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Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended was a six-part Irish lifestyle game show broadcast each Sunday on RTÉ One at 20:30. Presented by Joe Duffy, the premise was that members of the general public would compete each week to convince a panel of consumer experts that their deal ought to be Highly Recommended (hence the title of the show).

Had an early dinner with Wifey at Woodland Kitchen and Bar in Neutral Bay.Highly Recommended...
Highly Recommended! Please share with 25-30 year olds who could benefit from an intellectual bootcamp with friends…
Highly Recommended: Dave Gray's awesome new book published this week
Marriott Theatre How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is Highly Recommended by ShowBiz Chicago's Russ...
Really amazing stay at so far- clean, good location, fantastic staff! Highly recommended:)
X+Y great film. Highly recommended. Especially if you're a geek!
A highly recommended thing to do, Dit! Thank you and you too yes.
This show is highly recommended. With his cheerful attitude and quintessentially beautiful paintings, you will fall in love.
BTW this is my favorite historical podcast. Highly recommended! (by &
Went to Buffalo this wknd. Ate too many doughnuts from Wegman's. Highly recommended but also blerg.
Highly recommended. Though I'd heard it before, I cried the second time too. Beautiful way to start
Yeah, I know, lots of late stuff. Been super busy with Toukiden Kiwami and Dragon Quest Heroes II. Both are highly recommended, btw.
Another great review of Stanadyne Performance Formula All Season Diesel Fuel Addi via
Amazing works Carolyn is doing! A visit to her booth at is highly recommended.
Just saw with my movie partner in crime, . It was wonderfully weird, funny and brilliant! Highly recommended.
The Lobster is a gem of a film. Highly recommended.
Recently watched Spotlight and Victoria (one take wonder), both highly recommended.
Edward James Olmos in "Dead Man's Walk" - a great performance in another top-notch TV film. Highly recommended.
Highly recommended graphic novel on Darwin, out now
I'm 11 minutes into episode 1, and it's really really bad. Highly recommended
Ink Angels 6 from get's a Highly Recommended from
Here's my good friend Dr Dan Eaves' PHD publication. Highly recommended if you like literature that makes you go 🤔💡
Finally watched the inspiring and thoroughly entertaining doc "Revenge of the Mekons." Highly recommended. Trailer:
Staying for girls getaway. Highly recommended for location and customer service
On the last leg of by What a fantastic debut novel, absolutely brilliant and very highly recommended.…
Two books highly recommended for a good read...& written by Vidyut...
First Aid in Rugby Level 1 (highly recommended) today, thanks to Guy and Ray for great delivery
the tofu Asian salad is highly recommended (please keep it on in mainstream!) as is your dark chocolate bounty bar. Good work!
comes highly recommended Betsy. Big pool table and bar too
For the record, the game came highly recommended ha, bunch of people really liked the demo and swung messages my way
Britney Spears's most consistent and progressive album to date. One of last decade best records. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. h…
Spent some time during the rain delay reading novel, Officer Involved. Highly recommended.
Highly recommended if you're looking for a book on the Somme. Great read
"I went to the person who was most highly recommended"
behold my brother! Ashamu (Taraweeh) is not obligatory its just a highly recommended sunnah.Skipping it wld'nt invalidate ur Siyam
Day spent reading 'The Importance of Music to Girls', listening to Mind Fluid shows. . Both highly re…
Really enjoyed show My Family not the sitcom today. Highly recommended.
I'll give you a massage too! Mather's massages are highly recommended by people.
Highly recommended deep dish pizza (at Pizzeria in Chicago, IL)
4* "Interesting choice for the location of their 'camp'."…"highly recommended." via
Thanks to for great job on the latest addition to the fleet, highly recommended for vehicle graphics.
Fantastic night seeing the brilliant great show comes highly recommended. 😄
Just read by - highly recommended - look forward to naming Bletchley Park Room h…
- He recommended him highly and Cards went with it
ever done in Good Faith by Security Departments, is highly recommended by Constituation.
Highly recommended for - some platform businesses have gone from digital start-ups to monopolies v quickly https:/…
Great book, highly recommended, true story about an inspiring man!
Followed a bunch of cool illustrators and other excellent folk instead and life is much better. HIGHLY recommended.
