Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is the 67th United States Secretary of State, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama. Elizabeth Warren (born Elizabeth Herring; June 22, 1949) is an American bankruptcy law expert, policy advocate, Harvard Law School professor, and Democratic Party candidate in the 2012 United States Senate election in Massachusetts. 5.0/5

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Elizabeth Warren needs to BEAT Joe Biden's *** in the next Primary on behalf of: Anita Hill, Hillary Clinton, and progressives everywhere.
Asked if the DNC system was rigged in Hillary Clinton's favor, Elizabeth Warren says "yes"
WOW. Elizabeth Warren just told that she believes that the DNC/Primary situation was rigged for Hillary Clinton.
The fact that Elizabeth Warren is calling out Hillary Clinton for rigging the election in her favor, tells you EVERYTHING y…
Donna Brazile & Elizabeth Warren both say Hillary Clinton stole the election from Bernie Sanders. What does this tell yo…
Do you agree with the notion that the DNC was rigged in Hillary Clinton's favor?. Elizabeth Warren: Yes
All victims' bodies still not recovered and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren kick into typical anti-gun stan…
While kellyanne blames President Obama,Hillary Clinton,Bernie,Elizabeth warren the media she just cannot…
Hillary Clinton wants to be a preacher, Elizabeth Warren has a deep authentic Christian faith. They must reeeally think vot…
The attacks on Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren are thinly veiled misogyny. We get it.
Hillary Clinton, like Elizabeth Warren, like Kirsten Gillibrand, like Amy Klobuchar, was charismatic the only way Amer…
Elizabeth Warren yesterday: “NO ONE in this country is above the law!”. This woman campaigned for Hillary Clinton.
So proud to be in the same party with Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and so many others.
Sell tickets to see Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Sarah Palin, Elizabeth Warren and Theresa May fight to death, in a coliseum?
Funny to see Elizabeth Warren say that Trump is about Wall Street when Hillary Clinton had her pockets full of cash from them & many others.
Everyone was so nice to Hillary Clinton. And to Elizabeth Warren, for that matter. Wait.
Kate Mckinnon has been Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. The last time I checked they were Democrats.
So did Hillary Clinton. So did Eric Holder. So did Harry Reid. So did Nancy Pelosi. So does Elizabeth Warren!
I'm playing a mayor in a play and my references are 100% Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Selina Meyer from Veep.
Confirmed: Michelle Obama & Elizabeth Warren unfollowed Hillary Clinton today. Something big is happening but Alicia Macha…
People I most want to drink with from the election: Van Jones, Hillary Clinton, Ana Navarro, Elizabeth Warren, Megyn Kel…
I'd be happy if Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren went from town to town reading the lyrics to "Goodbye Earl" aloud.
What Elizabeth Warren really wants from Hillary Clinton via
Hey Trump, new name for you; CHICKEN TRUMP. Thanks to Elizabeth Warren. Trump you are going to debate with a real woman, Hillary Clinton!!
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren to campaign for Hillary Clinton in Ohio - -
We don't need to know that Hillary Clinton is criminally corrupt - Elizabeth Warren already told us so
At one point Elizabeth Warren didn’t like Hillary Clinton. They must have smoked a peace pipe while Bill went off the r…
"One glass ceiling at a time everybody." 😃. Hillary Clinton in a group text to Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren visits Hillary Clinton at home during VP meetings
I am desperately hoping Hillary Clinton does NOT pick Tim Kaine as her VP. Please Hillary pick Sherrod Brown or Elizabeth Warren. 🙏🏻
Elizabeth Warren vs. Hillary Clinton (2004) because (see entire video) Warren does not trust her.
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In case you missed it: Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio (6/27/2016)
I liked a video from DNC Lawsuit, Hillary Clinton's Investigation, Elizabeth Warren,
Hey Bernie Sanders stay in the primary election so Hillary Clinton can give your speaking time slot to Elizabeth Warren if…
Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren join forces to take down Trump
Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, working their first joint rope line, share a quick hug before Warren heads out https:…
Elizabeth Warren doesn't hold back in attacks on Donald Trump in rally with Hillary Clinton https:…
Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton join forces to troll Donald Trump
Elizabeth Warren is just as dishonest and crooked as Hillary Clinton. They belong together. Trump will beat them! https:/…
Hillary Clinton takes Elizabeth Warren for 'try-out' as a running mate in Cincinnati - Daily Mail
Good mornin' from Cincinnati where Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren will hit the trail together today.
Hillary Clinton looks so goofy with fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren out on the campaign trail. They have their matching pantsu…
OMG! I thought listening 2 Hillary Clinton's annoying voice was horrific but Elizabeth Warren sounds just as bad...old &…
Elizabeth Warren joins Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail
Martin OMalley and Elizabeth Warren are great attack surrogates for Hillary Clinton and Democrats! They're not afraid to us…
Hillary Clinton probably won’t pick Elizabeth Warren as her running mate. Here's why.
Wall Street tells Hillary Clinton: We'll cut you off if you pick Elizabeth Warren .
Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton seriously injured after falling off ugly tree and hitting every branch.
Hillary Clinton targeting Elizabeth Warren — not Bernie Sanders — to be her running mate
While in Virginia Trump bashed voting rights, Hillary Clinton, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Elizabeth Warren in 2004 describing then SENATOR Hillary Clinton is a PUPPET to corporate donors. Who'd a thunk it? https…
Elizabeth Warren will endorse Hillary Clinton; won’t rule out veep spot.
@snapharmony : Harry Reid on Elizabeth Warren serving as Hillary Clinton's VP: *** no'
Let's hope Hillary Clinton accidentally drowns in a foam pit so Elizabeth Warren can be President
I hope corrupt Hillary Clinton chooses goofy Elizabeth Warren as her running mate. I will defeat them both.
Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren will tag team Bully-Boy Trump so hard he won't know what hit him! You're in way over your p…
By far the most important 5 minute video ever shown on Hillary Clinton. It's Elizabeth Warren as she explains how...
Elizabeth Warren is certainly a mean left wing ugly old nut case like Harry Reid And Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton.
An amazing story from Elizabeth Warren on Hillary Clinton. Wait for the hammer to drop. Powerful, insightful stuff.
Throwback to when Elizabeth Warren praised Hillary Clinton's Wall Street plan
The state of Elizabeth Warren has just gone for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Tells you something.
Hillary Clinton: “Name one time I changed due to Wall Street money.” Elizabeth Warren: OK, allow me.
I love Elizabeth Warren, but her 2004 critique of Hillary Clinton's vote on the bankruptcy bill does not hold water
I hope Hillary Clinton replaces Antonin Scalia with Nina Pillard and Anthony Kennedy with Elizabeth Warren.
Elizabeth Warren highlights the corruption latent in Hillary Clinton's decision making as a politician
Some people see this as Elizabeth Warren's smackdown of Hillary Clinton; I see it as her warning to ANY Democrat...
I don't see how Elizabeth Warren endorses Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders without damaging her brand. We'll see. ht…
The ideal democratic ticket would be either B Sanders with Elizabeth Warren as VP or Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden as VP.
The New Yorker says sexism is why people arent inspired by Hillary Clinton, ignoring Elizabeth Warren
Amy Klobuchar on a ticket with say Sharrod Brown or Elizabeth Warren with Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton on a...
