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Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker (born 1959) is a Christian missionary and with her husband Rolland co-founder of IRIS Ministries and the author of several books.

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Never would I have thought I would end the year passing APUSH with an A. But anything is possible with an amazing t…
Congratulations to West Shore Honor Graduate Heidi Baker! She will be attending the University of Florida this Fal…
ICYMI my review of Heidi Joubert and
"We quit about once a day, but we don't stay quit.". -Heidi Baker
"It is when you become immersed in the love of the Father that you truly begin to love like Jesus." —Heidi Baker
"God is not looking for extraordinary, exceptionally gifted people, just laid-down lovers of Jesus who will carry h…
Heidi and Beni tell of their personal encounters with strange fire. Worth the time to watch these videos of their …
Jill Soloway needs her own streaming channel on Amazon and just greenlight shows created by Annie Baker and Heidi Schreck
How Heidi Baker's encoutner with the Holy Spirit is changing nations:
How Heidi Baker's encoutner with the is changing nations:
I always hear people struggling with statistics in the library and it makes me super thankful for Heidi Baker. Thx girl, love you
All I have to do is watch my mother Heidi Baker speak about God on YouTube and I'm running back to the secret place screaming out for more😂
Dammmnn I Love *** episode 5 is good -- and written by Annie Baker and Heidi Schreck!
Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Shawn Bolz and so forth. He runs away from the direct qu…
“We are servants, daughters, sons, & brides, but not saviors. There is only one Savior. We cannot have His job.”Heidi Baker
you do that Heidi Baker, and May God continued to blessed and keep you strong in Jesus Mighty Name. !!!1.😀😃😄
This is what it means to live in God's love! To faithfully listen to His voice, despite everything! . - Heidi Baker
Along with Jennifer LeClair, Heidi Baker shares in the lunacy. This is not a longshot.
God bless you: hallelujah how do you die daily - heidi baker. "by not sinning." all she wrote~ Jesus.
SELLING OUT FAST . Reinhard Bonnke, Heidi Baker, Hunter Thompson, and Misty Edwards already have seats at Wild...
“No matter how deep we have gone, there is more.” —Heidi Baker
I just finished day 2 of the plan 'Into The Heart Of God – Heidi Baker'. Check …
Our founder, Kenny Sacht with the founder of Iris Global Ministries, Heidi Baker at a recent outreach event in...
“I believe that Jesus would have given His life for just one person.” —Heidi Baker
I cast my Heisman ballot for Baker Mayfield! Click the player you think deserves the vote!
WOW- where Heidi and Rolland Baker lived and started their ministry…
We have the privilege to have Heidi Baker with us on the 18th of December for both morning services. You really don…
Okay, but is this piece calling Charlie Baker the voice of reason? "Wait and see" is a TERRIBLE approach. And, yes,…
Baker refuses to condemn Trump's appointment of a white nationalist. Staying silent is the loudest statement of all. https…
It doesn't get more tragic than Heidi and I
Heidi Baker is going to be with us on the 18th of December, make plans to be with us. . More info:…
Hey come see Samantha as The Baker's Wife in Mt. Ogden Jr. High's "Into the Woods" tonight and Saturday night
As a student in my class said, "they don't call it Baker for nothing.". . I think we will all miss complaining about…
The best thing, the most wonderful thing I was healed of is striving. . - Heidi Baker
Dr Heidi Baker can you kindly pray for my brother's left eye that the Lord Jesus Christ restore vision to it
“Developing a life in God’s presence above all else is the only way to fulfill our God-given destinies.” —Heidi Baker
“Wherever [Jesus] went, He would stop for the one—the forgotten one, the one who was rejected, outcast, sick, even stone dead.”…
"Ministry is being one of these sent out ones, a laborer of love." - Heidi Baker. Every Spring Break we send out...
Praising God with Heidi Baker and her team in Pemba, Mozambique, Africa for getting the permit to build a Christian university after 14 yrs!
If u have friends in Singapore, warn them that an enemy of God, Heidi Baker will be there...
I added a video to a playlist HERESEY ALERT Bill Johnson/Heidi Baker Bethel Church of CA.
I love you Dr Heidi Baker, I love you so much ({}) you make me want to give God everything.
“Jesus came that we might have life, so that no more would we have to die in depression, anger, or pain.” —Heidi Baker
God is not after spectacular abilities. He is after given hearts and yielded lives. // Heidi Baker, Birthing The Miraculous
"When we speak about the river of God, we are talking about Jesus, about His manifest glory. The river is not an it but a Him." Heidi Baker
Trump: "Nobody has more respect for women than I do" Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina, Mrs. Khan, Heidi Cruz, Alicia Mach…
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Which baker has bitten off more than they can choux?. The Semi Final. 8pm. BBC One.
