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High School Musical

High School Musical is a 2006 American television film, first in the High School Musical film franchise.

High School Musical 4 Camp Rock Zac Efron Hannah Montana Cam Newton Corbin Bleu Lucas Grabeel Vanessa Hudgens Teen Beach Movie Troy Bolton Ryan Evans Zach Efron Drew Seeley Cheetah Girls High School Musical 2 Disney Channel

Day 9: Utah . East High School- where High School Musical was filmed. Great Salt Lake - it was *** hot that day, ju…
Just now realizing High School Musical is like a modern day version of Grease.
// Oh and Star Trek, High School Musical and Harry Potter SLs would be great too!
— High School Musical (2006). "I believe in dreaming, shooting for the stars."
so much people thinking a High School Musical 4 is actually happening, sorry to burst your bubbles but it's a fanmade tra…
Me when I realized that High School Musical 4 is only a rumor .
SEHS Theatre Dept. proudly presents.. High School Musical!!! Remember: ANYONE can audition, so get involved! We hop…
This 'High School Musical 4' fan-made trailer is gonna save your day!
So today I found out there is going to be a new High School Musical and that T Swift is coming out with a new album. It wa…
Me when I found out the High School Musical 4 trailer is fake:.
The High School Musical 4 no one wanted to happen.
I gotta see that new high school musical
Y'all know how much I love high school musical.. I almost cried
This is not High School Musical, Glee, or Pitch Perfect, sir!!! 😂😂😂
Just watched High School Musical for the first time in yonks. What a film!
Finally back home in Nottingham and in bed after a tiring two weeks of High School Musical at The Regent Theatre.
Going to see High School Musical at Hanley's Here's what our reviewer thought of it
- High School Musical at "the children in the show were having the time of their lives"…
Scott, Kevin, and Mitch singing High School Musical songs is the content that I'm here for.
The next New Scientist book should be called 'Why Did I Wake Up with A High School Musical 2 Song in My Head? and 101 other questions'
I immediately just thought of Sharpay & Ryan Evans from High School Musical singing "What I've Been Lookin…
'High School Musical' stars KayCee Stroh, Bart Johnson, and Lucas Grabeel reunite on the set of the 'Little...
Me: "should I get a Kentucky Rajon Rondo jersey?". Jeff News: "get a Troy Bolton Wildcats jersey from High School Musical" he's right
My music ranges from some good ol' Garth Brooks to High School Musical to Kendrick Lamar.
just asked me which High School Musical movie Corbin Bleu's song "Push It To The Limit" was from...😐
WAIT. I just remembered last night I dreamt I was in a *** production of High School Musical and I got to play Troy it was magical
Spring Hill graduation was giving me major High School Musical vibes and then this happened...
He hated High School Musical (2 > 1 > 3) and needed a day recuperation in between movies.
Listen, it's Memorial Day weekend. I'm allowed to have a middle-of-the-night High School Musical marathon if I want.
I spent all day marathoning High School Musical, Camp Rock, and Cheetah Girls and I regret none of it
They referenced One Direction, High School Musical, and the Jonas Brothers all in 😂👌🏼
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We are doing High School Musical. Next year. No joke. I'm not kidding. I'm about to cry. I'm so freaking excited. Go Santiago.
High School Musical and Cheetah Girls had so many bops. Don't @ me
Come out with Ellie and her and Nolan are sat going radge cause Sharpey was the real main character in High School Musical
LOL if we're doing High School Musical x Produce 101 then here's Sanggyunie
Why is Zac Efron and High School Musical on my television screen?
High School Musical songs just really make me happy
Come enjoy this intellectual discussion about High School Musical. I know I am.
