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Henry Blofeld

Henry Calthorpe Blofeld, OBE (born at Hoveton Home Farm, Norfolk on 23 September 1939) (nicknamed Blowers by the late Brian Johnston) is a sports journalist.

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The two gaffes that almost cost Henry Blofeld his job at the BBC .
Monday 23 Oct: Broadcasting legend Henry Blofeld visits UCLan to speak about his career. Book now 📚…
Henry Blofeld: The mortifying moment I knew I had to quit Test Match Special
Henry Blofeld: Test Match Specials individuality has been eroded - now commentators need…
Watching Pau v Gloucester is like watching Henry Blofeld’s wardrobe have a fight with itself...lime green, pink and a purple ball...
Broadcasting legend Henry Blofeld visits on 23 October to speak about his amazing career, book below 👇👇👇.
Henry Blofeld: Test Match Special's individuality has been eroded - now commentators need to conform
My dear old things, this time next week, national treasure Henry Blofeld will be in-store, signing copies of Over a…
Interview with Henry Blofeld about birds, buses and all points in between. Lovely portrait, as ever, by Rii Schroer…
Wait til you hear what Carragher has to say about Henry Blofeld.
'More often than not, I'm dressed like a drunken rainbow.' A conversation with the inimitable
Exclusive interview: Henry Blofeld reveals why he felt it was time to hang up his mic |
Cricket broadcasting legend Henry “Blowers” Blofeld will be signing his new book here at Hatchards Piccadilly, Thur…
Only 8 tickets left for Graeme Swann's Great British Spin Off with Henry Blofeld tonight at 7.30pm.…
watching Room 101 and Henry Blofeld ( the poshest voice on radio) asked Alexander Armstrong where "Tinktytonk" came from.ol
Join cricket legends Henry Blofeld & Graeme Swann in this unmissable show full of surprises, here on 29th Sept
you also have multiples of several of our events:Tony Coton, Stephen Aryan, Lindsey Davis, Henry Blofeld, Lindsey Kelk.
27 OCT - Graeme Swann’s Great British Spin Off with Henry Blofeld. One for all sports lovers alike.…
as far as I’m concerned Henry Blofeld is up there with Murray Walker and Whispering Ted Lowe.
Henry Blofeld reflects on Cricket's iconic commentary team John Arlott,Brian…
bookseller Henry Blofeld, Alan Johnson and RobertCrampton announced as guest authors at 69 th Hull and EYLit Lunch Wed November 22.
Blowers best bits: Henry Blofeld to retire from Test Match Special
Not surprisingly, Henry Blofeld ( Eton and Cambridge) one of the cricket commentators I most admire, is a Plum...
My dear old thing. Henry Blofeld calls time on the cricket mic -
A great England cricket commentator, Henry Blofeld of Test Match Special will be retiring from cricket commentating & what an entertainer.
After 50 summers himself will hang up radio microphone at the end of September
Legendary commentator set to retire
Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special's Dear Old Thing, announces retirement after 45 years on the airwaves.
I feel like I'm the only person who is quite glad Henry Blofeld is retiring. His commentary is poor and not at all funny or entertaining.
It's either "What do you mean we have to wait another year?" or "No, Henry Blofeld can't retire!"
If John Arlott was the godfather of Henry Blofeld is its outrageous uncle, writes
Look up "class act" in dictionary and it clearly states "Henry Blofeld".
BBCSport: There's something in our eye 😥. "Our Blowers is unique.". Aggerscricket pays tribute to Henry Blofeld.…
Henry Blofeld is hanging up his mic 🎙. 📻 Listen to his iconic 1981 Ashes commentary... 🏏 h…
Oh my dear old thing Henry Blofeld is retiring. One of pleasures of an English summer is hearing him on TMS. Won't be same
Cricket: Bad news that Henry Blofeld, 'Blowers' has retired from commentating.
One of the all time greats retires in Henry Blofeld Hope to still see you here for the Ashes! Will be missed greatly.
