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High Sierra

The Sierra Nevada (or , snowy mountain range) is a mountain range in the U.S. states of California and Nevada, between the California Central Valley and the Basin and Range Province.

Humphrey Bogart Lake Tahoe Mono Lake Ida Lupino High Sierra Music Festival Raoul Walsh John Muir Trail John Wayne American Film Institute John Adams Sierra Madre Academy Award Terra Bella John Huston George Raft Mammoth Lakes

DANGER WILL ROBINSON! In the newest version of Mac OSX "High Sierra" you can log into the computer as user "ro…
Danger Will Robinson! If you have a Mac running High Sierra, might want to verify this.
Some older installers don’t work on Sierra/High Sierra, so if you’re reinstalling CS 5.5 on those, try…
Fascinating interview and photo shoot in the High Sierra with composer John Adams from on his new oper…
Michael Cooper goes hiking with John Adams in the High Sierra
Upgrading to High Sierra not too traumatic so far, though my ancient and rarely-used Final Cut Express finally died.
WR Burnett, who wrote "Little Ceasar," " The Asphalt Jungle, " and "High Sierra" not been properly attributed to his novels. Fix that.
High Sierra camping. Tremendous spot about two days hike out of Kennedy Meadows.
I was just iMessaging with High Sierra and did not experience any dropped letters.
New GoPro uses HEVC and I haven’t upgraded to High Sierra yet so I can’t view any footage that I shot in 240fps.. so should I…
Integra Live 1.7.11 is out! Includes USB audio and support for macOS Sierra and High Sierra, get it while it's hot!…
This is true. Had to use an Ubuntu Live USB to format a new SSD to install High Sierra.
ArsTechnica has one of their ultra-detailed macOS reviews for High Sierra. Always worth a read.
macOS 10.13 High Sierra is out. Who's willing to test if their SSD will suffer a data loss with APFS today?
Upgrading to High Sierra was harrowing. Shew-w-w. Visions of calling Backblaze danced in my head.
Re: macOS High Sierra compatibility: menuBUS menuBUS Pro v2 is out and adds "support for OS…
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Re: macOS High Sierra compatibility: Apogee ... ity-apogee There are no Apogee software…
wait, macOS high sierra supports both flac and opus out of the box?
hi, why i have this problem during high sierra update ? « An error occurred while verifying firmware »
// Step 1: download and run software from the internet
Apple releases macOS High Sierra 10.13 with new file system, Photos updates, and more on
PSA: Make sure you have enough space when you install High Sierra. If not, you’ll get into install loop and get a half-conver…
Files really do copy much faster with macOS High Sierra. APFS ftw.
Upgraded to High Sierra today. Everything seems to work as normal.
I really need High Sierra in my life
Apple released macOS High Sierra, supporting all Macs made in 2010 and later, as well as some MacBooks and iMacs...
FYI I tried to update to High Sierra on a Mac running 10.7.5 and got an alert saying it requ…
Does it work with High Sierra already tho?
High Sierra is an upgrade, not an update. You have to manually go to the app store to download High Sierra.
As soon as I can get a clean backup (Time Machine has been acting weird) I'm going to install High Sier…
Ok warning: High Sierra Update just blew up on me. Need to reinstall computer. Likely with reformat. Hold off.
macOS High Sierra now available for download in India.
About to give the final version of macOS High Sierra a shot. I haven’t tried any of the beta releases in this cycl…
Any insight to when drivers will be available for macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)?
High Sierra Vulnerability: Zero-day. Don't download any unsigned app on your Mac!
No reason for upgrading for High Sierra, but no reason for stopping on Sierra.
Upgraded 2 iMacs to MacOS High Sierra while working on them. Flawless upgrade.
Which also exists in previous versions, but High Sierra also fixes some present in Sierra
Need fuzzing ideas in time for high sierra? macOS kernel fuzzing at 44con by &
Yikes! Suspect I won't be upgrading my mac with High Sierra any time soon.
Ok forgot it the nerdy feature to motivate us. High Sierra supports native eGPU. so Eeevee engine ! 😍
Upgrading to High Sierra with no backups. Maybe I'll get to the new year resolution of disaster recovery before the end of the year
How to Capture a Live Photo in FaceTime on iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra
Ex-NSA hacker drops macOS High Sierra zero-day hours before launch
Apple’s macOS High Sierra update is now available
macOS High Sierra now available to download, featuring APFS, Photos updates, Safari 11, more
14 things you can do in macOS High Sierra that you couldn't do before
Citrix Receiver for Mac with Support for Mac OS 10.13-high Sierra has been released today. .
7 things to know before upgrading to High Sierra 10.13 via
macOS High Sierra Will Perform Regular Firmware Checks . Following some of the issues that users have encountered a…
wow. So under MacOS High Sierra on late 16 15” MBP, I can run FilmConvert on 4K XAVC-L in real time (or close) Couldn’t do that under Sierra
Tech: How to download macOS High Sierra today and install> On >>
Apple's macOS High Sierra will launch with a major security hole
I have a high speed internet connection, and the High Sierra installer is downloading at only a little better than dialup speed 😡
macOS High Sierra is available for download
Password-theft 0day imperils users of High Sierra and earlier macOS versions
New: Apple has provided a statement on High Sierra password-stealing flaw, but doesn't say when it'll patch the bug. htt…
High Sierra release: Apple's new MacOS update is ready to download - The Independent
(i'm doing a backup of my laptop before i upgrade to high sierra bc lol I'm sure there's no bugs at all in HFS+ -> APFS conversion code)
iMovie for Mac updated with HEVC support for macOS High Sierra users
Apple's Craig Federighi Confirms APFS Coming to Fusion Drives in a Future... The initial version of macOS High
Apple's new desktop operating system macOS High Sierra is now available
We released Alfred 3.5 today, which adds a new Bookmarks feature & is totally High Sierra ready :) More on the blog
So APFS when released with macOS High Sierra next week will not be supported on any current model standard config iMac.
