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Hello Everyone, on our page, we wish you happy Easter holidays Below is our service packages. ü 24 HOURS; Entebbe...
Hello Everyone, My name is Iyanna Ferguson. Thank you for stopping by! Last month I was selected to participate in the Yale Young Global Scholars program at Yale University this summer. It was truly an honor to be selected as one of only 200 students from 50 states and more than 100 countries. I...
Hello Everyone, Early Birds I will be joining Mark Klein 8am-10am on WUSB-FM (Stony Brook) TOMORROW FRIDAY MORNING. Giving you the happenings this weekend... Check it out in your car or on line !!!
Hello Everyone, Here is another great song from Rod Stewart! This Stardust CD is really good! I am so happy he is doing all of these old classic love songs!!...
Hello Everyone! I believe I have been stricken with Lymes Disease ...I had a nymph tick on my knee about 5 months ago .Red ring around it ... I have progressively been getting more and more symptoms ... I am a Homeopath and I have been seeking natural remedies to lessen the severity. On most days I am unable to leave my couch ... I have found a way to bring in income by becoming a Life Coach for the Online Industry ... I trust and serve the Lord in everything I do and I know there is a reason for everything we go through and I know He is always by our side ...I have been an advocate for Lymes Warriors for almost two years ...this is why I believe this that I suffer with is indeed Lymes ...I would appreciate advice on how you relieve the unbearable joint and muscle pain, the itchy eyes, irregular heartbeat and the tremors where you experience involuntary muscle movement, for starters. Thank you all in advance for your support and I am always here for you to return your support in any way I possibly can ...
Hello Everyone! Well Just a heads Up Miguel Rodriguez and I are thinking about just getting married this summer!!! I really want a small closed ceremony and then have every one meet at the reception to celebrate! We also want a cookout type of reception so summer time would be best and our plans for the beginning!! So I will keep you all informed very soon and you will all receive your invitation to the reception if this is what we choose! thank you
Hello Everyone! Due to weather concerns - we are changing the time of the Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt event to next Sunday (the 27th) and it will now be from 5pm until 7pm. The location has also changed to be here at the church. We will still have the bounce houses, rock wall, and other activities outside. The Easter Egg Hunt will be held in the Worship Center : )
Hello Everyone! Today Thursday our lunch specials are Eclipse di Luna Soup Beef & Vegetables Sandwich ( Vegetarian ) Sauteed Mushrooms with Herb Aioli, Onion, Arugula, and Tomato on Whole Wheat Sandwich Salad with Lettuce and Tomato on Whole Wheat * Your sandwich will come with an Arugula Salad or Spiced Potatoes with Romesco Join us every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 1/2 off Tapas & Well Cocktails from 4pm to 6pm
Hello Everyone! I am opening up slots for a summer course of piano lessons (May-August). If you are interested, please message me for details! Have a great one!
Hello Everyone my Stress Seizures are back I been so stressed the past 2 years because of the Football Team that I Managed & of a girl Sexually Harassing me all the time for the past 2 years & for the past month & A half my new boss hasn't called so im done Being a High School Football Team Manager for good Ps. My wife is freaked out shes worried about my Health how sweet
Hello Everyone, sign up for Summer Camp 2014!. Power packed full of Arts! Performing Arts Academy of CT LLC
Hello Everyone! My name is Maya Wasowicz and I have recently qualified for the USA National Karate Team. I am honored to have the opportunity to represent the United States at the North American Cup as well as the Pan American Championship. I was previously a member of the USA Jr. National Karat...
Hello Everyone! I would personally like to extend my thanks to everyone who has put their time and dedication into FES for the Fall 2013 & Spring 2014 semester. Through our hard work, we've been able to take this student chapter to the next level. Our Halloween Physics Haunted House that our Halloween Committee Board planned and executed with the help of East Campus Physics Professor Angela Maria Cortes turned out to be a big hit! We had many groups of students, parents, and kids going through our Physics Haunted House throughout the night enjoying the applications of science and technology in each project. This event turned out much better than anyone anticipated and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with everyone and accomplish our goal. Our Engineers Week was also well received. We were able to show our appreciation to our professors and advisors for all the hard work they put in by day to day basis. We were also able to reinvigorate that spark that drew us to majoring in engineering thr ...
Hello Everyone! I am looking for a place or room to rent for the 6 weeks of ADF that is in walking or biking distance of Duke East Campus.. Does anyone have any recommendations or in need of a roommate?!
Hello Everyone, Me and Jessica Gould are hoping to open up a bakery/cake shop in Leith Avenue right next to the new One Stop. We are looking for some feed back from the people around the area, to see if anyone would benefit from a bakery in the area. Could you comment on this post if you think it is a good idea or not, we would really like to hear from all of you :) all feed back is welcome. Thank You x
Hello Everyone, just wanted to thank everyone who has supported me in this journey here in Fort Leonard Wood. I'm glad I was able to please lots of people with my work. Unfortunately, due to military orders I will be closing shop here, I will not be taking any additional orders. I will fulfill all orders I currently have to date. Thank you again for your support.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Hello Everyone, An update on the anthology progress. I'm working on gathering together all of the stories to get a page count so that we can start getting some quotes from the printer. Before I get too far, I wanted to check and make sure that I've gotten everyone's work. Here are all of the people I have recieved work from so far. If you have tried to submit something and your name is not on this list let me know. Kevin Richardson Steven Bowman Jim Haas Ken Hall Schuck Brian Wolf Bruce Thomas Rene Blansette Phil Back Nate Jones Brook Hernando Thanks
Hello Everyone! Join me as I present my experience as an intern on campus for a popular woman's brand known as "Victoria Secret PINK"! I will discuss my experience representing for them on campus and talk about interning,honors credit, and answer any other questions y...
COTTA'S KITCHEN WEEKLY SPECIALS 4/15-4/18 Hello Everyone! It's official... I can just hear the faint sound of Sir Peter Cottontail's hippiting and hoppiting down the trail, and that means we are on countdown for Easter. If you are still looking for some sweet ideas, we are your foodie source for the freshest and funnest treats out there!! We have a plethora of Easter baskets and homemade goodies in all different shapes and sizes for you to choose from: Homemade butter cookies decorated in the cutest Easter shapes; our Black & White Almond Toffee and homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies; and savory, crunchy snacks like our Truffle Salted Almonds and Maple Walnuts. Whether you brunch or lunch, hide or hunt, our treats are sure to add that extra special touch to your Easter gifting. Remember, if you placed an order with us, you may pick up your homemade goodies on Friday, between the hours of 11:30 AM and 6:00 PM. A happy and blessed Easter to you all, ~Angela Here's what we're cooking up this week at Cotta's K . ...
Hello Everyone, Hope you all are doing well! This is an original message from (Nye Reh Rock) Rock Reh, " first many thanks and I promise that i will try my best as I can and the second is God be with you and have a good one in the future. I am so happy and deliver due to all my friends willing help me and doing benevolence for me not only as others." On behalf of Rock Reh, thanks for all of your kindly support.
Hello Everyone! We will be having an emergency anime club meeting tomorrow right after school until 4:15pm , please plan to be there! This is regarding our school wide halo 3 tournament taking place on Friday in Mr.Kormos' room , also the cultural festival committee will be meeting again this Wednesday after school on the benches outside, if interested please attend, thank you!
Hello Everyone! So, we're officially announcing PES Summer of Code 2014 and we have some amazing things in store. This year we're expanding participation to all students and not restricting it to PESIT. Hence, all enthusiastic students from any college can register for...
Hello Everyone. I am booking Cooking Shows and Catalog Shows for May! I am offering $5.00 off your order at your show for any cooking show booked on May 6th, 8th, 10th, 17th, or 22nd. Contact me today to schedule a date and time! *May is breast cancer awareness month and two Pink items will be available to purchase!*
Hello Everyone out there. I got a huge dead leg from a dead Deer how was this possible or a Charlie Horse they call it here in Canada it happened last Monday and still hurts on My calf muscles right leg. This was a freak accident any ideas lets be creative this is a true story.
Hello Everyone, Just wanted to let you know that we are doing the International Club Executive Board Elections for 2014-15. If you are interested in running for any of the positions, please send me YOUR NAME and the POSITION you want to run for by 4/15/2014. Positions Available: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and 2 Public Relations Officers. Thank You!
Hello Everyone, Now that we are done with elections, we have a new team taking the helm of the PSA however we still have a few key positions left to fill. Before we start a new year we would like to complete our team so that we can work more efficiently for you. So anyone who is passionate about student life, who wants to be a part of something big and wants to make student life on campus better, we invite you to nominate yourself for the following positions: - Vice President External - Vice President Finance - Recording Secretary You can send in your nomination package ,which will consist of: - A Letter of Intent (that highlights why you want to be a part of the PSA and what you have to offer) - A Résumé To Shahmeran Gillani (Incumbent President) @ "shahmeraby the 18th of April - 23:59 hrs! Incase you want to know more about these positions please refer to the constitution in the link below:
Hello Everyone! I just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself! I am Marci, Nancy's Origami Owl designer for her online Jewelry Bar! Let's face it, we're all too busy for our own good these days. Who wouldn’t enjoy an extra night in, in your comfy PJ's with an adult beverage if you choose and an opportunity to interact with your friends from all over the country while telling your own personalized story through jewelry? Log in RIGHT HERE at 8pm EDT on MONDAY APRIL 21, 2014, I promise to offer you some GREAT FUN, door prizes and product specials that will ONLY be valid the night of the party. I promise it will be a party you won’t want to miss! Now, in preparation for our party, I am going to begin with a game and a FREE prize! You must comment below in order to be entered to win!! We are going to make your Virtual Locket! Please comment below with a charm of your choice that you think belongs in YOUR locket AND why! You have between now DATE to comment to be entered into a drawing! I will draw th ...
Hello Everyone! Jay has a ring-making workshop this weekend so there won't be any open studio on Saturday or Sunday. We will be open today from 1-5 though and would love to see you! The Chasing & Repousse workshop was a great success! We look forward to formulating a weekly group gathering to continue sharing what we've learned, so be on the lookout for that! ~SunshiNe Vekas
Hello Everyone, Spring is finally here and our wedding season is about to begin!! Peacock Road Family Farm is looking for part time weekend workers to help during our wedding season. The positions available are: Food Service Personnel, Customer Service, Parking Attendants, and Tractor Drivers. Please visit our website to print out an application, once you have filled out the application please mail it to the farm. 11854 Peacock Road Laingsburg, MI 48848
Hello Everyone! SAABS will be holding nominations for our future Eboard on April 11, 2014. Open positions are: President Vice President Financial Director Secretary Publicity Director Corporate Relations If you or anyone you know would be great for any of these positions please send your nomination to saabseboardTell us what position you would like and why you think you would be good for this position. Elections will be held on April 15, 2014.
Hello Everyone--Looking forward to another fun Holy Grounds coffee house night on Friday!! Feel free to bring any board games to play!!
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Hello Everyone, our company Omega is a professional recruiting firm providing permanent and temporary staffing solutions to companies across all industries. The verticals we specialize in are Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Engineering, Administrative and Clerical. If you are in need of someone in these professions, send me a message or call me at the office 855-90-OMEGA. You will be thrilled with the results.
Hello Everyone, Is there anyone who may be interested in a study group for Corporate Strategy and Planning and Strategic Marketing Management. Discussions and sharing of ideas , answering past question papers etc. If there is anyone who is interested please in box me and we can start the sharing.
Hello Everyone, The time has come!!! I could not be prouder or more excited. G'eral "Rayla" Crawford us graduating from Wiley "Great Debaters" College with a Bachelors in Mass Communication. Graduation is May 3rd at 7:00 a.m. in Wiley. Please inbox me if you will be joining me in attending and celebrating this major milestone in her life. She will be sending pictures out in the very near future.
Hello Everyone!! Reminder that tomorrow is our Easter party!! Followed by an egg hunt.please make sure to remember your sealed eggs, the more eggs donated the more everyone can take home in their Easter basket. Goodies are welcome. The weather looks like it will be perfect so our egg hunt will be outside. We will also be selling tickets for the Spring Carnival taking place on Saturday also in the school. Games, prizes, raffles, characters all present. Hope to see you there. Thanks, Ana
Hello Everyone, In series 5 of; "THE GREATEST MIRACLE IN THE WORLD", Well here is the 6th series, here goes; I believe it ended with: when you cannot forgive yourself? I address you now, for three reasons. You need me. You are not one of a herd heading for destruction in a gray mass of mediocrity. are a great rarity. Consider a painting from Rembrandt or a bronze by Degas or a violin by stradivarius or a play by Shakespeare. They have great value for two reasons: their creators were masters and they are few in number. Yet there are more than one of each of these. On the reasoning that you are the most valuable treasure on the face of the earth, for you know who created you and there is only one of you. Never, in all the seventy billions humans who have walked this planet since the beginning of time has there been anyone exactly like you. Never, till the end of time, will there be another such as you. You have shown no knowledge or appreciation of your uniqueness. Yet, you are the rarest thing in ...
