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Henry Winkler

Henry Franklin Winkler (born October 30, 1945) is an American actor, director, producer, and author.

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Be sure to catch Henry Winkler at Wizard World New Orleans Jan. 5-7!
love when Henry Winkler put William in his place about signing autographs. Sign & pose Mr. Shatner! We ❤ you.
Great piece about Henry Winkler, whom I have always loved. I didn’t know he was King of Bacchus in the late 70’s!
Hi ! I see you blocked this year. Is that because she called you out for being a twatburger…
Your mom looks like Henry Winkler. But she has a nice shape
Yes! We watched "An American Christmas Carol" (1979) also. Henry "the Fonz" Winkler plays Scrooge. Set in the Depre…
I keep meaning to do this. Just to see. The 1st time I saw it, I was so angry that even the fact that Henry Winkler…
Whoever it was that said "Let's put Henry Winkler, William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw and George Foreman in a world tr…
- watching Better Late than Never, it’s cracking me up Henry Winkler, thanks for all the laughs
Ok, I'm feeling really deceived by thinking as a kid that "Fonzy" played by Henry Winkler was a bad *** This guy i…
GREAT NEWS!! . Now you can watch the multi award winning series You Are Nothing (w Henry Winkler, Maria Bamford, Joel B…
William: You know what BMW stands for?. Henry: No. William: BMW means Bill's mad at Winkler. Henry: You just made tha…
Henry Winkler is my absolute favorite actor/celebrity! Kind, funny, and wonderful to his fans!…
This show on is hilarious! Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, and William Shatner getting sau…
I heard Henry Winkler on the radio talking about it, I’ll have to check it out
I am actually quite fond of Henry Win…
I can barely stand to watch the NFL anymore. So I'm going to watch a football movie starring Adam Sandler and…
She also thinks of Henry Winkler as the grandpa in Holes—yeah but, he’s the Fonz!!!
Like Henry Winkler I would like to say Thank you to the Men & Women of the FBI for watching over A…
Henry Winkler. I was 4. It was 1990. . I don't mean him when he was The Fonz. I mean him in 1990. I…
Been conned out of £10,000 by Henry Winkler. Stupid Fonzie scheme
You missed An American Christmas Carol with Henry Winkler - best one
Looked thru my in demand .found . Better late than never. Season two. Henry winkler, Terry Bradshaw, Willi…
Rewatching Happy Days episodes and still and will forever be my favourite person on TV. Merry Xmas Henry Winkler woah 👍👍
Yeah. She can make a bad song good. Shes really grown on me. Check out the vid for santa is coming for us. Its got henry winkler
Max Winkler is cute but if I were Rachel Antonoff i'd be in it to get Henry Winkler as my papa-in-law baby
Henry Winkler is wearing a uterus shirt and my life is officially complete.
This wasn't a or anything I just love it I met & he signed my - 'Paul is coo…
Exclusive: and Henry Winkler discuss their outrageous new travel series.
there's a modern Christmas song on and it has both karaoke lyrics and henry winkler playing a supporting character
I think A Christmas Story is another movie/show I thought (for an embarrassingly long time) was actually filmed in…
Me: He looks like Henry Winkler. Rob: Oh my God, he does!. Me (gloating because being faceblind I never get one right.)
Wanted to share this chuckle I just read in a magazine article about Henry "the Fonz" Winkler on aging. "The...
If you've never watched with Henry Winkler, William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw & George Foreman I…
Watching Henry Winkler in an episode of Law and Order SVU.😊👍🏻
Happy New Year to you Mr Henry Winkler, I was a fan from the early days. Thank you for bringing laug…
ICYMI: Henry Winkler does hilarious impressions of his co-stars an…
are you doing your show again with Henry Winkler traveling the world? You five guys were hilarious.…
Henry Winkler, Eric Roberts, Corey Feldman, and the late great Sam Simon welcomed me into their homes to do me the…
Henry Winkler, John Adams, & are topics of some of today's questions! Play along w/
How exciting Susan!!! I love Henry Winkler, he’s such a sweet man in addition to being the Fonz, and y…
Mike the real Peter Criss is the one with The Fonze aka Henry Winkler. is Chris Dickinson
Director Max Winkler and Henry Winkler walk the red carpet at the 'Flower' Premiere for the 2017 Film Festival -…
Why did Henry Winkler dress up like Indiana Jones?
