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Henry Cavil

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill (born 5 May 1983) is a British actor.

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Except wrestling who do you stan? β€” Henry cavil . Aidan turner . Evangeline Lilly . Cat...
Henry Cavil's character in U.N.C.L.E reminds me so much of Sterling Archer
Affleck was incredible and so was Alfred. I think Henry Cavil's Superman has some really bad writing at times tho
I also like Henry Cavil as Superman I just hate everything else in his Superman movies like story directing casting lois&Lex
Henry Cavil of England races to 30th hundred. Most hundreds for any visiting player .
he looks like Henry cavil can confirm
Henry cavil can eat my girl scout cookies anytime
Can Henry Cavil just hurry up and fall in love with me now please? Would be highly appreciated
Did you work out's your change to do it with, Henry Cavil,l the guy that trains Superman.
Here is list of ppl that Felicity should date that is not DTH: Clark Kent...Bc, is Henry Cavil
Still waiting on that hug If Tennant is a no-go, I will take Tom Hiddleston or Henry Cavil or any ha…
Henry Cavil should be the next Bond but I wouldn't mind Hugh Jackman either.
Ben Affleck, Sebastian Stan, Henry Cavil, and Tom Holland are all disgusting pigs.
Brandon Routh was a better superman than Henry Cavil in my opinion.
Could not even watch Man from UNCLE - Henry Cavil was good looking to distraction. My fascination with him has reached Pathetic level.
Henry cavil, if it's not in the way of his Dc commitment
your welcome plus I'm pro Henry cavil for the professor
So sad Henry Cavil is taken though, he would have been kind of bad ***
I kinda don't want Tom Hiddleston to be James Bind because Henry Cavil is my dream Bond.
very! 'Nice' im (sure) henry cavil as very Nice blue eyes as in tuques blue as in blue flower or tulip very sharp
Welcome the Swiss superman! He's here to save us! (Plus he looks a bit like Henry cavil anyway so it's only right)
My girlfriend just told me she likes Phil Kessel more than Henry cavil after tonight's game. She certainly has a type
All I want for my birthday is Henry Cavil
why do we see so many of these photos of Henry Cavil? Maybe he should be Bond lol
Honestly @ sebastian stan...henry cavil is dating a 19 year old...and yall the same age so wassup?
Henry Cavil and Scarlett Johannson were both meant to play Superman and Lois Lane in JJ Abrams Superman
Somebody call dc and replace henry cavil RIGHT NOW
Although I would like to see Jamie stretch his actor wings for this part. I gotta go for Cavil. Henry would nail it
Henry cavil is so good looking argh he reminds me of Lee donghae ALOT
If I had one wish it would be to marry Henry Cavil.
i like him better than Henry cavil as superman least he's an American
yesterday I read this thing about downtown their are lots of places downtown people were bullying me over henry cavil&todd carey not nice
Go on . They have Henry Cavil and Scarlett Johansson in the there new advert promoting the P9.
OK I'd be totally cool with either Henry Cavil or Benedict Cumberbatch as
I like Armie Hammers more than Henry cavil in that film it's pk
Re-watching The Tudors! If you haven't seen it yet, it's a must. Henry Cavil, JRM & Natalie Dormer are A++
. //Oh because of how much of a henry cavil supes hes become
Chris Hemsworth Thor or Henry Cavil Superman? Threesome then Supes can go
Smfh. And Henry Cavil can be a great superman. He's right there πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ
I love Christopher Reeve but I also love Henry Cavil
henry cavil is my fav actor. Tbhi ye lgai hai *_*
5. Henry Cavil is a much better Superman than Christopher Reeves
Just over 20 minutes into Batman v Superman and Henry Cavil has his chest out!
Im sorry of how you had to work with a Superdick such as Henry cavil you was the only thing I enjoyed about Batman Vs Superman
I think henry cavil should be the next bond particularly as hr slmost got the role last time!
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When people rhetorically ask "why do we deserve anything as great as Henry Cavil?" I Always want to respond "it makes up for your existence"
These two unused character posters with Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavil as Superman have surfaced online.
Henry Cavil just nut tagged a dude lolz
Haven't finished 's yet, but assume Henry Cavil will show up for the Superman trifecta.
Please give us another Superman solo film. Henry Cavil deserves his own trilogy
H s too much of a gentle soul for 007. Henry Cavil
.I think it should be Henry Cavil or Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
"Ben Affleck is daddy and Henry Cavil is son."
