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Herb Caen

Herbert Eugene Herb Caen (April 3, 1916 – February 2, 1997) was a San Francisco journalist whose daily column of local goings-on and insider gossip, social and political happenings, painful puns and offbeat anecdotes— a continuous love letter to San Francisco —appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle for almost sixty years (excepting a brief defection to the San Francisco Examiner), and made him a household name throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever. -Herb Caen
"A city is a state – of mind, of taste, of opportunity." . – Herb Caen
"I keep waiting for it to stalk down the hill and attack the Golden Gate Bridge." - Herb Caen
when I started in the media, the great Herb Caen told me: "It doesn't matter what they say about you. Just keep your face on the tube"
I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there. – Herb Caen. . 🍁
"A person begins cutting their wisdom teeth the first time they bite off more than they can chew" . - Herb Caen…
"There are a thousand viewpoints in this viewtiful city" - Herb Caen The sky cleared up ju…
San Francisco isn't what it used to be, and it never was.-- Herb Caen
"The trouble with born-again Christians is that they are an even bigger pain the second time around." - Herb Caen
Isn't it nice that people who prefer Los Angeles to San Francisco live there?. -- Herb Caen.
A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew. ~Herb Caen
My dad used to mail me Herb Caen column care packages when I moved out of state to attend college in the 80's.
Happy birthday to Herb Caen, who built a legacy so strong that the typing never has to stop. (4)
Herb Caen would have been 100 today, but his body of work made him ageless. We can discover new old items for the rest of our own lives. (1)
Herb Caen: A Centennial to Celebrate. "We miss Herb. His wit, his style, his verve. Truly Mr. San Francisco."
Herb Caen would have turned 100 today. Cheers, old friend.
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Herb Caen was the master of funny schmoozy Bay Area chit-chat, "three dot journalism" they called it.
Hey knew Herb Caen, worked w/ Caen. High praise that he appreciated your reminiscence
1984 SF Chronicle newsrack card for Herb Caen, born 100 years ago today
Herb Caen was born 100 years ago today in
Favorite Herb Caen non item: In 1990, Humm Baby Giants Manager Roger Craig had the Dodgers coming into town and...
I read a quote by Herb Caen in a book of San Francisco photography- his genius is needed in this age w/o ideals
I'm also surprised & hasn't done more to celebrate Herb Caen at 100
Happy 100th birthday, Herb Caen. Thank you and the Loyal Royal for 14M words chronicling
Herb Caen on San Francisco: Herb Caen would have been 100 years old today. Don’t worry if yo... via
Herb Caen was born on this day 100 years ago. Here he is in 1936, when he was the S.F. Chronicle Radio Editor.
"Logic is no answer to passion." Herb Caen, born on this day in 1916
Born 100 years ago today, San Francisco columnist Herb Caen. He wasn't a but he would agree, "What a party that was!"
At lunch w/ Herb Caen by Can't find obit but day after
"Cockroaches and socialites are the only things that can stay up all night and eat anything." . ―Herb Caen b.4/3/1916 https…
"One day, if I do go to heaven, I'll look & say 'it ain't bad, but it ain't San Francisco.". ― Herb Caen b.4/3/1916 https:/…
"a city is not gauged by its length and width, but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams." —Herb Caen🎈
A city is a crazy concrete jungle whose people at the end of each day someh...
You know it’s going to be a tough day when you wake up and put on your shoes and they’re still warm. (Herb Caen)
Bklyn may have surpassed SF in this regard but SF a pioneer! Goes back decades. Cf Herb Caen
Nights - Herb Caen, San Francisco and the Arabian Nights -
Ess Eff, or as Herb Caen called it, Frisco, then and now. Click historical pix & be amazed.
Herb Caen would like that with a comment like that you'll be banned from the best city in CA & mayb the world
Today's Easy Thought of the Day comes from American newspaper columnist Herb Caen: "The only thing wrong with...
Herb Caen a writter in chronicle got pultizer peize For her penetrating columns on race, welfare and other social issues.