Jesus christ yes, Ron Howard and Henry Winkler hold him while Marion Ross kicks him in the ***
So sad and so kind, the response from Henry Winkler... I didn't know she was struggling with life -I hope she finds…
Henry Winkler and Ron Howard pay tribute to Erin Moran
Erin Moran remembered by "Happy Days" co-stars Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and other stars; she died Saturday at 56
L.A. Wrap party. MacGyver. When Henry Winkler talks to you about…
Henry Winkler, hwinkler4real is now trending in Canada.
Ron Howard and More Co-Stars Remember Happy Days' Erin Moran via so sad
Henry Winkler, is now trending in Canada.
Ron Howard is worth $140M. Henry Winkler, $20M. Neither saw fit to help Erin Moran, but today, to cover their brand, they ac…
Erin Moran. She had some hard years. Henry Winkler was one of few reaching out to her. Gone too soon. Peace to her & all wh…
"Assumptions are the termites of relationships" - Henry Winkler
Erin Moran remembered by 'Happy Days' co-stars Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and others in Hollywood
Henry Winkler speaks out following the passing of his costar Erin Moran.
Henry Winkler remembers his 'Happy Days' costar, Erin Moran: "Rest In It serenely now.. too soon"
Jane Curtin, Henry Winkler were trained at The Proposition Theater in Cambridge,near me. They were based in an Inman Square converted bakery
In this issue: Henry Winkler, Genevieve Shaw Brown, Matty Cardarople, and more!:
Ed Helms is in AD and Office. Henry Winkler in AD and PR. Will Ferrell in Office and 30 Rock
Actor/producer/writer Henry Winkler '67 is profiled by
Henry Winkler and Mo Rocca are fishing in Idaho on the great Sunday Morning program airing on TV right now. ❤️Idaho…
Mo Rocca to Henry Winkler on "Why did you turn down the lead role on 'Grease?' HW: "Because I'm an *** . Never change Fonz.
Mr. Henry Winkler on CBS Sunday Morning with Mo Rocca this morning!
Henry Winkler on his dyslexia: In this web exclusive, the actor talks with Mo Rocca about…
On today's catch TV legend Henry Winkler fly-fishing with Mo Rocca:
Henry Winkler, “The Fonz,” to share inspiring message with Oakland University audience - News at OU
I'm just happy we came into 2017 wit Smokey Robinson, Bill Russell, Henry Winkler, Michael Franks, Betty White, Morgan Freeman & many more
Y'all are putting protective circles around the wrong people. Put them around Jessica Walter, Henry Winkler, & Jeffrey Tambor.
Met Robert Englund and Henry Winkler at today!! Two absolutely lovely men!
Scrooge Revisited Day 2! At the height of the popularity of Happy Days, someone evidently said, "You know what...
really Torts? My aunt thinks so too but he looks like Henry Winkler aka The Fonz to me lol
hired as new intimidation coach if followed suit they'd hire Henry Winkler from "Here…
If there was a fraudulent invest scheme perpetrated by henry winkler would it be a Fonzie Ponzi?
TMZ is trash. They're really talking to Henry Winkler to about a trout he caught...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” -Henry Winkler.
Producing is the hardest of the three because there is almost no cl...
seen Henry Winkler at a champagne bunch @ hyatt in san franciso for Private Benjamin and he was Rude and dismissive and a Bigot...
"Assumptions are the termites of relationships". - Henry Winkler.
Happy Days - Though portrayed by the incredibly talented Jewish actor, Henry Winkler, Arthur Fonzarelli was the...