Great show my question is how does Henry Cavil's Performance of Superman compare to Christopher Reeve's as Superman?
My daughters an I argued over which superhero is cuter. or Henry Cavil.
henry cavil still be there for you . Wonderwoman
//Ergh...although I like Henry Cavil I hate superman...//
Henry Cavil in The Man from U.N.C.L.E was friggin' hilarious
[blame shirtless Henry Cavil, i went to go see him vs batman with BFF birthday night]
The one thing I will say about BvS is Henry Cavil plays Superman VERY well. There were times where I felt bad for him, and I was like NO!
Henry Cavil, Matt Bomer, John stamos, Jake Gyllenhale, Daniel craig..To me they r the hottest
If Superman didn't look like Henry Cavil, he would be Lois's creepy stalker ex
agreed and boring. Henry Cavil did his usual good acting. But, Ben Afleck, well β€˜nough said…
Is this A very young Henry Cavil in The Count of Monte Cristo in 2002 he's adorable!!
Watching henry cavil in immortals right now 😍😍😍
Think the same thing but may be cos l like henry cavil better
Henry Cavil has taken the stage at Huawei. He's apparently some kind of super man. So that's nice.
Batman Vs Superman tonight with my man 😍 Mmm Henry Cavil 😏 πŸ’¦
I had a very vivid dream that I went shirt shopping with Henry Cavil "Nothing under Β£300 is suitable for dinner wear". WAT
when will Henry cavil lose muscle so i can thirst over him again
Henry Cavil is such a beautiful dude
Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill have not given up on 'Man of Steel 2': Director Zack Snyder and actor Henry Cavil...
Henry Cavil and Chris Evans are daddy materials 😍
true! I feel like they did an amazing job with superman! Henry cavil was perfect as superman, acting down to the looks.
Like, I don't know, have him running his own team. Anything besides being stared at by Henry Cavil.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
There is nothing super about Henry Cavil's hairline
Just ordered protein for the first time B) I'mma look like Henry Cavil in Man of Steel just wait
I really want another Superman solo movie. Henry Cavil is fantastic.
However...Henry Cavil was eh and Zach Snyder has to work on plot development
Batman v Superman wasn't terrible but oh man they're wasting Henry Cavil could be this generation's Chris Reeves but nope lets make him dark
Otherwise you didn't do a terrible job but please don't Nolan up Henry Cavil next time that's not who he is that's Batman bro!
You know DC already has a character who is depressing and broods that ain't Superman he is hope..wasting Henry Cavil, Mr. Snyder
Zack Snyder and Henry Cavil have expressed interest on making a sequel
Henry Cavil is totally a Millenal...loves WoW, speaks candidly, and is totally gorgeous in every way!
I think Snyder appreciates doing things on grand scale like MOS and liked working with Henry cavil. Don't think he likes Supes
The film, starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavil, tries to do far too much and is an often gloomy affair. But it...
You know what BvS really needed, which it lacked, another Henry Cavil on fire scene. 😎
Listen here... Henry, or superman whatever the case may be you can get this super suck 😩 @ Henry cavil
I guess I will go kino to look at that new Henry cavil fitness magazine I have like nothing to do, forced to go out because braces.
My Ideal Movie: James Bond, Caity Lotz is Bond, Lin Manuel Miranda as the villain, Henry Cavil as the Bond Girl.
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Henry cavil and grant gustin for me
so I noticed you like Henry Cavil... Have you seen Man From UNCLE because he is pure gold.
also Ben Affleck. He is awesome as an super angry batman πŸ‘Ώ & our own Henry Cavil was like a furniture, froze.
There can't be a superman like Henry Cavil and a batman like Christian Bale
the actions scenes were immense, Gal Gadot as wonderwoman was great to see along side henry cavil and Ben Affleck
Watching Forgotten how lovely Henry Cavil's voice is as Napoleon.
'Superman' Henry Cavil on dating 19-year old: "Age is just a number.". OMG NAA PAKOY PAG-ASA
I know. Henry Cavil plays a good superman just like Christopher Reeves did.
. THE TOMLINS. Henry Cavil as Mike Tomlin. Omar Epps as Lily Tomlin. Ed Asner as Louis Tomlin. Harry Styles as Louis Tomlin's Son
nah, I'm fine being second best. Better than it could be. Oh wait. Tom Hardy. And and Henry cavil. And ...
