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Henry Cooper

Sir Henry Cooper OBE KSG (3 May 1934 - 1 May 2011) was an English heavyweight boxer known for the effectiveness of his left hook, Enry's 'Ammer , and his knockdown of the young Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali Cassius Clay Brian London Joe Frazier Lennox Lewis Kevin Keegan Frank Bruno Joe Bugner Chuck Wepner Jimmy Ellis Ron Lyle Old Spice

Tornado Watch cancelled for Cooper, Howard, Pettis, Saline, and Henry counties. Flash Flood Watch still in effect t…
The tornado watch for Henry, Cooper, Howard, Pettis, and Saline Counties has been cancelled. Still expecting another round of storms later.
Players with 25+ goals in back-to-back Premier League seasons:. Robbie Fowler. Alan Shearer. Thierry Henry. Robin van Persie. Harr…
TORNADO WATCH for Cooper, Howard, Pettis, Saline, and Henry counties until 10pm.
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Waterloo West Won the Class 4A 4x200 in 1:27.48 - 8th ATB. West last won the event in 1990. Baton carries by Tudor-Arndorf…
First fight I ever went to. Me, my Dad and my Grandad - both of whom w…
Henry Cooper after he almost best Mohammed Ali, 1963.
In tonight's debate, Jack Ciattarelli was like Ali, and Kim Guadagno was like Henry Cooper. Jack won a TKO on cuts!
Call the and let him know we have his back. 202-456-1. We need 2 come 2gether and stop the attack against. We t…
Omg Henry cooper is going get DNA testing not ready yet ?!?
Now we're getting somewhere. Dems just open a can of worms.
That's BC he's Trump & SO THANKFUL that we have a GOOD MAN in WH & TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT. Last 8 yrs w/
Must follow Ronna's advice & not B caught up in fake BS about DT. DT is working under tough circumstances. I will back him…
."It's a whole army of media individuals that are out for blood. They are so left. They are so in the Democrat tan…
Oh so many liars and traitors in Obamaliar's group!
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WHY hasn't this traitor been subpoenaed yet? Get her *** in there & get to the bottom of an ACTUAL crime!.
Henry Cooper visiting my grandfather Arnie Wade at Bedford Steels.
according to Henry Cooper, the head of the BBBC flatly told Rocky Marciano that he would not be allowed in a British ring
We're in uncharted waters. The swamp is draining. As the drowning rats try to pull us down. I STAND FIRMLY WITH And wi…
.Mr. President. Pls see that the corrupt zealots attacking office of POTUS do real time for their crimes. Examples to…
Truth! didn't get elected to serve the he was elected to serve the American people. 🇺🇸
I stopped watching FNC because of morons like Beckel.
"They would love nothing more than to impeach this President on baseless grounds. It is a witch hunt." -
trots out to announce a Special Counsel. This is the man who lost his job and reputation over FAKE NEWS…
You absolutely correct my friend. We are in a war for our Country. There has ne…
"I have a running WAR with the media. They are among the most dishonest human beings on Earth."- Trump. Tr…
Hi Cooper, can you come to my page please🙈
JOIN ME in congratulating as he accepts position in Trump's administration at DHS! https…
Brave former homicide detective is standing up to the corruption and speaking out
Standing up for Trump is a full time job online. The lies just dont stop. One thing known im not going anywhere . Kee…
Cooper, I noticed in Henry Danger it looks like you should be over 6 feet tall but I'm 4 inches taller than you. Interesting.
GOP fear will take them down with him. How crazy! They will take themselves down if they dont support h…
is that Norman on or is it Henry Cooper? - hard to tell ..
We finally have a POTUS in who understands & is in tune with what the American people want unlike the p…
Agreed it will need to be the people that support him I plan to…
"The more righteous your fight, the more opposition you will face.".
Looking at and the greatest nights in Great stuff
Donald Trump is the man I supported & voted for. We Americans elected him and he is our President. If you attack him, you attack me. Careful
Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton- We the People are coming for you! 😡. 🇺🇸
I'm sure he knows. Our President is not a dummy!
Comparing Anthony Joshua to the Likes of Lennox Lewis, Frank Bruno Joe Bugner & Henry Cooper!.
Poetry sales are on the rise! Get inspired and enter the Newcastle Poetry Prize! Closes June 30th.
but he did got knocked down hard in his prime by Henry Cooper who already ha…
Henry Cooper floors Cassius Clay in 1963 at while suffers a similar blow against
Fr play on his team all the time, Julio, Cooper, Henry, Ridley, Fitzpatrick, Hurts, he's like JF, he'll play the best man.
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Teammates with 4+ goals each in team's 1st 4 games:. 2012—Thierry Henry, K.Cooper. 2017—Fanendo Adi, Diego Valeri. on ESPN2
Poetry's renaissance and a brand new Nottingham Festival founded by poet Henry Normal of https:…
Remember Stratton? Dominic Cooper replaced Henry. I'm watching it right now 😊
wow, you are a true *** Mosley, Henry, Cooper, Hurts, I could go on. NOTHING but class. Go away.
