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A highway patrol is either a police unit created primarily for the purpose of overseeing and enforcing traffic safety compliance on roads and highways, or a detail within an existing local or regional police agency that is primarily concerned with such duties.

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Missouri Governor, Highway Patrol captain acknowledge concerns over police report on Michael Brown
Amazing scene here as capt Ron Johnson of MO Highway Patrol walks thru heart of crowd. ppl hugging, thanking him.
Missouri Governor puts state Highway Patrol in charge of security in Ferguson
Hugs & kisses replace tear gas if we cd just start the hugkissing BEFORE killing innocent men!
Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson is being surrounded by people as he speaks.
Missouri Highway Patrol showing us how honorable law enforcement carries themselves.
World of difference: police walking with protesters, wearing normal uniforms, state Highway Patrol chief hugging it out.
When cops act like bullies, they are treated like bullies; when cops act like they should, so do citizens htt…
It all makes sense now. Capt. Johnson is African American and head of the Highway Patrol. NO WONDER its a peaceful protest tonight.
Highway patrol Capt Johnson looks so annoyed and fed up listening to the Chief of police
That said, I do wonder if the highway patrol has any motorcycles with mini-gun sidecars...
By all appearances, the highway patrol is doing a great job. First good decision.
Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson uttered some words that I think are critical.
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announced today that he is relieving St. Louis County law enforcement from policing the ongoing protests in the town of Ferguson, Missouri, placing the Highway Patrol in charge instead. “We’ve all been deeply troubled by this crisis,” Nixon said, adding that the current crisi…
Missouri Highway Patrol seizes control of Ferguson -
Marchers Embrace Highway Patrol Capt. at Ferguson Rally: Capt. Ron Johnson, who grew up in the now heartbroken neighborhood, didn't j...
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The new police tactics in peace and respect. via
.The MO Highway Patrol has gone above and beyond to establish peace.
Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol leads marchers down Florissant in vi…
FERGUSON SHOOTING Protests calm after state cops take over security
Thank you God. There seems to be a completely different scene in tonight. .
Updated story: The Missouri Highway Patrol is taking over security in Ferguson, promising "a different approach"
Who would have expected the Highway Patrol to be there heroes here.
Why, it’s almost as if the police were provoking that which they were attempting to suppress.
IN FRONT: The head of the Missouri State Highway Patrol leading hundreds in a march in
Vídeo: transposedsouls: Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson is marching with protestors in...
Black Highway Patrol Capt. getting the "Obama is President so he is going to stop my eviction" treatment. That never ends well.
Prosecutor in says the Replacement of St Louis County Police by Highway Patrol is "Shameful"
“When I see a young lady cry because of fear of this uniform, that’s a problem.” - Captain Johnson .
Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol walks along with the Ferguson march. Compare this to Wednesday.
Cpt. Johnson of Highway Patrol hugging residents as they pass during march. "I grew up here!" he notes.
Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson talks to reporters during a march in He is leading the group
Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Johnson takes over Police command from local Ferguson police who seemed to be out of control with their overly aggressive military tactics... and orders no more SWAT team intimidation, no more military vehicles, uniforms or gas masks, no more automatic machines guns pointed at civilians, no more tear gas attacks or arrest of journalists or civilians for peacefully assembling, and promises to make sure the everyones constitutional rights are upheld...and he walks with the protesters... Police in armored personnel carriers with machine guns pointed at unarmed civilians is un-American and makes a bad situation worse. We try to win the hearts and minds of the world, why not start with winning the hearts and minds of our people? I commend Missouri State Highway Patrol and Captain Johnson in particular for having the courage to do the right thing whether he agrees with the protesters or not...
With Highway Patrol, hugs and kisses replace tear gas in Ferguson via
My first take on the transformation of Ferguson tonight
The presence and leadership of Captain Johnson from the MO Highway Patrol and Major Ron Robinson from City has made…
New Tack on Unrest Eases Tension in Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said that the highway patrol would work with local la...
"Suddenly, everything has changed," writes about the shift in mood in Story here:
Thank you Missouri Highway Patrol & Capt. Ron Johnson. You have shown how law enforcement should lead & relate to the co…
Yess this Missouri Highway Patrol Captain is on point!
Missouri Highway Patrol seizes control of Ferguson better job, but LYING cop chief, worse than CHILD MOLESTER !
my latest: MAJOR change in police tone as Cpt. Ron Johnson, a Ferguson native, takes command. https…
Ferguson: disarming tactics of highway patrol pay dividends as calm descends via
Wow, the Highway Patrol Captain actually has social skills.
Infowars reporters are on the ground in Ferguson, MO as Governor Jay Nixon orders Highway Patrol to take over security in Ferguson after police attack report...
That was the greatest display of humanity I have ever witnessed in my life. We drove down W. Florissant to go to the QT, parked off of Highmont and as we hit W. Florissant on foot, here came a march of hundreds of people, so we walked with them all the way up to Chambers and then down a few blocks to this church where they were passing out refreshments for kids. We walked back to our car to grab our drinks we brought, then walked down to QT. There were a few St. Louis City cops walking around on foot talking to everybody and being super super cool. There were no cop cars anywhere. Tons of media. Cars nonstop rolling through honking with people hanging out windows and sitting on roofs and everybody chanting and cheering. Nothing but props for the Panthers who were taking care of business keeping order and directing traffic. At one point a County SUV came up the street with berries on, followed by a Highway Patrol car, they got to where the Panthers were and the crowd closed in and they couldn't driv ...
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Lord, thank you... The governor has put the captain of missouri's highway patrol in charge in ferguson. They too came to the realization the community was just exercise their 1st amendment right and the aggressive police present was totally unnessacary. Their aggressive present only added to and already frustrating and unfortunate situation!
Whoa! What just happened in Furgeson, Missouri!? Nothing lol. The highway patrol took over security from the local police force and they aren't wearing riot gear, riding in armored vehicles, and none are using SBR ar-15s and no one, I REPEAT NO ONE is rioting as of right now. After three or four crazy nights of rioting it stopped because unlike the local police force, the highway patrol is going for the trust of the people instead of don the look of a military force there to control the population. Way to go Missouri Highway Patrol I applaud you!
Stunning reversal in Ferguson, Missouri. Last night it was rubber bullets, tear gas and snipers. Tonight it was calmness, safety and hugs - more like a parade than a protest. The only difference? NO COPS. The overreacting rogue police department with their war toys was removed from the situation and the state highway patrol stepped in to aid, escort and protect the protesters just like it should be done with their honorable captain actually on foot and leading the march. This is what happens when you treat people with dignity and respect and uphold their civil liberties. Peace baby, it's the only way.
Let's stop talking about a race war etc. We are better than that. I think that the Governor of Missouri acted responsibly in taking away the Ferguson police's power and by putting a captain of the highway patrol / state police in charge. It's not fair to assume that he chose this man just because he is black. I think he was chosen because he was the best man for the job. Let's not act like we want this to spiral into chaos. We want to make things right and engender healing. Salute Captain Johnson and the Governor of Missouri. They just did something right that many states might not do. Angel Scott considering that you are from St. Louis I would love to hear your thoughts on this,
FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri Highway Patrol seized control of a St. Louis suburb Thursday, stripping local police of their law-enforcement authority after four days of clashes between officers in riot gear and furious crowds protesting the death of an unarmed black teen shot by an officer.
This picture is a bit misleading though. He isn't the commander of the Ferguson police, but he is from the Highway Patrol and has taken over the command of their units. its really amazing how peaceful the crowd is in ferguson now that the occupation of the city by the st Louis co military commandoes have been relieved of their duty. its about time that cooler heads prevail.