So Henry Cavil is dating a 19-year-old college student... *that should be me by Justin Bieber softly plays in the background*
if you've seen Man from Uncle then sure you'd agree Henry Cavil would make a great Bond
I think after watching Henry cavil in the man from uncle he's the perfect choice to be the next bond?
Why does Henry Cavil's hair look like he's about to go bald
I honest to God forgot Henry Cavil was British.
Why don't you just give it to Idris already!...
Is this what we can expect from online Daniel Craig might or might not play Bond again, say reports.
reportedly 'quits franchise for Purity TV series'
I see a lot of people trippin' about Henry Cavil losing his hair. He's still handsome AF.
Henry cavil is the most beautiful man I've ever seen
Bring on 'quits franchise for TV series' πŸ˜‰πŸ”«
Daniel Craig looks to be out as Bond! Who's should be next?
Daniel Craig 'quits James Bond franchise for TV series'
Daniel Craig has stated his desire to resign from the bond franchise to pursue alternatives. Source: 4/…
Dearly noted. Also how does that DOJ teaser do for you. Henry Cavil looks. Peeved XD
it's came to my attention that Henry Cavil is a cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure
If anyone other than Henry Cavil or Tom Hardy plays the next Bond I'll be quite annoyed
it's really annoying me because I know that Henry Cavil can act a ton better than he does in this! (man from Uncle is great!)
Who's your pick for the next James Bond? I'd go for Henry Cavil or Michael Fassbender
hi Henry Cavil News this is christa how was your Labor day! with the fam mine. got ruined I hope you have a great day today
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very! 'Nice' pic# wonderfull very lucky! fans to have met henry cavil in London do a charity for children,
Japan has all of my pictures from different times. Including the naughty ones! KING HARRY II all you get is Man Of Steel King Henry Cavil!!!
'Man' did henry cavil, make the best solo. Napolean in Man of Uncle he deserves an Oscar man go HC
Saw today & loved it.. I'm a sucker for spy movies and 1 liners... Oh, Armie Hammer & Henry Cavil aren't too shabby either😍
I am a huge Superman fan too, but I hate Henry Cavil and the way Brian Singer has done the MOS movies. Hated that movie.
hi Henry Cavil News its christa pellicci your fan how was the premiere at (Singapore) did armie you and the cast have fun
'Henry Cavil and Armie Hammer'. I stan this. YESS. This ship is gold.
I thought Henry Cavil already accomplished that.
the fact that henry cavil almost missed his chance for the role of superman bc he was playing world of Warcraft amazes me
I'd consider either Henry Cavil or Michael Fassbender for 007.😏
Oh, the soundtrack was superb. Best thing about it. That and Henry Cavil's accent.
I don't know. I love Henry Cavil. Eye candy. Bye.
That's the impression I got from the trailers. Henry Cavil would be a great live action Archer.
Superman is mad at Batman in new 'Batman v Superman' photos: The Man of Steel (Henry Cavil) looks none too ple...
I may explode when batman and superman comes out... Henry cavil and Ben Affleck together on screen aaagh
Really enjoyed "the man from U.N.C.L.E" Henry cavil quickly moving in as my fave top 3 actors.Missed a trick without the superman reference
Go watch if you want to see Henry Cavil being Sterling Archer. Complete with
Something abt him reminds me of Henry Cavil. Maybe the eyes, or the thick wavy black hair that u just want to...
i take back what I've been saying about Henry Cavil.. Tom Hardy would be a much better James Bond
I love very hot sexy Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Henry Cavil as Superman ;-)
If you do a handstand and look and a photo of Van-Damme with a beard in The Quest movie he’ll look like Henry Cavil
Can't wait to actually start working out with certified trainers and proper nutrition. Bruh I'm gonna be Henry Cavil.
Dir. Simon West and actors 25 ft away! Acton! BTW: met original lead, Henry Cavil's (Superman) PA, last yr. who told me about this SBS movie
you'll love man from uncle! From one sand dancer to another Armie Hammer and Henry Cavil, woof! You'll get "claggy" 😜
Tbh i'd be calm with henry cavil as James Bond
I think Henry Cavil would make a super James Bond.he's got Style...and the Fans.and the Magic..
hi Henry Cavil News its christa Happy! Thursday tonight im going to my dads reunion retirement party at the Italian center
their both! so (cute) together on these (Interviews) Armie Hammer! and henry cavil, goodluck in singpore gentilman
And Humphrey aka Henry Cavil has to go all the way to Ipswich to buy Victoria a ring.
