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Heavyweight Championship

(known in North America as Heavyweight Championship Boxing) is a Boxing game, developed by Tose and published by Tonkin House which was released in 1990.

World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio Jack Swagger Cain Velasquez Daniel Bryan Royal Rumble Dolph Ziggler Antonio Silva Brock Lesnar Dusty Rhodes Randy Orton Intercontinental Championship Cassius Clay Long Island Mike Tyson

Someone asked me why Sonny Bill Fought a noone. Well don't hate the man. I mean if anyone knows about boxing they will know you don't get to choose who you fight, you are given an opportunity to fight someone. No boxer can say "I want to fight the number 1 because apparently I fight nobody's" because Shane Cameron Vacated his title. In that case I will say Shane 'the scaredycat' Cameron ran away from the fight with Sonny Bill Williams and changed divisions. I think Sonny Bill would have knocked Shane Cameron out in the first rounds just like David Tua did. I mean think about it, if Shane Cameron had something to prove he could have waited one more fight but instead his balls dropped to the ground with a clank and ran away with his tail between his legs and he ran to another division. On 8 February 2012 Williams was supposed to fight Richard Tutaki for the vacant New Zealand Professional Boxing Association (NZPBA) Heavyweight Championship title at Claudelands Arena in Hamilton, after Shane Cameron vac ...
Ultra Boy with Super Sara def. Samuel Saint to win the OWL Lightheavyweight Championship   The Outcast Society def. Fragglefrump and One Legged Larry to win the XCW Tag Team Championships   Projex def. Mikey Nova to retain his OWL Internet Championship   Vlez Indigo def. El Diablo Mysterio to win the XCW Hardcore Champion after help from Paul Rogers   The Hardcore Hipsters def. T&L with Amy Anarchy to retain their OWL Tag Team Championships after Anarchy turned on T&L   Troy Triton def. Rodney Strong to retain his OWL World Championship   Team OWL def. Team XCW when Jake Blade turned on XCW to join OWL   Komodo Kamakazi def. "Freakin" Erik Hayes to win the XCW Heavyweight Championship after help from Bryan Braxton
This Saturday Night in Deer Park, Long Island, come check out Fight the World Wrestling as they return to action, headlined by a HUGE "Road to Gold" battle royal for the FTW Heavyweight Championship! In addtion to the normal FTW Superstars, former WWF Intercontinental Champion The Honky Tonk Man will be appearing to challenge Gary Reno one on one, Former ECW Champion Justin Credible will be in action, The FTW Heavyweight Champion Josef Von Schmidt, Earl *** Candy Cartwright, The FTW Gen-X Champion Grim Reefer, Dan Barry, The Baitiri (Kodama and Obariyon), Wes Draven, and so much, MUCH more! Be There!
To the naked eye, the Great Khali is just simply another person on the roster. He's good for a couple of laughs here and there. He's also not a threat to the World Heavyweight Championship or WWE Heavyweight Championship.
Ok guys, after this past saturday night at Global Championship Wrestling @ Palmerdale, the current state of GCW is at mass confusion, ANYTHING CAN AND WILL HAPPEN! Maddog Dan Sawyer and Micah Taylor are still battling it out for the GCW Heavyweight Championship..The Unlucky Charms Damon Khristofer and Chris Knox are still proving why they are THE most dominant tag team in professional wrestling, the Television Champ Showtime Shane Fox and Spiral had a heated battle of great wrestling which ended in Spiral getting himself dq'd but still showing his dominance and his hunger for the T.V. title...The Underground is still running amuck over GCW and for moment does have the upper hand over everyone... Jake Coal is still Out Of Control and determined to completely brutalize everyone in his path (which hey I personally dig that) , Trevor Aeon is still looking to kick people's face VERY HARD...Mr.O'Hagan is not letting up to keep proving to everyone that justice can still be served no matter the injury..which l .. ...
TOMORROW NIGHT! VCW action heats up the Norfolk Masonic Temple at 7:00PM! Ringside seats are just $15 online in advance ($20 at the door)! General admission is only $10 online in advance ($15 at the door)! Dirty Money defends the VCW Heavyweight Championship against The Reason! Tori Lynn and Brittany Force compete in a special ladies match! Chatch and Krotch go one-on-one for the first time in VCW! "The Enforcer" C.W. Anderson and a mystery partner will battle "Platinum Icon" Phil Brown and "Mr. Xcellence" Brandon Scott! VCW Liberty Champion "Diamond" Victor Griff puts the gold on the line against USJay Steel in an arm wrestling match?! "Pure Talent" Chris Escobar takes on the debuting Bill Collier! Hax Bandito seeks revenge on the newly named Kid X with Idol X in his corner! VCW Commonwealth Heritage Champion RH3 has issued an open challenge to any rookie in the locker room! James Dallas Hall squares off with John Kermon! Plus..VCW Commissioner George Pantas announces which wrestling legend will compete ...
On May 25th, 2013 Mongoose left the LVW Arena as the NEW LVW Heavyweight Champion after pinning Lil Scrappy! As LVW prepares for its next spectacular on June 29th, there are a lot of tensions boiling. Lil Scrappy arguably lost his chance to become the LVW Heavyweight Champion after El Sadistico provided enough of a distraction for him to get pinned. Will Scrappy find the means to finally put Sadistico down for good?! -- That being said, Mongoose left holding the LVW Heavyweight Championship amid controversy. What will he have to say when he addresses the LVW fans as their NEW Champion?! All this and MORE when LVW returns on June 29th, 2013 to the Merchant Square Mall!!! More info to come!!!
Results of Maximum Attitude (5/25) Ethan Wright def. Seth Allen The American Patriot def. Rebel Rick Abbey by DQ Jamar Magic Justice w/ JW *** and Lady LaLa def. Christopher O'Brien Tanner Reynolds w/ Marcus Mann def. BullDozer The Uprising def. The Latin American Express to retain the MFW Tag Team Titles Mike Lust def. Jimi The Hippi, Gabriel Soul, & Shadokat to win the vacant MFW North American Championship Flawless Blake Morris def. Bobby BlueJay Big Time Bill Collier def. Ryot by DQ and retained the MFW Heavyweight Championship after GM Territto sent in a group of his top guys to soften up the champion. That is, until Primal Warpath came out to dispose of Territto's cronies. Territto demanded Ryot chokeslam Warpath to *** but instead, the GM was on the wrong end of a Ryot chokeslam!
Cain Velasquez vs Joe Arpaio for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. I'd pay good money to see that. Make it happen Dana White!
For those who missed tonight's awesome show here's the results: "Spotlight" Spencer Powers def. Bryan Ealey Schlitzy def. Mr. Wrestling 912 John Magnus and Truk Thompson ending in Double count out The Solution def. Cecil Cerveza and R Dub Radio personality Ray Lytle was inducted into the PWA Hall of Fame for his long standing support of local independent wrestling and the ceremony was interrupted by Blake Steel who claimed he should be in the hall of fame , then PWA Heavyweight Champion Guy Smith who with the help of PWA General Manager Sage Ramsey, placed Steel in a match against Rip Mystic. Blake Steel def. Rip Mystic Jimmy Karryt def. Eric Logan And Guy Smith def. Tom Arson to retain the PWA Heavyweight Championship. Another highlight of the evening involved Rip Mystic challenging Spotlight Spencer Powers to a Career vs Career No Holds Barred match at High Voltage next month and PWA Champion Guy Smith challenging the PWA Regional Champion Blake Steel to a champion vs champion match at High Voltage.
Tonight is a historic night for the UFC! The lineal UFC Heavyweight Championship rejoins the actual Championship for the first time since the 90s when Couture left the UFC as Champion. Bigfoot is the current Lineal heavyweight champion of UFC, Strikeforce, Elitexc, Affliction as well as the lineal UFC openweight champion. A lineal Championship is usually a term used in boxing and is a "guy who beat the guy" championship. When Couture left the UFC and was stripped of the title in the late 90's he may have no longer been champion but he was still considered the real champ. As soon as he left UFC he was subbed by Enson Inoue making Enson Lineal Champ, Enson lost to Mark Kerr, Kerr lost to Fujita, Fujita lost to Mark Coleman (the only 2time lineal UFC champ). Coleman lost to Big Nog and Nog lost to Fedor who held the lineal title for 7 years. Fedor lost to Werdum who lost to Overeem who lost to the current Lineal Champ, Antonio Silva. The lineal title is not as big a deal in mma as it is in boxing but toni .. ...
