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Helen McCrory

Helen Elizabeth McCrory (born 17 August 1968) is a British actress. She portrayed Cherie Blair in both the 2006 film The Queen and the 2010 film The Special Relationship.

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I spent my teenage years in Paris when my dad was stationed there, and...
As I've got older, I feel more confident in my body, so wouldn't want ...
If you missed it last night, we're delivering an encore THE Deep Blue Sea tomorrow at noon. REVIEW:…
Every time, at any point of my life, I think now is always the best ag...
My own parents were very un-neurotic, so I never thought that I had to...
You can be moved by a performance on set, but when you see it on scree...
Cillian Murphy is fierce, Tom Hardy has the best character, Helen McCrory is so strong and there's fighting, swearing, drugs and sex
I can see why. I was lucky enough to see Damien Lewis & Helen McCrory read love poems to each other at a lit fest 💖😍
I added 2 new images of Helen in The Protagonist Magazine -
HB 2 just cost North Carolina another $250 million
of the cover shoot with Helen McCrory - editor husecat with the legendary…
|| So I had a weird dream last night where I was at a friend's house, Helen McCrory was our friend as well, was there and wanted to date me
Appallingly, I hadn't thought about it one jot. I never daydreamed as ...
reasons to go on a postgraduate program in the UK: free Amazon UK shpping, Helen, that's all.
Childhood has definitely been invented, hasn't it? I think that's beca...
"Deep Blue Sea" (2016) The play is like time loop of self-destructing emotions and Helen McCrory keep it immensely intense here.   10% Off
Congrats to & Helen McCrory on their nominations in these theatre awards.
One month until I see Helena Bonham Carter and Helen McCrory. SO EXCITED. RAHHH!!!
Theatre is liberating because it only works if it's truthful - that's ...
If anyone wants a ticket to come sit next to me to see HBC, Helen McCrory & co. Next month, HMU!!!
I used to say that theatre was my favourite thing. But the more I do f...
There are definitely to less people in this world who appreciate Helen McCrory. She's so underrated.
Helen McCrory crying while making eggs in The Deep Blue Sea is my patronus.
Billie Piper has made it the the shortlist with Noma Dumezweni, Helen McCrory & Sophie Melville! Winners on Nov 13.
Also, two Best Actress nominees: Sophie Melville for Iphigenia in Splott and Helen McCrory for The Deep Blue Sea.…
Thanks Image Magazine Ireland Bridal for the shoutout 😊 Also, thanks to Helen Steele, Costume & Noelle McCrory...
I've become more confident as I have got older. I care less what other...
Helen McCrory chose a palmer//harding shirt to wear to Anna Wintour's private dinner and screening of Franca,...
What I find most interesting about acting is transforming myself.
People who are exceptionally intelligent are often lonely because ther...
I love dressing up. But I'm very low-maintenance; the week before an e...
I am quite in love with Helen McCrory. Which is fitting because her husband helped to lift me out of a great depression in 2003. These two.
I think it's very important not to grow up with the unhealthy amount o...
Literature is reflecting what is happening in life. More and more wome...
Helen McCrory [REAL FACTS] Every time, at any point of my...: via
You don't learn from good people - they've found what works for them a...
I just saw Helen McCrory in Deep Blue Sea at and HelenaBC at the stage door. ***
Great evening at with & watching Helen McCrory was outstanding. 🎭
To Terence Rattigan's Deep Blue Sea Tour de force for Helen McCrory. Her Hester is barely off stage for the whole 145mins.
Meet Helen McCrory who is here in this world to prove that her cuteness has no limits
The Deep Blue Sea Thought Helen McCrory was an amazing actress before but her performance in this is out of this world!
This little show is a basement in east London is one of the Guardians top tickets this week. Come see it. https:/…
This weekend's top tickets inc shows
That's his wife Helen McCrory. She's an actress and they have 2 kids.
📖 I saw Deep Blue Sea with NTLive the other week. Disappointing storyline, disliked the ending but Helen McCrory was . 📘
Just saw Ralph Fiennes & Benedict Cumberbatch at the National Theatre London However, Helen McCrory was...
Helen McCrory photographed by Linda Nylind for the Guardian | 2013
Helen McCrory is heartbreakingly good in this. Go see!
PICK OF THE WEEK, BABY. Beyond proud of the team. Also Secret Life Goal achieved for me, yeehaw!
