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Hillbilly Jim

Jim Morris (born July 5, 1952), best known to fans as Hillbilly Jim, is an American professional wrestler and disc jockey.

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45 wrestlers 2 rings and a case and a autographed hillbilly Jim wrestler still in package.all in great condition..100.00 or best offer
Linda Cohn on SportsCenter pronounces Jim Harbaugh like a hillbilly
Berlin's long been on my to-go list. Will be class I'm sure. What's with the Hillbilly Jim pic? :)
Hillbilly Jim once again passed over for Hall of Fame. In my opinion, starting to look like the Susan Lucci of the Hall of Fame.
THE HILLBILLY VASECTOMY. After their 11th child, an Alabama couple decided that was enough as they could not...
Probably already been done but: Beverly Hillbilly Jim
I can better that.. Hillbilly Jim & Uncle Elmer!! Don't go messing with a country boy!
Maybe they are confused they really wanted to be with Hillbilly Jim or Goodwin
So basically those guys are like a mash up of the bush wack bros and hillbilly Jim?
I wanna live in a house with Hillbilly Jim. That would be baddass! Billy Hills
When is Hillbilly Jim getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? He deserves it.
I think I would prefer the if they danced to the ring to Hillbilly Jim's "Don't Go Messing With A Country Boy" theme.
does anybody have mattel hillbilly jim for sale or trade? i REALLY need him
In the history of wrestling a big beard has usually been associated with a guy who was wild, untamed or a Hillbilly. From Pampero Firpo to the Wild Samoans, the Long Riders to the Highlanders and Bruiser Brody to the Wyatt Family. The beard had made fans and other wrestlers fear the "Unkempt" wrestler. Wrestlers like Ox Baker and Jim the Anvil Neidhart were very creative in their grooming styles. It's not enough to be a heel without looking like one as well. This has helped wrestlers like the Moondogs and Mike Knox become hated villains. Guys like Daniel Bryan, Jimmy Valiant and Hillbilly Jim did the opposite and made fans cheer them more with the bearded look. In recent years the beard has made a comeback with guys like the Highlanders, Mike Knox, The Wyatt Family and Daniel Bryan. This practice has made me and a lot of others in the beard culture very happy and I would like to see this practice continue. There's a quote that I use for people who fear the beard and do not like the followers of follicles ...
Hillbilly Jim and Hulk Hogan are the only two Americans to fight Andre the Giant that I know of. I saw Hogan live.
Sitting here thinking about the things from my youth oh god I must be getting old but I miss things GOD DAMMIT AND I WILL BE HEARD!! .I mean things kids today wouldn’t even know like who Dr elefun (elephant to us kids) even is. Or today don’t realize we used the name *** on our lollies to us we thought they were cigarettes and it was kool to smoke then. or the everlasting addictive tastes of musk sticks and where else you going to get a liquorish stick and dip in sherbet HOW KOOL!, we drank coke out of 1 litre glass bottles and even got cash back after we drank them how’s that for economy!, we ate icy poles that we could snap in half to share with others and ones even shaped like a pencil so we were always kept amused educationally. We were amused by the art of opening a kitkat…… sliding off the wrapper and dragging your nail along the tin foil to break the finger off and the art of eating a freezer the crunchy parts first then the hard block let it melt and drink it!, tin foil was everywhere in ...
Whoah I think I just bumped into Hillbilly Jim and Ted Dibiase in the hallway.
I know its mostly an act but i still love wrestling. they have the oldies on tonight. i just love rowdy Roddy Piper...hmmm could be the kilt...possibly...maybe. yes come on there is the rock, batista, the 4 horseman, the steiner brother,andre the giant,bam bam bigalo, bruiser brody, angel of death,diamon dallas page the road warriors ,steve austin ,.goldburg, dusty roads, terry funk, yea Sting, the heart boys, Shawn michels, unser taker cain and one of my most favorites.. *** foley with socko, razor ramone, big sexy, rakishi, iron mike sharp, brittish bulldogs, iron sheek, eddy gurrero, chris benoit,rob van dam, the dudly boys ,harlem heat,generation X, the hardy boys, ricky the dragon steamboat, ultimate warrior,Hulk Hogan,rakeshi,junk yard dog, HHH, *** ya EUGENE. taz,larry lawler, hillbilly jim,sargent slaughter,the steel, Ray Mysterio jr, chavo gurrero,
We got Nikolai Volkoff, bring in the Iron Sheik, Hillbilly Jim, and The Hulkster and we have an old school tag team match!!
Yesterday I was driving down the Blueridge Parkway in an ice storm and listening to Hillbilly Jim on XM Outlaw country. He played Todd Snider and the Hard Working Americans singing the Bottle Rockets song Welfare Music, one of my favorites, then he played the BRox singing $1000 Car, my actual favorite. THEN he capped that off with Robbie Fulks "Countrier Than Thou". What a hoot.
