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Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is an interactive drama psychological thriller video game created by Quantic Dream exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game is written and directed by Quantic Dream's founder and CEO David Cage.

Quantic Dream Indigo Prophecy David Cage Fort Worth

Heavy Rain will be over spreading the area soon. Radar indicates a band just south of Coventry heading north.
the only games I can play are Heavy Rain and Beyond:Two souls because I can do the controls. They’re fun though.
New review for Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Collection. 'Two beautifully crafted...'…
If it wasn't for Jayden and Lauren I would probably just say I hate Heavy Rain. Luckly I have Beyond Two Souls for all my hate bashing needs
After Until Dawn, my friends want me to either play Heavy Rain or Beyond:Two Souls. Which one do you guys think I should play?
I wish 'Beyond: Two Souls' wasn't coupled with 'Heavy Rain' - a really depressing game I would rather not pay for just to play B:TS.
I guess I got my PS4 at the perfect time, got Beyond Two Souls, inFAMOUS, The Last of Us, Heavy Rain and God of War 3 lol
I think if we're just basing it on plot, Indigo is the worst, Heavy Rain follows behind, then Omikron, then Beyond: Two Souls.
will you be playing Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls after Fahrenheit? If so will Hannah be joining you again?
Nier Automata, the game which has more depth in a side quest that Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain combined…
Life is Strange, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Attack on Titan, and I'm like 80% done Last Guardian lol. And some PSN games.
Beyond Two Souls is $5, but it's not the PS4 version. Nor is Heavy Rain on sale at all. And GOW Ascension is $2.50.
Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, it was a set 😏
Thanks for stopping by for Katamari! More Nostalgia streams in the future! Might play Kona, Heavy Rain, or Beyond Two Souls this weekend!
yo whens that Heavy Rain movie coming?!
NOT EVEN. It's like five minutes, unless it's one of those super long install/updates like Gran Turismo or Heavy Rain.
Glad to see cities preparing ahead of time. Snow melt + Heavy Rain next week = Flooding concern.
- California Ck nr Stamford, TX . Heavy Rain (0.6 in/hr) over the last 15 minutes .
I need a new PS4 game with a good storyline. Any suggestions? . (I like games like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Life is Strange, etc)
It's the only one I really played. I played a bit of Fahrenheit. Haven't played Heavy Rain nor Beyond : Two Souls.
is going to slay, just like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls! never disappoints! So…
BLUE COVE: Heavy Rain leaves the Killing Boats stuck in Taiji Harbor & the Dolphins Swim Free!! http…
I just fell for the David Cage meme and played Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain. How'd I do?
An Area of Showers with Heavy Rain will Affect SE Isle of Wight The City of Chesapeake The City of Portsmouth...
Heavy Rain has aged like a fine milk
**Skagit County receives Heavy Rain overnight!** Multiple areas of flooding/water on roadways! Please feel free...
- Jim L. Chapman Lk nr Cooper, TX . Heavy Rain (1.44 in/hr) over the last 15 minutes .
The real question today is if James Comey is a living manifestation of Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain on the Way for Thunder Bay Region: Weather Radar Map for Northern Ontario – June…
Scott Fisher Says: Very Heavy Rain on the Williamson/Travis County Line especially Jollyville area in North Austin
Tiger Baseball Camp cut short due to heavy rain.
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This is no joke. Heavy rain continues to saturate and people are in peril.
I will not miss living on the bottom of a hill.. These heavy rain storms could flood out my basement
Line of storms moving east thru western areas will impact Lubbock and central south plains by ten pm. Heavy rain.
Storms will move across the area next few hours. Main risk is heavy rain, localized flooding.
Mudslide has happened near Orkney Alberta in the badlands heavy rain causing problems via
The heaviest rains are just west of Hilda, and another area of heavy rain is north of Snelling, or NW of Barnwell.