BBC Sport - Henry Blofeld: Test Match Special commentator calls time on career
Henry Blofeld (has still got a few good innings in him! our new sartorial advice series 'Ask Blowe…
Pigeons, buses and mixing up fielders: TMS will miss Henry Blofeld
I hope Henry Blofeld has a long and happy retirement from :)
Henry Blofeld is the last link to a bygone age, when cricket dominated our summers. "Willis runs around, punching the air." He'll be missed.
Legendary cricket commentator Henry Blofeld is retiring from after 45 years. Best explainer of the game's odd…
Legendary Cricket commentator Henry Blofeld hangs up his mic after 45 years 🎙. One of the best 🙌
Henry Blofeld announces he's to retire in his own inimitable way: "time has come for the last of the old farts to hang…
Henry Blofeld is an all-time great, even if very few people in America have heard of him. A real treasure of sports…
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He could wipe the floor with those amateurs. No probs... Have a great retirement Henry Blofeld...👏
Voice of cricket Henry Blofeld retires after finding himself  "out of kilter" with style of younger commentators https:/…
"It was a humdinger of a ball, it was a beauty!". Henry Blofeld commentating for on a hat-trick…
We should all raise a glass to My Dear Old Thing, Henry Blofeld on TMS was the soundtrack to our lives.
Henry Blofeld has decided the Lord's Test in September will be his last on But he'll still be involved with the progr…
Henry Blofeld retires from Test Match Special to concentrate on being James Bond supervillain .
Cricket commentating legend Henry Blofeld confirms he will retire from BBC Radio 4’s Test Match Special after nearly 50 years of co…
Henry Blofeld to retire from Test Match Special in September after 45 years behind the…
Henry Blofeld says it was a "very difficult" decision to retire from BBC Radio's Test Match Special after 45 yea...
After 45 years in the commentary box, Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld decides to call it a day…
Henry Blofeld will retire from BBC Radio 4's Test Match Special programme after 45 years in the commentary box.
Hero!. Henry Blofeld: "Difficult and sad" decision to leave Test Match Special
Very sad to hear of Henry Blofeld's retirement from Test Match Special. Now, do the right thing, BBC. Give the Panama t…
Henry Blofeld appears to be 'trending now', which presumably must be a first
Also - IS RETIREMENT ALL IT IS CRACKED UP TO BE?. Henry Blofeld has announced he is declaring at 77 not out - The...
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Henry Blofeld's Football Chants. Please someone, make this happen!
Henry Blofeld Guest Speaker at the of Commons last night for late Michael Meliffe Charity…
Hosting the Michael Miliffe Memorial dinner to raise money for third world students, Henry Blofeld a great speaker
Stephen Fry Peter Ustinov Kevin Smith Henry Blofeld Noel Coward. All heavyweight raconteurs because laughter is the best medicine.
Looking forward to hearing what the great Henry Blofeld has to say this evening along with Peter Baxter
Graeme Swann interview today, tune into Anglian Radio at 6.30-7pm. Talking about upcoming show Great British Spin Off with Henry Blofeld.
Cricket legends and Henry Blofeld will be hosting a night of anecdotes, impressions and more Sat 14 Oct…
There was me thinking Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld sounded like a Bond villain - turns out his father went to Eton with Ian Fleming.
Listening to Henry Blofeld 'an evening with blowers' - rollicking good stuff
He tried to explain Henry Blofeld by referring to Blofeld in James Bond and by stroking an imaginary cat. She was even more bemused.
In Ottolenghi tonight for (excellent) supper. Young man trying to explain to Portuguese date who Henry Blofeld was. She was bemused...
He came in from the outfield there like an absolute rabbit.HENRY BLOFELD
The Bob Cunis/Henry Blofeld banter would have been a highlight.
NEW A Thirst for Life: With the Accent on Cricket by Henry Blofeld Paperback Boo
Cricketer Chris Gayle under fire for 'sleazy' interview via Henry Blofeld never had this problem
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shurely no need to drag Henry Blofeld into the issue.
Keith and Jamie have turned into johnathan Agnew and Henry blofeld !! Test Match Special!! More cake !! Ooh ginger cake😂😂😂
Who needs James Bond + Blofeld when you have Cecilia Beaux's. 'Man with the Cat (Henry Sturgis Drinker)'? http…
Bruce Harman and Ewen Murray in the same class as Richie Benaud and Henry Blofeld and the ace Pat Murphy. Rarefied company.