Just like Gary Cooper in the Garden of Evil, a classic Henry Hathaway movie.
Brut! I remember the ads with Henry Cooper! Bless x 👊
Henry Cooper is humming finish line by chance and he's two years old
Congrats on the anniversary of the Henry Cooper comeback story. You both must have had quite the chuckle
Tune into now to listen to Mark chat about Henry Cooper's Boxing Gloves which sold for £1800…
Henry Cooper is there or there abouts for me.
Contemporary and performance poetry surge in popularity in the UK | via HT
I thought Henry Cooper did that add.
Sir Henry Cooper's boxing gloves sell at auction in Leicester for £1,800
Sir Henry Cooper's gloves go under the 'ammer via
Gloves used by Henry Cooper in a title fight are being auctioned tomorrow
Sir Henry Cooper's gloves go under the 'ammer in Leicester
Sir Henry Cooper's gloves set for auction in Leicester
Poetry is back, apparently. Did it go somewhere?
Muhammad Ali was floored 4 times in his pro career. Sonny Banks (1962). Henry Cooper (1963). Joe Frazier (1971). Chuck We…
Henry Cooper claimed to his death that Ali was clueless regarding how to fight on the inside until they fought. Probably some truth to it
Remember seeing Henry Cooper in WH Smith's years ago. Didn't think - that's Henry Cooper, thought - I've seen a man who fought
Great to hear the brilliant Simon Smith doing comm on the Henry Cooper clip on earlier. Nostalgia and genius.
A happy jumps over a fence In Hyde Park following his win over Henry Cooper. [
Muhammad Ali taking a walk though London's Hyde Park the morning after defeating Henry Cooper in 1963
This man high-fived everybody as we left the rally
The news media should be neutral not furthering their own personal agenda. An offense that she should be Fired for. http…
Henry (FKA Cooper) giving thanks for our fallen armed forces. 󾓬󾓦
San Diego Trump Rally! What the MSM doesn't want you to see!.
Also.Did Japan apologize to us and the world? Did they lay a wreath at Pear Harbor in memory of the victims?
.Illegal Immigrants in CA are not protesting. They are rioting & should deport them all back to Mexico. http…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Does ANYONE doubt that Obama planned the timing of his trip to Hiroshima to coincide with Memorial Day Weekend?
Leftists want us to think otherwise. Sadly for them, we can figure things out by ourselves.
Stop by The Oregon Wine LAB @ 5th & Lincoln this Friday the 27th! . Live at the LAB features Henry A. Cooper...
Clinton, Sanders in statistically tie in new California poll. Can Clinton really afford to lose the Golden State?
Brut advert on YouTube with Henry Cooper & Kevin Keegan in shower - hoping JA does same..!
Really like Dominic Cooper, looks the part and has the attitude. Would have liked to have seen Henry Cavill, but DC has him
Humanity will Rise and defeat the New World Order!
I think this might be the best news story ever: Dr Henry Heimlich uses Heimlich manoeuvre for first time, aged 96 |
27th May 1963 Cassius Clay talks to London reporters ahead of his heavyweight title fight v Henry Cooper
To say I'm probably the furthest away at uni don't think I've done bad for myself getting Henry, Cagla, Tia and now Olivia to all come down
one time trainer for Henry Cooper. Thats Henry Cooper the night security guard at Lidl in Batley.
Don't wear Brut aftershave - it stinks no matter when Henry Cooper says - it isn't a great smell
Remember when as a junior he played with my son in The Henry Cooper & won it .
On this day in 1966, Muhammad Ali ko's uk's Henry Cooper in 6 round's.
Muhammad Ali 'split glove' from the 1963 fight v Henry Cooper when Ali's glove split in the fourth round.
Liked the photo of Henry Cooper but did smile that you didn’t name his companions!
in 1966 Muhammad Ali beat British champ Henry Cooper. Cooper is pictured here in training for the bout. https:…
to witness Muhammad Ali thwart a revenge bid by Henry Cooper, keeping his world heavyweight title. insidethegames
Muhammad Ali and Jimmy Ellis in London 1966, Ali in training for his 2nd fight vs Henry Cooper
Henry Cooper's beautiful left hook landing on the chin of a young Cassius Clay, 1963.
George and Henry Cooper would have turned 82 today. . May they Rest in Peace.
Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) receiving a trophy from British Boxing Board of Control after beating Henry Cooper
Scott quigg just got dangerously close to Henry Cooper's "the amateur game is the amateur game" on Colin Murray's show
Video of Henry Cooper, Tim Rice + a Miner all supporting the last time we had an
Forwards trained by Henry Cooper, backs by Tommy Cooper. French scrum half is a novice. Ireland dropping like flies though.
In May 1966 Cassius Clay fought Henry Cooper at Highbury stadium in front of 46,000 people
Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton ring-side at Wembley, London, for the fight between Henry Cooper and Cassius Clay.
1959 Henry Cooper became British and European heavyweight boxing champion after beating Brian London on points
On this day in 1959, the great Henry Cooper won his first British title, beating Brian London over 15 rounds.