Hello Everyone! Regrets for not posting sooner. I was out of the country on business travels. This personal testimony was too incredible to not share. Kristen N shares about her chronic pain and constant migraines resultant from a bad car accident, and relief she has now found with the Plexus Fast Relief products. Kristen says: "My personal pain testimony in a long nut shell: Car accident March 2012, herniated disk at C6-7 (base of neck). Developed chronic pain and migraines. After 13 months of Vicodin, expensive muscle relaxers, expensive pain patches, 2 pain injections, 2 steroid injections, a Radio Frequency Ablation that was supposed to burn/kill the nerve endings in my neck around the injury, several prescription meds to mask the pain, not heal the injury, resulting in over 15 pounds of weight gain, decreased function in right hand/arm, migraines 3-5 days a week, a staph infection on my shoulders/back from physical therapy, unable to play with my toddler, I even had to take a medical leave of act ...
Hello Everyone! I am a new manager here! And as a new manager I want you all to trust me to accomplish all your edit requests. And I introduce myself as *GoldenStar*
Hello Everyone! I'm looking to add more classes... Both Pilates mat and Pilates barre . With that being said I'd like to get some input! The days I'd be looking at are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 6am, 4:45pm or 7:30pm. Please provide some feedback on what you would like to see and be able to attend! I'd love to see you there!
Hello Everyone! Stacey here, the new Manager of McArtneys in Ruddington. Thank you to everyone for your support with our relaunch it has been fantastic!! Hope you will all pop in and discover what's new... oh and say hi :) xx
Hello Everyone. I'm having a kids Krav Maga MAKE-UP class this Friday at 5 pm. Hope to see you there. :-)
Hello Everyone! We are selling Auntie Anne's PRETZEL DOGS in Duffield/Statler from April 16th - 18th, 12:30-3:30pm. You can PREORDER your pretzel dogs by following the link here: don't forget to click "GOING" in our event page here: ready for some very delicious pretzel dogs! -Cornell Club of Taiwan
Hello Everyone, ISA's general meeting this week will again be on Monday from 5-6pm in Psych 407. We will play a trivia game regarding International Holidays. We will also talk about the upcoming International Festival :)
Hello Everyone, I've just come back from Dayton trip number one and we had a fantastic time! We didn't move on to the next round unfortunately but they had a great show and it was an incredible experience just being there. I'm really looking forward to Dayton trip number two later this week, except for the 14 hour van rides! The WGI World Championships are truly an exciting place to be! Things will be slowing down for a little bit (although the process has started for the fall season already!) The year is flying by as it usually does. Still waiting for Carnegie Hall and Dayton trip payments from many individuals (totaling thousands of dollars!) Here's what's coming up in the week ahead: Honors Band students should see Mrs. N. after school Monday or Tuesday to take care of the end of quarter appointments. Grades are due Wednesday! Thanks. Monday, April 7, 2014 (red day) 1. Theory packet homework due in Band! 2. TOUR! Percussion and Jr/Sr guard members please report to the auditorium at 7:24 for war ...
Hello Everyone. I am a Nanotech pursuing undergraduate .I have recently applied for Masters in Electrical Engineering for the Fall of 2014 and have received admits form Arizona State University (ASU) (a NNIN college with a Nano centre) and in Sunny Buffalo with RA ( Known for its Micro electronics Lab). I am slightly confused of which will provode better prospects for me in the view of research . I hope this inquiry of mine does not go against any of the rules or aims of the group
Hello Everyone, Not long to go now until the Siege returns to the fantastic Leeds Castle in Kent. As with all good sieges we need your help to reach our car total and of course to help us raise funds for a fantastic charity, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children's Fund. The staff there do an amazing job and I have seen the work they do supporting children with special needs as well as supporting families first hand. As with nearly all charities, funds are so important and through events like this you can really make a difference, seriously.
Hello Everyone! It's been a while but I'm excited to finally confirm the screening for AbraMacabre will be on Saturday 10th May at 6pm! We have a theatre booked but limited seats so please let me know as soon as possible if you'd like to attend and I'll add you to the list. The screening will take place at 20 Dering Street, London, W1S 1AJ (Just off Oxford Street). "What about the wrap party?!" This will follow the screening but at a venue to be confirmed at a later date, I'll keep everyone posted on that one! :-) Please note anyone from Deluxe that this will also be screened at the Town Hall meeting (now at BAFTA I believe) later this month but you're more than welcome to come to the one in May as well, especially as we'll be having the wrap party straight after! Many thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing many of you in May! All the best, Dominic Rossetti
Hello Everyone! Just wanted to take this opportunity to invite you all to church with me...303 Double Churches Rd...Maranatha Baptist church...We are having our missions conference, Sunday - Wednesday pm! All services will be interpreted as needed! Hope to have you join us! ;)
Hello Everyone, Thanks for having me in this room full of 'rejected stuff.' I think I'll fit in just fine because I've been writing for many years, have a degree in English Lit. and published many pieces of journalism and fiction, however I simply do not care enough about publishing my short stories and novels to get past the hundreds of form rejection letters from agents and publishers. So, like many of you here I am self publishing on tumblr, createspace, amazon, smashwords. I hope to find new writers here and post links to some of 'my rejected stuff.' lulz Malcolm Torres
Hello Everyone, Just thought about this now, after Robben's Jibe towards united for their negative approach during their champions league clash and looking at previous claims that chelsea is a team that parks the bus against better opponents, I'll like to know if THERE IS A PROPER WAY TO PLAY FOOTBALL. My take is simple, football is all about outscoring your opponent, no reward for a fantastic losing side, play anyhow and win.
Hello Everyone! A very good sentence for a friday evening!! No stress! :D tones of love for everyone!!!
Hello Everyone:. I will be posting Phase 1 of my LIVE PERFORMANCE dates within the next two weeks if not sooner .
Hello Everyone! I hope to find you all well. I again want to give you an invite to our weekly Bible Discussion on Tuesday Nights! Lately the crowd has been small and I know times may seem a bit tight with work and everything, but remember what Pope Francis says, "Ask Jesus what He wants of you, and be brave." See you next Tuesday @ 7pm! Identify an area of doubt in your life (i.e. your job, finances, health, etc.) and ask God to take away that doubt and to give you the ability to Trust that God will take care of it.
Hello Everyone! In 4 days The Cripple Creek Band will be playing at the 500 Club in Clovis Ca for Big Hat Days! We play on Saturday from 6pm to 10pm. We hope to see all of our Clovis and Central Valley friends!
Hotel Front Desk position (northwest GA): Hello Everyone, . I'm looking for someone who is intere...
Hello Everyone! Gameplay: One On One Match: Rey Mysterio Vs Jinder Mahal Gameplay from: I was talking about the ...
Hello Everyone, As time quickly approaches for you to ponder your slate of E Board members for next year, I want to take the time to encourage ALL of you to nominate yourself or someone else for an office. Follow your gut, believe that you can continue to make this a great club and consider an E Board position. I would love it if you could email me at my NAU email account if you are interested and/or have questions. I will pass this information along to Rachel, the Judicial chair. She is CRAZY busy this week so I am willing to help. Much love, Mom
Hello Everyone, Looking for a Basic CPR/First Aid class ASAP. My cert expired last May, but need it now for work. Please PM me with any info, thanks.
Hello Everyone! We are adjusting to our new lives and seeing God's Hand all around. Tim and I are excited and very expectant about what The Lord is doing in our lives. We also know it's a time in The Lord that each one of you are seeing and will see His Hand begin to turn things around. I see it like a water faucet off one minute then a hand turns on the water it begins to pour. Then I saw it starting out cold then changing to hot. I sense The Lord saying where you felt cold now you are going to sense the passion and presence of The Lord going hot. Then to white hot. He is putting passion and expectation back into us. Let us position ourselves to receive and keep our focus on Him. Walking Kingdom minded and Kingdom purpose. Lord I ask you to break all hinderances on each of us and release us to freely dance this dance with you with no reservations or fear. Break us of our mind sets that are ungodly and rebellious and religious. Lead us into the white hot passion for you. We may move forth into ...
Hello Everyone, Boardman Little League is in need of help! We are in need of a Coach Pitch coach for the second team, they don't have one! Also we need a few more girls for the minors team so we have enough for a team! Also we need volunteers for opening ceremonies and other activities. Please if you can step up to the plate and help we would greatly appreciate it!!
Hello Everyone: We're more or less moved in to our new rental duplex - a lovely place with a guest room, backyard and garage in addition to our living quarters. It has not been an easy week. The previous tenant was just visiting this planet so there was a lot of cleaning to do. (For example, I took a full grocery bag full of lint out of the dryer and dryer exhaust tube - a major fire hazard!) I also had to do a small reno on the rental suite downstairs - move cupboards and a baseboard heater and paint - and find a new tenant for April 1st. Having arrived ten weeks ago with eight suitcases there was also a certain amount of furniture to find and buy. (Less than one might think, thanks to my generous friends. Thank you all!) Telus's 42 inch 'free' TV has arrived. The kids are in TV heaven. Back to school for Danny tomorrow, after a less-than-exciting Spring Break. I have some well-paid ESL tutoring work for the next 3 weeks. So far it seems there's no jobs here, but lots of casual work, so we're keeping the ...
Hello Everyone from Foxwoods! Tonight 1 show 8:00 than bowling at MGM Celebrity bowling tonight. Hey all my friends This weekend support a comedy club near you! Giggles always a super line-up Dave Russo Kowloon Paul D'Angelo & Christine Hurley Lots of Laughs Mike McDonald It's been proven laughter is the best medicine!
Hello Everyone, I will be singing a beautiful solo work of 4 Hymns by Ralph Vaughn Williams for Tenor, Piano, and Viola. It's very complex but hauntingly beautiful 20th Century music written by Vaughn Williams during World War I. I would love for my local South Florida friends to come and hear me sing in person. It is this Sunday at 5 p.m. in Coral Springs. My performance will happen towards the end of the whole service. It's a free event and should be very uplifting. My out of town friends and family can watch the whole performance on line at I hope you're all doing well!!!
Hello Everyone...I am very soon to be a graduate from a Dental Hygiene school. I am in a very desperate need of a patient for my Northeast Regional Dental Hygiene board exam . If anybody has not had their teeth clean In a year and half to two or three years, or more and is interested in helping me out please let me know ASAP!!! It will be on Sunday, April 13th in the afternoon in NYU. I will love you forever and I will definitely compensate $... Thank you.
Hello Everyone, We are pleased to invite all of you who are interested to our open house this coming Sunday, March 30. Here is the schedule: 10:30 - 11:00 meet and greet 11:00 - 1:00 business meeting 1:00 - 2:00 tour of property and facilities 2:00 - 4:00 potluck and social Feel free to join us for any or all of these events, you are more than welcome! The weather is calling for rain, so you may want to bring boots and raincoats for the tour. If you want to go and need a ride, let us know and we will get you into a carpool. We are located at 3388 Barss Corner Rd, Parkdale, NS. Take 103, exit 11, right, 32 km inland, directly across from Farmington road intersection. If you can't make it this weekend, and would like a private tour at some other time, or have any questions, please contact Rowan at 818-8395 (cell). Feel free to bring a food treat or dish to share, but don't feel obligated to do so. We hope to have a good turn out this weekend and it would be good to see you there! Cheers!
Hello Everyone! The InterFraternity Council is officially endorsing Alexander Larry Liu for SA President. As the previous IFC President, we are confident that Alex has both the right experience and the right attitude to lead the Student Association next year! For Vice President of Finance, the InterFraternity Council will be endorsing Ethan Shepherd. He's got the right vision for the office and we know he can get the job done. So make sure you get your votes in for SA elections starting tonight at midnight and going until 6pm tomorrow! Best Regards, The InterFraternity Council: AEPi, Chi Phi, Delta Sig, Kappa Sig, Lambdas, Pike, Pi Kapp, Pi Lam, Phi Psi, SAE, Sig Rho, TAU, TEP, TKE, Theta Chi, TDX, Zeta Psi
Hello Everyone, Our first Church Connect Group Meeting for the Spring Season is tonight at Steve and Sandy's Home @ 7:00pm. We look forward to seeing all of you to study the Word of God along with Fellowship and Breaking of Bread together. Be Blessed, Elijah Jackson
Hello Everyone, So we will be dual approving our JP's with SBRA! Non-members ARE allowed to still compete as long as they pay the MBRA non-member fee of $5 (this is what covers them for insurance purposes) I have confirmed this with the SBRA and with our district rep Katlyn Mckay. the exact email I got from the SBRA is "the SBRA can Dual approve with the MBRA, because of your insurance, and yes the $5. fee is for Insurance purposes. As long as the SBRA member is on the active member list they can compete as a SBRA member and it will count towards finals if that is her desire. Go ahead." MBRA is our lead and therefore their rules are the ones we will follow. I hope this clears up any confusion regarding who can and cannot attend our dual approved JP's!
