Hillary Clinton & Mitt Romney

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is the 67th United States Secretary of State, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama. Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947) is an American businessman who was the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election. 5.0/5

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Romney says Hillary Clinton wanted him to take secretary of state job Why would Mitt be talkin…
Mitt Romney says Hillary Clinton urged him to take secretary of state job when incoming Trump admin approached him.
Mitt Romney says he spoke with Hillary Clinton about Trump's secretary of state offer
Hillary Clinton is more experienced than experience & qualified John Kerry, John Mccain, Mitt Romney yet no one ever told t…
Mitt Romney as SecState, in many respects, equal to Hillary Clinton. Conversely, Dana Rohrabacher will fight Political Islam.…
I hope Trump remembers that Mitt Romney collaborated with John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and the Glover Park Group. http…
Trump, not only did he get fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, he got fewer votes than Mitt Romney and fewer votes th…
Trump received fewer votes than John Mccain, Mitt Romney, and Hillary Clinton
Once-moderate-Mitt courted Trump & birtherism GOP leaders should have given Hillary Clinton's speech in 2012: Column
No one is stopping Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama etc from going to Louisiana or donating
Why the largest newspaper in Texas, which endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012, just endorsed for president:
Now that Hillary Clinton has blamed Russia for the
It is time for and to apologize to Mitt Romney!
Mitt Romney: No Donald Trump, no Hillary Clinton, no independent bid
I think Mitt Romney suffers from the same disease as Hillary Clinton and George H.W. Bush: he's a self-loathing moderate.
Hillary Clinton's gotten under "thin skin" -- and Mitt Romney showed her the way via
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Mitt Romney - big rich Mormon high priest and apparently the Hillary Clinton supporter. ***
So after slamming him for weeks, Paul Ryan is endorsing Drumpf? Who's endorsing him next, Mitt Romney? David Brooks? Hillary Clinton?
BREAKING NEWS . Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton are teaming up to defeat Trump using the new slogan "Make Mexico Great Aga…
Buchanan on Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol and Hillary Clinton's Fifth Column inside the GOP -
I hope a third party of GOP malcontents forms and nominates Mitt Romney. He will draw way more votes from Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.
My brother has come up with the best description of Hillary Clinton. "Shes really Mitt Romney but had convinced us she is Barak Obama"
Hey guys remember when we didn't elect Mitt Romney and as punishment from God now have to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?
A flip flop in opinion, especially for a non politician, is inevitable. Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney did it
U r not allowed to run Mitt Romney and then call Hillary Clinton entitled
Mitt Romney: Look at how much money Hillary Clinton is making!: The Republican Party's 2012 presidential nomin...
Mitt Romney & Hillary Clinton bless and for coming in clutch and letting me stand with them at Lana
- Mitt Romney responded to Hillary Clinton's recent speech on mass incarceration reform on Fox & Friends
Hillary Clinton joined LinkedIn today. Mitt Romney said, wait, is that really all I had to to?
Is Bernie Sanders running interference for Hillary Clinton like Ron Paul was for Mitt Romney?.
Hillary Clinton's Comments on Baltimore Were so Crazy it Forced Mitt Romney to Respond
He is irrefutably a stronger candidate than Hillary Clinton and would pull substantially more moderate votes than Mitt Romney
How Republicans plan to turn Hillary Clinton into the Mitt Romney of the 2016 ... - The Week Magazine
Mitt Romney: Don't make Hillary Clinton 'the woman of the people'
Mitt Romney: "There is every appearance that Hillary Clinton was bribed"
GOP plan is to "turn Hillary Clinton into Mitt Romney." Here's why that strategy will fail:
Republicans find they like class Warfare long as it's against Hillary Clinton via BRING IT !
Republican's strategy to brand her Mitt Romney derailed from the start! CNN: Hillary Clinton's no-frills campaign
The lesson for Hillary Clinton in Mitt Romney’s decision via
{ }JOSEPH CURL: The lesson for Hillary Clinton in Mitt Romney's decision - Washington Times
Mitt Romney, signaling a hunger to step back into ring, attacks Hillary Clinton
Mitt Romney calling Hillary Clinton clueless is like white people telling black people racism doesn’t exist anymore.
Mitt Romney to hit Hillary Clinton, uneven economic progress in speech:
Mitt Romney to hit Hillary Clinton on jobs - Washington Post (blog)
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi likes Hillary Clinton’s odds if she runs against Mitt Romney in 2016. “Let me put it this way — I hope he’s their nominee,” Pelosi told The Hill in an interview published Tuesday. Pelosi, who has been very vocal in her enthusiasm for a Clinton White House bid, said the 2012 Republican...
Dr. Jim Denison, President Jan 27, 2015 Sarah Palin 'seriously interested' in White House New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is preparing to run for president. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is said to be "seriously" looking at a run as well. As are Senators Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Former Governors Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney are already building their campaigns. But no one has generated as much recent political buzz as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who told The Washington Post, "You can absolutely say that I am seriously interested" in running for the White House. A close second in political news has been the furor over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming message before Congress. House Speaker John Boehner invited Mr. Netanyahu, a move that surprised the Obama administration and led to widespread criticism. As a longtime supporter of Israel, I am especially interested in the outcome of this developing story. (To learn about our spring Holy Land pilgrimage, go here) Ask Google ...
A new poll shows Hillary Clinton, the potential Democratic nominee, wiping the floor with top potential GOP candidates, such as Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush.
What do Billionaires want? Easy, they want to stay billionaires and play with their toys! They want the power to preserve their wealth and soothe their egos. Democrat/Republican are silly affiliations. The parties are just tools to their goals. Here is the bottom line Billionaires are not conservatives, why?They already created their wealth whats another billion either way. Billionaires want control a stagnant economy with high taxes and high regulation is just great to them! They don't want some guy in his garage to invent the next big thing and raise enough capital to join their group! That is why we have Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney as our choices, but we the voter have power. We can vote for a populist, thats why I say Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz would make a great November election. Debates would be lively filled with policy differences and not personal attacks.It wouldn't surprise me that the people would find these folks have a lot more in common than the billionaire establishment ...
BREAKING: Mitt Romney will run for president, challenging Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary.
Hillary Clinton's legacy could benefit her in 2016; that's not necessarily true for Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney:
Things going down in Park City !!! Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton all in town !😵😵
Mitt Romney went on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday and offered some advice to Republicans should Hillary Clinton decide to run for President in 2016.
A new poll shows two pluses for Hillary Clinton in 2016 presidential race: her gender and her husband's presidency. Jeb Bush is hurt by his family legacy; Mitt Romney loses ground over failed 2012 bid.
"85% of Democrats want Hillary Clinton to run for President."
//A new Democracy Corps poll revealed some very bad news for Republicans as Hillary Clinton leads Mitt Romney by a comfortable margin while she crushes Jeb Bush as voters remain openly hostile to electing another Bush president. Clinton leads Romney 49%-43%, and she leads Jeb Bush 52%-40%. The voters surveyed for this poll were very opposed to another Bush presidential candidacy as the former Florida governor had a 2 to 1 negative to positive approval rating. Only twenty-one percent gave Bush a positive rating while forty-three percent rated him negatively. Only John Boehner (-27) and Mitch Mcconnell (-24) had lower net approval ratings than Bush (-22) in this poll.//. David Simms
Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney are the same age. Hillary is too old to run for President. Mitt is not.
If Hillary Clinton ends up running against Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney it would be proof that we do NOT live in a democracy. There is no ideological difference between the current GOP or the democrats. Both parties believe in government as a messianic religion.
Mitt Romney is actually older than Hillary Clinton. So why are the media preoccupied with Clinton's age?
Mitt Romney was born in 1947, same as Hillary Clinton. So where are the questions about his age as an issue?
Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Jed Bush... I start to believe that politicians have a very unique definition for change over there.
Hillary Clinton would defeat Mitt Romney by double digits, poll shows via
Mitt Romney announced he will run for president again. When reached for comment Hillary Clinton said "Thank you".
Mitt Romney lost his way to the White House in 2012. No doubt Hillary Clinton will say it's because he refused to stop & ask for directions.
The only thing either Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney could do to even get me interested in hearing anything they have to say is if they started talking about prosecuting George W. Bush and *** Cheney for war crimes. Watching the endless speculation about them (and Hillary Clinton) two years before the election or nominations is making me lose interest in watching that ridiculous lame excuse we have for news media. Complete waste of time.
Run for President in 2016 and beat the Axis Of Evil aka Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Jeb Bush . We need you
That's it I'm letting the politics out of the bag . I'm calling them out ... Please run for President ... Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio, Canadian Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, & Rick "Frothy Load" Santorum. You made my news so awesome in 2012 I can't wait for a repeat! Serious candidates AKA Rand Paul, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, & Hillary Clinton . Who cares the most about the American People and who cares the most about Campaign Funds? I bet Campaign Funds trump the American People every time.
Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders are no different than "our" other elected officials in the federal government... traitorous "Israel First" Rothschild Zionist warmongers and bankster-gangster stooges one and all. At this time, approximately ninety percent (90%) of Americans eligible to vote are too dumbed down, intellectually challenged, and ethically degenerate to consider refusing to vote for such candidates.
I am not voting for Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, or Hillary Clinton. I'm voting for someone who's not in a neo-dynasty.
Base on face book page of Mr.Mitt Romney and Mrs. Hillary Clinton, it indicates that American Republic Party must be won in 2016.
Here are the Republican Party's living icons: Living former Presidents: George W. Bush, who stands for economic disaster, war disaster, torture and Hurricane Karina; George H.W. Bush, 90 years old and not in good health, and "too liberal" for most of the party's rank & file these days anyway. Living former Vice Presidents: *** Cheney, Mr. Torture and Mr. Iraq War himself; Dan Quayle, who hasn't spoken at a Republican Convention since 1996; the aforementioned elder Mr. Bush. Living unsuccessful former Presidential nominees: Mitt Romney, who took a "Presidential look," his alleged business genius and a viable opportunity to win, and barely scraped 200 Electoral Votes; John Mccain, now viewed by liberals and moderates as a psycho and by conservatives as a liberal; Bob Dole, age 93 and not conservative enough even though he was once thought of as "the new Nixon-without-Watergate." Sarah Palin. Newt Gingrich. And, if you want to go back far enough, Henry Kissinger (who was already being repudiated by a lot of ...
.Please note GOP darling, Mitt Romney is older by several months than Hillary Clinton
Bush v. Clinton in 2016? New World Order Dream Matchup Being Touted As 'Inevitable' - By Michael Snyder - The next Presidential Election is still nearly two years away, and yet the mainstream media is already telling Americans who they are supposed to vote for. Now that Jeb Bush has all but officially declared that he is running for president, a "dream matchup" between Bush and Hillary Clinton is being touted as "inevitable". But is this what the American People actually want? Most liberals seem to truly dislike Clinton, and most conservatives can't stand Bush at this point. And yet when the time comes, the big money donors will line up behind them and they will get far more media coverage than the other candidates. Yes, there is still a chance that another establishment candidate such as Mitt Romney could jump ahead of Bush on the Republican side, and there is also a chance that Hillary Clinton may decide not to run at all (more on that below). But when it is all said and done, it is virtually cert ...
*THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A REPUBLICAN AND A DEMOCRAT* Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton were walking down the street when they came to a homeless person. Then Romney gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his office for a job. He then took $20 out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person. Hillary was very impressed, so when they came to another homeless person, she decided to help.She walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the welfare office. She then reached into Romney’s pocket and got out $20. She kept $15 for her administrative fees and gave the homeless person $5. Now, do you understand the difference?
Time Magazine has listed Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan as one of the 100 Most Influential Persons in the World. Jonathan is the only African leader on the list, published on Wednesday. It is also the cover story of the current edition of Time. The list also includes United States President Barrack Obama; U.S Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton; hacking group, Anonymous; American billionaire, Warren Buffet; German Chancellor, Angela Merkel; President of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde; Iran’s spiritual leader, Ayatollah Khamenei; Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu; footballer, Lionel Messi; Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff; new North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un; Syrian President Bashar Assad; American Republican presidential candidates, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul; pop star, Rihanna; fashion designer, Sarah Burton; and Chinese heir apparent, Xi Jinping. The list was chosen through voting by Time readers from around the world. The citation on Jonathan, written by Liberian P ...