Toni just brought the body count to 175,687 by icing ༒ϻϻΐ༒ Hillbilly Jim. 0
By Jim Varsallone jvarsallone He who laughs last laughs best, unless ‘he’ is The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. Anytime he laughs, it’s best -- best for business -- best for everybody. To introduce the laugh for new school fans who don’t know and rekindle it for those who do and love it, The Million Dollar Man will be bringing that signature evil laugh -- as only he can -- when WWE goes Old School Raw beginning 8 p.m. EST Monday, Jan. 6 live on the USA Network. “The laugh is kind of an extension of the way I laugh, but obviously over-the-top,” DiBiase explained its origins. “I was cutting an interview. Back in the day, we used to do interviews [one after the other] for individual markets. It was a long ordeal. We would set-up in the building where we were taping the television shows. This was before we were doing a live show every week. So I did this interview, and I ended the interview with that laugh. “[WWE Chairman/CEO] Vince [McMahon] happened to be walking by, and he stuck his head i ...
Saw a sneak peak of Daniel Brian's new look as a member of the Wyatt Family definitely different he looks like a short Hillbilly Jim lol
Watching Mr. Fuji vs. Hillbilly Jim in a tuxedo match in MSG from 1986... Have a feeling I'll be seeing my friends undies... Yep pink Heart Boxers
Happy New Year Hillbilly Fans!!! Let's make this a big year for the Put Hillbilly Jim in the Wrestling Hall of Fame Movement!!! Thank y'all for everything so far and sticking with us!
Jimmy Hart comments on the “Legends’ House” show Joshua Stewart posted an interview with wrestling legend Jimmy Hart. Here is talks about the “Legends House” series… To that end, he hopes the WWE Universe will be able to share in some new memories soon. One of the most-talked-about elements of the proposed WWE Network is the “Legends’ House” series that was taped in 2012, a “Real World”-type format in which Hart shared a Palm Springs, Calif. home with the likes of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Hillbilly Jim, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Tony Atlas, among others. “It’s probably one of the greatest things I was ever a part of in my life, with all the legends together,” Hart said. “When we were on the road we never spent a lot of time together. But we were in the house for over a month, and it was just a great experience for me to go through that, it really was.” He added that he thinks all of WWE historical releases can act as “maybe the kickoff” to finally making the network ...
They could put Koko B Ware and Hillbilly Jim on teams in 2013, I'd still order
Hillbilly Jim nervous about Main Eventing his 1st PPV, Koko B Ware calmed him down
Why do some girls dress like they're hillbilly Jim kmt
hillbilly Jim? C'mon can't I atleast get like hacksaw Jim Dugan
King Kong Bundy & Hillbilly Jim had a midget tag team.
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and erick Rowan are a cross between the ministry of darkness and hillbilly Jim
I think I had a Hillbilly Jim at some point, before I even watched WWF and had no idea who he was.
I also had big Hillbilly Jim. Remember him?
yeah I only had four: Macho Man, Ricky Steamboat, Hillbilly Jim, Junkyard Dog
The Global Outlook of Jim Rogers - The Daily Bell is pleased to present this exclusive interview with Jim...
Y'all I just seen Hillbilly Jim in Walmart, what is liffe
Jim calls me a redneck or a hillbilly every other day... YOU HAVE 3 TEETH YA OLD HICK
“I got 2 first names and 2 last a migo! Judge if u must" or hillbilly...e.g. Jim Tom, Mary Joe.
Jim Duggan gets his 4x4 DNA tested and not only has the tranny had it stuck up her *** Hillbilly has too.
well if it was hillbilly Jim first second and third,he tells me its perfect 10 frames of snooker,and 10 pints of beer, heaven.
This is why it's a disaster here: Hillbilly Jim's been made redundant :(
There was a bum rushing prior to the meeting. But it was more Hillbilly Jim than Big Van Vader.
for sure. N ur hillbilly *** licks the top of the cans to try n steal em
No Mom.. Hillbilly Jim is not one of those Disco Dynasty Duck guys..jeesh
Raw is Country = No JR, No Mickie James, No Godwinns, No Hillbilly Jim ..the theme should've been
Hillbilly Jim but Ray Mysterio did at the end of Monday night raw it was a great show!!!.
Don't think I'd have guessed that. Maybe Hillbilly Jim ...
2) Where's Hillbilly Jim to sing this classic "Don't Go Messin With a Country Boy" on
If this was a real the Godwinns would hit the ring with Hillbilly Jim.
I'd hope they'd bring out Hillbilly Jim...or at the very least, Hillbilly Jim Duggan.
So if RAW is "Country" where are Hillbilly Jim, Cousin Luke and The Godwinns?
30 mins into and still no hillbilly Jim
So since WWE is going country tonight, will we be seeing Hillbilly Jim?
Hoping to see a Hillbilly Jim run in tonight on
Hillbilly Jim and the Godwinns better make an appearance
I hope we see Henry Godwin and Hillbilly Jim tonight on 🚜. Lol 😂
who would you like to see return tonight? I call for hillbilly Jim, and the godwins
Sorry. Some confused intern sent out the wrong plane ticket so now it's Hillbilly Jim Duggan.
If doesn't somehow involve the return of Hillbilly Jim, we riot, right guys?
If this doesn't have a tribute to Hillbilly Jim...I'm gonna be disappointed!
I'm calling it either Jimmy Wang Yang, Rockabilly or Hillbilly Jim will make a return tonight
Not sure what to expect from a country version of Raw tonight. Is Hillbilly Jim still a thing?
