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High School Marching Band

Marching Band Good Luck Lucas Oil Stadium Color Guard

The time and dedication I put into Marching Band in high school I don't regret one bit.
The director with the Hollywood High School Sheiks Marching Band in 2006. . Photograph: Chris Pizzello/Reuters
I miss the Linden High school Marching Band. It was something that I wish I could go back in time and do all over again.
freshman & sophomore year of high school were the litest😭 like from Marching Band to being a lit *** softball player.. CAN I REWIND😩‼️
People who like the movie Drumline: . -people who were on their high school Marching Band's drumline
So I had a dream that I was back in high school and I was at Marching Band practice
hope you have a great day also. Having fall landscaping yard clean up project today watching kids high school Marching Band 2n
High school Marching Band playing 'The Hills" for Governor Wolf at the Which was kinda funny
The Harrisburg High School Marching Band is about to open the
When I was in high school, taking Latin as a foreign language was a scarlet letter for nerdism, like participating in the Marching Band.
A little motivation from a high school Marching Band.
One of my favorite photos of my dad, who directed a high school Marching Band for 20 years
Did that with my Marching Band in high school. Fun!
This is the best photo ever taken in the Poquoson High School Islander Marching Band's existence
Today was my last day of high school Marching Band...😭😭
I was in Marching Band in high school, which meant a fair bit of standing around in the cold in polyester uniforms.
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At a Nailers game. The first period entertainment is a high school Marching Band. Don't get that at Pens games...
SC524 [NEW] Commend the Hernando High School "Marching Tigers" Band and staff for winning consecutive Class 6A St...
SC522 [NEW] Commend the Lewisburg High School "Marching Patriots" Band and staff for winning consecutive Class 5A...
halftime = nation's finest high school musicians in the. All-American Marching Band
Proudly Representing Pottsgrove In Atlanta. Pottsgrove High School's Falcon Marching Band is back home following...
High school Marching Band is nothing like drum corps.. Learned that the hard way
Someone told me that was in Marching Band in high school. It's hard to picture him in a shako
my high school Marching Band opened for The Tubes at s baseball game once, we're both old.
Only thing I miss about high school is lunch with friends and Marching Band
my former high school's Marching Band has been selected for the 2016 veteran's day parade in NYC! They just need funds now!
Guess my high school Marching Band season is officially over with 😢😭💔
My high school senior Marching Band pic when I was drum major/field conductor.
Ricky should I join Marching Band in high school?
I forget you were in Marching Band in high school
that’s sweet. My high school girlfriend was in Marching Band. We dated for a bit before coming out to each other.
News: Durant High School Marching Band invited to perform at the Liberty Bowl - Durant Daily Democrat
Congratulations to the William Mason High School Marching Band on performing in the Tournament of Roses - Rose...
Oh Those WIldwood Days - A Year in Review . Members of the Wildwood High School Marching Band marched in the rain...
Saratoga High School Marching Band performing at Bandfest 2016 at rose_parade. ©…
Mira Mesa High School Marching Band will be That's my old high school! Marching is
Good Luck to the Saratoga High School Marching Band that will march in this year's Rose Parade!
Congratulations to Horizon High School Marching Band for being named Music/Marching winner for
I am very proud of the Saltillo High School Marching Band being invited to march in the Inaugural Parade in...
Adair County High School Marching Band from Columbia, Kentucky perform a medley of Christmas Music in...
LISTEN TO THE MUSIC - From The Oak Hill High School Marching Band as they played at the annual Christmas parade...
14 - Grantsville High School Marching Band via I had them tied with Tarpon Springs for 1st place.
This Saturday night the Mount Airy High School Marching Band will be having a His & Her To…
Congratulations to the Crystal River High School Marching Band on a wonderful season!
Good Luck Kiski Area High School Marching Band on your performance at BOA Grand Nationals!
A fitting end to a great season for the Richmond Hill High School Marching Band.
