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Henry Kissinger

Heinz Alfred Henry Kissinger (born May 27, 1923) is a German-born American academic, political scientist, diplomat, and businessman.

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And remember who else was in the pictures taken in the Oval Office that day: Henry Kissinger. Has an…
A vision board but it's just a torn-up picture of Henry Kissinger glued to a wall.
never it was,, but hey that is what are best at, Traitors., or just brainless tool, Hen…
. As war criminal Henry Kissinger once said, humans are just fodder for war. .
The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been. - Henry Kissinger
"Leaders must invoke an alchemy of great vision". -Henry Kissinger .
40. explaining why the organized Jewish community has always supported the Rockefeller’s political ambitions. Now w…
Henry Kissinger - A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends.
1. All roads lead to Council for National Policy. - . - Henry Kissinger is a member of CNP. - McFarland w…
Anyone who's ever been in a room with Henry Kissinger and didn't kill him has failed in a basic obligation to the human race.
2/2 Analogously, to suggest that a candidate's judgment would be compromised because she said…
🍃🍃If you do not know where you are going,. every road will get you nowhere🍃🍃.          - Henry A. Kissinger-
Um. I just figured out why Henry Kissinger is an awful human and why so many scorn him. Mind blown. (I grew up watc…
It's a quote from Henry Kissinger in Bob Woodward's book " state of denial"
Ah yes, KT McFarland, Flynn’s deputy (picked by Henry Kissinger) who as a Fox News talking head in 2013 claimed Putin dese…
Your at-a-glance guide to street parties planned to celebrate Henry Kissinger's death.
On Nov. 16th, I talked about the genocidal plot against all Black America, starting with Nixon and Henry Kissinger, and…
Older than George Herbert Walker Bush and Henry Kissinger. It's never too late. Hint. Hint.
Take a look at who's on the board of Milibands International Rescue Committee as well. Henry Kissinger.…
This applies to Henry Kissinger's cameo when he drops his glasses in the toilet. . "No one must know I dropped my…
Pope Francis kissing the hands of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and John Rothschild. HOW CAN THIS BE RIGHT?.
The Dark Side of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Remember when Sy Hersh wasn't a nut bar?.
Lindsey Graham attended Bilderberg conference with Henry Kissinger and H.R.McMaster. Now he's aft...
Won't be satisfied until Henry Kissinger, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Paul Wolfowitz, Condoleeza Rice and all the o…
Don't think Malala would support friends of Henry Kissinger aka Clinton
Hillary Clinton is close, personal friends with the greatest man in human history: Henry Kissinger. Ferret Code: 7533391
Pres. Trump huddles with former secretary of state Henry Kissinger amid tiff with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson:
2 of Tillerson’s predecessors as SecretaryofState - Henry Kissinger & Albright - came to US as refugees.…
Post Kargil War / Pervez Musharraf & Henry Kissinger of 71' who have said & d…
Henry Kissinger, the Soviet Empire was called Bayesian Belief Networks. They were doing, both interceptions of real complexities
Opinion | Henry Kissinger: My friend David Rockefeller, a man who served the world
Henry Kissinger is creepy. The internet would be better if they just left.
The true ugliness of 21st century capitalism is watching Eric Schmidt interview Henry Kissinger at Google as if he weren’t a war criminal.
“The Trump phenomenon is in large part a reaction of Middle America to attacks on its values by intellectual and...
for every statue they tear down I will donat 2 (two) editions of a henry kissinger novella to our library fight fakenews
War. Both the West - because you want to Syria - The Rock, starring Sean Connery and their simple idea of Henry Kissinger
As Henry Kissinger, I believe, once said, Power is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac.
I know, right?? How could a pal of Henry Kissinger have bad judgment!
John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, *** Cheney & Henry Kissinger are all still alive.
Military men are dumb stupid animals -Henry Kissinger
How to denuclearize North Korea, writes Henry Kissinger for
How to Resolve the North Korea Crisis, by Henry A. Kissinger via
Actually the most evil of them including *** Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, and even ev…
Henry Kissinger argue that the only way to solve crisis is to work first with China Kissing…
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full! Henry Kissinger
So you’ve never read the article of Henry Kissinger & his plan to use homosexuality as a form of population control for the BLK community?
Globalist Henry Kissinger has suggested that ISIS is best not destroyed, as it could lead to the situation in the...