Herb Caen had a favorite header: Don't Call it Frisco. The 21st century version: Don't Call it San Fran. Makes us cringe.
Growing up reading Herb Caen... Had to subscribe to the Chron for him and Doonesbury if for no other reason.
Herb Caen: "If I do go to heaven, I'm going to do what every San Franciscan does who goes to heaven." 1/2
Through his words & daily column, Herb Caen made San Francisco just sparkle.
Herb Caen inspired my own three dot column for the Talon at Clayton Valley High School back in 91-92.
.Herb Caen really understood the SF spirit, wrote about it with skill, verve, humor. People still quote him.
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Herb Caen died 19 yrs ago today. His presence is still felt in the newsroom & I suspect it always will.
Herb Caen on Eddie DeBartolo Jr., after the latter became owner in 1977. Brutal is an understatement ...
I have a memory like an elephant. I remember every elephant I've ever met.
Philosophically, I don't like doing commercials.
on 1997 Herb Caen, American journalist and author (b. 1916)
Herb Caen just twirled in his grave, cursed, and banished said Uber driver to the outer darkness forevermore. And right too.
Lost bike or no, had to be stoked to make Herb Caen's column in 1948. Did you get the bike back, Gov?
Herb Caen's "The Empire Strikes Back" review: Good in the first half, but "my attention span ... began to wander."
Or at least a good subject of the early Herb Caen! ;)
Dang. I really treasured many aspects of the newspaper experience - taking it onto the porch with a cup of coffee, Herb Caen...
there were a lot of great stories about her in Herb Caen's column.
Photo: Herb Caen wrote this colorful article about The Mandarin’s opening at Ghirardelli...
Subtle ads for the show… did you put the Herb Caen Typewriter back on Market Street?
Herb Caen when coined the term beatnik in 1958 by adding the Russian suffix -nik after Sputnik to the Beat Generation.
Herb Caen invented both terns Beatnik and Hippy.
It's mine too. The no Frisco thing goes WAY back. Do you remember SF columnist Herb Caen? He'd harp on it.
Although reliable evidence remains elusive that the Emperor actually wrote anything like that. ;)
"There are a thousand viewpoints in the viewtiful city." -Herb Caen.
. Landmark 1930s bar frequented by Herb Caen & local celebs, relocated to a new site.
Who was the first to use it in the Chron? Herb Caen? Ha ha. Inquiring minds want to know.
Herb Caen the day after the moon landing, July 21, 1969
Although evidence remains elusive that the Emperor said anything of the kind. ;)
Homage to Herb Caen, now 18 years gone - San Francisco Chronicle (subscription)
Found a 1958 guide to San Francisco by Herb Caen, and it's so great.
I only heard it in connection with “Don’t call it Frisco,” the Herb Caen book. Never heard it otherwise.
"Give a problem to an architect get and you'll get a building for a solution" -Herb Caen. Empowering Design
LOL, as in Vodka! Grey Goose to be specific. God, I miss Herb Caen.
I'm drinking some Vitamin V in honor Herb Caen & SF.
You write up Oakland pizzas. Herb Caen is spinning, and no North Beach Pizza. OMG!!
"a car-strangled-spanner" ...a Bridge with Heart and Soul. Words by famed columnist Herb Caen...
and, well, Dan Savage, I've read Herb Caen, and you, sir, are no Herb Caen.
He just believes he hides it well in his snarky self-referential mentions, a la Herb Caen.
literally talking about hippies right now and Herb Caen✌🏽
Match Play at Harding Park is test of character: by Art Spander San Francisco? Herb Caen’s cool, gray city of love?…
This was great. Beautifully written with some nice callbacks to Herb Caen.
Herb Caen predicted the demise in 1948.
Great mid90s memory of HC buying us martinis at Young fans surround Herb Caen, 1939 Chronicle tour.
Loved Herb Caen. His great love of the City was contagious. He was a family friend, but even if he hadn't been, I'd love his work.
Photos of Richard Pryor, Prince and 1941 Herb Caen! I'm on Pericope in 5 min. w/ this week's archive finds. http:/…
It was always Frisco south of Market and along the docks. Herb Caen was from Sacramento and always reflected a toff sensibility.