Very sad. Just Peter Alliss, Henry Blofeld and Murray Walker left now of the "Old Guard". RIP O'Sullevan, Maskell, Lowe, ...
I really, really wish Test Match Special would put Henry Blofeld out to grass. He permanently sounds like he's just wok…
Henry Blofeld. Here's some pictures of him.
Today, thanks to I have discovered and Henry Blofeld. It's never a dull moment with Henry. What fun.
He’s got a bit left yet. Vaguely. And anyway - one of the most English articles ever written…
Some elements of cricket are timeless and never seem to change - Henry Blofeld's love of pigeons on is one of them!
the highlight was when Henry Blofeld compared a shot to getting the last bit of toothpaste out the tube
How does Henry Blofeld still get a gig at TMS, the old fool doesn't know what day of the week it is!
"some exciting news to deliver to you after the next ball. it's regarding 'gulls" Henry blofeld. love
My dear old thing!' Loving the always utterly fabulous Henry Blofeld on
just pick up The 'Packer Affair' by Henry Blofeld
Henry Blofeld mistook Chris Rogers for Phil Hughes during commentary on TMS. Unbelievable.
"Hazlewood's getting de-stiffed"; not one of Henry Blofeld's finest turns of phrase...
Cant think of anybody posher than Henry Blofeld
Henry Blofeld! A legend. His father was went to school with Ian Fleming hence the name of the Bond villain.
LATEST NEWS:Feminists protest as keen birder Henry Blofeld suggests a wide ball bowled at Joe Root was 'Asking for it'
Crisis over thanks to I'm now listening to Henry Blofeld talking about crampons.
.really should retire Henry Blofeld. Just doesn't know what's going on. Like John Motson, his time has been and gone.
Could I get Henry Blofeld to follow me around and commentate my day-to-day activities? Just think it'd add some class
I could listen to Henry Blofeld talk all day.
Everyone should stop what they're doing and listen to BBC TMS. Henry Blofeld. Incredible voice.
Henry Blofeld is the poshest man in all the land and I just love him. Rar rar rar cricket!
'When England were 43-3 they were batting much like the Greek economy!' I love Henry Blofeld.
Henry Blofeld can talk me to sleep any night of the week
Henry Blofeld is the single worst commentator i've ever heard, genuinely makes me want to switch off
ch 9 "gem" has encouraged me to tune into henry blofeld and Jim Maxwell on abc grandstand. I'm already feeling smarter.
Listening to Henry Blofeld OBE on BBC sports extra. The sound of summer. Nice!
Henry Blofeld is the voice of summer.
A Henry Blofeld description is the auditory version of a priceless landscape painting. Magnificent
Is there a better commentator in the world than Henry Blofeld? I think not.
Henry Blofeld talking about the cricket is the most English thing ever!x
Henry Blofeld has misidentified two Australians in his first 30 seconds of commentary. The summer has officially begun. :)
Great to hear Henry Blofeld in the commentary box England 25 for 1 and plenty of seagulls flying over Cardiff today
The BBC license fee is worth every penny just to listen to Henry Blofeld on
I could listen to Henry Blofeld commentate on The Ashes all day
I know State of Origin is on, but if you're not listening to The Ashes on you're missing the inimitable Henry Blofeld
love hearing Henry Blofeld on the radio, the voice of cricket! What everyone wants to know is he wearing his bow tie??
Henry Blofeld, first sentence this series, makes a mistake immediately.
'My dear old thing', Henry Blofeld's opening gambit on the mic for BBC Radio at Cardiff's Swalec ground. England 22-1.
I could listen to Henry Blofeld commentate on someone doing the washing-up tbqh..
Classic Henry Blofeld, gets the bowler's name wrong, the fielder's name wrong and doesn't seem to know what is going on.
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Henry Blofeld CLAXON. Tune into now to listen to quality breeding.
At least I've got Henry Blofeld to listen to!
Started following for old times' sake. (Next suggested follow: Henry Blofeld).
Why hasn't Henry Blofeld been knighted yet?
Like Henry Blofeld's last year...which may well have been taken in the 1950s.