The Patrick Henry High School Marching Band holds free concert for veterans
Wowww! !! Congratulations to my daughter Erica Johnson and Boulder Creek High School Marching Band !!! . They made...
Veterans Day is coming up and the Patrick Henry High School Marching Band is doing something pretty special!
If the Mason High School Marching Band is available on November 14th I'd love to invite them to perform at Nippert Stadium
Congratulations to the Great Mills High School Marching Band, they are the Class 2 State Champions!
Congratulations to the Parsippany High School Marching Band for a job well done! Read about it here:
Penn High School Marching Band qualifies for state finals on Sat., Nov. 7 at Lucas Oil Stadium.
Orange Out on Friday to show support for Grayson County High School Marching Band
Our Green Mountain High School Marching Band is heading to the CBA State Championship in Pueblo, CO.
My sis doing her thanggg in the Elizabeth High School Marching Band!
Way to go Franklin High School Marching Band -- one of 14 Finalists competing in Bands of America Super Regionals...
One of our local schools, Gulf Coast High School Marching Band is just 37 days away from marching in the Macy’s...
Good Luck to the Gulf Coast High School Marching Band as they perform their 2015 show for MPA. u guys will do Superior!
Today's band of the week is Timber Creek Regional High School Marching Band from southern New Jersey!
Good-luck to Lincolnview High School Marching Band as they compete tonight at the New Bremen Band competition!!
What an awesome day on the boat! Kingston High School Marching Band providing awesome musics, a HUGE 12 flag...
Milford High School Marching Band did a GREAT job at the Harvest of Harmony parade in Grand Island. Way to represent!
If I get to Oklahoma, I may stop by Broken Arrow High School. They won my award for best USA High School Marching Band last year.
We are happy to welcome the Pride of Millbrook - The Stanhope Elmore High School Marching Band to the 35th Annual...
Great show by my favorite band, Rockford High School Marching Band!
Great performance this evening by the "L'view High School Marching Band" as they competed at the OG Band competition!
I love the Milan High School Marching Band with all of my heart. 🎶💜
Bartlett High School Marching Band(my band) back in Memphis is doing a Pearl Harbor field show! (I thought that was neat)
High school juniors or seniors invited to join Wolverine Marching Band for game day.
Who needs background music when you constantly hear cicadas and/or your high school's Marching Band practice?
The Palm Bay High School Marching Band getting in some evening practice. Our next varsity football game of the...
Wadsworth High School Marching Band is switching it up
Mr. Giacchino, look up Marian Catholic High School Marching Band 2014 and ur Kronos Wartet is in the show! Ps, I marched that..
Get Fired Up! We are raising some dough for SLO High School Marching Band! Bring the attached flyer into the SLO...
"WHAT IS AMERICA? I do not understand these rituals." - my sister, whose front porch is across from high school Marching Band practice.
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Mississippi's Brandon High School Marching Band was ordered off the field Friday night because the Christian hymn...
There's two ppl talking about high school Marching Band.. We're in college stop
Nothing takes you back to high school quite like waking up to the sound of the Parma High Marching Band practice
Maybe you should apply: Clifton High School Marching Band director dismissed - Education -
The Pennsbury High School Marching Band has been on 5 continents, . "North America, America, China, and Europe."
I spent four years in a high school Marching Band without impregnating a harem of my female bandmates. Apparently I did something wrong.
Amelia High School Marching Band. Can't wait to see them in action!
Princeton High School Band Staff: Let Tim Burdine use his pBone in Marching Band - Sign the Petition!
When your roommate snores louder than your high school Marching Band
The FHSD Marching Band preview will be held at 7 PM on Aug. 27 at Francis Howell High School. Come check out the... http…
So I officially have Marching Band as a class now and I'm in auto-shop now... High school should be fun 😁
I truly think being in Marching Band in high school helped prepare me for having a job, in many, many ways
CALLING ALL HIGH SCHOOL Marching BandS: We want YOU for our "7 In The Zone Band of The Week"! .
I was in Marching Band for all of high school and in my Junior year, we played Star Wars score music and we formed an exploding Death Star.