Apple macOS High Sierra and APFS – what can we expect?: Since the inception of Apple Inc., we have…
I've heard it in the High Sierra and in the Ruby Mountains.
Google Drive/Backup and Sync app now compatible with macOS High Sierra and APFS
The Piute Mountains in Sequoia National Forest mark the change from desert to High Sierra. From my visit:…
Last weekend I found out whether High Sierra lives up to the hype
Well, another one in the books. Thank you High Sierra. Thank you Highberry music festival. And…
Hiking in the High Sierra? Be prepared for big creek crossings, snow, & frozen lakes (like May Lake)! Read more:
It's official: VR will be supported by Mac via the new High Sierra update. Apple announced this at their Worldwide Developers Conference.
macOS High Sierra: Top 6 new features you need to know
Princess Anne is expected to be the most high profile UK diplomat to visit both Ghana and Sierra Leone in 2017.
Check out what I found. Sierra rs cosworth yb high tempreture leads red via
Lowkey Sierra and I just planned our future together after high-school❤
Check this out...Cruzin' Kingz will be rockn' out at High Sierra Grill House with special guest violinist,...
Tell me what you want from jump, so I won't be jumping through hoops and having high expectations 💯
Due to high demand, we've just added 200 more of our Superfruit Coffee Table Books! HURRY!! Before it's too late!
High Five for providing rides to our Veterans during the 2017 program! https:/…
sierraskijournal in his happy place, high in the the of . . ⋅. ⋅. ⋅. Get…
Playing the High Sierra tonight!! What a great time of year to be in the Big Bend! See you there!
Why need to bash our beautiful Sierra High cheerleaders ??
The Romero sisters face each other in the WCWS. But they're not the only sisterly rivalry:
Bringing it back for all you high school grads.
Wow I don't usually get emotional about tv but I just finished Madmen & it was my favorite series ever
When everyone in the is car high af and the song has a police siren in it
Now that "Sierra Mist" is gone your only options are high fructose corn syrup or formaldehyde. Good luck, 'merica.
Congrats to the Allen High School class of 2016 🤘🏼
Yuba city Pd roped off Sierra gold nursery in Yuba city. SG employee says high speed chase ended w officer shooting suspect
Career-high 32 from Jewell Loyd lifts the surging over the 95-81.
I really hope you're okay. I will reply to your texts soon. Just keep your head held high because it will all work out 😘💖
"Going to High Sierra Music Festival � Quincy, California? Get there free w/ Lyft! 10 Free Lyfts with Lyft Promo Code LINX
If you're a tall female , I better see you rockin high heels ! You have them long legs for a reason boo .. don't be shady💋…
One of the greatest pictures ever taken, and the greatest of all time in it. Fly high, Champ. Thank you 👊🏽🙏🏽 🐝 htt…
straight outta high school, met at 14 & 15yrs old going on 8yrs of marriage w 2 girls. this & money is all I want 💸💍 https…
Humphrey Bogart and director Raoul Walsh on the set of "High Sierra" (1941).
Susan Tedeschi at High Sierra at Quincy-There is one .
High Sierra with Humphry Bogart, or the John Muir Trail version?
Ida Lupino, Raoul Walsh, and Humphrey Bogart on the set of High Sierra.
Happy birthday to the great Raoul Walsh, seen here directing Bogie in 'High Sierra' (1941).
movie openings - 1/24/41 starring in High Sierra opens at the Strand Theatre.
The man playing John Wilkes Booth is Raoul Walsh, who later directed movies like High Sierra (1941) and White Heat (1949)
Ida Lupino bids Humphrey Bogart a fond farewell as he boards the "Star Bus" in High Sierra film that made him a star
Female footballer loves life in the trenches, via .
Sierra Resource Group Inc. (SIRG): $SIRG beautiful chart is set for the new high:-)
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Wynford's Sierra Richardson found herself in the stat book with her first varsity tackle Friday night over Ridgedale.
Abilene high vs cooper is like Alabama vs Auburn it's not just another rivalry, it's personal😤
high striving minds are often incapable of accepting failure. So they are often more likely to succeed
High school: awe your mom made you lunch?? *baby voice* . College: LUCKY! Your mom made your lunch!!
hi im Sierra. I am going to the Kimball High School football game. I just said it...
Congratulations to Sierra Vista Junior High School teacher of the year--Ms. Ostrom! We are so proud…
High school football official in Texas says he didn't say racial slur to players.