GP I loathe Elizabeth Warren, but she would be a far better candidate than Hillary Clinton, if electing a Democrat woman's your goal.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren sends Hillary Clinton a message on the "revolving door" with Wall Street via
Elizabeth Warren: Claims she's Indian. Rachel Dolezal: Claims she's black. Hillary Clinton: Talks like she's black. ... Stupid Sarah Palin!
Hillary Clinton's a democrat and Elizabeth Warren got rich off of student loan scam.
Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the race to 2016
Hillary Clinton agrees with Elizabeth Warren on trade dispute w/ Obama:
Will Bernie Sanders nudge Hillary Clinton to the left? He fills void left vacant by liberal darling Elizabeth Warren http:/…
Hillary Clinton wants to be Elizabeth Warren. But she's not. She's Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton has been tying herself to Elizabeth Warren, but won’t yet answer questions about her policy ideas
Hillary wants a piece of the Elizabeth Warren love fest via
Hillary Clinton wrote a short piece on Elizabeth Warren for this year's TIME 100 list
Hillary Clinton pens admiring blurb on Elizabeth Warren
Hillary Clinton puts her love of Elizabeth Warren in writing for Time 100 list, reports
businessinsider: Hillary Clinton just thanked Elizabeth Warren for pushing her to the left on Wall Street
Hillary Clinton is still not an Independent Progessive Democracy "Like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders"!
Elizabeth Warren has an interesting way of dealing with questions about Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton knows that people want Elizabeth Warren instead of being so greedy Clinton needs to approach Warren and say I'm not running
Elizabeth Warren would be a far better President than Hillary Clinton.
FUN FACT: Wisconsin Poll shows Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren all beating Scott Walker in Wisconsin htt…
The Maryland Senate race has its own version of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren
Hillary Clinton definitely wants Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-Mass.) liberal stamp of approval.But how does Sen.
CPAC speaker suggests Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are men: via Tomi Lahren - Braindead new meaning!
CPAC speaker calls Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren ‘old, rich, white, males’ . This is funny!
Fingers and toes crossed => Liberals push Elizabeth Warren 2016 bid in effort to force Hillary Clinton to left
Hillary Clinton isn't the only person Elizabeth Warren privately met with:
Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren have “cordial” meeting۔ Smiling despite the grinding teeth! .
I am wondering if Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren might be considering a joint run..Clinton as Pres and...
Hillary Clinton's secret powwow with Elizabeth Warren via
Hillary Clinton's private meeting with Elizabeth Warren: policy not presidency
You're right, I am. Hillary Clinton, or Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.
THE BEST WE CAN HOPE FOR IN 2016... is that if Republicans nominate Jeb Bush, and Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton, that both Rand Paul and Elizabeth Warren switch to Independent, run as President and Vice-President, and blow them all away!
What do Billionaires want? Easy, they want to stay billionaires and play with their toys! They want the power to preserve their wealth and soothe their egos. Democrat/Republican are silly affiliations. The parties are just tools to their goals. Here is the bottom line Billionaires are not conservatives, why?They already created their wealth whats another billion either way. Billionaires want control a stagnant economy with high taxes and high regulation is just great to them! They don't want some guy in his garage to invent the next big thing and raise enough capital to join their group! That is why we have Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney as our choices, but we the voter have power. We can vote for a populist, thats why I say Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz would make a great November election. Debates would be lively filled with policy differences and not personal attacks.It wouldn't surprise me that the people would find these folks have a lot more in common than the billionaire establishment ...
Which is going to make Joe Biden vs. Hillary Clinton vs anyone else preferably Elizabeth Warren juicier,
Ok.. question for discussion... On November 8th, 2016, when reality sets in, and the election is between Hillary Clinton, and Jeb Bush... tell me, Idealistic Progressives... how will you vote...? Will you waste your vote (in protest), by voting for the Green Party? You do realize that all these "Progressive Alternatives" are secretly funded by the Koch Brothers in order to split the Democratic vote, and ensure a Republican President... . I really WOULD like to see Bernie or Elizabeth Warren, but I operate in the world of reality... And I still believe that Hillary can't hurt the country like ANY of the Republicans want to...
Commies all "Hillary Clinton, Bernard Sanders, Elizabeth Warren cheer Obama's State of the Union" Commie
Hillary Clinton, Bernard Sanders, Elizabeth Warren cheer Obama’s State of the Union
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I fear that my generation is going to be remembered by history as the forgotten generation. Despite having lived during the Barack Obama and Bill Clinton presidencies, my generation has not breathed a breath of liberal air in our lifetimes. Take for example the list of Democratic people who are seen as *potential* candidates for the nomination in 2016: Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Jerry Brown, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, John Kerry, and my personal favorite, Al Gore. What do all of these people have in common? They were all born before 1950. They all had lived through great Democratic eras, under FDR, JFK, and LBJ. They came of age in times when change and progress weren't stifled by a conservative congress, a Catholic Supreme Court, or a group of *** with teabags dropping from their hats. The Democratic leaders of tomorrow all are ironically past the retirement age of 65. Each of them were lucky to grow up in a world where hope outweighed fear. And what did my generation get? We got Ro ...
In his State of the Union address, Tuesday evening, President Obama will call for billions in tax increases on top earners (including an increase on the capital gains rate on couples making more than $500,000 a year to 28%, closing a tax loophole on inheritances, and a fee on the biggest banks), in order to fund new middle-class tax credits, make college more affordable, and make community college free. Excellent idea. But why didn’t Obama propose this idea earlier when it had a prayer of passage – between 2008 and 2010, when Democrats ran both houses of Congress, or between 2011 and now, when Democrats at least ran the Senate? The answer is he was never serious about it and still isn’t. But he wants credit for it as part of his legacy if and when Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren or another Democratic presidential hopeful proposes it on the campaign trail, and if it's ever enacted into law after 2016.
If Hillary Clinton loses, Elizabeth Warren becomes the most powerful Democrat in the country:
I believe Our country would be better served by having Hillary Clinton for President 2016 & Elizabeth Warren to remain in the Senate where she can could contribute her fantastic work of taking on the Tea/Republicans GOP {God-Awful People}! Were going to need another Vice President Joe Biden Type person to complete the Team ! Vote Blue in 2016! please!
Hillary Clinton sat on the board of Wal-Mart for 6 years when she was first lady of Arkansas. Washington Post
Top story: Elizabeth Warren keeps pressure on Hillary Clinton and Democrats ahe… see more
That's it I'm letting the politics out of the bag . I'm calling them out ... Please run for President ... Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio, Canadian Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, & Rick "Frothy Load" Santorum. You made my news so awesome in 2012 I can't wait for a repeat! Serious candidates AKA Rand Paul, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, & Hillary Clinton . Who cares the most about the American People and who cares the most about Campaign Funds? I bet Campaign Funds trump the American People every time.
Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders are no different than "our" other elected officials in the federal government... traitorous "Israel First" Rothschild Zionist warmongers and bankster-gangster stooges one and all. At this time, approximately ninety percent (90%) of Americans eligible to vote are too dumbed down, intellectually challenged, and ethically degenerate to consider refusing to vote for such candidates.
