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Hillbilly Jim

Jim Morris (born July 5, 1952), best known to fans as Hillbilly Jim, is an American professional wrestler and disc jockey.

Pat Patterson Ricky Steamboat King Kong Bundy Hulk Hogan Uncle Elmer Jerry Lawler Bob Probert Battle Royal Nikolai Volkoff

I remember hillbilly jim Patterson and mean gene that’s it
Poles are BS you said that yourself. Your hillbilly base would drink the Jim Jones juice you feed them happily.
.is live Now playing Hillbilly Waltz (Take 1) by Jim Reeves Tune in here
I must confess. I had a Hillbilly Jim action figure back in the day.
Current status : dinner at Hillbilly Jim's House of Ramen.
For some reason I really love Hillbilly Jim as a colour commentator.
Do I need to make you Hillbilly Jim in this picture in 2K18?
This is a wonderful allusion to Jim Comstock of the WV Hillbilly, who wrote about it in probably 1960s.…
Home Is Where The Highway Is playing loud & proud on this weekends edition of Hillbilly Jim's…
Tune in this weekend's edition of Hillbilly Jim's Moonshine Matinee on sxmoutlaw for new music…
the John Denver selection was funny, but in reality it's a terrible song. i thought i…
Men’s fellowship lunch today at HILLBILLY HOTDOGS in Lesage, WV.
THQ was bored when they put Hillbilly Jim in Here Comes the Pain
There's not much else going on in the world right now, so I'd say this is a worthy movement fo…
I love how they NEVER want to be on show! Just like Matt Baire never wanted to be on LOL. David…
Tito, Junk Yard Dog, Hillbilly Jim - whole host of 80s pillars who need to be included!
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I was a big fan of Hillbilly Jim, because, well.
Hey . It's a big 👍👍and 👏👏 from Hillbilly for Ramona tells Jim . We loved it.
Signed by who? If it's by any of the following I would be interested in receiving a copy: Ken Pagan, D…
you're gonna be Hillbilly Jim on Friday
Norman could have fit that George Steele/Hillbilly Jim role perfectly
.Uncle Elmer also mates of Hillbilly Jim, Captain Lou & Cindi Lauper. . But he got KING KONG-ED by BUNDY: .
Hogan on-screen cronies is a big list: T, Hillbilly Jim, Orndorff, Savage, Beefcake, Tugboat, Bossman,…
This is listed on History of WWE: WWF @ Muskegon, MI - Walker Arena - December 31, 1988. Hillbilly Jim vs. Akeem
Local legends Hillbilly Jim and and Ben Wells of Black Stone Cherry talk at Hillbilly's book signing in Glasgow, K…
I added a video to a playlist Jim Ross Speaks Out! CM Punk, Hillbilly Jim and Dalton Castle - MON
remember when they was in the swamp on tour and Tour Guide Hillbilly Jim was like "That right there is a *** Bird " ..
Doesn't the Wyatt family bring back memories of Hillbilly Jim, Uncle Elmer & Cousin Junior?
Hillbilly piña colada has brought me to revisit this classic from my teen years. Jim Martin's thunderous guitars
Sad to hear Mr. Fuji has died. Once saw him battle Hillbilly Jim in a tuxedo match Thanksgiving night in KC. That night left an impression.
says the guy with the ponytail and who four months ago looked like Hillbilly Jim.😂
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If people would read Hillbilly Elegy and The New Jim Crow, they would find how much poor whites and blacks have in common.
Reading stories different from my own to try to cultivate more empathy. FINALLY read "The New Jim Crow." 👏👏👏 "Hillbilly Elegy" on deck.
Back in the day, how bad did the Hillbilly Jim's overalls smell?
Hillbilly Jim's impression of Andre sounds exactly the same as Gallow's Khali
I hate to play favorites, but if forced to choose a favorite 80's wrestler, I'm picking Hillbilly Jim.
"Hillbilly Jim shouldn't be allowed to wrestle in those dirty Levis McMahon!". "What's not fair is that cast on Cowboy Bob Orton."
well everyone of course knows Hillbilly Jim is from "Mud Lick"
Democrat running for W.Va. governor, Jim Justice, says he cannot support Hillary Clinton. Via
Hillbilly Jim is in the corner of The Godwinns whilst Clarence Mason is in the corner of Bulldog and Owen.