Neil Cavuto says Mitt Romney is the only Republican that can beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. What do you think?
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Mitt Romney, the Republican Party's unsuccessful presidential nominee in 2012, leads the field for the 2016 election among Republican voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday. The Former Massachusetts Governor would have a slight edge over potential Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by 45 percent to 44 percent in a general election, the poll found. ...
Mitt Romney tops Hillary Clinton in 2016 survey via
Mitt Romney tops Republican poll for 2016; ahead of Hillary Clinton in election
Why has no one asked Mitt Romney or Hillary Clinton what they think of on immigration?
Mitt Romney: Drop talk of Bill Clintons sexual mischief if Hillary Clinton runs for ... - New York Daily News
Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton top 2016 presidential campaign polls:
Sizing up Clinton-Romney race: Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton are back on the campaign trail. .
If Mitt Romney was too soft & America wants a cold calculating murderous liar Hillary Clinton will do well in 2016.
Sexism -- we've been talking about it for so long, sometimes it seems like talking about it still is like talking about hula hoops, That Was the Week That Was, and Princess Phones. It's hard to believe we're still talking about, because, it's hard to believe it's still so prevalent. Anyhow, I bring it up, because, it cuts the deepest when it goes unrecognized in yourself. My case in point: Along with everyone else, I've been speculating as to whether Hillary Clinton should run for President. And, of course, there are a bunch of reasons why she should, and a bunch of reasons why she shouldn't. Now, even though I'm getting to be a bit of an old *** myself, one of my objections is that she's getting up there in age, and I kind of like the idea of a younger, more vital Commander in Chief. Her age isn't a hard disqualifier, of course, but, it's certainly a factor. So, where's the sexism? Well, Mitt Romney is being discussed as a presidential contender, again. And, again, it's possible to have a reasonab ...
Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney for president in 2016: Who would get your vote?. Rumors have been swirling that...
Rumors of Mitt Romney running again, now Hillary Clinton too?
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney says there is "no question" that he'd be a better President than Hillary Clinton, but claims he will not run again. Do you think the third time would be a charm for Romney?
Mitt Romney arrogantly suggested on Fox News Sunday that he would be a better president than President Obama or Hillary Clinton.
Romney: 'No Question' I'd Be Better President than Hillary Clinton: Does Mitt Romney think he would make a bet...
Mitt Romney has said he's not running for president in 2016 - but if he were to run and win, he's sure he'd be a lot better at the job than Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton called her and Obama’s diplomacy with Russia “brilliant.” Now that Russia is invading Ukraine, it’s clear that Hillary and Obama were wrong on Russia, and Mitt Romney was right. In 2012, Hillary criticized Romney’s concerns about Russia, instead saying that “in many of the areas that…
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Here’s the real story, from Billionaires & Ballot Bandits by Greg Palast. Thursday, 31. July 2014 A call came in from New York to my bosses at BBC Television Centre, London. It was from one of the knuckle- draggers on the payroll of billionaire Paul Singer, Number One funder for the Republican Party in New York, million-dollar donor to the Mitt Romney super-PAC, and top money-giver to the GOP Senate campaign fund. But better known to us as Singer The Vulture. “We have a file on Greg Palast.” Well, of course they do. And I have a file on them. I had just returned from traveling up the Congo River for BBC and the Guardian. Singer’s enforcer indicated that Mr. Singer would prefer BBC not run a story about him— especially not with film of his suffering prey: children, cholera victims. Like any vulture, Singer feasts when victims die. Literally. For example, Singer made a pile buying asbestos company Owens Corning out of bankruptcy. The company had concealed from its workers they would get asbestosis ...
CNN Poll: Romney tops Obama but loses to Clinton Washington (CNN) - If a rematch of the 2012 Presidential Election were held today, GOP nominee Mitt Romney would top President Barack Obama in the popular vote, according to a new national survey. But a CNN/ORC International poll also indicates that if Romney changes his mind and runs again for the White House, Hillary Clinton would best him by double digits in a hypothetical showdown. The survey, released Sunday morning, also suggests that more Americans see Clinton as a strong and capable leader than those who feel the same way about Obama. But Clinton's numbers on five personal characteristics have slightly edged down the past few months. And the poll points to a jump the past month in support among Republicans for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Texas Gov. Rick Perry. How Romney fares According to the poll, if the 2012 election were somehow held again, Romney would capture 53% of the popular vote, with the President at 44%. Obama beat Romney 51%-47% ...
A new CNN poll smashed Mitt Romney's delusions that he could defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016 by showing that voters would support Clinton over Romney 55%-42%.
So much being made about Hillary Clinton soon-to-be a first-time grandmother. Mitt Romney has 22 grandkids.
The more I hear about the 2016 presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton vs. Mitt Romney potentially, I really wish that somebody GOOD and TRUSTWORTHY would run. I would so vote for a big, bad, take no crap biker dude. Or a paralyzed vet. Or a guy working 2 minimum wage jobs to pay off his student loans. Or a paramedic from the Chicago hood. Real people. Not puppets. I wish people would run that care about their country. not their contributors. Just sayin.
Hillary Clinton's estimated maximum net worth is about 1/10th of Mitt Romney's
Hillary Clinton is rich. She is not Mitt Romney rich. via
Is there any polling done comparing Mitt Romney against Hillary Clinton in Iowa, New Hampshire nationwide?
No, Hillary Clinton is NOT "the Democrats' Mitt Romney." But she does need to learn how to talk about her wealth.
MSNBC host Krystal Ball asked a question today to make Democrats feel really uncomfortable: is Hillary Clinton just the Democratic equivalent of Mitt Romney? After all, she argued, Clinton comes across as very smart and competent, but also remarkably tone-deaf and politically calculating.
Mitt Romney joined Neil Cavuto this afternoon to weigh in on a range of issues, including the VA problems, growing violence in Iraq, Hillary Clinton's "dead broke" remark, and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's shocking primary loss.
Focus- He has said he is not running for president in 2016, but Mitt Romney is already being called an early favorite in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire. A recent survey shows Romney as the frontrunner with 24%. Governor Chris Christie is a distant second with 9%. Earlier this week, we asked who you would vote for between Governor Christie and Hillary Clinton. Many of you said neither. Would you change your mind if Mitt Romney was on the Republican ticket?
Mitt Romney is criticizing Hillary Clinton on foreign policy? Seriously? The guy who seems to think bayonets and horses are cutting edge?
Appearing on Meet the Press on Sunday, Mitt Romney struck at the heart of the faults with the Hillary State Dept Foreign Policy. What you’ve seen from this administration, whether from Hillary Clinton with the reset button to Russia which by the way should have been called the repeat button, this ad…
Mitt Romney can't stop lying. On Meet The Press, Romney called Hillary Clinton clueless, while basing his claim on some ridiculous falsehoods.
The failed policies of Barack Obama "have diminished the ability of the United States to shape world events". Mitt Romney. Romney also said that Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Barack Obama have repeatedly underestimated Al Qaeda and other terrorists groups putting us in the situation that we are in today.with the employees of the Embassy of the United States of America, a super power, fleeing at the advance of Sunni terrorists in little white Toyota trucks. And Senator Manchin (D-WV) wanted to blame current events on our intelligence...when Obama knew about ISIS 60 days ago and has done NOTHING! Senator, with all due respects, you need to worry about the loss of coal jobs in your state!! Is this whole administration clueless or what? A president leading from behind...dithering and testing the political winds.only interested in his legacy and his perks and keeping Democrats in power.surrounded by political operatives with no worthwhile experience in anything pertaining to the military, or foreign policy ...
Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney said Sunday that Republicans can win the White House in 2016 by focusing on likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton...
Mitt Romney had some harsh words on Sunday for the person many believe will be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016: Hillary Clinton. "Consider what's happened around the world during the years that she was secretary of state," the Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee said on NBC's "Meet the Press", calling her tenure "a monumental bust." Romney slammed U.S. foreign policy, saying both Clinton and President Barack Obama have "repeatedly underestimated" America's enemies on the international stage. "This administration, from Secretary Clinton to President Obama, has repeatedly underestimated the threats that are faced by America," Romney said. "It has repeatedly underestimated our adversaries. And whether that's Russia or [Syrian President Bashar] Assad or ISIS or al-Qaida itself, it has not taken the action necessary to prevent things from happening. We have not used our influence to do what's necessary to protect our interests." Romney also blasted Clinton for com ...
Hillary Clinton asked how she would balance being a grandmother w/ President. Mitt Romney has 23 grandchildren. Don't re…
This is the truth. Hillary Clinton is a 1%er. She and Bill are multimillionairs and have been for a long time. They have drivers for their cars (Limos) and pilots for their jets. Nothing is wrong with that, but don't let her tell you she can understand what life is like for you and your family if you are an average or even above average American. Years and years of living the high life will take that understanding away from anyone living that way. Hillary is in the same income bracket as Mitt Romney.
"America Rising," a Republican opposition research group, attacked Hillary Clinton for being "someone who is extremely out of touch with the financial reality facing Americans," because the two homes the Clintons purchased in Chappaqua,and D.C. cost around $4.5 million combined. The best part about this, "America Rising" was started by the former campaign manager for Mitt Romney.
The disgrace comes from Washington D.C. The illegals being dumped along the Southern Border is a phase of the Deconstructing America. It's a strategy to turn the border along Mexico and America into slums. Third World Border. What Would Canada Do if Obama was to dump these illegals along Canada's Border? It is so obvious that Washington D.C. is corrupt and a tainted virus to destroy America Sovereignty. The North America Union will be slaves and the rich. No middle class. The World Order has no love "Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, Harry Reid and the Syndicate of Rothschild. Barack Obama is cruel, inhumane and a Foreign Terrorists. The rest of Washington D.C. are Domestic and Foreign Enemies.
First, in 1996 Bob Dole was 73 years old and would have been 74 not too long after his first term began. That’s nearly four full years older than Hillary Clinton will be in 2016. Secondly, John Mccain was 71 when he ran in 2008 and Rove called using his age against him “reprehensible.” Mitt Romney, though younger than Hillary Clinton, was 65 when he ran in 2012 and would have turned 66 just over a month after he took office had he been elected – and Rove insisted he was headed for an easy victory over President Obama. And while I don’t consider Romney to be “old,” if Rove wants to say try to say that being 69 is a big deal, 66 isn’t all that far behind. And last, but not least, the “conservative icon himself” Ronald Reagan turned 70 just after he took office in January 1981. Rove just threw his little hissy fit because he absolutely hates the Clintons and he knows Hillary is headed for an easy victory in 2016 no matter who Republicans pick to sacrifice. Bill Clinton slammed his idi ...
Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney were both born in 1947. Remember how the worried about Mitt's age?. Me neither.
Hillary Clinton is Mitt Romney's age. If Mitt had won in 2012, presumably the Republicans would've supported him for re-election in 2016, when he will still be Hillary's age. But Hillary is "too old" and has secretly lost her faculties? If she can manage to hide that loss, she's got enough faculties to be president. Mitt's never been able to hide his brain dysfunction.
Hillary Clinton is younger than Mitt Romney, in case you care.
By Eliana Johnson In a hypothetical matchup between Kentucky senator Rand Paul and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, the Republican senator is besting Clinton in three states: Colorado, Kentucky, and New Hampshire.The Kentucky poll, sponsored jointly by the Lexington Herald-Leader, the Louisville Courier-Journal, and two local television stations, has Paul leading Clinton by four points, 48 to 44 percent. That’s a slim margin of victory for Paul in his home state, one that Mitt Romney carried with over 60 percent of the vote. But Obama didn’t perform strongly in the South and his approval ratings there remain abysmal. The poll speaks to …read more Source: National Review
In 2011 Senator Harry Reid said "Mitt Romney hasn't paid any taxes for 10 years" with no supporting evidence, liberal media replays him saying it over and over. 2014, Karl Rove says "Hillary Clinton may have suffered brain damage when she fell and got a concussion". Actually a concussion is defined as a traumatic brain injury. Liberal media is demanding a Rove apology. Damned hypocrites.
