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High School Diploma

A high school diploma is a diploma awarded for the completion of high school. In the United States and Canada, it is considered the minimum education required for government jobs and higher education.

Kylie Jenner Floyd Mayweather

Check out viewpoint in -- In today’s world, high school diploma not enough
Update: I figured out in my head and I'm okay. I can fail Economics and still leave high school with a diploma!
You forgot to mention that he's 42. He's finally given up drugs and going to get his high school diploma.
Group seeks 25 adults to earn high school diploma: Adults in the Kansas City area looking to earn a high schoo...
Tool and Die Maintenance: High School diploma or GED; and (3)three years experience in a related field.
People who have the nerve to compare a bachelors to a high school diploma… lol wyd
Can you work at a bank being under 18 with a high school diploma/ equivalent???
... get your High school diploma yet?
I feel as useless as Kylie Jenner's high school diploma
mom pays for Netflix, currently have a job, & it's just upgrading already have my high school diploma anyways 🤗
In a professor's office hours do you ever think about how they have a Ph.D. and all you have to your name is a high school diploma
You can't do ANYTHING without a High School diploma kids.
Don't waste life in high school just to get your diploma, actually enjoy the learning experience you will get the grade you aimed for
Recruiter: High School diploma or GED; and (8)eight years experience with a minimum of (5) five year...
Literally me starting and completing a project the night before it's due.Contemplating a high school diploma's worth htt…
New rule for anyone new that wants to play with me: must have a high school diploma and have taken a drug test in the past month.
Just one semester of high school left and we can all get our diploma and basically graduate as sophomores in college, thank…
Screw the high school diploma I'll take a a college diploma.
Can u believe I dropped out of high school for two years and then went back and got my diploma
If I got a college degree and she don't have a high school diploma then I'll be the dumbest *** in the world
I support you but at least be a stripper with a high school diploma.
Show me a high school diploma an prove something to me.
That must be infuriating. And people listen to me with only a high school diploma. *** society.
You say you're going places in life, but where's that high school diploma? 😴
Some people will only be as good as the high school diploma they DON'T have... 😄
Getting my high school diploma is gonna be so amazing ... something i always wanted to accomplish and im right there :)
How do I buy a high school diploma ?
entitled is ridiculous. A bachelors degree now is basically worth a high school diploma
when did I say it was hard? the point is we're getting a high school diploma AND an associates when we graduate so..
Just got ya high school diploma? GED? ITT TECH? Something?
I'm proud to be a Collegiate Royal, because in the end we're the ones getting both our college degree and high school diploma.😇☝🏼️
No high school diploma but I know math
No, you didn't. You presented data for 16-24 year-olds who didn't have high school diploma or GED. Read it.
Realizing how simple high school was. They really gave you all the answers and if you could recite it back you got a diploma
LIKES, will NOT get you a High School diploma. LIKES, will NOT get you a College Degree. LIKES, will NOT earn you Respect.
Unemployment rate for blacks in their 20s w/ a high school diploma is 51% what are we doing with our education guys.. 🤔
Currently thinking of jobs that don't require a high school diploma
Do you even have a high school diploma?. Can you prepare an outstanding debate case without excessive holes, fallacies and misconceptions?
I got married in 1979. I get to work around 5:45am. I have a high school diploma. I had less than 2 weeks off last year. I am married.
A high school diploma could only get you so far,that's why I've already set my goals for later on in life📚💉💊
that's my old high school and let it be known that I touched all of the teachers butts. Plz don't take my diploma away. Plz
We deserve more then a Diploma for getting through High School😅
I'm so over high school moe just tryna get my diploma and step
Best feeling in the world is getting my high school diploma 💯 even though I took time off to help my mom who was sick
Individuals with bachelor’s degrees earn an average of 60% more than people with only a high school diploma, about $800,000 over a lifetim
If you have your high school diploma or ya GED and your not in college by this time next year Ima disown you.
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School is rough & not for everyone...but in this world a bachelors degree is what a high school diploma used to be
Do I really need a high school diploma? 😭
My high school diploma is so beautiful 😍😍
...employment), and another person's high school diploma gets them into University of Wisconsin, or MIT, or...
You're not a "chef" if you work in a kitchen where anyone with a high school diploma can get hired
because I graduated with both my high school diploma & my associates degree & I have every right to brag about it. 😊😊 …
Aw! You want my High School transcript and diploma for a background check? That’s *adorable!*
Low key almost threw away my high school diploma. That's not an accomplishment
Actor Mark Wahlberg, a school dropout, got his High School Diploma at 42, as an example for his kids.
My favorite is Scott "High School Diploma" Walker. Or Graham who actually said he wants to be called "Duck Hunter"
Online schools: Obtaining a high school diploma is the first necessary step to getting a good education ...
I have multiple ancestries. I work in automotive repair and maintenance. I have a high school diploma. I have never been married.
It may be eight months till graduation, but next thing I know I'll be walking across the stage with my high school dipl…
Battery Plate Processor: Employer requires a high school diploma, or have GED.
Whoops just realized I never got my high school diploma O🐳 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Earn your high school diploma at Wake Acceleration Academy. Spread the word!
"A high school diploma has to guarantee a student is prepared for whatever pathway they choose.
wow Kylie got a high school diploma.. So smart. And btw the other pic is from HSM..
Ugh did Nina graduate high school I can't find her diploma anywhere
I wish i could just go to high school and graduate again but still keep my diploma😂
Gotta high school diploma but im street smart 💯
Question: What full-time jobs can I get with a high school diploma?
The may have blocked me, but I'm breaking it down because I deserve my high school diploma.
For me this is a time of truth, a time of honesty and reality check. Giving up is not an option for me, getting my high s…
Good morning everyone!. Please keep my cause in getting my high school diploma!
My life is the best it has ever been fk a High school diploma
My high school diploma is not just a piece of paper,oh no it is More then that to me. Don't judge what you don't know.
I deserve my high school diploma because I have earned it and worked hard for it,everyday I went to school,everyday I lea…
I am not stupid,I am not dumb and I for sure am not a failure. I deserve my high school diploma.
Please help me get the word out, I deserve my high school diploma, I never gave up in high school, and I
I don't go to the football games because I'm not at the high school to support it or whatever. I'm there to get my diploma and leave.