Thursday afternoon in MO Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson (and officers without SWAT gear), “I understand the anger and fear the residents of Ferguson are feeling, and our police officers will respect both of them.” The crowd is listens and cheers. He then lead protesters on a march through Ferguson.
From Justin- "We have a group from our area comprised of City PD, County Sheriff, State Highway Patrol, and Fire/EMS that have our own Crossfit setup at our FD. Today was a nice little outside WOD with three of us representing PD, SO, and OSP. Red shirt is Tim S (Sgt with the County). Grey shirt is Justin R (Trooper), Orange is Justin E (Patrolman)"
Black Man, Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and St Louis Highway Patrol Captain Ronald Johnson gets appointed to take over security ops in Florissant, Mo. And what does he do? PUTS THE GUNS DOWN... joins hands and MARCHES with the protesters to ensure their safety! Thats how you SERVE the people on the front lines. St. Louis is making progress. Keep us in Prayer. Thanks Dre Whitt for the update. God is in control
Missouri Highway Patrol strips Ferguson PD of authority due to the lack of control in the area. Please pray for the people of Ferguson. Owl
Silver highway patrol pulling people over at the cemetery on Anderson Street, silver unmarked camry is also doing laps of Anderson by the looks.
TONIGHT AT 11PM: UNREST The Missouri Highway Patrol has seized control of the St. Louis suburb where an unarmed teenager was shot to death by police over the weekend. Find out if the change is helping to quell the clashes there. Plus, dozens of protesters take to the streets of to show their solidarity with residents in We'll have reaction from Charm City to the unrest taking place hundreds of miles away. Also, a change in the homicide unit at the Baltimore police department as investigators try to solve two high-profile murders. And, should school start after Labor Day? Find out which elected official is starting a petition to make that happen. Join Stan Stovall, Donna Hamilton, Tony Pann, and Gerry Sandusky for those stories and more on 11 News Tonight after
Just got pulled over by a highway patrol not long ago and this scenario happened , Cop- how are you today ? Me - im god yourself? Cop - what modifications you got on your car ? Me- nothing serious just exhaust Cop - what ? Me - EXHAUST!!! -_- Cop - whats that ? Me - nothing my cars bone dry stock -_- Cop ' ok just count to 10 What the actual *** ? Atleast know your shizz -_-
Missouri Highway Patrol takes over policing of Ferguson
The captain of the Missouri Highway Patrol, who is now in charge of Ferguson’s security, sends a hopeful message to the city.
THREE KINGS Capt.Ron Johnson of the MO State Highway Patrol has expressed he's going to have daily morning press conferences to discuss the plan for the day in bringing peace to days of war between the distraught community of Ferguson MO and the local police who have terrorized the community for years, according to witnesses and victims interviewed. Johnson is joined by an optimistic Chief Jon Belmar of the St Louis County Police and Maj.Ronnie Robinson of the City of St Louis forming a solidarity of change forward.
The Missouri Highway Patrol is doing what the STL County police should have done all along: communicate with and lead the way for protesters. It helps that the chief is from North St. Louis. Leaders need to relate to their community. Change may come after all.
Thank you for the highway patrol in a peaceful protest
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon on Thursday named an African-American state Highway Patrol captain to oversee security in Ferguson, after scathing criticism of the local police department's handling of protests over an officer's fatal shooting of a black teenager.
Tough situation in Ferguson all around. But, the difference between the images we saw from Ferguson yesterday (with the SWAT teams/tear gas/rubber bullets/journalists getting tear-gassed & arrested) to the images today (protestors shaking hands and hugging highway patrol capt Ron Johnson) is a case study in the right way & wrong way to deal with a situation-even a terrible, violent situation-and should serve as a reminder to people who think only way to deal with violence is with a bigger, more violent response.
Let me just say I was proud to be part of the protestors today - The Highway Patrol was walking with the crowd talking to folk and taking selfies - cause if it is approached right anything can be accomplished. I met the most wonderful elderly lady who talked my ear off about how pleased she was to see the police intermingling with the protestors!!! This lady was feisty and told me she had been on the front line since Tuesday.I was proud - the young folk spoke passionately about what is going on and encouraged their peers to join in.We stood together peacefully today - and I was proud!!!
There's a New Sheriff in town, in Ferguson, MO! The Highway Patrol is in charge headed by an African American who grew up there, Captain Ron Johnson, troopers required to remove gas masks. People, if you don't believe Jesus Is Lord, shame on you! I keep telling folks this is the Show Me State. The Governor spoke, the State Senator spoke, the President SPOKE! Overkill, not necessary! This MAN I EDIATELY walked and marched shoulder to shoulder with the protestors earlier this afternoon and an air of calm came over the city! You can not tell people to talk to the hand and expect peace! Another note, keep an eye on the spirit Al Sharpton brings with him. He returns on Tuesday. People need a point of contact, the same Quick Trip they burned down, yes they burned down a gas station, is where one of the peaceful demonstrations is being allowed! This is America, people must have a right to assemble and reporters must have a right to report!
St. Louis out tonight. Highway Patrol Ron Johnson man of his word showed up tonight marched with the protesters and the family... Thank you for the change Mr. President Barack Obama...
Busy day at Unique Properties..up and down the highway from Tipton Co to Lauderdale listing and selling houses.. For some reason this highway patrol man followed me right into the parking lot!! He did not want to buy a house!!
The Missouri State Highway Patrol has taken control of the situation in Ferguson. The riot cops, SWAT teams, tanks, and the tear gas are gone now, and officers wearing traditional police uniforms are now protecting peaceful protesters, like they should be.
Good evening! Man, that sounds weird to say! I haven't been up at 9:00pm on a weeknight during the work week in MONTHS!! But I am tonight! I'm already in Ferguson and tonight, I will be working to figure out who these protestors are, where they are from and if Missouri Highway Patrol taking the lead will have a positive impact here. I will have a first hand account on tomorrow's N4TM. See you on TV!!
Now the night is still young, but should things continue and the new tone in stay then I say we give Capt. Ron Johnson (MO Highway Patrol) a medal.
Per Highway Patrol, Highway 89 to Alpine has been opened. Thank you for your patients/
I'm glad to hear my home state is doing the right thing by bringing in Missouri Highway Patrol (not in riot gear) to oversee the safety of Ferguson protests.
Hundreds of people lining the streets in Ferguson, but all peaceful. Police officers, including the new highway patrol officer in charge, mingling with the protesters talking with them. Young people stepping out and helping direct traffic so that everyone gets through safely. My prayer is it continues this way as long as it continues. When you treat people like adults and human beings, they will act like adults and human beings.
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Well, I'm still following this situation in Ferguson. Having spent 20+ years in law enforcement, I am confident that this officer did not shoot this young man for no reason. I do not believe, even for a moment, that this young man was shot while holding his hands up in the air. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it. If in fact this young man attempted to take the officer's weapon, and this can be proven, then it will be a justifiable homicide. To some, that will make no difference. That's because they don't care about Michael Brown. All they care about is the fact that a young Black man was shot by a White police officer. In their minds this somehow immediately means this was a racially motivated shooting. I think it was a good idea to bring in the Missouri State Highway Patrol. I can tell you that the St Louis County Police Department is a very competent agency. But I can also tell you that I am concerned about the militarization of our law enforcement agencies and the perception of that by the gener ...
The. MO Highway Patrol has been given charge in Fergeson. ..Play time is over.
