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Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker (born 1959) is a Christian missionary and with her husband Rolland co-founder of IRIS Ministries and the author of several books.

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Guys Heidi Baker is my spirit animal
Constantly overwhelmed by the testimonies on every single page of this incredible book by Heidi and Rolland baker!!
He will love you to death and kiss you back to life -Heidi baker
If Heidi Baker can still have Starbucks& love on&be with the orphans in Africa...then I can too.😝😙
Heidi Baker coming! Passion and Compassion Savannah Ga! April 16-18 for more info go to
Heidi Baker coming to Savannah Ga April 16-18...go to to register
We aren't waiting for an event. It's about living an oily life in intimacy with God. - Heidi Baker…
Heidi Baker tonight at Angelus Temple in LA. God hasn't just called us to give money, but to give our…
Heidi Baker wrapping it up tonight: "Who will spend time in the secret place? Will you fly or will…
Such a blessing to be able to hear Heidi Baker speak! What an awesome way to end the Women's…
When you allow God to love you to death, He will kiss you to life -Heidi Baker
Listening to Heidi Baker speak on offering our lives as living sacrifices...oh to be a…
What an amazing women on the Frontlines! Heidi Baker one of God's Generals and a dear friend of…
"The village deaf-mute, now speaking by the power of God..." - Heidi Baker . Praise God!
“In the presence of God, you stop calculating and start believing.” Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker and Lou Engle - This past weekend was a highlight in many ways. Our church hosted a conference ... -
Heidi Baker sharing about Jesus and His love for the one!
I love getting to spend time with this woman of God, Heidi Baker. She told me today that I'm always…
Heidi Baker praying for Joy Dawson who is now bringing The Word at World Convention 2015.…
I love anything that Heidi Baker says.
"as you climb the mountain, remember the poor" - Heidi Baker
"Always Enough" by Rolland & Heidi Baker is our book for the March '15. ¶iRead ¶iLearn ¶iLead
Lasagna and Movie tonight at Shift! We're watching Compelled by Love. It's a documentary about missionary Heidi Baker
Tonight at 630p, Jacob and Shannon will be sharing their encounters with Papa God at the Heidi Baker, Stacey...
"You can have as much of God as you want. To the degree that you give yourself, you empty yourself, you say yes, He fills you." Heidi Baker
'Live with passion - love with compassion'. Love this Rolland & Heidi Baker in "Reckless Devotion". Thanks for recommending
"More is accomplished by spending time in God’s presence than by doing anything else." - Heidi Baker
Register now for Eyes & Wings High Point, NC with Wesley and Stacey Campbell, and Heidi Baker, Apr 14-16
Baker fire alarm went off about an hour ago. Are they still waiting for the all clear? :\
"Nothing is difficult when you’re compelled and motivated by love." ~Heidi Baker
Join us at We are excited to have Heidi Baker, Lou Engle, Will Hart, Sean Feucht and many...
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This is why I love Heidi Baker. She inspires me to get off my high horse and embrace a living of…
"You begin to have His thoughts. You take on the mind of Christ." - Heidi Baker {2/2}
I want to quote everything in the book I'm currently reading. So instead, how about you all read 'Birthing the Miraculous' by Heidi Baker
"We do not have all the answers, but God does. We are not the answer, but God is." Heidi Baker
Rolland Baker, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, and more. If you're looking for something to do April 8-11, look no furt…
march 9, 2015 reckless devotion by Heidi Baker via
WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! Mama Heidi Baker and Danny Lee Silk are coming to LSSM!!!
Excited to experience service with Heidi Baker this morning. An anointed woman of God 🙌✨🙏
"We have not understood that the Gospel is as simple as this: love, love, love, love, love" - (Heidi Baker)
This was the reaction of my hero, Heidi Baker receiving a photo book that I made! She was so thankful, gave me the …
“The only currency that will heal every culture is ceaseless love.” ~ Heidi Baker
Accepted to harvest school with heidi baker in Africa in June!! here I come 😍
In the Eyes and Wings conference in San Clemente California waiting in worship before Heidi Baker to Minister.
