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Helen Slater

Helen Rachel Slater (born December 15, 1963) is an American actress and singer-songwriter.

Dean Cain Billie Jean Laura Vandervoort Faye Dunaway Christian Slater Melissa Benoist Helen Hunt Don Johnson Tim Conway Lynda Carter Ruthless People Christopher Reeve Michael Shanks Carrie Fisher Pat Benatar Yeardley Smith Lori Petty

On the Superhero Rewatch does the Cathy Lee Crosby & Lynda Carter WONDER WOMAN & Helen Slater SUPERGIRL.
Having to watch 'the secret of my success' for like the 80th time. So 80s. So on point. People always forget Helen slater became super girl.
and as added bonus, Helen Slater is Dean Cain's wife on the show . I bet everyone involved had a lot of laughs and good for them
I was going to ask your thoughts on "Legend of Billie Jean" Helen Slater was 😳
I got to meet Supergirl actress Helen Slater today...
you know I've never watched this all the way thru but I've been meaning to because has been…
The Legend of Billie Jean. Revisited this 80s teen classic. Helen Slater fresh off the '84…
Supergirl has a BUNCH of reference casting, depending how you define "hero". Helen Slater, Teri Hatche…
LOL, the mom in that episode of was Helen Slater, who is Lara in this episode of and Eliza Danvers on
The Helen Slater movie. Stuff came to light about who hasn't seen it.…
Love reading interviews from Louis, the real, nice guy and a real nice guy. 👏🏼
12 Invincible/Pat Benatar JAM. Helen Slater! Shoulda shot that guy in the dingus. Penned by queen of 80s empowerment JAMS…
That was also the time the real Supergirl was born. Helen Slater is the Supergil on cinema and you on…
Helen Slater is way too young to be playing Alex and Kara's mom
So I didn't see the Kelly McGillis comparison, but there's definitely a case for Helen Slater
The Grand Finale! Helen Slater's Dance Show 2017. Well done to all the dancers!
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In the 84' Supergirl, Helen Slater could instantly change her hair from blonde to brown.…
Wales ComicCon in 2 weeks is a washout but Birmingham in June.. John Barrowman, Michael Shanks, Ben Browder, Helen…
love Teri Hatcher, Dean Cain and Helen Slater are on Supergirl nice hat tip to past
you really coming to Birmingham you and Helen slater should really come to Cardiff one day
Carlos Valdes, Julie Benz and Barrowman for me. Considering Helen Slater/Dean Cain too. Not sure though.
Dean Cain will be joining Helen Slater at Collectormania Birmingham 3rd-4th June 2017.
Hi Helen thanks for following us, please check out our website to find out our latest products a …
I get that Dean Cain and Helen Slater on is stunt casting at its finest, but it's stunt casting I adore.
That movie made me fall in love with Helen Slater.
I want a Helen Slater action figure tbh
Oof! Helen Slater and the Legend of Billie Jean? Yusss! Kick it Pat! ❤👊🏻💥
Can this episode end with Helen Slater just going "oh Fat Superman, you unmitigated *** .
She's also going to be here if you want to say hello! -
the show needs a lot more Helen Slater.
This whole episode could have been five minute long and just consisted of Helen Slater saying "I don't trust you, fat Superman".
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Dude, I love this movie!. (Actually, I love Helen Slater. The film is just ok).
Continuing to catch up on Supergirl episodes. Helen Slater's a little better this time around, I guess.
//Sorry. Missed that. Supergirl with Helen Slater. What other film would there be? LOL
I was terribly gawky, too goofy to become a high-kicking cheerleade...
I am less selfish. But I am more insistent on being part of the cre...
I'd prefer to watch the Helen Slater Supergirl again over most Marvel movies
Currently introducing to The Legend of Billie Jean. Helen Slater is a goddess.
Only Helen Slater was the best SuperGirl (1984). I'm old school 🏫. Just like only Christopher Reeve was the best Superman. 💪🏽
On that note I forgot how much of a babe Helen Slater is. Also my favorite thing about The Legend of Billy Jean is Lisa Simpson is in it.
The way I spend my time is very isolated and cut off.