Thanks and a salute to the job that Tennessee's Highway Patrol does for the Volunteer State
Capt. Ron Johnson of MO Highway Patrol will now be running operations in Ferguson. County PD relieved of those duties h…
Now that the MO Highway Patrol are in charge, I hope protesters start dressing up all old timey like the James Gang or Bonnie & Clyde.
Highway Patrol: Sapulpa woman driving golf cart under the influence crashes; airlifted to hospital
Two dead after crash near North U.S. 95 and Corn Creek Road. Nevada Highway Patrol confirms there was a double...
Off To Los Angeles Baby! So freakin' excited - I can't wait to see my friends and enjoy a well deserved day off. If you happen to see someone on the 5 singing at the top of his lungs, smiling from ear to ear and acting like a total dork - please do not contact the Highway Patrol or County Mental Health as that would be me.xoxo
Highway Patrol beefs up holiday patrols - Greenville News
I thought of National Guard but Obama also has authority over Guard - But NOT OVER STATE POLICE or Highway Patrol
Oklahoma, and all States, should use its Highway Patrol to prevent busses from Entering Your State Borders
Please note Illinois doesn't have State "Troopers". They have State Police. Missouri has a Highway Patrol who are troopers
well there was that one instance where someone was stopped on Highway Patrol going to florida to "kill the antichrist" on the -
Highway Patrol troop to get new headquarters - MUSKOGEE, Okla. (AP) - Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troop C is set to...
Six people have died in five separate Horry County collisions since June 13, according to the S.C. Highway Patrol.
Share with Friends! From The The SD Highway Patrol: PIERRE, S.D. – State officials have closed Interstate 29 south of Sioux Falls because of water over the road. Northbound traffic is being diverted from Interstate 29 at Exit 47 onto S.D. Highway 46 at Beresford. Southbound lanes of I-29 are closed at Exit 73 near Tea due to water over the road further south. Motorists are reminded not to drive through water over roadways. Travelers are urged to visit or to call 511 to check latest road conditions in their area.
I got stuck by the Presidential motorcade at Gene Autry and Dinah Shore! No "Beast" just black SUV's! I think the entire PS police dept was with them as well as Highway Patrol motorcade!
Highway Patrol to 'Can the Cruiser' Saturday in Rootstown - Kent, Ravenna & Portage County Ohio news:
Participated in tour and driving activities at the NC Highway Patrol training center here in Raleigh. Every State Trooper goes through this driving school. What most folks do not know, the Secret Service in Washington, DC come to this school to learn how to drive when on protection assignment. We rode along while strapped into our passenger seat with a five point Simpson harness and helmets with experienced state troopers who are driving instructors on a this special course. We simulated high speed chases on a NASCAR like road course. Speeds would vary from 45 to 110 mph with transition happening in seconds. I have ridden with and driven at Lowes motor speedway - the driving instructors and their abilities at "Trooper driving school" are more amazing! Got to also tour the hanger and go through the Bell helicopters they use for rescue missions. Drove the serpentine course of cones. The forward run is way cool, but it is running the course in REVERSE (car going backwards) as fast as you can that is quit ...
Highway Patrol to take over IPD crime lab: Plans are proceeding for the state of Missouri to take ...
Coming soon to the Tar Heel State: "Pull over right now -- this is the NC Highway Patrol brought to you by Pepsi…
NBC Los Angeles streaming live as truck continues to attempt to flee Highway Patrol on I-15:
The ND Highway Patrol advises Highway 85 South of Watford City is now open to traffic. Auth ND Highway Patrol North Dakota Department of Emergency Services Division of State Radio
Just got an update from Highway Patrol re: driving. So far, 22- DWI, 2-BWI 32-crashes, 2 fatals in area
Comancheros targeted in proactive search operation - Operation Talon Operation Talon, which is responsible for targeting gun crime and public place shootings, has conducted an operation targeting the Comancheros outlaw motorcycle gang, resulting in three people being charged. At 7pm (Friday 23 May 2014), Operation Talon police attended Tenterden Road for the purposes of gaining intelligence and exercising search powers against members of the Comancheros OMCG. Officers allege a Comanchero clubhouse located nearby on the same road was hosting frequent gatherings between members of the group. With the assistance of the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, Gangs Squad, and Highway Patrol, police stopped and spoke to 48 Comanchero members. 180 breath tests were conducted, resulting in two PCA offences and one defect notice issued. Officers stopped and searched ten vehicles, locating a can of mace in one car. A 34-year-old man was issued with a field court attendance notice and will appear in court next month. ...
Highway Patrol hits the roads with 'Operation Safe Summer Kickoff' - Black Hills Pioneer
Highway Patrol alerts motorists to possible smoke from controlled burn in ... - Florida Times-Union
Highway Patrol and other local police agencies are joining together in a unified front to reduce...
Two Ely Residents Killed in Roll-Over Crash on SR 278 . Nevada Department of Public Safety - Highway Patrol...
Elko Nevada Resident Dies in a Roll-Over Crash on US 93. . Nevada Department of Public Safety - Highway Patrol...
General Motors has offered to help the N.C. Highway Patrol in its investigation of a traffic accident that killed a high school teacher.
A two vehicle accident killed an El Paso woman this morning six miles south of Mertzon on US 67. The accident, that happened at 7:30 a.m., injured three others. DPS reports that Tabetha Ann Longnecker, 42, was driving a 1994 Toyota Tacoma when it ran into the back of a 2012 Peterbuilt Truck-Tractor pulling a Semi-Trailer that was attempting to turn onto a private road. The two passengers of the Tacoma, Erika Cronier and Tyler Eugene Longnecker both of Berwick, Louisiana, were transported to Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo with incapacitating injuries. None of the three were wearing a seat belt. The truck-tractor was pushed into the fence on the north side of the roadway due to the impact. Tabetha Longnecker was pronounced dead by Justice of the Peace Donna Smith. Trooper Jason Lujan-Luna, Highway Patrol, worked the accident.
Good morning from KTJS News It's overcast in Hobart 57 degrees, winds NNW at 23 A 23 year old Weatherford woman was killed in an auto pedestrian accident shortly before midnight Saturday night five and three quarters miles south of Weatherford on State Highway 54. The death victim was Kasey Lynn Lougee. The Highway Patrol reports Lougee was the driver of a northbound Ford pickup also occupied by her husband, 25 year old Michael Anthony Lougee. The report stated the couple got into a disagreement. Kasey stopped the truck and exited the vehicle. She was then struck by a southbound car driven by Edward Lee Moorehead, 69, of Weatherford. Casey Lougee was transported by Sinor EMS to the Weatherford Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The driver of the car and the passenger in the truck were not injured. Three people were injured, two of them seriously, in the collision of a car and a pickup at 3:16 pm Saturday at a county road intersection two miles north of Dill City. The driver of the car, Angela Scallio ...
A Highway Patrol helicopter is flying in the area of South Rock Quarry Road, near Riback Road. A perimeter has been established.
Highway Patrol honors 23 employees, including two from Troop E at awards ceremony Colonel Ron Replogle, Superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, would like to congratulate the 23 employees honored at the Patrol's annual awards and The MASTERS banquet recently at the Holiday Inn Executive Center in Columbia, MO. Family, friends, and members of The MASTERS (Missouri Association of State Troopers Emergency Relief Society) gathered to honor the heroes of 2013. The Troop C color guard presented the colors while retired Chief Operator Roger M. Heard played the bagpipes. Trooper Andrew A. Armstrong, Troop F, sang the national anthem. Pastor Phillip C. Dooley, of Gower, MO, gave the invocation and benediction. Colonel Ron Replogle presented the awards. Mrs. Lynn Wallis, president of The MASTERS presented The MASTERS Public Service Award. Listed are the awards and descriptions: Receiving the 2013 Meritorious Service Awards for Troop E were Troopers J. S. Palmer B. A. Pratt. Their citations read: "On De ...