Ancient Miraculous Jesus Hippie Heidi Baker (1959- (she's not very ancient to be honest)). Heidi…
Come and hear about the healing of the blind and deaf in Heidi Baker's ministry and much much more this June at...
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Ooopps You have to go to youtube and type in John Paul Jackson. look for Guillermo Maldonado, Ana Maldonado, Heidi Baker, etc. WOW
Excited to host Heidi Baker, Lou Engle, Matt Lockett, Will Hart, Andy Byrd and many more for ATD 2015!
Eyes & Wings California is Mar 5-8, with Wesley and Stacey Campbell, Heidi Baker, and Lou Engle
Mama Heidi Baker was in Toronto this week..
Heidi Baker says in any disaster we as Christians should be ready to Go, Give and Pray - Sometimes the going is...
Here's the Heidi Baker clip that Becca talked about on Sunday (preview is free)
Lets keep our beloved foreign missionaries and replanted like Heidi Baker in prayer for God to move on their...
Love Heidi baker " if you are in love , it's not a sacrifice "
The antichrist spirit of Heidi Baker and Obama
I really needa stop listening to heidi baker she's ruining me for life
" Heidi baker is like mother Teresa but one steroids."
Heidi baker is a true inspiration and this book is so perfect right now. 🙌
Catalyst - a person or thing that precipitates an event. Word Heidi Baker gave me. Happens to be spot-on.
The Holy Spirit is looking for people who will position themselves to catch the wind of the spirit // Heidi Baker
FALSE TEACHER Heidi Baker. . If you don't care about "discernment" her message will likely appeal to your flesh.
"To the degree that we are united with the heart of Jesus, God will bring fruit in our lives." Heidi Baker
We love Heidi Baker at Jesus Image jesusimagetv . She's absolutely amazing in her love for Jesus. You…
I liked a video Heidi Baker, Michael Koulianos, Daniel Kolenda and Theo Koulianos on Jesus Image TV
Privilege to minister on the same platform with Heidi Baker in Patong Beach, Phuket, on the 10th tsunami anniversary
We LOVE Heidi Baker at Jesus Image. Check out this amazing time with Heidi on Jesus Image...
"Day by day, YOU carry within you the presence of JESUS; allow His presence to touch those you meet" (Heidi/Rolland Baker).
"Life works when Jesus is at the CENTER of it!" (Heidi/Rolland Baker).
"When we know we are LOVED & we know we are SECURE in then we can pour ourselves out..." (Heidi/Rolland Baker).
sweet! I go with Heidi Baker, her take on communion is fascinating.
God works in us to produce a Miracle & we minister that miracle to others - "Reckless" (Heidi/Rolland Baker).
Photo: “Ministry is simply about loving the person in front of you." -Heidi Baker
We have an online store now! Woohoo! You can order and download our past conference sessions (Heidi Baker, Bobby...
"Our job is to rescue Treasure...out of Darkness." ~ Heidi Baker
What is a peacemaker? Peacemakers are the mercy of God to a sinful world. -- Heidi Baker
Linda Reddington my beautiful friend and sister! Check out Heidi Baker you're going to love her! She has...
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"He keeps you faithful and joyful in things that are difficult...He is faithful until the end." - Heidi Baker
Just had the most delightfully engaging convoy w/ Mindy & Heidi...Mindy's right Heidi I need a cookie baker lol
heidi playing COD: 'I don't really know what I'm doing, I'm just running around taking shots, bit like me on a Saturday night'
It's about all of us being released to carry the destiny of God // Heidi Baker
" 'Revival is that simple: 'Love the one in front of you' - Heidi Baker
Everything has got to come out of the presence of God // Heidi Baker
Tonight we thrilled to have Heidi Baker with again for our conference. Come one, come...