Saw 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E' this evening. Really enjoyed and Henry Cavil 😍😍😍
love home but not for bond, Henry Cavil I can see
definitely wanna meet Ben Affleck or Henry cavil. I got a lot of batman vs superman movie questions and they WILL BE answered
wanted to watch this but streaming mcm takde. Henry Cavil tuu.
he is dreamy and for the first time ever thought Henry cavil was alright too
looks wise Henry cavil but not sure he could pull of the character.
i love it , best superman since the first with Christopher Reeve, also I love Henry Cavil as Superman
NEW PHOTOS. Rex photographer David Fischer shared these images of Henry Cavil and Gut Ritchie at tonight's The...
Please Armie Hammer as Hal Jordan .. Make it Happen . 'd be Epic with Ezra Miller and Henry Cavil
Dean Cain after Christopher Reeves will always be Superman to me, not that Henry Cavil is not fast becoming him
"My goal is to have a body like Chris Hemsworth or Henry Cavil or Tom Hardy or Raul Lopez. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Š" okay chill bro...kick it.
//I already have a Arrow and Flash account and I much prefer Tom Welling over Henry Cavil.
I heard he confirmed Christian Bale will be in the same universe as Henry Cavil, but we know what happened then
Ha! Henry Cavil did an excellent job with the material he was given as Superman
Seriously tho I need someone to back this Henry Cavil/ Armie Hammer as Archer/ Barry and make a movie thing. Where do I pitch?
hi Henry Cavil, News its christa happy! Saturday how are you doing today anything new going on from christa
Just watched "The Man From U.N.C.L.E" trailer and if Archer ever became live I think Henry Cavil/Armie Hammer could be Archer/Barry for sure
'Nice' Avatar on Mr. henry cavil. I really do love the painteing! you can be a (young) artist, you know you too now
I'd love to go for a walk with henry cavil! Failing that my mam!
. Crow, ok, that could work. Although, if he showed up Henry Cavil might be like, "Dad?" πŸ˜‚ -Sean
Henry Cavil. God took his time on you😍
Wish I could be as swole as Chris Evans or Henry Cavil but that would require me to eat healthy and your boy doesn't roll like that.. πŸ˜…
That fine Henry Cavil as the man of steel
Me: "Sir Henry Cavil is a terrible actor" . Mr. O'Neill: "but he's a babe"
(Excuse) me Miss Melinda gate you are spreading lies todd carey does not like you either does henry cavil not true,
very nice congradulations Mr henry cavil on your charity foundation from christa
I love the fact in legends of tomorrow Henry cavil plays a time traveller seen as though he was doctor who's assistant
Rewatching Supergirls trailer,omg shes just too cute!! I hope Henry Cavil can make cameo or something!
I need to look like Henry Cavil for lolla lmao
I miss you from the 70os show but you miss are lieing Armie Hammer&henry cavil don't like you its not true at all
nice pic# two very! Lucky guys come stamford want meet you henry cavil
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yeah I'm wondering too. Are they trying to do MCU? Is her cousin the Henry Cavil Superman?
but wait. Is she Henry Cavil's cousin basically? Are they going all MCU crazy?
Goodluck Mr henry Cavil on making the movie Uncle I cannot wait to see the movie this summer I think we should meet!
hi Henry Cavil it's christa happy Tuesday I hope you are enjoying (Rome) with the cast&crew of uncle christa
James looks so much like Henry Cavil
Henry Cavil is so hot in Man Of Steel
,wow, you look! Great! In these pics mr henry cavil hope your haveing good time in (Rome) will meet one day from christa
[reads her tombstone] "here lies jaz defeated by Henry cavil and water"
My fav vids of celebs who have taken the ALS ice bucket challenge are Patrick Stewart and Henry Cavil
Is that Henry Cavil in that pic as Gideon? because Henry is definitely my Gideon Cross πŸ˜­πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’—
Henry Cavil will always be my Gideon Cross. NO ONE CAN EVER CHANGE THAT FOR ME. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ‘„
Heres the cast for batman vs super man dawn of justice as you know Ben Affleck Is Batman AKA Bruce Wayne and Henry Cavil is Superman AKA Clark Kent. Here is the rest of the cast for batman vs superman. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jesse Eiesenberg as Lex Luthor and i never herded of Jesse sorry guys, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Amy Adams of course who plays Lois lane, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White, Dan Amboyer as a drone pilot Alec Bladwin and Ray Fisher as victor stone. There are 3 more people but they play unknown characters and yes the name Dawn of justice which means this is gonna be a first justice league but you may have noticed by the list they missed out some characters part of justice league like Green Lantern, The Flash, Shazam and Hawkgirl or they even might put green lantern in after Green Lantern 2.