Thoughts. Someone asked me what I thought. Well, I'm here to tell you... I think that Highway Patrol officer on the same road as I was this morning not only didn't use his turn signal, he California-stopped the stop sign, sped, and went through a turn light while it was red. What am I thinking? I'm thinking that just because you have a badge, you don't have the right to break the laws. Had I done all of that, I'd have earned a ticket that would have cost a paycheck to pay. And that, my Lovelies, is what I'm thinking. What are YOU thinking? :)
Even after flagging them down, Highway Patrol cannot stay long enough to help. Officer did say I could leave to get a rental!
BREAKING: Fla. Highway Patrol reports 1 death from drowning in waters on US-29 in Cantonment, Escambia County aroun…
Good morning folks. If you are in the area of 3228 Garner rd and you support the Highway Patrol please join us for a family cook out. There will be bounce houses,horse shoes, corn hole, volley ball, hula hoop contests, and many more activities for all ages. Lunch will be served starting at 1130. This is a free event. Bring you lawn chairs or blankets to sit on. It looks like we have a beautiful day to be together. See ya there
SC Highway Patrol to hold memorial service for traffic fatality victims - Spartanburg Herald Journal
You've probably seen it on TV and in social media. It's an all out campaign by the Kansas Department of Transportation and the Highway Patrol, trying to get a life saving message through. Don't text and drive. Don't do anything that might distract you while driving.
On the Live Channel: California Highway Patrol officials hold a newser on the deadly bus crash in Orland, CA. Source:
shooting_bullets.jpg District Attorney Ben David says the State Bureau of Investigation is looking into an officer-involved shooting that happened in Pender County over the weekend. Sunday night and a trooper with Highway Patrol shot and killed Maynard
The Fuzzy Peach is locally owned and operated,we would like to offer a discount to those who help serve for our community and our children.Fuzzy Peach will offer a 10% discount to the Shelby Police Dept.,Cleveland County Sheriffs Dept.,NC Highway Patrol,All Fire Depts and Medics, and Cleveland County Schools employees!!!We are grateful for your service and support to help make our community what it is today!!!See you at The Peach!!!
NV Highway Patrol trooper Loy Hixon has great tips on handling pedestrian safety.
Highway Patrol reminds Missourians to spring into safety:
Highway Patrol reminds Missourians to spring into safety - KY3
Highway Patrol officer injured in Madera chase -
Highway Patrol officer injured in high speed chase |
Highway Patrol confirms one person has been killed in an accident on Joann Branch Rd near Lake View in Dillon County.
Pretty bad accident on Joann Branch Road near Lake View in Dillon County. Waiting on more info from SC Highway Patrol.
Remembered... Sergeant 3rd Class Robert Edward LYNCH Motor Vehicle Accident Wakehurst Parkway 22 March, 1975 On 22 March, 1975 Sergeant Lynch was riding a police highway patrol solo motor cycle home at the completion of his shift. As he travelled along the Wakehurst Parkway he started to overtake another vehicle. The vehicle suddenly swerved to the right to avoid hitting a bandicoot and clipped Sergeant Lynch's cycle. The cycle left the road and collided with a post. Sergeant Lynch was thrown off the cycle, sustaining severe injuries. The sergeant was born in 1933 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 4 March, 1953. At the time of his death he was attached to the Highway Patrol.
I got to thinking about how fast time has gone by,and nothing seems to tell you more than watching your kids grow up,and also,television. When you see some of what they consider to be 'Old Shows' or 'Old Movies' today,that I remember watching as a kid I am reminded of how old I really am. Think about it,fifty or 75 years from now when some young couple is scanning their cable network to decide what to watch and they come across a movie from say,the 1940's,one will likely say,"I don't want to watch that,it was made a hundred and thirty years ago.." Scarey,eh? Well,these aren't all of them of course,but check them out and see how many you remember-"Captain Kangaroo","Mr. Greenjeans","Tenenssee Tuxedo","Chumley","Mr. Whoopie","Deputy Dog","Felix The Cat","The Flintstones","Tuter The Turtle","Mr. Wizard","Under Dog","Polly Purebred","The Honeymooners","Ralph Kramden",Norton,Alice Kramden,Bewitched,Andy and Barney,The Andy Griffith Show","Mannix","Highway Patrol","Get Smart","The Rat Patrol","The Man From U.N. ...
A popular Internet hoax claims that the Highway Patrol plans to conduct a “speeding ticket frenzy.
Did you know, before our center opened shop, it once housed a station for the Highway Patrol?
Miss. Highway Patrol troopers rally for more state money - Jackson Clarion Ledger
Highway Patrol officer on the western Span of the Emperor Norton Bay Bridge, from Pinterest San Francisco Images...
California Highway Patrol cop Jeffrey Closson gets 2 months in jail for molesting mentally challenged man. WTH?
Clovis East High School Students Learn From “Every 15 Minutes” The Scenario on February 26, 2014: Three Clovis East High School teenage boys just finished a big morning test and decided to “relax” with alcohol at their friend Damon’s house during lunch. Alexus, Dylan and Zo realized they had to get back to class to avoid getting “tardies,” and two of them had to take another test. Dylan got behind the wheel. Meanwhile, teacher Stephanie Champion took her daily run at lunch due to a conflict in the evening. Coming back from lunch off-campus were Summer, Sofia and Nate. They watched in horror when Dylan hit Ms. Champion. Dylan didn’t stop. He plowed into the driver’s side of the car sending Summer to the hospital. Zo died at the scene. SkyLife crews are airlifting Champion to emergency. Zo’s actions proved to be fatal and life-shattering. Every 15 minutes a class will “lose” a student. Members of the two upper classes will arrive at the scene of the “fatal accident” adjacent to t ...
The South Dakota Highway Patrol, State Office of Highway Safety and local law enforcement agencies ask motorists to "slow down and move over'' when they appr...
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You truly haven't lived till you sit in the carpool lane by yourself with a highway patrol officer right next to you... Lol
The Minnesota Highway Patrol is investigating an injury crash on Highway 59 south of Plummer.
Report: Pickup hits pedestrian on Hwy. 273: California Highway Patrol officers and fire crews are going to...
rest and peace two California Highway Patrol officers died while responding to MVA
A highway patrol officer awakens her and, suspicious of her agitation, follows her.
Truck slams into power pole; Driver killed: South Carolina Highway Patrol said one man has died after his truc...
Greenacre and bankstown is overflooded with cops and highway patrol. Don't speed! (Literally drove past 10 in less than 15 minutes).
Just passed the sit ups and push ups physical tests for the Highway Patrol 😁
Well it wasn't our really first game after all. It wa just a scrimmage game. Good thing I waited on our bus driver ( Jo Ann Babbitt Friend) the transmission in the bus went out on her and she couldn't get it to go over 30 mph on the emergency lane of I-40! Scary!! Then THEN a Tennessee Highway Patrol car just blew past us in Jackson without offering to assist us at all geezzz! Thanks Jo for getting the team there safely... A little late but she is awesome like that!
ugh. DIA should run all 40k plates against police/ highway patrol DBs once a night. One second of processing time,
With Nevada highway patrol... Guess they wanted to see what this redneck from the emerald triangle has in that big ole trailer..they likey. :-)
Breaking News: The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has announced that all students at Kellyville Public Schools have been accounted for, including the girl who was thought to be missing.