Backpacking Arapaho National Forrest with sons highly recommended
Caythorpe - north of Grantham. Highly recommended.
they don't do too well on warm days like today, other than that highly recommended. Great family dogs, bond well with people.
, the film about captive orca that finally changed SeaWorld, is on soon. Very highly recommended
yes. I understand more than I can write 😝. But rly, the book is one of my favs. Highly recommended & much better story than movie
Saying Ramadan Kareem comes from a weak Hadith, highly recommended from the scholars to say Ramadan Mubarak
What an amazing video! Highly recommended!. Lionel Messi - The Best Moments of the Season 2015/2016 .
Local Mum Inge's Berrie Garden Design and Maintenance has been highly recommended:
Bought 4 records for a total of £2.50. This one comes highly recommended. Guess I'll find out in December!
The clicking of the link in my bio is highly recommended
Fascinating story in - very good drama/acting & highly recommended. Great awareness campaign for 'cultu…
Good to read for those who suffers from type 2 diabetes, highly recommended 👌🏽
Everyone. Stop what you're doing at go watch on One of the best horror movies I've see in a while. Highly recommended.
Saw this evening. Highly recommended if you love old Hollywood. It's accurate, affectionate pastiche & laugh out loud funny
the most original & Thought provoking Sci Fi film you're likely to see this year. Highly recommended 10/10
Treasure of Saint-Lazare: A great read, highly recommended.
Fantastic entertainer for all occasions..private and corporate events. Highly recommended and covers all the...
Keeno's Futurist is an excellent piece of music. Transcends it's genre. Highly recommended.
A study of the history of the labor movement is worth any thinking persons time. Highly recommended
Highly recommended. Fascinating stuff and moves at a brisk pace.
Great party for Rhys run by Aled Thomas and Steve shingler of highly recommended
Great day Highly recommended especially for families with children of all ages
created this wonderful cake for my birthday. Highly recommended.
Highly recommended for connoisseurs of cake and calories!
This Is Spinal Tap is on at 11.40pm. A superb music mockumentary, just so funny. Highly recommended. :-D
The London gig on 2nd June is at an excellent venue, Camden, highly recommended.
great podcast detailing continental wrestling with you, and beau James. Highly recommended listening
highly recommended. Discipline, confidence, communication, motivation and you get fit!
Suffolk Punch Trust, Hollesley highly recommended. Photo of horseman with Suffolk Punch in reception is my grandad.
A must read, highly recommended. Bookmark for later and brew a pot of good, sweet tea. Anthropomorphism is what... htt…
Il Papavero Prosecco from is astonishingly good. Easily of Champagne standard. Highly recommended
Had the best morning at GingerSlam nails this morning. Highly recommended! Great products,…
Tickets to our shows next month are already selling - early purchase highly recommended...
Just listening to new album! Highly recommended! - love seeing a band I've followed for so long…
Absolutely adore my totoro made by Highly recommended artist and a lovely guy!
This movie is literally my favorite 🙏 it changed lots of things in me ❤ highly recommended 🙏.
Just visited at with Freja - Totally jaw dropping, so beautiful. Highly recomm…
Volunteering ANYWHERE at an ultra is fun and inspiring and highly recommended. Also, very appreciated. :)
TBH Dean the actual format of the book makes it a perfect audio book. I think far more impactful. Highly recommended 👍🏻
it comes highly recommended... We'll let you know!
my wife. Absolutely excellent. She would come highly recommended :))
You ever do that thing where you have so much work, you say "screw it" and take a nap instead? It's awesome, highly rec…
If you want to read incredible world building, pick up "A Court of Thorns and Roses" by Highly recommended. -…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
A new 'Highly Recommended' review for our acclaimed, Jeff Recommended, production of JERUSALEM by Jez Butterworth...
This is superb. Highly, highly recommended.
Just put this one into practice. Highly recommended.
Highly recommended if you are searching for something different. - 5 star for TAXICAB TO WICHITA on
Shout out to for the sick revamp. This new GFX is sick! Very fast work and highly recommended!
I cut almost 20 minutes off my half tome last week. Running without a cold and fever is highly recommended.
