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Hilary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is the 67th United States Secretary of State, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama.

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Veselnitskaya says she wasn't trying to hurt Hilary Clinton in Trump Jr meeting, but trying to destroy me instead https:/…
That's the one where Hilary Clinton laughed about killing Gadaffi.
Hilary Clinton and her cronies can never destroy Seth Rich's legacy
Michelle we deal with Criminals. Hilary and Bill Clinton.
You and Hilary Clinton's cronies can never destroy Seth Rich's legacy
Hilary Clinton should have been president
social democrats Hilary Clinton 420 sucked my ***
The first women to run for president. (With an African American Vice President) Hilary Clinton was nothing compare…
Your country is very right wing. Clin…
For every breath of Hilary Clinton she already lied twice but you do not care about that.even her par…
Many of the US poker community did their money on Hilary Clinton bcos they failed 2understand the v…
I voted for Trump, I hate Hilary Clinton, and his immigration policies are great,
But Hilary Clinton was used by his Boss not her Decisions that what u hve understand on her position she…
To be fair this administration hates: POC, Women, Welfare (which are mostly white), coal miners, Hilar…
Is that Hilary Clinton in that girl's hand??
The only apparent reasonable and probable grounds for Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump is the fact that he isn't Hilary Clinton.
If you need to email Hilary Clinton i think her email is hilaryclinton
Here ill show you... hilary clinton "blacks are super predetors that need to be brought to heel^ now you.
I pop 4 XANZ it got me feelin like Hilary Clinton
But for some "apparent reason " they lay off of Hilary Clinton. They had a whole episod…
So of course you prefer criminal Hilary Clinton. Destroying emails, using an…
Ironic that not a single show of yours makes fun of Hilary Clinton
Hilary Clinton isolated herself from the religious and prolifer voters. She co…
Still doesn't and won't make Hilary Clinton either likeable or electable. The party could have won if it wasn't for…
Um.have you looked closely at Hilary Clinton lies.
Don't you know that trump donate to democrats. And TO…
How dare any challenge Queen Hilary in a PRIMARY?! Bernie encouraged his follow…
She thinks that Bernie Bros are a thing. And that Hilary Clinton is a leftist.
Hilary Clinton would have just had *** hopin extra hard, trump got *** scared
Hilary Clinton should have been convicted of a felony during the Watergate hearings way back in 1978!
Clinton pollster? Same one that told Hilary she would win, and then she lost? 😂
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Not sure who is having a worse day $TSLA Shorts or crooked Hilary the breaking news of emails linking pay 4 favors to the Clinton Foundation
THIS JUST IN: Hilary Clinton predicts some dads will be loved .
And yet more than Hilary Clinton campaigned on.
Has appointed Hilary Clinton as the Sec of State
Wrong again Piers. Its 2 genders and Hilary Clinton. She still has to be tested. Could be AI.
But Globe accepts shoddy practices from Hilary Clinton.
You can't rest on a win just because of polling numbers unless you ch…
Love this “Metiria is a liar“ chat we’ve been having on here for days. Like literally it’s getting into Hilary Clinton l…
They seem to be mostly Hilary Clinton supporters at the last election and…
Shaylee said you look like Hilary Clinton 😅
Show them a video of Hilary Clinton dabbing
my man are you really a Hilary Clinton stan??
Not his base supporters. That poll your touting, would that be the same poll that had…
Happened to me 3 months ago when I put some Hilary Clinton supporter in their place with nothing but facts.
Ah, yes, cannot defend Trump so desperately bring up Hi…
to spread the word that we are lucky to have trump as president than the lying conniving Hilary Clinton
Joe... the article states there isn't any evidence, and furthermore. Hilary Clinton isn't our president.
In a post-election world riddled with “why” and “how,” Secretary Hillary Clinton's strategic syntax stands apart:
Hilary Clinton was the most corrupt, most vicious, and most dangerous candidate of a…
You clearly have a different agenda to Donald though, which is great news! A gun-control, Hilary Clinton…
SHS: the Sun rising in the East is a Democratic plot to cover up Ukraine's plot to elect Hilary Clinton.
