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Herman Cain

Herman Cain (born December 13, 1945) is an American author, business executive, radio host, syndicated columnist, and Tea Party activist from Georgia.

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I like to make the slow Herman Cain smile at the barista while I empty the 2% carafe into my cup
Herman Cain - " I was going to say CNN is either ignorant or dishonest, but the more I think about it, the more I...
Bernie Sanders to appoint Herman Cain to supreme court
I haven't thought of Herman Cain in at least 6 months. Thanks a lot.
please stop making a fool out of Herman Cain! He has no idea what you are doing to him...shameless
Herman Cain: Democrats still in denial via
New video: Herman Cain: Democrats still in denial -
I like that Herman Cain guy. But I’m not sure how he’ll be able to juggle being President and solving crimes on CSI: Miami.
Herman Cain's secret struggle with herpes revealed
Herman Cain had one of the most fun presidential candidacies we will ever see
"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be…
I mean, she was born in 1870-something, but politifact says not. And you should read this:
Obama tells Democrats: Whatever Republicans do on health care, call it 'TrumpCare' | Herman Cain
Mexico's media: 'Trump's taking all our jobs!' | Herman Cain
Cookie cutter as you can get. Slowking is a highlight and love his ending. Herman Cain stole the ED song. 2/5 since good mood.
. A position for which Herman Cain could have been a contender, had the timing been different.
Hamilton Collection
Explains why Herman Cain and Ben Carson were so successful with their campaigns right? 🙄
Chicago four charged with hate crime in awful video beating | Herman Cain. GLAD 2 HEAR IT!Fed up with
Maybe another Dr. Carson or Herman Cain will run and win.
Remember, South Carolina voters: a vote for Herman Cain is a vote for a chance to vote for me. Make your vote possibly count!
Herman Cain keeping it real on his radio show
Hey Herman Cain, I can even slow emoticon. : . )
Today in 1945 alum Herman Cain was born Business executive was 2-time candidate for Republican presiden…
President-elect Donald Trump should consider Herman Cain to lead the Small Business Administration.
John McCain, Herman Cain, Tim Kaine and Charles Foster Kane all lost. Maybe the name is cursed.
is Herman Cain, Michael steel, Allen West, Thomas sowell, justice Thomas, and the millions who vote GOP racist?
I don't see a problem with the statement. Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain - are evidence.
of course it would be my 2012 gop presidential pick Herman Cain to talk reason.
Herman Cain for Director of National Intelligence? "America’s Top Spy Talks Snowden Leaks and Our Ominous Future"
or Omorosa, Herman Cain, Sheriff David Clark, Bishop EW Jackson, Hershel walker, or his trans team leader Ken Blackwell. ❤️
Looking back almost 1 year ago. Herman Cain is a good man.
Let's add all the GOP candidates from a year ago as well like Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and the Cruzze…
Herman Cain: "Barack Obama thinks he's the president of the world, when instead...he's a failed president of the USA." https:/…
National Enquirer is legit! Ted Cruz had 5 affairs! Rubio too! Herman Cain slept with a 13 year old! Todd Palin cheated too!
Herman Cain and Donald Trump tilt at West Coast windmills
These are Saul Alinsky type tactics. They use them against Herman Cain last election. They bring cockroaches out of…
. Gloria HOAX SEX SCANDAL Allred involved in at least 2 of these. Did this to:. McCain in 2008. Herman Cain in 2012
Erick Erickson is on mine. So is Herman Cain, Hannity, etc. But the news breaks are anti Trump garbage.
Want TRUTH news?? Radio: Herman Cain, Limbaugh, or Michael Savage...on line: Drudge, Breitbart, Infowars
Oh no. No Carson, no Herman Cain or Michael Steele or Michelle Love. Black people aren't stupid
Herman Cain would have been a candidate if it was this year that he ran. The media is rigged the election is rigged. Tim Kaine is rigged.
No MSM here. Drudge,Breitbart,Infowars, Herman Cain and Michael Savage. True news sources!
Ann Romney ... smoke in the cockpit & Herman Cain.
LOL! All he was missing was Herman Cain, Alan Keys, Allen West, and Clarence Thomas. What a joke!