It’s not even 2015 yet and no candidate has declared that he or she is running, but the pollsters are already asking about who you’ll vote for in the November 2016 Presidential election. In this CNN poll, the choices for a Republican are Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, or Scott Walker. The choices for a Democrat are Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O’Malley, Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Jim Webb. How many of these candidates could you envision being a successful President?
Hillary Clinton is not a good fit for the "Elizabeth Warren wing" of today's Democratic Party.
Elizabeth Warren emerges as liberals' preferred 2016 alternative to Hillary Clinton: submitted by mrgunsaf...
Elizabeth Warren inches up, but Hillary Clinton still has commanding 2016 lead among Democrats ...: Mrs. Clint...
Run for President in 2016 , Only you can stop Hillary Clinton , Elizabeth Warren, Jeb Bush, and Mitt Ro…
in 2016, remember this; Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Joe Biden, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, etc. do NOT care about you.
Elizabeth Warren for President? Be careful what you wish for. There are no ordinary people. All of us are unique. The working class is what makes this country run. Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts Senator) is emerging as the “face” of liberal America. Some of the left don’t like Hillary Clinton because they think she is too socially moderate and too “hawkish” on the war on terror. So liberals are encouraging Elizabeth Warren to run for president on the Democratic ticket. Warren spent almost 20 years teaching at Harvard law school and once claimed to be of Cherokee descent. That came back to bite her as the Boston Herald reported that she has no Native-American heritage. Nevertheless, she easily defeated Scott Brown and is now the senior senator of Massachusetts. Warren despises Wall Street and big banks, saying “they have rigged” the capitalistic system. At one time she questioned why there were no mass indictments of bankers after the economic crash in 2008. In fact, she is not a big fan o . ...
A new Monmouth University poll of Democrats has found that Hillary Clinton is the leading Elizabeth Warren in a potential contest for the 2016 Democratic nomination 48%-6%.
Former DNC Chair Howard Dean and Ben Wikler, Director of MoveOn.org, debate the question of who can best represent the Democratic Party in the next presidential election -- Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren?
I would like Elizabeth Warren but she says she is not going to run so next choice Hillary Clinton
FOX NEWS PRESS, LEFT SWOON FOR WARREN Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is still using a strict present-tense “not running” as her answer to questions about her possible presidential ambitions. But that seems increasingly likely to change given the overwhelmingly positive (and generally overwhelming) coverage of her bid to harass the White House and Senate leaders over Wall Street carve outs stuffed in a fiscal-cliff spending bill. The Daily Beast called her the “most powerful Democrat in America.” The WaPo warned Warren’s moves may force 2016 frontrunner Hillary Clinton to alter her plans. And Warren got star treatment all up and down the major media corridor. Most remarkable is that in doing what was previously called reckless embitterment when Republican renegades did it, Warren is leading a movement in which “the Democratic Party debates its soul.” Oh dear. Somebody get the smelling salts. [Howard Kurtz writes: “She’s been a press favorite roughly forever. But by standing up to a Democ ...
The real threat to Hillary Clinton in 2016: Elizabeth Warren: … make you feel sorry for Hillary Clinton. Well...
The value of an Elizabeth Warren run:
When it comes to 2016, Sen. Chuck Schumer is betting on Hillary Clinton — but he’s not quite ready to bet against Elizabeth Warren.
Elizabeth Warren is not a a populist. She’s further left than O. She champions Dodd Frank. Good grief.
Hillary Clinton risks a challenge from Elizabeth Warren if she doesn't announce her can...
It would be ironic if the first woman President was NOT Hillary Clinton but Elizabeth Warren. Stay tuned.
If I were Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren would be making me very nervous about now. Her authenticity and passion is ha…
I'm still reeling from the midterm elections. I haven't been very communicative about what I think or how I feel about it but if you know me you know I was, and still am, appalled at voters for not turning out, disgusted at the thought of a Republican controlled congress and dismayed at what could come from the changeover. However, for the first time since the election, this week, I found something that eased my sickened feelings and gave me a glimmer of hope. It is the thought of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Mark Udall running together for 2016. I know everyone is all about Hillary Clinton, but frankly I'm not really sold. If she runs and gets the nomination then so be it. But until then I am going to hold out hope and talk with anyone and everyone I know about the potential of a Warren/ Udall 2016 ticket. This may seem a bit premature seeing as it isn't even 2015 but frankly, voters failed in these last midterm elections, specifically progressive voters. Whatever excuses people may have abo ...
I think it's very important that Democrats have more than one Presidential Candidate during the primaries. The odds on favorite is that Hillary Clinton will win the nod and although, I think she'll make a great president, I hope there will be other candidates who'll run. Frankly speaking, I want to see more women run for president during the upcoming cycle and Elizabeth Warren, and Nancy Pelosi; two of my favorites would be excellent choices. Although, I don't believe they'll run, both would prove to be formidable against Mrs. Clinton. It bothers me though, that there are those who keep saying "it's Hillary's turn" as if this is a coronation and nothing else is required of her. Also, "some" supporters are repulsed and disregard any Democrat who is mentioned as a possible candidate other than Hillary. Whether you like it or not, Hillary Clinton will go through the same process as all previous Presidential Candidates. She will be thoroughly vetted like all the candidates who seek the Democratic nomination. ...
Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and 2016: Brent Budowsky, The Hill Democrats were slaughtered in the 2014…
No way Pres on Medicare? Hillary Clinton is 67. Vice President Joe Biden is 72. Elizabeth Warren is 65 - no memory- ready for Memory Care
If the dem want a woman for president why are they leaning to such old ladies, Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren.gezzz
Elizabeth Warren is WISE! She'd make an EXCELLENT Vice President for Hillary Clinton in 2016! We NEED to...
Elizabeth Warren over Hillary Clinton any day, any time. If you disagree, well I just don't know.
I just signed a petition to Former Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA-1), and Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT-2): Democratic leaders Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should strongly back President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry's effo…
Here's my Ann Coulthard prediction for 2016: If we don't run Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton will be the candidate; and we'll lose!
When Bill and Hillary Clinton came to Kentucky on behalf of Alison Lundergan Grimes their speeches discussed the importance of electing Alison to achieve a better Kentucky. Same with Elizabeth Warren who just railed on the value of education for KY's youth. The entire theme of Alison's presentations are a promise when elected she will make a difference in the lives of EVERY Kentuckian. Thousands attend. McConnell brings Jindal to town from Louisiana and all Jindal speaks about is McConnell's greatest value in being reelected is to get rid of Harry Reid. Not a word about Kentucky. Only 250 people attend. In way of political event that's comparable to no one showing. The difference in the presentation between these two candidates is very distinct and of note to all Kentuckians. Honestly does anyone think for one minute Kentuckians give a hoot about Harry Reid when they can't afford to pay their light bill, student loan or make ends meet - thanks to McConnell. Right now two Eastern KY cities can't pay th ...
Alison Lundergan Grimes already had Elizabeth Warren and will have Hillary Clinton campaigning with her this week. Grimes is going for the knockout punch on Mitch Mcconnell by bringing for President Bill Clinton back to Kentucky.
Politico Jeb Bush takes jab at Hillary Clinton Politico Jeb Bush took a hard jab at potential 2016 rival Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night, slamming her for her comment that businesses don't create jobs as she stumped at a rally with Sen. Elizabeth Warren last week. Bush made the comment as he…
Democrats are sending in the big guns during the last week of the Kentucky Senate race as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will both take part in rallies for Alison Lundergan Grimes.