I want to see Hilary Clinton's popularity polled against Judas, Cholera and Child Cruelty. I'd wager she'd…
Imagine thinking Hilary Clinton is comparable to Jesus 😂😂😂
John McCain doing research on Hilary Clinton's emails .
I have information that can lead to Hilary Clinton's arrest
Fine. But are you calling Bob Gates, Hilary Clinton, Hamid Karzai, Anders Rasmussen, and Ashraf Ghani "stupid and reprehensible"?
Kim Jong Un and Hilary Clinton are the same person. Think about it. Have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time?
Like i am happy Sara Palin wasn't the first Female VP i am also happy Hilary Clinton wasn't the first female president.
She is the Hilary Clinton and Sara Palin of wrestling. just the worst.
All this Sass & clapback is what I needed Hilary Clinton to do last year 😭. She should have pulled an Ann Richards featured in NBC s Science of Love
George Webb I've further evidence linking Hilary Clinton to Seth Rich murder. Watch this video on on YouTube its confirmed DNC assassination
Anthony Weiner hurt Hilary Clinton more than the Russians ever did.
I, too, turn into Hilary Clinton whenever Scott does something
how Clinton wants to sit over the desk, that Monica sat under!. 💋💋💋
1/ 30/11/2015 Hilary Clinton : "The best way to help Israel deal with Iran's growing nuclear capability is to help the people ofSyria
Make America great again, bombing again: Donald Hilary Trump Clinton.
Try and imagine a world in which Hilary Clinton has 5 children with 3 different men and is elected President.
Mr. President, do something; and why is Hilary Clinton not in jail yet???
Hope you ask Assange about Russia and Hilary Clinton. Hope he's happy we are stuck with 45!
She does LOL. It makes me wonder if Solji is an awkward try hard meme-er like Hilary Clinton or
Assisted, it seems, by Russian interference. And also by a misogynitic lash against HR C…
Plot twist... Hilary Clinton actually is racist and we don't need Russia to prove it
.Let me repeat: African women need Hilary Clinton to be elected to be empowered in their patriarchal societies
Why not. Seth Rich, Susan Rice & Hilary Clinton?. Ah right... Those don't align with your agenda.
Murderous dictator! That sounds familiar, you worked for one named Hilary Clinton and do…
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Hilary Clinton never sued or Klein because it's all true and she knows she would lose. She must be indicted or justice is scam
Hilary Clinton get arrested for driving blue hostage?
Nah they call up Hilary Clinton and Obama like mission completed where's my money.
No, Hilary Clinton would not have decimated the in lieu of the military. Star…
I'm so glad US voters voted for instead of Hilary Clinton, she would have started a war for sure... oh wait
Is it Hilary Clinton that is well prepared for global pandemic? It's a shame, whiners re still whining!
According to our sources, Hilary Clinton estimates too many moms will be loved ...
Hilary Clinton the disease their will never be a cure for, she is constant in the media reminding all of us that we are different.
American involvemnt in Syria would have been the same even if Hilary had won.
I didn't get to go to the A-lister day, but I watched Hilary Clinton's interview and it was incredible. Ah, she should have been our pres!!
Do you know how many celebs rooted for Hilary Clinton? Yet who's the president?? Take a sit please
You're not wrong, but again this issue is bigger than Hilary Clinton's agenda. It's about an entire people's well being
LMAO and she would win the Oscar against Annette Bening in the inevitable Hilary Clinton biopic
The SYSTEM which could've produced the "prefered" Hilary Clinton produced the "loathed" Donald Trump. Surely the SYSTEM isn't the hypocrite.
They might vote for Hilary Clinton, to my dismay!
Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The 3states that gave him presidency and that polls showed he should have lost https:/…
Will CNN and the liberal *** ever quit trying to trash our country.Hilary Clinton still cant figure out w…
Get past ur personal vendettas and try and see the big picture. I too do not like Hilary Clinto…
. Russia targeted key states with anti-Clinton fake news, Trump-Russia hearings chairman reveals
Russia paid an army of over 1,000 people to create fake anti-Hillary Clinton news stories targeting key swing states
A Hilary Clinton presidency could have been very exciting and interesting.