King Kong Bundy VS. Hillbilly Jim. Glad you're doing well. I'm always praying for you. My uncle has throat cancer and
Arn, Tully, Flair for the 1st. Steamboat, Hillbilly Jim and Pat Patterson for the second, Hall Nash and X-Pac for the third cont.
steamboat talked about it on table for 3 with him, Patterson and Hillbilly Jim.
Could listen to Ricky Steamboat, Pat Patterson & Hillbilly Jim tell stories about Andre the Giant for a week straight. Hilarious!
Onto with the - Pat Patterson, Ricky Steamboat and Hillbilly Jim!
Newest has Pat Patterson, Ricky Steamboat and Hillbilly Jim, good stuff
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1984 7" Hillbilly Jim and 8" Andre the Giant Figure wwe wwf wcw
Ive been watching the WWF/E since I was a toddler. Since Hillbilly Jim, JYD, against Volkoff, Sheik. Savage, Piper. Orndorff
Table For 3 featuring Hillbilly Jim,Pat Patterson and Ricky Steamboat and Starrcade '85,on my itinerary for tonight
This is a highlight reel from our last show "High Stakes" featuring Hillbilly Jim. We are back in action 5/28. .
In case you missed "High Stakes" here is the highlight reel featuring Hillbilly Jim. We will back in action on...
Ricky Steamboat, Hillbilly Jim and Pat Patterson on Table for 3 next week
Also new Table for 3 coming out with Ricky Steamboat, Hillbilly Jim, and Pat Patterson!
Ricky Steamboat, Hillbilly Jim & Pat Patterson will be the guests on Table for 3 this Wednesday on WWE Network
lol speaking of banana... Pat Patterson is on the next Table for 3 w/Steamboat and Hillbilly Jim
After the match Godwinn throws Helmsley into the hog pen much to the enjoyment of Hillbilly Jim.
The two men go back into the ring where Godwinn hits a nice front face driver on HHH. Hillbilly Jim seems to be helping out Godwinn.
Hillbilly Jim is actually the special guest referee for this one! He’s a fellow farmer like Godwinn so I hope he stays unbias.
Classic from 1996 & has all the gold! She did get chased by Hillbilly Jim & old blue though.
Hillbilly Jim: She's cheatin' on the family!!!
Do you Like Hillbilly Jim on Do you like JunkYard Dog on Peace
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how's Hillbilly Jim's name not even mentioned?
Harley Race v Hillbilly Jim at 2:30 AM. Pretty much how I figured life would go when I was 5 other than the tiny super compute…
Those hillbilly's are celebrating in big time as the advance to the second round
Folks should get to know WV gubernatorial candidate billionaire businessman Jim Justice...
Hillbilly Jim of course, he wrestled before it was "entertainment" and he has the experience.
Then turns face @ WM when he interferes in a Hillbilly/Cena tag match. Give chains to Cena teaches Jim to read.
Ndamukong Suh looks like he everyday, dressed like Hillbilly Jim, wrestles whatever wild animal you put in his front yard.
get that dude on the left some overalls and you got some Hillbilly Jim from WWF
"Hillbilly" is an offensive term. That's why, from this moment forward, I will refer to this man as Gentleman Jim.
I am hopping in a horse now with Hillbilly Jim, Ted Dibiase and Tatanka
JIm great show this am.LOVIN the music!!
just a little too Jim jones for my taste
around 1995 (when my oldest son was born).Loved Superfly,Piper,Hulk,British Bulldogs, Hillbilly Jim,etc. those were the days
I wonder if Hulk Hogan is going to share his $100M settlement w/ Hillbilly Jim, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, or Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff
Omg.HillBilly Jim sextape...nobody wants to see that!!!
Hillbilly Jim lives a Hodad during a Hodown! *** this is good beer!!!
Hillbilly Jim loves nothing more than having a Hodad during a Hodown!... (Hodad)
Wwe is equally racist tho. Stone cold Steve Austin was a redneck, Hillbilly Jim, Tatanka and the list goes on and on
Hillbilly Jim how can u not love this guy he was awesome
I played in Diddle with Jim Morris, AKA Hillbilly Jim. Not a great jumper but a real power forward.
