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Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker (born 1959) is a Christian missionary and with her husband Rolland co-founder of Iris Ministries and the author of several books.

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“More is accomplished by spending time in God’s presence than by doing anything else.” Heidi Baker
Are you someone who might just die unless God shows up? Are you thirsty? -Heidi Baker// YES! This is how I feel today.
We can't live in whatever. We have to see the kingdom of God break out in our cities, in our nations, in our lives. -Heidi Baker
finished Birthing the Miraculous by Heidi Baker and gave it 5 stars
“What we need most is to be totally dependent on God showing up. We need His pure presence.” Heidi Baker
Preach it Papa Rolland Baker! You and Mama Heidi have a beautiful ministry...
Relationship in the Kingdom: Newsletter from Rolland and Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker doing her random act of fitness to win a K93 prize!
Heidi Baker said God gets angry when people reject Jesus. some ol' Bethel people, Greg Boyd, and now Mike Bickle are in here
It was great! I jst wtched Father of Lights and he askd if I had hrd of Heidi Baker and I said No Way! She was in that doc!
"You are a paintbrush in hands of the Artist. ~ Heidi Baker"
Heidi Baker calls the sinner's prayer 'fire insurance' lol
As our hearts become pure, our vision becomes clearer. [Heidi Baker].
"When you’re in love with God, you’re not afraid to yield your life to Him." — Heidi Baker ( ).
Those who question women in senior leadership might like to spend a month with Jackie Pullinger in Hong Kong, Heidi Baker in Mozambique...
ends w Jason healing a homeless guy on camera. His and Heidi Baker healings are the only ones that aren't told secondhand.
Heidi Baker prays for a Muslim woman in Turkey. the Turkish pastor interpreter is ticked that Heidi didn't convert her 1st.
Heidi Baker has a PhD in Systematic Theology from King's college in England. She's interviewed surrounded by African children.
Heidi Baker shares gospel by going to a village, asking them to bring her a deaf person, heals deaf, then people listen to her
And here's the super long Heidi Baker feature. I remember I thought she seemed sweet the first time I saw
The river of God flows into lowly places. When we are bent down, kneeling down, bowed down, laid down - then we will find Him. Heidi Baker
Power nap on the beam... It's a gymnast thing.
I should be staying at a lake with Brit and Baker this weekend.. But no. 😒😩😡
The fact that I'm meeting Heidi Baker this fall makes me so pumped to be in Fredericksburg 😻🙌
Last week Heidi Kuhn met with actress Diane Baker at ROP to celebrate turning
I liked a video from Heavenly Worship with Ruth Fazal & Heidi Baker
I added a video to a playlist Heidi Baker April 23rd 2013
Do you know what lavish love looks like? It’s when God just looks at you and says,”You rock!”- Heidi Baker
"We serve an extravagant God, so we should give Him an extravagant gift of our lives." - Rolland and Heidi Baker
I think this is so awesome. Heidi Baker is living what she writes.
I liked a video Heidi Baker: Compelled by God's Love to Act
Allison Baker is new Director of Operations at IDW: Heidi MacDonald
hey, didn't find it sobering, just enlightening. Enjoyed the last of the comments on influence on Heidi Baker etc..
Heidi and Landi are my late night 'bffs
Heidi is on that nature flow with all her pic uploads recently 🐰🐱🌳🌾
I'm always so encouraged by Heidi Baker. She's someone who reads the word and believes it for what it says. I want that kind of faith !
Hollywood actress Diane Baker visits me @ Roots of Peace to 'smell the roses' after visiting Afghanistan &...
One of the most memorable nights of my life. , Suzanne Hinn, Heidi Baker, Scott Wead. First Love!
Heidi from the Sugababes just walking in has made my day  and Cheryl Baker
Thanks for your sweat at the gym.. Never gonna wash my face again! 😉 METEE! When you going to show me what to do @ the gym 😁 X
"It is not complicated. Just love the one in front of you.". -Heidi Baker .
"The biggest miracle of all is learning how to love... Don't complicate the Gospel" Heidi Baker
Hello friends and family Shany and I bless you and thank God for you! You who have sown into this trip and you who are praying for us! We are now on week 3 of the trip and I've got to tell you, we are being changed daily! Our lives, ministry and way we do ministry will be forever changed. God has also been speaking to us and preparing us for and giving us vision for what the days, weeks, and years ahead may look like! We just continue to go lower, and say YES Lord! The mission field is not a comfortable place, but it is a fruitful place. There are people on the team who have been stoned, lies have been told, accusations have been made etc. Heidi Baker and a team had to make changes to their plan because a storm rolled in last night and they were unable to drive the boat from the previously unreached island they were ministering on. But the blind are seeing, the deaf are hearing and dozens of people are receiving Christ, whole villages are surrendering the village and land to Christ and new churchs are bei ...
"If you have God's presence, you have favor. One minute of God's presence can accomplish more than 20 years of your striving." - Heidi Baker
Finally with tears in my eyes and a new heart ,completed the book Birthing the Miraculous by Heidi Baker. Life changing book!
"I fast to make myself hungry." -Heidi Baker. Let's get hungry for God.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Are you hungry and thirsty for more of God?" - Heidi Baker.
Looking forward to seeing all of our friends soon. July/August plans are to travel to Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa with Joe Donovan accompanying me from our Vineyard Church in Dothan, Alabama. Our first stop will be in Dar to visit/share with all the Vineyard Tanzania Pastors as well as share at the Dar Vineyard, then on to Pemba with Heidi Baker's ministry, and to Joburg to be with Andrew Christie and then AVLN. Bubba Justice also alongside us in Mozambique and South Africa. Safari njema!
Looking forward to seeing Heidi Bakers life-wrecking documentary "Compelled By Love" again tonight! 7 PM at Believers Church!