Actually it's perfectly possible that Hilary Clinton had numerous imaginative and interesting ideas to tell us during her election campaign
Can we just start sending people like her Hilary Clinton Lois learner and how many others to jail? We will see positive change…
Hilary Clinton will never be president. I'm sorry
the same Hilary Clinton that he supported and openly praised in 2008?
I hate when it looks like I'm talking to myself on fb because someone pulls a Hilary Clinton and deletes their...
okay the combination of young Ryan Gosling and Hilary Clinton is hilarious
I waited in line for 9 hours to be front row when Jon Bon Jovi played for Hilary Clinton i…
Hilary Clinton should definitely run again. I mean Elizabeth Marvel lost the race in but became president in
yeah why don't president obama or Hilary Clinton make any healthcare proposals? They'd see how hard it is.
Please, let's talk about Hilary Clinton's hair cut and Amal Clooney's baby bump more because lady stuff am I right?
some inspiring women for international women's day!. My Grandmother . Hilary Clinton . Maya Angelou. Frida Kahlo
Katy Perry Dressed up as Hilary Clinton for Kate Hudsons Annual Halloween Bash in Pacific Palisades
Watching A Different World and seeing Jada Pinkett Smith old character makes me think she didn't vote for Donald Trump nor Hilary Clinton.
Arrived in Mumbai and we're staying at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel... past guests include Obamas, Hilary Clinton, *** Jagger, Brad Pitt 💁🏼
I feel as good as Hilary Clinton on election day
we need to investigate Hilary Clinton, John Kerry, & Obama & his administration! There is you & Harry Reed too.
Modeling the Mrs. Doubtfire Housecoat line from 3-0 Fashions is Hilary Clinton. Also comes in red.
Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel :Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner & Hilary Clinton ; just the tip of iceberg.
Hillary Clinton for prison 2021 Hilary Clinton for prison 2022 !!
Shoutout to the guy walking around downtown crossing shouting about Hilary Clinton
Hey maybe this has something to do with less black people voting for Hilary Clinton.
The only good thing Obama ever did as I recall is keep Hilary Clinton out of the White House for 8 years & ultimately for good!!
There was 90% chance for Hilary Clinton to win the White House. Now Trump won with just 10%. So, Trump is elected by minority…
My sister thought Sarah palin and Hilary Clinton were the same people. Then she asked me if one was the daughter of the ot…
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Gh Women, just like America voted massively for Hilary Clinton, please let's do same for your own Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings
I was so happy not seeing Hilary Clinton. Now I have to be subjected to Jill Stein. Enough already.
Literally, millions of people believe Hilary Clinton runs a child sex ring from a pizza place because of a joke on Reddit.
Donald Trump has kicked Hilary Clinton to the kitchen and the other room. Just like Buhari did to Aish…
David Cameron, Hilary Clinton and Matteo Renzi now have a quorum for a club. The bad call club! - note they accepted the vote!
If your Pastor predicted a win for Goodluck Jonathan and Hilary Clinton, then stop going to his church. He is seeing not…
Elections are not won here. Hilary. Clinton and Goodluck Jonathan all. won their elections on Social Media,. but couldn't win in real life.
It was a big mistake for you to support the crooked Hilary Clinton effort. This could become your regular job, Mayb…
Man with a rifle goes into a pizza shop to avenge children he thought were being tortured by Hilary Clinton.
Gunman enters pizzeria w/ rifle, after fake news reports that it housed a child abuse ring linked to Hilary Clinton
Hillary Clinton for prison 2017 Hilary Clinton for prison 2018 !!
Hillary Clinton for prison 2016 Hilary Clinton for prison 2017 !!