Donald Trump need to get rid of all these black Uncle Toms like Rev. Burns and Herman Cain. They have ran blacks to Hillary.
It would be great if Dr. Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clark & Herman Cain do an inner city sweep road trip for Trump..Speak about the issues!
Dr.Carson,Herman Cain,David Clarke,Deneen Borelli etc all Nu UncleToms n worse than slavery UncleToms n don't know they're Negroes
Who is the one percent of African Americans that will vote for Donald Trump: Sheriff David Clarke? Ben Carson? Herman Cain?
He's getting 1% of the black vote. Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Michael Steele, and Tim Scott. That's about it
Herman Cain, Ben Carson, David Clarke, Omarosa, Mark Burns, Darrell Scott, Allen West and Diamond and Silk (lol) are the 1%
Ben Carson, David Clarke, and Herman Cain isn't quite 1% ... so there's some rounding up there eh?
"Hillary is stealing America, whereas Donald Trump is trying to save our society." - Herman Cain
Samantha Bee bought one of Herman Cain's old buses for
.Actually there are many more - time to update your info. Sen. Tim Scott, Condaleeza Rice, Herman Cain, Mia Love, etc...
Please get someone as your VP that can address racism. IT is not Newt. Herman Cain, Allen West, Ben Carson
Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Allen West, so many great African Americans for kids to look up to!
Brexit bottom line: EU worked for the elite, but not for the British people - Herman Cain
So this Token, herman cain facsimile is supposed to dissuade me from logic?? FOH--im going to bed. oh and UFC>>>>>fake WWE
he wasn't out here sounding like Ben Carson or Herman Cain
then why didn't they vote for Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Jesse Jackson, Allen Keyes, etc.?
Prime Minister Benjamin Netyanahu made it real clear. They're willing ...
second only to that Herman Cain smile
have you ever heard of Herman Cain. Allen West? This narrative just ***
WALSH: "Ppl voted for Bill Clinton, Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson, Al Gore all cause they were Black...what? Oh"
Yet somehow Jesse Jackson and Herman Cain failed to get elected. 🤔 Dah well!
or herman cain black *** and we didn't rock wit him at all. Like just stahp
Really? If so, why didn't it work for Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Allen West, Herman Cain or Ben Carson...
Herman Cain nailed it right on the head. I hope you have him on more often.
Doesn't really hold up when you see the failure of Ben Carson and Herman Cain.
1st MF to mention Herman Cain when Morehouse Men get to stunting in this moment, it’s CURTAINS. F yall.
Your great u know the garbage they spread . Herman Cain , Mr. West, David Webb ,Zoe , dr. Of common sense best
Herman Cain Speaks at Donald Trump Rally in Atlanta, GA (6-15-16) via
EXACTLY! & His ancestors never came from USA slavery. Herman Cain's did& he is not a DIVIDER.
Tell me the lie in the following statement: "Herman Cain gave Donald Trump the Blueprint." JihaD
Herman "Co" Cain a Morehouse Man and a hustler. Gotta pay homage to the gawd! JihaD
When will the magazine have the same cover with: Clinton - The Women. The Dems destroyed Herman Cain over much less
Absolutely the best! Congratulations Sean. Herman Cain and Ses always report truth
It's the same in the black community. Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, they got theirs & eff everyone else. The GOP way.
I white, but I've seen it happen with Ben Carson, Stacy Dash, Herman Cain ect. But maybe it has nothing to do with race?
Racist Democrat Calls Herman Cain a Monkey on Cspan and Liberal Media is... via
I bet it will be a long time before you see a Black one again. I like Ben and also Herman Cain, but Obama has run it
Remember when Herman Cain did performance art for his campaign? Funny stuff. Trump pulling the same crap but not nearly as funny. So sad.
Maybe some like minded people. Palin could be one idea. Or Allen West. Or Herman Cain.
Herman Cain is a tremendous patriotic American who cares about moral values.
Herman Cain says Donald Trump is NOT a racist in Atlanta.
Rush. Newt. Herman Cain. I think I may throw up. Amazing how they take the words of Christ and twist them into something ugly.