Tonight Monday night raw going country *** hillbilly jim
Yeah I hope Hillbilly Jim is on too for a full return.
And now the whole office must listen to the Hillbilly Jim Theme Song
Hillbilly Jim must be there tonight for
Tonight on raw Mickey James will make her return and Ray Mysterio also and looks like Hillbilly Jim may drop in as well!!!.
Earthquake takes on Hillbilly Jim on Saturday Nights Main Event in 1990
So hillbilly jim lost to mr wonderful
I heard the beginning of that guy's intro music and thought Hillbilly Jim was coming to the ring
This makes me want to share a photo of the time I met Hillbilly Jim. I think I was 8 at the time.
I swear to all that is holy if Hillbilly Jim isn't at Raw Country it will be considered an absolute failure in my eyes.
I have nicolai volkoff, hillbilly jim, rowdy Roddy Piper, etc. Here is a pic.
I Hope is Just 3 Hours of the WWE Superstars Dancing to Hillbilly Jim's "Country Boy"
Mickie James should return next week along with uncle Elmer and hillbilly jim.
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If Raw is Country doesn't lead to a return of HIllbilly Jim and the Real Double J, i'll be disappointed. And Toby Keith supl…
So last month was month I did not shave my face and wore a couple of pink shirts (cough..cough...Correction: Salmon repeat 5x. Not "pink" but Salmon) To show support for Female Breast Cancer Awareness.and now y'all tryna tell me to not shave my face for November to show support for Male Prostate Cancer??? Look here I starting think these shaving challenges are becoming RIDICULOUS! How about I don't.shave my balls and magic-stick, to show support for "Mo-vember". Not shaving my face has nothing to do with Prostate Cancer! Y'all just need to honest and say you want to look like HILLBILLY JIM and don't want to buy razors and shaving cream. Keep It REAL
Won't be the least bit surprised if Hillbilly Jim shows up at Toronto City Hall today bearing a greased pig and a falafel.
Me n WWE Legend Hillbilly Jim today while I was out today
So, me n jus ran into Hillbilly Jim n fronta K&Gesus's.
Hillbilly Jim smelling arena chairs after an event is
I want vh1 behind the music: the wrestling album I want hillbilly jim interviewed about don't go messin with a country boy
Man that *** I feel bad for Hillbilly Jim knowing that he's the last one left.
I just met an old man who looked EXACTLY like a real life "Hillbilly Jim" (old school WWF wrestler) who told me that in the EXACT spot I was standing, he had watched Ozzy Osbourne's dog have puppies. Beat THAT, INTERNET!
I'm not liking this "Survivor Series" poster with the Wyatt Family. It's dangerously close to Hillbilly Jim-Uncle Elmer territory
HBK showed up, leaving a dejected Hillbilly Jim to get a taxi home.
Hope one of the special ref candidates is Hillbilly Jim.
So the Wyatt Family is basically a mix of the hills have eyes and hillbilly Jim right?
tell he is hillbilly Jim bit much smaller. Accept his ego the dirt bag
Hillbilly Jim is fixing our mailbox
WWE BREAKING NEWS: Cousin Luke, who rocketed to sports-entertainment fame in the mid-1980s alongside Hillbilly Jim and Uncle Elmer, died on September 29, 2013, after valiantly battling several illnesses over the past few years
how about Santino as Doink The Clown. Gotta say Bray as Hillbilly Jim has crossed my mind before, almost eerie in comparison
I think it was more the Hillbilly Jim costume he was wearing.
I thought it was hillbilly jim on the commercial
literally die everytime I think of hillbilly Jim screaming that with the cowboy hat and bucket
Hillbilly Jim and Cousin Luke who passed away a few days ago.
Day 177: Hillbilly Jim. I just thought pertinent doing him, because Cousin Luke, even If i didn’t know who he was until today.
Hillbilly Jim and his family is way better than the Wyatt Family.
RIP Former wrestler Cousin Luke Cousin Luke was one part of one of the first pro wrestling matches I've ever seen live and Cousin of WWE legend Hillbilly Jim.
Bill Apter goes "Face-2-Face" with one of the most popular wrestlers in history -- the legendary Hillbilly Jim. In this "Apter Chat" taped on September 30, 2...
Like it was a movie shoot in wonderlands. Arsenal Illuminati movie entertainment. I can't stop scorinq & celebrities can't stop dieinq. Ramsy score aqainst fc on 28th of this month, after couple of hours. On 29th of the same month WWE hall of famers "Cousine Luke, Hillbilly Jim & Uncle Elmer" Passed away. please tell make him chanell the stuff towards 9ja. :P.