Henry Winkler interview: 'It's what I heard all my life: that I was stupid, that I'd never achieve anything'…
Wanted to share, that was a wonderful conversation with henry winkler yesterday. You're interview skills R masterful. Thanks!
Disappointing article, flat, & winter is here, plus a typo, his name is HENRY WINKLER. Read
Henry Winkler can’t get enough of Al’s cold brew coffee, or the TODAY anchors via
We check, we know, we don't assume. "Assumptions are the termites of relationships." Henry Winkler
To me acting is like a jigsaw puzzle. The jigsaw puzzle is of the ...
Tonight's is An American Christmas Carol with Henry Winkler. Reminds me of the time...
Great show 4 my commute from Woonsocket to Newport. What's the Henry Winkler Christmas movie that some listeners liked a lot today?
I'll tell who in NOT disappointing: Alan Alda, Mel Brooks, Henry Winkler & Beau Bridges. So incredibly nice in person.
Actually there was a tv adaptation w/ Henry Winkler from the '70s called An American Christmas Carol that's good
Henry Winkler-The "Fonz" said on radio today that Trump rallies are for "those people". I'm a "those people" now!
So I watched an awesome movie starring you, Henry Winkler, & Brooke Burns last night. You were great in it!
Jonathan Groff, Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper, Josh Gad, Henry Winkler, Jonathan Frakes, Whoopi Goldberg... the others you know.
Hey it's 'The Most Wonderful Time of the year' , that Hallmark Channel Christmas movie with Henry Winkler . That's fun!
😱 you have to check it out then. It's Shatner, George Foreman, Terry Bradshaw, Henry Winkler and this Jeff dude traveling around-
The TV show with Terry Bradshaw, George Foreman, Henry Winkler, and William Shatner was surprisingly enjoyable.
Day 2 in the books. Arthur Darvill, Jim Beaver, John Cena, Henry Winkler, Evanna Lynch, and Jeremy Bulloch! Onward to day 3!
OMG this prggram with William Shatner and Henry Winkler is hilarious
watching with George Foreman, Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw and William Shatner. Oddly, all seems right in…
Watching the comedy "better late than ". With Terry Bradshaw, William Shatner, Henry Winkler, and George Foreman.
Henry Winkler and Roy Williams were separated at birth.
I want Henry Winkler to be my dad so that Ben Schwartz and Adam Sandler can be my brothers
How cool would it be if Marion Ross, Henry Winkler, Anson Williams, Donnie Most, and Ron Howard rolled up next?
: Wished it was about the movie starring Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton and directed by Ron Howard that was trending.
My favorite Commodores song makes me think of Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton.
im going to meet Henry Winkler,Kel Mitchell,Robert Picardo,Bruce boxleightner etc etc
THE FONZ - Henry Winkler's biography from 1976 during his Happy Days career - 15 copies for a FAN or a FAN CLUB
The Fonz is here to see our matinee. Arthur Fonzerelli. Henry Winkler. Yeah. That's kinda cool. Eh 👍👍
I feel like I did a bad job describing this, so I drew a helpful diagram.
Ladies, tired of picking your bikini out of your asscrack? Try sliding a pencil through, and setting it right under your…
Good to know.. I once saw Henry Winkler and I just waved and he waved back!I believe he was with fam..
I was there to see the wrestler ,but Lou Ferregno & Henry Winkler were there & I can't remember who else .
I had a dream last night of current day Henry Winkler as the Fonz & Mr. C as Pinocchio & Geppetto in a Live action play...freaky
Speaking of successful dyslexics... We are very excited to announce that Mr. Henry Winkler, aka "The Fonz" will... https:…
On a very special the gang imagines what it would be like if they were in prison in Prohibition-era Chicago. Henry Winkler guests.
Idk why they thought Henry winkler could pass as a teen
I hope Henry Winkler is having a good day
Congrats to Colombia and manager Henry Winkler for advancing to the semi-final.
