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Helen Hunt

Helen Elizabeth Hunt (born June 15, 1963) is an American actress, film director, and screenwriter.

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Oh the media frenzy. No, Helen Hunt is not Ted Cruz's long lost sister.
I liked a video Guess Google with Helen Hunt and Nicholas Hoult
Helen Hunt in Tights go out in Brentwood
Everyone's talking: Helen Hunt has trodden all over her own mouth.
But all lost things are in the angels' keeping, Love; No past is d...
"I know the lands are lit, with all the autumn blaze of Goldenrod." — Helen Hunt Jackson
Ready for Helen Hunt to put on her khakis and beat this storm with Bill The Extreme Paxton, Human Barometer.
This is Helen Hunt has a pancreas filled with what appears to be Superman's impenetrable eyeballs!
You have five seconds to enjoy it and then you remember who you didn't th...
But great loves, to the last, have pulses red; All great loves tha...
2016, I am going to hunt you down and murder you.
And don't forget about the dude who evaded twisters with Helen Hunt.
Breaking news: Underdog Bill Paxton surges in polls with First Lady-elect Helen Hunt
Why are Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton not active in the weather community?? They could make big $ on merchandise/events.
Where's Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton? Are you playing the tornado in Twister 2?
I always watch it when it's on. Had a thing for Helen Hunt
I'm one of the weirdos that wanted to be the storm chasers in the movie Twister with Helen Hunt hehe I didn't know they existed(:b
Gosh, at the end of Cast Away, that Helen Hunt marries a guy who looks like Peter Gallagher. So mean!
Another read of my script THE HOAX! Such Much Films who produced The Sessions with Helen Hunt & William H. Macy among others is reading it!
GWS would've absolutely flogged you next week John you germ! Swallow that bitter pill you Helen Hunt
Watching no.30 Ride with Helen Hunt, Luke Wilson, Brenton Thwaites & David Zayas directed by Helen Hunt
I finally found a Woody Allen movie I like. Curse of the Jade Scorpion has Helen Hunt, Dan Ackroyd, and that Showgirls girl.
Bridget Fonda, Jodie Foster, and Helen Hunt are all played by the same actress in your memory.
W/ & we just collectively confused Holly Hunter, Helen Hunt, Bonnie Hunt, Laura Linney and Laura Dern with one another.
BEER PONG 16th July, from 12pm. Helen Hunt plays for tequila Tckts
Helen Hunt's graphic novel adaptation of the film.
If I can eat 12 hummingbirds in 2 minutes I don't have to Xerox my gouch and send it to Helen Hunt.
I’ve been trying to find the best picture of Helen Hunt’s from Twister for further confirmation
A employee mistakes for and hilarity ensues
Helen Hunt says confused Starbucks barista mistook her for fellow actress Jodie Foster
If I can do one hundredth part for the Indian that Mrs. Stowe did for ...
Body matching description of Rye Hunt spotted off Rio coast: police.
Enter to win a custom made Trunki case & check out our treasure hunt! http…
Greg Hunt: Restore CSIRO Scientist John Church to his valuable role at work. - Sign the Petition! via
Another week Helen Hunt is not following me, another week Helen Hunt is not blocking me. Yet.
"The great challenge of illustration is how to convey emotion economically." -Helen Oxenbury (Happy 78th birthday!) ht…
Vote for Amy Chilidog, the Helen Hunt lookalike who's fighting for ewe!
Reviewer powerful as Letters to God,heart wrenching as Nobody's Child as touching as Pay It Forward with Helen Hunt. https:…
FRIEND: How's the job hunt?. ME: Probably about as great as Helen Hunt...unless she's doing well, which...hey, I hope she is!
You'll never know what it seems. Helen Hunt, "The Sessions. You discussed. his fantasies
Childhood question: why was everyone falling in love with Helen Hunt in the early 2000's?
"Your word is *** ". "Wait. Use it in a labelist sentence.". "Gillian Anderson and Helen Hunt are *** ". "L-E-S-B-I-A-N-S."
Rocky, starring Helen Hunt and Randy Quaid. Directed by Wes Anderson, music by Jarvis Cocker. Budget: $90m
I demand to know why Helen Hunt has never played Leelee Sobieski's mother in anything.