R.I.P. Gene Petit (May 19 - September 29, 2013) He was a pro wrestler best known for his portrayal of Cousin Luke in the WWF (alongside Hillbilly Jim, and Uncle Elmer), and for his time as The Mongol in World Class championship Wrestling. He was a member of the board of directors for the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. Condolences to his family, friends, and fans
My partner at Coastal Pro Wrestling, Fred Rubenstein, let me know this morning that he'd received a call from Doc Diamond of the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame that Gene Petit, aka Hillbilly Cousin Luke had passed away. Gene had been in a long term health care facility for several years, the result of complications from diabetes. Petit's time with the WWF started with an unenthusiastic response to his query about joining the promotion. Petit then showed Scott a picture he had taken of himself as a joke, in which he wore "cutoff jeans, overalls, and a floppy hat". After seeing the picture, Scott offered Petit the role of Cousin Luke, a member of the Hillbilly Family led by Hillbilly Jim. As part of this gimmick, Petit was silent and expressionless and portrayed a rural Southerner who did not know how to wrestle. He joined the other hillbillies in their feud with Roddy Piper, Bob Orton Jr, and Jesse Ventura. Shortly after joining the company, however, Petit broke his ankle due to a problem with a defective ...
One of the highlights of my wrestling career was our tour of Australia , Rob Russen gave me the chance to book the tour over there. It was something that I will never forget loved the country and the people we met over there. I still talk about it regularly with David E. Isley. One of the guys on the tour was Gene "Cousin Luke" Petit who I was just speaking to someone about the other day. I just saw that my buddy Mike Johnson has reported that he passed away on my birthday. He was an easy guy for us to work with and we have some of that stuff on film. I hadn't seen or talked to him in years but he was one of the good guys in the business. R.I.P Hillybilly Cousin Luke- So sad they are all gone Uncle Elmer , Cousin's Luke and Junior. Long Live My Pal Hillbilly Jim
*** I don't know what's worse; a fat Lil inbred dawg or a skinny pack of Corndawgs all wrapped in a *** purple and yella wrapper. Either way then halftime festivities oughta be amazing; spitting contest featuring Snuffy Smith and former WWF superstar Hillbilly Jim. There's a football game going on too for your women to watch as well at then same time. So get ur best coveralls from Ain't Bea's dry cleaning and enjoy then rapist known as go back to the,scene of then crime. America is built on second chances. That penal colony name Georgia will be rocking. Go dawgs!! PS. Big Ben likes raping in Georgia too. So don't be shame.
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If you watch the replay closely, you can see Hillbilly Jim shooting heroin in the background of the Wyatt household. …
OT: Hillbilly Jim is surprisingly enjoyable as a commentator the few times I've heard him. No, really.
"What's Hillbilly Jim got to do with rock 'n' roll!?"
Hillbilly Jim talking about wrestling in Kentucky is way cooler than it should be. Also, that dude is kind of intense.
Also, this is the reason I never liked Hillbilly Jim. I always felt like his eyes were following me.
I'm loving this Hillbilly Jim look-a-like on World's strongest man. toss up between him and the giant guy with goggles for best competitor
You got this Benny he genuinely thinks beating cousin Skeeter & Cletus in sparring is good go kick some Hillbilly Jim ***
There will never be another Hillbilly Jim.
"Ive got a better voice, delivery, Im ill with the pen. I got the best overall game since Hillbilly Jim"
Roddy Piper, Mr. Perfect, Iron Sheik, LOD, Hillbilly Jim, Junkyard Dog, Ravishing Rick Rude, Little Beaver... Where are they in the game???
Watchin 2days got me thinkin, all we need to do is bring back Hillbilly Jim and real WWE Raw will be back.
If Hillbilly Jim went heel this would have been his group.
S/o Shawn michaels coming through with the hillbilly Jim beard
Is it just me or does look like an evil Hillbilly Jim
Listening to the new Episode bro. I agree, Michaels should have dressed up, he looked like Hillbilly Jim's Brother!
If I get a Hillbilly Jim I'd be keeping him for my collection. Cheapest one I've seen on ebay (
true it's a trend now I guess looking like hillbilly jim is the thing but hey more power to them!
Is this supposed to be Hillbilly Jim and Uncle Elmer 2K13???
Some guys look good in beards, like me. Then there who looks like he is a member of Hillbilly Jim's family.
I'm listening to Don't Go Messin' with a Country Boy by Hillbilly Jim on Outlaw Country at via
Wait, was that the case when it was The Junkyard Dog and Hillbilly Jim?
Haven't chewed my nails for 2 weeks. Just mowed down my left index finger like I was Hillbilly Jim eating corn on the cob.…
Bell gardens CA for lord Lucifer conquerer of heaven and haven for a safer less volitale environment hillbilly Jim no grounds for follie
Willie from DD and Hillbilly Jim. One in the same?? I think so! Might even throw Zac Brown in there too!
on behalf of Daniel, Hillbilly Jim definitely gets
Yo you have to give Hillbilly Jim as well and do you remember Berserker's
Is the Wyatt Family really any less terrifying than Hillbilly Jim's clan from the 80s?
Hillbilly Jim must be so proud of the Wyatt's ring attire.
Dude the wyatts them dudes big hillbilly jim's cousins it's crazy.
It's HillBilly Jim mixed in with a bad sheep mask. Sigh?.
