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Hilarie Burton

Hilarie Ross Burton (born July 1, 1982) is an American actress.

Chad Michael Murray Jeffrey Dean Morgan Sophia Bush Peyton Sawyer White Collar Matt Bomer Bethany Joy Lenz Chris Keller Hallmark Channel Sara Ellis Tyler Hilton Randy Travis Sarah Drew Danneel Harris

Hilarie Burton aka Peyton Sawyer AKA Jeffrey Dean Morgans WIFE and child just bought groceries at adams !!
Are we back in Tree Hill? Sophia Bush posted a birthday throwback for her former co-star Hilarie Burton:
White Collar basically makes me an emotional wreck over Matt Bomer, hilarie burton, and bridget regan and I don't need this but I love them
I love Hilarie Burton in Can't wait for next season. Hope JDM's schedule allows for several episodes.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his real life wife Hilarie Burton.
Hilarie Burton is my favorite in any show/movie she plays in!!
Why didn't you go to Brooke's wedding?
.I adore you so much you are such a genuine caring person who is Hilarie Burton in rl, & Im blessed to know youre a friend 💘
No rest for this reno crew! Thanks to Frank Talbott of Clinton Corners, the incredible Hilarie Burton and Sam Lowe! (
someone needs to let Hilarie Burton know that i love her
An epic TV couple & one of our faves is One Tree Hill's Lucas and Peyton aka Leyton, Chad Michael Murray and Hilari…
Caution - Wet Paint! and Hilarie Burton's mini reno has begun! Check back tomorrow for a daily update! https:/…
Shout out to the Stanhope boys, Mike and Mike Jr., for the amazing electrical work on and Hilarie Burton's min…
Well it didn't tell me Keith was gonna die!!!
Yea. That's the bad thing , when ya do that and end up getting a spoiler.
I was looking up a cast member I thought I recognized.
I'm late watching Last Chance for Christmas on Lifetime Asia. It's always nice to have Hilarie Burton on my screen.. 📺
If anyone ever says anything bad about Hilarie Burton we can't be friends. She has the biggest heart & greatest personali…
Honestly tho I love Hilarie Ross Burton she gave these kids so much and brought together so many people to help and she de…
New video of the Astor renovation with Hilarie Burton. Looks great, Hil & Jeff.
PAUSE how did I not know that Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were together SO MIND BLOWN
Oh Lord, I've reached the age where Hilarie Burton is the mom of a teenager in this movie on Hallmark Channel and n…
It's been almost 5 years and I still can't believe Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton didn't come back for the OTH…
Hilarie Burton on the set of Lethal Weapon In Los Angeles.
Hilarie Burton & Jeffrey Dean Morgan are a couple??. **makes a mark in the exceptions clause of the Never Be a 3rd in a Threesome agreement**
I hope Hilarie Burton and Sarah Drew are having a very merry Christmas Eve
Why am I just realizing now that Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) is married to Hilarie Burton (Peyton from oth)?!?!? This is incredible
Payton Sawyer aka Hilarie Burton just did a happy birthday video for my cousin Ryan 😭😭😭
Hilarie Burton as Sara Ellis and Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey in White Collar Amer. .
3 days til I get to party all night w and Hilarie Burton!!😍😻
Cheers and huge thanks to for protecting/standing up for the amazing Hilarie Burton
domain names
Hilarie Burton deserves respect for his private life like everyone else
Reason number 8 billion why Hilarie Burton is the most adorable person on this planet
hilarie burton into girls on grey's, I'm so here for this
hilarie burton in grey's, I'm living
Hilarie Burton does NOT have ANY social media. Anyone claiming to be her is violating her wish for privacy. Report! https:/…
How are people straight when Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz are right THERE ?
Are you friends with Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Chad Michael Murry??
I grew up in such a macho family. I had a former Green Beret for a dad...
what was your favorite Peyton Sawyer moment?
'One Tree Hill' was my very first television audition; it was a fairyt...