Hello Everyone! I would like to inform you of an occurrence that happened this evening. I went to a 'Coffee and Conversation with City Hall' in Huber Heights because I had heard that they were being approached by a few residents regarding having chickens within city limits. Much to my chagrin, this never came about. However, I used this opportunity to thank those in City Hall positions that enabled us to begin our community garden initiative and inform them of our awards received this past weekend. I was met with grand applause. I was also approached by Jan Vargo, Councilwoman at Large, to provide information to her on our status and awards for a spot on the city's webpage and for the Huber Heights Courier newspaper! Amazing how things just fall into place at times! Thanks to each and everyone of you for being awesome! Nu Pi Rocks! Brenda Jarvis Vice President Nu Pi Chapter Vice President Ohio Regional Division Phi Theta Kappa
Hello Everyone,... Here FYI.. WGAD Golf 2014 Season yay !! This is...1st Golf Tournament...Come on Join Fun & Play Golf! *On Saturday March 29th - WGAD 1st Tournament time @ 2 pm Meadow brook Golf Course..Cost $30 with Cart. *** Please Sign up who's in by Friday* Direction to Meadow Brook Golf Course.. On I-15 coming South..Take Exit 3300 South. Turn Right (West) on 3300 South. Turn Left on 1200 West it becomes 1300 West. Once you past 3900 South the golf course is on the Left. Any Questions & Please let me know.. See Ya All there !
Hello Everyone, My name is LaTunja Adams Caster and I am running for 2014 Candidate for the office of Revenue Commissioner of Washington County. I am a long-time resident of McIntosh, Alabama where I live with my husband, Marcus Caster and three children (Peyton, Mackenzy, and Micah). Many of you know me as your classmate, patron, friend, family member, co-worker, and Christian in the faith. I have been involved locally with the United Way, several Christmas charities, Boys Scouts of America, cancer fundraisers and local schools. It would truly be an honor to serve you in this great capacity as Washington County Revenue Commissioner. Being a taxpayer, myself, I am well aware of the issues surrounding the stability and predictability in reference to the property taxes and the distribution of funds. It is my aim as Revenue Commissioner to ensure the office runs efficiently as possible and to ensure ethically sound practices are enforced. The residents of Washington County work hard for their money and sh .. ...
Hello Everyone: I have been playing this game for 3 weeks now and have enjoyed every moment. As you all are so friendly, kind and generous it has taken no time to build up my coins and bucks. (oh & a few lucky spins on the Frenzy slots) :D I have a whole tank of goodies - 79 fish & 50 Decos that I would like to give away to someone who is also starting out. So if you are LEVEL 60 or Below Please choose a number between 1 - 200 and in one hour I will do a random select :D :D :D Good luck !
Bolly Monday (Suman's Catering, Indian Cuisine) Mar 24, 5-8:00 at Fullsteam Brewery, 726 Rigsbee Avenue Durham, NC 27701 (919) 682-2337 Om...ens! After having been flipped horizontally, the Om is now facing in the direction it should. An omen of good things, especially for me, with my new-found improvement in mental health, excitement about upcoming trip to India, flowing of creative juices, sunshine... FYI, A review: "Hey Suman...if you can make it up to Madison Wisconsin I'd love to have another taste of your magic. We moved and I left FHI in mid-December! Hope all is well with you." Me: "Sorry Grant, don't deliver north of the Mason Dixon! I am well, thank you. Hope you are and the family. Take care!" Hello Everyone!: Parking is easy! Please note, there is FREE parking at Motorco, on Mondays...via the Geer Street entrance, just drive around the back. It puts you right at Rigsbee Avenue, across from Fullsteam. We will be there rain, thunderstorms or shine! So dash in and pick up your dinners or eat in a ...
Hello Everyone, The Lord has blessed me with more opportunities to serve him. Beginning TONIGHT: Let's join together at the Temple University Student Life Center for a fun multi-college Christian Fellowship. It's a FREE event, where we would greet, meet, mingle, and have LOTS of fun with many other Christians. It's located between 13th Streets and Montgomery Street in the SAC (Student Center) room 200B beginning at 7:30pm THEN join me again tomorrow as we join the Temple Gospel Ministries and traveling to Faith Tabernacle House of Prayer located at 542 Dekalb Street Norristown, PA 19401. For yet another chance to glorify God with many other organizations and ministries as we come and join together in song. It begins at 7pm and ends at 9pm FREE. Then the Temple Gospel Ministries invites EVERYONE to their Christian Spring Concert on Saturday April 19th 2014. More information will be here soon. Thanks and hope to see you all there!. And come as you are!
Hello Everyone, I'm a freelance graphic designer. I provide great service and offers, if you need anything created let me know. Leave a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Hope to work with you soon, Kind Regards Francesca Jaffrey
~~ It's HIRING TIME !!! Hello Everyone! I hope this letter catches you in the best of times. ~~ . . . A multi-national company is in need of 20 Medical Representatives with at least 2 years of sales experience in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry. Preferred applicants are between 23 to 30 years of age. . . . The hiring rate is P22,000.00; with a new company car & unlimited incentives based on sales. Other compensation & benefits will be discussed during the interview process. For interested applicants you may send your updated CV to my FB via PM or to my email address brendzstarr ~~ . . . This is an urgent requirement. Kindly send your CV not later than March 25, 2014. . . . The 1st interview will happen most probably next Friday, March 28, from 6-9pm, at the Bonifacio Global City ! . . . Cheers! :) :) :)
Hello Everyone, Final reminder that PRE-SALE for Rita Davenport ENDS TONIGHT at 11:30PM. Once the PRE-SALE has ended TICKETS WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE. Remember PRE-SALE is for us Independent Consultants ONLY, so take advantage TODAY!!! Remaining tickets, if there are any left, will be released to Rita's Fanbase & the General Public Monday, March 31st, however there are NO GUARANTEES!! Message your upline RVP for PRE-SALE Promo Code or message me :) Ticket link at Thank you for your love & support!! XoXo ;)
Hello Everyone! I have been a lurker of this group page but I thought I would say hello and express my appreciation of this group page. Thank you Kevin James Bennett!
Hello Everyone am using this opportunity to in introduce our on-going promo to all our new and current customers around the world. We supply All brand of mobile phones like Apple,Samsung, Blackberry in wholesalers To Europe, USA , UK ,Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa E.t.c. All our products and brand new, factory sealed with complete accessories . We don't sell clone phones nor a replica. CONTACT US FOR A FASTER RESPONSE : ozmobilephoneltd We sell to individuals, big and upcoming companies. You can buy 1 unit or more from us. We offer BUY 2 Unit and GET 1 FREE Unit With FREE SHIPPING. Why buy from us ? * Your privacy is guaranteed * Our prices are second to none * Insurance Secured Transactions * We ship Monday to Saturday. * Free shipping on qualified orders * We offer a reasonable discount on bulk purchase * We ship the same day after confirmation of payment. * We offer a 45-days return policy and a 100% money back guarantee. Our On-Going PROMO Includes : Buy 2 units and get 1 unit FREE Buy 4 units and . ...
Hello Everyone!! We are a new community helping people find jobs and companies that offer amazing PERKS to their employees. PERKS meaning work from home options, paid time off to travel, full health benefits, in office yoga sessions and/or just all around kick *** positions! We are working on getting our website up which will have more information but for now we will be posting job listings and links to companies that shoot for the moon when it comes to taking care of their employees. Please stay tuned as we continue to develop this idea...we have so much more to come!!
Hello Everyone, We want to invite you to a very cool upcoming swing dance event! First, we want to introduce ourselves to you as the Freedom Fellowship Missions Team to Guatemala. We have been going to Guatemala for over 15 years. In which time we have done various ministries from helping to build churches, to evangelism and women and children’s outreach ministries. We are excited about this year’s mission trip and hope you all can be a part of it, by attending our upcoming fundraiser/swing dance. On Friday April 11 from 6:30 t0 9:00, we will be hosting a swing dance at Killarney Baptist Church, 701 Formosa Ave Winter Park, FL 32789. Just east of I-4 exit 87 at the corner of Fairbanks Ave. and Formosa Ave. Additionally, before the main dance event, we will have a practice dance on Mon. MARCH 31st 7:00-8:30 at Freedom Fellowship church, 5631 Gilliam Road, Orlando, FL 32818. We would love to have you to join us to help celebrate friendship and fun in a safe family friendly environment. This event is aim ...
Hello Everyone, Our next meeting is right around the corner. We will be at Kaplan University, located at 201 W. Wisconsin Ave, on Thursday March 27th. Our presenter is Wandy Miezio, Office of Economic Advisors. Ms. Miezio will be talking about the state of the economy. For parking - everyone should park in the "Shops of Grand Avenue" parking structure and the entrance to the ramp is on 2nd St. between Wisconsin and Michigan Aves. Guests should bring their parking ticket in with them so Kaplan staff can validate it and parking will be free. Kaplan University is located on the SW corner of 2nd & Wisconsin and the entrance faces Wisconsin Ave. We hope you can join us!
Hello Everyone :)) The Question Today : What is your favorite team why / why not ? For me .. I like the DK team ... Reason : They are really perfect teamwork & i love their computer accessories :)) -Alexo- & -Rawan-
Hello Everyone - dont forget today is the day of our book sale to raise money for the Classics Society. There are some fantastic books down in the resources room (HumSS G40) at affordable prices. While you are there you can also vote for your new committee members fro 2014/5 before the AGM tonight at 6pm. All are welcome to join the AGM put forward any ideas for the next year. thanks :)
Hello Everyone, I have started my healing practice, and available too see those who want to experience healing and discovering themselves. Handing out my business cards, always raises the question, What is ‘The Reconnective Healing’? and the answer I give, "Reconnective Healing is a more comprehensive healing spectrum, that includes yet expands beyond any and all known forms of “energy” healing, researched and supported to date, by some of today’s most immanent scientists”. Other questions, "so what is a 'Reconnective Healing Practitioner' or what does Reconnective Healing, mean or do"? As a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, and facilitator, there is an opportunity for people to experience what is called the new frequencies of healing. Reconnective Healing brings the client up "to a higher level...magnetolectric energy", a phrase termed by (Dr. Tiller, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University). During the sessions, there is a palpable change felt, in the physical properties of the room or spa ...
Hello Everyone, I received some sad news today that Joe Rubel passed away on January 22nd. It was a sudden Fatal Heart attack. Nancy has been overcome with grief. If any of you were close acquaintances, please reach out to her. She could use some comfort. She will not be returning in April as planned. Nancy said ODW Pine country has so many memories! Thoughts and prayers to the family!
Hello Everyone, Do YOU or ANYONE you know drink coffee, tea or even hot chocolate at least occasionally? If the answer to my question is YES please read below. The fastest momentum company in the world has launched in 35 countries across the world in just 5 years, ORGANO GOLD! I am looking for motivated business partners who are interested in tying their income to the populations habits! I am looking for just a FEW SERIOUS BUSINESS INVESTORS who are SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED! Is this you? Our global company is creating wealth now for the people who truly want to make a difference in their lives! Our global Healthy Coffee business, ORGANO GOLD USA, UK, France, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Peru, Jamaica, Canada, Spain, Japan, Ecuador, Russia, Kazakistan, Kenya, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Czech, Slovenia, Netherlands, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Portugal is open! If you are interested, INBOX ME or SEND ME A FRIEND REQUEST! SERI ...
