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Highway Patrol

A highway patrol is either a police unit created primarily for the purpose of overseeing and enforcing traffic safety compliance on roads and highways, or a detail within an existing local or regional police agency that is primarily concerned with such duties.

State Highway Patrol California Highway Patrol Florida Highway Patrol National Guard Oklahoma Highway Patrol Utah Highway Patrol Nevada Highway Patrol Mississippi Highway Patrol Nassau County North Dakota South Carolina Highway Patrol

Must be one boring *** Friday Night for Highway Patrol if they're way out here in the middle of no where Ashland, Mt.
Highway Patrol cruising St. Labre campus and cruising boring *** Ashland... what are the odds?
Everybody mike just called me he got pulled over at 4 way stop 2 depities & a highway patrol he said the didn't test him but if any of u
Good morning, I just woke up from a weird dream involving and the State Highway Patrol.
Did you know that shuttles have highway patrol vehicles to ensure quality service?Now you know.
I just hopped into jaz's car drinking a Steele reserve meanwhile there's 6 highway patrol chilling and now they're all looking at me😂
Texas has a healthy highway patrol population it seems
When you're going 85 on the highway and highway patrol passes you 😂😂
Made some new friends this week from the Arizona Highway Patrol. Luckily they were kind enough to give me a warning.
I love the way my grandpa just lights up when he tells me about his days as a Marine and stories from when he was highway patrol
Perhaps next time Highway Patrol pull me over, I might sell a book! Thanks 4RT Nancy
Real Australians flash their headlights to warn the other side that there's highway patrol cars ahead 👍
A bunch of fecking cowards. If you know them, call the California Highway Patrol...
DA’s office preliminarily determines highway patrol shooting of Las Vegas man was justified
OHP Chief Adams' op/ed about consequences of potential budget cuts:
Highway patrol (with random players after the chase)
Hamilton Collection
When u pass highway patrol on the freeway
An Amish woman was driving her buggy to town when a highway patrol officer stopped her. "I'm not going to cite...
Oklahoma Highway Patrol chief: Support needed so OHP can fill dwindling ranks
mobile patrol and police visibility along the national highway of Brgy. Curva Miagao htt…
California Highway Patrol investigating shocking footage showing daredevil on motorcycle jumping over the 60 Freeway near Moreno V…
Just passed a highway patrol with my light bar on... and all he did was flash his lights. How's your SB going?
Escaping the heat tomorrow. Going north. Pray for me that the Highway Patrol is busy elsewhere.
Joint press conference with Okla. Highway Patrol regarding this morning's officer involved shooting.
That's according to the Highway Patrol. None of the injuries are considered life-threatening. Story, more details coming soon
Here is the latest on last night's wreck involving the woman who didn't stop at a State Highway Patrol checkpoint.
Freeway Closure: California Highway Patrol will be shutting down the 101 North at Highway 33 due to mud and...
Port: Highway Patrol spokesman says cleanup is 'not ... - Grand Forks Herald
here comes the fastest police car on earth! Highway Patrol sponsorship on Mike Neff's car. meanwhile Del Worsham is racing with his father.
Ohio State Highway Patrol will seek reimbursement from North Dakota authorities for pipeline protest response
Akron man who was attacked by Highway Patrol police dog released from jail - AkronNews Beacon Journal/
SC Highway Patrol looking for a driver after bicyclist was hit on Farmington Rd, near State Stone Rd in Summerville.
Hopefully the highway patrol catches them and locks them up.
I didn't know that the California Highway Patrol operated these aircraft so I was very surprised…
I added a video to a playlist Yung Lean - Highway Patrol (Feat. bladee)
lol this is my second time getting pulled over, and both times were by Highway State Patrol 😂
Need more general police way before highway patrol. So out of touch with what people want these guys.