Surely a TOUGH GUY, Sam Langford (1902-1926; 179-30-40, 128 KOs) Sugar Ray Robinson and Jake LaMotta fought each other six times, did they? Pikers! Langford fought Battling Jim Johnson 12 times, winning 10, had 14 bouts with Joe Jeannette, winning eight, fought Sam McVea 15 times, scoring seven, and had 17 matches with Harry Wills. Langford lost more than he won against “The Black Panther.” Hardly surprising, given that he had the eyesight of a mole. Still, Wills was gracious enough to say of his 17-time opponent: “I still don’t know, except from hearsay, what punches Sam used to knock me out… He was marvelous as a fighting man. I’d venture to say unbeatable in his prime.” Said Philadelphia Jack O’Brien of Langford: “When he appeared upon the scene of combat, you knew you were cooked.” Jack Dempsey certainly knew it. When “The Boston Tar Baby” sought to challenge him for the Heavyweight Championship of the World, Dempsey manager Jack Kearns demurred: “Sam, we were looking for som ...
I could be going to a sports bar Saturday night to watch UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez, fight Big Foot and co-main event Junior Dos Santos fight Mark Hunt for contender for Heavyweight Championship. But nope. I have to work. Unless I'm sick all of a sudden.
2 Fan Favorites Compete for the RCW Mid-Heavyweight Championship as the Challenger CAM!!ikaze Takes on The Champion Slammer Both men Going The Distance. RCW ...
Bryan Danielson (born May 22, 1981) is an American professional wrestler. He is currently signed to WWE where he wrestles on its SmackDown brand as Daniel Bryan. He is also known by his ring name, and later nickname, the American Dragon. In professional wrestling, Danielson is a four-time world champion, having won the ROH World Championship in Ring of Honor (ROH) once, the PWG World Championship twice in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and the wXw World Heavyweight Championship once in westside Xtreme wrestling. In addition, he has won the FIP Heavyweight Championship once in Full Impact Pro, the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship once in Pro Wrestling Noah and is officially recognized as the final ROH Pure Champion, as he unified the Pure title with the ROH World title in 2006. He also won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship in New Japan Pro Wrestling with Curry Man. Until 2009, Danielson primarily competed on the independent circuit. ROH was generally regarded as his home promotion, but he al . ...
Scores: Scooby - 57 Me - 57 Jeff - 56 Danny - 55 Yes against all the odds, the Ultimate Predictor, has reached it's centenary edition. As I have occasionally this means I am doing 8 predictions instead of the regular 7. Anyway thanks for playing guys and let's see just how long we can keep this thing going, anyway here we go: Heavyweight Championship bout: Cain Velasquez (c) (11-1) vs. Antonio Silva (18-4) Predicted Winner: Cain Velasquez - It must be said that Antonio Silva is a very talented heavyweight. First of all he is simply a huge man, he has big knockout power and he has a very good ground game as he is a black belt in both BJJ and Judo. He has also taken out top heavyweight contenders Alistair Overeem and Travis Browne in his last two bouts. However it could be argued that his win Overeem was as much to do with Overeem's over-confidence as it did with Silva's skill (although it was a vicious knockout). Plus, and this is the biggest sticking point, he was absolutely mauled by Velasquez in their l ...
For the past 4 years, the RWA has been shaped by its amazing talent and even more amazing fan base. However, one of its top talents has darkened to another’s influences. When an ego grows, it eventually becomes aggressive. Together, two egos have decided to turn the RWA upside down, with the threat of burning it to the ground!! Is there no retreat for West Newton? RWA No Retreat 5 Saturday May 18, 2013 West Newton Gymnasium 113 South Fifth Street West Newton, PA 15089 Doors Open @ 6 p.m. Tickets Bell Time @ 7 p.m. Adults - $12 Child under 14 - $6 - RWA Heavyweight Championship – Open Challenge! ? (challenger) vs. KATO~! (champion) After soundly defeating Lamont “Action” Williams in his first title defense, Kato~! grabbed a microphone and proclaimed the RWA to be THE place to be in pro wrestling! We have the best roster, the best fans, the most interactive experience, and most certainly the best wrestlers and champions! He challenged anyone, in OR out of the RWA locker room, to a title shot at our ...
Bones could take heavyweight championship at 205. no doubt.
Sheamus is my favourite wrestler go on beat ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship
jon "Bones" Jones grats for gaining back yr UFC light heavyweight championship.
BREAKING NEWS~! Masada vs. Michael Elgin signed for the Heavyweight Championship this Saturday Night in Arlington Heights!
| FCW Recap - During the Main Event of FCW the FCW World Heavyweight Championship was stolen by John Morrison from the hands of The Viper |
[WrestleMania] the winner heavyweight championship Alberto Del Rio
Wrestles tonight for the first time. Wins heavyweight championship. Racing to Steak n Shake.
Now that SCUM got rid of Steen,. When is ROH gonna come to their senses and put the heavyweight championship on you?!
And not the weight of the light heavyweight championship, can't wait to watch you punch his teeth down his throat.
I'm tryna see the Jones/Sonnen Light-Heavyweight Championship fight next Saturday.
Next week vs for the light heavyweight championship
next week is Jon bones Jones Vs Chael The Mouth Sonnen for the light heavyweight Championship of the World
Isys Ephex (c) def. Jason Axe to retain the Heavyweight Championship
Up next is the "Stairway to *** Ladder Match for the 2CW Heavyweight Championship. Isys Ephex vs. Jason Axe.
Bout to watch this Ben Henderson/Gilbert Melendez Light Heavyweight Championship fight
You know that you're a poorly run wrestling organization when a title called "World Heavyweight Championship" is a midcard title.
A great heavyweight fight between and the It will go down to the wire for the title! WATCH:
v Alberto Del Rio World Heavyweight Championship match raw 8th April 2013
HBK vs HHH vs Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship. Benoit was one of the best, truly missed
Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen for the Light Heavyweight championship next week at UFC159 is gonna be brutal
I've been screwed outta my World Heavyweight Championship Belt.
Well done to on retaining his WBO light heavyweight championship by Unanimous decision!
wins in round 7 KO. Celebrating like he's won the Heavyweight Championship of the World. Lots of mistakes tonight mind.
The Fury clan celebrating there like he's just beat a prime Holyfield for the undisputed heavyweight championship
Congratulations to on winning the Junior Heavyweight Championship at tonight!
Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship vs vs
"Introducing the World Heavyweight Championship of the Ioorshh"
Next up is our main event, Nathan Cleverly v Robin Krasniqi! Cleverly will look to hold on to the WBO World Light-Heavyweight Championship
If Dolph loses his World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules I'll be so upset. I like the triple threat idea, but it makes me nervous.
Bridal shoes at
Spanish football, then World Championship snooker, and now some world heavyweight boxing... That's what I call a good saturday night
My dog won the World Heavyweight Championship!!
Why is Del Rio vs Swagger (Wrestlemania's World Heavyweight Championship match) being given away on Smackdown?
I don't think Punk is gonna go for the World Heavyweight Championship again.
Huge match added to Championship Wrestling On Global! World Heavyweight Championship on the line as Staggs defends against Jackson!
On this day in 1998, Hulk Hogan defeated Randy Savage to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. J.W.
Dolph Ziggler does not have the World Heavyweight Championship with him right now, which means this episode was TAPED several weeks ago
Tonite Nwa Houston NWA World Heavyweight Championship Defense against a great wrestler I never faced
*** Foley defeats Sting inside a Steel Cage to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Lockdown 2009.
cannot believe at WWE Extreme Rules 2013 there will be a Triple Treat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Was vs II the last great Heavyweight Championship battle it's 14 years now we need another
Heavyweight Lightweight main event tonight for the Lightweight Championship.