I AM LOVING THIS BOOK by Heidi Baker. . I can't believe I waited almost a year to read it. Have had it on my phone in playbook for that long. Now I wish I had it in a regular book.
Well our boy did several years with ywam , then did some training in Kansas City International House of Prayer. He's just getting back yesterday from Heidi Baker. Guess who's coming home for a little while to visit us .we're so excited !
“God has spoken to me many times that my job is to love and His job is to heal.” -Heidi Baker
Have any of you read Heidi Baker's book "Birthing the Miraculous"? . Just started it as I knew
Heidi Baker - Shares about the heart of our FATHER
"If we look into His eyes, we will know there is always enough, because He died!" -Heidi Baker
"All God wants is my laid-down love, my reckless devotion. He is asking the same from you."--Heidi Baker
"Ministry is not about where you are or where you go, it is about where he is” ~ Heidi Baker
LW team is off to the Spiritual Tsunami Conference today with Heidi Baker. Life changing encounters with the Living God. Coming home changed
Heidi Baker was simply amazing last night on Patong Beach in Phuket. She really hit it in the Spirit. Amazing testimony. Wow!
"Sometimes we make things too complicated when we really need to remember that the kingdom belongs to children." –Heidi Baker
This year's crop of Superhero swag!!! Thank you to Ana Baker and the kids, Heidi Proctor, and Dimas and Rachael...
Testimony Saturday: A man who came to the Heidi Baker event was healed of a bad ankle after years of issues!
"True apostolic ministry only flows from being immersed in the presence of God." - Heidi Baker
You are called to love the broken until they understand God’s love – a love that never dies – through you. - Heidi Baker
"Delilah is the Heidi Baker of radio! She loves people so stinking well. She has redeemed the name Delilah!" -Jordan
God is so big, and is very capable of blessing you with the thing your heart desires. - Heidi Baker
"He changes us with one glance of His eyes so that we are not afraid to be completely abandon in His arms." - Heidi Baker
What does it take to see signs and wonders? It costs everything. Kathryn Kuhlman, Heidi Baker, Aimee Semple McPherson.
I will be speaking the first night at Phuket followed by Heidi Baker the next nights. We will also be doing session in the day. Please pray.
What a wonderful day with Heidi & Rolland Baker, Will Hart, Andrew Ng, Laura Taranto in Sydney, Australia
This is true!!! I've met Heidi Baker and she is the definition of a life of love outpoured!
I'd rather have a vineyard than a grape. -Heidi Baker
It is going to be a phenomenal day in church tomorrow at !! We have Heidi Baker at our 9:30am...
"Healing is not a doctrine but a reality when you need it." -Heidi Baker
Last night at our Iris conference in Sydney... If you don't know who Heidi Baker, make it your business to find out.
Day 10 of our includes Heidi Baker's Birthing The Miraculous book
I love how, when I type "Heidi Baker" into the search bar, I get lots of recipes. Some of the brownies look fantastic.
Jesus loves the little children --- and so does Heidi Baker. Stopping for the one.
Click here to support Baker Family Medical and services. by Heidi Baker-Smith
Wonderful day with Heidi Baker and Kim Jones in Sydney.
I added a video to a playlist Apostle Heidi Baker Powerful Annoying With Holiness
Just finished night one of Stopping for the One conference with Heidi Baker speaking. It was awesome!
Packed house tonight for the first night of Stopping For The One with Heidi Baker. Amazing night, can't wait for...
Tonight's reading from Heidi Baker's book entitled "Birthing the Miraculous". What a profound realization when we...
"If the bomb is gonna go off, I hope it goes off soon because I have a test next hour" -Tim Baker
"The deeper you get into the river of God’s glory, the more you discover how good He really is"Heidi Baker via
Excited to have HEIDI BAKER blessing us with a visit @ mandurah Convention Center tonight, 7pm, free entry... 22 Ormsby Tce, Mandurah.