Republican does not mean racist, ask Abraham Lincoln. Ask Ben Carson & Herman Cain. Trump is a political ***
Hunting for another post, I caught one on conservatives & Herman Cain from 2011. Note, point
Herman Cain would've been a great POTUS and a source of pride for all of us...
I supported Herman Cain,they threatened his family,because I wanted someone that we could respect
I liked a video from Herman Cain: 'Shucky Ducky' Trump 'Is Not A Racist'
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I hope you are getting better. I miss your non-biased truthful answers on Herman Cain show and the Hannity radio show on 750am
I'm pretty sure Herman Cain is just trying to cash in on popularity just like He doesn't care about us
I didn't. I was Herman Cain's spox for God's sake! And I still reject Trumpism!
ON the air now -- just wrapped up with Fmr,House . Speaker Gingrich and TX. Gov Greg Abbott-next up Herman Cain- Don't Miss!
This black pastor along with Herman Cain backing Trump & want to help minorities - let's hope minorities listen.
Love you Herman Cain, you tell it like it is!
who is that? Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Allen West or Clarence Thomas?
BASED PUN: Herman Cain said Hillary Clinton wants to "protect the legacy of Iraq Obama" (L… http…
Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Sheriff Smith, & Justice Thomas have one thing in comment. Their ideas are more in line w/the racist they side with
It is official: Both, Herman Cain and Ben Carson are the de facto Uncle Toms for the campaign.
With great fear of Trumpites - I do not like his tax plan as much as that proposed by Herman Cain - 9-9-9 - lower personal & corporate rates
Rick Pery and Herman Cain and Gary Busey. 16 clowns no one took seriously. Good job getting almost as far as Sarah Palin.
Ann Coulter, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Jeff Sessions, and I can go on...
listening to you on the Herman Cain show, take care of yourself please.
I hope he revisits his fued with Ed Sullivan ; this is the guy to lead us into the future? He makes Herman Cain seem reasonable.
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60% of Tea partiers wanted Herman Cain (Black) to be the republican nominee in 2012. Not racist!
I would add Herman Cain & Joe Walsh. On the TV side, the best commentators are Newt Gingrich, Judge Jeanine, others.
They have been after him from the start, just like Ross Perot, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, now Trump, should make you wonder.
Do you know Herman Cain speaks very highly of you;. maybe consider him for something nice in your Admin.
Your Dad should know how wonderful Mr. Herman Cain. speaks of him. He loves your Dad. Maybe consider him for something. Mary
HERMAN CAIN, Ivanka, ask your Dad to consider. Herman Cain for something in his Adm. He speaks highly of your Dad.
I was on Herman Cain's team. Same Establishment threw all support behind Mitt Romney. You are a hypocrite.
Herman Cain said Cruz third Hail Mary pass,would be to ask you to be vice president! Don't cast your pearls at swine!
Conservatives will never select a black man as the GOP nominee They used you like they used Herman Cain & Alan Keyes
227's YouTube Chili' Herman Cain: Cruz only has one "Hail Mary" pass left: jamaalaldin_tv - NBA
Video: Herman Cain: Cruz only has one... via
Someone is asking Herman Cain anything?!?! Unreal. Where's Joe the Plumber?
Tim Scott,Herman Cain,Ben Carson,Deroy Murdock,Star Parker, Larry Elder,Condi Rice..Those are the people you should emulate
my god! Herman Cain people not John McLame! 😉. Lol.
Lol. Who are you talking about. I was talking about Herman Cain. ;-). John McLame is a traitor.
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Do you really think Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Juan Williams, John Stossel would go on for 5 listeners?
Herman Cain: The Anti-Donald Trump movement is trying to intimidate voters.None of their scare tactics will work. https:…
Rudy Guiliani, Newt Gingrich & Herman Cain - if they are going to endorse Trump - need to do it now.
is a minister of hate!! You are no Herman Cain, Sheriff Clarke or Ben Carson you are a street thug in a suit!!!
I don't watch any Fox news except Megyn Kelly file! & I don't want 2 c Herman Cain making excuses 4 dt!
Trump wasn't running in 2012 when the same tactics were used against Herman Cain. Gloria Alred went after Meg Whitman.
