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Hidden Figures

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Free screening of Hidden Figures 1pm today at Thousand Oaks Library
In 2011 I saw in Hyde Park & she was phenomenal. Just watched Hidden Figures with my mama & we just love her even more 🖤
This weekend I've watched Up, Aladdin, Hercules, Pirates of the Caribbean, Beauty & the Beast, Hidden Figures, Its…
Hidden Figures, Get Out, Wonder Woman. The bankable formula is no longer white male leads.
What if Hollywood's new bankable formula turns out to be . . . diversity?
The cinema industry is changing rapidly...are you an unconventional moviegoer or traditional?
"Get the girl to check the numbers. If she says the numbers are good, I'm ready to go." Hidden Figures.…
What do you think education, hard work, persistence and ingenuity do for YOU? Hidden Figures...
Fences, Hidden Figures, and Moonlight all proved that. Shows like Insecure, Queen Sugar…
Why r women under-represented in the innovation ecosystem? Hidden Figures - a panel debate will explo…
When my girls watch "Hidden Figures" and feel empowered to do anything.
Hidden Figures, and Wonder Woman - these crowd-funded group tickets for young women are a great initiative!
That's one of the things I love about You learn something new in each episode, about th…
Hidden figures is the best film I've seen in a very long time!
Hollywood's ideas about audience are outdated - Wonder Woman, Get Out, and Hidden Figures buck conventional wisdom - h…
Mad Max and Hidden Figures beat WW 100-0 when it comes to female representation.
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REVEALED: The NHS deficit figures which the Government wanted to keep hidden until after the election.
Excellent blog post here, more hope from the
Looks like a great event from yesterday reflections here via
"What if audiences are happier to take “risks” when they head to the multiplex?" *fingers-crossed*
Agreed! When I went to see "Hidden Figures," there were several adults there with groups of yo…
Great read on changing movie going habits that bring hope: "Who knows? Art may bring us together after all."
broke box office records this weekend. and have as well. That’s terrific news. https:/…
Moonlight, Hidden Figures, Get Out & now Wonder Woman... how much more proof is needed to see that people WANT & NEED diverse casts/leads???
smashed box office records in its opening weekend. That’s excellent news for moviegoers.
When Hidden Figures hit $100 million at the box office, were white feministas calling it a win for all women?
Wonder Woman/Get Out/Hidden Figures/Moonlight...hmm maybe there's a market other than hetero white men!
Recently listened to Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly, which was fantastic. Also enjoyed Cheryl Straye…
Only 7% of 250 top grossing films in 2016 directed by women. That matters for the storytelling.
made bank at the box office - just one of the record-setters that proves Hollywood's got a lot to learn https…
Hollywood's ideas about audiences are outdated. Wonder Woman's record-smashing debut proves it. via
Movies mentioned that contribute to great representation Hidden Figures, Queen of Katwe
Watched all but last 30 minutes of Hidden Figures on flight here. Need to watch end on way home to see if they got John Glenn into space!
New books by James Patterson, Richard Paul Evans and Stuart Woods, and new movies like Hidden Figures and La La...
Happy Katherine Goble Johnson is getting her due. Liberty Science Center honors Hidden Figures trailblazer as genius
Piper just finished watching Hidden Figures and it's so beautiful.
Liberty Science Center honors 'Hidden Figures' trailblazer as 'Genius' -
Catching up on 'must sees': surprisingly love Collateral Beauty, Lion and Hidden Figures. Reviews?