Just think, there is some pock marked, skinny little white antifa manlet in Henry Kissinger glass…
According to Breitbart: Kissinger cautioned that in the case of IS and Iran, the old aphorism “the enemy of my...
Idk, I'm really excited for Kissinger's family to eventually say "if he was alive, Henry would've be…
He looks like what I imagine the boil on Henry Kissinger's *** looks like.
“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” -Henry Kissinger. Currently on Tour w/. 8/23-25.
More on topic - I think of Tom Lehrer who gave up on satire "when Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize"
'Fat Henry' Kissinger recently came out in support of
of the Week ~ Henry Kissinger ~ "A is a chunk of coal that did well under
Jesus has much to answer for. For example: . why Lord is Henry Kissinger living for so long?
Steve Bannon perennially looks like he made mistakes casting the lich ritual that keeps Henry Kissinger's evil *** alive forever.
.is like Henry Kissinger -- highly intelligent, dangerously articulate, and morally bankrupt.
Henry Kissinger applied that idea! Secular humanists are not well served by a 'gang' mentallity. Nazi…
So was Henry Kissinger, Shimon Peres and Barack Obama!!. Satire is well and truly dead.
Henry Kissinger is responsible for Turkey's ethnic cleansing of 200,000 Greek Cypriots and destruction of Greek heritage in…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Reporters were ushered into the Oval Office after the Trump-Lavrov meeting to find...Henry Kissinger
King Philippe & Queen Mathilde recieved, Henry Kissinger at the castle of Laken, in connection to an Asia Society e…
I gotta say I wish I was reading about Henry Kissinger's death instead of Zbigniew Brzezinski - but there is always tomorrow :)
“America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests” . . * Henry Kissinger
I still cant believe Henry Kissinger is still free & not behind bars, a 1920s German Mafia in a suit
️🐌Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 🤔👉Tom Lehrer
So imperfect that Henry Kissinger also received the "honor."
Seriously, who'd be photographed with Henry Kissinger? Like being photographed with Pol…
Kissinger hindered US effort to end mass killings in Argentina, according to files.
I added a video to a playlist Henry Kissinger Strolls To Dinner
Another photo for the history books, from the Russian Foreign Ministry via TASS. L-R: Henry Kissinger, Sergey Lavrov, Serge…
"Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." - Henry Kissinger
Yes, Rouhani The Moderate... and while we're on the subject,. "A Iranian moderate is one who has run out of a…
Kind of like hosting Henry Kissinger actually.
The history of things that didn't happen has never been written. ~ Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger with the Russians at the White House on day of Comey firing.
Great to meet Henry Kissinger, as lucid and smart as ever. Thanks to for organizing it.
"Maybe that's why the New World Order con-man Henry Kissinger himself said, “Control oil and you control nations;...
No surprise there. She was ->her who considered Henry Kissinger a friend and mentor. The left is dead.
Henry Kissinger Zionist meets the Mattress Tester of the LNP.
Pretty sure I just saw Henry Kissinger walking through my parking garage.
Henry Kissinger great contribution to US having Pakistan President Yahya Khan introducing to Zhou Enlai & Mao for which he received $100M,
Here's what the grandson of Chile's Salvador Allende had to say about war criminal Henry Kissinger.
The appearance of ancient war criminal Henry Kissinger with Donald Trump today was too perfect
Isolated, frustrated, huddling in the Oval Office with Henry Kissinger. I've seen this movie before.
Soon to be 94, Henry Kissinger -who worked for John F. Kennedy before Richard Nixon hired him -was in the Oval today (P…
"What is happening right now is nothing like the 1970s. Now please excuse me while I confer with Henry Kissinger." https:/…
If you try to do a coup against a democracy Henry Kissinger appears out of a cornfield like a baseball loving ghost
Oval Office has had a lot of company today. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov...followed by Henry Kissinger
.19.CNI is a Pro Russian group with their board member Henry Kissinger, he has…
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Henry Kissinger, a war criminal HRC vacationed with, was U.S. Secreta…
was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker.[3]
…super powers. Henry Kissinger may have powers (but may keep them a secret). Bernie Sanders has super powers. Amy Irving has grown up...