KHS Band to debut 'Fear' on the field - KEYSER - The members of the Keyser High School Marching Band are hoping to...
If federal judge penalizes this school for performing “How Great Thou Art” - I will personally pay the $10,000 fine. http:…
This Marching Band was silenced during halftime at a high school football game, but the fans in the stands rose...
Hehe yup! HIgh school was... erm... a few years ago for me, but our Marching Band was big on the national scene back in the day X3
Want your HS football team a member of the Game of the Week? How about your BAND! We've got both in
Either the high school Marching Band is practicing or performing. Or somewhere, people are playing drums driving Gabby crazy.
I feel bad for high school Marching Bands during halftime at football games. The crowd respects the dance teams, but not the Marching Band.
A traditional Marching Band, love it! Catch the Trinity Bay High school band at parade on Saturday
To benefit the Coatesville High School Marching Band. Hoping to get an autographed item. If you can help contact me
I can hear the Marching Band at the high school playing rn & I'm in my house wth
Federal court judge Carlton Reeves, appointed by Obama, has ordered the Marching Band of Brandon High School...
Just finished my first official VO gig. Volunteer work for a high school Marching Band show. 20 minutes, in and out. That was a rush!
To everyone who is in high school and isn't involved in Marching Band. Join it. It's amazing.
High school football begins Friday night! Come out to support our team, Marching Band and cheerleaders!
Lizzy Barger playing flute with the Roane County High School Marching Band on Friday, Aug. 21, 2015, at Roane...
New Brighton High School Marching Band kicked off the season with Pie Night on Friday. Sounding great!
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This is the Portage High School Marching Band from the 50's
Mattress fundraiser at Nation Ford High on August 22nd!!! Great prices and great deals! Helps out our High School Marching Band! AND ME!!!
I cannot express how much I am excited for our 2015 Antioch High School Marching Band. I'm literally so happy at how good we are this year.
We had to wash an 18 wheeler truck at the car wash for South Paulding High School Marching Band!
Car wash in Hillsborough @ the Shell Station, all donations are for Orange High School Marching Band
Sitting in downtown Rockmart waiting on the Homespun parade to start. Andrew is marching with the Rockmart High School Marching Band!
Huntington High School Marching Band from Shreveport, LA is in the 2015 National Independence Day Parade in DC.
I'm beyond blessed and extremely proud to be the Drum Major of our 2015-2016 Bergenfield High School Marching Band 🐻🎈
Can’t wait to see Lake Area High School Marching Band perform @ the Welcome Parade!
Help me and the Easton Area G. High School Marching Band raise awarness, and money for instruments and equipment. >>>>>
S/O to the Cooper City High School Marching Band for the finest national anthem I've heard at Marlins Park all year.
A big Hip Hip Huzzah to the Sherwood High School Marching Band for placing in their division at Saturday's...
City of Rahway: Sound Ordinance Exemption for the Rahway High School Marching Band via
Congrats to everyone who made the Leadership team! Lets make this year one of the best for Lake Ridge High School Marching Band!
Thank you Bellevue High School Marching Band and we hope you enjoy the races!!
I added a video to a playlist Franklin High School Marching Band 17March2000
& Douglas High School Marching Band will be performing live hip-hop like you've never seen before! 12-1 at the
Ponderosa High School Marching Band representing Parker in Disney's Magic Kingdom. Way to go Pondo!
Alumni members of the Highland High School Marching Band raised $3,500 for the music program.
Union City High School Marching Band (of Hudson County, NJ) is actively accepting applications for all marching...
Shoutout to the Inglewood High School Marching Band! They will be performing for you at in just 12 days!
Help Send the CHS Marching Band to Washington: The Chelmsford High School Marching Band has been chosen to rep...
Dora High School Marching Band pictures have been rescheduled for Monday, March 16th
LHS Pipes and Drums took home the awards for Outstanding High School Music Program and Oustanding High School Marching Band.