Koloff famously defeated for the WWWF Heavyweight Championship, back. -- On the current WWE European tour, current NXT Diva talent, Summer
Main Event: DDP def Sting, Hogan and Flair to win the WCW Heavyweight Championship
The Nightmare of HVW is stalking the AIWF's World Heavyweight Championship! Sixx IS coming!... offers diagnostic & repair information.
doesn't deserve the Worl d Heavyweight Championship
"Sex with me is like a Heavyweight Championship bought... oh it's scheduled for 12 rounds. but it's probably gonna end early"
it was once known as the "North American" Heavyweight championship then it was unified with the "South American" HW champion
Heavyweight championship we've all been waiting for
The biggest light heavyweight championship is on my birthday!
Chance Prophet VS. Lance Erikson for the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship on April 26th! -
And with Joker winning the Uknow Pro heavyweight championship that makes it
Guess there will be no Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship Cup, or whatever the *** it is, for the Sounders this year.
Look at my boy working hard for this Heavyweight Championship
Congrats to fellow Sensei Alphabet student Mark Fletcher for winning the heavyweight judo national championship - again!
random thought, would love to see you bring back the Light Heavyweight Championship
I won the Midwest Heavyweight Championship of Rock belt.
Magno is amazing in the ring and bummer on TNA not mentioning and his NWA World's Heavyweight Championship runs.
I just wrestled Dominic and won the World Heavyweight Championship.
When Randy Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship and Evolution kicked his ***
Anyone else think its time to stop rubbing the defeat of WCW in and either get rid of or change the World Heavyweight Championship?
Brock Lesnar went to the UFC & won the Heavyweight Championship. He proved pro wrestling can compete in real fighting.. suck it, haters.
I added a video to a playlist Junior Heavyweight Championship Match
True or False: Has Dolph Ziggler ever been the World Heavyweight Championship? (1 guess)
check out the 'Heavyweight Championship Belt' criteria for NBA legends:
For full color on the Heavyweight Championship Belt...
the time when you bodyslammed Andre The Giant and won both the world heavyweight and WWE championship!
beating HBK and HHH to win his first World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX. Favorite moment
He can't cash it on Cena. His MITB is only for the World Heavyweight Championship. C'Mon Nika where you been?
when you hit Edge with the bradacanarama to win the World Heavyweight Championship and Lita
2nd to last show ever tonight at Lynfield Rec Centre doors at 630. Come watch me lead my boys to the NZ Heavyweight Championship!
When you beat Shawn Michaels & Triple H at Wrestlemania XX for the World Heavyweight Championship.
that time you beat Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds to win the World Heavyweight Championship
When you defeated Brock Lesnar for The Unified WWE and World Heavyweight Championship then F-5'd him.
If I buy a belt that expensive I'm wearing it over my shoulder like its the HeavyWeight championship
154948_Detroit Tigers Head to the World Series! 728x90
-in six nights, I'll raise my TSW Heavyweight Championship over your carcass and then you'll regret "not giving a flying-
NCWA TV - Mark Sanders vs Danny Debris for the Elite British Heavyweight Championship-YouTube...
I can't wait to see the World Heavyweight Championship around Dolph Ziggler's waist, this guy deserves this title so frikkin much.
"Literature is not a heavyweight championship" - Chinua Achebe (on not winning a noble prize)
I'm watching 100 greatest moments of Raw and there showing when Randy won the Heavyweight championship and evolution kicked him out 😢
Antonio Cesaro VS Undertaker Vs Y2J in a triple threat *** in Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship
So happy that David Haye is back in boxing- A British heavyweight back in the reign for the championship of the world.
VIDEO: Gillingham boxer David Baird defies the odds to win Ringside World Masters Heavyweight Championship in Kansas
The last match Alberto Del Rio vs Wade Barret (Heavyweight Championship vs Intercontinental Championship)
Q1. How many times did edge won the World Heavyweight Championship ?
On this day in 1998, I stopped Shannon Briggs to win the Lineal Heavyweight Championship.
Alright! Its time for the World Heavyweight Championship match! Christian vs Jack Swagger in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match!
Barbie won divas championship, won @ wrestlemania, was on the maxim cover, defended heavyweight title, won slammy award & still famous. ♥
Who was the last professional wrestler to hold the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship?
Never lost the International Heavyweight Championship back in '99 so that'd be nice but who is
The fact that Bully Ray went through all of this for nearly a year adds worth to the TNA Heavyweight Championship
Heavyweight Championship off of a Alberto Del Rio in the midst of his push and feud with Jack Swagger. Officials have considered him losing
Jack swager should lose his opportunity for the World Heavyweight Championship.
I never understood this "World" title business that these indy promotions claim. It's just a Heavyweight Championship.
Bernard Hopkins W12 Tavoris Cloud (116-112/117-111/116-112) Wins the "I Told You So" Light Heavyweight Championship of the World by completely neutralizing Cloud, cutting him up, and slapping him around like an amateur. Completely ineffective performance by Cloud. Another situational masterpiece by the ageless BHOP, the new IBF light heavyweight champ!
Slim: Good evening, and welcome to another edition of Wrestling Takedown Federation! Tonight, the Tag Team Titles are up for grabs, as Blood and Guts takes on the Innovators of Originality.   Benny: Last week, both groups were in singles competition, and Blood and Guts dominated both matches.   Slim: The only reason Maddox won was due to outside interference by Masters.   Benny: And don't forget, Maniac is pulling double duty as he takes on Masters for the Heavyweight Championship.   Slim: I still think that's unfair to Maniac, but it shows just how amazing Maniac is as a competitor.   Benny: And let's not forget, Goode plans on calling out anyone anywhere, whether they are part of the locker room or not.   Slim: Well, our referee is in the ring. It looks like our show is about to begin.   Announcer: This next match is set for one fall, and it is for the Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers, The Mad Dog Murphy Maddox and The Beast Shute... Blood and Guts!   Blood an ...
Glenn Thomas Jacobs[1] (born April 26, 1967), better known by his ring name Kane, is a Spanish-born American professional wrestler currently signed with WWE, where he is a co-holder of the WWE Tag Team Championship with Daniel Bryan as part of Team *** No. Born in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain, Jacobs began his wrestling career in 1992 working in independent circuits. He wrestled in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as Unabomb were he won the SMW Tag Team Championship as a member of The Dynamic Duo, and in the United States Wrestling Association where he won the USWA Heavyweight Championship as Doomsday. He later joined the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) in 1995, where he wrestled under various gimmicks before re-debuting as Kane in 1997. The character's half-brother is The Undertaker, with whom Kane has teamed up as the Brothers of Destruction. Jacobs has accumulated 18 championship accolades during his WWE career. He is a three-time world champion, having won the WWF Championship once, the ECW Championship on ...
The main event for British Championship Wrestling Live in East Kilbride on March 23rd has been announced - Wolfgang V Kid Fite for the vacant BCW Heavyweight Championship.
"James Braddock has defeated Max Baer for the Heavyweight Championship of the World!!!" Imagine being at that fight!
Every year since 2009 WWE have produced a DVD/Blu-Ray set chronicling the "best" PPV matches of the year and every year the matches on the set are debated by fans; always proving to be a controversial match compilation. This year looks to be no different as we delve into the matches here!    We are treated to an excellent highlight reel of some of the great moments and matches of 2012 PPVs, Scott Stanford introduces us to the set and says it was a remarkable year, Scott introduces us to our first match...   WWE Championship Match w/ Special Guest Referee John Laurinaitis: CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler - Considering the main story of this match was Johnny Ace being the referee, he decides to do his officiating outside the ring and leave the in-ring officiating to a proper WWE referee. I genuinely thought this was an odd decision considering the storyline going in. Simply looking at the two men involved in this match you could see this was going to be a classic; two of the youngest and brightest stars WWE ha ...
.And the stupid wrestling fan strikes again. Last year, Rock VS Cena main evented over Punk's and Jericho's WWE Championship match. Everyone complained because "The title HAS to go on last..." This year the roles are reversed - Cena and Rock compete for the title while Punk faces Taker in a non-title match and the majority of fans now think that the title doesn't matter because their God CM Punk is not in the match. How typical, and might I add, hypocritical of you, IWC. -Makaveli
Now we're getting ready to go watch Noah England wrestle for the WCJC Super Heavyweight Championship!!
I'm having a 15 round Heavyweight Championship fight with this sinus cold...
Del Rio vs. Big Show for World Heavyweight Championship & Orton vs. Barrett for Intercontinental Championship is scheduled for live shows.