Still reeling from Brilliant. That Helen McCrory, she's not bad.
Top tickets for tonight and this weekend inc shows
"This production is a stand-out. Helen McCrory is fantastic. Cracknell directs with total assurance.'
Fun having lunch with Helen McCrory before shame couldn't make it! Maybe next time at the
Actually, I'm looking forward to being 50. Because to me, that's when a woman is at the pin
Loved seeing Helen McCrory's moving performance in Deep Blue Sea earlier this week at the wonderful
Plan your week’s theatre: top tickets. Tony's last tape is also showing on October 12th
that + flying blind I rewatched both of them abt a billion times while at the height of my helen mccrory situation
If you're constantly frightened of being unhappy, how bloody exhausting must that be?
A script is only as good as the director who's making it.
Helen McCrory & Tom Burke are simply electric together. They just respond so well to one another as actors.
Helen McCrory just oozes wisdom. She could genuinely make a grocery list sound inspiring.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Off to to see with Helen McCrory in it. So excited. She is an absolute icon to me after watching her in
Enormous pleasure to watch Helen McCrory and in Deep Blue Sea at the National this afternoon. A masterclass. Big respect!
Helen McCrory was the perfect Hester. The play was absolutely heartbreaking.
This weekend, returns, ahead of a UK tour, and it's one of picks of the week!
Helen McCrory- OMG you lucky cow! I'd love to see her. One of my absolute favourites...
Helen McCrory in The Deep Blue Sea is just beautiful.
None of them did! Nell was OK. Helen McCrory was awful. Shirley Henderson was a serious standout, though. Loved her.
& this -- Charlotte Riley and Helen McCrory praise creator via
& there's this- Helen McCrory: 'I have no interest in 'strong female characters' - I want complexity'
No exaggeration, if I don't get to meet Helen McCrory at stage door on Tuesday I'll cry
nice women who came to see Tom,met Helen McCrory
Three days until I see Helen McCrory someone pinch me
Also spotted Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory. (Who I see next week in Deep Blue Sea!)
Helen McCrory returns to Terence Rattigan’s devastating masterpiece
Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory are walking behind me right now ahh!!
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There are a lot of little lessons that can be taught around the home without sitting a child
Seeing Helen McCrory going to seance on 2x01 made me think, of course, in and dear Madame Kali...
Helen McCrory and Tom Burke. Need we say more? The Deep Blue Sea, 1 September
yeah, so the caveat to the rule is: except for Helen McCrory plays. (And Saffron Burrows but that'll never happen.)
Helen McCrory (Facts and Trivia) Has two children with husband...: via
Helen McCrory [Unknown? Facts] - Daughter of a diplomat and...: via
See the phenomenal Helen McCrory and Tom Burke in on 01.09 at 7pm.
Still shivering at the memory of Helen McCrory's exquisite performance in The Deep Blue Sea '. Transportingly good.
I honestly did not recognise Helen McCrory in Peaky Blinders. Aunt Pol and Narcissa Malfoy look so different yet it's the same *** woman.
Don't miss one of the performances of the year from Helen McCrory in The Deep Blue Sea
Helen McCrory was fabulous. And it was nice to see Tom Burke (Athos - The Musketeers) out of…
Tonight's play: Deep Blue Sea at the National. Suppressed passions and damaged souls. Helen McCrory is astonishing.
The Deep Blue seemed slightly stymied by the size of the theatre & by the audience, but Helen McCrory rose above superbly
Helen McCrory was simply superb in every way in Carrie Cracknell's very fine production of The Deep Blue Sea. So glad she fried that egg.
Three plays in one week. Finished off with Rattinger's The Deep Blue Sea Devastating performance from Helen McCrory.
Helen McCrory & Toby Jones as well. . should be fun. I hope.
passionate thriller starring Helen McCrory & Najib Oudghiri is on 12th Aug,11.10pm
great performances yesterday from all the cast. Helen McCrory was sublime
Saw last night and agree. Tom Burke and Helen McCrory excellent
The entire rest of the cast takes about 2 minutes to leave stage door. Helen McCrory takes 2 days 😏 😭
Helen McCrory's performance at the for Deep Blue Sea tonight was absolutely breathtaking, the woman is a genius
Just back from - perfect soundscape & Helen McCrory simply stunning, so so wonderful.