"Let's not be so caught up with what is possible, but instead with what is God's purpose." Heidi Baker
The shoes God made for you will not fit anyone else. Fill them. . //Heidi Baker, Birthing the miraculous
Moderator Jennifer Baker with authors Heidi Heilig, Zoraida Cordova and Tracey Baptiste talking the craft of Diverse Sci-…
Trump: "Nobody has more respect for women than me!" Yeah. Just ask Heidi Cruz, Mrs. Kah…
"Sometimes we make things too complicated, when really we should remember that the kingdom belongs to the children." Heidi Baker
Worship with Benjamin Jackson & Alice Clarke, followed by a message by Heidi Baker.
I can't book these train tickets to see Heidi quick enough tbh
Heidi Baker: With God it's not either or, but both and more.
YAY! Heidi Baker also loving people of another faith, who came to stone her. Then they let their children come to h…
"Wear the anointing that was fitted to you in the secret place" - Heidi Baker
"All I could think of was what a privilege it was to give my life away for love's sake.". -Heidi Baker, Compelled By Love
Heidi Baker: "All fruitfulness flows from intimacy."
Welcome 2017 with so much MORE of JESUS! We will be having Heidi Baker this January 7-8, 2017. For more updates,...
Heidi Baker - Being close to Jesus and knowing Him
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Multiple people have been contacted by fake Heidi Baker accounts recently. If this happens to you, please report...
"His method for changing your nation is you. You are the salt. You are the light. You are the person He wants to us…
So happy I was able to go with awesome people in to be able to have the privilege of being in the…
"If you stand, worship, and love God in the midst of lack and difficulty, you will never lose." - Heidi Baker
Just laid down lovers of Jesus who will carry His glory with transparency and not take it for themselves. (Heidi Baker)
Heidi Baker is speaking 45 minutes away from where I am and I can't go.󾍀
When we offer up the contents of our cracked basins for His service, His Kingdom comes all around us. Heidi Baker
Roland & Heidi Baker - 11/11/2006 - Awakened to Destiny - Friday AM via this is on our planet
Nobody ever says, "What a brush!" They drink in the beauty of what the artist painted. Heidi Baker
"We are called to live in the fullness of what each precious drop of blood purchased." Heidi Baker
In just 1 week we will have Heidi Baker with us for Catch The Fire Conference. She will be speaking Wed & Thur...
“God wants to tweak some things” in the Western church, said Heidi Baker, noting that we place too much...
Heidi Baker, co-founder & CEO of Iris Global, wrote a wonderful endorsement for my new book, The Space Between...
Thanks to have found Heidi Baker's PhD on speaking in tongues online so spending a happy morning reading it! Shabba.
It is our privilege to be the love of Jesus wherever we are, using whatever we have. Heidi Baker
Breast Cancer Awareness
SAVE THE DATE: You are invited to the Presence Driven Conference with Heidi Baker on January 7-8, 2017 at the...
I liked a video from How to Pray for Healing - Heidi Baker & More
God Says You Are Going to Finish Well and Strong by Heidi Baker - YouTube
I truly thought I was going to die. The impression I felt from God was, "Good. I want you dead." -Heidi Baker (Birthing the Miraculous)
"Deeper still is a place of both death and life. The Lord wants to love you to death and kiss you to life." - Heidi Baker
Hartley-Brewer an atheist??? Go to Africa-blind see, etc.Mozambique- . Go see Heidi Baker.REAL evidence.REAL Real evidence.
When Leah was with Heidi Baker in Mozambique, the Lord kept saying, "Hollywood." So look at the door God just...
"I love God so much , I have lost the ability to say no to Him" -Heidi Baker
My home is not far from this scene in WA . My. Baker in the background.
How to pray for healing. Heidi Baker & more. .
aw remember the first time y'all took me to in-n-out & we skipped all of our classes & saw HEIDI BAKER
The Woman at the Well by Dr Heidi Baker via
“God has spoken to me many times that my job is to love and his job is to heal.” - Heidi Baker, more quotes
I liked a video Heidi Baker: Intimacy for Miracles -
"Our job is to love each person, one at a time, to stop and lend help everyday.." | Heidi Baker.