Wish I was more social when i was in high school
Couldn't resist to post another from today's High Sierra adventure! My…
High Sierra Exploring up at the headwaters of Green Creek! My last big summer adventure before skiing…
TURKUAZ - Chatte Ya'll like funk? I do. . Lunatique (Live at High Sierra Music Festival 2014)
But having high hopes never turned out well for me
High school made me realize that you only need one best friend and like three close friends, because you realize how fake …
Shoutout to tomorrow's weather a high of 67 we can all go through school without sweating 🙌🏼
Sierra the only real friend I've kept after high school🌚
Awesome two days speaking at La Sierra, Hillcrest and Norte Vista High School working with the future!
Girl playing fooball is just one of the fellas via
Is the Press Attaché at the Sierra Leone High Commission in London fit for purpose? Is it a training ground for apc thugs?
now has Tahoe Cherry Pie. This hometown strain has 23.1% THC and high levels of terpenes.
I'm busted! Still have not taken off my High Sierra Music Festival bracelet and I am still basking in…
Playing with Ken Nordin & High Sierra this Saturday at The Hoot in Terra Bella, CA. Amps kick on at 9pm.
I'll be playing with Ken Nordin & High Sierra at The Eagles Lodge in Porterville this Fri and Sat,…
And now im planning to buy ruffles bag for me and high sierra bag for my son...
Daniel just signed my i feel good album & high sierra bag! Thanks DJ! ❤
Hosting for High Sierra here in SM North EDSA! The awesome will be here too! See youuu!
Dj enjoying the crowd at the High Sierra Meet and Greet event. ☺️💕
I saw you jam this album with in SD, and once in Tahoe. If you and The Stones play High Sierra, I won't be mad.
Get 9 DISCS of High Sierra adventures when Season 8 comes out on June 2!
"Show off your new High Sierra backpack to mark a new school year… —© highsierraph -⚓️
Please vote for my friend Kyle! Check out this design by whairnt for High Sierra Music Festival
i’m about to graduate high school but I still look 12.
mine was good except I got really nervous and my voice was high pitched and so shaky
High Sierra Shelby Tote (Black) $7.77 + free ship w/Amazon Prime. Its a tote bag just as indic
Been to Yosemite numerous times. It's lovely. The High Sierra is a favorite and is so-so fantastic.
High-Five from Norbert, 3lb registered therapy dog
When i see you voted off soon i will gloat to the high could have been final 3 if you had a brain in your head
I know what I was on, I had a pilot jones. She took me high, then she took me home
If you're secretly in love with me tell me now bc I'm peacin' out of high school in tminus 18 days 😛
Wow wow wow! My favorite High Sierra's are back! 😭
When you high af and the munchies kick in
GYMNASTIC FINALS TMMAROW🎉 come see us vs all the schools pm sharp! Located @ Lakewood high DONT MISS OUT! 😊
is it at Lakewood high school or the ymca?
Link for the high sierra? ~150 is a good price and it will last forever.
I passed on those xD too pricey and at least with the high Sierra I can pack my clothes in too
I've got a feeling that my upcoming ~350mile route in the High Sierra is going to look a lot like…
21 more days man till I can officially say I'm done with high school
Doug Robinson and Sean Jones enjoying a perfect day on Mt Emerson in the High Sierra.
Humphrey Bogart (December 25, 1899 – January 14, 1957) His performances in such iconic 1940s film noirs as The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, and The Big Sleep, earned him the legacy of cultural icon. In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Bogart as the greatest male star in the history of American cinema. Over his career he received three Academy Award nominations for Best Actor, winning one. Bogart began acting in 1921 after a hitch in the U.S. Navy in World War I and little success in various jobs in finance and the production side of the theater. Gradually he became a regular in Broadway shows in the 1920s and 1930s. When the stock market crash of 1929 reduced the demand for plays, Bogart turned to film. His first great success was as Duke Mantee in The Petrified Forest (1936), and this led to a period of typecasting as a gangster with films such as Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) and B-movies like The Return of Doctor X (1939). Bogart's breakthrough as a leading man came in 1941, with High Sierra ...
Photo: filmcigarettes: Humphrey Bogart in a promotional still for High Sierra | 1941
Seeing lots of new stuff, so San Francisco, Zorro series, Shadow of a Doubt, Cannery Row, High Sierra, Fat City, Five Easy Pieces..
yes! High Sierra. check out "leftover salmon" you may like them. bluegrass with drums.
The Revivalists -- "Concrete (Fish Out Of Water)" live at High Sierra 2013 in Quincy, CA with Jam in the Van. Subscribe to Jam in the Van!
1985 GMC high Sierra. Odometer reads 99k miles. 307ci. Truck is from Alabama and as such underneath is great. This truck is as straight as you will find anywhere without being restored. It is a great project that runs now. 4x4 works properly. $6500 or trade for equal value. No low ball offers as this is a nice truck to build. I will begin the restoration myself this week starting with tires. As I do the price will increase (example $900 additional once I put tires on it) truck located in Metamora Indiana. Thanks
I've never gotten hurt by being high. I fell down stairs, ran into a wall, and broke an ankle after getting drunk. Just sa…
Eagles are the number one raptor killed by high voltage transmission lines. Why isn't Sierra Club looking at the...
Mountain Forest Changes Threaten Water Supplies: Hike high enough up California’s Sierra Nevada and the forest...
yaar I don't want to see any more bloodshed as there is a high chance of it happening it tonight- may sanity prevail
Keep making me laugh, let's go get high.
