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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is the 67th United States Secretary of State, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama.

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Hillary Clinton's initials are the same as Health Care. FYI
Paul Ryan is quickly becoming the Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party. His greatest accomplishment is getting elected.
America elected Hillary Clinton the first Madam President of the Free World. Abolish the Electoral College!
The American people elected Hillary Clinton as the first Madam President of the Free World! Let's abolish the Elect…
- you know who else uses bots to amplify their social media presence? Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama.
This is big! Hillary Clinton covered up child trafficking investigation at the State Department
"Rachel Notley agrees with Clinton’s stance against the Keystone XL pipeline, was surprised Hillary Clinton came out against the project."
Too bad you supported pro-fracking Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie. I will never support your group again.
The RNC paid an intel firm with Russia ties for dirt on Hillary Clinton
In my world Hillary Clinton is my President in exile, let her take charge & nullify all Cheeto has & will do.
Your dumb liberal female guess with that awful high pitch voice like Hillary Clinton is bad for your show & business for FOX
Correction: It's actually closed now. My bad!
."there was only one person under FBI investigation when voters went to the polls on Election Day, and it wasn…
That would be Hillary! She sold 20% of OUR uranium to Putin for donation $$ to Clinton foundation & Podesta!
I voted for Hillary Clinton, don't 👀 at me but if she was president we wouldn't be concerned about the Supreme Court for th…
To say I would feel safer with President Hillary Clinton handling North Korea is the understatement of the millennium.
. But Chomsky still voted for Hillary Clinton, Saudi's best corrupted friend!! So Chomsky is out for me. Nice talking but -1
Designer on her fav pieces for now & why she's supporting these Boston organizations this spring. https:…
Might we also explore what 'financial grip' Russia had on John Podesta & Hillary Clinton when they ushered Uranium One d…
Hillary Clinton rigging the primaries damaged national security by giving us Trump.
Can we please never forget that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 3 million votes
When did you ever hear of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton doing any of these things??
Hillary Clinton. Very corrupt and evil. Bought by the Saudis.
Correct. The same logic would apply to Obama and Hillary Clinton too.
With Hillary Clinton.Trail blazers and change makers from around the globe.
Hillary Clinton will never be president. EVER...
have you forgotten dem appointed Comey worked for Lockheed Martin? Massive CF donors as well. Lib hypocrisy
NOTE: Hillary haters on the left = instant block. (You're a fake progressive if you push the right's dishonest anti-Clinton…
.thinks a President under FBI investigation is a. "Constitutional Crisis". if that President is named Hillar…
This is completely asinine. Does this mean that every single person who can't stand Hillary Clinton is a Russian spy, agent…
Billionaire Donald shows Hillary will suffer from my administration. Better luck next time.
Debunked repeatedly. No, Hillary Clinton did not "give Russia 20 percent of the uranium” in the US via…
Hillary Clinton warned us and because the media created this image her warnings was dismissed. Every day it was breaking ne…
Crooked Hillary Clinton should not be ignoring!
Let's be clear about who the real victim of Russian propaganda was: Hillary Clinton
"...Hillary Clinton herself has said we need to tweak the law.". --Rep. Debbie Dingell, October, 2016
Didnt matter if Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin OMalley was the Democratic Presidential Nominee, the Democrat had m…
Feinstein is about as credible as Hillary Clinton. Another DC swamp-dweller that doesn't know when to hang up her jail keys..
Republicans attacked Hillary on FBI probe - Now Trump & his staff are shamed by FBI probe via
Will you would still vote for Hillary Clinton after seeing this 4min video via
But NYPD and Erik Prince and Giuliani were already spinning this as Clinton indictments
get over Hillary Clinton geez. Let's help one another and love one another and get things done.
Hillary Clinton ran for president under the cloud of an FBI investigation. Where was your big mouth then?