Hey, big fan. So... any chance you'll run for President as a 3rd party candidate? Henry Winkler as VP? Who says no to that?
What about Henry Winkler? The Fonz was cool until the shark. Is he still sane?
It's strange how uncool Henry Winkler has become given that he was once the Fonz
Our new episode (w Henry Winkler, Maria Bamford, Joel Bryant and Tessa Munro) is live please check it out Thanks!
Henry Winkler seems like such a nice man.
For anyone going to Miami Supercon: could someone ask Henry Winkler why Scott Baio is an islamophobic ***
"Hi. I'm Henry Winkler... and I'm stuck repeating things to you about reverse mortgages. Now, if you'll excuse me..." *leaps out window*
I remember one scene henry winkler is being their lawyer and he's just comp'd into the scene really obviously
The Worst! But how crazy was it when Jon Snow and Henry Winkler finally kissed!
When I'm on a set, and I'm in between a scene or on a plane waiting, I...
In app '76 I was in the One and Only staring Henry Winkler! Piper. I think Hogan did g…
Another pic of Henry Winkler from the wrestling movie "The One and Only"
I'm here at Park Academy with my niece Emily, having our photo taken with Henry Winkler 💗💝💗
*tells Matt that I'm always asked if I'm related 2 Henry Winkler*. Him:who's that. Me:Fonzie. Him:who?. Me:the dad from click. Matt:Adam Sandler?
Throwback Thursday with Henry Winkler. (not sure where the time - or 'that' girl went)
So I guess henry winkler was at my sisters work WHAT
If you are a common fault since March update and have no idea Henry Winkler produced MacGyver.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Henry Winkler's Hank Zipzer is a Mets Fan: I was just looking on the good old internet thing at 4:30am while ...
The Hollywood icon Henry Winkler was an executive producer on the original "MacGyver"…
Henry Winkler and the Importance of Blood Donation!. Henry Winkler shares ...
Just spoke to Henry Winkler who was calling for my boss. I wish you could hug people through the phone bc he is the sweetest guy ever.
Henry Winkler says his Fonzie marionette is Dancing up a storm!
I rode it once, which was up the driveway in the opening credits of th...
"Assumptions are the termites of relationships.". ~Henry Winkler.
Assumptions are the termites of relationships. - Henry Winkler via
I have an autograph from Kim Coates ill post later but *** him and Henry Winkler at the…
ICYMI: HBO picks up Bill Hader’s lonely hit man comedy with Henry Winkler and Stephen Root
Henry Winkler's pump up speech in Here Comes the Boom is a top5 speech all time
Shame on Henry Winkler, Here comes the Boom is NOT FUNNY! I'll never get that time back,never!
Bought first 4 bks of 'Ghost Buddy' series by Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver for my grandkids! Ck it out!
Tyrese Gibson, Hannah Simone, Henry Winkler take it to church at We...
Reminds me of Hollywood Game Night w/Henry Winkler. "You can tell everyone about the time Fonzie screwed you out of $25000"
Thought I was really liking Royal Pains. I start season 2 and Henry Winkler is their dad? Now I love Royal Pains!
Henry Winkler and George Wendt at a Comic Con? When exactly did Norm Peterson join the Justice League?
Henry Winkler and co-author speak at Boys and Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County
William H. Macy, Henry Winkler, Dr. James Elist, and Jim Florentine in-studio today on…
Director Ron Howard on the set with Shelley Long, Michael Keaton, Henry Winkler, Night Shift (1982)
Henry Winkler, Jason Mewes and Cas Anvar talk about their paths to fame at Wizard World...
= Henry Winkler from the Fonz to Coach Klein. And the respect he has always show to others.
Holy cow! Watching Henry Winkler on King of the Hill, great episode. Henry Winkler wants to go fishing.
Trump the movie 😂 Staring Johnny Depp, Ron Howard, Henry Winkler & more!
