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Hillary Duff

Hilary Erhard Duff (born September 28, 1987) is an American actress, author, entrepreneur and recording artist.

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Kakaa jangan ketuker Hillary Duff sama Lindsay Lohan plis.. she wasnt in mean girls nor freaky friday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I just randomly out of nowhere got Hillary duff stuck in my head. I didn't realize it was 2005 again
Cadet Kelly . You can never go wrong with a Hillary Duff movie tbh
we didn't even get halfway through before I got scared and forced us to change the movie to Hillary Duff,,,
About to sing a Hillary Duff song at karaoke
And it's not like Hillary Duff just has a weird smile. We've all seen her smile like a normal person, like in the E…
Should I make the title of my penultimate Iron Fist review a reference to a Hillary Duff song? Yes, no, or maybe?
A thing I think about a lot is how anyone thought that the cover of Hillary Duff's "Metamorphosis" was good enough…
Watching Cadet Kelly and had all of the childhood flashbacks when Hillary Duff said "MILITARY SCHOOL???!"
Imagine being told that you're meeting Hillary Duff and this girl shows up?? this is the root of my trust issues I'…
Cadet Kelly bc every Hillary Duff movie was bomb
Jamming to Hillary Duff... my 10 year old self would be proud
One time when I was younger I put my CD player in a grocery bag and sat out in the rain listening to Come Clean by Hillary Duff for an hour
In the clouds in class watching The Cinderella Story (Hillary Duff one)
Hillary Duff & Britney Spears were my fave white girls growing up.
Since when is there a Hillary Duff Wake Up music video?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
still can't believe Hillary Duff lost the presidential election and the Hawks lost the Super Bowl πŸ˜”πŸ€€
Let a gang of dogs randomly go missing in DC today, Hillary Duff would make a commercial about it with a sad Adele beat playing in the back.
Oohhh! Good one. Hillary Duff. She was my queen.
I had a dream that I was famous and best friends with Hillary Duff and we were attending an award show and was with me
When it rains, all I picture is Hillary Duff singing Come Clean and it makes my day a little bit better
Can you take me to prom the way you took Hillary Duff in The Perfect Man?
Hillary duff I was obsessed w her I had all her cds
Letters To Juliet, The Perfect Man (Hillary Duff yoh) or TBYD (kissing scene on loop)?. What to watch? Lol.
Tyler started falling asleep in the car so I started playing Wake Up by Hillary Duff lol
Goodnight to everyone except Hillary Duff who stole Aaron Carter from me in the 1st grade
Cadet Kelly. for some reason i was so shook th@ Hillary duff could be anything but lizzy mcquire lol
Get a Clue was tight, but Hillary Duff is bae, so Cadet Kelly.
Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff is my personal favorite rap beef
Go listen to Hillary Duff's Come Clean. Get that Aaron Carter out of your system.
History reminder: Ryan Cabrera, Hillary Duff, 3 Doors Down, and JoJo played at the "youth concert" to help celebrate the Bus…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I told my sister she's the Haylie to my Hillary Duff & she has never been more offended
We live in a very warped world. Hillary Duff gets all kinds of flack for posting a picture where she kisses her...
cast Hillary Duff as the Elizabeth Berkeley character? Casting someone like Megan Fox seems too obvious...
This oddly reminds me of Cinderella Story circa Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray days.
Photos: Serena Williams hangs in Manhattan, J. Lo poses with NYC street art: Celebs like Hillary Duff, Usher, Rita…
Hillary Duff is in it, and Sutton Foster (who I LOVE from) Bun Heads.
This Kim K Taylor Swift drama might be more intense than when Lindsay Lohan stole Aaron Carter away from Hillary Duff.
My grandma srsly just gave me these directions to her house: "curve left at Hillary Duff's place, turn right past Pamela Anderson's place."
working at pluckers makes me feel like I'm Hillary Duff in a Cinderella Story just awaiting my Chad Michael Murray.
He's Hillary - same thing. Not lesser of 2 evils this time - just 2 evils. A vote for evil is evil.
I just watched an old movie with Hillary Duff and i am crying , she's amazing:') i love that movie so much always motivates me
I've listened to conservatives all day say "no to Trump. Don't vote Hillary." Well what the *** is your answer? Spouting off isn't helping.