NEW 11 @ 11-rain could be heavy at times with storms Thursday. Updated hour by hour forecast for your neighborhood
More heavy rain is yet to come. The weather will get worse before it gets better. Flash flooding and river...
same. Knee is in immense pain and we're stuck at a gift shop waiting out the heavy rain
Japanese boy left in woods as punishment still missing: Heavy rain and a lack of clues…
Well, topping off a sticky day has been a windy, heavy rain storm netting over 1.25" in about an hour - and it's...
RADAR UPDATE: Showers and storms moving ENE. Some heavy rain is possible. –Joe
Heavy rain started falling in those areas a few minutes. "This will cause urban and small stream flooding," says.
Main line of heavy rain exiting the east side of Des Moines. A few isolated cells re-developing west of DSM.
I'm having issues getting pictures from my radar, but brief heavy rain is starting to invade Western Harris county now.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
7:35pm: Heavy rain and t-storms continue to slowly move NE. Much of the rain has tapered off west of Fort Worth.
FLOOD ADVISORY has been issued for Colorado Springs because of heavy rain until 10PM
3 bands nearing F-M. Rain will be generally brief and light. Heavy rain for northern Cass, Griggs, Steele & Traill.
RADAR UPDATE: we are tracking a line of storms w/ wind gusts to 40 mph, heavy rain & small hail.
Heavy rain and lots of lightning with storms moving southeast this evening
A active last week sent of light to moderate to heavy rain showers and strong to severe showers and thunderstorms...
8:09pm Radar: Heavy rain falling from Greens Prairie Rd to Wellborn & into S Brazos Co. All sliding into Grimes Co
can you NERF Heavy Rain before we get a flood pls. Thx m8
But ( ) the heavy rain, our trip would have been better. 1.for 2.with 3.without 4.of. Ans.1
A Flash Flood Watch is in effect now through at least Thursday morning due to saturated soils and heavy rain.
light rain now up here on Poole Creek Rd!!! Heavy clouds so not TV.
What's makes a guy horrible?? Um..I guess working all day with a 45 minute lunch. Then picking up heavy *** speakers in the rain. Oh alright
Heavy rain in Crawford & NW Grant Counties due to cell training. Line as a whole moving SLOWLY east.
Heavy rain in the Dallas area has prompted flooding. A look at rainfall totals so far.
I added a video to a playlist Heavy Rain PS4 Walkthrough Part 8
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Flood warning issued for Dallas County as heavy rain pours on North Texas - Dallas Morning News (blog)
3 elements coming together this week will bring heavy rain and storms to the RGV through the weekend.
FOX 4 News Heavy rain brings flooding to parts of North Texas FOX 4 News Western parts of North…
Heavy Rain...weak funnels/tornadoes possible within the Devils Lake Basin into the early evening hours.
Yeah man, really enjoyed Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls as well for that matter! Also thinking about buying those remasters
I bought the Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls double pack. Someone please tell me that wasn't a stupid thing to do.
Heavy Rain and Frequent Lightning coming down in San Angelo Texas where they always need it.
n, Ethan is getting the blame for all the murders, Then he goes on to face his 3rd Trial. Heavy Rain is up
Heavy Rain will be up later I'm recording it right now.
- Rain Gage at Hughes Springs, TX . Heavy Rain (1.16 in/hr) over the last 15 minutes .
- WFk TrinityRv at White Settlement Rd,Fort Worth,TX . Heavy Rain (1.8 in/hr) over the last 15 minutes .
Heavy Rain and Storm Warning Advisory for Highlands West of the Rift Valley and around Mount Kenya
You may complain about Beyond and even Heavy Rain, but Quantic Dream is absolutely fantastic. I'm so looking forward to playing Detroit.
Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection added to my
Heavy Rain, my favourite game, was made 6 years ago
- San Saba Rv at Menard, TX . Heavy Rain (0.84 in/hr) over the last 5 minutes .
- Colorado Rv nr San Saba, TX . Heavy Rain (1.92 in/hr) over the last 5 minutes .
