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Helen McCrory

Helen Elizabeth McCrory (born 17 August 1968) is a British actress. She portrayed Cherie Blair in both the 2006 film The Queen and the 2010 film The Special Relationship.

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really good acting by Helen tonight due a award in my mind
Fearless: Fans claim to identify the REAL killer - thanks to THIS Coronation Street twist -…
Who is MP Matthew Wild? Meet Emma Banville's rival in ITV thriller
Brilliant actor's Helen McCrory,Michael Gambon & great to see the comic John Bishop do a straigh…
Loving Helen McCrory in but haven't a scooby doo what's going on!!
Loving Fearless. Really impressed with Helen McCrory, used to seeing her as Aunt Pol in Peaky Blinders
viewers claim to identify killer - thanks to THIS Coronation Street twist - did YOU spot it?
Wow am really loving Helen McCrory is fabulous, we need her on the to more often
Helen McCrory is one of my favourties but the script and John Bishop, Just can't get into it.
I can't claim I follow all of but I'm enjoying it, and hope it all makes sense soon. Helen McCrory is very good, a lot going on!
is just reminding me how much I miss having Helen McCrory on my tv all the time! Ridiculously talented! 👏🏻👏🏻
So many strands in Cant wait to see how it all comes together. . Helen McCrory is bloody marvellous.
I love Helen McCrory. I'm not entirely sure about the plot of but she's enough to keep me watching.
I worship the ground Helen McCrory walks on.
is bloody gripping . Very much love Helen McCrory
Won't lie, watching Helen McCrory fostering a kid & being all mumsy is making me so broody
Some of Helen McCrory's facial expressions in remind me of Celia Imrie as Miss Babs in
Purely watching to fangirl over Helen McCrory 😍
How amazing is and Helen McCrory. Best show of the year so far.
Helen McCrory is a great actress but everyone else in this is dire. Especially Kevin Russell. Yeesh.
I fear even actress Helen McCrory won't be enough to save drama series. Holes appearing rapidly in script
ITV: is on right now. Helen McCrory was in The Vampires of Venice in 2010. Michael Gambon starred in A Ch…
My mother is offended because I said I love Helen McCrory more than I love her
Fearless: Did Helen McCrory just drop a BIG clue about ITV drama? -
Fearless: why Helen McCrory's leather jacket is TV's latest cult fashion item
New post (Who is in Fearless cast? Michael Gambon and Helen McCrory lead in the new ...) has been published on -…
New post (Who is Helen McCrory? Fearless actress who plays Emma Banville, wife of ...) has been published on G ...…
On my show on tonight at 6.30pm: McCrory on and underestimating your opponent...
What time is Fearless on ITV tonight, who’s in the cast with Michael Gambon and Helen McCrory and what is it about?
Can't take my eyes off the screen right now is amazing
Mainly a chance to see Helen McCrory in action x
Another good show work a great lead if you haven't already seen it is fearless with Helen mccrory
Enjoyed the first episode. Helen McCrory is always good.
Helen McCrory is so beautiful it hurts my brain the same way it hurts trying to think about how big the universe is. AGONY.
Fearless review: Helen McCrory is strangely compelling in this ITV drama -
Fan or Peaky Blinders’ Helen McCrory? You won’t want to miss her exceptional performance in
"Steven turns the working man into a hero" - Helen McCrory tells why struck a chord. https:…
I hope one day both Helena Bonham Carter and Helen McCrory will be dames.
great stuff from Sam Swainsbury. rebecca callard, Helen McCrory and Jonathan Forbes in last mondays premiere.
Helen McCrory on set of Peaky Blinders | credit:
Helen McCrory's voice makes me swoon, I'm pretty sure I'm in love with that woman!
For once a film lives up to its name! Now when do we get the Bill Nighy / Helen McCrory spin-off? My
It tickles me how they're both still holding their wands, and Helen McCrory is making it work by balancing her coff…
》15/02/2016: Meryl Streep called me darling. 》12/08/2016: I hugged Helen McCrory. I'll never get over this. I'm c…
Him and Helen McCrory were terrific. I love a traditional happy ending, but then again, the film had a happy ending of sorts.
First look at in exciting new thriller,
Let's all remember when for a brief moment Wikipedia said that Helen McCrory was coming to OUAT. Let's all also thank god it was a lie.
last night for screening of followed by Q&A with Bill Nighy, Gemma Arterton and Helen McCrory. Bill is…
YES it's truly GLORIOUS especially Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory
I'm so glad I don't have enough space in my room to set up an altar to Helen McCrory.
