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Helen McCrory

Helen Elizabeth McCrory (born 17 August 1968) is a British actress. She portrayed Cherie Blair in both the 2006 film The Queen and the 2010 film The Special Relationship.

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Dressing up with Helen McCrory - Evening Standard - Evening StandardDressing up with Helen McCroryEvening ...
I just read in the London Evening Standard that Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis have children called Manon and Gulliver
Helen McCrory was in Peaky Blinders. Even more reason to watch it.
The Love Book acclaimed interactive App has the greatest love quotes, love poems and love letters read by Tom Hiddleston, Helena Bonham Carter, Damian Lewis, Helen McCrory & Gina Bellman. Available Apple, iOS platform and most Android phones and tablets. It is both entertaining and educational.
Helen McCrory should play you. (Not as Helen playing Cherie B playing you, I should add.) cc
If you enjoy Supernatural things, Victorian London, Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Billie Piper, Helen McCrory or pretty costumes then the new show "Penny Dreadful" is for you.
Medea sees Helen McCrory (The Last of the Haussmans) return to the National Theatre, taking on the title role in Euripides' powerful tragedy. This new version of the play by Ben Power is directed by Carrie Cracknell and will be streamed live to DCA on Thu 4 September at 19:00.
If you are not Helena Bonham Carter or helen mccrory you are not acceptable dating material this is why my relationships never work
Won't be a patch on Caterham UVI's translation, being performed in June, but NT production of Medea in Sept:
I got: Helen McCrory . fan: no but don't mind her at all!. following: no. follows: no. fav song: um. seen live: no
Tell everyone you know: Kickstarter for w/ + Helen McCrory is on now! Get info/pledge at:
I just bought tickets to see Helen McCrory in Medea in July I am SO EXCITED.
Orginally Bellatriks Lestrange has played Helen McCrory, however she had to give up because of pregnancy.
'Terrible things breed in broken hearts.' Tickets now on sale for with Helen McCrory at venues worldwide:
Helen McCrory as Medea at Good things x 3. (Also through
Helen McCrory. You are one gorgeous muggle.
Just noticed that Helen McCrory's is getting broadcast. *fist pump*
The wait is over - tickets now available at venues worldwide our broadcast of with Helen McCrory on 4 Sept:
Tickets are now on sale for MEDEA on 4th September with Helen McCrory >>
Got my ticket for Have no doubt Helen McCrory will give a stunning performance. Happy Easter to me!! 🐣
The wait is over... Tickets now on sale for the live broadcast of Medea with Helen McCrory live from London on Thurs 4 Sept
Excited to see Helen McCrory in Medea at the in July 😊
Now on sale! live screening of starring Helen McCrory 4 Sep
Ooh, fancy this, anyone wanna go with me? MT First screening of autumn - Medea starring Helen McCrory now on sale
The first screening of autumn - Medea starring Helen McCrory is now on sale …
Live's is now on sale! Helen McCrory returning to take the lead.
Helen McCrory: Women who obsess about their looks have too much time on their hands
William Petersen, Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory in one series? Am I dreaming or what? Only Marg's missing from the list! :D
Tickets go on sale tomorrow for our NT Live: Medea, with Helen McCrory, on Thur Sept 4 at 7pm.
Helen McCrory: 'Most of the attention I get is from younger men' via
"Terrible things breed in broken hearts" Helen McCrory as Medea at the National Theatre. Wow. Who's coming with me? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Both Helen McCrory and Cillian Murphy are returning to next season of work. This makes me VERY happy.
Tickets booked for Medea at the Helen McCrory on stage...I'm a little bit excited! 😁
"My self worth is not tied up with how old I am or how much I weigh" Helen McCrory - how refreshing, we really couldn't agree more!
"I'd rather be considered funny than beautiful."
We have a new National Theatre production coming to the Regal. Medea, starring: Helen McCrory
Women obsessed with age, weight and appearance need to get a life, claims ... - Daily Mail
Women obsessed with age need to get a life, claims Helen McCrory via
Pip's image of Helen McCrory makes the cover of Vantage Magazine (April 2014 issue)
Helen McCrory and Cillian Murphy were excellent in bit of a shame no nods for that series, Burton and Taylor, tut!
Had a fab 2nd day filming 'Peaky Blinders' with the boys, it was Jacksons turn today, he was a little star & so was Thomas so proud of them both - and we met Cillian Murphy & Helen McCrory!!! 6 more days left can't wait!
David Threlfall, Helen McCrory, Amanda Redman..what a cast to tell the story of a legend's final days, torn between two women...
Guillermo del Toro writing/directing AND the incredible Helen McCrory in full witchy glory? Really hope this happens.