Wikileaks was very credible and admitted to by Hilary Clinton and two is absolutely discredited. They sent HRC questions
Did you know... Hillary Clinton is a Jack? (well, in a distant kind of a way): Clinton's heritage revealed.
My roommate and I have developed a theory that Hilary Clinton looks like C3po with skin
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Hilary said stronger together for personal gains from email server and Clinton foundation .But TRUMP said Make America Great again truely.
my 1st impression of south Korea Park Geun-hye president. really that auntie?? but after seeing Hilary Clinton, i change my mind.
I added a video to a playlist Donald Trump vs Hilary Clinton - How it really went down!
she dressed like a 42 year old Hilary Clinton
please stop recount. If they do recount they are going to 'find' thousands of votes for Hilary Clinton. Probably in Detroit.
ok but why was recommended between Hilary Clinton and Mike Pence
Michele Obama unfollowed Hilary Clinton. There's beef in the White House
are you saying that Hilary Clinton supported a punishment anyone burning the flag?
NEWSFLASH: Hilary Clinton estimates a few good grandparents should be arrested !
Judith Collins is a wannabe Hilary Clinton who should not be allowed employment in New Zealand politics at all
If you didn't despise Hilary Clinton before, just watch "13 hours".
Here we are staying indoors because it us colder than Hilary Clinton's heart.
Can't say as I like Trump but what was the alternative? Hilary Clinton who represents everything wrong with politics in the USA
I was so proud of my mom today I mentioned the woods and she said "doesn't Hilary Clinton live in the woods?" Shes so woke now
question what is your plan to do with hilary Clinton since she's a criminal what are you going to do with her.
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I liked a video from Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton ERB Reaction
my name is Hilary Clinton and I am a junior at West Boylston Middle High School.
you know. Hilary Clinton, demon clown slayer is a story I could get behind.
Anonymous said: So it turns out there's good reason to believe that Hilary Clinton's margin of loss in...
Now imagine Hilary Clinton. That's how we got Trump.
Another thing to keep up the spirits of Hilary Clinton will never be president.
He actually mishandled classified material, not Hilary Clinton.
Your wcw loves genocidal imperialist Hilary "we should give Trump an open mind" Clinton
Although I am not a Democrat, went out to see Hilary Clinton; what a chance to see the maybe-president!!!…
Watching Hilary Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook, on CNN blame everybody but themselves for why they loss this electi…
TREASON the crime of betraying one's country Hilary & The Clinton Foundation selling our stuuf for money
Like I hear people saying so much that the reason why Hilary Clinton lost the election was because liberals can't have conversation anymore>
And I personally really really wanted Hilary Clinton to be our President
The fascinating story of Hillary Clinton's great-great grandfather and her Swansea heritage revealed
Hilary Clinton refused to honor American promise to Israel while she was Secretary of State in 2009
The marketing geniuses are the same people who ran the Hilary Clinton campaign.
Hilary Clinton "broke protocol" and it was the end of the world to you...are you willfully a hypocrite or woefully stupid?
I swear I just seen Hilary Clinton at Santana row
Hilary Clinton is another racist. Her mentor and friend she called him KKK Byrd! Dan Williams just wants to know Bi…
Kate McKinnon as Hilary Clinton singing "Hallelujah" is beautiful.
Hilary Clinton lost- But if the Democrats nominated an actual progressive and not establishment they would have won the election.
Dear TB Joshua , this is to write to you about the false prophecy about Hilary Clinton winning the Elections
You know about Trump and Hilary Clinton. What is the name of your Local Government Chairman?
iraq war brought to you by Hilary Clinton
Election polls say Donald Trump is currently winning Florida and Hilary Clinton is winning Colorado.
Out of the 300 million people in the U.S. How did we end up with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump as candidates
But I did just find out that Hilary Clinton referred to Mitt Romney as 'mittens' in her emails
Renowned Tibetan scholar and activist Jamyang Norbu says he'll vote for Hilary Clinton. Here he explains why:
Ok, so... I just gotta say this and I'm logging off...😂😂😂 I've seen so many posts about Hilary Clinton's...
god and modes will help you.I pray to my god lord Shiva.will help Hilary Clinton.jay hind.Vande Matram.ૐ નમઃ શિવાય.