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looks like tried giving Hillbilly Jim a makeover
VTS 01 1 via The guy in the blue is my dad and this is his old comercial with the WWF Wrestler Hillbilly Jim
Because I was looking up Hillbilly Jim videos for your bday, I'm in a vortex of listening to cowpunk
Wrestling Roundup. Rob Black is set to bring back XPW on 31st October. The return show will host a 12 man tourney for XPW title. Matt Cross will be appearing on American Ninja Warrior. Jerry Jarrett will be inducting Rock n Roll Express, Midnight Express & Jim Cornette into the Hall of Heroes next month. Other inductess incluse Magnum TA, Les Thatcher, Danny Miller & Lars Anderson. MsChif & Michael Elgin married over the weekend. MVP has stated he isn't interested in going to TNA. Triple H's new 3 disc DVD boxset is called "Thy Kingdom Come". Happy Birthday to JC Ice (41), Barry Hardy (50), Hillbilly Jim (60), Jerry Sags (48), Rico Suave (42) and Tatsuhito Takaiwa (40). RIP to Waldo Von Erich who died in 2009. He passed away from injuries after a fall at home.
"Hulk Hogan's Wrestling Boot Trash Can Band" will be recording with Brutus Beefcake, Jimmy Hart, Typhoon and Hillbilly Jim. [7/93]
Cool moment - Hillbilly Jim, Tim White and the Fink say hi to Bobby Heenan. (Instagram
Hillbilly Jim is on commentary in this match between Tim Horner and Barry Horowitz and he said Horowitz has a style similar to Mike Sharpe.
Randy Orton answer a question: Now obviously wrestling has been a part of your family for your entire life. Who were some of your favorite wrestlers when you were growing up? Oh [Roddy] Piper was a big one. He'd be around the house a lot because he and my dad were buddies. Hogan would come by. We had a condo in St. Louis and whenever the guys were coming through or working in St. Louis, they'd pass through and eat with my dad, you know. Hillbilly Jim, when I was a kid, Junkyard Dog, Nikolai Volkoff. I remember the funniest characters, man and they were all really good to me. Bret Hart watched me for a summer. While my dad would go to the ring, Bret would watch me in the back and I was probably only 5 or 6 years old, you know. I wish I had a camera back then because there's a lot of memories but you can only remember so much and I know I got to see a lot of interesting stuff.
Trying to figure out what move Hillbilly Jim is trying to perform in the Hulk Hogan Rock 'N' Wrestling Coloring Book.
big John studd Hillbilly Jim or uncle Elmer.
Notice that never says a word about Hillbilly Jim or "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan? He knows better.
nothing like cold glass of Big Jim's Hillbilly Cider!
Caught Pancho and Lefty on Hillbilly Jim's show. Had to stop what I was doing and just absorb. Well done guys.
I assume I'm the first person to pause Hillbilly Jim's Moonshine Matinee to check out the newest Daft Punk remix.
Nothing like seeing a 200 pound hillbilly jim demolishing a rat the size of a greyhound with a shotgun and his skinny swamp rock sidekick
Hillbilly Jim, Dangerous Danny, and Jim Powers all within seconds of each other.
The Godwinns' manager Hillbilly Jim is alarmed by these dudes dressed up as nuns. It's a dark, scary world, Hillbilly Jim.
When I was a young boy I watched Hillbilly Jim, wrestle, those are my favorite
def Hillbilly Jim on this date 4/21/88 on @ the New Haven Coliseum in CT. IC Champion.
Chief Jay Strongbow told Hillbilly Jim "it's not how much you make, it's how much you save."
watch out for Hillbilly Jim in the bathroom!
Hey I am training the next Hillbilly Jim.
I encourage everyone to listen to podcast with legend Hillbilly Jim. Entertaining, insightful and inspiring.
remember that time you and I did blow with Hillbilly Jim and a liger? Still got that tattoo!
according to hillbilly jim they shot it Last Summer
"My *** is numb right now" . "I think I'm going to move back to righty whiteys" - hillbilly Jim at work
And Hillbilly Jim's music is still replaced. Goddammit.
I just listened to your podcast w Hillbilly Jim. What a cool guy, legend & storyteller! Thank you for this gem of an interview.
Hillbilly Jim. Frequented my restaurant on a regular basis. He also sold me my first bottle of whiskey
Yes there has lol, I remember Hillbilly Jim & Uncle Elmer dancing :(
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WWF Wrestling Legend Hillbilly Jim is at the bank right now, i'm sure of it.
Catching up with Colt Cabana's AOW - Hillbilly Jim was a super guest. Fun stories and some interesting thoughts. Unexpected, to be honest.
I think Hillbilly Jim works behind the scenes for WWE now; possibly in their head office? Not 100% sure.
King Kong Bundy and his two little people vs. Hillbilly Jim and his two little people was a match at WrestleMania.
I love the Cowboy Jack &Hillbilly Jim shows on Saturdays...i look forward to it every week. Also the show's great!
yo no one cares about 2 hillbillies doing a concert except you and hillbilly Jim
Cousin Hillbilly Jim, where are my camera crews when I need them??? Nutin' better to do this Saturday afternoon!
When I Stop Dreaming by Jim & Jesse was played on Hillbilly Fever /cc
Art of wrestling with hillbilly Jim? Yes please.