Happy birthday to our Sexiest Woman Alive of 2006, the amazing & original Supergirl
They were in Glee. She's the latest Supergirl (but no Helen Slater).
I can't speak for all women, but I do think that... I mean, me and my g...
It pleases my immensely that Dean Cain and Helen Slater play Supergirl's parents! ❤💙
Watching Supergirl Season 1 and Dean Cain (Lois and Clarke) and Helen Slater (Supergirl 1984) pop up in the same ep…
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Helen Slater from High School Musical stars in Cinderella Man about a callous Process plant operator named Christoph
Watching DC Super Hero Girls with Marty. He likes it 'cause of Supergirl, it's fine. Dean Cain & Helen Slater as Pa & Ma Kent!
Ooh, alternatively Helen Slater's Supergirl reveals that he died some time before, whether that be at Doomsday or an allusion to All-Star.
You was terrific as the current Supergirl on television. The Original Supergirl was played by actress Helen Slater then.
And why not? It's a lot of fun! I just hope that Helen Slater will become a regular!
I was thinking it's going to be a Supergirl movie question as I met Helen Slater a few years back got Legend of Billie Jean signed
Dean Cain-Superman on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Helen Slater- Supergirl in Supergirl (1984)
Dean Cain and Helen Slater are pretty geniusly cast in Who better to parent the next generation of Kryptonians?
Oooh, I'd forgotten about that one...but I think even Helen Slater has by now...
before that pic uploaded I was eagerly picturing a full body photo pillow of Helen Slater original Supergirl
It may not be the most popular but there is a place for it. I think about the kind of music I l
In just one day we saw Christian and Helen Slater.
yeah, Warner Bros didn't like me advertising their 30 year old Helen Slater Supergirl movie lol.
On the left is Helen Slater 1984 the first Supergirl and on the right is Melissa Benoist 2016.…
Supergirl of today with the Supergirl of 1984, Helen Slater
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some old costars of PD came in GA too! Helen Slater from HPYTGR, Neve, etc. JCap, KMK, IW you know!
I introduced Mae to one of my childhood heroes - Helen Slater - at Smallville Comiccon.
That awkward moment when I just found out that Danver family in are Helen Slater from Supergirl & Dean Cain from Lois & Clark 😮
Second thought: Young Helen Slater reminds me a LOT of
I admitted I have never seen the Helen Slater version of Supergirl. Now and are fixing that.
This is so cool! Really hoping Lynda Carter and Helen Slater share a scene together. 🚺
Yeardley Smith: We went to see Supergirl together! *awkward silence* Helen Slater: …that part of my brain has been cauterised. 😂😭
Watch Chris Slater & Graham Medwell from talk about what it means to be a demonstrator site
one of my uncles had VHS of the old school movie with Helen Slater. Watched it so many times growing up.
Helen Slater's in this episode. So is Laura Vandervoort. Melissa Benoist makes three Supergirls in one episode. Yay!
Helen Slater, Laura Vandervoort and Melissa Benoist. Three Supergirls in one episode!
i saw that Michael J Fox Movie.:) Plus he got Helen Slater. good deal.
Melissa gets to meet all the cool superhero people. Gal Gadot, Grant Gustin, Helen Slater, Laura Vandervoort, Dean Cain...
Melissa is morphing into a very young Helen Slater here..spooky!
Despite its many, many flaws, Helen Slater's 'Supergirl' remains one of my favorite CBMs of all time.
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Sexy Supergirl,Helen Slater,she's just stunning x
Beautiful image of the gorgeous Helen Slater,she's got an amazing body x natural beauty x
The very beautiful and sexy Helen Slater,she still looks amazing,just stunning
More pics of the gorgeous Supergirl Helen Slater,she's got an amazing figure x just stunning x
The original sexy Supergirl,Helen Slater she's just gorgeous x amazing figure x just stunning
With acting I am being led by the script, other actors, the director, etc. ...
Hey Ders, hey nice pick of original SG Helen Slater, underrated 80's hot chick, but back to my point, is Carl's eye less wonky?