Tonight I will make my way back down to Union SC for Trans South Wrestling...cant wait for this Chambertown Rules match for the TSW Heavyweight Championship!
242509_Subscribe to Wired for only $14.99. Save 75% for the entire year!
Did I say mid card? No. Make him lose the title though. He doesn't need the title to be relevant. WWE could be building stars during this time, but instead they give a part timer the title. That's what I'm mad about. It's ridiculous. Especially considering if The Rock dropped the title to Cena or Punk, both of them are on the top already. They don't need it. And they aren't going to make Rock lose to anyone else. -J.M.
Not only did I make my return to Des Moines pro wrestling last night, I won the 3XWrestling heavyweight championship! Big thanks to all my family, friends, and fans for all your love and support, wouldn't be here without you
WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS 1/3/13 - This week's Social Media SmackDown opens with World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Damien Sandow. They had a verbal exchange before the match. Del Rio got the win with his cross armbreaker submission hold. - Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Kane are shown arguing. Later tonight, they will get a rematch against the Prime Time Players, except this time - Kane will be the one that's blindfolded and Bryan will have his arm tied behind his back. - Antonio Cesaro defeated The Miz in a Best of 3 Falls Match to retain the United States championship, 2 falls to 1. - A video aired hyping Fandango's debut for later in the show. - Randy Orton and Sheamus are shown talking backstage. Orton will face the Big Show later in the show. - Jim Ross interviewed Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger in the ring. JR played up his history with Swagger, a fellow Oklahoma native, but Swagger played the heel and trash talked the Oklahoma Sooners. Zeb Colter started ranting about anti-immigration issues and ...
I've watched a dozen "Harlem Shake" videos. I foresee one of my own in the very near future. Cause I no me and my frds can do it better.
WWE Social Media Smackdown special on March 1, 2013 took place at Oklahoma. Here are the results of this show in brief: Match 1: World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Damien Sandow in a singles match. Del Rio locked in his cross armbreaker submission move to get the victory. Match 2: Antonio Cesaro defeated The Miz to retain his United States Championship in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. Cesaro got the first fall after hitting his finishing move – The neutralizer. Soon after, The Miz got Cesaro to submit to the figure 4 leg lock, to equalize the falls score at 1-1. In the end, Cesaro got the vital second pinfall via a roll up to retain the US title. Jim Ross interviewed Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter about their motives and their problem with Alberto Del Rio. Tempers flared and Swagger pushed JR to the floor. Alberto Del Rio came out and called Swagger a real *** Match 3: In a rematch of sorts from Raw, Team *** No took on Prime Time Players in a tag-team match. It was a role-reversal of s ...
WWE Raw 25th Feb 2013 Written Update The Feb. 25 edition of WWE Raw, which aired from Dallas, Texas, opened with a video package recapping the latest events. Vince McMahon, who was in crutches after his recent hip surgery, walked gingerly to the ring. McMahon invited Paul Heyman to fight him. After Heyman and McMahon brawled, Brock Lesnar interrupted their fight by heading towards the ring. However, as Lesnar was about to attack McMahon, Triple H's music played and "The Game" made a shocking return into action. Afterwards, Triple H and Lesnar fought around the ring before Raw went to a commercial break. Matches Update Match No. 1: Dolph Ziggler vs. Ryback Your winner via pin fall: Ryback. An entertaining opening match, as WWE went with two different types of wrestlers. Ryback looked extremely strong at times during the match, knocking around Ziggler with ease. After The Match After a commercial break, CM Punk came out to the ring. Punk said that everyone watching WWE Raw would witness something epic. He b ...
Match Announcement! Next Sunday BWA is ready to kick off the BWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament! With the four first round matches already announced and Lewy Paradise holding his Open Challenge... We thought we would throw one more match into the mix! A Triple Threat Match! Sebb Strife vs Matt Marsay vs Sean Only of Anarchy INC 3 Guys who all had some interaction with one another recently in BWA... This should be an interesting match to say the least!
Who do you think deserves a world title run more, Wade Barrett or Cody Rhodes? -MS
Most of us have met a famous person in our lives and I'm wondering...who is the most famous person you have ever met? In my case, it would probably be Muhammed Ali.
In my eyes WRESTLEMANIA 12 & 14 were the best in my opinion, what were your favorite WRESTLEMANIAS?
Jim Rose interview Jack shawer Jim Rose interview Jack aserca shawer talking of the struggle for the heavyweight championship
The old argument on 'K1' rules is on Ax at the moment. Seeing a lot of 'K1' clubs and classes popping up all over the place. K1 is a company with a rules set, like Glory and Enfusion have their own rules set (just happens to be very similar to the K1 rules).
Congratulations to Derrick Lewis on the successful defense of his Legacy Heavyweight Championship!! Way to put on a show!!!
UFC 159: Sara McMann vs. Sheila Gaff booked for April 27 in Newark There's an undefeated women's bantamweight fighter with an Olympic medal coming to the UFC 159 event in New Jersey and no, it's not Ronda Rousey. Motley Crue said it best: Girls, girls, girls. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has a women's 135-pound champion in the form of Ronda Rousey. Now all it needs is a couple of contenders and it looks like Sara McMann will have a chance to take one of those open slots when she goes to battle against Sheila Gaff. When and where? None other than the upcoming UFC 159: "Jones vs. Sonnen" pay-per-view (PPV) event on April 27, 2013 from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, according to McMann (6-0), like Rousey, was an Olympic medalist before transitioning to mixed martial arts (MMA). The 32-year-old bantamweight has three finishes in six wins and was last seen outpointing Shayna Baszler at the Invicta FC 2 event last July. Can she overcome "The German Tank?" Gaff (10-4-1) h ...
UFC on FUEL TV 8 weigh-in results Wanderlei Silva returns to the site of some of his biggest career wins this weekend, while opponent Brian Stann returns to his birthplace, as they battle in the main event of UFC on Fuel 8 on Saturday night U.S. time and Sunday afternoon in Japan. The Saitama Super Arena was a regular home base for the Pride Fighting Championship in the days Silva (34-12-1, 1 no contest) was one of the biggest stars. This weekend's fight will be his 14th in the arena. Sporting a 10-3 record against a who's who of superstars of the era, Silva tries to follow up on wins over a number of major names including Kazushi Sakuraba (twice), Guy Mezger, Dan Henderson, Rampage Jackson, Ricardo Arona and Kiyoshi Tamura. But it's more than six years since those glory days as the 36-year-old war-torn veteran hopes the familiar surroundings will be a fountain of youth as he faces Stann (12-5) in a five-round fight. While nicknamed "The All-American," a former college football player at the Navy, turned ...
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The theme for next weeks RAW is Old school i believe. So, what do you think this will mean? Will legends return? Will there be nostalgic situations? or will it just be another simple RAW with a bunch or clips showing old stuff like they did for the 20 Year anniversary? -Showoff
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Andrew van Zyl was crowned new Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) heavyweight champion, after defeating the former undefeated Ruan Potts at the 18th edition of EFC Africa at Carnival City in Brakpan on Friday night.
Tonight FUSION Pro Wrestling crowned a new heavyweight champion!!! WWE developmental talent The Alpha Samoa excepted an open challenge from David Tower, that he would defend his championship against any wrestler in the FUSION locker room. The Alpha Samoa accepted the challenge and defeated Tower in just 30 seconds!!! Congratulations to The Alpha Samoa, new FUSION heavyweight champion! The fans in attendance saw something special tonight.
Great heavyweight championship fight happening right now at
Layin here in Columbus, ready to go tommorow night and bring the Ohio state heavyweight championship back to wv. Representing the mountain state!!!
Bengal Bouts, Dan Yi heavyweight championship better be on your
It's almost game time folks. Who is ready to feel the heat of NWA Wrestling On Fire? We have an action packed show this week fans - "Coqui Kid" Sebastian Cruz is in action and "Firebrand" Brian Fury defends the NWA Wrestling On Fire Heavyweight Championship against "Cuban Crippler" Ricky Reyes. This and a lot more, plus Ken Reedy welcomes his new co-host, a classics match and so much more! The action begins tonight at 11pm on WZME: ME-TV New York / 12am on WTVE 51.2: Plum TV Reading, PA / 11am Saturday Morning on LUTV in Allentown, PA!
