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High School Marching Band

Inaugural Parade Rose Parade Day Parade

I feel so Played this back in Jefferson County High School Marching Band back when I was in Jr. High...
Any band moms out there? (Our own Vanessa is) What's the difference between high school and college marching band?
The ONLY thing I miss about high school is being in band. I will always miss marching.
SUV crashes into high school marching band at Mardi Gras parade -
Now that's school spirit! Read about how the Yorba Linda High School marching band parades through the halls...
I just really miss my high school marching band right now, please just let me just have a moment and get through this😂😂
Waiting on an awards ceremony for the first time since high school marching band. Odd feeling.…
High school marching band parents are a whole different breed. :). (fill in the blank)
In high school, our marching band went to New York City for a parade, and we had dinner at Medieval Times. Greatest city on Earth!
WNY News Now has posted video of the Jamestown High School Marching Band at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in...
2. Back in high school I was really into band and played clarinet, bass clarinet, and baritone/euphonium in marching and symphonic band
SOS if anyone knows a Bosnian guy who was in a high school marching band between the years of 2012-2013 let me know ASAP!
The Jamestown, NY High School marching band performed today in the Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade
oskaloosa high school marching band. Walt Disney world in florida. thanks jess van engelenhoven for letting us...
I just saw a marching band preform the battlefield 1 trailer song it was so good for a high school band
The Parade starts at 1:30 and the teams will follow the Somerville High School Marching Band led by the incomparable Matt Krempasky!
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All the way from Compton, California, the Compton High School marching band marches to the beat of the drum down 3r…
my high school marching band did a whole show of their music. That's the last time I was happy.
And it wouldn't be a parade without the North Myrtle Beach High School marching band!
And they ended up as Iowa High School marching band uniforms... Well played, G-d, well played!!.
Currently thankful I had to learn how to iron pleats in pants for high school marching band.
10 great reasons to join high school marching band. Read Blog:
So this is a person I went to high school with. I was in marching band and she was in color guard. We haven't been…
Today is Epcot! And there're kids with high school marching band shirts on and I'm having some Major Feels in a minor moment.
Hightower High School marching band performing their fight song at the HLSR at NRG stadium.
Hearing the Purdue marching band is giving me high school flashbacks...
*you see a girl in the city In her black and gold marching band uniform looking for her high school*
High school marching band traveling from New York to Chicago to perform in St. Patrick’s Day Parade
If you are interested in donating to the Plaquemine High Marching Band, contact Plaqeumine High School at 225-687-6…
Milly rocked with a friend to some high school marching band music cuz black joy is like medicine
Nope. That's from my Glendora High School Tartan Marching Band days. The banner pic on my profile is from my college days.
Either the local high school marching band is practicing or Jumanji is calling for me.
nope. I wish I hadn't seen it. What has happened to our country? She shouldn't even be leader of high school marching band
High school marching band invitational at Vanderbilt University, 1998. I'm in that picture…
Warrensville high school marching band at disney
Had a dream that I was directing a high school marching band playing the There Will Be Blood soundtrack
Click here to support Conway High School Marching Band by Robert Christy
I've been awkward my entire life, especially when I was in high school marching band
So my old high school marching band is going to ireland in 2 years and alumni is welcome. GUESS WHO'S GOING TO IRELAND AJIDOSOA9
Check it out! I donated to Conway High School Marching Band via
The Hernando High School Marching Band is in dire need of new uniforms. Our last purchase was in 2000. Over the...
Homestead High School marching band will play Rose Parade in 2018
We're pleased to welcome the. Salem County Combined High School Marching Band. back to this year's Parade.
Pitman High School Marching Band first place with an 82.585 at the Collingswood show!
That's our boy representing us & the school, made me proud!. _MG_0081-1 Southern Wayne High School Marching Band
Bedford (PA) High School Marching Band - Safe travels to Enjoy the memories!
Local Bands helping the Local High School Marching Band - Sounds like a great idea!
Fredericksburg's High School Marching Band show of 2014 still makes me cry because of how beautiful the music is
don't ever say the Toombs County High School Marching Band cannot march...that is beautiful
Enjoy the halftime show, courtesy of the Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School Marching Band! https:/…
The High School Marching Band bottle and can collection is tomorrow in the PCHS gym at 10 am. Next date is Feb. 19.