"I hear the play isn't as bad as I hear it is" - San Francisco Chronicle's Herb Caen talking about "Prescription: Murder" in 1962.
This is Herb Caen's tribute to Henry Doelger written in July 1978. "Henry Doelger who died in Italy at 82 Sunday, not only covered the Sunset sand dunes with his thousands of 'Doelgerville' Houses, he was a generous host and a jolly fellow who enjoyed his millions. Furthermore, his houses (one year he built so many he lost one) have weathered remarkably well, and he provided me with some good lines -- 'The White Cliffs of Doelger,' for one, and the crack he enjoyed the most, he said: 'Old Doelgers' never die, they just FHAde away. He kept a huge yacht at Monaco called the Westlake, after another area he developed here, and served Dom Perignon exclusively as he showed off his seven toupees --the hair growing gradually till he needed a haircut and would return to Number 1. Cheers Henry." Anyone live in a Doelger & where was it?
How great is it to live in California? I mean, I can see the San Francisco skyline from my back porch. I can walk to the Golden Gate Bridge if I want. I wake up to the awesome sight of Mt. Tamalpais every morning. And, like my son Peter and his late dog Chase pictured here, I can be in Yosemite in less than three hours. Or, on a really good day when my sons Gabe and Peter and their wives Jen and Sierra are in town like in my cover photo above, we can all meet for brunch in Hayes Valley. The other pic is Gabe wearing my Sacramento Union baseball cap when I had a sweet job writing columns for the oldest paper West of the Mississippi, where both Mark Twain and Herb Caen were employed. I have never taken California for granted; never will. We are very blessed.
You are invited to share in a memorable evening on March 7, when the Denver Press Club presents its 20th annual Damon Runyon Award to Katie Couric. Join us at the Marriott City Center in downtown Denver to recognize Couric's career contributions to the kind of journalism practiced by the estimable Damon Runyon, once a member of our club before he went on to his storied career in New York City. Prior awardees include Jimmy Breslin, Mike Royko, Molly Ivins, Herb Caen, Ted Turner, Tom Brokaw, George Will, Bob Costas, and Tim Russert. You can purchase tickets here:
Remembering San Francisco bike messenger Markus Cook who passed away January 3, 1996 From Mercury Falling in SF Weekly: For 11 years, nobody was more visible or popular in the bike messenger world. Markus was the voice of an overlooked working class, and he made them feel they were special. In his eyes, they weren't orphan street rats or stoner scum, they had human rights and politics worth defending. Markus served on the board of directors of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, lobbying for better biking conditions in the city. He helped launch Critical Mass, the monthly direct action in which bikers commandeer the streets in protest. He appeared in the columns of Herb Caen and Rob Morse, and was profiled in People magazine as one of San Francisco's "wacky" messengers. He acted as a messenger in a Dreyer's ice cream commercial. He was voted the crowd's favorite at the AIDS Bike-a-Thon bike messenger fashion show. His zine, Mercury Rising, was mined by William Gibson for his novel Virtual Light. He was s ...
He had a ballroom call El Patio (the FilmoreWest) & radio show for over 20yrs. Made 7 records, & Herb Caen knew him!
San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen writes, "Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a Lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter whether you are a Lion or a gazelle; when the sun comes up, you'd better be running." Let's run the race on our knees, intercessors!