Helen Slater from The Notorious Bettie Page stars in Finding Nemo about a sedate Primary school teacher named Eda
Is that Helen Slater in the background on the set in the pink blouse? :D
Bad movie, but I did have a mad crush on Helen Slater. Supergirl - Hilariocity Review
I keep getting Helen Slater and Lori Petty mixed up. (@ The Oasis of Crunch in Las Vegas, NV)
u mean this version of supergirl? Cause there is the Supergirl film with Helen Slater from early 80s
Happy Check out my interview with a woman who is a superhero, literally - :.
you will! I'll give you my change then Helen, as I don't think I'll be going back 😳🚴🚴🚴
Fun fact: Lara-El's actress Helen Slater played Supergirl in a spin-off movie of the Chris Reeve universe.
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I had a crush on Helen Slater back then. Loved her in "The Legend of Billie Jean" & "The Secret of My Success".
Supergirl Helen Slater signing autographs at the LA Comic Con - Feb. 28, 2016.
Supergirl Helen Slater doing some pondering at the Los Angeles Comic-Con - Feb 28, 2016.
New show is good. Definitely diff than the other DC on now, but that's cool. Still have a crush on Helen Slater tho.
Hey now Helen Slater had it going on but if we're talking in terms of deep storytelling and performance...
Helen Slater: "I don't know about this thing - being famous. I haven't figured it out yet. It still mystifies me."
Both previous will now have been on the series, Helen Slater 1st.
Helen Slater was awesome in that movie.
Waw.. Laura Vandervoort main di Supergirl ny CBS.. 󾌧. Supergirl's CBS has Helen Slater who's portray Kara on the...
If the woman playing Supergirl in Smallville comes to this Supergirl set, I would love to have a picture of her, Helen Slater and Melissa.
The equally gorgeous Laura Vandervoort joins Helen Slater and Melissa Benoist as the third Maid of Might to...
"Supergirl will finally be on Supergirl." "TWO Supergirls in Supergirl!". Helen Slater wasn't cast for nothing, kids.
There is a possibility that Laura Vandervoort, Melissa Benoist, and Helen Slater will all be on screen at the same time.
Would be great if the writers could get Helen Slater in the episode as well.
completes triple play. Helen Slater has been on show. Next is Laura Vandervoot. That's three actors who've played Supergirl.
Helen Slater looks wonderful in this film, both with long and short hair.
I've always called Billie Jean a "bad movie I love." Along with Supergirl it's part of my Helen Slater double feature.
Helen Slater rocks incredible fashions in this film. In one scene wearing what appears to be a cut down wet suit
Helen Slater also taught him the moonwalk
THE LEGEND OF Billie Jean (1985) Helen Slater and Christian Slater are teens on the run with a very odd youth rebellion plot strand.
Was the casting of Dean Cain & Helen Slater in this deliberate I wonder...?
HELEN SLATER glamour portrait SEXY COLOR PHOTO still 8x10
Hi Helen Slater! Remember that we met and she liked my top.
Only just noticed they cast Helen Slater and Dean Cain as TV Supergirl's foster parents. *** that's genius.
Birthday shoutouts! Geoff Stults (above with Parker Young) is 38, Michael Shanks is 45, Don Johnson is 66, Tim Conway is 82, Helen Slater i…
I will say that Lori Petty needs a place in the Arrowverse or Superverse. I mean, you have Helen Slater and Dean Cain here.
I had no idea that Supergirl's adoptive parents on the new TV show are Dean Cain and Helen Slater. That's both awesome and hilarious.
Supergirl just won by having Helen Slater and Dean Cain as her earth parents!
Ooh can't wait to see huge fan of the Helen slater one back in the day
In the new series mum is Helen Slater and her dad is Dean Cain. Clever.
Unclear if he means the new Supergirl or Helen Slater back in the day. Someone else must have seen that movie.
Will we be seeing any cameos by Helen Slater this season?
Looking forward to seeing the show, I've seen all the superman films and the supergirl movie starring helen slater
Is anyone planning to watch the new Supergirl series starting next week? Sounds interesting and has Helen Slater & Dean Cain on the castlist
Secret of my success with Helen Slater. Great MJ Fox flick
so Ally McBeal is Cat Girl and she'll be working side-by-side with Helen Slater?