I know what I want for my birthday now and I know it's kinda late to say this but I like to get a group of friends together and we all do the Harlem shake!?.lol
Help please. Was Brian McIntosh the last Warriors to wrestle in the championship match. Was he a heavyweight?...
what is with zeb coulter's beard? with him is acting a zombie going after the World Heavyweight Championship.
I'd rather see the World Heavyweight Championship around waist...
Note to Zeb, it's called World Heavyweight Championship. Stop complaining, you bigot.
I ended up on the short end tonight vs Clint Poe for the WCWO Territorial Championship. Great, hard hitting match between two monsters. There will be another time Clint. I welcome the challenge.
vs. Brock Lesnar!!! Then make vs. at a heavyweight championship match. 4 gold :-)
y is the World Heavyweight Championship a joke... Even the superstars think its a joke.
Bernard Hopkins, 46, did pushups between rounds when he beat Jean Pascal for the world light heavyweight championship.
I want to see vs Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship
You're heavyweight championship shot will be a failed chance.
It's funny how ran over Santa with his car, turn into a baby face, then win the World Heavyweight Championship in like 3 months!
I want to see Alberto Del Rio defend his World Heavyweight Championship tonight
The Big Show must defend his World Heavyweight Championship as orders of BCW President Craig Mack
This match needs to be for the heavyweight championship!
Del Rio is about to beat Sandow and at wrestlemania Retain The World Heavyweight Championship Del Rio
Match for the Heavyweight Championship. deserves it not
Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship at
This World Heavyweight Championship match at wrestlemaina better be a long match!!
So what's this Hardcore Roadtrip about? What's the latest?
Latest EWF Promo: (wrote it down to remember) Do you know what the O means in Ohno? Oppertunist.You all want to know why i did what i did. An oppertunity presented itself to me..i changed the EWF Championship for the EWF World Heavyweight Championship. AND NOW LOOK AT ME...IM THE WORLD.HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION..doesnt matter if you bozos like it or not! And to start of a new era...look on my shoulder. BEHOLD THE NEW EWF WORLD TITLE. Im better than A Rated..Im better than The Undertaker...David Munday and most definetly Chris Paradise. Last night Paradise took me to the limit but it wasnt enough! Even if Munday would have not came out..your fate would have been the same...3 of Harts! People said last night Chris Paradise stole the show. That he redefined Extreme...Hardcore *gets really close to the camera* Well i stole the title...i did what you and five other guys couldnt do...i won the World Heavyweight Championship. Like i said last night before i won this belt it was like the Divas Division in the WWE...DE ...
Trent Hurd wins again and will face Adam *** (Fowlerville) tomorrow for the State Championship at Heavyweight. Go Trent!
I almost forgot about Jeff hardy being on the show after he was taken out for 2 weeks. Good to see him back to face Bully Ray. -MJ-
it's technically called the WWE heavyweight championship considering Del Rios title is the WORLD heavyweight title
was watching EFC AFRICA i didnt like or understand the whole theory till nw u shd watch it its exciting especially for the World Heavyweight Championship, u kno it wen u feel it!
The night will continue as J Money takes on Randy Orton in a battle for the of the World Heavyweight Championship. Who will be the man to hav...
This day 10 years ago, made history by beating John Ruiz for the WBA heavyweight championship
instead of going for World Heavyweight to regain america shouldn't he be going for the US Championship?
Photos of the finished NWA Mid Atlantic Heavyweight championship.
Wwe universe. Let me know your favourite PPV of all time and why?? :)
A decade ago today beat John Ruiz via unanimous decision to claim the WBA Heavyweight Championship of the world.
Stro sends a message to Billy Gunn, Damon Divine, and ONYX after the board of directors gave Stro his title back with a 3 to 2 vote.
Nikolas Ververis I been thinking while on my journey I am on right now and I think this week we need to bring back the quicksciping heavyweight championship of the world! That is unless ur too scared.
is going to out "wrestle" at 29 and win the World Heavyweight Championship.
yeah but he should be better than IC champion hes more World Heavyweight Championship material
What a fight that is by the way I'm watching EFC Africa 18. Its a heavyweight championship between the reigning champion Potts and Van Zyl
Leave now. Uniontown PA. Come see Vs heavyweight championship semi-finals.
News and Results from Thursday's (February 28) broadcast of IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV - the countdown to Lockdown continues! - Bully Ray kicked off the broadcast, sending a warning to The Aces and 8s! He then introduced his Lockdown opponent, the returning World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy, who said he welcomed the match against Bully Ray on March 10 and offered to shake his hand. Out came Christopher Daniels and Kazarian to interrupt and verbally bash Hardy and Bully! In turn, Bully Ray spit Daniels' Appletini in his face, tossed them from the ring with Hardy and challenged them to a match later! Velvet Sky defeated Tara (with Jessie) to retain the Knockouts Championship! Gail Kim - Velvet's opponent at Lockdown - joined the broadcast for commentary during the bout. - One-half of the World Tag Team Champions, Austin Aries, defeated Hernandez after using Hernandez's own chain on him with the referee's back turned. - After challenging RVD earlier, Kenny King beat Rob Van Dam to become the NEW X Divis ...
My first match was Vs at for the World Heavyweight Championship :D Great match!
The fact that a fatty is challenging for the EFC heavyweight championship is disturbing. Dos Santos would one hit these ***
If you are interested in reading a good long post then here's one on WRESTLEMANIA VIII's Success; It matters not whether 2012’s Wrestlemania garnered 1.3 or 1.25 million buys. Either way, it was the highest number of PPV buyers in professional wrestling history, making the one year build-up to the iconic match between The Rock and John Cena a success by the business definition of the word. The WWE rolled the dice when announcing the main-event a year in advance. It had never been done before, but they had to know that the boxoffice appeal that Rock brings to wrestling, whether or not you find him to be an A-list Hollywood star or not, would steam roll previous Wrestlemania records when pitted against the WWE’s very recognizable “face” in John Cena. Mania XXVIII’s strongest competition, Mania 23, probably overachieved on a combination off actors, but The Rock vs. John Cena was expected to be one of the biggest selling matches of all-time and lived up to the hype. It’s simply what you get when y ...
Jack Swagger and Seb Colter are saying this stuff about immigrants and Alberto Del Rio saying we the people is nothing but an excuse it's really all about Jack Swagger wanting to becoming the World Heavyweight Championship that's all it's about for Swagger.
In honor of Team *** No's strange match stipulation on Monday's Raw, takes a look at other unique specialty contests in WWE over the years, including Lion's Den Matches, Boot Camp Matches and, of course, The Undertaker and Kane's fiery Inferno Match.
No one is safe when Triple H reaches for his signature sledgehammer! Witness the wild destruction caused by The King of Kings' sledgehammer attacks on Superstars such as Randy Orton and Sheamus in this video playlist.
Bowling tonight and then heading off to new york to defend my heavyweight championship days and counting KING PIMP DADDY
I'll never forget the day 3 years ago when Eric came home and told us he was going to wrestle. He told us the coaches approached him and said they needed a heavyweight and asked if he'd be interested. He agreed. Our response to him w failed attempts to not giggle was, "you realize you have to wear a singlet right?" So glad he was brave enough to make the right decision! He's warming up now to wrestle in his first ever state championship and we couldn't be prouder! What a senior year you are having Eric Barragan! Wow! So proud of you!
I am hoping and praying my good friend Jay Lethal wins the Ring of Honor Heavyweight championship belt tomorrow!! *fingers crossed*
When will Ziggler ever win the World Heavyweight Championship? His reputation is being ruined.
Do you want to fight for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.
A Wrestlemania card without part-timers that would still be a good/great Wrestlemania : 1. CM Punk VS John Cena for the WWE Title (60 minute Iron Man match, loser can't get another title shot for a year) 2. Randy Orton VS Sheamus for the WHC (Chairs match) 3. Alberto Del Rio VS Jack Swagger (current storyline, without the title) 4. Mark Henry VS Ryback 5. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins VS Team *** No for the tag titles 6. Roman Reigns VS Antonio Cesaro VS The Miz for the US title 7. Dolph Ziggler VS Big E Langston (with AJ) 8. Kofi Kingston VS Wade Barrett VS Big Show in a Ladder match for the IC title 9. Kaitlyn VS Layla for the Divas title 10. Battle Royal to determine the no.1 contender for the winner of the WWE title match, the winner is a returning Christian (he's expected to return soon.) 11. Chris Jericho VS Undertaker (Taker's last match, so he deserves to be here, and Jericho is not a part-timer ; when he returns, he returns for real.) Now, with proper storylines and this card, this Mania would b ...