This is probably the best read in any paper today - interviews
Love cricket? Henry Blofeld talks to about his fabulous show next month.
It's nearly Ashes time. Henry Blofeld on breeding and brain surgery
My interview with the marvelllous Henry Blofeld | Herald Scotland via
Signed mini bat with signatures of some cricketing stars & on the back - Henry freaking Blofeld. Oh yeah...
like Henry Blofeld commentating on the greyhounds!
Thank you to our guests and guest speaker, Henry Blofeld, for helping us raise almost £10,000 for
Henry Blofeld speaking at our dinner this evening
Blofeld and Baxter: Memories of Test Match Special Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter recount tales ...
Excited for our Ashes Cricket dinner tomorrow in aid of with guest speaker Henry Blofeld
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Just one week until Macular Week! Henry Blofeld is in the mood ready to go. h…
Lincs: Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter are two loveable rogues heading to the theatre Royal: Bastions of the be...
Didn't Henry Blofeld do a rap with The Duckworth Lewis Method during the lunch break on TMS once?
It is because I am old short and got hairy toes . . . (Was actually doing my Henry Blofeld impression!).
Henry Blofeld says "A Tale of Ted is a sheer delight.This charming story will bring countless happy shrieks of delight…
Henry Blofeld a bit down on Jimmy Anderson.
Henry Blofeld not exactly effusive in his praise of on Trueman better, sledger, old action . . . . quite miserable.
Shame that Henry Blofeld took the opportunity on R4 to criticise Jimmy Anderson and point out weaknesses. It was meant to be a celebration
The iconic voice of cricket HENRY BLOFELD commentates on 2010 win. You're in for a treat!.
Can't beat the dulcet tones of Henry Blofeld. . "Oh! And he's gone"
An evening with 'my dear old thing' Henry Blofeld June 22nd pre Ashes
If you could russell up the recording of Henry Blofeld explaining Duckworth-Lewis methodology?
Greg Matthews: 'My numbers against Sunil Gavaskar were 1 for 6082 off about 102 overs.' . Henry Blofeld: 'Well bowled.'
Henry Blofeld: 'Cameraman Joe on his segue . . . will you do some interpretation for the uninitiated?' -
All the best, sir! U are right up there with Berry Sarbadhikary, John Arlott, VN Chakrapani, Sidney Friskin, Henry Blofeld...
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A close call between Brian Johnston and Henry Blofeld. So much humour. Reminded us it was just a game at the end.
Henry Blofeld tells he woke up in the night to a 'distant rumbling' Geoffrey Boycott opining on uncovered pitches?
Henry Blofeld, Geoff Boycott We miss you in India. Shilpa Shetty awaits.
"What would you do if you were Alastair Cook?" - Henry Blofeld "Pray very hard." - Rahul Dravid
what about commentators swapping?, Boycott for Andy Townsend, Henry Blofeld for Jonathan Pearce?
I was just about to turn over after Andrew Neil started rhyming nonsense but Henry Blofeld is going to be on so I'll keep watching.
Casual night chatting with Jilly Cooper & Henry Blofeld bash with an armed guard at the door...
Just seen Graeme Swann and Henry Blofeld on a betting advert.
Only people who listen to Test Match Special will be able to grasp the magnitude of this, but Henry Blofeld, dressed in a panama hat, red chinos and purple driving moccasins, addressed me as "my dear old thing" this afternoon. A career highlight.
Henry Blofeld: Kevin Pietersen affair ‘a case of leopards and spots’
on separate occasions I’ve seen Henry Blofeld and Michael Holding going to Vauxhall.
Listening to Henry Blofeld and Geoffrey Boycott on Test Match Special really is a journey back in time. Blofeld in particular is unintentionally, hilariously anachronistic.
Rather enjoying listening to Jonathan Agnew, Geoff Boycott, Henry Blofeld et al on BBC5 radio stream for Boxing Day test. Such clever Pommie wit that only seems to get sharper when they are feeling suitably downtrodden.