At 93, Henry Kissinger is still doing deals and courting controversy in China
Pull the trigger, But then, he'll be outside the tent, pissing in, as Henry Kissinger used to say.…
PW was the last Boer leader.De Klerk was imposed by Henry Kissinger & Harry Oppenheimer
"Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem." - Henry Kissinger (1923 - )
Henry Kissinger once said "Power is the great aphrodisiac ". And now two families are wrecked. Sad legacy.
Serial killers like Henry Kissinger, *** Cheney, Eric Prince and a million or so other imperialist murderers?
In 1975 - decades before the leaks - Henry Kissinger discussed the surveillance of American citizens
. Add Obama and Henry Kissinger to list of winners to have their prize revoked.
Henry Kissinger's food occupation of Watch the full video here --->
* Papers of Henry Kissinger when he served as secretary of state under presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.
is being influenced unduly by & Henry Kissinger. They will DESTROY HIM and cause WWIII if Trump…
Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Sec of St under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
remenber Henry Kissinger with the Nobel Prize just before of what upset Salazar---…
More memories of the Nixon days. Kissinger is still in the mix:.
. Kissinger is the dark side of Trump in Syria | Middle East Eye. Henry the K, live and kickin
Is the invisible hand of Henry Kissinger directing Trump's Syria air strikes?
I live life by the following credo: "Don't do anything Henry Kissinger would do." Thinking of genociding a village? Probably don't do that!
The US still provides sanctuary to Henry Kissinger, that's not a conspiracy theory, that's fact
"The complexity is troubling", actually, when you consider that we still provide sanctuar…
cool thing about Henry Kissinger is that he wasn't related to Richard Nixon
Rissian bear baiter Senator John McCain and Vietnam war architect Henry Kissinger to run Evening Standard by proxy?
Peter Marshall: When Henry Kissinger recently visited Japan, he went to a Geisha House, now how did he spent his...
War is enjoyable according to Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger. He got his for his part in the Vietnam war.…
I wonder what your opinion is on the account explained by Oriana fallaci regarding Henry Kissinger. You seem to be a Kissinger fan
"Henry Kissinger is a War Criminal" is on Ball of Wax 47 benefit comp. Playing tonight at at 7:30.
Henry Kissinger - A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.
A brief introduction on World Order by Henry Kissinger, BookTV YouTube htt…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
The fact that every nightly news program's intro theme isn't a gif of Henry Kissinger getting punched in the nuts is a national disgrace
'North Vietnam could not be the only country in the world without a breaking point' - Henry Kissinger, geleerde.
Every success is an admission to a new set of decisions. -Henry Kissinger
(FUTURAMA) Henry Kissinger: Young man, you have the bravery of a hero and breath as fresh as a summer ham.
Henry Kissinger: The Atlantic 12/2016 Western History not taught at American colleges.
If you check the Theranos site now, Henry Kissinger, Sam Nunn, Bill Frist, William Perry, George Schultz all gone.
3rd husband is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild who she was introduced to by Henry Kissinger at the 1998 Bilderberg Group conference
Cautious optimism in Robert Kraft's box, where he's joined by friends Henry Kissinger, Wario, and Chris Cooper's BOURNE I…
Was there a cult of Henry Kissinger in the 70s / 80s like there was a cult pre-2008 of Alan Greenspan?
Joel Skousen on Coast radio says world leaders take secret orders from Globalists, including Henry Kissinger. https:/…
note to natl news media: interviews w/ Henry Kissinger require subtitles in English. kthxbai
Henry Kissinger has never been right about anything
Is Henry Kissinger A War Criminal?. POWs still haven't come home, never paid the ransom for our men.
Even a paranoid has some real enemies.- Henry A. Kissinger
True. Obama's Peace 🏆 was apart of an American coup Henry Kissinger described: "Obama provides a great deception."
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No one is questioning the Liars? Henry Kissinger is 901 years old but Others are dying at 25? THINK PPL
Politics: "University politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small." Henry Kissinger
Why don't any Republican Candidates talk to Henry Kissinger? January 13, 2017 at 03:00AM
I don't think Henry Kissinger's blessing is a ringing endorsement if you want to be perceived as a Progessive
Now this is surprising ! Henry Kissinger 'advises Trump to accept' Crimea as part of Russia
Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, and *** Cheney have all won presidential medals of freedom
If you don't know where are you going, every road will get you nowhere. - Henry Kissinger's
Henry Kissinger takes an encore with the Trump administration via
When you had Henry Kissinger we had Willy Brandt
You know who else got this medal? genocidal war criminal Henry Kissinger!
