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A PRAYER FOR TODAY Heavenly Father, thank You for Your perfect peace. Even when things don’t make sense, I choose to trust You. Even when I don’t feel victorious, I know that with You, I am always an overcomer. I choose to put my faith and hope in You today knowing that I will never be disappointed in Jesus’ name. Amen!
Let us pray: Heavenly Father, we thank you for another day to experience how great you are... In Jesus name we pray, Amen!!
Al and Deb Warner: Taking "Prayer Walking" to New Heights over Niagara Falls "Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls..." Psalm 42:7 NIV "The King of the Wire puts his faith in the King of kings." QMI news agency Revs. Al and Deb Warner (on behalf of those who serve the regional church in Western New York & Southern Ontario): The eyes of the world were on Niagara Falls, twin cities in the U.S. and Canada, as Nik Wallenda performed his high-wire walk on June 15th. To the amazement of millions of people who watched breathlessly, Nik seemed calm, had a smile on his face, granted interviews during the walk, and spent much of the 25 heart-pounding minutes praying and quoting Scripture as the ABC crowd listened in. Nik talked to both his earthly father, Terry, and his Heavenly Father: "Thank You for Your peace, Lord. Thank You for Your confidence, God. Thank You Jesus." "Thank You Jesus, my righteous King. Praise You, Father God. Praise You, Jesus." "God Is Good. What an amazing opportunity. What a bl ...
Good morning God people. Just thanking my God for peace and rest. Miss putting God word out yesterday morning was'nt feel to well but God is a healer. My God said when flesh get weak he renew my strength. Very grateful for my heavenly father. (Ezekiel 37:26 read Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them; itshall be an everlasting covenant with them: and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore). Thank You Jesus. With much love to God people this morning. Be bless and have a great day in the Lord God people. With much love to all his people God daughter.
Thanking my Heavenly father upstairs for allowing me too see another marvelous day,,,Thank You Jesus
My Child, don't be weary or burdened Talk to Me, I'm your Heavenly Father, Do not fear, I'm sitting next to you. I will never leave you, I'll see you through. My Child, I never walk behind you I always walk with you, I'm with you till your journey ends, I will always be your best Friend. I'm here my Child, I'll help you stand And walk with you each hill you climb, Take My hand, We'll walk together, Don't fear, just live one day at a time. Thank You Jesus for calming my storm Thank You for staying close by my side, And sheltering me in time of rain, Thank you Lord for bearing my pain. When I get to Heaven The first one I will see Is my Precious Saviour, And feel His arms embracing me.
Write Something... Status Update By Beachem Cockroft If you know GOD you know THE Holy Spirit and you know HIS SON. If you do not KNOW either of these three then you do not know GOD. This is a fact concrete cannot be changed or altered. GOD WAS! GOD IS! GOD WILL ALWAYS BE! I spent so many years drunk and lost and scared and running from who I am and when I cried out to GOD the first time I was strong for a short while. Then I fell back away again, HE told me to speak and help in this manner and I fell away. Thank You Father for forgiving us our weakness. Thank You Jesus for helping us wrestle away our unforgiving spirits and helping us overcome ourselves. So many years You carried me through so many things and now GOD YOU tell me to teach. I don't know what to say to anyone. "Don't worry son, I will tell you." Yes Father. So when I was sober enough to be around people I had no desire to be around people, do you know how coldly and cruelly you treat each other? It is a burden to walk down the street. Your ...
John 20:21; " Peace be unto you. As my Father hath sent me even so send I you." Thank You Jesus for the Great Commission. I pray that in our every day life and the opportunities given to us to proclaim/ profess Your gospel, we will not fail in Jesus name. Heavenly Father release on us the grace and annointing to manifest the glory of Your only beggotten Son Jesus Christ in our lives this week in Jesus mighty name I pray amen. Have a blessed week.
Not long ago, I saw a worm crawling in the mud. Not to far from where I stood, I noticed a bird with a broken wing. That bird was walking along dragging his wing side him in that same mud. I did not feel sorry for the worm, no, that was its destiny to crawl along in the mud, but I did feel sorry for the bird with that broken wing. You see, that was not his destiny, that was not why he was created. The worm was made to crawl, but that bird was made to FLY! Fly high and free. Like myself, I was created to soar on the wings of eagles. I was made to worship and praise the Heavenly Father. I was created to have communion with my Creator. That is why God sent His Son to die for my sins. So I may be reconciled to Him and be His child, to worship and praise Him! And now being brought back by the blood of Jesus into the family of God, I can fulfill the reason for which I was formed. To serve Him! Thank You Jesus!!!
5/10/12 - It is my Anniversary Today! Yea...15 Years and Counting. Thank You Jesus!!! A 15 YEAR JOURNEY OF LOVE It was 15 years ago today, Jerome and I stood before our God, our families and our friends to exchange our vow of love, fidelity and respect one for another. On that day a three-fold cord (God & Husband & Wife) was formed and the journey of love began. In sickness and in health the three of us have walked firmly in faith and in loving compassion. In good times and in bad the three of us walked loving in God’s grace to be blessed, to bless & let go and let God. In the births and the addition of our children, the three of us walked lovingly hand in hand rejoicing. In the loss of loved ones the two of us were carried lovingly in the arms of our Heavenly Father as we were lovingly comforted by the Holy Spirit and by each other. Has it all been easy? Have Jerome and I faltered along the way? Are there things we would have changed had we known better? No it hasn’t all been easy, yes we h ...
Saturday Blessings to all my f/b family & friends, In Jesus Name! Giving all Praises for this Blessful brand new day, In Jesus Name! Thank you Father for waking us, and I sent out my Blessings and Love for the ones that did not!! Praise God, Praise His Holy Name!! God Is My Rock!! Thank You Jesus!! Without you I would not be nothing!! Thank you Lord! Heavenly Father I ask of you today to aniont us all with the Holy Spirit, Use Us Lord to your Will! Hallelujah!!! Alleluia! Yes, Yes Lord!!! In Jesus Name!!♥ Thank you!!♥ ' WILL OVERFLOW ' Let your roots grow down into Him, and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness. ♥ Colossians 2:7 NLT Expectations, deserve. Beware of entitled thoughts. If you fall into the trap of thinking you deserve something, then how can you be grateful for what you have? Besides, aren't your much happier when you are blessed with something you weren't expecting? Falling into the pit o ...
Let us pray!: Heavenly Father we honour thy name! Be magnified Oh! Jehovah Shallom! Let thy name be exalted! Na only you we know Oh! Jehovah Shammah! 'Daddy LORD! thank you for all weiten you don do for we. Thank you Daddy sey you no throwe we pa all de bad bad thing dem all we don do. Daddy you are great!' Jehovah Rohi! help us in the midnight hour. Deliver us from all the plans that our enemies have plotted against us in the name of Jesus Christ!!! Thank You Jesus Christ! Amen! Blessings!!! :): *Emmanuel Ayerboye Okine*
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