I hope I grow up to be like JIm as in HillBilly Jim
All is right in the world... Bc Hillbilly Jim loves me
looks like Jim Morrison! I'm sick of this hillbilly cocaine
Hillbilly jim is still one of all time favorite old school wwf guys he and the missing link
Yep, Andre, Hillbilly Jim and The Ultimate Warrior!! Those were the days!!❤
(In my best Tennessee hillbilly voice) "I HateYou"
I got some good Hillbilly Jim wrestling stories that I'll have to share. Many of which involve the Iron Sheik.
they used to during wm21 go all over the place. Cuz I that's how I met maven and hillbilly Jim, & commentary on Booker t vs H's-
Hulk I saw you wrestle in Omaha ..when I was a boy ..Piper and Orton against you Hillbilly Jim..30 years later .still u the man!
I've watched enough Duck Dynasty lately to come to the conclusion that Willie Robertson is a doppleganger of Hillbilly Jim.
Hunter Hurst Helmsley vs. Henry Godwin "Arkansas Pig Pen Match" in the Mud w/ Hillbilly Jim Guest Referee - Used to be diehard
if hillbilly Jim and a team of little people aren't squaring off against bundy and his evil midget crew, I'm not interested
yeah I had one of those 3 foot tall rubber Hillbilly Jim Wrestling figures when I was like 7 and that was all she wrote.
Me either. My dad got me hooked with Junkyard Dog and Hillbilly Jim. I'll always be a fan to some extent.
Wheres Hillbilly Jim and the Junkyard Dog? Who are these people?
When are King Kong Bundy & Hillbilly Jim and their respective midgets fighting?
Ruined love of 80s Wrestling Album w/ hits like "Grab Them Cakes" by Junk Yard Dog, "Don't Go Messin' With A Country Boy" by Hillbilly Jim
Zeb Colter is an old man who misses Hillbilly Jim
Ah hillbilly Jim couldn't make it so he sent his son
Big Jim's hillbilly cider is a success!!
I want to party with Hillbilly Jim up by the stage.
VIDEO: Before we got off the bus with Howard Finkel & Hillbilly Jim …
VIDEO: Howard Finkel & Hillbilly Jim on the bus to WrestleMania 28 at Sun Life Stadium …
My first live pro wrestling viewing experience was at a high school with Hillbilly Jim in main event. My son's? tomorrow
A better picture of Hillbilly Jim at target. (
Uncle Elmer and Hillbilly Jim bring you those eggs?
Great beards in pro wrestling Hillbilly Jim
so wait, what does Hillbilly Jim have to do with wrestling, again?
I listen to the Moonshine Matinee on the weekend on Sirius just to hear Hillbilly Jim talk on Outlaw Country
Hillbilly Jim on with is an inspiring, educational & entertaining listen.
Your monologue on the Hillbilly Jim pahdcast was perfect Thanks for making wrestling fun! People forget thats what its all about
hillbilly Jim never got the credit he deserved, would been a better heel
I think the fact that I did enjoy eating that slim jim proves that I'm part hillbilly.
HillBilly Heaven owner Cameron Bailey tells Jim Richards he has removed the confederate flag from his restaurant...
Okay, Colt is doing Art of Wrestling just for me at this point, between Hillbilly Jim and Mr. Kennedy. This is AWESOME.
After listening to Hillbilly Jim on podcast, I demand the music biz do a remake of "Don't Go Messin' With a Country Boy."
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your hillbilly name could easily be David Jim (shoutout to spellcheck for v important revelation)
Hillbilly Jim on the Art of - Reference Links The Art of Wrestling Discuss...
Kentucky's own Turtle Man will throw out tonight's first pitch. We'd like to see BG's own, WWF Hillbilly Jim next!
Are the Freebirds and Hillbilly Jim in the HOF?
Confirm or deny, the longer your beard grows the chubbier you are allowed to be as a wrestler. Sources - Hillbilly Jim, You.
Hillbilly Jim on the Art of Wrestling: This month Hillbilly Jim joined Colt Cabana on his podcast The Art of W...
Wow. Just listened to with Hillbilly Jim on the Art of Wrestling. Awesome, awesome stuff!
I'm such a homebody/hermit/hillbilly in a shack . . . oops, meant yogi-in-a-cave, ha, ha that it's hard to get me...
Outstanding interview with Hillbilly Jim...not what I was expecting from him.
Jim Tom is brilliant. Proper old school hillbilly.
i guess he probably really hated HILLBILLY JIM as a wrestler growing up?
looks like Hillbilly Jim's nephew with that beard...
Hillbilly Jim thankfully not one of the people appearing.
cross promotion is always good and Hillbilly Jim could adopt the rest of the Duck boys
Could be worse, he could be fighting Hillbilly Jim and little people.
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Daniel Bryan looks like Hillbilly Jim's *** son with his shaggy hair & beard.
I remember when he fought hillbilly Jim in a pig pen match. Not egotistical at all
Catching up on Art of Wrestling. Hillbilly Jim just did an impression of Dusty Rhodes.
ART OF WRESTLING Ep 139 with Hillbilly Jim is now up at & iTunes
Rotundo, Hillbilly Jim, Hogan, and Barry Windham are interviewed by Costas, 1985:
Mike Rotundo, Hillbilly Jim, Hulk Hogan, and Barry Windham are interviewed by Bob Costas in Feb. 1985:
My buddy said he's sore from the gym, to bad he means hillbilly Jim from the rest stop.
now a true neck would have said Hillbilly Jim
Willie's favorite wrestler has to be Hillbilly Jim, right? They're the same person.