Jerry Lawler calling out Hillbilly Jim for never giving him his leather jacket back is the most Jerry Lawler thing
Why is Hillbilly Jim not in the hall of fame?
Slaughter throws Love out, who in turn gets eliminated by hillbilly Jim, who in turn gets eliminated by shiek to win it.
Nickolai Volkoff, Michael PS Hayes, one man gang, gobbly gooker, tugboat, hillbilly Jim, brother love, Sgt. slaughter
Hip-hop or hillbilly tone? She probably heard it from lil wayne. I'd guess it was in that context, not all Jim crow like.
Waxahachie Boogie by JIM BOYD & HIS MEN OF THE WEST from the album Hillbilly Boogie
and Hillbilly Jim would be somewhere in between
alright I'm down I wish I had my old de jersey to wear unbuttoned in the stands like a hillbilly drunk
You are correct sir Hillbilly Jim. Also the only Legend's House cast meber not in What gives here
Not even April and I have tan lines like a hillbilly ***
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Hillbilly Jim and Bob Probert. For reference, Probert is 6'3" w/o skates
Iron Sheik eliminated Hillbilly Jim to win the Battle Royal, only for Slaughter to lock him in the Cobra Clutch.
Hillbilly Jim, Tony Atlas or The Iron Sheik to win the Battle Royal!!
King Kong Bundy, little Tokyo and Lord Littlebrook vs Hillbilly Jim the Haiti Kid and little beaver in a mixed tag match
probably just Jim cornettes army of *** They can't think for themselves so they listen to that old hillbilly.
I don't take orders from you Hillbilly Jim.
Smdh. Racist mfs must be upset that black history month got an extra day. Hillbilly Jim definitely tried to hit me/run me off the road.
Ok, top match - Mayweather vs Big Show, worst match - Hillbilly Jim and Friends vs Bundy and Friends at WMIII
100% true. David is in full Hillbilly Jim cosplay tonight.
Hillbilly Jim was a pretty big dude
A Hilarious Video Of Hulk Hogan Training Hillbilly Jim. Will The Hulkster be able to teach Hillbilly Jim how to...
Its time for Hillbilly Jim to be in the hall of fame!!
King Kong Bundy and 2 midgets vs Hillbilly Jim and 2 midgets. Hilarious! Also super underhanded racism lol
Hillbilly Jim vs. Cassie McIntosh in a Triple-Tiered Cage of Death on The CW
Harley Davidson (pre-Hillbilly Jim) re-debuting in Memphis now. Corny as *** but a solid gimmick. Memphis is a goldmine, honestly.
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so you're saying you've never seen Hillbilly Jim and them midgets vs King Kong Bundy and them other midgets at 'Mania 3
Next match is a 6 man tag. Bundy and his 2 midgets vs Hillbilly Jim and his 2 midgets. . ???.
.I had that Andre one, bought it from Hillbilly Jim at WM11. Got it home to UK and it didn't play! Got it converted though.
You also aren't trying to audition for the presidency. (Right? You aren't Jim Gilmore, are you?)
Every night I sleep with Hillbilly Jim guarding me from my nightstand.
Never going to stop him if they don't narrow the playing field. To many crazy hillbilly Trump fans.
Hillbilly Jim (w/ minis) vs. King Kong Bundy (w/ minis) - I don’t even know what this was… and for the second time, MINUS TWO STARS.
Hillbilly Jim's team wins via DQ in 3:25 when King Kong Bundy assaults one of Jim's partners.
How's it going Shane? U & Jim should join us high atop the Hillbilly Hilton for a game this yr-- UT or TTU?
On this day in 1985, Hillbilly Jim broke his leg slipping on a wet spot while chasing Johnny V ringside. Was out for 7 months after.
Feby 25, 1911: Newspaperman & WV Hillbilly founder Jim Comstock was born in Richwood
Btw you should have someone teach you a lil class ...Hillbilly
Hillbilly Jim loves romance! getting all the sweet things at the office today.…
I feel exponentially older than Tony, since he views GoldDust as "old school" Dibs on Hillbilly Jim
I added a video to a playlist Hillbilly Jim titantron
Well Jim Harbaugh went to a WWE event last night. Probably reason number 1 why his hillbilly *** can't beat Ohio State.