The Left is experiencing a strong dose of "what goes around comes around". They are incensed that Karl Rove would suggest that Hillary Clinton has brain damage. After Rove stated that Clinton had spent 30 days in the hospital for a major fall and head injury which involved a blood clot in her brain, the Democrat controlled media reacted indignantly. "Oh, no", they said, "it was only 3 days." When in truth, her whereabouts were unknown. The Clinton camp insisted at the time that she was in no condition to testify on Benghazi, so something was clearly amiss. The state media reacted quite differently when Harry Reid declared, "Someone said Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes." When in truth, Romney had paid his taxes, and Reid knew it." But it made good copy, and the mainstream media ran with it.Karl Rove has always preferred nerf balls when he politically assaulted the opposition, but just maybe his accusations of a brain damaged Clinton affirms his newly acquired strategy of playing hard ball. The count ...
Karl Rove is accusing Hillary Clinton of brain damage? The same Karl Rove who was sure Mitt Romney would win? That Karl Rove? Just checking.
Is it too early to talk about the upcoming Presidential Election? Good 4 Utah's Nadia Crow reports on the politicians considering a run for the White House. Hillary Clinton, Jon Huntsman, Jr., Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio have all recently been linked to a presidential run. Who would you support? Leave us your comments and Nadia will read some on-air.
Media Alert...Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian voters do not care what Mitt Romney has to say about ANYTHING. He is a political loser cut from the same cloth that John Mccain is cut from, in that aside from other negative factors, namely the reasons why, he is incapable of winning a Presidential Election. The ONLY people who benefit from advancing this guy are the Democratic/Republican political class, and the business oligarchy of banksters and international business interests. Why, because he will lose easily to Hillary Clinton and he keeps any real choice away from the electorate.
Soros has almost doubled his net worth in the years President Obama has occupied the Oval Office. Under Obama, his fortune jumped to $20 billion in 2013 from $11 billion in 2009. During the George W. Bush presidency, Soros made $2.1 billion. In October, Soros signed on to be a co-chairman of the national Ready for Hillary, a super PAC tasked with drumming up support for a 2016 presidential run by Hillary Clinton. Soros, a longtime Democrat who is ranked No. 19 on the Forbes 400 list of richest people in America, donated $1 million to Priorities USA, the former pro-Obama super PAC that was responsible for launching multiple negative attacks against GOP nominee Mitt Romney during
Lol! Yes, Fox News, saying that Hillary Clinton is too old to run for president but Mitt Romney wasn't/isn't, sounds pretty sexist.
Mitt Romney and Ron Paul were both already grandfathers when they ran for president in 2012, and no one ever asked if it would affect their politics or ability to hold elected office. But USA Today is speculating about whether Hillary Clinton's upcoming grandparent status would affect her being president??? Did I miss a time warp?
Hey, Democrats; Remember how I helped you fight against Mitt Romney in 2012? In 2016, if you nominate Hillary Clinton, I will fight twice as hard AGAINST you. OK, good talk. Take care.
You know it is a slow news day when they are discussing whether Hillary Clinton can run for president because she'll be a grandmother. The push back Palin got about running for VP with a special needs child is not equivalent. Mitt Romney running with 22 grandchildren is.
Will some company that really loves America do us all a favor and give, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton a real job.
I was just going through the old Ron Paul memes and saw someone who went out of his way to defend Mitt Romney. Here is the problem.The primary selling point of Romney was that he was most electable. And he lost. So he wasn't most electable. It wasn't that he was a "good conservative" because he wasn't. Nor was he a believer in liberty. So that electable canard will be brought out again. Probably for Chris Christie or Jeb Bush. I think we now know that Christie certainly isn't "most electable". But here's the problem I have with both and it is exactly why neither should be nominated. My opinion is, if you do not see Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the extreme evil that they are, you should never be entrusted with the Presidency. I don't care how qualified you otherwise are. If you are blind to that, you are wholly UNQUALIFIED to be President. And this disqualifies both Christie and Bush. I don't give a rat's *** HOW "electable" either one is, given that fact.
(CNN) -- Mitt Romney is blaming President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the crisis in Ukraine as well as other foreign policy challenges across the globe.
You know *** well Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president because the GOP will put some nut case to run against her like Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz-which Sarah Palin will be rooting for. Other than Palin being political POISON - it's all good for Hillary. You may as well hand over the Presidency to Hillary and not even bother with elections. I TOLD YOU these elections are rigged.
I'm a liberal and there are precious few of us left. I hope the libertarians keep up the good work on transforming Benghazi from a tragedy to a scandal. I have watched the results of the polls. The more the libertarians bring up Benghazi the further the gap grows between Hillary Clinton's numbers and the numbers of her republican opponents. I watched Adam Kinzinger hold up his voter card and say that he votes for what is in the best interest of the people of the sixteenth district. I knew then and there that he was going to face a challenge from the libertarians. For a moment he was acting like a leader. Now fear of him losing his seat has caused him to abandon the idea of leading and become a follower. I’m not sure why the republicans are going to nominate another puppet like Mitt Romney to come against Hillary Clinton. I think that the only leaders in their party are David Koch, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Rogers Ailes. They should give the nod to one of these fellows. David Koch ran for Vice P ...
Hillary Clinton: The Democrat Party's version of Mitt Romney "Hillary Clinton has many admirable qualities, but candor and openness and transparency and a commitment to well-established fact have not been notable among them.Hillary Rodham Clinton has always had a difficult relationship with the truth." ~ Carl Bernstein, 2008
Mitt Romney: Bill Clinton 'embarrassed the nation,' indiscretions not Hillary's to explain via
Leslie Marshall discusses the comment from Mitt Romney regarding the Bill Clinton / Monica Lewinsky scandal, saying that "Bill Clinton embarrassed the nation". He also goes on to say that this should have no bearing on Hillary Clinton's possible presidential candidacy. "America's Newsroom", FNC 2/1...
Mitt Romney on Sunday morning said former President Bill Clinton “embarrassed the nation” with personal indiscretions while in office, even as he said Republicans should not use the affair with Monica Lewinsky to combat a presidential bid by Hillary Clinton. “He embarrassed the nation,” Romney said…
Mitt Romney on Hillary Clinton: She’ll be judged on her own record, not Bill’s via
Romney: Hillary Clinton should be judged on her own record, not Bill's
Mitt Romney: The Lewinsky scandal has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and her potential run for president
Republicans held their noses and supported losers like Bob Dole, John Mccain, and Mitt Romney but they were honorable men. Hillary Clinton is a mean spirited, ruthless, thug who will galvanize the Republican Party to defeat this self serving Democrat. By the way, to all those who think Hillary is so smart she FLUNKED the bar exam her first time out. At the University of Memphis those taking the bar for the first time have a 95% pass rate.
A good comedian goes after the leader in the White House and for 13 of Jay Leno's 22 years as host of "The Tonight Show," there was a democrat in the White House. Party affiliation aside for any comedian, a joke is a joke: Here were Jay's top 10 punchlines over those years. 1. Bill Clinton (4,607); 2. George W. Bush (3,239); 3. Al Gore (1,026); 4. Barack Obama (1,011); 5. Hillary Clinton (939); 5. *** Cheney (673); 7. Monica Lewinsky (454); 8. Bob Dole (452); 9. John Mccain (426); 10. Mitt Romney (361). Study by Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University. Perhaps that is why he was No. 1. He aimed at them all.
Time for a fun (maybe) new thread. Think of living Americans who are accomplished, prominent, or at least famous in their fields. Now divide them into those who also seem like great human beings, and those who seem (at least to you) like hateful or deplorable human beings. Give us a list of at least three in each category. I'll do ten in each just to get it started. Feel free to disagree with my selections, if you wish, and I have no doubt that some of you will. GREAT Peyton Manning, Mary Tyler Moore, Phil Mickelson, Condoleeza Rice, James Garner, Sen. Tom Coburn, Megyn Kelly, Mitt Romney, George H.W. Bush, Charles Krauthammer HATEFUL Barry Bonds, Tiger Woods, Charles Manson, Barbra Streisand, Chris Matthews, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Charlie Sheen
Mitt Romney praises Chris Christie and says Hillary Clinton is beatable! Guess he knows what it takes 2 win!
Anyone catch the Mitt Romney interview on the today show today?? Think what you want that man is smart, has class, morals , and respect! Even classy when asked about Hillary Clinton and handled Russia and the Olympics with class ! ! How bad did " We the people " screw up!!!
Mitt Romney had a binder, Hillary Clinton has a hit list. Pretty sure Mitt's is safe.
Like Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton may win the nomination and match up poorly in the general election.
Nope, Mitt Romney is not gonna be the 45th president in 2016, because he's a Republican, Hillary Clinton is gonna be the President and the First Lady president of the United States of America, because she's a Democrat.
I hope either Mitt Romney or Hillary Clinton runs, Romney preferably but Hillary works.
WIND Radio: How is Hillary Clinton the next Mitt Romney ? S.E. Cupp Crossfire talked with...
When people try to tell me Hillary Clinton is too old but she's the exact same age as Mitt Romney and I'm like
President Obama pauses as he speaks about immigration reform Monday in San Francisco. President Obama is concerned these days with the "young invincibles," the 20-somethings he needs now to buy into his program, but who probably won't because they feel (you guessed it) invincible and think they will stay so for quite a long time. But it takes one to know one, as the irony is Obama himself is, or once was, an ultra-invincible, unstoppable and doing what people said couldn't be done. Could he become world famous on the strength of one speech? Yes, he could. Could he beat Hillary Clinton, a president's wife and a feminist icon? Yes, he could. Could he then beat John Mccain, iconic war hero? Yes, he could do that, too, with the help of a nicely-timed collapse of the fiscal system, just at the moment he started to flag. Sign Up for the Politics Today newsletter! “Yes We Can!" was his slogan (without mentioning what he was supposed to be doing), and he indeed was invincible, up to the morning of Oct. 1, ...
So Martin Bashir says, on air that someone should shi# in the mouth of a former governor and Vice Presidential candidate and he still has a job. No backlash from the left. Wonder what would happen if Bill O'Reilly said someone should shi& in Hillary Clinton mouth. All the race baiters and women rights advocates said NOTHING, and you *** clowns attacked Mitt Romney and the right for having a war against women. FUC& ALL U HYPOCRITICAL SAUSAGE SMOKING PORK PUFFERS
Ex-Obama Aide Messina Signals Support for Hillary in '16 Jim Messina, who ran President Barack Obama's re-election campaign last year, and John Podesta, Bill Clinton's former chief of staff, are reportedly in talks to co-chair a group backing Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. Messina and Podesta would head the board of Priorities USA, a super PAC that backed Obama's 2012 campaign, and provide "a dramatic early symbol of party unity behind the former secretary of state," BuzzFeed reported. Messina's presence on the board would indicate that key Obama loyalists are backing Clinton "and are ready to forgo a primary," the site added. Sources close to the group, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said talks are still in progress and plans could change. One concern is that Vice President Joe Biden, a potential presidential candidate in 2016, would view Messina's backing of a pro-Clinton group as a slight. Priorities USA spent $79 million on television ads attacking Mitt Romney last year. It would ser ...
Here is my prediction for the 2016 presidential race. Hillary Clinton will get the Democratic Party's nomination easily. She won't have any serious challengers. On the Republican side, it will be just like 2012. There were basically 3 types of republican voters in 2012. There were libertarians or people who leaned libertarian and voted for Ron Paul. There were "establishment republicans" who voted for Mitt Romney. And there were Tea Party people who weren't libertarians who split the vote between everyone else. Mitt Romney didn't win the majority of votes but he got more than anyone else (a true majority requires 50% or more). Then when Mitt Romney got the nomination no principled voter cared about it because he was the same as Obama and Obama won. The Republican Party will have the same problem in 2016. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and a few teapublicans will run. I'm guessing that Rand will get more libertarians votes, Cruz will get more Tea Party people who lean libertarian to vote for him, Chr ...
Fox News proving once again they are the channel for Elitists and RINO's everywhere. Wall Street Journal report is now talking about Chris Christie and how he's the savior of the Republican Party. It'd be interesting if they didn't run the very same programming and analysis for John Mccain and Mitt Romney. Chris Christie cannot win a Presidential Election. In every poll no matter what Jujitsu you apply to the math, he comes out losing to Hillary Clinton. And yet we're going to be treated to an avalanche of programming from Fox News telling us what a genius this guy is. I am not kidding, folks. They really ran the same programming for Romney and that proved to be an embarrassing loss.