I have no idea who this guy is but he looks like Henry Winkler & Erik Estrada had a kid...woah, Serena really grew out her hair
Henry Winkler, Dan Ackroyd, John Belushi, Ron Howard from more at https:…
Garry Marshall honor Henry Winkler as he receives the Lifetime Achievement Awards !👍❤ https:…
Did he get the idea from Fred Thompson, Robert Wagner or Henry Winkler?
Long as we got Kathy Bates, Fairuza Balk and Henry Winkler, we ought to be alright without Adam Sandler.
Watching today, couldn't help thinking how much Oliver Letwin looks like Henry Winkler.
cont. -tickle session from Ving Rhames. -run with Henry Winkler through a sprinkler. -be choked by Tia Carrere
"Don't put a period at the end of a negative thought..."-Henry Winkler
Yeah. I want to see Jim Cummings, Henry Winkler and Terry Pharrel if I can but like I said, I got FNAF stuff
I have failed somewhere down the line. We were watching the news and Henry Winkler came on and Samantha "who is...
Sean Payton's 1st NFL job was QB coach at Philly in '97. His QB, Ty Detmer, is 48 today. Also: Marcus Mariota (22), Henry Winkler (70).
The alternative Chekov's Gun is "Fonzie's Knife," and posits Henry Winkler will get killed in Scream
The Texans look like the team from the Water Boy when Henry Winkler was watching film and crying. This defense is comical.
Henry Winkler as the principal is everything.
“Sold your hair to get me a new leather jacket? But I sold my bike to get you a switchblade comb! IRONIC-AMUNDO!”. — O. …
I am flicking through freeview to see if MLP is on, and Henry Winkler is on some CBBC channel show. Unexpected.
Happy 87th Birthday, See the cast of then and now!
Henry Winkler will never not be Barry Zuckerkorn to me
Aw, man. Henry Winkler didn't deserve that.
You can break the curse by having Henry Winkler water ski jump over your phone.
Seriously, Captain Kirk, The Fonze & George Foreman in Hong King to strike off "eat snake" from their bucket list. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Watching Winkler in is the best thing ever.
I would name my dog Henry if I lived in Winkler
My tongue is still scarred from 1st grade when I bit into a pizza roll fresh out of the microwave
I sold my folks home to Henry Winkler and ...
Happy Days on the set today! The legend Henry Winkler stopped by to say "ay" 👍🏻👍🏻 htt…
. Hey hey, my my. Henry Winkler seems to be a lovely guy
Henry Winkler is old fart now..Never figured how he was stereotyped tuff Guy..B4all 150 lbs leather coat get him beat up real life
have you considered having Henry Winkler jump a motorcycle over you if the ratings get low?
if the ratings get low, you can always have Henry Winkler jump them on a Motorcycle.
Rux (sic), You are smart and powerful. Never forget that. -Henry Winkler…
I'm pretty sure should start a masculinist and style newsletter with Henry Winkler called the
Bro that was so savage how you harassed that kid!
The Fonz will host the Main Event at the Please Touch Museum. .
Henry Winkler Gives Two Thumbs Up to the Federation’s M-‘Aaayyy’-in Event via
“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.”. — Henry Winkler
Assumptions are the termites of relationships. -Henry Winkler.
It was a "Happy Day(s)" when I interviewed for Thanks for talking Jewish with me!
I saw Henry Winkler, Chris Hadfield & more give inspirational talks to youths at Vancouver. My review & pics:
does that mean Henry Winkler is next to play him?
Don't put a period on the end of a negative thought -Henry winkler
so. Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, and Tom Bosley . Name that show. :P
You've given me an idea for a couples costume! I'll be sexy Henry Winkler to my fiancee's sexy reverse mortgage.
To my great shame today, Henry Winkler sold me a reverse mortgage.
Congratulations to all the winners:. Henry Winkler, Dinah Shore, and Danny Thomas
HERE’S HANK: a fresh book series from Lin Oliver and Henry Winkler! HERE’S HANK was created...