Hillary Clinton would likely be POTUS had voters known Trump's campaign was being investigated for possibly treasonous…
GOP had A LOT to say about and an FBI investigation. Now they're damned by their own words. By me. https…
corruption by DNC. Donna Brazil's fed Hillary Clinton debate questions before the debate. Exposed by Wikileaks.
Terrific St. Patrick's Day celebration in Scranton on Friday with a rousing message from Hillary Clinton.
true, but not everyone totally rips off a country and then lies about it. Example: Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.
Only stunning thing is Hillary Clinton not in jail under Espionage Act for storing SAP intelligence on her server. THA…
Hillary Clinton and Obama both Violated the Espionage Act with the use of her unsecure server !
Trump's State Department refuses to look for Hillary Clinton's emails via
True so why does Hillary Clinton & Huma Abedin get a pass in prosecution on Russia & classified info
FBI Director James Comey: Russia hated Hillary Clinton and wanted to undermine her
Long before Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel, Britain's Queen Victoria blazed a path for women leaders.
.on | Hillary Clinton spoke at a St Patrick’s Day event.
Hillary Clinton says she's "ready to come out of the woods" and help Americans find common ground. https:/…
IF you can unite among true progressive people. This has nothing to do with Democratic Party, DNC, nor Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton is not our President;nor is Barrack Hussein Obama. Now can we forget that horror story on America a…
Sickly and bedraggled US oligarch Hillary Clinton announces plans to "emerge from woods," after subsisting on roots and grub…
Donna Brazile says she'll "forever regret" her decision to send town hall questions to Hillary Clinton's campaign
Donna Brazile is not sorry she leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton. She "regrets" getting caught.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Donna Brazile has been rightfully condemned but why hasn't Hillary Clinton apologized for cheating in the debates? https:/…
♞ Hillary Clinton says she's 'ready to come out of the woods' - Fox News
Now I'm vindicated for my support of over Ellison. The blue coolaid steals your soul & creates bots. ht…
Tell me then why did the richest counties in America overwhelmingly vote for Hillary Clinton?
Brazile on leaking debate questions to Clinton: 'A mistake I will forever regret'
Obama is the biggest POS Alive AND Hillary RODHAM Clinton is the SMELL.
Hillary Clinton will find anyway possible to get into the White House !
.still doesn't understand that she lost/ran worst campaign in history. America said no!
I don't believe you. I don't believe that you regret it at all, you partisan hack.
Remember that time Hillary Clinton visited 131 countries, logged 950k miles and didn't complain ONCE.
"There is a sense that things, if you keep positive and optimistic about what can be done, do work out." - Hillary Rod…
.Lil Bow Wow will soon endorse Hillary Clinton the way his uncle Snoop did. Bow Wow = establishment shill
The reason I continue to vigorously defend Hillary Clinton is because her detractors want to rewrite history. We shouldn't l…
Donald Trump: "Hillary Clinton lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS, and all the many adversaries we fa…
Trump owes the American ppl and Hillary Clinton an apology for every criminal act he has committed. To woman everywhere.
um hello media, you forgot something else, it also had info on Hillary Clinton's email scandal
WATCH Donna Brazile, DNC chair & CNN employee, LIE her *** off when busted cheating & colluding with Hillary Clinton. NOW,…
So Donna Brazile admits she fed Hillary questions... and nobody in the Democratic Party cares.. UN F'ING BELIEVABLE ht…
Hillary Clinton 'ready to come out of the woods' and rejoin public life - the guardian
Liar Hillary claimed Trump 'paid nothing in federal taxes'
Every woman in the world has known how Angela Merkel felt today. Hillary Clinton lost because this world is unspeakably cr…
Why is Hillary Clinton email investigation material on a secret service laptop?
who had the decency to do the right thing to bad Hillary Clinton wont tell the truth about the e-mails, taking a hammer to
This is the truth about Trey Gowdy's Benghazi report... America needs to know what it says about Hillary Clinton. https…
Clinton: 'I'm ready to come out of the woods'
This woman just doesn't get the message!