If you stand, worship, and love God in the midst of lack and difficulty, you will never lose [Heidi Baker].
us. Birthing the Miraculous-Heidi Baker So good. Our lives are so much bigger than our own dreams. People are counting on our obedience.
Heidi Baker's spirit is amazingly contagious.
My heart really wants to go to Heidi Baker's missions school!
Hi, my name is Beate Stogsdill, my maidenname is Wolf.I am from Augsburg (Datschiburg) and would like to thank this group to re-connected with 2 of my best friends after 40+years Heidi Baker and her husband Bill Baker. I was so happy that I booked a flight to see them in May 2015. Woohoo. We alsways hhung out at the Bonanza to drink Geisemoss or Eiermoss and et Schnitzel sandwiches. Then we walked or stumbled over to the Last Chance Bar. On The Weekends it was dancing at ghe Blowout or Kings club. Heidi DJed and was a waitress there. Oh howmuch fun we had.
Learning the Holy Spirit's voice is much like learning a new language. You hear something and repeat it. If you don't get it right, your parent corrects you. Eventually, your hearing and speaking line up until what you are saying is accurate.- (paraphrased from Heidi Baker and Kim Walker-Smith) Often times we hear the Holy Spirit speak or direct, yet out of fear of saying the wrong thing we keep quiet. However, the only way to sharpen our hearing, develop His language and discover if we heard accurately is to open our mouth boldly. If we get it wrong, Abba Father will tell us and we try again the next time. Be His fearless echo voiceprinting the atmosphere, trials and situations with His language.
"It's not complicated to stop for the one" - Heidi Baker
I love Heidi Baker, one day i want a woman who loves God like her
Iris Global was founded as a dedicated Christian missions organization in 1980 by Rolland and Heidi Baker.
you need to listen to a prophetic word from Heidi Baker. I'll post it on your FB page. It's exactly that
Prophetic word from Heidi Baker at Catch the fire London Nov 2014 for the UK. AWESOME!!!
Must Watch This! - Heidi Baker in CAP Conference 2013 (English and Español)
"Our whole motive is to live life and do everything together with our God, to take pleasure in His company always"- Heidi and Rolland Baker
Official Transcript of Heidi Baker’s Prophetic Word for the UK November 2014 November 27, 2014 at 3:00pm
Iris Global Newsletter, Heidi & Rolland Baker in the bush, we should be so thankful.
"Fruitfulness flows from intimacy. The busier I get the more of Him I need." . - Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker. Tuesday at 10:33am · . Where God Changed Us. We visited a place in the south of the Philippines—a...
Hearing Heidi Baker speak about the love of Jesus for the poor and desperate changed our hearts forever. I asked...
Word from Heidi Baker for the UK included: we are going to fill the stadiums worshipping...they are coming fixing their eyes on Jesus
Emily Heidi Skyarizona Rich and Alex Rich, Rita Baker, Stuart N Rita Baker remember this restaurant in the Monchique Mountains?
Heidi Baker prophetic word for the UK
God Wants to Put Courage in Your Heart by Heidi Baker . — November 2012 Video Teaching of the Month via
in my past life I was a baker, who was named Heidi
The poor are truly rich for the simplicity of their devotion. -Heidi Baker
This is what the Lord showed me about joy today. There are people you can look at and clearly see Jesus' Face on their faces. Heidi Baker and Arthur Blessit come to mind, as examples. They walk in the joy of the Lord on almost a constant basis. IF you continue with the Lord. Stick with the Lord. Over time He will remove the things in your life that block the flow of His Joy in your life. So after a time, you will eventually walk in the Joy of the Lord each and every day. This also applies to the other fruits of the spirit. He wants to do a deep work in us, primarily through spending time with Him, worshipping Him, and spending time in His Word. I've found that this process can be accelerated by SPEAKING His Word into our hearts daily rather than only reading it silently. We become transformed so that we will walk as those in Heaven walk, and there is no better witness than when people can see what Heaven is like when they look at you.