I wonder if we'll be hearing from Gloria Alred soon,,remember what she did to Herman Cain?
Will some of the recipients be: Stephen A.Smith, Larry Elder, Crystal Wright, Stacey Dash, Deneen Borelli and Herman Cain!!!
The left will still consider you a racist if you support Ben Carson, Alan Keyes, and Herman Cain. All great men!
Amazing that Newt, Giuliani, Huckabee, Carson, Sheriff Joe, Herman Cain,Scott Brown, on and on they all support DT, are they dumb?
Herman Cain knocked it out of the park. They sure made the activists nervous.
I want to see Herman Cain, Ben Carson & Michele Bachmann on Jeopardy hosted by Norm McDonald. I want to see Mike Huckabee eat ghost peppers.
Herman Cain on Black Lives Matter: 'They don’t really have a mission’ what happened to your "mission?"
Herman Cain knocks Black Lives Matter: "They don’t really have a mission"
Herman Cain & Michael Savage are Terrific but I am unsure about Rest. Is Hannity really Conservative ? Cain
*** i dont think Ben Carson is part of the group you mention or Herman Cain so take that crap elsewhere please
you, Beyoncé and Al Sharpton could learn from men like Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Clearance Thomas and Allen West.
Painful Hoops on display between Herman Cain and Michael's White
. that's no way to talk about the surviving Benghazi heroes, Gov Brewer, Sheriff Arpaio, Herman Cain.
Herman Cain is a great American - I was wondering when he would get on board. Thank you! .
P I P and say hello to Herman Cain been
We've known for a second now that Stephen A. Smith is of the Ben Carson/Herman Cain ilk.
I wish Herman Cain ran for president again.
So he joins Herman Cain, Chris Christie, Scott Brown and Kasich. All of them think they will be Trump's VP.
Noted Obama supporter Smiley is starting to get it too just like Herman Cain and his followers:
AFP (Mark Block-Corey Lewandowski) connection? Rumor at CPAC that Herman Cain being vetted for Trump VP.
Who would've thought we'd be reminiscing longingly about the halcyon days of Michelle Bachmann & Herman Cain?
Why are all black politicians insane?. Herman Cain. Barrack Obama. Ben Carson. Michael Nutter. *** dude?
Up until very recently, Joe Biden had a 9.99% personal loan. A rate that Herman Cain would love.
Halperin,Chris Matthews,Morning Joe panel, Michael steel, Herman Cain,all say lots of noise but unchanged Super Tuesday
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Herman Cain for VP for Donlad Trump...guarantee at least 12 years republican leadership
Mika says Herman Cain had more coverage than She never interviewed Cain in his bedroom tho
Morning_Joe What is the connects between Herman Cain and Trump Mika said? I laugh because when Cain ran you conduct fact finding on policy
This argument is getting old. Who wouldn't love an Allen West , Dr.Carson, Thomas Sowell, or Herman Cain for POTUS to name a few?
Just wish that the Rev Al Sharpton reference was instead referenced to Herman Cain.. It works!
You are so right on Mr. Herman Cain, all smart people are switching to TRUMP.
I really don't like that Jamal Bryant fellow. Can we put him with Herman Cain in the pile of 830 *** we don't really claim?
I've seen the rise and fall of Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, Rick Perry, Fred Thompson, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, and tonight Donald Trump.
Neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson, really, come on people, he's worse than Herman Cain. Can we get a decent *** Black Fellow or Madame?
I'm still waiting for Ben Carson to have his "Herman Cain quotes Pokemon" moment.
at least could have voted for somebody would have done a good job Alan Keyes/ prof Walter E Williams/Herman Cain etc
Mark Levin is a Cruz supporter, Michael Savage & Herman Cain do way better talk shows than him.
Tbt- took Herman Cain to Shot Show during his Prez run. Said hello to
/Scott Walker is Tim Pawlenty. Ben Carson had a little run like Herman Cain. Fiorina like Bachmann.
Also, Look at what the Dems/MSM did to Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain etc.. If lucky you are only called Uncle Tim.
Looks like someone wants you to know I'm subbing for Herman Cain tomorrow. 😯
Let's see, he's got Ben Carson & Allan West, maybe Herman Cain, that's about it.