I did, thank you (: The play is great & Helen McCrory is fantastic (as is Tom!). At least you'll get to see it, hope you enjoy!
What a triumph for Helen McCrory under great direction.
A brilliant production of with an intense and moving performance from Helen McCrory
Am I ready to see Helen McCrory from the front row? Probably not but let's do this.
Happy birthday to Tom Burke! To celebrate, here he is with a mini Helen McCrory in at
I really love my food. My favourite thing is artichokes. I am not so much interested in desse
Helen McCrory plays one of the great female drama roles NTLive: The Deep Blue Sea - 1 Sept
Bit late to this but Helen McCrory absolutely steels the show in : the glue in the Shelby chaos. What a performance.
Agreed. Helen McCrory was amazing. (I was sitting a few rows in front of you last night).
Rarely been so absorbed & moved in the theatre as I was by The Deep Blue Sea at Helen McCrory & the whole cast stunning
What interests me about life most is people, and the why of the world. That's what theatre lo
Can't get the Helen McCrory witch from out of my mind as I binge So. Much. Helen McCrory.
He might be a rich *** business dude, but he's no Helen McCrory. Nobody is.
Wow. Deep Blue Sea is immense. Helen McCrory in tears during her bow.. me and be like..
Film pitch: Victorian War of the Worlds. Julianne Moore is the narrator & Helen McCrory her lover. Jessica Chastain her brave little sister.
I agree with his wife, Helen McCrory, is the best actress in Great Britain.
Got a day seat for Incredible performance from Helen McCrory, with awesome support from Tom Burke. Worth…
Excited to learn Helen Fielding & Helen McCrory are being awarded honorary degrees. Time for a Bridget Jones & Harry Potter movie marathon!
We're excited to announce we're awarding honorary degrees to Helen Fielding, Helen McCrory, & others nxt wk.
Allie Esiri is hosting a Poetry Corner at The National Theatre with Helen McCrory and Helena Bonham Carter on...
Peaky Blinders, Cillian Murphy & Helen McCrory have all made the shortlist for Awards please vote again htt…
I might be biased because Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory.
Penny Dreadful Billie Piper Timothy Dalton David Warner & Helen McCrory have also all appeared in the new Doctor Who
Aunt Polly may miss out on the physical fighting but as Helen McCrory says "Steven Knight gives Polly her punches verbally.".
Carrie Cracknell's production completely shifted my sense of the play; Helen McCrory, my sense of Hester. An extended ache…
'I try not to act.' Helen McCrory talks to Jonathan Ross about playing Hester Collyer in (from 1hr39):
Illustrated: Tom Burke checks Helen McCrory's hip to see whether it is indeed properly hip.
See raw, beautiful. Helen McCrory is glorious,as are Tom Burke, Pete Sullivan &
His finely-worked study of passion and human frailties is played with subtle, wrenching intensity by Helen McCrory and Tom Burke (cont)
Helen McCrory is wonderful as the tortured Hester in and Tom Burke very convincing as feckless Freddie
Tom Burke and the unsurpassable Helen McCrory are really rather brilliant in The Deep Blue Sea. He's a charismatic one,…
The guest stars in Phineas And Ferb are great. This one alone has Phil Jupitus, Helen McCrory and Jane Horrocks.
How did I have no idea that Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis are married?
Helen McCrory interview: Aunt Polly on where is heading
Helen McCrory is one of our best!!! That was a great scene. You wouldn't mess with Aunt Polly, would you!!!?!! 😘👍🏻
Aunt Polly is untouchable. Helen McCrory is simply outstanding. Perfect casting.
Fantastic Words and Music on fairytales on R3 with Jim Broadbent & Helen McCrory reading
George's Marvellous Medicine read by Helen McCrory and Jim Broadbent (as grandma!!)
Once Upon a Time... Join Jim Broadbent & Helen McCrory in the dark forest of fairy tales
17:30 Words and Music: Texts and music about fairy tales, with readings by Jim Broadbent and Helen McCrory.
i cant breathe if Alexander Siddig died on Game of Thrones so he could be brought into Peaky as Helen McCrory's love interest I WILL RISE
Helen McCrory wants Damian Lewis to be the next James Bond -
Also so a weird story about how Damien Lewis & Helen McCrory "hide: their children. Uh...