When you know a high school diploma not gone be your greatest accomplishment ! Man I can't settle yet !
That awkward moment when you can't find your high school diploma
I think I keep having high school flashback dreams because I never actually walked the stage or picked up my diploma.
Past and present students effected by the deserve their high school diploma.
Gon be hard to convince me you a sapiosexual with only a high school diploma
feeling more useless than Kylie Jenners high school diploma
I would trade my whole my school life for a diploma 😓 hating high school with passion
Some people act like they didn't graduate with a high school diploma like is you slow or nawl ?
oh I am I'm gonna get my high school diploma for sure now
It feels great to know that I'll be graduating with my AA degree before I get my high school diploma 😊
I will not the comments of strangers me or me. I Deserve My High School Diploma.
Getting my high school diploma is a positive thing,I will have a and
Getting my high school diploma doesn't mean I am taking the easy way out,I have worked hard for it and I have earned it.
Getting my high school diploma will open up do many doors of opportunity for me.
Being left behind and forgotten about had been hard,leaving High School without my diploma was even more hard.
what is your educational background? do you have a high school diploma, GED, bachelo… — i have a high school diploma
ok but just keep it in mind. These days the bachelors is. The be high school diploma
Like *** I didn't think it was wrong to get you high school diploma and then come back and still be all about the place you were raised.
If you're thinking of Hillary, Bernie or Biden (or any other democrat) turn in your high school diploma. You're a certifiable ***
I would never understand how someone would brag about so much but don't have a High School diploma.
When you're 18 and all the jobs you would actually enjoy working at require you to have a high school diploma or GED 😒😒😒
I work in offices of optometrists. Last time I got married was in 1997. I have been married twice. I have a high school diploma.
My mom still has my high school diploma. She framed my degree for me, but I have felt no need to hang it up yet lol
Still have not picked up my high school diploma
What you should know about your high school diploma by
Looking at my high school diploma makes me so happy ... I just be thinking like I did it I really did
My duplicate high school diploma came in the mail finally can send my papers in.
You don't need to like your high school. Get your diploma & get out. Simple.
I'm far more proud of my collection of memes than I am of my high school diploma
having a high school diploma is the least you can do and i looks a lot better than a GED and i bet your half way finished too
in high school I never cared to go to college so I didn't try hard to get more than my diploma but now I'm wondering what tf I was thinking
Going straight to the Military right when that high school diploma hits my hand! I'm outtie! 💨
If you graduated from high school how the *** you gone involve yaself in some high school drama. ? Somebody take her diploma 😂
The only thing unwritten about that is his/her high school diploma
Not even tryna be funny but I have no clue where my high school diploma is
"Most will find that a high school diploma often isn’t enough to make ends meet for themselves". via…
ehh that's the traditional route. It's many successful people even without their high school diploma
"So you have the high school diploma?"
When you try to apply for a job at Chipotle but you need a high school diploma 💁 😒
I don't think these type of people exist, unless you talking bout a high school diploma.
Summer is over & my last first day of high school is tomorrow. Nothing matters to me right now besides getting my diploma.. 💯🎓🎉
"What do I have that you don't? A high school diploma, boobs and something else." -
Idk what's more worthless, Kylie Jenner's high school diploma or Max's personal camera on Catfish
At the online University of the People, anyone with a high school diploma can take classes toward a degree in busine…
It's going to help both the parent & child bc you able to provide for it, rather than having a high school diploma & worrying & stressing.
Can I just get my high school diploma, then split to collage, or ?
Brandon v his high school diploma for him receiving it so late
"Feeling as useless as Kylie Jenner's High School diploma" @ life
She has a high school diploma. Lol but it's useless af
You ain't even got no high school diploma boy. Favorite this
Find this &More Admitting Clerk - Merit Health Biloxi - Biloxi, MS: Requires a high school diploma or its...
Having no school leaving exams but continuous assessment from ECD to Grade 12, Exam year for High School Diploma!
Graduating with Associates and High School Diploma and I smoke like a chimney 😂
A diploma is basically a high school participation award.
Plus I'm in college getting an education and I have a high school diploma
Last week, three Harrison House residents completed their High School Diploma, and two of them participated in...
Find this &More Courier - LabCorp - Kansas City, MO: Requires a High School Diploma or equivalent and mu...
Being in high school and trying to dj/produce music full time *** but i'm just trying to put the diplo in diploma 📓✏️
Any college dropouts out there looking for a new lease on life, holla at me about Real Estate.. All you need is a High School Diploma or GED
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Bruh what if your junior and senior year in high school were the first two years of college so you get an associates degree with diploma 😱
I swear ppl be worried about me nowadays but needed be worried about graduate and getting there education cause I got my high school diploma
Niggies out here be claiming their ballin but still don't have a license or high school diploma 😛😛😛
bet you can't "twit pic" a picture of ur high school diploma. Or a bank account
The good thing about Bloodborne is that I can finish my high school diploma while the game is loading between lives
Over high school. Where my diploma at?
Get a high school diploma then come for me 💅
"1/2 of all homeless parents in don't have a high school diploma" How can reduce family poverty via
are their first Over 200,000 adult Philadelphians need a high school
"Good will always be the enemy of best" -- Dr. John Andrews right before handing me my high school diploma
Do you know ? Americans who earn a college degree make a 40 % higher salary than those with just a high school diploma.
Wow for the first time since I've graduated high school a job actually asks for my diploma.
.is looking for a Bus Driver. High School diploma and 1-2 years exp. req. .
In 2008, Verdugo received his high school diploma. 40 yrs after dropping out during the walkout of 1968.
So you're telling me, a big *** on a girl is life, but the same girl barely passed high school for a diploma? That's sad.
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It took me 18 years with a high school diploma to loose my virginity & only had sex with one guy yes im happy give me a cookie please tuh
I don't think that you're a dumb person, just your decision might not be the best because a high school diploma is very nice to have.
here's another example of no interest in Guess that high school diploma...
I got my high school diploma 3 years ago 💃
Because the money you get from just a high school diploma ain't shxt !!!