11am on Sun 5/7 in my Stage & Screen series: Terence Rattigan's "The Deep Blue Sea," starring the great Helen McCro…
Fearless: First look at Helen McCrory playing Emma Banville in new ITV thriller
Fearless: First look at Helen McCrory as Emma Banville in new thriller
GILLIAN THO😍 I LOVED the Medea ccharacter when Helen McCrory played her. God bless them both. And y…
m I just accidentally bought the ben power version of medea , I just wanted a book that has helen mccrory on it lmao
helen mccrory and tommy flanagan in scenes together I'M LIVING
Is that Helen McCrory's beautiful voice I can hear on the Marks and Spencer's advert?
Man...Helen McCrory is such a force.
alumnus talks to our Returners about his new drama Fearless with Helen McCrory…
I've added Helen McCrory to the exhaustive list of people I think would do it well in my head. It may never end.
Am I crazy or was Sammy’s sister played by Olivia Colman in her 1st scene & Helen McCrory in the rest of THEIR FINEST? Help,
Five things Helen McCrory would tell her younger self... | Recourse:
«The Bogart & Bacall of the British film industry.». Helen McCrory on Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy
Helen McCrory on her marriage to Damian Lewis: . 'He's never given me reason to be jealous'
Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory and Peaky Blinders completely ignored by once again...
Peaky Blinders, Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory have been overlooked by BAFTA once again! ***
Two more good looking side kicks from Skyfall: Yennis Cheung or Helen McCrory - Who was hotter? Vote above
Helen McCrory as Polly (Elizabeth) Gray, née Shelby (Series 1–): The aunt of Tommy and his siblings, and treasurer of the Peaky Blinders
At the interval I realize I'd eaten an entire bucket of popcorn watching Helen McCrory in "Deep Blue Sea".OMG. act 2 here we go
It's very addictive. Great characters, plot ajd music. How good is Helen McCrory as Aunt Pol too?
Tonight Introduction to Curating includes a talk by our director Helen Legg, Sarah McCrory, Susan…
// I needed an account for Papillon to be her Madame. And I was thinking to use Helen McCrory as the FC. . Is anyone interested?
I liked a video from Interview with Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory - Peaky
I have to google whoever plays Regina's mother because in the flashbacks she looks too much like Helen McCrory and I can't *_*
ooh, Helen Mccrory wears wigs for fun sometimes? that's cool and explains why her hair looks so many different ways.
OMG, season two has Helen McCrory, my cheekbone inspiration, and Patti LuPone featured in NBC s Science of Love
Helen McCrory was originally cast as Bellatrix Lestrange, but due to pregnancy, she had to be replaced by Helena . >>
My god. Helen McCrory is so incredibly talented. I have no words.
e in "Helen interpreta l'agente di ferro di Nighy . Helen McCrory and Bill...
Thank you god, i mean Helen McCrory
my main thought is "I want to look like Helen McCrory in this episode"
Congratulations to Helen McCrory and all the women. 😀. Happy International Women's Day 😍
I hadn't seen HP in a while - forgot Helen McCrory is in it. Love her.
where is Helen McCrory from ? Easily one of the strongest female roles I've seen!
The way Im waiting for Helen McCrory to get her DBE...her OBE is'nt equal to the contribution she's made to the arts. We need Dame McCrory
Helen McCrory at The House of Fraser BAFTA 2016 at Royal Festival Hall in London
Look hot in orange like Cat Deeley, Rachel McAdams, Kate Beckinsale and Helen McCrory this S
On the eve of nominations Helen McCrory, Sheridan Smith, Anne-Marie Duff etc discuss working on stage. https…
Very disappointed that Helen McCrory wasn't nominated for Deep Blue Sea. Amazing performance.
✋ No nom for Helen McCrory in The Deep Blue Sea!? Jaysus. And surely Lucian Msamati deserved a spot for his Salieri?
I still love Helen McCrory, don't get me wrong. But Joely was my pre-film pick. SHE LOOKS SO AMAZING AND INTIMIDATING LIKE ICE
Billie Piper should win if there's any justice in the world but as Helen McCrory wasn't nominated there probably is…
I have one question (I have many actually but I'll control meself). Where the *** is Helen McCrory ?