I will never forget the time that Hillbilly Jim himself asked if I sold any kind of weed.
don't think he's in, but how about Hillbilly Jim? Had a decent run...
Wyatt Family have lost so much credibility that the WWE will probably change their name to "The Hillbilly Jim Family". .
Hillbilly Jim never could work but he had a lot of charisma. [12/95]
WWE legendary wrestler Hillbilly Jim with his limit on Kingfish.
Imagine headlining a ppv with a 10 man match featuring Hillbilly Jim, Koko B. Ware, Hercules and the Red Rooster.
Jim is singing like a hillbilly to these old country songs and I'm dying 😂😂😂
Live RF Shoot interview review: Big John Stud tried to shoot on Hillbilly Jim in the ring.
Jimmy Hart and Hillbilly Jim gonna be the musical backing!?!?
Hillbilly Jim whooped singing Santa's *** today courtesy of Zane.
ATN (aka has posters of Hillbilly Jim and Matt Millen in his room smgdh.
Best and worst wrestling related X-Mas gifts you've received? My worst was a bootleg Hillbilly Jim shirt.
If someone were challenged to come up with the most Hillbilly name ever, wouldn't Jim Bob *** be at least in the top 3?
They have buy 1 get 1 50% off WWE stuff at ToysrUs..this Bray looks like HillBilly Jim
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Rey's attire is inspired by Hillbilly Jim.
I'm pretty sure The entire league knows Pettine is in way over his head except for hillbilly Jim
Hillbilly Jim gets all excited when someone introduces there daughter: via
Alex Shelley vs. Hillbilly Jim in a Texas Death Match in Tiajuana
Bret Hart, Lanny Poffo aka Genius, who the brother of Macho Man, and Hillbilly Jim.
Hillbilly Jim is on commentary, Mark Briscoe sounds just like him on ROH commentary
Sting, Christian, Hillbilly Jim, Chyna & the Fabulous Freebirds for the WWE HOF Class of 2016.
the first one is Captain Lou Albano and the second one is Hillbilly Jim
Is it just me or does 1984 Hillbilly Jim look like 2015 Willie Robertson???
Yeah, they're dolls! We had at least 4 of those big ones...Hogan, Piper, Iron Sheikh, Hillbilly Jim
I had that SAME toy when I was a little kid...with Hulk Hogan and Hillbilly Jim!
Hillbilly Jim in. This is the first time since Wrestlemania III that Hillbilly Jim is in a match that isn’t a Battle Royal/Royal Rumble
I didn’t even realise Hillbilly Jim was still employed at this point so fair play to him for getting in the main event.
hey baby, wanna visit my bridge? We can wrastle! I'll be Hillbilly Jim, who will you be?
lol!! Hillbilly Jim and Koko B Ware. This is awesome!!!
Gorilla and Hillbilly Jim on commentary for this. Weird.
Just learned the Hillbilly Jim is the only living member of WWF’s Hillbillys stable, including Uncle Elmer, Cousin Luke and Cousin Junior.
Could someone go get Hillbilly Jim and Ricky Steamboat and tell them to be ok please
That whole year was Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan and Hillbilly Jim.
I still haven't seen the Hillbilly Jim or Terry Funk Cards, can you post pics?
Larry from Tuscaloosa please shut up your hillbilly *** you & jim are so embarrassing to real loyal Bama fans not band wagon fans
Hillbilly Jim telling some good stories and giving props to King Kong Bundy
Did I just hear Hillbilly Jim's theme song on the show? That is the most amazingly random song choice ever. I love it.
With much of the country experiencing record high temperatures, be sure to listen to Hillbilly Jim . . .
FACT. wwe superstar Hillbilly Jim had twin sons separated at birth!!! That's right..
I think I remember who that dude was...the name is on the tip of my tongue. Um...oh yeah! Hillbilly Jim!.
Speaking of the Hulk Hogan story JJ, it's also being reported that Hillbilly Jim thinks you have a "purty mouth".