I don't understand some ppl, if ur nt goin 2 get a high school diploma, at least get a G.E.D . Have
Want to earn your High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED)? Beware of online GED scams. Earn the real thing at NICC!
Despite beliefs, Beyoncé DID graduate from High School and received her diploma…she later got her GED In 2012 too. htt…
Starting the high school diploma program at Marinello then I'll be officially enrolled into beauty school 😭❤️
I don't have a high school diploma.
Yeah it is for Grade 10. It's a huge English test that we need to pass on order to get a high school diploma.
Our new partnership with will allow select high school students to graduate with their HS diploma AND associate d…
Just got a letter from one of the students we are helping to earn a high school diploma. She is excited and...
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT I at Georgia Department of Labor (Atlanta, GA): High School Diploma or GED equivalent...
I am looking for someone that wants to vend/merchandise one day a wk Fridays on Post. This being said you must be able to drive, and get on Post. Job is flat rate per day , 5 stores 50$. Each store shouldn't take more than 1hr. And must be able to (start at 6am.) LOOKING FOR A SELF MOTIVATED PERSON TO merchandise MAGAZINES & books, 1Day PASS A DRUG TEST, Have 3 personal and Work ref High School Diploma or Equivalency Exam Must be able to lift objects and product up to a maximum of 50 lbs with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects/products up to 35 lbs Respond to this post Why you would be intersted in Job. Or email (Could possibly be more days after march as the man I have is getting ready to retirer) thanks
CARTHAGE AREA HOSPITAL HOME HEALTH AIDE – FULL TIME (11p-7a) (Also, 1 Part-Time 11p-7a and 1 Part-Time 3p-11p) Carthage Area Hospital has a full-time opening for a Home Health Aide at Meadowbrook Assisted Living Facility. REQUIREMENTS: 1. Literate, emotionally mature adult in good health possessing integrity, poise, dignity and good grooming. 2. Must possess a current, valid NYS Driver’s License. 3. The Home Health Aide must successfully complete an approved training course to carry out assigned activities or have documented evidence of completion of an equivalency exam approved by New York State Department of Health. 4. BLS Certification. 5. A High School Diploma or equivalent is preferred, but not required. 6. Must have the ability to read, write and follow oral/written instructions in English, document care given, record messages, keep simple records and speak the predominant language of the resident. 7. Sympathetic attitude towards providing services for residents. 8. Participate in 12 hours of in ...
Canadian Online High School from Ontario. OSSD - High School Diploma totally online. Would love to chat
Aloha friends and family we are accepting apprentice applications for the upcoming semester. Good math skills, athleticism, high school diploma or the equivalent, and a drug free lifestyle is what you need to be successful. If you have or know someone who has these qualities the carpenters union Maui is accepting applications. The positions are limited, the pay and benefits excellent, and the window of opportunity limited. Get your application in before the 9th of December to be eligible for the math test December 10
Mom looking at a picture of me on the BBP stage:. "Look at you getting your high school diploma" . Uhm mom I am still very much in high school
Wedding Planner (Downtown) craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap 3rd Street at Bonneville (google map) (yahoo map) compensation: Base + Commission Vegas Weddings is growing and is looking for a full-time Wedding Planner. We are a World-Class Wedding Chapel situated in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. The Ideal candidate for this position will possess a passion for the wedding industry as well as a proven and successful sales track record. This is primarily a phone sales position, however, you should be comfortable with all aspects of selling via phone, online chat, in-person and through e-mail. Sales experience, excellent customer service skills, and excellent spelling and grammar are required. Must have typing and computer skills. Must be able to multi-task. To be successful you will also need to be self-motivated and goal oriented. Wedding Planning/Coordinating experience is preferred. Must be able to work weekends, holidays, evenings, and flexible hours. Additional Job Duties include but are not limit ...
just FYI, this is all basic chemistry I'm studying at the moment. Every adult with a high school diploma has covered it.
My daughter Jeannie didn't graduate high school but recently went back to get her high school diploma ( not g.e.d) and she graduates on December 18th I'm so proud of her
Today I learned that since I dropped out of school and had my daughter I've been the example to my sister of what not to do with her life to go through high school and that getting your high school diploma will help you get through life a lot easier. I have to say everyday they make me happier and happier everyday cause they aren't following our mom's foots steps, our dad's, mine, pretty much everyone except our cousin. Dacota Gresko Dusty Gresko I love you shy and Dacota and I'm proud of you two. It's not easy and it doesn't get easier. Love y'all
Ok I tryed like my momma said it didn't work so focus on this high school diploma and the money and then my car I'm not even mad 😡😡 no I'm Juss Foucused 😈😈
PSI in Ottoville is hiring. You must have a high school diploma and availability to work overtime as some departments work 60 hours a week. They pay well, offer great medical benefits and 401K. I believe they are hiring all shifts but mainly 2nd and 3rd.
I think I lost my high school diploma...
As I meet with adult students who are trying to pass the GED, I see a pattern. Many did not fit into the "regular" classroom. Some may have acted out when they had trouble reading, writing, and computing. These kids were often mislabeled and fell into a self-fulfilling prophecy. They often drop out of high school or receive a certificate of completion which is absolutely meaningless. Some may attend graduation and cry, not because of their accomplishment, but because they realize they are not receiving a high school diploma. So the purpose of my rant is this--if you teach (especially at the elementary school level), be patient. Try different methods. Connect with your students. If you are a parent of an elementary schooler, be involved. Find out what you can do to help your child to succeed. Every child has the able, don't give them a label:)
December 5, 2014 - Part Time Teller - Red Canoe Credit Union is seeking a part time Teller for our 15th Ave Branch. Successful candidates should have a high school diploma or equivalent
We are hiring for 200 seasonal positions! Yes, you read that correctly - TWO HUNDRED! We need General Warehouse Workers January through June. $9.50/hr Must be able to pass a Drug Screen & Background Check. 3-5 years work experience and High School Diploma/GED 2nd shift Monday-Friday and 3rd shift Sunday-Thursday. To apply please email your resume to RuthieComeauin our system? Call us to reactivate your account!
