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Hello Everyone, Kathy Pesce is looking for a volunteer to help sell spirit wear during the first half of this weeks Varsity game. Please respond to this email if you are available to help out. (It is also Senior Night) Please consider volunteering in the concession stand. Janice will be sending out an email for what shifts are needed shortly. Save the date, the football banquet will be held on December 2nd at the Holiday Inn in Budd Lake from 6:30 to 10:30. Invitations will be emailed out this week. Photos - if you are interested in purchasing a portrait photo of your football player, please go to Password is Corey. Individual photos were taken of all players. Thank you, MOHS Football Parents Association
Hello Everyone! Canadian Idol Runner up Craig Sharpe Here, I have Started this amazing new business! So for Women, New Moms to Be, Or Already Moms, or if your working Day to Day and not getting any further Ahead! I am offering an Amazing Business Opportunity that allows you to be home, Work your Own Hours, and in the comfort of your Own Home!! NO!! Deliveries of Products! Dealing with Cash!! Or Door to Door Sales!! Just a Laptop & Phone and a Cup of Coffee!! PVT message to set up a Call Today!! Executive District Manager Craig Sharpe
Hello Everyone ! HERE WE GO !!! As promised !! Rowdyboyz Productions LLC and The Madison Theater are proud to present SHOOTER JENNINGS w/ THE WAYMORE'S OUTLAWS ! WEDNESDAY JAN 28TH 2015 !!! Yes together for a legendary performance of Waylon Jennings original music and Shooter's own. Promoting his new album Don't Wait Up for George this will be a night of performances like you have never seen before. We also have as guest artist, Travis Meadows from Nashville TN the singer/songwriter man behind todays hit's of Eric Church, Dierks Bentley and Jake Owen. Along with Travis Meadows, Josh Joshua Morningstar will kick off the evenings show. Josh is about to release his new album on Shooter's Label. Tickets will be available @ and The Madison Theater box office. LIMITED VIP Seating available!! Don't miss this once in a lifetime event to see the music of a legend as they wrap up this tour for the final time never to be seen again!!! Buy them up fast!!! DOORS @ 6:00PM sharp and show starts @ 7:0 ...
Hello Everyone, . This is a reminder that the Middle Georgia State College *** Straight Alliance will be having a...
Hello Everyone, Stoney here with Minimoto USA. We have Qty: 1 kick *** American racing legend in Moto GP as of now... Nicky Hayden. We need more. It is totally possible to get more Americans to the highest level of motorcycle road racing. I know what format we need to follow to get there. It is not a mystery to me. I "borrowed" the ideas from other successful Mini racing series and I am implementing those basic and simple ideas in our racing series: Minimoto USA. But in order to get more Americans to the podiums of Moto GP, we need to get organized. We need to have all of our kids racing each other and getting better. We also need more of them. We have a lot of Mini racing clubs here in Socal, I think there are 5 now. And if there are still going to be a lot of Mini clubs here in Socal in the future and if more are going to pop up, we better get busy and get more racers rounded up to fill all those grids in all those series, otherwise the number of clubs will not be able to stay afloat with too fe ...
Hello Everyone! It is time again for the new European Adventure Film Tour Nuit de la Glisse. Christophe edited...
Hello Everyone, I will provide individual Portfolio Preparation classes in Caledon/ Hockley Valley and group classes in Brampton at at the Academy of Phenomenal Minds. Tadeusz Majewski-Visual Arts Teacher
Hello Everyone!!. Check out our profile on Merchantcircle. reviews are welcome...
Hello Everyone, The 16 Days of Action to End Violence Against Women campaign is fast approaching and we're really excited to announce that 16 Days of Street Art Action (Take 2) will be hitting the streets again this year! We did apply for some arts council funding to enable us to pay contributors for their time and materials but unfortunately we were not successful this time. It is open for us to reapply next year once we have made the amendments they have suggested, but for now it is still for each individual artist to fund their own piece. There are two parts to the project this year Part 1: We are still keen to promote women artists in the Northwest so like last year we are looking for 16 female artists to create 16 pieces of street art, which will be displayed in Central Manchester on one of the 16 days. Our organisational role will be scaled back this year, so that means more freedom for you, the artists. The location of your artwork is down to you and you can choose whether to get permission or not! ...
Hello Everyone, May the rest of your day be Blessed. Happy Reading, Tiffany April
Hello Everyone! Just got back from TN at 9:30 tonight. didn't leave till after noon as Sis surprised Emma and took her to see Disney on Ice "Frozen" she was SO excited when she found out! VERY long trip home, with 2 VERY tired kids. but we made it! WOW, the leaves in my yard are IN my yard. can't believe how many in just 4 short days! OK, going to check the weather to see what this week brings. Everyone have a GREAT week and I'm sure I'll talk to you Monday! Nite all! ;)
Hello Everyone! Well, another victim of Edgard Rincon's contacted me. I haven't spoken with him, he just messaged me and I replied back asking him to call me and he hasn't as of yet... Of course I wish that there were no more because I don't want to think that more men suffered. Especially since the two that have come forward seem to be after me... If I had just been able to tell anyone what happened to me, maybe Edgard Rincon wouldn't have been able to hurt these to men too. Of course, I'm still expecting the victim(s) from the Boy Scouts to contact me someday... I spoke with the District Attorney in Orange County, CA. I told him that we now have a 3rd victim that I know of, but haven't spoken to yet. Although he didn't shoot our case down, he did say that I should wait for more victims to come forward. He told me last time that more would probably contact me and one did less than a month later. I told him that I would wait until after the first of the year, see how many we have that have come forward th ...
Hello Everyone! Just published my first e-books on they will be available in 12 hours for $1 Please check it out and recommend them to friends and family of all ages to read. If you have a Kindle, or kindle fire or any of that you will be able to find it as well!
Hello Everyone. We are looking for people to donate to our wedding by buying alcohol for the big day. We need 12 bottles white wine, 22 bottles champagne, 4 crates of beer ( any kind ) 4 crates of cider (any kind) Anyone that would like to donate to our cause Please private message us. Thank u all very much for ur genorousity.
Hello Everyone!!! I know you have been waiting for more information so here is the latest update. For our get together we decided to support a local business, The Elks Lodge. They are struggling to maintain this iconic and historic building which is in need of maintenance. The bar is currently open to all the public, regardless of membership, and has some of the lost prices in town. It can hold up to 200 guest. By supporting them we are helping keep a little part of Douglas history alive. The plan is meet here for drinks after the Homecoming football game on Friday October 17th. Then on Saturday, October 18th they will have a dinner available so that we can all sit down and remember the good old day over some good food.
~Hello Everyone if you feel guided be sure to go to my page Amanda Clarke Art & Healing- Manchester,UK to sign up...
Hello Everyone my name is Dennis Lee and I am here also
Hello Everyone, I am happy to announce that I have come out with version 2.0 of the Iron Phi shirt. After getting alot of feedback from people I found that these shirts were alot more appealing. Please comment what you think. Just a little explanation, Iron Phi is a organization determined to finding a cure for Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS). Gehrig was a Phi Delt and a famous baseball player and so I kept this shirt baseball themed to go along with that. To buy a shirt you can go to the same link: . Finally I would like to thank everyone who helped me design this shirt, special shout out to Nick Cruz, Dylan Ford, and Jonathan Long. Please message me if you have ANY questions. and thank you
Hello everyone ...Johnson is giving a way free baby kits as samples i got one for my baby ..i think this is limited offer and will not stay long time just wanted to share it with you
Hello everyone! My shop updates will now be moving from my personal page to this one :) Thanks for liking!
Hello everyone,. Fun contest is coming. Inform your friends also. :)
"Hello Everyone, I guess most of you are planning to have their annual leave during the next couple months. This video explains everything you need to know about the annual leave laws in Qatar (payment amount, duration, ...). I hope that you find it useful and happy summer vacation for everyone in advance. :)
Dunno. I always thought this guy´s a mystery to EVERYONE. And now all the sudden ... could be fake pic
Hello Venti, love that mocha spray look of yours today“Venti says happy weekend, everyone... enjoy!
Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great day. Sorry for the late update, chaos as usual around here. The electricity finally came back on a couple hours ago. So so thankful for that! Lena is feeling much better now! I found her some neat light toys today for only a dollar! I just had to get them for her, the guilt I have for he kids having to leave everything behind is getting to me lately. I feel horrible that they have nothing here to play with but they are being such great sports about it. It breaks my heart that they had to sacrifice so much. Eli has been so silly today! Before we were going to the store I told him I needed to get dressed. I was taking him with me so that we could just spend time together, even if its just grocery shopping. When I came out of the bathroom he looked at me funny. I asked him what was wrong and he tells me "are you really gonna wear that mommy, I thought you would wear your dress and look fancy when we went out". I lost it and so did Arthur. One of the funniest things ...
Hello everyone!!! Please help me to get 2,5k!!! I'll follow everyone from this acc 👉!!! Not jk!
Hello everyone,I'm a bit busy during weekdays,but yeayy tomorrow is Friday. One sweet picture to accompany ur day :) ht…
Hello everyone, this is Steven Fowler. Tonight I'm at Catalina Foothills as they take on Desert View!
Reading: Sister Saturday with a Precious Bit of Fun:   ADOPT TIGGER Hello everyone! Can you tell I’m up at the...
Hello everyone and Welcome to my page!. Need a little guidance?. Bookings for My Spiritual Readings are open;. I...
Hello everyone I am Julie Wilkinson a proud Presenter for Younigue! Our best selling product, 3D Fiber Lashes dramatically enhances and magnifies the appearance of your own lashes.Our simple three-step process combines Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers to help create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume t.o your existing lashes. Watch as your lashes transform into something you have only dreamed of! The 3D Fiber Lashes are water resistant but easily washes off with warm water and facial cleanser at the end of the day. Try it! It will quickly become your favorite makeup must-have! Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara provides a 300% increase in eyelash length and volume! Goodbye False eyelashes ! Many people experience when having fasle lashes they will damage your natural lashes but with younigue has natural ingredients that will not damage any natural lashes. I have had this product for over a month and i absolutely love and believe in this product. Order yours today and experience what the . ...
Hello Everyone How's the marketing going? Are your landing pages converting? Check out this system i'm using now. It is a With Me
Hello everyone! I'm one of the new co-owners, Lela. :) Follow me on my personal if you wanna 🙈❤
Hello everyone :D I'm still without my laptop, can't wait to get it back.
Hello everyone! Would you believe that we humans are the highest form of animals? See this! How animals acted like humans do!
Hello Everyone, Here is a sneak peek on what you are going to get come September 21, 2014, 6pm, at the USLS Coliseum in presentation of the Great Chinese Acrobatic Circus... Come and enjoy with your family.
hello everyone I hope everyone is enjoying life to it's fullest
Hello everyone! Looking for new people to play Halo, and some other games with. Anyone 17+ feel free to add me.
Hello everyone! I'm sorry I've not been very active on Instagram, my owner has been super busy lately and hasn't been able to capture my fabulous poses a lot. But here is a short video of me purring loudly, enjoy!