Apparently she's never had a conversation with Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, or any other well informed astute woman (all unrepublicans, yes...no such word ;) as yet).
Elizabeth Warren, Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Hillary Clinton administration.
1) She can In 2012, 416 people registered as Presidential Candidates with the Federal Election Commission. But you probably haven't heard of most of them. Being taken seriously as a Presidential Candidate requires a rare mixture of money, supporters, staff, volunteers, poll numbers, luck, elite credibility and more. Warren has it. There are already Draft Warren campaigns popping up around the country. There are already willing donors. There's intense media interest. She would instantly be taken seriously as a Presidential Candidate. She would be in every debate. She would have press at every campaign stop. She would have volunteers in every state. Not many people get that opportunity. Warren should take her shot. 2) She has something to gain The best argument against Elizabeth Warren running for president is that she'll almost certainly lose — at least as long as Hillary Clinton is also running. I agree with that. It's just not a very good argument against Warren running for president. There are a lot o ...
Hillary Clinton: I'm with Elizabeth Warren: The former secretary of state and likely Presidential Candidate re...
Hillary Clinton's nightmare: Elizabeth Warren opens the door to a presidential run
Nobel Prize-winning New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has an interesting vision of the 2016 Democratic presidential ticket: Hillary Clinton for president and Sen. Elizabeth Warren “looking over her shoulder so she doesn't stray too far.&quo...
To my knowledge, Bill Clinton cannot run for president again, but to my knowledge, there is no law against him running with Hillary Clinton as VP or what I believe would be even more shrewd is that Hillary Clinton actually has no plans on running but her appearances to date have been a very wise red herring to distract the media from the real the winning ticket which would be Elizabeth Warren for President with Bill Clinton second string as VP. Everybody has fond memories of Bill Clinton and the 90s go go days. Elizabeth Warren is one of the most inspiring political players I have ever seen. Warren/Clinton in 2016! You heard it here first.
Warning! Hillary Clinton is OWNED by Wall Street! Make no mistake about it! She is Wall Street's "mistress!" We need to get behind Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren! It is imperative that Hillary Clinton not win the presidency!
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Thursday voted against legislation authorizing President Obama to arm and train Syrian rebels, taking a stand that removes her from the mob mentality that brought us the Patriot Act and will distinguish her from Hillary Clinton in 2016.
Ten years ago Elizabeth Warren spoke about how policymakers in Washington don't always have the best interest of Americans in mind. Here's a story about then-first lady Hillary Clinton that she told Bill Moyers in 2004 on NOW on PBS.
Watch clips of Elizabeth Warren taking on Alan Greenspan and Hillary Clinton in 2004.
This is "Elizabeth Warren on Hillary Clinton" by BillMoyers.com on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren takes the bait from Couric, "worries" about Hillary Clinton's coziness w/ Wall St.
Forget about the ice buckets - Who is with me on telling Hillary Clinton to take a hike? We are well past the time for a bright, committed and caring woman as POTUS. Join my: "I won't vote for Hillary in 2016 pledge but I will vote for Elizabeth Warren".
Elizabeth Warren has become a true “rock star” among American Progressives, and especially among the hard-left wing of the Democratic Party, which would love for her to run for President of the United States as a candidate to the left of Hillary Clinton. As the economy continues to languish and what…
Kennedys Unsure of Whom to Support for President: Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren: Is a presidential prima...
Jack Abramoff warns "pure Bolsheviks" Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren will destroy freedom
Clinton campaign now says Hillary has a voting record just like Elizabeth Warren. Fact check ruling: PANTS ABLAZE
In week Hillary Clinton getting $200k for Wall St speech, shes claiming shes as tough on Wall St as Elizabeth Warren http:…
When girls say I should support Hillary Clinton/Elizabeth Warren for the sole fact that I'm the same gender as them. ht…
Elizabeth Warren vs Hillary Clinton in 2016 Democratic nomination fight would be delish!
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. Yes & that sounds like a perfect descriptions of Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren,except of course neither is rich
DETROIT — Their heads might be with Hillary Clinton, but their hearts are decidedly with Elizabeth Warren. As the high-profile annual confab of progressives called Netroots Nation kicked off here Thursday, it took no time for a consensus on 2016 to emerge. Interviews with more than a dozen attendees made clear the liberal base sees Clinton as...
The Jack Shaw Report: Dem base: Fine with Hillary Clinton, pining for Elizabeth Warren
Between Elizabeth Warren's fake Indian, and Hillary Clinton's fake black accent, the Dems are on their way to creating a new Village People
By Amanda Terkel WASHINGTON -- An enthusiastic band of activists has launched a campaign to slow the momentum of Hillary Clinton and convince Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) that she should run for president in 2016. "I think there's an opportunity for us to convince her if we're really able...
Daily Show COULD BE DICEY FOR HILLARY Hillary Clinton will appear tonight on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” the 2016 Democratic frontrunner’s third go-round on the Comedy Central show, but the first of her current campaign. Clinton’s gaffes about her wealth have already been solid fodder for Stewart and may make for a challenging encounter in otherwise friendly liberal territory. Recall that then Health Secretary Kathleen Sibelius faced tough scrutiny from Stewart in her disastrous defense of ObamaCare. The last time Hillary was on “The Daily Show” was the eve of critical primaries during her failed 2008 presidential bid, which prompted a joke from Stewart about her judgment in appearing on his program at a such critical moment, followed by a substantive interview. Now, with 2016 in her sights and appearing on a favorite show for the young liberals in the Democratic base, Clinton might be smiling but must be wary. With her popularity slipping, Clinton had better hope that t ...
President Obama has bypassed Hillary Clinton, offering his support to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren if she runs for president. Obama Will Support Extreme Radical Senator Elizabeth Warren for President Edward Klein wrote an article entitled “This Means Warren: Obama Backs Challenger to...
Elizabeth Warren would make a better guardian of the Obama legacy than Hillary Clinton. So runs the argument. But the mainstream media isn't buying it. Here are a few reasons why.
Coming up next, we are talking about Obama backing Elizabeth Warren for President with the man Hillary Clinton insiders allegedly call "the most despicable person in the world". Can you guess who it is?
Hillary Clinton is to Elizabeth Warren as Tonya Harding is to Nancy Kerrigan. Warren better watch her back!
It's a sad commentary when Hillary Clinton isn't liberal enough 4 the Elizabeth Warren faction of the Democrat party. Talk about extremists!
Move over Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren’s a contender
If only American politics focused on the arguments between Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul types, not Hillary Clinton and John Mccain.
Would you be more or less likely to vote for Hillary Clinton for president if she chose another woman to be her Vice Presidential running mate? I could seriously see Elizabeth Warren as a vice Presidential Candidate, though I think it would make a Clinton-Warren ticket less likely to win. Who do you think Hillary should choose as her running mate? I would like to see either NJ Senator Cory Booker, San Antonio TX Mayor Julian Castro, or WV Senator/Former Governor Joe Manchin.