ICYMI: Big Iowa City news,,Helen Hunt to star in movie about Caroline Found, West High volleyball coach
My feelings on COH2 thus far, summarized by Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.
It's so dark and windy right now I almost expect to see Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt speeding down the road.
is Helen Hunt negging Bill Paxton for an hour and a half and there are tornados and a lovable cast. *heart eyes emoji*
Not to startle anyone, but I just passed Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt driving around New Circle Road in an old red pickup truck.
ah yes.what can we learn from Helen Hunt in this after school special on Crank
Broadway debut. What a privilege to share the stage with Don Ameche, Helen Hunt and the Atlantic Theatre Group.
Helen Hunt hand signed 8.5x11 with COA
Guys Helen Hunt and Jodi Foster are easy to mix up names, ? ...guys, amirite??
Helen Hunt was so pretty on Twister.
I just can't not watch Twister every time it's on TV, because Helen Hunt 😍😍😍
it's so good too😍 Helen Hunt is also one of my favorite actresses, so I think that's why I love it so much
Ride: It was funny watching Helen Hunt try to surf
I need me a Helen Hunt from Twister.
Watching Twister,Helen Hunt is so pretty...good movie to
I think I know why I've never seen Twister: Helen Hunt is insufferable
Dead 7 came on and my seventeen year old son said, "I'd rather watch Helen Hunt.". *changes channel to Twister 😂😂😂😂
OMG they have just signed Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt on to
Never forget that Helen Hunt sent soda cans into an F-5 tornado in the movie Twister.
I think about Helen Hunt's khakis in Twister A. LOT.
.conned me into thinking she had scoop on my forever girlfriend Helen Hunt but didn't and now I'm so disappointed.
Stop! Helen Hunt?! Who didn't love How long are they here filming? Embarrassing, but I'd so love to meet her
Manchester health devolution gives local leaders the chance do better than Hunt and Osborne
Warrington Transporter Bridge - you def need to hunt for this beauty
Oregon sticks a St Helen's man with a hefty fine for wasting meat! Do you think it was too much punishment for...
I wonder if Helen Hunt would star in a movie called "baroclinic vorticity generation"?
Yes darling. . please see below message from my wife, Dr Lonsdale
I'm a gratis kei tornado and your helen hunt
Excellent article Helen. may be interested in mine in the
In other news,Jeremy Hunt announced that are right after all, as what would he know about healthcare provision…
I think David Hunt says it well in "Girt".
Say it ain't so! To me you're still the "newlywed" couple with Helen Hunt on Mad About You; one of my favorite shows! Thanks!
I want a "What Women Want" sequel. I want it to be called "What Men Want." And I want it to star Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson.
queen Helen Hunt executes her role flawlessly in that film, also get well soon boo
I'm a free kei tornado and your helen hunt
Patty Duke & Richard Crenna in the 1982 sitcom "It Takes Two" with Anthony Edwards & Helen Hunt as their kids.
My life in a nutshell is just an endless loop of Helen Hunt replacing the roll of toilet paper in front of Paul Reiser.
have you ever seen As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicholson & Helen Hunt? I believe his character, Melvin had OCD
Favorite moment from movie is when Helen Hunt tells him :. "pay me a compliment Melvin, i need 1". Because he never gives her a compliment.
Lea Thompson looks like a perkier version of Helen Hunt. It's a shame that Lea wasn't cast as Vivian in Pretty Woman. Her film career ended.
I guess Helen Hunt and Lindsey Lohan were busy.
Is there a difference between Holly Hunter & Helen Hunt? Or... are they just the same person? Are they the same?
Helen Hunt lay down next to a pod after her Oscar and Leelee Sobieski got up afterward
I have to say, my celebrity is not a big factor in my life. Once in a while...
I've been a Helen Hunt fan ever since Quarter Back Princess to present, great actress!😊
Sure, but does anyone know What Women Want? Is it The Dead? Where's Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt when you need them?
The director of Gods of Egypt has never made a good movie, but I do think is a very good actor. See Helen Hunt's RIDE.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I think of myself as half Zoey Deschanel if she had no money, and half Helen Hunt in Twister.
‘Interview Dr. Harville Hendrix & Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt on Relationships & Theories of Therapy’ on
"no one seems to have less of an idea about the NHS than Jeremy Hunt"
Let's be fair to Jeremy Hunt. David Cameron and George Osborne are equally to blame for dismantling and increasingly privatis…
Twister is my favourite Helen Hunt and I am fascinated with the science used to detect tornado wind speeds.