I'm a little late watching Hidden Figures but the work that Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan did was extraordinary
It's the JBD podcast! We talk about our favorite world cinema, Japanese ready meals, Hidden Figures and more:
What's on TV: 'Better Call Saul,' 'MST3K' and 'Hidden Figures' - - by Richard Lawler
Dr. Christine Darden, featured in Hidden Figures book, is now speaking with Upper School girls and seventh graders.…
Saw all the nominated movies and Hidden Figures would get my vote if a member of the academy. A priv…
.is celebrating women & diversity in STEM with a showing of Hidden Figures tonight Join us:
Having watched Hidden Figures this week I can still see how much of this bias continues around us every day, albeit more…
GuardianBooksOn my radar: Naomi Alderman’s cultural highlights KalynaPress
GuardianBooksOn my radar: Naomi Alderman’s cultural highlights
ObsNewRev: On my radar: Naomi Alderman’s cultural highlights
Mary Jackson became NASA's first black female engineer. She is
‘Hidden Figures’ inspiration Katherine Johnson was WVU’s first African American graduate student.
Last chance to reveal the stories of with the IBM AR experience 'outthink hidden.' Download:
"Taxpayer dollars so well spent..." because the govt used to be run by ppl who were rational. via
back at the gym after 3 weeks of break... workout cramming for my upcoming surf hols 😭. Hidden Figures:…
HM Treasury it says it all 😂 a government agency that has the powers to manipulate and lie to keep facts and figure…
Hidden Figures was such a great movie.
New on the blog! ALD alumna talks to Hidden Figures screenwriter Allison Schroeder
I just watched hidden figures and I am a new person
Everyone is only talking about Get Out but Hidden Figures made 220 million and was an amazing movie.
I want to watch Hidden Figures like 5000 more times
I finally watched Hidden Figures. It was beautifully inspiring and I teared up.
The most uplifting and triumphant movie of the year. is now available on Digital HD.
Watched Hidden Figures last night, what an amazing film about three brilliant women!
I liked a video This Week on Windows: Creators Update preview, Xbox Clubs, and Hidden Figures
Sry. I wanted to go, but I really wanted to see hidden figures:(
I watched Hidden Figures. The maths women didn't end up going to the Moon. Rubbish.
Finally watched Hidden Figures. Such an amazing story and movie. We still have so much work to do but movie gave me great…
And they can't say NOTHING about female-starring movies because HIDDEN FIGURES, YO
.PLUS: pops by to chat Jordan Peele's incredible Get Out, the importance of Hidden Fi…
I shed a tear at how Dorothy put all her girls on in Hidden Figures. 😢👏🏾
I am watching Hidden Figures right now, its an amazing movie. I wanted to see it but forgot about it glad I remembered.
Thnx to my good friend Shameka McCoy for taking me to see hidden figures. That movie was awesome WOMEN POWER!!!...
We watched the movie Hidden Figures tonight, what an incredible biography! At times I was horrified at the way...
We need more of them involved in the ongoing battle!
Hidden Figures was such a nice movie! 😩 And before you ask... Of course I cried.
Nothing could get in the way of her dreams.
Come see Hidden Figures tonight in Wilks Theater with the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute! Open to all…
Sankofa Discussion Circle: Who are the "Hidden Figures?" Women & the Black Liberation Movement…
Join us this Thurs at noon for a program for students & families ft Margot Lee Shetterly, author of Hidden Figures: http…
Just like Hidden Figures, 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' by is a beautiful, and moving book about…
Learn more about the women in Hidden Figures in Femme's & Women's History Month Series https…
Just finished: Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly 🚀🛰. Currently reading: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins 🚂
I liked a video from Hidden Figures | Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
John Glenn's and Al Harrison's characters as portrayed in Hidden Figures is what allyship looks like, people; do what you can to help others
If we're going to spin off anything with Jim Parsons in it, I'd rather have a Hidden Figures show.
Students going to see Hidden Figures on today - Dismissed from class at 8:30am bus depart at 8:45am. Bring a lunch to eat on the bus.
We hope to see you at screening of Hidden Figures tonight in Student Center Theater @ 7PM! Happy Inte…
We read Storyworks play about Ruby Bridges & story about Apollo 13 this week. Both inspired me to see Hidden Figures tonight. So good! 👩🏾‍🏫
Come out to the last screening of Hidden Figures! Tonight at 7PM in the Student Center Theater! Don't be the one th…
you play a great John Glen in the film Hidden Figures
Inspiring a STEM revolution! AT&T & Atlanta Public Schools invited students to watch Hidden Figures and talk with J…
'Women of NASA' figures include 'Hidden Figures' Katherine Johnson and Sally Ride. 🚀
Tomorrow at 7pm, students can watch the Academy Award-nominated film Hidden Figures at the Student Center Theater.