Delighted for Haydn who was fab in Threepenny Opera. But am gobsmacked that Helen McCrory didn't get a Best Actress…
My WORD. What a fantastic bunch. (Though Helen McCrory ought to be here too to complete this phenomenal set).
Can't imagine a more perfect Medea than Helen McCrory
i believe alex is referring to helen 'MC Crory' mccrory
I fancied as early as the late 90s and was really annoyed by Helen McCrory in The Seagull .
Helen Mccrory is so sexual I lost my ovaries
Helen McCrory and the theater mask. 😍
Helen McCrory discusses the vicious & aggressive Evelyn Poole, who is on the hunt for Miss Ives.
Actors Damian Lewis and his wife Helen McCrory celebrate the work of Mary Shelly.
Helen McCrory could slit my throat and I would still thank her.
The official trailer for has been released -
when is Fearless premiering? I'm lacking in Helen McCrory in my life.
TV show !! It's about a gangster family in the early 1900s . Cillian Murphy , Helen mccrory , Sam Neil Tom Hardy are all in it
V. good. Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory being amazing, excellent soundtrack, short season; I liked it a lot.
A fun day out a two years ago. We had the help of James Bond and Mrs Malfoy on our way to LA! (Timothy Dalton & Hel…
It's so bad and I'm so angry 😩 Even flawless Helen McCrory couldn't rescue that ***
Take a shot every time Helen McCrory smokes a *** in Peaky Blinders
I want a Helen McCrory movie where she's happy, she's not alone, she has kids, husband (played by Jason Isaacs) and it's a rom-com. Thanks
No according to sources close to Helen McCrory, it's Cillian Murphy.
Who allowed Helen McCrory and Sam Claflin in one film? IM SERIOUSLY GOING TO DID WATCHING IT
Here's Helen McCrory smiling in Their Finest trailer to make your day brighter
And congratulations - appointed as the director of new Goldsmiths contemporary art gallery
I'm a very positive person. My grandmother taught me that happiness is...
Congratulations Helen McCrory on your OBE You were amazing in Deep Blue Sea! I was so happy to meet you Tkns
Helen McCrory is such a cute lil babe 😍
Congratulations to Peaky Blinders Star Helen McCrory who has been Awarded an OBE.
Also they REALLY should have kept Helen McCrory as Bellatrix. (They dropped her due to pregnancy, then cast someone else pregnant.)
You can be moved by a performance on set, but when you see it on s...
mostly I'm confused by it so far 😂 but Helen McCrory owns my soul so I figured I'd watch for her.
Mrs Malfoy chews up the scenery and spits out theatrical gold. I taught her nothing she knows.
2nd series of done. Massive improvement on 1st series. Cillian Murphy & Helen McCrory terrific and g…
The screening of was the best possible start to the year.Helen McCrory quit…
im gonna w now!! 😘btw I read u like Helen mccrory, i just discovered her/started Peaky Blinders she is lit! 🙌🏻💗
he said he didn't like the actress that played Narcissa Malfoy. I'm overwhelmingly offended on Helen McCrory's behalf, ***
An iconic look never to be forgotten - Helen McCrory at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere. (I need that coat)
Finn Cole is a revelation, even better than Murphy IMO. Helen McCrory should win everything.
Actresses Helen McCrory, Naomie Harris and actor Tim Pigott-Smith along with the Kinks Ray Davies are among tho...
helen mccrory is Iconic, aunt pol and Narcissa Malfoy are heroes
Helen McCrory is so great as Aunt Pol on Peaky Blinders.
Helen McCrory is the stealth soul of HUGO.
Which would mean missing out Glenda Jackson's & Deep Blue Sea with Helen McCrory. I can't do that.
When will Helen McCrory be on stage again?
Yes! How about Helen that who I mean?
note to myself: start to collect Helen McCrory movies on DVD.
Little update: Recently fell in love with Helen McCrory. I'm so enchanted by every single one of her performances. That woman is phenomenal.
Congratulations to all with inc Helen McCrory, Tim Pigott-Smith, Richard Eyre &
Congratulations to Helen McCrory, Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, on her OBE via New Year's Honours 2017, for…
Helen McCrory and Naomie Harris were awarded OBEs. And Sir Richard Eyre is now Companion of Honour. Also Sir Bryn Terfel!
and when he posted that picture on IG with Helen McCrory "Polly" I died!!!
