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High School Marching Band

Marching Band Drum Major Rose Bowl Parade Main Street San Diego National Anthem Thanksgiving Day Parade Citizens Bank Park

Come to the Sparta High School Marching Band's car wash at MAS from 9-3! Hope to see you there! ☀️
What we all have been waiting for. the 2014 Cary High School Marching Band production is. "GROW"
“People show up to our football games to watch the Marching Band. Not the game. Our team *** -AHS” . Avon High School?
I feel a special affinity to anyone who was in Marching Band in high school.
I remember when Fat from Marching Band poked my stomach in high school and said it felt like playdoh
I ran the Booster Group for a High School Marching Band 5yrs ago
Damascus High School Band marching in Damascus day parade with Damascus Pride!
I should really write about high school Marching Band sometime, & the highly quixotic artistic attempts of a small school in Oklahoma.
Pilger middle school comes down. High school Marching Band students got to practice at Memorial Stadium during UN...
Weekend trips are a good enough reason to break out the high school Marching Band bags, right? 😎
This song makes me think of Marching Band in high school lol. Brass Monkey on Slacker!
Im oficially apart of mansfield high school Marching Band were i will be on trumpet show style band imma miss yall
We did it in Marching Band my freshman year of high school.
What am I not going to miss about high school? Marching Band.
Either I hear the high school practicing Marching Band, or I hear the drums of Jumanji.
Yes we had a record breaking attendance at our high school SU Marching Band camp this summer!
one things for sure... It will be nothing like our high school Marching Band 🙌
I always love watching Avon High School Marching Band perform. Great showmanship
Well i done made up my mind imma be apart of mansfield high school Marching Band so mansfield band members please get at me
I got a discounted movie ticket because the lady in the box office saw my MI Marching Band shirt and thought I was still in high school. Lol
nah I was in my high school's Marching Band & drumline
I live a mile away from a high school with a class A Marching Band. August-October evenings are great.
Secret Life of the American Teenager has given probably the most unrealistic portrayal of high school band/Marching Band ever.
Seriously just found the best video of people rapping about me during one of our high school band marching contests. 😂😂😂
I remember in high school we played against this school from Austin and their Marching Band did a tribute to John Legend it was lit perf!
can the high school Marching Band next door not bang on their drums at 8 o clock at night TRYNA SLEEP
Likely attempting to drown out the high school football game happening next door. Oh that was YOUR Marching Band?
High school went slow but band flew by. Tbh feels like I was just marching in my ugly band uniform last year. That was 3 years ago. Whoa.
Shoutout to the Bullock Creek High School Marching Band for playing the MSU Fight Song at the National Cherry Festival!
Housekeeping just knocked on my door. Reminded me of during high school Marching Band. 😂
No more Marching Band for the rest of my high school years.
I was excited for an actual high school Marching Band at valleyfair but they were as bad as valleyfair's 😬
In Memorial Stadium for UNL's high school Marching Band camp! So pumped to perform with the campers.…
2× 1st as a child I went for Girl Scouts but, my mom was the troop leader. 2nd was Marching Band camp for a week in high school.
If I ever have kids, I'll let them do whatever sport/extracurricular activity in high school except Marching Band. No Marching Band.
Nothin like waking up to the high school Marching Band ☀️🎶
My high school year book replaced the Marching Band with a picture of a bar code because it had more charisma.
Wow. Last year of high school Marching Band. I wonder what college will be like.☺️💕👌
I was embarrassed to play in high school. I regretted it after I saw how fun Marching Band was lol.
band and orchestra was a big part of my life in high school. The Marching Band pic was freshman…
If we had a high school Marching Band at PP I'd light my season tickets on fire. Then myself. And probably PP.
It's midnight and I'm watching videos of broken arrow high school's Marching Band
I can't wait for high school Marching Band! :)
One thing that *** about living across the street from a high school is being able to hear the Marching Band practice.
I guess this kindof fits. I was in the Marching Band .
I love where I live. The neighbors are great and I can hear the Marching Band from the high school clear as day.
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Checking out my daughter Brittany Ann Bozzelli in her VERY FIRST PARADE with Springfield High School Marching Band. ...Powell & Saxer
(KMOV) – Alton High School Marching Band performs in the 2014 Veiled Prophet Parade in Forest Park.
shout out to the Willow Canyon High School Marching Band representing Arizona today. Also to my twin
The parade in Arlington Heights. My baby in Wheeling High School Marching Band. Happy 4th of July!
Another upstate NY band is here. Schenectady High School Marching Band in the Washington D.C.…
Dear Friends and Family, Kalyse has been accepted to play snare drum for the Westlake High School Marching Band, such an amazing opportunity for our little musician! The Westlake Marching Thunder Band are 4A Utah State Champions! Kalyse will be participating in a 10 mile March-a-thon this Saturday and she needs all the pledges she can get from her family members and friends! Every dollar earned will go directly towards her $800 band fee! Please support Kalyse! You can write a check, give cash, or donate online using (user ID is: kellidonnathanks for your support and please forward this to anyone who might want to donate too!
The Naugatuck High School Marching Band will be meeting for its final introductory rehears...
The band was starting to look like the Fergus Falls High School Marching Band tonight.