Ya'll dont know how happy I was that they played a High School Musical song @ the dance last night
Me: I want to be a serious literary writer. Also me: Let's talk about how High School Musical reads racists and strai…
Still burnt about that one time High School Musical came to Bakersfield and Drew Seeley was there instead of Zac Efron
I honestly had no idea Drew Seeley did Troy's vocals in High School Musical. SHOOK af
I just don't know if I can deal with the High School Musical hero being Ted Bundy. I see him as the romantic nice guy. :(
Washington for the Riders looks like Chad from High School Musical and it's great
Come see CHS theatre's production of High School Musical! See you in the CHS auditorium! 🎭🏀🎤. Saturday May 13 and…
LeBron is the best basketball player of all time. Drake is the best rapper. High School Musical is the best movie. I am the bes…
When there was me and you ❤☺ High School Musical 2017 SVHS Pioneer Players
Proud of our Pioneer Players and their performance of High School Musical! Shows tomorrow night at 7, Saturday at 2…
Please tell me my coworker looks like Ryan Evans from High School Musical
8 years since the most iconic High School Musical 3 Senior Year came out
We're all in this together! (Sorry if that brought back High School Musical flashbacks)! 😂 But really. We are the ……
Come see Beavercreek's production of High School Musical on April 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th starting at 7:30! Singing alon…
Well that's not in any High School Musical film that I've seen.
High School Musical (2006) . Disney Channel's BIGGEST hit series! it was a phenomenon & still is, say it with me: We're al…
76. We're all in this together - the cast of High School Musical. They need to perform at the next Superbowl halftime…
College in April is like High School Musical when it was Scholastic Decathlon Day, Callback Day, and Game Day. help
I cannot wait for all of this to be over. I just wanna cuddle all day with my man and watch High School Musical and dog videos ☹️
In the hotel and AFN is playing High School Musical.
My music goes from DMX to High School Musical real quick
A big congratulations to 💚team. KS1 singing champions 2017. High School Musical, all in this together. Great choice & great performance
What a great winner you were last night. Best of luck with your High School Musical production
Day 11. . My favorite movie from my childhood. . Freaky Friday (2003). High School Musical. (2006)
“I choose the person who inspires my heart.” — High School Musical.
Alan Rosenberg from The Facts of Life stars in High School Musical about a plucky Immigration officer named Herminio
I love how my music will go from Prince Royce to Travis Scott to High School Musical all back to back.
I mean, if they were that determined to get a white dude for Light Yagami anyway, it should have been High School Musical e…
Launch of 4 new shows by - Once Upon an Island, High School Musical, Hairspray & April 4, The Monste…
good news we got this year:. There are three good news: . 1)Camp Rock 3. . 2)High School Musical. 3)Maybe the Big Time Rush . 4…
Come get your tickets for High School Musical in the front office from 7:30-4!
everybody is like "High School Musical is the best Disney Channel original movie" do non of you remember SMART HOUSE?
Come see Salpointe's production of High School Musical on Friday (3/24,3/31) and Saturday (3/25, 4/1) at 7 and Sunday (3/26, 4/2) at 2!!!
The only basketball terms I know come from High School Musical. Happy March Madness.
If you want to see some real art, Lucas Grabeel's peak was Food Boy, not High School Musical. Spoiler he shoots pastrami out of his hANDS
I still have sleepless nights about how Zach Efron only sang one line of "Breaking free" in the first High School Musical movie
*** man I need a playlist for my ride to work. Feat. High School Musical.
High School Musical is like the kid-friendly version of One Tree Hill
my sister just sent me a voice message of her singing both parts of Breaking Free from High School Musical and i'm dying 😂
Mrs. Stevenson acts just like the theatre teacher on High School Musical 😂
Shoutout to for letting us jam to Camp Rock, High School Musical, and Hannah Montana on the way home
Camp Rock was never as good as High School Musical
if you can't go from Kevin Gates - Josh Abbott - Demi Lovato - High School Musical then i don't fwy
Been watching High School Musical the last few days and if the music wasn't so good these movies would suck so bad.
Rig for High School Musical! Tele is yet to be employed as the Brent Mason is killing it.…
Do you go to Maize South High and love High School Musical? Then you should enroll in Advanced Theatre and be a part of MavTheatre's HSM!!!
My dad is in Utah right now and is sending me pictures of East High from High School Musical lol
I've changed my mind, Ryan Evans is the true victim of the High School Musical movies.
Why does Meryl Streep dress like the theatre teacher in High School Musical?
I'm screen-capping your opinions on High School Musical and Mad Max: Fury Road for when you get hired by SNL
I refuse to believe it's been 11 YEARS since High School Musical premiered. I am so old 😭
If you can't go from George Strait to 80's rock to Kodak to High School Musical you can't go on road trips with me
So Hickory Creek is doing High School Musical this year and
Meet Black Singles 300x250
When I was little, I thought high school was gonna to be like High School Musical. Man was I wrong.