Hello everyone! Start placing your orders from our stock! We don't have anything outside this album available right now! Anything outside the album can be ordered, BUT we are not taking orders right now! Orders will be taken from Sept 1-15. So if you have any queries about pre order, please ask us after tomorrow! Thank you!
Hello Everyone. This channel has turned into a new Gaming Team, MisKa Gaming.
Hello everyone! Japan is August 30, 2014 at 04:03PM. Thank you!
- Hello, everyone! =) I'm looking for a everyday morning for going to work before 7:00.
Hello everyone, it's Louise here on this lovely morning. Just let me know if you have any questions or need help with something. ^LM
Hello everyone Pls like this post below... It's for my sister's contest... Help her win Pls cuz tom are the results... Thanx... :)
Hello everyone, you should know this.. What hurt you today will make you stronger tomorrow... Stayblessed.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Hello everyone, my name is and I am not a quitter"
Hello beautiful Saturday afternoon greeting friends are enjoying the weekend everyone.
Hello everyone; My name is Marcello, I am italian and thanks to Miriam Knaus for accepting me !!! a greeting from Italy to all members !!! Marcello
Hello everyone. I'm back. Here eating foog
Everyone this is my boyfriend Jack Dail say hello
Hello everyone, i make review of video anaconda. I am needing to call her mom
Growing up is a part life, everyone faces it.
Hello everyone. I got two simple questions but the answers to them can't be found on the NAMRIA website. The questions are 1.) What is the Coordinate Reference Frame of PageNET (Philippine Active Geodetic Network)? Is it ITRF2005, ITRF2008 or any of the other ITRF Realizations? 2.) What sign convention did NAMRIA adapted for the rotation components of it's published transformation parameters? Is it the Polar Vector Position Convention or is it the Coordinate Frame Rotation Convention? I would appreciate the efforts all those who would like to share the information.
hello everyone this is your flight captain speaking. Please watch the safety video on screen. [its a vid of me doing kara…
Hello everyone, I know this is something of a repost, but it does bear revisiting. among the many weekly & Monthly specials we will be running, we also offer Loyalty cards which could prove to be quite useful if anyone plans to use my transport on a regular basis. As the cards suggest they are geared to specific trips of local trips up to 7.5km, slightly further afield at up to 30km, and lastly, for the business person who flies on an ongoing basis, we have the airport only loyalty card. The premise of loyalty cards is pretty universal, in this case, for every 9 trips taken with me, the 10th trip is free according to the loyalty card selected. The one differing aspect of it though, is that it can be used in conjunction with the upcoming "Gift card", this will be posted shortly, but in essence, it is a prepaid fare of up to any denomination which are multiples of R50, R100, the introductory offer will see the R50 card sold for R45. and the R100 card going for R90, the discounts go up accordingly with a ce ...
CAT ADOPTION: Hello everyone, I am writing to know if anyone would be interested to adopt this little cat here? It actually lives in my neighbourhood because it's owners abandoned him when they moved out (I know this from my caretaker and my maid). I feed him almost everyday and despite not being an animal person, I just love this cat, he's so adorable and playful as you can see in the picture, but the problem is I don't live in Bangladesh and I will be returning back very soon. If you're interested, I live in Ashkona, it's right in front of the airport. N.B: I think it's a female, though. I've always tried posting it on Cat Society of Bangladesh but nothing yet, unfortunately. Thanks.
Hello everyone I need everyone to pray for kurstin we are in the ER right now. She is having terrible migraines to the point where her vision is blurry. Thank you all We love you Robert Bennett Jeff Kyle Patti Kyle Robbin Swales Martha Sheppard
Hello everyone,just want to know if anybody knows where to find Shamantaka mani story online.I have digged youtube but no luck :( TIA
Hello everyone, Thank you for accepting me here. My Name is Ali, born in 1971 in Yemen. I have come to know Jack Benny about a year and half ago through YouTube while I was searching for a Clean Classic comedy. I gotta say that Jack Benny was one of a kind and unique, there will never be one like him. Now a days comedies are all full of crap to much cussing and cursing. One thing i also want to to mention is that I cant fall sleep every night unless I listen to his radio show which I downloaded from OTRR.RIP Jack
Hello everyone. Please could you tell me what day we start back. Also are we still rehearsing at Mellor?
Thank you for adding me to the group ..I'm debz ..I'm 48 and I have copd every day is a struggle.I'm lungs hurt constantly ...coughing all the time..hello everyone x
Hello everyone, request and inquiry by some of our fans, we upload this video to show how easy it is to get rid of the bird droppings on your car with STEAM CLEANING. Please do not scrub or use paper to get clean bird droppings, it may cause scratch marks. Steam is powerful to reach corners and hard to reach places yet gentle on the paint work. Give your vehicle the special attention it deserves. This monsoon opt for STEAM cleaning to keep your vehicle clean, sterile and shining. Wait no further, call us now to make your booking at 93311 STEAM. Our "promotional" charges are: Rs 500 for Small cars/ Hatchback and Super bikes. Rs 800 for SEDAN cars, SUV and High end luxury cars Rs 250 for Bikes We are located at: Vijay Service Station, HPCL Petrol Station 19 Ballygunge Circular Road next to The Punjab Club, Kolkata, WB Operating hours: 11am - 7pm Please call us at 93311 STEAM (78326) to make your booking. We highly recommend that you make a booking before hand to avoid waiting time. Average cleaning time for ...
Hello everyone. A friend and i are driving north in a couple of days and has got room for 2 or 3 more. We might drive by a bit north of Sydney, as we drive from katoomba in the blue mts - if anyone is interested we Can split the fuel cost, and provide you with good company in our exclusive holden comodore, bit sadly you'll have to arrange accomodation yourself ( we reccomend a tent). Write us a message or a comment if you're interested :)
Hello everyone.. Can I please know dat anybody of uh have ever tried how 2 make pakwan.. Plzz tel me d recipe..:)
Hello everyone. Due to the inactivity of the current admins, we have decided to re-create a new group for everyone, as there is a waiting-list of over +300 people. After an extensive voting session that has been raised down below, we have created a new group, with active admins and new rules and regulations. Please, Please Join now.
Hello everyone I'm going to start writing the orders up at 8am :) of you would like anything else please comment so we don't miss it
Hello everyone. Tomorrow is a very important day in Jainism. Call it as important as Diwali Christmas or Eid. It's a humble request to all you folks to avoid eating non-veg,killing any living being or cutting down off trees tomorrow.Please. Live and let live. JAI JINENDRA JAI MAHAVEER.
Hello everyone, Arcanmene here and I have some amazing news! Xen of Onslaught's FFXIV Division has entered the parody game. Sofa Couch thought it was time to... Nov 3, 2011: Hello everyone. Please watch this video for today's word on your finances:
Thnkx. To add me here hello everyone
Hello everyone this is Sayuri Kai Ueda. Its my first time to post please like thank you hehehe
Hello everyone. Im am currently looking for people who are leaders and hungry for change in their life. I am working on a side project where you could be earning some extra income if you would like to know more please feel free to inbox me or email me at juanmiindset
Hello Everyone, After last year’s 2013 National success, lots of breeders expressed a desire for us to hold a specialty at the same venue near Montréal. Therefore, once again the breeders from Quebec decided to work together and offer you an Eastern Regional Specialty. Our Specialty is coming soon, Saturday September 20th 2014. Just a reminder that the closing date for entries is: Wednesday September 3 (at 9PM Eastern time). Make sure to book your hotel or camp ground, reserve your electricity at the cost of 40$ when doing your entries. To simplify your entries you may use The site will ask you if you want electricity or not and catalogue We also have a great panel of judges this year: Friday September 19: Judge Virginia Lyne (All breed show) Saturday September 20: Judge Rita Reyniers (Eastern specialty) and judge Carolyne Couture (Eastern specialty Sweepstake) Judge Ron Mahon (All breed show) Sunday September 21: Judge William D. (Sandy) Gunn (All breed show) For more informat ...
Hello Everyone, a lot of people that know me personally have often asked what my favorite movies are. My sister (Sue) and I recently compiled our individual top 50 favorite films. I decided to share my list of my top 50 with everyone here. Many of you may be surprised that certain movies are lower on the list then you would have presumed, or you may be shocked that particular movies aren't even in my top 50. Nevertheless, enjoy! Top 50 1: Dune 2: A Clockwork Orange 3:Inland Empire 4: Upstream Color 5: 2001 a Space Odyssey 6: Zardoz 7: The Man Who Fell to Earth 8: Under the Skin 9: The Planet of the Apes (Charlton Heston version) 10: Mulholland Dr. 11: pulp fiction 12: The Master 13: Soylent Green 14: Moon 15: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 16: Blue Velvet 17: magnolia 18: Monty Python and the Holy Grail 19: Beyond the Black Rainbow 20: Excalibur 21: Eraserhead 22: Hamlet 2 23: Snow White (A Tale of Terror) 24: Underworld 25: Interview with the Vampire 26: Space Battleship Yamato 27: Eyes wide shut 28: Dr ...
Hello Everyone, I have been asked by John Lee's lawyer to testify for him on this week's court hearing. It is on Friday at 2:00 pm. If you are able, you can show up to support him. It is at Seoul National University of Education (line 2 and 3). Please pray for my effective testimony and his release. Thanks.
Hello Everyone: Have a fantastic Monday and make your day one of love, joy, peace, and happiness, filled with prosperity!
“Hello Everyone! Are you residing in Australia, United Kingdom or Asia and you want to buy a house in United States?
Hello Everyone, What a day we had on Sunday 10/08/14 at the Yun Hap tournament it was a long day but very well organized, thank you Yun Hap for a great day. We had 3 students representing Our club Matt Taylor Letica Hauritz and Talon Wood. Thank you guys for such a great job, you did your club proud. Kwangjangnim
Hello Everyone! Greetings from The Kingdom of I got in a few hours ago and so far things are going...
Time for football, please read over the following. Hello Everyone, I hope each of you had a wonderful summer and are ready to kickoff football season. I have quite a bit of info to share so here goes: 1. Meet The Team will be held August 23 @ South Campus Cafeteria. This year we are having a baked potato dinner, with your choice of beef or chicken, all the fixings, salad and drink For $10. Coach will have tickets for sale August 11-20. Please purchase your tickets early because there will only be a few available at the door. 2. This year we are asking each player to bring 1 scratch off lottery ticket as well as a gift card ($10 minimum). Both will need to be turned into their position coach between August 11-20. These will be used in auction and raffle baskets. The themes for this year are: Freshmen - Shop Til You Drop - examples are Macys, Walmart, Target, Academy, etc. Sophomores - Entertainment - examples are Movies, Top Golf, Putt Putt, Visa, Walmart, etc Juniors - Grab A Bite - examples are R ...
Hello Everyone, I'm asking all who are able, to help me, along with a few others raise money for Vince Vaughn. There are things that he needs as he...