Sam Baker when he sees Heidi with Lewis at prom
Hey M133! We are getting ready for an exciting Fall!! Please mark your calendars for 4 major events as we prepare to JUMP into the new school year ... 1) M133 National Student Summit (September 26-27th) 2) Launching 24/7 University Prayer Canopy over the State of CA (Oct 1) 3) Partnering with Lou Engle for The Call Berkeley (Oct 4) 4) M133/Compelled By Love "ARTS EXTRAVAGANZA" Tour (Oct 6-16) ** ** We are partnering with Shara Pradhan & the "Compelled By Love" film (w/ Heidi Baker) to tour 8-10 campuses between 10/6-16. It will be an ARTS EXTRAVAGANZA featuring the Compelled By Love Film, Music (featuring signed Recording Artists), Spoken Word, Visual Art, and Dance. Let's gather the believers together & invite the lost!!
"If you stand, worship, and love God in the midst of lack and difficulty, you will never lose" - Heidi Baker
Only I could cook my dinner, dish it up - and drop it all over the kitchen floor! Does the 10 second rule still count?!
Showing tonight 7pm at BC- amazing documentary chronicles the lives of Roland & Heidi Baker
I'm reading Heidi Baker's new book..Birthing the Miraculous. I am making myself read it one chapter a day... Because it's so good and so rich that I want to savour every bite and get everything from it!
On Monday, we're holding a free screening of Compelled By Love, a film about Heidi Baker and Iris Ministries.
"You can either yield to it, miscarry it, or abort it. Pay the price, carry the promise. Pay the price, carry the promise! If you are not troubled by the calling on your life than it probably isn't the calling." - Heidi Baker
Made a full recovery from IOW.. Just in time for the weekend!!! YEAHHH BOII! 🙋
“God has spoken to me many times that my job is to love and his job is to heal.” Heidi Baker
Yes, God wants you to do signs and wonders. But the love of God manifested through you is what people really need. So you first must see His face. You must become so close to His very heartbeat that you can feel what others feel. Learning to love by Heidi Baker
Incarnational love finds out what's going on with the person next to you. From Heidi Baker last week in Pemba, Mozambique
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Okay - I have got to get to bed earlier tonite! Therese went downtown to minister at Jubilee Day tonight with some of her new, young friends. She was kind to bring the elderly one back to the camper and go back. Robby Dawkins is coming tomorrow!!! Ah! So excited!!! Then we'll embark for a day long outreach in Baltimore! As Heidi Baker says (all through her day): "Holy Spirit, possess me!" ... and I'm serious about that prayer... Love you all... praying for you all... God is crazy about you! He knows you because YOU are HIS awesome idea! (and you can quote me on that - lol) Psalm 139
"LOVE — It is a small four-letter word that will cost you everything: laying down your life, passion and compassion, giving without expecting, feeling His very heartbeat and surrendering to His rhythm, and following the Lamb wherever He goes..." -Heidi Baker
From "Birthing the Miraculous" by Heidi Baker - "I have learned that we are called to resist the unnecessary demands of the world. Sometimes we need to cry out to God to keep us from giving into earthly pressures. I invite the fire. I invite the pruning knife. I encourage you to be one who loves first and does later...I know more good fruit comes from this love affair than I could ever produce otherwise. The Lord is asking you to give Him your time for the sake of love. What would it look like if we laid our precious cell phones and laptops on the altar before Him even for an hour or so each day? What if we truly prioritized Him above everything else? " (page 53)
I hate picking my brother up from the pub when he's drunk! It really does pain me to say we're related!
I didn't even see you in there! But just so you are aware, only I can ignore you.. Not you me! Y did u not say ELO MEEETEE 😘 X
"God has given you a big stick... rest and rejoicing... we are to USE that stick. and go-'WACK WACK WACK- ON THE DEVIL... he is as weak as a snake wiggling, a toothless headless...toothless headless...toothless headless...snake" -Heidi Baker :) what a glorious thought
There is ALWAYS enough because He DIED for you. [Heidi Baker]
The mother has just told me I 'balls'ed up her life' and then hit me in the face with a banana skin! Yep.. Cheers shend!
YEAH BOI! Oii ignored me in the gym yesterday ✊
Go deeper. “You cannot do very much while you are only ankle-deep in the river of God.” -Heidi Baker
The mother is forcing me to go to the gym.. She was my hero 2 days ago! Loosing that title FAST! 😭😫
Come out of work.. Windows open.. Hand break off.. If I had a brain id be dangerous! 😫
Proud to congratulate my sister Heidi Baker on her salutatorian achievement. You're a real smart *** 😜
//"when i get to heaven, God will not ask me why i was not billy graham, Bill Johnson, mother theresa, or heidi baker; He will ask me why i wasn't ashley! if you are just like someone else then you are unnecessary. this world has enough imitations. you were created for such a time as this and you are no accident or mistake. this world needs you to be you. you are the most powerful person you could ever be. love yourself...become who you are."
"If you are always in the river (of life), always in love (with Jesus), and always ready to pay any price, it doesn't matter what the world does to you." Heidi Baker Oh my goodness how God is filling me up today through this book- 'Birthing The Miraculous!' How is He speaking to you today? I would really love for you to share :)
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"I want to be a leaky vessel - always spilling His love everywhere I go so other thirsty souls can drink" ~ Heidi Baker - Reckless Devotion
thank you for Heidi's ted baker dress she's wearing it today it's lovely 🙌
“If your promise does not seem impossible, it is likely not from God.” - Heidi Baker
i'm so excited about this year! I will finally get to see Heidi baker! ahhh (one of my faves!)
"All fruitfulness flows from intimacy."€ - Heidi Baker
"Hi, I'm the offspring of Heidi and Rolland Baker in the flesh." —Crystalyn Human 😂 So much gold from Crystalyn and Brock this morning. ✨
“Being in love with God brings a fearlessness that surpasses understanding.” - Heidi Baker
Interested in healing ministry? Join Heidi Baker, Sandra Kennedy, Nathan Morris and Chris Estrada at
In order for you to be useful to the Master here-or anywhere-you must be close to Him and in love with Him. ~Rolland and & Heidi Baker
I liked a video Must Watch This! - Heidi Baker in CAP Conference 2013 (English and Español)
Great 2 hv mentors/pastoral Heidi Baker n Elaine Eleazar in my life!