I know that a lot of people think Hillary Clinton is a slam-dunk for 2016. I'm not so sure. In 2008, still suffering from Clinton fatigue, and still annoyed as *** about DADT and DOMA, I voted for Obama in the primaries. It was February and everyone still expected Clinton to win the nomination, but I had a hunch it was going to be Obama. In 2016, I would vote for Hillary for president, because she is clearly the one democrat with the most experience in foreign and domestic policy -- an understanding of how the Senate works, as well as the workings of the White House. Nevertheless, when the primaries happen, I will vote for Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or Joe Biden (in that order), if they are on the primary ballot. It is my hope that Hillary chooses not to run and that the democrats run Elizabeth Warren instead. Or Bernie Sanders. I like the fact that they speak in plain English. Oh, and don't dismiss Joe Biden too easily. The man has a great soul coupled with insight and intelligence. He's worthy o ...
Elizabeth Warren & Hillary Clinton for President 2016!! The Republican's must go they have destroyed peoples lives and jobs, unemployment, and continue to give tax breaks to the mega rich off the backs of the poorest Americans!!
If someone better arrives on the scene a la Barack Obama in 2008, I will vote for them for the Democratic nomination, but until someone better comes along, I'm supporting Hillary Clinton. That's right, I'm all in. That does not preclude my support for someone with more experience and more passion who arrives on the scene, but right now that person is not evident. I love Elizabeth Warren, but she is a political neophyte with absolutely no foreign policy experience and limited legislative experience. Though she is impressive, she needs to stay in the Senate for a while. Bernie Sanders is an independent, and truthfully, that would be killer for him in a White House run. Andrew Cuomo, Kirsten Gillibrand, and others, while attractive do not come close to Hillary's experience. We need someone to be willing and able to fight with a recalcitrant congress, even if they are able to turn it Democratic in 2016. Someone prepared to deal with the rapidly evolving world scene. We need someone with Hillary's unmatchable ...
So who do you think would win the Democratic nomination if it was Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren? Clinton to me seems to be playing the experience card and Warren loves to hit all the high points of progressive philosophy. Discussion requested. P.S. Republicans: please don't drop by to express your unbound hate.
"It is no secret that I hate the state, but today I am especially disgusted by the paternalism the modern state gratuitously dishes out in a thousand and one forms. It is true, of course, that the general run of mankind (in which I count myself) often acts in imprudent or even self-destructive ways. But the idea that people such as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Elizabeth Warren -- persons who, thanks be to God, I have never had the misfortune to encounter in person -- know better than I how I should conduct my life, and are entitled to force their superior knowledge on me by threats of violence, is so egregiously incompatible with anything intelligent or humane that one can only shake one's head that these overbearing nincompoops should go to such arrogant lengths to do so. It only adds insult to injury that their schemes for coercively improving my life are transparently idiotic." Robert Higgs
No more liberal apologies as Elizabeth Warren takes the offensive By E.J. Dionne Jr., Sunday, May 18, 7:28 PM E-mail the writer Elizabeth Warren is cast as many things: a populist, a left-winger, the paladin against the bankers and the rich, the Democrats’ alternative to Hillary Clinton, the policy wonk with a heart. The senior senator from Massachusetts is certainly a populist and her heart is with those foreclosed upon and exploited by shady financial practices. But she is not nearly as left-wing as many say — she can offer a strong defense of capitalism that’s usually overlooked. And here’s betting that she won’t run against Clinton. What all these descriptions miss is Warren’s most important contribution to the progressive cause. She is, above all, a lawyer who knows how to make arguments. From the time she first came to public attention, Warren has been challenging conservative presumptions embedded so deeply in our discourse that we barely notice them. Where others equivocate, she fights ...
Forget Hillary Clinton, she is just more Obama - and he's just a puppet in pretty packaging, Elizabeth Warren would be the president that could turn this country around.
Political Talk Show Host Bill Maher tells Larry King why he hopes Hillary Clinton would chose Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as her running mate should she secure the 2016 Democratic nomination.
I really don't understand why Democrats are so excited about Hillary Clinton. She's not really a populist and her husband had a corporatist administration. Personally, I'd take Elizabeth Warren over Hillary Clinton. But I guess it's more about winning than actual policy.
Elizabeth Warren, who is likely to stand against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2016 sounds interesting. She supported Occupy Wall Street and has been described by the American Chamber of Commerce as "The biggest threat to capitalism we have seen". I'd vote for that!
Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren? My pick is Warren. She has displayed concern for the middle class and American worker and her disgust for Wall Street's greed since she came into national prominence. Hillary is part of the establishment.
Thank You For Allowing Me to Join this Prestigious Group to Honor the Most Important Person in The United States Government. I am Hoping that Elizabeth Warren along with Hillary Clinton, Become the Driving Force in Tomorrow's Government To Restore Sanity to the Country For Every Working American. Thank You Once again For Allowing me This Honor to be amongst those that Also see Elizabeth Warren's Potential to becoming America's Living Hero. Sincerely James Fazio.
There will be no change in the Obama Administration's education policies if Hillary Clinton is elected President. The Clintons have supported every single education initiative the President and Arne Duncan are implementing. Unless we change the Democratic Party from below, we can expect more Testing, more School Closings, More Charter Schools, and more attacks on teachers unions. And BTW, there is no evidence Elizabeth Warren would be any different. This puts the burden squarely on teachers, parents and students to fight back for a different vision of what schools should be than Test Factories training an obedient labor force for the Corporate Elite.
Wall St banksters want Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush or Joe Biden. They don't want Elizabeth Warren, Rand Paul or ...
Elizabeth Warren says she hopes Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016, but comes short of endorsing her:
Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Sunday she hopes Hillary Clinton will embark on a presidential run in 2016 – even as chatter about a White House bid heats up around the first-term Democratic senator from Massachusetts.
Elizabeth Warren is considered the only Democratic candidate who can challenge Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. Click 'Like' to support Warren. 1557 other people voted in this topic. Have you voted yet?
Jeb Bush seems to be the odds on favorite of the Republican Establishment and Rand Paul seems the favorite of the Tea Party. Trouble is brewing and even as we speak, several major Democratic Donors are meeting in Chicago in hopes of finding an alternative to Hillary Clinton. Sure, if you have a sure winner, go out and look for someone else. I swear Democrats have an uncanny ability to *** defeat from the jaws of victory. If they turn on Clinton 2016 won't go very well for Democrats in a race they should easily win. I would love Elizabeth Warren as President, though I think she might be overwhelmed with the position if elected in 2016. She hasn't gotten her feet wet yet in the Senate to prepare for the battle that the Presidency can bring.