Congratulations to Columbus North High School Marching Band for representing Indiana in today's Inaugural Parade! http…
So very proud of the Tupelo High School Marching Band!! 💙💛 They did an awesome job marching/playing in this...
West Monroe High School Marching Band playing in the Inaugural Parade!!!
Congratulations to the Frankfort High School Marching Band for being selected to represent WV in the 2017 Inaugural Parade!
I liked a video from ESPN - Plantation High School Marching Band (2016)
Congrats to the Russellville High School Marching Band for its selection to represent in the Inaugural Parade. W…
Stebbins High School Marching Band bringing down the house at the Cleveland Cavs game tonight
Congratulations to the Trabuco Hills High School Marching Band for winning the Western Band Association's Grand Cha…
Santa arrives with help from Fairview High School Marching Band.
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Congrats on a Great Season to our Loveland High School Marching Band. PRIDE...Go Tigers!
The Sterling Heights High School Marching Band will make their first appearance in 20 years at America's...
The Jackson County Comprehensive High School Marching Band had outstanding results after participating for the...
Congratulations to the Fort Mill High School Marching Band for their Grand Championship victory at Appalachian State Univers…
I give you the Elida High School Marching Band class of 2017. 🎉
The Yucaipa High School Marching Band has started off the competitive season with two 1st place wins and scores...
Sultan High School Marching Band at Homecoming. This is the After the Game Show. No Sound, taken from my Drone.
Go Reed High School Marching Band! gave them a $9,945 check for volunteering at the 2016 Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off.
The Ripley High School Marching Band placed 4th out of 14 schools at Saturday's MHSAA State Band Championships. Color Guard was 1st.
Just want to say Good Luck to the Ripley High School Marching Band as they compete at their final competition!! 💜🎶🎶
Thank you to the High School Marching Band who performed to a crowd of 200+ at our Ribbon Cutting at o…
I haven't taken the time to realize how lucky I am to be in the Duncanville High School Marching Band. You guys are…
Help support the Pottsgrove High School Marching Band 2016 raise $5,000.00 at band is $876 short of their goal
Reminder to 7th and 8th grade band members that rehearsal with the High School Marching Band is tomorrow after school from 2:45 until 4:00!
=RED DEVILS ROCK==. Congratulations to the Jo Byrns High School Marching Band! They finished first in the Class A...
"The following bands have qualified for state" "In class 'B', the Buckeye High School Marching Band"
Congratulations to our state bound Loveland High School Marching Band! They qualified for OMEA state competition!
I liked a video from 2016 Denham Springs High School Marching Band has new uniforms.
There's no other organization like the Perkins High School Marching Band
Rained out half-time show for Henry Clay High School Marching Band.
Please support the Cane Ridge High School Marching Band and my son Lazarus Price. Click the link for more details.
Introducing our 2016-17 North Royalton High School Marching Band! What a beautiful evening last night for Meet... htt…
The performance by the Southwest Dekalb High School Marching Band proved why they…
The Santa Paula High School Marching Band getting ready to go to Santa Barbara to March in the Fiesta Parade Today!
Hi my name is Chase Giles i'm helping raise money for the Bearden High School Marching Band Tub...
Hearing about how well my brother is doing marching with the high school (he's in 7th grade) makes me so proud. He's a little band nerd! 🤓
"…kind of like a high school marching band…" ROFLMAO!
High School Band - We will have rehearsal tomorrow. Look good for your first day but be prepared to march (wear/bring shoes for marching).👟
ETX high school band members marching in the heat.
Waiting sky. I can hear a high school marching band practicing in the distance. Trying not to…
I just realized since I graduated high school im not in marching band anymore no more free football games. 😭
The Eagle Marching Band and the High School Drama camp students are working hard to get ready for this school year.
While you're in Tennessee stop by an hear Loudon High school marching band. Their show this year is by Styx.
The Westerville South High School marching band puts the moves to the music at band camp!
Awww come on... at least Slick Willy was in the high school marching band! /sarc/ 😎
Huntsville band to perform Star Wars–inspired halftime: The Huntsville High School band is marching into the ...
