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High School Diploma

A high school diploma is a diploma awarded for the completion of high school. In the United States and Canada, it is considered the minimum education required for government jobs and higher education.

Kylie Jenner

Fam I put up my elementary and high school diploma cuz I have nothing else😂😂😂
Evolved my Eevees to all three evolutions. This brought me more pride than my high school diploma.
America was great when we all had high wage jobs with benefits that only required a high school diploma era 1968-1988
Goodwill is opening a D.C. charter school to help adults get a high school diploma
Does not having a degree in the dating world make a big difference?
We're hiring! Simulation Full time. High school diploma/GED, 2 yrs. experience required.
Your wcw pops xans and drinks lean and doesn't have a high school diploma.
Yall be claiming to want somebody educated on her but be after people that barely got a high school diploma
Not to be rude, but the most educated people (higher education than a high school diploma) tend toward liberal.
Great morning to women with average sized booties that have at least a high school diploma!
Education: A high school diploma is opportunity
Housekeeping Supervisor Issue cleaning supplies and equipment to associates. High School diploma preferred…
Three years out of high school and I still don't have-or have needed-my diploma...
Universal Health Services Location : McAllen TX US High School Diploma or GED. Answer the telephone and direct...
Diplomas should mean something. Go to school 18 + years of youth only to be told high school diploma is meaningless, must have college one.
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I think I might have thrown my high school diploma away on accident because I haven't seen it since I graduated 🤔
it's been two years since I graduated high school and I still don't have my diploma because I refuse to pay some $125 bougie *** fine
Operation finesse my way out of high school (with diploma) is complete
Why must all jobs require 5+ years experience and yet only a high school diploma?? And here I am with no experience and a degree. I cri
I want to pick up my diploma but I don't because that means that this is real. I really graduated high school.
I was a clown in high school but a *** still got that diploma 👌🏾
If you don't have a high school diploma.😕
Photos show misspelling on Ontario High School diploma covers
to on getting his high school diploma!!... It's never to late to accomplish…
Mike Epps gets high school diploma at last
High school grad walks for the first time to receive diploma [VIDEO]
Why would you go through 4 years of school to make less than 25 an hour you can make that with a high school diploma like 🙄
I graduated high school in 2004. Time for everyone else to act like they got they diploma too!
Congrats To Mike Epps He Made his mama proud Finally got his high school diploma! 💯
Wel that's misspells word on covers https…
this is truly High school senior with cerebral palsy walks to get Diploma
on this day 1 year ago I received my high school diploma 😭🎓
Watch this high school senior walk for the 1st time to get diploma via
Wel that's misspells word on covers
Found my high school diploma while cleaning out my room, I should
RickeySmiley,I just got my high school diploma too,my cousin Julio made it on his computer and printer,i'm so proud of myself
Man who left high school to join military in WWII gets his diploma.
HUGE CONGRATULATION to my sister graduating from high school today, even though she didn't walk, she still got that diploma…
It's really fun when I'm looking for jobs and see one I'm into just to realize the minimum qualifications are a high school diploma 🙃
People are entitled to their opinions. This is mine: in this 🌎 a bachelors degree has the equivalency of a high school diploma. Real talk.
Only two papers and two finals away from a high school diploma 😃
Bridgescape provides at-risk students or those who have dropped out of high school a chance to earn a HS diploma.
Payroll Clerk/Secretary: FL-Miami, Requirements: High School Diploma or Equivalent but post sec...
You will not get these Grade A genes in exchange for your trues and high school diploma.
Any competent manager will hire you for the job. Unfortunately, angry white males with high school diploma screwed
sad that this is my last year of high school but I can't walk to get my diploma until next year
I never graduated high school tho, I don't have a diploma or a ged...
all I got from high school was a worthless diploma and low grade CTE and this convo made perfect sense
If you don't have your high school diploma you literally can't run your mouth about anything lol
In Iowa, a person without a high school diploma is 3x more likely to be unemployed than a person who has a diploma or higher
What if $15 hr jobs start asking for people w/high school diploma & two years of college to pay that, others will be out work
It took eight years but I finally picked up my high school diploma
Gettin ur *** suck by me is like receiving ur high school diploma ,you gotta earn that shyt lil *** 💅🏿
"Students who graduate from early college high school leave with a two-year associates' degree in addition to a high school diploma."
Aslong as I get my diploma , I achieved finishing high school and that's all that matters 👌🏾
let us not forget that 30+ years ago a man could support a family of 5 AND own a house on high school diploma.
huh so a *** flipping burgers that has no high-school diploma should get paid same as a firefighter or cop. DUMB
If you need a diploma for your senior this year, you won’t want to miss these.