By Eliana Johnson Elizabeth Warren was tight-lipped on Sunday when confronted with her own criticism, leveled in a 2003 book, of Hillary Clinton. The Massachusetts Senator is the author of the new book A Fighting Chance and many political insiders see her as somebody who could challenge Clinton from the left were she to run for president, though she has repeatedly said she will not, in 2016. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos resurrected the interviewing technique that made the late Meet the Press host Tim Russert famous, pointing how her praise for Clinton today appears to contradict the stance she took a decade ago. Warren, …read more Source: National Review
elizabeth warren this week abc. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., says she hopes Hillary Clinton runs in 2016 -
ABC booked Senator Elizabeth Warren Today but instead of getting inside her mind and explaining why she's so popular to the Liberal base, Stephanopolous focused to make the interview all about Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and a tale of two book titles: a great Sunday Take
And so it begins. The preening of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, is in full bloom by the usual sectors of a once ‘free’ press, but now one self-shackled to all things Liberal. Almost daily, in print and video, the playing up of Warren as a possible 2016 Presidential Candidate gathers momentum. Popular among Progressives (spoiler alert: progressives favor big Government, one that controls the individual because Government knows what is best), that is if Hillary Clinton should decide not to run, Warren becomes Clinton’s heir apparent. You won’t hear of too many other fallback candidates, including VP Biden, or you might hear of none. Much of the Obama press corps has settled on Clinton or Warren (I suppose political Nirvana for those press members would be a Clinton-Warren ticket…top down and all around, Progressive). Given the assist much of the press gleefully afforded Candidate Obama, and knowing many will do likewise for Clinton or Warren, or both, the Republican Candidate in 2016 faces a daunt ...
My dream ticket for the next presidential race would be Hillary Clinton with Senator Elizabeth Warren (The Consumer Protection Bureau). Talk about two strong women who know their stuff - that's them!
Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren praised Hillary Clinton as terrific and denied that she had any plans to run for president in an interview aired Monday. Speaking with ABC News, Warren addressed speculation that she could challenge Clinton in a potential 2016 contest for the Democratic…
Our next President and Vice President: President Hillary Clinton and Vice President Elizabeth Warren. You heard it first from me, Christopher Francis Gregory Hagan the 1st, on this date of April 23rd, 2014.
Got to watch my girl Elizabeth Warren on the Daily Show tonight! I don't see California going red anytime soon, and I realize that in instances like Presidential Elections I have the luxury to vote my conscience. In 2016 I will be writing her in as my choice for President. I do not now, nor have I ever supported Hillary Clinton.
Before it comes up, can we put the kibosh on any idea of a Elizabeth Warren nomination for Veep? I doubt if even Hillary Clinton could control her, and the work she's doing in the Senate is frankly too valuable to the country.
Elizabeth Warren: 'I'm Not Running for President': “I think Hillary Clinton is terrific,” W...
While Hillary Clinton is finishing work on her latest book, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has stepped up to raise millions of dollars for Senate Democratic candidates in 2014.
“Imagine this. Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Elizabeth Warren and multiple lesser Democratic notables travel halfway across the country to kiss the ring of a Palestinian-American billionaire who has shown himself willing to spend tens of millions of dollars subsidizing presidential campaigns. The billionaire has some provocative views. Six months earlier, he suggested that if Israel does not end its nuclear weapons program, America should drop an “atomic weapon…in the middle of the [Negev] desert that doesn’t hurt a soul.” If that doesn’t work, America should drop “the next one…in the middle of” Tel Aviv. The billionaire insists that there is no such thing as the Jewish people. It’s a hoax; the Jews “have fooled the world very successfully.” And he declares that “There isn’t a” Jew “alive who wasn’t raised on a curriculum of hatred and hostility toward the” Palestinians. "Change the words “Democrat” to “Republican,” “Israel” to “Iran” and “Palestinian ...
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I really hope we get our first women president in 2016. Jan Brewer, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Elizabeth Warren... My hopes are high.
The American Presidential season continues to warm up even though we're more than 2.5 years from Election Day 2016. Given that political horse trading is already upon us, who in your opinion makes a worthy candidate from the two major Parties and for what reason (The Economy, Education, Less-Corrupt Government, the Deficit, War, Healthcare, Women's rights, Drug Prohibition, Secularism/Public Faith, Race Issues, 'Entitlement' spending, International Affairs, Social Welfare generally etc) Democrats: Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Elizabeth Warren and/or others. Republicans: Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum and/or others.
Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren (VP) will be taking on Jeb Bush...that's looking like 2016 folks! I am betting on the girls. I am guessing that even Republican Women might have trouble deciding whether or not to give the girls a chance. The boys have held this game for a long time.
Elizabeth Warren should advance to position of Governor so she can be qualified to be elevated to Chair of the Federal Reserve. We could really use her in this position instead of President. Hillary already has global experience as prior Secretary of State, she has foreign policy skills. Footnote: Elizabeth Warren already made a statement that she was not running for President. We should really get behind Hillary Clinton for President. It Elizabeth Warren jumps into the race, then yeah you can argue about it then. We should not be divided on a non-issue at the moment.
"Hillary Clinton leads with 66% to 11% for Joe Biden, 5% for Elizabeth Warren, 3% each for Cory Booker and Andrew Cuomo" -Polls
I can now add the following to my list of things I've posted to the Internet. "Let's start imaging the latter [how unions could raise pay of most of the low skilled workers in the US]: It's 2017. Elizabeth Warren, having won the nomination and then the White House after Hillary Clinton was assassinated by an MRA during the primaries and Mike Huckabee's "Go down for Christ" campaign was rocked by a video of him in coke filled *** orgy, begins her first 100 days. Her first proposal is an online secret ballot that brings a closed union shop into any business where 50% + 1 of their staff vote in favor of the union. Any businesses even telling workers that unions *might* be bad will be hit will fines in the millions or billions, with corporate boards put in the stocks where they can be tarred and feathered before being sent to super-max prisons. This passes because the formerly GOP controlled congress has all been replaced by Democrats due to accidental overdoses of LSD during the last days of the campaign. Th ...
IS AMERICANS SET TO CORONATE HILARY CLINTON? It looks as if Democrats are borrowing this famous line from the Beatles song Revolution in regards to Hillary Clinton reaching the White House in 2016. Therefore, the question “Do Democrats really want a Hillary Clinton coronation?” needs to be raised. Then the logical follow up, “Will American voters accept a White House coronation?” Both questions should be asked, first to the party that looks set to nominate Hillary Clinton, and then to the Republicans who want to defeat her. Two recent pollsshed some light on a possible answer. An ABC/Washington Postpoll from mid-January asked registered voters about the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination and Hillary Clinton won in a landslide with 73 percent. Compare that to Vice President Biden at 11 percent and Senator Elizabeth Warren at 9 percent. In addition, a Democrat-leaning PPP poll had Clinton at 67 percent with Biden and Warren tied at 7 percent. Apparently Democrats do want a coronation but is it ...
Quoted by Rachel Maddow: Fox News' Bill O'Reilly wants to know: "There's got to be some downside to having a woman president, right? Something that may not fit with that office, correct?" He added: "There haven't been that many strong women leaders throughout history." Dear Bill: What planet are you living on? Strong women leaders throughout history? Here are just a few names and any one of them would have been or would be a strong U.S. President: Golda Meir, Aung San Suu Kyi, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, La Donna Harris, Dolores Huerta, Elizabeth Warren, Emmeline Pankhurst, Amy Klobuchar, Julia Gillard, Margaret Chan, Drew Gilpin Faust, Phebe Novakovic, Angela Ahrendts, Safra Catz, Simone Veil, Isabelle Ealet, Susan Ivey,Heidi Miller, Susan Wagner, Hillary Clinton, Susan Wojcicki, and Lauren Zalaznick. That should get you started, Bill, and any one of these ladies would have or would now kick your arrogant, sexist, condescending butt in about one minute.