Hugely excited for Melissa Benoist who is GREAT, loved Helen Slater, but I couldn’t resist.
Always had a thing for Supergirl since the Helen Slater film. Very much looking forward to it!
Do yourselves a favor. Listen to my friend Helen Slater's mellifluous, delightful, and inspiring CD, "The Ugly...
ICYMI Original Helen Slater tells us about her role on http:…
Helen Slater as Supergirl in 1984 was my first ever crush. 😍
Thanks to all who perambulated Queen's Park Loughboro' with me this Sat!
Time to ask, WHO is your favorite ?? Helen Slater ... Laura Vandervoort, or Miss Benoist - Ouch, hardone
Helen Slater from Smallville stars in Violet Tendencies about a keen Body artist named Jimmi
Vintage 1984 classic image of Helen Slater as Supergirl. 8x10 by (24.99 CAD)
. Nigel Slater’s braised chard with herb crumbs, and chard and Waterloo tart recipes
I can't decide whether I am going to watch or not. They seem to have made her an airhead. Helen Slater had an edge.
INTERVIEW: 1984's original Helen Slater tells us about her role on the CBS series http:/…
we did the Helen Slater "Supergirl" on DiS in, i think, the show's second year. its worst crime was being super dull.
Helen Slater from The Last Kiss stars in Spider-Man about an unhelpful Physicist named Irvin
INTERVIEW: Helen Slater chats with us about being in 1984 and being her mom today http:/…
Love this movie with my favs Patrick Dempsey and Helen Slater . Happy Together ( 1989 )
Pat Benatar, 'Invincible', The Legend of Billie Jean, & Helen Slater This was everything.
exited to watch Helen Slater on this series.
Helen Slater and Dean Cain are in I kinda love that.
Still waiting on a sequel to The Legend of Billie Jean. Where the *** is Helen Slater?
Watching The Legend Of Billie Jean. Feels like a afternoon weekend movie. I love me some Helen Slater.
last saw Supergirl in the 1984 movie with Faye Dunaway and Helen Slater.
Adoptive parents are Dean Cain and Helen Slater aka ex-Superman and ex-Supergirl!!!
LOL - in the Supergirl pilot, her adoptive Earth parents are Helen Slater & Dean Cain.
Hamilton Collection
The thought that Dean Cain & Helen Slater may play Supergirl's parents has me MARKING OUT! http:…
LUV parents r played by the original supergirl Helen Slater & Lois and Clark's Dean Cain!
How did i not know that Dean Cain & Helen Slater are Kara's earth adoptive parents in this show!
They have confirmed that Helen Slater will be in it. They've also said Dean Cain will be also.
We already have Tom Welling and Helen Slater in Supergirl so you never know!
Helen Slater and Christopher Reeves will always be my SuperGirl and Superman
the song was obviously written about Helen Slater's character in "The Legend of Billie Jean".
OMG! Forgot that. Just remember Helen Slater because of this and Legend of Billie Jean: the faux revolutionary I aspire to be
Underrated forgotten gem of a movie. Helen Slater was never cuter and Judge Reinhold was never... ...well, Slater was cute.
"Super" alums Helen Slater and Dean Cain have joined the cast of the new TV show
'Super' alums and Helen Slater have joined CBS'
Agreed. Helen Slater could have had a franchise if they hadn't screwed up that movie. Also cast Faye Dunaway.
If she knew who Helen Slater, I'd be like "you go! Bring her back." While singing Pat Benatar!
So white woman in front of me is sporting 1 of Rihanna's look. She just looks like Helen slater. I'm mad but I wanna b like "fair is fair!"
You can't tell me that Helen Slater isn't awesome. She's was Billy Jean Davy AND Supergirl.
Right? Helen Slater's outfit was so cool. Besides, I'll watch anything starring Peter O'Toole.
always thought supermans ejaculate wud be an issue. A bit of hanky panty with Helen slater super girl wud b fine though.
EUUURRGHHNNn! ♥♥♥ Oh man... now if only they could do the Helen Slater Supergirl & a crystal fortress base!