Problem is she could obviously beat up Henry Cavil and Ben Afleck easily. Would be embassing if Superman was covered in bruises.
y'all can have James/Dave Franco, Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling just let me keep JGL, Henry Cavil, Justin Long, and Nicholas Hoult! πŸ˜πŸ’¦
He can be very funny, in the past he's had on, Matt Damon, Russell Crow, Henry Cavil, Amy Adams,Chris Pine, Hugh Jackman
Entertainment Today, quick recap. Warner Bros has announced the full title for the Man Of Steel sequel. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, starring Ben Affleck & Henry Cavil, will hit cinemas on April 29th 2016. Bill Roache is returning to Coronation Street. He’ll be back on screen from August. ITV has announced the new cast members for Broadchurch 2. Marianne Jean Baptiste (Secrets & Lies, Without A Trace) & Eve Myles (Torchwood) will play central characters, alongside Olivia Colman and David Tennant. Phoebe Waller-Bridge and James D'Arcy are also joining the cast. Disney has teamed up with Unicef to give Star Wars fans the chance to win a part in the new Episode VII if they donate.
Now I kind of forced myself to watch this. And I was well surprised! Awesome action thriller. With some good stars too! Not mentioned on the cover are Sam Neil, Vinny Jones and Henry Cavil! A little predictable but well worth a watch! One for you Ant Tony 4 out of 5!
out of this entire batman vs superman movie, i feel sorry for the most is Henry Cavil, all these added stars, just gonna take away from the movie being about superman at all..Man of Steel was so great..its just so sad
Henry Cavill at the Immortals premiere - all our edits for the week in one fun video. Enjoy!
The thought of a British Superman had never occurred to me before hearing the eloquent voice of Henry Cavil on the other end of the telephone. Cavill,...
Brother posits a scene in Superman/Batman in which Jesse Eisenberg blames Henry Cavil for blowing off his jewfro.
Henry Cavil is considerate like the man more sexy of the world β™₯
A movie with Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Jesse Eisenberg WILL be the death of me...
Henry Cavill and Jesse Eisenberg are the same age so this is stupid off break
X-Men Bryan Singer reveals why he would have approached Man of Steel differently and comments on his decision to not cast Henry Cavill in Superman Returns. Check it out!
Henry Cavill is so different in Tudors! I hardly recognize him but he is hot lol!!
Henry Cavil makes a great Superman. I'd like to see MOS2 be a three hour movie. Batman will drive people to their seats.
Jesse Eisenberg is only 5 months younger than Henry Cavill, aka Superman. So now, apparently, I can't even use age as an excuse for this casting.
wait so for superman v. batman we're getting the guy from Superman Returns? Not Henry Cavill? I must have missed something.
Interesting article. Bryan Singer explains why he didn't cast Henry Cavill and that he would have done MOS a little different. What do you think? Comment below. Read more at
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Everything about this movie is so whack except for maybe Henry Cavil's chin but dammit that isn't enough.
Well, as I head off to bed/reading time (yes, at 9:00 on a Saturday night - I'm cool like that), Chris Hemsworth is ahead of Henry Cavill in today's Yummy Bowl match by a margin of 2-1. No one has successfully staged a comeback yet. Could this be the first time?
I want to have Henry Cavil's babies...
Earlier this month at WonderCon, we spoke with Henry Cavill (aka the new Superman) and Luke Evans about their upcoming Greek mythology movie, Immortals. The ...