Hi followers (if any), I have found a bit of time to post a few recent photos. These were at the WACA in Peth on Monday Evening 16/12/13, just before Australia secured The Ashes. I am truly thankful for the time these guys had to pose for these photos. Being hounded by the media everyday must be a pain, and then there are fans, like me, hanging around to pounce for that elusive photo. So thank you guys for your time and patience whilst adjusting the camera for that one chance photo. Celebrities in this selection of photos are as follows: Andrew Strauss, Billy Bowden, Damien Fleming, David 'Bumble' Lloyd, Glen McGrath, Gary Matthews, A Selfie with Henry Blofeld, James Brayshaw, Jonathan Agnew, Michael Atherton, Michael Slater, Michael Vaughan, Mitchell Johnson, Ryan Harris, Shane Warne, Sir Geoffrey Boycott (if he isn't a Sir, he should be), Sir Ian Botham and Stuart Broard
Henry Blofeld really couldn't be any more different than his brother Ernst Stavro.
As the curtain comes rolling down on an illustrious career spanning more than a generation , i was just reflecting on the sort of impact Sachin Tendulkar made to the common man and how he touched upon many of our lives. Just chronicling some of the moments and memories which had a lasting impact on me.   My earliest memory of him was during the Hero cup semi in Nov 1993 when he came on to bowl the last over with 6 needed to win for South Africa .. Family and friends had got together and i vaguely remember my mom asking me to Kann Moodify with the tension building and it was a euphoric moment when he pulled it off and on the background was an ecstatic Henry Blofeld commentating and scenes of an Eden Gardens crowd going into absolute raptures.Those days Eden was a fortress and the number would have touched 100,000. Then came the final and though it was a match dominated by the wily old fox Kumble who got magical figures of 6/12 , it was Sachin's cameo at the end which took India to a respectable target of ...
All Out Cricket and the boys from Podblast present the latest episode of their podcast, featuring guest appearances from Moeen Ali and Henry Blofeld.
12:00 Just a Minute: Sue Perkins, Russell Kane and Paul Merton are joined by new player Henry Blofeld.
The Desert Island Discs archive is available as a series of BBC podcasts including Henry Blofeld from 2003:
Just listened to Henry Blofeld on Desert Island Discs. His 7th record was the theme tune from Dad's Army. Say no more.
Henry Blofeld, Desert Island Discs. I love his saying "he's part of the castle we don't show to visitors"
clearly taking style tips from Henry Blofeld !!!
fantastic! my podcast with Henry Blofeld from 6/7 will now have another or brown sauce?
great chatting to commentary legend Henry Blofeld this morning ahead of his show next month.
At the pleasance about to see the legend that is Henry blofeld. Pip pip
Drinking my tea in a James Bond/Ian Fleming mug today and thinking about Henry Blofeld
Henry Blofeld as a rapper is pretty funny.
Fantastic recording of Just A Minute earlier. Henry Blofeld is a legend
Right now you can read Terry Wright's interview with TMS legends Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter
Very charming hour listening to Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter recount stories of their time in the TMS booth. Lovely.
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Henry Blofeld is such a lovely man. Spent a surreal afternoon talking with Messrs Blofeld & Baxter about cricket, India and Just a Minute
Yes I'm biased, but this and Peter Baxter interview by Terry Wright via Deep Extra Cover is excellent! http:…
Congratulations England on retaining the Ashes! In celebration, we will be holding a Sportsman's Supper on 7th November…
Excellent interview with legends and Peter Baxter now up on by Terry Wright
We have an interview with legends Henry Blofeld & Peter Baxter up on the site, ahead of their theatre tour -
Check out a live interview with Blofeld & Baxter's Henry Blofeld on Thursday @ 10.10am on 93.7 Express FM
Wonder when Henry Blofeld is going to discover DMs. His mind will be truly blown.
I'm not going to name the person who asked for Henry Blofeld to read '50 Shades of Grey', but I'm very, very disappointe…
.commentator Henry Blofeld showing good dress sense in the Test Match Special studio at Lord's.
I'm claiming it! Although sat in front of TV, I was busy scouring through a Henry Blofeld book for a reference.
In his own way, he's just as embarrassing as Henry Blofeld.
Paul Merton and Impro chums were amazing! Now onto a talk from Henry Blofeld, the cricket legend!
Henry blofeld on Just a Minute tomorrow. A match made in heaven.