Everytime I think about going to Africa on day, I get SO excited. Seeing pics of Heidi Baker and knowing I have a similar calling is awesome
“Sometimes we make things too complicated when we really need to remember that the kingdom belongs to the children.” -Heidi Baker
The Lord wants to love you to death and kiss you to life. ~ Heidi Baker
A brand new tram in town, got to meet the GORGEOUS Heidi Range and Cheryl Baker at the Grand & England later tonight! :-)
People don't want what you have unless you've first given it to Jesus. -Heidi Baker
Ministry is not about where you are or where you go, it is about where He is.” [Heidi Baker]
Incredible. Heidi Baker and Rolland Baker will be building a UNIVERSITY in MOZAMBIQUE!!!
Amazing & faith inspiring book of true stories of God performing miracles today in Africa by Heidi & Rolland Baker.
I can't watch Heidi Baker because some stupid number keeps calling.
The only currency that will heal every culture is ceaseless love. ~Heidi Baker
We are so blessed by Heidi and Rolland Baker to let us bear the name Iris || If you want to keep up…
"If you get it all wrong, He will pick you up, swing you around in His arms, and correct you. He will hug you and put you back on your feet. That is how God behaves toward His children. He will dance with you. He will smile as He gazes on your beautiful face. He will lavish His love on you until it overflows." Heidi Baker
"Be one who loves first and does later." -Heidi Baker
This time next week I will be sunning it and enjoying cocktails with my amazing girlfriend. Love you Heidi Baker x
"I took a big stick and smashed its head off". Heidi Baker on dispatching a snake in my article on Global miracles
" God is calling forth a new breed of sent-out ones, a generation of laid-down lovers who will run into the darkest corners of the earth, call in the outcasts, bring in His bride, and compel the poor to come to the wedding feast" Heidi Baker
KINGDOM LIVING Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits. Proverbs 18:21 If you are a regular reader of this devotional you have probably concluded by now that we are in a season of learning to activate the Word of God in our Lives. I had thought that it would be good to work on it till Pentecost. But I am convinced now that if it takes a whole year for people to get this into their heads and into practice, then so be it. Jesus was so right when he said “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4 I had been asking the Lord to take me to a new level of anointing. But I really wasn't sure how to make the jump and this was even after a week spent in Orlando with Randy Clarke, Reinhardt Bonke, Bill Johnson and Heidi Baker. Then this verse from Proverbs exploded in front of me. Thanks to Steve and Wendy Backlund from Bethel. It suddenly dawned on me that I had not been activating the Word in my Life, ...
We are waiting for our mind to be fed when our heart needs to break. - Heidi Baker
I want to share an experience I had today, and to my community sorry I was exhausted no sleep in two days and homework... Godbreed Iris Savannah I missed you guys. and today I really wanted to be in the floor worshipping the Lord. Here is the experience. I have never been a person that was prejudice. I was born in Sierra Vista, AZ and my childhood was in the valley of Arizona with Navajo indians, asian people, black people, white people, hispanic people, and just a vast mix of people. Growing up military had a lot to do with it. I had parents that did not make the pain of their past the pain of my present. I had a childhood friend a white girl, and I listen to Van Halen, David Bowie (Official), and Michael Jackson. I knew nothing about rap music, hip hop and my R&B artist were Aretha Franklin and Sam Cook. LOL.. This means as a child I had such diveristy in my life. I find myself even as I got older being trained in ministry by people of diverse cultural backgrounds. I have been apart of the most dynamic ...
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"We must choose to follow the Sermon on the Mount and act in a way that releases the kingdom of God in every situation. We must choose to be peacemakers, to fight back only with more love and more forgiveness, and believe God is always good and knows how to Father His children" Heidi Baker, from the book, "Compelled By Love".
A lovely evening of catching up tonight with Heidi Baker has made up for missing the sunshine this weekend as I was working.
Guillermo Maldonado & Heidi Baker - Presence of God Guillermo Maldonado (born January 10, 1965) is the co-founder and senior pastor of El Rey Jesús (angliciz...
I love the "hula hoop" life!! Listening to Heidi Baker this morning. "It's joy for me. Because He is my joy. And whatever else goes crashing down around me, well, I might as well go to sleep, God is God and I am not. Hooray! I am going to remain in Him. I was given a key to the secret place. I had to get so low. And I crawled in. When you see Him, lol, That's're toast. " He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. The secret place is where I find Truth and satisfaction. It won't be taken from me. No one can take it from me anyway.if I lose it, it is because I walked out and gave it away. Who in their right mind would want to become anything else but toasted with the love of the Father??? Off to Bethany's church now. Have a great day!!
Carol is the Heidi Baker of our revival.
The wedding was amazing! Just perfect!!! Weather was awesome and Courtney Baker and lucas were just beautiful together. Yes there were some difficult times seeing pops video with Courtney. It def pulled at my heart. However, he was there all around us in spirit. Missed sister Heidi Baker Deitz and Tyler too. Into Nashvegas today for some more cyall soon
God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. Hebrews 6:10 NIV "Love looks like something." - Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker says that she goes out on a limb for Jesus then waits for Him to turn up. Will you"branch out"in faith for Jesus?