Do your Abe Lincoln research yourself because I'm not done with the Hidden Figures and Fences, which ever u want to call it for Ralph Bunche
As is the movie "Hidden Figures" where John Glen has his helmet open on the pad before the launch, and accepts a phone call.
Mathematician Katherine Johnson was one of the women of NASA depicted in the Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures,...
'Hidden Figures of Dallas' highlights North Texas science and math stars
Dr. Hybl and Miss Gipson spent their Saturday meeting Margot Lee Shetterly, author of Hidden Figures at the Univers…
Miniflamingnora and I both adored Hidden Figures. Perfect film to take a curious 9 year old girl to.
Listening to author of Hidden Figures at Dodd's Stadium at University of Mary Washington.
Watch Father John Misty make faces as Kenan Thompson jokes about not seeing Hidden Figures in new promos
'Hidden Figures' to be screened by the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance | Milford PA | Entertainment:
Get your Lego --'Hidden Figures' no more: Lego honors women of NASA with new set
Hidden Figures is great - uplifting & warm. Parents take your daughter along to see it and then keep supporting her to think…
Hidden Figures ladies are shining on the Red Carpet tonight
I knew was going to win. She's just breathtaking. I was hoping for Octavia. I loved both Fences & Hidden Figures
yeah we got to, it's high key undeniable this year like Fences, Hidden Figures and Moonlight all tops in everything fr
Get the full story behind the movies Hidden Figures and Fences by reading the books
Moonlight. Fences. Hidden Figures. . Lion. . I Am Not Your *** You have to see them all.
A lot of movies about racism this year, Fences, Hidden Figures and Zootopia.
Katherine Johnson had an oscars moment with the women of 'Hidden Figures'
Taraji P. Henson introduces NASA physicist Katherine Johnson, a subject of the film "Hidden Figures," at
Barrier-breaking NASA physicist Katherine Johnson, one of the subjects of 'Hidden Figures,' honored at
A moving standing ovation for real life "Hidden Figures" hero, Katherine Johnson. 🇺🇸
One of the real heroes from 'Hidden Figures,' Katherine Johnson a true NASA and American icon. htt…
The real Katherine Johnson joined 'Hidden Figures' cast on the stage for an unforgettable moment:
The amazing true story of Katherine Johnson and Hidden Figures
Hidden Figures is great (go watch) & so is the soundtrack (go listen). & Pharrell Williams...Wow! Could've sworn Stevie Wonder was singing👍
Mom, enlightened by films, Fences, Nocturnal Animals, Hidden Figures, Moonlight, Loving, Manchester by the Sea and Brown Sugar films.
Hidden Figures is so good! 🚀 Now I need to read the book. 📖 Also, the guy who played John Glenn is might good looking ❤️
In other news I'm continuing my Best Picture nominated film marathon LaLa Land - really really liked it. Hidden Figures up next
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About to start to watch Hidden Figures rn. Nominated for Best Picture. Here I go
Dorothy Johnson Vaughan, played by Octavia Spencer in the movie Hidden Figures, was an Afr…
Poddy of Monday's broadcast is now online: warm fuzzies for Hidden Figures, Silence + Toni Erdmann https:…
Poll: Moviegoers would give 'Hidden Figures' the Best Picture Oscar via
Learn more about the "Hidden Figures and Human Computers" behind missions like John Glenn's - http…
'Hidden Figures' and the true NASA stories behind the movie
Janelle Monae plays NASA's 1st black woman engineer in the film "Hidden Figures" sharing what it means to her
'I'm honored': Janelle Monae on playing NASA's first black woman engineer in 'Hidden Figures' - ABC News…
Janelle Monae "honored" to play NASA's first black woman engineer in Oscar-nominated movie 'Hidden Figures.'