RandomThought: I never understood why so many with a job no matter what it is hide that they working. Yet so many without jobs always screaming I'm looking and the people who destroy communities are the 1st telling you what there into. That confuses me often my father told me it doesn't matter what I do he proud of me. I seen that man with not even a high school diploma break his back working any job offered. He would tell you he is a "paper boy, cocoa cola, repo,..." it's so many young men and women lost in these streets they really believe they accomplishing something by selling drugs. You mean to tell me you risk getting "killed, robbed, locked up,.." over maybe $25 a day? Wait so you ok putting drugs up your butt, swallowing it,... all that to hide from the cops? Half of these lost youth barely make money to sit down and eat let alone pay rent. Yet my working folks ashamed that they work at fastfood, clothing, custodian,... Man listen I'm gonna tell you now I take great pride in knowing my family don' ...
I want to start a movement to change "waiting till marriage" to "waiting till high school diploma"
New Driving Permit/License Requirements In Effect Beginning January 1 There’s a new law in place that could affect whether your child is able to get a driver’s permit or license—and it depends upon whether he or she is attending class! Senate Bill 269 was passed during the 2013 Legislative session in Carson City, and went into effect on January 1, 2015. The new law dictates that persons under the age of 18 who are requesting an instruction permit or driver’s license from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles must present proof that they are regularly attending classes in compliance with Nevada school attendance requirements, or prove that they are exempt from those requirements. To be considered “exempt,” a child must show that he or she has already received a high school diploma or has taken and passed one of the three high school equivalence exams (GED, HiSET, or TASC). The new law would affect students who have been declared truants three or more times in a single school year. These stude ...
RECEPTIONIST PART TIME -- LONG TERM TEMPORARY (CANTON) compensation: $13-$14 DOE Anodyne/Quality Personnel is currently recruiting for the following position: Duties: Greeting and referring all visitors Providing administrative support as needed and telephone coverage Responsible for mail distribution, updating contact and other databases Keeping the reception area running efficiently and handling the schedule for the conference rooms and other administrative duties as needed. The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications: - High School Diploma - Prior receptionist experience, preferably in a manufacturing or industrial environment - Needs to have professional telephone manners - Light administrative support experience - Excellent verbal communication and organizational skills, - Good written communication - Detailed oriented with great attention to detail and follow up - Teamwork attitude and flexibility a must - Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel required, Lotus Notes em ...
"lol" you go to school of retards. Have fun getting a high school diploma again from Texas state
I'm tired of high school, can I just get my diploma n go to college already 😏
"He was a punk *** thug. I don't care if he was going to college or not, high school diploma or not"
I know your *** ain't even got a high school diploma, I bet youre filling out a unemployment form rn
Jeez 79% of females under 20 years old in Lawrence Ma are pregnant with no higher education than a HIGH SCHOOL diploma 😳😳 smh
What an inspiring story! goes back for diploma after 50 years!
Had I missed any of these softball questions, I would have been compelled to burn my Junior High School diploma.
The fact that so many of Yal graduated with a high school diploma and can't spell is really annoying
Rico ain't got a high school diploma but he saying he would be ashamed of a njit degree
Wonder if I could ever be president without a high school diploma or GED God says YES
I cannot stand your constant grammatical errors, spelling mishaps and lack of punctuation. I need proof that you have a high school diploma.
Though I had my first child at 18, I still graduated high school with a good GPA, receiving my diploma and I still attended college❗👌
Yeah u got a diploma but you never graduated from high school
Im 20 if you still in high school tryna argue wit me ima laugh at yo bby *** . Gotta graduate n get that diploma first 😘
Um excuse me how do you expect me to write a prosecution statement when I don't have a degree in law or just a high school diploma yet?!
“all I want in life you just want a high school diploma? you're not getting far with that 😂
Got to see memaw Donnas high school diploma! Just wish that you could see me get mine in 5 months!
There is no selection for Swiss universities. If you have a pass in your high school diploma you can go anywhere
Dear Santa - This christmas i would like the requirements for the police force to be something more advanced than a high school diploma.
Can you even work at McDonald's without a high school diploma? 😂😂
what are other nursing jobs that just require high school diploma?ex, LPN,Phlebotomist?
"...the thing I wanna ask you is to help me, to show me how I can be a grown-up. Do I carry my high school diploma around with me?.."
After I get my college diploma I'm going to just sell my high school one to a hoodrat kid.
Phlebotomist: High School Diploma/GED, Phlebotomy certification from an accredi...
Like cool, his friend likes me. He also doesn't have a high school diploma or a job. I need someone with ambition and motivation.
this is hard for a guy like myself. since only I have a high school diploma had no access to university libraries.
Congrats to my BFF for graduating high school today and getting her IB diploma! I know it was *** but totally worth it 🎊🎓🎈
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I'm content with my high school diploma. When I'm ready to get my degree I will
Instead of a diploma, can they give you a Life Book when you graduate high school or college. I don't know what I'm doing
lol at you 2 furthering your education for a better future. While I'm over here with my high school diploma & free time.
A high school diploma and a gun ain't cutting it any more. Less cops with higher pay, no less than 2 years of constitutional law.
Apparently your high school diploma was too. “Marriage isn't nothing but a piece of paper 💅”
Both my brothers hugging their girlfriends in the Christmas card, I'll be hugging my high school diploma 😂😂
To join the Military a man had to show his birthcertificate, High School & College diploma, ssc, dri license, family members.
NEW PATIENT CARE OPPORTUNITIES! PATIENT CARE ASSISTANT / PER DIEM / ROTATION - BWH NEURO INTENSIVE CARE UNIT 9CD GENERAL OVERVIEW: Functioning under the direction of the Registered Nurse (RN) and as a member of the unit-based patient care team, the Patient Care Assistant (PCA) performs duties of direct and indirect patient care. The PCA is responsible for supporting the RN with clinical tasks, including, but not limited to glucometry, EKGs, and vital signs. In addition, the PCA is responsible for responding to the needs of patients and family members and takes a proactive role in the efficient operation of the unit. QUALIFICATIONS: 1. High School Diploma or equivalent required. 2. Certification as nursing assistant or a nursing student who has completed their second clinical rotation. For nursing students hired as PCAs, strongly prefer nursing students enrolled in BSN programs or direct entry Master’s Program. 3. Demonstrated proficiency in English verbal and written communication skills. 4. Abi ...