I just started crying because my boyfriend reminded me that Hillary Clinton could have been president happy st Patrick's day
Imagine if Hillary Clinton met with Merkel and Chelsea Clinton was seated next to her for official meeting. . You can't. It's…
Tillerson cut his visit short to South Korea because he's tired. Remember when Hillary Clinton traveled 956,733 miles…
Blame every Trump budget cut on Hillary Clinton and a corrupt Democratic Party that cheated Bernie for someone under…
A Secret Service laptop with information on Pres. Trump and Hillary Clinton has been stolen, CBS News has learned
$1 mil gift from the cntry of Qatar to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments during Hillary Clinton's time as secretary of state.
Bill Bratton's next job will be at a Hillary Clinton-linked firm
Hillary Clinton knew Saudi, Qatar were funding ISIS but still took their money for Foundation:
This map is inaccurate I live in Fresno County of California and it went for Hillary Clinton.
Trump told a crowd to use their 2nd Amendment rights to stop Hillary Clinton. And it wasn't in a Snoop Dogg video with…
Posters targeting Hillary Clinton have been sold & openly displayed at Trump rally's. Trump supports violence. Complains abou…
Trump supporter Ted Nugent threatened Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with machine guns, but Trump only condemns violence…
Mike Pence (responds to knowledge that Hillary Clinton and two officials close to him are working towards him takin…
For the record, Davidson County (the county in which Nashville resides), voted nearly 2 to 1 for Hillary Clinton.
Nashville and Davidson County voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, btw. But this is still pathetic.
Just a reminder that more people voted for Hillary Clinton just in Davidson County (aka Nashville) than people att…
just a reminder that Davidson County voted 60% for Hillary Clinton
Just a reminder that Hillary Clinton received 60% of the vote in Davidson County aka Nashville
was won by Hillary Clinton and, impressively, can read numbers... county uninsured rate down 12.7%!
Hillary Clinton on the other hand has done great things for our county
Did Donald Trump know Michael Flynn was paying an FBI official to smear Hillary Clinton? via
Hillary Clinton teaching young girls how to delete emails
Hillary Clinton at Wellesley. “What would you change about your campaign?” Clinton: “I’d win.” v…
Hillary Clinton at Wellesley College on what she'd change in her campaign via
3 weeks before the election, trying to run up the score in AZ which she lost by almost 100k votes, ignoring WI.
All I know is that if Hillary Clinton was our President she wouldn't be taking our health care away.
lol, I was talking about Hillary enabling Bill Clinton. Face it! Power corr…
Fake news website created to test Donald Trump supporters' gullibility - Reveals they will believe anything
In an alternate universe, Hillary Clinton is President, Tim Kaine's son is not in jail, and we are in total nuclear wa…
2/ Clinton (Hillary), Obama, now Trump all go deep into arena. As healthcare is 18% of national GDP, I guess it’s what moves the needle.
Hillary Clinton's team met with Russian Ambassador, says Kremlin spokesman, as he warns against 'hysteria'
Back Reports Of Them: “Unfortunately, by insulting Mexican immigrants and Hillary Clinton campaign, despite the FBI director
There's NO WAY- that Trump could be worse for blacks that Bill and Hillary Clinton. Based on these things
Michael Flynn was paying FBI official who tried to sabotage Hillary Clinton during campaign via
Now, Trump's are trying to say that Hillary was doing the same things as Trump.
Yeah because there's so much proof! Hillary Clinton gave our uranium to Russia! You care about that or you just bias
WOW! A Russian diplomat told CNN that the Russians had secret conversations with the Hillary campaign...
Hillary Clinton’s new haircut is the biggest chop ... u. are so beautiful
Everyone knows Hillary took silverware, but what did Bill Clinton get from the Oval Office? via /r/Jokes
Hillary Clinton's campaign had lots of meetings with the Russian Ambassador as well, so would that qualify them as
Rush Limbaugh talks Hillary Clinton (in 1993) and gets booed. HE ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT!