I'm using the slides about interviews you emailed us last semester to prepare for my interview tomorrow with the Highway Patrol
CHP determines what caused Reno-bound bus passengers to become ill: The California Highway Patrol sa...
This is the post from Haley Henderson, Justin Henderson's daughter in law. Justin is a Highway Patrol here. These Families are Military Families! *ATTENTION FRIENDS AND FAMILY* A dear friend of mine lost everything today due to a house fire. Her house as well as the house next to hers caught on fire and she has lost everything. Her neighbors house isn't as bad, but I'm pretty sure everything will be a loss for them as well. Everyone that was present at the time of the fire made it out of the house safe, as well as their dog. I am going to look into finding out the sizes for them all, but for my friend it is her and her husband; as well as her 3 sons, high school, middle school, and a 5th grader. The house next to her has a man and woman, as well as a 5th grade daughter and a son that is in 1st grade. Anything is appreciated at this time; clothes, toiletries, food, dog food etc. Please keep these families in your prayers as they go through this devastating time. T
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
SWEETWATER, Fla. (WSVN) -- Officials have released dashcam video of a heroic tag team rescue made by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper and a Miami Beach officer after a driver crashed into a guardrail and was knocked unconscious.
Florida Highway Patrol reports 78,000 hit and run crashes in 2013, an 8% annual increase. Drivers left an accident scene despite injury or property damage.
Or in that prison in the desert everyone tries to break in and then out of, just to tick off the highway patrol
Here is what someone sent me about Coke our favorite drink. If half of it is true, it is enough to pause and think! Please read to end. 1. In many states the highway patrol carries two gallons of Coke in the trunk to remove blood from the highway after a car accident. 2. You can put a T-bone steak in a bowl of Coke and it will be gone in two days. 3. To clean a toilet: Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and let the real thing sit for one hour, then flush clean. The citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china. 4. To remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers, rub the bumper with a rumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola. 5. To clean corrosion from car battery terminals, pour a can of Coca-Cola over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion. 6. To loosen a rusted bolt, apply a cloth soaked in Coca-Cola to the rusted bolt for several minutes. 7. To remove grease from clothes, empty a can of Coke into the load of greasy clothes, add detergent and run through a ...
slow down peeps in the back road to bonnyville Highway Patrol is checking for speeders
Texting and driving ticket $161 if a Police Highway Patrol see it !!! Ticket will be $ 0.00 if there are no Police officerss !! Hehehe
Nothing like 8 Highway Patrol vehicles at the shop
So many highway patrol cars from Vail Exit to Triple T
California Highway Patrol is taking your traffic law questions on Kababayan Today - 4p on LA18! 1.800.553.5724
Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Brandon Uhl is now on the stand. Will be the last witness of the day.
From the Times-Standard Hoopa Tribal police still looking for suspects in officer-involved shooting Hoopa Tribal police officers fired at two suspects early Monday morning after one of them pointed an assault rifle at officers during a chase. At about 1 a.m., officers chased a vehicle up Telescope Road after attempting to pull the driver over, Lt. Ed Guyer said. During the pursuit up the single-lane, dirt road, the suspects began throwing items at the police car. About 10 miles up the road, the suspects’ vehicle stopped because it was having problems, Guyer said. A passenger in the vehicle then pointed an assault rifle at officers, Guyer said. The officers fired at the suspects, who fled over a hill. As of late Monday afternoon, no suspect descriptions were available and no suspects had been identified, according to Tribal police dispatcher Laney Ashley. The Humboldt County Sheriff ’s Office SWAT team, a California Highway Patrol helicopter and the county critical incident response team assisted in th ...
If you are driving through Arizona on Interstate 10 be careful and watch your speed. Highway Patrol is out in full force. Revenue Blitz!
Highway Patrol is on the prowl today. Trying to catch me ridin dirty 👀🚓
Awk moment when your driving down the freeway and highway patrol decides to stay posted behind you
Contrast - N.C. Highway Patrol - $50-58k by Year 6, no degree. MT It would take 16 years of teaching to reach …
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Dashcam video of rescue by Florida Highway Patrol trooper released -
accident on Marue Dr near Wallace St as reported by highway patrol
Since when did the highway patrol go undercover in minivans? Wow they're desperate to give tickets!
accident on Crescent Av. at S. Irwin Av. as reported by highway patrol
disabled vehicle on LAURENS Rd near I 385 as reported by highway patrol
man he'll yea on the first of yr too. .smdh left the house to go to the bank for some tree $$ lol BAM highway patrol got me
accident on ASHEVILLE Hwy near I 85 as reported by highway patrol
Highway patrol to offer Missouri boating safety courses - The courses will be held March 22, May 28 and Sept. 13...
It isn't everyday you potentially save a life. Helped an elderly lady that had ran off the road and gotten her car stuck on the railroad tracks near my house who was trying to back it out but was stuck in the rocks. Called highway patrol to get the oncoming train that was five miles away stopped, and helped her down the steep, rock covered hill while more people pulled up including a logging truck while my husband and three other men try to lift the car but can't budge it because it is front wheel drive. Logging truck pulled it off and drove it down the hill for her. Juanita I may not remember your last name, and I am not God's angel, your hug was enough to thank me ^_^!
Woot woot. My application for highway patrol dispatcher has been received (:
Where's highway patrol when I need them.
Having the opportunity to meet the local police officers, highway patrol & Mojave police I do understand why they have to be stand offish when pulling people over or questioning a person but at the end of the day when they decide to come to Golden Bamboo they smile & joke around with the staff like any other human being. I understand they are simply doing their job and hey if I'm speeding ( and get caught ) lol then I'd better expect to be treated as a person who's speeding and will be fined for it. It's their job.
accident on St Mark Rd near Hwy 290 as reported by highway patrol
accident on New Hope Rd near Country Meadows as reported by highway patrol
disabled vehicle on WOODRUFF Rd at I 385 as reported by highway patrol
I am on I-40 at Choctaw rd and a highway patrol passed us TEXTING!! What's up with that?
A rep for the MBI is chiming in on the need to hire more state troopers. Read the letter that was written here:
Reports of crashes, but no delays so far: Florida Highway Patrol troopers are working a single-vehicl...
Its sad but true, and must be discussed even in today's time. One of the ladies from the church wants me to speak with her son and some of his friends, about how to conduct themselves and what to do if stopped by the police or highway patrol. These are good kids with good grades they want to go to Florida for the up coming Spring Break, and she is worried to death. 1st thing we can do is pray for their safe journey to and from. But we never know what curve ball is going to be thrown there way. Help me out fathers what would you tell your son or daughter.
Traffic safety classes offered for teens, parents: The California Highway Patrol and Ventura County...
Just witnessed highway patrol pulling over a U-Haul, so is that busting a move?
Attended a viewing today w/ Highway Patrol & Thank you for all that you do every day.
The highway patrol is out thick today!!
Multiple patrol units all over Highway 36
accident on N CHURCH St near I 585 as reported by highway patrol
accident on Hearon Cir near Simuel Rd as reported by highway patrol
accident/ems on N Church St near Daniel Morgan Av as reported by highway patrol
NOT happy that the Highway Patrol paid a visit to our town. Must need some revenue. Talk about kicking a girl when she's down. Ugh.