Hello Everyone! Just a reminder with SO many AWESOME team fundraisers coming up PLEASE mark your calendars to support one another! We have a few more added to the list as well :) March 22: Team Love, Hope, Relay is hosting a retaurant night at Texas Roadhouse from 12-5pm March 29: Team Life is worth living is hosting a spaghetti dinner at St. Andrews Lodge (18 Turner Ave.) from 5pm-8pm April 6: Dream Team is hosting a Cut-A...-Thon at Cole Michael Salon (437 North Broadway) from 9am-3pm April 12: Kicking Cancer to the Curb is hosting a fun night out with food, music, drinks and more at Luxury Box (350 Fall River Ave) from 6pm-8pm April 13: AYSO is hosting an East Egg Hunt at Kent Heights Park beginning at 12pm April 17: RFL Superheroes are hosting a fundraiser at Skyzone from 3pm-8pm April 18th: AYSO is hosting a drink and dabble night at 6:30pm at B. Pinelli's Restaurant (736 N. Broadway, East Providence) May 16: AYSO is hosting BINGO night at Riverside Middle School starting at 6pm!
fyi: This message went out via GWSSA list serv. - Hello Everyone, As you now know, our GPD Ratiba has resigned. We would like to call an *emergency* meeting to discuss this and draft a student response. There are many unanswered questions, such as: why did Ratiba step down? what are the implications for current (and future) students? what are the systemic issues in our program that have led to so much instability? Time: 5:00 PM this Wednesday (March 19th) Location: GFWS Grad Lounge There will be TTC tokens, and some food, for those who attend. All students are welcome! Feel free to bring snacks! Other items to discuss. Volunteers needed for all of these: - Planning the upcoming GWSSA-funded party - Organizing an orientation/welcome event for incoming students in September (social activities, a campus tour, a "what you need to know to survive at York" packet, etc.) - Creating a GWSSA website - Compiling a list of "must do/fix" items for our program (admin things) - Organizing a GFWS student symposium. Some ...
Hello Everyone! For those of you who are not aware, many of my close family members have been seriously harmed by cancer. Someone who is a huge inspiration is my dad. He is currently battling another difficult round of Melanoma yet through his struggles he always does his best to support anyone who is struggling with the same disease. I have made a decision to do something totally out of my comfort zone. I will be running the bridge to Brisbane this fathers day in support for my dad and other members of family struggling with cancer. I will be raising as much money as possible for a cancer charity of my dad's choice! This page will be filled with my updates and blogs on my training as well as opportunities for you to sponsor me if you wish. Most of all I would really appreciate it if you all like this page and support me on my journey to completely change my fitness to run this race for my family and for a charity for cancer.
Hello Everyone, Thank you for the add. I am a storyteller and I depict John Chapman ... (Johnny Appleseed ) in character for the last 28 years. I am looking for bookings at Events, Schools, Libraries , etc . I entertain others and tell about my life on the Frontier as a real character from 1800 through the 1840s. Please contact me if you know of anyone who would be interested in a visit from "Johnny Appleseed".
Hello Everyone, Just a friendly reminder about the music video this Sunday at 10 a.m. Location: 25670 Fairview Ave, Hemet Ca 92544. There will be free food and a special appearance from No Limit car club from perris! We also will have free food and drinks. Come out and...
Hello Everyone! Winter is almost over & the very 1st benefit for The Ryan Patrick Kennedy House is almost here. Come join us over at The One House, One Dream Benefit at Bourbon St, in Merrionette Park, IL, on March 23rd, from 1 to 6pm. You can buy tickets at the eventprice page or at the door. We have some great silent auction items & raffles. Hope to see you there!!
Hello Everyone! My wife and I live in East Hollywood, Ca and we love Jesus!! Thanks to Silvana for the invite to this awesome page! I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. - Galatians 2:20
Hello Everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all at the Annual Membership Appreciation Dinner tomorrow night at the Outside Inn in Sierra Vista (see post below). Thank you all for the RSVP response, and looking forward to an evening of good food, Comrades and Patriotism.
Hello Everyone! We are very happy to announce the new dates of "Back to Basics" Tour 2014 A new Solo Acoustic Show of the Old Songs, New Songs and the Stories in between.. Save it - Mark it - Share it :)) Online Tickets: 28/3 - Tel Aviv - TEL-AVIV - Heichal Hatarbut - SZCZECIN - Pomeranian Dukes Castle 25/6 - WROCLAW - Auditorium Hall - WARSAW - Summer theatre - BUCHAREST - Wonderday Festival - SOFIA - NDK Luxembourg & Brussels -
Hello Everyone! We are seeking a Chief Stewardess/Purser for a 55m+ private high caliber motor yacht. Candidate must be an experienced Chief Stew who is very well presented with a good style and who is down to earth, great personality etc etc. This position needs to be on top of everything all the time. A very high level of organization and attention to detail is needed for this role to be successful. Please e-mail us of your interest: infocall us at: 754.223.5382 Thank you!!
Hello Everyone! Just a quick up date on the gym. Contractors are working as fast as they can, and I see them almost daily. Cheering them on, and asking if they can move faster! I get the looks from all and I quickly move to the other end of the gym. We had a few visitors and added a few new members! On sale days, in the gym we will go over all pricing and show you the gym as it is progressing and some pictures of Peru, what Ottawa will look like when its complete. I am asked daily when we are opening!! My answer can only be when its complete. I would like it to be complete for the end of March and contractors are trying to make that happen. The Pre-Sale Price will be available before open date and for a couple of weeks after. You will get the great savings. You can still sign up in Peru and use it free until Ottawa is open. The gym is an 18 and older gym. State Id is required to sign up. Our equipment: Life fitness, Precor which will include Treadmills, Elliptical's, AMT's, Recumbent bikes, Up r ...
Hello Everyone :-) New opportunity has opened !!! If you LOVE vaping and your LOOKING for a JOB- this is the right place for u!!! Pls PM me for further info (Arundell,Annapolise,white marsh and harford county) VAPE ON...! (-:
Hello Everyone! What a winter we have had. Right when you think its over another snow storm! Many of us have had a couple weekends of long power outages and I wanted to send you some tips to keep your family and your home safe during these "hopefully final" bitter days of the season. (I believe the worse is behind us now that its mid March but these tips can help save your home or even someones life) Prevent Freezing Pipes - When the water in a pipe freezes, it can explode and cause significant damage to the interior of your home. Pipes that run along exterior walls and in attics and crawl spaces are the most vulnerable. To keep your pipes free of ice and freezing water, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) recommends the following: Keep kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open during cold spells to allow warm air to circulate around the pipes. Keep the house heated to a minimum of 65 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing. Some home security systems will alert you if the temperatu ...
Hello Everyone! Quick Update: WIFI is free and available at Tastebuds! Feel free to bring your electronic cutters! I apologize for not posting this sooner.
Hello Everyone,. My name is Xia Yang and I am the President of the Asian Student Organization at Metropolitan...
Hello Everyone! As long as the college is open tomorrow we will be holding the SchoolBOX Walk-a-Thon. Remember, we are meeting in the Lower C Wing (By the Cafeteria, Tim Hortons, etc). We will start at 12 pm. We are so excited to see everyone tomorrow!!
Hello Everyone, We still need volunteers for our board game night on Thursday March 20th from 5-8pm in K 209. We also require board games for our board game night. Also, On April 5th is Spring Preview Day which is running from 9am-4pm in the gym at the Barrie Campus of Georgian College- We require volunteers for this to tell potential Georgian College students about the peer mentoring program. If you are able to volunteer your time for either please let me know, your help is greatly appreciated.
Hello Everyone, Susan Bright has the opportunity to get some Land Rover hoodies like the pink one which she wore at the last trial. There are lots of colours - They work out at £22.50 each with the Land Rover logo on the front. if you are interested please let Sue know ASAP, (i am also trying to send this by email as well) Amy
Hello Everyone, I am Debbie as you all know and I want to let you all know what's going on, I started a project all to support MMA. I started at thanks to them I have a chance in getting the truck. Ok now I want a big white pickup truck to go all around Florida and some other states to get all the Pro and amateur fighters to sign my truck. i am such a big fan and I respect all the fighters and all the training they go through to get in the cage. So I want to give back and support them by going every where to get them to sign my truck. I will need some help for my travels hoping to get your support to make this happen. Other than I have a plan I need help with the other things for the trip. Fuel for the trip...Food for the trip...and lodging for the trip. And some shows along the way so I can get the fighters to sign the truck. I want to get MMA out there, This is my dream I love you all and want to do this, Please contact me in my inbox and if you have any questions. Thanks! I ...
:: Hello Everyone, we are adding the final touch to this fun, filled, full and invigorating event. Very excited to see you all in person. Do your best to join me on the 21st of March. We will have fun. I like to get to know each and everyone of you so that our journey is enriched with possibilities. In the meanwhile, here is your assignment. Write down 5 statements of Gratitude and bring them with you on March 21st. We will do a little demonstration on the power of thought and Chi. This reservoir of collective energy is called the 'Wheel of Wisdom." You will learn so much about yourself in this two day immersion than you would in a lifetime. So, 🎇ωhat are you grate-FULL for today? Begin your statement with. "I AM so happy and GRATEFULL now that." One of my goals for this weekend is for you to be really good at mastering your emotional state. I''ll teach you how. When you are happy inside, the quality of your Chi also changes. This is called happiness Qigong. And, this glow is felt by people all a ...
Hello Everyone. Was so glad that this group started that I decided to make a South County Vape trader group. I know we have the Stl vape trader but anytime I tried to buy/sell or trade I would get people from Illinois or St.Peters and places I just can't drive to. So I made a group that is only for South County and surrounding areas. If you would like to join let me know. I figure this way not only do we have this awesome new place for us South County people but now we can also have a vape trader for us as well. Thank you. It is Called South County Vape Trader and the about section will show you the places that are okay. Thanks guys
FORESHOCK! Hello Everyone, A 7.2 on the North Side of San Andreas and A 6.0 on The South Side??? All this 2 days before the anniversary of the most destructive quake in recent history?
Hello Everyone! If anyone is looking for a job there is a spot opening up at my work! I work at the AAIPharma Learning Center. It's a great job and great people that work there! If anyone is interested let me know :)
Hello Everyone! It's here at last! Breaking Point rain! A short story about an Agent sent to recover some stolen hardware. Enjoy the film, please comment, fe...
Hello Everyone we are aware of the notice being in Bahasa Malaysia. You can refer to this if you don't understand.
Hello Everyone. I originally posted this to my Bible study group, but then figured I should really invite all the rest of my friends to consider it too. I hope you're having a good windy day. If you don't already have a place to be tomorrow morning, Calvary Baptist will be open at 9:30 with interesting music and good preaching, followed by my version of teaching productivity at 11:00. Hope to see you there. Remember church starts an hour early tomorrow after everyone SPRINGS FORWARD and bumps your clock an hour ahead tonight. We are also starting the new lesson series and it looks pretty good. If you like technology, there is an app available called Bible Studies for Life available in your app store. Then scroll through until you get to the one titled "Productive: Finding Joy in What We Do." It'll cost you $1.99, but pretty cool stuff including the lesson and some extras. See You Tomorrow. Craig
Hello Everyone on this beautiful and blessed Saturday. Well nobody's perfect, happyhour here i come!! "Lol"
Hello Everyone, I'm really hoping the doctor will have good news for me when I see him on Monday & if so, I'll be able to return to teaching on Wednesday 12th March for jumping at Warminster Saddle Club (open to everyone, book directly with Shona Crawford) & I'll then be back at Heywood on 14th March for poles with Bath Riding Club. Just to make sure I haven't forgotten how to teach I have also booked myself in to various training days over the next few weeks, including a day at Carl Hester's, a day with David Hunt at Catherston & Advanced Medium Judge Training at the BD Winter Championships ... so hopefully I'll be healthy & super inspired when I see you all again!
Hello Everyone, its been a while since any of the admins posted so i just wanted to see how everyone is doing. Also to answer all the questions about season two, we still don't know anything sorry ;-; ~Rope
Hello Everyone! Please come out and support the Lincoln Opera Workshop/Lincoln Community Players production of "The Medium" and "The Telephone." It is at The Lincoln University in the Ware Theater, March 13-16. If you come on March 14 or 16th you can see AGCT's "Marian" from "The Music Man," Abbey Kwietniak, in the role of Monica in "The Medium." It is free and open to the public. Just show up and bring friends!
Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s Your Meeting of the Minds 2014 Schedule! Hello Everyone! Here is the entertainment announcement for the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Minds 2014!! This schedule has been over six months in the making and now it is time to raise the curtain on the line-up for this year! Can you say FIVE DAYS AND NIGHTS OF TROP ROCK AND CORAL REEFERS?? In tropical KEY WEST! LATTITUDE First, Wednesday, October 29th. Latitude will be playing the gift bag-stuffing room! Tom and Michelle Becker are back and they are always a blast to listen to! This will be a grand party as the gift bags get stuffed! Be sure to sign up when you register for MOTM and hurry! This event always seems to have a wait list as it is so much fun! AMY LEE AND WOODY JENKINS First up on the Beach Stage is Coral Reefer Alumni Amy Lee and Woody Jenkins! If you have never seen this duo perform you should make sure you arrive for this one! For those who don’t know Amy is listed as a writer on Jimmy Buffett’s “Delaney Talks to .. ...