I would highly recommended this book to any couple thinking about marriage or just someone lookin for the one 👍🏼 https…
Had a lovely meal at for our anniversary today. Great food, highly recommended . 😘
Highly recommended for Bros who want to chill. @ Tambayan Gastrobar
Fidelio comes highly recommended. A trial will convince you
Some very powerful words spoken...highly recommended watch!
highly recommended. On the edge on my seat for most of the film.
Amazing customer service Morley. Thank you. Will definitely shop with you even more. Highly recommended.
Finished reading The Shuddering by - it was absolutely fantastic! Highly recommended ht…
A long train journey was immeasurably improved by having "Treasure of the heart" by to read. Highly recommended.
Being calm is awesome. Highly recommended.
I was supposed to be writing yesterday. Instead, I found a new release from HIGHLY recommended!
If someone wants to bless me with their optics notes, it's highly recommended to do so :)
Did a great audio tour with of our new neighborhood in SF. Highly recommended.
Watched the US version of the TV show Mad Dogs on Amazon. Highly recommended.
so excited for my pioneer to be delivered on Tuesday. Excellent customer service, highly recommended
i want a doujin from fawky's Highly Recommended(tm)!
highly recommended: Summer School on New Ethnographies of Soc Movements and Alt Economies. Tübingen, July 2016
Hanging out is highly recommended in this area🌞
I´ve been reading Jon Cryer´s new book "So That Happened", it´s really great, highly recommended.
Highly recommended - about the guys who saw the 2008 crash coming...based on the great Michael Lewis book
Really enjoyed with Incredible play. Superb performances. Highly recommended.
Cracking dinner last night at in the company of old school friends. Duck carpaccio highly recommended.
• Excellent reading,highly recommended kindlebook,now $0.99! Get the link & free gifts now,at:
Neat and solid unit testing slides by Highly recommended –
A highly recommended podcast that many of us found equally moving and difficult on first hearing last year
Highly recommended for any fans - pieces 19:00 tonight with author Andrea Camilleri and actors many... iPlayer it.
Excellent read on why software development teams slow down and produce less highly recommended reading.
The Bigness of the World by Lori Ostlund is a highly recommended award winning collection of eleven short stories originally published 2009
Highly recommended read for anyone involved in cash flow management. Wall Street Crash, tax, casinos, war ..the lot
Completely agree. Was at Bruges Beer festival this weekend. €1.50 a third and free entry. Perfect. Highly recommended
Shout out to BeatsByDre Giveaway! Bio: We are hiphop beatmakers/producers team.Already highly recommended by music artists from around the …
Had a wonderful time at The Picture of Dorian Gray last night: highly recommended
Before : Highly recommended: 'Mindfulness for BPD' by Blaise Aguirre & Gillian Galen
saw this in preview at Oxford last year. Great show, highly recommended.
can you decrease text size on android too? Highly recommended if so.
awsome service and quality products, use BA for both corporate and personal use, highly recommended
'Inside Syria' by A highly recommended book for all those hoping to make sense of the conflict
Paul, next time you are in Melbourne, try the menu at the Harry Hall in Malvern, it comes highly recommended!
I'm reading 10-month-old Gawker posts about Epcot and has a fantastic Neopets joke in one of them, highly recommended
thank you! indeed, was a lovely day - Highly recommended! Hope the return to running is going well, see you soon I'm sure!
Highly recommended reading on the subject
and Great pre Super Bowl read. Highly recommended for all educators and parents!
awesome. Highly recommended. Men. Take this guys word for it. It is tough. And use the 2lb pink w…
thank Brendan for a fabulous tour on Friday, a great start to the weekend. Highly recommended!
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. "...this is storytelling at its best... an incredibly beautiful production from an incredibly...
I am addicted to Mark Harold's cabs. The 2011 Uproar is a steal at $65 and the White Label cab is superb. Highly recommended
are highly recommended. Maverick loves his weekly treatment
Just saw and am completely in love with it@ Based on a this is a MUST SEE movie. Highly recommended!
New Spike Lee doc. on Michael Jackson airing on Showtime. Great stories and footage. Highly recommended.
I LOVE these bags and use the leather Baggu as my everyday purse. Highly recommended.