Just saw a Highway Patrol turn its lights on behind an M6 already speeding & then watched the M6 disappear😂 cops lights are back off now
KSHB Police identify man suspected of shooting at Missouri Highway Patrol trooper KSHB UPDATE 1…
Ballarat’s former top cop calls for more highway patrol members |
Don't want to be raped by cops? Don't break the law, says Oklahoma Highway Patrol captain
Oklahoma Highway Patrol: Man dies after crash on Interstate 40 in western Oklahoma -…
Nothing like getting passed by a car on a two lane road when it's pitch black. Oh and that car was being chased by two highway patrol cars.
Tom Brady gives more passes to white guys than the highway patrol.
PLEASE SHARE: SC Highway Patrol is looking for driver of truck after hit-and-run accident in Summerville
Highway Patrol says a man has died after a wreck on Interstate 40 in western Oklahoma. The Oklahoman reports
Yea make sure we have enough squads pre county and two pads besides highway patrol and hospital emergency k pre county call u back k
The Mississippi Highway Patrol paid respect to the fallen Orlando officer Lt. Debra Clayton, today
Nonprofit organization donates fuel to highway patrol
The Tennessee Highway Patrol says the two are not seriously hurt.
It's all fun and games till you see that highway patrol
… , 41, died when a train struck a car Thursday on Quarry Road … to a statement from the California Highway Patrol,…
I got an email for my next interview for highway patrol
STANDS READY to offer assistance to highway patrol and power suppliers ahead of the storm. Also getting he…
Lost my brother three years ago because North Dakota Highway Patrol didn't close a highway that had quickly become…
I hate when people slam on their breaks when they see a highway patrol 🙄 just keep on freaking driving
NHP: Multiple Car Crash on 580 Northbound Near Plumb: Nevada Highway Patrol says there was a multiple car crash…
requests airport ride from Highway Patrol, donates $5,000
Today, I had the privilege of working out alongside the newest Highway Patrol recruits. This class is tough, caring, and…
MO Auditor finds Dept of Public Safety, Highway Patrol compliant in use of state highway funds
I live in California and do you know what the ONLY government agency that is tax revenue positive?the Highway Patrol is ... hummm
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Injury Crash on I-580 Between Moana and Plumb Lane: Nevada Highway Patrol says there is an injury crash northbound…
NHP: Man in Custody After Short Car Chase: Nevada Highway Patrol says they have a man in custody who fled his…
Highway Patrol, local police to enforce traffic laws more heavily on ... - Akron Beacon Journal
The Crow Creek Sioux tribe has revoked its mutual aid agreement with the SD Highway Patrol for their participation .
Highway Patrol said 13 people were killed & 31 injured in a tour bus crash early today in Desert Hot Springs.
59 years ago tonight.Chief Dan Mathews is called to investigate the theft of $50,000 from Ranchers' Packing House on 'Highway Patrol.'
In non-debate news, reports of three-vehicle crash on US 30 in Ashland County. State Highway Patrol said call tomorrow for details
Currently 177 incidents being reported across the state by the SC Highway Patrol.
However, Gov. said last night that State Highway Patrol won't be available to work traffic and security for the game.
: Highway Patrol official under investigation for Bison photo
Highway Patrol official under investigation for Bison photo
Police, Rowan Sheriff, Highway Patrol surrounded Salisbury Hampton Inn. Guest says they're trying to get suspect from…
Even with National Guard and Highway Patrol here, Mayor says Chief Putney is in charge.
Waiting for news conference w/ update on National Guard, Highway Patrol helping Charlotte.
National Guard, Highway Patrol in after violent protests continue
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Several hundred National Guard, Highway Patrol in Charlotte will aid CMPD after second night of violent…
State of emergency declared in Charlotte as protests continue, governor sending in National Guard and Highway Patrol https:…
Several hundred National Guard, Highway Patrol to Charlotte after second night of viol...
