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Henry Clay

Henry Clay, Sr. (April 12, 1777 – June 29, 1852), was a lawyer, politician and skilled orator who represented Kentucky separately in both the Senate and in the House of Representatives.

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On page 278 of 595 of Henry Clay, by David S. Heidler
I've been enjoying this book. I'm about 50% through. Henry Clay: The Essential American by David S. Heidler |
Game day ... Scott County travels to Henry Clay for district football tonight. 7:30 kickoff.
Apush students. Any interest in a class shirt? Lets talk Thursday/Friday! It'd be this beauty of Henry Clay, Washington and L…
wld u drop h henry to pick up drake, I have clay, and ASJ as well at TE. Looking for RB depth
Headed to Henry Clay tonight stop by zaxby's to support your dance on your way
Why block a parent?Whole lot of Henry Clay and Douglass and not much Station in that feed.
If we can get Henry Clay on Saturday that just leaves Tates Creek to conquer then Louisville Butler will OWN Lexington. LOL!!!
Thank you. My jv is going for three peat in a big tournament in Etown. Taking on Henry Clay in a quar…
OTD in 1797 Henry Clay was admitted into the Virginia Bar at age 20.
Henry Clay by the free whose ambition aspired to break it be not be made even to be content to be forced to renew the decision
Men's Senior Night tomorrow against Henry Clay!! Senior Ceremony begin around 5 so come out to support the senior C…
Was rolling with Austin Hooper (C. Clay gone). Added B. Watson. J. Doyle and H. Henry both dropped, should I waiver either? who
I still remember my sig quote from 2000! . "Tell Mr. Carnegie I'll see him in *** - Henry Clay Frick
Saying "Frick" is offensive to Henry Clay Frick; a United States industrialist who amassed a fortune in the steel industr…
Here are Clay Henry's 10 keys for the Razorbacks' game against New Mexico State:
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
would you give gurley Derrick Henry and Charles clay to get zeke Carson and martellus Bennett?
I think Henry Clay did something similar before the Civil War
Craft and Gatton Academy Information Meeting-October 11th from 6-8 pm at Henry Clay. For 11th and 12th graders interested in STEM.
FRick Collection almost every iconic piece of art housed here. Henry Clay Frick was quite a man. art
Hunter Henry or Charles Clay? I can't afford another goose egg from Henry.
The Latin Cross is not the original symbol of that denotes the Coming and Conquest of Yeshua. The Ankh also known...
Do you suffer from Codependency? "In its broadest sense, codependency can be defined as “an addiction to people,...
Charles Clay is owned in 24.3% of ESPN fantasy leagues... Hunter Henry is owned in 61.5%. can someone explain to me why?
"Nor is there any appearance of a disposition in [Latin Americans] to take any political lesson from us..." John Q Adams to Henry Clay, 1821
Strong showing tonight as the Generals put in 2 goals against team in the state Henry Clay. Ended 5-2. Goals by and Lindi!
Our Clay Henry shares his reflections on his father, Orville Henry, being inducted into the SWC Hall of Fame:
offered d.thomas and h.henry for Crabtree and Rudolph..yes or know? Have Clay on bench. 1pt PPR
Thank you to everyone who came to our very first meeting today! Amazing things are happening in Henry Clay’s very f…
Step into the 1920s-1950s on October 28th at the Time Travelers Social at the Henry Clay. Get your tickets now -…
Goal Lindi DeBilzan! get on the board first against Henry Clay! A handball in the box results in a PK for the 1-0
Henry Clay could have chosen to give up on this season. But it didn't.
Michael McMullen with the 70-yard scorcher with a defender in tow, and Henry Clay's back on top. Fun second half. D…
It's time for high school football in the bluegrass! Lafayette visits Henry Clay tonight on
Bryan Station lost hundreds of students to new school. Henry Clay still over capacity.
Man, what a great night for Bryan Station High School Volleyball! Both Freshman and JV beat Henry Clay. Making...
I can't think of much competition--Franklin, Hamilton, Henry Clay, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. DuBoi…
How can you be an Andrew Jackson groupie and also big up Henry Clay?
Buehler shines in major league debut - Henry Clay product Walker Buehler made his major league debut on Thursda...