I've seen the costumes thanks to the LA Fashion Museum and the Stuey for best costume design goes to Hidden Figures.
Second solo cinema trip tonight, this time to watch Hidden Figures 🍿
Screenwriters of Jackie, Julietta, Hidden Figures, *** or High Water, Nocturnal Animals, Manchester by the Sea https:/…
Here's where to see 'Hidden Figures' for free during Black History Month
Tomorrow at 6:40am - tune to to hear me review Hidden Figures and The Great Wall with
ENTERTAINMENT NEWS | 'Hidden Figures' to screen for free for Black History Month
I have yet to see hidden figures and moonlight 🙄
Prof (on how Hidden Figures shows programmers as black women, working in segregated offices
to screen free across the U.S. in celebration of
'Hidden Figures' to screen for free in Miami
Stories like these don't often get told because execs think we won't watch. Can't wait to see:. Hidden Figures. Fences. Moonlight. Any others?
.will honor with free screenings on February 18:
We saw Hidden Figures and it was so good!!
Excellence and determination are the reasons three women - living in a segregated American society - were able to...
These portraits of the actresses in Hidden Figures are beautiful 😍✨
i watched Hidden Figures and really enjoyed it. along with a hamburger and a beer.
is set for free screenings in 14 cities to celebrate Black History Month:
After seeing Hidden Figured you'd be mistaken to think that the racial politics of space ended in 1962…
The blockbuster success of has showed its director and all of Hollywood the power of diverse stories
We are very excited to be invited to preview Hidden Figures at carindale tonight.
21CF earns 11 trophies with wins for and more:
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Feels like everyone else has already seen this, but finally time for HIDDEN FIGURES!
With $132 million and counting, is the highest grossing Best Picture nominee
Taraji P Henson!! one of my favorite actresses ever. Empire and Hidden Figures >>>>>
Hey - IWD Hidden Figures Screening tickets will be LIVE later today. It's on the 5th March. DM to g…
Went to go see hidden figures . it was actually a good movie
Hidden Figures is SO GOOD, and so inspiring. 10 out of 10 even though it has Sheldon in it.
This 22-year-old is already an engineer with Nasa. What have you done with your life?
'Hidden Figures' triumphs at the holiday weekend box office, while Affleck and Scorsese ...
Chance the Rapper won his Grammys, Viola Davis is just winning awards left and right, Naomi is champion, Hidden Figures did that
"Hidden Figures," "black-ish," Taraji P. Henson, and Denzel Washington were winners at the NAACP Image Awards.
'Hidden Figures,' Henson among top NAACP Image Award winners
Hidden Figures: The Untold Story of the African American Women Who Helped Win the Space Race (kindle edition)...
After "Hidden Figures", we'll likely see more movies about women in science. Root for a "Madame Curie" remake calle…
Through ‘Hidden Figures,’ Pittsburgh students get glance at what could be – Tribune-Review
Duh! There was that One that went Rogue! . Haven't seen Hidden Figures yet
"Hidden Figures" star Octavia Spencer says her next gig is the most "terrifying" role yet
Was Taraji P. Henson Snubbed by the Academy Awards for Her Role in 'Hidden Figures'?
Some of the rest of th Hidden Figures story, not just in NASA, but in our hometowns and communities. (Thanks Greg...
Went to watch Hidden Figures tonight. Wonderful piece of film. Go check it out.
Movies with my girl! (@ Regal Cinemas Southland Mall 16 - for Hidden Figures in Cutler Bay, FL)
Frederick Douglass nominated for an Academy Award for his role in Hidden Figures
Hidden Figures is a must see movie. I'm blessed that I was born at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton Va.
Can't wait to see Hidden Figures and Fences. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer are my girls.
Just re-watched Hidden Figures. And I will watch again and again . Katherine Johnson/Taraji P. Henson may be the...