1959 Henry Cooper defeated Brian London on points over 15 rounds at
I may have produced some natural gas in Henry Cooper's downstairs lav.
But then you gotta figure if Henry Cooper can put Clay down, Mike sure as *** can. Not saying Mike wins tho.
Henry Cooper is the senior. Xavier Cooper is the Soph.
Henry Cooper landing 'enry's 'ammer - Ali later said it "shook his ancestors in Africa".
Why not? Henry Cooper twice winner & never won world title! Lennox Lewis winner. Why not Tyson? Oh I get it! Hypocrites ⬆⬇
he has no class whatsoever, nowhere near Lennox Lewis, Frank Bruno, even Joe Bugner & not to mention Henry Cooper
Just think... . If Minnie Driver married Henry Cooper,. . they could call their child. 'Station Wagon Pick-up Truck'.
Henry Cooper, Former Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative, discusses Iran and DPRK's threat to the US grid
Include Henry George in your next book
What a week it's been. First Henry Cooper, then Bin Laden and now the Liberal Democrats.
Dennis Cooper's GIF novel, ZAC's HAUNTED HOUSE, explored by Casey Henry for
Welcome to Sir Henry Cooper Room, ideal for your meeting, conference or wedding ceremony
thanks for the nice comments ..I'm currently sculpting a tribute of sir Henry cooper .
gonna be tough to replace cooper and yeldon. I know ya got the beast who is Henry but 1 2 punch helps. Go vols!
Henry F. Cooper: On We know how to fix. We just aren't doing it. fail.
Hamilton Collection
If Angelo Dundee doesnt cut Alis gloves after he got knocked down in the first Henry Cooper fight we dont have Clay vs Liston
Floyd Mayweather didnt even fight outside of the States Muhammad Ali had the Queen of England watching the Henry Cooper fight. Cmon son.
Amb. Henry Cooper discusses whether the nuclear deal with Iran ends nuclear non-proliferation
Henry on Wenger: “It's not like he didn't want to bring anyone, he wanted to bring someone, but the likes of Benzema di…
Muhammad Ali v Henry Cooper at Highbury Stadium, 1966 for the World. Heavyweight Championship. http…
mate he is a living legend! Arguably Britains most poilar boxer along with Henry Cooper
don’t like your first pick Dobbs. Chubb Fournette Johnson Allen Henry cooper Prescott Collins all better picks in 1st rd
Henry F. Cooper: One day this will happen. Question is when? US not prepared.
Watched the 4 Labour Leadership candidates on Channel 4 news. An interesting debate. It ended up being Cooper (not Henry) v Corbyn !
Thanks for the info. It just took me aback slightly Martial was already in the same region as Henry here.
If Cooper is playing Saturday we def running option with Henry/drake I hope it split back
Anthony Martial, 'the new Thierry Henry', has now cost more in combined transfer fees than Thierry Henry ('the original Thi…
Henry F. Cooper: WH is failing us. Manmade & natural This must be addressed.
Folk point out that Sonny Banks & Henry Cooper dropped Clay w/ left hooks, before he beat Liston. A) He still won B) Liston didn't.drop him.
Henry Cooper the only British boxer to have been Knighted. Lennox Lewis and Joe Calzaghe a million times more deserving. Just my opinion
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Today in 1963, then Cassius Clay, scored a TKO5 over Henry Cooper (Article)
1963 - Henry Cooper knocked Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) to the floor in round 4 at Wembley Stadium. Clay went on to win the fight.
in 1963 Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) stopped Henry Cooper in 5 but not before visiting the canvas. http…
Interesting thing though: If you look at the Clay right before that vs Doug Jones and Henry Cooper, he looks far from perfect
Kevin Keegan & Henry Cooper during an advertisement for Brut 1980
Thierry Henry has answered the biggest question in football, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?
Henry Walker is playing in his first NBA game in years. He just did this.
Love Cooper Barnes so much! Your an amazing actor on Henry Danger! Im voting for Henry Danger for KCA. Hope you follow me!
actually thinking about it that was just Henry Cooper he did that with...
Can't even imagine losing a child. Our thoughts, prayers, love, and consideration to the Fales Family
Bradley Cooper is sat on the aisle seat. Don't be surprised if he wins.
Do you know who are awesome? My 7 new followers in the last day! Growing with
The three 5 Tech's I think the should be looking at are: Henry Anderson, Arik Armstead & Xavier Cooper 1/2
Auckland City Councillor Linda Cooper on the Pride parade page is a good example of how not to use social media.
I wonder why football players have problems with balance in the penalty area. Did they listening to Henry Cooper?
Henry Cooper's death means Margaret Thatcher is now only living person from Norwegian football rant (via
Winston, Williams, White, Cooper, Fowler off the board. Who's the pick at 6? No trade available.
Henry Stram. One of our great New York actors. Finishing up The Elephant Man with Bradley Cooper.