But what about LBP and Until Dawn and Infamous and Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls and Twisted Metal?
Periods of Heavy Rain will continue over eastern Arkansas overnight. The threat for severe weather low
Jane Jensen and Roberta Williams are combining Year Walk and Heavy Rain. The twist? it's exclusively for Ouya
same, really want to play Heavy Rain now
you should play Heavy Rain, it's aged a little compared to Beyond but it's story is a lot better.
Here's my review of Heavy Rain & Beyond Two Souls Collection, Plz RT
is one of my favourite developers. Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are epic. I can't wait for Detroit:…
I purchased and downloaded Heavy Rain for my ps4. It does not work properly. Can you please advise?
fix the god *** tilt registering during "The Bear" chapter in Heavy Rain. Tired of it not registering.
will the soundtrack for beyond two souls get put up on PS4 store like the soundtrack for Heavy Rain did?
Quantic Dream re-releasing Heavy Rain for the PS4 is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. 😂
Hi there, Love the Heavy Rain reference in Beyond: Two Souls. 👏
Hi i wanted to ask why the Taxidermist DLC is not included in the Heavy Rain ps4 remaster? Will it be added in the future?
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Commercial and Residential Complexes Feel Impact of Heavy Rain: SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The rain took its toll on ...
Presenting my platinum-winning essay on mental health & the beauty of the mundane in 's Heavy Rain at
Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are masterpieces. I know Detroit: Become Human will be too. You guys never disappoints. 😁
Hey, I loved "The Taxidermist" DLC on the PS3. Why doesn't the PS4 edition of Heavy Rain have it?
So I ended up buying the collection from the PS Store last night. I fired up Heavy Rain, my first time playing. A+
I finished Heavy Rain remaster last night(first time player) I really enjoyed it, intense scenes and cool twists!
wHY *** I know he’s in Heavy Rain but actually there’s another drug addicted FBI agent I love
Real Clear Politics- 3 Dead in Louisiana After Flooding and Heavy Rain: 1,000 people were evacuated from their...
Bought the Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls collection. 'How far will you go to save someone you love' not very far if I'm being honest.
yes I'm so excited for that too. I also wanna get The Division, plus I just got San Andreas, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls
it's so sad: FAhrenheit felt so original, Heavy Rain has some good, tense moments and it all went to Cage's head in Beyond Two SOuls.
Heavy Rain is out now on PS4. Can you solve the mystery of the Origami Killer?
Heavy Rain, red dead redemption, devil may cry 4, la saga uncharted, the last of us, sigo?
I know in the past he said that Heavy Rain is one of his favourites & I'm p. sure he really likes the games by Naughty Dog
Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls are being re-released on PS4 together omg.
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Heavy Rain incoming now in East Falls Church! Picked a good day to WFH
Remember how we were all tricked into thinking Heavy Rain was good and David Cage was competent
You know, I'd really like to hear and do a Riff Trax for Heavy Rain is awkward to play with a partner.
David Cage is a quality director, Heavy Rain was one of the best games last gen mate.
6:15PM QLD UPDATE: Heavy Rain is currently active over the Central Highlands, with the thunderstorm factor...
Getting colder! Currently it's 57F and Heavy Rain. Here are top 10 Coffee shops
Finished Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. Just like Heavy Rain and Beyond, I appreciated what they were trying to do more than I liked the game.
Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms strock the bay area this morning, I know it woke me up and freaked me out. .
Please release the Beyond/Heavy Rain remaster collection physically, at retail in North America.
Well, Deus Ex gets delayed but Heavy Rain and Beyond remasters come out around the same time so that's ok 😊
Holiday Declared today as a precaution for Heavy Rain. It is not even drizzling. Varuna bhagwan trolls Our District Collector like a Boss.
The premise seems closer to Beyond than the stuff from Quantic Dream that I really love (Heavy Rain and first half of Indigo Prophecy).