Two pounds away from 180. That had been my unofficial goal weight for many years. But now that I have dropped 20 pounds since the end of last July, I can honestly say that I have only just begun! I feel amazing and I know that I am now doing everything I can in order to stay healthy for my little girls and my wife. So.Operation Live Long and Prosper has now concluded Phase 1. Phase 2 commences immediately. This includes a New target weight as well as starting to focus more on being fit. I will get there by June...And then, on to Phase 3 (otherwise known as the "Look like Henry Cavill in Man of Steel" Phase.) Ha ha. ;-)
not that I'm upset...Jesse Eisenberg is a great actor...I just don't...see it, not against a Henry Cavil Superman
oh I get u. Yea, that my issue. He n superman supposed to b the same age. Henry cavil looks way older.
Here's my Justice League cast, to go with Henry Cavil & Ben Affleck... Warner Bros would go bankrupt
Jessie Eisenberg, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavil. Batman vs. Superman should set some records
Henry Cavil as Superman and Jeremy Irons (Scar 🐱) as Alfred are the only good castings that Zack Snyder has done πŸ˜“
Henry Cavil, and now Jesse Eisenberg... someome really wants me to watch superbat film when it comes!
Leigh Halfpenny looks like Henry Cavil with that new hair cut βœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈ
Scratching my head at Jesse Eisenberg as the next Lex Luthor...I'm sorry, I just can't picture him going against Henry Cavil's Superman .
Though, Henry Cavil is highly attractive as well.
Looks like Marvel paid off DC to make a flop show for Apart from Henry Cavil no one is fitting-in!!
they have affleck as batman...all the casting is gonna be weird outside of Henry cavil lol
So I want to share my two cents on the latest casting news of today. Jeremy Irons will be terrible... no I'm just kidding. he's a great choice for Alfred. Jesse Eisenberg though. I'm convinced he'll be a good Lex Luther. I mean, just because Bryan Cranston was bald in Breaking Bad doesn't mean he should be Luther. he should grow his hair back, keep the mustache and be Commissioner Gordon. Come on people, it was staring you right in the face and you never once mentioned that. But Jesse Eisenberg has proved himself to be a well rounded and talented actor. Lex Luther is an incredibly smart business man who believes himself better and smarter then everyone else. Just combine the smart kid of The Social Network (My least favorite movie of his but not because of him) and the pompous intelligent *** adult of Now You See Me (my favorite movie of his) and there's Lex Luther. He'll be great. Gal Gadot will be great as Wonder Woman. Ben Affleck will be great as Batman. Henry Cavil will continue to be great as Superm ...
He's the exact same age as Henry Cavil if that adds perspective, but yeah he looks crazy young
I do like Henry cavil as Supes though
We might as well make it a movie. Henry Cavil is playing me.
thank you! I mean Ben Affleck is an older batman. Henry Cavil is a 33 yr old superman. It doesn't make sense!!!
Jesse Eisenberg is going to be playing Lex Luthor in batman vs superman.. I just cannot see him facing upto to Henry Cavil
Jesse Eisenberg in a mech suit beating up Ben Affleck and Henry Cavil... are we living in someones fan fic?
Now think Henry Cavil and Bryan Cranston. Bryan is the perfect fit. Bryan is the correct age, and has the perfect body type.
Okay, think Henry Cavil standing next to Jesse Eisenberg...Eisenberg looks pathetic to Henry.
Jesse Eisenberg was born October 5, 1983. Henry Cavil, May 5, 1983. Seems close enough to me.
Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor... Not a bad choice, but I just can't see him playing across Henry Cavil's Superman.
Even though the Superman batman film is a disaster, I'll still go and see it. Henry Cavil and Jeremy Irons will be worthwhile, I'm sure.
Henry Cavil, Ben Affleck, and Jesse Eisenberg... This movie is either going to be really really bad or seriously awesome.
Didn't realize Jesse Eisenberg is the same age as Henry Cavil. Well at least he has that "young" look going for him.
Hey guys would you watch a movie with Ben Affleck, Henry cavil, Jesse Eisenberg, and Jeremy Irons. Pretty sure you would.
. Yes, that exactly! If they were doing Smallville Luthor, he'd be perfect. Henry Cavil is a grown *** man though!
But Henry Cavil as Superman was perfect so mayb Zack Snyder knows what he's doin
I think he's too young looking next to Henry Cavil
they also cast a lump of cold stone to match Henry Cavil's charisma
Other than Henry Cavil coming back as Superman has there been a casting announcement for MOS2 that people have actually liked??
He looks about 12 opposite Henry Cavil. Where are they going with this?