I use my awards as doorstops. Others are in the office or in littl...
on a scale from 1 to 10 how much Helen McCrory is there in Peaky Blinders
I would gladly have my throat slit by Helen McCrory's cheekbones
I can sleep anywhere! I can come off stage during the interval of ...
• I saw Meryl Streep at the Berlinale 😱😍. • Met Helen McCrory in London (& visiting London for the first time) 💜. • F…
Well, yeah. His show is a hit, and his wife Helen McCrory is an equally badass actor. Plus, no more we…
Life goals: to be Helen McCrory in Peaky Blinders.
I love London, and it's a privilege for my children to grow up he...
Helen McCrory - Every time, at any point of my...: via
I love live performance and have huge admiration for people who can r...
And I have such a crush on Helen McCrory. Like, she's so cute, beautiful, classy and hot
Sorry, this weird warm weather is my fault cos I accidentally remembered that time Taron kissed Helen McCrory every night for several weeks.
The benefits of feminism for someone like my husband are fantasti...
If you think you are beautiful in a scene, you will come across as...
Helen McCrory or Rebecca Hall would be lovely.
The Daleks would be severely outgunned if Helen McCrory did the full Polly Shelby on them
Helen McCrory is an infinitely beautiful woman.
People are not considerate of others. They tend not to consider the...
It's what people create that makes my heart stop.
North Carolina’s anti-lgbtq governor Pat McCrory concedes race, is the first governor in his state to not be reelected. https:/…
I found my old Helen McCrory Tumblr and it made me nostalgic and also *** af
Helen McCrory . -Apart of my British Babies . -Her character is the real hero in HP . -Made me watch Skyfall for 5 min…
Tmw girls are sexually attracted to Helen McCrory. You're doing it right 👍👍👍
I've become more confident as I have got older. I care less what others...
And Helen McCrory was absolutely stunning in Deep Blue Sea. Her eating an egg must be one of the best endings to a play I've ever seen.
McCrory's support for cost him the election. Powerful warning to lawmakers nationwide targeting LGBTQ people. https:…
Pat McCrory has officially become the first NC Governor ever to lose a re-election campaign
“I personally believe that the majority of our citizens have spoken.” —McCrory on election outcome in concession video
I spent my teenage years in Paris when my dad was stationed there, and...
As I've got older, I feel more confident in my body, so wouldn't want ...
If you missed it last night, we're delivering an encore THE Deep Blue Sea tomorrow at noon. REVIEW:…
Every time, at any point of my life, I think now is always the best ag...
My own parents were very un-neurotic, so I never thought that I had to...
Cillian Murphy is fierce, Tom Hardy has the best character, Helen McCrory is so strong and there's fighting, swearing, drugs and sex
I can see why. I was lucky enough to see Damien Lewis & Helen McCrory read love poems to each other at a lit fest 💖😍
I added 2 new images of Helen in The Protagonist Magazine -
HB 2 just cost North Carolina another $250 million
of the cover shoot with Helen McCrory - editor husecat with the legendary…
|| So I had a weird dream last night where I was at a friend's house, Helen McCrory was our friend as well, was there and wanted to date me
Appallingly, I hadn't thought about it one jot. I never daydreamed as ...
reasons to go on a postgraduate program in the UK: free Amazon UK shpping, Helen, that's all.
Childhood has definitely been invented, hasn't it? I think that's beca...
"Deep Blue Sea" (2016) The play is like time loop of self-destructing emotions and Helen McCrory keep it immensely intense here.
Congrats to & Helen McCrory on their nominations in these theatre awards.
One month until I see Helena Bonham Carter and Helen McCrory. SO EXCITED. RAHHH!!!
Theatre is liberating because it only works if it's truthful - that's ...
If anyone wants a ticket to come sit next to me to see HBC, Helen McCrory & co. Next month, HMU!!!
I used to say that theatre was my favourite thing. But the more I do f...
There are definitely to less people in this world who appreciate Helen McCrory. She's so underrated.
Helen McCrory crying while making eggs in The Deep Blue Sea is my patronus.
Billie Piper has made it the the shortlist with Noma Dumezweni, Helen McCrory & Sophie Melville! Winners on Nov 13.
Also, two Best Actress nominees: Sophie Melville for Iphigenia in Splott and Helen McCrory for The Deep Blue Sea.…
Thanks Image Magazine Ireland Bridal for the shoutout 😊 Also, thanks to Helen Steele, Costume & Noelle McCrory...