Suite life of Zack & Cody easily the best show from High School Musical era
I knew Derrick rose was washed but now he getting benched for Zack Efron in High School Musical. I'm hurt
Me, Mau, Vane and Ale are all arguing about which High School Musical to watch cause they leave in 3 hours 😭😂
Me gustó un video de Zac Efron Doesn't Know Songs from High School Musical or One Direction!
Camilla just compared Ridge to High School Musical and told me who was who and it was actually so accurate.
The year after graduates is the year Pine Ridge does High School Musical in the Christmas show...
"Teen Beach Movie and Camp Rock are better than High School Musical"
Character of color of the day: Gabriella Montez | High School Musical
when you realize that next month it'll be 11 years since High School Musical premiered
I love this band called High School Musical!!1!11!
'Get your head in the game' and check out PSJA North's production of High School Musical! Showing now through Dec. 19
My future partner better sing High School Musical songs with me too
High School Musical songs on the radio now made me realize that it's been 10 years already since I was first in high school. Holy.
high school musical came out when I was like 11 (maybe 10 I don't remember)
Breast Cancer Awareness
vanessa is singing high school musical with me we're goals as hECK
I have a final in 5 hours, but I cant think of anything else better to do than watch High School Musical 2 at 5:30 am
same I've been listening to a lot of high school musical
High School Musical will never get old to me
I thought this said Troy Bolton and I was like why does somebody hate high school musical ***
I'm in the mood to sing high school musical songs again
wow 5 years ago I was 11 I really loved High School Musical
I thought this was a black version of high school musical for a sec💀
The pupils of smashed in tonight in our opening of 'High School Musical' sold out performance. Ro…
Well done to the whole cast of High School Musical @ on a fabulous opening night, bring on tomorrow!
Hotline Miami and High School Musical need to crossover, that would be the best and worst thing ever!
Dutch Whitlock - 27. I play the Cello - High School Musical . In 2008 he was jailed for a year for armed robbery. Not he…
Rehearsals in full swing at for our annual musical of 'High School Musical' by the
Miriam Margolyes from High School Musical stars in Big Day about a lethargic Surveyor named Glennie
Such a wonderful cast and crew of High School Musical! So proud of all the hard work and dedication you put in! Great job!
Just saw High School Musical at Taft and it was amazing! They did a fantastic job :)
I was screaming so loud at the end of Taft theater's production of High School Musical lmao it was so good, great job to all the cast!! 💖
Taft Theatre's Production of High School Musical opens TONIGHT @ 7pm! You can get tickets at the door. Spread the w…
Come see High School Musical @ Oak Hills High School on November 17, 18, & 19th at 7 pm, and November 19th at 2 for $8! Don't…
Don't miss High School Musical opening this week
Congratulations to the High School Musical team and to Brandon Armstrong as recipients at the Annual Georgy theatre Awards.
Dude looks like a mix of Anderson Vareajo and the one guy from High School Musical
Romola Garai from Step by Step stars in High School Musical about a polite Dancer named Gaila
: Isnt there like a Lucas and Gabriel in the Bible?. Me: You mean Lucas Grabeel like from High School Musical?. Kennedy: Oh...
When your whole lunch squad sings songs from our childhood (MJ, High School Musical, Jonas Bros, Hannah Montana...etc)
It's weird to think those Hannah Montana/High School Musical fans are adults now. It feels like that craze happened just 2yrs ago.
Tell me why Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta has more stars on Netflix than High School Musical
and I jammed out to Hannah Montana and High School Musical for like 75% of our drive to Palm Springs.
Listening to High School Musical songs still make me cry
Amanda is doing High School Musical this Fall at . You should totally see it.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
High School Musical fan or not,. "Everyday" from High School Musical 2 is a banger.
Ginnifer Goodwin from High School Musical stars in Boardwalk Empire about an irascible Botanist named Annmarie
'High School Musical' Song Ranking: A ranking of all the songs from 'High School Musical,' 'High School Musical 2,' and 'High School ...
Helen Slater from High School Musical stars in Cinderella Man about a callous Process plant operator named Christoph
I just found the Walmart version of High School Musical
Beastly, Charlie St. Cloud, High School Musical, Matilda, ET and The Parent Trap, are movies that never get tired I will see.