2/2 without a high school diploma in hand, I don't think he has a case. Playing in the NCAA for one year can't hurt.
I may not have a high school diploma, but I can save myself.
GED recipients have lower earnings than someone with a High School Diploma
I have been married twice. Last time I got married was in 2001. I have a high school diploma. I had less than 2 weeks off last year.
Full-time Administrative Assistant - Office on Aging - Omaha, NE: High School diploma or GED, two ...
Ain't nothing wrong with a GED , you can get the same jobs as someone with a high school diploma 💁❗️
Okay but guys, if college is free then everyone will have a degree and it will be like another high school diploma that won't mean anything.
Can't find a job with NO HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA? We can help you!!: Don't let not having a high school diploma st...
Partnership allows Catholic Central students to graduate with high school diploma and associates degree |
Some of the smartest *** I kno DNT even have a high school diploma 💯
From earning your high school diploma to taking the next step in your education, we’re there to help:
"students should present 'a parent-issued high school diploma'". Makes sure to include gold stars and glitter to make it extra special
had a diploma it does mean they know what they r doing.. but kk! if it makes u happy high school dropouts and ppl w/o diplomas r dumb.. SMH
I will have my first semester of college finished before I even walk across the stage and get my high school diploma
What if you lose your high school diploma 🤔 is they're anyway to obtain another one 👀
H/T to SS Fruits & Vegetables for supporting our Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School program.
Have just a high school diploma! I am in College and I feel that you should be made to go to a two year old community college for a raise!
I don't even know where my high school diploma is
I hope so. I have my high school diploma
Requires a high school diploma with 3-5 years of experience in t...
I feel like some people I see pop up are so dumb they can't count to 10 if you waved a high school diploma in front of them lol
Christian homeschoolers cry discrimination after trade schools ask for a high school diploma or to pass a GED exam
Literally never went back to my high school after I got my diploma, not for a basketball game, homecoming Lmfaoo nothing
In FL an honorably discharged veteran who has not completed high school may be awarded a high school diploma
Okay my advice,. If you have something going for you in life, don't drop out of high school for it. You need that diplom…
*Late night realizations*. Is it too late to pick up my high school diploma?. Whoops
No criminal background, High school diploma, Willing to work & still can't get a job 😒 & they wonder why we turn to the easy mon…
How is that a good thing exactly? Making a college degree as common as a High School Diploma? SUNY = Diploma Mill?
Meanwhile, they only obtain a high school diploma, IF THAT.
You're flossing now cause you got a good job but what happens when your bills pile up an you out here livin off a high school diploma
Per Sen. a community college degree means earning 35% more than just a high school diploma.
Superb online resource to help understand how HS diploma in one US state compares w/ that in other states. Via
hey I'm white high school diploma blue collar retired union carpenter and I'm for Hillary not trump
Dude, you want to trademark your name?? Are you sure you have a high school diploma or did mommy buy it for you? GTFOH!
If college was free it would be worth the same as a high school diploma today...which is nothing in Corporate America.
Yes let's raise wages for people who maybe have a high school diploma/GED to $15/hr
wow. This guy made me crazy. He needs to wake up. He's lazy. A felony and no high school diploma?
College degrees are already near worthless. They mean as much as a high school diploma.
"In many respects a college degree is like a high school diploma 50 yrs ago." explains why he wants free public college in US
Do something about it. Now I'm finally 1 course away from my high school diploma & applying to college. Never have I ever been so
If tuition is free a degree will be as useless as a high school diploma
I've fought with myself everyday to stay motivated and to stick with getting my high school diploma for the past two years...
'Just photoshop your way through high school. U can have my diploma' . I love Seles
BS wants me to pay for college. But he says this is equivalent to a high school diploma... Great idea, dump more money into failure.
Lets keep education under federal control and pretty soon a masters will be equivalent to a high school diploma.
Why does a college degree matter? Here’s some hard hitting insight on why a high school diploma isn’t enough.
Guess where I found my high school diploma? Underneath my bed. Guess where I left it? Underneath my bed 😂
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
"educated mind"?? A person with only a high school diploma and who still speaks at a 3rd grade level and cant conjugate many verbs
Wish I could just pay to graduate and get my high school diploma
High school diploma and good background check at minimum.
High school diploma and still touched more money than your bloodline will ever touch.
Controller Goods Entry (Cartersville, GA): Must have a High school or GED diploma, three (3) years o...
When you sit & realize you're pretty much halfway through your college career..😳 Coulda sworn I JUST grabbed my high school diploma. Sheesh!