"Stop for the one who is the ONE" -Heidi Baker. If you're unsure or confused as to who it is you should be helping...
“If you’re going to do anything you might as well do it with all your heart” -Heidi Baker
heard Heidi Baker speak on that once at Bethel! 👌🏼
"The door to the next level is in the floor." - ? "Lower and slower" - Heidi Baker "I came not to be served but to serve" - Jesus
Reckless Devotion : 365 Days into the Heart of Radical Love by Heidi Baker...
Happy Birthday dear Dr. Heidi Baker. A blessing to all! Beautiful heart!
Heidi Baker, Kari Jobe, Banning Liebscher & Others are coming to Nashville, TN in September! Check it out. -
"I forget, you're so nice, you just let people get right in church" ~ Heidi Baker. 8:50mins . Beware of...
Happy birthday Dr Heidi Baker my friend and my mama and mentor such inspirational to me how love
Re-listening today to & others' Victorious One. What an album.
Canada Aflame has been amazing so far!! Heidi Baker, Stacey Campbell & Matt Tapley are with us tonight!
Today I fly to Africa; will preach in Johannesburg and then in Mozambique to be with Rolland and Heidi Baker.
" One thing we cannot do in heaven is share our faith with a nonbeliever." Heidi Baker
I never understood why people want to do big things… Just do little things, with great Love .
📷 anniecharaliao: “Ministry is simply about loving the person in front of you.” -Heidi Baker
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Love must mean family for the orphan, freedom for the captives and peace for the war-torn, bread...
"Like an artist finishes His work and signs it proudly with His name, God has written His name of love across your life." Heidi Baker
You'll love this! Love Like Fire: The Story of Heidi Baker, Mother to Nations by Cassandra Soar... via
One day I pray to be utilized as much as Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson and Todd White if I may boldly proclaim that on faith. God is Good!!!
May be in Bath on July 25th/26th if you fancy meeting up Roz Baker Heidi Yorke Andrew Wetherill Neill Gretton Carla Collenette
Join us tonight to watch Compelled by Love, the story of Heidi Baker's ministry in Mozambique! at 7 pm in the...
I liked a video Heidi Baker, miracles in Africa
Heidi Baker has taught us to "Stop for the One." My 'One' has been the child with Downs syndrome. And at the...
I liked a video from Heidi Baker and Iris Global
Heidi Baker's claim to be an apostle:
I liked a video from Heidi Baker: Get into His Presence
- The Chic Boutique on Baker St by Rachel Dove https:/…
It is not complicated. Just love the one in front of you ( Heidi Baker)
We want to be so humble that we are irresistible to the Holy Spirit ~ Heidi Baker
Please join us in prayer as Pastor Chee Kang Seng preaches today at Heidi Baker's main service with 4,000...
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Heidi Baker - becoming true sons and daughters of God
"When you live immersed in the Spirit, you don't get so exhausted" Heidi Baker
"God is calling us to be people who can breathe under water. We have kept our heads above water long enough." Heidi Baker
God's call :. "It is a call to dive into a love that is limitless, ceaseless, and bottomless, a call to relinquish control." Heidi Baker
"When we are bent down, kneeling down, bowed down , and laid down-then we will find Him" Heidi Baker
"Just as the natural rivers always flow into low places, so the river of God always flow into low places." Heidi Baker
"The source of the river is God himself.The river flows from his throne" Heidi Baker
"Intimacy is the only way to bear fruit that lasts " Heidi Baker
"All frutfulness flows from intimacy " Heidi Baker
"As we abide in the presence of the Lord, our hunger increases, and we find ourselves birthing glorious new life." Heidi Baker
The secret place (with God) is the secret to spritual sustainability . We have to live in that place. Heidi Baker
I'm just gonna go live in Mozambique with Heidi Baker.
I've been getting smaller for the last 30 years...Heidi Baker
“If we are not full of Him we have nothing to offer to anyone else.” –Heidi Baker
You won't believe what Martin Smith, Heidi Baker, and Todd White said about the radical love of God!. (SHARE)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Not one person is less important, & not one calling is less valuable. We all need this type of community." Heidi Baker
Words are cheap. Love has to LOOK like something. It has to look like something through you. -Heidi Baker
'Heidi do you know you're missing a ball?'. 'Yeah I do Jack, but did you know that you literally are too?'
“When you’re in love with God, you’re not afraid to yield your life to Him.” ~ Heidi Baker
They are going to have an amazing time with Iris Ministries (Rolland and Heidi Baker) in Mozambique
Register today and reserve your spot at Awaken the Dawn 2016! Heidi Baker, Lou Engle, Andy Byrd, Allen Hood, Sean...