Each year the Elizabeth High School Marching Band and Colorguard sell fresh Palisade peaches to benefit the...
Douglas County High School marching band welcomes back Renaissance Elementary students in style! via
The Hudson High School Swing Marching Band is hosting their annual Bleed for the Band event today from 1 to 6 p.m.
Those were the colors of my high school marching band. Needs more hats with feathers.
Video: Hamilton High School marching band to perform in Hawaii |
I've been that way since at least high school, my friends got a good taste of it during marching band trips
I love me some podcasts, but my favorite running accompaniment remains high school marching band practice.
If you are in high school and haven't been in marching band and school, with other electives, you haven't really experience true exhaustion
I kinda miss high school marching band now .
Support my High School Marching Band by donating online- it's easy! You can donate any amount- it's easy!
I don't miss high school. I don't even miss marching band, but I absolutely love to teach. Being…
Band Camp Day 2 comes to a close for the Belding High School Marching Band!
Helena High School marching band gearing up for new season...
DeLand high school marching band fundraiser! The cards are $10.00 each. Let me know how many you want!
Read more about the Tivy High School marching band in Wednesday's KDT.
Omg tbt to my high school life 😂 my marching band sold cheesecakes, those were the days
Here's the list of characters in the first volume of "Welcome to the Rikka High School Marching Band!"
From our photo shoot this morning. Here is the 2016-2017 Oak Mountain High School "Spirit of Cahaba" Marching Band!
Hey shouldn't we all be used to our gifted SS getting hu*is trampled by a high school marching band playing 'Stars and Stripes Forever'*
The only reason why I miss high school is because I miss being a part of a community. Especially marching band.
You can meet Wilson High School's football players and marching-band members Saturday
The Wabash High School Marching Band Family Night will be this Thursday, August 4th at 8:00pm on the football...
If you want to, it won't bother me. I was around the high school marching band for four years, so I've heard louder. :)
I added a video to a playlist 2015 Brunswick High School marching band
A great article about the benefits of band from former Cardinal Band member Alexis Eichelberger! Remember that...
Otsego High School Marching Band, getting ready for a great year!
That moment when you find out that you are part of the largest high school marching band in KY
The Common Black College Application Online High School Marching Band Competition has started. Click on the link...
SNEAK PEEK VIDEO: Rams get head start before school year with cheer camp and marching band drills at Ridgewood High .
Tmw there's more people in my college marching band than in my high school graduating class.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Shawnee High School Marching Band of One is back in business, with a full restaff and the same strong band family.
Thanks for coming to watch us do band, Hillwood High School Marching Band!
Come support the 2015-2016 NYS Championship High School Marching Band with it's fall preview!
Here is video of the July 4 parade in Washington, D.C. today. The highlight : Havre High School Marching Band.
Victorious band returns home to Milaca parade: The Milaca High School Marching Band took first place honors i...
the Staunton High School Marching Band will be marching down market with us again!!
Please take some time to check out the below link for Chopticon High School Marching Band.
1st day of High School Marching Band starts tomorrow. WHS, were ready to kick butt.
Hey yinz guys-- my son is marching in the parade with the Deer Lakes High School Marching Band! Tall skinny bass drum player!! Say hi lol
Congratulations to the newest drum majors of the Joseph Case High School Marching Band: Nick Camara and Zack Miranda
Benton Harbor High School Marching Band making an appearance at the South Bend Parade!
I'll see y'all there! My high school marching band will be marching too
There's a parade in downtown Toledo today! I'll be playing in it with the rest of the Springfield High School Blue Devil Marching Band!
Went to a Memorial service for an old high school and Marching Band friend tonight. I never thought I would be...
The Tokyo High School marching band was legit. by chadmcgui…
I remember when marching band was a big deal in high school.
Actually, that's my old High School Marching Band face.
Headed to perform in the memorial Day Parade with my high school marching band!
My high school band director asked if I could send him some of my old marching band…
Last marching band practice in high school ever wow
Does Akademi High School have a band, marching band, or choir?
Celebrating our High Progress School of honor award! Thank you Heights marching band!