Did you know we won 2 Lehigh Valley Music Awards?!. -Outstanding Youth Band Associated with a School &. -Outstanding High School Marching Band
Here is one more video of Garfield High School Marching Band playing in the Tacoma Dome tonight for the State...
Thanks to the Msgr. Farrell High School Marching Band for getting the rally off to an amazing start! http…
The Siloam Springs High School Marching Band is returning to this Thanksgiving! They were last with us in 2010!
The Antelope High School Marching Band received an invitation to participate in the 2015 National Independence...
MHS band to perform in Thanksgiving Day parade: Members of the McDowell High School Marching Band will perform...
This high school in Iowa is like East High, but instead of a High School Musical the football players play in the High School Marching Band.
Congratulations to the Oscar Smith High School Marching Band for winning the Taxslayer Bowl Contest of Champions!
Exactly one week ago...- with The Spirit of South Paulding, South Paulding High School Marching Band
Here is the Met Life performance of the Somerville High School Marching Band from October 2012.
Praying for the family, friends & students of Dale County High School Marching Band Director Sean Miller killed in a car accident this a.m.
LOVED being in the Marching Band at willingboro high school. wish i joined sooner.
The Saginaw High School "Mighty Marching Trojans" took home second place at the TaxSlayer Bowl's Marching Band...
Watched omea state finals for Marching Band from my freshman year of high school, found it more enlightening than I probably should have
Congrats to the Saginaw High School "Mighty Marching Trojans" on their second place finish at the TaxSlayer bowl!...
"I got kicked out of Marching sometimes I would just make origami during practice." . -Steven, my prom date from high school 👋
My Marching Band days were what I loved best about high school. Then I traded my clarinet for a career in court reporti…
The secret to Sam's unique rhythm chop? He says playing drums in his high school Marching Band was a big factor…
I was talking about sousas there. We were talking about my high school Marching Band which is trash compared with big bands
The Olathe Northwest High School Marching Band is heading to New York for the Veterans Parade! Good Luck to all!.
Developer says that noise from Marching Band practice at the high school is not a concern when Highway 121 is on the other side.
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Very Proud of our own Jackson High School Marching Band.
Great News From Grantsville High School! The Marching Band had the incredible opportunity to march in the...
STAR FLASHBACK: Did you know that Sinbad was in the Marching Band and Science Club in High School and went on to...
What is this high school? wouldn't last a week in Marching Band.
The Thomas Jefferson High School Marching Band will be hosting a fundraiser at Chipolte in Carytown during the evening of January 13.
As a former drum major of my high school Marching Band I do declare that likes Creed and recently bought the new Nickelback album.
Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. My son marched with his high school Marching Band...
Loving these but missing My high school Marching Band used to sell California oranges…
Marching Band takes up tons of time but it's worth it. It's something I'm going to miss when I leave high school
Six students from Delsea Regional High School's Marching Crusaders Band recently marched in the Rose Bowl Parade...
Batesburg-Leesville High School band marches in parade in London - WIS:
I just found a video of a high school Marching Band winning their division and for the salute they did the hoedown throwdown oh my god
Here is a snapshot into the life of a high school Marching Band - from early morning practice to marching in the... http:…
Thumbs up for CBS News and the Desert mountain High School Marching Band!
Congratulations to High School Marching Band on their outstanding performance at the Tournament of Roses Para…
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Mary D.Stone School students and staff enjoyed holiday music presented by Auburn High School Marching Band and...
Shout out to Jaziah Woods as he represents the Columbus East High School Marching Band. Paul Pw Woods
on "The Dumbar High School Marching Band" by Les McCann. Tune in to...
West Jefferson High School Marching Band needs your vote. . Go to and search for West Jefferson
Sherando High School Marching Band performed in the half time show at the first Sherando home game against Musselman High School.