Hello Everyone. My husband and I would like to introduce ourselves into our community. We live in Palm Coast and absolutely love being near Flagler Beach. Everyone is so nice! We are a mom & pop establishment. Also # 11 to appearon the ABC show SharkTank. Our company is called "NeatLeash". It's A new concept to the dog leash. Creating hands free and saftey. Currently Jeff and Carol at the Beach house Beanry are carrying our line. Please help us and spread the word. We do appear at First Fridays and travel to vendor shows and also have an online store at WWW.NEATLEASH.COM. We would love to get to know everyone. Thank you.
Hello Everyone, On the 23rd of August myself, a few other brothers and sisters are going climb Mount Snowdon InshaAllah in …
Hello Everyone, For those of you who missed the Steve Harvey Show, here is the segment of the three of us-Mimi, Linda and yours truly. The show was structure...
Hello Everyone!!! :) This is Shelley with STAR KARAOKE! I want to invite you all out tonight for a PARTY and a GREAT TIME!!! :) RC Fowlers and Myself are celebrating STAR MAKER KARAOKE's ANNIVERSARY tonight starting at 10pm at RC Fowlers on 620! We will be giving away all kinds of free stuff and prizes .Free Drink Cards and Gift Certificates, and even a Genuine Diamond Star Necklace with almost 1/2ct. in Diamonds! Also, a 40ct. Black Onyx Bracelet that's been dipped in Genuine 14kt. Gold, and Many More Prizes for all my supportive friends!!! Again, a big HEART-FILLED THANKS to all my friends who have supported me over the years! :) I hope to see ya tonight and many more nights to come!!! So, LET'S PARTY! . . . . and remember, .let's All have a safe ride home! :) Taxi services are available any night of the week if needed! ;) ...Just Saying...So, Come Get Your Drink and Sing On! :)
Hello Everyone, Kingdom Faith Outreach Ministries will be hosting an event for the youth of Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL, ages 12-19 years old, that will speak on HIV,STDs, Teen Pregnancy, Homosexuality, and Drug Addictions. It will be held on August 2 at 3 pm at our south location at 322 25th Ave. Columbus, GA 31906. School supplies will be given out as well. Inbox me if you have any questions.
Hello Everyone, I hope your all enjoy this Barbra Streisand song Lessons To Be Learned off her Higher Grounds CD! We all can hit some graveled roads sometime...
Hello Everyone, I'm having a launch party. See the fantastic products them or you need to replace your other one...
WANTED: Hello Everyone, I am looking for a FEMALE Australian Shepherd. Would really like an older female like 6 months-3years but would take a puppy if I had to. Would also like her to be registered. I would be willing to trade a heeler puppy to one or pay straight out really doesn't matter. If you have anything or know of someone who does please let me know. NO MERLES! would like a red tri/bi or black and white tri/bi.. Thanks and God Bless! (:
Hello Everyone who is wondering I am doing the queens baton this Sunday at Easterhouse just behind the college,...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Hello Everyone! I am writing you today to ask that you assist me in acquiring some white privilege. Although I have layered oppressions that have affected my ability to access my slice of the American Pie™, no issue has affected me more readily than my lack of white privilege. From being assumed...
Junglemedic News Letter Jungle Kids For Christ It's Working! Hello Everyone from Guatemala I have some good news to report about the students in the Jungle Kids for Christ Program. First as some of you may remember we had one boy named Reyner who did not pass his first semester exams. He comes from a huge family and his parents are alcoholics so they don't really care if he does well or not as they would rather he be home working in the fields. Well his self esteem was pretty low and he just did not seem to be getting it. After my pep talk with him like a son he changed and began to work harder on his school work. They had their 2nd semester exams last week and we were afraid if he failed them he would not pass the course and have to retake the grade. ( When I was in high school I worried every year if I would pass or not, but the teachers did not want to put up with me another year so they passed me on) Well, we got the test results on everyone today and found out that Reyner not only passed but made exc ...
Hello Everyone,. Need help with your resume, cover letter, how to speak with professionals or…
Hello Everyone, DropKick Direct is a new company started up in Victoria BC selling E-cigs and E-juice as well as phone unlock codes, or goal is to make these products available for lower prices then what they sell in stores, We are currently still building our website, but have e-juice in stock, please feel free to send us a post or email at infoEjuice supplier we carry so far is Pacific Vapour, Below are the flavours you can pick from. Our Prices are 1 for $8, 3 for $22, 5 for $35 Tax in We also can unlock any phone, just send us an email with your make and model and the network its locked to. prices vary with phone brand Absin Berry – Absinthe, and a blend of berries Banana Fo Fana – banana and cream Black Eye – grape and black current Black Honey Tobacco – tobacco and black honey Blueberry – blueberry Blue Hawaiian – a wonderful sweet Hawaiian punch flavor Caramel Banana Pudding – caramel, banana and pudding Bones Lite – like a Canadian cigarette with some very subtle perfume and flower ...
MONROE COUNTY. SPECIAL OLYMPICS. JULY 2014. Hello Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer and thinking about...
Hello Everyone! Been a bit busy lately and haven't had a chance to keep you all updated on the Fun Day on The Green. So here's a run down on what is happening on the Green on Sunday the 20th of July. We are holding the official opening and blessing at 12 noon that day. At 12.30 we will have a registration for a family fun walk to the Seven Cross Roads which will start at 1.00, cost will be €3 per head. Ballyragget World Cup will start from 2.30, we are hoping to have 4 teams to play. If your available that day to play then please bring your gear with you to the Green. Registration for the football will be €5 each. Games will be 15 minutes a side. There will be the usual fun things on the Green like Bouncy Castle, small carnivals rides, Skittles tournament, BBQ and stalls selling various brick a brac. All the proceedings will be recorded by Pat Farrell and he will be taking orders for a keepsake DVD on the day. There will be a running commentary on the DVD of the Ballyragget World Cup matches. We also ...
Hello Everyone! . I would like to introduce my younger brother Prem Borowski as a new Team Beachbody COACH. He i...
Hello Everyone, I want to invite all of you to a mini-revival Friday evening July 18 7:00 pm and Satuday evening July 19 7:00 pm. Dr. Brenda Ray of West Palm Beach Florida will be with us. Visit her web site and Micah Solomon will be with us as well as our worship leader. All of this will be at my church Bethel Pathway Church, Lower Wetumpka Road @ Vandiver. Check out our website as well at Come join us for these ANNOINTED services. Awesome preaching and awesome music YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS.
Hello Everyone! Please make note that I am no longer affiliated with the Cocktails, Pumps and Cufflinks event. It has been an honor and a pleasure to meet every single one of you. This event affirmed my thoughts that we have some of the most amazing and dynamic people in our community. Your support of me and this event has been greatly appreciated Thank you all for your patronage and please be on the lookout for what I have planned next. With love, David Dodd
Hello Everyone! It’s me, Mayor Max, hard at work at the Mayors’ Offices today. I am continuing to work on important mayoral projects like this shredding project. It’s a big job, so Phyllis just has me work on it a little every day. That way, I have time for my other public duties. We have a fun game with this duck as all three of us (we Mayors) are constantly trying to get at it. It’s like a big feathery live duck is sitting in the house taunting us and daring us to catch it. It’s fun trying. I pretty much get FRISKY EXTREME when I get hold of it. I love you very much and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. We will be downtown for a visit, and we are already bathed and ready to go! What fun! Love always, Mayor Max
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Hello Everyone! I'll be teaching second grade for the first time this year. I'm looping with my first graders.
Have just received this email from a fellow scouter who knew our grandad and wanted to share it with everyone Hello Everyone, This is yet more tragic news. David was firstly involved with Wyre District as a district leader, before the County Commissioner of the time, Bob Sutton, persuaded him to take on the D. C's job in Fylde District. In later time together with his wife, he joined Wyre Fellowship, and took an active part in their activities, predominantly the Gang Show. He used to build the scenery, props and do copious quantities of running around. Of course most people will associate David with the Romanian Challenge camps which David headed and organised a large team around him to take children from the orphanages in Romania for a weeks scout camp. This work was invaluable to assist with the development of the young people, and many connections still exist with the people involved. This was Scouting in action, and justly rewarded when David was given the M. B. E. He was always warm and welcoming ...
Hello Everyone, be sure to check us out tomorrow morning on the Hampton Roads Show! Dishes are to showcase America, the melting pot.
Hello Everyone- I just got back from Riviera Maya Mexico and saw some amazing properties first hand... Here is a list of all the properties I saw: RIU Palace Mexico, RIU Yucatan, The Royal in Playa del Carmen, Iberostar Paraiso Maya, Excellence Riviera Cancun, Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Playacar Palace, Generations Riviera Maya, El Dorado Maroma, and Generations Maroma!! ... If you have any questions or want quote for any of them please inbox or email me anytime at amystotaltravel
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Hello Everyone! Tomorrow night The Juniors, an Indie-Folk Trio from Columbia, SC, is playing at the Clay Pot from 7-9! Come on out!
Hello Everyone, The music is still carrying through Campus Ministry this week as we host the Cedar Brass Festival. If you would like to hear the work of the Cedar Brass Festival, they have two upcoming concerts this weekend. The first one is on Friday, June 27, at Mount Mercy University in the Chapel of Mercy at 7:00 p.m. The second one is on Saturday, June 28, at New Bo Farmer’s Market at 2:00 p.m. Another option if you are looking to enjoy some music this weekend is to see a performance of Les Miserables at Theatre Cedar Rapids starring Mount Mercy University sophomore Julia Simons as Cosette. The performance has already garnered rave reviews so you won't want to miss it. It is running until July 27th. We hope that everyone continues to have a good summer and we look forward to having you back on campus in August!
Hello Everyone! I am just writing to say thank to those who are signed up for our 2nd Annual Bump it 4 Boobies Beach Volleyball Tournament on July 5th! We are so excited to make this year bigger and better than last year! We have lots of teams signed up and we are less than 2 weeks away! I just wanted to let everyone know that we will stop taking registration as of June 26th! That's this Thursday! Please email Shannon at s_dugganwith questions or registration. Thank you again everyone!
MOVING SPEECH FROM GREEN SCHOOLS NEW CO-PRESIDENT, SAM, OF MANCHESTER ESSEX REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL: Hello Everyone! Thank you all for the opportunity to be here today, I am really amped to see everyone and I know that this will be such a great year! My name is Samuel Koufman, I am from Manchester by the sea which is a small little town that is slowly gaining its title as a green society because of conservation efforts implemented by myself and the Manchester Essex GreenTeam that I am co president to. I also have worked with Robin Organ and Green Schools for the past year as the student Vice President and working on the Massachusetts environmental literacy plan as the student liaison. Not only do I think that this is going to be a great year just because of the participation of all of you, but I also am hoping to incorporate many new field days. I believe that it is important to along side of taking action through environmental projects, taking our part in environmental advocacy with hands on field days that ...
I don't care if everyone hates me. You know? I don't wake up every morning to please everyone in this world. Hello???
why does everyone else get to go to florida why can't I go too
Walk into the party and everyone starts screaming. hello everyone I don't know you
Hello Sunday everyone!! It's pouring outside and I'm liking it!! Makes everything so fresh!! 😘
Hello everyone, we are really excited to be part of Perkville (. What is Perkville?...