If anyone would buy me the oth meet and greet/ photo tickets for Chad Murray and Hilarie Burton they would instantly become my best friend:)
(me, about Hilarie Burton) She could literally run over me w/ her Mercedes, and if I was still alive, I'd say thank you.
Since Callie is no longer on Grey's can we please please please bring back Hilarie Burton so Lauren and Arizona can date! I miss P. Sawyer!
I was so mad at her. It annoyed me even more that it was hilarie burton playing lauren and my bitterness over brucas came back
Today's features and Hilarie Burton. Guesses on what year/season are welcome.
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Ellen pompeo or hilarie burton whichever is easier and white:)
I grew up at the base of a mountain in Virginia, so my comfort zone is...
"Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan hve 17 years old gap". me: So James...
can we just appreciate the beauty of Hilarie Burton
“They asked why I wanted Hilarie Burton, and my answer was, 'She has a lot of pain in her eyes. And I want that...
The sweetest ever. Blake lively is bae. Serenate. Hilarie Burton is your other bae
Seeing hilarie burton on greys makes me want to rewatch OTH 🙃
I grew up in the United Methodist Church, and church was always a very...
a moment of silence to appreciate the wonderful human that is Hilarie Burton meeting & greeting fans everyday with the same…
idk who the first one is but the 2nd from Grey's Anatomy & married to Hilarie Burton
"It's gonna be kinda the best party ever!" . If Hilarie Burton says so, we have to believe that!
One of my favorite Hilarie Burton and Joy Lenz bloopers from OTH s6. They were so great together.
1st official photo of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Hilarie Burton & Gus + Bandit, together as a family on cover of new mag!
I play damaged people a lot. I'm a Cancer. And I say that tongue and c...
'One Tree Hill' was a great learning opportunity for me, and I'm excit...
I think the first couple of times you do make-out scenes, you psych yo...
one day I aspire to be as beautiful and have a wonderful heart like hilarie burton
thoughts on bringing Hilarie Burton back to as arizona's new love interest?
would you ever consider bringing Hilarie Burton back on greys as Arizona's new love interest?
Hilarie Burton . - she's like the nicest person ever . - underrated . - so amazing . - loves her fans . - wanna meet her ht…
when i question life i also wonder why Hilarie burton doesn't have social media
Hilarie Burton was 100 feet from me today outside Samuels and I didn't approach her WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME
Is it just me or does Hilarie Burton from White Collar look just like Amy Brenneman. Those two can pass for sisters also. Mind blown.
Ok Hilarie Burton is hot af on greys anatomy
Hilarie burton you sexy lady. Uh why you so *** gorgeous?! Blonde and curly.. Peyton flashback 😍😍
4. Hilarie Burton . • talented as *** . • heart of gold . • silly Angel . • shining example of the good in the world
I like my hands. They're certainly scarred up, but they're wormy. They're k...
When Hilarie Burton appears in Grey's Anatomy and you call her Peyton I'M SO OTH/GREY'S AF 😂🙈
We tried so hard to find Hilarie Burton today, but, alas, we failed. See you next time,
I used to have to think about awful things to get myself emotionally connec...
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Ugh. Lucas and Peyton leaving Tree Hill was so dumb. I want answers!
Hey Hilarie burton thanks for the follow!
Watching Greys and seeing Hilarie Burton made my day.
I got to help Hilarie Burton from One Tree Hill at work today! Anything for Peyton Sawyer and her chickeny legs 😍😍😍
Need to be obsessed with another tv show. I really want to meet Sophia Bush and hilarie burton.
How awesome would it be if Hilarie Burton or really anyone on OTH guest starred on Chicago PD.
There's something about a holiday that isn't all about how much money you s...
My weekends are spent hidden in the woods, and then I have to come back and...