Legit forgot how good throwback Hillary duff is
someone's watching over me by Hillary Duff will always have such a big meaning to me πŸ‘ΌπŸΌπŸ’•
I was like ??? Is this a Hillary duff. Haylee duff?? Why does she look like my,childhood
i tried studying for finals but now im listening to old Hillary Duff songs
Hour 5 of team bus ride and currently tearing up to closing scene of Raise Your Voice starring a young Hillary Duff
I asked Kayla about the presidential race and she called Hillary Clinton, Hillary Duff. Send help.
Remember in elementary school we all pretended for a while that Hillary Duff could sing? Gts
it either reminded me of her or Hillary Duff
If Hillary Duff still isn't your role model then wyd
Who made Hillary Duff's yellow jacket, white scallop top, and red quilted handbag?
Hillary doesn't think Obama gets enough credit for this: Americans β€œdropped out of the labor force in droves.”
I was more envisioning myself as Hillary Duff so yea ill hook u up w/ one of my sisters or step mom πŸ˜‰
I don't know if I've ever felt as free as early 2000's Hillary Duff wearing big headphones
Cadet Kelly was dope. I was a Hillary duff Stan growing up, when I was still a herb
you should make an Amanda rivers movie and be like Hillary duff πŸ‘
High off that Hillary Duff, all my favorite films are snuff
Bye at Michael listening to Hillary Duff this morning. I can't. ashamed to say that I'd love to hear james blake's rendition of hillary duff's "come clean."
a friend shared a ready for Hillary 2016 thing but it's with Hillary Duff and her elder relative did not get the memo oh m…
I love Hillary Duff but am I the only one that thinks she can't sing??
I love hillary duff she is beautifulπŸ’ž
Listening to my throwbacks playlist on Spotify and a Hillary Duff song played right before two from the Lizzie McGuire movie 😍
Crankin up the Hillary Duff station on pandora cause my boyfriend is sleeping πŸ˜‚
All these fb posts about throwbacks like Backstreet boys, NSYNC, and Hillary duff just remind me of when I got in trouble that one time.
Can we all appreciate Hillary Duff pls
ever since I saw the Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff that has been a lowkey goal of mine ( the football scene )
or Hillary duff she's inspirational
Remember the Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan beef over Aaron Carter? Iconic.
But why is it that I remember every single lyric to Hillary Duff's CDs from the 2000s yet I couldn't remember stuff for my f…
That awkward drill team dance off thing between Hillary Duff and Christy Carlson Romano in Cadet Kelley gives me life
The Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray is still one of my all time favorite movies😍
S/o Frankie Muniz and Hillary Duff, agent Cody Banks made me who I am
but yeah Charlie Sheen, Wayne Brady, Hillary Duff, and Christopher Lloyd were in it
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Turn the lights down low and kiss me in the dark, 'cause when you're touching me baby I see sparks. - Hillary Duff
Watching A Cinderella Story instead of writing my thesis. I should feel guilty but I miss Hillary Duff so much!!!
Last night in my dream I was at Meadowhall with Hillary duff πŸ€”
Remember when Dan and Vanessa had a threesome with Hillary Duff
be a Hilary Duff in a world full of Hillary Clintons
It has everything to do with it. Without Bill the only Hillary we'd even know about would have Duff for a last name.
why not, why not just take a crazy chance? -Hillary Duff
When u get judged for having a Hillary Duff playlist names "yas"
i can hear rain hitting my window and all i can think about is that Hillary Duff song
the problem is ur trying to look like Hillary duff
"Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought... Useless and disappointing" -Hillary Duff πŸ’•
what i dont have in biebs i make up in plenty with Evanescence and hillary duff
Pat just said Hillary Duff when he meant to say Clinton
what if the next drug that comes out is called Hillary duff??? πŸ’€
I like everyone on this show except Hillary Duff
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someone watch the Hillary Duff movie w me pls
Come Clean by Hillary Duff is such a bop
This lady deadass looks like she is wearing the same outfit Hillary Duff did in the Lizzie McGuire movie.
Leslie: Omg that's from a Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff and Chad Mitchel! . CHAD MITCHEL?!! FOOL YOU MEAN Chad Michael Murray!! SMFH
@ oomf Kiss me the way Chad Michael Murray kissed Hillary Duff in A Cinderella Story
Chad Michael Murray so fine. I fell in love w/ him after I saw "A Cinderella Story". I wanted to kick Hillary Duff's *** lmao
This song reminds me of a Cinderella Story w Hillary Duff &
Cinderella Story with Hillary duff is so good ❀❀❀
I was gonna smoke tonight but because of what pot did to Hillary duff I will not
remember when Hillary Duff stopped homophobia?