I can't wait for season two of Peaky Blinders because helen mccrory and a gr8 soundtrack
Helen McCrory on itv trailer for Tommy Cooper program! Exciting!
Jeremy Irvine and Helen McCrory shooting Lady In Black - 2 in Greenwich. Popping them this over for their tea breaks
First look at David Threlfall as Tommy Cooper in new biopic for also stars Amanda Redman and Helen McCrory.
Clever retelling of "the prince" and current politics on radio 4 with Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory
I want to meet Helen Mccrory so much, she's so fabulous in the Harrowing.
no idea why Helen McCrory would be travelling from Crewe on a Friday night but I'm 90% sure she's on my train
Dreamt that Damien Lewis was a murderer and I had to hid Helen McCrory (who was a dancer) from him
“New photo is from the new series - myself and the fantastic Helen McCrory: beauties
NEW BROADCAST NEWS: On 4 Sept we’ll broadcast live from with Helen McCrory in the title role
all of them and Rebecca Hall, Sally Hawkins, Helen McCrory...
Photoset: Outtake and feature excerpt from Helen McCrory’s story in BLAG’s 21st Birthday Edition Interview...
This month in read our exclusive interview with the beautiful, funny and talented Helen McCrory.
Huge fan of Yourself, Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill and Helen McCrory all give powerhouse performances. Sublime
Forgot for a minute who Helen McCrory is married to. First thought was Jason Isaacs? Ha. No, that's in Harry Potter. (It's Damian Lewis.)
The Bafta's are always so 'worthy' but ! Thank you to Stephen Fry for 2 fab quotes, I shall be boring you with at a later date. Best dressed Helen McCrory. Fact.
Maggie G, Helen McCrory, Helen Mirren, Uma and Cate all rocking black dresses tonight
MARRY: Helen McCrory Best Friend: Joan or Cher Kiss: Joan or Cher (can't decide) Kill: Jane Seymour (sorry)
So fast! E has censored Helen McCrory's statement about how she dances like a 'Nigerian prostitute'.
Doesn't Helen McCrory look utterly divine at the she's so elegant..
your chatting s**t, Helen McCrory & Emma Thomson both look absolutely stunningly beautiful. That is all.
Massive girl crush on Helen McCrory though
Some very interesting dresses at this evening...some stunning, some not so.. Helen McCrory so far the most stunning attire
How does a Nigerian prostitute dance, Helen McCrory?
Helen McCrory is another one of my many life ruiners
Helen McCrory, our Narcissa Malfoy, looks AMAZING at the BAFTAs! 😍
did you just see Helen McCrory on Baftas. Absolutely gorgeous.
lol at article criticising Helen McCrory and Emma Thompson's outfits. Actually, they both look AMAZING. Celebrate their talent.
Helen McCrory and Emma Thompson looked incredible what are you talking about?Jeez..
Is it acceptable to write Helen McCrory a letter asking her to be my overseas lover
When Helen McCrory came on, I nearly screamed
So Helen McCrory was being interviewed by Dermot and she said she "dances like a Nigerian prostitute" - really Helen, Really?
is helen mccrory sat at the back or something bc *** I can't see her
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I think Helen McCrory is trying to out-British Emma Thompson.
Ray Winstone & Helen McCrory on stage together. Ones as posh as you can get, the other is an east end hardman. Only at the Baftas.
Helen McCrory best dress and look of the night.
Argh Helen McCrory is so sexy. Her hair at the
?? MT Whoa! Actress Helen McCrory says she unfortunately dances like a Nigerian prostitute live on R…
Helen McCrory is trending and now I'm reliving that time I met her and she called me 'sweet'.
Anyone watching the BAFTAs, where was Helen McCrory's dress from?
Helen McCrory has such a perfect figure
i'm so offended my stream decided to blip when Helen McCrory was on screen
Helen McCrory (Momma Malfoy!) and Ray Winstone present Gravity's Emmanuel Lubezki with the BAFTA for Cinematography
I just got Ray Winstone's joke...Helen McCrory is married to Damien Lewis isn't she?
Blimey, Helen McCrory just improves with age... on spectacular form, too...
Fresh to death Helen Mccrory shows us how it's done
Helen McCrory and Ray Winston present the award for Cinematography. Nominees are Gravity, 12 Years A Slave, Captain Phillips, Inside Llewyn Davis and Nebraska.