But seriously, I loved One Tree Hill! And Hilarie Burton was just as lovely as I imagined. ❤️
Hilarie Burton is so happy filming Christmas movies : her husband is glad she's not kissing another dude & she can hang o…
But its not Nigeria. Its a global thing. No one knew Gabriel Macht from The Recruit. And no 1 cared abt Hilarie Burton after One Three Hill
There will be a and Hilarie Burton duo photo op at
Jon Graham! Happy birthday QT!! You're officially 18 so Hilarie Burton is all yours! Thanks for being rad and dealing with me😂❤
I like Hilarie Burton though, but no thanks... a Greys Anatomy fan and TWD fan...seeing "Denny" playing a bad guy on TWD will be hard.. :/
Hilarie Burton looked absolutely stunning at the 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' New York premiere yesterday!
New photos of the absolutely stunning Hilarie Burton to bless your feed today!
Please report this FAKE account - - Hilarie is NOTORIOUSLY private, so this poser is being seriously uncool…
no, b/c I love Hilarie Burton! I do not, however, feel the same way about Halliburton & the way they jeopardize p…
She is funny, lovely and a great actress!“hey how it is to work with Hilarie Burton :) ? Lo…
HAPPY NEW YEAR from my fave people and hilarie burton!!!
I want the kids who watch 'One Tree Hill' to know that it's all pretend, an...
Hilarie Burton has a cute little baby face
As if wasn’t already an opus to my soul, they gotta go ahead & throw in an episode.
Shout out to Hilarie Burton for day-playing her way into our hearts on Togetherness.
It's a big night for Hilarie Burton and all One Tree Hill fans
Today we visited my grandpa at his care home and on the TV was a hallmark movie & my parents go "Look it's Hilarie Burton! PEYTON!!!"
So my parents left the channel on the food network and Hilarie Burton aka (Peyton from OTH & Lauren Boswell on Grey's Anatomy) I LOVE HER!❤️
I love Surprised by Love. My fav scene is the party scene at the end. It was a joyous moment.
I have an unhealthy woman crush on Hilarie Burton
Hilarie Burton is so stunningly beautiful.
I need a reunion with you and hilarie burton asap I miss y'all
The moment when sees her 90s crushes! http…
On to the 7th season and One Tree Hill is not the same without you and Hilarie Burton 😔😢💔
everyone who is coming is wonderful :-) sure,Highlights would be: Hilarie Burton, BJL, Paul Johannson, Sophia Bush,...
I wish they bring back people member couple years miss everybody. 😃❤
I can't believe it's 1:20am and I'm crying over Hilarie Burton, what a usual occurrence
Hilarie Burton is the SUN she is warm and radiant and the brightest of stars
Hilarie Burton said she was geeking out over Scott Wolf of P05 & Ethan Embry of Empire Records. I'm fangurling here
Do you remember when Sarah Drew said Hilarie Burton was awesome
My babe Chad and Hilarie Burton in dawson's creek even before one tree hill they were so young
your husband kissed both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Hilarie Burton, good for him
Danneel Harris and Hilarie Burton are in a movie on Hallmark Channel right now! Don't miss it!
Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush are Naley af. This is so great.
operates on babies. cute. HANDS. the last two are technically about hilarie burton. good kisser probably.
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"hey i'm Chad Michael Murray". "this is Bethany Joy Lenz". "I feel like I should throw my middle name in, i'm hilarie ROSS bu…
PLEASE bring hilarie burton back to Grey's
How dare the CW11 not renew Chad Michael Murray's and Hilarie Burton's contracts for season 7,8,9 of OTH LEYTON FOREVER
*signs as random hilarie burton pics* // LEO
Hi, how was working with Hilarie Burton on your last Christmas movie?
Br. Shooting Christmas movie for Lifetime in Canada! Starring Hilarie Burton! I’m playing Scrooge-like banker!! http:…
In the Great White North, playing Scrooge-like banker with Hilarie Burton in Lifetime Christmas Movie. Much fun. http:/…
sometimes I have bad days but then I remember there is a pic of me, Hilarie Burton, and Chad Michael Murray on his Instagram
Hilarie Burton is such an underrated actress
18 days until I meet my precious babies aka OTH cast. Thank you God and by God I mean Hilarie Burton.