I graduated high school that year and started at Grambling later that summer. Marching band performed Boyz II Men, TLC etc
I'm proud to say that very very soon I'll be composing two scores of music for use of my high school's jazz band and marching band! 😁
I learned a two-person calf stretch in high school marching band & have hated the standard kind since
What will be a good movie is a high school marching band sells crystal meth to buy band uniforms
The Realm, Gainesville High School Marching Band - YouTube - Throwback to the best nights of my life! I...
News: Joplin High School Marching Band to perform in the National - Four States Homepage
High School Marching Band playing some sweet tunes for the Schoharie Memorial Day Parade!
Thank you, Bob Ellis for the donation to the Foothill High School Marching Band!! A semi trailer and $10,000!!! Wow!
is there a marching band high school a lot of things I want to go back to bed
Several Memorial Day Celebrations will be featuring our Gates Chili High School Marching Band. So proud!
to sophomore year of high school! Bassett High School Marching Band 2010 - iAm.
I added a video to a playlist Harrison High School Marching Band
Breaking News: I'm now the official drum major of the Sevier County High School Marching Band! 🐻💜
Congratulations to the Paulsboro High School Marching Band on placing 2nd in a competition in Ohio this past weekend
sitting in my backyard jamming to the beats of the Nipmuc Marching band practicing at the High School.. sound is traveling today
my high school marching band played reflections of earth! Love Greenaway!
Danbury High School Marching Band to march in city Memorial Day Parade. On Monday, the DHS Marching Band can be...
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my high school marching band is now competing in Bands of America what the frick
Lilac Parade Saturday morning at 10:30, High School Marching Band will start the parade off!
Congratulations to Vivi Ortiz and Reagan Cox on being named Drum Majors of the 2016 Henry Clay High School Marching Band!
Shoutout to the Oswego East High School Marching Band in Oswego, Illinois for using one of our live tracks in...
trying to find a sweatshirt that didn't say "Farmingdale High School Marching Band" was a lot harder than you'd think
This past Saturday, the Richmond Hill High School Marching Band was selected to represent Georgia in the 2016...
If any marching band members from high school follow me, I'm literally on the same boat that we did DJ dinner dance cruise on
McAddams high school marching band is my spirit animal.
I can't wait to spend summer break and my last year of marching band and my last year of high school with my lovely Jessie.
"And now Drum Corps International is proud to present the exhibition for the night: McAddams High School Marching Band!!"
Awesome rendition of national anthem by the award winning Buckeye Local High School marching band. PNCPark
So Dance Moms is filming like, around the corner from my house, and my choir director and high school's marching band are on it???
being interviewed by as the begins w/ Banning High School Marching Band
Really cute vine of the JFK High School Marching band
I was in a high school marching band in the '80s (trumpet) and "Private Eyes" and "Maneater" were fun to play.
"I spent my high school years out in the sun during THE HOTTEST PART OF THE DAY!" -Victoria talking about getting tans in marching band
Come to the Vidor High School Mighty Pirate Marching Band link sale from 10:30 - 2:30 or till the links are gone!
Come to downtown Brooksville and support the Hernando High School Royale Regiment Marching Band!…
WCAN sends a shout out to the Dora High School Marching Band. They are playing with University of Alabama's...
Herndon High School Marching Band playing at the National Cherry Blossom Parade today
Throwing it back to high school marching band tonight. Watching Monty Python!
I kid you not, that's the marching show next year!. The one thing I'll miss about high school: band. Not the people though._.
I was in marching band in high school and tbh it was amazing, and I miss it every day.
I was quiet until I got into marching band in high school. You know what they say about those quiet ones. LOL
Weirded out that both my high school marching band and my college band director are both in Disney's Hollywood Studios at this moment
how about a sponsorship for North Crowley High School's marching band?
The more I think about being in marching band in high school, the more I wonder how the *** I never got shin splints
"Fly Like An Eagle"..played that song in marching band, in high school, when it first came out. Man do I feel old 😧
Even though I'm not in high school or in marching band anymore just found out that rhs will be at 2017 Macy's parade!