Henry Winkler is the white equivalent of John Witherspoon
Henry Winkler (69) is an American actor. Best known as Arthur Fonzarelli in the 70s American sitcom h…
I adore Henry Winkler, when I was about 14 with other kids, in London, he stopped to talk to us for ages. So lovely.
"Chevy Chase, Richard Thomas and Beau Bridges gathered in the plant-filled living room of Henry Winkler's house ..."
If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path ~ Henry Winkler
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” — Henry Winkler
$BBRY Henry Winkler reported big buyers in Radio Shack as well. Institutions buying. Boom explode. If it hits $.01 it could hit $400 easy.
Henry Winkler Thank you for the follow !!!
In this week's magazine we have interviews with Henry Winkler, Lenny Henry and Tonya Joy Bolton among many others.
"Assumptions are the termites of relationships." — Henry Winkler
Henry Winkler is the best person ever.
By Lee Hyo-won The veteran actors – alongside George Foreman and Terry Bradshaw - will backpack across Asia with...
- got Terry Bradshaw, George Foremen & Henry Winkler.who's the youngster?
Why are you hanging out with Terry Bradshaw, George Foreman, Henry Winkler and some young dude in kimonos?
Daniel Pink, Marlee Matlin & Henry Winkler, Bryan Stevenson and (wait for it) George Takei all coming to http:/…
Henry Winkler, William Shatner, and George Foreman to travel to Asia for new reality se... via
'We should teach children how to learn, not just what we want them to learn.' Wise words. Nicky Morgan? Tristram Hunt? Nope. Henry Winkler.
I still think we will find out Henry Winkler is "A" The Fonz "A"
I added a video to a playlist Dinner for Five S3E14 - Neve Campbell, Henry Winkler, Dave Foley, Jeff
Henry Winkler and Terence Stamp..Henry is in Waterboy and Terence was in Get Smart
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Henry Winkler, William Shatner, George Foreman and more band together for NBC reality show
At Comicpalooza with Slade Ham moderating a panel with Chloe Bennet (Skye). Also met Henry Winkler and John Schneider
got to hang with Henry Winkler, John Schneider-Dukes of Hazzard and Chloe Bennet from Agents of Shield :Still another day left Comicpalooza
Billy Dee Williams, Henry Winkler, Sean Astin and more at this year's Richmond ... -
Henry Winkler with Peter Criss 'The Catman' co-founder and original drummer of hard rock band KISS
So now that I'm 62 Henry Winkler, Fred Thompson, Robert Wagner and Pat Boone are all telling me on their...
Oh my Goodness! Summer Glau, Henry Winkler, and Stan Lee??? I wish I lived closer to Houston!
Henry Winkler in town for the Mad Monster Party..this weekend
The kicks off tomorrow night! Lorraine Bracco, Kelly Preston, Henry Winkler, Tony Hawk and Kelly Slater are expected.
Fred Thompson & Henry Winkler, why y'all pushing Reverse Mortgages? Retirees, who have worked hard, are getting ripped off!
No surprise Fred Thompson is pushing this, but Henry Winkler? Does he need $ that much?
I guess farting by Nathan Fillion, giving thumbs up to Henry Winkler & having cookie crumb crotch next to Carl Weathers is…
if you guys did your research on Henry Winkler, he grew up with dyslexia but it motivated him to do greater things.
The inspiring way Henry Winkler learned to cope with a learning disability
Newswire: Taran Killam to be upstaged by Henry Winkler and Julie Hagerty on New Girl
Now if we can get Henry Winkler and Fred Thompson to stop endorsing reverse mortgages!
Henry Winkler and Garry Marshall on how they made Happy Days:
Henry Winkler and Garry Marshall: how we made Happy Days via
I got to meet Henry Winkler and Marlee Matlin, two of the best people on the planet.
Me and the pals doing illegal actions
Henry Winkler did the same thing at World of Wheels once.