I'm still bitter about the Callie/Arizona thing, but that's morphed into being disappointed Hilarie Burton didn't stick around
I thought this said licked but yes hilarie burton
Also turns out Jeffrey Dean Morgan is married to Hilarie Burton and that sounds completely adorable.
Just met Chad Michael Murray & Hilarie Burton & they were so freaking nice. I'll be seeing you opening day! ❤️🏈💙
"Let's cuddle." Hilarie Burton telling Chad Michael Murray to sit down for the panel
Hilarie Burton = still my favorite person on earth. Remembered me after years of me not seeing her and played with my …
I honestly thought the show was still good when Chad Micheal Murray and Hilarie Burton left
Happy birthday Hilarie Burton! Thank you for the heart behind Peyton Sawyer.
If you x miss a day of all teen shows in 90s, Chad appeared first on Dawson's Creek (weirdly enough with Hilarie Burton)!!
Jeffery Dean Morgan talks about and introducing him to Hilarie Burton
Hilarie Burton was on OTH w/ Danneel Harris who married Jensen Ackles who's dad on SPN was Jeffrey Dean Morgan who's dating Hilarie Burton..
“Hilarie Burton and Stephen Colletti from yesterdays Q&A, they were fantastic! ht…
In 6 days, I'll meet Hilarie Burton. I met Jeffrey Dean Morgan week ago. No matter how old, you still have dreams & they …
Obsessed with White Collar, such a sick series. However, the best part is shhwwing!!
Hallmark Channel is starting 2015 off on the right note with the cute new film starring Hilarie Burton a…
Hilarie Burton & Sophia Bush at Beyonce Knowles and the Cast of "One Tree Hill" Visit MTV's "TRL" - February 7, 2006
You guys I have 6 months to lose half my body weight so I don't look fat in my picture with Hilarie Burton 😂
Watching White Collar and Hilarie Burton is on this episode 😍
Hi, do you remember which magazine is this interview from? 2002 one when you met Hilarie Burton
Although next time make it Hilarie Burton,
did you know Hilarie Burton is with Denny Duquette from Grey's? 💔💔💔💔
Hilarie Burton was good on White Collar with Matt Bomer. But haters gonna hate, hate, hate. Stop whining and enjoy the freaking show.
Hilarie Burton leaves White Collar at the end of Season 4.
Okay Hilarie Burton needs to leave White Collar asap
You are not alone. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton seem perfect together Can I say how much I love Jeffrey and Hilarie?
Hilarie Burton's episode of Forever tho *** girl
I like Hilarie Burton, if only she had some social media accounts. She's so off the radar.
Happy Birthday Hilarie Burton! So glad you could be our Peyton Sawyer!
I just watched the Greys episodes with Hilarie Burton today! Lol
therealshantel on Instagram with Robert Buckley & Bethany Joy Lenz & Hilarie Burton & Paul Johansson in Par
How does one choose between meeting Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton?
and in White Collar is SO overwhelming to me
There is just so much perfection in the White Collar episodes that have Hilarie Burton and Matt Bomer
I disowned my parents. JDM and Hilarie Burton are my real dad and mom now
they're stupid. I'm literally only watching this for hilarie burton beautiful self
have you seen Hilarie Burton in White Collar! Miss her from OTH.
& Hilarie Burton are going to the OTH convention!! please come! Luv u all so much!!
"I'll take these people with me for the rest of my life.". - Hilarie Burton
I'm at Hilarie Burton's real life high school!
Perrie from Little Mix reminds me so much of Hilarie Burton aka Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill 🙈 my favorite character from the show👌😊
me when I found out chad michael murry & hilarie burton weren't in season 7-9
"“Quote this with your favourite Hilarie Burton dedicated account
Jeffrey Dean Morgan needs to buy this for Hilarie Burton
Hilarie Burton, aka Peyton Sawyer, will attend convention in Wilmington in March.