Heads Up highway patrol is posted up at the mandarin shack on bowman Rd across from the park and ride
This is the first time I've signed up to receive notifications on a neighborhood sex offender watch list. The state highway patrol sends out the updates. I am totally shocked the number of offenders within a 3 mile radius of our home. This knowledge doesn't make me feel safer only makes me more aware. It definitely does not make me feel safer about letting my granddaughters ride their bikes in our neighborhood.
Public safety is now an issue with the Mississippi Highway Patrol's trooper shortage. With a lack of state funding, training new patrolmen is on hold, for now."Our main responsibility is to respond to traffic crashes and provide enforcement," Lieutenant Johnny Poulos with the Mississippi Highway Pat...
Updated: THP releases crash victims name The Tennessee Highway Patrol identified the victim of this morning's crash as 17-year-old, Katresa D. Rose, of Madisonville. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The first report of the crash came into E911 Dispatch around 5:40 a.m. According to a report from Trooper J. Wayne Irwin, who arrived at the location shortly after the 911 call, Rose was speeding while driving in the eastbound lane. She apparently drove off the right side of the roadway and struck a culvert. The vehicle then flipped three to four times before crashing into a tree. Rose was ejected approximately 300 feet from the vehicle. Rose was not wearing her seat belt, which troopers said could have made a difference. The THP report also indicated she may have been drinking. The scene was cleared by 10 a.m. and traffic resumed on the busy narrow, two-lane highway.
The lives and service of California Highway Patrol Officers Juan Jaime Gonzalez and Brian Mitchio Law were commemorated Monday by thousands who...
View memorials for all fallen law enforcement officers from the California Highway Patrol, California.
Today is the day! I'll be heading to Jefferson City shortly for my interview with Highway Patrol. Some prayers would be appreciated!
500 Acre Fire Burning In Marsh Along Lake Okeechobee MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- The Florida Forest Service and Glades County Fire Rescue are on scene Monday afternoon on a 500 acre wildfire in a marsh west of Lake Okeechobee. FL about 7 miles northwest of Moore Haven. A Forest Service dozer-plow unit is establishing a containment line on the East side of 78. Florida Highway Patrol is setting up "Smoke on the Highways" signs. A suspicious fire on Curry Island of 100 acres on Friday was controlled this morning. The fire was burning away from Hwy 78 between the road and the *** The fire was on the SE corner of Curry Island in Glades county.
TRAFFIC WATCH: Florida Highway Patrol has issued a traffic advisory for patchy dense fog on area roadways. There are reports of reduced visibility on 41 in Venice, plus at the top of the Sunshine Skyway bridge.
Let us pray for victims of violent crimes, especially Florida Highway Patrol Trooper James Fulford who was killed in 1992; for grieving family members; and for death row inmate Paul Howell, who is scheduled to be executed in Florida on February 26 for the murder of Trooper Fulford. We also pray that the death penalty will be abolished, and that public officials will respect the dignity of all life.
The Missouri State Highway Patrol will be conducting enforcement operations in Adair and Marion counties aimed at catching intoxicated motorists and other hazardous moving violations. Troop B officers will be conducting the DWI enforcement sometime in March in the two northeast Missouri counties.
Two men were detained after leading authorities from Georgia and South Carolina on a chase down Interstate 20, during which the suspects struck two other vehicles. Aqualius Sarkees Battle, 36, of Atlanta, and 26-year-old Omyry Hickson of Kissimmee, Fla., were arrested by South Carolina authorities and placed in the Aiken County detention center, where they remained on Tuesday afternoon. Battle was charged by the Georgia State Patrol with reckless driving, speeding in excess of maximum limits, driving in the emergency lane, driving within a gore or median, passing on the shoulder of the roadway, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license, no proof of insurance, possession of a fraudulent driver’s license or ID, failure to signal when turning or changing lanes and possession of marijuana. Hickson was charged by Georgia authorities with disorderly conduct. Lance Cpl. Judd Jones, a spokesman for the S.C. Highway Patrol, said Battle and Hickson face charges in South Carolina of leaving the scene of ...
I will have the governor of california killed by his own Highway Patrol protocol droids
A priest was pulled over by the Highway Patrol. The officer asked the priest , "Have you been drinking?"..The priest replied. .."Only water ..officer" ..The officer asked the priest.." Are you sure? I sure smell wine!" The priest looked around the car opened the glove box & proclaimed...LORD JESUS!! You did it again!!!""
I drive on Oklahoma Highways and Turnpikes a lot. (Approximately 250 miles per day). I have been shocked to observe a Highway Patrol or State Trooper speeding at dangerous rates, without emergency, multiple times EVERY DAY!! I expect our law enforcement officers to set an example and provide safe driving conditions, not put us in harms way and then pull citizens over for going 8 mph over the speed limit. I am one fed up mama! This is a place to post your videos of Oklahoma Law Enforcement speeding or driving dangerously (without lights or sirens indicating an emergency). The goal is that those in charge will take notice and start making law enforcement abide by the law. Please no crude, offensive, abusive or disrespectful language either in your videos or on comments/posts. This is a PG site, as I will be providing videos to legislators once many are uploaded. This is also not a site for bashing law enforcement or first responders. We absolutely respect our law enforcement and the laws of this state. The ...
Wicked!!! TOP THIS ONE FOR A SPEEDING TICKET IN KELOWNA B.C. [] Two RCMP Highway Patrol Officers were conducting speeding enforcement on Highway north of Kelowna. One of the officers was using a hand-held radar device to check speeding vehicles approaching the city. The officers were suddenly surprised when the radar gun began reading 300 miles per hour and climbing. The officer attempted to reset the radar gun, but it would not reset and then it s uddenly turned off. [] Just then a deafening roar over the tree tops on Highway 97 revealed that the radar had in fact, locked on to an RCAF CF-18 Hornet which was engaged in a low-flying exercise in the area. Back at RCMP Headquarters in Kelowna the RCMP Superintendent fired off a complaint to the Base Commander of the CF-18's in Cold Lake Alberta for shutting (actually frying it) down the Highway Patrol's Radar. The reply came back in true Royal Canadian Air Force style: "Thank you for your letter . .. .. "You may be interested to know that the tactical compu ...
At 5:30 PM tonight a white male entered the Shell station off of exit 143 in Hurricane Mills,TN. Upon entering the business the subject Luke McFalls pulled a weapon and pointed it at the clerks head and demanded cash at that point the clerk willingly gave the subject over $500 in cash. The clerk was able to stay clam give a good description of the vehicle and a tag number to Humphreys County 911. Sheriff Davis complemented the Humphreys County 911 operators for their quick response getting the description (BOLO) out to the officers and the the surrounding counties, to the Humphreys County Deputies for their quick response and gathering valuable evidence at the scene and to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Within minutes of the BOLO going out THP was able to locate and stop the vehicle east of Humphreys County on I40 at the 188 mile marker at the Petro gas station in Kingston Springs at this time THP conducted a traffic stop on the describe vehicle and was able to take the subjects in the vehicle into custod ...
The Highway Patrol says that it is at the scene of an accident in Onslow County.