My nail lady looks like the step mom from A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff
Everything about this is amazing. "Woman arrested after biting husband over Hillary Duff dispute."
The man tried to give his wife a kiss on the forehead to smooth things over but she bit him in the face instead
Hillary Duff - Lizzie McGuire // ok SHE was the original queen of disney and she held her life together, praise!!
Like its literally on the same level of "Hey remember when Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan were in a feud over Aaron Carter?" No one cares
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My broworker didn't know Aaron Carter once dated Hillary Duff and Lindsey Lohan at the same time. Guess in over trying to be his friend.
TCU: If you're real, next year our fall concert will be Jesse McCartney, NSYNC, Hillary Duff, or someone else from our childhood
"A Cinderella Story" with Hillary Duff and Chad Micheal Murray was the movie I watched religiously as a preteen. Lol
When your boyfriend starts singing Hillary duff to you that's when you know it's real
I was sitting here saying how I think she looks like Hillary duff
Dan is having a threesome with Hillary Duff and girl Tarzan I am shocked
Hillary Duff Is at arclight in Hollywood right now
Is it sad that I JUST realized that Isabella and Lizzie maguire were both Hillary duff... In the movie...
Sitting under a tree at mission bay singing Hillary duff way too loud with πŸ’žβœ¨
Remember when Hillary Duff used to have new music coming out, yeah that was a good time 😌
I got some gin and a bag of that hillary duff
you look just like Hillary duff omg
tayla reminds me so much of Hillary duff
Listening to hillary duff's metamorphosis album again after years reminds me of that happy go lucky girl i used to be
I can't believe Hillary Duff is running for president. She's got my vote!! πŸ’ž
still stuck at disney, Hillary Duff gettin it
thanks! what's your fave Hillary duff song?
emmy thought Hillary duff was jennifer Lopez.
I'm jamming to Hillary Duff in the Taco Bell drive thru line when I should be doing homework... Senior year is off to a good start
she also thought Hillary Clinton and Hillary Duff are as well
Hillary Duff & Tory Burch all in one episode. reasons why I love gossip girl 😍😍
Sara barelles, Gabriella cilmi, Hillary duff, Duffy and Selena Gomez.. My nights going well
Mine for August would be Sparks by Hillary Duff on repeat
I was watching Cadet Kelly last night and I'm positive Hillary Duff is perfect πŸ’œ
"All I know is that there is a female running for president. Hillary something. Hillary Duff?" Yes reagan, you are correct
I'm not even attracted to white girls like that but Hillary Duff is fine now
Throwback to when I was Hillary duff from A Cinderella Story for Halloween
I was watching gossip girl and there was this threesome scene with hillary duff and yea u think my childhood just got ruined...
also, that is so Hillary Duff Movie
He always believed that people live up or down to the amount of trust you put in them. ~Hillary Duff, Elixir
Classic honeypot operation: seduce Hillary Duff. Didn't even get condoms in his spy gear. Good Lord CIA
Main event was playing old Hillary Duff and now jump street is playing Introducing Me from Camp Rock and my life's great
A friend of mine is trolling a bar playing only Christmas music and a Hillary Duff album on the Juke Box. For an hour str…
For obvious reasons such as Chad Michael Murray and Hillary Duff but the music in the movie is just too on point.
Demi is the second Disney star of all time to get all of her four albums certified in the U.S.A. after Hillary Duff.
Hillary Duff in Cadet Kelly is the original definition of white girl problems.
It's weird to think that Hillary Duff is running to be the first female president
remember Hilary Duff was afraid to sing but Hilary Duff helped her and then Hilary Duff sang a duet with Hillary Duff h…
Just sang Hillary Duff with a couple *** men and a drag queen, in the rain while "sexily jumping into puddles", so I win a the things.
There is no way that Hillary Duff doesn't think about the time she kissed Chad Michael Murray every day of her life even if it …
Remember the film Agent Cody Banks! Frankie Muniz and every boys childhood crush Hillary Duff! Loved this film as a kid
Shia Leboeuf before he was crazy, Raven Simone before she was *** and Hillary Duff before she was married.
respect to Hillary Duff for being one of the few Disney stars to remain a good model
Charlie Sheen, Hillary Duff, Wayne Brady and Christopher Lloyd team up to bring you the world's biggest megamart adventure
the Crocs store is officially my fav store bc the play old Hillary duff songs😊
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My life now consists of Hillary Duff Christmas songs and Arab Idol re-runs
Hillary Duff pandora station is almost always on point.