Y'all do remember I'm subbing for Herman Cain tomorrow, don't you?
Current GOP field makes the White House yearn for Herman Cain:
I voted for Alan Keyes over Bush, celebrated Clarence Thomas appointment, Herman Cain over Romney,really like Ben Carson but...Im a racist?
The biggest earth quake in history would not be enough. At least pizza man Herman Cain had his 999. Gentle
I will say this, Herman Cain at least left us with his 999 tax plan. What will Gentle Ben leave behind? Nothing.
Fearing he's not powerful enough to win, Ben Carson performs the Fusion Dance with Herman Cain to become Herman Carson & win GOP nomination.
... Saxby, Herman Cain for Senate, Huckabee, and Ron Paul. I'm good with putting signs out, stickers, and calling other states
Remember, Herman Cain was leading at this point in 2012, seemed unstoppable. Then a bald eagle laughed at him, to his face, and it was over.
Before Ben Carson and African American pastors who met with Trump, there was Herman Cain. The Republicans...
Herman Cain zings Jeb Bush... More (with photos) at
"Don't blame Wall Street, don't blame the big banks. If you don't have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself!" Herman Cain
Gingrich had 30+% in polls in DECEMBER of 2011. Herman Cain led for 4 months.
at this time in the 2012 election cycle, Herman Cain and Fred Thompson were leading.
Website Builder 728x90
debate I want to see Rush Limbaugh, Herman Cain, and Bill O'Riley be the moderators for the next Dem debate
Last presidential election Herman Cain was leading the GOP consistency/ confirmation of party's lunacy.
Dream moderators for Dem Debate: Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Herman Cain, Neil Boortz .see if dems can take the Heat!!
will soon join Herman Cain who was more "Able"
They're gonna try and do to Ben Carson what they did to Herman Cain.
Looks like is pulling a Herman Cain on They can't handle Republicans who don't fit their make-believe rules.
Ben once punched Herman Cain in the gut for not putting enough cheese on his pizza.
It doesn't paint me in a flattering light, but until the 1st debate, I thought he was Herman Cain.
Jay A. Parker The Washington Times: Before there was Ben Carson, Herman Cain and Alan Keyes, before there was ...
CNN trying to "Cain" as in Herman, Dr Carson with lies & innuendo. How many Traffic Tickets did Dr. Carson have!
I wish Dr. Carson had brought up what Dems did to Herman Cain. Smeared him with Innuendo. No Facts. CARSON TRUTHFUL
I mean, Herman Cain stealing quotes from Pokemon was weird, but not on this level.
They're trying to smear Dr. Carson like did to Herman Cain. No proof - Innuendo. But we know Obama Lied. Can't Keep Doctor
I would've went on with Don Lemon & said he was from the Herman Cain tribe. *** wigger
Herman Cain 2.0 doubles down on his pyramid 'scheme' saying that he said that because The Bible
This is like the Herman Cain Pokemon speech all over again.
he makes Herman Cain look like Abraham Lincoln
Remember Herman Cain talked about his frustration in not being allowed to work and get paychecks from his executive job.
Its same thing lib MSM did 2 Herman Cain. He was doing well, then a mysterious 'affair' pops up. hates free black ppl!
this is about the time they started digging up dirt on Herman Cain.rinse,lather, repeat.
i don't think that is likely. Trump and Carson will fade just as Herman Cain and others did about this time 4 years ago
The sooner Ben Carson goes the way of Alan Keyes & Herman Cain, the better.
Blacks ridicule Ben Carson, Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas while making martyrs of the likes of Michael Brown and Travon Martin.
he makes me miss Herman Cain. At least he was funny
Around this time in 2011 they interviewed every woman Herman Cain had ever given a ride home.
To be honest, Herman Cain quoting Pokemon is less perplexing than saying the pyramids are granaries. They're really nearly solid.
what happening with Dr. Carson is exactly the same as Herman Cain in the last contest. left will do anything against GOP afro
they are trying to smear you in exactly the same way they smeared Herman Cain!
come on Megyn don't you remember what they did to Herman Cain?
Watch it, Ben. Herman Cain also said he'd leave it up to the people.