Five years ago I attended one of these events in Chicago. It was life changing. Highly recommended.
We review Ant Man - "Way better than expected. Highly Recommended." - MR
Tonight's dinner at Vapiano Bahrain included the following items (Highly Recommended) 👍…
Budding battlefield guides should look at 's training. Highly recommended!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
The best article you'll read about Turkey and the Syrian civil war, highly recommended
Had a fabulous time this weekend, making prehistoric pots with - a highly recommended workshop!
I just did the Highly recommended to everyone! Thanks Tal and Brooklyn.
I love this book. And the audio is excellent. Highly recommended
highly not recommended. But the past month or so I've had normal hair colors so it's much easier then what I used to have
I didn't have plan, my plan was just go wing it! Worked a treat - I did practice hypnobirthing highly recommended
Thank you, glad you like. highly recommended
Highly recommended you dig through this
Solid budget for sure and a lot of wonderful people involved. Highly recommended!
Jam packed with great info on the Bible version issue. Highly recommended
Check out Perta's Highly Recommended review of Milwaukee Repertory Theater's OF MICE AND MEN directed by...
THIS. Highly recommended short read on Use to lure back to your main website.
Highly recommended, the 8th annual River of the West Mandolin Camp is June 9-12, 2016, Corbett, Oregon
Went to the Daily Show taping yesterday, highly recommended
Ready made foods are highly recommended. 》
Just got couple of tix to see SHIGETO, Thu 11 Feb @ Oval Space. Highly recommended for my ldn crew.
re kid laptop... had one he highly recommended in his nerd family Christmas present list ideas post
Child Safety: Buying a crib in January? Drop by the highly recommended Information Center:
Enjoying digging into last few days - extensions, documenting, testing it for client. Highly recommended identity solution.
Started the first episode of the new hit series Quantico at 11 pm and on episode 8.. Highly recommended.
[Book Review] In the leaves of: Vicious by V. E. Schwab; dark & compelling & highly recommended
HUGE SALES €5 per CLASS! Academy Of Performing Arts by all the crew at Max...
Creating personal site on Flask. It's awesome: light, fast and extendable. Highly recommended.
Highly recommended this Fujifilm WCL-X100 wide converter. A perfect option for the X100T.
Blimey. What are the others?! Try Biggleswade station in a skin-cuttingly cold wind. Highly recommended.
Everything posts is so good. Thought-provoking medium to long form essays on a variety of topics. Highly recom…
We are thrilled that our NaturalintX Arnica Gel came Highly Recommended, the highest accolade, in Equine Magazine...
I had it done 6 weeks ago. It's changed my life. Highly recommended
Cracking video of this years Hardmoors 30 by Hardmoors races are highly recommended!
Mr sibal v r proud f dat u cnt insult India n still managed to get 3 crs for the endorsement. highly recommended
Special thanks to Todd Garcia He is fantastic and comes highly recommended for all your dental needs htt…
Finally catching the last ash vs evil dead. Cheesy AF but highly recommended, lots of practical effects too.
"Brilliant from start to finish.Highly recommended" US UK
This is my current bed time binge and is highly recommended : with
PRICE DROP on stunning 3 bedroom apartment in Hayle. was £850PCM now £795. Viewing is highly recommended so don't...
Does it come highly recommended then Dani? I sent my application in a few days ago!
Really enjoyed the latest episode from and on Bowler’s Journal and print! Highly recommended!
Tiffany is a amazing client.She`s disciplined.Hope to see more in of her in future .Highly recommended.Greetz from Germany
Woking's premier dance school highly recommended on thebestofwoking
They are my accountants and highly recommended so get your free book!
Another 4* review "Highly Recommended" Don't miss out. Tickets still available for this week ht…
Had a wonderful week staying in It made my holiday that much more relaxing and fun. Highly recommended!
The end of an era - the days are numbered for the amazing - wonderful voyage highly recommended.