Cheers to band starting in a few days. 😍😆😊 : Woodland Hills High School Marching Band and Imag…:
My Boy David Carlson marching with the Manalapan High School Marching Band during the Manalapan Memorial Day Parade. We are very proud of our son. (David is Playing the Brass Colored Tuba)
News: Palo Verde High School Marching Band to perform at the Holiday Bowl - Palo Verde Valley Times
Chamber News Feed: Those green fences around the historic Morristown Green should be down before the Fourth of July, according to the Trustees of the Green. Trustee Doug Greenberger said the lawns should be sufficiently restored to allow public access by mid-June. The grass has been cordoned off all spring to enable it to recover from heavy foot traffic. GEORGE FINALLY GETS SOME VISITORS: Members of the 3rd Battalion, 112th Field Artillery visit statues on Memorial Day. This portion of the Green has been off limits to the public all spring while the grass recovers. “We walk, we look,” Doug said on Monday, after Memorial Day ceremonies on the Green. A military rifle squad was permitted onto the grass, but the Morristown High School Marching Band and spectators were confined to paved paths. Glenn Coutts, the head of the Trustees, said the temporary fencing which also was erected last spring was necessary again because “we were seeing more brown than green.” Recent rains have helped the grass make .. ...
Lake Nona High School Marching Band is proud to present our 2014-2015 marching show "The Planets" by Gustav Holst
What a night!! First my daughter Orianna Pinkney was honored at NewLights grad program.I was honored at the Madison High School Marching Band banquet..Totally surprised and I thank Pastor Watson and staff for the wonderful words and presenting me with a jacket..Thanks so much u guys!!
Going to be in the 2014 Kansas Masonic All-State High School Marching Band this year!! 😄👍🎉
Amazon just announced the HBO series that are now available free to Amazon Prime members...I was always curious about the show Tremé. It's interesting enough so far, and brings back so many memories. I'm full of pride at having marched and performed in Mardi Gras Parades as a proud member of the Wilkinson County, MS High School Marching Band. Shout out to my former co-band members!
Erin's last Oxford Middle School band concert.has been a great experience. /Next! BVNW High School Marching Band and Symphonic Band!
I have to congratulate our son Shawn Alcorn who earlier tonight was named PRESIDENT of the Firelands High School Marching Band for the 2014-2015 school year. I hated that I missed the banquet, but was SO HAPPY to get the news. Way to go son!
Gulf Coast High School Marching Band, get ready to head north & join us at the 2015
Head Start had a private parade from the Enfield High School Marching Band!
Members of the Sequim High School Marching Band, under the direction of Vern Fosket, were diligently practicing...
In recent years the American Fork High School Marching Band has won state and regional championships and has marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Rose Bowl Parade, and
From the Growl, 21 September 1973: "Annuals on sale on the 6th of October! They can be bought for $6.00 from any "Grizzly" Staff!" "The De Kalb High School Marching Band is 104 members strong this year." "The Pep Squad looks very pretty in their orange and white uniforms. They have been working hard to learn the new yells for this football season to support the might Bears! The Pep Squad is to be commended for the fine job they do each Friday night in supporting our Bears!!!"
“I went to the wrong high school... Only if Hackensack Marching Band could get the crowd hype.
A high school Marching Band playing Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin music in a Cadillac commercial and tonight Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" on a credit card commercial? I must be getting old. I'm scared to go into an elevator for what I might hear!
Today I had the privilege and pleasure of attending a special event. Today the Helping a Hero organization donated a house to one of our true heroes, Sgt Josh Yarborough. The ceremony was very moving and inspiring. Josh is one of the Wounded Warriors, having served his country in the Marines. He was in Afghanistan and stepped on a mine just moments after dragging another injured Marine out of a ditch. Josh lost both of his legs just below the knees but in true hero fashion he has not let this slow him down. The Helping a hero. org foundation is an amazing organization run by some amazing people. On behalf of Josh and his lovely wife, Rachael(my cousin) we would like to share these pictures and thank all those people that made this possible. The Helping a hero .org foundation will be donating 40 homes this year to disabled veterans. Thanks to Mike Jones Homes, Conn's, Howell's Furniture, and the Contractors that donated their time and expertise as well as supplies, Billy Joe's BBQ, the Port Neches High Sch ...
Powell High School Marching Band hosted their end of the year Band with us last year. We have a great facility to accommodate any school group or organization looking to throw an end of school year celebration or success! Use our projector and screen to highlight memorable moments of the year as it plays in the background during your banquet!
New week, new participant for check out the amazing Batesburg-Leesville Panther Marching Band from...
Hey come watch our performance 🔵⚪️🐦 Southfield High School Marching Band performing at SHS Spring…
If I could go back to a moment in history right now I'd go back to see funky town sax solo in his high school Marching Band
.was in first place at Contest of Champions Marching Band! Best High School moment
Our little girl last concert in grade school, proud of her being in the high school Marching Band !
Every night the high school by my house has Marching Band practice and they are *** good. Tonight: Daft Punk, Get Lucky.
DJing the Easter High School Marching Band banquet. Good luck to the seniors.
“"Oak Grove High School- can't tell if it's the cheerleaders or the Marching Band"
We wish to congratulate Kyndal Caldwell on being named the 2014 Drum Major for the Adair County High School Marching Band! We also congratulate Brittany Curry on being backfield Drum Major!