Fact about : Bambi got his High School Diploma in June 11th 2003 ! (By the school Roosevelt of Gary)
PPG Industries, Royal Oak, MI Assistant Store Manager For more information visit our website at MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES Achieve sales and profit plan by controlling expenses, working capital, inventory, shrinkage and growing net contribution. Focus on customer service by ensuring that high service standards are maintained and customer issues are quickly and efficiently resolved. Maintain a high level of associate engagement through effective leadership. Maintain an understanding of local market, operations based selling and customer base. Ensure that the appearance of the store's exterior and interior, including merchandising displays, are maintained to required standards. Qualifications REQUIREMENTS Must have 2 to 4 years retail experience. Minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent, some college credits preferred. Demonstrated customer service skills. Ability to work extended days, occasional weekends and holidays. Good verbal and written communication skills. Must possess a valid Driver's License. Ab ...
APPLY IN PERSON - IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR HVAC Mechanic/Installer HELPER. We are currently seeking a highly motivated Installer/Helper Apprentice. Installers install new A/C equipment and systems. We are seeking apprentice level installers who have at least a few months experience in the field. Once hired, new Installer/Helper will work in a training position along with Lead or Journeyman Installers. Candidates should be eager to learn and have the potential to become Lead Installers within a short time frame. Candidates should be professional and willing to provide an extremely high level of quality service to our customers. Required Qualifications: -Valid drivers license -Insurable by Company insurance carrier -High School Diploma or its equivalent -Willingness to invest time in training seminars and classes. -Follow directions as given, written and verbal -Basic Safety knowledge of tools and surroundings. -Safe use of ladders -Comply with ALL SAFETY RULES -Understand how to use a tape measure -Arrive on ...
The Customer Service Rep. 1 works in the Field Compensation Department and answers telephone and written inquiries from ... High School Diploma or GED is required 1 year telephone Customer Service Representative is helpful Excellent verbal...
Any idea what they ALL have in common? Barry Diller - owner of Carl Lindner - founder of United Dairy Farmers Dave Thomas - founder of Wendy’s David Geffen - co-founder of DreamWorks David Green - founder of Hobby Lobby Henry Ford - founder of Ford Motor Company John D. Rockefeller Sr., - founder of Standard Oil John Paul DeJoria - co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, founder of Patron Spirits tequila. Kirk Kerkorian - owner of Mandalay Bay and Mirage Resorts, and MGM movie studio Larry Ellison - co-founder of Oracle Software Company. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin S. Daniel Abraham, founder of Slim-Fast Steve Wozniak - co-founder of Apple That's right. No College. Some ain't (heh) even got a High School Diploma! How can that be? Turns out, those *** statistics say that... "There is ZERO correlation between how much education or experience you have and how much money you can make." So what is it that makes the difference?
Community Consultant-Only Customer Service Exp Required! (Sacramento/Elk Grove) Successful Property Management Company seeking a full-time Community Consultant for our 150+ Unit property located in the Sacramento area. At the direction of the Community Manager, the Community Consultant will be responsible for the rental of apartments, assist with marketing, maintain courteous communication with residents and assist in the processing of rental applications. The Community Consultant will also ensure that all company policies are implemented at all times. We offer competitive pay and benefits, as well as opportunity for advancement. QUALIFICATIONS: Education- High School Diploma or equivalent required Experience: Minimum 1 year customer service experience, marketing, sales or related field required. Communication: ability to read and interpret documents such as lease agreements, company policies and guidelines. Ability to create routine reports. Ability to speak effectively before customers or employees of t ...
EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY!! Friendly Temple is seeking a Full-Time Facilities Supervisor with at least 3-5 years of experience. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the management and scheduling of the cleaning team and volunteers, upkeep of the campus grounds, perform all setup and breakdown needs for events and special services and work in conjunction with the Senior leadership supporting campus improvement projects. Skills/Qualifications: • Minimum of High School Diploma and 3-5 years in related field. • Knowledgeable of HVA of large non-residential buildings. • Proficient in electrical, carpentry and mechanical malfunctions and repairs. • Excellent organizational and planning skills. • Ability to direct and lead other employees and volunteers. • Ability to negotiate with contractors and vendors for facility needs. • Ability to effectively communicate with staff and volunteers on facility needs and usage. • Ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds. • Ability to stand and walk fo ...
I dont understand why people is worried about ME! *** need to focus on getting there high school diploma instead of worrying about me!!🐸
Carpenter at Southeast Alabama Medical Center (Dothan, AL): High School Diploma or equivalent is ...
Really don't know how not having a high school diploma really matters when you're the highest paid athlete. Let's ask Nelly what he means.
I think the TSA better start checking their employees birth certificates, High School Diplomas to make sure that their employees are from or here in the USA legally.
- Beau Rivage is hiring a Cage Cashier! Position Summary: Responsible for all monetary transactions and exchanges with customers and casino pit. Works in all related areas of the casino cage, which includes all banks, frontline, casino credit and satellite bank. Minimum Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent and 2 years of casino cage or banking experience required, or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience. Must be able to obtain a Mississippi Gaming permit. Apply today!
The Cape Coral Fire Department will be hiring Firefighters in the near future (applications will not be accepted at this time). If you are interested please review the information so you are ready when the position is posted. Minimum Requirements: •High School Diploma or GED •State of Florida Firefighter II •State of Florida Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Paramedic •Florida Drivers License Applications Requirements: •All minimum requirements •Proof of a licensed Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) o Within one year of the posting date o Passing score required o Licensed locations can be found at: •Submission of application through the City of Cape Coral Human Resources Department, when open
Strong words but a high school diploma doesn't guarantee success or that you won't get your *** beat for smart remarks.