I'm not a Jim Baker fan, but the guest on his show is spot on about Ted and Heidi Cruz.
Heidi Klum won. Everyone can go home.
Applying to Heidi Baker's Global School of Art this summer in Savannah, GA ❤️🙏🏼
Fellows Omar, Daniela, Connor and Heidi with Assemblywoman Catharine Baker after her campaign…
Congratulations to the latest CCT Licensed Cosmetologists!. Front row left to right Victoria Fenn and Heidi Baker...
"Don't waste your time consuming what makes you weak. Spend your time pressing in for The Presence." • Heidi Baker
Today: Carly really falls for Cruz... or pushed by Heidi...
The story of Iris Global:. Written by Rolland Baker:. Heidi and I began Iris Ministries in 1980, and we have been...
the fact Ian parred me off more than my friends ever have about Heidi's brother last night is just bloody beautiful
"Remember today that you are a love carrier; you are also the channel through whom God can deliver someone's miracle." Heidi Baker
Final at 6.5: Lady Tros 9- 4. pitches the complete game for the win. The 2nd Game will start soon.
If we imitate Jesus, people will see Him when they look at us - Heidi Baker
“More is accomplished by spending time in God’s presence than by doing anything else.” ― Heidi Baker
Real fruitfulness flows from intimacy. When we are intimate w/ Jesus, He fills us W/ His passion & compassion. Heidi Baker
Mama Heidi Baker is such such an inspiration. May of bless her and continue to expand her coast
When you know that what you have cannot be diminished , you won't care about giving it away ...Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker says that to follow Jesus we must stoop low and walk slow. Only when this occurs do we realise this:
"If we are armed w/ love, we have a weapon much more powerful than judgment." Heidi Baker
I want one that says Heidi baker is my spirit animal
Register today for GO Conference Nashville 2016. Learn from Heidi Baker, Banning Liebscher, Lyle Phillips and more!
"Though Father loves us perfectly, just as we are, His purpose is also to transform & shape us, to form Christ in us." Heidi Baker
"If God is going to move, you might as well bring a friend"- Heidi Baker. Absolutely love her logic 😁
WOW! What a powerful testimony by Heidi Baker! Love it!. Say yes every day to God's presence.
Heidi Baker and many other leaders from the Body of Christ will be with us at Register for the...
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This Friday we have LIVE at ! Katy has recently come back from Mozambique where she spent some time with Heidi Baker!
He wants to take you to a place where you are so far over your head in the river of God that miracles happen all around you. –Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker will be joining with Lou Engle and many others in Virginia Beach for Awaken the Dawn 2016! May 18-21.
"I can't believe Heidi Baker was here." Is all I've been hearing this year now I'm gonna be hearing "I can't believe Todd White was here."
Today on the blog, Natalie shares how missionary Heidi Baker has left a legacy on her life.…
"...i believe in fasting... I fast a lot, of course...who wouldn't..." Dra Heidi Baker. 😳💣
And they reported that Heidi was a baker instead of "banker"
That's what Lyin Ted is doing to me. Voter rape of my ears. Jim Baker wanna b. Heidi wants to be Tammy Faye hisSlave
"True riches look like souls burning for Jesus and transformed people!" -
Amazed at all that's happening. This is happening about 300 yards from our house. Baker…
I need to find Heidi Baker in man form and marry him.
LIVE on Heidi Baker speaks at Power and Love conference at Mott Auditorium
In the Kingdom of God's love, there is no sinner who cannot come home. - Heidi Baker
I liked a video from Ignite Azusa by Jennifer A. Miskov with Heidi Baker, Lou Engle, Bill
Hilarious watching Ted & Heidi fake hug eachother. Their marriage is as believable as Bill & Hillary's.
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TEDDY and HEIDI's motor skills are just like JIM and TAMMY BAKER the criminal preacher. BAZAAR, somethings wrong.
"being poor in spirit is not an economic status but a stature of the heart."- Heidi baker. When we position our...
Hey! I just noticed you're from where Jim & Tammy Baker had their con game going on. Cruz & Heidi remind me of them.
Poor Heidi Cruz. She knew she married a slimeball but probably thought he could keep it in his pants thru campaign. https:/…
"Always remember: if there's no road, God can give you a boat." - Heidi Baker
Ted and Heidi Cruz remind me of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker.
Heidi reminds me of Tipper Gore & Elizabeth Edwards.They were as bad as their Husbands..