What can I use these engines for?: Hello everyone today a friend gave me three old engines one is a Tecumseh t...
Pics from the Florey's signing today! Thanks to everyone who came out to say hello and support the cause! And...
Hello everyone who just came online ^^
Hello everyone. I got a wake up call this morning. I had a very bad asthma attack. I went to FL Hospital East Orlando to get treatment.
Hello everyone :) . This coordinate could be good for . Ouji style ! Amazing Putumayo all the way from head to toe...
Hello everyone! I have launched a website with 3 of my friends selling supplements such as; protein…
Hello everyone hope you are all having a great weekend! Tomorrow is the…
Hello what a tune "Echo" I loved it, everyone should listen it ☺️
Hello everyone, there are just 4 more days left to view Ira Hoffecker's Urban Layers show! June 24th, 26th, 27th...
Hello :-) :-) My wall is now open for your postings about peace, etc. . Also, may I invite you and everyone you...
Hello everyone - Hi new followers and my old reliable ones. Thank you for being my followers, you are the...
Hello everyone! I get to see and tomorrow. It's been to long and I am happy happy happy :…
I deeply apologize but hello not everyone looks good with piercings on their face. So stop it
get stream like always. Everyone stop by and say hello come hang out with me and enjoy.
Hello everyone i am new to this group i need some help i play borderland2 on my pc there is a problem with my save file it was corrupted so i download some file from the internet of level 50 mine was 32 of the same hero so i use the editor to change it back to level 32 cuz i wanna play from there but the level of the creatures in game was 50 and mine was 32 i tried importing mission world but nothing happend can someone help me ???
Hello everyone this is Kelly, I would just like to inform you all that Doris will not be returning anytime soon
HELLO EVERYONE, anyone wanna talk, or maybe ask me stuff  …
also doesn't help my mother reminded everyone today how much I hated Florida and wanted to live here LIKE HELLO LEAVE ME HERE
I'll provide 20 positive Rating and Reviews Free iOS app: Hello everyone,. We all know that, iOS is the curren...
Hello everyone! Cool idea for the best holiday gifts🎁
HELLO EVERYONE: We did have a little trouble with joining everyone in .. Ben will be posting a new link now as we wouldn't want anyone to miss out ;)
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Hello Everyone-- Just as a heads up, on Wednesday June 25, 2014 and Thursday June 26, 2014, Indo Thai in Pawleys Island will close the dining room to remodel. We will have all new paint, chairs, floors, booths, and tables. Because of the construction, we will only be doing To-Go Orders these two days. We are so excited!
Hello everyone, Just had my last photo session with the beautiful Michelle & her husband Gavin. Sneak peeks later today :) Sarah. Sweet Captured Memories. :)
Hello everyone who came last week. Here is a video of the routine. ladies seemed to have shown interest in finishing the routine and perform it sometime. Here is the availability for another 2 hr practice: Tomorrow 10-12 or 230-430 Sun. 29th 10-12 or 5-7 Sun 20th TBA Also, let me know where you would want to perform and if there are days you are for sure not available. Also, if you missed last week but would like to catch up and join us for the next part you are welcome to join us! Sarah
Hello everyone. We have had a lot of enquiries regarding 22 Jump Street. We will now be screening this at the last weekend of the school holidays around the 17th of July.
Hello everyone - I am so so sorry, but due to some technical issues we are having with this way of receiving entries, we have to, regrettably cancel our THE-footstretcher competition and run it in another way. we apologise for the inconvenience, but please keep your entries and once we re launch the competition you can enter again.
Hello everyone!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend thus far and that you got your video done for today :) Stay tuned in to this page tomorrow, as I have some exciting announcements!! AND a guest BONUS workout for all of you.
Hello everyone! Big changes here at Salina J Photography! I'm narrowing my focus and from now on will be photographing just high school seniors and head shots. I will continue to do family and child portraits only for past clients or referrals from past clients (no matter the type of session you previously had with me). Thanks to all of my past, current and future clients for letting me capture the milestones in your lives! High school seniors - contact me soon to book your session before all the prime weekend slots are gone; they're going fast!
Hello everyone. We brought back tart yogurt for those who have been asking plus watermelon sorbet, cookies and cream and more great flavors. We also have a GREAT Groupon promotion that just started so don't miss out there. Open bounce all day tomorrow June 22nd from noon to 2:30 and again from 4:30 to 9:00. :o)
Hello everyone, hope your weekend has been going well for you.Come visit us tonight and give yourself a little break. We would love to see you and let us do the cooking and the cleaning. Doesn't that sound amazing?? I think so. And I have a speacial shout out to one of our most amazing servers The "Beautiful Becca". she would love to help make your weekend Just that much better.
Hello everyone, I just opened an instagram account, for those who have instagram take a second to follow and like!
Hello everyone and welcome to our summer update.  We have lots of activities going on throughout the school holidays and as places on some of them are limited we are trying to give you as much notice as possible so that you can plan too.  Here are some of the planned events... PONY DAYS Wednesday 23rd July   Wednesday 6th August   Wednesday 20th August Pony Days run from 10am to 4pm and include a 1 hour riding lesson, a 1 hour mini trek, learning how to groom and tack up your pony, how to feed your pony and lots of other fun activities... The cost is £55.00 per child ABRS TESTS Friday 25th July For the first time we are running an ABRS test morning for young riders... 4 - 7 year olds who ride with us in 11 and 11.30 lessons are particularly welcome.  They will take part in some stable management and riding training and will then be tested by Leigh, our ABRS examiner, for Test A in stable management and equitation.  These tests are certificated by the ABRS and the fee for certification is included i ...
Hello everyone, come and join us next Thursday June 26th for the ribbon cutting of Game 7, stop by meet the new owners Shawn and Mary Cunniff, enjoy samples of new menu and meet our new Chef Robert. We will be now opening for lunch daily so bring the family and have a good time! Hope to see you all there!
Hello everyone, we hope you have had a good day so far! Two things we think you should know: We know have a JUKEBOX for you to play your favorite songs. We have CANE MINT and FUMARI FLAVORS for you to enjoy. So make us a part of your plans tonight and enjoy your evening right.
Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post but we have been open this morning and again will try to stay open until 5pm (Weather permitting) Back by popular demand Tory is here covering the front so if you want to stop by and see how she is doing then please do so!
Hello everyone! Something new at Mama D's this summer. Starting July 2nd we will be opening Wednesday nights from 5 to 8 for music night with the "Boothbay Pickers." Food, beer and wine available. You can't come to Boothbay Harbor without hearing the "Pickers!" Come join us, you'll be glad you did!
Hello everyone, Just a quick reminder that if you place a order with WORNSTAR CLOTHING Put code, VeilsideFFF for a 10% discount .
Hello Everyone! We are out of strawberries!! But we will have more after 3:45pm today and we will be open till 7pm.
Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying the weather. If you weren't aware Cyclop-Eeze was not being harvested for the last few months and the supply completely dried up. We were able to secure a few cube packages this week. It is by far are most popular food for both fish and corals. To be clear this is the REAL DEAL. We have a very limited supply so make sure you pick some up soon. Stay tuned as we have some fun announcements coming soon.
Hello everyone! Don't forget this coming week is Customer Appreciation week here at Zenergy in Motion! Enjoy 20% off your service! That means a custom designed 1 hour massage is just $55! Book your appointment now, time slots are filling up fast!
Hello everyone, Marin here. I am glad to announce to you that my website has launched and you will be able to follow news and different information on it as well.
Hello everyone. Well today is the day. My Anniversary party is today at 4pm. I have worked very hard to make this fun. I am looking forward to seeing you all. Picnic, prizes and games. See you at 4.
Hello everyone! For the upcoming July 4th holiday, we will be canceling our July 3rd noon power class and will be closed on Friday, July 4th and Saturday, July 5th. Normal classes will resume Sunday, July 6th. Thank you!
Hello everyone, this is Victoria :) Amber let me loose on the Lovefit page a while ago but I haven't posted much so I thought that I would write a little something about a problem that I myself, and many of my clients, suffer from - BLOATING!! The dreaded tummy bloat can come at any time and can make us feel uncomfortable and lacking in confidence. Here are some tips that I use to try and combat the problem: 1. Relax - stress can cause bloating!! 2. Hydrate - if you are dehydrated, when you drink your body will retain the water. Keep drinking water to prevent this (aim for at least 2L per day) 3. Avoid foods that cause bloating - for me, I know that I have a reaction to diary and gluten. Try and work out which foods make your stomach feel swollen and uncomfortable, then eliminate them from your diet for a few days, one at a time to find the culprit! 4. Rotate foods - eating too much of the same food can cause intolerances so make sure to have a good rotation of protein, fat and carbohydrate. At least 3 da ...
Hello everyone. I hope your are ready for a great weekend. Please be safe and remember to call Mitchell Maids for your cleaning needs if located in Central Texas. Have a great weekend, Regina.
Thanks Charlotte! Hello everyone, this is Gwen here. I will be with you for the next two hours for peer to peer support. How are you all doing?! Are there any topics you'd like to discuss? :-)
Hello everyone! I hope you have a fantastic day today :) I'm off to Day 2 of my workshop, Day 1 was amazing! I've had a few messages about the Unicorn Sessions...sorry for the delay on the announcement! It will be announced by next Friday for sure and I will message those that are on the wait list before I make the big announcement. If you think some of your friends would love their little girls to join us please feel free to share the info with them once it's posted. It will sell out fast!
hello everyone it is Saturday. Hope everyone having a nice weekend. Today we have Prosciutto & Sopressata with Mascarpone cheese, Golden Delicious Apples and Balsamic Reduction. Our soup is Maryland Crab Soup.
Hello Everyone! We hope your weekend is going well! We just wanted to take a moment to remind you that we won't be in town today, but we WILL be on October 4th! We hope to see all of you (and your beautiful animals!) then!
Hello everyone intending to come to gildy next weekend - if you are thinking of doing a course or need any equipment please can you make sure you let the shop know what you need (if you haven't done already)? Thankyou!
Hello everyone, Charlotte here with you for the next couple of hours. How are we all?
Hello everyone.thnk u very much for approve with me this group we love u all.
Hello everyone!!! We are open until 2 today so come out and get some rib eyes for your grill. Other favorites are our own genuine bratwurst, boneless rib patties, beef patties - and more! We also have lots of seasonings, rubs and BBQ sauce for your favorite grilling meat.We hope everyone has a great weekend.
Hello everyone! Just letting you all know that the weekend of the 16/17th of August will be my last week of cake making before I take maternity leave!! If you are wanting an order before or on this weekend please contact me as soon as possible to arrange. I am planning to start back up early 2015. Thank you, Katrina.
Hello everyone I am new, and I am looking for a friend and then who knows!'m single and I'm 40 years old, who is ^? there is some serious woman? I would like to know is there any woman .?
Hello everyone, Its Saturday and it promises to be a great weekend, our support and best wishes goes out to the Super Eagles today, we're sure they will make us proud.