Another wonderful devotional from Heidi Baker: Clean Conscience Just think how much more the blood of Christ will purify our consciences from sinful deeds so that we can worship the living God. Hebrews 9:14 NLT Holiness means never doing or saying anything, even in our most private and intimate times with other people—spouse, parents, siblings, best friends—that could bring reproach to the Gospel. It means never doing anything that could potentially scare away the gentle dove of the Holy Spirit, causing Him to draw back from us. Holiness is when every act we do holds up to investigation by anyone. Holiness means every thought and conversation we have, every email or text we send, every interaction with others and everything we do when we’re alone would stand up to public scrutiny if it were broadcast to everyone in the world. Imagine the freedom of having such a pure conscience that you didn’t mind any aspect of your life being revealed to or discovered by others. Imagine being constantly lighthea ...
Quote of The Week: "Yes, God wants you to do signs and wonders. But the love of God manifested through you is what people really need. So you first must see His face. You must become so close to His very heartbeat that you can feel what others feel.”/ “Love looks like something, yet it has no limits.” ~Heidi Baker
"See the one in front of you. Slow down, love on them." – Heidi Baker
Rory and I have really enjoyed our enjoying Pemba Mozambique. We have got to spend time with a lot of the people we met last time. A group of the young boys almost tackled us with hugs the first night here. We spent got to spend some time praying for people in the villages around the base. I am helping with training the hair dressers from the salon trade program. They are so excited to learn more! Rory is helping with food distribution for the widows. He's also doing construction of widows houses. Life in Mozambique is slow, so hot, and everything is a big process but it is also really fun. The water has worked a few days a weeks, so We have to haul water in buckets from a well! We've got a lot of fire ant bites. But we've got to see some amazingly cool sites, bugs, lizards, & Saturday we enjoyed snorkeling at the beach! Also The power has worked most of time! Which doesn't always happen hear. We are also helping clean the base. It is wonderful to be a help to the full time missionaries here. There has .. ...
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Looks like an Internet connectivity outage in Baker. What's up?
"Unless God fills me up, everything is impossible. When God fills me up, nothing is impossible!" - Heidi Baker; Reckless Devotion
Heidi Baker... Seek Me and Find Me. One of the key Bible passages for us, in whatever we have been doing, is...
Any one free tomoz Heidi Baker-Coldicott, Molly Rogers, or any one you know of.
I know that was our discussion in Pastoral Theology today. Then the topic of Heidi Baker came up, being the leader of ministry
Heidi Baker:. Sometimes in our Christian lives, we can be very nervous to ask God for “cookies.” We don’t want to...
Cherry on the top was divine appointment with Heidi Baker. She came on our flight. Great 90mins with her!
Good news to the UK is radical love & you are going to heaven, not just blah blah blah Amen. Heidi Baker's defn of the gospel last Sunday!
Compelled by Love by Heidi Baker, Practicing the Presence of People by Mike Mason, Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk
Do not even go if your not going to go in His presence! ~Heidi Baker
Thank u for my nomination Sharon Bartlett and Heidi Baker here are 5 photos which make me happy (there are many...
There's only one way forward and thats to focus on Jesus. . Look to him and nothing else. Heidi Baker…
“there is going to be a movement of unity across the church in the UK and hunger for His presence will be the reason why” - Heidi Baker
So much fire tonight with Heidi Baker. Wow
I love Heidi Baker! An example of what wholehearted love and obedience looked like.
"God will never say, 'Go away.' He will always say,'Come closer.'". -Heidi Baker
Guess I can cross off baker as my next career.
ARTISAN/BAKER # 9 Amanda Raymond Hassell. Look at the Deliciousness!. PLEASE SEND PAYMENT via pay pal to. heidi...
I'm inspired by people like Mother Teresa, Heidi Baker, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. Because of the WISDOM inside them...