ND Highway Patrol has been at 1806 checkpoint also. They possibly made arrest,state will likely file charges
National Guard and Highway Patrol checkpoint on Highway 1806 (~9 miles south of Mandan, ND)
Ozarks drowning case whistleblower says Highway Patrol wanted him to lie
Lancelin Police conducting Highway Patrol, visit great places like the Gingin Gravity Discovery Centre.
Pilot injures arm when plane crashes into Ohio barn: The State Highway Patrol says a pilot injured his arm when his…
Car off the road on State Route 160 SB on top of Mountain Springs. Nevada Highway Patrol on the scene.
I don't like their state but I love their Highway Patrol holsters
Highway Patrol says EB U.S. back open, traffic moving slow in Holts Summit
Highway Patrol to conduct alcohol saturation patrols
Don't trust Dem Mayor Jackson to keep the peace. GOP needs Kasich to get the State Police and Highway Patrol involved.
SC’s Highway Patrol seeing if new paint, which makes night visible is possible w/ state law
Highway Patrol ain't showin no love today, better slow down!!
WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A man was injured in a one-vehicle crash in Wichita early Sunday morning. The Kansas Highway Patrol reports th...
Selmon Expressway EB @ Willow Ave closed for an undetermined time. . Florida Highway Patrol: Serious traffic crash
just up loaded to this new Nevada Highway Patrol Dodge charger thanks 4 a great visit
The Florida Highway Patrol says five people were killed and 25 were injured when a bus and a tractor trailer at a highway intersection in
A highway patrol clearly saw me hit my dutch and all he did was smile 😂 this probably why'd never leave California. 😄👍🏽
State Highway Patrol working scene of deadly accident, 85N near exit 39. PLEASE be safe out there, friends!
California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers have arrested few people driving under the influence (DUI…
All this in front of a highway patrol car but he didn't do anything😒 it's not even Fourth of July yet and to early to be drunk already
God, in highway patrol best verse is verse, simply amazing 💜
Police rescue PDP chieftain from kidnappers’ den: Police Personnel of the Safer Highway Patrol team under Aba...
Fourth of July weekend DUI arrests in San Diego down from 2015, California Highway Patrol officers report:
Then I try and stay behind because 1) it's faster and 2) I figure I'll take my chances with who gets pulled over if highway patrol sees
California Highway Patrol officers have closed Indian Canyon Drive between Dillon Rd and Pierson Blvd after...
Not even 5 minutes into Hamilton and a guys crashed through the water barriers while being chased by highway patrol and a helicopter
You could say that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and I are on pretty good terms. 😂
Imagine the and California Highway Patrol overseeing and
Always encourage the children to give the bird to truckers and the Highway Patrol on your road trips.
always rolling your windows down when you see Highway Patrol because window tint laws 😂
Three people identified in fatal Thonotosassa crash: The Florida Highway Patrol has identified the three people…
Knowing that your "conservative" governor cheated on her 1st husband with her Highway patrol security detail. .
If anyone is traveling West towards Columbus, be cautious with speed. State Highway Patrol patrolling overhead before rest area exit
Highway patrol has several cars pulled for speeding at exit 115 in I-26 be safe this 4th of July.
Driver charged with DUI in crash, 2 people on motorcycle die: The South Carolina Highway Patrol is investiga...
Highway patrol found DVD player in wreckage of fatal Tesla accident by
State Highway Patrol increasing officers on patrol for 4th of July Weekend:
MS Highway Patrol out in full force. If you drink don't drive do the watermelon crawl!
Did you call the highway patrol? You probably weren't/won't be the only ones. Just terrible!
Highway Patrol as interview now proceeding or notifying
26 new Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers take oath of office:
Offenders need to be heavily penalized with lengthy jail terms. Highway patrol & cops should also be more effective
Highway patrol is not playing in SC! 4 people pulled over within a mile span. Slow down homies! 😬
SC Highway Patrol: Okatie bicyclist killed in hit-and-run
The State Highway Patrol not playing I was mad paranoid 😖
Officers Keith Christian and Jonathan Jimenez graduated today from the Phila Police Dept. Highway Patrol Motor Unit
The has this photo of in a roadside drug bust at Jindabyne. Not exactly highway patrol!