Lucas Grabeel during High School Musical vs when it ended 💀💀💀
Anyone that is interested in coming to see High School Musical at the Midland Center for the Arts DM me for tickets and prices!! What team?!
Day exploring Oxford, going to see High School Musical and 2 pitchers of Woo Woo! Today has been a good day 👌🏻
'High School Musical' star Corbin Bleu is married and we have all his wedding details:
My music choice is so weird. It goes from Kashdoll to Meek Mill to High School Musical to Christmas to Beyoncé 😹
"Hamilton is the only musical I've enjoyed listening to since High School Musical"
My ideal guy will have to sing Hamilton, High School Musical, Twenty Øne Piløts, Panic! at the Disco, and my next obsession with me.
Check out this article about High School Musical in the West Allis Now!.
when someone says "WHAT TIME IS IT?" i get real conflicted bc idk whether to go High School Musical "Summertime!" or go Hamilton "Showtime!"
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Someone please watch High School Musical with me because I never fully saw them and I feel out of the loop
Update Jacob and I are singing High School Musical now
An interpretation of High School Musical by Bad Lip Reading (Perhaps this is the true story.
Listened to the entire High School Musical and Camp Rock soundtrack on my flight to D.C.
When you hear the cheerleaders on High School Musical singing and you just wanna punch them cuz they're supposed to cut their words 🙄😂
SHS summer production of High School Musical this Thursday and Friday at 7:00 pm. $5 students. $7 general.
High School Musical bugs me, Kelsey and Jason were baso a couple in 1&2 and then she ditched him for Ryan
James Maslow from Black Swan stars in High School Musical about an excitable Nutritionist named Jesslyn
just always been in love with Vanessa Hudgens ever since High School Musical
Disney Channel Greenlights ‘Descendants 2’: 'High School Musical's Kenny Ortega is on board for the more
I was babysitting the night High School Musical premiered last year. I...
Was it my Christmas album, Hip-hop album, or acoustic covers of High School Musical that brought you this comfort?
📷 the5wave: Nick Robinson as Troy Bolton in a play of High School Musical. (x)
Oh Flying Spaghetti Monster there's a High School Musical dance routine too. Oh my gosh.
Corbin Blue & Zac Effron are the HOTTEST guys in High School Musical. 😍👅
None of the people who audition in High School Musical are bad singers. Half of them sing better than Ashley Tisdale.
"Never forget that the cast of Camp Rock dressed up as High School Musical for halloween in 2007" MI VIDA SE VA A LA https…
Zac Efron regretting High School Musical is like John Travolta regretting Grease.
*watching High School Musical and Zac Efron is singing. Mary Campbell: Miss Anna Joy your boyfriend sings so good!!!. Me: Yeah I know 😊
I feel like the new Zac Efron movie We Are Your Friends is the college version of High School Musical
Teen Beach Movie is pretty much just a bad High School Musical clone.
Disney Channel thinks I need lyrics on the screen to sing along to High School Musical. Someone needs to get their head in th…
Ryan & Sharpay were the best thing to happen to High School Musical!
Had a dream I was in Arizona at the high school where High School Musical was filmed. I need to fulfill this dream.
Lmao I'm watching High School Musical 3 Senior Year and crying cuz this is going to be me on Thursday
Mesquite about to turn into High School Musical
I never thought I'd say who ever's watching High School Musical turn it down.
High School Musical is our fall '16 show! Auditions 05.26 in little theatre after school with your 30 sec song.
The Wiz and High School Musical respectively are still the best shows Seneca has ever put on
High school ends in less than two months and I still don't understand the equation Gabriella corrected the teacher on i…
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High School Musical set false expectations when they said "We're All in this Together "
Come see High school musical. @ 7pm. $7 student $10 adult at GHS . . if you loaf I hate you
Someone come over and have a high school musical marathon with me!!
Sitting in 2nd and hear another class doing the High School Musical chant...well okay.😏💁🏼
suddenly I have the need to watch all the High School Musical movies.
Idk why I thought the High School Musical soundtrack would help me concentrate whilst revising..