Hello everyone, Remember the Palace is Open today and tomorrow for the Joust tournament. 10-6pm
Hello everyone!! How about a crab cake and a cup of soup? Nachos? Soft crab sandwich? Have you tried our Reubens?Stop in and see us, you'll be glad you did!
Hello everyone - TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT! Summer Salsa In Paradise kicks in with a special music performance by international salsa recording artist Luisito Rosario! We'll see you at the Crossroads Showroom! :-D
Hello everyone!! This is pastor Saylor on my way home from Indy! We were in church tonight at Bread of Life Pentecost Church (Pastor Boyd Warren), The Lord poured out a such a blessing on His people! We love you Warren family for being such great examples of The Lord Jesus. I also want to thank Pastor Jordan for being with us, Mother Mary Jordan was on Fire in the Holy Ghost tonight!! Thank you youth group for inviting us to be a part of your service. Liberty Chapel tomorrow is our third weekend Saturday night service, please help me spread the news! With your help and support Liberty gains strength to keep our vision flourishing! A special thank you to brother Don Mitchell and Minister Autwaun Belk for making this trip to Indy with me, words can't describe how much God's people inspire us to keep fighting! Hope and pray we see you tomorrow night, Pastor Mark .. Headed home to sister Laura :)
Hello Everyone, join us at the Co-op tomorrow Sat. June 21st for a lovely evening of wine tasting. Its the Summer Solstice, we sample wines from Organic/Sustainable Winery's. The lovely Evelyn Hitchcock will be pouring, it is from 6pm to 8pm, any questions please call 232-2181.
Hello everyone! We are canceling the The River's 4th-6th grade fishing derby tomorrow. The torrential Rains have made parking impossible. We are rescheduling for Saturday, July 26th at The Williams Pond. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that all the kids will be able to join us on July 26th. ** IF YOUR CHILD IS IN THIS AGE GROUP, PLEASE RESPOND THAT YOU RECEIVED THIS MESSAGE.** God Bless!
Hello everyone! Brides, bridesmaids, moms or anyone involved in an upcoming wedding which, is most people, be sure to tune in this Sunday morning to watch us on WBAL we will be stying hair and makeup for a segment on Bridal Fashions with John John Williams IV, with The Baltimore Sun. Even if you aren't in an upcoming never know when that moment may come!!! Be prepared to be wowed!
Hello Everyone! Check out our latest in Canoga Park! A wonderful 4BD 3BA home.
Hello everyone, J.D. here again! Well, it's been an exciting few weeks for me! I've had my second set of shots and all my stitches removed, so medically I'm fit as a fiddle and ready to go Go GO!!! I've been learning many new things. I'm quite happy walking on a leash although I do stop and smell just about everything! I'm also getting better about "sit" although I sometimes need a gentle reminder push on my bottom. My foster mom has been working with me on not snatching treats from her hands, and I'm now a perfect gentleman when offered a treat! We also tried a trip to the dog park; that didn't go too well as dogs running up to me scare me at first and I tend to bark and snap. If they approach slowly on a lead though I'm usually good once we make our introductions! I've met a few children and was quite happy with them, although the youngest was already 9 so I'm not sure how I'll react to the really young ones yet. I'm also a great protector of the yard and house, and I bark vigorously whenever ...
Hello Everyone! Please send us your updated email and contact info if you want to stay in touch with SGMT and our events, please send your contact info to Jennifer at admin
Hello everyone! I sincerely hope you are all doing well. The last few months have been quite busy on my end...
Hello Everyone! Our mulch and borders have been delivered and we need help! We will be finishing up the playground as well as working on some other jobs to get ready to move into the new building. We will be working from 8:00am-noon. If you can come help, even for a little while, please join us tomorrow. Below are the projects and needs for tomorrow. Thank you ahead of time for your help! Borders installed around playground pieces. Mulch placed in borders. Fellowship Hall chairs moved to new building. Classroom chairs and tables moved to new building. Washing machine and dryer moved to new building. Bulletin Boards and White Boards hung. Bring drills Worship Chairs unpacked We are in need of wheelbarrows, shovels and buckets for the mulch move.
Hello everyone! The AJJA will be holding the Camp of Combat Arts this year on July 19 and 20 at the Southland Leisure Center. This event will be open to schools and students of all ages and will consist of teaching and training by several of the AJJA's senior instructors. There will be a dedicated children's mat. The event will run from 10AM to 6PM each day and lunch will be provided. For out of town visitors, there have been camping spaces reserved at the Riverbend Campground in Okotoks for the night of July 19. The cost of the camp is $75 for the weekend. Anyone who would like to attend the camp should fill out a registration form. The forms can be found in the dojo and In addition to the training, there is a silent auction being held on July 19. There are donation letters in the dojo if anyone needs them. All proceeds are going to the Little Samurai and Junior Shogun programs and towards AJJA seminars throughout the province. Thanks everyone!
Hello everyone! Looking forward to training with you tomorrow morning at our boot camp! Would you please take a moment and update your RSVP (if necessary)? I am trying to get a final headcount so we can prepare accordingly. Also, if you are planning on bringing a guest who is not on FB, just let us know! For those who are training at EV for the first time, please visit our website and submit the waiver under the "Getting Started" tab. Any questions, just let us know!
Hello Everyone, Well it has been a treacherous 26 hours of work with people working the whole way through but we are now officially approved by the city. Things are not clean and pretty as we would like it to be because we had to drop that aspect to due inspection changes but we are going to open up HobbyTown/SRS Raceway today at 3pm. We will run open practice from 3-6 and controlled practice from 6-10pm and we will run our scheduled races on Saturday and Sunday. We would like to put out a HUGE Thank You to our staff and the construction crew for their relentless effort in getting us to here. Also I would like to thank our fans in waiting for us as well. See you all soon!!
Hello everyone, another quick community question for you. We all have that one game (or game series) that no matter how old it is, no matter what system it's for, you just love playing it, and will always love. That game for me is a gameboy colour game called Wario Land 3, it was released in 2000, and to this day, I still boot up my gameboy to play that one game. What's your most cherished game or series, that one you just can't let go of? -Tyler
Hello everyone, Myself Juliet, age 23, from Bangladesh, m Italian by blood, m Christian, student, doing LL.B.(Hons.) Looking for a life partner from Outside of Bangladesh. and Non-bengali.
For those of you planning on participating in the Pitch Perfect 2 filming TONIGHT! Please see the crucial info bellow: Hello everyone we are excited that this day is finally here and that all of you Pitch Perfect fans will be joining us for the taping of this performance!!! In this email we will provide you with more information for the shoot. PLEASE READ CLEARLY AND THOROUGHLY TO ENSURE A SMOOTH CHECK IN PROCESS AND FOR YOU TO BE PREPARED TO HAVE THE BEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE ADDRESS TO REPORT TO 17200 AIRLINE HWY, BATON ROUGE, LA 70809 everyone MUST report to this address at the assigned times. Look for signs that say SLAPPED CLICK HERE FOR MAP TO THE LOCATION We will be shooting rain or shine so please be prepared. Bring ponchos/raincoats/rain boots IF YOU ARE RECEIVING THIS EMAIL AND A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER ALSO REGISTERED USING THIS EMAIL PLEASE PASS ALONG THE EMAIL TO YOUR FRIEND…THIS IS INTENDED FOR EACH OF YOU. TIMES TO REPORT (PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE STAGGERED TIMES ACCORDING TO THE FIRST ...
Hello everyone! Looking for something to do today? Come join us for our Fun Friday deal! $17.99 for an all day pass! Good for Go-karts, Golf, Laser Tag and Bumper Boats! Hope to see you!
Hello Everyone, We have two showroom closure announcements for the next couple of weeks. 6/27-6/29: PHAMExpo and the London IMATS. 7/4: Independence Day. Thank you, Hakuhodo USA
Hello everyone!! We are so excited to see you tomorrow evening at 6:30!!! Come prepared to be super encouraged! We will have desserts and coffee and some amazing door prizes!! Bring a friend! :)
Hello everyone and happy Friday! Come check out the awesome deals we have going on at Peak Fitness:)
Hello Everyone :) There will be a schedule change for today Friday June 20th 3:30 Open Gym 4:00 Pilates 5:00 Zumba Booty camp will be back next Friday. Stay tuned for updates :)
Hello everyone! Joan is off today, so we will have no piercer at the downtown location. Come visit us tomorrow for your new holes!
Hello Everyone! An amazing country “Brazil” will open to you its white-sand beaches, wild rain forests, powerful waterfalls and full of life cities in the just released pack! Check it out in your Magic Jigsaw Puzzles!
Hello Everyone, love curling your hair?? have you tried curling with a curl wand? DIVA Hot Wand, Titanium Curling Wand 13mm-25mm & Diva Professional Styling 32mm Pink Titanium Big Hot Wand now in stock in salon, along with GHD curl hold spray your curls will last for days!! perfect for the entire weekend! :-)
Hello everyone! We are having a mechanical issue at the pool. Until further notice, the pool will be closed. We are doing everything we can to get it up and running today. We will still have movie night. It will be free if the pool is not available. So come out and enjoy an outdoor movie! We will post as soon as we have more information! Thanks for your understanding!
Hello everyone, as from Monday the 23rd we will be officially opening at 5am Monday-Friday for a ''breaky trade". All you early birds, tradies and train travellers drop in for a bite to eat. Easy run and grab food. :)
Hello everyone , Today Quiksilver is donating $10 for every boardshort sold to KIND SURF to help disadvantaged kids enjoy the beach today and long after. Go to and learn more. Give back on International Surfing Day 2014.
Hello everyone, if your waiting for me to reply to your message, please be patient, Ive been so very busy this last week. I promise to get back to you this weekend. Thanks so much for all your awesome support xx
Hello Everyone, please tune in to 98.3 hotfm abuja now and listen to Teasy's MD and his team discuss issues regarding and the upcoming also tune in to win amazing teasy rewards.
hello everyone we are happy to inform you that subhc is organising the pool tournament for the students on 3rd of July 2014 . Visit to student union office for registration or you can email to us.Registration will be closed on 01/07/2014.Prizes also available for the champions and runner-up.
Hello everyone. PVS FIT and I want to thank all of you out there for your continued support. With your help the business has grown so much in the last 6 months I can barely keep up. I'm reaching out to to anyone out there who can point some quality, fully certified and experienced trainers our way. Our environment is fun and progressive with almost limitless earning potential. If you know anyone or are interested yourself please send resumes and references to Paul Thanks again for you help!
Hello Everyone, Tonight is FOOTY FRIDAY! So come on down and get a feast for the games and grab a 15 inch pizza, a 2L drink and a garlic bread from the mouth watering price of $19!!!
Aloha and Hello Everyone! Some of you who I went to high school with and were able to get college done in 4 years good for you! :D Unlike :/ me it's taking me a while to get done with college. Some people who either don't go to college, or they go to college but, they don't finish. They still manage to go on and become big successors and make millions and billions of dollars $. However if any of you are either still attending the University of Southern California (A.K.A USC). Need help looking for a part time job. Especially since this state has gone down the hill! :/ Come and Volunteer or apply to work at the California Science Center located at Exposition Park. Exposition Park is the home of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, California Science Center, California African American museum, and the Natural History Museum. It's right across the street from USC! Tonight was My Big Annual Staff and Volunteer Party. Last year in 2013, I earned a Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award :). This year I earne ...