This is about the same time in 2011 when the MSM set out to smear Herman Cain. Now they are aiming at Ben Carson.
They are doing a Herman Cain on Carson
Is that guy Block the smoker from Herman Cain's campaign now running Carson's??? My goodness...
Political pundits, never compare one of the most brilliant men alive, Ben Carson, and one of the dumbest, Herman Cain. Its apples & oranges
Herman Cain had way more character and so many things you could do with his name. Rock me like a Herman Cain!
if mother Jones is to liberal for you.
Remember what liberal nutbaggers did to Herman Cain. They sought to dig up anything that would destroy him
remember how Herman Cain quoted the pokemon movie more than once in his campaign
you do remember Herman Cain? Alan Keys? Colin Powell was the only legitimate possible GOP AA candidate.
Man at least Herman Cain was entertaining and impersonated by is just painful to watch.
is flabbergasted that Rube-licans like Ben Carson. Don't forget Chris in 2012 both Herman Cain & Michelle Bachman led field
A friendly reminder that on this day in 2011, Herman Cain was the GOP presidential front runner
Ben Carson is in the same place Herman Cain was in 2011. He has about 5 more minutes.
are you guys trying to bring Ben Carson down like what happened to Herman Cain. African American gets close and has to be out
Go Kasich, Ben Carson always remember what happened to Herman Cain lol. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Herman Cain started rising about this time too...I wonder what happened? Lol
Is Ben Carson & Herman Cain the same person? And everyone just forgot about Herman and haven't noticed?
REMINDER: Herman Cain was winning the GOP race at this time in 2011.
.I'm starting to think his candidacy is a prank like Herman Cain.Gonna start quoting Pokeman lyrics?
You know, all the Trump and Carson antics make Herman Cain's candidacy last time around seem more credible.
Guys, as weird as the Ben Carson ad was, it doesn't even compare to the actual ads that Herman Cain ran in 2012.
Herman Cain: ‘the American people are sick and tired of being sick and tired.’. I think we’re past that point; I don’t know what it is…
know. No one not figure out yet. Ben Carson is the next Herman Cain. Herman Cain did same stunt as Ben Carson doing.
Tried to watch a vid of Herman Cain talking about SimCity but it was from Maddow's show so it's 5 min of "when I was a kid I had an Atari"
Ben Carson, Herman Cain, they're around to tell white RWers just how right they are about everything. Like Fiorina with women too
He is not up to speed on planet Earth. Herman Cain(the pizza man) was better informed.
I spoke too soon herman cain is worse
Herman Cain was a frontrunner last time. Gingrich won SC last time. I can't take it seriously until Super Tuesday.
the identical political twin of Ross Perot and Herman Cain is melting off the scene yet again
And its Herman Cain, moron. Was he a token too? Uncle Tom? Oreo? You libs Hate when blacks are Republicans.
Update your maps at Navteq
Martin Luther King, and people like JC Watts, Alan Keyes, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Herman Cain, Condoleeza Rice and Ben Carson vs.
Talk radio legend Neal Boortz to retire? Herman Cain to replace him?; Update: It’s official
Last presidential debate cycle we saw Fred Thompson hawking insurance; when do we get to see Herman Cain selling pizzas?
About this time 4 years ago Herman Cain was leading in Iowa, 8 years ago Fred Thompson. Ben Carson? 'nuf said.
Herman Cain?! Isn't he the guy you interviewed in your terrific doc "Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie"?!
FLASHBACK: In Oct 2011 Herman Cain led the GOP in Iowa & eventual caucus winner was polling at just 5% ht…
I am a big fan of Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, and Condi Rice. My opinion of Obama is that he's a traitor
“In the morning we have Herman Cain out of Atlanta.Then we have Rush from noon to 3, and then Hannity "
.LMAO where is Herman Cain and what is he doing now. Gave Michael Steele chair(RNC) but took away all control of money
If anyone feels threatened by Donald Trump, remember that four years ago at this time, Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann were leading.
Someone in my old neighborhood owned a limited ed "Bullet" Mustang and put a Herman Cain for prez sticker on it. Saddest thing I've seen.