Hello Everyone ` ANNEX 2E is excited to host you all, but remember this is a garment show - so smoking inside will absolutely not be tolerated. KEEP IT ON THE FIRE ESCAPE, YA SLUGS. see you lateR* !
Hello Everyone, I wanted to wish you all goodluck on your finals and remind you about the upcoming programs that Cheryl and I are having. We are each having a Study Day/Open House at our apartments. The first one is taking place at my apartment (SY 431) this Sunday, March 9th from 3-6pm. The second one is taking place on Sunday, March 16th at Cheryl's place (SY 450) from 1-5pm. I hope that you can make both of theses events because we will have scantrons, blue books, pencils, great snacks and everything you need to study for those exams. Let me know if you have any questions about Spring Break or need any information prior to seeing me this Sunday. Have a good week! :) Joshua B. Bell
Hello Everyone! Please confirm if you're coming so we can put the name on the guest list, but You still have to pay, ladies 10£ gentleman 20£, but it's easier to get in. Make sure you arrive before 11pm as the place just fits 500 people, so first came first served! Hope to see you all in there!!! Dress to impress!!! Ola pessoal! Por favor confirmem! Precisamos enviar a lista com os nomes. Mesmo com o nome na lista tem que pagar e so para facilitar a entrada mulher 10£ homems 20£, tente chegar antes das 11 pq o lugar é para 500 pessoas, quem chegar primeiro entra! Espero ver todos vcs la!!! Bjosss
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Hello Everyone, PADI DIVE INSTRUCTOR and MARINE BIOLOGIST looking for a JOB! Currently in India looking for a job in MALDIVES, THAILAND, MALAYSIA or any country close by. As I am from Spain so I am also open to offers in SPAIN. EXPERIENCE and QUALIFICATIONS: - PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor PADI Specialty Instructor of NITROX and DEEP - EFR Instructor - Life Guard Pool & Swimming certification - Capable to teach in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan. - Background in marine life and conservation gained during my Bachelor in MARINE BIOLOGY. While I was also taking part in different scientific diving projects. - 6 months experience as Divemaster in South Portugal. When I got proficient in guiding dives with hard conditions and familiar with daily dive center operation. - Already with some experience in teaching PADI diving courses (OWD, AOW, Rescue course). Please if someone is interested, or can give me a hand to find something I will be so tankful. Thanks!
Hello Everyone at MakeAWish, my training is going well, training at 5 miles, every two weeks I will be going an extra mile
Hello Everyone, How would you all feel if Qatar Kendo Club Hosted the third Middle East Kendo Competition? keep in mind that its not final and we have not discussed this yet, and I wish for all of you to put in as many ideas as possible, so that we can have a great time doing this, I know of one possible location to host this but i welcome all ideas, also keep in mind that this is not short notice we can plan this in the next 3 - 6 months . Thank you
Hello Everyone! Here it is! The date is set, the plans are made and all we need are as many Whitesville alumni come to what promises to be a historic reunion. When: Saturday, May 24, 2014 (Memorial Day Weekend) Time: 1-3 National Historic Recognition of Whitesv...
Hello Everyone! We are going to have a meeting tomorrow from 7:00pm until 8:00pm in R.C. Cook Union Building. The room is located on the second floor and we will be in room H. Tyler will not be able to attend this meeting because the Chief of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians will be on campus. Tyler will be in administration meetings all day Thursday. If there is anything you would like brought to Tyler's attention at the meeting please contact Ameer Buit.
Hello everyone how is the day going so far..
Hello Everyone! I am a production student at UNF, and will be filming/ producing a short surf documentary (5-10 minutes long total) for my project. I am looking for surfers, surfboard designers, surf shop owners who are interested. Can be any age and gender. I am trying to produce small 2-3 minute segments consisting of surfing footage and interviews. I would greatly appreciate it for anyone who is willing. Please Msg me if you are interested. Thanks, Sarah
hello everyone i know you have all seen my i love my JOB post we are hiring again go to and fill out an application good luck!
Hello all of you want to wish everyone a bless day and god bless you all.
Hello everyone I am new to investing but not new to lending I was a Loan Originator for about 5 years but now I am looking to get in on the investing side. I actually have dealt with tax liens but now I think I'm ready to move forward with investing. I am in Baltimore, MD so any MD lenders would be helpful to know what I need to start.Thanks!
Hello Everyone, I am upset with myself because I trusted people. I learned my lesson. Because of my decision in trusting I have regalia stolen from my home. I have the following items stolen from my home: red elk tooth dress, old style buckskin dress, old green shawl with embroidery flowers and an eagle feather fan (beadwork done by Robert FlatLip). The shawl is pictured with the buckskin. I don't have a picture of the fan, it was new and I hadn't danced with it yet. I ask anyone who may see these items please contact me. I will be trolling the pawn shops for the dresses and shawl. The fan would have had to be a trade close to here. No matter I will still dance, it may not be March like I wanted but later in the year. Thanks everyone.
Hello everyone, it's taking over the controls today and it feels great to be back. Are you ready for some football? I sure am.
Hello everyone, we have Prince Edward Island mussels on sale for 2.99/lb. normally $4.99/lb. we also have a rare treat in the market, fresh snook and Chilean sea bass, swim on by and see what else we have in stock today!! Stay fishy my friends!!
Hello everyone! - here is some current information regarding Pets: The Doe Run Lodge is pet friendly, but Miller's Out Post and Whispering Oaks are not. For each pet (limit 3 please) the cost is $33.90 (this includes tax) per stay. -- Hope this helps!
Hello everyone! I have my performance management observation this week, with year 11 GCSE who have just started their Unit 3 plays for their exam at the end of May. I need to show that I am meeting the needs of all learners, focusing on progress-any bright ideas would be greatly appreciated, my brain is mush!! Thank you!
Hello everyone :) here are a few samples of jewellery & gifts that I sell, please add me to see more! everything I sell is under £6 & I post for an extra £1 so if you do not live local to Leiston you can still purchase from me :) thank you in advance x
Hello everyone.My name is Bongani.Haa! When was the last time you had that.
Hello everyone! I have a good news to share with you. On this site I bought a down jacket. Good quality, cheap price. The weather is too cold. Let's do it!
Wow a big hello to everyone this evening, some new to FairyKnowz some old friends who know the mad goings on here...
Hello everyone! oh my .. am already loving the attention ;)... and love and support! thank you guys! :D So my first insight .. Let us break a few stereotypes that revolve around such pageants.. 1) girls do not just come here cause they are dumb .( hey! those of who you know me here too :P ) me i am competing with a really smart batch..engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, scientists, economists ( that's me :P ) and what not! 2) girls don't starve to get thin! oh .you'd be jealous of the spread we have for every meal ! it's mouth watering..(very soon you'll be able to see some food photography !) 3) they are all absolutely talented.! we have artists, dancers, singers, composers! 4) and last but not the is not a 25-women show! the amount of work teams put in is commendable. Be it the organizers, the interns, the make-up hair guys, the photographers, all the amazing personalities we have our sessions with and of course us! the hours that the this entire organisation spends into this make ...
Hello everyone! Spring is around in the corner and I'm seeing the beautiful weather coming up. Please don't miss a great opportunity to get your pictures taken! I'm flexible with the time and location. You'll just have to hit me up and we will discuss the details. If you guys want to know how much It costs to get the session done, then it'll be $30 even. Great price. Come on get your beautiful pictures taken! :) Hope to hear from you guys soon! God Bless You ♡
Hello everyone! I am your local Regal representative. If you would like a link to view the catalogs, just shoot me an inbox message! Thanks :)
Hello Everyone, This week (3-5-14 through 3-8-14) we have two specials in the fresh fish case; local caught Atlantic Sole fillets and local caught Atlantic Cod fillets. Both fish are great for baking, with the cold weather of winter still around, I know I have no problem turning on the oven. Simple recipes for both call for using your favorite crumb topping and bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minuets (keep in mind the sole will cook faster). For a nice flair I like to include fresh cut tomato slices and a sharp cheese on top of the crumb topping; another option is capers and thin slices of red onions. In the shellfish case Fresh Oysters are on special. In stock we have Blue Point Oysters and Wild Goose Oysters. Call ahead and we can open these fresh oysters for you, there is a shucking fee per oyster. If you are feeling adventurous or want to impress, and wish to do it at home, we sell some great oyster knifes. Next time your in, feel free to ask for me (Anthony) or Kathy if you have any questions on how to ...
Hello everyone, I know we haven't updated this page in a while but rest assured we will have new photos and more great garden tips coming. Spring is just around the corner so what better way to start your spring off by taking a visit to Kims Garden & Pottery!
Hello Everyone! Don't forget to register for the conference! (This will secure your spot for dinner as well). Again, this is a FREE event, so don't miss out on this great opportunity to explore these cross-cultural issues! Registration link: to register: Wednesday, March 26th, 2014
Dear coastal students,. If you're going to hotbox in your car don't park in the first parking spot which everyone walks by..
Hello everyone, For those of you who don't know, Greg Ewald and Archimedes will not be at WWWC3. Greg is still very ill and will not be able to bring Archimedes out this year. Due to his illness, Sadly, they will not be appearing at any more events. There has been great...
Hello everyone I'm back on line thx to my hubby and to my son john how is everyone doing take care be safe have a great day be true to yr self smile it helps
Hello everyone!. . The CSUN March 2014 issue of Student Health 101 is now live! There are some great articles...
hello everyone if y have auto parts or a car or truck or tires that u want to sell post it on my web-sit thank u.-AUTO TRUCK & CARS & PARTS
Hello everyone hows every one doing its a beautiful day
Hello Everyone .. I need a book of Debraj Ray on Development economics . Can anyone help in this regard ?
Hello everyone, . My partner and I are looking to purchase 50% of an LLC in the...
Everyone wants to be showed a little love
Hello everyone,. The Pacific Rim Conference on Literature and Rhetoric kicks off this Friday! The official...
Hello everyone, I would like to extend a great charitable opportunity to my dear family and friends. I am part of the LA County Bilingual Directors' Association (LACBDA), a non-profit organization which provides academic scholarship to English Language learners in the Los Angeles County area. We are holding our 38th annual banquet on April 5, 2014 at the Doubletree Hotel in Commerce where we award academic scholarships to EL students and we also honor outstanding teachers, paraeducators, and parent volunteers. We are reaching out to see if you would like to donate either monetarily or by attending the banquet, by putting an ad of your business in our tribute book, or through donating items for our silent auction (it can be anything from tickets, clothes, candles, jewelry...etc.). We can also write a tax deductible letter and 100% of all donations go towards the scholarships. I don't get paid to do this, the LACBDA committee are all volunteers. If you are interested in donating, please message me. Thank yo ...
Hello everyone, first day of Lent today. Come and join us for some great seafood.
hello everyone well this is my 27th year anniversary at my job at vocational services I love my job penny
Hello everyone! This account for my blog page - Average Thoughts. See what I have to say about all sorts of topics.
hello captain chappers and everyone at andertons, I live in Essex ct USA. would love to work at andertons I would move 2 UK
Hello Everyone!! As many of you know my mom, Deb Thayer a successful home day care provider of 20+ years, has retired! She has anything and everything for children ages 6 weeks to 7 years. Most gently used, Lots never opened, everything in excellent condition. Some items for sale: Spanish, Science, Math and Sign Language Curriculum. Office Organizers, Building Blocks, Dolls, Dress Up, Puzzles, Mats, Blankets, Rugs, Porta-cribs, Outside and Water Balls and Toys, Stand Alone Sensory Kits (i.e. Sand and Rice) First Aid Kits, Holiday and Seasonal Decorations and Activities, Play Kitchen Toys, Bulletin Board Accessories, Books (hundreds), Games, Puzzles, Resource Materials, Teacher Materials Arts and Crafts GALORE (and misc supplies and equipment), Curriculum Kits, Toy Cars, Infant Equipment and Toys, Bedding, Tupperware and Organization Containers, Booster Seats and Gates and just too much more to list. If there is something you are looking for, she probably has it! Or if you know of anyone, please share! We ...
*HELLO EVERYONE!* Welcome to my personal Katie Jaspering's Chloe+Isabel page!! Here is where I will give you all the latest and greatest, styling tips, promos and passions! thank you for joining!!!