I enjoyed Indigo Prophecy, but never played Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls. I should get on that, actually
He's just the guy behind a lot of weird *** games: Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy, Beyond Two Souls - which I all love actually
Have you played Indigo Prophecy? That's pretty cool, too. Heavy Rain's their best work, though.
if you liked Indigo Prophecy you should def give Heavy Rain a go, I really enjoyed that one.
I'm sorry /r/games I thought Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain were pretty hype the first time too but it's gone on too long and they're awful
reminder that Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy, and Beyond: Two Souls were all masterpieces/works of art and should be treated as such
Quite a bit of hate on David Cage, personally I loved Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy was great (the ending wasn't but the rest was good)
Houston's Buffalo Bayou Park Underwater after Heavy Rain: Dog owners in Houston found Buffalo Bayou Park under...
have you got Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain? Always wanted to play them and I never got to try them 😩
Hi everyone, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls PS4 release dates will be revealed soon now. Thank you for your patience!
The main character from Silent Hill 4 looks like Leon Kennedy and sounds like Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain.
WEATHER: Heavy Rain is Coming to the West in the Next Few Days
Maryland SHA Prepares for Heavy Rain: Officials with the Maryland State Highway Administration say they are…
MTA | news | Subways and Commuter Rails Are Taking Precautions for High Winds and Heavy Rain
Check WEATHER EXTRA for update on Joaquin plus maps showing the heavy rain next 24 hours -
Sadly it no longer "goes without saying". With heavy rain forecast tonight...your life isn't worth the time saved...
Happy Tuesday! Waiting for 2 storms here to night and tomorrow. High winds and heavy rain.
and like heavy rain I saw 😳 I'm actually kinda glad I didn't buy tickets now
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W heavy rain in forecast this wknd Eagles ground game should be pivotal for success vs Redskins. Watch on Espanol 4 more
Rain'a'way: a new system to resolve flooding after heavy rain in cities
Grab the rain gear — parts of Nova Scotia should expect up to 100 mm
Heavy rain continues this afternoon with more unsettled weather tomorrow. has your full forecast today at 5!
Few things are better than a nice heavy rain
The immediate impact with flooding will mostly be to our south and west for today, watch for heavy rain tonight into Wednesday.
Rain pours from the heavens . The birds scatter to dry spaces. The leaves are heavy .
Possible heavy rain and flooding for the West Point area. Be informed:
Operation "heavy rain coming and mamma's anxious about the sump pump" underway. p.s. bags of sand are heavy
Franklin said he has "tremendous faith" in PSU groundscrew despite five straight home games and heavy rain.
Rain in Columbia weaker but heavier rain is on the way soon Culleoka getting heavy rain, Spring Hill, Theta are next htt…
yeah, scattered showers right now, hopefully you'll get rain in your area soon. It was really heavy rain but only for 5 mins.
T.S. formed last night, moisture from it may bring heavy rain threat to Northeast: http…
Flood watches posted with heavy rain moving in via
Storms now drifting south according to Special weather stmt - brief heavy rain/wind today.
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Ha! Here is the latest on the wet weather:
Moderate to Heavy Rain Expected. Through 3 PM An Area of Moderate to Heavy Rain will Progress North Through... h…
Heavy rain since last night... Thinking of building an arc soon. I'll bring along my parents' chickens, of course.
9/29/15 107pm . Heavy rain approaching the 0 an handle from the south. We're going to see very heavy rain...
My video is embedded in story.11am NHC adv is very strange.low confidence but big change
After a stretch of dry, sunny weather, heavy storms are heading toward the Bronx:
Any areas in yellow on the radar are getting heavy rain & have a high risk of flash flooding.
Updated briefing package on heavy rain/coastal flooding/wind threats this week.