"God wants your ministry to flow from the realization that you are a beloved child of God. In that place you don't worry too much about how people see you. You don't worry too much about whether they're nice or mean. You don't worry about if they love you or hate you. You don't worry because you're simply going to love them and love Him. This comes from knowing who He is and what He thinks of you. This is what it means to grasp that you are a child of God." Heidi Baker "Birthing the Miraculous"
"I have been beaten up, shot at, and lied about. People have even tried to strangle me. I am not afraid. To this day I can walk boldly into gangs of armed thugs and tell them to stop in the name of Jesus. I expect them to drop their knives. Generally they turn surprisingly nice. Sometimes they look at me and apologize. Where did this confidence come from? It came from knowing the Father loves me. Because I truly know that I am loved, I am not afraid." Heidi Baker "Birthing the Miraculous"
Reckless Devotion: 365 Days into the Heart of Radical Love. ~ Rolland Baker, Heidi Baker. Religion & Spirituality
Do a google of Heidi Baker and HEAR of the resurrections of dead in Mozambique. Open your spirit eyes and is REAL!
"God is not after spectacular abilities. He is after given hearts and yielded lives. "[Heidi Baker]
is showing the film, Compelled By Love with Heidi Baker, tonight at 7 pm. Childcare is available for 6 and under.
So moved by movie Compelled By Love about ministry of Heidi Baker In Mozambique. God, open doors for us. We want all of you.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
It's 4am and i'm watching Heidi Baker sermons.
There is always more- Thought for today!. "No matter how deep we have gone, there is more.” . ― Heidi Baker,...
Heidi baker's new is out. Birthing the Miraculous. :D
If you live in and your birthday is in June, this artist/baker wants to deliver you a free cake. Seriously.
I am looking for Ghost Writing & Research projects. I have worked with Bill Johnson Ministries and Heidi Baker
The gift Ps Kim found for us in Mozambique is here this weekend | Missionary and great friend of Heidi Baker |...
Hot off the press - Surprise Sithole (co-founder of Iris with Rolland and Heidi Baker) at HTB tomorrow night at 7pm - all welcome!
Heidi's new book's out! She is really passionate about it, and would love for you to write a review of it at...
I liked a video from HEIDI BAKER: Minister, misionary GODS chosen daughter: testimony
Heidi and Rolland Baker are truly amazing. Their hearts are so pure. They've given so much and yet they keep giving.
Love never fails,and if you remain in love,you will always win.--Heidi Baker
"You are a paint brush in the hands of the Artist." -Heidi Baker
"It's stupid of a branch to think that it don't need the roots". - Heidi Baker
"it's not doing big things it's doing little things with lots of love that please the heart of God" - Heidi Baker
"If we can't stop for the one in front of us I don't know what love is." ~ Heidi Baker
Had an amazing time in Belgium with Rolland and Heidi Baker. Wow. Miraculous Realm another Level.
"If you can get low enough in humility you can do anything God asks you to do." -Heidi Baker
I'm going to miss Heidi Baker more than I'm going to miss anyone else at horizon 😭😭
sometimes when Heidi Baker preaches... dat woman straight up HIGH in the Spirit
Great news..."Compelled By Love" is going to be shown on Friday 16th May at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Cork City, at 7:30 PM. More details to come, but if you missed on of the previous screening this is your opportunity to come along and view this inspiring documentary film on the life of Heidi Baker.
Bucket list to God list: A woman with stage 4 cancer had a white blood cell (WBC) count of 2.3 and only five weeks to live (normal WBC is in the range 4.3 - 10.8). She was opposed to anything charismatic especially the laying on of hands. Her parents wanted to bring her to Bethel Church for healing prayer. She was opposed to this but made the deal that she would go on the condition her parents help her complete her bucket list. During an April 2011, Friday night service she felt fire through her body and all the pain left. No one laid hands on her. By the time she returned home to Florida her white blood cell count was 9.1! Her encounter with the Presence and Power of God transformed her bucket list into a dream list that resulted in ministering with Heidi Baker in Mozambique. Her next step is to bring the Presence and Power of God to Egypt! (5.1.14 was third year anniversary of being healed. The doctor confirmed later that she had a completely new colon and all remnants of prior surgery was gone. Also h ...
Abba, Father - Heartwork In her book called lFrom Servant to Son; From Orphan to Heir", Heidi Baker, a missionary to Mozambique, tells a story about a child named Ramadan who had come to live in their children’s village. When he first arrived, he would run around and bite and kick people, looking miserable all the time. Ramadan had experienced great pain in his early childhood, had never known love, and now was an orphan. There was so much shame and sadness in him that he would not look anyone in the eye. Ramadan did not believe he had access to his new family or their home. Like some of the other children, Ramadan could not comprehend what a refrigerator was because he had never seen one before. He would not dare move toward the fridge and never had a Coca Cola in his life. Heidi took Ramadan by the hand and told him, “That fridge has a Coke in it. You can go get that Coke whenever you want it.” At bedtime, she would tuck him in and sing him a song. She regularly looked him in the eyes and said, ...
I think it reached a new low level a long time ago Heidi.
Don't let your circumstances keep you from your breakthrough! "when I was praying for blind person after blind person with not one person being healed, I could've looked at my circumstances and felt ashamed or confused, especially in front of my friends. I could have given up hope and stopped praying, but I would've missed the breakthrough." -Birthing the Miraculous- mama Heidi Baker
Don't Forget - This week Friday night is the film about Heidi Baker. Doors open at 7pm and Movie starts at 8pm
"Operate in the overflow." -God. One of the many treasured words that the Lord spoke to my heart the final night of the conference that Lindsey Miles and I went to, after Heidi Baker preached from Psalm 63.
"God wants YOU to birth His miracles and to carry His promises." -Heidi Baker
Here's Why Not to Give Up by Heidi BakerHeidi BakerSign up to receive our daily articles and receive 2 FREE MP3 Teaching Downloadsby Jeremy Lopez automatically. (New Subscribers Only P…
"If you don't know that you are loved, you'll never be free" Heidi Baker
"People often ask me what the secret to sustainability is. The secret place is the secret. We have to live there." Heidi Baker from "Birthing The Miraculous"
"The secret to ongoing fruitfulness is the secret place" paraphrase Heidi Baker
" I am a prisoner of love. I have given my life for love. It is joy unspeakable and full of glory" Heidi Baker
If love does not look like something, how do i know what love is? Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker - Soaking in God's Glory Heidi Baker and Roland Baker began Iris Global (previously Iris Ministries) in 1980, and we have been missionaries for t...