Ha I can hear the High School Marching Band playing the Star-Spangled Banner I almost felt like standing at attention and Saluting instant flashback of the Army.isn't that funny how a song can trigger a Army flashback wasn't nothing bad just reminded me of that point in time in my life.
Hey uh are you in the Oakwood High School Marching Band?
Hello! I've been meaning to post this question for a couple of weeks just finally got up the nerve. My daughters high school Marching Band is going to disney in about a year and a half. i need to go back, withdrawals!My husband and I are considering going to see the band play and just because. How soon does everyone start planning their trips? Also what is the most unusual way you have funded your trip? I'm considering a number of yard sales. Any help in this area would be appreciated. Also if you are a TA please do not contact me. I plan my own trips. Thanks!
does New Britain high school Marching Band still have the same drum cadence as they did in the 80's
“North Hardin High School's Marching Band will be part of the 2015 on Thanksgiving!
Congratulations to my granddaughter Raven Aiken for making Show Choir! She plays several instruments in the Anderson County High School Marching Band and has excelled in piano! She loves her music!
Do you have an instrument that you no longer use or need? Consider donating it to the JFK High School Marching Band.
PNG high school Marching Band kicking off Sgt. Josh Yarbrough's welcome home ceremony.
I'm doing a fundraiser to help me go to Hawaii to represent the Colleyville Heritage High School Marching Band next year. I am selling pizza and pretzels. If you would like to purchase a pizza or pretzel, please text or message me and I will give you all the info you need. The brochure is underneath. I will also deliver the items to you. Thank you 😊.   10% Off
Did I just hear my old high school's Marching Band play Bon Jovi?
My sister and I have begun an effort to find band instruments for the Trimble Local High School Marching Band. We are working with the band director and others in the school. If you have an old instrument gathering dust in your attic or basement…or if you know of anyone who does, please let me know. Donations of instruments are tax deductible. Email me: hodsonjand I can give you complete details. Let's help young students who want to learn to play an instrument, but can't afford to rent or buy one!
welcomes the NYC All City Marching High School Band to the Memorial Day parade.
One thing I haven't missed since the fall: the not so great Newark High School Marching Band 😑🙉
The Springfield High School Marching Band in Delaware County, PA is seeking a Head Percussion Instructor for the 2014-15 school year. SHSMB rehearses weekly through-out the summer, including band camp in August, twice a week on Monday and Wednesday nights in the fall and rehearses on most Saturdays from September to November. The band competes at approximately 6 to 7 Marching Band shows throughout the fall, performs at home and away football games and performs in a few parades through-out the year. The Candidate must be an effective communicator with students ,parents, and staff, have the ability to run sectionals, implement a technique program, and maintain all organizational aspects of the percussion program. The candidate does not have to write parts, but will be encouraged to have input in the design process. There is also an opportunity for the selected candidate to continue as percussion instructor with our established Indoor Percussion program in the Winter and Spring. If interested or if you ...
Marching! 10. What do you miss most about high school?”
Day 24 What a great night for Ean ...he is a 7th grader but worked on the Maconaquah High School Marching Band blue crew ( helping with odds and inns and props at contest) They had their awards banquet last night and invited Ean as their guest of honor and recognized him for his work...thanks guys you are all awesome ...getting some coffee in and heading to Lutheran here in awhile then 4 day break!
Saginaw High School Marching Band raising money for trip to The Gator Bowl. Go Trojans!!! My alumni.Let's support SHS.they sound great!
Saginaw High School Marching Band, WNEM Channel 5, raising moneys for trip to 2015 Gatorbowl in Florida, please send donations to Saginaw High in care of Ms. JC!!!
In high school, I was in the Marching Band not learning what to do with my hand
Soon I'm gonna be a junior. When I joined Marching Band the current seniors were juniors! High school goes by so fast 😭
The 2008 Alma High School Marching Band performs their show "Wild Nights" (this is only the first part) at MSBOA in Owosso. October 13, 2008. Second Half can...
Shipping confirmation I just received: Thanks for your order at the Missouri Star Quilt Company! We just want to let you know that your quilting supplies have been meticulously gathered, placed on a red velvet pillow, and delicately escorted by 25 of our finest employees to our shipping department. Our master shipper has dutifully performed his craft, lovingly packing your order in the finest materials known to man. Our team gathered to give your package the proper send-off it deserved. Tears of joy were shed, speeches were given, and there was even a farewell cake. Following the festivities, the whole group, led by our local high school Marching Band playing the song Leaving on a Jet Plane, ushered your order through downtown Hamilton, Missouri. No, we don't own a Jet Plane, but your package was placed in the care of a roguishly handsome man who is riding in a majestic horse-drawn carriage which is on its way to your home as you read this. Although the products you've ordered will be sorely missed here a ...
Talking to a possible future roomie who did Marching Band at the woodlands high school and trying not to fangirl bc boa grand champs
Yeah, my high school's Marching Band performed for the season finale in 2009. We saw the Inside the NBA sign while there.
The only possible thing I can think about missing in high school is Marching Band. 😭
Was told today that I am going to run the drumline/assist the Marching Band at my old high school for the Memorial Day Parade.
Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Corner High School Marching Band Drum Major! I am so excited about…
Mike tryouts dad was our baseball coach in high school. My entire hometown is there...Marching Band & all.
We are so proud of you Todd J. Aycock!!! He made 1st Chair Trombone in the Oxford High School Marching Band. WTG!!! That's our boy.
I was in Marching Band in high school !! What do you play?
Every time I hear Dream On by Aerosmith I think of freshmen year of high school in Marching Band.
Im so proud of my baby, Dehstiny Smith! She is the Washington-Wilkes Comprehensive High School Marching Band Woodwind Captain for 2014!! And she's only an upcoming freshman! She also got outstanding woodwind for the middle school & one of the most improved awards! So proud!!
Yehey! Jason is officially a percussionist of the JBHS Marching Band. @ Jensen Beach High School
there is a poker run style ride coming up june 7th for the Gordon central high school Marching Band. flier posted on my page. will have door prizes and give aways and free food. it will be a crusier style ride but for a good cause.
Fundraising for Maryville high school Marching Band
Sam Maze last band concert as an 8 grader... On to high school Marching Band!! I am getting really old󾍅󾍅 — at St...
Phillies vs Angels!! So excited to see Mile Trout play! 4,000 people from Millville and the Millville High School Marching Band played on the field! Good times!!
A high school Marching Band just came down the street jamming out to "Rock and Roll All Nite" by Kiss. That was certainly unexpected.
So proud of Kristen Gray. She started band this year as a 7th grader. Today, she was asked to join the high school Marching Band!!
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Coppell High School Band kicks off fundraising drive: The Coppell High School Marching Band kicked off its 201...
Millville High School Marching Band rocked the house at Citizens Bank Park
The Bearden High School Band is proud to announce our 2014 Marching Band production: "Juliet."
Andrew Gambrell was offered a spot in the Blythewood High School Marching Band tuba line as an eighth grader next year. Looks like we will be going to high school football games a year early.
High school Marching Bands are great, except when playing indoors.
A Utah man allegedly stole over $600,000 from two high school Marching Bands Missouri and Arkansas:.
Getting ready to go my grandsons last 8th grade band concert next year he will be in J H S high school Marching Band so proud of you Tyler love you.
Why I love my neighborhood the high school Marching Band practices in the streets.
Mason area friends - MHS Marching Band to Host FREE Car Wash The rain may have rinsed off your car-- now it's time to clean it! On Saturday, May 17, the Mason High School Marching Band will host the annual FREE community car wash. From 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Marching Band students and parents will be washing cars at the following locations: Wendy's at Arbor Square; Wendy's in front of The Beach Waterpark; Culver's on Tylersville Road; Marion's Piazza on Tylersville Road; and Westshore Pizza on Tylersville Road. Prior to the car wash, each band member will be securing pledges from family, friends, and neighbors. These sponsors will commit their support based on the total number of cars the entire group washes throughout the day. The band's goal this year is to wash 350 cars.
Millard County Law Enforcement Torch Run is underway with the Delta High School Marching Band and cheerleaders leading the way. Next stop - Filmore!
So excited - doing my very first jewelry show in person today! It is a fundraiser for the McDowell High School Marching Band, and it runs from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at McDowell Intermediate in Erie. Come on down and check it out!
8th graders - If you are going to Sun Valley High School next year and want to be in the Marching Band, please...
DON'T MISS IT! On May 24, 2014 the Northeastern High School Marching Band will be performing the National Anthem...
High school Marching Band students: information regarding the 2014 Honors Marching Band is now available at
Lessons learned from Marching Band directors, the unsung heroes of high school Marching Band.
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Latest News: Seaman High School band to perform at Alamo Bowl: Seaman High School’s Marching Band will perform...
More Urbana High School... I think this was a Marching Band contest that we were in... — at Urbana High School...
Did you know... Get into high school football games for free by walking in with the Marching Band.
I'm a girl who played tuba for Marching Band in high school and we are cool people. Just sayin (Freaks and Geeks)
What's the longest you've gone without accessing the ... — I was in Marching Band all through high school, band ...
"I went to the wrong High School... .. If I ran Marching Band at SHS
Thank you to Rick Watson and his wife Jilda Watson for their donation to the Dora High School Marching Band Uniform fundraiser! It is very much appreciated =)
Happy birthday to my 'first' not 'oldest' granddaughter, Torri, can't believe you are 14 years old already! Wow, inducted into the Beta Club today and high school Marching Band in the fall! Stay focused on what is important (keep putting Jesus first and enjoy your next 4 years!)
Congrats to the North Hardin High School Marching Band for being selected to play the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
The Amador Valley High School Marching Band plays the National Anthem at the Oakland A's baseball game on April 30, 2013
The Castle Park High School Marching Band plays "Barnum and Bailey's Favorite" by Karl L. King in SCSBOA competition. The video is from a 16mm film converted...
Introducing 2014/2015 Drum Majors Sultan High School Marching Band. Valorie Meischke and Alex Buzzell. I'm such a proud mom. Nicely done you 2 this is so awesome. Very very happy.
Just put the finishing touches on all the arrangements for the Milford High School Marching Band. Looking forward to hearing them tomorrow!