Cooper why wasn't a new Henry danger episode on tonight again
wasn't this your car Henry A. Cooper?
not Henry cooper n Ali at but it'll do 😃
The Communist-in-Chief has not put forth 1 policy that has been supported or desired by the American people. He needs to …
I've turned a simple spot on my forehead into a cut Muhammad Ali would have been proud of against Henry Cooper in 1963.
my top 5 3-4 DEs right now:. Leonard Williams. Arik Armstead. Xavier Cooper. Henry Anderson. Mario Edwards Jr.
Henry Cooper is the only one I remember (if it's a real memory?).
Any movie with Alex Lifeson, Alice Cooper and Henry Rollins I'm sold on
your awesome cooper barnes I wonder if piper ever finds out that henry is kid danger? :)
4 tweeps followed (thank you!) and nobody unfollowed me in the past day. Thank you
Henry forgot to mention most decent high st agents get better offers in excess of the fee difference
Photo: Valerie Cooper, Henry Peter Gyrich, and Sebastian Shaw plot the Sentinels’ role in Project Wideawake...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Henry Cooper, who decked Ali & but for Angelo Dundee's chicanery might have been Champ collected Tom Keating paintings
So I wake up to all this Serra and Henry rivalry stuff and *** .. 😳
Brit Henry Cooper had him beat and they cut his gloves to give him time to recover.just sayin ;-)
As its Boxing Day, A tribute to the man that put Ali on his *** ! Henry Cooper
Brut TV ad with Henry Cooper and Kevin Keegan: . . All that's missing is striped shirts?
Prof. Matt Taylor entry for Sir Henry Cooper added to the
if you get into golf let me know, I'll invite you to the Henry Cooper ex boxers golf day in July, great day.
yo that game was different but I see yall
I beat dudes stuff too and they called that weak foul.
George Chuvalo is an amazing character who has endured some truly horrible tragedies. The film Facing Ali shows him in great form. I recommend the film which was made just in time as it now stands as a memorial for Henry Cooper, Ron Lyle, Joe Frazier and Ken Norton. We are lucky to hear some of their last public thoughts.
Henry Cooper wrote books. He said that Thomas Hearns was the perfect fighter, aside from his chin, but he would rip it up today. Still true.
“Under what clime or what skies, has tyranny claimed a nobler victim?”. -Henry Cooper on Jose Rizal
Been avoiding Sports Personality of the Year since the late Henry Cooper became the only man to win it twice. Alan.
Just try to keep Edame away from Russell Brand, the Henry Cooper of champagne anarcho-syndicalism (lite). Be vigilant, Alan
Archie sparring with his friend Henry Cooper!
Dee Cooper was in Henry's on Saturday and brought her mother from Assisted Living in Aberdeen to buy her an...
Haven't heard Riley Cooper's name all season.
40$ of those. It's like Cooper when he was with Henry.
What's his DOB. What other show's were Cooper in. Where is he from. What are his name's in Henry Danger. What is his favorite food. Good Luck!
thing is people are bigger now than 30 years ago its a fact...look at henry cooper to Tyson fury.??
yden Boyd sitting beside her in the wagon along with Micah Cooper and Gavin Henry.
Privilege to see Henry Cow playing Lindsay Cooper music at tonight. Pic from Barbican Friday...
Pirates lose a tough one 6-4. Cooper Jenkins and Connor Smith both with one goal. Henry Haidler with two.
AMN Reviews: Henry Cow and others play the music of Lindsay Cooper (Nov. 21, 2014, The Barbicon, London)
Yay, you've actually accomplished something, Barry.
You're not racist if you disagree with this President. On the contrary, you're a PATRIOT! ht…
0bma is acting clownish. His boorish speeches r making him into an Laugh out loud Joke. Never has a prez acted so childish …
Ha, Old Spice. I remember it and Henry Cooper very well.
Keep Amari Cooper and henry out of the dang game
President wants to fix a "Broken System". The only thing broken is the corrupt system benefiting you & your cronies. ~
Now we're waiting to hear Henry Cow, et al, perform Lindsay Cooper's works. Classic experimental music.
Looking forward to Henry Cow's tribute to Lindsay Cooper tonight !
What about looter restraint? Holder urges police restraint ahead of grand jury decision - htt…
Henry Speight is huge 😳 and cooper and Beale to come off he bench 😬
BHO has released 5 more terrorists from Gitmo as an advance payment to Al Qaida in case another US soldier is captured…
Mia Love poised to be the first, black female Republican elected to Congress.
Marked as to-read: Mark Cooper versus America by Lisa Henry
if Ireland are very organised against Australia, they can pick up a win.The threat is Henry Speight,AA Cooper & M Hooper
Gloriously defiant music of Lindsay Cooper played and sung with love by Henry Cow plus
indeed! last night had them in abundance! Henry Cow / Tribute to Lindsay Cooper. probably helped sleeping one night in hotel;-)
Last night's gig was a celebration of Lindsay Cooper who plays on this clip. Henry Cow - Beautiful as the Moon
I seriously had too much fun w/ my highlights tonight. Should prob be called the Cooper Henry (hour:
London mega-concert TONITE 11/21/14: HENRY COW, News from Babel & more play the music of LINDSAY COOPER @ Barbican htt…
Prep up 35-7 with 2:21 left after Cooper Henry's 2nd td run.