Helen McCrory on the secrets behind her great marriage to Damian Lewis via
The stunning Helen McCrory talks Bond ambition, nudity and who runs the McCrory-Lewis household in tomorrow's mag!
cillian is incredible in this tbh but the entire cast is doing a wonderful job (helen mccrory is THE queen & annabelle wallis 😍😍)
Face swapped with Helen McCrory and I look like I've had really bad plastic surgery.
updates Helen McCrory for rank 846 to 726
When encountering this level of sycophancy, my face naturally contorts to resemble Helen McCrory as Cherie Blair.
I was a real art freak when I was a teenager.
Frankenstein is justifiably getting lots of love as we approach the summer of 1816:.
When I was 14, I told my mother I intended to be in the House of Commons in...
I can sleep anywhere! I can come off stage during the interval of a play, l...
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Five things to expect from the first episode of Peaky Blinders season 3 -
.Please & learn how affects kids. Read his letter: https…
I think change is good because it teaches you that it's nothing to be frigh...
Lowkey hoping they bring back Helen McCrory's character. One of the best TV villains of the past decade.
"You're putting kids like me in danger" - transgender 9th grader's letter to http…
I was lucky to learn early in life that you need money for food and shelter...
Open letter from trans 9th grader to NC Gov. Pat McCrory via
we're watching a clip from that charles miniseries that has helen mccrory in it but. helen mccrory isn't here. I'm so disappointed
Hertfordshire children's author Helen Bailey has been missing for a week. Have you seen her? ht…
Oh. And Helen McCrory. Why isn't Helen McCrory in everything? (I am sinking into Penny Dreadful.). "We shall have to employ...stratagems."
Oh yes, do. Bump it up the list. More Helen McCrory too!
So true. And Helen McCrory is magnificent too! Polly's story in S2 and her portrayal of it was amazing.
I can also add that Helen McCrory is a) even more 🔥 as Polly in series three and b) a total babe IRL.
Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory attend the Keats-Shelley Romantic Poetry Prize at John Murray House on April 13,...
I listen to Radio 4 all the time. I didn't go to university, so that's my f...
What really matters to me is what my peers think.
Stars Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory join creator Steven Knight,at this morning's launch of series 3…
Helen McCrory and Damien Lewis read extracts from Frankenstein
Damien Lewis and Helen McCrory read extracts from M. Shelley's Frankenstein:
Frankenstein read by Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory. Great way to celebrate Frankenstein200!
Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory reanimate Frankenstein for Keats-Shelley prize
Frankenstein read by Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory – video
brought to life by Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory under Byron's portrait poetry prize http…
Helen McCrory is the babeiest babe who have ever lived.
I love Helen McCrory she's amazing in Peaky Blinders and I always thought narcissa was gorgeous then I saw polly and I just
I'll never not be in love with Narcissa and I think it has to do with the fact that Helen McCrory played her but
Despite Gov. McCrory's claims that HB 2 isn't destructive and unjust, businesses and North Carolinians say otherwise
.officially declares lies on FALSE. North Carolinians deserve better
So excited for my London trip in June. Come at me Helen McCrory!
A perfect weekend in London has to start on Friday night, by going to the t...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I love London, and it's a privilege for my children to grow up here.
LGBT advocates meet with demand repeal of anti-LGBT law
mum just walked in with tickets to see Helen McCrory in the National Theatre's 'The Deep Blue Sea' at the end of August I COULD CRY
I love live performance and have huge admiration for people who can really ...
aunt gets married in August in England, not far from London. That means I could drop by the National T to see the play with Helen McCrory 😀
JLaw has the least soothing voice I can think of, like lmao. How about Cate Blanchett,Carey Mulligan,Marianne Jean-Baptiste or Helen McCrory
it's even better. Helen McCrory is just amazing.
Working in films, there are hundreds of odd moments.
Apparently Peaky Blinders season 3 is coming out next month!
Peaky Blinders is only holding my attention when the wonderful Helen McCrory is on screen
Prince's Trust Ambassadors Damian Lewis and wife Helen McCrory meet Charles at Trust 40th birthday event in London
Helen McCrory volunteers husband Damian Lewis to play Bond - as long as she can be M...