Why do we need a high school diploma to fight for our country? If people were invading us it wouldn't make a difference they would be recruiting everyone and anyone. Just sayin
that's because he's in the only sport that allows high school dropouts. I don't think NBA or NFL allows non diploma having ***
A Scholarship Offering in the Memory of Steve Turner (1937 - 2012) To Attend the Eighth Surprise Valley Writers’ Conference Sept. 11 - 14, 2014 Applications for the Steve Turner Scholarship are now being accepted. Please note: This scholarship offering is only for writers of creative nonfiction. Criteria: Applicants must demonstrate a common interest in Steve Turner’s devotion to writer’s rights and his literal passion for individual farmers and the difficulties they face in a national and global context. An example of Turner’s interest in agriculture can be found in his seminal work “Amber Waves and Undertow: Peril, Hope, Sweat and Downright Nonchalance in Dry Wheat Country” (Univ. of Oklahoma Press, 2009) It is a moving tribute to the men, women and families of northeastern Washington. As a advocate of writers rights Turner was nationally known as a founding member of the National Writers Union and was its national grievance officer and co-chair of the Santa Cruz-Monterey local for many year ...
I received a call from the Social Security Administration. The caller was asking if I want a pass. I had no idea what she was talking about. She asked if I wanted to work. I'm already working, I said. Then, she asked if I wanted assistance going to school. Sure, I said. She then asked if I had a high school diploma or a GED. I replied that I have a Master's degree. "What's this all about?" I asked. The caller explained that this pass is a program to help SSI recipients get back to work. She said something about receiving two checks per month: one for living expenses and the other to help with transportation to school or child care. "How did you get my name?" I asked. "I am not on SSI." She didn't answer. Instead, she gave me the phone number for the SSA. From what I understand, this pass sounds like a good program, but obviously, I am not eligible. Wouldn't it be a better use of their time to target people who can benefit from it. If the SSA doesn't know who's on SSI, then who does?
Just spoke to my daughter-in-law, my son found a school that has the same degree he is interested in and they have accepted his high school diploma. The classes won't start until October, but at least he is moving in the right direction. Thank you for all the prayers. Please do not stop. I had a visit today from a woman that works for Spherian temp service, so I am going to send my daughter-in-law her way.
Looking for Assembly Techs for Automotive Stamping Plant in Bowling Green, OH. Starting wage is 11.56/hour and overtime is available. Position requires for you to be a team player and have a positive attitude. Temp-to-hire and direct hire positions available depending on experience. Must have high school diploma or GED to apply. Company provides fair treatment. Send resumes to kelsey.stoneham Share with your friends who are looking for work! Remember to like Express Employment Professionals-Toledo, OH to see all of our open positions!
if the little greasy *** will work on a high school diploma they can stay til 22. I aim to supplement my Weakass SS!
Georgia Department of Labor has posted some new Jobs for Ft Gordon, Including: CAT II LINGUIST - High school diploma or GED and 12 months experience. Provide linguist support services to intelligence operations in order to meet ongoing mission requirements supporting...
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To only require a high school diploma. Not for a weapon carrying officer but as the military
Saint Mary's Hospital Waterbury,CT Patient Financial Services Representative II Department: Patient Financial Services Schedule: Part-time Hours Per Pay Period: 20 Shift: Days Hours: M-F 8:00am-4:30PM Some weekends may be necessary Job Details: High School Diploma/Equivalent Required Responsible for following up on accounts to ensure that all accounts are touched in a timely manner, communicate with payers to ensure bills are paid timely and appropriately. Responsible for initial analysis and follow up on denied accounts and submit timely appeal when appropriate, analysis of accounts balances to determine appropriate payments and adjustments have been posted, initiation of refunds, disposition of carrier inquiries both written and oral. HS diploma or equivalent required. College degree in related field of study preferred. Minimum 2 years experience in medical business office environment preferred. Excellent MS Word, Outlook and Excel skills required. Basic knowledge of medical coding, terminology and bill ...
- So, I've made a big decision that is going to take toll im August. I've decided to go another year of school to get my high school diploma. Instead of getting my GED, I feel like me getting my high school diploma, it would make me feel so much better about myself. And thanks to Brooke and Steven and Dalton and my mom, I'm going to do it. It's going to be hard because I'll have to bust my *** off but it's worth it. I'd rather go another year than to not to and regret it in the future.
NOTICE- We are currently hiring for the position of Kennel Attendant. Previous animal related employment experience REQUIRED. Please do not apply unless you have previously been employed at an animal shelter, veterinary clinic, doggie daycare or other animal related business where you had hands-on experience with animals. Ability to stand for extended periods (8 hours a day) and to bend and reach to perform assigned work activities. Ability to lift and carry 50 lbs. without assistance. Ability to learn/perform a variety of animal care related work activities. Must be available to work early mornings and on weekends. Must pass background check. Must have reliable transportation. High school diploma or GED required
Ascent, LLC is looking to fill a Security Maintenance Clerk position in Northlake, IL. Must have a high school diploma/GED. Must be able to lift 50lbs. Candidate must have a disciplined approach to managing task assignments. People skills, good judgment, and flexibility are critical to this position. Proficiency with basic operations of a PC is necessary; knowledge of MS Office and Outlook preferred. All interested candidates should visit and select the careers tab to apply for the position or submit resume to humanresources
OMG what is it with yall guys now and days only wanting sex... Do you not know how many diseases is around and out... Whatever happened to wanting a lady with class a job a high school diploma a college degree... im tired of every dude that wants to get to know me or try to be my man wanting sex smh! DO BETTER please. I dont want that I want HAPPINESS a man with a plan!!!
To all my friends and family! Most of you know that I enjoy helping and working with students who are facing obstacles that are keeping them from graduating. Please consider the following offer: If you are a student/know of students ages 15 to 20 who are struggling with completing their High School Diploma, I can help! No charge or expense on your part. Work from your home, local library or anywhere the internet is available. Earn a Fulton High School Diploma approved by the State of Michigan. Are you behind and in danger of not graduating on time? Maybe you are about to turn 21. Does a job keep you from regular school hours? Possibly the current learning environment just doesn’t work for you. I can help. If you live anywhere in Michigan, I can help. As a State Certified Teacher/Graduate of Alma College and CMU, I can offer you the pathway to your State Approved High School Diploma. Call me and I will do all I can to help you reach this important goal in your life. Let’s make an appointment and ...
Would you take 1 million dollars or a high school diploma?
Legit just need a high school diploma to live a good life👌
So Nelly told Floyd Mayweather he doesn't entertain people who haven't received there high school diploma
Ignorance is bliss. But people without high school diplomas might not get the gist!