A little video. About Love. Tom Hiddleston and Allie Esiri talk about love, poetry and the making of The Love Book app. By great writers. Read by great actors. Tom Hiddleston Emma Watson Damian Lewis, Helena Bonham Carter Gina Bellman, Helen McCrory
The 36-year-old Dark Knight Rises actor will join Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory and Annabelle Wallis in the second series of the BBC2 period crime drama
A 60 second video of 15 of the most famous (and not so famous) lines on love ever written. Read by Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter, Damian Lewis, Tom Hiddleston, Helen McCrory and Gina Bellman. How many of the 15 do you recognise? Who is reading what? And have you downloaded the app and bought the book yet?! x
Emma Reads Poetry for “The Love Book” Just in time for Valentine’s Day Emma has recorded several poems for the latest update of The Love Book app. The Love Book, both an app and a paper book, are “compendiums of some of the greatest poems, love letters, quotes and prose ever written on the wonderful (but troublesome) theme of love.” In the app you can hear many of these read by Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Hiddleston, Damian Lewis, Helen McCrory, Gina Bellman and Emma. The app is available on Google Play or iTunes. 10% of all sales will go to the charity Save the Children.
//I just want Helena Bonham Carter and Helen McCrory as my *** mothers/incestuous lovers. Is that too much to ask ***
Video: Helen McCrory gets chills on horror movie 11 January 2014 Helen McCrory got the shivers filming The Woman In Black sequel Angel Of Death - because she was freezing cold.
Matthias Schoenaerts is going to be in a movie with Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci, Kate Winslet, and Helen McCrory. Oh my. Yes please.
Alfie Evans-Meese (PQA Wolverhampton) castas FINN SHELBY in Peaky Blinders an epic BBC gangster saga. Alfie is playingalongside an outstanding cast that includes Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill and Helen McCrory.
Actress Helen McCrory says modern US television series have put women at the centre of the drama leading to a "revolution" of strong roles for females
Coming up on Women Talk Online on Monday: Quote of the day Women in the news New report says millions of women at risk of falling into poverty, economic ruin Women fight violence in districts everyday Helen McCrory: TV started a revolution for women's roles It's criminal! Police boss excuses women who shoplift and says it's because of welfare cuts The Right Way to Approach a Woman Have a nice day!
Nominations Announced: Full List of BAFTA Nominations: The annual BAFTA nominations have been announced, and three movies are ruling the list. What are those movies? Find out below! BAFTA awards, coupled with Gold Globes, pave way for the Oscar Nominations 2014. British Academy of Film and Television Arts also known as BAFTA awards, has announced the annual list of BAFTA nominations 2014. Alfonso Cuarón’s GRAVITY has bagged most BAFTA nominations than any other movie with 11 nominations including Best Picture nomination, Best Director and Best Screenplay. Steven McQueen’s 12 YEARS A SLAVE and David O. Russell’s AMERICAN HUSTLE have grabbed 10 BAFTA nominations each. Paul Greengrass’s CAPTAIN PHILLIPS has BAFTA nominations. Martin Scorsese’s THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and NEBRASK are also among the frontrunners for a few nominations. Find all the nominations below! and Helen McCrory announced BAFTA nominations 2014 at BAFTA’s London headquarters on Wednesday. The annual BAFTA awards, hosted by St ...
On Wednesday 8th January, Helen McCrory and Luke Evans revealed the nominations for the EE BAFTA Film Awards in 2014. Watch the announcement here:
'Rosemary's Baby' casts 'Avatar' actress 1 hour ago | EW - Inside TV | See recent - Inside TV news » Zoe Saldana (Avatar) has been cast in NBC’s four-hour miniseries “Rosemary’s Baby,” an adaptation of the 1967 best-selling suspense novel by Ira Levin. Saldana will play Rosemary, the would-be mother who, with her husband, moves into a Paris apartment that has a storied past. After finally getting pregnant, she becomes increasingly suspicious that her husband and their secretive neighbors have ulterior motives about the future of her child. In December, NBC greenlit the adaptation. But unlike the famed 1968 Roman Polanski film starring Mia Farrow, the NBC version will be set in Europe instead of New York City. Scott Abbott » - Lynette Rice See full article at EW - Inside TV » Permalink | Report a problem BAFTA Unveils Film Nominations 16 hours ago | Variety - Film News | See recent Variety - Film News news » London – Thesps Luke Evans and Helen McCrory (pictured) revealed the British A ...
Luke Evans and Helen McCrory get together for a photograph while attending the nominations photo call for the 2014 BAFTA Film Awards on Wednesday (January 8) in London, England. The 34-year-old actor and the 45-year-old actress helped announce all the nominations for the upcoming award ceremony – Ch
Nominations List: Watch actors Helen McCrory and Luke Evans announce the nominations for the EE British Academy Film ...
Brilliant day on set of Woman In Black 2 with Jeremy Irvine, Helen McCrory & Phoebe Fox
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Helena Bonham Carter, Helen McCrory and Tina Fey make everything okay again!
Helen Mccrory is flawless in doctor who omg
Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis pose with their Artisan Group swag bag at the GBK Gift Lounge!