To all friends out there. In the coming weeks and months the Rahway High School Marching Band will/may need your help. Most people don't know the Marching Band has been reduced essentially to a pep band since our director received a cease and desist letter due to noise complaints from a persistent neighbor. We've been battling this issue for a number of years, and after making numerous acceptable time and location changes,agreed to by both parties, the letter was served anyway Whether you were a band student or not, from Rahway or not, we will need your help and will be putting out more information as we move along. West Essex, and Brick recently faced similar situations. As we share more information, please share it with friends and family who have, or have had students in Marching Band, have been in band themselves, or just enjoyed the band. Thanks everyone for you help. We'll keep you posted as things progress.
It's been a great 3 years in the Gate City High School Marching Band supporting our boys in blue. I'm gonna miss football lights.
The Rahway High School Marching Band is done if we don't do something.
Guys, the Rahway High School Marching Band needs your help.
The Enochs High School Marching Band and Color Guard and the Beyer High School Patriot Band and Guard competed in...
Best of luck to the Jenison High School Marching Band and amazing colorguard as they compete at BOA grand nationals today and this weekend in Indy! Wish I could be there, supporting all of you and sending love from back home!!!
On the road with the Logan Elm High School Marching Band of Pride heading to Indianapolis, Indiana and the 2014 Bands of America Grand National Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium. This is the fifth consecutive year that we have performed and it is always a fantastic experience. What a great way to end an outstanding season with a great group of kids! So for the next three days it's bands, bands, and more bands! Not a bad way to spend three days in November. - Mr. C
Oh... My. When the Pompano Beach High School Marching Band took part in the 1965 Orange Bowl Parade, band members provided the music for the Schlitz Brewing Company float.
Up and on the road..excited for both of my children. They both will get to experience BOA grand nationals in Indianapolis Indiana with the Bassett High School Marching Band. I am very proud of both of them and hubby and I are blessed to experience this journey with them! "Are we there yet"
Marina High School Marching Band is going to need more space for awards and trophies. . We have more than this XD
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The Lordstown High School Marching Band takes part in honoring Veterans as part of the Veteran's parade in Warren!!!
Congratulations to Madison Central High School Marching Band on their State Championship win last nite!
Madison Central High School Marching Band 5A Champs! Congratulations, you have made Richmond proud!
Madison Central High School Marching Band - 2014 KMEA State Champions in class 5A. Proud is an understatement :)
The Next Band to preform in the State Marching Band Contest is... The Grulla High School Marching Band!
Couldn't be more proud to be a part of the Marion Harding High School Marching Band. ❤️✊…
Congratulations Lenoir City High School Marching Band and especially to its seniors on your 1st place…
The Katy High School Marching Band competition marching show for 2014. Performed at the Area Marching Competition.
Congrats on a great show! I am so proud of you guys and proud to be part of a great organization! Attached is a note forwarded to me from my boss, Darren Wells, who is a Kingston parent (he wanted to pass on congratulations, and he loved the show! He also noticed your presence at their show stating you are a "class act"): I would like to send a special THANK YOU to the members of the Arlington High School Marching Band. I am a band parent for Kingston High School. I thought it showed an amazing amount of respect for your ENTIRE band to give Kingston a standing ovation after their performance. It gives me great pride to be a band parent when you can see the respect shown between our two bands. Thank you again.
And a BIG shout-out to the La Porte High School Marching Band for bringing home the GOLD this past weekend! State Champions! Congratulations for all of your hard work! We are so proud of you all!
The "pride" of the Lincoln High School Marching Band, may it find the courage to rise again.
T Minus 50 minutes until the Montrose High School Marching Band performs at Stoker Stadium in Grand Junction for state regionals!
Somerville High School Marching Band performs at their home show on October 11, 2014. Another great performance!
Here is my video of the Pomona High School Marching Band performing The Perfect Paradox this weekend at the Arapahoe Festival . This show got them into finals. I'm putting it on YouTube too, but it's taking forever.
Fresh off their win at Randolph, the Nutley High School Marching Band perform at the Nutley Columbus Parade on October 12, 2014
We wanna say Good Luck to the Oak Grove High School Marching Band tomorrow at their competition at Jacksonville State!!!