It's been almost two months since I graduated high school and I still don't have a diploma yet... figure it out AHA
Lmao.Some people..just saw a post person looking for work but mon - Fri 9-5 min $15 hr. It 2 as asked what kind if qualifications do they have. Some but minimal experience no high school diploma. Uuh huh. Good luck with that.
VCBO is hiring for an Administrative Project Assistant General Objectives and Responsibilities Assist principals, project managers, and team members with project tasks, including organizing paperwork and materials generated by the team during the design and construction phases of a project. Process and distribute mail and incoming items to appropriate team members. Maintain project data information accurately with current information. Respond to emails, requests for information, submittals, change orders, and any other type of request in a timely manner. Keep project information updated and current in internal database. Create and update project binders. Manage distribution of construction documents, organize bidder lists, coordinate pickup and deliveries with printing companies, forward documents to plan rooms as required. Respond as requested to telephone calls from clients, contractors, and consultants. Provide coverage of reception desk for breaks and lunches. Assist with travel and conference regist ...
Todd Starnes How would you like to make more than $7,400 a month? Catholic Charities is searching for Americans willing to be foster parents to full-grown illegal immigrants, Breitbart News reports. They say most of their kids are teenagers - but some stay in the program until they turn 23. So long as they are working on a high school diploma - they get to live off our tax dollars. The program is run by Catholic Charities - and paid for by our taxes. The illegals are also getting taxpayer funded education, healthcare, transportation - and (brace yourself).they are also getting an allowance. How generous of us.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
ITS TIME TO TAKE A STEP TOWARDS SUCCESS. Are you a Youth aged 18-21 and are looking for training in work readiness and other trainings that will make you marketable to employers? Do you need to receive a credential to help you become employed? Need help with your resume? CLM Florida Youth Connections is looking for qualifying youth to attend a state-funded program that assists you with short term training such as Food Handling & Customer Service and seeking employment. In this program you will receive the opportunity to earn a credential to help you become employable, stand out on your resume, and you can earn money for receiving a credential. You will also receive assistance in basic skills, resume writing, cover letters, and interviewing tips which will help you get hired! The best part is that is all free to those that qualify! No joke! Who Is Eligible: Between the ages of 18-21 US citizen or eligible to work in this country SERIOUS about Finding Employment and meets WIA Barriers Meet low income guidel ...
Over Night 10pm- 6am Opening for a full-time MEDICATION AIDE in our compassionate, faith-based, non-profit assisted living community in Grand Junction. Duties include: Medication Aides will assure that residents receive optimal care according to their needs. Sets-up medications and passes them to residents following established policies and procedures of the community. Job Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent, Certification in medication administration and CPR, previous experience in a geriatric facility preferred. If you meet the qualifications, please apply in person at (M-F, 8:30-4). Grand Villa Assisted Living, Grand Junction, CO 2680 North 15th Street Grand Junction, CO 81506 Equal Opportunity Employer No phone calls or recruiting agencies please.
July 29, 2014 Family Statement: Today, we are bringing Colton home to Piikani Nation. We are in the midst of dealing with the medical examiners office and funeral home. Funeral details will be released soon for all those who wish to pay their respects. Regarding the article published by Beacon News, an Independent online source on July 28 entitled “One Family Member Suspects Calgary Police Culpable in Colton Crowshoe Death.” The family has requested correction to some discrepancies in the article and expressed concerns over the documents released to the public without our expressed permission. During all the grief, and controversy we’re dealing with at the moment; I was sadden that this article has had a negative impact. I’ve come across some vicious, racist remarks on this page, where people are jumping to conclusions with half- truths and insulting my nephew Colton, even in death. He was not a known criminal; he was not in constant trouble with the law. However, we’re not surprised at the lack ...
Any Mechanic need a job??? = ISP Lafayette Post Seeks Automotive Mechanic For Full-Time Employment The Indiana State Police Post at Lafayette is currently seeking a qualified auto mechanic for full-time employment. The Lafayette Post is located at 5921 St. Rd 43 North W. Lafayette in Tippecanoe County. The employment opportunity is a civilian position with the Indiana State Police with the primary responsibility of keeping all state owned vehicles in the best mechanical operating condition by performing preventative maintenance and assigned repairs. Applicants must possess a high school diploma or equivalent GED, a valid driver’s license, be able to operate a motor vehicle and must be a graduate of an automotive trade school or have at least two years experience in automotive maintenance and repair. The applicant must have the ability to distinguish and determine colors and the ability to lift and move heavy objects. Potential applicants must successfully pass a background investigation and are ask to s ...
Looking for a job in the QC area. I have a high school diploma and 3+ years of customer service, as well as experience managing inventory and in the hospitality industry as a bus person, dishwasher, and prep cook. I also have experience in a maintenance position working from as early as 5 am and including 3rd shift, though I would prefer to work first and second only. I have reliable transportation, though I do not have a driver's license. I would prefer hours in between 7am and 9pm and I need full time.
My *** Frankie ain't live long enough for him to get his high school diploma, which means I gotta get it for him
Christian County Emergency Services (MO) is seeking qualified applicants for the position(s) of 9-1-1 Telecommunicator. Our organization call takes and dispatches for 14 public safety agencies that include law enforcement, fire districts and ambulance services. The Telecommunicator receives emergency and non-emergency telephone calls, interviews the callers, verifies location information on 9-1-1 calls by utilizing mapping and call taking software, dispatches the appropriate response, monitors the progress of en-route units, provides support for the responding units, processes calls through a Computer Aided Dispatch system, and retrieves information utilizing the national and state crime computers. Qualifications: High School Diploma or G.E.D. No experience required. Must pass written and typing test with 75% or above and at least 40 w.p.m. Must have knowledge of and ability to use a computer keyboard. Knowledge of the street system and geography of Christian County. Ability to speak with a clear, well-mo ...
Payroll Tax Coordinator Great perm opportunity with major corporation in Lexington area – Salary low to mid 50s The ideal candidate should have • Five or more years of payroll experience involving a large volume of federal tax IDs; CPP preferred. • High school diploma with emphasis on courses in business and bookkeeping; some business college experience a plus. • Microsoft Word and Excel proficiency required; PeopleSoft HR/Payroll System experience preferred. • Ability to work effectively with third parties. • A high level of confidentiality and discretion. resumes to mhood
I can't find my high school diploma😐
But Bae tho? I hate each and every one of u who have a high school diploma who use this word 😆😄
PT 3: Applicants must have a high school diploma with a minimum of 2 years of office experience in customer relations.