You look like Hillary Duff on coke.
Rocking out to old Hillary Duff lol
*Hillary Duff plays in the background* hey now hey now this is what dreams are made of
Shame on Hillary Clinton for her remarks about being nice to our enemies !.
I like Christmas time because it gives me an excuse to play "Santa Clause Lane" by Hillary Duff more often
Hillary Duff should take Aaron Carter back. They make such a cute couple. Same with Brittany & Justin and Selena & Beiber.
Hillary Duff jokes are so yesterday..
I would never watch a Hillary Duff movie with another girl bc that would be cheating on my friendship with molli
Hillary duff was right, this is what dreams are made of!πŸ’ƒ
As a kid, Hillary Duff was my woman
that first pic isn't it Hillary duff ?
talking about Cheaper by the Dozen: "Lizzie McGuire was awesome in that!" Actually her name is Hillary Duff.
Hillary Duff's sister has just been passed over for an upper-management job at a Christmas hat chain for the boss's yuppie son.
"She’s just a pop gangster." - Hillary Duff on Taylor Swift Fan girl for life (via taylorswtft) Hilary and...
Accolades to GunnerySgt Duff on her comments this are so correct in your comments about Hillary!
Thank you for chat w/ Jessie Jane Duff. She used an important phrase which may also be: "Hillary has blood on her hands"
STILL! 😜 on a total unrelated sidenote...Does that mean I'm creepy if I still LOVE I wanna know what Hillary Duff thinks.
Go Gunny Duff!!! You're absolutely right!!! That moron Hillary Clinton is a typical libtard!!! Jihadists only understand force & strength!!!
I had a dream I went to Hillary Duff's wedding with abaan and my sister worked in Clinton Cards
gossip girl reminded me the Hillary Duff will always be my crush
MY FIRST GIRLFRIEND was like a HILLARY DUFF and her and her sister where super cool in there DISNEY GIRLS WORLD. SO sad her SIS died R.I.P.
Jamming to Hillary Duff songs from 2005 at 2am with πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
"I would love to listen to Hillary Duff fart sounds" .
Why is it that I can remember Hillary Duff lyrics from years ago, but I can't remember material from last week for my fi…
At what point will Aaron Carter finally accept that he and Hillary Duff aren't going to ever get back together?
When gets Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan mixed up...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œβœ‹
Me and Kicking it old school with some Hillary duff and scrabble!
I hope you all had fun partying, if anyone is wondering i sang Hillary Duff songs for 2 hours with my friends :)
Seriously have heard 6 people sing it today; Mariah Carey, Hillary Duff, Ariana Grande, Rachel Berry, Mariah Carey w/ Justin Bieber and meπŸ˜‚
Amanda Bynes, Hillary Duff and vanessa anne hudgens all can get it. Immediately.
Like who TF get's backstage passes to Hillary Duff.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I love Hillary Duff new song, All About You. But too short for me. Just 2:43 minutes. ; A ;. Cuz hey baby baby you got me so~ so goooddd~~ β™ͺ
Hillary Duff's Christmas album will always be my
Remember that commercial when these girls said "that's so *** and Hillary duff came out of no where and fried them
if nightly jam sessions to Hillary Duff are wrong, I don't wanna be right.
When I was younger, I made a fake neopets account pretending to be Hillary Duff and people believed me and sent me fan messages. Good timesπŸ‘Œ
Most untrue thing I've ever seen. and hillary duff is there
I still jam to Hillary Duff songs..
Hillary Duff pandora station... White girl turn up with Alice πŸ˜‚
And as the wise Hillary Duff said "so yesterday, so yesterday, I'm just a bird it's already flown away."
lmao- you know what I just remembered? Me, you and Roman playing poker. That Hillary duff song came on and roman was like ...
didn't one of them marry Hillary Duff
β€œa disney movie where the princess meets her prince online” a Cinderella Story with Hillary duff duhh
Hillary Duff is my favorite star of Disney. It's perfect! ❀️
Dear airport DJ,. You're Hillary Duff collection is killin it. Thanks,. Me
You're faker than Hillary Duff's Italian accent in the Lizzie McGuire Movie.