The Russian Ambassador also met with the Clinton campaign, but I'm sure it was only to find out what hot sauce Hillary us…
meanwhile Clinton is the real Russian spy the media refuses to talk about.
"Maybe he's not as rich as he says he is." - Hillary Rodham Clinton
Vladimir Putin's spokesman says Hillary Clinton's advisers met with the Russian Ambassador "lots of times" during the electio…
Hillary Clinton's message to young women...
Hillary Clinton debuts new haircut Crooked HRC, going for the evil Carol Brady look.
Study: Hillary Clinton ran one of worst presidential campaigns in history
we need role models like Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton to show young women that it's ok to stay with your man even if he cheats.
Update your maps at Navteq
the young feminists for awhile were gathered around a gigantic plant beehive thing which was Hillary Clinton's head
Columbine, Hillary Clinton: Child care plan?. . Here's what happened when he says your campaign, and all of young people."
This happened yesterday at Hillary Clinton's alma mater, the all women's college cc:
People I think would be better presidents than Trump:. Hillary Clinton. Malia Obama. Sasha Obama. One of the Obama dogs. Any…
Funny to see Elizabeth Warren say that Trump is about Wall Street when Hillary Clinton had her pockets full of cash from them & many others.
Senator Edward Kennedy's birthday last month for Hillary Clinton's rebel family has an action back at the joint Shields Spending Centre.
what about a mercury sable? They told me it was a bad transmission but now I think Hillary Clinton wanted me dead.
Hillary Clinton has her face painted at Wellesley College, 1960s.
According to mainstream CIA media. Barack Obama is Black Jesus and Hillary Clinton is Carol Brady. 😈
Live with it ! We put up with 8 years of corruption, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder/ L Lynch, Dirty Harry & Pelosi
CHRISTIAN, I have never truly hated any person in American history other than Hillary Clinton & Adolph Hitler. My d…
President of South Korea was impeached & might face jail time for doing much less than Hillary Clinton did as Secretar…
Thank goodness Hillary Clinton, with her hawkish militaristic approach toward the Middle East, is not the president of the…
Perhaps the same ones that don't apply to Hillary Clinton, Dennis Clapper, Erick Holder, George Bush Jr, etc.
Americans DON'T want Hillary Clinton to run for NYC mayor | Daily Mail Online
If your definition of "liberal" is say Hillary Clinton, than sure: Ann Richards, Mark White, and John Connally.
"We are not asking for anything extra — we are asking for equality," Hillary Clinton said, during Women's Day speech
Maxine Waters should get together with Hillary Clinton, Nancy Polosi and Elijah Cummings and knit a blanket! Ignorance!
Hey America has somebody you can put that fail on how about Hillary Clinton she'd kiss your *** for a few million b…
Here's how Hillary Clinton's Staff sits on the White House couch...
Michelle Obama, JK Rowling, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Beckham and last but not least, my Sona Mona are some of my role models
Here is a picture of Jewish bomb-threat suspect, Juan Thompson with Hillary Clinton! .
The left is determined to start a war with Russia with or without Hillary Clinton at the helm.
And thank you, Dr Mary Morrissey, for your talk on gender, 'likeability', and Hillary Clinton.
When I think of Presidential, I picture: insightful, pragmatic, mentally stable, open to advice and Hillary Clinton.
Four life lessons from to embrace on
FYI -- the geniuses who engineered this brilliant strategy remain in control of the Democratic Party
POLL: 58% of likely New York City voters don't want Hillary Clinton to run for mayor
"Hillary Clinton accepted 2017 Champion for Girls" That's like rewarding John Wayne Gacy clown of the year.
Two women I admire the most: Hillary Clinton and Katey
As we honor the woman in the world today who have been instrumental in fight for equality, let us not forget Hillar…
Hillary Clinton's TV ads had far and away the least policy detail of any campaign since 2000 at least
I'm thinking of your female employees: She pays women less than men period..