ANNOUNCEMENT: We are happy to announce that Hilarie Burton, who played Peyton Sawyer on "One...
Hilarie Burton and Lee Norris are confirmed for Make a Wish who will take place to São Paulo in 06 June 7th, 2015.
I'm watching a movie where Peyton Sawyer falls for Chris Keller er I mean Hilarie Burton falls for
Umm Tyler Hilton and Hilarie Burton made a Christmas movie together. I repeat, Chris Keller and Peyton Sawyer made a movie together 😮
Jane Seymour, Hilarie Burton, and on A trio of badass ladies to rival their
“How was it working with Hilarie Burton? 😍😊 any selfies? 🙏😁
hilarie burton is guest staring on greys right now i am HAPPY
Naley fans, celebrate! Bethany Joy Lenz and James Lafferty reunited today in Paris -- see the pic:
think you should risk it for next year too... a small con isn't too bad right? .. hmm... Ravens 2? With Hilarie Burton? ;) lol♥
Another page on Hilarie takes my quite made sentences and the translated without crediting the blog = / All my work for nothing.
Neal will have a love relation but we don't know with whom... In any case, it's what Hilarie said in Paris...
Hilarie Burton because she made Peyton Sawyer perfect 😍 the obsession is so real and I'm not even trippin 💁
Q&A - English Version ! (about I hope to have translated well!.
During FWTP2 Hilarie announced that she won't be back for season 6 but that Neal will always have a love relation
Haley and Nathan forever! The cast of One Tree Hill reunited this weekend:
Watching a movie with hilarie burton, amanda seyfried, shawn ashmore, AND the girl from my date with the president's daughter in it.
I just want them to get Hilarie Burton back lol
my inspiration you're my angel you make me strong every dayplease come to Brazil
Hilarie Burton is my love. Come to Brazil and bring me her. OTHComeToBrazil
LOVE OF MY LIFE. come to Brazil and bring me Hilarie Burton. ♥
I could handle seeing Hilarie Burton again. That scene was hot.
I'm so glad you finally watched it. I went through a lot of emotions!! But I did, in fact, bring up Hilarie Burton, 5min ltr
Too soon to ask if Hilarie Burton can return to Seattle Grace Mercy West Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for The Morally Ambiguous?
"Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton with a member of the FWTP2 staff in Paris October 2014.
TV Shows and Movies Hilarie Burton has been in: via
I have too much love for Hilarie Burton (admittedly)! Hmm, probably not..! Gr.
so weird seeing you with Hilarie Burton's husband! 😝 have a good day! Xxxx
I'm so in love with Hilarie Burton like... She's amazing!
To meet Hilarie Burton was an amazing thing, she's the funniest 💋✨
Is it just me or do and have a similar graceful beauty to them?
NEWS. Hilarie Burton filming new TV movie, Surprised By Love, in Vancouver! Hallmark debut, January 2015.
Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton are both in the same episode of Dawson's Creek.
Can Sophia Bush please post an insta pic for James birthday like she did when it was Hilarie Burton's birthday
Just watched the episode of Dawson's Creek with Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton side by side. Seeing that gave me life
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Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray on TRL, circa 2005. How cute were they?.
OMG Leyton!!! "This really happened! Chad Michael Murray & Hilarie Burton together in Mexico.
Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton were in Dawson's Creek together before One Tree Hill 🙊 💗
Watching starring Tyler Hoechlin, Hilarie Burton, Elisabeth Harnois and many other great actors. I have high expectations!
This show Catfish on MTV is so addicting! I haven't watched MTV in years. Like Since Carson Daly, Jesse, and Hilarie Burton hosted TRL!
Beliefnet presents an interview with Hilarie Burton, star of 'The List' and 'One Tree Hill' -
Why couldn't Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton date in real life?!