I hope that everyone in Virginia is ready too vote for Terry McAuliffe Tuesday because he is the man KEN is full of it matter of fact republicans are full of BULL ... You should have heard MITT ROMNEY on meet the press this morning he says the samething all the time what he could have done should have could have but you didnt because he is a liar ... The world is in a big enough mess already ... Looking forward too seeing Hillary Clinton when the 2016 election...
Not surprisingly, the liberal media on Friday focused on leaked details from Mark Halperin and John Heilemann's new book "Double Down" that involved Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, and Chris Christie.
The individual mandate portion of Obamacare is the brainchild of the conservative Heritage Foundation. They came up with it when Hillary Clinton was the 1st Lady and was trying to put forth healtcare reform in the 90's.. its based on the republican tenet of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Mitt Romney actually enacted it as governor of Massachusetts. If people would just stop listening to Faux News and Lumbaugh and their ilk and actually learn for themselves how rhey can benefit from the law they would probably support it.
Hillary Clinton introduced as 'next president' by Mitt Romney voter - Washington Times
Via -- Hillary Clinton is Introduced as the ‘Next President’ by Mitt Romney Supporter.
Becoming Two Countries in 2014 Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 4:40PM Tom Hayden in Domestic Policy, Politics, Social Movements United by the flag, but divided by its colors. (Photo: Getty 2013)The logic of voter turnout data all but guarantees right-wing Republican congressional victories in 2014 and a sealing of the divide of America into two countries for the foreseeable future. White House operatives privately acknowledge that GOP gerrymandering plus low turnout make 2014 a war to keep the Senate Democratic and show gains while losing the House. There are eight battleground Senate seats where Mitt Romney won the popular vote in 2012 and incumbent Democrats are either retiring or vulnerable to defeat. Even if Hillary Clinton manages to win in 2016, the battle for the House will favor the GOP since the current gerrymandeRed Seats will remain intact until 2020, or even 2022. Assuming continued Democratic control of the White House and Senate in 2014, the opportunity to take back the Roberts Supreme Cour ...
In 1996 the Republicans held power in the House and Senate, the shutdown was about the budget. The Republicans sent a bill to the President he vetoed it and the government shut down for 28 days while they worked out the details. In 1996 Hillary Clinton was working on health care, many parts of the affordable care act were shaped at that time. The mandate was a Republican idea Mitt Romney implemented as a Governor rejecting it as a Republican Presidential candidate. To reach a budget agreement with Republicans Bill Clinton gave up on health care, he signed don’t ask don’t tell, the defense of marriage act, the result was five balanced budgets through constitutional process and political negotiation. The 28 day shutdown made sense in 1996 because it was about the budget, it does not make sense today because it's about holding the economy hostage to shape legislation. There is provision made in the constitution for shaping the laws of the land and it's not shut the government down. It is worth noting ...
Celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne has predicted Mitt Romney will bounce back from his 2012 presidential loss and win in 2016. Romney will defeat Secretary of State John Kerry, who will become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee after top contender Hillary Clinton retires from politics, ...
Am I hallucinating again, or are the Republicans forcing the Democrats to fight like *** to implement a Republican idea? "Obamacare" is not single payer healthcare, which would be a Democratic idea. It is a concept worked out by the Heritage Institute (the main Republican thinktank) as an alternative to Hillary Clinton's health care reform proposal of the early 90's (which wasn't single payer, either). This proposal was actually implemented by a Republican governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney. It's brilliant. The Democrats, who no longer have ideas of their own, now have to fight tooth and nail to implement the Republican program. Can things get any crazier than this?
Don't forget Obama wasn't the first person to come up with a health care bill and neither was Mitt Romney, It was Hillary Clinton, and back then our elected representatives were smarter than the ones we have to-day it went down in flames, here is another reminder to the people who don't remember or choose to forget Obama care is not the first time our representative have rammed something down our throats, how many people remember NAFTA ( North American Free trade agreement) it was pushed in the beginning by Bush 41, Clinton ran on the position it wasn't good for America and he would kill it but upon getting Elected he changed his mind and was pushing it, I wonder if the fact that Mexico spent hundreds of millions on advertising and lobbing had anything to do with it “surely not”, the unions were opposed to it the American public were opposed to it but under the table deals were made and they rammed it down our throats, so open up and bend over American US citizen here it comes. Later Clinton was asked ...
Mind, I have no idea whom I'd support in a primary in 2016 at this point. But opponents of Hillary Clinton are attacking her as "too old to be President". Let's look at this. She was born in 1947, which means she'll be 69 on election day, 2016. Let's compare a list of major-party nominees over the 10 races, shall we? We'll only look at the age on first run for those who took office. Republican: - Mitt Romney, 2012 was 65 - John Mccain, 2008 was 72 - George W. Bush, 2000 was 54 - Bob Dole, 1996 was 72 - George H.W. Bush, 1988 was 67 - Ronald Reagan, 1980 was 69 - Gerald Ford, 1976 was 63 Democrat: - Barack Obama, 2008 was 47 - John Kerry, 2004 was 60 - Al Gore, 2000 was 52 - Bill Clinton, 1992 was 47 - Michael Dukakis, 1988 was 55 - Walter Mondale, 1984 was 56 - Jimmy Carter, 1976 was 52 So. While she WOULD be as old as Ronald Reagan when he entered the Oval Office, she would be only 3 years older than the average Republican nominee since 1976, and 17 years older than the average Democratic nominee in t .. ...
*** straight. Democracy is an Illusion in the United States of America. You have no real choice. I know that sounds pessimistic, but it's actually the truth. It doesn't matter too much if you voted for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney or Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush or John Kerry or John Mccain. They are all CHOSEN FOR YOU. Big Banks and Special Interests buy and select the politicians who will do their bidding. Then, we all get to choose from the group that has been selected for us.
Senator Rubio, Call Your Office Many of us who like Florida Senator Marco Rubio have been trying to figure out why he made immigration reform a signature issue when there are so many other issues on which he could be fighting Obama. Those close to him argue that he cares about reforming our broken immigration system, and feels that he is uniquely positioned as a Hispanic conservative to break the deadlock on immigration reform. So what is the payoff for Rubio putting his neck on the line and leading the charge for this quasi-amnesty bill? Perhaps less than he thinks. According to a poll by Latino Decisions, in a hypothetical 2016 race Rubio would get just 28% of the Hispanic vote while Hillary Clinton gets 66%. He fares no better against Joe Biden, losing 60% to 28%. (Mitt Romney got 27% of the Hispanic vote last year against Barack Obama.) This must be disappointing news for Senator Rubio given the damage he has sustained among conservative grassroots activists. But it should also serve as a teachable mo ...
ACCORDING to a dull White House statement, US President Barack Obama gave both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard a buzz overnight. Apparently the President offered his congratulations to Mr Rudd, and thanked Julia Gillard for her "warm friendship". That's all very nice, but it's also boring. I reckon the PR pros are hiding the real, far more interesting details from us. Here's how the conversations really went. Probably. According to, erm, "anonymous sources"*. What Obama really said to Kevin and Julia Source: AP SAM CLENCH *RING RING* JG: Hi, this is Julia. BO: Hi Julia, it's Barack. I heard about what happened. I'm sorry. JG: Thanks. I'll be fine. And I wish Kevin all the best ... backstabbing little squirt. BO: If it makes you feel any better, my party would replace me with Hillary Clinton in a nanosecond if they could. JG: Fair point. I should have been a politician in America. BO: Hey, if Arnie can do it, anyone can. JG: Maybe I should call a presser and say "I'll be back." Just to mess with their heads. ...
Make no mistake, Barak Obama Sarah Palin, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Allen West, Mitt Romney, and Hillary Clinton have the exact same philosophy on foreign interventionism. They only play opposites on TV.
Hillary Clinton already won the 2016 election... why does she need $3 dollars from me? Where does the money go... I know, to the Caymans, next to Mitt Romney and the gang :D Susan — Scary news: CNN reports top GOP operatives just launched a brand new Super PAC. It’s an all-in-one Republican attack machine that produces smears against Democrats and then sells them to groups like Karl Rove’s. So far: 1. They’ve already launched attacks in this year’s Virginia Governor’s race, which is tied: Cuccinelli (R) 42, McAuliffe (D) 42. 2. They’ve pledged to attack Democratic senators in four states we must win to stop a Republican takeover. 3. They’re even targeting Hillary Clinton to destroy her chances of becoming President. If we don’t respond, this coordinated GOP attack machine will threaten Democrats across the country and could hand control of the Senate to Mitch Mcconnell. We can't wait to fight back -- we must respond and meet our $300,000 goal before the end-of-quarter deadline in just 48 ...
Barack Obama – POLITICAL CAMPAIGNER EXTRAORDINNAIRE Recently, on TV, there have been numerous video clips of Barack Obama warning America about the rise of the Tea Party. This was before, during, and after the unexpected appearance and energy of unconnected groups of people who were the first responders to the leftward direction and rapid drift of our Country, under the administration of the current President. He knew that this spontaneous fire, coming from numerous directions, could be the source that might douse his vision of a leftist leviathan government. As a highly skillful, and indefatigable, campaigner he and his staff has demonstrated the ability to quash his opponent; be it Hillary Clinton, John Mccain, or Mitt Romney. Consider the active engagement and unique actions of President Obama. As an adult, he has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the struggle of the left, the published vision of Saul Alinksky, and as a congregant, has encouraged his children to be influenced by the moral compass ...
Jonathan Alter: Obama's 'Deranged' Enemies Helped Him Win in 2012 Alter: GOP Attacks Helped Vault Obama in ’12 Veteran journalist Jonathan Alter, who has a new book focusing on the 2012 presidential race, says that Republican attacks on President Barack Obama backfired and hurt the GOP, but asserts that Obama's failure to reach across the aisle has hurt his agenda. And he predicts that both Gov. Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton will likely run for president in 2016. Alter also discloses details about a secret meeting in which leading conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh and Fox News chief Roger Ailes, tried to convince Christie to enter the 2012 race for the White House. Alter, a senior editor and columnist at Newsweek from 1983 to 2011, is now a Bloomberg View columnist and contributing correspondent at NBC News. His 2010 book, "The Promise: President Obama, Year One," was a New York Times best-seller, reaching No. 3 on the list. His new book is "The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies." Alter’s ...
In 2009, Christie squeaked by with 3 percent. This time around he's running against a non-candidate as the man who got New Jersey through the storm. Whatever numbers he gets won't translate to a national election against Hillary Clinton. And the glowing media profiles will shut off once he gets the brass ring and becomes the fat man standing in Hillary's way. And then the hero will become the villain. That's what happened to moderate mavericks like John Mccain and Mitt Romney. What really moves Christie isn't the opportunity to do good for the people of his state, but the nearness to celebrities like Springsteen and Obama. And perhaps that is why Christie has tried harder to be famous than to be a good governor. ~Daniel Greenfield
I have observed in some democracies around the world even,here in Africa where the losers or better still runups are so eager to concede defeat,they do it as if their life depend on it.I recall Gordon Brown urging Nick Clegg and David Cameron to conclude on their alliance fast that the Queen will the expecting his resignation in the last British election. I watch Hillary Clinton,John Mccain,Mitt Romney and many others quick to concede as a matter of honor. So what is wrong with the black man especially the Nigerian species? Why would 35 grown men lock themselves up in a room conduct an election and nobody is eager to concede in the Nigerian Governors Forum. Why would a governor also want to be the chairman of an election he is a candidate? As a student i contested an election and lost in a controversial way but,i was eager to concede not because i didn't have people urging me not to but,because it doesn't make sense fighting what i have subscribe.
This is MY president. Not George W. Bush, not Barack Obama, not George Bush, not Bill Clinton, not John Mccain, not John Kerry, not Hillary Clinton, not Mitt Romney, not Al Gore, not Ronald Reagan, not Richard Nixon, not Jimmy Carter... Ron Paul.