Hillary Clinton: The presidency was stolen from you. You will laugh last with what is going on in the country today.
"I, Hillary Clinton, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of Pres. of the United States...".
I believe that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century - Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton on Self-Care, Basketball, and Gratitude at the Girls Inc. Luncheon via
Hillary Clinton is not President. . Today is a wonderful day.
90% of Clinton’s attack ads went after Trump as an individual, compared with just 10% that went after his policies
Ad for Hillary Clinton secretly written by Heat Street 'journalist' Louise Mensch
Trump surprises White House tour group, greeting visitors in front of a portrait of Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton opens up about setbacks and optimism for the future - ABC News ☄ ⛱ $v ⏳℅
Lmao the best solution was to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of trump 😂😂 have a great day ill keep voting I or R…
Pres Trump WON...I think u r referring 2 UR crooked candidate Hillary Clinton...Hillary LIES ALL the time...
Know who passed a better health care plan (in less time) than current House GOP? Hillary Clinton in 1997.
Hillary Clinton & Obama r not POTUS. Today is a great day!
Mr Chaffee why r yall not going after Hillary Clinton an put her in jail for over the top e-mail 22
Hillary Clinton: I hope a 'wave of young women' run for office
We're in New York City, where Hillary Clinton is receiving the Champion for Girls Award from Girls Inc. Watch live:
Kim Clement’s prophecies regarding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with my comments
Donald Trump was forced to greet tourists in front of portrait of Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton welcome visitors to the White House:
'DC War within' and the media?. Journalists shower Hillary Clinton with campaign cash via
Fake photo opp in front of a huge Hillary Clinton painting while the poor kid looks miserable. Someone is getting fired to…
- Hey look, it's Rudolph Giuliani & Hillary Clinton on September 11, 2001. . You said she was never…
Trump is right about Hillary Clinton giving 20% of America's uranium to Russia as Sec of State, undermining Obama.
This is not true, you know that. Thou your idol Hillary Clinton was a puppet of Saudi king and Gulf states. And tha…
Hillary Clinton is Putin on the Ritz anti-imperial war agenda
Political fallout for Hillary Clinton after North Korea’s... #
Photo of Hillary Clinton reading on Mike Pence using a private email account has gone viral via Manyore Post
James Comey... political hack!. Now we know that last summer, at the same time he was protecting Hillary Clinton, he was…
Look at Hillary Clinton posting on 31 Oct 16 Jake Sullivan Statement, but pay attention to replies beneath from
Deputy Assistant to the President of the US ,Jake Sullivan-Hillary Clinton: the United Sta…
Hillary Clinton, who had email scandal herself, seen reading about Mike Pence's use of personal email while governor
Here's Hillary Clinton with the recent Jewish center bomb-threat suspect and leftist muslim, Juan Thompson. Small world.…
Hillary Clinton looks at a USA Today article about Vice President Mike Pence's use of personal email while in offic…
Pence and Trump repeatedly criticized Hillary Clinton for using a private server and email for official business.
Here's a great pic of Hillary Clinton's Black History Month celebration! Yeah the empty picture.
Hillary Clinton photographed as she reads the news of Mike Pence's emails
DEFEATED the most deceitful dishonest Deceptive politician ever to run! Hillary R Clinton!
Mike Pence: 'No comparison' between his, Hillary Clinton's use of emails
It wasn't who LIED to The Senate under oath, during confirmation hearing, it was Hillary Clinton, listen. https:/…
Hillary Clinton is like Tracey Flick from Election, except if almost everyone could see how awful she was instead of only M…
Comey doesn't seem interested in investigating anyone but Hillary Clinton over her…
Every breaking news, I shake my head & silently apologize to all the little girls & women who watched how they disrespected…
All purpose parts banner
Remember when Mike Pence criticized Hillary Clinton for using a private email server? Turns out he's not so clean
Scottie just realized that Hillary & Bill Clinton are married. "i thought they were cousins or something"
Ask any woman who publicly supported Hillary Clinton in the primaries if she's been harassed by leftist men.