In this morning's game against Henry Clay, the final score was: BG 0-4 HC. We play Tate's Creek at Lafayette High School at 5 pm Eastern.
Imma hop on outta here, now. See y'all at Tates Creek next Friday (Henry Clay vs. TC at 6 p.m. followed by Lafayette vs. Bryan Station).
Bill, you should be heartened that a few folks voted for Andrew Jackson & Henry Clay. Admittedly, I we…
"Today is a good day for a mint julep." - Henry Clay
His hero's Henry Clay, but Mitch is a political animal whose biggest dream is to be majority leader-w…
Is it just me or does look remarkably similar to Henry Clay (?) in the painting behind him?
HS graduations today 5/25 at Rupp. Henry Clay at 12:30 pm, Tates Creek at 4 pm, Bryan Station at 7:30 pm. Congrats to all grads & families !
42nd softball: Bryan Station win over Henry Clay, at last, ‘means everything’
Nothing doing after 1 between Henry Clay and Bryan Station. Kaitlyn Hurley with quick reflexes on this one
Henry Clay cuts the lead in half 8-4. One at bat left. Headed to 7th v Bryan Station
Emma Hamilton with a 3-run triple to extend Bryan Station lead to 8-1 in the 6th over Henry Clay
Shelby McClean with a 3-run BOMB in the 5th to put Bryan Station up 5-1 over Henry Clay
So proud to welcome these Henry Clay High School Students to the family 🎓
Lol I'm trying to be serious but on the real there are a lot more:Henry Clay, Winfield Scott, John Freemont, Horace Greeley
Henry Clay the great Statesman once said he would rather be right than President.
Honored to be giving out 8 scholarships at Henry Clay High School. "Education is the great equalizer"- Porter.
cheesin' because tomorrow is the last day of school 🌷 @ Henry Clay…
I am a fiend for science. I want to thank my FB friend Akram Habib for sharing this phenomenal YouTube video on...
Max won his second match. Cristiano and Evan lost to a strong Henry Clay team.
McCracken County's Vincent Shiben falls 6-2, 6-2 in the second round to Noah Tapp of Henry Clay.
Henry Clay, like Alexander Hamilton, was a monarchist - or, at least, an elitist. Sure, they helped create the federal system we have today, but the concessions made by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and later Andrew Jackson were too great. As the revered Socrates would say, (paraphrasing)"A democracy is only as good as its educational system." The monarchists distrusted democracies due to this fact. Americans have to ask themselves: Capitalism teaches us that the separation of labor leads to specialization. Do you wish to have a voice of whether we go to war or when? James Madison said, "The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted."
Henry Clay team of Brett Folsom & Phillip Priest stop Mayfield's Michael Day & Tate Puckett in the KHSAA boys doubl…
Mayfield's Michael Day and Tate Puckett eliminated in the first round to Henry Clay's Folsom/Priest. 6-0, 6-3.
Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson hated one another so much that Henry created a political party just to hate on Jackso…
Andrew Jackson had two regrets on the last day of his presidency, that he "had been unable to shoot Henry…
Henry Clay was a Whig and thus Pro-Business while Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive & cut down on Business trusts.…
Flash Flood Watch in effect from early Friday in Clay, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, Henry and Holt Counties in MO
Henry Clay & John C Calhoun might have been opposing party members but they came together with Compromise of 1833…
Baker and Baker drop the second set 1-6 and the match 4-6,1-6 to Henry Clay. Great season girls.
TEN: Model's Cal Benson and Nate Frisbie fall in first round of state to Henry Clay's Andrews and Telfair 6-2, 6-2
Stop Two! Henry Clay's Ashland Estate in Lexington, Kentucky. Henry Clay was one of Kentucky's…
Congratulations to the 2017 winner - Henry Clay senior Noah Tapp!
Henry Clay tennis player has short time to celebrate Tommy Bell Award
Last Home game of the season tonight for ! Come cheer on the girls against Henry Clay! Varsity @ 6p/JV to follow.
Henry Clay's Noah Tapp is this year's Tommy Bell Award winner.. given annually by Lexington Rotary for outstanding…
Woodford Co 2018 SS went 2-for-2 with an RBI in win over Henry Clay >>
can you get Billy and Henry Clay to host while you're gone?