Today in The Harrisburg Seven were charged with conspiracy to kidnap Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, 1971…
i hope henry Kissinger's the first of this year's
Just so I'm clear, you mean Henry Kissinger right?
1971: U.S.- Rev. Philip Berrigan + 5 others were indicted on conspiring to kidnap Henry Kissinger and plots to blow up fed buildings in D.C.
but he gave one to Henry Kissinger! How about a sack of kitty litter instead?
Putin had some high tech photoshopping done. It was originally Hillary and Bill with Henry Kissinger... I mean Robe…
George Soros and David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger should all go to ***
New cabinet papers reveal Henry Kissinger cried on the phone to Downing Street after Margaret Thatcher resigned
Just purchased my latest : World Order by Henry Kissinger and Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed. Hearing forward 😁
The flaw in Henry Kissinger's grand strategy: | Without the benefit of hindsight? Disagree on China, by the way...
Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, Bill Perry, and Sam Nunn all proponents of nuclear disarmament - the right path forward.
I bet Trumps next cabinet Pick is Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and Justin Bieber.
"Served on Theranos board with Henry Kissinger, George Shultz and Richard Kovacevich". Sure, a failed sham - but he…
Stash the Shah 1: Henry Kissinger secretly recruited David Rockefeller to find somewhere to hide the Shah
East Pakistan would be given independence, Gen Yahya Khan told US in Nov 1971-Henry Kissinger. War started in Dec 71
Dr. Strangelove based on Nazi scientist, John von Neumann, . but remarkably similar to Henry Kissinger
Take note of the pundits who today denounce Fidel Castro and later will praise Henry Kissinger when he finally croaks.
I don't want to live in a world where Mos Def can't live in the US but Henry Kissinger can
Hillary's friend Henry Kissinger now advising Trump, too. The "deep state" gets involved.
What is Rommey and Henry Kissinger talking to Trump? Kissinger is a warmonger
This is the Winter of our Discontent. Unbelievably antiquated Henry Kissinger has emerged from his crypt to take...
Henry Kissinger back in the news. Photo I took 1975 Red Sox vs Reds World Series 41 years ago.
Fortunately Jared Kushner has more experience then Henry Kissinger.
It is, after all, the responsibility of the expert to operate the...
Monday's Henry Kissinger 'Its not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what…
won because he did not defend Henry Kissinger i.e. an extension of the Nixon Admin and establishment foreig…
"How did we get here!?" says the political party that gleefully took endorsements from Henry Kissinger, John Negroponte, and Robert Kagan.
"The Lessons of Henry his views on a presidency & his piece of advise to him..
Nothing earth shattering comes out of this interview of on
there was something I read like a year ago that Henry kissinger long time ago said he would (Obama) be groomed to be president
Can you explain why she was at such pains to distance herself from Henry Kissinger? Why she advocated fracking so consistently?
Kissinger grades Obama on his policy in China in the December cover story:
Put a "kill Donald trump" or "kill Henry Kissinger" sticker on your car. when we do put the "kill kardashians" sticker back on. I'll pay.
86% of the Swamp is Henry Kissinger. Center of corruption WHAT he is involved in. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!!!
My Henry Kissinger accent is on point right now
dont listen to henry kissinger or the evil vatican do the right thing save America...
All I know is it can't be good. The man makes Henry Kissinger look like a saint.
Henry Kissinger on Obama’s Foreign Policy and Challenges for Donald Trump
The lessons of Henry Kissinger: Don't listen to Henry Kissinger.
Once again Dr Kissinger demonstrates his intellectual savvy & AWESOME command of foreign policy
Kissinger expects IS to test Trump early by launching attacks to provoke a reaction that suits its purposes
Go play in the sandbox with Hillary's mentor: neocon war criminal, Henry Kissinger. And, please, don't let the door…
Taking a look at the "reputable" HRC fundraiser host Theranos, which once had as board members Henry Kissinger...
me: I need to relax. me: *buys 1,000 page biography of Henry Kissinger and the selected works of Thomas Paine*
That NYT article indicates Vance was at odds with Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger. Those are the true insiders.