Details still coming in: Roads closed near Red Rock Canyon after a shooting involving Highway Patrol officers
TO: All Media DATE: February 14, 2014 FOR: Immediate Release RE: Vehicle pursuit and arrest On February 13, 2014 at 3:06 p.m. Crawford County Sheriff’s Deputies entered into a pursuit of a vehicle at US 171 Hwy and 260 Street. The vehicle, a 1989 Chevrolet truck was reported as a stolen vehicle and was being pursued by Jasper County, Missouri Deputies. Missouri authorities began their pursuit near Carl Junction, Missouri. The suspected driver, Joe Bob Green, 32 of Joplin, Missouri turned north onto 260th Street and continued to flee and elude law enforcement. 2 unsuccessful attempts were made by deputies to deflate the vehicle’s tires before a 3rd successful attempt. While deputies were deploying tire deflation devices the driver swerved toward them in an attempt to strike them with the truck or prevent them from successful deployment. After the successful deployment the driver was able to turn east on 620 Avenue then north on 270 Street. In another attempt to evade law enforcement, the drive ...
The Nevada Highway Patrol said the truck driver involved in last Wednesday's deadly crash on Summerlin Parkway had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit.
JUST IN: The California Highway Patrol has canceled the Amber Alert related to a carjacking in Oakland. All parties have been located safely.
GOVERNOR STRESSES IMPORTANCE OF STAYING OFF ROADS, CONDITIONS DETERIORATING RAPIDLY ACROSS STATE Raleigh, N.C. – As snow and ice falls across the state, conditions have been deteriorating rapidly. Travel conditions statewide have been affected. “We’re now seeing what we have been warning people about for the past 24 hours. This storm is dangerous,” Governor Pat McCrory said. “Road conditions are treacherous in many areas. We can’t stress enough: stay tuned to local media and pay attention to the weather. Do not travel unless it is an emergency. You are better off staying where you are in a safe place than getting on the road.” Between midnight to 3:30 p.m. today, Highway Patrol troopers responded to 1,360 calls for service across the state. Troopers typically respond to approximately 800 calls daily. By 3:30 pm, the utilities reported about 101,600 power outages statewide, mostly in New Hanover, Brunswick, Columbus and Pender counties. More power outages are expected over the next few days a ...
Herb Blake Since the TV stations and the Highway Patrol have convinced me of certain death if I try to drive anywhere, I guess I'll settle in with two Phillip Seymour Hoffman movies I rented Saturday from the library - "Doubt" and "The Master." "Capote" is one of my all-time favorites. It was the performance of a lifetime even though Hoffman beat out one of my favorite actors, David Strathairn ("Good Night, Good Luck") for the Best Actor Oscar in 2005. RIP, PSH.
Snowing here in Greenville Co. We'll be on the air till 9am on CW. Highway Patrol is asking you not to get on the roads! Don't forget to send us your pics of the snow to stormteam7
True story about God's will and the perfect town/perfect place/ His will. When my mama and daddy decided to move back to OK from CO, they packed up 4 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat and came. Daddy didn't even have a job yet, but he wanted to come "home" and raise his children in S. OK around the rest of his family. So he showed up in Wilson, OK, and started looking. He and Mama looked around at the schools and decided Marietta, OK, was where they'd raise their family. So he went down and got a loan for $30K from Gene Washburn at First National Bank knowing he didn't have a job but expected one from Uniroyal in Ardmore any day.Mr. Washburn took him at his word on a handshake. Then, the one car we had broke down on the side of the road...with all of us in it. Well, who should come along but Leon Brown, Highway Patrol. Did he just say, "Sorry about your bad luck?" No. He piled ALL of us into his patrol car and took us home to Marietta. What's more, he radioed to the Bell's to come get our broken down car and paid . ...
Pick an alternate route instead of Celanese Road. The crash has led to major backups in the area and Rock Hill police are asking drivers to avoid the area while highway patrol investigates the four-car accident.
As of 8:00 a.m., Logan Canyon has been opened to the public. A huge THANK YOU to UDOT, Utah Avalanche Center, and to the Highway Patrol for keeping us safe!
A 16-year-old Ojai boy is dead following a off-road motorcycling incident Sunday at Rowher Flats, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol said.
Turf war between OSP and County Sheriff's? Sheriffs, Highway Patrol guard their turf! Gov. John Kasich and state Department of Public Safety officials say the highway patrol has no interest in becoming a...
A Southern California firefighter ended up in handcuffs this week after he disagreed with a highway patrol officer on where to park a fire engine.
I can just imagine it now: CHP Dispatch: "LAFD Dispatch, we've got a vehicle engulfed in flames on the shoulder. Location is 91 Freeway at Lakewood Blvd. Can you roll a couple units Code 3?" LAFD Dispatch: "10-4, Squad 4 and Ladder 6 responding." CHP Dispatch: "Update per the vehicle engulfed in flames, it's going to be a Highway Patrol car." LAFD Dispatch: "CHP Dispatch, Looks like we're gonna be delayed due to a previous priority call."
Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold was one of many law enforcement professionals who lined NW Broad Street near State Route 840 on Saturday night to help the Highway Patrol with a sobriety checkpoint.
Watching 'Highway Patrol' and Broderick Crawford can be such an ***
Photo: Highway Patrol (1955-59), starring Broderick Crawford. "Eventually weighing in at 155 episodes,...
SC Highway Patrol is reporting at fatal wreck on BLUFFTON PKY at BURNT CHURCH RD and BLUFFTON RD.
S.C. Highway Patrol is reporting ice or snow on overpasses and bridges throughout the area. Driving conditions are rapidly deteriorating in Horry County.
Just discovered a new channel on my TV. THIS, channel 250. It has "Highway Patrol" with Broderick Crawford!
It’s best to stay off the roads in the event of snow and ice. If you must venture out, here are tips from the S.C. Emergency Management Division and the Highway Patrol:
The Mississippi Highway Patrol says officials are working a fire at a bio-diesel plant near New Albany. The Highway Patrol says the fire was reported shortly before 6 a.m. Wednesday. There have been no reports of injuries. Union County authorities would only confirm there is a fire. The patrol says…
As normal I woke up before 5 again without the alarm clock. Today it was during Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld on FNC which is from 3 to 4. Downstaris online, I settled on The Jack Benny Program at Antenna TV channel after surfing News 12 New Jersey, NBC4NY's special report on the weather, and THIS TV channel finding Sea Hunt but at 5 comes Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford.
Fatal truck rollover in Santa Maria: California Highway Patrol says a man died in a car crash in Santa Maria...
Press Release (for immediate release) January 15, 2014 On January 14, 2014 at approximately 9:42pm, Pittsburg Police Officers responded to the 400 block of S Greer Blvd to a reported Aggravated Robbery that had just occurred. While responding to this call, Officers received the report of a second Aggravated Robbery in the same area. A search began for the suspect immediately. At approximately 9:47pm, Pittsburg Police Officers reported a structure fire on the PISD campus in close proximity to the crime scenes. Eyewitnesses reported that a W/M had displayed a handgun in both of the robberies and then fled on foot. As part of the investigation, an intensive ground search for the suspect was done and a perimeter established. Local law enforcement agencies including the Camp County Sheriff’s Department, Camp County Constables Office, Texas Department of Public Safety-Highway Patrol, and the PISD Police Department assisted in the search. A TXDPS helicopter based in Gregg County was requested to assist i ...
Great news: The Wyoming Highway Patrol sent a trooper over to look at my wrecker and they like it. They said there will be no problem using it for private use when it is licensed and I have towing authority from WYDOT, HOWEVER, I can not get into the Highway Patrol's rotation until I buy a second truck with a boom hook. The Fremont County Sheriff, on the other hand, is not so picky and will get me in the rotation even though I only have the one truck. 8-) Now I have 4 hoops to jump through with the state to get towing authority. I am happy about this encouraging news.