Just reminiscing on my best friend's best day ever ❤️ @ Henry Clay
In the spirit of Henry Clay, I was just looking to compromise
Henry Clay alum doing what he does best
Join us for Workshop Wednesday on 31 May & make your own clay creation. Our theme is
Jaguars fall on the road to Henry Clay
Henry Clay lost the presidential election like 6 times or something
Henry Clay ran 3 times and lost every time :(
i have to be henry clay next week for a project and I still can't explain the American system & idk what his views were on anything
State semi finals game tomorrow at 7:30 AT henry clay! Show up theme
Henry Clay volleyball junior Sierra Gray recently committed to James Madison University. One of talented returnees for the state runners-up.
APUSH in a nutshell: nobody listened to Washington's Farewell Address, Plessy v. Ferguson ruined us, Henry Clay is a loser, & credit.score.
Answer: Henry Clay. Henry Clay dropped out because of a promised position in John Quincy Adams administration as Secretary of State.
Making Ms. B and PC proud with John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay!
Rocket SOFTBALL plays MadSouth in London 2day, game 2 of the KY Preps 5 Star Classic. Nxt game will be either Henry Clay or North Laurel.
Trump needs to do what Andrew Jackson should have done to John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay honestly
Shaker with the 10-4 win over reigning Kentucky state champs Henry Clay. Goals by Schinabeck (6), Talbott (2), Bailey,…
Kentucky's Henry Clay was the "Great Compromiser," He prevented civil war for 50 years. See how in "Henry Clay: at…
my favorite moment was when Nancy Pelosi really stuck it to Henry Clay on the Missouri Compromise
Thanks indeed. I'll now head to KY & throw you under the bus by praising Henry Clay and the American system at a ra…
Frederick Douglass. Andrew Jackson. Henry Clay. Abraham Lincoln. Trump really doesn't know much about 19th century American history.
FYI: Rand hates Henry Clay. His first Senate speech was an excoriation against the Great Compromiser. Praising Clay won't he…
Imagine living in the timeline where Henry Clay was celebrated as the father of returning Africans to Africa... so s…
Henry Clay People announce a LA show and I am wondering if my old *** can handle the weeknight LA trip
he probably thinks Henry Clay wore a wig.
that's because he thinks Henry Clay is a new building material being made in southern Ohio.
Trump's supporters are hearing him talk about "Henry Clay" and trying to remember which year he won the Apprentice.
American history in Age of Trump will be interesting. Yesterday Henry Clay of all people was trending;.
"There is a moral fitness in the idea of returning to Africa her children ..." - Henry Clay
i was hoping that NOLA would be different from Kentucky but it was just full of bourbon, Henry Clay statues, horses, and…
He doesn't even know who Henry clay was. Ask him. He'll say Ali's younger brother, the one who wasn't Muslim
Trump is now praising Henry Clay and Clay's "American system." Quite a flip flop from his visit to the Hermitage
"I'd rather be right than be president" -Henry Clay
He don't know who Henry Clay is, folks. You KNOW.
Chuck Grassley came into the Senate with Henry Clay. Not many people know that.
Donald Trump said, "Like Henry Clay, we want to put our people to work." . Hey Trump, Henry Clay was a slave owner. https:/…
Clay Henry writes about the new weapon Arkansas pitchers are using in a 17-4 start.
Henry Clay is doing terrific work that's being recognized by more and more people
Hey FB Family we're going to have our Hour of Power Study in God's Word. Join us at 7:00 pm. You will be blessed!...
maybe Henry Clay was *** Cuz we know Andrew Jackson had big cannon balls.
T misheard. He thought Henry Clay was 'greatly compromised,' not the 'Great Compromiser.'
Henry Clay on Andrew Jackson: "He is ignorant, passionate, hypocritical, corrupt and easily swayed by the basest men w…
Less than 1 week after praised Jackson in TN he lauded Henry Clay in KY. Please tell me J.Q. Adams is next week? So weird.
"Henry Clay" praised by Trump tonight who. Owned 60 slaves & came up with the "Fugitive Slave Act" of 1850👇 . Trump n…
Trump citing Henry Clay in support of his policies at a rally in Kentucky. Presumably few there know Clay was known as the Great Compromiser
The Great Compromiser getting many shoutouts tonight. Few figures live on in American history like Henry Clay.