Omg there is going to be another woman in black film in 2014 and Helen McCrory is in it
A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its viciniOriginally, Helen McCrory, who plays Narcissa Mal
Streep is a good shout. What about Helen McCrory?
I AM SERIOUS. See also: Helen McCrory & Anna Chancellor. I have to avoid all the things these 3 are in.
Just found out our Helen mccrory is going to be in the new woman in black...absolutely hate that film but gonna have to watch it now
God I hope I look a good as Helen mccrory when in her age
| Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to myOriginally, Helen McCrory, who plays Narcissa Mal
Finished seeing the movie The Special Relationship starring Michael Sheen as Tony Blair during his time as British Prime Minister and Helen McCrory as Cherie Blair. Also featuring John Schwab and Kerry Shale. Shale plays advisor to the Clintons as in US President Bill Clinton. The Special Relationship was released in 2010 and a year later Shale was in Doctor Who in Day of the Moon and that too had a depiction of a real-life US President, in this case, Richard M Nixon. However unlike him playing advisor to the Clintons in The Special Relationship, Shale’s role in the Doctor Who episode did not have him being anywhere near Nixon, the President seen in this episode.
Harry Potter actors Dame Maggie Smith, Helen McCrory and Zoe Wanamaker attended the 2013 Evening Standard Theatre Awards in London in Sunday. Smith
I like the idea of Jason Isaacs and Helen McCrory making babies
Yep that was so going to be my first answer! :) Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis is my next one xxx
I'd frankly be stunned if Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, and maybe Sam Neill don't rake in the awards for this.
Helen McCrory is simply fantastic in this.
.has made a wonderful new app: The Love Book. Poetry read by Helena B-C, Helen M…
You've been Helen McCrory all this time and I had no clue.
If Helen McCrory has never played a pirate queen, somebody really has missed a trick.
Saw the end to the blinding drama, Peaky Blinders, but why leave us in limbo? “As the Telegraph newspaper said, the tension went through the roof in the build up to the big face-off between the Peaky Blinders and Billy Kimber’s men. Helen McCrory as gangster matriarch Aunt Polly came into her own in a scene in which her face seemed to melt, Olivia Colman-style, when she told of the snatching of her children. And what was hitting, Tommy, Grace and Inspector Campbell in limbo – nail-biting limbo, but limbo nonetheless”. I really enjoyed it, and is worth a watch and buying the Blu-ray DVD, for sure! But it's Ended
Helen McCrory is a great actress but she hasn't nailed the Birmingham accent at all.
...watching Helen McCrory films so I can keep hold of Aunt Polly a little longer..!
Overheard: We ask the guests of the BFI Luminous gala: What’s your favourite childhood film? Helen McCrory:...
If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do haOriginally, Helen McCrory, who plays Narcissa Mal
Season 2 can't come soon enough. Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory are so good in it, love it.
I do believe Helen McCrory might be my new older woman fantasy. She is lovely :)
Please give Helen McCrory every award there is to be given:
only got in an hour ago, just finished watching. Extraordinary finish. Helen McCrory outstanding tonight. Loved hearing..
have to wait to season 2 to find out... Helen McCrory blew me away tonight. And I ALMOST found myself fancying Cillian Murphy
Oscars for all the actors in Peaky Blinders! Helen McCrory (Aunt Polly) was my favourite I have to admit... (Sorry Tommy!)
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Helen McCrory as Aunt Polly. Absolutely incredible. One scary lady is well though.
Going to miss Helen McCrory and Cillian Murphy being on my TV screen every week! Hurry up series 2..!
Just me, or his Helen McCrory's hair-do a bit modern?
How beautiful did Sienna Miller look in Carven at last night's BFI Luminous Gala?
Don't forget to take a peak at the last of the series of Peaky Blinders with our HELEN McCRORY on TONIGHT on at 9pm
Hello, I am de dutch look-a-like of Helen McCrory, and you are...?.
The Duchess of Cornwall attends British Food Fortnight's "Service to Celebrate the Harvest" The Duchess of Cornwall was joined by Homeland star Damian Lewis fellow actor Martin Clunes at a Westminster Abbey service to celebrate the harvest today. Her Royal Highness was joined by hundreds of school children and the celebrities to take part in the British Food Fortnight's service to "Celebrate the Harvest" at Westminster Abbey. The charity is one that The Duchess has worked closely with on a number of occasions, including launching her Cook for The Queen competition for the Diamond Jubilee. Her Royal Highness visited Godolphin Junior School in Slough earlier this year to officially launch the campaign, which has seen hundreds of school children grow their own produce to present a box at the service at the Abbey. Many of the schools involved have also been taking part in The Prince of Wales's Mygrove competition, whereby school children are encouraged to keep a blog about their gardening efforts on The Princ ...