Helen Hunt in Twister Sky from Neighbours ...remaining order undecided
Kyle Chandler and Seth MacFarlane, Helen Hunt (young) and Leelee Sobieski, Topher Grace and Sean Patrick Flanery (young)
No clue what '7 day NHS' costs, nor how many extra doctors and nurses it requires. Utter incompetence. htt…
“Every childhood is a dismantling of wholeness, & every adulthood is a process of putting the pieces together again," Helen …
Letters from a Cat : Published by Her Mistress for the Benefit of All Cats and the Amusemen... Helen Hunt Jackson
Helen Hunt on her advice for young people, her favorite project and why she loved
that dogga in the photo next to Helen Hunt
you started it with Helen Reddy, whom I am also a fan of.
Theories include: name too difficult/being mini Helen Hunt.
1st Aerials in is owned by Shawn Hunt - a professional TV aerial and satellite installer with years of...
Words are less needful. to sorrow . than to joy. - Helen Hunt Jackson
It's a long way from last year's elk hunt in MT to deer camp in Wisconsin, but Helen & Britt are ready for action!
He was an amazing Feste in Helen Hunt and Paul Rudd's "Twelfth Night"!
I just watched Twister the other night. As long as you have Helen Hunt with you, you should be fine.
Yes I need a Bonnie R film in my life!!! She is just pure gold and Helen Hunt a great fit!
I saw Shrew at Shakespeare in the Park in 1990 with Tracey Ullman as the Shrew & Morgan Freeman, Paul Rudd, Helen Hunt,
20 years before making this movie Helen Hunt and co-star Matthew Broderick had been an item
How have Leelee Sobieski and Helen Hunt never done anything together? Ditto Amanda Peet and Lake Bell.
*** right I paid money to see that. Twister rules. Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, flying cows...epic
I'm watching Twister for Philip Seymour Hoffman, who's more fun than the storm. I wish Jami Gertz had swapped roles with Helen Hunt.
And the Oscar goes to...Hint: Marisa Tomei, Helen Hunt, Cher, Tatum O'Neal Not hating, just saying...
Are any actresses less convincing as a white trash waitress than Helen Hunt? (Watching PAY IT FORWARD on TV.)
apparently. It was a mile from my dads house. 5 miles from mine. I saw Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. It was dope.
Surely there's a journalist somewhere in Australia that realises Greg Hunt is not fair dinkum and can take him to task on it…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I think you would make the perfect grad student to work with Helen Hunt !
Sweet !!! So when do we get the second installment of Twister with Helen Hunt ?
Tornados try to kill Helen Hunt while she fights with Bill Paxton. Alan Ruck was also there.
Obnoxious, OCD Jack Nicholson convinces Helen Hunt to stop spending time with her sick son and a *** artist.
I was told I looked like Helen Hunt ... must have just been the tank top.
When Helen Hunt gets fired up and passionate... I can now see the resemblance.
Now watching "Twister"... with Helen Hunt ... great Christmas flick.
once at the skating rink a woman screamed when she saw my mom and was truly fangirling cause she thought she was Helen Hunt.
My entire childhood was my mother being stopped at every store and someone telling her she looks like Helen Hunt
oh its brill. Helen hunt and jack Nicholson. 'You make me want to be a better man'
I had a dream last night they made a sequel to Twister where the tornadoes seek revenge on Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt and now I want that.
Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton perform a colonoscopy on a tornado.
Denver the last dinosaur. Triceratops is my favorite because of Helen Hunt. Now she's a fox, ♫
that wouldn't be a concern of theirs. were you at sexism in science session, Helen, where Ron Winslow was reported to be Tim Hunt?
Watching twister. Helen hunt was badass in the 90's
So, tornadoes are coming in a few hours. Thank you Helen Hunt for developing the technology to foresee these suckers.