I'm supporting Elizabeth Warren over Hillary Clinton for president because Sen. Warren's policies resonate with me. There is no doubt Sec. Clinton has done a tremendous job in the name of woman's issues, but her economic policies are more in line with corporate America. Sec. Clinton used to advise Walmart's board of directors many moons ago, for example. The stranglehold that is felt around our nation is real, and Sen. Warren has shown herself to be the only person up to the task of unwinding this horrid mechanism. I reject this notion that Sen. Warren is the better suited to stay in the senate and feel that too many parrot this statement. If Sen. Warren becomes President Warren she could use her bully pulpit to raise awareness about these issues to the point of accomplishing legislation. President Obama has been entirely lax in this avenue of his presidency, although there have been minor public victories. The choice is clear. If Sen. Warren chooses not to run I will support Hillary Clinton, but she ...
There's a strong chance either Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren will announce they're taking steps toward a presidential candidacy, today. Don't ask me how I know, but you heard it here first.
I would so love To see a debate with Elizabeth Warren , Rachel Maddow & Hillary Clinton on one side & Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann & Ann Coulter on the other. Must bring pop corn & fact checker!
Krystal Ball, one of four progressives who together make up MSNBC’s left-wing love-fest “The Cycle,” called on Hillary Clinton to cede the Democratic nomination to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. “I deeply respect Hillary Clinton,” Ball began. “I think she’s a great intellect with great fortitu...
I respect reason for her support for Elizabeth Warren over Hillary Clinton, but so hope Hillary runs!
I agree w on Hillary Clinton: "..she is not the right person for this moment, Elizabeth Warren is!
Elizabeth Warren Fights against Global Warming, Separates Herself from Hillary Clinton More than a month ago Elizabeth Warren finally separated herself clearly from Hillary Clinton, regarding the issue of climate change and Global Warming. Here is the story: TransCanada Corporation wants to build the Keystone XL Pipeline to carry oil from Alberta Canada's tar sands to two refineries owned by Koch Industries near the Texas Gulf Coast, for export to Europe; and Hillary Clinton has helped to make that happen, but Elizabeth Warren has now taken the opposite side. Clinton had worked behind the scenes to ease the way for commercial exploitation of this, the world's highest-carbon-emitting oil, 53% of which oil is owned by America's Koch Brothers. Secretary Clinton's State Department allowed the environmental impact statement on the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline to be performed by a Petroleum Industry contractor that was chosen by the company that was proposing to build and own the pipeline, TransCanada. That co ...
I trust Elizabeth Warren more than I trust Hillary Clinton. Sorry, that's how I feel about it. I won't vote GOP ever thou…
It's plain and simple" any reasonable minded person should see this, Elizabeth Warren for the poor and middle class, Hillary Clinton for the rich Democrats
I just donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign for President. But I would also donate to Elizabeth Warren. It's time to have a woman clean the house.
“Somebody must challenge from the left, because, I mean, Hillary Clinton, who started out as a progressive out of Yale Law School and Wellesley, she’s become almost the poster child for the military-industrial complex... She hugs Kissinger. She hobnobs with Bob Rubin and the Wall Street crowd. I mean it’s almost a caricature. But you know on social issues, like pro-choice, children’s issues, you know she keeps that liberal sheen.” “In the primary I see [Sen.] Elizabeth Warren. I could see [Sen.] Sherrod Brown. I could see a few members of Congress, of the House, but they are very, very skittish about challenging the dominant players in their party,” ~ Ralph Nader
Predictions for 2014: (1) The federal minimum wage will be raised to $10.50, (2) Congress won’t shut down the federal government, (3) Congress won’t pass anything significant on immigration reform, gun safety, or tax reform, (4) Republican Senate and House primaries starting in March will intensify the GOP civil war, which will grow even more heated throughout the year, (5) Americans will forget how badly the rollout of Obamacare was botched, and by year’s end a majority will support it, (6) Hillary Clinton won’t yet declare for president and speculation will increase about Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, (7) Democrats will retain control over the Senate and Republicans will retain control over he House in the midterm elections (8) The Dow will close 10 percent lower by year’s end than it was at the start, (9) Wall Street will be rocked by a huge insider-trading scandal, and (10) Both parties will tout strategies to reverse widening inequality, which will have grown worse. Your predictions?
Who would you prefer for Commander-in-Chief? Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton,...
Isn't it past time that we stop romanticizing the Democratic Party qua Democratic Party, and start seeing that party as really two parties? May we not think of them as: 1.) a Social Democratic party, (i.e., John Conyers, Barbara Lee, Raul Grijalva, Alan Grayson, Keith Ellison, Elizabeth Warren, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, etc.), and, 2.) a Center-Right party, (i.e., the Democratic Leadership Council, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Patty Murray, Charles Schumer, Robert Menendez, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, etc.); the latter all too quick to sell out working people.
Ok, 2016 potential Presidential Candidates are in the polls and it is a HUGE yawner! On the Dems side is the leader Hillary Clinton of cattle futures fame. Then we have Joe Biden. To be honest, I have nothing to say about his worthless as *** on a boar hog butt... That leaves Elizabeth Warren, Martin O'Malley and Deval Patrick. I am asleep at the wheel and headed for a crash... But I won't leave the rotten *** slate on the Republican's side out. Chris Christie holds a narrow lead, with Jeb Bush, Tom Cruz and Paul Ryan sniffing up his butt with a microscope. Problem is, they all SUCK! That leaves Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum holding up the rear of the GOP flanks, the most appropriate place for them. *** should ALWAYS take up the rear... Looks like one more lame *** election of complete morons... When will we have reps running who aren't clueless by nature? I am starting a voters for Goofy or Dopey as president campaign. Are you in?
The following people all have books coming out in 2014: Hillary Clinton, Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Cuomo, Wendy Davis, and Elizabeth Warren.
By wooing Wall Street bankers, Hillary Clinton has thrown down the gauntlet, daring Elizabeth Warren to oppose her for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, writes Darrell Delamaide.
who would you go to bed first Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton?
Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has been identified in the press as a potential thorn in the side of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential ambitions.
Hmmm wonder what would happen if Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren would Primary each other? Think the Dems would fracture like what's going on in the Republican Party?
Now that Senator Elizabeth Warren has endorsed Obama's interim Iran nuclear deal, will Hillary Clinton woman-up?
Hillary Clinton is an intriguing candidate for sure, but I have my eye on Elizabeth Warren.
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Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren probably do muscleman poses and listen to the 'Texas Ranger' theme song before appearing in public.
DLC, now the Third Way org dissing progressives like Elizabeth Warren and Sanders, is a Clinton apparatus campaigning for Hillary. BEWARE
On this day, my day sort of, I'm going to do something I rarely do, express an opinion. Joke. I suppose Hillary Clinton is "entitled" to be our next president and clearly has the resume' for the job. However, it's time to move on methinks. It really is a new world we live in and frankly I'm tired of the oligarchic nature of our presidential politics. Despite various disappointments we've felt you gotta admit that the Obama presidency has been and is refreshing simply because it's new. Anyway, I will (in my own small way) be rooting for an Elizabeth Warren candidacy.
Elizabeth Warren may have too many problems to challenge Hillary Clinton, writes Richard Cohen:
We have Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Maddow, & Hillary Clinton. RW has Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann. & Ann Coulter. Things look good 4 us
2016 Hillary Clinton president, Elizabeth Warren leader of the Senate, Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House
In my fantasy dream world, Elizabeth Warren would be the US president. (Hillary Clinton would be UN Secretary General.)