Megan trainor was in high school musical 😂😂😂😂 you wot
Lunch today was more emotional than high school musical 3 let on it would be
Why we look like we're about to film the next high school musical movie
High school musical is in 2 weeks...😁🎤
The first high school musical aint that bad
So Kelsi from High School Musical has had a pretty dramatic transformation
My summaries of high school Musical. Hsm 1: ball is life but also theater is life?. Hsm 2: summer. Hsm 3: ball isn't my life it…
.& singing a duet is everything. See it >> https:/…
Anyone know who the leads are for High School Musical 4?
I love listening to high school musical. 😍
I just binge watched all three High School Musical... I remember my purpose in life
Need a friend who shares my undying love for High School Musical
Leaked footage of a dance battle in High School Musical 4 📽
Passionate educator provides new class & opportunity for mentorship. tku David .
I am still bitter I didn't get the most musical superlative my senior year of high school.
I just wanna go home and watch high school musical tbh
Auditions are being held in Glasgow City Centre for Disney’s High School Musical by Websters Productions!.
High School Musical is definitely not "STATUS QUO" at NRHS! Awesome!
High School Musical rockin' the stage at NRHS!
It takes teamwork to build the sets for High School Musical! Tickets on sale this Monday!
High School Musical is a hit with the audience!
Coach McMonigle...your starting 5 for next year comes from High School Musical!
Our UHS Urbana, IL Tigers don't "Stick to the Status Quo" in their production of High School Musical, April 27-May 1. https:/…
There was a 'High School Musical' double date reunion last night:
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Do you ever need a happiness boost so you turn on High School Musical songs and pretend you're Troy Bolton in your room?
Important Pieces of Advice for Any Young Actor Auditioning for High School Musical 4: So you want to audition for High School Musical...
I can count on High School Musical songs to cheer me up
Here’s how YOU can score a role in the next High School Musical!
Braun's Bitmoji Beasts win Midwest Region of KM Technology March Madness! In t/ famous words of High School Musical, We are in it to win it!
Incredible opening night for High School Musical at Come check it out Saturday at 7 or Sunday at 3 http…
If Kingdom Sharts 3 doesn't have a High School Musical world I'm not buying it, And destroying every copy
It's just one of those days that you need to watch High School Musical at 3:40 a.m.
The cast of Camp Rock Dressed as the High School Musical characters in 2009 😭
I have a playlist consisting of Camp Rock, High School Musical, and Hannah Montana - it is hella fire🔥
Nathan Hale-Ray High School students are performing High School Musical this weekend and you should go! . If you...
Taking a break from life's dramas and watching High School Musical 3😁 singing my heart out tbh lol
The drama club is actually performing High School Musical the Musical today. It was meant to be.
Dreamed about being in High School Musical?? Auditions are this Monday in the theatre classroom for dinner theatre!
When someone's wife on XBOX ruins everything you know about Zac Efron and High School Musical. LIFE IS RUINED!
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I consider Lemonade Mouth on the same level as High School Musical, Camp Rock and Teen Beach Movie because it was SUPPOSED to have a sequel
Thepulse goes from Rammstein to Glitch Mob over the High School Musical soundtrack to Miranda Lambert because I can
I want a girl that'll go on wild adventures with me yet still be down to cuddle while watching High School Musical
High School Musical night with the gals, happy birthday
Went 6-1 and played at the High School Musical fields this weekend... Proud of us
Almost started crying tears of joy during the opening act of South Meck's High School Musical. Everything I love-Sabres, Wildcats, musicals.
Luke The G: "Isn't Cordon Bleu in High School Musical?". .no.that's a chicken entrée
But why does Lauren B have the same talking voice as Gabriella Montez from High School Musical?
Yall better come out for High School Musical!! Thursday Friday Saturday nights at 7 and one at 11 Saturday morning!!
When you harmonize to High School Musical during study hall.
A Night to Remember was the last song played at senior prom. We did a flash mob and cried at theater banquet to High School Musical.
We Want the Original Cast of High School Musical - Sign the Petition! via
BBCR1: Disney is reviving High School Musical with a whole new cast!
I was so excited there for a minute about a new High School Musical until u shattered my dreams with the words 'new cast'! 😖
High School Musical 4 would simply not be High School Musical without the original cast
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When they play High School Musical music on the intercom and your whole class starts singing well after the announcements…
So much for the High School Musical experience
Everybody wants the High School Musical kind of love
All of the High School Musical movies, Home Alone movies, The Parent Trap, and ALOT more!