Hello everyone, Here is the agenda for Intermediate MCC for June 24th and 26th. Agenda for Tuesday MCC Week 5 Introduction 5 minutes The moderator will go over the agenda with the class to make sure that everyone is on the same page. The moderator will then answer any questions that teachers or students have about the agenda. Round 1 20 minutes Students and teachers will discuss this week’s vocabulary list. If there are any words that students are unfamiliar with, they should figure them out with there teacher. With whatever time is left, students should try to make as many sentences using the vocabulary as possible. Round 2 20 minute Students and teachers will discuss their favourite technology. What technology can you not live without? What is the most versatile device that you own? What type of technology would you like to own in the future? (NOTE: Students should talk about more than just their cell / smart phone and laptop.) Round 3 20 minutes In this round, students and teachers will discuss a pie ...
Hello everyone, sorry for our delay in uploading some pictures. But we have the perfect excuse: We were busy learning and having fun ;) ! Attached you will find photos of our first days of summer program, including "present time", Readers Theater lessons and our trip to the cinema (I highly recommend watching "How to train your dragon 2").
Hello Everyone. I have 2 tickets to The Public's Shakespeare in the park for Much Ado or King Lear. No waiting on the lines! I'm looking for Hedwig or Book of Mormon.
Hello Everyone, Coming to Detroit. My home the Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, MI July 17-19. Coming to Chicago Zanies Downtown another great Comedy Club July 8-13. Hope to see you all!
Hello Everyone! The big night is almost here...Relay for Life! We'll be setting up our campsite in space starting around 530pm - 6pm and Relay kicks off at 7pm with the Survivor Lap. There are activities, bands, games, etc planned for the entire night and there will even be a showing of "Frozen" at midnight so I'm sure we will stay busy. For our team sponsored lap we will be giving everyone lollipops so they can help us "lick" cancer for good! Coach Magenbauer has graciously agreed to represent our team in the dunking booth from 810pm to 830pm. All money raised during that time will count as a donation from our team. We will also need at least one brave volunteer to represent our team in the frozen tshirt contest. Our team also has some folks (Punky, Patsy, Aimee, etc) who have decorated chairs for the "chairity" auction. I've seen some of the chairs and I wouldn't be surprised if you see one or more that you want to bid on! All in all it should really be awesome! We ask that everyone bring a sna ...
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Hello Everyone: Tucson Tergar Practice Group will meet this coming Saturday, June 21st at 2:00 p.m. for some meditation, discussion and tasty snacks. The location is the Little Chapel of All Nations; U of A Campus, 1052 N Highland Ave. If you need more information please call. Opening Session Meditating with Visual Objects Our sense of sight is often the most dominant aspect of our experience. Though we may not always be aware of our thoughts and feelings, or even of sounds and smells, rarely do we completely tune out all the things we see. In meditation, all the objects that fill our visual field can be used as supports for awareness. Wherever we are and whatever we're doing, we can always bring awareness to what is in front of us at any given moment. Doing so can make even the most mundane situation deeply meaningful and interesting. Reading: Joy of Living, pp. 149–151 Hope to see everyone Saturday. All the best, ELIZABETH & WILLIE Coordinators Tucson Tergar Practice Group a member of Tergar Meditatio ...
Hello Everyone! We are going to the Houston Food bank July 23rd, 2014 from 1:00pm-4:00pm. If there is anyone else that would like to attend PLEASE email me with you name and number. I will need all the names by JUNE 18th, 5:00PM WEDNESDAY. I will submit the names to the food bank that day. This is a great opportunity to serve our community and I'm very proud of all of you. -Sophia Adodo sophia.adodo
Hello Everyone! It's that time again. NEXT Weekend 6-21 & 6-22 we will be selling Zubiate's Salsa at the Dallas Farmers Market. This will be the first double header for us, so come and see us Saturday, Sunday or Both. It is likely we will be located north of Shed 3 next to the market entrance. We will keep you posted on our market location. Hope to see you there!
Hello Everyone!! Last Hope's foster team is looking to add to our ever growing family! We are looking for some people with a little extra space in their home and hearts, someone who is looking for the chance to volunteer with a great organization, and most importantly a love for dogs. If you are interested in applying or getting more information please feel free to shoot us an email at foster We are excited to add some new faces to our team!! Thank you!
Hello Everyone, Here's an update on our upcoming events... July 11th brat fry at Bull's Eye Sports in Marshfield will run 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. August 13th, Fundraiser dinner at Hammer Down Bar Mosinee, dinner will be at 5:30 p.m., drawings at 7 p.m. September 6th, will be a brat fry at Gander Mountain, Rothschild, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Please let us know if you would like to help out. Let's gather together to help fellow hunters this fall!
Hello Everyone!!! I will be in the Dallas, TX area on October 4th for the BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT WOMEN'S...
Hello Everyone once again I'll be at Salon Blue in hacienda heights tomorrow Friday June 13 if you need a Hair Appointment please send a message!
Hello Everyone!!! Thursday and Friday Specials Del Monte canned green beans, whole and cream corn .79 cents Hunts manwich $1 Van Camp pork and beans 2 for $1 Barilla pastas $1.25 Hope everyone has a great day and a great weekend Remember The Brick Street Market has local beef and pork
Hello Everyone :) I've been trying to send this to you on your website but it won't work...My 14 month old son Stryder absolutely loves to dance and I swear everyday he has some new dance move. He dances with Ellen everyday we are home to watch. I know every parent thinks there child is the cutest but seriously mine is :P Hope you enjoy a recent video we took. Hope it brings a smile to at least a few peoples faces :) have a great day Ellen and everyone at the show. We love you guys thank you for being a true inspiration to the world!
Hello Everyone, Just wanted to remind that the 4th annual MexicanAmerican Fiesta will be held next Friday and Saturday June 20th & 21st in Chesaning Showboat Park. We have something for everyone this year and we think this will be the best Fiesta yet!! Scheduled events this year include Men's and Women's softball tournament, bass fishing tournament, horseshoe tournament, volleyball tournament, bed race, food and merchandise vendors, entertainment tent with music Saturday night, homemade wine contest and on Friday night Battle of the Bands. If you are interested in any of these please message me and I can get you more info. Please share this with all your friends and we hope to see everyone out next Friday and Saturday at the 4th annual MexicanAmerican Fiesta June 20th & 21st.
Hello Everyone!!! Well, as you can see Mr. Jim Sullivan has started the countdown so I will continue---57 days to Nats. To update everyone on rooms and such if you need one, haven't gotten one yet or still on the fence about coming to Nationals please get your room asap. They are going fast. We will have the BBQ and auction at the Hampton Parking Lot this year and I am looking for an auctioneer --we do have a sound system this year again--yeah :-) For the BBQ please bring a salad, dessert, chips --we have been fortunate to have the rest donated. Don't forget your favorite auction item. Here are the Hotel details. We will be returning to WACO Historical Society Field in Troy ,Ohio for the 25th Anniversary IH Scout & Light Truck Nationals August 8,9,10 2014!! So on that note---: Hampton Inn 45 Troy Town Drive Troy, OH 45373 ...937.339.7801 Please call and use Scout Nationals as the code for getting the room rate. We have the hotel booked from August 7-10, 2014 (Thursday-Saturday night) 36 Double Quee ...
Hello Everyone, It's not Hackney I'm afraid, but we have a big bouncing beautiful room immediately available in Camden. The room is on the top floor, it's huge and has two large windows that fill the room with afternoon light. Living with four wonderful, quiltbag-friendly types, including a film maker, carpenter, and artist, all very independent, except for the occasional party or session of Carcassone. Kitchen and bathroom are all kept squeaky clean on a rota. £542 a month all in. We're equidistant between chalk farm and camden town station, also with good links to camden road overground and kentish town. We're open for viewings this week Wednesday and Thursday, You can message me here or on mariaalicebirdor kate.rubens Look forward to hearing from you.
Hello Everyone. Like you, we here at "Sign Tim Tebow" were extremely disappointed not to see Tebow picked up last year. QB's were dropping like flys, yet there was not a team brave enough or with enough imagination to bring on one of the most influential athletes of all time. Tebow continues to work hard and train daily in the pursuit of his NFL dream. If Tebow is not giving up, I see no reason we should either. We've come up with an idea that will bring some national attention back to this issue. Stay tuned this week for more details.
Hello Everyone. Please remember to join me at 4pm, Nigerian Time, 6pm Tanzania and 5pm CAT for this week's...
Hello Everyone, How do you feel when you will see again your Regional Vice President & Circle of Champion, Mr. Jamal Uddin on stage to give the training in next International Training Event, Barcelona on Saturday 28th June. I am so much thankful to the Co-Founder Mr. Mike Cupisz who have given me the opportunity to give the training in Barcelona and I am very excited to be there on stage with full swing, passion, excitement & determination.
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PLEASE SHARE. John Lonergan asks Hello Everyone, Me and Nancy Bartelle are forming a friends of Palmer Cemetery group. We are meeting next Wednesday on June11 at 7:30pm. The meeting will be at my house 1319 E. Montgomery Ave. We need members. Being part of this group will not take a lot of your time. Remember this is a community cemetery with no money coming in. We all know people who are buried there so please help. John Lonergan
Hello Everyone! I'm back in Spore land! (Singapore) I have something to tell you! Any one free this Saturday 7th June? I will be performing at Strepsils The Right Note singing competition as well as doing a special 6 people duet with the finalists! It will be really fun! Come down to Bugis Junction - level 1 Bugis Square (fountain area)!! Love OliviA
Hello Everyone! My son has been playing baseball for an awesome little league in Hayward California, a small city in San Francisco Bay Area. Our city has been experiencing lack of funding for education and sport activities for our children. Frankly, I don’t remember the last time my kids’ school...
Hello Everyone, I had the opportunity to meet with Town Manager Rush of Emerald Isle to discuss our proposition. He explained to me that all of the revenue raised by the parking fees go directly back into maintaining the beach and paying beach officials. They have to maintain the bathrooms and pay an attendant to keep them clean. They have a police officer to keep the order at all times. They have to pay for life guards and the volleyball equipment. Anyways, he went to great lengths to explain to me the history and reasons for the parking fee. He explained that the town of Emerald Isle wanted to target tourists to help pay these fees so that the residents of Emerald Isle wouldn't have to cover the almost $100,000 dollar annual cost on their taxes. The town of Emerald Isle had originally wanted to charge 7 days a week and had decided to scale back to only two days a week to help out locals. While I still feel that a parking pass would be of benefit to both the "local" residents of Carteret County and the . ...