Predictable Guardian piece on "racism in pro wrestling" predictably excludes Sheamus, Hillbilly Jim and even Mr. Fuji
Just pre-ordered and got the special character "Hillbilly Jim Crow."
Jim Tom Hedrick at Hillbilly Woodstock! Meet the legendary moonshiner at the Maggie Valley ABC
.Hillbilly Jim was not inbred by Missouri standards.
Jessie the body Ventura, hillbilly Jim, King Kong Bundy
Maybe they can put hillbilly jim in the game, brother! good ol hilljack jim.
I'm listening to Don't Go Messin' with a Country Boy by Hillbilly Jim on Outlaw Country.
Yes, hello Your racial stereotypes offend me. Please remove Hillbilly Jim, Sheik and Tanka from your site.
used the term midget at 3. Hillbilly Jim, Haiti Kid, and Little Beaver vs Bundy, Little Tokyo, and Lord Littlebrook.
Legends House was such an entertaining show. Gene Okerlund & Pat Patterson were hilarious!! Hillbilly Jim is a great man.
Only Jimbo dresses up as a former wrestler. Hillbilly Jim would be my vote.
Hillbilly Jim will talk your ear off. Great dude.
Hillbilly Jim is cool as a fan. Real nice guy.
On the same flight as Hillbilly Jim. Don't go messing with a country boy... And now there's two country boys on this flight.
I arranged to get *** Foley on with Pat S can probably get Hillbilly Jim or Bruce Hart to call you guys
Wow! I just won this for free, WWF CARD HILLBILLY JIM 1985
I'm gonna dress as Hillbilly Jim for Mania next year.
“HillBilly Jim was a big Bob Probert fan. Amazing pic.
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once you kill Sting, there's not a lot of tricks left in the bag. Hillbilly Jim ain't saving us from George HHH Martin.
You can't go wrong with Hee Haw reruns, at least until Hillbilly Jim returns.
Next match. Ultimate dragon vs hillbilly Jim
Let's face it, 45% of wrestling fans can be considered Hillbilly Jim lookalikes.
Is the guy in the Hillbilly Jim costume going to be told to change?
Why is he called Hillbilly Jim? Maybe he just wants to be called Jim?
Hillbilly Jim, Howard Finkel, and Nikolai Volkoff. Saxton hanging out with three white dudes who look like Shaft next to him.
HillBilly Jim look alike? Security is asking him to change or be escorted out..
Hope the Hillbilly Jim lookalike gets ejected
Imagine the state of the conversation between Byron Saxton, Hillbilly Jim and Nikolai Volkoff over lunch.
Renee just ratted out the Hillbilly Jim guy. Now he'll have to change.
Hillbilly Jim's got the same birthday as me. Up ye's xx
Hillbilly Jim has been hanging poolside all day. And Road Warrior Animal was outside for a bit too. super surreal
I was just earlier today telling my wife there was a difference between Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Hillbilly Jim.
Wrestlecon brunch. is so sweet and Hillbilly Jim who's absolutely amazing.
punk and piper vs Bryan Danielson and the iron sheik. Texas Tornado rules. Winner faces hillbilly Jim and trips.
The Kansas guitarist/bassist/something who looks like a relative of the pro wrestler Hillbilly Jim? = silver at least
And now one of the best matches of all time. King Kong Bundy vs Hillbilly Jim ...oh...and the midgets 😀
Starting of Wrestlemania morning at a brunch with Honky Tonk Man, Hillbilly Jim, The Hardy Boyz and more!
Oh my... Talk about getting handsome over the years... Hillbilly Jim. woah.
I just noticed I have on jeans, Jim beam tshirt, red flannel, and a camo baseball cap on, Iookin like *** a southern hillbilly goofball
That was some Jim dandy of a game. I am ready for Saturday for Kentucky to by 10
If Arnold went to WWF in the early 80's he would've worn overalls and been Hillbilly Jim's Austrian cousin
Agreed. I hope they call up everyone. Hillbilly Jim, you're up next!
I had the same thought you did although Hillbilly Jim played the role of Koko B. Ware.
Looks like Hillbilly Jim dosen't klnow where to go. Where's HIS induction, btw?