Well... You are looking at the publicist, fundraiser chairman, concession stand opener, and part of the chaperone committee for the Hampton High School Marching Band. Remind me again why I tell my kids to get involved in activities? But. I've been waiting for this moment for years! I am more excited than my teens are about Marching Band. Bring on the new year! Oh. and btw... did I mention we need someone to help make a website for them? Anyone wanna help me with this exciting task?
VIDEO: Watch Wildcat Willie get down with the Quincy High School Marching Band at the Dogwood Parade!
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Congratulations Meghan! on being named one of the Drum Majors for Bedford High School Marching Band for next year! I am so proud of you!
Congratulations to my niece Anna Jent for making Color Guard for the Dora High School Marching Band. Proud of you!
The emoji of the John Overton High School Marching Band show. "🔵"
I added a video to a playlist Wando High School Marching Band 2009
Congratulations to the 1st Place Wahluke High School Marching Band and 1st Place Drum Majors!!!
Members of the Warren County High School Marching Band perform during the Apple Blossom Festival Grand Feature...
The Oakmont-Overlook High School Marching Band is looking for a battery percussion and/or front ensemble instructor. The school is located in Ashburnham, MA. The staff member will be responsible for attending all scheduled rehearsals (3 a week in September and October as well as a week long band camp) and performances throughout the fall season. Please send resume and credentials to Kris Demoura the band director if interested. ksdemoura
Here is another photo from this past weekends parade. Looking good Titan University High School Marching Band!
A clip from Foothill High School Marching Band at the Las Vegas Music Festival
Okay my first photo shoot opportunity is happening this Saturday at Friendship park. I am going to be there from 8-10 in the morning. Please if anyone is still interested I need to start getting my schedule down. I still have openings. No charge for the shoot. I want the pictures for my portfolio. I ask only to be allowed to use all pictures in advertising and setting up my portfolio. Thanks guys. Any one interested in seeing my pics can look here, Bright Image Photography, or Indian Creek High School Marching Band. This is an awesome opportunity to get quality family pictures at little cost except the cost of printing. Please help me fill in my time slots. Thanks guys
Trinity Bay High School Marching Band.another amazing Anzac Day Parade at Edmonton you all do yourselves & your school so proud.. Very proud...Lest we forget.
Shadow Hills High School Marching Band from Indio, CA joining on stage!
Wakefield Memorial High School Marching Band performs "Walk This Way," the music of Aerosmith at MICCA Finals in Lowell 2011
Kaitlyn Thorpe twirling fire with the Brighton High School Marching Band. Post game show.
I will be hosting the 2nd Annual Odyssey of Sound Fundraiser in partner with UR Sensation'z Salon! This is a non profit event\fundraiser, all profit\proceeds with been donated to Pine Forest High School Marching Band!
Guys my friend Ed's high school band is going to Disney this weekend too! If you see the Towson High School Marching Band say hi for me!!
The Saginaw High School Marching Band providing fans with LIVE music here at
The Dobyns-Bennett High School Marching Band is seeking YOUR input in deciding the Dobyns-Bennett Band's 2014...
Thank you Fulshear Area Chamber for supporting the Foster High School Marching Band.
Breakdown of all things going on tomorrow and exact times 7:00 a.m. - The Majestic Clubhouse Store opens. Noon - The first base ticket windows will begin selling standing room only tickets. 1:00 p.m. - Citizens Bank Way Opening Day Party. Features entertainment, food and drinks. Free to all fans. Live performance by Go Go Gadjet. 1:13 p.m. - Phillies batting practice. 1:35 p.m. - All gates open. All fans will receive a Citizens Bank Park Commemorative Banner, compliments of Modell’s Sporting Goods. 2:00 p.m. - Special guests take the stage on Citizens Bank Way. 2:13 p.m. - Brewers batting practice. 3:13 p.m. - Fans who have not yet entered the ballpark gates are invited to line up on 10th Street and cheer on the 2014 Phillies as they make their “Leadoff Walk” into the ballpark – escorted by the Cardinal O’Hara High School Marching Band. 3:22 p.m. - The 2014 Phillies will make their grand entrance into Citizens Bank Park from the 10th Street Leadoff Walk. Providing the music as the players walk t ...
Today the Mariner High School Marching Band made it on TV! So proud of us :)
My 10 days in Orlando is coming to an end. I have had the privilege of being with my girls and my husband (not all at the same time). I have been to the Magic Kingdom twice, to Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. I have shopped at Downtown Disney twice, had dinner at Planet Hollywood, been to the ESPN spring training center for the Atlanta Braves, and reconnected with some old friends. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every minute but the biggest highlight was watching my beloved Katie Dixon march down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom as one of her last performances as a Fairfield High School Marching Band member. What a wonderful experience that we will never forget.
SO to the Northwest High School Marching Band marching in the Opening Day Parade today!
I liked a video from Lindbergh High School Marching Band
Help Pulaski High School Marching Band raise money to go to the Washington DC Independence Day parade! their...
Edison High School Marching Band 1983 Eastside Parade playing "Moorside March", "Come in from the rain", and "Mirada".
I just blew at least 20 minutes watching high school Marching Band videos from Mardi Gras on youtube. I hate being from N.O. sometimes.