Final: Heavy rain, flash flooding possible from Gulf Coast to New England
Showers for now, heavy rain later. A flood watch is out for the Capital Region. The forecast
A wall of water from a semi drenches a man walking on Patton Ave. Heavy rain is causing flooding. http:…
match has been cancelled because of forecast for heavy rain & storms. DETAILS:
MurphyInsurance Heavy predicted in MA…have you checked your sump pump?
Heavy rain for Wed AM, & rain likely this weekend from Tropical Storm Still a question on its track!ht…
First heavy rain in 2 months. You can hear how happy all the birds are outside!
A 6 inch border of gravel along the foundation will prevent mud and mulch from spattering up against the house during heavy rain.
.has the latest on the heavy rain expected for the East Coast this week:
Thoughts on Joaquin..I recorded this at 11 am.
And, how heavy rain has lead to job losses in a popular West Clare tourist town, John Cooke reports .
Tropical Storm Joaquin may threaten NC coast late in the week. Locally heavy rain expected all week over our region. http:/…
Fatal single vehicle LEO crash in TN was during heavy rain, vehicle left roadway, hit a tree. We MUST stop this scenari…
Heavy rain moving in this evening and now a Coastal Flood Watch for tomorrow through Thursday afternoon.
Josh Linker: Spotty, quick moving showers are around the area now. Expect a brief shot of heavy rain as the showers move east at 20 mph
Arcadia varsity football be prepared w sneakers in case of heavy rain. Middle school gym 3:30-6. Outside for now.
5:25PM - Heavy Rain over Bee Cave, Southwest Austin, Oak Hill, heading to Dripping Springs, Hays and Manchaca.
PI4ZI/p almost finished to start field day contest, heavy rain with occasional sun.
Brazil to Face Rounds of Rain, Flooding This Week: Heavy rain is expected from eastern Paraguay into Mato Gros...
Malaga airport today with the heavy rain.several flights redirected to Sevilla and Madrid
I love the videos that put heavy rain and indigo prophesy in the same universe
against MAURATANIA it was a heavy rain ,,,tomorrow it will be nyaupe because of kodwa phambili BAFANA
***FLASH FLOOD WATCH in effect until 7 a.m. Tuesday for southeastern Siouxland. Heavy rain is possible.
Lots of screaming coming from rain soaked park goers. Heavy showers passing through
Trapped in the masjid.. cos heavy rain.
In case of HEAVY rain:. Gr. 1-3 -the gym & Gr. 3/4 to 8 -the library. To keep our students safe; we ask that parents not visit classrooms.
Heavy rain, lightning and small hail approaching
Now dis was a heavy rain.45mins no stoppin...
it's not bad it's a lot better than Heavy Rain but don't expect to really "play" it. No more than $15 I'd say
In case of HEAVY rain tomorrow:. JK & SK: Sorted in the two K entry areas in K play area. Please say goodbye to your child at the door. 1/2
in quality, the David Cage games go Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Indigo Prophecy but... i'm not big on 'em
We're heading into a rainy pattern this weekend; but I don't think we'll see heavy rain.
i dunno? they might be people who LIKE David Cage games. it's so weird hearing "its like Heavy Rain" used as a compliment
the people we are talking about are immigrants little children and parents under heavy sun and rain. At awolowo road ikoyi.
people keep comparing UD to heavy rain & beyond two souls and im just. this does not bode well
And a bridge thats hit by trucks and floods in heavy rain. Kate
not too heavy looking EB on the TCH heading into town, some steady rain on its way for parts of central so drive safe!
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A few "popcorn" showers developing this afternoon with pockets of heavy rain and some lightning.
Most of our counties are under a flash flood watch until tomorrow at 7. Rain is expected to be heavy at times.
30% coverage this afternoon with highs in the lower 90's. Heavy rain poss Thu.
Showers & storms are developing. Periods of heavy rain and small hail will be possible with the strongest storms.
Day 08:. Heavy rain stops Football & Volleyball matches. Will be resumed as soon as it stops.
Due to heavy rain, today's game has been cancelled.