If I could live every day as amped up and excited about life like Cooper Henry, I'd probably be the most successful pe…
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Muhammad Ali overtakes a horse drawn brake during training in Hyde park for his title defence against Henry Cooper
4 of the celebrities are now dead, Henry Cooper, Gareth Hunt, Paul Shane and of course Bob Monkhouse himself
I don't care who starts. But in the name of Sir Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee, Henry Cooper, would somebody, anybody, please MARK PIRLO.
Szőreg I started writing this a couple of days ago. Here’s the whole thing. I’ve been reading Joe Bugner’s autobiography: a pretty terrible book, if ‘book’ is the right word for a mainly perfunctory and shallow set of rambling and repetitive interviews, poorly edited and badly proof-read. The stuff about fast cars and fast women and night clubs and TV shows is barely readable. The stuff about the fight game is more interesting. Bugner did, after all, go the full distance with Muhammad Ali twice and with Joe Frazier once; he defeated Henry Cooper; he was European, British and Commonwealth heavyweight Champion for a number of years; at one point he was ranked world number 4, behind Ali, Frazier and Foreman. He [or his ghost] doesn’t speak about all this in much depth, but there’s enough to keep you turning the pages. stuff about his early life in Hungary before 1956 is a lot more absorbing. He never knew his father – when he asked his mother in later life who his father was, she said ‘I n ...
That is me with Henry Cooper and John Chedozie, gosh I'm young
Albert Dominic Ottinger was born on his father's farm eight miles south of Oriska, in 1893. His parents were Peter and Margaret (Gauche) Ottinger. Albert attended school in Oriska, where his father had a general store which also housed the post office. After graduating from the Fargo Business College, he attended and graduated from the Palmer Chiropractic College in 1917. He spent two years in the Army in France and upon his return started his practice in Page, North Dakota. Here he married Ruth Cooper in 1924, daughter of Henry Cooper, an early Methodist minister. In 1920 A. D. Ottinger moved his practice to Valley City, continuing until he retired in 1968. Two children were born to Albert and Ruth. Roy A. born November 18, 1925, is also a chiropractor and married to Harriet Noltimier, daughter of Eric and Elsie Anna Noltimier. They have seven children. Laura Margaret, the daughter of Albert and Ruth Ottinger, is married to Donald Steen of Lake Heron, Minnesota, and they have one son. Albert was active i ...
Say hello to the Henry Cooper as you pass it :) LOL A blast from my past ... Night Paul
are you sure alan? Your old pal Henry Cooper used to 'splash it on all over'? BRUT?
Joe Frazier was one of only four men to floor Muhammad Ali. The others were Sonny Banks, Henry Cooper and Chuck Wepner.
This picture was taken at the Drill Hall, in White City, London, the training camp of Ali, or Clay as he was then! This little boy was a victim of bullying, and they brought him and put him in the ring with Clay, and he knocked Clay down! When he got up Clay laughed and said "Henry Cooper ain't gonna do that" but now we know "Our Enery did".
Forgot to buy my discounted can of Brut this morning. I should've been towel-flicking Kevin Keegan after my bath and punching Henry Cooper.
Joe Bygraves born: 26/05/1931, Kingstone, Jamaica Fight History Won42 (KO's 22) Lost28 Drawn2 Divisions fought in Heavyweight Joe Bygraves moved from Jamaica to Birkenhead at the age of 15, and took up boxing aged 17. He turned professional in 1952, at the same time as his friend, Pat McAteer (he was also friendly with Hogan "Kid" Bassey). Despite his dislike of training, he soon made his name in the paid ranks with a string of victories, and fought many top professionals, including Henry Cooper and Ingemar Johansson (he floored the future world champion in their first meeting in 1955 but was later disqualified). He was in demand across Europe and achieved a notable points victory in 1956 against Uber Bacilieri in Italy, a country notorious for the bias of its boxing judges in favour of home fighters. Later that year, Bygraves won the British Empire title, his first tangible achievement. He later defended his title by knocking out Cooper (in the latter's first title fight) in the ninth round. Bygraves los ...
50 years ago today Henry Cooper floored Muhammad Ali at We look back at the fight: htt…
Just watched an excellent documentary on Cassius Clay (aka MMuhammad Ali) - his conversion to Muslim, refusal to go to Vietnam and including footage of the Henry Cooper knockdown and the Sonny Liston fights. You Tube also has some great footage of his fights. One interesting comment that was made "he did not realise how much influence he had and that people like Nelson Mandella were following his fights and committment to the Civik Rights movement in the US"
Muhammad Alie is won of the worlds best fighters. Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. on January 17, 1942) is a Muhammad Aliretired American boxer. In 1999, Ali was crowned "Sportsman of the Century" by Sports Illustrated. He won the World Heavyweight Boxing championship three times, and won the North American Boxing Federation championship as well as an Olympic gold medal. Standing at 6'3" (1.91 m), Ali had a highly unorthodox style for a heavyweight boxer. Rather than the normal boxing style of carrying the hands high to defend the face, he instead relied on his ability to avoid a punch. In Louisville, October 29, 1960, Cassius Clay won his first professional fight. He won a six-round decision over Tunney Hunsaker, who was the police chief of Fayetteville, West Virginia. From 1960 to 1963, the young fighter amassed a record of 19-0, with 15 knockouts. He defeated such boxers as Tony Esperti, Jim Robinson, Donnie Fleeman, Alonzo Johnson, George Logan, Willi Besmanoff, Lamar Clark (who had won ...