Liberals are fawning over Henry Kissinger, John Negroponte, Mike Bloomberg, *** Cheney, Bush Sr. and Jr., Reagan & no…
I wish more people were upset about Henry Kissinger winning a Nobel Peace Prize than they are about Bob Dylan winning one f…
Numerous war criminals, such as Barack Obama and Henry Kissinger, have won the Nobel Peace Prize over the years,... https:…
Bob Dylan, Bill Murray and Henry Kissinger: When honorees don’t want their prize
Watching Adam Curtis' makes me want to shake Henry Kissinger and Tony Blair until they think like normal people.
Maybe they are trying to atone for giving Henry Kissinger a Nobel Peace Prize?
People shocked that Bob Dylan got a Nobel Prize for Literature should remember that Henry Kissinger got a Nobel Prize for Peac…
Didn't Henry Kissinger state that power is the greatest aphrodisiac?
TRUMP: Dip bullets in pig's blood and rip their organs out. CLINTON: Henry Kissinger praised my performance as Secretary of State, actually
Steve Bannon has never not been the drunkest man in the room. His liver looks like Henry Kissinger's face.
Obama's Big Mistake, Lying Samantha Power is an abortion from *** Blessed by Henry Kissinger.
Wall Street Journal: Henry Kissinger on the assembly of a New World Order -but don't worry, jus…
Very impressive Steven Shalowitz, mingling, assisting, discussing and so forth with Henry Kissinger at Synagogue...
"The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously." ~ Henry A. Kissinger
Will you be at CHINA Town Hall on 10/18? Submit your questions for Henry Kissinger using Register:…
In crises the most daring course is often safest.- Henry A. Kissinger
Hi Henry Kissinger, why do you and hang out so much?. Does she like doing horrific things too?
⚡️ “Henry's Angels: Kissinger's Nazis” by I made this for you on you day of atonement.
Henry Kissinger : biggest war criminal alive.Big zionist.and some people admire him..I guess just a sick man would. htt…
England & Peru share something in common: Both screwed by Argentina at a World Cup
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Trump getting advice from Alex Jones is insane but Henry Kissinger is the actual worst person on earth due to his m…
But Reagan, through the advice of Henry Kissinger who subscribed to the enemy of my enemy is my friend, continued to f…
How do you rate Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong's Henry Kissinger impersonation?
to host live Webcast discussion with Henry Kissinger Oct. 18.
Ambassador Power won our Henry Kissinger Prize for her help scuttling investigation of Saudi-U.S. war crimes.
Trump is correct. Some women will let wealthy men get away with things or men like DiNiro,Jagger & Henry Kissinger couldn't get super models
Victor Orban deserves it more then Henry Kissinger, Menachem Begin, Barack Obama..
The Confucius Institute will be hosting a China Town Hall with Henry Kissinger!
K-State Confucius Institute to host live China Town Hall with Henry Kissinger:
You support the same candidate as Henry Kissinger and Glenn Beck. Stop telling young ppl they are naive, look at yourself
1. Madam Ambassodor - Eleni Kounalakis. 2. Henry Kissinger - Diplomacy. 3. kenneth waltz - man,the state and war
ms Maddow, can you interview Henry Kissinger b4 it's 2 late. He was sec o state, and look who he worked 4-about Trump?
What a sad state when Henry Kissinger's preferred candidate is considered the moral superior.
GCC to host interactive China town hall with Henry Kissinger: Former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissin...
America is like if John Calvin and Mikhail Bakunin had a baby that ended up having to work for Henry Kissinger
"She [Sarah Palin] looked like Henry Kissinger" relative to Trump in foreign affairs.
Steve Schmidt on the debate: Sarah Palin 'looked like Henry Kissinger' compared to Trump on national security issues https…
Neither candidate has a plan for ISIS. But there is a reason why Brent Scowcroft, Henry Kissinger, and George Schultz won't back Trump
Dr. Henry Kissinger will present at the 10th Annual China Town Hall on the complex relationship b/w China & the US
This just in from If you don't vote for Henry Kissinger's apt pupil you're racist.
Henry Kissinger, George Shultz say they will not back either major party candidate in the 2016 race.
George Schultz and Henry Kissinger did, however, unveil an Elizabeth "Theranos" Holmes 2024 banner.
Henry Kissinger not endorsing Hillary Clinton (just announced) is the best campaign news she is going to get all day.
Good news for HRC that her personal friend Henry Kissinger is not endorsing her.
Just wanna remind folk that it's not just that's in love with
Declassified documents, Kissinger and his struggle with his conscience….