Chris J. Slater, Nanaimo to Berkah Akses, Indonesia. My third wife was a Filipina, Helen Octaviano from Iloilo,...
I miss Peter O'TOOLE. He's one of my favorite all time actors. He starred in Caligula,circa 1979 & Supergirl,circa 1984 with Helen Slater.
"Don't Be a Slater Hater" - films that ft Helen Slater, Christian Slater or both that Leonard gave 2 stars or less
Suddenly I have this urge to watch The Legend of Billie Jean - Oh, Helen Slater.
please, please come and sing at my friend Helen Slater's wedding she would b over the moon!!! Xxx
she’s a massive Helen Slater fan so meeting her, dressed as Supergirl, was very cool!
I'm in. THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS was on heavy rotation on my childhood VCR. Helen Slater forever!
My baby daughter apparently has three hair styles: the Wolverine, the Helen Slater, and the Joyce DeWitt.
looks like Helen Slater from out of Supergirl. Prob a late-60s/70s piece though?
I'm on the floor in front of my Caroline/Helen Slater/Britney/Devon shrine right now
I loved Helen Slater in the Legend of Billie Jean & her portrayal of Supergirl with Peter O'Toole. She's very irresistible.
News Years Resolution 3: Find out what happened to ex-Supergirl, Helen Slater.
Now Michael J. Fox stares as a drinking fountains ejaculates all over Helen Slater's lips. "The Secret of My Success" is not subtlety.
so that's what Peter O'Toole offered Helen Slater in Supergirl...
Congrats to for hitting the one year mark! Matt chats with Helen Slater in the new ep:
It's official, The Grabbing Lunch with Matt Knudsen Podcast is one year old! He celebrates by sitting down with...
It's the 1-year anniversary of the podcast with & Rob Watzke:
Likewise friendo. This weeks Grabbing Lunch is with Helen Slater.
I just recall finding it funny that Helen Slater was taller than Fox. His original BTTF girlfriend was recast b/c of tallness
That it was good but flawed or Helen Slater was attractive in the costume? :)
It has its flaws but I liked it. It was fun to watch and Helen Slater got me interested in Supergirl. And maybe just girls.
yep Helen Slater after her Supergirl stint
I feel like 1980's Helen Slater with my new haircut 😂😂😂
Clips I've seen of it on the internet doesn't make it look like a well produced movie. Helen Slater does look good in the role though.
Helen Slater movie Supergirl love scene 1: via me :'s so beautiful!
I googled "hottest 80s babes" and after some deliberation, I agree, but have to give Helen Slater and Kim Basinger nods as well
played Helen Slater's brother in Legend Of Billy Jean. And they even looked alike; but are not related. ***
All about Helen Slater Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
I know this sounds silly but try Slater Menswear. They carry large stock & can alter to suit. Think Mancs is your nearest.
Helen Slater, the group does not allow advertising unless its for a charity. October post deleted. Seems I will have to dust off the comfy chair. Please read the rules, found under files
Helen Slater from Garden State stars in Star Wars about a gloomy Surveyor's assistant named Celene
Supergirl! Just in time for Helen Slater appearing at Armageddon next weekend too...
Hi, are you related to this man? His name is AC Slater, like yours is AC Helen. Thanks.
Photo: mastersofthe80s: Helen Slater in ‘The Legend of Billy Jean' (1985)
Celebrity helen slater measurements -
So many of my preferences were set early on by Helen Slater in this movie.
It's agreed then, Supergirl cosplay is the spitting image of Helen Slater
Superhero Day at nursery: Helen Slater's got some competition.
By the way, Helen Slater is incredible.
Helen Slater was such a Baddass in the legend of Billie Jean
My dream superhero movie: Lynda Carter and Helen Slater as an older WW and Supergirl
OLP: The Legend of Billie Jean is on Patreon for a week! Helen Slater makes some point as a good-hearted fugitive.
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Non-Americans are 8.3x more likely to vote for Helen Slater on our The Most Beautiful Women of All Time list. Vote
are you game to actually read on air the exchange between Slater and Williams on women which disgusted Helen Kelly & most of us
Helen Slater comes to Earth looking for an Omegahedron, can't decide whether she wants to be blonde or brunette!
