments on his "manscaping" experience: WWE Network Exclusive, May 9,
The Johnny pick has Hillbilly Jim written all over it. Him, his Pet & Farmer Ray can all Kiss My A$$. I'm Done. GO Seahawks!!!
Every time I watch Legends House on WWE Network it just makes me want to hang out with Hillbilly Jim more and more
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Howard Finkel, Roddy Piper, Tony Atlas and Hillbilly Jim talk about what they miss most...
Hillbilly Jim and Howard Finkel seem like the chillest guys on thus show.
Rest in peace Ultimate Warrior. It's a sad day when one of your childhood hero's pass away. Out of my top 6 wrestlers when I was a kid: Andre the Giant, Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Hillbilly Jim, and Jerry Lawler.Hogan, Lawler, and Hillbilly are the only ones left. :(
Cool the future Fire Marshall Bill is fighting Hillbilly Jim
both of punk's themes, DX, Hillbilly Jim, Orton, NWO, Wyatt's, Cena, Austin, Hogan, find a way to get Volkoff's anthem in
Hi guys, if anyone knows anyone who would like to buy WWE Classic Superstar figures for sale,all still in there boxes in great condition,they are as follow: Kamala, Gorilla Monsoon, Rick Martel, Brother Love, Rocky Maivia, Hillbilly Jim, Junkyard Dog, Paul Bearer, Honky Tonk Man, Bobby Heenan, Tito Santana, Ken Shamrock and Koko.B.Ware, also 2 ruthless agression wrestlers in original boxes, undertaker and triple H, also some popular ones from back in the day, just want them gone, and need cash, thanks, will consider anything.
The seventh match of Wrestlemania 2 from the Rosemont Horizon was a 20 man battle royal. The battle royal actually featured professional football players as well as WWF Superstars. The NFL players were Jimbo Covert, Bill Fralic, Russ Francis, Ernie Holmes, Harvey Martin and William "The Refrigerator" Perry, while WWF stars included André the Giant, Ted Arcidi, Tony Atlas, The Hart Foundation (Bret "Hitman" Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart), The Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell), Hillbilly Jim, The Iron Sheik, King Tonga, Pedro Morales, Bruno Sammartino, Danny Spivey and Big John Studd. Highlights of the match included seeing former champs Morales and Sammartino get into a noticeable tiff as well as William Perry eliminating Big John Studd after being eliminated himself by offering a handshake to Studd and pulling him out of the ring. It may have been accidental but the match really demonstrated the past as well as the future of the WWF. The last two men in the ring were Andre the Giant and . ...
Did you know? with Patterson, here are the players involved: BRET “HIT MAN” HART — The first entrant in the 1988 Royal Rumble Match, Bret "Hit Man" Hart lasted more than 25 minutes before being eliminated by Don Muraco. He was the co-winner of the 1994 Royal Rumble Match. “HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN — Drawing No. 13, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan won the 1988 Royal Rumble Match. He last appeared in the annual brawl in 2012. Tito Santana — As the second entrant, Tito Santana kicked off the Royal Rumble Match with Bret Hart. He competed in six Rumbles during his WWE career. JAKE “THE SNAKE” ROBERTS — Noted ring psychologist Jake Roberts was the fifth entrant into the Royal Rumble Match. He helped eliminate two Superstars before being ousted by One Man Gang. HILLBILLY JIM — One of WWE’s most popular personalities of the 1980s, Hillbilly Jim entered at No. 16 and eliminated Jim Neidhart in his sole Royal Rumble Match appearance. Harley Race — The sixth Superstar to enter the contest, Harley Race was ...
Wrestlemania IV March 27, 1988 Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, NJ Where there is chaos, there's opportunity. The fate of sports entertainment most coveted prize hung in the balance as the vacant WWF Championship was to be awarded at the end of the one night by tournament. The biggest names in sports entertainment gathered for the event, but only one would emerge from Atlantic City the new undisputed champion of the world. Battle Royal: Bad News Brown defeated Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Jim powers, Paul Roma, Sika, Danny Davis, Sam Houston, Hillbilly Jim, B. Brian Blair, jumpin gym Brunzell, Ray Rougeau Jacquees Rougeau, Junkyard Dog, Ken Patera, Ron Bass, Harley Race, Nikolai Volkoff, Boris zhukov and George the animal Steele The Ultimate Warrior defeated Hercules (with Bobby Heenan) IC championship match: Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake defeated the Honky Tonk Man (with Jimmy Hart and Peggy sue) by DQ The Islanders & Bobby Heenan defeated the British Bulldogs and Koko B. Ware (with Matilda) World tag team champio ...