Hillary duff is on this episode of raising hope πŸ˜„
My mother is a cross between Ursula the sea witch and the mom on a Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff
I don't get why people think I look like Hillary duff
got her whippin white cookin Hillary Duff
Hillary Duff's Christmas music is playing is Shoe Carnival
Why are they making yet another Cinderella movie? Selena Gomez, Hillary Duff, Kathleen Turner, Brandy, and Drew Barrymore weren't enough?
S/O to Chad Michael Murray, Hillary Duff, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg for making cameo appearances in my dream last night. I had a blast.
yup, and yes to Ghost Stories, The Grey chapter, Roman Reloaded, Hillary Duff, anything basically but that doesn't sound funny πŸ’
Joanne and I have gotten closer Hillary duff
So what! We have an important elections coming up who cares about hillary duff?Get off your duff and vote turn USA back around
Get her a leather button up for Christmas. Now your mom is Hillary Duff.
are you and Hillary Duff really collaborating?
β€œWhy is Hillary Duff still so hot though? mine
I was trying to song a Hillary duff song I think but then it turned into a Hanna Montana Lizzie Maguire mash up BYE
If any of my old friends are wondering how I'm doing, I'm good. Just listened to Metamorphosis by Hillary Duff for the tenth time this month
β€œWhy is Hillary Duff still so hot though? my first crush. 😍
why'd you post a pic of Hillary duff lol
"Why is Hillary Duff still so hot though?
Hillary duff looks like a Britney Spears look yass Gordo idk how u spell it πŸ˜‚
Wait Hillary Duff is in Gossip Girl?!?!? Can this show get any better?!?!? Also I'm really procrastinating about Econ so yea...
thanks to your snapchats I'm jamming to Hillary Duff! ❀️😁πŸ’ͺ
Why is Hillary Duff still so hot though?
Pissing off my suitemate by jamming out to Aaron Carter and Hillary Duff πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Inb4 Charlie Sheen as Line Piece, Hillary Duff as L-Block, and Christopher Lloyd as the crazy Soviet video game developer.
Lets be honest at one point in our lives we loved Lindsey Lohan more than Hillary Duff
Roadbreakers game called eraser: the following people were born on this date sept 28 Jerry Lee Lewis (The Killer) Gene Autry - Andrew Dice Clay - Hillary Duff and Madeline Kahn. Who had the smallest impact on Society of these. Your opinion if you had to erase one who would it be?
but the Hillary Duff one has Chad Michael Murray and he's da bae
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Chad Michael Murray and Hillary Duff have set my expectations way to high
Chad Michael Murray and Hillary Duff will forever be my favorite movie couple
How the *** did Chad Michael Murray not know it was Hillary Duff is the real question.
just saw Howard Wolowitz on A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff. OMG!
Hillary Duff is the only Disney star who hasn't gone crazy yet
Even Hillary Duff fears for her success because of taylor
Joel offered to pay for me to go to Sydney next week in hopes of meeting Hillary Duff πŸ˜‚
'Chasing the Sun'- a rare masterpiece by Hillary Duff β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†
Hillary Duff never a goes out of style
I feel like listening to hella kelly clarston & hillary duff
I was supposed to perform a Hillary duff song at talent quest in kindy n my BFF didn't show up smh
β€œHillary duff still killin it beyonce is that you?
If anyone has a copy of Raise Your Voice with Hillary Duff in the San Marcos area, holler at yo gurl.
"Hillary duff still killin it she really is lol
They are also singing really badly to Hillary duff right now.
Is Hillary duff 45 yrs old and in this movie as her mom? But seriously!?
*Hillary Duff's Why Not playing in the background*
Is it *** that I just started singing that Hillary Duff song about rain from middle school when it just started to pour?
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Hillary Duff coming back into the game strong
What the heck is Hillary Duff doing on gossip girl
You know it's called the red carpet to symbolize the blood of d list celebrities such as Hillary duff and all members of b2k.
Jk this conversation just turned into a Hillary Duff concert πŸ˜­πŸ’—
why am I up at 3am with the song So Yesterday by Hillary Duff stuck in my head
Actual Hillary Duff lyric from So Yesterday:. β€œIf the light is off, then it isn't on.”. Ponder that while I go kill myself …
I wonder if Hillary Duff would make a better president than Hillary Clinton! Lol!
The fact that the movie A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff came out in 2000 doesn't make me feel old at all.