COMING SUNDAY: Watch for our brand new video package from Owen J Robert High School Marching Band's Cavalcade!
What a start to DSHA's 'Governor's Conference on Housing!' Awesome luncheon kickoff from the Dover High School Marching Band!
Spent a very enjoyable weekend in Lansing Kansas visiting Mike and Mary and kids. The soccer game on Thursday got rained out so didn't get to see Phillip and Nick play. Maybe next time we go. But, we did get to go to the Marching Band show and contest on Saturday afternoon. Saw Phillip play and although Lansing did not win any awards, they were very good. Hats off to the Lansing High School Marching Band. Left Thursday morning in fog and rain and returned Sunday evening about 8:00 p.m. The drive home was a lot better. Checking the Lansing school calendar to schedule our next visit. Thanks Mike, Mary Phillip, Nick and Anna,- who has to give up her bed for us. We had a great time.
Good Luck to The Evergreen Park High School Marching Band on their first Competition of the 2014 Season!!!
Let's ROCK THE HOUSE today Munford High School Marching Band! Good Luck as we go on the road for the first time this season!
Ah, it is now officially autumn. Hearing the faint sound of drums from the local high school Marching Band practice as I'm getting ready for work.
This weekend the Waukesha South Band Program is hosting 8 bands at Marchfest! It's a night of bands, music, field shows and the whole night is on our brand new turf and under the lights! Come join us for the fun! Gates open at 4:00, show begins at 5:45, cost is $8.00 for adults, $5.00 for children and seniors. Featured bands include: Waukesha North’s Northstar Marching Band Charger Band from Sussex Hamilton HS Cedarburg High School Marching Band Columbus High School Marching Band Waukesha South Marching Blackshirts Wauwatosa East HS Red Raiders South Milwaukee HS Rocket Marching Band Muskego High School Marching Band
Vote and show your support for the New Brighton Marching Band. Last week New Brighton came in second place, vote...
Please to all my friend who has Instagram . I need your help Please help my daughter Marching Band team to win $2000 . If you have Instagram account please go to your Instagram account and search March2thetop by using Hashtags . Please klick "like" on Lebanon high school Marching Band VIDEO post by Leslie pruitte. Make sure you klick on the video . Thank you very much
There is nothing like the sounds of the local high school Marching Band waking you in the morning
They r at it again! I love listening to the high school Marching Band practice. It's seems so and is yet another s…
We got this thank you note along with pictures and wanted to share them. "Tyler and I and the Westerville South High School Marching Band wanted to show you pictures from our last competition. Thanks so much for your donation that helped us get these uniforms!!!"
High school "rappers" are so cool but no one notices the people in Marching Band, orchestra or choir who eat sleep and breath music
Everytime I hear Land of a 1000 Dances,I think of my high school's Marching Band playing the song.Way to go Lea!
Our annual high school Marching Band show, sponsored by PG Display and Bob Rogers Travel, had 32 bands this past...
"When you're high af at the school game.. Marching Band summed up into one vine
Go vote for our PT Marching Band as band of the week because Canon Mac ***
When I was in high school, I rarely went to any football games. Now that my sister is in Marching Band, I'm going to every home game.
Congrats to the Holt High School Marching Indian Band that finished first at Farmington HS. To borrow from SLUH, tradition never graduates.
Come check out our Marching Band perform this Saturday at Mountain View High School @ 4:00, at the…
If there's one thing I miss about high school, it's Marching Band 😔
8th graders are going to be playing with the high school Marching Band Friday night come check them out.
everything on yik yak mentions freshmen in high school, buses and people bashing Marching Band. Is high school really so inescapable
lol Marching is a huge thing here.especially high school football games on Friday nights
He's talking about s Marching Band that did les mis when he was in high school and the drum majors threw sabots and rifles and I'm like
I'm really excited about this project. I've been wanting to do it since I left Marching Band in high school.
AXO Initiation Practice: My annual reminder of why I didn't do Marching Band in high school.