I've thought the same thing. That's how you know your a true hillbilly when you can understand Jim Tom.
honestly not sure Suntory is prepared for the level of gratis hillbilly racism included free with purchase of Jim Beam
45 wrestlers 2 rings and a case and a autographed hillbilly Jim wrestler still in package.all in great condition..100.00 or best offer
Linda Cohn on SportsCenter pronounces Jim Harbaugh like a hillbilly
Berlin's long been on my to-go list. Will be class I'm sure. What's with the Hillbilly Jim pic? :)
Hillbilly Jim once again passed over for Hall of Fame. In my opinion, starting to look like the Susan Lucci of the Hall of Fame.
THE HILLBILLY VASECTOMY. After their 11th child, an Alabama couple decided that was enough as they could not...
Probably already been done but: Beverly Hillbilly Jim
Maybe they are confused they really wanted to be with Hillbilly Jim or Goodwin
So basically those guys are like a mash up of the bush wack bros and hillbilly Jim?
I wanna live in a house with Hillbilly Jim. That would be baddass! Billy Hills
When is Hillbilly Jim getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? He deserves it.
I think I would prefer the if they danced to the ring to Hillbilly Jim's "Don't Go Messing With A Country Boy" theme.
does anybody have mattel hillbilly jim for sale or trade? i REALLY need him
In the history of wrestling a big beard has usually been associated with a guy who was wild, untamed or a Hillbilly. From Pampero Firpo to the Wild Samoans, the Long Riders to the Highlanders and Bruiser Brody to the Wyatt Family. The beard had made fans and other wrestlers fear the "Unkempt" wrestler. Wrestlers like Ox Baker and Jim the Anvil Neidhart were very creative in their grooming styles. It's not enough to be a heel without looking like one as well. This has helped wrestlers like the Moondogs and Mike Knox become hated villains. Guys like Daniel Bryan, Jimmy Valiant and Hillbilly Jim did the opposite and made fans cheer them more with the bearded look. In recent years the beard has made a comeback with guys like the Highlanders, Mike Knox, The Wyatt Family and Daniel Bryan. This practice has made me and a lot of others in the beard culture very happy and I would like to see this practice continue. There's a quote that I use for people who fear the beard and do not like the followers of follicles ...
Hillbilly Jim and Hulk Hogan are the only two Americans to fight Andre the Giant that I know of. I saw Hogan live.
Sitting here thinking about the things from my youth oh god I must be getting old but I miss things GOD DAMMIT AND I WILL BE HEARD!! .I mean things kids today wouldn’t even know like who Dr elefun (elephant to us kids) even is. Or today don’t realize we used the name *** on our lollies to us we thought they were cigarettes and it was kool to smoke then. or the everlasting addictive tastes of musk sticks and where else you going to get a liquorish stick and dip in sherbet HOW KOOL!, we drank coke out of 1 litre glass bottles and even got cash back after we drank them how’s that for economy!, we ate icy poles that we could snap in half to share with others and ones even shaped like a pencil so we were always kept amused educationally. We were amused by the art of opening a kitkat…… sliding off the wrapper and dragging your nail along the tin foil to break the finger off and the art of eating a freezer the crunchy parts first then the hard block let it melt and drink it!, tin foil was everywhere in ...
Whoah I think I just bumped into Hillbilly Jim and Ted Dibiase in the hallway.
I know its mostly an act but i still love wrestling. they have the oldies on tonight. i just love rowdy roddy piper...hmmm could be the kilt...possibly...maybe. yes come on there is the rock, batista, the 4 horseman, the steiner brother,andre the giant,bam bam bigalo, bruiser brody, angel of death,diamon dallas page the road warriors ,steve austin ,.goldburg, dusty roads, terry funk, yea Sting, the heart boys, Shawn michels, unser taker cain and one of my most favorites.. *** foley with socko, razor ramone, big sexy, rakishi, iron mike sharp, brittish bulldogs, iron sheek, eddy gurrero, chris benoit,rob van dam, the dudly boys ,harlem heat,generation X, the hardy boys, ricky the dragon steamboat, ultimate warrior,Hulk Hogan,rakeshi,junk yard dog, HHH, *** ya EUGENE. taz,larry lawler, hillbilly jim,sargent slaughter,the steel, ray mysterio jr, chavo gurrero,
We got Nikolai Volkoff, bring in the Iron Sheik, Hillbilly Jim, and The Hulkster and we have an old school tag team match!!
Yesterday I was driving down the Blueridge Parkway in an ice storm and listening to Hillbilly Jim on XM Outlaw country. He played Todd Snider and the Hard Working Americans singing the Bottle Rockets song Welfare Music, one of my favorites, then he played the BRox singing $1000 Car, my actual favorite. THEN he capped that off with Robbie Fulks "Countrier Than Thou". What a hoot.