"Code Pink" peace activists have heckled George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Sen. John Mccain and Mitt Romney. Today, its co-founder Medea Benjamin interrupted President Barack Obama's counterterrorism speech several times before she was escorted out of National Defense University.
Readers Digest 100 most trusted people in America. really?, Bill Gates at Steven Spielberg at Ellen DeGeneres at and Michelle Obama at Really? Obviously a Liberal made this list up.There are also lots of other people you've never heard of..., so I really doubt they are that trusted by most of America. This is who should be on here in the top ten in no particular order. Clint Eastwood, Sean Hannity, Condoleezza Rice, Sam Alito, Adam Sandler, Billy Graham, Mitt Romney, Shepard Smith, Ann Coulter, and Phil McGraw. and one more that makes 11... Steve Forbes. These people you could trust with $1 million of your own money... you would get it back. I promise you..., give the current Michelle Obama, or Hillary Clinton $1 million... you can say adios.
Bill O'Reilly tonight previewed tomorrow's big Congressional hearing on last year's attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that left four Americans dead. O'Reilly and Monica Crowley both suspected that Hillary Clinton might be somewhat damaged by the scandal, while Alan Colmes slammed the whole in...
Mitt Romney has been interviewed by Chris Wallace for FNS and snips were on O'Reilly last night...and Romney said rightly that it is unfortunate that our national leaders are trying to score political victories rather than fix the problems. This would never have happened if Romney had been elected, as we know, and we would be well on our way to a real recovery. Now...I am going to vent on O'Reilly and others who blame Mitt Romney for the loss...read my lips...millions of registered conservatives and so called evangelicals did not vote...not Romney's fault...thousands and thousands of military votes were late, lost, or otherwise not counted...not Romney's fault.there was massive voter fraud...not Romney's fault.93% of the blacks voted for Obama because of skin color and would vote again and again...not Romney's fault.the Obama ground game which beat Hillary Clinton registered and hauled millions to the polls who do not have a clue what the issues were or are or will be.not Romney's fault.the unions, trial ...
Former House Speaker and Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said the current GOP would be “incapable of competing” against Hillary Clinton should she run in 2016. Gingrich on NBC’s “Meet the Press” called Clinton a “very formidable” person who is married to “the most popular Democrat in the country.” “If [the Republicans'] competitor in ’16 is going to be Hillary Clinton, supported by Bill Clinton and presumably, a still relatively popular President Barack Obama, trying to win that will be truly the Super Bowl. And the Republican Party today is incapable of competing at that level,” Gingrich said. Gingrich also said the reason Republicans lost the White House last month was “much more than Mitt Romney.” “We didn’t blow it because of Mitt Romney, we blew it because of a party which has refused to engage the reality of American life and refused to think through what the average American needs for a better future,” he said.
"Did you know that the anti-Christian cop killer has a huge crush on Obama, Biden, Piers Morgan, MSNBC, CNN, Hillary Clinton and the Assault Weapons Ban? Gotcha, didn’t I? Of course you didn’t know that because that would make the Left look bad, and Lame Stream Media is running interference for these folks. At the time of my typing there have been muy poquito media mentions of Dorner doting over liberal leadership and their policies. Question: Do you think Chris Matthews would have brought up these ditties if the killer had a thing for Mitt Romney? Or Rush Limbaugh? Or Hannity? Or the NRA?"--Doug Giiles
MANY THANKS M,OTHER CLINTON,YOU WILL ALWAYS COME OUT VICTORIOUS IN YOUR DAYS UNDER THE SUN. BY AMBASSADOR DAVIDMCINTOSH,PRESIDENT CEO DAVIDMCINTOSH FOUNDATION. The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy: Out of Gas? Posted: 02/01/2013 9:26 am Fox News , Hillary Clinton , Media News Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is departing from the State Department on her own terms and with a formidable legacy intact. Given that Clinton, no matter what she decides about 2016, will undoubtedly remain an influential figure in American public life for years to come, one might have expected her long-time detractors, who have been trying for more than 20 years to trip her up, to land some solid blows to her widely admired reputation for leadership on the global stage. Instead, we've been treated to salvos that were silly, at best; and on the one potentially serious issue raised, the Fox News-initiated and Mitt Romney-fortified Benghazi craze, all the attacks fell flat. The Fake Concussion The first attempt to tarnish Clinton ...
I don't why people stereotype folk because they think folk don't have the money or they think folk don't have the connections. Umm, I've been better received by people who had bigger hearts than money and I've been blessed by the words of people with great advice and words of wisdom. So what, you balling, great for you. One thing I've never done is hated on someone else's blessing! So, just because you have $$ does not mean you always have the right answers. In fact with the exception of Bill Clinton: (Ross Perot, Steve Forbes, Mitt Romney in 2008, Al Gore, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Jon Huntsman, Rudy Giuliani, and John Edwards in order of net worth) have all failed to win in previous presidential campaigns, with only four even securing a major party’s nomination (Bill Clinton, Gore, Kerry, and Romney in 2012). Therefore, a candidate’s personal bank account does not win the presidency. So, I'm pretty confident the same rules apply for small town political positions too.
belongs to Barack Obama, Psy, Malala Yousuf, Kony 2012-Invisible Children , Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney. They changed the world.
While the left has been doing their level-best to portray white Americans who plan on voting for Mitt Romney on Tuesday, as being purely motivated by racial-hatred, the facts (something that liberals despise) prove just the opposite is true. In January 2010, racist comments made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and former President Bill Clinton were revealed in "Game Change," a book written by Time Magazine's Mark Halperin and New York magazine's John Heilemann. The book gave a behind the scenes look at the 2008 presidential campaign. In the book, Harry Reid is quoted as describing Barack Obama as a "light skinned" African-American "with no *** dialect, unless he wanted to have one." Also exposed, was a comment made by Bill Clinton, as he was trying to persuade Sen. Ted Kennedy to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. Clinton told Kennedy that just a few years ago, Obama would have been serving them coffee. While Reid was quick to apologize for his statement (and his true feelings toward 13 percent . ...
EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! -Barack Obama is going to push for the REPEAL & REPLACE of the HEALTH CONTROL TAX and He will change its name rightfully to ROMNEY CARE. He will place the FULL brunt of the blame on Mitt Romney, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. He will say that they conspired against him in order to Implicate Him, 'The Real First Black President' as the one to disenfranchise the black americans Just like their Grand parents did many years ago. He will say that while he was working with secret agent 'T-33-77-T / The 33 Lone Wolf 13 / a.k.a. Me' in our SECRET HUNT FOR Osama Bin Laden' that the four named above used that time to jam up the works and get the MIS-REPRESENTED HEALTH CARE TAX PUSHED THREW all the while using politics and game playing of Both sides of the isle to create the distraction. -The fact that John Bohner said the day after the election 'the health control tax is the new law of the land proves to the whole country they are all playing the game. HE will then giv ...
STRATEGIC POLITICS: The making of a two term presidency. The Obama model is classic and worthy of emulation. From day one of his first term he started chalking up successes for his reelection. Marketing research followed with market segmentation was scrupulously adhered to. Obama appointed his arch Democratic Primary rival Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. The performance of Hillary Clinton in External Affairs was excellent and Obama benefited immensely. Also in the area of suitability as Commander- in-Chief in a time of War, he shocked the Republicans in their traditional terrain. Obama withdrew honorably from the ill conceived and unpopular Iraq war and gave a day certain for withdrawing from unwinnable Afghanistan war. Use of unmanned drones was very successful also. Further, the President silenced Osama Bin Laden which eluded George W Bush. On domestic front, Obama paved the way for gradual economic recovery. And early in the campaign, Obama's campaign team rightly defined Mitt Romney as an e ...
Breaking from Newsmax.com O’Reilly: Romney Defeat Was ‘Self-Inflicted’ Fox News host and best-selling author Bill O’Reilly tells Newsmax that Mitt Romney deserved to lose the Presidential Election because he “ran and hid” during the last weeks of his campaign. O’Reilly also declares there is “no way” United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice will replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State — and the job will go instead to Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry. Editor's Notes: O’Reilly’s nightly show “The O’Reilly Factor” is the highest rated cable news program in the country. His latest book is “Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot,” co-written with Martin Dugard, about the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Released in October, the eye-opening book already holds the No. 1 position on The New York Times list of best-selling works. In an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV, O’Reilly expresses his feelings about Mitt Romney’s failed presidential c ...
For all who think the world will end in 2012, who do you think will the play the part: Antichrist?: 1. Stephen Harper: Prime Minister of Canada 2. David Cameron: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 3. Pope Benedict XVI: Pope 4. Giorgio Napolitano: President of Italy 5. Fathallah Sijilmassi: Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean 6. Herman Van Rompuy: Leader of European Union 7. Barack Obama: President of the United States 8. Michelle Bachmann: Candidate for United States President 9. Herman Cain 10. Newt Gingrich 11. Ron Paul 12. Rick Perry 13. Mitt Romney 14. Rick Santorum 15. Sarah Palin 16. Ban Ki-Moon: Secretary General of the United Nations 17. Kim Jong-Un: Supreme Leader of North Korea 18. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: President of Iran 19. Mahmoud Abbas: Leader of Palestinian Liberation Organization 20. Najib Mikati: Prime Minister of Lebanon 21. Vladimir Putin: Dictator of Russia 22. Hillary Clinton: United States Secretary of State 23. Ayatollah Ali-Khameini: Supreme Leader of Iran 24. Bash ...
Voters in the United States will on Tuesday (today) decide who would rule the most powerful country in the world for the next four years. Incumbent President Barack Obama, a Democrat, and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, made a dash to a series of crucial swing states on Monday, delivering their final arguments to voters on the last day of an extraordinarily close race for the White House. In the build up to the election, both candidates had attended hundreds of rallies, town hall events and fundraisers. They also squared-off in three nationally televised debates which were memorable but did not turn out to be decisive. In the race, the two contenders and their party allies raised a combined $2bn and analysts posit that the 2012 election campaign is the most expensive in US history. Obama, the 44th US President is the first black man to rule the country. After a close race in the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries against Hillary Clinton, he won his party’s nomination. In the 2008 presi ...
An interesting point by Britt Hume. "Mitt Romney is probably the last person who will run for President from his generation". Didn't think of that (and please don't say Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton--they're done). The next wave of leaders are from my generation.oh sheet!! :)
Ok, that's a wrap. Everyone take tomorrow off. Be back here bright and early Wednesday for The Road to the White House 2016. Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton
Serious question: Why should I vote for Mitt Romney? Less than 24 hours before I vote in my very 1st election (except for Student Govt Elections) as it stands right now I will be voting for the incumbent. Not because he is black...I wouldn't vote for Rev Al or Herman Cain. I am voting for Barack for 3 simple reasons: 1) If Bill Clinton and George Bush got 2 terms I don't see why Obama can't get a second term. 2) My Main Man RMoney has kids older than me. I can barely keep up with my 2 kids sometimes, how is someone that experienced gonna manage running a country. I have memories of Bob Dole falling off a stage back when he ran for the Presidency. 3) I believe that the 1st Lady should be pleasant to look at...Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama are easy on the eyes (at least when their husbands took office). When I see Mrs. Romney I am just a bit scared. Try and convince me otherwise...I am open. You can either comment or send a message to my inbox. I am Collin Baugh and I approved this me ...
Bipartisanship credentials are a major card to play in the race now. Obama has uhh Charlie Crist. Romney hasGigi Georges, the State Director for Hillary Clinton, a Special Assistant to the President in the Clinton Administration, former Executive Director of the New York State Democratic Party and a...
Obama you own me money Mann! Mitt Romney, I don't know you fool. Bill Clinton, you still my *** Hillary Clinton, I still want you to be my President. Ronald Reagan, are you my daddy? A.Lincoln is you Vampire Slayer for real? George Washington, I got plenty of you in my wallets. George Bush, what was I thinking voting for you cuz. No vote campaign this year for me, there all lairs!