2 -1/2 weeks til Disney and so much to do. I need to have my head examined, but can't wait to see the Bergenfield High School Marching Band march down Main Street. So awesome!!!
"Where people only go to the football games to watch the Marching Band. -Godwin Heights High School"
High school. Marching Band. Marched in the Edinburgh Tattoo. Wearing kilts. The right way.
In 2012, the Ridgeview High School Marching Band faced the retirement of their band director and the pressure to uphold to a superior legacy. Under the direction…
Kingwood high school Marching Band is the best Marching Band in the state of Texas
Our high school band director is thinking about letting us get Marching Band shirts based on The Black Parade's album cover. Is
Saugus High School Band and Color Guard marching in the Main Street parade at Disneyland on Friday, March 21st. Great Day!
That is so true. I peed napalm on a high school Marching Band after I played Postal 2.
Eastside high school Marching Band best band in the land in those days..
Congratulations for junior high school Marching Band group YPM 2 Sukodono who has won 1st place in the race Drumband Hopefully future better school Marching Band group and hopefully we can continue to excel Sorry,I'm Late Say it
YKYMDCW - you hear the sound of drums in the distance, and although it's likely a high school Marching Band, you take a somewhat circuitous route just in case it's a drum corps.
Click this link and go to our special home page on the Flower Power Fundraising site where you can purchase top-size flower bulbs and perennials to support my group. Chelmsford High School Marching Band keeps 50% of everything you spend, Flower Power ships directly to you and gives a 100% money-back...
Congratulations Camp Hill High School Marching Band for being selected to perform at Disney
Just learned that ma' boy's Lincoln High School Marching Band had been invited by Disney to perform on the grandest stage of them all: Disneyland Parade on Main Street!
Camp Hill High School Marching Band performs at Disney: The band will participate on workshops with Disney...
"Northport high school- where the Marching Band is more well known than the football team. "
Dang the East High School graduating class can do formations pretty well. Somewhere between normal Marching Band and scatter bands...
Woo hoo! My high school Marching Band performed at ...
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Walk in the door & my mom says "I love Drumline!" . I'm glad one of us is able to reminisce over my high school Marching Band career.
Fact 2- I was in Marching Band all throughout high school and played the clarinet since 5th grade
Welp I got in trouble with the high school Marching Band at this hotel. Classic me.
" Where Texas High School Marching Band is more competitive than Texas High School Football". -RPHS
Being surrounded on a plane by a high school Marching Band MUST be what *** is like
Liberty High School Grenadier Band wins LV Music Award for best Marching Band for the f…
Trinity High School Marching Band performs in the Harrisburg parade
Off to with the high school Marching Band! 3 hours down, 15 to go.
The fact that Marching Band was my PE credit in high school really started to show in my athletic ability today on the slopes.
Why do the Marching Band people in high school musical wear berets?
"With their show entitled 'AFTERWORLD', welcome to the field Mandeville High School Marching Band from Covington Louisiana." -Showcase 2013
West Springfield High /school Marching Band going by on High St.
If you walk w/an MP3 player & find yourself always hitting the downbeat w/your left foot, it means you spent high school…
How is my first marching season already over? Band Camp was like two weeks ago.. @ Foothill High School
the only reason I don't want to graduate high school is bc Marching Band
Ivy League News: No Title: In the winter, we continue to play as the Pep Band! This is not your high school Marching Band! Founded in...
Wishing Matty and the Tottenville High School Marching Band a safe and fun filled trip to Walt Disney World. For my friends who are there, they will be performing Sunday10:30am, Monday @ Busch Gardens 10:00 am, and Tuesday @ Magic Kingdom 8:30 pm "Main Street Electrical pre-parade". Wish I was with you all!!
Do you know who the Sayre Turkey Trot LOVES this Valentine's Day? Our VOLUNTEERS! A special shout-out to our first-ever 'Turkey Gobbler' cheering stations: Sayre Antlers (through the Sayre Elks and Sayre High School Marching Band. Thank you for cheering on our many participants in this friendly & fun competition! FYI: After counting the votes for the most 'enthusiastic cheering station' submitted by the 5K participants (the results were VERY close): Congratulations to the Sayre HS Marching Band! Their team won: 1 - Howie's Pizza and Subs sheet pizza and a trophy donated by The Trophy Shoppe, Waverly, NY.
Awesomeness! A High School Marching Band right outside of my window. Happy Black History Month y'all :)
Tonight's participating fundraisers are the New Milford High School Marching Band and Northwestern CT Youth Hockey Association. NM Marching Band will be holding an auction/raffle in the lobby so please check it out! A portion of chuck a puck, Webster Whales, and 50/50 type raffle will benefit Northwestern CT Youth Hockey .
1. Tuscarawas High School Marching Band 1940; Girls sitting on railing at NPHS. The windows behind the girls provided light for the Girl's Gym at NPHS. An alley separated Welty from NPHS during those times; 3. New Philadelphia street scene. Look closely and you will see where the stop lights were located at the time of this picture; 4. View of Wainwright in the teens. All the homes were built and owned by Mr. Wainwright. They were then sold to miner's and their families.
East Lake High School Marching Band is raising funds for a trip to Washington D.C. to perform in National...
