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Heather Morgan

Heather Morgan is an American actor and comedian.

"Lauren's been to Disney 21 times, Morgan has been there 20, and we went 4 times last year" they're 9 & 10 I'm 17 and I've been there once
There's a 7th grade girl that insists on calling me heather and gets really mad at me when I don't respond to it
Wow... Dad, Heather,Bella, Reilly and Conner all set up the tree without me. I'm crying.
you, me, heather, court, Morgan, Kenzee, Alyssa, and a couple more I think
Currently trying to make up songs about marine bio for the test tomorrow but heather won't let me do it to timber? Weird of her
Morgan! The other day I was listening to Christmas carols and that one song that stresses me out came on! Thought of you! 😂😂
Me and heather feel the same way right now 😳😒😕
Heather could have the baby any day now😊😊
Every time you eat or drink, you're either feeding a disease or fighting it. -Heather Morgan
And we can't forget our baby JoMo . Joseph Morgan
Apparently I don't look like a Morgan--more like a Heather.
I mean in not trying to get arrested, I like white girls
I mean it's organized. but it could use a douching. I need room.
I know I can trust Morgan with my life because even in my ugliest snapchats, she doesn't screenshot me.
“Haven't done any homework all break
Just smashed a whole pie with Heather.
Lol Morgan thinks I was productive over break.. Whadda joke
'Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.'. - Heather Morgan
Heather and Morgan with the 2 duty managers graham and wade 😂
Heather Morgan is so underrated. & I don't even like female singers, but I like her music.
If I get kidnapped Agent Morgan better be the detective looking for me.
So proud of my best friend for getting her tattoo💕💕
Social media >> Heather in Fort Morgan Colorado agrees with Mavericks Country Grill at WomTown
I wanna get the best Christmas present ever this year...😊
Tracy Morgan's baby looks just like him
Someone hangout with me and Morgan @ all my followers
Morgan is going to crack up when I answer the door because I'm in a pink and zebra robe and a towel on my head😂😂
So who's hanging out with me and Morgan today?😜
Please heather post more pics with captain morgan were starting to think you're cool
Heather- my brother use to hold me down and lick my face . Me- I bet that tasted gross
Now I'm really not staying with Heather this weekend
I had so much fun with and her family tonight. My thanksgiving totally turned around. 😊👍🍗
Heather asked me to be a bridesmaid. 😁
Heather came thru and let Morgan stay the night💘
So happy to be at my high school friend's wedding. Congrats Heather and Morgan!!! Love seeing my name like this:)
Okay, Heather Morgan. Lets see if I can come up with six things people may not know about me... 1. I'm left handed (and thus in my right mind). 2. I was an art major in college (for my bachelors degree). 3. I haven't had a cold in 6 years (hope I didn't just jinx myself). 4. I drove across the country with my youngest daughter to help her find a job and a place to live, planning to stay only 2 weeks. I've not been back to Georgia since then (almost 4 years ago) except for a stop in the Atlanta airport. 5. I'm 4+ years older than my hubby. 6. I had my last child (out of 3) when I was almost 40 years old.
Here are 4 random facts about me. Thank you Heather Morgan for being easy on me. 1) I used to be a photo addict. I probably have 3 or 4000 printed photos in a bin under my bed. 2) I like to bake, but don't really care much about cooking. 3) I kill plants- not intentionally 4) not a big shopper but I love shopping at Southern Hospitality in Plant City Be the 1st to like and I will give you a I hope I am playing this correctly :)
Georgia and I are working on our Christmas cards today and I need addresses!! Michelle Wiltse Asplund, Andrea Appleby Irwin, Heather Hatley, Heather Morgan, Jeff Smith, Kimberly Cole-Gordon, Orlando Alvarado Trevino, Sarah Davis-Hall, Sherrie George, Aimee Louise Altman, Deena Wilson Williams, Brooke Leilani Allenbaugh, Larissa Boling, Kaylie Emerson, Stephanie Emerson and Jill Bruley Lettow please PM me your addresses!! If I did not list you, I apologize but send me your address anyway, I would love to hear from everyone!
I went to Myers Market. We're having local grass fed burgers for dinner. Five minutes there and back, and they sell Traders Point products. This is where I'm buying meat from now on! And eggs and as many vegetables as they have available. Thank you, Heather Morgan-Whitis for recommending it.
can u please play redneck yacht club by craig morgan for Eric and Heather.