A Big hug and prophetic words from the Apostle Heidi Baker at
"Hallelujah! Do you see that God has used you?" Heidi Baker, speaking to kids that just prayer over a man that had pain for a decade HEALED
"Its not complicated. Just love the one in front of you." -Heidi Baker
Your life can truly be, completely given to God and used for His glory. Heidi Baker # share htt…
We want to bring them home to the Father. That’s why we’re tireless. Heidi Baker
Amal Clooney pretty in dress and sunglasses. Check my new post
We do because we are loved & accepted - not to be loved or accepted. Heidi Baker in Reckless Devotion
Excited to be heading back to Mozambique next month with my friend Mel Tari to help serve alongside Heidi and Rolland Baker.
This piece is called filled up and poured out, painted after reading that this is how Baker…
"In Holy surrender I find all the strength I need to run the race" - Heidi Baker
From Heidi Baker:. We are currently searching for homes for two kittens (maybe 9 weeks) and their mother, who...
I want to live my life like Heidi Baker
"All I really am is a little person, sitting in the dirt, just loving my Lord Jesus with Reckless Devotion." - Heidi Baker
"When there is fruit, then that's when you know you heard Him right." -Heidi Baker, Holy Ghost Movie
Openskies festival 2015 just announced - Heidi Baker will be with us ! Earlybird tickets on sale 31 Oct
Amazing time singing in Tunbridge Wells tonight supporting the amazing work of Heidi Baker. What an...
Same here. I am a better cook than baker.
dessert was made by the awesome baker Heidi.
If ministry is not about compassion and passion, let it die. Heidi Baker
It Is Heidi Baker/Bruner--my husband Bill is the best--compassionate, loving, and full of hope for the world and its people. My life is better with him intwined in it. Xo
I hope the Fire Marshall doesn't come to the Heidi Baker meeting tonight! Standing room only!
Heidi Baker, right now at the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace :-D YES, LORD!!!
The GOD TV Production team are on the road again capturing anointed events to broadcast to your living room. This is the Supernatural Life Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Hosted by Georgian and Winnie Banov and other great speakers. This will be broadcast on the Network soon - so keep an eye on our schedules for details of when - there is a sweet sweet Presence of the King of Kings here already. Other speakers include Heidi Baker Todd White, Lance Wallnau and Danny Silk
What a blessed first day on All Nation Prayer Convocation - 150 nations in attendance - over 2000 people from around the world - it was announced it was the biggest first night ever (20 years in running) 24 harps playing to start off - the theme "Our Highest Joy" i met people from Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe,Phillipines, Brazil, USA, Croatia, Australia, Viet Nam. South America, Netherlands, Tanzania, South Africa, France, Korea, China, Japan, India, Nepal, Lebanon - its the Olympics of Watchman prayer gatherings in the City of the King of Kings, Jesus, Jerusalem - breathtakingly beautiful. Robert Stearns will be here - Ruth Fazal, Becka Shae, Dr Myles Munroe, Heidi Baker and many others. So thankful to be here - there is only one other Canadian and she is a volunteer worker from Chatham ON - China has 300 people - many nations brought 50+ - Tom and Kate Hess from are the hosts and founders - they want all Glory to go to the Lord!!! A couple nations brought 50 people and it is there year of Jub ...
I love the fact that Heidi Baker was laying on the floor before The Lord for the full hour of worship! So cool... She doesn't care what people think about her as she honors God!
Worshipping at Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace's Awakening Church. Heidi Baker is going to speak tonight!The Holy Spirit is being poured out!
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This one right here is my hero. I love you Heidi Baker. I love your heart.
Looking forward to hearing Heidi Baker speak at the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace tonight! .
David Bradshaw and Nick Rector will be leading worship tonight at our special night with Heidi Baker! Worship starts at …
No, according to Heidi Baker, it's "shundai" spoken over and over. I guess the Holy Spirit stutters.