He bursts out laughing and explains that since they are aged 7 and 5, no. But fortunately mummy Helen McCrory is in Harry Potter!
Helen McCrory is such a BAMF in this, accent aside :')
I just remembered that Helen McCrory and Karen Gillan did shoots for the This is Great Britain campaign lolololol what if
Helen McCrory. she plays Narcissa Malfoyin the films.
How can an actress as good as Helen McCrory get an accent so very, very wrong?
Helen McCrory and Rupert Grint shot for Movember in this month's Tatler. Hair and makeup by Rachel Jones.
the point in the interview where Helena mentions her 'really good friend' Helen McCrory, is the point where my heart stopped and I died.
Really looking forward to seeing 'Macbeth' tonight in the Helen McCrory Studio. Last time it was in the Great Hall!
Bad news. Helen McCrory answered the phone. Not happy:(
Damian Lewis reading poetry with his wife Helen McCrory - all the inside photographs of BFI Luminous gala:
Anything with Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory in is worth watching!
Q: "Would you want to come back for more Potter magic?". Helen McCrory: "Oh my gosh, yes, of course. ".
Kept wondering if it was Sigourney Weaver in 5x06 but it was Helen McCrory: funny how much they look alike
Any of you good people out there watching 'Peaky Blinders' on BBC2? In my opinion, it's the best home-grown original drama I've seen for many years. Brilliant plot lines, well-drawn characters, great photography, wonderful locations and lighting, and excellent acting, especially Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory and Tommy Flanagan. The final episode (of 6) is on next Thursday at 21:00. If you have 5 spare hours between now and then, you could do an awful lot worse than catch up the episodes on iPlayer. Highly recommended by the House of Murphy (Other opinions are available)
Just catching up on BBC2's Peaky Blinders with Cillian Murphy & Helen McCrory. Bit slow in patches but fabulously done the British equivalent of Empire.
Livia Firth wore Stella McCartney to last night's BFI gala - she joins GCC supporters Helen McCrory and Sienna Miller on Harper's Bazaar UK's Best Dressed List
There is nothing like a backless dress when it comes to showing both sex appeal and elegance. And Helen McCrory and Eliza Doolittle almost stole the show at the BFI’s Luminous Gala Dinner on Tuesday in daring backless gowns.
From The Guardian, review of The Love Book "The UK's National Poetry Day was this week, and The Love Book is a good way to carry the feeling onwards. It's a collection of poems, short stories and letters about love, read by actors including Helena Bonham Carter, Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory. You can also record your own versions to share with friends, with four months to practise before Valentine's Day."
I really want to like Peaky Blinders but there are small things that are irritating me. The blood on that blokes hanging body really looked like the strawberry syrup put on a 99 ice cream. Helen McCrory (who i love) sounds Scouse and the men's make up is really visible and the girls hair and make up looks too groomed too modern. They look too perfect. Was there a perfect wide tong in the 1920's ?
ahah :3 . You like Helen McCrory , Jason Isaacs and Helena Bonham Carter too ? ♥
The accents on that Peaky Blinders are excruciating. Has Sam Neill ever heard anyone from Belfast speak? And is Helen McCrory meant to be from South Africa? Cillian Murphy is perfect obviously.
Damian Lewis hits the red carpet with his wife Helen McCrory at the 2013 Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday (September 22) in Los Angeles. The 42-year-old actor was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his work as Nicholas Brody on Homeland. Damian was no
Also in new - Helen McCrory, Jason Byrne and Michael Parkinson on David Frost.
Interviews with cast members Cillian Murphy, Sam Neil & Helen going to be very cool, you won't w…
Good luck to everyone getting their GCSE results today! We'll be talking about results on today's show. Also coming up we have Harry Potter's Helen McCrory, Jim Davidson is in the clear, the latest on the Syria massacre, actress Jenny Seagrove... and the woman who was surprised to find she was expecting twins despite being on the pill - twice!
Hoobs are amazing. Because not only doesnt Helena Bonham Carter have them. But so does Helen McCrory and Hayley Williams.
Send me pictures of : Helena Bonham Carter , Helen McCrory and Jason Isaacs PLEASE
Helen McCrory confirmed to join Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, Otto Bathurst and Steven Knight at Peaky Blinders screening on August 21.
Yesterday I had a dream Helen McCrory and Sebastian Stan were rouge spies and now I really want that movie to happen.
The poem Portrait of a Lady by T.S.Eliot comes alive when narrated by Ian McDiarmid and Helen McCrory.
Read our critical review of Horizon: Swallowed by a Black Hole, the BBC2 documentary about the Milky Way's black hole narrated by Helen McCrory.
