Hillary Clinton & Mamata Banerjee

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is the 67th United States Secretary of State, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama. Mamata Banerjee (born 5 January, 1955) an Indian politician. 5.0/5

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Mamata Banerjee takes job as advisor to Hillary Clinton. West Bengal sugar level rises as rasgollas eaten in joy.
According to Biman Bose, Hillary Clinton had advised Mamata Banerjee to take a strong anti-US stand so that the Left Front gets wiped out. After the great Soviet Union, now it is the Left Front which is the USA's number one enemy?? From Stalin to Biman? Mr Fukuyama... you were wrong, history has not ended yet...
The one-hour meeting with Hillary Clinton was very constructive, a beaming Mamata Banerjee said on Monday, having extracted from the US Secretary of State promises of Amercian investment in West Bengal.
KOLKATA: Bengal's American dream began this May when Hillary Clinton called on Mamata Banerjee at Writers' Buildings. The Chief Minister now wants to ensure it doesn't end there. With America no...
Indian population is like a chiwawa...throw them a bone and they'll forget the world around !! And unfortunately analysis is the quality woven in rarest of Indians.. 'Hillary Clinton' visits India, ignoring the Capitol Delhi she meets 'Mamata Banerjee' and instead of talking to the Petroleum minister she requests 'Her' not to buy oil from Iran. *** ! and just two days later Rupee hits deadly high above 55 & all of a sudden petrol rises by 7.50/-..consequences are like dominoes..!! When are we going to learn to connect the dots ppl... This mighty US is playing the rest of the (especially in their terms, third) world economy like a guitar..!!! Apparently the Asian continent including Europe seems to be on the verge of Rebellious Revolution !! History is about to repeat !!!
Mamata Banerjee presented Nobel laureate Tagore's books 'Gitanjali' and 'Gitabitan' to Hillary Clinton.
Employment opportunities would be built by Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal, Hillary Clinton observations on her visit to the state.
Indo-US Strategic Partnership Threatening Regional Stability United States secretary of state Hillary Clinton on May 6, 2012 (Sunday) arrived in Kolkata on a three-day visit to India. The set agenda of meeting is: (one) to press India on Iran oil imports, (two) Indo-US dialogue on Afghanistan, (three) India to take up US’ U-turn on Saeed with Hillary Clinton, (four) meeting West Bengal Chief minister Mamata Banerjee for on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail and finally US interest of playing her role in resolving Teesta Water Issue between India-Bangladesh. In this regard we can say that Hillary apparently is going to make an effort to meet Banerjee just a day after her meeting with Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina – would raise the issue of the Teesta Water Treaty between India and Bangladesh, which was sent into cold storage to Banerjee’s opposition in 2011. Treaty was proposed to be signed during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s trip to Dhaka of 2011 but its signatures ceremony w ...
Ego massaged by Hillary Clinton, Mamata Banerjee positive on US investments
Hillary Clinton succeeds where everyone failed: If what Mamata Banerjee communicated is what Hillary Clinton sai...
Mamata Banerjee and Hillary Clinton. totaal girl talk
What could have Mamata Banerjee discussed with Hillary Clinton today? There is nothing common in them. In terms of economic policy Didi is more Red than the red. Her economic policy is not to raise resource herself (remember Railways?), not to allow Central Govt to raise resource and also not allow them to cut down expenses (read subsidy in petrol/diesel) but demands money from Centre for growth of Bengal. On the other hand US pursues market economy. Oh! I forgot one common link. They both hate Communists. Mamata must have agreed to teach Hillary how to demolish Communism from China in return for US investment in Bengal.
Hillary Clinton wanted to see DD vs KKR IPL match. Mamata Banerjee had told her that favourite sports in India was Delhi vs Kolkata.
Hillary Clinton met Mamata Banerjee today to take permission for holding the US Presidential Polls.
Mamata Banerjee and Hillary Clinton sharing a laugh.
Bikram Gupta shared the following link and had this to say about it: urmi di arekta chobi . are on the big meeting between Hillary Clinton and Mamata Banerjee. Clinton wants to learn about Didi's vision for the state. But here are five things Didi could learn from her American visitor.
Image of the Day - Hillary Clinton returns a traditional greeting from West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee
Mamata Banerjee meets Hillary Clinton today. They have much in common. Both have had trouble with Bills.
Mamata Banerjee asks Hillary Clinton to visit the Sunderbans and see the endangered species of the Royal Communist Tigers!!
Hillary Clinton and Mamata Banerjee's meeting must have been wonderful. When you have no clue as to what the other person is saying is good!