A Supergirl series without what is the world coming to!!!?!??!! At least tell me Helen Slater will be making an appearance?!
Never saw the Linda Danvers one. Just the Helen Slater film.
Helen Slater down by the swimming hole. Sigh.
Out of all of my favourite bits of all the Helen Slater films - this is my favouritest bit.
actually I knew that, I just couldnt remember if that's Helen Slater or Helen Shaver
And the secret of my success: helen slater
September 6, 2014: Helen Slater Attending Armageddon Expo: Slater is best known for her starring role as Super...
Watching The Secret of My Success on UTV+1 and the only thing I can think about is how incredibly gorgeous Helen Slater is.
Wow Helen Slater was absolutely stunning back in the back.. 🙌👌
The Secret of My Success! Love this film. Really wanted to be Helen Slater in this ;0) lol
my favourite Helen Slater performance is Ruthless People but i hear ya. I felt (still do) that way about Phoebe Cates
Me too and been wanting to see it for ages! Helen Slater . Whoa
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Remember Helen Slater as reports Supe's cousin could be back in a
I'm trying not to look at wikipedia, but if Helen Slater was in that, then she was also in the Secret of My Success with Michael J Fox
There was this other Christian Slater movie... the Legend of Billie Jean or something, and I think Helen Slater was in that
“Supergirl may be headed to a TV screen near you! Helen Slater & Faye Dunaway
Rumors are spreading of a series, but sadly we don't think Helen Slater will be starring.
If the 'Supergirl' series does happen, hopefully they can have cameos of past actresses, Helen Slater and Nicholle Tom and
Helen Slater was the first girl whose poster I put up on a wall. I have excellent taste. New Supergirl
Helen Louise Slater is an employee of the company Griffin Gray Limited. See more
As awful as it was, I used to watch Helen Slater as Supergirl over and over again on VHS. Faye Dunaway was so campy.
Hah, I knew the only pic you'd be able to find was a Helen Slater one.
A Supergirl TV series? Doesn't anyone remember the disaster that was Helen Slater?
I love the old Supergirl film starring Helen Slater. I'd rather see Supergirl on film again though.
i only found out today that Helen slater played your aunt. Smallville was awesome. You should cameo in the next supergirl film
If the rumors are true & there is a Supergirl series in the works, I'd like to put forth the original Supergirl, Helen Slater for the lead.
Just found out & Helen Slater are not siblings in real life.
All purpose parts banner
Errr... *Helen* Slater. I need to spell her name right. :P
Helen Slater, David Warner and Michael York voicing characters in this Batman episode. I had no idea it was so star studded.
If Ms Helen Slater would have come over back then , Dad wou;ld hav'e been so frosty ---
Can you help raise awareness: Helen Jones MP is.
Helen & Christian Slater were the hottest siblings in the 80s & 90s.
Helen Slater in costume is quite a sight. I saw this as a kid and it made me … confused.
Helen Slater looked amazing from beginning to end in The Legend of Billie Jean
Christian and Helen Slater aren't related even though they played siblings in Legend of Billie Jean?
were you at the London Film and Comicon Today with Helen Slater?
Thank you! Your a sweetheart the hunt continues till we meet. I had 3 shoots today Michael Madsen, Helen Slater & Lita ;)
Had a great time at meeting Robert Hays, Helen Slater, Lita, Michael Bhein, Paul Freeman, Terry Farrell, and seeing various others
Photo: Autographed photo from meeting Helen ‘Supergirl’ Slater this morning, photographic evidence to...
ewww. did you get to meet Helen Slater anyway?
Why am I so bummed to find out Christian & Helen Slater are not related? And why have I been going through life thinking they were?
Coming to Blu-ray: The Legend of Billie Jean. , commentary by Helen Slater and Yeardley Smith.
And you look better than Helen Slater ;-)
Oh crap. They said on the forum that you could. I'm in Helen Slater's queue right now.
Helen Slater is still a maybe for me. Having too many cool people to meet means someone has to get cut! :(
Helen Slater is who I'm looking forward to the most, I love her 80's films! But also Carrie Fisher, Summer Glau & Jason Mewes.