Lightening up for fall... “Longing for High Sierra Fall color at North Lake
i swear the song Habits stay high by Tove Lo is my life
Update your maps at Navteq
USA-manufactured, with nearly all USA-made parts, built like a tank, starting at just $35
THIS one doesn't require removing flow restrictor, GREAT in low pressure:
It's a good thing that America makes GREAT low-flow showerheads! (Mfg'd in CA, nearly all USA-made parts)
When you go to class and you try not to look high
Marketing executives - high earnings (sierra vista): If you are an experienced sales profes...
Oh look two years ago today I was actually relevant in high school
"And we gotta stay high al the time, to keep you off my mind" 😋👯💗
My niece starts high school tomorrow. She's just sooo little, where'd my baby go 😭
Tomorrow is the last first day of high school for the rest of my life. Bittersweet.
My funeral will be held promptly at 8:20 tomorrow morning at Forest Park High School, hope to see you all there.
I got papers, blunts, bongs, all the ingredients to make a high *** pie .🌿
Some people call it Folf, but the High Sierra Disc Golf Course will add something for folks to do.
the high and forbidding ramparts of the Sierra Nevadas reared
But the fact I only have one summer left as a high schooler is kinda scary
Already missing u like crazy. Have fun & good luck, my love. Keep in touch. Thank u for our high school memories. Love u so much!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
High Sierra disc golf tourney to raise cash for new course:
Fact: Pard"" in High Sierra (1941) was played by ""Zero the Dog"" and was Humphrey Bogart's own dog in real life,"
Inspired by and in memory of former NatureBridge environmental science educator Joie Armstrong, the Armstrong Scholars Program brings together young women, ages 15 to 18, for a truly empowering summer backpacking adventure in the High Sierra. Naturebridge is a key partner of Klean based on our close relationship to Joie Armstrong. Every year we send several Klean employees to meet the climbers at the half way point in their 12-day journey to bring in fresh supplies and pack out any garbage. We consider it a great honor to be a part of this program.
Photos from Day 1 and 2. Day one was taken in the High Sierra desert in Southern California, right next to Death Valley. Day two was shot in the Mojave. The two people I am with are two of my actors: Tarah *** (and Thomas Anawalt (
Flyfishing in Pioneer Basin in the John Muir Wilderness in THE High Sierra.
Yosemite and the High Sierra. Yosemite and the High SierraAnsel Adams (Author), John...
It'll be fun... got any summer plans?? Widespread Panic at High Sierra. SF friggin' ROCKS! (a little strange too)
Greetings from one of the most filmed little towns in the history of Hollywood. We're staying at the Dow Villa in Lone Pine CA; John Wayne stayed here! You've seen this town in everything from Gunga Din to How the West Was Won to Tremors to Iron Man. Bogart filmed High Sierra here with Ida Lupino and Randolph Scott and Hop Along Cassidy rescued damsels in distress and outsmarted the bad guys. Most of stars stayed at the Dow during filming. in Oct, Lone Pine puts on an outstanding film festival.
Old George must have turned down more classic movie parts than any other actor in Hollywood. He turned down High Sierra because he didn't want to die in the end. Then he turned down " The Maltese Falcon " because he didn't want to work with John Huston a first time director. Then to cps it all he turned down " Casablanca " because he thought he should get the girl in the end. Some supporting actor at Warners Bros with a lisp got all them roles.
This is a guest post by John Dittli, a 34-year resident of the High Sierra who works part-time as a snow surveyor for the California Department of Water Resources. His day job is managing his photography business. His award winning book, Walk the Sky: Following the John Muir Trail is available throu…
Looking for a High Sierra challenge? Try the John Muir Trail that runs 211 miles between Yosemite Valley and Mt. Whitney, the highest point on the continental United States. If you're hiking in the Yosemite Valley, you do have obtain a permit to hike that part of the trail. They only allow so many h...
All of us at TOJGFP wish a Very Happy Birthday today to one of the nicest people on this planet.ROYDON CLARK. Roy has been Jim's stunt double since the original "Maverick" days. Roy is the one who drove the car into the pool in "The Thrill of It All" and would do it again in "The Rockford Files" episode, "In Hazard" Roy started in movies after working at Hudkins Ranch which supplied the horses for the westerns mainly at Warner Bros. since the ranch was right next door to the studio. Roy started doing uncredited work in "High Sierra" starring Humphrey Bogart, "Wake of The Red Witch" starring John Wayne. Roy developed a friendship with Ben Johnson another cowboy turned stuntman and actor. Roy met Jim on MAVERICK and began doubling for Jim. On 'Rockford' Roy was the Stunt Co-ordinator, and Second Unit Director. I asked Roy, "If you broke it down, how much driving did you and Jim perform on "Rockford" Roy replied, "Jim drove 70% and I drove 30%" Roy continued to work with Jim on "Bret Maverick" and ...
Everett Ruess was a young artist, poet and writer who explored nature including the High Sierra, Cal
My third Humphrey Bogart movie this week, tonight I am watching the Academy Award winning Treasure of the High Sierra from 1948. Bogart is such a great actor.