Kylie Jenner has a high school diploma, something Beyoncé has yet to achieve
If you're in a trailer park with two kids no job no car no high school diploma PLEASE don't even try to throw shade at me lolol
Brizhay recently gained her High School Diploma at Emily Griffith High School. Congrats, we are so proud of you!
I'm so done with high school, give me my diploma already
I need help please I am trying to apply for a job here but I have a high school diploma& I am in college but I am17 not 18
I searched on internet: "candidates must have a high school diploma, as well as a clean criminal record" ..the ***
Don't talk to me if you don't have a high school diploma ✌🏾️
Since Kenney has a high school diploma & Bezan went to farmer college, I'll side with Afghan combat vet on tha…
19 years on this earth, and all I have to show for it is a High School diploma and college debt.
Just an High school diploma can only get u so far with no connections and no talent
Kylie Jenner *printed out her high school diploma. Let us not go there
The jobs gap is largest for workers with a high school diploma or less. -
Still need to get your high school diploma? can help you. Here's how:
The has added a program to its arsenal of resources enabling adults to earn a high school diploma https:…
My algebra 2 "teacher" spent 3/4 of the class arguing about how much a high school diploma is worth with a student.
Local high schools improve diploma marks: see the story here -
oranges and tangerines are NOT the same thing i would know this i have a high school diploma
Smh still in bed debating whether I want this high school diploma or not
Im just trynna see can u get a law degree without a high school diploma
At this point I'm rethinking if it is that important to get a high school diploma cause all this work makes me wanna just be a stripper
I mean, do I really need a high school diploma though?
NEW TITLE.. "I still have no high school diploma but heck no"
I have almost got my diploma from my high school
Late night exam studying is when you tend to ask Google if it's still possible nowadays to survive without a high school …
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Can I skip to where I get my diploma and gtfo high school ?
Glad everyone's getting up & getting ready for high school wonderful , get that diploma ‼️
Sarah Palin is like Mallory Knox with a high school diploma.
Highly educated black man with only a high school diploma, on a road to success. Who said?
don't ever sub me and you don't have a high school diploma nor GED. Aight.
Check out viewpoint in -- In today’s world, high school diploma not enough
Update: I figured out in my head and I'm okay. I can fail Economics and still leave high school with a diploma!
You forgot to mention that he's 42. He's finally given up drugs and going to get his high school diploma.
Group seeks 25 adults to earn high school diploma: Adults in the Kansas City area looking to earn a high schoo...
Tool and Die Maintenance: High School diploma or GED; and (3)three years experience in a related field.
People who have the nerve to compare a bachelors to a high school diploma… lol wyd
Can you work at a bank being under 18 with a high school diploma/ equivalent???
... get your High school diploma yet?
I feel as useless as Kylie Jenner's high school diploma
mom pays for Netflix, currently have a job, & it's just upgrading already have my high school diploma anyways 🤗
Hamilton Collection
In a professor's office hours do you ever think about how they have a Ph.D. and all you have to your name is a high school diploma
You can't do ANYTHING without a High School diploma kids.
Don't waste life in high school just to get your diploma, actually enjoy the learning experience you will get the grade you aimed for
Recruiter: High School diploma or GED; and (8)eight years experience with a minimum of (5) five year...
Literally me starting and completing a project the night before it's due.Contemplating a high school diploma's worth htt…
New rule for anyone new that wants to play with me: must have a high school diploma and have taken a drug test in the past month.
Just one semester of high school left and we can all get our diploma and basically graduate as sophomores in college, thank…
Screw the high school diploma I'll take a a college diploma.
Can u believe I dropped out of high school for two years and then went back and got my diploma
If I got a college degree and she don't have a high school diploma then I'll be the dumbest *** in the world
I support you but at least be a stripper with a high school diploma.
Show me a high school diploma an prove something to me.
That must be infuriating. And people listen to me with only a high school diploma. *** society.
You say you're going places in life, but where's that high school diploma? 😴
Some people will only be as good as the high school diploma they DON'T have... 😄
Getting my high school diploma is gonna be so amazing ... something i always wanted to accomplish and im right there :)
How do I buy a high school diploma ?
entitled is ridiculous. A bachelors degree now is basically worth a high school diploma
when did I say it was hard? the point is we're getting a high school diploma AND an associates when we graduate so..
Just got ya high school diploma? GED? ITT TECH? Something?
I'm proud to be a Collegiate Royal, because in the end we're the ones getting both our college degree and high school diploma.😇☝🏼️
No high school diploma but I know math
No, you didn't. You presented data for 16-24 year-olds who didn't have high school diploma or GED. Read it.