It's time with the projector. With a hillbilly Jim photobomb...
quality photobomb by Hillbilly Jim there
Hillbilly Jim standing behind DDP wishing for some TV time
Always impressed by the lats on Hillbilly Jim. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I'm a big fan of Hillbilly Jim - when will finally induct him into the HOF??
hey bro hillbilly Jim fan, can you draw me one? Your very gifted
Probert after learning Hillbilly Jim was indeed Bruce Jenner By Cracky
Reppin' my hometown with Hillbilly Jim. He may be the nicest dude I have ever met.
The things you learn when you get a free trial of XM. Like Hillbilly Jim - radio DJ
What could be better than spending time with my mom & Hillbilly Jim?!!! 💗💗💗
when i was a kid, i always wanted Hillbilly Jim to make an appearance on the Dukes since was always on the A-Team
good promo alot better than some of your old one's. I don't know about the hillbilly Jim beard. It's like bundy had sex with Hillbilly
Hillbilly Jim! Best part of the gimmick Battle Royal!
It's interesting that Hillbilly Jim is the only one on that isn't in the WWE Hall Of Fame yet.
Hillbilly Jim seems like a chill cool dude.
Go see this show...our buddy Jim has worked so hard to bring Fort Smith such an original show. If you've seen the...
Hillbilly Jim, Cousin Elmer goofy country boys gimmick and make it a totally gaga act.
clearly the only right answer is Hillbilly Jim!
I got all but two. The one next to Hillbilly Jim and the one next to Hacksaw. I think it's Ricky Steamboat.
Website Builder 728x90
only one I got stuck on is the one right beside hillbilly Jim hardly ment to be Austin??
How many can you name? Here's a clue I'm in far left corner second from the top...under Hillbilly Jim
Dolph, Ryback, and Rowan are the 21st Century’s answer to Jimmy Snuka, Junkyard Dog, and Hillbilly Jim.
Pretty sure if Luke Harper ever goes face, he'll end up being Hillbilly Jim
All the wrestlers and ours (Kentucky's) is Hillbilly Jim. We gave you Miss Elizabeth too. And Braden Walker! And Eugene!
Today, "Hillbilly Jim" would have picked up a stand-up bass instead of a curl bar. Bet he does "Wagon Wheel" at karaoke.
Pretty sure the Australian equivalent of Hillbilly Jim just boarded this tram.
Why is Hillbilly Jim at the Joe Bonamassa concert?
my dad keeps calling me a hillbilly because I'm wearing a camo hat... okay Jim I see you
Hillbilly Jim came out on Wrestlemania 17, remembered this dual set my brother got one Birthday in the…
Sting. Hillbilly Jim. Beefcake. Lita. *** JBL. Lex. Myself and others basked in the sunshine of the Apple at fanfest in Queens.
You want some more you f-in redneck hillbilly do you BOY YES YOU BOY JIM I AM CALLING YOU OUT BID BAD JIM
Great meeting Hillbilly Jim at to complete the Legends House cast
don't go messing with a country boy...By Hillbilly Jim lol
yeah I got a question. Are you cousins with Hillbilly Jim?
All purpose parts banner
Pre-Orders to meet Hillbilly Jim at Wrestling "Big Event 5" ends tonight
Olympian Jim Thorpes remains should not B movd US court
hillbilly Jim or Jesse the body Ventura or a road warrior
Hope you're able to get Hillbilly Jim back on the show. Another great ep and went too fast.
*** Foley looking like a cheap Hillbilly Jim
I like that idea. Hillbilly Jim flat out wins!
What an episode!!! Hillbilly Jim needs his own podcast. Where you at podcastOne? Call the man and get to work.
Hey Steve, Any chance you'd contact podcast one and talk them into giving Hillbilly Jim a podcast. He'd be great.
great podcast w/ Hillbilly Jim. And the Kamala podcast was incredible. I love to here you guys out of your gimmicks. N b real
Hey Hot Rod, Awesome podcast with Hillbilly Jim. Why not contact podcast one and talk them into giving him a podcast?