ALL MATCHES THIS WEEK WILL BE CHAMPIONS CHOICE! Match Rezz vs Revolver vs Chip vs Big Phil for the Hardcore Championship. Match MVF vs Krazie vs Lukey vs Tate for the United States Championship. Match Tate and Rezz vs Chip and MVF for the Tag Team Championship. Match W.M.D. vs Big Phil and Shady to become contenders for the Tag Team Championships. Match Tate vs Rezz vs Shady for the Intercontinental Championship. Match Krazie vs Rezz w/ Special Guest Referee MVF for the YRR World Heavyweight Championship.
Q5. This question is worth 2 points, how many times has jeff held the championship belt in wwe and tna? Robert 3points Dallas 2points
Here is your winner and The Intercontinental Champion of the week : "Mir M U Akashv" This title will be on the line again next week. "World Heavyweight Championship Match" will be arranged soon. (either tomorrow or the next day) Stay with us to Take part in the match! -Bane
I'ma make the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship mean something in the WWE in the future..You just wait! x)
Do you think this year's WM will be better than the last year's?
Who is ready for Wrestle mania 29! I know I am! The Rock Vs John Cena one more time for the belt! Alberto vs Jack Swagger for the heavyweight championship belt! Wonder who gets it! Manager, Angela Girdler
Hey Pro Wrestling fans. This coming Friday MEGA Pro Wrestling will be in Charleston Wv at the Haunted Barn at 8pm. In this event you will see the MEGA debut of Onyx. And on the 9th XWE will be in Nelsonville Oh at the Hocking College at 7:30pm. In this event you will see Burtal Games 7. It will take place inside a steel cage. And the XWE Heavyweight Championship will be on the line.
which championship is your favorite Divas champion,WWe champion,world heavyweight champion,united states,tag team champions,or intercontinental champion
This is our first Internet Beatdown of 2013 and it features Max "The Bruiser of The Midway" Holiday vs. Pauly"Sure Sign of A Good Time "Thomaselli the main e...
Virtual World Wrestling Federation – Friday Riot This Friday Riot we will find out what the fall out will be from the attack VWWF World Heavyweight Champion Michael Karsin suffered at the hands of his brother Braden and the Hooligan Ambrosine? Sam the Man will face the intercontinental Champion, Alexius Gant, in a non-title match up but that doesn't matter to Sam the Man as he just wants to make a statement against the reigning Champion. The Women's World Champion, Erika Kuroki,will also be in action as she takes on Dixie Normous but the women's action won't stop there as KeiLani Velaystar challenges the mentally unstable Misty Mathers! And don't miss anything as the King Of Champions Kayden Hydraconis' path to Infamy takes a wicked turn as he goes up against The Punisher Drake Korso! Korso has been on a mean streak since his loss to Alexius for the Intercontinental Championship a few weeks ago. Will the King conquer his opponent or will Drake Korso punish him into submission?! All these matches and mor ...
Welcome to RAW is AH KHANG!Finally the most electrify man will return tomorrow LIVE at hostel 75...
Tomorrow Night at the Lancaster Host and Resort in Lancaster PA be there as Bill Bain attempts to reclaim his LCW Heavyweight Championship in a 3 way dance in the Main Event!
Congratulations to our Powerlifters! Five of our lifters competed in a meet held at Emmaus High School on Saturday February 23. Over 165 high school Powerlifters competed in the meet. Most schools were from the Allentown area but schools from the Philadelphia and Harrisburg area were also represented. Here's how our lifters did: Tyler Logan 2nd, 148 pound class (freshman - sophomore) Ryan Devine 2nd, 148 pound class (junior - senior) Ryan Green 5th, 165 pound class (freshman - sophomore) Landon York 5th, 198 pound class (freshman - sophomore) Bobby Bauman 3rd, Heavyweight (junior - senior) Tyler Logan, Ryan Devine and Jerry Murray (who did not compete in this meet) have qualified for the National High School Powerlifting Championship, and are planning to compete in this meet April 5th - 7th in Denver Colorado! Our next meet is at Abington High School March 24th. We have 20 lifters on the team, including girls, that compete in various meets!!
match: vs for the Heavyweight champion and vs for the WWE Championship title!
Ultra heavyweight championship of the world
Ringnews24 will be ringside for Hopkins vs Cloud. The IBF Light Heavyweight World Championship will take place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn- just got confirmation :)
He's too good for that. World Heavyweight Championship or WWE Championship is the lowest he should have.
Sun & Ski Sports
Last night at Elimination Chamber, Jack Swagger won the Elimination Chamber match to become the Contender for...
Yeah, apart from Alberto Del Rio versus Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship, this Wrestlemania may go the way of Wrestlemania 9 and 11...
Best part about having a heavyweight in the tournament is you can eat at the buffet before weigh ins.
The time for talking is over. Tomorrow night when SSW returns to Dillsburg, pa I will Shut Tytan Urass up permanently as we go through a brutal brawl for my SSW heavyweight championship . Yes I will hurt but a true champion and man fights through pain for success
Last ques write john cena four matches of wrestlemania and explain year also
Q6:- who won the wh championship most time?
My Championship is the HOW World Championship. Not the HOW World Heavyweight Championship, not the World Heavyweight Championship.
Hey friends i will start the quiz for World Heavyweight Championship at 5 o clock. So get ready for that.
Our U.S champion is arjun and I.C champion is arian Our next quiz will for World Heavyweight Championship
Hit likes and comment who wants World Heavyweight Championship quiz,,and our wwe champ now dean raqeeb orton(raqeeb khan)
Here's the latest blog! Next week. Ringside in Vegas-Heavyweight Championship of the World!
Hey gang here's the latest blog. Couple days late. Next week, Ringside in Vegas, the Heavyweight Championship of the World! Enjoy!
This is not a gripe, nor a complaint - this is a statement of pure fact that addresses the wrongdoings and trespasses that were committed against my attorney Matthew Roblez and myself on behalf of the self-serving tyrant that calls himself the Squared Circle Pro Executive Director, Rick Elsey. You see, my attorney advised me to hold off until today's date before making any comments in a public forum because he has spent the last week getting the ol' legal wheels spinning in a fashion that guarantees Rick Elsey and the fans of S.C.P won't soon forget the upcoming March 16th event "Spring Break (The Literal Version) Part Dos at Jakes Sports Cafe and Backroom in Lubbock, TX. At "No Love Lost", not only did Rick Elsey single handedly cost me the S.C.P Heavyweight Championship by interposing in my match but he CROSSED THE LINE when he struck my attorney with malice! Wake-up S.C.P! Wake-up and see that your appointed Executive Director is a dangerous and careless individual, that will ultimately be the downfall ...
The NWA World's Heavyweight Championship was once the hot ticket. Now it's the 5th place world title in the United States.
...this amerciancentric attitude and focus on what's really important, the World Heavyweight Championship because if this isn't personal...
Daniel Mendoza (5 July 1764 – 3 September 1836) (often known as Dan Mendoza) was an English prizefighter, who was boxing champion of England 1792–95. Success Before Mendoza, boxers generally stood still and merely swapped punches. Mendoza's style consisted of more than simply battering opponents into submission; his "scientific style" included much defensive movement. He developed an entirely new style of boxing, incorporating defensive strategies, such as what he called “side-stepping”, moving around, ducking, blocking, and, all in all, avoiding punches. At the time, this was revolutionary, and Mendoza was able to overcome much heavier opponents as a result of this new style. Though he stood only 5'7" and weighed only 160 pounds, Mendoza was England’s sixteenth Heavyweight Champion from 1792 to 1795, and is the only middleweight to ever win the Heavyweight Championship of the World. In 1789 he opened his own boxing academy and published the book The Art of Boxing on modern "scientific" style bo ...