Realizing how simple high school was. They really gave you all the answers and if you could recite it back you got a diploma
LIKES, will NOT get you a High School diploma. LIKES, will NOT get you a College Degree. LIKES, will NOT earn you Respect.
Unemployment rate for blacks in their 20s w/ a high school diploma is 51% what are we doing with our education guys.. 🤔
Currently thinking of jobs that don't require a high school diploma
Do you even have a high school diploma?. Can you prepare an outstanding debate case without excessive holes, fallacies and misconceptions?
A high school diploma could only get you so far,that's why I've already set my goals for later on in life📚💉💊
that's my old high school and let it be known that I touched all of the teachers butts. Plz don't take my diploma away. Plz
We deserve more then a Diploma for getting through High School😅
I'm so over high school moe just tryna get my diploma and step
Best feeling in the world is getting my high school diploma 💯 even though I took time off to help my mom who was sick
Individuals with bachelor’s degrees earn an average of 60% more than people with only a high school diploma, about $800,000 over a lifetim
If you have your high school diploma or ya GED and your not in college by this time next year Ima disown you.
School is rough & not for everyone...but in this world a bachelors degree is what a high school diploma used to be
Do I really need a high school diploma? 😭
My high school diploma is so beautiful 😍😍
...employment), and another person's high school diploma gets them into University of Wisconsin, or MIT, or...
You're not a "chef" if you work in a kitchen where anyone with a high school diploma can get hired
because I graduated with both my high school diploma & my associates degree & I have every right to brag about it. 😊😊 …
Aw! You want my High School transcript and diploma for a background check? That’s *adorable!*
Low key almost threw away my high school diploma. That's not an accomplishment
Actor Mark Wahlberg, a school dropout, got his High School Diploma at 42, as an example for his kids.
My favorite is Scott "High School Diploma" Walker. Or Graham who actually said he wants to be called "Duck Hunter"
Online schools: Obtaining a high school diploma is the first necessary step to getting a good education ...
I have multiple ancestries. I work in automotive repair and maintenance. I have a high school diploma. I have never been married.
It may be eight months till graduation, but next thing I know I'll be walking across the stage with my high school dipl…
Battery Plate Processor: Employer requires a high school diploma, or have GED.
Whoops just realized I never got my high school diploma O🐳
Earn your high school diploma at Wake Acceleration Academy. Spread the word!
"A high school diploma has to guarantee a student is prepared for whatever pathway they choose.
wow Kylie got a high school diploma.. So smart. And btw the other pic is from HSM..
Ugh did Nina graduate high school I can't find her diploma anywhere
I wish i could just go to high school and graduate again but still keep my diploma😂
Gotta high school diploma but im street smart 💯
Question: What full-time jobs can I get with a high school diploma?
The may have blocked me, but I'm breaking it down because I deserve my high school diploma.
For me this is a time of truth, a time of honesty and reality check. Giving up is not an option for me, getting my high s…
Good morning everyone!. Please keep my cause in getting my high school diploma!
My life is the best it has ever been fk a High school diploma
My high school diploma is not just a piece of paper,oh no it is More then that to me. Don't judge what you don't know.
I deserve my high school diploma because I have earned it and worked hard for it,everyday I went to school,everyday I lea…
I am not stupid,I am not dumb and I for sure am not a failure. I deserve my high school diploma.
Please help me get the word out, I deserve my high school diploma, I never gave up in high school, and I
I don't go to the football games because I'm not at the high school to support it or whatever. I'm there to get my diploma and leave.
When you know a high school diploma not gone be your greatest accomplishment ! Man I can't settle yet !
That awkward moment when you can't find your high school diploma
I think I keep having high school flashback dreams because I never actually walked the stage or picked up my diploma.
Past and present students effected by the deserve their high school diploma.
Gon be hard to convince me you a sapiosexual with only a high school diploma
feeling more useless than Kylie Jenners high school diploma
I would trade my whole my school life for a diploma 😓 hating high school with passion
Some people act like they didn't graduate with a high school diploma like is you slow or nawl ?
oh I am I'm gonna get my high school diploma for sure now
It feels great to know that I'll be graduating with my AA degree before I get my high school diploma 😊
I will not the comments of strangers me or me. I Deserve My High School Diploma.
Getting my high school diploma is a positive thing,I will have a and
Getting my high school diploma doesn't mean I am taking the easy way out,I have worked hard for it and I have earned it.
Getting my high school diploma will open up do many doors of opportunity for me.
Being left behind and forgotten about had been hard,leaving High School without my diploma was even more hard.
ok but just keep it in mind. These days the bachelors is. The be high school diploma
Like *** I didn't think it was wrong to get you high school diploma and then come back and still be all about the place you were raised.