It is the duty of a President to promote the agenda of his or her political party when elected President . Bill Maher described it best when he said " electing Mitt Romney not only elects him but every radical nut that he has pandered to for the last 10 years. Every one that wants less federal protection under the law . Less government oversight, less environmental controls, less Federal help in emergency situations like Hurricane Sandy. more input from people like Donald Trump and less from people like Colin Powell. More people like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum and less from people like Hillary Clinton. More input from Pat Robertson and less from Common sense Ministers like Jim Wallis. Electing Mitt Romney brings you Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman on your Television every night and People like the same ones that got us into New Orleans and Iraq. It takes us away from sanity and gives the church the rights our Constitution has been giving for over 200 year. It ends science and technology and re-w ...
The American media has progressed beyond 'biased' and 'one-sided' to being certifiably insane. When the president of the United States can look Mitt Romney and the American People in the eye during the debates and tell dozes of baldfaced lies, that's a problem. However, when the media gives him a pass on it, and when academia regurgitates the media lies, it's much more than a problem – it's a national tragedy. If you don't have access to the Fox News Channel or are unaware of great conservatives on AM radio like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, etc., then you are essentially at the mercy of a media machine and education system *** bent on destroying this great country that will stop at NOTHING until they have completed the job. The only “news” you will be aware of will be what the media and "educators" feed you, twisted into a lie. Sadly, this is how they make our children believe what THEY want them to believe. In fact, this how we ended up with liberal Democrats like Bill and Hillary Clinton, misguided ...
One or both of the two leading liberal, progressive democrats, Hillary Clinton and Barry Obama have been negligent to the point of the deaths of four brave American citizens serving their country in Libya. And despite Hillary's Mea Culpa that the buck stops with her, neither her nor Obama is going to be persecuted by the liberal American press for this failure. There is no doubt in my military mind that Mitt Romney, or for that matter, George W. Bush, would have allowed this to happen on their watch without sending in the marines and every other asset at their disposal. Seven hours people, this is how long this attack drug on. Are you trying to tell me that help for these brave americans could not be obtained? Barry Obama, and his chief advisor, Valerie Jarret, knew that a bloody response with mass casualties would contradict their rhetoric that radical Islam is on the run and waning. Any one who overlooks this criminal malfesence of office and votes for this scumbag deserves what they get, a liar, an i ...
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced this week he was beefing up his campaign with some top brass: more than 300 retired general and flag officers, who will serve in a consultant role on his campaign’s military advisory panel. The list, which contains more than two dozen retired four-stars, includes Gens. James Conway and Paul X Kelley, former commandants of the Marine Corps; Army Gen. Tommy Franks, who led the initial assault of the Taliban in Afghanistan following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and oversaw the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003; and Army Gen. James Joseph Lindsay, the first commander of U.S. Special Operations Command. A wildcard choice on the list is retired Army Gen. Hugh Shelton, who endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2008, but made a stir four years earlier by pointedly declining to endorse a fellow retired Army four-star on the Democratic ticket,, Gen. Wesley Clark.
Keep Voting for a Leader like this...Some day YOUR Daughter Maybe President of United States of America, Gabby Douglas, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, Michelle Obama.These women are Men back bones, Rich, Champions & capable of doing anything a man can do.Please like if you feel your daughter can do ANYTHING Mitt Romney feels the cant. Its about your daughters & SONS!!
Greg Corombos of Radio America and Jim Geraghty of National Review are mildly encouraged by new battleground state polls showing an edge for Mitt Romney. They react to Hillary Clinton taking the blame for the lack of security in Benghazi. And they groan as the mainstream media are obsessed with de...
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: Mark talks about the new developments coming out regarding the Libya and Egypt embassy attacks. The Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton are involved in a cover-up and purposely used the Muhammad videotape as an excuse for the attacks and not the real reason. In the end, the only one that was right on the situation in the aftermath was Mitt Romney, and he was attacked from the media and the Administration. Mark says that if Obama had defended our Embassies as much as he's defending Sesame Street, maybe people wouldn't have been killed. Mark also talks about a Romney surge that is starting to happen Across America as he begins to lead in polls. Finally, Josh Mandel calls in regarding his Ohio Senate run.
The "poor lady" doing the add for planned parenthood & how bad Mitt Romney wants to shut it down. Please give me a break. Since they "help so many women"..cough,cough,puke,puke Let's shut down the slaughterhouse/abortionmill that was founded by the illustrious Margaret Sanger(whom. Hillary Clinton admires).she started the organization to stop poor black women from having so many babies. So it was founded by a racist women to eliminate blacks & now doesn't discriminate which babies they kill.
Here we go again. President Obama has a habit of being so calm, cool and collected that it frustrates his own supporters. It happened four years ago in the Democratic Primary campaign against Hillary Clinton. It happened again in the 2008 general election campaign against John Mccain. And it happened during the 2010 debate over health care reform. In each case, pundits and critics complained the president wasn't being aggressive enough in his own defense. I admit it, I was one of those critics myself. I like a good fight, and I like a politician who likes to fight. But in each case, I was wrong, and Obama won in the end. Last night's debate was another one of those frustrating moments. For the better half of 90 minutes, Mitt Romney attacked the president, distorted the president's record and lied about his own record. Fact checkers are already having a field day responding to Romney's false allegations, including the patently false claim that Obama has created an "unelected board" of bureaucrats to tell p ...
The progressive elites [describes philosophy of those who want to remake America and move her away from her Constitutional roots] - and others, too - are worrying about Big Bird being left out in the cold if Mitt Romney is elected President [because he said he would cut government support to PBS and other entities in order to begin to do something about our out-of-control debt.] Hey, any number of successful networks that do not need government handouts will pick-up Big Bird and by the way - is it not time for PBS, a pretty good network - to learn to stand alone and do what everybody else does, seek to make a profit without government control and intervention. With the debt now at 16 trillion dollars and climbing every day, Hillary Clinton pledged 45 million dollars to Libyan rebels and the administration has pledged 450 billion to Egypt. They don’t get it. America is broke. We are borrowing money to pay our interest on the debt and we will borrow the money to give Libya the 45 million and we will borro ...
So, I hope Barack Obama is prepared to give the American Peoples answers at the debate Wednesday. Without Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, MSNBC, NBC, CNN and ABC to hide behind and simply avoid the questions he doesn't want to answer, our president will be forced to face his rival and put everything on the table. I truly believe we will see many of his promises be unraveled before our eyes and see an liar be forced into honesty. Although i do expect much of these questions to be answered with his smug "i dont have to answer that" smile as he attempts to avoid the overall question. Truly an opprotunity for a political knockout by Mitt Romney. For Joe Biden all i have to say is, I nearly forgo we had a Vice President, do you actually do anything? Paul Ryan will most defiantly make short work of this withered old man who vacations on our tax money.
*** Morris — the Fox "News" analyst who is always wrong – said Wednesday: “If the election were held today, Mitt Romney would win by a margin of four or five points.” This allows everyone else to predict with near certainty that Barack Obama will win a second term. Since Morris was forced out of the Clinton White House in a scandal that involved toe sucking and a prostitute, he has amazed and delighted Fox "News" audiences by being wrong about everything, earning a reputation as the “world’s worst political pundit.” Morris’ many greatest hits include predicting that the nominees in the 2008 Presidential Election would definitely be Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice; naming an exact date — July 27, 2012 — when President Obama would come and take Americans’ guns; and asserting with 100 percent confidence that Donald Trump would run for president in 2012. Most impressive of all, Morris gets paid well to make these predictions based on his access to what he calls “the real polls. ...
Military Coup stages by Panneta and Clinton for the operation kill OBL! Leon Panetta worked around the president’s “persistent hesitation to act.” There appears NOT to have been an outright overruling of any specific position by President Obama, simply because there was no specific position from the president to do so. President Obama was, in this case, as in all others, working as an absentee president. Read more in News « Obama Lies – Mitt Romney Never Said He Wouldn’t Go After Osama Bin Laden NAVY SEALS TELL OBAMA TO STOP USING THEM FOR POLITICS » I was correct in stating there had been a push to invade the compound for several weeks if not months, primarily led by Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, David Petraeus, and Jim Clapper. The primary opposition to this plan originated from Valerie Jarrett, and it was her opposition that was enough to create uncertainty within President Obama. Obama would meet with various components of the pro-invasion faction, almost always with Jarrett ...
It seems O's contention that it was the Anti-Islam film that brought about the Libyan Terror hit on the Consulate and the murder of our ambassador and 3 other Americans was all wrong; but he knew better - he was forewarned this was coming; he chose to ignore it and failed to provide adequate security for Christofer Stevens and the other three Americans. He and Hillary Clinton chose to dismiss Chris Stevens' fears for his life. Why can't those on the Left see reason in this situation? Why are they silent on this, but choosing to blast Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on every trumped up issue going? Smoke and mirrors...that's the answer!
Argus Hamilton again - The State Department aired TV ads in Pakistan that show Hillary Clinton apologizing for the anti-Muslim video on YouTube. She's well-respected in the Muslim world. They believe she's the only woman in America whose husband is allowed to have multiple wives. Mitt Romney ran new ads Tuesday pledging to break America's growing dependency on government handouts. His own story bears this out. Mitt's proved that with hard work and a little luck, even a multi-millionaire white guy out of Harvard can succeed in America.
So, Mitt Romney is walking down the street the other day and he happens across President Obama who is walking down the same street with two pot-bellied pigs walking at his side. "Barack, what do you have there?" asks Mitt. Obama, beaming from ear to ear answers, "Two pot-bellied pigs...I got one for Hillary Clinton and one for Nancy Pelosi." With a twinkle in his eye and without missing a step, Mitt replies, "Good trade, sir!"
Mitt statements were almost as ignorant as they were condescending. It is close. I equate what he said to knuckleheads that believed everyone that voted for Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bush Jr. were rich and believed government should only help the wealth and corporations. REAL TALK: Massachusetts, while important in democratic political circles, isn't NY, California, Florida, or Texas. It is a small state and Mitt Romney for all his so-called business prowess is small politician who isn't ready for prime-time. Unfortunately, my former party believed he was their best shot at defeating President Obama, and given this year's weak GOP primary crop, perhaps he was. 2016 is only 4 years away (YES I AM CALLING THIS ONE FOR President Obama NOW) and we will see if Rubio or Christie is up to the task or maybe the GOP will get sensible and give Huntsman or Pawlenty a look. Of course, by then they might be facing a considerable stronger economy and a very formidable Hillary Clinton (I don't care what she says!) I ...
President Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton - Andrews Air Force Base, September 14, 2012 - The Ceremony bringing home Our Patriots was very moving. Both the President and Secretary of State spoke eloquent words. TWO STATESPERSONS.
On Tuesday of this week, demonstrators waving al-Qaida flags stormed the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, removed the American flag from its pole, and set it on fire. At roughly the same time, a terrorist cell attacked the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and assassinated U.S. ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three of his senior staff members. The embassy in Yemen was breached the next day. In the wake of all this, the biggest question isn’t what Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama should say on TV. The most important question is: why weren’t our diplomats able to defend themselves and the overseas property of the United States? U.S. embassies usually have Marines on hand for protection, but the only security at the Benghazi consulate was provided by Libyans. As for the security detail at the Cairo embassy, according to Nightwatch, several U.S. Marine Corps bloggers claim that Anne Patterson, the U.S. ambassador to Egypt, wouldn’t allow them to carry live ammunition. “She neutralized a ...
America will not tolerate attacks against our citizens and against our embassies. We’ll defend also our constitutional rights of speech, and assembly, and religion. We have confidence in our cause in America. We respect our Constitution. We stand for the principles our constitution protects. We encourage other nations to understand and respect the principles of our constitution, because we recognize that these principles are the ultimate source of freedom for individuals around the world. can you guess who said this? -1) Hillary Clinton -2) Barack Hussein Obama -3) Mitt Romney -4) John F. Kennedy give me your best guess
Plz take a moment to view these short videos and see for yourself what kind of a man Mitt Romney is, then ask yourself this simple question, 'Where are there any similar testimonials given for B. O. Bama, or and Nationally known member of the Democratic Party? Al Sharpton? Debbie w. Shultz? John Kerry? Bill or Hillary Clinton?
There are billions of peaceful Muslims in the world... so sick of the Islamophobia fueled by irresponsible people like Mitt Romney, who missed an opportunity, as Joe Scarborough said, to add his voice to Hillary Clinton's in support of religious tolerance! There was no "apology," issued by the press dept. from our Embassy in Egypt nor by the state dept. nor the White House, only a conciliatory statement that America supports religious freedom and respect because that vile video denigrating Mohammad is just that!