Henry Blofeld is set to appear on Radio 4's Just a Minute; I take it that Geoffrey Boycott plans the long form, Just an Hour
Richard Bacon and Henry Blofeld. Methinks I will need to be on it for tickets for these two at Chester Literature Festival.
Bell at the crease, England leading by 100, god in his heaven and Henry Blofeld flyering in the Pleasance courtyard! Extraordinary behaviour
Love to hear Jessica Ennis describe a 'sport-jock' - 'The charm of John Inverdale,the subtlety of Colin Murphy & the looks of Henry Blofeld'
Is it true that you and Henry Blofeld have had a gentlemen's wrangle over Honor Blackman?
Phil Tufnell and Henry Blofeld is commentating equivalent of Champagne and pickled eggs. But it is very good combination
I'd like Michael Holding, Henry Blofeld and Jonathan Agnew to commentate on my life. Just follow me round&commentate on what I'm doing.
If someone were to make an audiobook of my autobiography, I would like it to be read by Henry Blofeld please. Or Harsha Bhogle.
I caught the TMS stint on Radio 5 with Henry Blofeld and Geoff Boycott commentating. If you've never heard, tune in.
My favourite bit of Test Match Special is either; when Henry Blofeld starts talking, or when Geoff Boycott stops talking.
Is there a worse commentator on any sport than Henry Blofeld? Doesn't even know what day it is.
I'm no Henry Blofeld but my dear old thing, I'll do my best. Swanny on now.
It's been one of the best day's Test cricket I've ever seen. Henry Blofeld on 1st day of series at Trent Bridge
Great cricket interview on R4 PM prog. Henry Blofeld: You may call me an old fart. Eddie Mair: I wouldn't say that
Henry Blofeld talking sense about 20/20 cricket on
Henry Blofeld is by far my favourite commentator.
Expecting there to be many Henry Blofeld lines for tomorrows innuendo bingo.
That will be Blowers I would imagine. Henry Blofeld if ABC are taking the TMS feed.
Loving Henry Blofeld's commentary on the radio...mentioned his first pidgeon at 11.15! Go Blowers go!
Henry Blofeld earlier claimed Shane Watson was 'running in to bowl like a 5 bedroom house.' One of the best things I've ever heard.
Anyone who thinks Test Cricket Is boring should be listening to now. Even Henry Blofeld is getting excited
How old is Henry Blofeld? Seems to have been going on TMS for as long as i can remember and i'm quite old really.
Might not be watching on Sky, but Henry Blofeld on 5LiveSportsExtra is a splendid old fashioned commentator to listen to!
the Rolling Stones and Henry Blofeld is a combination that needs to be used more often.
'Broad's walking. He's bitten the bullet and he's walking the plank.' Henry Blofeld making cricket worth listening to yet again.
"Broad has bitten the bullet and walked the plank" - Henry Blofeld.
Two classic commentary partnerships at the moment sky sports Bumble and Michael Holding. Radio 5 live tuffers and Henry Blofeld
According to Henry Blofeld, the Australia team includes Starkers and Cowans.
Henry Blofeld just invented a new shot 'the cover cut'
Henry Blofeld never pauses to take breath!!
ASHES:. good old Henry blofeld on air.
Love Henry Blofeld's commentary, Stuart Broad got hit in the privates.Blofeld referred to it as the "pertinent area"
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'I don't think it hit him in the um pertinent place'. Henry Blofeld talking *** on TMS ;)
Also if you can get the BBC commentary of the Test Match, you really, REALLY should. Particularly when Henry Blofeld is on.
"He's batting rather like a lamp-post on a good day". I'm not entirely sure that makes sense, but it's genius, Henry Blofeld.
Henry Blofeld is the perfect soundtrack for a summer
I simply love the dulcet tones of Henry Blofeld on
My love for Henry Blofeld is right up there with my love for David Attenborough. I could listen to them for hours
nothing on Henry Blofeld though mate. Best commentator in sport.
it's all about Henry Blofeld on radio5live
Enjoying the Ashes? Cricket-commentating legend Henry Blofeld is here in a few months with a bag rammed with...