Taraji P. Henson brings 'Hidden Figures' co-stars to tears with SAG Awards speech
How has it taken me this long to see Benjamin Button aka Taraji P Henson and Mahershala Ali together before Hidden Figures
Taraji P. Henson Opens Up on Power of "Hidden Figures" | E! Live from the Red Carpet
When Taraji P. Henson said let's come together as human race in her acceptance speech for Hidden Figures.
Taraji P. Henson and 'Hidden Figures' cast get emotional during 2017 SAG Awards speech: 'Love wins every time'
“We stand here as proud actors." - Taraji P. Henson on behalf of the cast of Hidden Figures.
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😂😂😂 Lemme stop. Congratulations to Denzel Washington and the Hidden Figures' Queens too. Plus your fave enginga mbizanga 😂.
The SAG Awards are in the books, and Hidden Figures, Denzel Washington and Viola Davis’ performances in Fences, and…
Congrats to the cast of 'Hidden Figures' for winning Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture at the Screen Actors…
“Hidden Figures” shocks Screen Actors Guild Awards: The cast of "Hidden Figures" rocketed to the Screen Actors…
Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and the Hidden Figures ensemble won at the SAG Awards:
Congrats to the cast of 'Hidden Figures' for their win - Best Ensemble :
"Hidden Figures" wins ensemble in a motion picture at the
Eager to see this movie! With Steve Bridwell — watching Hidden Figures at East 13th Ave Warren Theatre
This 7th grader wants to send all the young girls in her city to see 'Hidden Figures'
watching Hidden Figures at Regal Cinemas Hollywood 16 & IMAX - Ocala
How did not get nominated for Best Actress?! At least Hidden Figures was nominated for Best Picture.
There are so many stories in history left to tell, like Hidden Figures. I would pay good money to see Bessie Coleman's story
Come see "Hidden Figures" with the History Club on 2/1/17 @ 5:00 P.M. Tickets are limited. Contact susan-eckelmann
How many of ya'll white folks knew about the story behind Hidden Figures? Keep 👏🏾 Black 👏🏾 History 👏🏾 Month 👏🏾 out 👏🏾 your 👏🏾 mouth!
so much history I don't know, and you nailed Hidden Figures. So amazing.
Hamilton Collection
I haven't seen any, but I plan to see Hidden Figures! I love history and SPACE!!
In 1981, ACUA took a trip to the NASA Langley Research Center, the setting of film Hidden Figures, to see their was…
we have to wait awhile longer here to see Hidden Figures. I love films about nasa or space exploration. I mean like true stories.
Mahershala Ali has had an amazing year in film/TV:. Moonlight. Hidden Figures. Luke Cage. House of Cards. 40+ awards
Hidden Figures was really good. Haven't seen La La Land, so don't know about that one. But it has Ryan Gosling so will probably get an Oscar
Hidden Figures = You'll never guess where the numbers were hidden. *** or High Water = Mess with Texas. Hacksaw Ridge = Ser…
Moonlight, Fences, Hidden Figures, and Loving. We give you four "good" (actually great) black movies, now there's no excuse.
Review: "Hidden Figures" follows Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan and Katherine Goble Johnson in their work at NASA.
Yes, every single older couple who sat near me during Hidden Figures. That *is* Kevin Costner. Thank you for asking each other at top volume
Talking with mom about Hidden Figures and she said she loved the acting but especially Kevin Costner smh.
Janell Monae yesssumm — watching Hidden Figures at Movie Tavern at Hulen
Hidden Figures, the untold story of black woman mathematicians who helped win the space race is atop the box office!
REVIEW: 'Hidden Figures' amounts to an important tale
MOVIE REVIEW: 'Hidden Figures' amounts to an important tale
your tale is untold. we need a heartwarming Hidden Figures-esque movie of your story.
Update your maps at Navteq
REPOST --> Hidden Figures and true story behind the women of NASA - National Aeronautics and Space...
'Hidden Figures' by An inspiring and interesting story of history |
Taylor Richardson's brilliant Go Fund Me campaign to send girls to see Hidden Figures.