Love looks like you putting yourself in the place to love without limits and you giving without expecting anything in return. - Heidi Baker
There are two different emotions in complete opposition, love and fear... Choose to let 'LOVE' consume you and lead you in everything, and you're life with become fruitful and prosper! Don't let fear lead you, fear is a weakness, a trap that leads to nowhere. Hosting the Presence- Bill Johnson and Heidi Baker
I liked a video The Resting Place of The Lord - Heidi Baker (Cornerstone Community Church in
My precious friend Heidi Baker! Please take time to watch this interview of a powerful, spirit led woman that I had the pure joy of spending quality time with one on one at several times. My most loved friend/relative, Lulu Auger would host Heidi in her gorgeous, God filled home! Heidi insisted that she stay with Lulu, so Lulu would fly me into Washington DC to go to Heidi's meetings. I totally connected with her spirit of intimacy with Christ and SO completley abandoned to his purposes! Heidi and I shared a quiet breakfast one morning, just the two of us. I was going through a difficult place with a broken heart and God used her to speak what she saw about the situation. What she told me was exactly what God had revealed and that I was to be comforted for being obedient even though others may not understand. God was confirming his word to me in detail! Heidi Baker is probably one of my most loved and respected friends, completely given over to God for ministry and dead to this life but alive in Him! En . ...
Listening to Heidi Baker on We have been given streams of living give to people dying of thirst!
“I never understood why people want to do big things… Just do little things, with great Love.” - Heidi Baker,
A highly enjoyable weekend at Eeriecon on Grand Island, spent in the company of the lovely Diane Brietzke Paine, many of the old Radiance crew from Houghton Mark Deeter, Ruth Milks, Daniel Milks, Jason Covert and Heidi Baker, plus Heidi's husband Dave and their three Bakerlings); and many in the filk/FUMP/fandom crew Kira Heston, Adam English, Tim Crist, etc.) Did karaoke for the first time in a long while; watched "The Death Wheelers," one of the worst films ever (so bad that it was unintentionally remarkable; it deserves some kind of negative retroactive Oscar); ate some of the finest pizza I've had in years (place called Just Pizza); did a fair amount of open filkin'; failed to save the world in a game of Pandemic; and took in some fine concerts. And a full week of vacation awaits, though it's mostly going to involve staycating.
Spring has finally arrived at Peopleplace. We are busy getting the greenhouse ready to start some seeds and in the upstairs classroom, Heidi Baker brought in an incubator so we can hatch some chicks. The count down to hatching day has begun!
After reading heidi baker's book last year...i had not my name engraved on a leather bible-but this.'ALWAYS ENOUGH'.
I would urge you go watch the movie about the ministries of Roland and Heidi Baker, "Compelled By Love." It is a journey into seeing the way how God works when His people say yes!
Wherever we are called God says:And I myself will be a wall of fire around it,' declares the LORD, 'and I will be its glory within.'- Zechariah 2:5- Heidi Baker
"When people tell me it can't be done..I stick my fingers in my ears and scream na na na na na na" Heidi Baker
After following Heidi Baker for many years, I've finally taken the time to compile a list of the top 20 Heidi Baker quotes. There all neatly presented for you here. Enjoy!
Just listened to a powerful message by Heidi Baker! Our lives are not our own - my life belongs to Jesus. I want to see what He sees and do what He does!
We are so excited! We just heard that Allen, Jalen and Isabel got approved to go to Mozambique Africa this summer, to go do missions with Heidi Baker orphanages! They will be there for 3 weeks in July/August. We could really use everyones prayers and support, there is much preperations to do in a short amount of time! And yes I so wish I was going too, but am more excited to see the girls go!
Listening to awesome worship on God.TV from Mission possible conference with Heidi Baker. Oh yeah!!!
trick or treat? "The new butcher, baker, candlestick maker: just how real are they?”
All welcome to Laudo movie night! . A powerful & inspiring film about Heidi Baker, a modern day Mother Teresa, and...
If we are not full of Him, we have nothing to offer to anyone else. - Heidi Baker
Got driven into the township after church .. White River is a small farming community of various Afrikaans. On Sunday, what shops there are, are shut ..WAAH . We stopped for coffee and dats it folks .. This week will be full on in mins .. Thursday will be in a township called Dwaleni which is gonna be huge as I will be with kiddies from 08:00 to 3:30pm straight .. I am the only one going to this township and will be picked up to go there .. Just a quick mention: can't take taxis here as they are owned by the local mafia .. WAAH!!! Whilst taking a shower something leapt out .. Oh, it was only a bullfrog .. Same bullfrog l met with in the shower last night ... hehehe ... After dark one cannot walk around the Y - Base as it has no walls around it just bush bush for miles. There is a visiting dts team and their next pitstop is Heidi Bakers Base / Mozambique .. Oh so jealous , excited for them ... Will add more photos tomorrow ..
Dad and Heidi Baker commssioning Pastor Henry Madava as an Apostle.
Heidi Baker shares about Sunday family meeting.
Ever seen a withering Christian? "I hate the church. I love God, but I hate the church." Ever seen a withering missionary? " I hate the people, I hate the food; but I love God." It's so pitiful. Heidi Baker
"I want to love God in such a way that it provokes jealousy in others for a closer relationship with Him.". -Heidi Baker
LOVIN' THIS! Run the race, learn how to lean into Jesus. Let him hold you close until you can feel the rhythm. Then you will know when to rest, when to run and when to listen. - Heidi Baker
Iris Global, founded by Rolland and Heidi Baker as a Christian missionary organization in 1980, is dedicated to revival in the Holy Spirit wherever the love and power of God are needed and appreciated, especially among the poor.