Calcutta, May 5: US secretary of state Hillary Clinton will be at La Martiniere for Girls on Monday for an interaction with students before she heads to Writers’ to meet Mamata Banerjee. The school authorities received a call from the consulate last evening informing them of Clinton’s plan. A team of consulate officials conducted a recce throughout Saturday. The team had also visited several other city schools yesterday but picked the second-floor Millennium Hall at the 176-year-old school as the venue where Clinton would address the students’ community and a few Calcuttans representing different sections. “The US consulate office confirmed Clinton’s visit to our school on Saturday afternoon,” an official of La Martiniere for Girls said. Students from La Martiniere for Girls and other schools and colleges will participate in the interaction to be anchored by television journalist Barkha Dutt. NDTV 24X7 will broadcast the programme on “We the People.” The La Martiniere students who will be ...
Hillary Clinton came and saw Mamata Banerjee. But did she conquer the Bengal Chief Minister ? But then can anyone conquer Mamata?
Since Manmohan Singh could not handle Mamata Banerjee .. he handed over the case to Hillary Clinton .. its as good as handing over West Bengal to U.S !
All eyes are on the meeting between Hillary Clinton and Mamata Banerjee; Clinton is likely to pitch for FDI in retail
Who are these 3 People - Maa, Mati, Maanush? ~ Hillary Clinton to her Translator after meeting Mamata Banerjee!!
Mamata Banerjee: Hillary Clinton has promised investments in West Bengal in principle
Mamata Banerjee after meeting Hillary Clinton: We are part of the world, we will allow FDI where we need investment she will sell WB to US...
Mamata Banerjee after meeting Hillary Clinton: We spoke of the financial difficulties the state was facing
Mamata Banerjee: Hillary Clinton is very happy to have visited West Bengal, she wants to invest in WB as a partner state.
Had a meeting with Hillary Clinton, Nancy Powell, Robert Blake and others for 1 hr :Mamata Banerjee
Mamata to Gift Works of Tagore to Hillary Clinton: West Bengal Chief minister Mamata Banerjee will present works...
A year earlier, WIKILEAKS had revealed the grand design of US imperialism to " cultivate Mamata Banerjee " today Hillary Clinton is in Calcutta to make an on the spot assesment of the long term US goal of spreading its hegemonism over India, Bangladesh and Myanmaar through Mamata Banerjee !
India Today-Mail Today ;Kolkata, May 7, 2012 FDI in retail, Teesta on agenda as Hillary Clinton meets Mamata Banerjee today The issue of FDI in multiple brand retail is slated for discussion by Hillary Clinton with the irrepressible Mamata Banerji clearly at the behest of the Govt of India.This is a direct intervention in the internal affairs of India.India's sovereignty has been compromised.Would Madam Indira Gandhi have allowed such an ignominious surrender to the USA ? Has the policy of NON-ALLIGNMENT BECOME IRRELEVANT IN THE UNI-POLAR WORLD ?Let the shameless PM come out clean on the subject. A K SAXENA (A retired civil servant)
Meet with Hillary Clinton indicates Mamata Banerjee's value on national scene: More than asking for...
Mamata Banerjee on Hillary Clinton's visit to Calcutta: “she is most welcome in our state.” That's all.
Writers' Buildings, the state secretariat, has turned into a virtual fortress as part of heightened security ahead of the meeting of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on May 7.
Will Hillary Clinton raise Teesta water issue with Mamata Banerjee? - Times of India
India Today: Hillary Clinton to hardsell FDI in retail to Mamata Banerjee -
Mamata Banerjee ready to meet Hillary Clinton in Kolkata
Clinton will be flying in to Kolkata on May 7 after meeting Bangladesh leadership in Dhaka and is scheduled to meet Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.
Hillary clinton gonna meet Mamata Banerjee..i am just thinking...what will be thr language for communication. A suggestion for Hillary Madam...learn bengali as Didi can never think of anything other than bengal n bengali..n she can shout on anyone!
Hillary Clinton to revisit Kolkata, to accommodate Mamata Banerjee: NEW DELHI: In her final few months as US sec...
Hillary Clinton to meet Mamata Banerjee on May 7 to learn how to destabilize nation's ruling party !
What result will come out after the meeting between Mamata Banerjee and Hillary Clinton?
Hillary Clinton makes her farewell rounds, to meet Mamata Banerjee
Hillary Clinton to visit India on May 7. US Secy of State will visit Kolkata and meet Bengal CM Mamata...
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Hillary Clinton to visit India on May 7, will meet Mamata Banerjee
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