A Non-TNA Monster's ball happened in John Cena Sr.'s (Father of John Cena,WWE) promotion, MWF. Todd Hanson, who replaced Makua in the match, defeated Abyss, Rick Fuller and Brian Milonas to win the match and retain his MWF Heavyweight Championship.
"I've been knocked down more than any heavyweight champion in history." Floyd Patterson But..he also got up the most. Pretty Boy Floyd was 21 when he won the Heavyweight Championship. Look him up. Tuesday! 9am Team SMAA/War*Fit with Johannes Azucena 10am White to Blue 11am BJJ 4:15 Competition Training 5pm Kids Class 6pm Kickboxing 7pm BJJ 8pm STORM! The Countdown to the Pan Ams has begun! See you Champs on the Mat! BOOM BABY!
Here are the results from the Impact Pro Wrestling Show held at IPW Downtown Vault in downtown Algona, Iowa on Saturday, February 16, 2013: Impact Pro Wrestling Saturday, 2/16/2013 IPW Vault Algona, Iowa Ring Announcer: Joe Hall-Reppen & Johnny Fitness Referee: Senior IPW Referee Billy J. & Referee Mike Justice. There were some technical difficulties with the sound when the National Anthem was to be played. After silence, the crowd started signing the National Anthem acapella. Quite an experience. The Coalition (Harley Jackson, Juggernaut, Aaron Von Baaron, and Jerry Drako) came out to introduce the newest member of The Coalition, The Big Picture. 1) Aaron Von Baaron (w/ Jerry Drako) defeated Justin Decent via submission. 2) Contender's Match for the IPW Heavyweight Championship on March 16th. "The Tangerine Dream" Ricky Love defeated "The Intellectual Punk" Tony Sly with his finisher. The next match was about to start when Flav came out and demanded a match. Flav got frustrated that he didn't have a matc ...
The silver dome, which hosted the Beatles on August 20, 1964, was the site of the World's Heavyweight Championship fight between Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) and Floyd Patterson on November 22, 1965
*** yeah, SWE *** FOR LYCRA X is shaping up. Word has gotten back to me about the huge announcement made tonight... INTRODUCING THE SWE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP!!! It's a new championship which will be contested for tournament style with the final being held at *** For Lycra X. The contestants, Europes best!! British, continent, Eastern European, they will all be entitled to a shot, but the finalist really will be the best of the best!!! You may have seen the great work by Paul Martin Championship Belts on the new SWE Heavyweight Championship belt, I wonder if his fine work will be used on the new SWE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP?
Eddie Pierce ends up fifth in the state!!! Nate Delevoe takes sixth on a controversial call. Big Kevin Jacques wrestles tonight for the Heavyweight Championship of the World!!! GO DAWGS!
Born as Cassius Clay in Louisville, Kentucky on January 17, 1942, he is the older of two children born to Odessa and Cassius Clay, Sr. After his bicycle was stolen at the age of 12, the distraught young Cassius told a nearby policeman, Joe Martin that he was going to “whup” whoever took the bike. Martin happened to train young boxers, and warned the passionate boy that he had better learn to box first. Within weeks, the 89-pound Clay had his first bout, and his first win. Eight years later, he stood on the medal stand at the Rome Olympics, receiving the gold medal as the Light Heavyweight Olympic Champion. On February 25, 1964, Clay scored a TKO over the hugely favored Sonny Liston, becoming Heavyweight Champion of the World. “I shook up the world, I shook up the world,” he yelled, as the animated young man danced across the ring. He would go on to record a professional record of 56 wins (37 by knockout) and 5 losses, and was the first to win the Heavyweight Championship on 3 different occasions. ...
Ive had the ET Youtube TV title for 13 months and havent been pinned or tapped out since the summer of 2010. EGO PRO is booking me against a rookie on March 9th. Looks like I can phone this one in. Need to get a Heavyweight Championship shot soon.
Carlito defends the FWE Heavyweight Championship against Tommy Dreamer and Matt Hardy in a TLC match on 2/16/13 live on iPPV via or check out FWE...
On March 16th at Hopewell School in Coshocton, OH we celebrate "10 Years of Tradition." On this night you will see "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon challenge Kaden Assad for the OCW Heavyweight Championship! Assad has held the OCW title since August of 2011! Can Cannon end the dark reign of Assad? Also, they went from best friends and Hi-Def Super Nova teammates to hated enemies, Robby Starr and Matt Mason have been trying to get their hands on each other for over a year. This one-on-one grudge match has finally been signed... and its NO DQ! You will also see: Mikey D. defend the Ohio Heritage Title, Juice Jennings and Joey Vengeance defend the OCW tag team titles, an OCW alumni battle royal, long awaited returns by former OCW stars, and much more!
Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Bigfoot Silva on May 25th at UFC 160 in Vegas for the UFC Heavyweight Championship
Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio 'Big Foot' Silva 2 Rematch for the Heavyweight Championship at 160 on May 25th in Las Vegas
So now that XICW158 is in the books, what was your favorite match or moment from Sunday's event? Comment below... Non-match: Johnny Delicious gets a geography lesson. Non-match: Truth Martini, Petey Williams and Rhino set the stage for a six-way Heavyweight Championship later. Mike Marvel vs Dickie Bronson in the pre-show Chaz Montana vs Movado with Mike McMahon, Biz Markie Pounder Patterson and KC. Mark Gjoka vs Mr Italy in the "pelvic thrust" match Drunk the Clown vs Benjamin Boone ...and a sobriety test. Bryan Castle and Andrew Lee vs Creep and Scotty Fraytown in a tag team match. "Sweet" Willie Watts vs Levi Blue ...with a surprise guest. Zach Gowen vs Austin Manix vs Andy Muscat in a threeway match for the Lightweight Championship. The D.B.A. vs Eddie Venom in a great match. Rhino, TD Thomas and Mad Dragon versus Truth Martini, Vinnie Scarboni and Petey Williams with the XICW Midwest Heavyweight Championship on the line.
Currently watching Triple H vs Booker T for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Like this status if you want to see Y2J win the Elimination Chamber match to go on the WrestleMania to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship!!??
My prediction vs for the World Heavyweight Championship hope ll cash in his
Volador Jr. vs Rey Escorpión for the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship
Ziggler should cash in the briefcase at the Chamber on Alberto. Then defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Jericho at Mania.
Im BACK BABY! And im goin to the Elimination Chamber to win the World Heavyweight Championship
What in your opinion was CM Punk's greatest accomplishment other than the 434 day title reign? --L2J
Edge successfully retains his World Heavyweight Championship against Dolph Ziggler on SmackDown in 2011.
Im Loving Jericho's return! Between the Royal Rumble & his matches with Ziggler, Punk & Bryan he's really been freaking AWESOME! - Patriots
Boxed The Great (Cassius Clay) Muhammad Ali for the World Heavyweight Championship. As it was written in the Lansing State Journal in 1965
The 6 participants for The Elimination Chamber Match have been decided!! They are: Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, The WWE Tag-Team Champions Kane & Daniel Bryan, and Chris Jericho Which one of these 6 superstars will win and go to WrestleMania 29 as Contender for The World Heavyweight Championship? -Kyle
Chris Jericho. Tonight Chris Jericho won his match against Daniel Bryan to enter the Elimination Number 1 Contender Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. This Sunday when I go see the Elimination Chamber, i'm just going to have to hope that he wins!
.was the last person to LOSE the World Heavyweight Championship (beat him for it).
Unless... Ziggler vs Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania
Kane wins over Dolph Ziggler to make it into his 5th Elimination Chamber Match!!! After Raw, I will name the 6 men that will battle inside The Elimination Chamber to try to become Contender for The World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 29!!! -Kyle
at Mania for the World Heavyweight Championship. Calling it.
201478_Free Shipping on Orders Over $49 from (*Restrictions Apply)
WWE has actually built the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match really well. It should be great.
Who's going to WrestleMania to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship?
One of those 6 vs. Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania 29 for the World Heavyweight Championship.
i want him vs a top face for the World Heavyweight Championship.
33 years ago today, a 42 to 1 underdog won the boxing heavyweight championship of the world! My favorite fight ever:
Next on vs & the winner is in the con. for the World Heavyweight Championship
Mr. World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank vs Kane now
Alberto Del Rio wins & keeps the World Heavyweight Championship, & now back to the KU game.