If on a date at same restaurant as Helen McCrory & Damian Lewis, I'd probs give up & go home
you guys always manage to get one off my list so here goes lol! I'd love Helen McCrory, Gary Oldman and David Thewlis too ;)
Eva Green and Helen McCrory killed this scene.
Helen McCrory and Carrie Cracknell reunite for Rattigan's Deep Blue Sea; Tamsin Greig will play 'Malvolia' in Twelfth Night
I have to do a writin bout a celebrity I like 4 my English lesson & I'm like okay, Helena Bonham Carter, Helen McCrory & Melissa McBride lol
Helen McCrory & Helena Bonham Carter at the Save the Children Secret Winter Gala on Nov 19
Flashback: Last year Penny Dreadful and Rory Kinnear won Satellite Awards. Hope PD and Helen McCrory can duplicate that feat.
Jesus and Helen McCrory are the only things keeping me going rn ✌🏼️
Babe, was it you who had a dvd of Medea with Helen McCrory?
today I saw Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory waiting for a Northern Line tube, cackling with laughter and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
I'm such a sucker for a glamorous villain.Narcissa Malfoy is still one of the absolute best!
I liked a video Penny Dreadful | Helen McCrory Explores an Occult Bookshop | Season 1
Everytime I see the word 'homeland' I imagine it in Helen McCrory's voice. I don't know why...
Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Helen McCrory are expected in Dudley today to continue filming
Tom Hardy and Helen McCrory are expected today as well ..:(
I think either or Helen McCrory would make an amazing Duchess of Berwick in lady Windermere's Fan.
Watching Peaky Blinders series 2. Good show, Helen McCrory is superb in everything. Our best actress who isn't a Dame?
This world is so blessed with Helen McCrory
how come Helen McCrory is excellent in everything!!!
Helen McCrory voices the snooty pampered cat in the apartment above Adrian. Cat name: Lady DeeDee Butterfarthing
Foto: madelinewestens: Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory attend the 67th Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on...
e sono l'amore!. Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis... They're LOVE!. -Gian
Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz and Damian Lewis/Helen McCrory hit all of my bisexual buttons
Damian Lewis persuaded to do Horrible Histories movie Bill by his kids: Damian Lewis and wife Helen McCrory ap...
via Damien Lewis and wife Helen McCrory at 2015 Emmys
Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory on the red carpet.
Damien Lewis provides wife Helen McCrory his sun shades so she doesn't squint on the Emmys red carpet…
Damien Lewis gives wife Helen McCrory his sunglasses at the Emmys
Finally managed to upload images of Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis to our gallery
Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at the Showtime 2015 Emmy Eve Party at Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hol: …
star and Helen McCrory on the Red Carpet!
Added another batch of pics of Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at the to our gallery!
Why does Helen McCrory spring to mind?! 😂😂
Meet Black Singles 300x250
A very happy birthday to Helen McCrory! Here's Helen as HRH Queen Elizabeth I in upcoming film out 18 Sept.
Helen McCrory (Narcissa), but she got pregnant and had to drop out.
Favourite movie actress? — Kate Hudson, Mila Kunis, Helena Bonham Carter, Helen McCrory and couple of more
Helen McCrory was originally cast as Bellatrix, but due to pregnancy she was replaced by Helena Bonham Carter.
Almost finished the portrait of Helen McCrory :) I'm pretty sure I'll start the sketch for as Michonne today
Helen McCrory favorite film- harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2
and guys, Damian Lewis is MARRIED to Helen McCrory? I need to do a better job consuming pop culture
Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis at J Sheekey’s earlier this year. (Credit:
BILL the wonderful film from the ace Horrible Histories people is out Sept 18th.This is what we did to Helen McCrory http:/…
Leaving opens with Helen McCrory undressing so I recommend it a lot
Helen McCrory perfectly cast as Iris Murdoch in Radio 4's My favourite author.
14:30 Drama: Helen McCrory stars as Iris Murdoch in a hallucinogenic trip through the novelist's life.
Helen McCrory plays Iris Murdoch in Dream Girl on today at 2.30.
'Iris Murdoch: Dream Girl' starring Helen McCrory as I.M premieres in the UK on today at 2:30pm.
Friday? Dirty mirror, bed & Helen McCrory singing "And if you kiss my cold clay lips, your days they… featured in NBC s Science of Love
All that comes to mind is she looks maybe like a younger Helen McCrory, kind of?
Helen McCrory angrily swearing is possibly my favourite thing.