Hillbilly Jim hit's Piper's Pit with a sack full of some of the greatest untold stories in history-
Find out why Hillbilly Jim turned down a chance to be a pro-basketball player on Piper's Pit
"Actually, I prefer to be called Hillbilly James." --Hillbilly Jim, post-grad school
we gotta throw in hillbilly Jim too in that case 😂
signal hillbilly 588 sisco Jim kremlin enabled a big art gama jr mace go and vanity maybe crevas
Kyle O'Reilley vs. Hillbilly Jim for the PWG championship
Would it be funnier if that were Hillbilly Jim?
Sadly there are plenty of super intelligent people who are just as racist as Jim Bob hillbilly. It's bigger than IQ, IMHO.
Jim Thorpe, Pa., fights to keep body of namesake
My action figure days ended in about '86. That said, I had Piper, Hogan, JYD, Andre the Giant, and Hillbilly Jim.
Also looks like he could be Hillbilly Jim's son.
Getting some tires on the Christian Hillbilly mobile! (@ Used Tire Warehouse in Clarksville, IN)
an angrier version of Hillbilly Jim
Meet Wrestling Superstar Hillbilly Jim at the Bowling Green HPB Outlet on Sat, August 23, from Noon to 3 p.m.
Also the portraits of Hillbilly Jim and Terry Funk, who apparently represent local arm wrestling champions.
Jim Bob *** s Hillbilly Band. Could see him as lead jug blower.
yep. Met some WWE stars that day, all of which are now released, and met Hillbilly Jim (Nicest guy you could ever meet!)
I had a Hillbilly Jim... I loved it!
Aye, fine Jim. Scanning too! Old b&w from the 80's - scottish hillbilly stuff from my youth!
I'm excited to watch tonight to see if Hillbilly Jim beat The Honky Tonk Man for the Intercontinental Title!
Is that the WWF Hillbilly Jim theme song you're playing when Sean talks about the bull? That's good work by you.
I remember first walking by Olympic Records and seeing a Hillbilly Jim action figure in the window. Old school. Awesome store
Imagine this. Cena goes to Hogan for revenge match training tips. SEE ALSO: Hillbilly Jim training
Bray could at least be accompanied by Hillbilly Jim
I'm in a horseshoe league on Mondays, and a cornhole league with on Thursdays. Hillbilly radar is starting to reach it's peak.
Hillbilly Jim reference in the first 5 minutes of by
please induct Hillbilly Jim to the Hall of Fame! He deserves it!
More people in this world need to be like Hillbilly Jim. The world would be a better place.
can we talk some old school WWF? Hillbilly Jim coming from the crowd
Andy Williams always dresses like Hillbilly Jim. That's a life award for .
Coming soon to the sports hillbilly podcast interview with former coach Jim Dotson.
hello hillbilly jim how are you doing?i'm doing well I thought I drop by to say hello hello hillbilly jim
you're a *** hillbilly, Jim. You come from a long line of them, but it's ok
It's not a party till you've been sexually molested by a hillbilly named Jim "Single-Stroke" Bob
Oh you're talking about the will part :') "don't paint any idiotic flames on it like some white trash hillbilly"
The psycho Duck Dynasty character was tired about 3 minutes after his first promo. Thanks Vince for the heel 2014 version of hillbilly Jim
How about if Hillbilly Jim joined the Wyatt family!?
At this point, Wyatts theme changed so much, shoudl just give them Hillbilly Jim's theme
Jim Furyk, looks like a proper southern hillbilly *** but what a golfer.
Had a great day playing golf with my friend Daniel Hollins.
Heenan didn't want Hillbilly Jim & Uncle Elmer to wear bibbed overalls. Wonder what he'd think of Wyatts' clothes.
I'm broadcasting 'Christian Hillbilly' live on Come watch and chat! - (11:11am)
the kids never too young for hillbilly Jim's white lightning
. well throw your hillbilly Arkansas *** out of California..!!. out out out..shoo!..LOL
To recap HuffPo's slam on WWE: Kamala is racist, Hillbilly Jim is accurate.
you are the love child of Hillbilly Jim and the Gobbledygooker.
Proud to be only candidate with Jerry Lawler's endorsement. Sadly, Hillbilly Jim and I couldn't come together on Medicaid expansion.
Could the Wyatt's be nephews of Hillbilly Jim??? Hm.
Hillbilly Jim and Duggan are the first two to come to mind.
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