There is nothing on earth as comforting as listening to the hallowed tones of Henry Blofeld in an Ashes Test...My dear old thing
Henry Blofeld from has just said bowled his spell from the pavilion end rather like a 5-story house.
Loving Henry Blofeld - 'Watson runs in like a 5 bedroom house from the pavilion end'. Que Glenn McGrath on
Henry blofeld: "Shane Watson coming into bowl rather like a 5 bedroom house!" Brilliant.
Henry Blofeld has amazing banter is a fairly apt description for Mr. Watson
Ha ha.Reviewing the figures, Henry Blofeld just described Shane Watson as 'coming in to bowl from the Pavilion End like a 5-bedroomed house'
Weather report according to Henry Blofeld-Too hot for cravats!
Love Test Match Special on DAB radio but cannot stand the God awful Henry Blofeld. Unbearable
I will never tire of Henry Blofeld's commentary " there's an inflatable teapot there..maybe there's an inflatable michael vaughn somewhere!"
Henry Blofeld says It's too hot to wear a cravat. 130/4. Australia bowling much better after lunch.
Henry Blofeld just referred to Mitchell Starc as "Starkers". I don't think he'll be able to shake that off XD
Commentary from is the best. Henry Blofeld is magical.
love hearing 'Dear old thing' Henry Blofeld.
Just love hearing Henry Blofeld in the commentary box spontaneously erupt with "he's bowled him" delightful
Just wish Henry Blofeld would stop plugging his tiresome catchphrase. We know, you professional posho. We know. Now stop it.
I really do wish everyone talked like Henry Blofeld.
Henry Blofeld, welcome to my life for the next few months. You will be my soundtrack.
Nothing beats Henry Blofeld on TMS on day 1 of the
I could spend all night listening to Henry Blofeld say “Siddle is now in to Root”. . .
Is it possible to get Henry Blofeld on sat navs? The world needs it
Sat out in Princes St Gardens in Edinburgh, listening to Lunch break in the company of Henry Blofeld - beautiful.
Good to have Henry Blofeld back on prime time radio.
Is there anything more calming than listening to Henry Blofeld on TMS?
Test Match Special is broadcasting in HD when Henry Blofeld is on!
I would like to have a pint with Henry Blofeld.
Henry blofeld on Test Match Special...summer has begun.
GUESS who is on right now on Henry Blofeld! He's the best.
Loving the BBC cricket commentary from Adelaide. How good are Aggers and Henry Blofeld?
Henry Blofeld's commentary on radio is a riot. Almost my favourite part of an England based ashes, the bbc radio commentary on 774.
:( feel yr pain. do a live broadcast. Fabulous voices like Henry Blofeld, best taken with shiraz.
FMD, how much does Network Nein hate it's viewers? I was in the car, so heard Henry Blofeld giving the 1st ball due respect
Monty Python thought about doing Henry Blofeld and Phil Tuffnell calling cricket together. But it was considered too ridiculou…
Yay! Henry Blofeld's first bus and pigeon of the Ashes.
Listening to on Henry Blofeld is surely the greatest sports commentator EVER!
Quite the contrast exposed by Jim Maxwell replacing Henry Blofeld on commentary. Like a dock leaf on a nettle sting.
Guessing that's the one and only Henry Blofeld. Accompanied by a description of what every single individual is wearing.
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Cricket commentary: Henry Blofeld just asked Phil Tufnell when he last did a somersault. I Couldn't remember my last so I did one. Ouch!
You just have to listen to cricket ABC Grandstand,Henry Blofeld.nothing more need be said
Time to reveal the Test Match Commentary team for the First Ashes Test starting a week today at Trent Bridge. Correspondent Jonathan Agnew will be joined by Jim Maxwell, Simon Mann and Henry Blofeld. Expert analysis will be provided by Michael Vaughan, Geoff Boycott, Phil Tufnell and Glenn McGrath. Ed Smith will contribute regularly with Malcolm Ashton our scorer. In addition 5 Live will have extensive coverage led by Mark Pougatch with Pat Murphy, Alec Stewart and Damien Martyn plus they'll be text commentary and more on the BBC website with Tom Fordyce and the team reporting from each Ashes Test.