For those who don't know, Diplomats, has a money laundering scam in Foreign Countries. The Middle East, Africa, Switzerland and the Caribbean are major for them. That's why U.S. money was found at the death of Hussein. People like Sec. Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Ann Romney, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and a host of others are after. They want to control the money and people's lives. To due what live in a compound and be *** for foodstamps, and cash assistances. Remember the Watergate Scandal and the Savings and Loans Scandal. What I have to say shouldn't spark them to be unjust.
Not that I care, but here is the Top Ten List; according to CNBC of the richest people to run for president in the past 20 years... 10. John Edwards, Democrat - 45 million 9. Rudy Giuliani, Republican - 65 million 8. John Huntsman - Republican - 70 million 7. & 6. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Democrats - 85 million 5. Al Gore, Democrat - 100 million 4. John Kerry, Democrat - 240 million 3. Mitt Romney, Republican - 250 million 2. Steve Forbes, Republican - 450 Million 1. Ross Perot, Independent - 3.45 Billion It looks like a lot of candidates from all parties have had a great deal of money. In the end, if you believe it matters...then all are the same. I believe that it is just another tactic of class warfare, envy and just another way to keep people NOT looking at the issues... Just my opinion...
- I have four bumper stickers on my car -- Hillary Clinton, John Mccain, Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney. Get the picture?
Get the parade route prepared for the Philadelphia Phillies float! The Mets will sink quickly!!! 12/15 times the leader of the Gallup poll into the first convention has won the Presidency since 1952...that is Mitt Romney. He's also pulled ahead in the latest ABC / Washington Post poll, even though every poll out is a statistical tie. Either way the current administration is fighting an uphill battle, despite having the media in their pocket more so than Barack had them in his pocket vs. Hillary Clinton. A: President Obama's polling has peaked. The Obama campaign is outspending Romney left and right, and if anything the polls are at their high point for President Obama. Come the next 2 months, the Romney campaign is going to dump way more money than the Obama campaign. Not only has Romney raised more, they've sat on it. The fact that President Obama is not polling over 50% consistently in swing states is a major problem. History has shown 6/10 independent voters will break against the incumbent come ...
From the Heritage Foundation vial email: A Divided Convention Splits Party Next week Republicans will flock to Tampa to nominate Mitt Romney, and the following week Democrats will gather in Charlotte to renominate President Obama. But no one expects a brokered convention to nominate Rick Santorum or Hillary Clinton for President. The primary winners are merely taking a victory lap. These conventions will be downright dull compared to the 1912 Republican Convention in Chicago. Then, a thousand policemen were on hand to stroll the aisles of the convention, and strands of barbed wire lay concealed beneath the bunting on the speaker’s platform to keep disgruntled delegates from charging the stage. The Governor was prepared to call out the National Guard if the riotous and fiercely antagonistic Republicans got out of hand. The very nature of our Constitution and our democracy was at stake, as William Schambra explains in a new First Principles essay from The Heritage Foundation. On one side was Teddy Roosev ...
I doubt Mitt Romney will win the 2012 US General elections...but I strongly believe Sara Palin will win in 2016 and by a huge landslide...Hillary Clinton did herself a great disservice by taking the Secretary of State post!
There are so many crazy *** rumors out there about politicians, think I'll come up with some of my own. John Mccain must feed on the blood of kittens to Stay Alive. He's actually 175 years old. Hillary Clinton killed the real Bill Clinton and had his face surgically applied to her *** lover's head. Mitt Romney has 5 more wives and 15 more kids hidden away in a bunker. Obama is a hybrid genetically inginered with the DNA of Jesus, MLK and Sherman Hemsley. Joe Biden is a cyborg created by "The Man" to make sure Obama doesn't get red koolaide all over the White House rugs.
Now that Republicans have swallowed hard and are coalescing behind Mitt Romney, I have a very unsettling prediction for them: Barack Obama will dump Joe Biden as his running mate and choose instead - Hillary Clinton.
Whenever a Republican speaks their mind with no filter (Chris Christie, Allen West, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, John Boehner, Joe Wilson) it is revered within their party as being ballsy, outspoken, and honest. When a Democrat (Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton) does it, it's disrespectful and according to conservatives they should resign. Yeah, okay. From now on, every time Mitt Romney or any Republican speaks Barack Obama should just start calling them *** and scream, *** no you can't!" Then say, "I'm quoting Gov. Christie and Speaker Boehner. Why, is it rude?"
Will Manchin Vote for Romney/Ryan? Will Joe Manchin Vote For Romney-Ryan Ticket? This Weekend’s Announcement Gives Manchin Another Opportunity To Come Clean With West Virginia Voters – Despite the fact that he was his number one cheerleader and endorsed him in 2008, Joe Manchin has steadfastly refused to tell West Virginians if he will vote for President Barack Obama in November. Manchin, the consummate inside the beltway politician who will say or do anything to get elected, isn’t even going to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC out of fear West Virginians will remember the role he played in putting Barack Obama in the White House four years ago. At the 2008 convention Manchin cast his vote as a super delegate for Obama even though his opponent Hillary Clinton won West Virginia’s primary by an astonishing 41 points. Fast forward four years and Joe Manchin is running as far away from his friend Barack Obama, as fast as humanly possible. This weekend Republican nominee Mitt Romney ...
Mitt Romney, the 'gutless wonder' The presidential candidate has refused to condemn Bachmann saying, “I’m not going to tell other people what things to talk about.” Romney Holds Meeting With Supporters Of Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt By Annie-Rose Strasser on Aug 8, 2012 at 4:39 pm Mitt Romney held a meeting Thursday with a group of right-wing activists that included several leaders who have been vocal supporters of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) Islamophobic witch hunt, deepening his association with right-wing, anti-Muslim sentiment. One of the guests at Thursday’s event was Vice President of the Family Research Council Jerry Boykin, who has a long history of Islamophobia, and once said that Islam “should not be protected under the First Amendment.” Most recently, Boykin piled on to Bachmann’s baseless indictment that top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin is part of a Muslim Brotherhood plot. “I believe in some aspects of this situation there is support for the infiltration of th ...
i am a Democrat, but ...to Harry Reid, how is alleging publicly that Mitt Romney has paid no taxes for ten years, based on a "reliable" but unnamed source from w/in Bain Capital (former Bain employee?) different from Michelle Bachmann saying she had information that Hillary Clinton's aide, Huma Abedin has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and parties trying to overthrow our gov't from within. Agree, Harry, Mitt should divulge his taxes for the American People to decide if he has paid his fair share, but your allegation is stoopingly low and unsubstantiated. If you were a reporter you would be fired for printing w/o independent corroboration.
I regret nothing. Am I happy with Obama? Not entirely. But to say that I'm "embarrassed" that I voted for him is to imply that there was some other, better option I could've taken. In 2008, we had John Mccain (who was 100% better on campaign finance but nothing else) and Sarah "I can see Russia from my house" Palin. Even on the Democratic side, we only had Hillary Clinton (who would've been alright, maybe slightly better, but not enough for me to say that I regret voting or Obama), John Edwards (whose election would have been political suicide for the Democratic Party after word of possible criminal activity and extramarital affairs surfaced), and a couple other no-name Dems and libertarians who would have done little more than sit in the White House and watch as the private sector's Congress vetoed every major change to "the system" they tried to sanctimoniously enact. And now, in 2012, we have Mitt Romney. Mitt. Romney. Mormon. The candidate with less substance than an empty paper bag, literally a mouth ...
Mitt Romney declined to speak out against Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and four other House Republicans on Friday for seeking to investigate whether Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Following a campaign event in Reno, Nev., a reporter asked the presu...
So, who's running America today? Michelle Obama is in London watching the Olympic games, Hillary Clinton is at the mall spending the tax payers money, Barack Obama is at the basketball game, and Mitt Romney is touring the world bucking for votes and promising aide to third world countries around the globe. This reminds me of when George W. Bush was touring the world, and some guy threw a shoe at him. That wouldn't have been so bad, but when George got home to his ranch in Texas... His horse threw a shoe at him too!! Oh yeah... So who's running America today? Nobody, that's who... So, I guess I'll just have to sit here and run it from behind my keyboard... Heh Heh!!
Mitt Romney showed extremely poor judgment, in my opinion, in going to Israel, ignoring the tradition of leaving foreign policy on American soil, and encouraging Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's dream of going to war with Iran. The last time an American leader encouraged Netanyahu's aggressive mentality led to the deaths of tens of thousand of Palestinians. The problem with a strike against Iran is that it could cause a widespread war of a size and scope not seen since World War II. But Romney says the U.S., blindly, in everything it decides to do about Iran. So far, Barack Obama's foreign policy, with Hillary Clinton leading the way, has resulted in one of the quieter periods in the Middle East. Not only that but David Sanger of the New York Times has written a book detailing how intelligence operatives used a computer worm to blow up Iran's centrifuges one after another. Sanger said Barack Obama has overseen that extraordinary effort, described by the New York Times writer as a work of "genius ...
A few minutes ago I made the mistake of watching MORNING JOE, on MSNBC, again. I must be a closet masochist or something worse. This time they had Larry Kudlow on the show and he spoke about his 5th or 6th interview with Mitt Romney. He talked about the President's 'put down' of business starters, how the comment that those who start businesses didn't do it. Not '. . . didn't do it, alone.' He then proceeded to say that electricians, bakers and others did start their businesses alone and Scarborough vocally (off camera) agreed with the bald faced lie. I started a one man business and didn't do it without a legal organization helping with the paper work. The lying about the President's comment is the same as the attacks on Hillary Clinton's statement that 'it takes a village to raise a child.' When will Romney supporters actually listen to what he says (which isn't much) including his speech to Olympians in '02 and voters in Costa Mesa '12 declaring that we/they didn't get where we/they are alone. What foo ...
Why do we elect lawyers to be president? Consider this. The Democratic Party has become the Lawyers Party. Barack Obama is a lawyer. Michelle Obama is a lawyer. Hillary Clinton is a lawyer. Bill Clinton is a lawyer. John Edwards is a lawyer. Every Democrat nominee since 1984 went to law school (although Al Gore did not graduate). Every Democrat vice-presidential nominee since 1976, except for Lloyd Bentsen, went to law school. Look at leaders of the Democrat Party in Congress: Harry Reid is a lawyer. Nancy Pelosi is a lawyer. The Republican Party is different. Mitt Romney is a businessman. President Bush was a businessman. His Vice President, *** Cheney, was a businessman. Speaker of the House John Boehner was a plastics manufacturer. Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was a heart surgeon. The last Republican president who was a lawyer was Gerald Ford, who left office 31 years ago. He barely won the Republican nomination as a sitting president, running against Ronald Reagan in 1976. The Rep ...
From a post sent to me by Dan Novak. I thought it should be made public As the Obama campaign and the media continue to press Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns, and to suggest--without a shred of evidence--that he is a "felon," it is worth noting how much critical information Barack Obama has withheld from view--both as a candidate in 2008, and during his term in office. Here is a Breitbart News top ten list of things that Obama has refused to release (a complete list would fill volumes): 10. State senate papers. In the 2008 primary, Obama criticized Hillary Clinton for not releasing papers from her eight years as First Lady--but failed to produce any papers from his eight years in Springfield. "They could have been thrown out," he said. 9. Academic transcripts. His supposed academic brilliance was a major selling point, but Obama (by his own admission) was a mediocre student. His GPA at Occidental was a B-plus at best, and his entering class at Columbia was weak. Can he prove his merit? 8. B ...
I've been fairly quiet regarding politics of late, but I am so struck by two recent events that are simply outrageous in nature. The first is Mitt Romney's wife reinforcing her husband's refusal to make public several years of tax returns, telling ABC News "we've given all you people need to know" about the family's finances. YOU PEOPLE... seriously? I won't bother going into any deep analysis - the statement speaks volumes. The second comes from Michelle Bachman... the flap began after Bachmann and Republican colleagues (including Arizona Rep. Trent Franks) sent letters to several inspector generals in the State Department, Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice and the Office of National Intelligence as to whether the Muslim Brotherhood could be infiltrating the U.S. government. The letters quickly attracted attention with one specifically mentioning the State Department's Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, a long-time Hillary Clinton aide, by name. Sinc ...