I know Henry Cavil is only 30, but he just looks a lot older than Eisenberg who could pass for a super senior in high school
'Nice' I don't (blame) her! Henry! cavil. is 'hot' I think, all. the woman, around. the world likes him but cant have him
The things I would do to Henry Cavil lawd lawd
I see your Henry Cavil and raise you Chris Hemsworth.
jamie dornan is a hot guy, and Matt Bomer, and Henry cavil... But Rob is hot, humble, smart
Henry cavil and your fave bastille song
there has never been or never will be another man as beautiful as Henry Cavil. ever.
Photo: An attempted painting of on of my heroes Henry Cavil I created over the Christmas holidays… I think...
Henry Cavil in MoS looked like he ate 2 of the Henry Cavil's from Immortals
Love of my life. Superman. Always & forever. Save me anytime ,. Henry cavil 😍😍😍. Oh man. Let me stop. I…
I 'want' to know! if you are, (Okay) like what! is your problem lately i'm done# with you I like a different star henry cavil
Didn't know that Henry Cavil was in Hellraiser: Hellworld the 2005 Rick Bota ever diminishing returns franchise entry.
um Harry styles. Or Matt Bomer of he was straight. That man is mmmh mmh fine. Or Henry cavil OMG
Ben Affleck might not be Batman. Henry Cavil might not be Superman. The new X-Men costumes make me gag. No more Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox for Transformers. Ryan Reynolds is talking about not playing Deadpool. My heart just can't take anymore bad news at this point.
Henry Cavil in man of steel is friken beautiful 😍
"The Man of Steel is the new reboot of a remake to a sequel of Superman. It stars Henry Cavil, Amy Adam, a 7-11 Logo and Kevin Costner as a Sears logo. In this film, Superman punches a bunch of energy while Metropolis is destroyed and all of it's citizens die... except for Lawrence Fishburne and his secretary. " -- Mike Stoklasa
You did right with Henry Cavil as Superman but the new Batman & now Wonder Woman just WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?…
Henry Cavil, Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Adam Driver... so far, if all this is true, Batman vs Superman sounds like its going to play on the Sundance Channel. Interesting, to say the least.
Gina Carano, that's her name :) I think she's even going out with Henry Cavil so she'll be perfect!
In closing... I rate Superman Returns over The Man of Steel, and Brandon Routh a lot higher than Henry Cavil
But I also have a crush on Henry Cavil, so it might have had more to do w/ blue tights than it had to do with DC
I seriously cannot take Jirah's reactions on Henry CavilπŸ˜‚
oh man Henry cavil may cause a few heart attacks dang
lol well Richard Madden or Henry Cavil pop into my head Maybe Michael Fassbender?
Henry Cavil, Matt Bomer or Jessie Pavelka! Only 3 that should b considered 4 CG! Stop tripping already!
Nick Grimshaw's interview with Henry Cavil. what are you thinking. . no wonder he's lost so many listeners. no respect. awful guy.
Talking about Henry Cavil 'he can deliver his package anyday'
I just want to be like Henry Cavil by the time I'm 25.
Should I start lifting to get big? And I mean like Henry Cavil in Man Of Steel type big. (He was huge...pause)
I can forgive Man of Steel for it's flaws. It made me believe that Henry Cavil is Superman. Which was enough for me to get behind :P
tv by showtime. Also has Henry cavil before his superman days. Good period drama.see how Henry chopped off the heads of his wives
Ikr? I was in love with ZC for a whole year thanks to Star Trek ;~) Newest obsession: Henry Cavil from 'Man of Steel' :~p
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, what a tool. Henry Cavil was always leagues above him anyway.
I do like Henry cavil but something a bit different maybe
Dream team: Jim Cavizel as Bats, Jamie Bell as Robin + Henry Cavil w/ Michael Wincott as Luthor. Dir. by Affleck or Fincher.✌
why would they choose robert pattinson over henry cavil?! Tf.
Watching Man of Steel like I've never seen ot before...looking at Henry Cavil like O_O
Henry Cavil is just fine for no reason. Geez Louise.
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Will I be staying with Ben Affleck or Henry Cavil or Amy Adams or Russell Crowe? I'm so excited!!
Tom Hardy, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Henry Cavil and.who was my 5th?!
Henry cavil was in a movie with Bruce Willis? Did not know that.
Omg the new superman Henry Cavil is so hot 😍
Photoset: marinkav: some of the best caps evah Henry Cavil
So I have to pause Henry cavil to do stupid theory revision
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