. Shout to Shabazz High School Marching Band for coming to my site, Louise A. Spencer…
Rockford high school marching band will take on the 2017 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade💞 Yay colon
Rockford High School marching band selected to play in 2017 Thanksgiving Day Parade:
HUGE congrats to the Rockford High School Marching Band being selected for the 2017 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!
Dear remember that it could be worse. Last night I stayed in a hotel in Dayton that was filled with a high sch…
West Harrison HS is going to NYC!: 'Congratulations to West Harrison High School Marching Band! They will be r...
Herndon High School Marching Band will play at the April 16 National Cherry Blossom Parade
West Harrison High School Marching Band is going to the Macy's Parade in 2017
Come be a part of the Islands High School Marching Band next year as a member of the COLOR GUARD. The color guard...
You know it's the end of an era when Calib Barbera doesn't wear his East Haven High School Marching Band jacket to school
Blue Ridge Tours, Inc. is at Disney World today with York Comprehensive High School Marching Band. What fun!
The Lakeland High School Marching Band of Suffolk ,Va. giving honor to a former drum player at his homegoing...
We are doing a fundraiser for the Southaven High School Marching Band. If interested please let me know. I have...
at KK Castle Park from 12.30pm ft. Shorecrest High School Marching Band(from Washington)
The Midland City (AL) Dale County High School Marching Band and Band Director Sherri Miller have been selected...
But wait Melbourne high has a pretty good marching band. Now I don't feel as bad if I do actually go to that school
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Had such an awesome time working at spring break game from millennium high school marching band we raised a lot...
All the activities I did throughout high school are what I miss most . Especially Marching band & orchestra
I added a video to a playlist Ironton High School Marching Band & Alumni Half-time Show 2011
Wish that "Fight Song" song was out when I was in high school. I'd be making so many killer jokes about it in marching band
When I took the SAT, the high school marching band was practicing a 100 yards from the classroom I was in.
High school days in the Marching Band!
just bc its national marching band day:) @ Mentor High School Fine…
I swear I did Aubrey!! 😂😂I was first chair all my last year & didn't wanna do marching band in high school
Loving it guys! I played Subdivisions in high school marching band. Great memories.
Well apparently today is National Marching Band Day! I marched all through high school & c…
Happy national marching band day! This is the thing I miss most about high school, I wish I…
Apparently it's national marching band day? So please enjoy these awful pictures from high school
awesome. My sister was in drum line in high school. I played flute in marching band.
The South Hunterdon Regional High School Marching Band will be holding its 38th annual Auction on Saturday March...
Wherever you find the Hightower High School marching band, you'll find .
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I've been out of high school for two years but I still meet people that act like I'm a celebrity because I was in Dunbar's marching band
When I find out this one kid in my class played tenors in marching band in high school and I'm like NO WONDER IM ATTRACTED TO YOU.
One thing I miss in high school was being a veteran in marching band camp
If you're ever feeling sad just think about how Miranda Bailey and Derek Shepherd were both in their high school marching band
Back in high school I was in the band, jazz band and marching band…
to high school marching band! This was my senior year, where my Drum Major days started!…
Filer High School getting a new coach! Band Teacher is an alum and fired up about Yotes Marching Band
A week from Monday I will be carrying the Banner for my daughter's high school marching band during the parade at Disneyworld
The Dora Band Boosters are raising money for new band uniforms. The Dora High School Marching Band is in need of...
This is the band room at Morton High School. During marching band season about twice as many students use this...
Show your Red Pride and support the Durango High School Marching Band by dining at either of our locations this...
Estero High School Marching Band representing tonight at the Edison Festival of Lights Parade. WILDCATS!!!
The would like to thank George Washington High School Marching Band at the 5K Finish Line. The 48...
I added a video to a playlist 2011 Houston High School Marching Band
ICYMI: The Bonanza High School Marching Band will be participating in this years' Big Game 10K race.
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The English High School Marching Band, the oldest in Boston, gets the crowd going at !!
Amazing lineup! Can't wait for the Gilroy High School Marching Band & the Santa Clara Pep Band and Dance Team! Heh.
I'm streaming the Address live, from my nice cozy dorm. While we wait for the English High School Marching Band is playing.
Love to see the English High School Marching Band kick off
The only things I have gone to and plan on continuing to go to during high school are Salute to the Arts and the marching band fundraisers
I don't miss all of high school, but I miss certain parts of it and marching band is definitely one I do.