New favorite thing ever - TSA Pre Check. Highly recommended for the frequent traveler
Good day, Good health. I highly, highly recommended everyone read up on the benefits of apple…
I visited for first time in December. Highly recommended, esp exhibitions on diplomatic gifts & on Imperial style
Roasted and with and came highly recommended…
That movie was totally perfect. Highly, highly recommended
Excellent sports hypnotherapy session with Hazel Gale today. Highly recommended -
An apocalyptic event strikes...A thriller that is highly recommended.' Amazon USA review
Over the moon with the gym - huge thanks to the excellent service from highly recommended https:/…
amazing meal plan from a Liverpool business about to launch nationally. I can highly recommended, I lost almos…
Thanks to for the invaluable SEO advice this morning. Highly recommended.
I'm in love with "Wild Tales" ❤️. A great movie.. Highly Recommended . .
Cool tool to save time & money while editing in Lightroom. Highly Recommended!
Highly Recommended for a vacation destination in Indonesia ^_^
Fantastic listen to & in the latest . Highly recommended for …
Highly recommended list of . Please share with your friends!
This was my evening. Highly recommended 👌😁
Anyone looking for a free activity to do today is highly recommended and gets you outside
I think it is safe to say that "User Story Mapping" has a huge overlap with Highly recommended e…
freaking FANTASTIC. I think I liked that movie a little too much. Highly recommended.
Personal History by Katharine Graham. Highly recommended addition to your reading list!
Thoroughly enjoyed As You Like It at the Shakespeare's Globe. Highly recommended!
Massimo Discepoli- Parallax "The album seems to be completely singular [...] Parallax is highly recommended"
Guys I just met the coolest uber driver his name is James and drives a black Jetta and he resides in irvine highly recommended
GLOBAL HEALING CENTER is the place to go for a lot of multi vitamins, and different supplements, all the products are highly recommended
Loved your story about Benji - the homeless blind Pomeranian in aged care home - highly recommended -
"Trust me, you would fill those sweaters out nicely. I think it's highly recommended, just a thought.~" Shoots Ishizu a sly wink
Today's good read:. Do read Ambit's report on which this article is based. Excellent report, highl…
(Deborah's) attention to detail and personal commitment to customer satisfaction makes her a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.
go for the witcher. Highly recommended.
I read alot about this album in the past. But didnt expect it to be THAT good. Highly recommended to…
The Horror at 37,000 Feet has a fantastic Shatner performance by Shatner. Highly recommended!
Anything lowkey and highly recommended is worth a visit.
Fantastic article by on her drinking blackouts.. highly recommended, boy can she write
We had a great time at Matilda, highly recommended. Also always fun to have an excuse to get dressed…
iChoonz has just thrown up 'Back to Black' by Amy Winehouse. Reminded me of the fantastic Asif Kapadia doco 'Amy' – highly recommended.
Not sure of your plans, but saw Thurs nite. HIGHLY recommended. Wonderful production and cast!.
FOLLOW of the DAY? YES, they are HIGHLY recommended by (our secret BETA website!)
Thinking about visiting this weekend? It comes highly recommended by our reviewer:
Highly recommended PD for Canadian history teachers! Facing Canada
the wedding ringer! Highly recommended. Di ka magsisisi 😂
Jurrasic World was a great movie. Highly recommended!
Jurassic world was fetchin amazing and highly recommended to everyone! And velociraptors are my favorite dinosaur now!
by any chance have you watched sense8? If not, it is a must. Highly recommended.!!!
-- It was AWESOME! I went it with low expectations but I was surprised! It's like I was a kid again! Highly recommended!
Jurassic world was a great move. Highly recommended
Just saw Spy in Reforma! Awesome movie. Highly recommended !!!
This is a highly recommended read to anyone who is the leader of an organizatio…
The movie Kingsman is AWESOME! Loved it. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to see something different and exciting.
Just watched "20 Feet From Stardom." Truly a wonderful documentary about the background vocalists of the rock era. Highly recommended.
Saturday night tip: is better than most of the bands you like. Highly recommended.
On an unrelated note, White Collar and Burn Notice are in my highly recommended list. Good stuff.
it's a great DVD. Highly recommended!
This afternoon I did something bold: I left the house for a few hours without my iPhone. It was bliss. Highly recommended.
Well done to The Wild Fig in Totnes - highly recommended for amazing food if you are visiting! :-)
Really excellent training funded by Highly recommended!!
My assistant takes care of all my pancake needs.I come with highly recommended delegation skills!