Bear Claw with Matt, Heather Morgan, and Rhonda L. Swetnam Daylight Donuts long as they last and 5"of blade free till 4!
I want to congratulate my son Don and dil Heather Morgan Shoemaker happy anniversary. You are the best. Love you so much. You are great and so precious!
Wow first heather hangs up, then Morgan 😂😳😞
I got 12. 1. I love 80s music. Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and Journey are my favorites. 2. I don't eat any meat on a bone (I know I'm weird) 3. I eat a BBQ sandwich with a fork (I don't like to get my fingers dirty). 4. I've known my husband my entire life. 5. I worry over everything and Frankie Farrow just says it is what it is and slow down and smell the roses. 6. I hate to sweat (one reason I will always be fat) 7. I have a tattoo and would love to have it removed. Something dumb I did when I was 16 and Ive outgrown the ink phase. 8. I have friends but only two best friends my husband and Heather Morgan Kohltfarber. 9. I love Memory Brooke Farrow and Christian Farrow as if I gave birth to them. 10. I hated school 11. I want to go to New York. 12. I'm completely in love with my life.
Heather Morgan gave me the number 7... Here goes... 1. I was born just outside of Chicago in a suburb called Oak Park. My father hung a banner outside their apartment that said, "It's a girl!" 2. We moved to the Miami area when I was just a few months old. I lived there until I went off to college in Pasadena, CA. 3. I was always one of those people who sat in the back of the class and prayed the teacher wouldn't call on me to get up and speak. As I got older, however, I discovered I actually enjoyed public speaking. I have given several sermons at Desert Oasis Community Church and thoroughly enjoyed speaking. 4. I got married before age 20 and have remained married to the same man for 37 years. We've had some ups and downs over the years, but there's no one else I want to be with. He's my best friend and the love of my life. 5. I have assisted in the birth of numerous baby piglets...the mother was having trouble getting them out, so I had to go in and help pull them out. 6. My son's mother-in-law is my . ...
You are God's beloved. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. - Tom Morgan
“exercise. exerci. exer. ex. extr. extra f . extra fries” reminded me of you. STAT
Hanging out with dom, billy, Morgan, Roberto and tommy is like a meat fest cause heather and I are the only girls lol
hitting the slopes with Felicia, Riley, Morgan, Heather, Dillon & Kyle!
Morgan Jacobson and heather brown combine for 34 tonight in 30 point blow out win
You don't hate on Morgan freeman. You just don't.
high sugar yielding grasses lead to more effic use of N in rumen + more sugars in silage to drive fermentation. Heather McCalman
"Well managed grass is the cheapest food for ruminant livestock" Heather McCalman (IBERS)
Keep calm and vote for Joseph Morgan♥
Why does Morgan always win battles against me? 😒 shrinking pills are definitely SUPER real and she just convinced Heather otherwise..
I have no pictures with you what'so ever heather. Omg why.
we had so much fun too! 😔😭 we need another reunite during thanksgiving and Christmas break!!
If I didn't have Morgan and Heather to vent to, I don't know what I'd do. 😳
glad you enjoyed. Heather adds a fun element. Does Carly know about Morgan?
Congrats to Morgan DiVello, Heather Visco, Erin DiDonato and Lauren Conway on their college signings. Sorry I missed it guys
The only females i can stand is morgan, aarastyn, naeisha, heather, my brothers girlfriend sarah, Miranda & kate. ♥♡♥
Welp. Morgan and Doug just pushed Cliff into Heather. That's done.
Why does heather have to keep Morgan and I separated?
And I'm so lucky to have chantel and Morgan too. You guys are amazing I love you both
OMG!!! Danny and Mindy are too cute together!!! But poor Mindy with the texts I mean -.- wow poor Morgan w Heather too:/
Remember to wear your heather hall t-shirts tomorrow! 💚💜💖
This is the most random party ever. Somehow I feel like Heather and Morgan are perfect for each other.
Happy Birthday Livvy! Hope you and Heather are both doing well also! :)
Yup, walls down in back. welcome on board as well to Paul, Heather, Gary Reannae, and Morgan, great to have...
Heather Morris! And I know... I'm not ready to see what's gonna happen with this...
I think you spelled police wrong Morgan
WOW Scott & Heather - no wonder he's so F'd up. & Morgan SMH he's such an annoying little whiner (jmo)
Morgan, YES! I did! Carly is in Franco's suite. She is concerned. RU OK? Huge revelation finding out Heather is UR mom.