Meet the new Jim and Tammy Faye Baker (Rafeal & Heidi Cruz)
Heidi is a Stepford wife. Just A Bit Strange? Look at those crazy eyes
Heidi Baker is an amazing human being.
Heidi Baker this is a powerful story.
he reported Heidi as a baker not banker,called out on it he deflected. this same GS is left off his report? u dont see a redflag?
As our hearts become pure, our vision becomes clearer. ― Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker in Pasadena today. My first charismatic event! YA!
Mothers and fathers of revival panel with Heidi Baker, Bill and Beni Johnson, Che and Sue Ahn, Georgian and...
Jim and Tammy Baker have returned in the form of Ted and Heidi Cruz. Dont be fooled folks. Say no to koolaid.
LIVE on Che & Sue, Heidi Baker, Bill & Beni, Georgian & Winnie and more... Panel time at Revival Allian…
LIVE on Heidi Baker live at Revival Alliance - raw and real
LIVE on Heidi Baker live at Revival Alliance ... Raw and real...
LIVE on Heidi baker ministering my friend
Revival starts literally with me and with you. It starts in our own hearts. Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker:"The Father is looking for yielded lovers". Believing for a fresh and new Jesus…
"You have to know who you are and know your Daddy to see the Kingdom" Heidi Baker HRock
LIVE on Heidi Baker stirring things up
|REPLAY| Good lord with Heidi baker my friend
LIVE on Good lord with Heidi baker my friend
We Christians should be the happiest people on the planet. People should ask you, WHAT ARE YOU ON?! // Heidi Baker
Any of you lot fancy meeting up at this? Heidi Yorke Roz Baker Andrew Wetherill...
I don't care that Melania was a model. I do care that Heidi helped write the manual on how to merge the US into the North A…
Join us for the Awaken the Dawn conference this May in Virginia Beach with Heidi Baker, Lou Engle, Jaye Thomas,... https…
Heidi Baker in 1 of her books uses a picture to describe what she thinks the next move of God will look like. It's a picture of a ton of men
Woman of God Wednesday Heidi Baker is a mighty apostle of Jesus Christ. Jesus set fire in this woman's hungry...
Heidi Baker: "A new breed of ministers is rising up who will not wear out for the gospel..."
Heidi Baker might be the most amazing person I've ever seen on this planet...
Cruz Campaign in Meltdown Mode as Heidi Goes MIA, Ted Fails to Sue or Deny Cheating Rumors
"Some of you are waiting for a platform while people are waiting for you on the streets." . Heidi Baker
Monday 28/03/16 A Perfect Wedding @ Lazaat Monsoon for the wedding of Heidi Baker & Joseph Knight the bride chose...
"Choose God in the midst of a shaking"-Heidi Baker
"Let's position ourselves in the center of God's heart so that we give Him more and we would offer Him more of ourselves"-Heidi Baker
Good Morning! Here is a thought for today from Heidi Baker: "But God's love is big enough to…
I think belle baker is one of your biggest fans. She refers to you as "The Heidi Hymel".
and Heidi are today's Jim and Tammy Baker
The entire Bethel team, Heidi Baker, Shawn Bolz, and Stacey Campbell walk into a room.I am also there and we go crazy.
"Everything changes because we are free.You walk 👣differently when you know who you are-an heir of God! Joint-heir with Christ!-Heidi Baker
"The lavish love of our Father puts love inside our hearts-takes that orphan spirit out&fill us with the spirit of adoption"Heidi Baker
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TOUCHÉ! I'm sure the narrator Heidi Baker is just as amazing as the missionary Heidi Baker! Have a great day Hal!
I don't think this is the same Heidi Baker.
Really vital word on the importance of prayer, Heidi Baker said same thing we need more than pot luck we need intercession
I liked a video HOLY GHOST MOVIE HEIDI BAKER another spirit- Learn the language
So good!!! Enjoy and then register to join us March 11-14 to hear Heidi Baker, Leif Hetland, Roberts Liardon and...
📷 anchored-by-love: “The only currency that will heal every culture is ceaseless love.” Heidi Baker Made...