Highway Patrol’s controversial new technology causing companies to impose a travel ban on O…
July 4th Weekend Will be Swarming with California Highway Patrol Officers - NBC Bay Area
I didn't realize I had a highway patrol officer following me on the freeway today...The Red Devil and I were really moving
Man, police and highway patrol are out big time tonight.
I liked a video from Florida Sheriff Vs. Florida Highway Patrol (Das…
When the California Highway Patrol bumps "Sensual Seduction" by Snoop Dogg on the 4th of July.
Lmfao Highway patrol wasn't playing with us tonight
Mothers, 4 Children Killed in Fiery Wreck Near Los Angeles: California Highway Patrol officers had to hold back two…
Two counties, Highway Patrol will join police to patrol areas such as Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Minnesota Avenue.
Highway Patrol arrests three during DWI stops in northeast Missouri:
Despite a quiet weekend, the Highway Patrol says mid-Missouri traffic deaths are up this year:
Highway Patrol reporting deadly in Williamsburg County, info coming up at 7:00 on
Highway Patrol reporting deadly vehicle crash in Williamsburg County this morning
Highway Patrol, Boone County Sheriff's Department, and Columbia Police all responding to the scene.
Breaking News: California Highway Patrol responds to school bus incident in Oxnard
The tale of the baby geese and the Highway Patrol.
Traffic + Highway Patrol officers of r targeting risky driver behaviour @ levelXings in support of a campaign in the Upper Hunter
S/O to the Lincoln County Sheriffs Dept and Highway Patrol for putting on an amazing impactful assembly at at PVHS/MS.
Sgt. Troy Pope w/ Highway Patrol requested Patrick be evaluated, has concerns about his mental state
Tennessee officials find clever way to save money on Highway Patrol's black-and-cream cruisers
Highway Patrol looking for next group of state troopers - Washington Times
The SC Highway Patrol say a driver was killed in a one-vehicle crash in Orangeburg County, & wasn't found until 38 hours later. (AP)
But if you have your processes down it can be close to the same. Some agencies like State Patrol or Highway Patrol know this stuff.
Highway Patrol pulled over a rental vehicle in which a man was transporting a 17-year-old girl to North Dakota.
NC Highway Patrol will hold fair on April 19, from 6 - 8 pm at the Surry Co. Human Services Bldg in Mount Airy.
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Highway Patrol: Drive to Live: With the beginning of prom season, North Carolina the Highway Patrol will condu...
Highway Patrol conducting operation "Drive to Live" this week: The North Carolina Highway Patrol will be on hi...
Highway Patrol to conduct sobriety checkpoint in Douglas County
LIVE on Highway Patrol slow down on I-15 in Draper, Utah.
NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol command use social media to shame the state's speedsters
Highway Patrol is cracking down on aggressive on I-4.
Highway Patrol donates 50 radios to Cleveland State University police ahead of RNC
Spray painted Damaj Cook hits 3 keeps going until pulled over in by Highway Patrol.
Top 20 locations for crashes in Fairfield Co. according to Highway Patrol - 10TV
Highway Patrol looking for driver who left deadly wreck in Darlington County
Highway Patrol: Texas man stopped with more than 100 pound of pot - Columbia Missourian
Ohio State Highway Patrol cars are pretty cool. What do you think?
MO Highway Patrol tells Montgomery Co. residents to call police if you think you have any information, lock doors, don’t be ***
Looks like this may have been the cause for Highway Patrol cars rushing north with sirens this morning.
Meth seizure near Mapleton is biggest in Highway Patrol history - WDAY
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
BREAKING: Patrol de-merger bill expected to be withdrawn after Highway Patrol agrees to changes w/in Water Division.