A furious John Boehner insisted President Obama "doesn't give a *** about average folk and Harry Reid sarcastically referred to Grover Norquist as "a real dandy," strongly implying that 1950s-style verbal confrontations are all the rage on the Hill. The ratio of Republicans who publicly believe that Hillary Clinton's aide is trying to undermine the American way of life from inside the State Department versus those who think that's bunk stands at 5:1. And Rob Portman strongly brushed aside VP rumors, either because that's the proper thing to do or because it kinda *** being thought of as the guy who can make Mitt Romney seem interesting by comparison. Politics, the best comedy on tv. I really don't see how anyone can take these guys seriously, no matter what your party affilliation, these guys are funny. Sad thing is, these guys are in charge.
Best political pic I've seen yet... I don't know what world people live in where they think Mitt Romney could do a better job than Barack Obama. He truly is the John Kerry of the Republican Party. We don't get a choice to vote on issues anymore. we just vote on our favorite color tie. You repubs can tell me if I vote for anyone other than Romney, I vote for Obama. That doesn't scare an independent - I VOTED FOR OBAMA IN 2008. I don't regret it; as much as I am not satisfied with his performance, I couldn't risk having Sarah Palin 1 heartbeat away from running this country. Your party lost their own election, not me. I vote on issues, not party lines - and I'll be voting for the best candidate this year, even if I have to write him in. I'd take Hillary Clinton over Mitt Romney... It's not my fault if you made another uneducated pick for candidate.
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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney announced at a joint appearance on the National Mall that, for the good of the country, they would step down and endorse Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush as their respective parties’ nominees.
Just saw Obama's first salvo in the campaign ad attack. "Mitt Romney does job outsourcing." "Mitt Romney had out-country and offshore bank accounts". "Mitt Romney isn't the solution; he's the problem". Etc, etc ad nauseum. Not mentioned, of course, is Obama's (through the ATF) shipping of untraceable fully automatic weapons across the border to Mexican drug cartels. Also not mentioned is Attorney General Eric Holder's attempts to cover up the act, and then to stonewall an investigation by congress. Nor is it mentioned that Barak Obama has been trying to circumvent the Bill of Rights since he was elected. Our First Amendment rights are on the line. The Second Amendment has been under attack, both open and covert, by Obama and his co-conspirator Hillary Clinton. In his first year in office, Obama tried to figure out a legal way to get around the two-term limit imposed on the Presidency. Obama has broken nearly every campaign promise he ever made. Obama is opposed to outsourcing American jobs overs ...
Bobby Rush, Alan Keyes, Hillary Clinton, and Mitt Romney...what do they have in common? All victims of Team Obama's dishonest smear machine.
So Mitt Romney has a number one V.P. pick; Condi Rice. Interesting, probably trying to get some of the same Blacks who just turned on him at the NAACP. Only problem with her is she was a terrible Sec of State and her record speaks volumes about her lack of character, she is definetly not in the same league as Hillary Clinton but he might get a few votes more by picking her, I associate her with the *** George Bush with his 20% approval rating when he left office. Interesting no doubt and it is only 4 months till the election, wonder if she will step up and go down with the ship, I really hope so, lol
WARNING: On July 27th, Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton will sign the Small Arms Treaty with the United Nations. This bill negates the 2nd ammendment to the Constitution, and takes away our guns. One step at a time... in June of Obama's first year in office, he signed a bill that limits the shelf life of ammunition to 6 months. We are witnessing the dismantling of America. We're being attacked by our own government. The people in the high offices are our enemies, and that includes Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton (and Bill), Mitt Romney, John Roberts, George Bush (both of them), *** Cheney, Joe Biden (used to be president of the CFR), and the list goes on... Our enemies are within our ranks. Remember Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy? They were Patriots and heroes because they did the right thing... they followed their hearts instead of the dollar. There's only one Patriot left in our government, and his name is Ron Paul, and we need him NOW.
Shells Politico Vews: This guy Mitt Romney is a loser, he can't come up with he's own AD. He's using one of Hillary Clinton 2008 Ad. Mitt sending jobs over sea is true, unfair to the American People. They make products over sea and sell them here in United State how fair is that.
Although I would prefer not to see this happen, Mitt Romney losing to Obama would not be all bad. My main long term hope is to see libertarianism become more influential in the Republican Party. I view Rand Paul as the future of that effort. If Romney loses to Obama in this upcoming election that could pave the way for Rand Paul in the 2016 Presidential Election. By then people will be tired of 8 years of democratic rule, and the Democratic Party itself will probably be split by contesters who will likely include Hillary Clinton, Mario Cuomo, and Jerry Brown. Jeb Bush will most certainly be the Republican frontrunner in 2016 but Rand Paul could launch an insurgency campaign. Mitt Romney needs to lose for all this to happen.
Showing the lies of WTVR CBS 6 News, KTLA-TV, ABC50 and WXXV FOX 25 and their corporate headquarters. Showing the lies of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Mccain and Mitt Romney.
I wonder when the Democrats will take charge and police up their loose cannon (President Obama). If they were smart they would vote in Hillary Clinton to run against Mitt Romney in their National Convention at Charlotte, NC. Especially since North Carolina isn't the greatest place for a person running for President who has gone global on his "evolution"/belief in *** marriage. Trust me if President Obama was Republican I would vote for anybody just to get him out of office. I think future history books will list these last four years as the darkest political times in our countries history. Yes even worse than Nixon.
Should President Barack Obama trust that former President Bill Clinton has his best interest at heart? Just read an interesting email from my frat brother Jimmy E. Greene about how last week, Mr. Clinton called Republican challenger Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital "sterling"---a direct contravention of Mr. Obama's strategy to discredit Romney's Bain tenure. Yesterday, Clinton stated on MSNBC the obvious, that we are "in a recession" and suggested that Mr. Obama extend all of his predecessor George W. Bush's tax cuts as opposed to Obama's recent support for only extending the middle class tax cuts. Thinking back to the '08 election when Clinton, who Toni Morrison once quipped was "the first Black President" was usurped by Obama among blacks while Obama beat Hillary Clinton for the nomination, again, the question is whether Bill Clinton is subtely looking for Obama's defeat to both seal his own legacy as well as pave the way for his wife in 2016? Suffice it to remind what the Godfather told his son Mic ...
It's on now. The revolution has begun. These guys make up rules as they go along and cheating is something they are OK with when their establishment lessor of two evils isn't going to win. This is true in both parties. Don't forget what happened to Hillary Clinton. She was willing to go along with it too as long as she got her job. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 2, 2012 Contact: Jason Doré 225-389-4495 Louisiana Republicans Elect National Convention Delegates The 2012 Louisiana Republican State Convention met on Saturday in Shreveport and elected 30 delegates to represent the state in Tampa, Florida at the Republican National Convention. Under party rules, ten supporters of Rick Santorum were chosen. Five delegates are official Mitt Romney delegates and one is for Ron Paul. The other fourteen are technically unbound to any candidate and are expected to support Governor Romney. Louisiana receives 46 votes at the National Convention. Thirty were elected on Saturday. Three are automatic delegates. No one was n ...
I’d just ask you to keep four things in mind: Justice Scalia just turned 78, Justice Kennedy will turn 78 later this year, Justice Breyer will be 76 in August, and Justice Ginsburg turned 81 [March 15th]. We wish them all well, of course, but the brute fact is that whoever we elect as president in November is almost certainly going to choose at least one and maybe more new members of the Supreme Court — in addition to hundreds of other life-tenured federal judges, all of whom will be making momentous decisions about our lives for decades to come. If you don’t think it matters whether the guy making those calls is Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, I think you’re smokin’ something funky. So for anybody who is thinking of not voting because your favorite didn’t get nominated, or writing in a candidate who can’t win... Imagine this: Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder or Hillary Clinton. Romney 2012
Why would the Republicants, led by Mitt Romney, be criticizing The President's handling of the Chinese Dissident with Hillary Clinton and Timothy Geithner actually being on Chinese soil? That's like putting their lives in jeopardy. They just rush to attack President Obama.Shut up!!!
Newt Gingrich today in bowing out of the race said that Mitt Romney is "conservative enough." Almost makes Obama's "likable enough" comment about Hillary Clinton look warm and fuzzy.
Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton were all on the receiving end of shots from President Barack Obama at last night's White House
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Barack Obama turned comic for a night to poke fun at all, from Secret Service scandal to his top diplomat Hillary Clinton, to his rival Mitt Romney's dog.
Can any Republican/Tea Party legislator ever and I mean ever laugh at a joke? A joke at oneself is a clear way of telling the honesty and integrity of a person. Go Obama! 1. "My mother was born in Kansas, my father was born in Kenya, and I was born, of course, in Hawaii," he said — with a wink. 2. "Now, some have said I blame too many problems on my predecessor, but let’s not forget that’s a practice that was initiated by George W. Bush." 3. "I want to especially thank all the members who took a break from their exhausting schedule of not passing any laws to be here tonight." 4. "Four years ago, I was locked in a brutal primary battle with Hillary Clinton. Four years later, she won't stop drunk-texting me from Cartagena." 5. "Anyway, it’s great to be here this evening in the vast, magnificent Hilton ballroom — or what Mitt Romney would call a little fixer-upper." More after the jump... 6. "Look at this party. We’ve got men in tuxes, women in gowns, fine wine, first-class entertainment. I was ...
In first 12 mins of his speech POTUS made jokes about Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Congress, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and pitbulls.
Off topic, Dr. Jones says the following people turn 65 this year: Hillary Clinton, Elton John, David Bowie, Ted Danson and Mitt Romney
Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are soaring high in personal popularity compared to their husbands President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, while Hillary Clinton, another prominent woman in the American political sphere, has hit a new 20-year high in her favorability rating, according to a new poll. Mi...
Could Condoleezza Rice, who preceded Hillary Clinton as the U.S. secretary of state, be the next Joe Biden? A new CNN poll finds that 26% of Republican voters support Mitt Romney selecting Rice, the former secretary of state under President George W. Bush, as his running mate in the 2012 presidentia...
Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Rihanna, Pippa Middleton and Louis C.K. are among the people who made Time Magazine's annual list Read more by Lauren Moraski on CBS News' Celebrity Circuit.
They don't make them much more misogynistic than Ted Nugent. If you take anything that man says with a grain of salt you are going to have some tainted salt. He talks about President Obama sucking on his machine gun, but you want to bring up Jeremiah White? Ted Nugent describes decapitating the President, making Hillary Clinton ride his gun, talks about Nancy Pelosi and Debby Wassermann-Schultz as if they is a sub-humanoid. Mitt Romney, who was up in arms last week in the forced controversy over his non-working(and never will work) wife, has nothing to say even after soliciting Ted Nugent for his endorsement. This is no surprise considering his tepid response to Rush Limbaugh's comments on a woman whose only crime was participating in our democracy. The company you keep says a lot about you. How can we expect you to stand up to world leaders if you have to kowtow to aging rock stars.
Ted Nugent Calls Obama Team 'Criminals' By Rebekah Metzler April 17, 2012 RSS Feed Print Musician and NRA member Ted Nugent addresses a seminar at the National Rifle Association's 140th convention in Pittsburgh on May 1, 2011. In an attempt to go *** for-tat with Republicans, Democrats seized on comments made by controversial music legend and right-wing activist Ted Nugent last weekend and hoped to tie them to the presidential campaign of Republican Mitt Romney. Nugent, in a radio interview captured in a YouTube video, called on National Rifle Association event attendees to go home and recruit "everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration." [Read: Romney and the NRA are uneasy bedfellows.] "If you can't galvanize and promote and recruit people to vote for Mitt Romney, we're done. We'll be a suburb of Indonesia next year," Nugent said. "Our president, attorney general, Vice President, Hillary Clinton--they're criminals. They're criminals. Who doesn't know the cri ...
More people can tell me about Lady Gaga than Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Condoleezza Rice combined.
Mitt Romney will address the National Rifle Association after rival Rick Santorum linked Romney with President Obama's gun comments.
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