Pop you may have missed: 2Chainz turns down Trump, Hidden Figures wins the box office & more
*** Fences was amazing. Hidden Figures was also amazing.
I really wanna see Hidden Figures, Fences, Split, Sleepless, A Monster Calls, & La La Land. Why are there so many good movies out rn?😩
gonna catch Hidden Figures and Fences tomorrow.
I really want to go movie hopping and see Hidden Figures, Fences, and Split.
"Hidden Figures" is the first movie with multiple female leads to remain No. 1 since 2011
I saw Hidden Figures, Fences and finished Stranger Things. I'd say it was a pretty successful weekend.
"Hidden Figures" and "Fences" - two different movies, both incredible!
I enjoyed Hidden Figures more than Fences but it was still good
I don't want to say racism is solved, but I saw Fences AND Hidden Figures this weekend.
I spent my MLK weekend watching Fences and Hidden Figures. They are amazing films. Please go out and see it if you haven't.
Fences & Hidden Figures are very good movies. I truly believe Blacks should see the movies in the theatre & not bootleg. That’s my opinion
Have you seen Hidden Figures or Fences yet?
Did my due diligence and supported black film this weekend. Fences last night, Hidden Figures today. Both really good movies.
If you don't go see Hidden Figures, Fences, and/or Moonlight, you're racist. I've decided.
Where are the fences hidden? (@ Regal Cinemas Meridian 16 for Hidden Figures in Seattle, WA)
Hidden Figures, Moonlight, & Fences will get Oscar nominations. Trumpers will say it's because of last yr
I know I really want to see La La Land and Rogue One and maybe Hidden Figures and Fences.
I really liked Hidden Figures. Now I just need to see Fences
.Just came from viewing Hidden Figures at the Magic Johnson theater after attending service @ Convent Ave BC.
saw Hidden Figures last night. science & exploration was once revered. Now it's feared. Are we entering a 2nd dark ages?
Get inspired by seeing the movie Hidden Figures! It tells the tale of African-American women mathematicians who...
Hidden Figures is a great film for many reasons: it's uplifting, important, inspiring, and the costumes are AMAZING
Hidden figures was sucha good movie
A movie about black female mathematicians just beat 'Star Wars' to become the top film in America
If anyone has not seen Hidden Figures, you need to asap
Kirsten Dunst look old af in Hidden Figures. where Mary Jane Watson who??
Holy The Oscar frontrunner soars to over $70 million at the box office
My sister Becky treated me to the most amazing movie tonight. Hidden Figures is brilliant!…
A lady went to see Hidden Figures & got upset went to the bathroom & cried. Why? Bc she's being treated the same way o…
The entirety of Hidden Figures I kept wanting to say "work!"
'Hidden Figures' rules the box office for the second week in a row!
Hidden figures is such a good movie.
If you haven't seen Hidden Figures.. go see it. Great movie Fr
Local woman at center of 'Hidden Figures' speaks out: 'It feels good'
Watching "Hidden Figures" - I don't think it's "Best Picture" material, but it's very enjoyable.
Octavia Spencer in "Hidden Figures" is what Octavia Spencer in "The Help" could have been with equal access to a quality education.
Hollywood should not act like the success of Hidden Figures is a fluke (which is what it usually does). People want to he…
4 Service Hrs will be due 1/20 if you didn't do Science Day: Witte Museum "Above & Beyond" Exh or Hidden Figures movie. 2hrs each w/ tickets
Will "Hidden Figures" inspire black girls (and boys) to aspire to be mathematicians, engineers?
True-life story depicted in movie 'Hidden Figures' shows power of faith, writes Peter Stockland in column…
Hidden Figures makes me proud 😊a film about BLACK FEMALE ENGINEERS! 🙌🏽
Thank you for your support of the movie Hidden Figures and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Zeta Theta Omega Chapter!