Truckers, Highway Patrol team up to fight human trafficking
The view from 1000 feet in a California Highway Patrol helicopter - Napa Valley Register
Learn more about my helicopter ride here: via
The view from 1,000 feet in a California Highway Patrol
OH 16 is just one lane out by Graham Farms, accd to highway patrol, because of a semi stuck in the mud.
FHP looking for hit-and-driver that struck Publix semi in Sarasota: SARASOTA -- The Florida Highway Patrol is ...
Missouri State Highway Patrol warns drivers to yield -
The Kansas Highway Patrol late Thursday afternoon was investigating an injury accident involving a school bus in...
Man Pleads Guilty to Intentionally Crashing into an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Vehicle During an Interstate Drug Run
Highway Patrol Operation - RBT Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation, Balgowlah just after the Spit bridge.
HIghway Patrol does more than just enforce traffic laws - WECT-TV6
Yo momma so fat, the highway patrol made her wear a sign that said, 'Caution! Wide Turn!'
NEW PHOTOS: Highway Patrol Car: How good does it look!
Highway patrol: Man killed on I-40 while trying to direct traffic after .. Related Articles:
.I just took a weekend class offered through the Highway Patrol. With 2 kids under the age of 9, can't ride a motorcycle much.
Highway Patrol charged woman in connection with accident in which 4 cyclists were struck by car in Johnston County.
I was going 70 and a highway patrol came and the guy behind me was in a hurry apparently and didn't notice the HP so he sped to get around
Montana Highway Patrol: Increase in fatality crashes - KULR-TV
Highway patrol searching for vehicle that left scene of wreck:.
Then highway patrol comes and helps me because he had a better jack.
"If you've done something wrong, you don't call Highway Patrol, SLED and the sheriff," says Myers.
Highway Patrol charges woman after 4 cyclists hit by car
Another Brownback back door tax to cover up state fiscal condition. Vehicle registration being raised by $3.25 to keep highway patrol viable
Right now, Junior Brown is looking out for the ‘Highway Patrol’ on A Rocking Good Way
I've got a lifetime ghetto pass, is the money gonna last, highway patrol say I drive too fast
RelNews: Highway Patrol says Blue Springs teen shot to death apparently wanted police to kill him -Washington Times-
BREAKING: SC Highway Patrol releases video of Donnie Myers' arrest following latest DUI
GM Any chance either or both your networks will air Broderick Crawford series Highway Patrol :D Hoping so THX
To me Broderick Crawford will always be Lieutenant Dan Matthews of Highway Patrol. 10-4.
High Street near Ohio Statehouse shut off due to Highway Patrol investigation
Bush Bond Posted at Scene. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, the Highway Patrol and Laurens City Police w ...
Highway Patrol says there have been almost 2,000 crash across state since storm hit
Mississippi preps for winter storm, Highway Patrol cancels days off - FOX13 Memphis
Miss. Highway Patrol has canceled days off for troopers in preparation for winter weather:
Florida: Highway Patrol charged Matthew Mercado in DUI homicide for killing Omar Diaz…
Person hit, killed by 2 vehicles on John Young Parkway: Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the death of a…
Highway Patrol reporting a fatal accident in Nassau County shortly after 9 a.m ... - Florida Times-Union
Proud of State Farm partnership to help stranded motorists:NC Highway Patrol overwhelmed with I-485 responsibilities
Highway Patrol: One dead in Nassau County head-on collision shortly after 9 a ... - Florida Times-Union
Inside Joplin: Barton County Sheriff, Highway Patrol arrest three.on meth charges..
Highway Patrol - thank you, thank you for pacing traffic on this morning. Made driving in the rain less stressful
.at 10p: A family is grateful for this Highway Patrol trooper, who put himself in harm's way...
The Sumter Police Department, Sumter County Sheriff's Office and S.C. Highway Patrol are working together to keep...