Here are some ministries and friends I support and I will like to support by selling the jewelry! Please look at their page and consider support them as well! thank you! Blessings! IHOPKC.ORG EXODUS CRY GOSPEL FOR ASIA WESLEA WELLS CATHERINE DEVEAU MARYSOL DEWET BLOMERUS HEIDI BAKER - Iris Ministries THE CALL - LOU ENGLE JHOP BOSTON YWAM JOCUM
if your going out and doing? how is HE leading? i remember Heidi Baker building all these churches and doin for the lord but it wasnt until HE came to her and annointed her to go to a certain place and gave her instructions that HE moved in mighty ways...He came to her each time and told her where to go and waht to do there. HIS annointing had purpose. some people say you dont need to be lead by the Holy Spirit. HE says so.
A Word to the Wise is Sufficient... See the newly released movie... . 'Compelled By Love" with Heidi Baker!...
"All fruitfulness flows from intimacy." . - Heidi Baker
There is a place of rest in the heart of God. In this place we learn to trust Him in the midst of difficulties and chaos. ~ Heidi Baker
Getting totally shaken by Mamma Heidi Baker's Book - - This is definitely one you must read!!
What is your cake-off? As an avid amateur baker, can I enter my own cake or participate somehow?
I love Heidi and Rolland Baker! They are people with such big hearts and amazing testimonies! "It is…
This is a powerful message from Heidi Baker on the Bride of Christ and how God sees us looking blameless through...
"Love looks like something." - Heidi Baker, Read 20 of her Quotes here:
try telling that to Heidi Baker and the 200 kids she fed with one bowl of rice
The signature of the real painter in Compelled By Love documentary by Heidi baker. written at the back…
a print out of the painting in Compelled By Love documentary by Heidi baker. at the back is the…
"God please pick me up today like a paintbrush and paint a picture" - Heidi Baker.
“The Great Exchange: give up all you are for all He is!” Heidi Baker
video Heidi Baker interview on 700 club
"There are no short cuts to intimacy. It takes.TIME!" I heard this quote from Heidi Baker and love it, because it's so true. Jesus spent time with the Father ...lots of it! Authority and Holiness are only grown through relationship and time with the Father. Take the time to be with the Father and read The Word (Jesus) and hear from the Holy Spirit...not so we might defend ourselves from the world, but so we can become love to the world the way He loves them.
You can see the Love in Heidi Baker's eyes when she speaks about Pemba, it's Amazing.
Ministry is birthed out of intimacy with God... Heidi Baker.
“This is why I love Heidi. -Kevin Rolland love for Jesus inspires me. Heidi Baker is a BEAST!
This quote inspired by the life that Heidi Baker lives out each and every day!
If you have been to Pemba and been blesses there or if you have been blessed by Heidi Baker/Iris Ministries,...
"...We have no backup plan. We have nothing but Him." - Heidi Baker
"We can use our suffering to become more like Jesus, or we can let bitterness fester inside our hearts." . -Heidi Baker
1 more session! I can't imagine more, but I know Heidi Baker is about to bring it!
since in America I have run into so many youths that can not even read but they seek in there hearts to find Jesus..there homeless were not if were on the computer were doing far better then those on the streets right now..we can read ..the bulk of the work for God is in the world on the streets poor countries where some can not even write there name ..if they can not write name how are they to understand when you say such and such a verse says this or that ..they look and wonder what are you talking about..when I get articles from Heidi Baker and she is a powerful woman doing the work of God around the word..she said she has been to places where they have to spend 2 years just to teach a village how to read and then explain in story form about the wonders of God..even in America in deep rural areas yet illiterate is high...what good is a group if there missed ..those coming to face books there better off then the ones that are in dire need right now..those in the world with out..and sure some might ...
"All we really want is for our love to burn for God, because we know that His love burns for us. He is for us. If we will yield, He will not let anything dead remain in us." - Heidi Baker
Super excited to see Heidi Baker, a mighty woman of god!
United service with Heidi Baker. Service starts at 10:30 come early and expect God to move mightly
basically they don't have an identity, Heidi Baker was praying 4 pple without a name?? Once i know i'm hock chia... i long to abandon the other groups
Tomorrow at CWC... One Service at 10:30 am with Heidi Baker. We are squeezing in 2000 seats! Get there early!
I just wanted to share this awesome passage from Heidi Baker's book "Birthing the Miraculous" cause I think it would really encourage you: I work very hard. I am a responsible person. But there are moments when God draws me to Himself even closer and asks me to come away from all of the activity and spend time alone with Him. I have to respond. I have to drop everything else. I want to come so close to God that I am totally hidden in Him. In holy surrender I find all the strength I need to run the race. In fact, I don't know how to run the race without the wooing. Without romance I cannot be a minister. I have tried before - I just cannot do it. I do not even want to. But when I am in love, I will run 18 hours a day. I will run after Him with everything inside of me, and I will be at rest, even as I am running. In this life, we can run ourselves to exhaustion doing more and more things for God without even understanding what He really desires from us. God longs to increase our appetite for himself. If we ...
with Georgian & Winnie Banov, Heidi Baker, Tracey Armstrong, Eric Johnson, Seth Dahl and Extravagant Worship with Junior Garr and Kristene...
As we abide in the presence of the Lord, our hunger increases, and we find ourselves birthing glorious new life. Heidi Baker
Healed by a hug: UK woman got ME at age 15. Debilitating pain and robbed of life. She tried praying more, reading bible more…doing everything a good Christian does to earn a miracle. Nothing happened. Age 20 she received a hug from Heidi Baker and was overwhelmed with love. Instantly healed and now a love revivalist followed by miracles, signs and wonders. Ruth Fitzpatrick
Hey if you wanna see Heidi Baker tonight yes THE HEIDI BAKER head on over to cwc for this amazing super natural conference! ITS FREE, ITS DOPE! CHECK IT OUT!!!