That insanely ironic moment when Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton guest star on the same show and he hits on her again 😂
Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer) from one tree hill graduated from Park View High school and was born in sterling.. how cool is that
Had a dream Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton we're walking down my street... and Chris Keller but no one likes him
Photo: Newly released promotional shot of Hilarie Burton as Sara Ellis for White Collar's third season (x)
AYYE My girl Hilarie Burton (aka Peyton Sawyer) is back in White Collar under a new name of Sara Ellis, brunette 😚
Finally watching Christmas on the Bayou. Tyler Hilton will ALWAYS be Chris Keller but Hilarie Burton has lost her Peyton Sawyer. I'm deeply sadden by this. 󾌹
Hilarie Burton, Sophia Bush, and Bethany Joy Lenz 💙💙💙 seriously so gorgeous
Yes, Hilarie Burton, quit your glam job in NYC, return to Louisiana and marry Barney Fife. It's what Santa wants.
yes, and did you know Jensen and Chad were both in Dawson Creek for 12 episodes and Hilarie Burton& Alaina Huffman for 1 epi!
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Hilarie Burton with her husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, also known as John Winchester from Supernatural.
Hilarie Burton in an old episode of Dawson's Creek hitting on Chad Michael Murray. Haaa.
The North Pole heads to the South. Don't miss the premiere of Christmas on the Bayou starring Tyler Hilton, Randy Travis, and Hilarie Burton, Saturday at 8/7c!
Watching Dawson's Creek and some guy (Chad Michael Murray) is hitting on a girl (Hilarie Burton). It's like foreshadowing for One Tree Hill
Weird! Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton (aka Lucas & Peyton) had a scene together in Dawson's Creek, years before One Tree Hill.
Local TV movie airs December 14, 2013 Filmed in St. Martinville, LA, and airing on December 14, 2013, Papa Noel is the original title of the movie, but it will be airing as “Christmas on the Bayou” on Lifetime Saturday, Dec. 14 at 8:00 pm. This is a heartfelt film about going home for the holidays with a great cast and an awesome storyline. The film stars Ed Asner, Randy Travis, Hilarie Burton, Tyler Hilton, Markie Post and Brodie Rose. Christmas on the Bayou is also a film about finding love in a long lost friendship and happiness in family, friends and tradition. Details can be views at
Chad Michael Murray you have a choice between Sophia Bush, and Hilarie Burton.lucky ***
Hold tf up... Hilarie Burton is from Sterling? Small world.
TV execs please cast Hilarie Burton as something else than the other woman. Thank you
do you know Hilarie Burton? If yes: Isn't she amazing? If not: go, and meet her! Oh and I love you from the bottom of my heart
woah! 😱 Hilarie Burton on Grey's Anatomy. i did not see this coming. she hasn't changed much. except…
I can't wait to see pics of Hilarie Burton! I miss that pretty face.
“Hilarie Burton still for episode 1x03 look who it is!
"That man [Matt Bomer] was so blessed by God it's ridiculous" - Hilarie Burton. PREACH IT GURL.
Ok I lied. Hilarie Burton needs to be added to that list
Yaaasss it's season premier for greys anatomy tonight! Hope hilarie burton is still on the show.
"Hilarie Burton will not be appearing in Season 5 of 'White Collar'" i'm done watching White Collar
Hilarie Burton and others I miss OTH so much Hope to see ya all again on time smday
Hilarie Burton nei panni di Laurel Boswell - { Grey's Anatomy { You will always be my person •. // with Arizona...
B. Davis & P. Sawyer forever and ever. Gaaah I freaking love and Hilarie Burton, my gahd so cute besties.
all I want is hilarie burton back on greys, is that really too much to ask
Hilarie Burton is just messing with everyone's marriage 😜
Hilarie Burton though, what perfection, from the beginning yay
Lucas cheats on Brooke with Hilarie Burton. Arizona cheats on Callie with Hilarie Burton. 3rd. The guy in Hostages cheats o…
Hilarie Burton has great hair in season 6!