Heres what I got guys 4 Goldwyn of the Day:. THE REAL GLORY starring Gary Cooper dir. by Henry Hathaway
"Be a Columbus to whole new continents and worlds within you, opening new channels, not of trade, but of thought." - He…
In the late 1970's myself and some friends lived down Willow Tree Lane off Yeading Lane. We lived oppisite the pub. It had a boxing ring in the corner with a piano in it. There were silk boxing shorts in frames of Cassius Clay and Henry Cooper. We were young and sat at a seat near the bar. The whole pub stopped talking cos we'd sat in someones regular seat. Cant remember her name but boy.
Favourite ever boxing picture,, Henry cooper putting Ali on his *** just before Ali's corner cheated
Poplar taken 1980's we were part of a Majorettes group, met Henry Cooper while out marching during some kind of parade
...and you don't see many of these nowadays! Legend 'Sir Henry cooper'
Great to see star Thierry Henry in the latest (Bradley Cooper on the cover)
John Henry Cooper we should so do this!
funniest boy and girl in grade 9? — Sean, Ian, Issa, cooper, and Evan . Jillian, Emma, bri Henry, kiara
on tonight's episode: henry goes to the black lodge, only to find it's on fire! OH NO! will dale cooper be able to save him in time???
Amari Cooper, DeAndrew White and Derrick Henry coming back? Alabama has this national championship locked in
Keegan & Henry Cooper..."splash all over Henry" loved it when it first came out. Then went onto Tabac.! Remember that LOl ;-)
won't be difficult for him with Yeldon, Drake, Henry, Cooper, Black, Jones and etc.
not enough room for him. Wasn't playing because the Red Bulls already had Henry and Cooper.
cont: James Fenimore Cooper (The Last of the Mohicans), Davy Crockett, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Paul Revere's Ride)
Joshua Cooper Ramo was Vice Chairman at Kissinger Associates, the consulting firm of former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.
Douglas "Swish" Reemer: Oh, I'll come, I love hospitals. Joseph R. Cooper: No you don't, you like Taco Bell!...
Joseph R. Cooper: Who's this guy?. Douglas "Swish" Reemer: He's my entertainment lawyer. He's helping me with my...
...And Henry Ford is to blame for vehicular homicide.
Last Friday Night @ Noble Estate new Urban Tasting Room with Henry Cooper and a great bunch of people and some of Marks fantastic wine..It was perfect!!!..CHEERS!! Last Friday Night @ Noble Estate Vineyard & Winery new Urban Tasting Room in Eugene..Henry Cooper was supplying the great music venue & Mark was supplying all of his award winning wines (PERFCT!!)..Come by and enjoy on Friday nights 4pm - 9pm. More music on the way..CHEERS!!!
Brut or Old Spice?. There's only one way to find out... FIGHT!. (we'll win because we've got Henry Cooper on our side).
OH Henry Cooper how I love you you fearless puss
1959 Britain and Europe’s new heavyweight boxing champion is Henry Cooper, after he defeated Brian London on points.
Jennifer Laurence and Bradley Cooper having the lols and bants on stage
Henry Cooper V Muhammad Ali ' Jake La Motta Bobblehead ' Lennox Lewis & Joe Louis V Max Schmelling.Heavyweight's 12 to 13 inches in height every detail painted in them , also it was Red Gloves - Cooper v Ali fought with.Hence why i Painted them that colour also boots of both both Boxers, need some more work
Some heavyweight history has arrived to us today. An original 1963 Cassius Clay vs Henry Cooper programme which...
my half brother's grandad played professional football for Watford when john Barnes played for them and he knew henry cooper
Amy Adams has kissed Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Henry Cavill, and Justin Timberlake to name a few.
come Loughborough Cooper, heard Henry is looking for a wolf pack to go with his bumbag.
PARKERSBURG - The Henry Cooper Log Cabin Museum in Parkersburg's City Park will open for the season Sunday with tours and free admission.
Just as I've been saying...Henry , Howard, Cooper and Alec Morris should be happy to see Kiffin as OC!! I...
Henry Cooper outweighs the three of them in my book.