Henry Kissinger, a war criminal & mass murderer, is planning on endorsing Clinton. Here are some of his highlights: https…
Ex-Henry Kissinger Lincoln limo coming up in Texas on 10/9. Just imagine it on my Putney school run! htt…
Henry Kissinger may endorse Hillary Clinton. That could lose her more votes than it gains.: via
Bernie Sanders volunteers phone banking for Henry Kissinger's endorsed candidate will be the icing on the cake
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Henry Kissinger and George Schultz say they won't endorse anyone
So, will Henry Kissinger and George Schultz really endorse Hillary Rodham Concussion, the Crooked-bribe-taking Security…
There are worse things than not being endorsed by Kissinger. Kissinger Says He's Not Endorsing A 2016 Candidate
Dr Henry Kissinger and Sec George Schultz will not being endorsing in the election, per joint stmt:
But if Henry Kissinger isn't a war criminal then the term has no meaning
And to be crystal clear: Henry Kissinger was a ruthless *** who did evil stuff. Okay?
Whatever Kissinger's secret weapon might have been, it wasn't loyalty
Murmurs Kissinger will endorse Clinton soon. Here’s what I wrote in Feb on Clinton’s Henry Kissinger problem:
He explained his retirement by observing that when Henry Kissinger wins a Nobel Peace Prize, satire is obsolete.
Is there a single person in the country asking themselves, "I'm still on the fence, what does Henry Kissinger think" https:…
Henry Kissinger declined to endorse Hillary Clinton. That's great news for Clinton.
War criminal Henry Kissinger and Reagan's Sec. of State George Shultz said they will likely endorse Clinton together ht…
Just in via Henry Kissinger and George Shultz NOT endorsing anyone this year.
Dr. Henry Kissinger & Sec George Shultz issue statement: "We are not making any endorsement in the current presidential…
NEW: Henry Kissinger and George Shultz will not endorse Hillary Clinton
Great idea for a new buddy flick: Ryan Lochte and Henry Kissinger travel the world together.
Anthony Bourdain on the esteemed American statesman Henry Kissinger.
A passage from Anthony Bordain's book on Henry Kissinger. *** right.
Crimes against Humanity: Why is Henry Kissinger still walking around free?
Henry Kissinger, George P. Shultz, James A. Baker III, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice did not sign
The policy of Realpolitik was formally introduced to the Richard Nixon White House by Henry Kissinger: Ie ignoring ethics for the elite. (1)
Henry Kissinger flagrantly violated US law time & time again: via htt…
Team Hillary: . Voting for Jill Stein will destroy democracy. . Now sit tight while we convince Henry Kissinger to endorse…
THAT'S PERFECT! Please, Hollywood friends of Tig! Get me, Henry Kissinger, on Lip Sync Battle before it's too late!! https:/…
Oh wow noted diplomat and political scientist Henry Kissinger is baring his soul over on the Tig account today.
Vote for Henry Kissinger's disciple if you want, but don't pretend it's because you love foreign brown people so much.
Nobody will ever win the Battle of the Sexes. There's just too much fraternizing with the enemy. -Henry Kissinger
Baseball is the most intellectual game because most of the action goes on in your head. -Henry Kissinger
David Duke has a phd. Same as askenazi zionist neocon Henry Kissinger. When the Jew York Times writes about Kissinger or other zionist neoco
Tomorrow's story: " he had consulted 2 former GOP secretaries of state, James A. Baker III and Henry Kissinger"
Henry Kissinger famously said, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac". Bill Clinton just looked into the camera and lied.
Hillary's taking a break from legitimizing Henry Kissinger to appear on Bill O'Reilly's show to promote the "war on terror.…
Michael Flynn is a stammering BOOB. He makes Rick Scott sound like Henry Kissinger. Not ready for prime time.
🕸 Fun Fact 🌍 Hillary counts Henry Kissinger and Alice Walton among her confidants, but her main inspiration is Charles M…
"The Lamb’s political ideology evoked the cold-blooded realpolitik of Henry Kissinger."
Tony Blair will spend eternity flitting around the globe, like Henry Kissinger playing the Flying Dutchman.
Blessed are the people whose leaders can look destiny in the eye witho...
I liked a video Henry Kissinger: 'Luke Is Sick' for Questioning Him on NSM 200 Depopulation Agenda!
"The of alternatives clears the marvelously." - Henry Kissinger
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