If you're thinking of Hillary, Bernie or Biden (or any other democrat) turn in your high school diploma. You're a certifiable ***
I would never understand how someone would brag about so much but don't have a High School diploma.
When you're 18 and all the jobs you would actually enjoy working at require you to have a high school diploma or GED 😒😒😒
My mom still has my high school diploma. She framed my degree for me, but I have felt no need to hang it up yet lol
Still have not picked up my high school diploma
What you should know about your high school diploma by
Looking at my high school diploma makes me so happy ... I just be thinking like I did it I really did
My duplicate high school diploma came in the mail finally can send my papers in.
You don't need to like your high school. Get your diploma & get out. Simple.
I'm far more proud of my collection of memes than I am of my high school diploma
having a high school diploma is the least you can do and i looks a lot better than a GED and i bet your half way finished too
in high school I never cared to go to college so I didn't try hard to get more than my diploma but now I'm wondering what tf I was thinking
Going straight to the Military right when that high school diploma hits my hand! I'm outtie! 💨
If you graduated from high school how the *** you gone involve yaself in some high school drama. ? Somebody take her diploma 😂
The only thing unwritten about that is his/her high school diploma
Not even tryna be funny but I have no clue where my high school diploma is
"Most will find that a high school diploma often isn’t enough to make ends meet for themselves". via…
ehh that's the traditional route. It's many successful people even without their high school diploma
"So you have the high school diploma?"
When you try to apply for a job at Chipotle but you need a high school diploma 💁 😒
I don't think these type of people exist, unless you talking bout a high school diploma.
Summer is over & my last first day of high school is tomorrow. Nothing matters to me right now besides getting my diploma.. 💯🎓🎉
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
"What do I have that you don't? A high school diploma, boobs and something else." -
Idk what's more worthless, Kylie Jenner's high school diploma or Max's personal camera on Catfish
At the online University of the People, anyone with a high school diploma can take classes toward a degree in busine…
It's going to help both the parent & child bc you able to provide for it, rather than having a high school diploma & worrying & stressing.
Can I just get my high school diploma, then split to collage, or ?
Brandon v his high school diploma for him receiving it so late
"Feeling as useless as Kylie Jenner's High School diploma" @ life
She has a high school diploma. Lol but it's useless af
You ain't even got no high school diploma boy. Favorite this
Find this &More Admitting Clerk - Merit Health Biloxi - Biloxi, MS: Requires a high school diploma or its...
Having no school leaving exams but continuous assessment from ECD to Grade 12, Exam year for High School Diploma!
Graduating with Associates and High School Diploma and I smoke like a chimney 😂
A diploma is basically a high school participation award.
Plus I'm in college getting an education and I have a high school diploma
Last week, three Harrison House residents completed their High School Diploma, and two of them participated in...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Find this &More Courier - LabCorp - Kansas City, MO: Requires a High School Diploma or equivalent and mu...
Being in high school and trying to dj/produce music full time *** but i'm just trying to put the diplo in diploma 📓✏️
Any college dropouts out there looking for a new lease on life, holla at me about Real Estate.. All you need is a High School Diploma or GED
Bruh what if your junior and senior year in high school were the first two years of college so you get an associates degree with diploma 😱
I swear ppl be worried about me nowadays but needed be worried about graduate and getting there education cause I got my high school diploma
Niggies out here be claiming their ballin but still don't have a license or high school diploma 😛😛😛
bet you can't "twit pic" a picture of ur high school diploma. Or a bank account
The good thing about Bloodborne is that I can finish my high school diploma while the game is loading between lives
Over high school. Where my diploma at?
Get a high school diploma then come for me 💅
"1/2 of all homeless parents in don't have a high school diploma" How can reduce family poverty via
are their first Over 200,000 adult Philadelphians need a high school
"Good will always be the enemy of best" -- Dr. John Andrews right before handing me my high school diploma
Do you know ? Americans who earn a college degree make a 40 % higher salary than those with just a high school diploma.
Wow for the first time since I've graduated high school a job actually asks for my diploma.
.is looking for a Bus Driver. High School diploma and 1-2 years exp. req. .
In 2008, Verdugo received his high school diploma. 40 yrs after dropping out during the walkout of 1968.
So you're telling me, a big *** on a girl is life, but the same girl barely passed high school for a diploma? That's sad.
It took me 18 years with a high school diploma to loose my virginity & only had sex with one guy yes im happy give me a cookie please tuh
I don't think that you're a dumb person, just your decision might not be the best because a high school diploma is very nice to have.
here's another example of no interest in Guess that high school diploma...
I got my high school diploma 3 years ago 💃
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