March 16 at 10am. Lets RIde! Take a ride out to Nevada City enjoy the Western Antique Fair and lunch. . Nevada City serves as a base for recreation in the nearby Tahoe National Forest, South Yuba River and High Sierra. Nevada City's popular tourist attractions include: South Yuba River State Park — Four season hiking and gold panning, spring whitewater boating and summer/fall swimming on the federally designated Wild and Scenic South Yuba River. Historic downtown area — Much of the city's downtown area (bisected by Broad Street) is in the National Register of Historic Places. Most of the buildings date from the 19th century. Museums — The Nevada County Historical Society operates Historic Firehouse No. 1 Museum downtown and the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum in the Seven Hills Business District area. There is a small museum at Miners Foundry Cultural Center. Many businesses also have displays of photos and historic artifacts dating back to the Gold Rush and pioneer eras. So come on out . ...
Raoul Walsh (March 11, 1887 – December 31, 1980) was an American film director, actor, founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) and the brother of silent screen actor George Walsh. He was known for portraying John Wilkes Booth in the silent classic The Birth of a Nation (1915) and for directing such films as The Big Trail (1930) starring John Wayne, High Sierra (1941) starring Ida Lupino and Humphrey Bogart, and White Heat (1949) with James Cagney and Edmond O'Brien. His last directorial effort came in 1964. Selected filmography The Pseudo Prodigal (1913), directorial debut The Life of General Villa (1914) The Mystery of the Hindu Image (1914) The Birth of a Nation (1915) Regeneration (1915) Carmen (1915), with Theda Bara The Silent Lie (1917) (aka: Camille of the Yukon) Betrayed (1917) The Woman and the Law (1918), with Jack Connors, Miriam Cooper and Peggy Hopkins Joyce The Prussian Cur (1918) Evangeline (1919), with his wife Miriam Cooper The Deep Purple (1920) Kindr ...
working on it. We need fans to let venues like boom boom room, High Sierra, Hardly Strictly, independent, know u want some GDA
Good Morning Kirkwood! Another gorgeous morning up here in the High Sierra. Currently 39 degrees here at the base and 32 @ the top of Cornice express. BIG NEWS this A.M. - Iron Horse & Sunrise, Chairs 3 & 4, are scheduled to turn at noon opening up the backside for the first time this season. As for 9am, we are opening 8 frontside lifts accessing 1300 acres, 28 groomed runs with High Angle Grooming on 4 runs - Zachary, Sentinel, Conestoga & Short Spoke. We've got excellent covereage on the off piste, easy groomers at Timber Creek and the H.A.G. steeps - something for everyone, come on up!
Featured Job: Physical Therapist Job in Pleasanton, CA - Travel Force Staffing has a Physical Therapist position in CA. Job start date is immediate; assignment length 13 Weeks. Therapy jobs in California deliver the expected entertainment, movie and television photo ops, but therapy jobs in California offer much, much more. Lake Tahoe, Mono Lake, and Yosemite in the High Sierra entice outdoor enthusiasts to hike, camp and rock climb and the redwood rainforests. And the ...
Lake Marjorie, Kings Canyon National Park. The photographer wrote, “Lakes in the High Sierra come in a number of colors. Lake Marjorie, at 11,132′ has an aquamarine ‘swimming pool’ tint. Crater Mountain dominates the skyline, with Pinchot Pass to the south. I was happy to see clouds at dawn, but by ...
Isabel Jewell Jewell's films included Gone with the Wind (1939) (in the role of "that white trash, Emmy Slattery"), Northwest Passage (1940), High Sierra (1941), and the low-budget The Leopard Man (1943). By the end of the 1940s, her roles had reduced in significance to the degree that her performances were often uncredited. She was brought to Hollywood by Warner Brothers for the film version of Blessed Event (1932). Jewell appeared in a variety of supporting roles during the early 1930s. She played stereotypical gangster's women in such films as Manhattan Melodrama (1934) and Marked Woman (1937). She was well received playing against type, as an innocent seamstress sentenced to death on the guillotine, in A Tale of Two Cities (1935).
Jan. 14 Clues He was an American actor The American Film Institute ranks him Greatest Male Star in History He is regarded as a cultural icon His breakthrough came in 1941 in "High Sierra" and "the Maltese Falcon" He rose to the peak with his performance in "Casablanca" Other films include "The Big Sleep" "To Have and Have Not" "Dark Passage" "Key Largo with wife Lauren Bacall" "The Harder They Fall" His career spanned 30 years and he appeared in 75 feature films He appeared in "The Petrified Forest" He rarely appeared on television He was the founding member and original leader of The Rat Pack He died on Jan. 14, 1957 from cancer of the esophagus at the age of 57 Who is he?
My Grandfathers Obituary in the Orange county register LAWRENCE R. "LARRY" LUTZ 1933 - 2013 | Obituary | Condolences LAWRENCE R. LARRY LUTZ Obituary Lutz, Lawrence R. "Larry" Lawrence "R" Lutz, also known as "Larry" was born Feb. 6, 1933 in Santa Ana, CA. son of Howard Arthur Lutz and Helen Francis Smiley, deceased, passed away December 2, 2013 in his home of natural causes at the age of 80. Larry's early years were spent growing up on a 20 acre ranch in Anaheim, and the family vacationed by camping in the High Sierra's and at Lake Havasu. Larry graduated from Anaheim High School, and furthered his education by attended Fullerton College, Brigham Young University and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Redlands. Larry also served in the Military Reserves. While attending school Larry met his lifelong sweetheart, and future wife, Marilyn Lewis at a dance. They were married June 26, 1954 in Fullerton, California. Larry joined the Anaheim Fire Department in 1956 where he served for 30 years ...