Favorite expanded universes:. - Marvel . - DC. - That time Helen Hunt from Mad About You walked into the coffee shop from Friends
Happy birthday to Helen Frankenthaler, born on this day in 1928. "Winter Hunt" is on view:
Just got done with a photoshoot at Helen Hunt Falls 🍂🍁🌻
A boy attempts to make the world a better place in PAY IT FORWARD.Starring Kevin Spacey,Haley Joel Osment,Helen Hunt
I can never decide which was worse; the era when Helen Hunt was in every film that came out or the Penelope Ann Miller era. ::shiver::
The Big Frigin' Difference?!: Can you Helen Hunt through these almost identical images to and see if your…
..recite dialogue from Coffee Crisp ads from'86 verbatim.That's my burden.Not particularly a Helen Hunt or CC fan.
Helen hunt or the American revolution I think this is pretty obvious
I'd go on a hunt down the train and make friends with the person with the biggest bottle 😃
The excerpt from 2010 is way more jarring if you misread and thought Helen Hunt was one of his exes.
Just have to mop & go over bathroom one more time & we are set RIDE with Helen Hunt was a so so movie :)
Kid 1: Dad, why'd you name me Katrina?. Dad: You're named after a famous storm. Kid 2: What about me?. D: You too, Twister Starri…
O month when they who love must love and wed. ~Helen Hunt Jackson
Im going on a ghost hunt at sherwood forest on the 2nd of october :) :) :) cant wait can you helen
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Hey, does anyone out there not think about Michelle Pfeiffer and Helen Hunt daily?
.. MPs to debate sacking Jeremy Hunt after peition gets 200,000+ signatures.
"By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer's best of weather & autumn's best of cheer"- Helen Hunt Jackson
"That's HER. RIGHT THERE..." says Jodie Foster, pointing at the mirror. "...that's Helen Hunt again playing games... or... or is me again?"
Helen Hunt is so funny and sleepy. I love her.
creating, writing, gabbing and grabbing coffee with me dearest darling Helen Hunt
If so it gives Mad About You a much deeper meaning. Helen Hunt has some explaining to do.
Bee to the blossom, moth to the flame; Each to his passion; what’s in a name? - Helen Hunt Jackson
★★★ | Product Hunt | The Last Samurai — The story of a young genius and his unique education
Walking to my car I saw Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser running in the opposite direction.??
I am watching Ride starring Luke Wilson and Helen Hunt on Roku! This will be my first time watching it.
In what world am I supposed to believe that Luke Wilson & Helen Hunt would ever actually be attracted to each other. It's insulting
That Luke Wilson / Helen Hunt surfing(?) movie is NOT trending, Netflix, you liar.
Luke Wilson and Helen Hunt have the same face
Tonight in the Netflix Screening Room: "Ride", Helen Hunt, Luke Wilson. Helen Hunt learns to surf. Trailer:
Could never keep my celebrities straight. Still confuse Tom Seleck for Burt Reynolds and Jodie Foster for Helen Hunt. there's probably more
Okay but when is Taylor Swift going to bring out Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser from the NBC smash series, Mad About You?
If you had to choose: Helen Hunt or Laura Linney?
I watched Twister a lot as a kid so I've always seen tornados as a means to hook up with Jami Gertz and Helen Hunt
Bill Paxton def. lost a major opportunity 2 get Helen Hunt & Jami Gertz in a 3-some.That's like a top 30 all time movie mistake
I had strange actress crushes as a kid. Leah Thompson, 90s Sandra Bullock, Renee Russo, Helen Hunt, and Natalie Portman were all INTENSE.
time to get Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton on the horn.
Helen Hunt is actually tidy in What Women Want
The view from the top of Helen Hunt Falls. Wow!!
‘Excuse me, you know the name of the person who found my wallet?’ ‘Yes, you can go to Helen Hunt for it.’
Rumour: Helen Hunt has insulted the inhabitants of Nairobi, comparing them to two Grammy awards.
The other day my friend texted me he just saw Helen Hunt like I would be impressed by that.
A tornado in Safford, Arizona yesterday!. 140 miles NE of Tucson. Reminds me of my Favorite Helen Hunt…
None of the above. Check out the Trailers of the movie on YouTube. It stars Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey.
Neil Partick Harris and Helen Hunt were born on the same day. Ooh. Now I get it.
I'm gonna be Helen Hunt in the 2014 box office hit Ride.
Only a monster could take pleasure in killing such a regal, beautiful animal as Hope it brings an end to the hunt
I'd like to see Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation, in which Ethan Hunt goes undercover as Helen Hunt.
Pictures from hiking at Helen Hunt Falls and horseback riding at The Garden of the Gods.