3 made history with , Little Tokyo and Lord Littlebrook vs Hillbilly Jim, Little Beaver and the Haiti Kid
2 Cold Scorpio vs. Hillbilly Jim is too hard to choose. Both themes are too perfect for their characters.
I just got a thank you message from Hillbilly Jim! Oh YEAH!
I think you should grow it out like Hillbilly Jim, in all honesty.
They just fed Hillbilly Jim to the walkers. Fantastic.
U know a bucket got 2 over guys over I believe there names were Henry O. Godwin and Phineas I. Godwin all del rio needs is Hillbilly Jim
Road to ANNIVERSARY w/ special guest Hillbilly Jim and AnnIVersary tickets with John Morrison are now on sale at...
Is it just me, or does Willie on Duck Dynasty look like a perfect combo of Zac Brown & Hillbilly Jim ?
Bobby The Brain Heenan on Hillbilly Jim "200 lbs of Manure + 200lbs of Hillbilly and 30 lbs of Pig Parts"
"I'm just a simple farm boy. I'm just the hillbilly who provided you with this hillbilly shack!" -Jim
In the heyday of Hillbilly Jim, my dad was a dead ringer, and often mistaken, for him. He still has the doll! Ah...memories
Former wrestler Hillbilly Jim has a show on satellite radio and just played Dolly Parton and Molly Hatchet back to back. I'm in love.
i think Uncle Elmer just sat beside Hillbilly Jim in row 6.
the highlight of this album is Hillbilly Jim. The highlight of everything is Hillbilly Jim.
Check out "Me and Your Girl" by BiG JiM aKa FRaNK RiZZo the Most Hated Juggalo aka Hillbilly Bob -
Not the best of Hillbilly Jim but worth a watch
you could name that slow talking intern who gives the numbers "hillbilly" -- Jim Haslam. Ps it's ten not tin
No, that was "don't *** off a man from the trailer park." "Don't go messin' with a country boy" was Hillbilly Jim.
The other day I asked for Hillbilly Jim and he brought me Junkyard Dog instead. Kids do the darnedest things.
ill say it Riz, the girls voice given the numbers is terrible. To slow and sounds like a hillbilly-Jim Haslam
he's eventually going to prove to all the people who hate Jim why he's in that position, in the mean time respect your
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Just got back from men's Bible study with Joshua (at
Tyler washin my old solid rubber wrestlers Junkyard Dog and Hillbilly Jim.
It doesn't stop w/ Hillbilly Jim or sounding like has lined up another gem of a guest for Retaliation in May!
There alot of ya'lls on your page there Hillbilly Jim
He was one of their managers, the one that wasn't Hillbilly Jim
Whos this man wit Jack Swagger tonight on raw
Disclaimer: If you aren't familiar with some of these terms, DO NOT Google them. They are perverse things that should not be done. For those of you who are keeping track, liberals now endorse and approve any sexual activity that is consensual. This means that they approve (with consent): -Bestiality (as soon as we have the ability to verify consent. Monkey thought translators?) -Necrophilia -Incest (among adults) -Sadomasochism -Pretty much any other sexual act you can dream up I don't know what to say at this point, other than "Come quickly, Lord Jesus!"
I check out these dating sites. They all want money. credit card numbers and have the same women's picture on them. I sure am not giving anyone that information. LOL Anyway, how can you date an asian girl. That's pretty far for dinner. LOL. Then you got the old folks sites and women who are suppose to be 50 something in the ad look about 30 or so. Yeah, right, all them good looking ladys so hard up. They'll not get a nickle from ole jim. If a woman doesn't have her act together she won't appreciate me anyhow. And most that do have it together have already got a good man. Just saying...
If only you guys could see what this guy jim jackson looks like right now!! Lmfaooo
what an awesome day, all day today at church! just dont get any better then the day we had with the Lord! wow! im still floatin'. the sing in crestline was nothin short of amazin'. what a time!
Is it just me or does Zac Brown look like Hillbilly Jim from WWE?
Thanks Nigel Smith for getting us into yet another tv series. We can't wait to see the second one.
Every time I watch moonshiners, that ole feller Jim Tom is classic! Thats one crazy hillbilly I'd drink with any day..
"Here to introduce best classical music performance, please welcome Hillbilly Jim and Sophia Loren!!"
Any girl that can take a shot of Jim beam with a dip of Copenhagen is aces in my book. Gotta love them G.R.I.T.S. girl raised in the south. *** yeah
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In PA. At some hillbilly bar with my man jimboh bout to hit the mountain soon! Yeah budddy!
So I think I'm a hillbilly I made eggs and fried bologna for breakfast what do you all think
cpfc cpfc CPFC!!! Bloody annoying song stuck in my head!! with Lee Roote, Paul Littlefair and Matt Hillbilly Jim Post
This morning, the very first woman I ever loved, my Mom, died. She was 93. She was smart & tough & world wise all her life. Got in street fights as a kid in Trenton. Skipped grades @ Trenton high cause she was so smart. Married a guy with an 8th grade education from Tennessee. If that aint love , then I dont know it. My role models for all my relationships, with me as the hillbilly. She was in a lot of pain at the end, and wanted to go be with my Dad for along time. Not my belief, but for her, I hope she was right. I will miss her even more now that it is so final. But I have missed the Mom that I knew for a long time now. I will try to think that it is better that she no longer has pain, or will have to suffer the indignity of being not in control of her life. Maybe, in her heaven, she can be with her JIm again, maybe get to know my Melissa better. Once again, hold your loved ones close.
MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE: Why do people assume its cool to call someone like myself named Anthony Tony? I would never assume to call an Elizabeth Liz or Beth.or a Richard *** or Richie, or a William Will or Billy, or a James Jim or Jimmy, or Cynthia Cindy or Thea, or call Superman Soupy or Man unless they asked to do so. My uncle is Tony, I'm Anthony so just call me Anthony or Antaries or Antney or Ant or Anth or Antonio or Antwan or Antique or like my brother called me when we were kids Anphoney BTW Since my last name is "Smith" you are more than welcome to call me Smitty! Lol!!! ;-)
I can't bring myself to watch WWE or whatever it's called now.. Lol all the wrestlers have to be "cool"... Whatever happened to wrestlers like.. Hillbilly Jim.. Or the Bushwhackers.. Or Bob Backlind.. Lol
What is the big fizz about the 4 killed at the Embassy's while there was 12 embassy's attacked and 56 killed when Bush was President?
I'm not usually one to talk about my dreams, but last night I dreamt I was playing a show and instead of a guitar I had a machete. The show went about as poorly as you'd expect.
Bring on the snow. I would like to use my snowmobile a little bit this winter
So, I'm a hillbilly at heart. What can I say?
Happy 41st Birthday to my wonderful hubby! I love you!
Feb 6, 2013: Tonight's post is a sad one. This morning Michelle's mom, my dear mother in law Jean Morgan, passed away after a brave battle with cancer. Jean was the classic family matriarch with a bit of hillbilly (her words) thrown in. She was a loving mother to her kids, the Grandma (and Great-Grandms) who's home was base camp for all the little grandkids and holiday events. She was independent, smart as *** (Mensa member!) well read, fond of jokes, a hard worker and queen of classic movie trivia. She gave me my wonderful wife and a great extended family. All this and so much more. Rest in peace Mom, you are loved and will be missed.
I will never understand the phenomenon of working out at the gym in jeans.
Well alot has been said about guns and school shootings and what we can do to help deter this kind of violence. I'm just your average hillbilly but this is what I think would help: 1. Find some teachers that are interested in carrying a firearm at schools. 2. Send them to get a complete psyc. evaluation to see if they're fit to do so. 3. Require them to attend training for all the various types of problem situations they might be faced with at school. (provided by a possible new state program) 4. Require them to attend continual training to stay VERY FAMILIAR with their firearm, which would include firing range practice. As well as up-to-date situation training. (also a new state program) 5. Provide them police vests that would be kept in their classrooms. 6. Require them to carry their firearm on their person at all times at school. 7. Fiinally, pay them extra for their training and willingness to put themselves between our children and the perpetrators! Let's face it... what they're wanting to do will b ...
Watching "Moonshiners". Nothing better than a reality show where everyone's speaking English yet they still need subtitles to be understood!
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There will be a show this week at Caravan Country Music in Winfield, Friday, Feb. 8th, featuring the Jim Bunch Show and great gospel music by Keeping The Faith. Hope to see everyone there. Also, Saturday night, February 9th, I have a 7:00 show at Sagebrush RoundUp. Always a fun place. The Hillbilly Gypsies, one of my favorite groups, will also be there.
Who would you rather have over for cake and cookies- Ashlee Simpson, Mr. Bean or Hillbilly Jim?
Does your horse get jealous if you're seeing 'someone' else? :)
Name the tune : I got a mason jar full of shine , a cd of lee Ann rhymes ?
I'm watching "World's Dumbest..." Tonight it's The top 20 dumbest hillbillies. I've done some of this stuff. Okay a lot of this stuff... ALRIGHT!! Most of this stuff! Funny thing is, of done some that aren't on here. And those were more dumber!! (By the way, Hannah... "more dumber" was for you!)
Walked 4 miles - Feels so good - I dread it before I walk or exercise but when it is over - I am so glad that I did it. Makes me feel so good. Thank you Jesus for ALL your blessings on this little Hillbilly girl!! My heart is FULL of gratitude for YOU!!! Lovin Jesus & Lovin Life
I bet they'll stick Hillbilly Jim in one day too. And the Brooklyn Brawler.
a hillbilly with a mowhawk ! from fredonia kansas introduced them to me & I have loved them since ! thx hillbilly jim ! :)
OK HWY29 Club People. We've been hearing you and we understand that some folks didnt get online before the thing reached (and doubled) the original limit. SO we have RE-OPENED the HWY 29 code for the next 50 people to buy a 3-day pass with the hwy29 code. THIS WILL EXPIRE AT MIDNIGHT. Remember, others need to get their passes too...
It's all George Bush's fault that the power is out.
Hillbilly really got me...I thought he passed away.gotta love Dreamwave Wrestling
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