Helen McCrory chose a palmer//harding shirt to wear to Anna Wintour's private dinner and screening of Franca,...
What I find most interesting about acting is transforming myself.
People who are exceptionally intelligent are often lonely because ther...
I love dressing up. But I'm very low-maintenance; the week before an e...
I am quite in love with Helen McCrory. Which is fitting because her husband helped to lift me out of a great depression in 2003. These two.
I think it's very important not to grow up with the unhealthy amount o...
Literature is reflecting what is happening in life. More and more wome...
Helen McCrory [REAL FACTS] Every time, at any point of my...: via
You don't learn from good people - they've found what works for them a...
I just saw Helen McCrory in Deep Blue Sea at and HelenaBC at the stage door. ***
Great evening at with & watching Helen McCrory was outstanding. 🎭
To Terence Rattigan's Deep Blue Sea Tour de force for Helen McCrory. Her Hester is barely off stage for the whole 145mins.
Meet Helen McCrory who is here in this world to prove that her cuteness has no limits
The Deep Blue Sea Thought Helen McCrory was an amazing actress before but her performance in this is out of this world!
This little show is a basement in east London is one of the Guardians top tickets this week. Come see it. https:/…
This weekend's top tickets inc shows
That's his wife Helen McCrory. She's an actress and they have 2 kids.
📖 I saw Deep Blue Sea with NTLive the other week. Disappointing storyline, disliked the ending but Helen McCrory was . 📘
Just saw Ralph Fiennes & Benedict Cumberbatch at the National Theatre London However, Helen McCrory was...
Helen McCrory photographed by Linda Nylind for the Guardian | 2013
Helen McCrory is heartbreakingly good in this. Go see!
PICK OF THE WEEK, BABY. Beyond proud of the team. Also Secret Life Goal achieved for me, yeehaw!
Still reeling from Brilliant. That Helen McCrory, she's not bad.
Top tickets for tonight and this weekend inc shows
"This production is a stand-out. Helen McCrory is fantastic. Cracknell directs with total assurance.'
Fun having lunch with Helen McCrory before shame couldn't make it! Maybe next time at the
Actually, I'm looking forward to being 50. Because to me, that's when a woman is at the pin
Loved seeing Helen McCrory's moving performance in Deep Blue Sea earlier this week at the wonderful
Plan your week’s theatre: top tickets. Tony's last tape is also showing on October 12th
that + flying blind I rewatched both of them abt a billion times while at the height of my helen mccrory situation
If you're constantly frightened of being unhappy, how bloody exhausting must that be?
A script is only as good as the director who's making it.
Helen McCrory & Tom Burke are simply electric together. They just respond so well to one another as actors.
Helen McCrory just oozes wisdom. She could genuinely make a grocery list sound inspiring.
Off to to see with Helen McCrory in it. So excited. She is an absolute icon to me after watching her in
Enormous pleasure to watch Helen McCrory and in Deep Blue Sea at the National this afternoon. A masterclass. Big respect!
Helen McCrory was the perfect Hester. The play was absolutely heartbreaking.
This weekend, returns, ahead of a UK tour, and it's one of picks of the week!
Helen McCrory- OMG you lucky cow! I'd love to see her. One of my absolute favourites...
Helen McCrory in The Deep Blue Sea is just beautiful.
None of them did! Nell was OK. Helen McCrory was awful. Shirley Henderson was a serious standout, though. Loved her.
& this -- Charlotte Riley and Helen McCrory praise creator via
& there's this- Helen McCrory: 'I have no interest in 'strong female characters' - I want complexity'
No exaggeration, if I don't get to meet Helen McCrory at stage door on Tuesday I'll cry
nice women who came to see Tom,met Helen McCrory
Three days until I see Helen McCrory someone pinch me
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Also spotted Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory. (Who I see next week in Deep Blue Sea!)
Helen McCrory returns to Terence Rattigan’s devastating masterpiece
Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory are walking behind me right now ahh!!
There are a lot of little lessons that can be taught around the home without sitting a child
Seeing Helen McCrory going to seance on 2x01 made me think, of course, in and dear Madame Kali...
Helen McCrory and Tom Burke. Need we say more? The Deep Blue Sea, 1 September
yeah, so the caveat to the rule is: except for Helen McCrory plays. (And Saffron Burrows but that'll never happen.)