Fact: George Raft declined the lead roles in High Sierra (1941), The MaltPeople are dead, and more are hurt, It doesnt
Arts Council CAC’s Ales for Arts IV, a fundraiser to support the Arts Council’s 2013-2014 programs, will be held tomorrow from 3-7 p.m. in the Lariat Courtyard at the Oats Park Art Center. It will be a great chance to sample craft brews from around the region including beers from Brewer’s Cabinet, Brewer’s Lair of the Lost Sierra, Bunejug, Great Basin, High Sierra, Lagunitas, Ruby Mountain, Sierra Nevada and Barry Cochran’s Smoke Brown Chili and Pomegranate Amber Ales. There will be music by Old River Road featuring Dineen Little. Admission is $25 per person for unlimited tastings and a complimentary commemorative glass.
In August / September 2014, I plan on hiking the entire length of the 211-mile-long John Muir Trail in north-west California. Winding through three national parks, two wilderness areas and a national monument, the JMT is one of the premier hiking trails. We start in Yosemite Valley and hike south through mountain meadows, up and over nine High Sierra passes to our highpoint on the summit of Mount Whitney, and finish at Whitney Portal. This nearly month-long trip will be the culmination of many, many months of planning and training. The new challenges will be elevation, limited resupply, and bear issues. If you think you're up for it, please consider joining me for this spectacular trip. This trip is tentatively planned for between mid- August – mid- Sept. Snow conditions will dictate when we go, but it could be any time between early July and late September. The Hike Trip Duration: One month on the trail. General Description: An arduous long-distance, multi-week wilderness backpack Distance: ~22 ...
must be an international channel. Just checked. High Sierra is on. Thomas Crown Affair w McQueen on next
It's Glen Aulin, one of the High Sierra camps. But hikeable from Tuolumne Meadows!
Tuolumne Meadows in as a peaceful High Sierra cul-de-sac yesterday:
on high sierra website. But they have them at academy.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Tahoe? I did an AF survival training course about 40 miles north in the high Sierra.
High Sierra Poker Run is coming up fast on Labor Day weekend. Sign up now at...
Warm day in Oakhurst. Going to be in the 90's today. Looks like the smoke may be finally out of the air. Enough fires please.
Here's our version of JJ Cale's "After Midnight" from the Jam In The Van sessions at High Sierra!! Click the text...
Eating out: Sandals on the Beach in Friant, Capo's, and High Sierra Grill via
of the Day: High Sierra Tank Shoulder - $35.99 (49% off!)
High Sierra Pack Station has a mule nicknamed "the court jester" - spends most of his time tormenting horses & other mules.
"Much Thanks to High Sierra for supporting GreenFest 2013 -
Look at what we found in the High Sierra in the US.
Yep, It's Wednesday! The weekend is in reach. Check these Mid-Week Specials we found for you today!. High Sierra:...
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Brilliant Waters: Portraits of Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and the High Sierra book download. Elizabeth Carmel and Rob
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Lost a grey High Sierra hydration pack day 1. In it was a black Nikon camera in a green case. If found please return.
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High Sierra End of Season Sale. Take an extra 20% off Winter Sports Items. Use Promo Code SNOWGEAR -
Ever heard of moe.? You guys might be very interested in downloading a live show. Here's one:
Love moe.? We have their live concerts available for download here. Check out their 7/7 show, it's awesome:
Photos from our epic high sierra backpack trip.
High Sierra Swerve Backpack High Sierra 152 days in the top 100 (341)Buy new: $32.07 - $5...
Cool program..High Sierra & CITYPAK provide backpacks for the homeless
Anyways, there's an 11 year old wanna-be thug in front of me and his High Sierra backpack really completes his look.
Climbing California's High Sierra, 2nd: The Classic Climbs on Rock and Ice book download. John Moynier and Claud
The Raoul Walsh series winds down this week. Tonight it's Humphret Bogart & Ida Lupino in High Sierra at 7PM
Finally, finally at the hotel. 14hrs since we left Mammoth Lakes and now on the other side of High Sierra. I'm exhausted. Just...
Mammoth Lakes paraglider crosses the High Sierra via The Bee's Marek Warszawski. Cool story and video.
Feeling so inspired after an amazing extended weekend experience at High Sierra Music Festival. No, I didn't perform, but I danced, partied, and realized that I WILL be on some festival stages in my future. I want to thank you for being a part of my journey there! Much love to you all!!!
Just watched "Treasure on the Sierra Madre" with my boy. Directed by John Huston with Humphrey Bogart and Huston's father. Great movie and it still holds up well. Most of it was filmed in Mexico, outdoors, and doesn't have fake backgrounds. Good themes about honesty and its opposite--greed. Should be a required movie for Business schools. Perhaps it is. Do not confuse with "High Sierra" also with HB.
The actor given to me from Eric Snodgrass was Ida Lupino. ...sigh... One of the few actors of that era in which I avoided watching her films for some strange reason. I didn't even see "High Sierra." BUT, I do remember her in an episode of "The Twilight Zone." over the top!! ;) Like this status and I'll give YOU an actor.
Little Giant Ladders
VIDEO: Robert Plant playing 'Babe I'm Gonna Leave You' live at the High Sierra Music Festival on the 4th of July
PHOTO: Robert Plant performing at the High Sierra Music Festival from three nights ago
Here is the video of crossing the High Sierra on my paraglider. Epic in every way, flying deep over the mountains, and crossing from the Owens to the Central Valley.