Ready for all that will be released today! Georgian Banov, Seth Dahl and Heidi Baker. Worship with Kristene DiMarco has been amazing! REG for the day 50.00 or come tonight for free❗️
" I believe that through intimacy with God, we can find a place of yielded love in which all fear disappears, a place in which we become willing to do anything and go anywhere for love's sake" Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker is one amazing woman of God!
Kristen mueller and Heidi baker - FREE admission tonight at 7pm in Manteca at the Christian Worship Center!!! It's fre.
Tonight's session with Heidi Baker starts at 7 . It's free! Tomorrow morning Heidi will minister at our CWC United service! Starts at 10:30. Come early for a good seat!
Tomorrow will be a united service with Heidi Baker at 10:30 am! Don't miss out.(:
Good morning! Tonight at 7pm with Heidi Baker is FREE!!! Come on out youth!
Tonight service starts at 7. Free, no registration required. Heidi Baker will be ministering.
Heidi Baker tonight in Manteca, CA - Join us for a powerful God encounter, it's free & open to all - bring a friend!.
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Tonight is the last night for Global Celebration conference . They have opened tonight's service to the public. Heidi Baker, Kristin Demarco. Join us!
I hope all who are in a geographical closes radius to us in Nova Scotia will be able to join Ryan Charity and I Tonight Saturday evening april 26th @ 7pm for a great night of connecting intimately as we watch a screening of the movie "Compelled By Love" the story of Heidi Baker and Iris Global. This movie shares a part of our heart and we hope to join them in Africa in the fall. The evening will also be about sending the Humble family off on this next journey that starts in Australia the Middle of May. Please join us and invite a friend. We will be serving fair trade coffee and homemade cupcakes. And have two worship bands joining us. One from Quebec and the other from the USA. Worship by a Montreal YWAM team Starts at 7pm and starts at 8pm. We will be there at 6.. At the Valley Gate Vineyard Church in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Between just us coffee shop and Saveasy . for more info give me a call. pass it on this is a great movie and it is free. And child friendly. See you there.
"Whether God sends you to a vast multitude or to twenty-five people, He called you to be significant...God wants to use us, but we have to believe and act upon the revelations He gives us." - Heidi Baker, Birthing the Miraculous
Last nighty we had an incredible meeting.. are you able to come tonight we have Wilma and Jerry there, Last night was incredible that man who came and shared for a year he has been in the presence of the Lord, an amazing testimony. Amazing stories about being in heaven, and the presence of the Lord. He was sort of like Heidi Baker her got ruined by the Lord, Or wreck, the joy of the Lord over took him.
HEIDI BAKER (yes! The real Heidi Baker) will be speaking at CWC Manteca tonight at the Supernatural Conference! Tonight's service is FREE!!!
Heidi Baker is in Manteca Sat. Night. 7:00 Button Street. It is the last street on the rt. after the Arco before Hwy 99.
Honestly? I love Jesus. I get nervous when I feel weak. I feel like a million bucks when I feel his love and get quiet when I haven't done the right thing. This is a process. I am fully aware of it and I Won't let man fine tune me if not authorized by God. I don't want to look like Juanita Bynum...pray like Cindy Trimm..or declare like Heidi Baker...I don't want to encounter like Misty Edwards. .love God like Harvest Bashta or have mannerisms like Bethel..I want to let God have FULL ACCESS TO MY CLAY. MOLD ME TO PRAY AS YOU SEE FIT...DECLARE AS YOU SEE FIT. ..MINISTER HOW YOU SEE FIT GOD. So many people are NOT doing themselves a favor and being them. The earth is populated with varieties of males and females FOR His glory... So when I minister...I don't want people expect to hear Davey Flowers or see me dress like Kari Jobe. His hand upon our lives should be enough and get the deserving space and place it needs to expand..consume us and bless many. For HIS glory. I hope I'm making sense. So if you've be ...
Today was the best day! Morning Jewish church service. Felt and experienced God /the Holy Spirit in a totally new way. Then had my birthday party. Pancake parlour with close friends :) and went to Koorong and got a new message bible which i've been wanting since i lost my old one. Only $5! Such a blessed day! And Got Heidi Baker Compelled By Love dvd. WOOH!
I’m sure you’ve heard of Heidi Baker before. She’s co-founder of Iris Ministries and one of the top apostolic voices of our time.
"We don't have what it takes to save the world, but HE does." | Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker PhD (born 1959) is a Christian missionary and with her husband Rolland are founders of Iris Global and the author of several books.
It's a stupid branch that thinks it doesn't need the roots. -Heidi Baker
We are excited to be able to host Rolland Baker and Heidi Baker once again and also Randy Clarke this summer!
Come out to free eve session tmrw night. HEIDI BAKER!
We often equated obedience with suffering but obedience with love is full joy!!-Heidi Baker
Little Giant Ladders
Yes. heidi baker tonight. I'm so excited tbh
The Lord has been speaking to me about catalysts for about five years.  Recently He’s really been opening up this revelation to me.  In these end times- I believe that Abba is rising up many kingdom catalysts.  Webster’s Dictionary describes a catalyst: as a person or event that quickly causes change or action.   Kingdom catalysts in these end-times are vital to the return of Messiah.  In fact they are at the tip of the spear of what God is doing!  A true kingdom catalyst knows that the restoration of the Kingdom and their own lives is not automatic.  A catalyst is formed though much suffering, dying to self, developing a true ability to listen and wait upon the Lord.  They become experts in the crucified life. A true kingdom catalyst knows that only by Christ can living (and them dying) in them can the Father’s will be done.  Catalysts are often lonely, misunderstood, sometimes seen as renegades, and tried by great fire.  They are held to a higher stand of accountability especially in th ...
I wanna be totally surrendered to God like Heidi Baker.