HE is not a real Black man, he is muslim POS, brainwashed . A real black like Herman Cain or Ben Carlson would be Great
Where's Herman Cain when we need him? Oh NO NO not that crazy guy! Herman Cain didn't have a mustard seed of a clue!
Apart from: Bill Cosby, Ben Carson, Bobby Jindal, O.J.Simpson, Herman Cain, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, don't see how they matter!
lib media doing to Dr Ben what they did to Herman Cain an Palin
dont let the lib media do to Dr.Ben what they did to Palin an Herman Cain they hate black/women n the GOP
what the lib media does to blacks or women if their Republicans just look at Herman Cain,Sarah Palin
O yes, I'm a racist! That's why I like Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Condalisa Rice & the list goes on!
Matt Jackson busted out the Herman Cain smile on the intro.
2012-- Herman Cain tax plan= 9-9-9. 2016-- Donald Trump tax plan= 9-9-9+pixie dust. GOP tax plans never change, they're just re-branded.
TRUMP-Donald J. Trump-The GOP is trying to do to Trump what they did to Herman Cain 4 years ago,. Won't work this time-TRUMP
This is a Herman Cain set up by GOP and the Democants. Need to take out conservative outsider
there was an African American gent in the front row, looked just like Herman Cain is it possible?
Omg. I just realized Trump is the 2016 reboot of Herman Cain.
Herman Cain and Dr. Ben Carson have been prime examples of black men that may be politically attacked. You know, conservative…
Herman Cain's voice is so soothing.
This is how handles 500 status codes (internal server errors). Is this Herman Cain?
They say African Americans. I say black people. I've only been to Africa once. I've been in America all my life!. Herman Cain
So apparently Scott Walker is this year's Tim Pawlenty. Reminder: Jeb is this year's Romney, Trump is this year's Herman Cain.…
Mark Block is being brought in at the behest of Herman Cain, who is sponsoring event for JEB to meet donors:
Little Giant Ladders
"Success isn’t the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success." - Herman Cain (via...
not amusing Bloomberg. Now that page has a 500 server error with an unfunny Herman Cain gif. Biased much Bloomberg?
Dems/lefties/commies will not let conservatives have a successful black man as a candidate. Look what they did to Herman Cain.
Carson is this election Herman Cain.But I think he will withstand.
Herman Cain: Out of the 11 people on the stage there were 10 winners… ➠ Video | BB4SP
Why am i not surprised Herman Cain has a pick 6 of favorite Republican candidates
All I can say is: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Herman Cain!! He layed it out on the line tonight..
I didn't know who to support but convinced me. It's easier to live life knowing who Herman Cain supports.
The GOP ALWAYS supports the outsiders early in the primaries. How soon we forget Herman Cain. And Pat Buchanan.
Herman Cain is to Godfather's Pizza as Dave Brandon is to Domino's.
Ben Carson on church/state is just as bad as Herman Cain. What the ***
omg remember in the 2012 presidential race when Herman Cain quoted Pokémon 2000 verbatim and attributed it to a poet?
Dr. Ben Carson: The devil made up evolution. Carson 666 just Herman Cain 999 upside down. And that's just where Carsons going.
Carson is someone GOP rolls out every 4yrs(Herman cain)wake up *** GOP is a dinosaur dying of bigotry
Liberals wrong again as they try to 'Herman Cain' Ben Carson.
can quit now. The GOPers do NOT want another black potus & they'll soon let him know, ala Herman Cain.
At this point in the 2012 cycle, Mitt Romney, ranging from early teens to low 20s, was mostly losing to Herman Cain and Rick Perry.
When will Gloria show in 2016? About this time in 2012, we had GOP-E sic Gloria Allred on Herman Cain.
Al Michael's with a subtle Herman Cain joke shows why he's the best
Looking more and more like Trump is this year's GOP flash-in-the-pan flame-out Herman Cain, Fred Thompson, Rick Perry . . .
Deja vu, so much like when President Perry passed Herman Cain in 2013 via
.Apples and oranges. Look at Shaun Bailey, Lord Taylor, Herman Cain, Ben like these people?!
Long way to go. This is where Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann were in 2011 at this time. Meaningless.
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