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"On Tuesday Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton will get arrested and Obama will do another term"
What does it say about Donald Trump when when every living past president of this United States is openly voting for Hilary Clinton?
Last night Hilary Clinton at Rally/Concert with Beyoncé. Tonight it's Katy Perry. I do wonder if this has cut through with Midd…
I am sure that all of you are pleased to know that Miranda Devine has deemed Hilary Clinton undeserving of the Presidency, S…
Safe to say Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump both make me heave. . I'd rather vote for Gary Glitter as head master at our Islas nursery. 😷😷😷
George Soros owns the LSM, the DNC, Hilary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, and Obama.
Hilary Clinton has about as much integrity and honesty as Peter Popoff.
Anyone notice that Donald Trump is kinda like president snow in the hunger games and Hilary Clinton is that grey haired female at the end -
Hilary Clinton is the equivalent to president snow
And when Hilary Clinton made a tribute to former KKK member Robert Byrd, did you post a story the same way? C'mon, BET.
Jakes input during Pride of Britain:. -who's Stephen Hawkins?. -that's not Theresa May (he was expecting Hilary Clinton). 😭😭😭😭
Senator Burr's "joke" about putting a bull's eye on Hilary Clinton would be less alarming if his ancestor hadn't killed Alexander Hamilton.
Never thought there would be 2 worse candidates than David Cameron and Ed Milliband so congratulations to Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton!
Hilary Clinton now needs Kyle's dad's power to troll people for some reason & Caitlyn Jenner was behind it all apparently
Newt Gingrich Speaker of the US House of Representatives was disingenuous. Hilary Clinton advocated "open borders...
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"We, the youth of the Oceti Sakowin, call on Hilary Clinton to support Standing rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline"
Best Finder ship with Bangladesh and America . The Begum Khalid and Hilary Clinton. Chairman. Bangladesh Nationalist…
Hilary Clinton is right up there with top tier criminals like Bonnie & Clyde and Billy the Kid
TY, Ladies in Springfield Township. A Vote for Hilary Clinton is the best choice. Her qualified skilled experience inHumanity
Typed in "Hilary" on Google and Hilary Duff popped up before Hilary Clinton so just wanted to thank Google this is what…
if any Republican said words like Robert DeNiro used - against Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama? All *** would break loose. c…
Anderson Cooper: Mr. Trump that's two minutes please stop talking. . Hilary Clinton: And that's every word in the Webster dictionary.
Tomorrow is the 2nd US Presidential debate are we going to see Hilary Clinton actually discuss any policy e.g. immigra…
Congratulations to Hilary Clinton becoming the 45th president of the United States!!
It's a good thing Sen. Mitch McConnell is keeping the Supreme Court vacancy open for Hilary Clinton to fill.
I spent 4yrs at UoN.I listened toNgugi wa Thiong'o,Obama 2006,Hilary Clinton,Koffi Annan..UoN is too great for Mohandas Gandhi
The American dream under Hilary Clinton where working fast food is your career, what a goal People will truly reach there f…
My roommate thought that Martha Stuart was Hilary Clinton 😑😑.
George Bush jr. - Barack Obama - Hilary Clinton. all one in the same.. expect more terrorist attacks.
Hi My names Hilary Clinton and my husband cheated on me so I'm trying to ruin America HUH
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God it sure is! Bill & Hilary Clinton had 2 write a check 4 $800,000 to Paula Jones for sexual harassment.They cheated Chelsea!
I'm not mad i'm just shocked that Hilary Clinton would ask King Push for assistance
Hilary Clinton, Robert Reich, Bill Clinton & Clarence Thomas were all in the same Civil Liberties class at Yale.
What about at who said Hilary Clinton won going away!!!
Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton out here looking like snow miser and heat miser
We don't talk anymore to a montage of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump is some next level stuff
Rock icon Jon Bon Jovi has backed his friend Hilary Clinton to make a full recovery as she battles pneumonia -...