There's no getting around it: it's snowing like crazy. The Ocean Township High School Marching Band is intent on getting to Disney (by way of Philly) today, so here's to getting the streets plowed and my driveway cleared by 1:30 so I can get Caroline Dougherty to school!
Here to see some of my friends Delaware and the Caesar Rodney High School Marching Band, my alma mater.
Excited to be partnering with Adam Laman and the Good Pasture High School Marching Band... Gonna be fun FBCJ!
We're getting excited for Saturday! Did you know we also have special LIVE performances by T Ray Productions AND Bonnabel High School Marching Band!
The Buena High School Marching Band from Ventura, CA, supported by the Buena Music Association (BMA), is seeking funds for new Marching Band Uniforms.
Nothing like opening up an email to find out that Delray Beach's premiere High School Marching Band "The War Eagles" have signed up their 98 piece band in our St. Patricks Day Parade. These kids are awesome, and their green uniforms perfect for a St. Paddy's Day Parade !! Luck of the Irish
I have an update for the memorial scheduled for Calvin Griggs. There will be no service on February 22. The family would like to have a Memorial Service/Fund Raiser to raise money for the Hopewell High School Marching Band. As you all know Calvin loved the band and was Drum Major while in high school. This would be the first annual event for this purpose. This is an excellent way to honor Calvin's memory and help the school. It seems that most fundraisers are directed toward sports. It will be in March or April taking into consideration the weather and availability of Crystal Lake. The date , time and location will be posted as soon as it is scheduled.
Our son is selling World's Finest Chocolate for $1. He is in the Jerome High School Marching Band. If you're interested let me know.
Elizabeth High School Marching Band members  Elizabeth High School’s Marching Band, whose prestigious achievements include twenty-three championship titles over their thirty-seven years, were tapped to perform at the Super Bowl XLVIII pregame show, as well as at several NFL events...
It's Throw Back Thursday! During our grand opening ceremony in 2003, the Westfield High School Marching Band...
Baldwinsville High School Marching Band's final performance of Star Trek for the NYSFBC Championships in the Carrier Dome 10/31/2010. 1. Enterprising Young M...
Ryan Whitehead – Visual Caption Head Thunder Drum and Bugle Corps promotes Ryan Whitehead to Visual Caption Head A Thunder Veteran, Ryan was a Baritone member of Thunder (2006-2010) and a featured soloist throughout his drum corps career. In 2008, he was the 2nd place Baritone Soloist in the DCI Individual and Ensemble (I&E) Competition in Indianapolis, IN. During his age-out season of 2010, was named Horn Sergeant by his staff. Ryan has served on Thunder's Visual staff since 2011. Ryan Whitehead is a Spokane native and earned his Bachelor's degree in Sport Management from Washington State University in 2011. His athletic background includes work in the WSU Athletic Department and the Spokane Shock Arena Football team. As a musician, Ryan has performed on baritone with the Spokane British Brass Band, trombone in the WSU Jazz program, and euphonium with the Gonzaga Wind Ensemble. Since 2008, Ryan has served as a Visual Instructor for the Central Valley High School Marching Band (Veradale, WA). Ryan conti ...
The Rosemount High School Marching Band performs at the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade. This video first aired on Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014.
Congrats to the Colony High School Marching Band for their spectacular performance in today's 125th Rose Bowl Parade. You made all Alaskans proud!
The Alabama High School Marching Band just went by. They were great. The music program must be funded at the expense of the History Department.
My is to finally fulfill my dream of being Drum Major of the West Johnston High School Marching Band!
Congratulations to Legend High School Marching Band from Parker, Co! The band took 4 trophies today in...
Several of our Rosemount High School Marching Band youth are in Pasadena to march in the Rose Bowl Parade!...
Riverton Band Stolen Instruments: The Riverton High School Marching Band is driving back from San Diego, but t...
The Ironwood Ridge High School Marching Band will perform at halftime of tonight's Holiday Bowl in San Diego.
Watch out Pasadena, the Dobyns-Bennett High School Marching Band is coming your way! If you haven't heard by now,...
Sitting here alone, thinking about alot!!! Trying my best to relax after running around, what seemed like, ALL day getting daughter LaShay off on time for her trip to the ATL with the rest of the Cass Tech High School Marching Band. Keep them all in your prayers as they may have safe travels to& fro& for a commanding performace in the halftime show of the college Chick Fila/Peach Bowl on the 31st! CTMBe! Doing it big in the ATL!
Hello, The holiday is coming up quick isn't it? Sure feels like it. But, its not the only thing coming up fast. The Cass Technical High School Marching Band is supposed to be participating in the Chick Fil-A Bowl in Atlanta,Georgia. That's right the big ATL. To make a long story short, We just need some donations to help us get there. If you would like to donate please Contact Ms. Sharon Allen. Thank you. And remember Cass Tech 2nd to none. Happy holidays
The San Marino High School Marching Band is performing here at Paseo Colorado today at 12:30pm!
Congratulations to Mesa resident and Desert Ridge High School Marching Band student, Victor Mendoza on being...
The Zeeland High School Marching Band returns to Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan for the MHSAA Division 3 Football Finals. This is what it looks like when yo...
Best believe Oak Grove High School Marching Band and Colorguard was representin in downtown Oakland yesterday and at Oakridge Mall today! 💙💛
River Ridge High School Marching Band was in the televised Christmas parade!! Good job guys!