Carrie Fisher,. Half 10 to 4 so don't miss her. Stan Lee,. Get his autograph & have a cup of tea. Helen Slater, . See ya later.
London Film and Comic Con 2014: Jeffrey East and Helen Slater will be there!
LOVE that movie. Had the biggest crush on Helen Slater
Oct 2014 Melb/Auck Guest announcement 2 - the one and only Supergirl, Helen Slater will be attending. h…
I want to get autographs from Helen Slater, Slavitza Jovan & Michael Ensign & here's my photoshoots :)
Hey Friends and Fans, Hope to see you at London Comicon next week. Peace-.
Yeah, Helen Slater, she was wonderful in Ruthless People as well, she is very pretty much better as blonde over the brunette :-)
We are back, and making up for lost time. A ridiculously great cast of Shplotzers this Sunday, including fave raves Helen Hunt and Helen Slater, celebrating the return of Scott Beehner, Edi Patterson O'Connor and Dan O'Connor! That's a handful of genuine Groundlings, not to mention a pack of O'Connors! All righteously led by our fearless He Who Leads, Rob Watzke. Myself on tunes and noises. What a great night to come and see what the fuss is about. Donation's what you want, all for a great cause, always. See you!
A lot of times after I perform improv, the note I get is “not enough Helen Hunt.” This Sunday at 7pm, I’m taking care of that by performing with Helen Hunt, Helen Slater, Rob Watzke, Edi Patterson O'Connor, and Dan O'Connor at the Working Stage 1516 N. Gardner St. West Hollywood, CA 90046 This Sunday at 7pm
You know you've been meaning to come to Shplotz! Sunday Night Improvisation for a while now. Well, this Sunday would be a great time to finally do it. In honor and support of Gary Austin, who is the reason all we Shplotzers know each other, and who is now in the hospital. 100% of this night's donations will be for his benefit. Come out, dig deep. On the menu: Helen Hunt, Laurie Kilpatrick, Kinna McInroe, Helen Slater, Alice Vaughn, John Apicella, our fearless and compassionate fundmaster and director, Rob Watzke, and, per usual, me on tunes at the beginning and noise throughout. Might even take a stab at one of Gary's tunes… See you there!
TONIGHT @ 8:00 If the world's most powerful computer can control even one on earth is safe. CATCH Richard Pryor and Christopher Reeve. SUPERMAN III! THEN @ 10:15PM Adventure Runs In The Family! Catch Helen Slater as SUPERGIRL! AND @ Midnight, Is it a game, or is it real? See Matthew Broderick in WARGAMES! TONIGHT 8:00PM SUPERMAN III 10:15PM SUPERGIRL 12:00AM WARGAMES
Helen Slater to Guest Star on ‘Y&R’: Whoa, baby! “The Young and the Restless’” Genoa City is getting a brand new...
Helen Slater will be _'s OB/GYN starting May 2nd as Dr. Chiverton! Take ur guesses! Go! Is it Lauren? .
Exclusive: Supergirl herself, Helen Slater, soars to The Young and the Restless
"Supergirl" flying into CBS Television City in Hollywood! Helen Slater will be guesting on The Young and The Restless
This is an awesome picture of super girl , i think since Super Girl 1984 Director: Jeannot Szwarc Starring: Faye Dunaway, Helen Slater, Peter O'Toole, Hart Bochner, Mia Farrow, Peter Cook that didn't do so well, I think this film should get a remake, I would love to see a film of super girl done in a way like man of steel.
I received the number 8. The eight movies I actually would put everything else to a halt to watch are: 1. Back To The Future (Classic 1985 sci-fi fan and cult favorite- need I say more?) 2. The Last Emperor (long movie BUT it swept and won every category it was nominated for an oscar for- including best picture in 1987- my birth year) 3. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (the last movie with all of the original cast together before Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) 4. Clockstoppers (Star Trek TNG's Jonathan Frakes was responsible for this fan favorite) 5. The Philadelphia Experiment (fictional plotted movie that was actually based on science fact or on actual real life experiment called Philadelphia Experiment) 6. Supergirl (Helen Slater played Supergirl in this 1984 classic based on the DC comics character and is well known to fans everywhere) 7. Ocean's 13 (Sadly- this is considered to be the last Ocean film to have been made with George Clooney and cast since Bernie Mac's passing and have not sought to d ...