I remember when it used to rain heavy and not flood
08 Sep '15, 02:50 AM: heavy rain showers with an intensity of 8.08mm/hr has been recorded over San Pablo,
Intense t-storms moving into Treasure Coast. Hundreds of lightning strikes heavy rain. Rain ending shorting in PBC
North Lincs. woods in heavy rain, and a roe fawn standing staring at me along a lush bridleway, angular and delicate a…
heavy rain and thunder in Diego Martin. Would the EBC extend voting hrs due to weather? Something to consid…
Rain chances will be high this Labor Day. Heavy downpours and lightning can be expected with afternoon storms.
Briefing on the threat for heavy rain and flash flooding tonight (Sep 7-8) in Iowa can be found here!
15 minutes later and I have still not been able to walk up this slope in the game "Heavy Rain"
Omg this game is fabulous. Reminds me of heavy rain in a way — playing Until Dawn
Heavy rain and lightning in Wellington via -
The about to get hit with heavy rain. Share your pics with us.
Flooded Hanalei Valley on Kauai. This was after two days of heavy rain. Valley was evacuated.
Heavy Rain is yours...Kramer stays with me though. 😲
Mohun Bagan 0-0 Aryan Club (20 Mins). The match has been interrupted due to Heavy Rain...
An Area of Thunderstorms with Heavy Rain will Affect Central Somerset Wicomico and South Central Dorchester...
Weather Forecast from Visakhapatnam | Heavy Rain in AP and Telangana States | CVR News: via
Heavy Rain, lightning, and thunder in Jupiter at The Square Grouper
Heavy Rain being reported around the South West Region early this morning, this is going to extend further north...
Yep, it was basically everything I hated about Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, but with characters I wanted dead.
That new Journey To The Center Of The Earth had an awful lot of screaming "SHAUN!". Brendan Fraser suffered the rare Heavy Rain glitch.
Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain in South America for ps4 please. 💔 I'm really waiting for that 😭
Good job it wasn't Heavy Rain today 😃
Will the remastered HD Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls be released this year?
Do you have a release date yet for the Beyond and Heavy Rain remasters?
Update your maps at Navteq
my best memories in games - Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. Your storytelling is really deep, waitingg for other titles from you
Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Fahrenheit, games which made me shivering, cry, frightened, full of surprises.
Current Radar | Heavy Rain in the DC Metro Area. Heavy Rain from North MoCo to Prince William County.
That one quote from Heavy Rain actually had me thinking "How far are you willing to go to save someone you love?"
Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy, and The Nomad soul. All just terrible my god people are blind
Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are coming to PS4 (Souls is getting a new Playin in Chronological Order mode)
Did you hear Quantic Dream are bringing Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls to PS4? Little sad I didn't see them at E3!
Quite looking forward to playing Heavy Rain again, not so much Beyond: Two Souls... But Platinums (Hopefully) ^_^
Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are on their way to PS4
Heavy Rain between lake city and Jonesboro
And then Kris Vallotton's Heavy Rain. (The name has changed to something like "how heaven invades earth").
The walking in Heavy Rain is like the driving in Duke Nukem Forever...
Heavy Rain today in Bury St Edmunds! With a high of 20 C and a low of 11 C.
Daryl Hall and John Oates have a song called "Heavy Rain". It's great. . You can probably guess when I mention it now.
COUNTY TRAFFIC ALERT: Heavy Rain, Likely Hail likely falling now in the area of Routes 9 and Route 544 Everson Area. SLOW DOWN.
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I added a video to a playlist Walt Disney World Monorail with Heavy Rain on the Resort Monorail Loop
Oblivion GOTY, South Park Stick of Truth, Heavy Rain, and Far Cry 4. I want these.
Melting did not last long Heavy Rain but sidewalks still slick and slushy on top but solid underneath the top layer ...road looks glazed
omg. Conor did not see this message and just brought me Heavy Rain...