Welcome, welcome, welcome new friends Heather Keeney and Morgan Moon!!
Great time tonight with Mandy Beck, Becki Henson, Heather Morgan, Stacey Jackson, Misty Thrasher, Alicia Reaves, Kenya Hayes and the men! I think the kiddos had fun too :-D Thanks for having us Becki!
happy halloween everyone, Aaron Lazarus Kevin Shannon Danger Danger Pippin Robin Watts Heather Morgan and Melody Kirton and all my other friends with wee monsters I look forward to the pics!
Heather Morgan, write it down in the books, I clocked in early this morning!!
Heather Morgan this website does beautiful clothes
So all week long Google Adwords has been spamming me with ads to buy business cards... business cards! Get your...
The fact that our heart yearns for something Earth can't supply is proof that Heaven must be our home.
They called it...going with the prelim results...WE ARE in our area going to state! Go Hachie! So proud of y'all!
4 bands performed...then the rain! Still in a holding pattern waiting for it to stop raining...
Top 10! Random draw...and we go LAST again...10:15! They did so awesome! State, here we come!
good looking girls — Laura heather Morgan Jennifer Alex Jodie Suzanne Roisin mollie cba naming more
I love band!!! Watching all of our competition today on the way to state in San Antonio next week...not worried yet! We perform at 5!
Heather Morgan and Wyatt Degrange are the winners of two tickets each.
Shout out to Heather Morgan who is celebrating her birthday at this year's STARsummit conference!! Heather is one...
Heather Morgan...beautiful day for a football game. Hope Randolph Macon wins! Enjoy!
Would like to give a huge huge THANK YOU to everyone who made Desierae Hill's day special yesterday ! Denise Deyesu Pam Heschel Doelze Fred Deyesu Anthony Deyesu Lynne Slack for helping so much w the set up & planning and Brad Delbridge at grill sensations for the DELICIOUS pit ham and turkey and Paul Donald for the awesome music!! Also Tressie Hibbs Toi Downing Richardson Jaime Donald heather Johnson kristyn slack Whitman for all the support ! Next one end of July! Desi is so loved!
Heather René Morgan It occurs to me that for each and every one of you on my friends list, I catch myself looking at your pictures, sharing jokes and news, as well as support during good and bad times. I am also happy to have you among my friends. We will see who will take the time to read this message until the end. If you appreciate your friends from all over the world, go ahead and copy this into your status too, even if just for a minute. I'm going to be watching to see who takes care of the friendship, just like me. Thank you all for being a part of my life. Copy and paste please, don't share!
Sordid Lives friends. Dr. Eve isn't very sentimental, you know. But Lisa Joyce is a big ole softie who is rarely at a loss for words, until now: Thanks to you all. Heather Dunkin, Robert Salberg, Mario Gonzalez, Ken Hermens, Monique Morgan, Robynn Hayek, Lyndsey Fields Houser, Tom Mayhall Rastrelli, Bruce Kepford, Steve Cromer, Kate Thomas, More tags in a minute... FB isn't cooperating.
Just want to take a minute to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers for my family! Please continue to pray for Heather and Cole Ezelle and our family! Many rough days still ahead!
I have sooo many beads and I completely forgot abt these!!! Summer crafts, here we come... Heather Schrader Simpson April Bobbert Morgan Stevens and all my other peeps ;)
Had a great weekend with all my kids!!! Love them all so much!!! Heather Wilson Kelbey Wilson Morgan Harness KayLea Harness EJ Banuelos Ashley Harness, Mattie Wilson!!!
Who has been the person that has helped you the most in getting your Summer Body Confidence back? Tag them below to let them know how much you appreciate their support.
I just wanted to say My boyfriend is amazing my best friends are amazinf Heather Friedman Liz Morgan Maribel Gallo Justin Kolasa Shawn Arnott I love you guys Josue BritesBrutes your amazing
Dear DOG LOVERS, I need advice. I have two poodles who have lived in one house their whole lives for 8 years now. We just moved which is obviously causing them stress. The minute we leave our new condo they start howling and crying so loud it wakes and bothers our new neighbors. How do I help them feel more comfortable and stop them from doing that?
Heather Vincent, Kody Sanders and Morgan Sanders sure would like to hear about your trip.