Thanks to a few years of high school marching band, I have an idea. Those little white stripes on a football are also laces. ;)
I probably haven't played euchre since high school marching band, and this is a problem.
Shout out to the Greer high school marching band for doing a great job playing at the Clemson basketball game today!
Halftime show is a marching band. Seems like a high school flashback. @ FedExField
high school marching band checking in. Try and control your adoration.
I skipped high school marching band due to health issues but now i kind of regret that.
The time and dedication I put into marching band in high school I don't regret one bit.
The director with the Hollywood High School Sheiks marching band in 2006. . Photograph: Chris Pizzello/Reuters
I miss the Linden High school Marching band. It was something that I wish I could go back in time and do all over again.
freshman & sophomore year of high school were the litest😭 like from marching band to being a lit *** softball player.. CAN I REWIND😩‼️
People who like the movie Drumline: . -people who were on their high school marching band's drumline
So I had a dream that I was back in high school and I was at marching band practice
hope you have a great day also. Having fall landscaping yard clean up project today watching kids high school marching band 2n
High school marching band playing 'The Hills" for Governor Wolf at the Which was kinda funny
The Harrisburg High School Marching Band is about to open the
When I was in high school, taking Latin as a foreign language was a scarlet letter for nerdism, like participating in the marching band.
A little motivation from a high school marching band.
One of my favorite photos of my dad, who directed a high school marching band for 20 years
Did that with my marching band in high school. Fun!
This is the best photo ever taken in the Poquoson High School Islander Marching Band's existence
Today was my last day of high school marching band...😭😭
I was in marching band in high school, which meant a fair bit of standing around in the cold in polyester uniforms.
At a Nailers game. The first period entertainment is a high school marching band. Don't get that at Pens games...
SC524 [NEW] Commend the Hernando High School "Marching Tigers" Band and staff for winning consecutive Class 6A St...
SC522 [NEW] Commend the Lewisburg High School "Marching Patriots" Band and staff for winning consecutive Class 5A...
halftime = nation's finest high school musicians in the. All-American Marching Band
Proudly Representing Pottsgrove In Atlanta. Pottsgrove High School's Falcon Marching Band is back home following...
High school marching band is nothing like drum corps.. Learned that the hard way
Someone told me that was in marching band in high school. It's hard to picture him in a shako
my high school marching band opened for The Tubes at s baseball game once, we're both old.
Only thing I miss about high school is lunch with friends and marching band
my former high school's marching band has been selected for the 2016 veteran's Day Parade in NYC! They just need funds now!
Guess my high school marching band season is officially over with 😢😭💔
My high school senior marching band pic when I was drum major/field conductor.
Ricky should I join marching band in high school?
I forget you were in marching band in high school
that’s sweet. My high school girlfriend was in marching band. We dated for a bit before coming out to each other.
News: Durant High School Marching Band invited to perform at the Liberty Bowl - Durant Daily Democrat
Congratulations to the William Mason High School Marching Band on performing in the Tournament of Roses - Rose...
Little Giant Ladders
Oh Those WIldwood Days - A Year in Review . Members of the Wildwood High School Marching Band marched in the rain...
Saratoga High School Marching Band performing at Bandfest 2016 at rose_parade. ©…
Mira Mesa High School Marching Band will be That's my old high school! Marching is
Good luck to the Saratoga High School Marching Band that will march in this year's Rose Parade!
Congratulations to Horizon High School Marching Band for being named Music/Marching winner for
I am very proud of the Saltillo High School Marching Band being invited to march in the Inaugural Parade in...
Adair County High School Marching Band from Columbia, Kentucky perform a medley of Christmas Music in...
LISTEN TO THE MUSIC - From The Oak Hill High School Marching Band as they played at the annual Christmas parade...
14 - Grantsville High School Marching Band via I had them tied with Tarpon Springs for 1st place.
This Saturday night the Mount Airy High School Marching Band will be having a His & Her To…
Congratulations to the Crystal River High School Marching Band on a wonderful season!
Good Luck Kiski Area High School Marching Band on your performance at BOA Grand Nationals!
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