Trump is speaking about The Great Compromiser, Henry Clay. A man who Donald never heard of.
John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay are making a "corrupt bargain" to save the failing National Republicans! We must D…
Proud of Rob Goodman for leading Sayre to region by beating Henry Clay. Beat B Station and T Creek too & Goodm…
Henry Clay baseball is all about the flows
"The Constitution of the United States was made not merely for the generation"-Henry Clay
I liked a video from Mark Henry takes on Tensai, Brodus Clay and Sheamus in Tug of
We are honored that is nominated in both best narrative and best performer (Alex Hernandez as Lincoln Clay) by
to last Thursday's Mysteries at the Museum, featuring one of Henry Clay's duels! Catch it again Sun. @ 10:00am on
This Ethics and Social Justice course is "off da chain"! Hey FB Family please help me with your opinion on this...
If I get this house in Henry county it's over wit never coming back to clay co
Analyzing Calhoun's nullification views. This group compromised on their phrase--Henry Clay would be proud!
This beautiful dandy button was found on an Archaeology project with the Henry Clay Estate…
Then Saturday, March 11th join me & the band in Louisville, KY at the Henry Clay Beaux Arts…
you should try to hook up Billy with Sarah. They both sound like party animals! 😂 Henry Clay could chaperone
I bought a new Apple MacBook Pro and the thing is driving me nuts with this voice talking to me. Does anybody...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
"Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating hea…
hilarious! That's not the mayor of Lajitas and the "beer-drinking" goat, Clay Henry, is it? lol
GAMEDAY ✌🏻. ✅ Softball scrimmage @ Mercy 6:00 pm . ✅ Baseball scrimmage vs. Henry Clay @ Male 6:00 pm. Great day for it, let's get it!
I still think Henry Clay was majorly screwed over person in history.
once im done with this paper, i never want to hear about Henry Clay again
Great first scrimmage today, great effort all the way around! Another one tomorrow/Thurs. 6:00 Home vs. Henry Clay.
I just checked in at Henry Clay Public House with Download today!
You thought Henry Clay like to ran for president…
so were you saying James Young was with Jamal Magloire and Henry Clay before the championship game?
Henry Clay is not untrustworthy just because he helped John Quincy Adams win his presidency in 1824
Ashland considers roundabout at Henry Clay, Broadway: Ashland city officials are considering a roundabout at Henry…
A historic beauty-The Henry Clay in will host Allison & Jach's Wedding in June and we are thrilled to…
Billy is the only person in history who has seen both Henry Clay and Waylon Jennings in his lifetime. I'm impressed
Praised be God! We got over 250 views, 90 messages and 38 inboxes and 12 email messages requesting last night's...
Check out Glass Cup Plate with Picture of Henry Clay Set of 2 Ornate Scalloped Edge Senate via
Red Flag Warning in effect from 11 AM in Bates, Buchanan, Cass, Clay, Clinton, Henry and Jackson Counties
Henry Clay. I had rather be right than be President.
"And a third of the angels of Heaven followed the serpent". (Rev. 12:1-3)...
Why obsess with pleasing wining pigeons when you're flying with eagles. Don't compromise your vision for people...
Henry Clay Frick was the literal Worst
Portrait of one of the forefathers, Henry Clay, I saw at the Smithsonian today.
heard bowling story of Jamal Magloire, you sure it was his feet and not the ghost of Henry Clay that tripped him?
people are calling Trump the new Henry Clay
I believe that a pretty large portion of those who "attend the physical church" will not be a part of the...
I'm at the E.R. with my poor computer. The doctors have her now and are operating. I'm going to get a bite to eat...
Fire Weather Watch in effect from Wednesday morning in Bates, Buchanan, Cass, Clay, Clinton and Henry Counties
The historical Jesus is markedly and in some cases radically different from much of the fluff that has been...
Keep in mind Henry Clay's ghost woke me at 6am this morning. He interrupted a vivid dream of me on a date with a S…
Yah, and I got along great with Henry Clay!
next musical you should do is Henry Clay is dead. (If anyone doesn't know who Henry clay is he was the Great Compromiser)
Guardian Angel: this elegant piece was sculpted by ZBrushCentral member Henry Chervenka. See the clay render here:
Saturdays V/JV game at Henry Clay has been moved to Friday nite @ 6pm. Varsity will play 1st with JV to follow.