Kevin Keegan and English boxer Henry Cooper in a miniature boxing ring to promote Brut 33 aftershave, 1980
UK only 12th January 1866 The Aeronautical Society of Great Britain was formed in London, thirty seven years before the Wright Brothers achieved the first successful powered flight. 1895 The National Trust was founded by three Victorian philanthropists - Miss Octavia Hill, Sir Robert Hunter and Canon Hardwicke Rawnsley. Octavia Hill was concerned about the poor availability of open spaces for poor people. She campaigned against development on existing suburban woodlands, and helped to save London's Hampstead Heath and Parliament Hill Fields from being built on. The National Trust is now the largest membership organisation in the United Kingdom, and one of the largest UK charities by both income and assets. Its aim is to preserve places of historic interest or natural beauty for the enjoyment of the British public. 1950 The British submarine Truculent collided with a Swedish oil tanker Divina, in the Thames. The two vessels remained locked together for a few seconds before the submarine sank, resulting in ...
Was competing for camera space tonight with Henry Chalfant and Marty Cooper. I can die peacefully now.
Congratulations to the Northland Men's side who beat Hamilton by 6 wickets today in a 50 over match at Cobham Oval. Hamilton, batting first, scored 220/9 off their 50 overs with wickets being shared around by Cody Andrews, Kyran Dill, Joe Robbins, Michael O'Flaherty and Jason Morgan. Northland reached their target with two balls to spare and only four wickets down. A great 3rd wicket partnership between Henry Cooper (74*) and Neal Parlane (64) was the backbone of the Northland innings after a 43 run opening partnership by Rory Christopherson and Brad Kneebone. Northland, needing 9 off the last over, got home after Ben Hyde hit a four and a six off consecutive balls to secure the win and four points. Well done lads!
ah thats the one I mean! Not sure why I thought it was called the henry cooper
there is literally nothing down there at all. I've never been out down there. The Henry cooper opened up as a bar last year
not yet but I think it'll be Cooper Henry...cuz that's my vote lol
Henry is a beast, and OJ has the potential to be one of the best ever. Plus, Cooper healthy is no slouch.
I just thank my a1 nighas frm day 1 nighas fa keepin my head on str8 Henry Cooper Rayshad Greene and my lil homie drizzy . Y'all da reason a nigha workin today cuz da trap ain't 4eva !!! Y'all sum of da realest nighas walkin n my circle and I luv y'all nighas
Did u know Henry Cooper floored Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali in 1963 in 4th round, but Ali's corner caused 5min delay durin which time they revived Ali & cut his glove demandin a tear so new gloves needed 4 ali? After 5min break Ali then caught cooper who's guard down, thinkin this a joke by now, & opened an old eye wound. So ref tommy little ended the fight givin victory 2 Ali in 5th round. Yet still the bbc encouraged us 2 adore ali despite him joinin nation of islam 1yr later & refusing 2 do national service in us army 1967.
Lane=creativity. Much needed. 2 of best O players in country (d. Henry/Cooper) could not wait for someone to learn on the job.
Martha cooper and Henry chalfant. Inspirations to my work.
Dream home for sale: Walton Manor, home to Henry VIII's wives
Henry gets a cheap victory after hitting Cooper in the head with his Tag Team Championship.
lol fell off😂😂 boy Kiffin about to do serious things with cooper and henry
Bama fans should be excited that Kiffin got Bush and White both over 1K yards in same season with a 1K WR. Yeldon, Henry and Cooper? →→
RB TJ Yeldon, RB Derrick Henry, TE OJ Howard and WR Amari Cooper, not a bad quartet to develop.
Both SCHS boys/girls bball teams play tonight. Girls host Cooper at home. The boys are at Henry Clay. Both games at 8 pm. …
Lane Kiffin will potentially be in charge of an offense with Jacob Coker, Derrick Henry, and Amari Cooper. Life is unfair.
with him, Cooper, Henry, and Kiffin, the offense could be scary!
So jealous of my grandad meeting Henry cooper back in the day!
People who should be excited: Henry, Howard, Black, Foster, Drake, Cooper, Jones, Sims, Del Rio? Coker?
Alright Kiffin the play calling shouldnt be tough...Hand off to Yeldon or Henry and deep ball to Cooper...
@ the henry cooper depot in Annisford on sunday 5th January
For those of you who play Quiz Up can you please add and challenge my mother Sue Pearson to some games as I had 48 notifications from her today and I'm struggling to reduce the numbers as she keeps sending me new ones when I'm trying to get through the old ones John Henry Cooper Richard Cooper Adam James Lee Kia Rigden Danny Cooper Please and I apologise on advance for all the notifications you're gonna get but we are all friends here so please just share my pain Thanks
Sporting Rematch has to be Henry Cooper v Cassius Clay in the split glove incident. It would really be a knockout
LONSDALE EXTENDS PARTNERSHIP WITH BAMMA BAMMA is brought to you in Association with Lonsdale [The Official Equipment Partner of BAMMA] & Safe MMA [Independent British Medical Organisation] (November 7th.13) Europe’s flagship Mixed Martial Arts promotion, BAMMA, is proud to announce a renewed partnership with Lonsdale, ahead of ‘BAMMA 14: Daley vs Da Silva’ as Lonsdale extends its commitment to British MMA into 2014. BAMMA 14 takes place on 14th December at Birmingham’s LG Arena and tickets are available from name Lonsdale became inextricably associated with the history of boxing, when in 1891 the 5th Earl of Lonsdale organised the first boxing fight with gloves. When veteran fighter, Bernard Heart, adopted the Lonsdale name for his original boxing range in 1960, Lonsdale further established itself as a pioneer in combat sports history becoming the emblem of names that included Muhammed Ali, Henry Cooper and Sugar Ray Leonard. Lonsdale extended its sporting heritage to Mixed Martial Arts when it fi ...