This looks like they made heavy rain into a tv show
Yikes- newest nam says no snowstorm for me. Heavy heavy rain as storm goes north. NYC to Boston jackpot again. Wow we stink at snowstorms😞
New NAM coming in warmer with rain Sunday evening for Louisville & heavy snow around Seymour.
Heavy rain pours here in Davao. It seems God is also weeping for our
Spell of quite heavy snow has followed rain in Bedford and is beginning to settle. Should not amount to too much.
A lot of heavy rain in tonight - if we don't get snow, we'll definitely get floods
Heading to shooting right now. Due to heavy rain and snow (just a little bit which snowed this morning) ALL trains are delayed!! xD
Confession time: I think it's fair to describe "rain on your wedding day" as "ironic" (provided the rain is heavy enough to be disruptive)
I'm at warehouse. Driving under heavy rain is hard.
Heading for clinic. Morning seems heavy with grey clouds. Rain or no rain.?
30 Jan '15, 09:50 AM: it is currently raining over Brgy. Panag, Rain rate is heavy, at 8.4mm/hr.
Pouring rain in Phoenix. Guessing our cab driver doesn't have a lot of experience in heavy rain. It may take a while to get to Scottsdale
Heavy snow warning. But it might change to rain in the afternoon. When temperature does not rise snow will continue fall.
ULAN | 29 Jan '15, 04:45 PM: it is currently raining over Brgy. Hilamonan, Rain rate is heavy, …
Freezing rain and heavy wind. I'm bummed to miss GoT but wow, did I make the right call. Stupid winter.
The rain has come, and with it the heavy scent of life closing its doors, and quiet settling like yesterday's leaves,
How can I go to school on this heavy rain 😩
Last night the heavy rain missed us and tonight it's going round us - wow
Southern stream to bring rain in the west, heavy rain in the east Friday – Thursday
Heavy Rain does too, to an extent. Either way, it's cool to see these becoming a little more common. It's fun to have chill games.
I hate it when people say games like Heavy Rain and Telltale games have no gameplay. They do.
Heavy rain and significant mountain snow on the way & starts tonight! Video brief is available.
Love is pouring from my heart like torrents of rain . Under the heavy color . Of a summer red sky.
So deadly, I don't make it rain, I snow heavy
Heavy Rain/Wind today! With a high of 4C and a low of 4C.
30 Jan '15, 09:00 AM: rain clouds bringing heavy rain detected by Doppler RADAR in the vicinity of Tagum,
30 Jan '15, 09:00 AM: there is a high chance of heavy rain around Davao City, and nearby areas for the next hour.
Forgot all about Life Is Strange. Nice to see it being well received. Reminds me of an episodic Heavy Rain. Can't wait to pl…
There are stones in Romania called Trovants that grow and multiply after heavy rain shower.
U C right: Dalek invasion in backyard! To regret of my sons, heavy rain is about to Exterminate this creative effort
weather is coming this weekend. Ice, snow, heavy rain impact winter driving. Pls RT
With today’s heavy rain our contact centre remains open. If you are affected by flooding and need to get in touch our number is 01892 526121
Proper creepy when heavy rain drops hit the pvc of your windows all of a sudden & wakes you up& it sounds like someone's tapping on them 😫
G'day All . We had some unexpected heavy Rain/Showers which occurred overnight from Caboolture and Southern...
I got drunk and bought Alan Wake thinking it was Heavy Rain.
Game of the day is either Bioshock: Infinite or Heavy Rain 😐❓
Trees are really starting to move here in Rio Vista. The windiest part of the Valley/Bay. Delta winds + Heavy Rain =
Heavy rain shower at the moment in Bernal Heights, San Francisco
So, where has there been heavy rain and strong wind within the radius of that travel time? Cardiff.
Wide eyed and full of happy cycling hormones after a short mountain ride in warm heavy rain in Norway. Perfect.