If this was '92 Herb Caen woulda beat your ***
Today's thought: "There must be another way, if only because there has to be." —Herb Caen
his screenwriting. No dramatic writers are identified as such. And where the *** is Herb Caen on this list? (2/2)
Dear Editor This is the Zodiac speaking I am back with you Tell Herb Caen I am here I have always been here That city pig, Toschi, is good But I am both smarter and better He will get tired then leave me alone I am waiting for a good movie about me Who will play me? I am in control of all things
"All American cars are basically Chevrolets." - Herb Caen
‘’Sputnik-1’’ The Sputnik Program, more commonly known as "companion", is known to be a group of numerous robotic spacecraft operations launched by the Soviet Union. Sputnik 1, the first of these, is the first known human made object to enter the space. Sputnik 1 was launched into the space on October 4, 1957. The launch laid bare the expediency of the usage of artificial sites for the exploration of upper atmosphere. The word "sputnik" is said to have Russian origin with the literal meaning "co-traveler", "satellite", or "travelling companion". Sputnik 1, when launched, featured a diameter measuring 58cm (23") and a weight of 83.6 kg (183 lb.). It took about 96 minutes to complete each of the 1440 elliptical orbits. The launch of Sputnik 1 had surprised the US as this launch was coupled with the magnificent failure of the USA"s first two attempts for the launch of Project Vanguard. The launch of Sputnik 1 had had a very positive impact in the space research world. Firstly, it led to the up come o ...
When we came back from afternoon recess in 5th grade the Names George Moscone and Harvey Milk where written on the blackboard. Our teacher Miss Greenhoot, said nothing about it the rest of the day, going about normal lessons. As we lined up to leave and the end of the day, someone asked why she she wrote the Mayor's name on the chalkboard. "They where both shot today in city hall, I felt I should mention it, but it's just so horrific" I don't know how soon after Herb Caen put the "I said get Milk and Bologne, not Milk and Moscone" joke in the Chronicle, but kids were telling it with in 2 days
The truest greatness lies in being kind, the truest wisdom in a happy mind. ~ Herb Caen
does anyone else remember this tidbit from a Herb Caen column in 1995 in the Chronicle? "Update on what makes the world go 'round at that famous radio station, where Just One Of Those Things between the boss and the receptionist got Too Hot Not to Cool Down (I printed an intercepted note from her to him, reading "Mickey Mouse: Lick me, scratch me, make me arch my back. Love, Kitty Kat"). Well, Kitty Kat is no longer there. And the Mouseketeer's marriage is in big trouble."
I'm not what you'd call a real Chicago booster. But growing up there I enjoyed newspaper columnists. Friday I picked up a copy of "Like I Was Sayin'," selected Mike Royko newspaper columns, at a thrift store. Really wonderful. I missed newspaper columns when I moved to LA. No good essayin'. It wasn't like the SF Chronicle which people said had more columns than the Acropolis. Herb Caen, what a guy.
Over the weekend someone told me I was the modern day Herb Caen. That's by far one of the best compliments I've ever gotten.
Chip Johnson was never my ideal of an investigative reporter. But he doesn't claim to be one either. His pieces are a cross between an Oakland Herb Caen and an op-ed writer. Maybe he's atoning for his years of boostering Mayor Dellums by now reporting mostly bad stuff about Oakland. Hardly fair because there's no shortage of that. Still, "blaming the media" for bias or inaccuracy is a favorite pastime of both the left and the right when they disagree with the journalist. I consider him to be an opinionated political gossip writer, to be skimmed for tidbits and ignored for policy recommendations.
The winds of change are wild and unpredictable over the San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco is where the gold rush begun. We're in another such era, which is fleeting and illusory. This is the calm before the storm of extreme individuation. The astrological compass is indicating gusts of high hopes and fallen dreams (those dreams/illusions that never had much substance to begin with; those high hopes that you thought might be beyond what you could imagine). What knocks against the ribs of your truth? What brings you to your emotional knees? Check it out. This is where the wormhole opens. This is where we collectively have the chance to go gloriously renegade. We're gonna have a helluva good time. & it's gonna open some doors you didn't even know existed-within yourself, within society...and it all begins here, Sin City, Baghdad-by-the-Bay (in the words of Herb Caen, San Francisco columnist for the SF Chronicle for eons). Stay tuned. It's gonna be wild. I guarantee it'll knock your socks off.
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Um, and Neal Cassady was not a "beatnik." That word was coined by Herb Caen to mock the Beats.