I surrender, Lord! How are you choosing to be a Laid Down Lover like Heidi Baker has been preaching…
I love listening to Heidi Baker. Just listening to her talk about giving birth to her son. "Then I started praying and speaking in Hebrew, except that I did not know Hebrew. Well... turns out the doctor was Jewish, I did not know what I was saying but she did." Lol!
"If you want to birth the miraculous, you cannot afford to waste time getting offended. Offense stops you carrying the promise to full term, and you really never know what God plans to do with a situation that offends you at first." -Heidi Baker
Excerpt of notes from Hrock Revival Alliance Conference Wed Apr 23, 2014. Session with Heidi Baker: Some houses need to be bulldozed...start over. Walls in the house are coming down. When u knock down walls in a house there is more space. Jesus wants to occupy every room in you -His House. Total possession..Jesus possess this house fully! Some houses just need a little remodeling and decorating. Houses need to be built properly so when a storm comes they can stand. Discipleship - house-building. Foundations of Love, Worship, Adoration, Thanksgiving, Words/teachings of Jesus Christ.
"A hegemony of cowards"--great phrase. MT ...I'd love you to read my very personal Pastry Box piece:
Preparing for an amazing conference in August with Rolland and Heidi Baker, Randy Clark, and Duncan Smith. It's...
This Sunday at 8am will be leaving Word of Life Church going to CWC Manteca to see Heidi Baker if you wanna go be ready to go at the church at 8 o'clock in the morning that would be this Sunday April 27th will be leaving at 8 a.m.
Have an update on Daniel. Heidi Baker took him to Dr and they are going to do some tests for salmonella or roto virus. Please remember him in your prayers!
"When you are in the Spirit you are above the Chaos"- Heidi Baker
"We don't focus on the storm we focus on the ONE who can stop the storm"- Heidi Baker
"You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows." Psalm 23:5 I have experienced this verse in such a deep way lately at Carver Village of Hope Ministries, and have watched this truth unfold through over 16 years of worship and missions ministry. (You can't separate the two, biblically) I BEG you, go to the harvest, to the "danger!" Face your fears, don't let "enemies" hold you back. There is a depth of God's presence and a feast awaiting you that can ONLY be found on the other side of "safe." We were meant to be the lamp stand set up and shining right in the MIDDLE of the darkest places. Infact, God has already set up a table of His presence for us there...He is just waiting for us to obey! "Follow Me," Jesus always said. Not "pray a prayer and sit back down." You were meant to GO into all the world with Him. And the beautiful part? As "goodness and mercy follow us," Our "enemies" end up coming behind us and finding Jesus, eating at the very sam ...
Heidi Baker is the best example of someone living as Yeshua taught us to live on earth...
Heidi Baker is an incredible woman. One of 2 woman who have profoundly impacted my life & outlook. The other is Patricia King. Outstanding generals of the faith.
“I am nothing at all, but HE HAS CAPTURED MY HEART…” Heidi Baker, Compelled By Love
"Our God sees, our God hears, our God feels, and our God acts on our behalf." - Heidi Baker
"Love isn't complicated. Love is stopping for the one." -Heidi Baker
Fruit always follows intimacy and God is calling us to exponential fruitfulness. -Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker was amazing last night!!! What a night at Hrock and getting to pray and prophecy! The best!!! God is...
Be jealous. I am watching Compelled By Love!! Heidi and Roland Baker are heroes!
HI, friends. Check this out! I sent Iris Global Ministries, which was found by Dr. Heidi Baker and roland Baker an e-mail, asking if the staff at Iris could help me with my research on healing and disabilities by answering some questions for me. I just got a response from them, and I want to share it with you! Dear David, It has been good to talk with you on the phone, and I pray you are doing well. Your heart to see Jesus heal people is beautiful, and I pray that you would find the heart of God more and more on your journey. Thank you for caring for those in need and having such a passion to be used by Father God to see healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation happen! I love what you said in your email: "I always believe that it is my job to love and it is God's job to heal." That is so true and such a good reminder. I have done my best to answer your questions and give you what I do know. 1. Yes, I have seen Heidi Baker pray for those who are sick and disabled but not too many times. She is always graci ...
"When we know the love of Jesus, then we know the love of the Father." Heidi Baker
Watching the stage flood with hearts hungry for the presence of God. Heidi Baker is in town =)
"It takes humility to nurture something that is beyond your understanding while counting it all as joy." - Heidi Baker
"Life isn't always easy, but God is always good." -Heidi Baker
So blessed to hear Heidi Baker speak tonight. Beautiful!
No can be an anointed word. We cannot be saviors to all.we are called and allowed to rest. Heidi Baker
"Life's not always easy, but God is always good.". - Mama Heidi Baker .
Life's not always easy but God's ways good. Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker is preaching from my favorite chapter ever, 1 Corinthians 2, and I'm in the third row:)…
My friend, Heidi Baker is tearing it up here in Pasadena, CA!
"I feel like God uses people with a limp." - Heidi Baker
Energized praise and worship with Jake Hamilton. The amazing Heidi Baker so powerfully stepping on…
Heidi Baker up on stage and assuming the position... 🙏🙌
Heidi Baker speaking tonight after Cindy Jacobs. Loaded night!
A hug from Heidi Baker and a laying on of hands from Bill Johnson in one day. Yeah I'm pretty happy 😍
Watching Compelled By Love (Heidi Baker) and at the same time looking at pictures of the places God has called me to go
"Yes, my God is God! We can believe in who He is, and we can believe that He will do what He says He will do." - Heidi Baker
At awww style! Mamma Heidi Baker at the revival lunch.
I couldn't be more honored than to have the amazing HEIDI BAKER at our church this Sunday! 10:30 am come join us!!
One service at 10:30 this Sunday with Heidi Baker!
hello, do you know how/where to find the video of Heidi Baker (deaf healing) shown in iScape last night of week 2? :)
On my way up to Pasadena to see Heidi Baker. Live in the moment!!!
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