“Imprisoned, ironed and manacled within sight of the shades of Ashland,” she asked Henry Clay to take her case. He refused.
Our church is looking to purchase a reasonably priced keyboard and speaker. Please inbox me if you have any...
in Billy's defense he did say Henry Clay, not Thomas 🤣
Our Scrimmage vs Henry Clay has been Moved to this Thursday, 3/9, 6:00 at Male.
the first teacher to fawn over my writing was in 4th grade, poem about Henry Clay. I still remember it vividly.
has comedy ever existed before Clay Henry stepped up to a mic?
I am feeling pretty good. I cannot thank God enough for His healing power and for the "fervent and effectual...
Unusual elevated vista up St. Charles Ave showing top of Henry Clay statue, later moved to Lafayette Square. St. Charle…
I think they are top notch, I called in asking for a Clay Henry segment... and I think we've found one
This week Alternate History Topic on What if Henry Clay ran in 1840? or a wilder 1912? John Glen in 1976? Gary H…
Suffocating second half pushes Franklin County girls past Henry Clay in 11th Region tournament
Henry Clay up in the second period over Bryan Station in the 42 district tournament at Station.
Carah Burdette swishes a buzzer beater to end first for Bryan Station, but Henry Clay has had better of it up 20-9…
boys 🏀District day! Tip at 8:00 v Henry Clay at Bryan Station. 💙/RT to wish the Spartans good luck.
Game Day . 2. Henry Clay at 3. Bryan Station . 42nd District Tournament . Win and Advance Lose and Go Home.
James Lee & Bruce Bell were teammates at Henry Clay. Lost to Jack Givens team Bryan Station 11 region in 73.
Final regular season games tonight. Cards play Henry Clay at home. Girls at Bryan Station. Districts next week at Paris. Go GRC!
Well of course that was Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams.
the electoral college should award Henry Clay an honorary degree.
Live at the Henry Clay building in downtown Louisville! - KWEast
Lafayette tops Madison Central, Henry Clay over Tates Creek & more from the Fox 56 High School Sports Extra.
WAIT having friendsgiving w all my bffs from high school and swiftly realizing Henry Clay is not normal
Henry Clay on the board first leads Campbell Co. 7-0.
Henry Clay to William Lloyd Garrison: "you are little more than a rabid dog!"
"I would rather be right than President." Henry Clay- "Be sure you are right, then go ahead." David Crockett 1812
Henry Clay knocks off Madison Central 1-0 in 11th region semis.
Dunbar vs Henry Clay — watching soccer game at Bryan Station High School
Dunbar-Henry Clay precedes this game. Should be a heck of a night for soccer at Bryan Station.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Henry Clay wins 3rd set 25-14, knocks off Bryan Station in 42nd district finals. Both teams will play in the 11th Region Tournament.
Myleah Carter gives Henry Clay a 7-4 lead over Bryan Station in set 1 of the 42nd District finals with a nice kill
Dunbar takes on Henry Clay in the 11th Region Semis on Thursday at 6:15 over at Bryan Station. Go Dawgs!!!
Henry Clay takes care of Sayre 3-0 in first 42nd District volleyball semifinal. Scott County-Bryan Station in about 15 minutes.
We're all set for 11th Region tourney action between the Henry Clay and Franklin County boys here at Bryan Station
Henry Clay leads Bryan Station 2-0 in second half in 42nd district final.
Meriwether Carling's penalty kick in the 24th minute puts Henry Clay on top of Bryan Station 1-0.
Henry Clay and Bryan Station are tied 0-0 in the 12th minute.
Findings on Andrew Jackson's regrets about John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay:
It's like Groundhog Day. At Henry Clay again, for Scott County-Bryan Station district soccer semifinal again. Girls tonight.
1817 Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson, and others, founded the American Colonization Society
Blake Urbanek scores on Trevor Hammonds squeeze bunt to put Henry Clay up 1-0 on Sayre in bottom 4th.