Chris Shelton answers questions he's been asked in this highly-recommended series: Critical Q&A via
Early Morning trips up to Pen Y Fan and Corn Du are highly recommended! Especially on a morning like this morning
I highly recommended Turn Off the Lights. Download and try it yourself!
Saundra Johnson is one of the Dream Maker approved and highly recommended photographers and has a hu
So, this happened last night at and it was great fun! Highly recommended.
Thanks to for sorting me out , highly recommended featured in NBC s Science of Love
The moment I heard that last song, I got instantly hooked, even harder than with 「Swag!!!」. Highly recommended!
The and LINE stickers are highly recommended because they're so cute
Have you seen the film Ex Machina? (Highly recommended in regard to this topic)
Rob: is highly recommended... By my workmates 😂
reading your think like a copywriter. Really turned my thoughts around on good copy. Highly recommended.
This is a very nice write up on the new Rachel Grimes album. Highly recommended.
Hockey: Golf > New York Rangers: Saviors of the universe> It is highly recommended that you listen to thi ->
The Wonder Garden, interconnecting stories by is fresh, unusual and compelling. A great read and highly recommended!
BEST ADVICE OF THE MONTH: "Ignore all of the noise, and be true to yourself.". HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
You can buy it here: Highly recommended. His books are great.
I would love to Suze's 5 highly recommended 5 star
Great show last night. Well Done. Highly recommended.
Just been to my 1st event in Highly recommended to anyone wanting to network. Thanks for inviting me
Temple stay at peaceful with 6am prayers and 24hr onsens. Highly recommended.
From Fire escape door art at highly recommended for those looking for…
Don't miss GEMINI tonight at Mon Jin Lau!. Happy Birthday to Bryan Chin!. Reservations are highly recommended,...
'Probably the best way to get your business noticed and probably the cheapest - highly recommended'
then buy a copy of either of them (or Frances Burney, considered Austen's predecessor, and highly recommended) and read it?
probably learned more at today's Port Ellen Maltings tour than on most distillery tours so far. highly recommended!
Our lovely room at and the view from the dining room at breakfast yesterday morning. Highly recommended http:/…
And the results... Highly recommended Jo and Ian, but Gilly wins for thyroid storm. Well done
Finally got round to watching Into The Wild the other night and as expected I loved it! Highly recommended!
Highly recommended. How do you think you are? They should be free from screens-6
Well, our Honda S2000 is now sold - these are great cars and highly recommended .
Movieee marathon with oh-sawm garls ! 😜💪(Spy and Pitch perfect 2 are highly recommended !…
Just had a great breakfast at Styal prison. Highly recommended!
In other less depressing news, PIKU was amazing. Unabashed and honest. Stellar performances. Highly recommended
"Highly recommended but not for the easily offended." Ooh, that almost rhymes.
Award winning cask ale and dining pub with rooms in the heart of Ripon.Highly recommended.
Great evening with the family at Thai Café in Saltford, highly recommended
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
another great read on this is The Shallows. Just finished it last week. Highly recommended.
IL Terrazzo Al Fresco at is highly recommended :)
Beautiful 4 bed detached home for sale in The property offers fantastic views, viewing is highly recommended.
Highly recommended by leading women for the modern woman
Highly recommended, but not for the easily offended. A review of With My Body by Nikki Gemmell.
ice in Sunbury lol! Comes in other animals too, highly recommended to invest in some
Confetti Helium Balloon from . Highly recommended for those yg nak cari helium balloon…
Saw 'A Skull in Connemara' last night at the - a fantastic production, highly recommended so catch it wh…
Bought the album 'Mangled' about an hour after it came out. Highly recommended to everyone! 10/10!
Mom decided to join the festivities after work!Fitzroy super delightful! recommended 😊 h…
Anytime! Got your chav book to read now my Uni exams are over. Really looking forward to it! It has been highly recommended :)
amazing and safe service from you whilst on a trip in Paris! Happy drivers with very nice cars and manners! Highly recommended 👍🏼😀
Saving Mr Banks is such a beautiful film, one of my new favourites I think! Highly recommended! 👌
Highly recommended for leaders! "Find your authentic voice and speak with powerful presence"
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