No, the email situation is not like Hillary's.
As people whose careers are devoted to Hillary Clinton should know better than anyone: FBI investigation ≠ pro…
You guys, my friend is on the same plane as Hillary Clinton. Zoom in on the title of the article she's looking at. https:/…
Funny article, lol. "Hillary Clinton Descends from Private Jets to Commercial Flights in Just Two Months"
Hillary Lied to Congress! FBI Director Comey confirms in his testimony that Hillary Clinton lied https…
Bomb hoaxer Juan Thompson & Hillary Clinton?. Interesting how this is going isn't it?.
What did Hillary Clinton know and when did she know it?. We need a full investigation into her ties with Juan Thompson
George Bush , His father , Bill & Hillary Clinton , John Kerry , George Soros , Henry Kissenger , are all members of the Bilderberg Society
Should Mike Pence and Hillary Clinton be held to the same standard as it pertains to the email hack?
where was Jane Fonda and ladies activists when Monica Lewinsky was trashed by Bill and Hillary Clinton and the democrats?
FAKE NEWS: falsely reports Loretta Lynch recused herself from the Hillary Clinton email scandal
Coretta Scott King warned you, Hillary Clinton warned you, both were missed now here we are dealing with this mess and its…
We are going to let the Russian investigations lead where they may...straight to Barry Soetoro, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.
Everyone was so nice to Hillary Clinton. And to Elizabeth Warren, for that matter. Wait.
but the way Rs chanted "lock her up" at Fmr SoS, Fmr Sen, & Fmr FLOTUS Hillary Clinton was totally acceptable...what a joke
Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton--three women claiming Christianity--with a cause to get in Putin's face?
Did anybody tell Eric that Obama will never be president again and Hillary Clinton lost
did you speak out about Hillary Clinton's negligence in the deaths of Smith, Woods, Doherty &Stevens
Hillary Clinton: Pokémon Go to the polls!. Donald Trump: I will eliminate the first amendment . Bernie bros (still): B…
Hillary Clinton and Hollywood are symbiotic and bathe in National. awards, honors and riches between gigs invcolving the Hoi Polloi.
Meryl Streep must be having what Hillary Clinton is having- growing larger...
He understands that he's Hillary Clinton's last she can try again. Yes the women is as sick as they come.…
Michael Bluth and Hillary Clinton presenting an Oscar. Who knew?
Hillary Clinton demands $353K in fundraiser to sit with George Clooney, Amal
When Hillary Clinton calls trump a pig but is still married to bill
I see you talkin' smack about Hillary Clinton AND I LIKE IT
But— the rally would have 2.8 million fewer people than Hillary Clinton's.
Hillary Clinton outspent Donald Trump 2-to-1 and lost. This is what the worship of money over people gets you
Ryan Murphy confirmed that we will not be seeing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the new season of American Horror Stor…
For tomorrow's OSCARS ...If I could I would Gladly accept an Oscar for the PEOPLE'S President Hillary Clinton!
Wouldn't it be great if President Obama and Rightful POTUS Hillary Clinton were…
Why is Hillary Clinton positioning herself to work with whoever wins the DNC Chair election? Hillary vs
Hillary Clinton pulled a Ralph Nader and instead of Bernie Sanders as President of the United States, we got Trump, the…
The perfect trifecta for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Alec Baldwin AS Trump. Stream it on tv. Trump may have an a…
Before everyone loses they *** minds about Perez, remember the GOP hates him. Settle tf down and let's get to work. h…
Person doing this satirical site is doing the Lord's work. Funny for Hillary supporters; TRIGGERING for Dumpf's. https…
In the 2016 primaries, Sanders won more votes from people under 30 than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined.