& the CA Highway Patrol team up for Kids Annual Toy Giveaway:
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Highway Patrol drug chemist fulfills dream of solving crime
Two charged in firing upon Highway Patrol officer -
STLtoday: Two charged in firing upon Highway Patrol officer
Two charged in firing upon Highway Patrol officer via
Two charged in firing upon Highway Patrol officer
Highway Patrol, KBI & corrections all below strength, more budget problems for
Us: "We're gonna be in California in no time!!" . NV Highway Patrol: "I-80 is closed for the next 4 hours. You're gonna have to wait." . WHY!!
An accident is blocking South Live Oak Drive at Silver Moss Drive just south of Moncks Corner, according to the Highway Patrol.
Try and catch us Highway Patrol man @ Lockeford, California
Where are the guns? 500+ weapons have been “lost or stolen” from 6 California PD, Highway Patrol & DEA in SanFran! https:/…
US Marshal Service, NC Highway Patrol to help in search for suspects in ... - Winston-Salem Journal
Highway Patrol trooper seriously injured in wreck on I-4 near
Highway Patrol trooper seriously hurt after SUV strikes his patrol car while he's clocking speed
Highway Patrol cracking down on aggressive driving:
Car fire halts traffic on I-29: Highway Patrol says 25 year old Jamie Carter of Thompson was headed...
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SC Highway Patrol: Fatal accident on Columbia Hwy N at Edisto Road: There has been a fatality in an accident on…
CA Highway Patrol confirm student was killed this am in a hit and run in east Stockton. A blue 2001 Chevy Blazer is be…
Traffic advisory: Closure of exit to EDSA from Bank Drive The Philippine National Police - Highway Patrol (cont)
Crash Closes End of Interstate 8 in Ocean Beach: California Highway Patrol issued a Sig Alert for where Interstate…
The Utah Highway Patrol's DUI squad lieutenant is out after audit and internal affairs investigation finds problems:
We are sooo happy to see these notes on your Kansas Highway Patrol car! 😍😍😍 We call them \o/ 💙 ~M
Driver ID'd in crash that killed firefighter - Greenville News
Highway Patrol checking out a vehicle that had been on its top at I-229 and 752.
Highway Patrol DUI officer accused of violating policy: A Utah Highway Patrol lieutenant in charge of the DUI ...
KHP has several job opportunities available, both uniformed and civilian.
"Elected to Retire" - that tends to go around a lot with corrupt cops - imagine that
There are so many good officers. In this case, it sounds as though some of them spoke up.
Congrats to Col. Kebin Haller - new leader of Wyoming Highway Patrol and former Rawlins Outlaw!
SigAlert on west 10 Freeway at south 110 over gravel spill: The California Highway Patrol
Currently at the scene: Chase, wrong way crash kill firefighter via
Firefighter killed after chase, crash identified via
Highway Patrol not playin this morning lol
Woman dragged by own pickup truck before crashing in east Toledo: Ohio State Highway Patrol says troopers saw ...
For anyone traveling on I-75 N this morning there is a State Highway Patrol doing radar under the 70 interchange on the right hand side.
Driver ID'd in crash that killed firefighter
Driver ID'd in crash that killed firefighter via
Live look at EB traffic near University Blvd. Highway Patrol is reporting a collision with injuries.
NORSU main campus gate cleared of illegally parked motorcycles, courtesy of the highway patrol group...
late to school thanks to the Florida Highway Patrol ;)
TRAFFIC ALERT:Crash on I-26 EB @ University Blvd. has been CLEARED per Highway Patrol. Traffic is Still Slow
It is known fact that many police officers on patrol in many of our roads & highway takes local gin, alcohol and marijuana.May God help us.
I used to watch Highway Patrol whittlin' with my knife, but the thought never struck me I'd be black and white for life. -- Neil Young
Highway Patrol saying the Porsche and its license plate were reported stolen from Alabama.
Highway Patrol says they tried to pull over the Porsche twice before this crash. That driver was going well over speed limit.