You got a high school diploma for a reason...
it's at the mall. Way better than normal school.. And when I graduate I'll be going to college with a high school diploma
Mayweather the top earning. Athlete in the world!!! Pretty m.f. good for a person with no high school diploma
Homeless youth struggle to gain continuous access to education, & most do not have a high school diploma
A bachelor's degree gon be like a high school diploma in a couple years, if it ain't already. Grad school is a must. No shortcuts
Plumber at University of Memphis (Memphis, TN): High school diploma or GED and five years of app...
How are you having a child and you don't have a high school diploma ✋
We can reduce crime by creating jobs! Where can you get a CAREER w/ a high school diploma or GED in the City?
Most of the 'children' are 15 to 17-YO, But some stay in program until 22 if still working on high school diploma
Mr krabs: "I spent an entire lifetime in this dump, and I know there's only one way outta here". Patrick: "a high school diploma?"
I don't know why I assumed Floyd Mayweather had a high school diploma. Foolish.
If you can't recognize that your news source is satirical in nature, you shouldn't have a high school diploma or even be allowed an opinion.
Been thinking about it a lot and I'm gonna get my high school diploma tatted. On my back.
Then I'm out of here and going to excell center to get my high school diploma then start going to college at iupui and get iu Kelly school
My wife didn't like me framing her GED and putting it next to my high school diploma on the wall. She is so juvenile!
I won't settle with just having a high school diploma. I'm getting my bachelor's & masters too 😎👌
Odd Ball got his diploma!!! He's going to be in high school next month!!! 😁😢🙌😘 so proud of my boys!!!
Maybe you need your high school diploma
Well if I (Dan Hall) am correct Randy White is eligible to serve as Sheriff according to the qualifications listed below, mainly the fact it states a candidate who is not certified through POST must become certified within their first term before they will be eligible to run for a second term. Read the following for the information and make your own decisions. Section 12 to be exact. SHERIFF - (4 year term) (1) Must conform to all general qualifications (2) No member of the General Assembly nor practicing attorney may serve as Sheriff (3) Must file form SS-3064 with the county election commission with the nominating petition affirming the following facts: (4) Must be a citizen of the United States (5) Must be at least (25) years of age prior to the date of qualifying for the election (6) Must be a qualified voter of the county (7) Must have a High School Diploma or its equivalent as recognized by the Tennessee State Board of Education (8) Must not have been convicted of or pleaded guilty (including nolo c ...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Aria Nail Lounge is currently hiring NAIL TECHNICIANS/ MANICURISTS with the following qualifications : -Female, 18-35 yrs. of age -Candidate must possess at least a High School Diploma, Vocational Diploma/Short -Course Certificate -With Experience is an advantage -Willing to learn & be trained -Must be extremely detailed oriented, excellent customer service, hardworking, pleasing personality and has good interpersonal skills. -Required Language(s): English, Filipino -Applicants must be willing to work in Quezon City Interested applicants may leave a Private Message or text us at 0936-9757839 (GLOBE) or 0908-7374379 (SMART)
Part time Sales/Cashier-GUNTERSVILLE $7.25 to $7.25 High School Diploma or Equivalent 3 years exp. must be able to operate a cash register, greet all coming and going customers, watch for illegal activities within store. Assist the store manager, as well as sales associate and Utility clerk. Job Duties: Greet Customers, Ring in all purchases, figure sales tax, collect money, and give correct change. Watch for illegal activities of customers and take apprpriate action. Handle disaggreeable customers and make exchanges and/or refund under direction of store manager. Maintain all records, markdowns, special offers, promotional devices, make out bank deposits, lists all accepted checks and handle general duties in absense of store manager. Promote sales of selected items, assist in proper display of items, assist store manager, sales persons, and stocker during slack periods, assist customers with check out and carrying items. refer, recieve shipments from main plant, check merchandise against invoice, repo . ...
Cafe Supervisor Goodwill Industries of South Central Ohio, Inc. Customer ServiceFoodSales This is a Full-time position in Chillicothe, Ohio posted June 19, 2014. CAFÉ SUPERVISOR/BARISTA REPORTS TO: VICE PRESIDENT OF MISSION SERVICES EDUCATION / EXPERIENCE: High School Diploma, Food service, customer service and experience as a Barista required. JOB REQUIREMENTS: Must obtain and retain CPR, First-Aid, and DD training. Must be able to provide own transportation and adequate liability insurance for such. Must pass drug test. Pleasant attitude and ability to work well with the public. Must be able to maintain company insurance. JOB DUTIES: 1) Prepare/serve hot or cold beverages, such as coffee, espresso drinks, blended coffees, or teas. 2) Clean or sanitize work areas, utensils, or equipment. 3) Check temperatures of freezers, refrigerators, or heating equipment to ensure proper functioning. 4) Describe menu items to customers or suggest products that might appeal to them. 5) Order, receive, and stock su ...
Admission Requirements to Undergraduate Programs An applicant for admission to one of the undergraduate programs of EMU must satisfy the following requirements: International Students The applicant must submit a certified copy of Higher Secondary School Certificate or Intermediate Certificate or the equivalent, demonstrating that s/he has satisfactorily graduated from secondary school, and must arrange for other relevant certified documents, such as transcripts or detailed mark sheets, to be released to EMU. Application to Undergraduate Programs Applications to the undergraduate programs are accepted twice a year. Accepted Higher School Certificates for undergraduate programs High School Diploma, Higher Secondary School Certificate, General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSE), Higher Secondary Certificate, Upper Secondary /Secondary School/ High School/ Senior High School Leaving Certificate, Testimonial, Secondary Education Certificate, Senior School Certificate, Matriculation Examination Certific ...
Today my son Deven walks up on stage at the UNF arena to receive his High School Diploma. We are all very proud of him, and wish him the best experience while he serves in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. We will miss him dearly when he departs from us on August 12th of this year. We all love you Deven.
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