It's not have the name though, but It's to do that their fakes, use things that'll make you have to make you have the guide Hello everyone!
Hello everyone! If you're a Yankee Candle fan please consider purchasing one for a great cause PLUS helping out my adorable Grand Kiddo Haley Wyatt!! It's SO easy to order--- just click on the link to order and it ships directly to you! Thank YOU!!
Hello everyone, as always there's a 5-6k run tomorrow night, starting and finishing at the Riverside Leisure Centre tomorrow at 18.30. See you there
Hello Everyone, Our Class of 1979 Class Reunion is "Just Around the Corner!" Do you plan on attending? If so, please inbox us your Email Address. We have exciting updates to share with you as we get closer. Thanks! The Class of Seventynine
Hello everyone this is my new pony timmy, he is 3 on april 20th. I he needs fattening up a little, he is curently on grass, hay, and 1 bucket feed at night containing just a scoop of chaff. What can I feel him to chuncken him up ??
Hello everyone, my husband and I just moved here from Texas. Can anyone recommend a pcp in the area? Thanks in advance!
Hello, everyone. Hope yall have a wonderful day
Hello everyone I just wanted to be hope forever living products I can do it never give up I keep getting doing become supervisor one day we need more points for my tream cos I possible can doing I pray for next tream will be making a member management soon eveyone can help each other x
Hello everyone ! We are currently looking for a Personal Training Manager. If anyone is interested in the position or knows anyone please have them email me there resume. Chesterfieldmi Personal Training Manager: Anytime Fitness is seeking a self-motivated individual with a passion for fitness and helping others with their fitness journey. A positive, enthusiastic attitude and a willingness to learn will take you far with our newly opened fitness facility. This will be a full-time position requiring evening hours. The Fitness Manager will be responsible for all new fitness consultations, existing client retention along with secondary responsibilities. Organization and an ability to effectively communicate is a must. Sales experience is not necessary, but must have experience in health and fitness
Hello Everyone, welcome to our "Leon Family Reunion". We are planning our next family reunion for September 20, 2014 at 2:30 pm. More information to follow!!! Please share this site with other family members!
Hello everyone! As it's our one year anniversary on Saturday we have set up a little competition! The winner will receive one free visit worth up to £65!!! (So this can include either a set, trims, fronts, etc up to £65) All you have to do is like this post, share it, then comment underneath with your name. Winner will be picked at random on Saturday 8th March. Good luck :)
Hello everyone! I'm a (mostly) landscape and nature photographer from Columbus. I love to create photo art from my images. I have some of my prints and cards available at the Rosenzweig Arts Center in Columbus and have participated in several exhibits there. I also restore old photos. Here are some of my latest images.
Hello everyone I just wanted to say hello and that im a new manager on the page.*cc*
Tanx god, im back fb worl, hello everyone!!!have good nghts.GOD BLESS!
Hello everyone. I hope that your day is gracefully fulfilling in the midst of a world of tribulations. But be of good cheer cause we have the promise. Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us. Here is a word of empowerment that will help us along this journey called life. I know that I have not attained or achieved this race called life. So in other words, God is not through with me yet. I have A LOT to learn and receive before I can win this race before I can go on to the life that I might attain unto the Coming of the Lord and the resurrection as WE all are still dreaming and striving for. And also know like you, I have my shortcomings or my falls, still making mistakes. So just know we seek not the kingdom of God because we have changed, no, but we seek the word of God so that his word can change us, internally, externally, and eternally. Internally, so my soul can attain the prize which is the HIGH CALLING in Christ, the glory that only God has called us ALL to. Thus being transformed from death to li ...
Hello everyone! Well I would like to invite u to our monthly Mc. Church's night it will be on the Mcd's off Burleson rd./Ben white next to the post office from 5-7pm please come and support 15% of the total $ goes to our church thank you all. ;)
Hello NEW YORK! We're finally here^^ Wow it's freezing. Can't wait to see everyone at the Best Buy Theater on the 9th http:/…
Hello everyone. Thanks for the support so far, Patto and Mwende greatly appreciates. As a courtesy reminder, we are having a Meeting this sunday March 9th, at 2pm at their residence 915 Wildcat Run Gardner ks 66030. Please bring your contributions then or forward it to P.o Box 132 Gardner kansas 66030. See you then. God bless
Hello everyone, hope all is well everywhere.
Hello everyone today is such a great day to get your ride or big rig detailed out.
*PSA* Hello everyone. Just about everyone know about my club night every saturday. $10 All you can drink "open bar" till 2 am. And I have Free cover entry tickets for all night long till 2am - College students thats not 21 and actually want to attend a club downtown. Parallel NightClub host. Free admission ALL night for with your college ID along with admission ticket. So college students younger than 21 and still attend a nightclub with your college id for free entry! AND FULL SAIL STUDENTS! Possible party bus this weekend if we have confirmed spots for the bus this saturday night! Saturday night a Party Bus will head downtown. FULL OF FULL SAIL STUDENTS RIGHT? If you and your friends want to join in. I will give you more information throughout the week!
Hello everyone, I have TVPADS for sale, message me if interested. You get to watch all the live channels in Asia, Hong Kong, china, Korea, Japanese, Vietnamese, American and more. Plus on demand movies, soap opera, game shows and American movies. NO MONTHLY FEE.Why pay for cable each month when you have over 100,000 stuff to watch for Free! For more info call / text / inbox me: Christy Nguyen PH: 408.891.9229 Email: christy828
Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Misty Mountain Smokehouse Fanpage. If you have comments, recipes or pictures of or about our delicious spices go ahead and share them. We appreciate all feed back and love to hear what you are creating. If you would like to place an order for more spices go ahead and send a message to me Benjamin Bock or the owner Donna Bock. We are happy to provide as much of our spices for you as possible. Thank you for becoming a part of our family!!!
Hello everyone! What's up guys? :) How are you all feeling tonight? Maybe someone is bored enough to chat with me? :D Best wishes! Anna.
Hello Everyone!!! We're so excited for Spring Time in
“can u say hello for your fans in london? . I ❤️ your music TUMTUM”. A big hello to ever…
Hello everyone, has anyone had a difficulty leaving North Cyprus with their child when only one parent was present? Do they really ask for deed of consent from the absent parent? What happens to British single parents?!!
Hello everyone, I re-sign again for Kik Messenger. My kik messenger username is brianholland882.
Hello everyone. Not long until the nearly new sale now. I am writing up the final volunteer list today and will contact everyone to confirm jobs, and times. If I miss you please let me know. Also its not too late to volunteer, if you would like. Thank you all so much, see you all sunday x
Hello everyone, The time and date for the Archaeology Talk with Prof. Kusimba is set! Mark your calendars cause this is the time, barring any unforeseen interruptions.
Hello everyone I just wanted to provide and update: Yesterday My Brother Chris's Wife Talahi Hoskins passed away from Stage 4 Cancer. We will be having a small memorial at the house in the near future. I will provide updates when I get more info: Love & Hugs & Prayers
Hello Everyone, I hope it is OK to post these questions about oil pastels here. I have been fortunate to purchase some Sennelier oil pastels on eBay and I want to get started. Question for you is what is the easiest substrate to begin with? I bought Sennelier Oil Pastel Pad and don't really care for it. But that could be my lack of experience talking. What do you like to use? And what solvent is your favorite? Thank you so much for any advice you have to share with a newbie!
hello everyone, im new in this group, so i want to thank you for leting me join this awesome group :D
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Why does everyone take snapchats of me 😭😭😭😭
Alton Baptist Children's & Youth Activities tonight starting with dinner at 6:30!. Hello everyone and Happy...
Hello everyone, i have been out today for an hour and twenty minutes in the glorious sunshine and Elaine did really well walking keeping up with gypsy! i can really feel the musscles working in my back and sides and itss good! today i was managing to ride with two hands a bit rather than hanging on with one all the time. my confidence is building in gypsy as well and she is getting used to the idea that we are just out for a walk at the moment. i just get impatient with myself sometimes, its only day six of riding. thankyou sally and lauren i turned up today and found a nice mucked out bed!!! nice surprise, xx
Hello everyone! I have one, possibly two, female kittens that are looking for good homes. For details just private message me :)
Hello everyone at Delta Upsilon-at-large chapter, The electronic voting has now begun for 2014-2015! I am encouraging everyone, newly inducted and seasoned , to place your vote. Voting will run from March 5, 2014 to March 31, 2014 on the DU website.
Hello everyone welcome to Gameball NFL Endzone Breaking News Update Report were the football season never ends.
Hello everyone! It seems to me that mother-daughter relationship has been focused on in the "Colours of a Mother's Love". I have two sons as well as two daughters! Only one of my children is still lives with us...and it is our youngest son. I cannot deny that communicating with him presents challenges I feel I like to avoid looking at more deeply. What is special about a mother - son relationship in your experience?... Anyone willing to share?
Hello everyone me and my friend SilverShock are starting a game this week for our YouTube channel gamer tags are shaminking and SilverShock
Hello everyone :-) haven't been on for a while :-) how are you all? I'm still free most days so please do give me a message or drop me a text. X
Hello everyone, Happy Wednesday to all. On my way Olive Garden witth my sis n law. He he!!
Hello Everyone Todays review is on the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water I hope you enjoy
Update for Maggie's Dog House:. Hello Everyone,. I'm so sorry to bother you again but I'm going to give this one...
Hello Everyone! Let me know if you need ppw. Also it is not to early to send deposits. $20 deposit holds your spot pay the rest at the door.
Hello Everyone... One of my close Friends (Kashif Ali) is fighting Pakistan's Biggest Singing Competition. Pakistan Idol. Plz Cast your Vots for Kashif and make him first Pakistan Idol. He is really worth it. Its a request...!
Hello everyone ! As you know brain surgery can be pretty scary .Craig Brown is feeling overwhelmed and is not comfortable in large crowds . So we are canceling the pre -surgery party . We would like to extend an invite to our home at anytime to come by and visit Craig anytime between now and when we leave for San Francisco March 21 st . Thanks for understanding and supporting Craig at this difficult time . Love , The Browns
Hello loveys ! How is everyone today:) ? I have a giveaway pinned to the top of the page .come see if you can use...
Hello everyone, don't forget to come out tomorrow at 6:30, Bingham 103 for the screening of Roadmap to Apartheid! You may find the Apartheid South Africa analogy completely valid, interesting but imperfect, or maybe even totally BS... but it is at the very least a thought provoking place to start the discussion. So if you want to learn something, come on out! If you just want to come and voice you're opposition, we welcome you with open arms! One thing we all have in common is an interest in promoting social justice, so come out and join us for an award winning documentary followed by some intellectual and open discourse
Hello everyone! Petaluma Fight night is coming up on March 15th, stop by and purchase some raffle tickets...all of the proceeds from your purchase of the raffle tickets will go directly to Stephanie Cody to help her in her fight against cancer. We would like to thank Petaluma fight night for making this possible for us. Remember all raffle ticket money will go directly to Stephanie Cody. Thank you everyone!
Hello everyone. Thanks for supporting Anglohili Clothing. We ensure that you look good.
Linux Gedit: Hello everyone, in Linux I am using gedit to make a script. I'm a little stuck on the third part...
Hello everyone! We are excited to announce some shows for 2014.
Hello Everyone. The weather man just said that Friday will be the best day of the week. RED ALERT. Everyday I get up is my best day. Think I need to talk to him. Thankful & Graceful 4 my HUMP DAY
Hello everyone please add my back up Edward acc for the F court, just in case my account gets deleted
Hello everyone! Haven't said anything in a while, and I have a few updates. First: the shop line has been disconnected. Many of you that have call the landline over the past few months already know that it had been acting up. I Called to have it fixed, but the customer service at windstream blows! So, to make a VERY long story short, I got rid of them. I'll be calling on new providers this weekend. In the meantime: call or text my phone
Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us in supporting Ava in her fight against this monster we all know as cancer! I am new at this, so please be patient with me while I figure everything out :-) My name is Laura and I am a friend of Jenny's. I am helping the family bring awareness to Ava's battle with Hepatoblastoma (liver cancer). Most of you have probably seen the first fundraiser that we are holding for Ava. The Ava's Angels bracelets have been ordered and will arrive in about 2 weeks. I am taking orders for the bracelets here on this page or in person at SylvaniaVET (where Jenny and I work). I will get in touch with everyone that has requested bracelets as I get everything all set up. In person orders can be made starting Friday during normal business hours. If you are interested in bracelets, please comment under the picture of the sample bracelet below and I will be in contact with you from there. Thank you all for the overwhelming support you have shown already to Jenny, Ken and Ava. It has not . ...
hello everyone, we are open 12-6pm today! Some new arrivals hit the shelves this week, swing by the shop and check out all the new shop upgrades!