Catching up on hostages and *** hilarie burton is just home wrecking all over the tv spectrum.. First oth and then greys and now hostages
Why is Hilarie Burton playing "the other woman" roles nowadays...wrecking homes, one show at a time? I still love her tho
Seeing Hilarie Burton on Grey's Anatomy just made my day
White Collar’ season 5 spoilers: Matt Bomer on new love interest; Hilarie Burton’s status
Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on White Collar and More!. Since Hilarie Burton is not returning to Grey’s Anatomy,...
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and also i just really want to be friends with and and Hilarie Burton because they seem really great?
AND PEYTON/HILARIE BURTON IS MARRIED TO JOHN WINCHESTER i should've been on one tree hill or supernatural ALL THE HOT PEOPLE.
I think the combo Hilarie Burton is the sexiest on TV right now!
is such an inspiration to all people involved in the film production world. Run by my favorite talent extraordinaire Hilarie Burton
I've never watched OTH so all I've seen of Hilarie Burton is Greys, so I can't help but see that face and get upset...
If only Hilarie Burton appeared in every episode!!
OMG! Hilarie Burton is on Grey's right now!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie burton were set up on a blind date. That's it! I am going to ask my friends to blind date me!
Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton) is a guest star on Grey's Anatomy. it's like my two favorite shows are coming together as one.
"Matt Bomer is not only one of the most beautiful men that was ever created, but he's so kind and so good and so talented." - Hilarie Burton
secondly Hilarie burton play a mistress in Greys and now hostages. Just making a point she likes similar roles
I hate you Hilarie burton. First Brooke and Lucas, now Callie and Arizona. 🔫
Dear Would you please pimp me a Hilarie Burton account so my celebrity parody account has someone to talk t…
let's go for an episode of with and going to work in Paris
Hilarie Burton - White Collar (Interview): via 0:09 to 1:00 about by Hilarie. Need I say more?
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Hilarie Burton,Bethany Joy Lenz &Sophia Bush will always be beautiful to me
It's just making me confused Hilarie Burton being in a Grey's episode 😖
Poor Hilarie Burton. She thought it was just another job. Poor girl didn't realize she became the devil.
Do you still keep in touch with and Hilarie Burton? xx
not really lol. The musical episode is one of my favs. And the end of season 9 has Hilarie Burton and her chemistry with
Emma stone like totally looks like Hilarie Burton am I right??
Hilarie is joining the cast of Hostages, new CBS' series premiering on Monday, Sept. 23rd
I'm trying to get Hilarie Burton to see this. I have 300 views. :)
More cw actresses who can act. Leighton Meester. Brit Robertson. Sophia Bush . Hilarie Burton
Hilarie Burton is my idea of perfection.
I miss seeing Hilarie Burton on my screen everyday
I have just about the biggest crush on Hilarie Burton.
I'd love curly hair like Hilarie Burton and Annalynne McCord
To this day I cannot see Hilarie Burton without my guts turning into a twist. Thank you, Grey's Anatomy. :)
Hilarie Burton is so freaking perfect.
Shonda put two women I love in a room (JCap n Hilarie Burton) and made me choose one of them. WHY SHONDA WHY
Hilarie Burton should´ve gotten an Emmy just for this scene.
I am as aspiring actor and love your work. How did you get your shot in the beginning. Thanks Mike
No literally like I watched 9x24 on the same day I found out Hilarie Burton (love herbut she plays Lauren nO) has the same BDAY as me nope
Where is Hilarie Burton from and why does she pronounce her Os like that?
Ooooh what if it's Hilarie Burton??? That would certainly cause more CA could call her key in that she was key to CA implosion.
I love Hilarie Burton so yeah, i wouldnt mind if Lauren came back as a series regular. Calzona drama is good! ✌
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