Hidden Figures is an inspiring tale of the human spirit. A particularly important story for women in STEM.
just saw Hidden Figures and it was so touching 4 my mom 1 of the first black female engineers at Intel, such a amazing film
My face when I walk into my dad and twin watching Hidden Figures without me...snakes 🐍😒
Octavia Spencer buys out Hidden Figures screening for low-income families
I'm at Regal Cinemas Beach Boulevard 18 - for Hidden Figures in Jacksonville, FL
But even though Hidden Figures is a tale of triumph in the face of seemingly insurmountable was JUST as hard to watch.
"Hidden Figures" and "Silence" make for an instructive tale of two late-arrival December Oscar contenders.
The movie Hidden Figures got rave reviews for its portrayal of black female engineers. But can we close the gap for wome…
I'm at Century at Tanforan and XD - for Hidden Figures in San Bruno, CA
There's a movie coming out called 'Hidden Figures' but thanks to I read it as 'Hidden Figurines' - a tale of nervous nicknacks😂
Manchester was very good, but nothing has knocked *** or High Water" from the top of my list. "Hidden Figures" was close.
I highly recommend this movie. It's exceptional. — watching Hidden Figures at AMC South Barrington 30
What we learn about diversity from "Hidden Figures" and IBM's Chief Diversity Officer:
I'm at Regal Cinemas Hadley Theatre 16 - for Hidden Figures in South Plainfield, NJ
It's real ironic how SWS decide to tell the true story of black history after the fact...Hidden Colors then Hidden Figures
Some great lessons in the movie Hidden Figures about the journey of women breaking down workforce barriers.
What we learn about from 'Hidden Figures' and 's Chief Diversity Officer:
Michael Keaton feels "horrible" about the controversy surrounding his "Hidden Figures" gaffe at…
I haven't seen the movie Hidden Figures yet, but I wonder how much The Honorable Elijah Muhammad influence is...
How VA's council helped bring "Hidden Figures" out of the shadows. These orgs do such important work!.
The stars of "Hidden Figures" motivated the girls to emulate the real life stars of the film
Jeffrey Crisp recommended it so I'm watching it — watching Hidden Figures at Muvico Centro Ybor 10
Jenna Bush Hager and 'Hidden Figures' star Octavia Spencer make amends over Golden Globes flub
'I am deeply sorry': apologizes for confusing 'Hidden Figures,' 'Fences' at
My movie goals this week are Hidden Figures and La La Land. . Hidden Fences doesn't seem to be playing anywhere.
Hidden Figures, about 3 black women at NASA in the 1960s, is the best kind of historical drama via
snubs: 'Hidden Figures' completely shut out, 'Moonlight,' 'Manchester by the Sea' win one each
to the cast and crew of Stranger Things and Hidden Figures, your work was excellent.
Gamma Nu Omega Chapter enjoyed a sold out private screening of the phenomenal film, Hidden Figures, featuring the...
I need to find the actor who played John Glenn in Hidden Figures. Chile 😩😍
Disrespectful to August Wilson, to the women depicted in Hidden Figures, to the African-American struggle, to the w…
Josh's boss said "Hidden Figures...isn't that the movie about John Glenn and Appollo?" no. no it's not.
Which, to reiterate, is not the same movie as "Hidden Figures," and neither movie is titled "Hidden Fences."
Peace Party people check out Hidden Figures. A lot to be told about what women and black people have contributed to Changing th…
I'm at Marcus South Shore Cinema - for Hidden Figures in Oak Creek, WI
'Hidden Figures' puts NASA's unsung heroes front and center, where they should be
So excited for this movie! Date night with my awesome husband! — watching Hidden Figures at Showbiz Cinemas...
.This old white male English major was moved to tears by Hidden Figures. Definite must see for anyone and ev…
'Hidden Figures' inspires new generation of women at NASA
Blimey "Hidden Figures" was ace. If you know a young girl who likes space or science *do* take them. And boys-can see girls can be the best!
Day 2: Finished reading Hidden Figures (highly recommended) & now on to Men of Brewster Place. Got in 1 hr 12 mins of reading.
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