The moment when you get really excited because you know an actor/actress in a movie but you don't know from which. Usually its from Harry Potter and I can't figure put who that actor played then I'll have to google it like yesterday. (jon hurt in the immortals is ollivander) or the day before while watching american pie I couldn't figure out how I knew the ginger dude and then.. BA BAM! He's scott from AUSTIN POWERS ;D Or while watching Narnia my friend had to pause the movie because I was literally jumping up and down trying to figure out who the professor was (Slughorn!) The list goes on and on including Julie walters and Helen McCrory and so on ~Cissy ~Cissy
Can I please just be with Helen McCrory?
Oh, and Helen McCrory as well. Come to think of it, there are loads, aren't there...
So happy for Jenny Abraham and Helen McCrory the wee smartie pants! Having a wee drink for you! X
Stars choose their best lines. Helen McCrory (Narcissa): It’s from the final film, when I stand up in the Forbidden Forest and say - “Dead.”
Pleasantly, Harry Potter 8 was also much improved on a second viewing. Probably because me and Stephen Lucas weren't hoping everyone would get naked this time
Had a dream that I was Helen McCrory's bridesmaid.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I love Helen and I really want to see this film as well as others but for this much? NO
Two great new films this w/e: and A bit of Helen McCrory and a bit of Matt Damon
almost sobbing because I remember being so excited for this drama.. Helen McCrory and Callum Turner were perfect
*sigh* about twenty years ago Helen McCrory looked like she could fit into my clothes… How did she manage to...
DOES ANYONE HAVE A LINK WHERE I CAN WATCH 'UNCOVERED' ONLINE? It's from 1995 and Helen McCrory looks so pretty in it help please
I am loving Helen McCrory so much recently
if Helen McCrory didn't get pregnant she would have been Bellatrix
got a bit of a girl crush on Helen Mccrory.
Can we please just get Helena Bonham Carter and Helen McCrory in another film together
Daniel Radcliffe, Helen McCrory attend & win at 2013 Glamour Women of the Year awards
//I used to think that it was weird in couples when the girl was older than the guy, but then. Helen McCrory.
I really can't imagine Helen McCrory as Bellatrix Lestrange, although that was the original plan.
"What would we be called, Dami-len? Hel-ian?" ~ Helen McCrory on what her and Damian's "ship name" would be.
Glad to see such a diverse mix of women being named Women of the Year! Huge fan of Helen McCrory
Watched "Flashbacks of a Fool"; not the best film but ah, Helen McCrory. What a goddess - stunning, heartbreaking, witty; love that actress!
"Dyslexic! Why would you say that? ... Thank you for my Lamourg Award!" Helen McCrory being her usually sassy self.
I love Helen McCrory's hair, dress and bag from the Glamour Awards! Best outfit I've seen her in, definitely.
Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis looking glamorous tonight
Mum won't let me buy The Queen. It has Helen McCrory in tho!
Skyfall. My Pointless ship has come in.
Not sure if any of you knew, but Daniel Radcliffe and Helen McCrory both won awards at the Glamour Awards! Daniel won Man Of The Year and Helen won Theatre Actress! TEAM POTTER STRIKES AGAIN! :D ~Wildfirebolt
Victoria Beckham led the winners at Glamour's annual Woman of the Year awards on Tuesday (June 4). The fashion designer was honoured with the 'Woman of the Decade' accolade at the ceremony, which was held at Berkeley Square Gardens in Mayfair, London. Beckham was accompanied to the ceremony by her oldest son Brooklyn. "I'd like to start by congratulating all the women tonight, and also Harry Potter," said Beckham, in reference to 'Man of the Year' winner Daniel Radcliffe. "I like to celebrate women... Girl power! What Myleene [Klass] said was right, we need to support each other. "Thank you Brooklyn, the best looking man in the room tonight, for being my date. Thank you, David... and the other man in my life, Simon Fuller. And wow, what an amazing 10 years... Here's to the next 10 years. I was just thinking, I will be nearly 50." Rita Ora, The Saturdays and Jessie J were among the musicians honoured by the magazine, which also presented awards to actors Miranda Hart, Helen McCrory, Rashida Jones, Rebel Wi ...
Thanks to Berkshire International Film Festival for screening Flying Blind. I'm sorry we couldn't make it there in person...maybe next year.
Flying Blind is set to be released on DVD July 15. The romantic drama from Polish director Katarzyna Klimkiewicz has been described as 'intriguing'  by Total Film and Variety and stars Helen McCrory who is known for her roles in Harry Potter, Skyfall and Hugo.   The Dolby Digital film -  penned by Caroline Harrington and Bruce McLeod - also stars Najib Oudghiri and Layer Cake actor,  Kenneth Cranham.  Flying Blind is the passionate love story between  Frankie - a woman who likes order and control in her life -  and Kahil,  a younger, carefree and mysterious Muslim man.  Frankie is determined to reveal the truth about Kahil, only to discover to her cost that betrayal always comes from those closest to us Flying Blind has been nominated for The Michael Powell Award for Best British  Feature Film. It will available to buy on DVD July 15.  