Hello Everyone!!! It's been a while since I have posted anything about Team Alan's events so here we go! Our next event is our Junior Sponsored Walk on Saturday 2nd August. The walk will be around the Heritage Loch in East Kilbride, if you have any little princesses or pirates that you would like to register, message the Team Alan page, or e-mail teamalanmdc Later in August, Spotlight Youth Theatre Club will be presenting "Broadway and Beyond" in Mossneuk Parish Church. Tickets will be priced £5/£4 conc and will take place on Saturday 30th August. If you would like to buy tickets, you can get in touch through the page, or e-mail Team Alan on the address above. There is also, two events in the pipeline and once I have some more concrete plans I will tell all! Thanks for all or your continued support! You really are making a difference! :) Lorna
Hello Everyone! I have Window 7, Home Premium (32 Bit), I recently replaced my hard disk and installed the windows again, I am not able to update windows after this ( I have even tried to install windows again but similar results) I can't update .net4 or .net4.5 too...Anyone who can guide or show some light on this...Thanks in Advance :)
Hello Everyone! The next meeting is coming up on Sunday, June 8, at 3:00 pm. It will be at the Vianney Center at St. John Vianney. Funny how that works, huh? So come on out then, if you can, please, pretty please? We will pray together and talk about all the exciting things that are in store for us for the summer . . . except for Father Victor leaving us. That's not so exciting.
Hello Everyone!. It's that time of year again - time to select the committee directors for Dance Marathon at UIC...
Hello Everyone. I am also a victim of this evil, Lease Finance Group. I signed a contract with Payment system last July, about a year ago. The agent name was Paul Wright. He never told me about the card machine lease agreement. When I asked about the card machine. He said that there is only one time charge, about $120. He also said that should I close my restaurant, there would be no early termination fee. I was never explained that there was a contract with this evil. I never saw that kind of contract when I signed. I think the agent altered the contract after he got my sign. A week later, like everyone here, I received a letter from Lease Finance Group that I had a non-cancellable 5 year contract with them. I had to pay $141 every month sice then until I closed my bank account. I closed my restaurant last october, 31st. After I closed my bank account on last December, the evil continues to call and threaten me. Today, I received their letter, saying that " As per your signed lease agreement with LFG, .. ...
Hello Everyone! Thank you to everyone who applied to be on the Executive Team for Get Real UAlberta! The people and their corresponding positions are as follows: Co-Director/VP Finance - Mark Ryan VP Communication - Luc Tellier VP External - Mack Brown VP Internal - Megan Lazaro VP Events - Bradley Fitzsimmons Congrats everyone! I look forward to working and having fun with all of you!
Hello Everyone, Suzy Baker (a long time PA in the real estate profession) and Robbie Baker (Minorcan Movers) needs your support and participation in a blood drive scheduled for June 10th from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm at Watson Realty Corp at US 1 and Old Moultrie Road. Robbie Baker has Aplastic Anemia and needs blood. If you give blood, be sure to give it in Robbie Baker’s name and he will get credit at the Blood Alliance. Please keep Robbie Baker and his family in your thoughts and prayers as he battles Aplastic Anemia. Thank you, Old City Life.
"A Gift from the Heart" Hello Everyone! I am so amazed at how generous you all are! Every time there is a need for anything, you all step right up! Our blood drive is this Sunday and will to be a HUGE success and such a blessing to the community! I'm so excited to be a part of something so wonderful! It's such a great opportunity to take just a few minutes to make a BIG difference in someone's life! If you were hoping to sign up but haven't yet, you are in luck! A few spots are still available. If you're interested in a particular time email me at kidsofholThank you again for always giving it all you've got!--Misty Bone, Director of Youth & Family Ministry.
Hello Everyone!!! I am a contestant in the Columbia's Miss Born Natural Pageant!!! Showtime is July 19th!!! If...
Hello Everyone! Lawrence C. Kelley Chaper order of Demolay is hosting SPORTSTACULAR GAME NIGHT and Parent Orientation Saturday, May 31st 5:30pm to 10pm, parent info will be at 6pm Burbank Masonic Center 406 Irving Dr, Burbank CA 91504 Come hangout with the LCK chapter, cost is free and all prospects and Demolays are welcome
Hello Everyone, May 31st is TELUS day of Giving. Being that Andre's Electronic Experts are the BEST TELUS dealer around! Andre's will be match the dollar amount of food collected in each location. So be awesome and bring down a non perishable food item to Andre's Electronic Experts located on 2591 Vance Rd Here is a look at what TELUS gave back last year. In 2013, TELUS Day of Giving took place on May 25, bringing together more than 14,000 volunteers at over 500 activities across Canada. Here’s a snap shot of the impact we made: • 5,309 bags of waste collected from river valleys, parks, and fields • 31,891 meals prepared or served to the homeless and those in need • 213,945 pounds of food sorted at food banks • 9,171 trees and plants planted in parks and gardens • 10,500 Kits for Kids assembled to provide school supplies to students in inner city schools • 1,625 Comfort Kids assembled for the homeless • 230,463 breast cancer ribbons tied for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Hello Everyone :) So I got my offers while ago but I couldn't decide between Mcmaster Life Sci and UTSC Life Sci for so long. Finally, I accepted the UTSC offer this week and I don't think I will be regretting it :) So I finally decided to post my about me :P Name / Nickname: Javal Sheth, my name is pretty small so most people don't use a nickname LOL but everyone pronounces it weirdly and now I am just use to it. About Yourself: I moved to Canada in grade 7 from India, and I think it was one of the best decisions I made :P. I am quiet around people before they know me well. Once you know me, I will be a very different person. I love meeting new people and making new friends, so hope to make some awesome friends at uni :). Hometown: Scarborough High School: Agincourt Collegiate Institute Age: 18 Faculty: Life Science Intended major: Cell and Molecular (might change tho :$) Favorite Music: Don't have one, I love to listen to all kind of music depending on mood. Favourite TV Shows: Big Bang Theory, How I me ...
Hello Everyone, As the regular season winds down, I think about the amazing growth our kids have made this year. I have been fortunate to witness many "firsts" during the season; first hits off the coach pitch machine, first hits off the machine pitch, first hits off live pitching, first catch of a thrown ball, first home run, first pitch for a strike, etc. The joy shown on the player's face after these milestones is the currency that keeps our volunteers coming back year after year. Thank you to the parents for entrusting your most precious belonging to our league. We will be looking at the division standings and score books as we prepare for the City Championship Tournaments and All-Star Tournaments. For the AAA, Major, & Senior Divisions, there will be City Championship play. The AAA and Major divisions will play the week of June 9-13. The Seniors will play immediately following their regular season. The All-Star season will start with the announcement of the teams during the week of the City Champ ...
Hello Everyone! My name is Audrey Midkiff, I am currently a junior at Eastern Kentucky University! I'm a public relations major with a minor in international studies. I'm from Paducah, Kentucky but currently live in Richmond. Just a little about me, I am a complete Harry Potter nerd (as you might be able to tell from the picture). I love exploring new places, I did an internship at Disney World in Orlando 3 semesters ago and fell in love with the city. I have always known that studying abroad was something I really wanted to do. This will be my first adventure outside of the United States so I'm very excited, and of course a little anxious. I am the only person from Eastern going on this trip so I really look forward to meeting all of you. I can't wait to get to know you all better as we take this journey together! See you all soon!
Hello Everyone! I have some Princeton Review books that I'd be willing to sell for around 5 dollars to anyone who is interested. They are in good condition and have no highlighting and minimal pencil markings. If you or someone you know is interested, let me know. I have as follows: -AP World History -AP United States History -AP European History -AP Literature and Composition -AP Language and Composition
Kroger Community Rewards Program & OCAF Partnership Opportunity Friday, May 23, 2014* Hello Everyone! We are excited to inform you about a new opportunity we’ve setup with Kroger. Through their new “Kroger Community Rewards Program,” Kroger has dedicated $1.5 million to help local charitable organizations, including the OCAF! The best part is this can be setup quickly and easily through your Kroger Plus Card. We now need your help in getting family members and friends to register their Kroger Plus cards online! Please see below for easy setup instructions:Be sure to have your Kroger Plus card handy and register your card with our organization after you sign up.If you do not yet have a Kroger Plus card, they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger.Click on Sign In/RegisterIf you are a new online customer, you must click on SIGN UP TODAY in the ‘New Customer?’ box.Sign up for a Kroger Rewards Account by entering zip code, clicking on favorite store, entering your email address, ...
Hello Everyone, Just a reminder that the YM car wash and bake sale fundraiser for scout camp is tomorrow from 10am-2pm. Please come and get your car washed (even if it is raining) and buy some of our baked goods. Also, if you signed up to make some kind of baked good, please message me to let me know that you can still make something and if you need me to pick them up tomorrow morning! Thanks!
Hello Everyone, I would like to hear from the Millard Fillmore Gates group if there would be intrest in purchacing " GATES " T-Shirts" @ the Re-Union Picnic on Saturday September 6th. They would cost under $10.00. Happy Memorial Day to All !!
Hello Everyone, APAC's name has been changed to Advanced Placement Activities Club. The abbreviation, APAC will be invariant. APAC will begin to be offering AP Physics and AP Statistics (and possibly AP Biology) in future classes. If there are any other AP courses you wish to learn, feel free to inform us and we'll do our best to accommodate.
Hello Everyone! I would like to give out some information about some things that effect Rosamond. 1) Members of the Rosamond Chamber are in communication with the Bank of the Sierra about opening a branch in Rosamond. They are interested but we do not have anything in writing yet. I can not confirm anything about Chase Bank or Edwards Federal Credit Union as I have not heard anything new at this point in time. 2) We have been informed that the "Diamond St. Project" has been delayed to at least the end of September. For those of you who don't know this is a Roads project that will put in a new street, curbs, lights, and parking downtown on Diamond St. We will have more information on this project after June 25 as that is when it is being voted on up in Sacramento. 3) The Chamber is looking for business owners in the RENEWBIZ zone (20th West - Sierra Highway & Rosamond Blvd - Orange) who are interested in a grants to fix up the exterior of their business. There is a new Grant Cycle coming soon and we would ...
ATTENTION!!! Hello Everyone!!! Don't forget to stop out to Shaw's Bar and Grill on Sunday for Deborah Antiel's Benefit! It's from 2pm-6pm! There will be Live Music from Elijah Adam and many of his musician friends!!! So Don't miss this great time!! It's a $10 donation per person at the door to attend the concert and silent auction. You will receive a raffle ticket for your donation, and be entered into the raffle drawing. We will be calling out winners for gift cards and other small prizes from 2pm-6pm. You can buy extra raffle tickets for extra chances to win for $1 each. The Silent Auction will run from 2pm-4pm, so be sure to stop in before 4pm to get your bids in. We have LOTS of great items! CASH only will be accepted at the door and for raffle tickets. We will accept CASH AND CHECKS for the Silent Auction. We are not equip to accept Credit Cards, so BRING CASH, and YOUR CHECK BOOK if you plan to bid on silent auction items. There is an ATM on site at Shaws. There will be food and drinks available for ...