Stop trying to make Elizabeth Warren happen.
I suspect that Elizabeth Warren would make a better president than would Hillary Clinton. Mainly because Bill is...
There are so many qualified women leaders who could be the first American government! Some suggest Hillary Clinton for President 2016; some cite Elizabeth Warren. Although they are superbly qualified, I would also add Kristen Kirsten Gillibrand, the NY senator as a great alternative. If not now when?
Elizabeth Warren: quiet revolutionary who could challenge Hillary Clinton in Democrats' 2016 EW is th…
Elizabeth Warren would be a better Presidential Candidate than Hillary Clinton.
Was watching "The Assination of President Kennedy" last night on CNN. They showed clip of LBJ's address to nation on Capital Hill. I noticed there was not 1 woman in the film. It was odd. I have my picks for President for 2016: they are: Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand. I would love to see 1 of them in the White House!
Quite an Indictment by Elizabeth Warren won't save the Democrats in 2016 | Zack Exley
Hillary Clinton at the Seems a little tired in the presence of up and comers like Elizabeth Warren and Wendy Davis.
Hendrik Hertzberg on Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and the 2016 Democratic ticket: "There is a lingering sense that the history would be grander if the first woman President were someone who reached the top entirely on her own."
Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton: In the Very Last Word, Jonathan Capehart and Krystal Ball talke...
The fake Hillary Clinton v. Elizabeth Warren campaign war a-brewin' stinks of trolls. Warren isn't going to run for president and deeply respects Hillary. She has Ted Kennedy's seat. That's a major thing. If anything, she'd be asked to be the Veep on the ticket. And there's no reason at all to decide only one of the two is "worthy." Trolls, I tell ya. I may personally LIKE Warren more, but there's no reason for a one or the other approach.
Democrats, the Fayetteville liberals are taking a poll: Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren, if you had your 'druthers?
Elizabeth Warren has become a phenomenon for populist Democrats. And that scares Hillary Clinton.
I would lose my mind if Elizabeth Warren actually ran for President. I'm more excited about her than Hillary Clinton, to …
Only a year out and the presidential political winds are starting to pick up. Elizabeth Warren vs. Hillary Clinton anyone…
Elizabeth Warren mounting a challenge against Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Femocratic nomination? All the better. More room for pbralich. They'll just gobble each other up in Flobot wars.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), described by progressives and Washington insiders as the person best situated to challenge Hillary Clinton from within her own party, may not let the uphill nature of such a contest keep her from running, according to a new report.
Rumblings are already beginning "inside the Beltway" about a possible presidential primary run by Elizabeth Warren against Hillary Clinton, (neither of whom have declared yet, of course.) Interestingly, in this thought experiment, that could eventually end up as a Clinton-Warren Democratic ticket in 2016. And why not? Maybe it's time to have women running the whole show for a while.
There's some noise starting about Elizabeth Warren going up against Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Dem nomination. I hope she doesn't; I don't think she's experienced and well-rounded enough yet. But, if it does come down to those two in the primaries, I'll be behind Liz.
“The first time Elizabeth Warren met Hillary Clinton was in 1998, when the then–first lady requested a briefing on an industry-backed bankruptcy bill. Warren was impressed by Clinton’s smarts and...
Just what I feared for Hillary Clinton: Obama core supporters just don't trust her. After scores of internal emails left and right in the last couple of weeks, the secret is out: Obamacrats want Elizabeth Warren, not Hillary. She must work harder to earn our trust, they say, especially on
Am I the only one that thinks this pitting Elizabeth Warren against Hillary Clinton for 2016 (!) is some sort of sexist nonsense? I mean really - it is so far out, neither have said they will run and obviously, uh, they aren't the only contenders - just the 2 most prominent serious women around these days. And we always have to pit women against each other, don't we? I say just ignore it.
The New Republic has a new article that talks about how Elizabeth Warren would be a strong challenger to any potential Hillary Clinton candidacy...
I like Sen. Elizabeth Warren. I really think she's doing a good job as senator, but I wonder whether she's trying to sabotage Hillary Clinton's plans to run. Hm.
Every keep talking about Elizabeth Warren as a person that can give Hillary Clinton a run for her money in 2016, please dont make me laugh. Biden dont even have a chance to beat here if she runs. But i wil say who she needs to watch out for is that John Kerry because if he is successful on Syris and Iran he wins hands down is he runs unless she gets to him and pick him as running mate. If she doesn't i will pick a Latino Governor in the South and then she is unbeatable.
Hillary Clinton for president and Elizabeth Warren for Vice President. 2016.how's that for a blockbuster duo.
Hillary Clinton seems to be the favored Democratic candidate for 2016 despite the fact she hasn't made any overt statements about her plans. And now...there's some speculation Elizabeth Warren could consider a run in '16. Is she someone who could give Hillary a real challenge?
"Elizabeth Warren is Hillary Clinton's Nightmare." on the 2016 presidential race
... I know it's not going to happen, but I REALLY hope Elizabeth Warren challenges Hillary Clinton for the nomination in 2016
.Elizabeth Warren profile is great. Why she’s Hillary Clinton’s nightmare scenario.
Clinton nightmare: A Democratic Party that realizes its soul lies with Elizabeth Warren via
Remember the time Elizabeth Warren signed a letter urging Hillary Clinton to run for president? Apparently Noam Scheiber doesn't.
One of my favorite weekend Elizabeth Warren's prospects against Hillary Clinton in 2016:
Hillary Clinton has a 2016 Obama problem and her name is Elizabeth Warren, writes |
How's this for a dream matchup for 2016? Hillary Clinton/Elizabeth Warren vs. Chris Christie/John Hunstman. I'd love t…
Here's what I think will happen: Hillary Clinton literally just received 16 endorsements today from all Democratic US Senators who are women, including Elizabeth Warren. Hillary also got the endorsement of Senator Chuck Schumer this week in Iowa. Let's fast forward to 2014: It's the midterms, the Clinton's are out in full force campaigning for Democrats in all 50 states, especially battleground states, including Wendy Davis of Texas. But SURPRISE! Chelsea Clinton announces in the Spring she's running for Congress in NY. There's a seat that will be open next year ironically. It's current incumbent plans to retire; she's 74 years old. The Clinton's are everywhere, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Texas, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania. EVERYWHERE! Democrats take back the House and retain the Super majority in the US Senate in 2014. Also, Chelsea Clinton is elected Congresswoman from New York. January 2015: Hillary Clinton announces she's running for President. Hillary wins the nomination hands down with onl ...
Today, Hillary Clinton receives the endorsements of all 16 Democratic Senators, who are women. This list includes Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Tammy Baldwin, Barbara Boxer, and Claire Mccaskill.
Last night Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Robert Reich and Allison Janney all appeared in my dream. Weird as I haven't been thinking that much about politics the last few days. Elizabeth and Hillary wanted my advice. I'm sure I was brilliant.
I keep telling y'all...Hillary Clinton is cool. But I'm looking forward to Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, or Kamala Harris.
I hope Sarah Palin runs for President. I also hope that Michelle Bachmann runs as well! It would be great to watch them get downsized by Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton!!
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