Henry Clay got another win over Woodford County. Story, video & photos here:
These people have obviously not read Federalist Papers let alone writings/speeches of Daniel Webster or Henry Clay.
ice it with dewskies and have Henry Clay sub your classes you'll never know you were gone
JV Final: Henry Clay - 1 Woodford Co - 0. Excellent team effort to hold the shutout. Goal: Ippongi (Cundiff).
plot harvested at historic Henry Clay estate in Lexington
Catch the hi-scoring Lady Eagles in action at home Wednesday against rival Henry Clay! Two Top-25 teams!
Statistics are no substitute for judgement. -- Henry Clay
Check out the photo stories from the Mother of Mercy vs Henry Clay girls volleyball games!
Citizens of Greenbrier County held a public dinner in honor of US SOS Henry Clay on Aug 30, 1826.
8/30/1826: A public dinner was held in Lewisburg in honor of US SoS Henry Clay.
Henry Clay's polite refusal to visit Springfield, IL was no doubt a huge disappointment to Lincoln, who idolized the man.
Week 2: We moved up to We play 16th ranked Henry Clay tonight.
the answer, of course, is Henry Clay
Hats off to Henry Clay. A great showing again from our student section. Thanks for the support On to Lafayette on Wed.
Today in 1842, Lincoln and others in Springfield write to prominent politician Henry Clay to invite him to visit. He declin…
Unknowingly requested the oral history of someone owned by Henry Clay. Starts with a story about Clay & John C. Calhoun...
Andrew Jackson's real regrets about John C. Calhoun & Henry Clay (he actually wished he'd been friends with one):
Id rather hike at 4:30 in the morning instead of go to this trash can that is Henry Clay 🙄
"I would rather be right than President." - A defeated Millard Fillmore quotes Henry Clay, July 23, 1852.
The Great Triumvirate of John C. Calhoun, Daniel Webster and Henry Clay;we need people like them.
imagine not knowing this part of history and you're watching this musical and all of a sudden Henry Clay is kissing John C. Calhoun
The Life and Speeches of the Hon. Henry Clay . by Henry Clay
Stopped in to see some summer ball tonight. Henry Clay (KY) 2018 G Justin Mitchell playing well.
Baseball Final: Western Hills 2, Madison Southern 1. WHHS will face Henry Clay tomorrow at 8 p.m. in the 11th Region Tournament semifinals.
“Henry Clay's relay team of Campbell, James, Hugle and Robinson wins the boys' 4x100 relay in 42.77
congrats to my people from Bryan Station & Henry Clay! 👊🎓
"Government is a trust, the officers of govt are trustees. Both the trust & trustees are created for benefit of the people."- Henry Clay
They are growing! Join us June 11 @ Henry Clay's Hemp Symposium to see the progress! https:…
Enforcement of this law would have meant that Daniel Webster and Henry Clay -- both lawyers on retainer to...
That came a little earlier in the day for people at Henry Clay
Happy Today the KY Historic Preservation Review Board unanimously recommended the Henry Clay...
State tennis update: Hopkinsville girls were scheduled to play Henry Clay in first round this morning, but rain delay pushed back the start.
Idk much about APUSH but what I do know is Henry Clay is always the answer
US History is the most useless subject in the entire world, no one cares when the Magna Carta was made, no one even cares who Henry Clay was
Yo Henry Clay is so underrated, he literally saved America's *** every other day
Clay Enos is in London. Henry shaved. Jason has his Aquaman tattoos. Rumor that Wonder Woman finished filming. JUSTICE LEAGUE PICTURE SOON!?
I'm no rye fan. Yet maybe now time for a TwoHenrys® & rye platform? As in Clay. And William Henry Harrison.
Combo of things. Henry shaved yesterday. Clay Enos posted set instructions. Gal is done with WW.
Hemp was planted today at Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate, for first time in 130 years.
With the help of hemp returns to Henry Clay’s Ashland estate for the first time in 130 years
My professor gave me her sons album 😳 he made the Henry clay people though 😱
Where is Henry Clay? The republican party will change name to World Order! Nazi! By day kkk by night. REALITY AMERICA LOST COUNTRY!
It's an "Ooga-Booga or death?" choice for the GOP, kinda like 1824. Except Paul Ryan is no Henry Clay.