// really want a lover for stella please? I prefer Helen McCrory, but, :-/ xD! at this point anything.
After a lovely tribute reading for Josephine Hart at Hay Festival. — with Helen McCrory and Damien Lewis.
My mum saw lily cole, Damien Lewis and Helen Mccrory at hay yesterday FML
Here: Rufus Sewell and Helen McCrory both superb in it - and what a great story, too.
Emma Watson and Helen McCrory (with husband Damian Lewis) attended the Met Ball, this year with a PUNK: Chaos To Couture theme. Photos of the Harry
Helen McCrory: I've never been to Mcdonalds and I don't eat processed foods Helena Bonham Carter: *Gets pictured carrying Mcdonalds*
When it comes to talent, Helen McCrory is my favourite actress.
Yes us too, the q&a should be really interesting. Love Helen McCrory so v excited to see her performance
McCrory relishing racy new role: Helen McCrory is relishing her racy new role in A Little Chaos.
bellamyyoung: raye1447 replied to your photo: Actor + Genre Meme Helen McCrory, Amanda… WHAT is the...
Me too. The BBC one with Helen McCrory is great though.
OMG in my school is teacher, who look exactly like Helen McCrory! :D
Caught up with The Weir yesterday - Damian Lewis & Helen McCrory in attendance. McPherson's masterpiece as haunting as ever
A friend has just told me she was in London for a meeting the other day and had lunch at The Ivy sat next to Damien Lewis & Helen McCrory...
Interviewer: Your favourite article of clothing? Helen McCrory: I have a big pair of red spotty bloomers I we…
Helen McCrory: 'I used to think sexually charged roles were exploitative. Now I'm in my 40s, I think it's art'
I can't bare to stay on the Helen McCrory tag for so long... Everyone talking about Flying Blind!
"Spring is the time of plans and projects." ― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina
Cougars on the rise because women look better in their 40s, actress Helen McCrory says -
So was amazing Helen McCrory was divine as always
Rory Kinnear (Bolingbroke), Julie Walters (Mistress Quickly) and Helen McCrory in 2012's The Last of The Haussmans
Some up to date pics of our turned soldier (and his wife for B)
Olivier Awards 2013: Damian Lewis and wife Helen McCrory forget the crowds to share a tender moment as they ar...
Fangirled for Narcissa Malfoy, also known as Helen McCrory. :')
Damien Lewis YOU HOTTIE! He and Helen McCrory are the most perfect couple!
Helen McCrory, Lara Pulver and Kim Cattrall added a touch of colour to the Olivier Awards red carpet:
;( Helen McCrory was amazing in LotH. So upset...
Helen McCrory: "It’s feast or famine. My husband Damian (Lewis) and I have been at home for the last five months unemployed."
Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Helen McCrory was superb, but haven't seen any others
Best supporting actress our vote goes to Helen McCrory saw it
or Helen McCrory. Both incredible. In fact, if they both won, that would be fab
Guys, you realise Helen McCrory is nominated.?! Dont do this to me!!! ;'|
Interview in The Guardian with Helen McCrory, star of Flying Blind - screening at GFT this Sun.
'Vampires of Venice' a great Doctor Who romp with Matt Smith on particularly fine form in his scenes with Helen McCrory
Helen McCrory stars in the British made film Flying Blind Screening at Light House this May !
I just finished ep7s5 btw. And I was sooo glad to see Helen Mccrory as the queen of the alien fishes. She was amazing.
Helen McCrory was beautiful when she met queen.
Sat and looked at pictures of Helen McCrory and Robert Downey Jr. with in IT ☺
Have a bunch of new followers. Hello! Especially exciting: Helen McCrory is amazing!
Flying Blind review: Unconvincing plot is blind to Helen McCrory's talents Helen McCrory is the reason to see Fl...
oh hey don't I know someone who has a Helen McCrory ***
I actually want to be in a relationship with Helena Bonham Carter or Helen McCrory omg lol
I'm never going to be in a happy relationship unless the other person is Helena Bonham Carter or Helen McCrory.
OMG Helen McCrory met queen! She has so beautiful hair on this picture :3
Helen McCrory talks to about "Flying Blind" and life with husband Damian Lewis ("Homeland")
Helen McCrory was originally cast to play Bellatrix but had to pull out and later played Narcissa.