Just when I thought couldn't get any better or darker. enter Helen McCrory.
There needs to be more films like Flying Blind out there. By that I mean more well-written films with Helen McCrory a…
Helen McCrory as Narcissa Malfoy throughout the films.
Narcissa (Helen McCrory) and Bellatrix take a coffee break during the Battle of Hogwarts.
wondering how referring to Helen McCrory as Mrs Damian Lewis on your front cover is putting her "centre-stage"? I expect better
Disappointed that has the wonderful Helen McCrory on the front referred to as 'Mrs Damien Lewis'. 1950s calling!
did u ever see that national theatre live production of Medea starring Helen McCrory
Sarah Greene holding her own against Helen McCrory. seriously the casting in this is top notch, well aside from that one blip.
the fact that Sarah Greene manages to carry a scene amazingly even when she shares with Helen McCrory is quite remarkable tbh
Eva Green, Helen McCrory, Billie Piper, Sarah Greene, you ladies are complete powerhouses!
I love that show too. Simon Russell Beale and Helen McCrory just about make it perfect.
I love how Helen McCrory went from being Brummie badass as Aunt Polly in to evil badass as Evelyn Poole in
Enjoying the 2nd season of Penny Dreadful more than the 1st. Eva Green is still annoying but Helen McCrory is great!
Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis have moved house!
Helen McCrory is SO evil in this but good lord, she's attractive.
(CONT.) Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill, Helen McCrory. Tom Hardy in the 5 most recent episodes! I've been wanting to watch it!
Helen McCrory looks so good in everything she does! How come? 😍
I've seen Helen McCrory smoke those cigarettes in Medea, Peaky Blinders, and in Penny D. What are those?
I liked a video from World Premiere: Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Charlotte Riley |
And Helen McCrory as Aunt Polly is so good. She’s incredibly fierce.
Its entirely sensual watching helen mccrory torturing the woman via voodoo doll
I'm literally about to cry because Helen McCrory is so good in Penny Dreadful it's unreal!
Forget Narcissa Malfoy. Helen McCrory as a psycho baby-murdering SM voodoo-puppet-making witch queen is the twice as better
Let me summarize the last 5 minutes of the last episode of Penny Dreadful: Sex, sex, Helen McCrory having sex, sex, vanilla sex.
In her latest film, Carey Mulligan bears a striking resemblance to a young Helen McCrory. Must be something out there waiting to be adapted.
Helen McCrory and Eva Green are slaying me rn in Penny Dreadful
con suo marito nel 2006. Buonanotte fans!. Helen McCrory with her husband Damian Lewis...
Yay time!!! Eva Green and Helen McCrory are amazing in this!!!
Btw just wondering when/where Helen McCrory conversation will be available online?
with the blind girl but I don't trust her parents. What about Helen McCrory? How magnificent! :)
what are your thoughts about Helen McCrory?
Just watched second ep last night... I'm scared of Helen McCrory.
the last thing I wanted to do is develop a crush on another middle aged actress. *** it, Helen McCrory.
30 days 30 faces drawing, Helen McCrory as Aunt Polly from
So it's official I'm addicted to and Helen McCrory just wow!
I want to kiss Helen mccrory so badLY
I'm starting to get irritated w/ people who refers to as 'old people'. Helen McCrory is just 5 years older than me! [admin]
Helen McCrory is brilliant! Saw her in Medea at theatre last year. Been meaning to watch Penny Dreadful.
Much preferred you as Wellington, rather than getting bull wipped by Helen McCrory!
Helen McCrory is actually terrifying in Penny Dreadful
has anyone talked to Helen McCrory about playing a woman so purely evil? she makes Bellatrix Lestrange look like Bambi tbh
Helen McCrory is a tremendous actress and quite scary in this role
Helen McCrory's character is easily one of the most menacing/intimidating characters on TV. That woman exudes strength; phenomenal presence.
Helen McCrory's role on is just too *** good!
Helen McCrory is perfectly evil. Im actually scared of her.
Helen McCrory might be the baddest witch ever
Helen McCrory is far less terrifying in Harry Potter…
Is there a way to elect Eva Green and Helen McCrory as co-Queens of the world?
did helen mccrory even do the Fishlove shoot 😂
Helen McCrory and Eva Green giving each other a run for money over who is the most incredibly, beautifully captivating
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