When you were picking names for your lo was there name your SO liked that you didn't. How did you handle it?- Amanda
PHOTO CONTEST is now open ! Every like counts as a vote. The photo with the most likes will win a free bow ! You MUST like my page for your vote to count ! Feel free to share your child's picture and tag who ever you'd like, but remember they must like my page for their vote to count ! GOOD LUCK to everyone who entered ! Contest will end on Monday June 24th at 5 pm.
Fabulous Carvery with Heather Bates-Morgan at Scaz La Malecita - 3 Types of meat, a whole of veg and a drink each and the bill was under €20!! GREAT VALUE - next time we will allow more time to enjoy the meal instead of having to eat and run!
My baby turned 15 today! Happy Birthday Morgan! I am so proud of the young lady that you have become!!! I love you!!! :)
Would just like to say a massive thankyou to the new Mr and Mrs Mulroney for the invite to your beautifull wedding and reception. What a amazing day! Bloody awesome.. Congratulations and hope you both have a amazing life together x
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had fun picking strawberries with one of my favorites, Alec and Heather Ventrella Gagliardo. I then celebrated with a new high school grad, Morgan. Good times all around. Great family day.
Dear God.thank you for this beautiful start to this important day in Jackson's life. We will welcome officially as the wonderful Child of God that he is. Looking forward to spending the day with the Morgan and Good families. Bless us with peace in our hearts as we join Jax on his journey. I have to be honest church family. CAN'T WAIT to share this with you too!
Soo exhausted!!! Finally made it home a hr a go with two kids asleep , drive inn wore them out ! Had a great time but lugging in two boys in all of our stuff . To find that Cc decides to sneak out on me while i was bringing them in one by one , thought i heard her outside but wasnt sure so after putting kids in jammies in bed had to go outside and yell for her , here she comes jingling and creeping knowing she done wrong but I was to tired to even scold her . Shrew I got headache now but it was worth it . Really enjoyed man of Steele but there's one part in the movie about mother n son bond/ that melted my heart what Brent mason said , mom if any man ever done that to you , try to hurt you that's what they'll get ! Kaboom ! Hands all in the air as he was so excited with intensity he accidently hit the car horn , We all fell out laughing in the car but I just hugged and kissed him afterwards as he laid in my lap watching the movie . All in all we had a wonderful night ! Ty Tara Pirkle and family for ...
7 years ago today I gave birth to the beautiful Miss Macey Moo.happy birthday sweetheart,,hope you have a fab you millions Mammy Daddi Morgan Chloe and Buddy boy xxx
Roll call! :) since we have a couple hundred new fans since I did this! Name, age how many kids, names and ages :) Im Sam, 20. Have three kids kihlynn is 2 and karter and kinlee are 5 months next week :) -SAM
Feeling some type if way.. Can't wait till "it's" finally all mine
King sen new pics of me enjoy y'all comment my pics if u like or give me a thumbs up
Abby Wambach ties Mia Hamm's record with this well-taken goal at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, N.J.
To all my family and friends! My Hubby .. Morgan...had a heart attack ...just home from hospital..he is doing great! They did put in 2 stents...and he really does seem to be doing good...and I say that...believing that! He sounded good...looked good...they said he should be able to come 2 or 3 days... I'll keep you I learn...what's up...xx
Safety 1st-Safety 1st® Deluxe Sit, Snack, & Go Convertible Booster - Pink-BO060BAQ1-The Deluxe Sit, Snack and Go Convertible Booster Seat by Safety 1st® grows with your child. Starting out with a full seat that includes armrests and tray, it's easy to move through the different modes to bes...
Just left Jimmy Buffet with Jarrod and Morgan we had a great time!
I am buckling down and placing my Stella & Dot order...need someone now who sells it?
Lol!! I swear FIFi just opened the back gate for Cash to escape󾌯. And that's my entertainment for this Saturday󾍇󾆷. Luvin every minute of it!!
Phase 3 Events is proud to presents Seattle's only HARD DANCE SERIES MAYHEM!!! Another night of the best of hard music!!! This is the battle of the ages... We are taking one of Seattle's established hard veterans, & paring the up with at hot new rookie dj for a battle of wits, skills, tracks & mixing. Who will dominate the dance floor, young blood or experience??? Marc Pospisil || Julie Ann Pratt || Jaci Ruvo || Cassidy Melody || Heather Vexx || Gina Renata || Miss Kaija || Christopher Hikari || Jeremy Denny || Malcolm Bourgeois
A lil impromptu of Landslide Dedicated to my Family
Super excited to see the following people tomorrow: Jim Michelle Chick, Jim Chick, Tommy Chick, Timmy Chick, Heather Vincent Legg and Colton, Tutu Vincent, Morgan Laughlin, and RJ Hall!!