ONE STRANGE 2013 San Francisco PRIDE PARADE Here's one of my heroes. Now California's Lieutenant Governor, when he was Mayor of San Francisco in 2004 he began allowing *** couple's to marry, even if he might not have had the authority. He's holding his daughter Montana while greeting well wishers. Now, unless I've mixed up the photos, this is where he's spotted me and dropped Montana. That's his wife Jennifer on the left. But everything's OK. Montana's clinging or reclinging to his neck as he comes over and says, "Hi, Strange." I tell him my Supreme Court *** marriage joke, and he says Herb Caen would have loved it. He's always been exceptionally nice. When I first met him I gave him a copy of my then-new photo history "San Francisco's Castro." He told our mutual friend Dr, John Newmeyer that he liked it, so when I ran into him at the next Pride Parade, he graciously moved my camera strap from in front of my lens and posed for a publicity picture, which didn't hurt sales one bit. I reluctantly leave Gavin ...
Myself, I can tell you about Herb Caen, Mike Royko, Stanton Delaplane, Jack Anderson, Molly Ivins ...
1960 - The Jack Tar Hotel (later Cathedral Hill) - The 400-room hotel occupied a full city block at the intersection of Geary Boulevard & Van Ness Avenue. It was considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the city when it opened in 1960, although it was heavily criticized by Herb Caen & others for its boxy modern architecture, which they considered unattractive & inconsistent with traditional San Francisco city style. Part of the movie "The Conversation", with Gene Hackman, takes places there. In 1982 it was remodeled into the Cathedral Hill Hotel. A major fire occurred in December 1983 when a Christmas tree caught fire, causing fatalities. The hotel had to rebuild again. The hotel finally closed on October 30, 2009, to make way for an expansion of California Pacific Medical Center, though it has yet to be demolished. Also in the photo is Tommys Joynt & St. Marys Church, which was gutted by fire in 1962. The site of the church is now studios of KRON-TV
L. O'Donnell shook me. I miss Jimmy Breslin! He was the first I really paid attention to in NYC; Herb Caen in SF! Must love our journalists!
On June 12, 1985, The Chronicle’s Herb Caen went to the grand opening of Fog City Diner, a new restaurant on the corner of Battery and The Embarcadero. Two days later, he wrote about San Francisco’s new hotness:
As was noted when I began this perspicacious series six years ago, San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen (1916-97) once wrote that he kept a file of items to use whenever he had space, so I began keeping a similar file, which I labeled “Quotes Worth Saving.” Here is the latest installment:
Barnaby Conrad and Friendship Barnaby Conrad makes story of his friendships and friendships of his stories, sharing each with the adventurous éclat of a schoolboy trading sandwiches at lunch. He has told a memorable range of stories, engaged an even more memorable spectrum of friendships. If you know him for any time at all, he'll have shared his stories and his friendships with you to the point where you feel the stories happened to you and the friends were yours all along. Two of his longest and deepest friendships are so vivid with him that you tend to think of these remarkable individuals by their first names rather than the charismatic San Francisco newspaper columnist, Herb Caen (1916-97)or the electrifying bullfighter nicknamed "El Ciclon," Carlos Arruza (1920--66). Herb and Carlitos. Conrad has made them your pals. You are more respectful of one of his first employers, the Nobel laureate, Sinclair Lewis, whom you tend to refer to as he does, Mister Lewis. Same holds for one of his mentors in ...
"Sometimes in the cold wintry dusk, the city looks positively Florentine. You drive west on Geary Parkway toward a sky all Dante-dramatic, and a false antiquity guilds the twin spires of St. Ignatius; they seem as real and as far away as the Renaissance. Dark mystery on Lone Mountain: the school and its innocent tower become a castle on a hill. A thousand lights flicker against the black mass of Mount Parnassus, beacons glow on and off in a nervous pattern, and the far-off rumble of a ship’s horn makes you realize the sea is ceaselessly near, surf pounding in rhythm to the beat of the old but not-so-old city…" —Herb Caen
San Francisco — Vivian Brown, who with identical twin Marian, became iconic figures on the streets of San Francisco for more than four decades has died after a lengthy illness, the San Francisco Coroner’s Office confirmed on Friday. Brown, who would have turned 86 on Jan. 25, suffered from Alzheimer's and had a fall last year that further debilitated her. The sisters had also fallen on hard times economically over the last few years and have been helped out by private donations and local charities. The Browns were born eight minutes apart in Kalamazoo, Mich., but came to San Francisco to work as secretaries at different downtown department stores in 1970s. They captured the eye of legendary San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen and became well known for strolling in city’s Union Square shopping district, wearing bright identical outfits and sporting meticulously coiffed hair. They became so well-known that they were featured in advertising campaigns and their image graced the pages of local ne ...