Leftover Salmon from High Sierra, then switch to Karl Denson from the Blues Fest. Couch tour is pretty awesome tonight.
Listen to Primus live tonight at High Sierra at
Friends going to High Sierra: Please do yourself a favor and do not miss Anders Osborn on Saturday 10:00-11:30 pm. Love you guys, T
Hey there Az friends, does anyone have an EZ-Up and/or a decent smallish tent (that will still fit a queen air mattress) that you wouldn't mind me borrowing for the next week or so?? I need both for High Sierra. The tent I have is just too huge for the big meadow..
Can't wait to be back in the mountains of the majestic High Sierra. But, for now - the local Mtns will do while I get these legs stronger, mind focused, and heart efficient. Happy Trails.
Just a few more pictures from the weekend, had a great time, it took me back to 1952 when the Frost family took our first real vacation to the High Sierra mountains & Yosemite Park. Tioga Pass was a one lane gravel road road with turn outs every 1/2 mile or so. That was a scary drive in those days!!
Holy cannoli - here's our itinerary for our High Sierra trip in two short months. Interval training anyone? Sunday Aug 11th Drive to SEKI, approx hit trail time noon.(have a packed breakfast for morning, probably hit SEKI lunch before we hit trail) Wolverton trailhead to Nine Mile Creek, 8.5 miles 3,400 foot gain/3070 loss. Not the classic trailhead but much more scenic and less crowded. Likely to see bears on this stretch as well as in camp. Bear boxes at camp. Monday Aug 12th Nine Mile Creek to Hamilton Lake, 6 miles 2,625 gain/2016 loss Beautiful swimming lake with amazing sunsets. Bear boxes at camp. Tuesday Aug 13th Hamilton Lake to Moraine Lake 12.5 miles 4000 gain/2900 loss Another good swimming lake, warm and glassy. Great sunrise and sunsets. Wednesday Aug 14th Moraine Lake to Kern Hot Springs 6.25 miles 216 gain/2668 loss Will camp short of hot springs on the kern, avoid the crowds and make a short trek to the spring to soak. Thursday Aug 15th Kern Hot Springs to cabin on Kern River 9 miles 220 ...
Read: Humphrey Bogart. Wattle Books. The Hamlyn Publishing Group. 1982. Author, Alan Frank. This pictorial biography is studded with many black/white and coloured photos, and although it is not a definitive study of Bogart (Born Humphrey DeForest Bogart 1899-Died 1957) it does give us enough of a sketch of the man and an insight into his softer side in latter years. Apart from his Filmography it tells of his early time on the stage, his on-again off-again affair with nineteen-thirties Hollywood, four marriages, the clash with the House Committee on Un-American Activities and his love for Lauren Bacall. All the bad films are listed (34. In which he was shot in 12, electrocuted or hanged in 8, and was a jailbird in nine.) as are all the good and great, including 'The Petrified Forest,' 1936 with Leslie Howard (Bogart and Bacall's daughter was given that name.) 'High Sierra,'1941 (Still an outlaw) and then the breakthrough as Sam Spade in 'The Maltese Falcon.' 1941. (Which was turned down by George Raft, as ...
The Marine Layer is backing off from the San Francisco Bay Area. At least that's what we've been told. The HEAT is going up this weekend in the 100's in the Sacramento Valley. So, Friday,Sat,and Sunday it will be HOT with 90's next week. Some Afternoon Thunderstorms will be occurring in the High Sierra's along Highway 395 from Truckee all the way into Mono County. If your out and see lightning stay clear. If your out in the Sun use plenty of Sunscreen and have plenty of liquid. If your planning on swimming in the rivers be sure TO WEAR A LIFE JACKET! Above all be safe!
Leaving this afternoon for a High Sierra's adventure. Fishing Crowley tomorrow & Convict Saturday. Anybody got any good fish dope for Crowley? This "dope" has only fished there once & caught 1 3lber. HELP!
Alabama Hills home to many movies-Lone Ranger (old one), Bonanza, Gunga Din, High Sierra, Hopalong Cassidy,Roy Rogers, and many more!! Pics don't do it justice. And by the way the one rock had a buger in it's nose lol:}}.
Wow... just had a 5.7 quake up near where High Sierra is
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
June Lake Loop Mountain Music Festival - Free kids music camp, local and other emerging artists performing in the scenic High Sierra on the last week of July!
It’s spring here in the High Sierra. The mountain passes are beginning to open up after their annual winter weather closures.
The Kernville adventure was a little scenic, but not up to our standards. We're spoiled by the High Sierra. Also, Lake Isabella isn't pretty
I am watching Humphry Bogart in the movie, "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre." I saw another one of his movie this morning, "High Sierra."