📷 classyliving: Heidi Baker baptizing children wherever she can find a bit of water
"Lord take me & use me . Bruise me if need be . White fields of harvest . Children are crying . People are dying" - Heidi Baker
I added a video to a playlist MEHR 2016 - Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker conferences, CAP james goll, anointing of the seer
We are the physical extension of God's heart, rescuing precious human beings from Satan's incredible cruelty.--Heidi Baker
5 of 5 stars to Compelled by Love by Heidi Baker
"We don't need to do great things, we were called to do small things with great love." Heidi Baker ❤
Literally going to see Heidi Baker at the end of March, crying 😭
Marcus is going to Africa to work with Heidi Baker!! Help Him get there!! Check it out
Is it true that Cruz put down on a form, Baker instead of Banker for Heidi Cruz's occupation?
Baker woman: Pet goat died of injuries from sexual attack
"He [God] chooses those who are ready to contain His life and love and let it spill out of them.". -Heidi Baker
Enjoying the amazing Heidi Baker in Sydney tonight
What we need most is to be totally dependent on God showing up. We need His pure presence. - Heidi Baker
.on Live with Heidi baker in Sydney
Heidi Baker will be joining us in San Clemente March 3rd - 5th along with Kris Vallotton, Wesley & Stacey...
watched on Live with Heidi baker in Sydney
God Wants to Put Courage in Your Heart by Heidi Baker — November 2012 Video Teaching of the Month
... It's about stopping for the one and being the very fragrance of Jesus to a lost and dying world. - Heidi Baker
are you familiar with Heidi Baker? Here she is, at Bethel, and Bill and Kris are in the audience.
ONLY A MONTH AWAY!. Join Stacey & Wesley Campbell and John Perks with good friends Heidi Baker and Kris Vallotton...
Your REAL source of joy as a believer! . Thank you Heidi Baker, you never fail to inspire me. Watch this kapatid,...
[Heidi Cruz answers her cell phone]. "🎵Oh what a circus, oh what a show...🎵". "Is that you again, Ted?"
"Love looks like something all the time." - Rolland & Heidi Baker
who could stand ted cruz's evangelical preaching everyday in the WH. Nope..Ted Cruze and Heidi...are Tammy Faye and Jim Baker
Modern-day, spirit-filled, evangelical Mother Teresa: Heidi Baker People describe Heidi Baker as a modern-day,...
"Don't abort the promises of God and your assignment because you don't want to be inconvenient"-Heidi Baker
What an incredible time we had in Jakarta at the Iris Conference with Jason Lee Jones, Heidi Baker, Philip Matofa
Missing Heidi Baker because of flu and fever sigh 2nd year in a row liao
LOL heidi baker can be my cantonese teacher
Revive Asia Thailand 2016 conference. Heidi Baker is one of the most anointed and powerful…
"God wants to speak to U about the kind of love that nourishes the things He placed in U & cause them to be carry to full term.-Heidi Baker😊
Looking for a new devotional? This one is amazing - Reckless Devotion: 365 Days of Inspiration by Heidi Baker
"After all of that, we know that we belong to the truth, we set our hearts at rest." - Heidi Baker ❤
Today's afternoon workshops will be featuring Bill Johnson and Heidi Baker at 2pm. Enjoy your lunch and be back...
"Fruit always follows intimacy, and God is calling us to exponential fruitfulness." -Heidi Baker
. We are sons and daughters of the most high God. - Heidi Baker.
Heidi Baker Reckless Devotion . all i can say is i want jesus,all who he is. i can see him thru heidi i want that
i want to be ruled by the king i love, and i want to serve the king whom i'm called to be married to' - Heidi Baker
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"I have 15 minutes to speak to you about Spiritual Intelligence. It should be enough time. LOLS." - Heidi Baker
You don't have the right to do anything that does not fall within the authority of the one who says he owns you - Heidi Baker
The seal that is upon you is the true authority of heaven - Heidi Baker
"Don't fuss with what you don't have, be grateful for what you do have!" Heidi Baker
Don't fuss at what you don't have, rejoice at what you do have! - Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker 'Nobody writes notes at my session but think about it!'
"The way we live our life ought be 24/7 in how we respond in everything we do" Heidi Baker
our intimacy with Jesus is something you don't turn on and off - Heidi Baker
we are called to be anointed every single day of our lives, that means dripping with him!. Heidi Baker
'i don't have less of a desire to worship when i don't have a voice, i just dance!' - Heidi Baker
'You are anointed at the hairdresser' - Heidi Baker
Are we living the everyday of our lives? What does our life looks like?" Heidi Baker
'is the gospel really carried in your everyday life?' - Heidi Baker
Honored to hear Heidi Baker finally in the flesh @ Suntec Singapore Convention &…
"You have 'little' chances to shine for Every counts & can impact to those around!" Heidi Baker
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