Heidi Baker tonight with some of my favorite people 😍😍😍😍
Pumped to lead worship with tomorrow night before Heidi Baker speaks. Gonna be a packed house.
Heidi Baker is with us TOMORROW night at 7pm! Join us, we are excited for what the Lord is going to do!
"There may be a steep price for what God has placed inside you, but if you want Him, you will choose to pay it." - Heidi B…
"Nothing is impossible in a life that is utterly yielded to Him." - Heidi Baker
"Even if we have to change things that are very painful to change, we always say yes." - Heidi Baker
"If you want to birth the miraculous, you cannot afford to waste time getting offended." - Heidi Baker
Hearing Heidi Baker for the first time on and holy mackerel is she nightmarishly creepy.
Gonna be a wild week. Worship leading with David Bradshaw for Heidi Baker meeting on Wednesday, 50 hours of...
Gonna be a wild week. Worship leading for Heidi Baker meeting, then Burn Service on Fri and playing with Sunday.
"It is only as we abide in His presence that the most precious treasures can be born." - Heidi Baker
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Got accepted into the Burn 24/7 field training today! Looking forward to studying under Sean Feucht, Heidi Baker, Jason Upton, & Rick Pino!
Had the privilege of worshiping next to Heidi Baker. This woman's life is one of the closest present…
Do Heidi Baker next after you listen to this!
Love when Heidi Baker in an interview spoke of how she can not impart fully to those seeking impartation... We...
The basic elements of our faith; the message of God's grace, salvation, what makes life "life", and why we should have joy. Heidi Baker
Listening to a Heidi-Baker-"sermon" really *** my horses. Need an extra warning for that.
"Radical love equals to radical obedience. -Heidi Baker-"
I can't wait to see my hero, inspiration and role model Heidi Baker on Wednesday night. 🙌😍
Radical love equals to radical obedience. -Heidi Baker-
This morning (afternoon?) as Heidi Baker was preaching, a little girl came up to the stage. Heidi stopped...
Heidi Baker this morning, family time, and INKLING tonight! Not bad for a Sunday ...
Come closer: Look afresh at Philippians 2:2-3 & sit down with the Lord as you pray thru it. -Heidi Baker
Love is not meant to be turn on and off on and off it is meant to be on all the time~ Heidi Baker
This is powerful. And free! (Graham Cooke, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, etc etc)
"€œI never understood why people want to do big things. Just do little things, with great Love." - Heidi Baker
Listening to the episode from yesterday. Maybe should've saved Heidi Baker for a Halloween edition.
I have a video from last night of Heidi threatening to fight with Katie's guinea pig..
Making the most of time with this beautiful beautiful girl before she heads off to Heidi Baker land!…
Yay God! I love seeing a fellow missions ministry growing and thriving! Heidi Baker and her staff at Iris Global...
Doing hair and nails while watching Heidi Baker!
getting some snuggles and prayer from Mama Heidi Baker. 💖
I've read all her books, watched her documentary, prayed for her. Tonight I heard her in person. Heidi Baker. There's no one like her.
Heidi Baker is here at Jesus definitely shows up when she comes! Come Lord Jesus!
"If anyone discovers who he really is, they would give anything." ~ Heidi Baker
"We are not called to just "hold on" until we die and then eat pie in heaven forever. We are called to carry the glory of God" -Heidi Baker
Join us as Heidi Baker speaks @ the Voice of Healing Conference right now!
“Why go to the ends of the earth if you have nothing to give?” Heidi Baker
Throw all your anxiety onto him, because he cares about you. CEB 1 Pe 5:7 & "Be a presence carrier rather than a burden bearer" Heidi Baker
If you fall asleep listening to Heidi Baker, its likely you'll wake up with an unnerving desire to drop everything you have & move to Africa
Heidi Baker will with us for a night of ministry on September 24 at 7 PM. There is no registration. It is free. http:…
our heads against His chest,like John the Beloved, we can move & go out to others according to His heartbeat." -Heidi Baker
God loves us to death- Heidi Baker He will burn away everything that doesn't bring Him pleasure. Die to ourselves until Christ is left.