Helen McCrory (Facts and Trivia) Has two children with husband...: via
Helen McCrory [Unknown? Facts] - Daughter of a diplomat and...: via
See the phenomenal Helen McCrory and Tom Burke in on 01.09 at 7pm.
Still shivering at the memory of Helen McCrory's exquisite performance in The Deep Blue Sea '. Transportingly good.
I honestly did not recognise Helen McCrory in Peaky Blinders. Aunt Pol and Narcissa Malfoy look so different yet it's the same *** woman.
Don't miss one of the performances of the year from Helen McCrory in The Deep Blue Sea
Helen McCrory was fabulous. And it was nice to see Tom Burke (Athos - The Musketeers) out of…
Tonight's play: Deep Blue Sea at the National. Suppressed passions and damaged souls. Helen McCrory is astonishing.
The Deep Blue seemed slightly stymied by the size of the theatre & by the audience, but Helen McCrory rose above superbly
Helen McCrory was simply superb in every way in Carrie Cracknell's very fine production of The Deep Blue Sea. So glad she fried that egg.
Three plays in one week. Finished off with Rattinger's The Deep Blue Sea Devastating performance from Helen McCrory.
Helen McCrory & Toby Jones as well. . should be fun. I hope.
passionate thriller starring Helen McCrory & Najib Oudghiri is on 12th Aug,11.10pm
great performances yesterday from all the cast. Helen McCrory was sublime
Saw last night and agree. Tom Burke and Helen McCrory excellent
The entire rest of the cast takes about 2 minutes to leave stage door. Helen McCrory takes 2 days 😏 😭
Helen McCrory's performance at the for Deep Blue Sea tonight was absolutely breathtaking, the woman is a genius
Just back from - perfect soundscape & Helen McCrory simply stunning, so so wonderful.
I did, thank you (: The play is great & Helen McCrory is fantastic (as is Tom!). At least you'll get to see it, hope you enjoy!
What a triumph for Helen McCrory under great direction.
A brilliant production of with an intense and moving performance from Helen McCrory
Am I ready to see Helen McCrory from the front row? Probably not but let's do this.
Happy birthday to Tom Burke! To celebrate, here he is with a mini Helen McCrory in at
I really love my food. My favourite thing is artichokes. I am not so much interested in desse
Helen McCrory plays one of the great female drama roles NTLive: The Deep Blue Sea - 1 Sept
Bit late to this but Helen McCrory absolutely steels the show in : the glue in the Shelby chaos. What a performance.
Agreed. Helen McCrory was amazing. (I was sitting a few rows in front of you last night).
Rarely been so absorbed & moved in the theatre as I was by The Deep Blue Sea at Helen McCrory & the whole cast stunning
What interests me about life most is people, and the why of the world. That's what theatre lo
Can't get the Helen McCrory witch from out of my mind as I binge So. Much. Helen McCrory.
He might be a rich *** business dude, but he's no Helen McCrory. Nobody is.
Wow. Deep Blue Sea is immense. Helen McCrory in tears during her bow.. me and be like..
Film pitch: Victorian War of the Worlds. Julianne Moore is the narrator & Helen McCrory her lover. Jessica Chastain her brave little sister.
I agree with his wife, Helen McCrory, is the best actress in Great Britain.
Got a day seat for Incredible performance from Helen McCrory, with awesome support from Tom Burke. Worth…
Excited to learn Helen Fielding & Helen McCrory are being awarded honorary degrees. Time for a Bridget Jones & Harry Potter movie marathon!
We're excited to announce we're awarding honorary degrees to Helen Fielding, Helen McCrory, & others nxt wk.
Allie Esiri is hosting a Poetry Corner at The National Theatre with Helen McCrory and Helena Bonham Carter on...
Peaky Blinders, Cillian Murphy & Helen McCrory have all made the shortlist for Awards please vote again htt…
I might be biased because Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory.
PENNY DREADFUL Billie Piper Timothy Dalton David Warner & Helen McCrory have also all appeared in the new Doctor Who
Aunt Polly may miss out on the physical fighting but as Helen McCrory says "Steven Knight gives Polly her punches verbally.".
Carrie Cracknell's production completely shifted my sense of the play; Helen McCrory, my sense of Hester. An extended ache…
'I try not to act.' Helen McCrory talks to Jonathan Ross about playing Hester Collyer in (from 1hr39):
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