Sonny Miller really embodied the spirit of Read my piece dedicated to him here: via
INDEPENDENT FRONT PAGE: 'Britain's doctors to Jeremy Hunt: it's war.'
Poetic adorned with waterlilies. July poem by Helen Hunt Jackson >
A patient safety investigations service modelled on the AAIB will be set up says Jeremy Hunt
- 5 Star Review of Dead Silent by Helen H. Hunt via
wedding ring found on trail at Helen Hunt Falls
I hope they find those missing kids in Florida. One looks like Helen Hunt.
looking great Hannegaby, now you must watch Project X (stars Helen Hunt & Broderick)
Tonight I ride with as we mock the Helen Hunt vehicle, TWISTER! Homegrown scientists vs evil scientists! Oodily Oodily!
You look like Helen Hunt in this pic ☺
I'm within an hour of my new home and I'm expecting to see Helen Hunt driving a van at any moment
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Naomi a cross between Carrie Bickmore and Helen Hunt
Is this finally the tornado that kills Helen Hunt and Bill Pullman?
So and I watched that video and concluded she looks like the spawn of Meryl Streep and Helen Hunt
Ed Harris, Helen Hunt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Newman, and Robin Wright Penn lead an all-star cast in a...
Watching The Sessions rn with John Hawkes, Helen Hunt and William H. Macy, such a fun movie
These thunderstorms are reminding me I want that Helen Hunt haircut, circa Twister. Only then will my storm hunting be on fleek, per se.
When is at its best, one loves so much that he cannot forget. ~ Helen Hunt Jackson
is your favorite movie the film “Twister” starring Helen Hunt,Bill Paxton & introducing the late Philip Seymour Hoffman?
8X10 Movie of Helen Hunt & Bill Paxton from the film, Twister
girl's just wanna have fun Helen Hunt so he can see what Sarah Jessica Parker before the long face.
Wildflower Enrichment Stroll - room for 15 people!. Sat. July 11, 9:00 am - Noon . Meet at the Helen Hunt Falls...
I dunno know. She doesn’t seem to have that Helen Hunt range
The sad part is that he's probably too young to know who Hellen Hunt is. FYI, I would be Mad About Helen Hunt
if you could be any Helen Hunt in any movie which one would you be - Twister-Helen Hunt or Castaway-Helen Hunt?
Helen Hunt on Mad About You. I've always been in love with her.
This morning's Highway to Heaven guest stars Helen Hunt as a dying equestrian and Mr. Oleson from Little House as her doctor. Gold.
Wow! The new season of Go Back to Where You Came From stars Helen Hunt 😉
When Helen Hunt spits toothpaste on the back of your head, you'll know you've peaked.
Was starting to wonder where I'd missed Helen Hunt in FBDO! :o)
Sipping whiskey and smoking while I wait for tornado warnings to pass. I feel like a punk Helen Hunt.
I have a lady crush on young Helen Hunt.
Helen Hunt is at the restaurant I'm eating at... Apparently I'm the only one freaking out.😁😁😁😁
So either Nicks grown a pair or he's a Helen Hunt. Yep a proper Helen Hunt.i wanted this all my life,ur 19 u ***
I completed an advanced training with Dr Harville Hendrix and Dr Helen Hunt pioneers in the field of marital therapy
Dir.: HELEN HUNT, on Ride. "There are small movies about people, & big movies about robots."
At long last, Helen Hunt has found a spine charity for blind lemmings!
Helen Hunt is on TV. Helen of Hunt is the cause of the Trojan War in my pants. Yes, my father put me through school for these moments...
Just made a Mad About You reference and nobody got it. Yeah I'm old now. Helen Hunt and Paul Riser? Anybody!
Born this day...Waylon Jennings, Harry Nillson, Wade Boggs, Helen Hunt, and Courtney Cox. The almanac via
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the coolest yetis ever, Pat Brown! Plus these peeps! Jim Belushi is 61. Helen Hunt is...
Photo: Helen Hunt and Martin Sheen’s part of the kitchen scene was so stressful. 😰/
Ladies and gentlemen, Oscar and Primetime Emmy award winner Helen Hunt. Through source
The acrobatics my brain goes through to differentiate Bonnie Hunt, Helen Hunt, and Holly Hunter.
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