Hilary Clinton is going to win for President
Who would have thought in 2016 Hilary Clinton would be more controversial than bill ever was
Oh yeah, two words describe the largest lake of camel diarrhea in public office. Hilary Clinton. *drops Mic.
For the talk of women being political saviours ala Hilary Clinton, prove women can be just as racist as men.
High Strangeness: Dolan-Basset face off: Two views on the day after disclosure: John Podesta, Hilary Clinton,...
Hilary Clinton wouldn't be the first woman president. Little known fact: Ronald Reagan identified as female.
Had a dream that Hilary Clinton was giving my commencement speech.
*** bruh Google ain't never told no lie about Hilary Clinton 😂😂😂😂
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Wow the email from Collin Powell to Hilary Clinton! . He talks about using a different server. His was much less...
Why Collin Powell why. Did you act as if. Hilary Clinton was telling. Lies about her discussion with. You and your Lengthy. Advice
Erm Trump is leading Hilary Clinton by two points…..Americans I beg you. Don’t do it.
ISIS borne in watch of Barak Hussein Obama and Hilary Clinton&her closest confident Huma Abden who has an Islamist past w Muslim Brs parents
Kim Jong Un and Hilary Clinton were making out
Dr Duke destroyed Alex Jones in a debate. Look it up. David Duke was slammed by Hilary Clinton because
Andy Levy said: you don't mind if Hilary Clinton is using Lazarus Picks and Pagan Sacrifices to Keep her Youth? lmao
Hilary Clinton is by far one of the worst democratic candidates but for the sake of America we need her as president.
What do George McFly and Hilary Clinton have in common? A creepy, toad in the throat laugh
This is like saying Christie Brinkley looks like Hilary Clinton because they are both over 60
Hilary Clinton. The sane choice. . Spread the word friends, let's make sure egomaniac never reaches the Whi…
Check out the second hour of Joe Madison on UrbanView, it sounds like Hanzi is calling the show rallying against Hilary Clinton.
should Hilary Clinton be running for president after leaking classified information
Hilary Clinton still doesn't get it-the West should stay out of the Middle East & just let them kill each other https:…
Hilary Clinton calls for Syrian President Bashar Assad to distance itself from Iran -
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Hilary Clinton is actually Chancellor Palpatine and Chancellor Palpatine is actually Darth Sidious soo
Doris Burke, Nicki minaj, and Hilary Clinton all have something in common. They all make me sick
The way they introduced Hilary Clinton with Alicia Keys I thought she was about to Harlem Shake when that glass broke
As a native Vermonter, I am proud of the role Sen. Bernie Sanders and Vermont played in nominating Hilary Clinton for President.
Sitting with the Vermont delegation, Sen Bernie Sanders makes a motion to nominate Hilary Clinton by acclimation
Wow! what an inspirational speech by American First Lady Michelle Obama! her endorsement of Hilary Clinton is very important
Donald Trump reminds me Dan Scott and Hilary Clinton remind me of Deb so either way we are screwed
LIVE on ATTN CNN iReport, BBC news, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Prince Bandar, god promoted me from P…
Had a dream I was an Orthodox Jew who wanted to learn at a seminary + marry young...Then it merged w/ Gotham + Hilary Clinton. 👀
Hilary Clinton commits high treason and cost 6 soldiers their life but liberals are mad about a speech? Classic
Jesus, I forgot that Rory was initially going to write her college essay on Hilary Clinton
He added: “Hilary Clinton is delusional if she thinks she can send one of John Podesta’s (her campaign manager)...