I'd tell my mom square up after this on god
If I was Henry Winkler, I'd be running Fonzie Schemes all day
Alright let's settle this like men meet me at the ping pong table
Hear from Henry Winkler tomorrow at 7:35AM on Listen Live:
Girls who can pull off a nose ring piercing are winning
A human beings first responsibility is to shake hands with himself. Henry Winkler ok
First time that I saw "Scream", when Henry Winkler appeared on the screen, everyone in the theater yelled, "FONZ!"
Thank you Henry Winkler, Ive always been curious about reverse mortgages
"We have to teach children how they can learn, not what we think they should learn." - Henry Winkler
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Brian Williams jumped a shark when he worked as Henry Winkler's stunt double on Happy Days.
Assumptions are the termites of relationships. Henry Winkler :-D
Spreading awareness about dyslexia: a conversation with actor Henry Winkler
The Fonz! Henry Winkler to visit with latest kids' book.
Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver will be here on Feb. 11th for the 4th Here's Hank book!
"Listen to what Henry Winkler had to say to SSS. Barry Zuckercorn for …
The answer to yesterday’s question is: Henry Winkler. That’s right, The Fonz himself has dyslexia!
Henry Winkler Assumptions are the termites of relationships. ):
Why do people even introduce themselves in commercials? I'm not doing a reverse mortgage because I know who Henry Winkler is
Henry Winkler '67 in about his dyslexia, an Emerson prof, & new book series
Hey guys when does the superbowl start?
You can hate me but you have to respect my lacrosse skills
Is Henry Winkler so hard up for cash that he has to shill for reverse mortgages that target seniors? Uncool, Fonzie.
Watching right now. Finally figured it out. Pete Carroll is the Henry Winkler character from the Waterboy.
People that wear sandals and jeans caused 9/11
Henry Winkler at Launch Party for Craig Ferguson's Novel "Between The Bridge and the River" - Inside
Sorry bro can't hangout I'm stove shopping
I just want a girl who'll let me cheat every once in awhile. Is that too much to ask?
On god if we get cancelled I'll upload my nudes
Actor & author Henry Winkler shares about his & his new book in the Hank Zipzer series:
Let It Out: Here's what our readers have to say about life, politics and Henry Winkler.
Only if you can get Henry Winkler to host it
So we just supposed to ignore that Double Dribble? 😒. RT“Get Kyle on Sportscenter h…
Henry Winkler among authors headed to Quail Ridge Books -
Actor turned author of children's books about dyslexia, Henry Winkler will visit Vero Beach Book Center on February 11th.
“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.”. ― Henry Winkler
Just saw Henry Winkler on a Reverse Mortgage TV commercial. One could say his career has jumped the loan shark.
Here’s proof that the 1977 film Heroes, starring Henry Winkler, Sally Fields and Harrison Ford, was spot on!
-It would definitely be the Hank Zipzer books by Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver. Made him w…
never mind we're good it was just a toe. That was close huh you guys coulda got in trouble for that finger
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Please visit this link to give the info:
It's possible that it is a clump of ingredients. Can you give us more info so we can report what happened to our team?
When I grow up, I want Henry Winkler to be featured in my reverse mortgage commercials.
Abortion is rad when you don't want to be a dad
"Here Comes The Boom / Henry Winkler via Watched it last night, got a few laughs, very nice film!
"Sound does not follow the same rules as children." - Chris Hardwick on the podcast with Henry Winkler.
Watched Crims last night. Congrats to all involved, especially - a fine performance from the Henry Winkler of his generation.
"She's like a retarded Henry Winkler just uglier
Michael Keaton, Actor: Batman. Quirky, inventive and handsome US actor Michael Keaton first achieved major fame with his door busting performance as fast talking, ideas man "Bill Blazejowski" alongside nerdish morgue attendant Henry Winkler in Night Shift (1982). Keaton was born Michael John Douglas…
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