Who's your second favourite celeb after Helana? — Hmm, probably Helen McCrory or Jennifer Lawrence :) x
*sighs and wonders why I'm not Helen McCrory*
I love all this Helen McCrory talk right now. :-D
Helen McCrory is taking on hubby Damian Lewis in Flying Blind, falling in love and defending the homeland.
Lucky Londoners get another chance to see Helen McCrory in Flying Blind, screening at Watermans this eve:
I can't put into words my love for Helen McCrory
I would say this is true but doesn't apply to the women I saw in Stourbridge last night
I feel rather gullible... So, is Helen McCrory in The Hobbit or was she being sarcastic?
Reading interviews from Helen McCrory is one of my favourite things
Helen McCrory mentioned Aaron Johnson in an interview... What, but... dahfkah
Rise of the Cougars>Older women are having more affairs with younger men cos their bodies are looking better in their 40s says Helen McCrory
Just when you thought you couldn't love The Observer more, they run an interview with Helen McCrory.
Whos that in the background? — Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange and Helen McCrory as Narcissa Malfoy ...
Helen McCrory glowing with baby bump on the Book of Mormon red carpet ? must be v happy!
What should there be in a perfect day? — Popcorns and a Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Helen McCrory and/or Jo...
Helen McCrory and Helena Bonham Carter on the set of Harry Potter.
Homeland’s Damian Lewis and Harry Potter’s Helen McCrory oppose plans for luxury home next to school in Belsize Park
Homeland's Damian Lewis and Harry Potter's Helen McCrory oppose plans for ... Actors Damian Lewis, from TV's Homeland, and wife Helen McCrory, who starred as Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series, joined hundreds of pupils from St Christopher's School – including their daughter – to protest against plans for a ...See all stories on this topic » Ham&High
I liked a video Helen McCrory on her role in Skyfall
"Pics: Damian Lewis, Helen McCrory at premiere last night: with me looming behind!!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Damian Lewis and wife Helen McCrory joined producer Dixie Linder at the Hackney Picturehouse last night for th...
Pics: Damian Lewis, Helen McCrory, Jane Horrocks, & Eloise Laurence at premiere last night:
Fantastic shoot today with Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory for my exhibition. Thank you both so much.
and, the guy who plays Yassen is married to Helen McCrory, who is Narcissa Malfoy :) and and are in it as well :D
Helen McCrory is basically my life.
Two photo shoots one day first one with Damien Lewis and Helen McCrory Shoot 2 - beaufox ss13 campaign
Just seen Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory on my street!
I am thinking a name of my t-shirt. It need to be required the word "MiOn", the name of HBC, (I need short form or it will be too long), Ralph Fiennes, (RF) and Helen McCrory, (HMC) and Hp!!! xD Please guys!!! Any form will be fine!!! Thank you so much!!! 1000 points of the one who can help me! ~Bellacissy
Need to watch the movie. Helen McCrory is in that one :)
So Meryl Streep and Helen McCrory both voiced a role in "Fantastic Mr.Fox" ? Oh my heaerrerjbo jfnjkafnjdlnadmd dg d Why didn't I know that?
Also, amazing line-up of actors reading EFG shortlist, Foyles March 20/21: Helen McCrory, Jonathan Pryce and more
Fangirled over because they are so cute xD (Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory)
FACT OF THE DAY: Naomi Watts was previously reported as having accepted the role of Narcissa Malfoy, only for it to be denied her by her agency. Same Happened with Kate Winslet when she was asked to play Helena Ravenclaw. ~Bambi
Watching Anna Karenina and then calling it a night early!
Would anyone know of any local or Irish business that do decorative items for the garden such as fairy doors, ceramic stone face or unusual type ornaments & also tree trunk design furniture and items, if anyone can suggest anywhere I would love to hear from you, Thanks Lenore
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Hoping it picks up now Narcissa Malfoy is I it. I love Helen McCrory
Now watching "Hugo" in 3D at home while my money is working for me. Hugo is a 2011 American 3D historical adventure drama film based on Brian Selznick's novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret about a boy who lives alone in the Gare Montparnasse railway station in Paris. It is directed and co-produced by Martin Scorsese and adapted for the screen by John Logan. It is a co-production between Viacom's Nickelodeon Movies, Graham King's GK Films and Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil. The film stars Asa Butterfield, Chloë Grace Moretz, Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen, Helen McCrory, Ray Winstone, Emily Mortimer, Jude Law, and Christopher Lee. Hugo is Scorsese's first film shot in 3D, of which the filmmaker remarked: "I found 3D to be really interesting, because the actors were more upfront emotionally. Their slightest move, their slightest intention is picked up much more precisely."The film was distributed by Paramount Pictures and released in the U.S. on 23 November 2011. The film was received with critical acclaim, ...
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