High School Musical marathon atm 😍💕. Brings me back to the good old days 😣🙉.
Shameless plug for school production of High School Musical !Opens tomorrow night. Tickets left for Tues ,Wed,Thurs ht…
Just found out my favorite High School Musical background dancer is in Hamilton now...🎉🎉🎉
Stick to the Status Quo | High School Musical | Disney Channel This is a TRU work of art
I knew I liked black boys when I realized Corbin Bleu was way finer than Zach Efron in High School Musical
A5. 3-yo would swim 'Under The Sea' with Ariel and 7-yo would dance on set with Zach Efron during the "High School Musical".
My sister got into University of Arizona so I'm just singing High School Musical at her.
Vanessa Hudgens: 'High School Musical' star faces possible jail term for carving her name…
What would you think of Corbin Bleu as Static Shock? Played in High School Musical and starred in a play in NYC Washington Heights.
update: ate a ton of junk food and had a High School Musical sing-along with the best roommates ever
High School Musical in the Derby Telegraph! Massive thanks to Joe Clark for the photos!
One of the best episodes of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody when they did High School Musical for their school play https…
Come see High School Musical tonight!! You don't want to miss it🐾🏀
on Valentine's Day, I might just watch High School Musical and Disney Movies all day
Cam Newton look like that *** from High School Musical that bakes desserts
Cam Newton looks like a older version of Zeke(Chris Warren) from High School Musical.
Cam Newton is just wannabe Chris Warren Jr from High School Musical
story of seasons: High School Musical edition
Are there any boys at Warren Wilson who like drag shows and High School Musical? I'm asking for a friend.
Vanessa Hudgens does a remake of High School Musical only this time she plays Taylor...
I spent many trips listening to High School Musical as I was driving the family van. At the time, we only had three of the Fab Four.
We're all having the same High School Musical flashback right now... right?
voice has developed sooo much since High School Musical & RENT at the Hollywood Bowl 👌🏼😢
The most unrealistic part of High School Musical is that the performing arts department has funding...
Everyone wishes their high school experience were actually like High School Musical but maybe if they were all theatre…
I love High School Musical so much omg I wish it was on Disney Channel more often
Just watched High School Musical. totally enjoyed it.
It's been 10 YEARS since High School Musical premiered on January 20, 2006.
Christian and I just watched the entire High School Musical movie Lmaooo
As an adult I can drink wine and watch High School Musical; then follow that up with the HSM 10 year reunion special.
Walk into Alyssa's room and she blaring High School Musical.. Safe to say that it's gonna be an interesting night.
Still convinced that Cam Newton was in High School Musical
10 years ago "High School Musical" first aired on television. 6 years later I went to high school with very high expectat…
when someone tells you it's time to get over High School Musical
Yesterday marked 10yrs since the release of the original 'High School Musical'. The sequel was better. https…
It's like everybody is watching High School Musical, but I'm watching something wayy better
fun fact: i can’t remember stuff for tests or what I'm doing tm but i know all of the words to High School Musical and i…
Breaking free will always be one of my favorite High School Musical songs
When I was younger I use to think high school was like High School Musical, *** was I wrong 😂
If you didn't do that dance with the entire cast at the end of High School Musical at some point in your're a big fat liar
How has it been 10 years since High School Musical came into our lives?. I feel so old now 😭😭
It's been 10 years since High School Musical came out..
Ashley Tisdale The High School Musical star smiles for the camera in Los Angeles.
"its a singing movie but in the background its a love story" -Carter on High School Musical
Just so everyone is clear I'm going to a concert tonight… but you best believe I'm recording that High School Musical 10th Anniversary.
Happy 10 year anniversary High School Musical. to the HSM concert in 2006 . ❤️
High School Musical 10th anniversary is today so I can say that my first concert was High School Musical at the age of 6 with
If you're a teenage girl and you didn't bring up High School Musical today, then I don't know what to say to you ❤️🎤🏀
my music can go from High School Musical album to Chance the Rapper to Tasha Cobb real quick. but it's cool lol
The scene in High School Musical where Ryan can't figure out that the basketball team is spelling out g"o drama club!" is my favorite
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