Traffic is reportedly backed up at the moment along Hwy. 5 just outside of Rock Hill, near Reservation Road. S.C. Highway Patrol is working a car accident with injuries.
Highway Patrol reports accident w/ injuries has blocked I-585 @ California Ave. To make it to class/meetings on time find an alternate route
"CA Police look like they enjoy BDSM."-Darrian on the ridiculous uniforms of the California Police and Highway Patrol
Update your maps at Navteq
Rock Springs Police Chief Mike Lowell said two schools in Sweetwater County School District No. 1 received clean bills of health Tuesday following police K-9 drug searches. A press release said Independence High School and Rock Springs High School were both placed on temporary lockdown while the searches were conducted. Investigators said no drugs were found at either location. Searches included lockers and vehicles at both locations. Chief Lowell said he wanted to express his thanks to local school officials for their help and support in the searches and said it's notable that no drugs were found. Police view this as a sign of progress from past and continued K-9 searches at the schools. Lowell also thanked the Wyoming Highway Patrol for its assistance. The searches usually include representatives from RSPD, WHP, and the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office. On this occasion, the RSPD said the Highway Patrol brought nearly half a dozen troopers to assist not only with K-9 sniffs and to assist with searches ...
JUST IN: The highway patrol says they're responding to a fatal accident along Landrum Mill Road in Landrum. We have a crew on the way to bring you more information.
THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS Courtesy of Frontiersman: Woman arrested again with lots of pot PALMER — A traffic stop on a BMW sedan that failed to stop or signal before leaving the parking lot of an Alaska State Troopers post landed the driver in jail after she was allegedly found in possession of marijuana products and in violation of the terms of her release on previous felony drug charges. Alaska State Troopers with the Bureau of Highway Patrol conducted the traffic stop at 4:35 p.m., July 2. When she was stopped, Adrienne L. Schenfele, 43, of Talkeetna was turning out of the parking lot in front of the Palmer trooper post on Valley Way, which shares a block with the Palmer Police Department and the Mat-Su Pre-Trial Facility, where she was eventually remanded. Troopers say they found Schenfele was in possession of a gun, $14,954 in cash, and 9.5 pounds of THC-laden consumables in the form of marijuana, brownies, cookies, hashish oil and gel capsules containing hashish for sale. Not-so-Superman’ popp ...
Dayton-area Republican sheriff criticizes Highway Patrol in letter.
The Highway Patrol is investigating an accident in Oconee County that they say killed two young sisters.
Highway patrol doing everybody shady with the gun, slow down😪
OK, so my New Year's Eve was pretty exciting. I spent it watching "Highway Patrol" (10-4) and the Marx Brothers...
Waverley. Highway patrol sitting on the bottom of Ferntree Gully rd getting all traffic coming from Springvale rd. 70km/h zone. Peace
Jadeveon Clowney..can't nobody stop him but the South Carolina Highway Patrol!!!
Uh oh. Highway patrol heading in 's direction. Let's hope they whizz past him.
((So...I just saw the highway patrol pulling someone over hauling PortaPotties.this trip is just getting better and better!))
Turn down for what? Umm.. The CCity police dept. The sheriff's dept. And even the Utah Highway patrol. Yeah. They were all there.
Spent all day getting generators ready, conference calls and personal preps, and wishing I worked for the Florida Highway Patrol :)
The Florida Highway Patrol just gave Jadeveon Clowney a speeding ticket for his NFL draft announcement.
Highway Patrol are seriously trying hard today.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
on windows. Get pulled over by ND highway patrol. For WINDOW tinting. Cop asks if he can search car! I say No
Evan the Highway Patrol officer knew that was pass interference
Made the Billings paper much less sensationally. . Neither Albany County nor the Wyoming Highway Patrol has made...
In 2013, the Ohio State Highway Patrol positioned itself to be the ultimate player in Ohio's continuing "War On...
Highway patrol charges mom with felony DUI in wreck that killed daughters - Greenville News
Troopers: 8-year-old boy on dirt bike killed in crash with tractor-trailer: The South Carolina Highway Patrol is...
I just realized I've gotten a ticket from metro, north town, and now highway patrol in a month
Highway patrol officers are constantly on the prowl
2014 is Florida Highway Patrol's 75th anniversary. Congrats and thanks for your great work.
Highway patrol are everywhere today
Report: Highway Patrol dispersing crowd chanting "Hey, we want some pusy" outside the Union League. Again, never change, Philly.
Speeding ticket last night courtesy of the South Dakota highway patrol. Happy New Year to me i guess
For yall. Traveling today the Highway patrol is out in full force esp. hwy 13 S. Be aware use your cruise
The Highway Patrol should really get into a strut doing performances.
New Year's Eve traffic stats from the Mississippi Highway Patrol - WDAM-TV
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seriously highway patrol is always ALWAYS pulling ppl over into our parking lot lol .
Lemme tell you guys - the back of state highway patrol cars are the most uncomfortable thing in the world when you're fucced up & handcuffed
Hit And Run Driver Kills Pedestrian Overnight: The Florida Highway Patrol is searching for a hit and run drive...
Highway Patrol stats from New years Eve. Troop J responded to 4 accidents with 1 injury and 0 fatalities.
Thank god I'm not driving because we would have been pulled over already. The I-15 to Los Angeles is COVERED in highway patrol.
Highway Patrol chillen on the LIE by Francis Lewis. Mad sneaky spot
California Highway Patrol leads the way
A dispatcher for the Sandusky Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol reports several minor accident, but no injuries.
Highway Patrol: A man died after being thrown from his SUV during a collision early Wednesday in
Happy New Year to The Highway Patrol Boys sitting in the Tugun Tunnel on The M1. Making our Roads Safe. -Lucky The Nark Cat-
Just talked to highway patrol due to the fact my brother doesn't suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's disease they will not put him on the silver alert. However, he can be put up on endangered person advisory. Camdendon county was not even aware of a silver alert. They also claim to have him on endangered person advisory yet they never contacted the hi way patrol to put him on that list.
How many highway patrol officers does it take to put on a jacket?
Thanks Florida Highway Patrol for getting our busses to the game!
I wonder if some denials are political. Like this sheriff.
2014 has started tragically for one Midlands family after losing a loved one in a car crash.
Driver flees after colliding with tree on I-75 in Manatee: The Florida Highway Patrol is looking for a driver who...
Highway Patrol: Man thrown from SUV in collision, dies
Lesson: Run into a Wyoming Highway Patrol car -- get chased down and arrested - Casper Star-Tribune...
2 young sisters killed in New Year's wreck in Oconee County: The Highway Patrol is investigating an accident i...
Well, according to Mr. Highway Patrol this is going to be our "luckiest fuxking year"! Lol Happy New Year everyone :)
Oh the highway patrol got road blocks up so yall be careful they aint goin thank God my father came n got me nw I can go to church...Have a safe night yall plz be careful bc da devil is busy n life is so short...
The highway patrol is wishing everyone a Happy New Year in the middle of the road on hwy 15 if anyone gets bored.
OMG!! I saw 10 highway patrol and 1 police care from Caliente to Vegas!! Be careful out there tonight!! Happy New Year!!
A lot highway patrol and check points tonight. Everyone be careful and don't drink and drive. Better to be safe than sorry. Don't want to start the new year bad.
State highway patrol can all suck a *** I've never had a speeding ticket from any sheriff or city police in my life but I get pulled over by every single one of you *** bags!! Eat my *** !!
May you all elude the highway patrol on your way to and from your various liquor-tasting events!
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