Eating dinner at Crustacean and Hillary Duff, her child and sister are sitting next to us :) β€” at Rodeo Drive
Aand still awake. I guess will continue w/Hillary Duff's greatest hits and watch A Cinderella Story. Will I sleep or get to Cadet Kelly?
is it just me or is Hillary Duff starting to look like Jessica Alba? hmm.
Hillary duff took your Hillary stuff bit unfortunately the baby must now deal with Hillary snuff
They're playing my jams from way back at the pool πŸ˜„πŸŽΆ Hillary Duff, JoJo, what's next, Nsync?
what kind of person would sing the hillary duff one? I need to know in case I run into such a person
Remember that time when Hillary Duff was afraid to sing so Hillary Duff went out on stage and helped out Hi
If you're not excited by the fact that hillary duff has a new single dropping next week, I don't want to know how your parents raised you
Top 10 reasons why Hillary Duff needs to come back into our lives. YES! lol
found my old Hillary Duff CD this morning... needless to say my car ride to work is going to be exceptional today
Hillary Duff Net Worth: Field Performer, Singer, Song Writer. As we recall her by the name of Lizzie McGuire ...
😱😱😱 lupa ku this year she suppose to drop new music! Okay! Lol!! I thought apa, spazzing Hillary Duff rupanya πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
If you don't listen to come clean by Hillary duff whenever it rains you're missing out
Hillary Duff is my bae for eternity
Hillary Duff will always have a place in my heart
Nonton Lizzie McGuire The Movie ah. There was a time when Hillary Duff is my love
they put a pic of Hillary Duff and her son on a list with people like Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes for inappropriate celeb pics
Hillary Duff to drop a new song on July 24th. Her comeback is officially happening.
Update your maps at Navteq
I just want to watch Casper the Friendly Ghost with Hillary duff in it. I have no idea why but I really love that movie.
You know you're *** when your timeline is filled with Hillary Duff rts that are dramatically anticipating the drop of her new single
Hayden Panettiere, Lindsey Lohan, Hillary Duff and the Olsen Twins were my role models back in the day.
Hillary Duff is a true icon I love ha!‼️
Hillary Duff was so cool back in the day
I have Hillary duff stuck in my head rn
Hillary Duff is playing right now at work. The memories...
owning Hillary Duff's outfit at the football game used to be my BIGGEST DREAM
I was really possessive over a CD filled with Hillary duff and avril levigne...,..
Currently listening to Hillary Duff & stuffing my face
my life took a turn for the worst the day I realized that my Hillary Duff signature was fake and i now suffer from trust issues
β€œquote this with who you lost your concert virginity to” Hillary Duff when I was 7πŸ˜‚
"Chad Michael Murray could be our PM because he was in a movie with Hillary Duff who was married to a Canadian"
At the local Sandwich Express, they had a sign up asking patrons to name the five Disney princesses born into royalty. I said, "Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff, and Justin Timberlake."
I actually haven't changed at all from the age of 4 like I still have long pink and brown hair and I still only wear Hillary Duff shirts
Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie split up 😩😩😩 they were perfect!
Hillary Duff & Mike Comrie should get back together. They look so perfect together w/ Luca in the picture.
While indulging my inner drag queen, Pinky Lee LeStrange [yup], and bedazzling some stuff I was listening to a song by Hillary Duff called The Math I totally miscounted the amount of rhinestones I needed... The irony is not lost on me.
That moment when you realize that a Character in A Cinderella Story starring Hillary Duff is Howard from The Big Bang Theory.
Hillary Duff what are you doing on my pandora like wut forgot all about you
Haylie Duff is so much hotter than Hillary Duff
Love This Pic Nicola JacobsJenna Louise O'Neill. Heres Hillary Duff and sister Haylie Duff. Jen the spit of Grace in this.David Brownlow..Michelle Brownlow
hear you me by jimmy eat world makes me think of a Cinderella like the one with Hillary Duff and I die a little tbh
remember when Dan Humphrey had a threesome with Hillary Duff? I do.
Who will be the next Disney Star to go astray after Dylan Sprouse? . Akong bet kay c Hillary Duff or Zendaya. . Imu?
I've always secretly been bitter about the fact that Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray didn't have a real life relatio…
You know why I love Law and Order? Actors have to make a living, so every episode has a cameo! Sutton Foster, Aaron Tveitt, Kathy Griffin... Oh yeah, and basically everyone from "orange is the new black" and any HBO show! Just skip over the Hillary Duff episode and you're fine!
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