Highway Patrol told today that there have been 30 or more additional pedestrian/bicyclist deaths in 2015 compared to this t…
Update your maps at Navteq
Presence of patrol car along national highway.
I dunno. and I had a run in with a pretty hot highway patrol lady in LA.
The police say this drunk driver was prepared to smash his way into his impounded car
Sketchy lol the light that followed me from reedley to my house was a highway patrol on a bike😵😨
I liked a video from LSPDFR SP E40 - California Highway Patrol (CVPI)
I liked a video from LSPDFR SP E59 - Highway Patrol (New CVPI)
Highway Patrol DUI squad boss out after 'violation of policy' detailed -
Suspect identified; Firefighter killed on way to work, Highway Patrol says - WYFF Greenville
Highway Patrol squad boss out after 'violation of policy' detailed - Sep 18 @ 3:24 AM ET
We have a whole army getting paid for doing nothing. They can patrol the highway day and night. Also help with the goats & cows.
Highway Patrol: 7:12 a.m. wreck with injuries on Red Bank Road in front of the water treatment plant.
In use of force incidents, remove perception of bias from investigations, appoint state AG to prosecute, use Highway Patrol to investigate…
Highway Patrol, MMDA still adjusting to working together – HPG spokesman
Been quiet Sunday in Licking County it appears. Unfortunately no report from Highway Patrol so no update on Martinsburg Rd crash Sat
.thank you Senator for taking time to ride along with Highway Patrol's finest, Sgt. McCarthy!
MN Highway Patrol trying to find good Samaritan who helped pull driver from burning semi in Windom to offer thanks
SC Highway Patrol: 100 more traffic fatalities this August compared to 2014: Statistics from the South Carolina…
Highway Patrol confirms wreck in Rowan County on Edmiston Rd in Mount Ulla is fatal. The car went into the creek. Latest on Eyewitness News.
Speeding drivers continue to put others at risk on state's roads - Traffic and Highway Patrol
1 sent to hospital after Gaston Co. wreck: Highway Patrol responded to a crash on Alexis-High Shoals Road…
Teen on bike killed by hit-and-run driver in east Orange County: Florida Highway Patrol investigators said they are…
TN Highway Patrol investigating fatal crash in McMinn County:
UPDATE: Highway Patrol is handling the plane crash near Lake High School -
New vehicles, titles coming to Highway Patrol officers: via
Patrol names Tioga resident who died after one-car crash: TIOGA, N.D. (AP) - The State Highway Patrol has iden...
Today is the day! The SC Highway Patrol vs GA State Patrol softball game. Get your tickets now!
Good hope the SD Highway Patrol arrests you for fraud and killing Wesley Kari. |
Highway Patrol urges drivers to wear seatbelts: From the North Carolina State Highway Patrol: According to the…
OH Highway Patrol here today. School buses get 100% safety rating! Thank you mechanics Pete Pressnell and Randy Behr
VIDEO: Highway Patrol response questioned in reckless driver case. Ever been in a similar situation?
SCJ News: SD Highway Patrol offering $3K bonus to some who join force: The South Dakota Highway Patrol is ...
Highway Patrol: Arlington woman dies in one-car crash - Rapid City Journal
To anyone traveling in SE Ohio around the Athens area, the Highway Patrol is everywhere.
the CA. Highway Patrol had two officer detectives locate and interview me in McKinley Park Sacramento.
looks like you can tell the rank of a NY Highway Patrol officer by how high they wear their hat. . good job, fellas!.
BREAKING: Highway Patrol identifies 89 year old Dillard Powell of Cary as the pilot of plane that crashed in Pender County.
BREAKING: NTSB and Highway Patrol investigating fatal plane crash in Pender County
Highway Patrol warns drivers to use caution on roads during harvest
State Rep. Rocky Miller makes statement on Highway Patrol -
Congratulations to Master Sergeant Gregory Barfield (Mississippi Highway Patrol) for placing 1st in Traffic Safety!
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