Hello everyone I had mentioned before that I am part of the Delta Sigma Pi , Professional Business Fraternity, here on campus. We are having a fundraiser at Qdoba today. So if you have a chance please go buy some delicious food, take a picture with your food to send to me, and place your receipt in the box. Thank you everyone :) see you at the meeting tonight
Hello Everyone! :) We will be selling our homemade Pizza`s again this week, So Inbox me or Come & stop by to place an Order. Enjoy your day Everyone
Hello everyone! If you did not do it yet please check out the "MacGregor, the musical" youtube channel. More videos are coming soon.
Hello Everyone here is my chance to perform on India's best place platform to be The "Band of the Year" . Please go through the Website and Vote for me by clicking on "Vote Here" option.
Hello everyone share more of our. Videos and give us likes and comments more videos to come pass the gospel along like they do.the fights we are showing our love to god and the world our love LaToya Graves so please show ur love for US and pass this video along please we are also on YouTube scherriet2g GREATER IS COMING !
Hello Everyone! Welcome to my page. I am so excited about this journey. I am ecstatic to be working for a company that has changed my health and the way I feel. I have personally been using the It Works! products for a month now and feel unbelievable! Thanks to my GREENS, I have significantly cut down on my soda intake. I was one who easily drank 5-6 (yes you read that right) diet cokes a day and now I may have one day but really don't even crave it! I have also been taking Ultimate Thermofit which has helped me so much in my hunger pains while also boosting my metabolic rate and promoting increased calorie burning. I am losing weight and inches and couldn't be more excited! BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I feel TERRIFIC! I am also using the stretch mark cream to help with my battle scars of bearing THREE beautiful children and I WILL be posting my personal results of how that cream works! So, if you want to feel better and have more energy, I would be so glad to help you out. Trust me, I was a skeptic at first... ...
Hello everyone! So Snow or no snow? ... Im still waiting...lord knows it LOOKS like we will get it.but praying we dont.
Hello everyone, I just wanted to make you aware that International Studies minor Nora Bouzihay is running for president of the Student Government Association. I hope that if you have some time today or tomorrow, you will swing by the DSC and cast your vote for her.
Hello everyone! So as you may have gathered, Fight the Fury are back on the music scene, bringing you a unique style of rock/metal, with influences from both old and modern bands. Originally formed in 2006, we spent a couple of years gigging both local and London venues. Unfortunately in 2009 we called it quits due to some of the members being spread across the country at different universities; We just couldn't find the time to organise practises or gigs. However, during late 2013 we decided to get back together, and give it another shot. After a few months of reworking old, and writing new material, we are ready to begin performing again. It feels great to be back, we've all developed greatly as musicians over these years apart, and we hope you'll come and enjoy our new and improved sound at our shows. Tuesday 11th March at the Bull n Vic in Dartford marks our first gig for 4-5 years! (More details to follow over the next few days so watch this space) Be sure to come and witness our rebirth next week a ...
Hello everyone!! Here's the Tuesday night band line-up for Clam Man's Party House. Don't forget Saturday March 15th from 1 pm till 9 pm, St Pat's day party at the Party House. 3 bands. $10.00 to get in. Includes food and 2 drinks!!!
Hello everyone. Today is sparring class at the nwe location 712 s. patrick in satellite beach. Only lil Dragon classes to day at DRS all youth and other classes will be at new loction. See you there!
Hello everyone! Just so everyone knows, I am about to be moving, so I won't be able to post any more poems until after the move. Just stick with me and I promise I will post again! -Trinity
Hello everyone! You should be receiving an e-mail today to vote in the CSA general election :) please vote Sarah Hafuth for CSAHS board of directors! :):) Have a good day
Hello everyone. Have a question for those with ummm, bowel problems. Have you ever had a colonoscopy? Do they...
Hello everyone,. I hope you are doing well and ready to enjoy the Spring Break. Just a little reminder that we are...
Hello everyone!,. Check out our newest website available on PC! . Comment and like below if you like our new webpage!
Hello everyone and good afternoon... what a nice day here in my state.
Hello Everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the project so far. We're only a day away from...
Hello Everyone! It's been awhile but happy I could make today's chat,
What's up with everyone having a glob of dirt on their foreheads? Like hello? Get a mirror.
Hello! We would like to ask everyone to help us petition to bring this awesome show to Manila! :D
//Wepl, I can be on for a while I guess. . So hello everyone.
Just saying hello to everyone. Trying to figure this out. :-)
Hello everyone I. Want to say thank you for all your donations and help you have given me I can now get ins. it's wonderfu…
Hello everyone, it's Zach Dillon... playing radio with you for the next few hours... More Miley tickets on the...
Hello Everyone, welcome to the account 😊
Hello everyone, PLEASE remove my name xx
Hello everyone, ER nurses are among you. Please stop trash talking us. 🙋🙅😠
Tanshi Kahkiyaw Awiyak (Hello Everyone), due to unforeseen circumstances, Okichitaw Classes for this evening will...
Hello Everyone. Jeremy Webb has agreed to collect items for Live Auction. If you are able to find/donate anything we could auction off, he is the guy to contact.
March 3, 2014 Hello Everyone from Georgia! What a great week this has been! Last week my letter was definitely a little different than most of the others I send home. Some weeks are definitely harder than others, and sometimes the Lord has a way of humbling you before He blesses you. This past week I have seen so many miracles! This week I really feel like I have helped someone receive the peace and comfort that we try and share with everyone. This week I really have had my testimony strengthened that the Lord really does prepare people for you to teach, and sometimes they are the people that you least expect. On our last preparation day we decided to travel to one of the northern most parts of Tbilisi to go and see what is called Tempka which is like a Georgian Stone Henge that is completely covered with sculptures of Christs life. It was really cool to see all of the hard work and effort that went into that monument, and how much the people here in Georgia really love Jesus Christ and His mortal ministr ...
Hello Everyone! Hofstra Advertising Club is proud to present Abby Auerbach the Executive Vice President of the Television Bureau of Advertising. She will be speaking about the advertising world, how to get your foot in the door, how to structure you resume, and also will answer any questions you have. Please join us this Wednesday, March 5th during common hour in Breslin 029. Refreshments will be served. Hope to see you all there!
Hello Everyone! I am currently looking for a COSTUME DESIGNER, BOOM OPERATOR, 2nd AD for 3/5 days of shooting, DMP, UPM, SCRIPT SUPERVISOR and PA's for MARCH 12TH-16TH. Please email or message me with a resume if you are interested in any of these positions! Maddyboudousque
Hello Everyone! It’s that time again! Time to lift the spirits of at risk kids by performing their plays! I could use your help!! SAG Foundation and Writers Guild Foundation would like to offer you the opportunity to volunteer to act in student’s screenplays written in our High School Screenwriting Workshops for at-risk youth. We have TWO coming up, so let me know if you can do one, or both! 1. Monday, March 3rd 1:00PM - 3:00PM at: Van Nuys High School 6536 Cedros Avenue Van Nuys, CA 91411 (We will meet you outside of the front door of the school) 2. Tuesday, March 4th 10:00AM – 12:00PM at: Olympic High School 721 Ocean Park Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405 (Parking lot: On Lincoln, before you reach Ocean Park, turn right off of Lincoln onto Pine, and enter parking lot to the straight to the end and park. School straight ahead.) If you are interested and available, please send one email and include both Rochelle Rose of the SAG Foundation (rroseAND Sandy Allyn of the Writers Guild Foundat . ...
Hello Everyone. At this time, the plans for my Dads arrangements are as follows: Viewing: Sunday & Monday, March 2nd & 3rd- Lynch & Sons Funeral Home, Walled Lake, MI Funeral: Tuesday, March 4th - St. Mary Orthodox Church, Livonia, MI I will post again when we have definitive times but we wanted to give as much notice for anyone who has to travel. Also, in lieu of flowers, we ask that a donation be made to the American Cancer Society in Tom Day's name for Prostate Cancer research. You can donate here:
Hello Everyone, Our class reunion will be here before you know it! I hope everyone is just excited as I am. Stay tuned! You all will receive updated information very soon. If you have any questions or concerns at this very moment feel free to inbox me or call me if you have my number! Stay tuned.Information will be up very soon!! Keep a look out on here for the update! Thank you all for your patience -Yvonne
Hello Everyone, We have an amazing opportunity to learn about Restorative Justice. Please see the info and flyer below! Deadline to register is TODAY! Las Fotos Project is proud to announce its first convening of the year, cirlces, which will take place at Mendez Learning Center in the Multi Purpose Room on Saturday, March 1, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. The event will be an opportunity for youth from your organization to learn about the Restorative Justice philosophy, elements of community-building and relationship-repairing circles, the role of a circle keeper, and the positive effect Restorative Justice has on keeping students in school. This convening is being held in partnership with The Greenlining Institute, InnerCity Struggle (ICS), the California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ), Khmer Girls in Action (KGA), the Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA), Violence Prevention Coalition (ACTA), and Building Healthy Communities Boyle Heights, and is funded by The California Endowme . ...
Hello Everyone! So I thought today would be a good day to talk about one of my platforms. Ending world hunger and poverty. I chose this platform because it continues to be an austere problem in the world that has gone unresolved. This issue is on the top three priorities of the UN today, and has been for some time. Fortunately, there are not as many problems that affect nearly one billion people, and most of these evils improve daily, but this issue is incessantly persistent. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that nearly 870 million people of the 7.1 billion people in the world. That is one in eight, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2010-2012. Almost all the hungry people, 852 million, live in developing countries. The number of undernourished people decreased almost 30 percent in Asia and the Pacific, dropping from 739 million to 563 million people, mainly because socio-economic progress in many countries in the region in the past several years. Boosted by Chin ...
Do you get a newsletter from Shared Harvest delivered directly to your inbox? If not, message us your email address and we'll add you. Here is the latest edition straight from the farm... Hello Everyone, Quite the winter we're having! We are enjoying the deep freeze and getting ready to enjoy some spring soon too. Hopefully somebody else sees these words. (ahem that means you mother nature I know you read e-mails!) To help us through the winter blues we have some great events this week and next week-end. Please read them all! They are all exciting in there own way and there is something to offer most people! Here they are. Tonight from 6pm - 8pm there is a our weekly table tennis club meeting. Come on out and play some table tennis. (formerly known as ping pong!) Wednesday the 26th (tomorrow night) we are hosting the 1st monthly Soapbox night at the Minga. Come on out at 6pm to get a beverage before we start at 6:30pm . Bring your ears or your voice with a topic and be heard. Soapbox evenings traditional ...
Hello Everyone- The Southern Illinois Outdoor Activity Group will be meeting next Sunday (3/2). We will be hiking to the beautiful Jackson Falls. There are many good climbing areas and a few waterfalls. We will meet at Crossfit Carbondale, 1215 East Walnut Street, at 12:25 pm and will leave no later than 12:40 pm. We will then meet the great people of Marion at 1:10 pm at King Tut's near the intersection of IL148 and IL37 on IL37, leaving there at 1:15 pm and arriving at the falls by 2:00 pm. For those that are interested, Jeff and I (and whoever else wants to join us) will be going to a restaurant for dinner after the hike-we are open to suggestions of where to go for dinner. There is plenty of room for carpooling, so come join us! The more the merrier!
Hello Everyone - I am looking to start a 30/60/90 Day Challenge group soon. I know there are a few of you who have been wanting to make a change in your life. If this is you?! I wanted to make an open invitation to join me. I'd love to talk to you more about it; Message me for more information.
Hello Everyone, Saturday evening at 8:00 praying together at the church. Sunday's message will be "Necessary Sins 4" at 11:30. We now have special teaching at 10:00 and only 1 worship/preaching experience at 11:30. The Teaching at 10:00 will be by Dave Ramsey for the next few weeks with Aaron Batson leading the discussion. Great Teaching called "Money Matters" on getting your finances in order. Don't miss it!! Sunday afternoon at 2:00: Celebrate Recovery step study, separate studies for men and women. We have set dates for the start up of the open Celebrate Recovery meetings. Friday night the 28th of March we will show the full length movie "Home Run" about a baseball player struggling with addictions and the help he finds in Jesus through Celebrate Recovery. The following Friday (April 4th) we will start the open Celebrate Recovery meetings. Very excited about what the Lord is going to do in Healdton through this international program. Monday evening 6:30-8:30: Pam is continuing a Beth Moore Study ...