"High Sierra" Mickey Rourke playing "Mad Dog Earl" and Lindsay Lohan playing Ida Lupino' s part as the GF
August 1970: my brother and I on High Sierra pass near end of hiking entire John Muir Trail. Spent 1/4 of 1970 hiking
A Little fun from our archives: Twisted History by Cecile Page Vargo W henever my husband and I are out on the back roads we like to know the history of the area and we pack as many books and maps, as we do clothes. We have great fun inventing a history of our own, as well. The following tidbits of twisted history were taken from travels on our own and as tour guides for Ecological 4-wheeling Adventures. Long before my days working as a house maid in the American Hotel at Cerro Gordo , I was a miner in the old town of Bennetville . Bennetville is situated in the Sierra Nevadas off of Tioga Pass, just before Yosemite National Park. The road to Bennetville is only obtainable by foot. I was too poor to have a burro, like some of the other miners, but I soon got over my fear of walking over the old logs to get across the stream, and I learned to enjoy my daily hike to work in the High Sierra mine. I felt fortunate to be hired on as a miner in Bennetville, as women were not really allowed in the mines, an ...
Mike Pechner SOTC CREW SnowCast Still on track for the biggest dump since first of January! "Mother Nature has dropped tons of powder freshies in the last two months EXCEPT in the High Sierra. A little weather system over the weekend dropped 2 to 4" at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, but the most significant storm in over two months will move into the High Sierra late tomorrow and snow will continue heavy at times thru Thursday with skies clearing up for the weekend. The snow level will start at lake level then drop to 2500 ft. Total snowfall will be in the range of 6 to 10" on the lower Mtn. and 14 to 18" from the mid Mtn to the top!"
Finally caught "Kid Galahad" a very familiar but previously unseen movie title, a boxing picture from the late Thirties. Another reminder of the curious fact that before he hit it big in "High Sierra" Bogart seems to have been shot by everyone on the Warner's lot (in "Sierra" it was by an extra with a rifle and a telescopic sight). This time it was by Edward G. Robinson, with GF Bette Davis looking on. The Kid (the Battling Bellhop) in the story is Wayne Morris, probably best known today for playing the cowardly officer Kirk Douglas orders to oversee the execution in "Paths of Glory." In reality, Morris was literally a Hollywood Ace. Flying a Grumman F6F Hellcat off the USS Essex, he shot down seven Japanese planes. Times were different then -- he had to pull strings to get assigned to fighters because he was too tall.
I just started watching YUKON MEN on Discovery...what a cool show! And here I thought living in the High Sierra was tough!
Looks like we got the Humphrey Bogart Movie " High Sierra" going on out in California!
Treasure of the Sierra Madre, High Sierra, High Noon, The Elephant Man, Glengarry Glenross last two aren't old, but classic!
On This Date In California Weather History (December 4): 2008: One of the most powerful Pacific storms in years brought high winds, locally heavy rains and significant high elevation snow to interior Central California from the 4th through the 5th. The heaviest rain fell in the foothills and in the southern Sierra Nevada up through about 7000 feet in elevation where rainfall amounts reached as much as 9.41 inches at Wawona. In the High Sierra above 8000 feet, 3 to 6 feet of snow fell. Strong winds of 50 to 70 mph also destroyed the roof of school and flipped over two glider planes in Avenal. Other wind gusts clocked included 66 mph at Kettleman Hills, 67 mph at Inyokern and 75 mph at Crane Flat. 2008: Reno, NV, recorded 1.91" of precipitation, its fourth largest one-day total. 1997: The Flood of January ’97 caused significant flooding in the San Joaquin Valley as well as the adjacent foothills. Numerous houses adjacent to the San Joaquin River flooded, while agricultural lands near the Merced River were ...
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SIERRA what do you suppose happens when I crash form this ungodly high
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The purpose of this book is to highlight a comparative studies between developed and underdeveloped countries on the impact of policy making decisions and politics on education and business as Mohamed Sannoh recently discovered at Keele University in UK. Thorough analysis relating to tribalism, prolonged economic mismanagement by policy and decision makers in high places; especially within the politics since independent in 1961are reviewed to educate the new generation governments of Sierra Leone for the better. This book is funny and educative, though radical to the taste of politics of Sierra Leone and that’s why Sierra Leonean politicians do not like reading it; but those who attempt taking that first step learn great joy to enjoy politics of change that we all look forward to.
That's a lie... Alvord high school is the dumbest school in Riverside 😁 La Sierra is actually pretty full of smart *** kids..
I'd buy at least a 12 pack. of Sierra Mist. But thats as high as i'd go.
YES! I've got like 5 responses asking if we're high LOL
The only time I find myself feeling okay is when I'm high or asleep . I can't do that forever ..
I really wanna watch high school musical now
I haven't had black hair since sophomore year of high school. I'm ready to embrace it.
I was way cooler that you. High ponytail > crocs
You're a sophomore in high school, stop saying "i'll never find anyone". You have your whole life ahead of you!
Another reportedly haunted location in the High Sierra's. investigators claim it houses an extremely negative entity..
Lol I'm setting my alarm for nine because I want to be productive tomorrow and I'm dreading it. *** for you high schoolers 😉
Three guys in Oakhurst saved the local movie theater by signing up 3,000 people to a Netflix-style monthly membership. What do you think? Would you pay a flat monthly fee to be able to see unlimited movies in the theater?
Very pretty, need to remember that life is about more than "music, drinking and partying." There is a life after high school.
I wanna make something of myself after high school.
Sweet thing, the moon is high and the night is young. Come on and meet me?
East High, but East High is not ready to say good bye to you.. 😭
The problem is East High changed when you got there and now it's changed again because you left. You might be ready to say good bye to
Forest Service, BLM to be challenged over approvals for new roads, methane venting By Summit Voice FRISCO — Conservation groups say they will likely go to court to try and block a coalmine expansio...
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