Toni just brought the body count to 175,687 by icing ༒ϻϻΐ༒ Hillbilly Jim. 0
By Jim Varsallone jvarsallone He who laughs last laughs best, unless ‘he’ is The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. Anytime he laughs, it’s best -- best for business -- best for everybody. To introduce the laugh for new school fans who don’t know and rekindle it for those who do and love it, The Million Dollar Man will be bringing that signature evil laugh -- as only he can -- when WWE goes Old School Raw beginning 8 p.m. EST Monday, Jan. 6 live on the USA Network. “The laugh is kind of an extension of the way I laugh, but obviously over-the-top,” DiBiase explained its origins. “I was cutting an interview. Back in the day, we used to do interviews [one after the other] for individual markets. It was a long ordeal. We would set-up in the building where we were taping the television shows. This was before we were doing a live show every week. So I did this interview, and I ended the interview with that laugh. “[WWE Chairman/CEO] Vince [McMahon] happened to be walking by, and he stuck his head i ...
Saw a sneak peak of Daniel Brian's new look as a member of the Wyatt Family definitely different he looks like a short Hillbilly Jim lol
Watching Mr. Fuji vs. Hillbilly Jim in a tuxedo match in MSG from 1986... Have a feeling I'll be seeing my friends undies... Yep pink Heart Boxers
Happy New Year Hillbilly Fans!!! Let's make this a big year for the Put Hillbilly Jim in the Wrestling Hall of Fame Movement!!! Thank y'all for everything so far and sticking with us!
Jimmy Hart comments on the “Legends’ House” show Joshua Stewart posted an interview with wrestling legend Jimmy Hart. Here is talks about the “Legends House” series… To that end, he hopes the WWE Universe will be able to share in some new memories soon. One of the most-talked-about elements of the proposed WWE Network is the “Legends’ House” series that was taped in 2012, a “Real World”-type format in which Hart shared a Palm Springs, Calif. home with the likes of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Hillbilly Jim, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Tony Atlas, among others. “It’s probably one of the greatest things I was ever a part of in my life, with all the legends together,” Hart said. “When we were on the road we never spent a lot of time together. But we were in the house for over a month, and it was just a great experience for me to go through that, it really was.” He added that he thinks all of WWE historical releases can act as “maybe the kickoff” to finally making the network ...
They could put Koko B Ware and Hillbilly Jim on teams in 2013, I'd still order
Hillbilly Jim nervous about Main Eventing his 1st PPV, Koko B Ware calmed him down
Why do some girls dress like they're hillbilly Jim kmt
hillbilly Jim? C'mon can't I atleast get like hacksaw Jim Dugan
King Kong Bundy & Hillbilly Jim had a midget tag team.
and erick Rowan are a cross between the ministry of darkness and hillbilly Jim
I think I had a Hillbilly Jim at some point, before I even watched WWF and had no idea who he was.
I also had big Hillbilly Jim. Remember him?
yeah I only had four: Macho Man, Ricky Steamboat, Hillbilly Jim, Junkyard Dog
The Global Outlook of Jim Rogers - The Daily Bell is pleased to present this exclusive interview with Jim...
Y'all I just seen Hillbilly Jim in Walmart, what is liffe
Jim calls me a redneck or a hillbilly every other day... YOU HAVE 3 TEETH YA OLD HICK
“I got 2 first names and 2 last a migo! Judge if u must" or hillbilly...e.g. Jim Tom, Mary Joe.
Jim Duggan gets his 4x4 DNA tested and not only has the tranny had it stuck up her *** Hillbilly has too.
well if it was hillbilly Jim first second and third,he tells me its perfect 10 frames of snooker,and 10 pints of beer, heaven.
This is why it's a disaster here: Hillbilly Jim's been made redundant :(
There was a bum rushing prior to the meeting. But it was more Hillbilly Jim than Big Van Vader.
for sure. N ur hillbilly *** licks the top of the cans to try n steal em
No Mom.. Hillbilly Jim is not one of those Disco Dynasty Duck guys..jeesh
Raw is Country = No JR, No Mickie James, No Godwinns, No Hillbilly Jim ..the theme should've been
Hillbilly Jim but Ray Mysterio did at the end of Monday night raw it was a great show!!!.
Don't think I'd have guessed that. Maybe Hillbilly Jim ...
2) Where's Hillbilly Jim to sing this classic "Don't Go Messin With a Country Boy" on
If this was a real the Godwinns would hit the ring with Hillbilly Jim.
I'd hope they'd bring out Hillbilly Jim...or at the very least, Hillbilly Jim Duggan.
So if RAW is "Country" where are Hillbilly Jim, Cousin Luke and The Godwinns?
30 mins into and still no hillbilly Jim
So since WWE is going country tonight, will we be seeing Hillbilly Jim?
Hoping to see a Hillbilly Jim run in tonight on
Hillbilly Jim and the Godwinns better make an appearance
I hope we see Henry Godwin and Hillbilly Jim tonight on 🚜. Lol 😂
who would you like to see return tonight? I call for hillbilly Jim, and the godwins
Sorry. Some confused intern sent out the wrong plane ticket so now it's Hillbilly Jim Duggan.
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