Andrew Flintoff joins BBC Radio team for Ashes Summer coverage England cricket legend Andrew Flintoff has joined the BBC Radio team as a leading part of their summer of Ashes cricket coverage. Flintoff will front BBC Radio 5 live's Ashes Roadshows, which will be hosted at all the Ashes locations ahead of the tests. Guests will include former Australian stars Glenn McGrath and Adam Gilchrist and it will be available for viewers on red button and the BBC Sport website as well as for listeners on 5 live. The iconic Test Match Special (TMS) team will return for their 57th year, providing ball-by-ball coverage of all five Ashes Tests. Jonathan Agnew leads the team, alongside Henry Blofeld, Simon Mann, Ed Smith, Michael Vaughan, Geoff Boycott, Phil Tufnell and Vic Marks. The TMS team will have a fresh face for the summer as well, Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath. Radio 1 and cricket fanatic Greg James will also have a new show this summer, Greg James' Not Just Cricket, which will be broadcast on Saturday mo ...
I owe thanks to the cricket commentators Tony Greig,Henry Blofeld,Boycott,Bill Lawry for the limited English knowledge that i acquired!
Today's Caption Competition honours the return of Henry Blofeld to the commentary box on Thursday. This is genuinely what Blowers turned up for work wearing one day this winter. What can you say about that!!! Captions please.
Peter Alliss' commentary is up there with Henry Blofeld, and Eddie Butler as 1 of the current great voices of British sport.
Test Match Special star Henry Blofeld bowls over Rotarians at fundraising event
New show just added. Henry Blofeld & Peter Baxter, Memories of Test Match Special. For more info & tickets -
Henry Blofeld predicts greatness for captain Cook
VETERAN cricket broadcaster Henry Blofeld predicted Essex player Alastair Cook can become a better Test captain than Andrew Strauss.
He, CMJ (Christopher Martin Jenkins) saw cricket not through the cynical and often claustrophobic prism of the ex-pro, but rather from the wider and much more nutritious perspective of civil society. CMJ, you and commentators like John Arlott, Don Mosey, Henry Blofeld Brian Johnston were the master conductors of the art of "ball-to-ball commentary". R.I.P CMJ
The voice synonymous with the English summer will no longer speak. Those who shared commentary and press boxes with CMJ will feel his loss particularly
This was previously uploaded, but the user got suspended. Uploaded again because it's priceless.
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The death of Christopehter Martin Jenkins is a huger loss to all those who loved radio commentary. Martin-Jenkins was a part of that famous BBC Test Match Special team along with Brain Johnston, Don Mosey, Henry Blofeld and experts Trevor Bailey and Tony Lewis. CMJ had a beautiful voice and he was a commentator of Wordsworthian delight. The nature always found a mention in his descriptions; bright sunshine, lovely breeze, lengthening shadows, huge cloud cover over Lords or clear blue skies at the Oval. As a kid, the BBC Test match team was a part of my life and also a part of my learning process. Every summer 3.30 pm to 10.30-11 p.m. (IST) was reserved for all Test matches in England. Brian Johnstion had a distinct liking for chocolate cakes and ladies in England would often send him his favourite cake. Henry became a huge hit with the audiences in the sub-continent when he later came to Sharjah as a TV commentator. As I started my journey as a cricket writer, CMJ was a privileged company in the Press Box ...
Henry Blofeld on Talksport is like Richard Pryor supporting a Joe Pasquale tour
Magnificent allegory from Henry Blofeld, describing a family embarrassment as “a wing of the castle not normally shown to visitors.”
Must admit the voice of Henry Blofeld is very soothing to my ears, on Radio 4 at the moment. RIP CMJ, TMS won't be the same without him.
20:40 In Touch: Cricket commentator Henry Blofeld talks to Peter White about his eyesight problems.
Only Henry Blofeld remains of TMS of my early cricket interest - Arlott, Johnston Mosey, Frindall, Bailey, Trueman CMJ gone
RIP CMJ ... Christopher Martin-Jenkins' corpsing moment on Test Match Special was prompted by this cricketing innuendo: “Broad runs in, he bowls, and this time Vettori lets it go outside the off stump. It was a good length, inviting him to fish, but Vettori, so to speak, stayed on the bank and kept his rod up.”
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