Living right next to a high school during Marching Band season is awesome. I get to hear practice every weekday afternoon.
ICYMI: watch the SHS Marching Band performance from this past Friday! Link:
Set the last chart of my high school Marching Band career this morning!
Driving past the Marching Band at the high school makes me miss the past more than it should.
“.in his high school Marching Band just alike. 🙏👍
“.in his high school Marching Band am I trippin or is that "the hat"
The amount of attractive guys in Elizabeth has skyrocketed these past three months. I'd like to thank God, Marching Band & high school 👏🙌
“".in his high school Marching Band th…
Meeting people who did Marching Band in high school, but aren't from Warren>>>>
When the Le Roy High School Marching Band performs this year at home football games there is strong sense of pat... http…
We in here! At Westinghouse High School Marching Band seeing whats good.
“".in his high school Marching Band this is real? wat
Pine Grove Area High School is involved in the PennLive Marching Band Brawl. You can vote at...
It is a new season for the Marching Band Dancers. See their plan to make this season http…
Miss seeing the Tyler Consolidated High School Marching Band at the Cabell Midland band competition... 😭
Join us today at 5pm/Main Library as presents musical instruments to the Belaire High School Marching Band
The world-famous Shaw High School Marching Band will kick off the parade at 1pm on Saturday, Sep. 13 on East Blvd... h…
Tomorrow will be the first appearance of the Whitwell High School Marching Band in their new uniforms at the football game against JASPER! Call time for the students is 5:00, we will leave at 6:15 at the latest. I am needing more people to offer their vehicles to carpool! PLEASE if you are available contact me ASAP, more especially if you have a truck with which to haul percussion equipment.
The Legacy High School Marching Band needs your help to attend the 2015 Tournament of Roses Parade. Purchase a raffle ticket for a 2014 Jeep Cherokee (or $20,000). Tickets are $25 each or five for $100 and can be purchased online at
. Legacy High School Marching Band will march at Tournament of Roses Parade 2015. Check out kids. .
The Flushing Raider Marching Band Flushing Band & Orchestra Boosters) (Directors Brad Davis and Eric Fontan) was nominated by The Linden Eagle Marching Band (Director John Bennett) and the Pride of Piedmont Marching Band (Director Laura Ketchum). We have accepted your nomination and will collect donations over the next week to submit at now nominate the Grand Blanc High School Marching Band - GBHS Instrumental Music (Directors Cory Hutchison and Jake Finkbeiner), The Carman ainsworth blue brigade Marching Band (Director Benjamin Jones) and The L'Anse Creuse North Crusaders whom we shared Echo Grove with last week! You have 1 week to complete the challenge and make a donation! Have fun and enjoy making a difference for ALS patients!
Well, today is the day! Etowah High School Marching Band's Band-a-thon! The kids give up a Saturday to have an marathon rehersal to finish getting their show on the field & to raise money. If you're in the area, you should come check them out! Oh, any and all donations will be both accepted & appreciated!
The North Farmington High School Marching Band is having another car wash today from 11 AM to 3 PM at the Fifth Third Bank on 12 Mile near Farmington Road. If you are in the area please stop in and support this hard working group. Thanks.
Okay JET Band is here!!! Taylor High School Marching Band's 5th annual March-A-Thon! Come out and support the kids as they march through the community. Check out to see the route!! And remember.bring a friend!! It is going to be great!
Getting ready for Jake's first parade with the Londonderry High School Marching Band at Londonderry Old Home Day! Parade starts at 10 am! Good Luck Lancers!
The Fairfield High School Marching Band owns an over 80 year history of musical excellence. Under the then direction of David Burchfield, the '96 & '97 editi...
This boy has passion...two hours of praticing the trumpet for Freshmen High School Marching Band!
Good Luck to the Wapakoneta High School Marching Band in the Allen County fair band show tonight! 😊 ❤️ Wish I could be there to watch! 😬
The Berkley High School Marching Band performed this year's show for friends and family on the the final day of band camp.