We almost had this crazy woman as President. Watch her reactions to a question.
Crooked Hillary Clinton knew that her husband did with NAFTA.
I am happy with my vote for Donald Trump. He is the best choice. Especially compared to Hillary Clinton. Period.
I hope they give your seat to the winner of the popular vote by 3 million votes (most cast by dead peo…
My definition of "progressive" is definitely not Tom Perez and/or Hillary Clinton, so to be honest, I don't understand.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
And the 'winner' goes to a documentary on Hillary Clinton.
How to get to the bathroom, so that we can find Hillary Clinton and do karaoke in her cabin.
And have Hillary Clinton do the speech!
Let's invite the winner of the POPULAR VOTE. HILLARY CLINTON to come! It will be so much more fun.
Hillary Clinton changed the rules at State to let trans people change their gender on their passport. I want everyone to…
Hillary Clinton at the church up the hill from my house except instead of saying "love" or "family"
I do not see John McCain as an effective Senator. He's basically the Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party. The noise wi…
I liked a video from Gloria Steinem on Beyonce, Hillary Clinton and what makes a
DNC unpopular opinion but here it is: Hillary Clinton should not run again, but neither should Bernie Sanders.
How about the FBI investigates Hillary Clinton for her **ACTUAL** ties to the barbaric regimes in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and…
Hillary Clinton won't be a disaster on jobs, the economy, trade, healthcare, the military, guns and just about all else. Obama plus!
If the Democratic Party was a ship, the Hillary Clinton wing is the anchor.
Hillary Clinton had brain surgery, showed up to her 1st Benghazi congressional hearing, did 6 hours & knew more facts than…
We finally know what Hillary Clinton knew all along. – Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS. 14/10/16 Patrick Cockburn | Inde.
Could you imagine the outrage from the left if something this vice was said about Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? https…
Jimmy Kimmel isn't ruling out a Hillary Clinton cameo at Oscars.
Keith Ellison is Bernie Sanders. Tom Perez is Hillary Clinton. Pete Buttigieg is Martin O'Malley. Where is the lie? .
World Trade Center, right in the World Trade Center, right now, we need global warming! I’ve said if Hillary Clinton were
Hillary Clinton staff handling of our children and Deputy Attorney General Loretta Lynch and uninformed to determine whether
Hillary Clinton was endorsed by war criminal Kissinger, and most of the Bush family. But...NBD, right?
Woke up today and remembered how grateful I am that Hillary Clinton is not my President. Happy Presidents Day. Merica.
President Hillary Clinton today welcomed to the White House members of the Super Bowl Champion Atlanta Falcons. Take that, Belichick.
Hillary Clinton is not from Hawaii Obama's not from Hawaii poser dorks losers go home
I'm shocked they didn't release an ad saying "Being conservative means voting for Hillary Clinton"
Hillary Clinton should just find a cave to homestead. She's DONE !
Thought this was Hillary Clinton at first 😂😂😂
Remember when Trump mocked Clinton for being wonky? That was a big clue about his presidency via
made it clear today: !s horrible, and it's going to stop'!! We welcome the statement!'! . h…
James Comey needs to treat Trump like he treated .
I blame the rampaging cow on Hillary Clinton's email server and economic anxiety in rural America.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
when you're naming pathological liars, Joy Behar, please remember to include your girl Hillary Clinton.
Good lord, people are out here writing Hillary Clinton fantasy fan fiction
Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and the power of female friendship via
at their Washington D.C.-area home last year for Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary Clinton’s communications director.
Now we know why Clinton & Co. were so desperate to frame Trump with ties to Putin...
[VIDEO] Reporter responsible for uncovering massive Clinton campaign scam fears for life. PLEASE SHARE! . htt…
what does Hillary Clinton or George Soros have to do with this lmao
Hillary Clinton calls on Donald Trump to condemn anti-Semitism
Hillary Clinton won your district. Are you gonna listen to you constituents and stand up to Trump?
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