You're like Christian Slater in Pump Up The Volume...or Helen Slater in The Legend of Billie Jean. One of those anyway.
yep - Private Drake from Aliens playing Alistair has been a highlight so far, but Helen Slater... I need a moment.
The Three Kings brought me Mad About a Boy by Helen Fielding and Eat by Nigel Slater. They both look fantastic.
This beautiful flying sequence is from 1984's Supergirl movie starring Helen Slater.
JLA movie: Helen Slater dies stalling Lord of Time in the future while Michael Keaton, Dean Cain, & Lynda Carter travel to present for help.
We're starting the New Year off right with an interview with Mikey Slater of 1920 Tattoos in Helen Ga.…
Our first Artist Spotlight of 2014 is on Mikey Slater of 1920 Tattoo located in Helen, GA. Mikey’s
I interviewed Helen Slater a few years ago so I'm glad I could speak with you, too! Looking forward to Bitten, it sounds great
I grew up reading Supergirl and Superman comics, loved them, a real role model, loved your version and also Helen Slater's
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Our intervw with Actress/Composer link was broken. Correct link: The correct link is
Photo: eclectic-scriptorium: Helen Slater as Kara Zor-El / Supergirl / Linda Lee and the late Peter O’Toole...
Watching Ruthless People. Judge Reinhold & Helen Slater. It doesn't get much more 80's than that.
Helen Slater still looks the same from her Billie Jean days
barbie blank would look sexy in Helen slater's super girl movie costume.
Today in History -- Sunday, Dec. 15 (Tim Conway, Cindy Birdsong, Dave Clark, Carmine Appice, Don Johnson, Clash bassist Paul Simonon, Helen Slater) The Associated Press Today is Sunday, Dec. 15, the 349th day of 2013. There are 16 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Dec. 15, 1938, groundbreaking for the Jefferson Memorial took place in Washington, D.C. with President Franklin D. Roosevelt taking part in the ceremony. On this date: In 1791, the Bill of Rights went into effect following ratification by Virginia. In 1890, Sioux Indian Chief Sitting Bull and 11 other tribe members were killed in Grand River, S.D., during a confrontation with Indian police. In 1893, Antonin Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95, "From the New World," was rehearsed before the public at New York's Carnegie Hall (the official world premiere was held the next day). In 1944, a single-engine plane carrying bandleader Glenn Miller, a major in the U.S. Army Air Forces, disappeared over the English Channel whil ...
Celebrity Female Birthdays 12/15: * Camilla Luddington -30- played on 'Grey's Anatomy' and the 2011 movie, 'William and Kate.' * Helen Slater -50- appeared on 'The Lying Game', 'Gigantic', ' Private Practice' and 'Smallville.'
Famous Quote Said On December 15 Impartiality is a pompous name for indifference, which is an elegant name for ignorance. G. K. Chesterton, 1900 December 15th Holiday Bill of Rights Day - Celebrates the anniversary of the ratification of the United States Bill of Rights. December 15 Birthdays Ronnie Radke turns 30 Adam Brody turns 34 Don Johnson turns 64 Tim Conway turns 80 Dave Clark turns 71 Michelle Dockery turns 31 Chandler Canterbury turns 15 Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928 - 2000) Stan Kenton (1911 - 1979) Sergio Pizzorno turns 33 Geoff Stults turns 36 Frank Thomas (1898 - 1954) Jeff Chandler (1918 - 1961) Michael Shanks turns 43 Gustave Eiffel (1832 - 1923) Helen Slater turns 50 Jim Leyland turns 69 Brooke Fraser turns 30 Garret Wang turns 45 Camilla Luddington turns 30 Charlie Cox turns 31
Helen Slater and Faye Dunaway are gorgeous. Also, it's amazing how it's still a good movie even though there's no logical plot.
Photo: Helen Slater as Supergirl, from the vastly underrated classic movie
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