We minister to others out of the places in our lives where God has ministered to us. Heidi Baker
We are excited to be ministering next week at a night of ministry with Heidi Baker at the Fredericksburg Prayer... http:…
Who are you looking forward to hearing at Our speaker lineup includes Heidi Baker, Nathan Morris, Chris Estrada, + several others.
Shots from the Iris Nashville GO Conference: Lou Engle, Heidi Baker, Lyle Phillips, hilarious me,…
Heidi fleiss said it was anita baker too
I entered to win Reckless Devotion by Heidi and Rolland Baker! You can too!
"The reality of sloppy grace is hindering the church in the Western Hemisphere from seeing another great awakening!" Heidi Baker
Fire falling last night at Heidi Baker conference in Chapel Hill- Durham-Raleigh!
"God doesn't call us to a wimpy kind of Love!" -Heidi Baker
"What if we started looking at difficulties as opportunities to show God's glory?" - Heidi Baker
Hear Terry talk with our dear friend, Heidi Baker...
Going to get wrecked again at Heidi Baker Conference @ The Worship Center
BAKER: Rooted in d Father's Love. Sharing d Gospel in Africa, feeding over 10,000 children daily in Mozambique
Much love to Heidi Baker , and on a side note it really catches my attention when Dr Corné J. Bekker calls...
Heidi makes me so angry I can't even cope
Campus ministries from all over the Carolina's getting blasted by Heidi Baker at she's…
Honored to be with 100 students getting wrecked with Heidi & Rolland Baker! @ Duke University
Next week I get to see my hero, Heidi Baker!
At Duke today to gather with students that are on fire for Jesus and to learn from Mama Heidi Baker! Adventures with Jesus are the most fun!
I wanna see Heidi Baker, real talk.
Heidi Baker blessing Watts of Love!!! Let the light shine in Mozambique Africa
Evangelist Heidi Baker shares what it means to be sold out for faith and explains the type of devotion that...
If you can ever be in the same room as Heidi Baker, you will never be the same. She is amazing woman of God!
Rest is a weapon. Rejoicing is a weapon! Rest in the midst of a storm? Jesus did it -Heidi Baker
Reckless Devotion and Heidi Baker's Mentoring make my spirit jump up and down with excitement. Hallelujah!
Heidi Baker - Woman Believes Reckless Lifestyle is Worth Whatever it May Cost via
Love Love "Mama" Heidi Baker - her love and joy are infectious!! She will be at Iris Nashville for GO Conference,...
Excited about the Heidi Baker conference this week 😁💃
"God is less concerned with us being powerful and more concerned with us being willing."-Heidi Baker.
If you have God's presence, you have favor. One minute of God's presence can accomplish more than 20 years of your striving. (Heidi Baker)
"God Wants to Fill You With Oil". by Heidi Baker . Heidi Baker brings this message on how God wants to fill you...
Heidi Baker: "He wants to love you to death and kiss you to Life."
By Heidi Baker. Please pray for Moy Moy. He is on our kitchen team in Maputo and has been with us for many many...
"He wants us to go past the external and into the Presence. He let things happen to me to see where my heart would go.". -Heidi Baker
You are invited to a Movie Screening "COMPELLED BY LOVE"by Heidi Baker &Presented by a team from Iris Ministries.
For those of you that missed it, Heidi baker is on the GodTV Africa special events channel...this woman knows how to wait in expectation for the Holy Spirit and love on the King!
Fix your eyes on Jesus. Fix your eyes on who He is. No matter what your situation is. -Heidi Baker
'I'm so in love with Jesus that I will never tell him no.' - mama Heidi Baker // what a sweet, sweet place to be.
My heroes are also my friends. Thank you RandyClark, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker and the rest of VOA. Full of joy.
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