BRACE FOR SOME SEVERE POSSIBLY DANGEROUS! * A request to Share, Tag, Like and Dot for news feed • Well here we go Eastern QLD a widespread week long relentless forecast for rain and storms is now agreed by a majority of computer models. Due to very high instability and moisture levels SEVERE storms are likely to occur over All Eastern districts in coming days. • Heavy Rain with flash flooding, Large Hail, Damaging and possibly Destructive Winds are a high risk in these forecast Thunderstorms. • Dark Blue and Purple shaded areas from Friday through til Monday indicate Very High to Extreme instability levels and where these storms are likely to occur. • EXACT locations to be affected is impossible to predict and up to Mother Nature however we will produce nightly forecasts focusing on the next 24hrs of each day during this period. They will be pinned to the top of the HSC wall. • Be AWARE and PREPARE now. ~ Jeff Higgins ~
This was just the beginning. Our garage turns into a river with heavy rain.
“Another look at the sinkhole in SFs Richmond after heavy rain be careful out there
Photos and video of flooding around on Wednesday morning.
To those who've so kindly contributed towards both forage and rest time for the donkey featured a few posts below: Thanks to your generosity, we now have enough to either make an offer for him - if the owners are willing (they are not, so far - or to keep the man of the family in other work, not involving the donkey, for 10 days or so, while the donkey rests and recuperates. I am hoping for an opportunity to discuss this with the family soon. Heavy Rain is hampering the work plan though, at present, so I may wait until we can offer work which could be started at once. At least the rain also means the donkey is not working. Though the family will soon need to fetch wood, and they generally use the donkey for that.
Blue Mountains SES have all teams on the road as we have received 29 calls for assistance in the Springwood and Winmalee area this evening. Heavy rain fell from 4.30pm today causing a number of trees to break and a large number of properties have reported roof damage. Our volunteers will continue into the evening to try and clear as much of the damage as we can safely do.
In this video clip, Jason Baldado, 7 years old, climbed a coconut tree to keep himself safe from the flood of the overflown Saliring River in Malabuyoc town that washed away their house this morning. Jason was eventually rescued. However, his mother, Alona Baldado, reportedly behind the bamboo sheet where the boy was earlier situated, didn't survive. Heavy rains was due to tropical depression ‘Quennie’ that triggered widespread flooding in some areas in Southern Cebu. Heart Rizarri/CebuPIO Video credit: Janetta Fabrigar Obiasada
Another look at the massive sinkhole in SF's Richmond after heavy rain storm
Two days of heavy rain and again summer. But check forecast. You will be in TA, right? I am Haifa.
Heads up that the bike path along the (Elysian Valley) is closed due to the heavy rain we've been experiencing. MRCA Chief Ranger Gomez patrolled the River yesterday and took this picture near the Sepulveda Dam. The River is flowing pretty fast, so make sure to keep your distance until the waters have subsided.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Heavy rain from a powerful Pacific storm swept through parched California on Tuesday, providing some relief from a three-year drought but prompting evacuations in wildfire-scarred communities threatened by mudslides and flooding.
Typhoon Hagupit may hit Eastern Visayas by Saturday; residents urged to prepare- GMA Weather News (Updated 1:14 p.m.) Although it is still too far to affect the Philippines, Typhoon Hagupit is likely to make landfall in Eastern Visayas by Saturday afternoon or early evening, according to PAGASA. In its 11 a.m. update, PAGASA said the typhoon was estimated at 1,610 km east of Davao City as of 8 a.m., with maximum winds of 140 kph and gustiness of 170 kph. It is projected to move west-northwest at 30 kph. In a televised press conference Wednesday morning, PAGASA forecaster Aldczar Aurelio said that Hagupit is still on track to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) on Thursday, at which point it will be given the local storm designation, "Ruby." He said that there is a "60%-40%" chance in favor of Hagupit heading toward Eastern Visayas, or veering off toward Japan. "(Pero) mas mataas ang tsansa na ito ay mag-landfall," Aurelio said. Full attention As this developed, Malacañang assured the public ...
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