Some pretty big props for Ben Davis High School Marching Band. Great show too!
Watching semi finals- so proud of Reeths Puffer High School Marching Band and my daughter Gillian!
We love seeing little kids fearless enough to bite off big roles, like the 2-year-old girl who mastered Beyonce choreography with her mom. Meet 5-year-old mini-Drum Major Taranza McKelvin, who took the field with the Glades Central High School Marching Band during South Florida's annual "Muck Bowl,"...
I just want to say congradts to the Perkins high school Marching Band and Auxiliaries for their outstanding performance tonight. I'm-
I don't want to let go of high school Marching Band, 'cause I know college Marching Band is way different
Congrats to Destrehan High School in for winning 'Battle of the High School Marching Band' Contest!
Standing on my balcony watching and listening to my alma mater high school BHHS Marching Band.
I took way too long to discover the epicness that is high school Marching Band
I went to the high school state Marching Band finals today to help cheer on and embarrass 😁…
And thus ends my high school Marching Band career.
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I'm not ready for my high school Marching Band career to end. 😭
My final time being on the marching field with high school.
I went to a high school where we had top athletes and cheerleaders in the Marching Band.
My brothers high school did a Marching Band show based off Jimmy V this year. It was pretty cool.
I'm disappointed that was the close to my high school marching career but I'm not disappointed in the progress this band has made
What were your field shows when you were in Marching Band? I was also in Marching Band in high school :p
There's a high school Marching Band here and on their T-shirts it says "Here Comes The Treble" lol
to all my friends who are apart of the Lakeside High School Marching Band & Army JROTC Battalion, you're awesome.
Congratulations to the Nazareth Area High School Blue Eagle Marching Band for their 3rd place finish on Saturday at the US Bands National...
Photos from Welcome Stadium in Dayton at the OMEA State Marching Band Finals. London High School gets a SUPERIOR RATING!
Despite our 16th place yesterday, I'm pretty proud to say that I was in the Danbury High School Marching Band
Congrats to Arlette Rodriguez & the Green Valley High School Marching Band on their 8th place finish in Cali!...
In high school, I just love how they take actual value in people who are in Marching Band and color guard.
Hi, your Wilmington High School Marching Band just received a one (Superior Rating) at OMEA State Finals.
i don't remember the last time iv come to the library with Molly and she's done anything but watch netflix or her high school Marching Band
Best representation of my time in high school Marching Band.
My last Marching Band competition of my high school career and don't know how to feel right now. Sad or happy? Maybe both
"Mechanize" by: Coronado High School Marching Band... I am so proud and honored to have met, played…
I always wondered, why do people in high school Marching Bands ONLY hang with people from the Marching Band?
Congratulations Norwood High School band for getting a ONE in the OMEA State Marching Band Finals!
In 5 months, with X as our show, WE MADE RADFORD HIGH SCHOOL "RED BRIGADE" Marching Band HISTORY. It's always something I'll look back on.
I felt the same way ending my high school marching career. Band in college is all that plus more, trust me
Are you thinking about Christmas yet? Well, the Foothill High School’s Marching Band is as they were chosen to be...
Masuk High School Marching Band is on the front cover of the Connecticut Post online!! Check it out
Wellington High School Marching Band receives loud cheers from all of the bystanders on Clematis Street...
Super stoked for state band contest tonight! I miss marching more than any other part of high school
Look sharp, step smart: How do you get to the high school Marching Band championship?
Fingers crossed for High School Marching Band at the Hershey Marching Band
Do people know you were in Marching Band most of high school? — Lmao most do, does it matter...?
Today is my last ever high school Marching Band competition. I want to send a big thank you to the…
High School Marching Band. Good luck in the State Competition today in Dayton! You are No. 1!! :)
I can't wait for the Pitt Marching Band high school day on saturday when I get to play the halftime show. Gonna be amazing.
king Philip Marching Band of wrentham won national title in NJ yesterday, will be returning tonight at the high school!
Dear Middle School Band Members, It won’t be long before you will be receiving information and an invitation to perform with the award winning Salem High School Marching Band “The Pride of the North Shore.” We would like you to see firsthand what it’s like to perform at a football game with the Marching Band so... YOU’RE INVITED!!! What: Salem High School Varsity Football Game Where: Bertram Field - behind Collins Middle School off of Highland Ave. * You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the game. A phone will be available if you need to call for a ride home. When: Friday, November 15th - we perform our pre-game show at 6:45 pm, the game starts at 7:00 pm and is usually finished by 9:00 pm. Admission is free: Just say your name and that you’re in the middle school band at the ticket booth and you will be let in for free. Watch a great half-time show: The Marching Band’s field show this year is called “In the Heights” and it’s been awesome all fall! There are 18 cu ...
The fact that Friday was my last homme game for Marching'll be the only thing I miss about high school!
I'm proud to say that I am a Drum Major for Bullard High School Marching Band and Colorguard! 4 sweepstakes and 3 captions last night! :)
The Goshen High School Crimson Marching Band competed in states last weekend. Director, Tom Cox talks about...
Good luck to the Wilmington High School Marching Band at State Contest today! 🌟
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