. Clinton's High School Marching Band marched all the way to Canada to avoid the military draft!!!
Car wash tomorrow at the Grind 8 to 2 pm. Come support the Apple Valley High School Marching Band and Color Guard.
Just finished watching some Broughton High School Marching Band videos, we were hands down awesome and simply the best!! Class of 2003!!
Being a Marching Band drum major in high school I greatly appreciate this!!! Not exactly an Ohio State fan but I...
The Redmond High School Marching Band just rickrolled the crowd at the parade :-)
Largo High School Marching Band playing at the grand opening for the Seat Pleasant McDonald's.…
This kid just told me he wants to do Marching Band in high school. No you don't
We're you actually in Marching Band in high school?
Come out and support the AP High School Marching Band as we are holding a car wash till 4pm at the Advance Auto Parts on Ecorse Rd in AP.
Come to the Sparta High School Marching Band's car wash at MAS from 9-3! Hope to see you there! ☀️
What we all have been waiting for. the 2014 Cary High School Marching Band production is. "GROW"
“People show up to our football games to watch the Marching Band. Not the game. Our team *** -AHS” . Avon High School?
I feel a special affinity to anyone who was in Marching Band in high school.
I remember when Fat from Marching Band poked my stomach in high school and said it felt like playdoh
I ran the Booster Group for a High School Marching Band 5yrs ago
Damascus High School Band marching in Damascus day parade with Damascus Pride!
I should really write about high school Marching Band sometime, & the highly quixotic artistic attempts of a small school in Oklahoma.
Pilger middle school comes down. High school Marching Band students got to practice at Memorial Stadium during UN...
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Weekend trips are a good enough reason to break out the high school Marching Band bags, right? 😎
This song makes me think of Marching Band in high school lol. Brass Monkey on Slacker!
Im oficially apart of mansfield high school Marching Band were i will be on trumpet show style band imma miss yall
We did it in Marching Band my freshman year of high school.
What am I not going to miss about high school? Marching Band.
Either I hear the high school practicing Marching Band, or I hear the drums of Jumanji.
Yes we had a record breaking attendance at our high school SU Marching Band camp this summer!
one things for sure... It will be nothing like our high school Marching Band 🙌
I always love watching Avon High School Marching Band perform. Great showmanship
Well i done made up my mind imma be apart of mansfield high school Marching Band so mansfield band members please get at me
I got a discounted movie ticket because the lady in the box office saw my MI Marching Band shirt and thought I was still in high school. Lol
nah I was in my high school's Marching Band & drumline
I live a mile away from a high school with a class A Marching Band. August-October evenings are great.
Secret Life of the American Teenager has given probably the most unrealistic portrayal of high school band/Marching Band ever.
Seriously just found the best video of people rapping about me during one of our high school band marching contests. 😂😂😂
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I remember in high school we played against this school from Austin and their Marching Band did a tribute to John Legend it was lit perf!
can the high school Marching Band next door not bang on their drums at 8 o clock at night TRYNA SLEEP
Likely attempting to drown out the high school football game happening next door. Oh that was YOUR Marching Band?
High school went slow but band flew by. Tbh feels like I was just marching in my ugly band uniform last year. That was 3 years ago. Whoa.
Shoutout to the Bullock Creek High School Marching Band for playing the MSU Fight Song at the National Cherry Festival!
Housekeeping just knocked on my door. Reminded me of during high school Marching Band. 😂
No more Marching Band for the rest of my high school years.
I was excited for an actual high school Marching Band at valleyfair but they were as bad as valleyfair's 😬
In Memorial Stadium for UNL's high school Marching Band camp! So pumped to perform with the campers.…
2× 1st as a child I went for Girl Scouts but, my mom was the troop leader. 2nd was Marching Band camp for a week in high school.
If I ever have kids, I'll let them do whatever sport/extracurricular activity in high school except Marching Band. No Marching Band.
Nothin like waking up to the high school Marching Band ☀️🎶
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