History is being written. The wind of change is blowing from. Germany=Angela Merkel. UK = Theresa May. *USA=Hilary Clinton*. Ghana= Akua Donkor😂😂
Boris Johnson on Hilary Clinton: "A sadistic nurse in a mental hospital." Right to the front of the queue for American trade…
1. They talk abt trump all the time and say bad stuff about him 2.Loralai called Rory " Hilary Clinton " for running as vice pres
Bernie Sanders endorsing Hilary's like Kevin Durant to Golden State 2.0! Smdh 󾌴
penn state is the Hilary Clinton of the NCAA
Bernie Sanders endorses Hilary Clinton and will also join forces with the Golden State Warriors next year
Cave Escape Episode 10: Aaron Good on hegemony and the state, Brexit and Hilary Clinton: via
Theresa May has shown to the world that Hilary Clinton is the next president of the United state of America
Prophetic photo?. Theresa May as UK Home Secretary in a handshake with Hilary Clinton as US Secretary of State.
Why doesn't the press add the word "disgraced" in front of Bill and Hilary Clinton's names in stories?
Well if he picks me as secretary of state I can do a better job than Hilary Clinton
Every First Lady in US history has had one staff member at tax payer expense except Hilary Clinton with 7 and Michelle Obama with 22
Anyone notice how these shootings happen in the most gun toting state and how a race war has taken it's eyes off Hilary Clinton's lies?
courtesy of last season's awesome Broad City episode with Hilary Clinton cameo
Plot Twist: . Hilary Clinton graduated from UCM where she got her bad habit of deleting emails because of Linda Persin…
Thk u 4 yr faith in I now need Hilary Clinton and Theresa May 2 win, & 2gether with Angela Merkel we can save the world.
neither was Laura Bush or Hilary Clinton. so what's your point?
Hilary Clinton is just like the Big Banks
. Another reason why Hilary Clinton needs to talk honestly about the Islam problem. She's losing too much ground on the issue.
And honestly how can you imagine having Hilary Clinton as president.
Chris Bush is like the Hilary Clinton of MS. . Multiple illegal acts-pathological liar-does ANYTHING for self gain-still evades any jail time
I liked a video Bill Goldberg on: Donald Trump vs Hilary Clinton
. 5/ Hilary Clinton in the election for US President.
Like it or not, come November, Hilary Clinton will win by a landslide. And I believe she'll fill the presidential...
Public education advocates starting to ask questions about Hilary Clinton's and Donald Trump's ed plans
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick at Hilary Clinton fundraiser in NYC on Monday.
The dressing rooms everyone from Liza Minelli to Hilary Clinton have used! Maybe next?
And when Hilary Clinton wins the elections in December 2016... What will Bill Clinton become?. First Gentleman of The U.…
I don't know how conservatives hate Hilary Clinton when her policies lean more as a conservative than a progressive lol
Some are saying there's really only one person that Hilary Clinton should choose as a running mate: Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren .
Just goes to show, Hilary Clinton just cannot win anything on her own terms!
//Why does young Hilary Clinton look like a dorky Karen Gillian?
Crazy how Hilary Clinton could possibly be the first F president. I would've said Female but someone deleted the emale.
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Joan Murphy/Hilary Clinton now sees that Son Michael J Murphy of Riverside, IL is the real Mccoy and calls authorities for a p
Louis Farrakhan says Trump 1 million % correct will clean up mess politicians,Obama and Hilary Clinton created
I feel no connection to Hilary Clinton
Huma Abedin, top assistant to Hilary Clinton, is discussed, has ties to Muslim Brotherhood.
man if I could slide tackle someone rn Hilary Clinton would be up there, go Nigel De Jong on those shins
So. Hilary Clinton wore a $12K Giorgio Armani suit for her speech on INEQUALITY.?
As a proud New Jerseyan let me just say that Hilary Clinton can kiss my ***
Anyone else feel like Bill and Hilary Clinton are our reality version of Frank and Claire Underwood from House of Cards?
I just witnessed a Hilary Clinton commercial with Morgan Freeman narrating. That's unfair.
Frankie Boyle will fight 15 voters after December , should 'get in the sea', Hilary Clinton
WEEKLY REPORT - A United States Department of State’s internal audit has found that Hilary Clinton has...
Hilary Clinton will be an embarrassment to women if she gets elected as the first woman president. Not to mention she will r…
Hilary Clinton is already involved in a scandal and she's not even president
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