On this day in History 0921 - Treaty of Bonn: East France & West France recognize each other. 1519 - University of Leuven convicts teaching of Luther. 1665 - 1st edition of "London Gazette". 1820 - James Monroe elected 5th US president. 1872 - Mary Celeste sails from NY to Genoa; found abandoned 4 weeks later. 1918 - United Press erroneously reports WW I armistice had been signed. 1932 - 1st broadcast of "Buck Rogers in the 25th century" on CBS-radio. 1941 - British air attack on Berlin, Mannheim & Ruhrgebied. 1954 - US spy plane shot down North of Japan. 1967 British heavyweight champion Henry Cooper beat challenger Billy Walker to become the only boxer to win three Lonsdale Belts outright. 1974 Lord Lucan mysteriously disappeared following the murder of his children's nanny and a serious assault on his wife. 1976 - "Gone With the Wind" televised. 1997 Despite him being instrumental in their overnight phenomenal international success, British group 'The Spice Girls' sacked their creator and manager Simon ...
Sultans of Slide are reborn! New line-up is a revelation! Mark Riley, Rod Cook, Henry Cooper and Big Monti on slide guitars. Chris Leighton on Drums and Jon Bayless on bass. It took a couple of years to find the right guys but it was worth the wait!
Originally posted, but well worth another look: Many thanks to Stephen for re-posting this photograph of Eric Sykes, Ronnie Carroll, Diana Dors and Sean Connery at Highbury in North London to watch 'Cassius Clay' and Henry Cooper in 1966. It has to be said that at this time DD was incredibly beautiful :)
James Gilliland just made a great point. Muhammad Ali is an overrated fighter. He lost five times in 34 fights. Cassius Clay is the greatest of all time...he was 27-0 and beat Liston x2, Patterson, Archie Moore, Chuvalo, Cleveland Williams, and Henry Cooper x2. Clay bomaye!
József Kreul "Joe" Bugner (born 13 March 1950) is a Hungarian-born British-Australian former heavyweight boxer and actor. He holds triple nationality, being a citizen of Hungary and a naturalized citizen of both Australia and the United Kingdom. As an actor he is best known for his role in the 1994 action film Street Fighter, alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia. Born in Szőreg, a southeastern suburb of Szeged in southern Hungary, Bugner and his family fled after the 1956 Soviet invasion and settled in England. Standing at 6'4" (1.93 m) with a prime weight of around 220 lb (99 kg), Bugner twice held the British and British Commonwealth heavyweight titles and was a three time European heavyweight champion. He was ranked among the world's top ten heavyweights in the 1970s, fighting such opponents as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Ron Lyle, Jimmy Ellis, Manuel Ramos, Chuck Wepner, Earnie Shavers, Henry Cooper, Brian London, Mac Foster, Rudi Lubbers, Eduardo Corletti, Jurgen Blin, George Johnson and J ...
DID YOU KNOW that on this day in 1932 Ireland Amelia Earhart 21st May 1932 : Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to make a solo air crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, from Newfoundland to Ireland 1966 England Cassius Clay (Muhammed Ali) Vs Henry Cooper 21st May 1966 : American boxer Cassius Clay (Muhammed Ali) ends the hopes of British heavyweight champion Henry Cooper winning the world heavyweight titles when the bout is stopped in Round 6 because of a severe cut above Henry Cooper's Left eye. May 21, 1908 The first horror movie (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde) premieres in Chicago Raymond Bur born May 21 1917 Burr was born Raymond William Stacey Burr in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada,[5] to William Johnston Burr (1889–1985), an Irish hardware salesman,[9] and his wife, Minerva (née Smith, 1892–1974), a concert pianist and music teacher, who was of English and Scottish descent.[9] After his parents divorced, Burr moved to Vallejo, California[5] with his mother and younger siblings, Geraldine and Ja ...
A drug addict and alcoholic has a statue erected, but a national sporting hero Henry Cooper, still awaits his
In 1989 Frank Bruno, fighting out of Wandsworth, faced Mike Tyson for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World. Despite being rocked in the opening moments Bruno rallied through the round and shook Tyson with a left hook in the closing moments, echoing Henry Cooper's famous blow on Cassius Clay so many years before.
I caught the Thunderclap from Edame back in 1971. She caught it from the late Henry Cooper who caught it from Barbara Windsor.
My podcast this week is on South London boxers. Henry Cooper, Frank Bruno, Lloyd Honeyghan, David Haye and more
Good afternoon. My Jimmy Greaves autographed photo and my hand signed Henry Cooper gloves are back in my charge. Hooray!
Highbury prepares for Henry Cooper's fight with Cassius Clay in 1966
I liked a video Muhammad Ali vs Henry Cooper - Weigh in
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