Hello Everyone, On Sunday, June 22nd, There will be a Summer Scamper Run held at Stanford University. It is a 5k Run/Walk, 10K, and Kids Fun Run. There are fun games for kids to enjoy during the run. It you would like to support, please go to the my Team Page ( Or simply check out this even for more information. Thank You, Arturo Retana
Hello Everyone, Employee who is Good in French and is an Oracle Database Administrator is needed.Please see below: " We are herewith enclosing the URGENT requirements we have at various African Locations for FRENCH speaking Oracle DBAs and Linux System Administrators. Enclosed are the JD and other relevant details. We request you to kindly share your references (friends, acquaintances, family members) who suit these requirements. They could be any AFRICAN NATIONAL."
Hello Everyone! Quick question for you all??? What are some suggestions you have for the freshman orientation? I know you all went to one so please give feedback!!
Hello Everyone, Well here it is "Pain" is finally here and done. I worked weeks on this production and i couldn't have asked for it to be better! This short film is a documentary about bullying in the West Bend School District And the West Bend East and West High Schools. Please watch and enjoy. runtime is 22 minutes Please Share!:)
Hello Everyone, the Barbara C. Moore Youth Alumni is having a Reunion planning and Business meeting to elect officers. Saturday, June 14th from 3:30 - 5:30pm at Olive Garden Merritt Island. We would then like to attend The Male Chorus Anniversary also which starts at 6pm at the Church. Please pass this on to anyone I may have missed. Please let me know by June 7th if you are attending. Meal is your responsibility!
Little Giant Ladders
Hello Everyone. I am in the process of finalizing my selections on who to cast my ballots for in the Primary. I have most of them selected, but there are three positions that I am having a hard time making a choice of a candidate for, and I was wondering if anyone here could perhaps cast some light on these individuals in order to help me narrow it down. It may help you to tell me what I need to know, if you know that I hope to select candidates who are social conservatives but economic moderates. In your response, I would like if you would not only tell who, but also why. The positions and candidates are as follows: 1. U.S. Congress: Ann Clemmer OR Colonel Conrad Reynolds 2. State Treasurer: Duncan Baird OR Dennis Milligan 3. State Supreme Court - Position Two: Tim Cullen OR Robin Wynne Oh, and I am aware that a lot of people are not happy with Duncan Baird because he voted for the Private Option. But, I have also read in various places that Dennis Milligan has some "skeletons" in his closet also: for on ...
Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather. We have open play play from 10:30- 1 pm. hope to see you soon.
Hello Everyone, Guys listen I need some information about University of Swabi, I want to Know that is there Computer Science department in University? Are the Classes helding or not? And when will be the New Admissions open? Thanks in Advance :-)
Hello Everyone,. Before I go it is with a sad and heavy heart that I have heard that Simon Andrews has had a...
Hello Everyone the FAPI(florida association of physicians of Indian origin) is doing a fundraiser for Obesity Awareness from 1-4 pm this Sunday May 18th - at the Indian Cultural center (ICC) magnolia hall- come and support this great cause I will be teaching Zumba - bollylatin style and it will be starting at 2 pm- see you there! Come and join this campaign to help our community fight against obesity. Entry is 10 dollars only!!!
Hello Everyone,   as many know, I am writing a book. A how to guide on how to break into the modeling industry but also a little about my experiences in the industry. Below is the opening to my book. The only piece I will release before the book actually comes out. I would LOVE your thoughts on it, please. Please keep in mind this is before any formal editing, or anything. Just wanted to get it out and get your feedback. I know its a little long but please take the time to read it and tell me what you think.   _     “I am NOT a fashion expert, but…”   “I want to be a model.” I hear a lot of people say this on an everyday basis. The question I usually ask is “why?” I can almost predict every single time the response I will get. “Because I’m pretty,” “I have an amazing body,” “It looks so much fun,” or the most common one, “I like taking pictures.”   I’ve learned over the years that even though I work in the business of beauty, my industry has somewhat very little to ...
Hello Everyone: On Thursday May 29th we will be hosting a Spring Social at Bitmaker Labs from 6-9PM, and you're invited! Come out to mingle with other members of the Toronto tech community, enjoy
Hello Everyone, to those who have looked, the videos were taken down off of the new spent pencils youtube page to be touched up, but they are being uploaded right now, and the Northern Ontario Expo 2014 videos will be back online and shared here momentarily. And following that soon the videos for Free Comic Book Day at Stadium Comics will be up, and the footage from Ottawa Comic-Con 2014. Thank you for your patience.
Hello Everyone from Olena!!! Today I am sharing with you new Wedding Day card I created with beautiful CottageCutz Collections of dies. For this card I used different dies (Floral Notecard, Garden Delight Butterflies and Wedding Day sentiment).
Hello Everyone! Here is my 3rd Gameplay with Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012. I have this game on Origin and my name on Origin is: CRISTIAN1ELITE. Again This...
Hello Everyone! Be sure you have saved the big date!!! On Wednesday May 14th the Staten Island Libertarian Party will be holding their annual convention. Be sure to come because its an important event for everyone! We will be electing this years E-Board and nominating any LP Candidates for local elections. The Convention will start at 8pm on Wednesday May 14th and will be located at 40 Bay Street Staten Island 10301 (Karls Klipper) We hope to see you there and bring friends!!!
Hello Everyone. Josie's laptop has been corrupted and wont turn on. If anyone could send her their lecture notes (jau2) or post them on here for Clinical. She says she can help with stats (They were printed out) in return.
Hello Everyone. I handle . If you have any story related to technology, feel free to mail at thetechbulletin. Also contact to get any product or app reviewed on the awesome techno portal.
Hello Everyone! My name is Treva Crocker director of Venus Athletics, volleyball coach for the Scotts Valley High Varsity Program, and long time club coach at Main Beach Volleyball Club. I wanted to let you all in on a volleyball camp that I will be running this summer I am running a 2 week intensive volleyball camp that will be focusing on not only court volleyball, but also beach volleyball, the mental aspect of the game, and athletic training. The clinic will be offered the 7th through the 18th of July. The days will be Monday through Friday and each clinic will run for 2.5 hours. Jr High program will be running daily from 10:00am-12:30pm. High school program will be from 1:00pm-3:30pm. Locations will be at Scotts Valley High school where we will be focusing on the development of court skills. Main Beach (By the board walk) where we will learn how to play and excel in beach volleyball with drills and live play. For the mental part of the game, which arguably could be the most important part will be he ...
Gardner Farmer Market this Saturday. * Update/Reminder.Desiree will have her massage table and handmade crafts this Saturday.and.spring tomato starts! Hello Everyone! Wow! How about these lovely warm days? Hard to believe only a couple weeks ago we had 14 inches of snow! Hope you're enjoying the warmth, and that your gardens are growing like crazy! We had a lot of fun at last week's market. Hope you can join us this Saturday, May 10th, from 10am to 1pm in front of the Chuckwagon Pavilion, next to the Methodist Church. First La Veta Market: Thursday May 15th from 3pm to 6pm on the green in front of the Library. Bring your Quest card and redeem your food stamps at the Gardner and La Veta markets. Plus, thanks to a Livewell Colorado grant, the Gardner Farmers Market is offering ½ price fresh vegetables and fresh fruits to any household who is below 150% of the federal poverty level. You will not be asked any questions about your income. You will not be asked to provide any proof of your income. This i ...
Hello Everyone - we now have confirmation on our schedule for this weekend. For the 7/8 team, we will have only one playoff game. It will be at 11:00 AM at South Jordan City Park vs. United. I do not have an address for that yet but will get it to you ASAP. For the 9/10 team, we will potentially have two games on Saturday. The first will be at 3:00 PM at South Jordan City Park vs. Summit Academy. If we win that game, we will play Orem that same evening at 6:00 PM at the same place. I will get address info to you as soon as I have it. Thanks, Coach Jones
REPOST!! Hello Everyone! I'm looking for a private room sublet from (earlier/flexible on move-in date) June 1st to August 31st/September 1st. I don't mind a commute but i'm hoping to be as close to Midtown - Broadway Theatre District as possible. Maximum of $800/month (anything lower is welcome!) including all utilities, furnished, A/C and easy access to transit. Quiet, clean, respectful, and easy to get along with. Message me! Thank You!
Hello Everyone, We are having a cupcake sale in Greenwich Park near the entrance towards the Cutty Sark, Come along and enjoy the finest things in life. We will be selling the Oreo Cupcake as a speciality for a sunny day hopefully!!! COME DOWN KEEP YOU POSTED ON DAY OF WHEN SALE STARTS
Hello Everyone! I'm off to San Marcos to attend my (baby) Melanie's graduation from Texas State University. She graduating with a degree in Electronic Media and a minor in.?, I think she said Journalism. I'm so proud of her! Now if she can only find a job. She wants to work in TV or movies. She will work behind the camera doing whatever those electronic media people do. Go ahead and send her a congrats, she's worked very hard. Wish us luck and pray for us .
Hello Everyone, I don't know about you, but I am being spoiled by this weather!! Here is what's happening in the Student Ministry: 1. Wednesday Night Bible Study: We will be having regular Wed night service tonight (May 7th) from 7-8PM here at the Church!! Middle School: We are still in the study, "Girl Talk/Guy Talk 2." This is a great study, so if you haven't been here please get here!! High School: NO Wednesday Nights!! 2. Overflow: We will be having Overflow this week, May 11th from 5-6PM here at the Church!! 3. AfterGlow: We will be having AfterGlow this Sunday, May 11th from 6:30PM-8PM. We will have dinner for you, so come hungry!! 4. Breakfast Clubs: Below is a list of who, what, when and where bclubs will take place... Monday: Holston/Damascus: 7:15am Dairy King!! Tuesday: Battle/Wallace: 7:15am Exit 7 Chick-Fil-A!! Wednesday: Patrick Henry/Glade: 7:15am Exit 29 FasMart/Subway!! Thursday: Abingdon/EB: 7:15am exit 17 McDonald's!! 5. High School!! CIY is fastly approaching (June 9-13th). If you have ...
Megan upset about ole girl following everyone. 😂 "she doesn't even go here"
Hello Everyone Vape Haus Grand Opening is going down May 17th, come and join us for the celebration,…
Hello and welcome everyone to India vs Pakistan opsss I mean Afghanistan vs Nepal in ACC premier league 2014.
Besides, everyone knows that all the true thugs play Hello Kitty Island Adventure.
Hello everyone! We're back from our quick summer trip! Payments for orders sent within the dates we're away will...
Everyone who says hello will one day say goodbye
Hello there everyone, due to the inclement weather for Thursday, we are cancelling our zoo event. Hate for us...
Hello everyone. Just a quick update, Marik is doing well. He is wearing his leg each day and getting pretty good...
LMFAOOO everyone keeps tagging me on this
hello everyone please comment below if you live in my area and want to go out Saturday night I need to have some...
Hello everyone Gavin had a better day today. He got his last chemo treatment for this stage tonight. The infection around the g tube is getting better still painful but better. He had all therapy today done on but not as good as some days. Guess we will have that on this journey. Want to thank everyone for the all the support and prayers. God Bless
Whoa! This is the first time we are entering hello everyone!
Hello morning, Hello Wednesday. Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself
Everyone says hello, will one day says goodbye. Sometime without warning or giving reasons why. Hmmm.
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