I wrote a column every week for 12 years at Frog Hospital. How good was it? . It was better than Walter Lippmann or Molly Ivins. Sure, but was it as good as Mike Royko -- Yes, at times. Okay, was it as good as Herb Caen? No, not even close. Herb Caen was in the clouds over every one.
1992 SF Giants finish 5th Place, 72-90. A last second miracle prevents Bon Lurie selling the team to the Tampa Bay Area by a group of investors and MLB. The Giants sign Barry Bonds and Dusty Baker as mgr. Giants build a beautiful park in 2000. Bonds becomes all time single season HR champion and lifetime champion. Giants in WS 1962 $ 1989. Giants win 2 out of 3 World Series. The Commissioner's trophy heading home to the great Mayor Lee and the most Beautiful City in the World. Herb Caen called it "The City that knows how". San Francisco, Ca. USA.
Back to writing what my advisor calls my "proto-prospectus." Time to figure out how to link Golden Gateway, Herb Caen & Ghirardelli Square.
Neil Morgan is our Herb Caen, our Jack Smith, our Mike Royko. A tribute ..
Chalk up another error in Brinkley refers to Herb Caen as a San Francisco Examiner columnist. Primarily he was a Chronicle man.
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Adding some items to my bucket list: 1) Get my name mentioned in Herb Caen's column before he or I die 2) Attend the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics (since I'm sure I'll be very successful and living there by then) 3) Go to my 20th high school reunion in my Mercedes 450SL - the car that says "you've really made it" Wish me luck!!!
Bay Area's Top 100 Bars The Chronicle has played a very active role in that drinking history. Columnist Stanton Delaplane introduced Irish coffee here in 1952, a tradition that lives on at the Buena Vista. In Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Herb Caen, the martini - made, naturally, with what he ...
Reading this about the UN immorality compared with beginnings of the United States will help us understand the dangers of closer UN ties. How the UN began: It was said by Herb Caen, writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, that "the United Nations was founded at Sally Stanford's whorehouse,” because at the founding conference of the United Nations in San Francisco, in June 1945, many of the delegates were customers of Sally Stanford and a large part of the actual negotiations took place in the living room of her cathouse. ( Not to be outdone, Life Magazine had this to say: “Miss Stanford and her specially selected hostesses entertained princes and shahs, movie stars, state and national dignitaries; some of her customers even brought their wives.” The San Francisco Bay Times added: By all accounts Sally showed delegates to the United Nations the very best time in town. But unlike Pacific Heights matrons mounting lavish soirees to bolster their high society credentials, Sally provided ser ...
Oh. I miss "BAGDAD BY THE BAY", Herb Caen, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Park and so much more.
We learned two things today: Herb Caen loved "The Road Warrior," and 1982 was the best summer movie season of all time.
Thank you! I almost choked when I ran across the ad. Herb Caen watched "The Road Warrior"? And he liked it?!?
. Oh, man, the Herb Caen blurb for The Road Warrior made me weep. Thank you for this, you brilliant and giving man.
The Caen Files: The Greatest Bridge Ever Built - A happy birthday message for the Golden Gate Bridge from the late Chronicle great Herb Caen.
The late San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen wishes what he calls "the greatest suspension bridge ever built," happy birthday. The is the 12th installment in and Emmy nominated series called "The Caen Files."
"Heaven, a place that is said to resemble Sonoma in the Spring." -Herb Caen ~San Francisco Chronicle
Our favorite quote of the day: "Martinis are like breasts, one isn't enough and three is too many."- Herb Caen
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