Is that snake skin on the heavyweight championship belt
The WWE or the World Heavyweight Championship belt would be good..
Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio at for the World Heavyweight Championship, maybe?
I think Jack Swagger needs the "World Heavyweight Championship" I like the new attitude and he can hold it.
This is the Swagger that won the World Heavyweight Championship.
1990 - In Tokyo, Japan, James "Buster" Douglas knocked out Mike in the 10th round to win the heavyweight championship
I wish Yoshi and Riley would get more TV time than that! needs to bring back the Cruiserweight or light Heavyweight Championship!
233437_For Serious Players
The youngest person to win the World Heavyweight Championship was who won it at age 23.
vs Big Show at this Sunday for the World Heavyweight Championship
I hope wins the World Heavyweight Championship at to become 7-time Champ & headline
"Y2J" this Sunday he will win in and on 29 became the World Heavyweight Championship
On this day in 1990- Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson to win the heavyweight championship. Douglas was a 42-to-1 underdog that day.
Am I the only one who thinks the World Heavyweight Championship has lost its importance? It just gets tossed around lol.
beat for the World Heavyweight Championship in the Chamber in 2010.
The new heavyweight kissing carnaval winner championship goes to he won from
Patiently waiting for to get a push or another world heavyweight push.
Bryan vs. Ziggler is one of the many intriguing World Heavyweight Championship options for WrestleMania.
is going to win the World Heavyweight Championship if not he still a hero to me!
was the 1st Undisputed Champ. That's the Championship and the World Heavyweight Champ combined.
I’m going to to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship after winning the this Sunday in NOLA.
Mark Henry is the best in the world. Let's hope he wins that World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania.
q2.At what ppv did Randy Orton drop the WWE Heavyweight Championship to Triple H?
UPW [edit] Cena his professional career in 2000 with the Ultimate Pro Wrestling began, which held the UPW Heavyweight Championship. Here's a half-man half-robot role as The Prototype. [1] OVW [edit] In 2001, a contract with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), where it held its OVW Heavyweight Championship and the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship title with Rico Constantino. WWE (2002-present) [edit] Debut (2002-2004) [edit] John 2002nd June 27 debut on Smackdown in which the framework is an open challenge by Kurt Angle then megmérkőzött pankrátorral professional. The organization owner Vincent J. McMahon looking for a new star who embodies the "ruthless aggression". John as expected a couple of times to beat Kurt Angle was. 2002nd In October the Tag Team Championship submitted for the contest, teammate Billy Kidman-nel, but were eliminated in the first round. The next week, Cena was attacked Kidman's why they lost. Shortly afterwards, the Smackdown! Hall ...
I'm sure we all knew this anyway, but now its official: With a win Saturday over Bigfoot, Alistair Overeem WILL be the next man to face Cain Velasquez for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. - Pat
Rumor has it...that "The Natural" Brandon Powers believes he has been a Victim of a Conspiracy in the Millennium Wrestling Federation to keep him from winning the MWF Heavyweight Championship back. Could this be true? Brandon gets suspended for 30 Days and the One show isn't present for Richie (J-Prep) becomes the NEW MWF Heavyweight Champion? Would he have STILL Won the MWF Heavyweight Championship, If Brandon Powers had been there Saturday Night? I guess we shall never know now, will we?
For those who missed the show last night here are the results: Jordan Lee def. Derek Moss by pinfall Darian Frost def. R-Dub by pinfall PWA Champion Rip Mystic came out with John Magnus and were interrupted by newly appointed PWA Commissioner Sage Ramsey, who then placed Magnus into an impromptu match with Jonathan Napier. Jonathan Napier def. John Magnus by count out Bryan Ealey def. Nelson 6 by pinfall John Magnus then returned to the ring to dispute being placed in the earlier match by the new commissioner, who told Magnus that in order to be fair, he was changing things up a bit tonight and giving Magnus another match, this time against Benz. Benz def. John Magnus by pinfall PWA Heavyweight Championship "Zero Hype" Guy Smith def. Rip Mystic by pinfall becoming the new PWA Heavy weight Champion.
¤¤INTÈRVÌEW OF RÝBACK aBouT THE evoluti0n of h!s gIMMIck¤¤ Ryback spoke to the College Times this week to hype Sunday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Here are some highlights ofwhat he said about: How much input he's had in the evolution of his character: "I was very vocal in that, actually. A lot of people don't know that I was Ryback before I was Skip Sheffield down in the developmental territories. It was a name I came up with and created, as far as when I was away from the WWE. 'Skip Sheffield' was presented to me by Dusty Rhodes. It was something I don't regret ever having happened because it did happen [and] that's what got meto the WWE initially. I cannot tell you enough how glad I am to not be doing that right now. What you see now is me. I'm a very intense individual in real life in everything I do. I set goals andI attack them with the intensity you see on TV." Which title belt is he hungry for? Right now, the WWE Championship and the Heavyweight Championship. I made my 2013 vision board, my ...
Another reason why Alberto Del Rio was given a big push and win the World Heavyweight Championship was because of the success of UFC 155 with Cain Velasquez winning the UFC Heavyweight Championship because Velasquez is a Latin fighter and UFC 155 did better than expected.
This past Saturday Jan. 19th Atlantic Pro Wrestling held a private birthday party show at the Newbury Fire Hall. All of the Championships were defended. Below is a recap of the action. The show started off with a 10 man battle royal with the winner receiving a shot a the Heavyweight Champion later in the day. One by one the competitors were eliminated until it came down to Hunter Ward and Justin Silence. These two battled it out until Ward went to hit the ropes and from the outside Champagne Joe Moakley pulled the rope down eliminating Ward. Moakley then slid into the ring in essence entering himself into the battle royal. Moakley then ordered Silence to eliminate himself grant Moakley a shot at Demon Ortiz and the Heavyweight Championship. 2- APW New England Championship (C) Twisted Hatter Alex Creed - DEF: - The Original Show-off Mike Paiva to retain the APW New England Championship 3- 6 man tag Big Gun, Chris Chamberz & Pat Riot - DEF: - The Knuckle Busters & Big Woody 4- Seabrooks own Too Tough Timmy ...
"Iron" Mike Tyson (Michael Gerard Tyson) BORN June 30 1966; Brooklyn, New York HEIGHT 5-10 1/2 (Some sources report 5-11 1/2) WEIGHT 212-239 3/4 lbs MANAGERS Bill Cayton and Jimmy Jacobs, Rory Holloway and John Horne, Shelly Finkel TRAINERS Kevin Rooney, Richie Giachetti, Ronnie Shields, Freddie Roach, Jeff Fenech Tyson was one of the most brutal, two-handed punchers in boxing history; When he attacked, his combination of punches straightened opponents up and laid them out; The big secret in fighting Mike was to not let him get too close At 20 years of age in 1986, the sturdy, compact Tyson became the youngest man to ever win the Heavyweight Championship; At his peak and seemingly invincible, Tyson lost to James "Buster" Douglas in 1990; His personal problems, present throughout his career, finally became a serious obstacle to his career; They disrupted his life inside and outside the ring, impaired his ring "focus" and ultimately led to his imprisonment; When he resumed fighting, his intent was serious b ...
Pinklon Thomas (born February 10, 1958, in Pontiac, Michigan) is a retired heavyweight boxer and former WBC heavyweight champion from 1984 to 1986, whose trademark pink boxing trunks and a powerful left jab were key distinguishing characteristics. A native of Pontiac, Michigan who also lived on military bases in South Carolina and Washington state, Thomas eventually settled in Orlando, Florida. Pro career Pinklon Thomas turned professional after just three amateur fights with an excellent jab and rock solid chin. Thomas, with a record of 24-0-1, would finally get his World title shot against reigning WBC champion Tim Witherspoon in August 1984, in Las Vegas, NV. Thomas won the WBC Heavyweight Championship with a hard fought 12-round battle over "Terrible" Tim Weatherspoon on August 31, 1984. Ten months later, he defended his title against ex-champion Mike Weaver, stopping Weaver with a single punch in the eighth round. Thomas lost the WBC title to Trevor Berbick in March 1986 by a decision. Thomas came ba ...
I retained my TNA Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match against Austin Aries and Bobby Roode at TNA Genesis
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