Generals Baseball takes the game 4-0 over Henry Clay! Brady Bowling goes the distance on the mound for the win. LHS ba…
>Henry shaves his beard. >Gal is rumoredly done with Wonder Woman. >Clay Enos posts set instructions
2 days away at the Henry Clay Building powered by
This is the fruit of the practice of "Real Christianity" and not material name it and claim it theology of the...
John Quincy Adams:. The people are stupid!. Henry Clay:. They can all go rot!. John Calhoun:. They're lame!. Quincy Adams:. They suck. Henry Clay:
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
1825 John Quincy Adams becomes president after his corrupt bargain with Henry Clay, Rizzo voted Jackson
Shrewd like Henry Clay and the Missouri Compromise? 2 equal sides?
Some wise words from our 9th Also Ran... Henry Clay
has quote from Henry Clay hanging on failure of ideological purity, "If you cannot compromise, you cannot govern."
Henry Clay spent his career preserving slavery in the name of the Union and now he's remembered as one of the GoAT Speakers of the House.
Henry Clay gave his "American System" speech in 1824. It took 2 legislative days to complete.
we know Henry Clay as the Great Compromiser. but did you know his other nickname was Big *** Hank?
Margaret Fuller to Henry Clay: "So basically gradual abolition is just a way for you to keep your slaves as long as you want."
There was an early "Top 25 Ranking" put out this week. Some teams that were in it... Bowling Green, Henry Clay, Scott County, Wayne County..
Henry Clay proved himself effectively prescient as he depicted the possible consequences of annexing Texas.
Statistics are no substitute for judgment.� Henry Clay via
Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate since Henry Clay
I want someone to love me the way Adam Norris loves Henry Clay 💕
Henry Clay wants us to pay to ship African Americans back to Africa.
If Hillary Clinton loses again she'll be the Henry Clay of modern times
Me: "Quick! Someone give me a number!!". Students: "4" "37" "22". Me: "689 it is then.". Me: "Yup, I'm the Henry Clay of the mathematics."
when some asks you to repeat your home address, don't say "Henry Clay, as in the Great Compromiser"
Led by Henry Clay, the voted to censure President Andrew Jackson in 1834
I shall do my best. But if Henry Clay sends me a bland yellow cake, I'm vetoing it and sending it straight back!
"...historical portraits, among them Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk," by someone who was alive when they were.
Former UK/Henry Clay star Collin Cowgill has made the Cleveland Indians’ opening day roster:
Andrew Jackson when John Quincy Adams became president with Henry Clay as his Secretary of State
Of course Adam Norris found a way to include Henry Clay into the ch. 25 review video
Dunbar hold for the 70-62 win over Henry Clay to advance to 11th Region championship vs Scott County
Scott Co. beats Lafayette 58-50 in the first 11th region semifinal game. Cardinals will play Henry Clay or Dunbar.
Can't tell you how excited I am to watch girls' semis tonight. Franklin County-Henry Clay at 6:30.
Meeting tonight, March 3rd, at Henry Clay is cancelled due to winter storm forecast. Next meeting will be March 7th at Hanover Airport.
"The time will come when Winter will ask you what you did all summer!" - Henry Clay, The Great Compromiser. .
Me and are starting a cult, we worship Henry Clay. We may have our flaws but we are willing to compromise. Please join.
New Story: Cardinals fall on the road to top-ranked Henry Clay
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
"The time will come when Winter will ask what you were doing all Summer." - Henry Clay
The national stage gives us stage fright. The closest a Kentuckian got to the presidency was Henry Clay. That was close enough.
Erin Boley had 23 points and 14 rebounds in 25 minutes in Elizabethtown's 73-38 Senior Night win over Henry Clay tonight.
Updated: Wind Advisory in effect for Bates, Cass, Clay, Henry, Jackson and Johnson Counties until Midnight
Not even Henry Clay would compromise his feelings for you🇺🇸
Girls' prep hoops: E'town leads Lexington Henry Clay, 57-27 after three quarters.
Safe to say they and Henry Clay have earned their wins this season. Brutal skeds.
Girls' prep hoops: E'town leads Lexington Henry Clay, 15-8 after one quarter.
let's be honest... Henry Clay is Adam Norris (bae
& Tag a friend for your chance to a 4-pack of Henry Clay Stalk Cut Winner picked 2/19/16 ht…
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