Hello Everyone. Please can you listen to the radio at 6 o'clock on Sunday morning on 702 and Cape Talk - I will be having a live interview :-)
Hello Everyone! The AUB Astronomy Club is organizing an event this Saturday the 22nd of February @ Quadrangle, Hazmieh! Witness an assortment of epic music brought to you by the following performers: Jumping Rooftops Odd Man Out Guru - Lebanese Band Uprising Jawad El-Mawla Michel Nassar Dina, Gianni, & Adel Marie Abou Khaled For only $20 a ticket you can grab either 2 beers or a drink, and even play a few games of pool or darts. (Tickets are limited!) Here's the link to the event: more information and to get your tickets, please contact Michel Nassar on 03165451 ! Hope you'll be able to make it :) Cheers!
Hello Everyone. We are back at the Middlewich Artisan Market tomorrow. 10-4pm. If your nearby come and see us!!
Hello Everyone, I am currently overseas in Thailand due to the birth of our baby boy Roman. I am due back in Tom Price on Sunday 8th March 2014. I am contactable via email whilst away for any Shire of Ashburton related matter. My email is Peter.Fosteryou for understanding. Cr Peter Foster.
Hello Everyone, The African Student Union will be having their general meeting this Thursday on the 20th of February 2014 at 6:00pm in IRC 104. Also,congratulations to our new eboard members: Event coordinator: Ayan Muse Treasurer: Isioma Uzor Community Service: Whitney Okafor Book Keeper: Akot Rreth Thank you and hope to see you on Thursday.
Hello Everyone! Check your webmails if you want to come chill with the PSU forensic science club THON weekend! We'll have fun dancing in the stands (but NOT sitting!) Study hard and get ahead on your work so you can get ready to party THON style!
Hello Everyone- By now you should have received your reservation letter for the breakfast and the duck tour. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Please note, the breakfast form includes a handy chart so that you do not have to figure gratuity/tax and apply the math. The chart has all the tax and gratuity included for the breakfast to make it easier. Thus far we have enough people for Two Duck vehicles for the Duck Tour.(26) The more the merrier and sounds like we have a a great variety of folks attending thus far. The reservation forms are due in May along with payment. Don't forget to call the Chula Vista to reserve your room by May or you may not be able to get one since this resort fills up fast for the summer. Again our final letter will be mailed in May and we are happy to announce we are extending the tradition of a scavenger hunt! Details coming in your May letter about that and we encourage everyone to play! This will keep the kids occupied as you travel to the Dells! Who ...
Hello Everyone, The First Book Canada is scheduled to host a distribution of free children’s books in our area during the week of February 24th to 27th . The Community Literacy Committee would like to help interested organizations receive free books to give to their families in need. We will provide the delivery of the books from the Richmond warehouse to Maple Ridge. We are also planning to host a book swap on the pick-up day so that each organization can have access to a wider variety of titles. Learning to read is critical to a child’s success – both in school and in life. Literacy is one of the best predictors of a child’s future success. But a child without access to books won’t have the chance to become an engaged and capable reader. To date, First Book has distributed more than 100 million free books and educational resources to programs and schools serving children from low-income families throughout the United States and Canada. Please contact me for more information on how to particip ...
Hello Everyone. Have any of you ever tried the fantastic energy release technique EFT or tapping? Have you ever tried it to release limiting beliefs? Well, you’re going to love today’s episode of the Quantum Success Show because Nick Ortner, the topmost expert on EFT, is going to be joining us and he’s sharing all of his secrets on the subject. This is one show you don’t want to miss To learn more about the 2014 Tapping World Summit Event, click here. In this fast paced, 12 minute interview, Nick explains this “borderline magical process”. You’ll learn: How tapping works How to release stress by identifying and tapping on it He runs us through the three basics steps to tapping And finally shows us how to tap — it made me giggle I highly encourage you to take a break from whatever you’re doing to watch this powerful interview, and then be sure to leave me your feedback and thoughts below the video. You’re going to love what you learn, I promise! Much love, Christy
Hello Everyone. Can anyone help me? We got a parking ticket in DC for a vehicle that isn't ours. The ticket shows the same VA license plate number but it says it's a Lexus and we have a Chevrolet Tahoe. We paid $200 to DC to get them off or our backs and appealed the ticket but haven't heard back. Today I received a parking ticket in Montgomery County under the same circumstances! Same VA license plate but it's a Lexus and we have a Chevy Tahoe. Please help if you have gone through this before! Thanks Friends!
Hello Everyone!! How many of you work at job outside the home? How much do you spend on gas each week? Lunch? Work Clothes? With Instant Rewards, you don't have those extra "bills". In essence, you are paying someone else to go to work with a outside job. Meanwhile, I'm working in my PJ's Send me a message and learn how you can work from home, earn some extra cash. This is not a grow rich quick position, so you need to be focused and be willing to work at least a few hours a week.
Hello Everyone (Veteran's , Members & Guest, Family & Friends) Please come out Support - The American Legion Post 34 Rock Hill, SC -Saturday February 15,2014,- 7:00 p.m.- 11:00 p.m. DJ- Saundra & Darold will be there with Oldies & Goodies(50', 60's, 70's, 80's) New & KARAOKE. So put your Dancing Shoes on. Hope to see you there. (Will be in the Gold Room ) Dance floor Open.
Hello Everyone!! If you are a fan of Tenchi Muyo, check out this new group called the Tenchi Muyo Fan Club!! This group is a lot of fun!!
Hello Everyone! Hope you are enjoying your day. Just a reminder it is a 3 day weekend. That means extra time off and many people like to observe those extra days having a little extra fun. If you decide to drink this weekend, please have a plan in place and ready to execute. If you find yourself in a bind and are not sure how to get home, don't chance it by driving after drinking. It's not worth it. Call AADD: 0631-536-2233 They will not only pick you up and get you home, they'll take your car home too. AFN The Eagle Morning Show With Demarrio Spence USAG Rheinland-Pfalz ACS U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz
Hello Everyone! If you could all please make it your mission to get at least 4 more people to LIKE our page and perhaps leave a comment we could really see the numbers soar! I've been reaching out to the TODAY Show but we need MORE NUMBERS to get them to pay attention! THANKS!!!
Hello Everyone, it was a pleasure to be around such an inspiring and engaged group of youth these past two days. I hope that you enjoyed the Roundtable and will stay involved with Global Vision. Please take the time to follow up and thank the various speakers from the event. Their contact info (shared with their permission) is as follows: Adam Peabody (Bishop’s University Recruitment Officer), apeabody Ashley Mitton (Parks Canada Youth Ambassador Program Rep.), amitton Jarred Picher (Parks Canada Field Unit Superintendent), jarred.picher James Cullin (Humber College Associate Dean), james.cullinMarshall (World Food Programme Canadian Spokesperson), julie.marshall Nils Engelstad (McEwen Mining Vice President), neyou have any questions regarding Global Vision, JTC, next steps, etc. Please feel free to contact me on here via message or at: hill.hannah
Hello Everyone, Last week I promised some details on a new major feature that will be deployed soon, the feature is 'Zooming in Further' and should be live before the end of the month. Finally we will be able to assign dates more accurate than a single year to each event. This will allow the exact month and day of the event to be displayed on the timeline, and obviously this will include the ability to zoom in further to show the new accuracy. This is a major improvement not only as it allows a more accurate display of history, but also because it will mean a new range of timelines can be created. Until now any timeline with more than 3 or 4 events on a single year became very difficult to explore as there simply wasn't enough room on the page to properly display the events, even when zoomed in all the way. Now as you zoom in further the events will continue to spread out allowing detailed timelines to be displayed correctly. The other feature that will accompany this, which will be deployed at the same t ...
Hello Everyone! I know you have not heard much from me. I have not been completely convinced I will stay with Ahni & Zoe, but I finally got some news that made me happy enough to stay the course to help you all. Ahni & Zoe will bring back plain white pages and page protectors. Do not ask me price yet, I have not had the time to devote to reading about it. I will dive head first into all the Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories business information when I return from vacation. Look for news from me near the end of February. I will have dates for day crops (I will not be doing a spring retreat). Thank you!!
Hello Everyone, Thank you to all from the CCC Veterinary Technology program. We would like to thank you very much for your support of the Stanford Blood Center’s Give Good Winter Campaign for blood donations, in conjunction with Humane Society Silicon Valley. As a result of your efforts, we were able to meet our goal by having 3,072 presenting donors! This exceeded the analogous number for the previous two years. This better equipped us to meet the needs of our local hospitals through a very difficult time of year for blood donations. In addition, HSSV received a generous contribution to their fund for animal vaccines and other medical needs. Very appreciatively, Stanford Blood Center Humane Society Silicon Valley Carrington College California Veterinary Technology program
Hello Everyone, There is a position open in OCES at Clemson University for the Coordinator for Residential Community Standards. The deadline to apply is Feb 27, 2014. The linke to the position is: me know if you have any questions.
Hello Everyone! Happy second week of February. Don't forget to stop by to view our six new exhibits of 2014. We're currently showing: Creative Process, Allison Hyde, Jon Leach, University of Oregon Photo Dept. Group Show, UCC Art Students, and John Paul Gardener. Please treat yourself to a day of Art at UVAA! We'll be so happy to see you :)
Hello Everyone, I am a student at the University of Birmingham, and co-chair of Global Sunrise, an organisation founded by students at the University. We work to provide impoverished communities with renewable energy resources, and set up various events to educate students about issues surrounding the energy industry. We have organised a debate: Do the benefits derived from shale gas outweigh the drawbacks of Fracking? In favour of the motion: - Glynn Williams (Epi-V managing partner) - Peter Turner (Leading geoscientist and exploration consultant) In opposition of the motion: - Will Duckworth (Deputy leader of the Green Party) - Johnny Linehan (Fracking *** UK) However, Johnny is now sadly unable to attend, and so I am now in search of a replacement speaker. I realise that this is very last minute, and that you are all very busy people, but if you would be willing to team up with Will and participate in the debate, I would be incredible grateful, and would really appreciate your support. Unfortunately, . ...
Hello Everyone!! This weeks class at 'Friends of The Earth' is not on due to room hire, this will happen occasionally 10-12 times this year. Therefore to keep your practice going this week please all come to 'The Old Print Works' in Moseley, for the Wednesday class at 7 - 8:30 pm See Ya there !
Hello Everyone.! I'm David Peace, my wife is Maggie Green-Summers Peace, her father is Bill Summers (my father-in-law) and her uncle is Bob Summers. Bob and Bill Summers built the Goldenrod in a road side fruit stand in Onterio, California in 1964. In 1965 Bob drove the Goldenrod to an FIA Land Speed Record of 409.277 mph. The Summers Brothers not only captured the World Land Speed Record for Wheel Driven Vehicles from Donald Campbell of Britain but brought the title home to the United States of America. While there are several people who have claimed to have broken parts of the Goldenrod's record over the years their record remained officially unbroken for almost 45 years making the Goldenrod the longest record holding car of all time. Unfortunately I never got to meet my wife's Uncle Bob, but in the years I knew my father-in-law Bill I learned quite a bit about LSR vehicles and became infected with a very serious case of Salt Fever. After talking it over with Maggie we chose the name Summers Peace Racin ...
Hello Everyone! I am the Vice President of the UHCL Model Arab League! We will be competing this weekend at Regionals and in the Washington DC National competition in March!!! This year we represent The Sultanate of Oman! Please show your support by liking us on FB Model Arab League Student Organization UHCL or e-mail us at uhcl.malFeel free to ask questions or give your input, I greatly appreciate it!!
THE DEATH OF DARK SKIES IN ARIZONA BILL! Hello Everyone, I just found out about this bill! Bill SB 1227 is presently in committee in the Arizona Senate. You can find the bill at This bill has already had its first and second read and is scheduled for hearing in committee today (February 10, ~2pm). If passed and signed into law by the Governor, this bill will: (A) prohibit adoption of any legislation by any Arizona town, city, or county related to energy efficiency and conservation, including but not limited to outdoor lighting codes which protect our dark skies and promote quality lighting, and (B) forbid enforcement of any such code from date of enactment forward. This is a harmful bill that will derail all future efforts in Arizona to develop good lighting codes or update the ones currently protecting our dark skies – but even worse, the wording is far ranging enough to extend far beyond lighting and/or interests relevant to the state’s $1.3B astronomy industry. It declares Arizona open-season fo .. ...
Hello Everyone! Just a little note to let you know that your lovelies will be bringing home a Altered Seasons PTA Candle Fundraiser. It is the last fundraiser for the year. The money is used for Field Day, 5th Grade day, Grandfriends, Halloween bash, and other events. Thank you for you support :)
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