It was a great 2-day adoption fair at the Chickasha Animal Shelter!! Eleven dogs were adopted yesterday and today! Whoot whoot! I want to personally thank ALL the volunteers that helped with this event!! Also, thank you to the employees of the shelter!! Ya'll ALL did an AWESOME job! I am proud to be part of this community! 󾌵 A very special thank you to Holly McDonald Franklin and her kiddos, Fran Morris, Leslie McDonald Ledford, Morgan Kelsi Ledford, Renee Watt, Nancy Ashley, Jan Pamplin, and Krystal White Jarnagin!! Ya'll are AMAZING!! 󾮞󾮞󾮞󾮞
BBF A-Z (round 2) Name a BBF whose name begins with the letter B. Rules: 1. List the BBFs name, the book he lives in and the name of the wonderful author who created him. 2. Check the list, if you know him, click "like". If you don't know him, it is time to go meet him. 3. I will post a new letter/ round about every hour until bedtime. When I get up, we will continue until we have completed the alphabet. Don't forget you can always go back to an earlier letter/round and add to the list. :-D
Order Miche Bag Online!
Next Week's Menu Beginning Monday... The Special: Cajun Pulled Pork Sandwich I cajun injected the pork roast with a special blend of herbs, spices and butter. Slow cooked in a smoker for that "fall off the bone" goodness. Simmering in a sweet BBQ sauce. On a large bun topped with fried onions and bell peppers and a slaw for that crunch. If you want it "Cajunized" we'll add some peppers. Served with french fries a huge meal for just $8.00 (Lg Drink $2 more) New Orleans Beignets The Cajun Dounut - Warm small fried breads sprinkled generously with powdered sugar, made famous in the French Quarter of New Orleans 4/$4.00 "Jambalaya, crawfish pie, file' gumbo..." Experience what Hank Williams Sr. sang about in his song with: Our delicious cajun chicken and sausage gumbo.$5.00 Chicken and sausage Jambalaya.$5.00 Our "out of this world" Po Boys (Shrimp or Catfish).$8.00 Shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana. Can't get no better, unless you're on the boat. 8 inch soft bun with lettuce ...
is heading to celebrate with one of my three beautiful nieces graduating this year. So proud of all of you Kristen Argue, Allison Morgan and Heather Marie Deck.
Anyone got any pictures or videos of us? Let's see em!
Hates being home alone things got to change
Back to work finally with Heather Nicole Quinn, Tabetha Greco, Julianne Drinkard, Renee Coscia, Morgan King, Stephen Moore, Kevin Offerman, Kevin Schroder, Izzy Manz, and George Green! So glad to be back
Plans Monday at dusk? I've got wine, chocolate, cheese, *** & popcor! Come one n all to the Midtown Crossing movie in the park featuring BACK TO THE FUTURE. Great Scott, nostalgia is kicking in. Family friendly event!
Thoughts on Ashton Matthew Church...if its a boy? Gigi Tinney Dodson Sharon Kelly Gayle Wilburn Bealer Heather Morgan
Anyone with a daughter or student (or skinny self) who might be interested in gently worn designer jeans or dresses? Some are older, but some are from this year. Sizes 24/25 (jeans include Citizens, Hudson, TR, 7FAM, Joe's, J Brand, etc.) and 0 dresses. If anyone is interested, I'd be glad to drop them off...otherwise, they are heading to Goodwill...
Morgan Borchert rode Admiral in the Dressage intro A test... Landed a 66 and was SECOND! As well.. Mallie Bryant and Ranger were First in the Intro B and Heather Rockwell and Carousel's Puttin on the Ritz landed a second as well in the USEA Beginner Novice test A... SO proud of my show team riders and farms.. Great job ladies!
Ready for my house warming party! Thanks to Diane Hempe, Heather Barndt, Patrick McGrady!!
Thank You Guys Soo Much for Supporting Morgan Michael's Salon!!! Thank You To the Wonderful Girl's Heather, Lindsay & Lisa!!! U Guys are AMAZING!!! Thank YOu to the Parents and MTHS Cheerleaders for coming out!!! Now It's Time For a VACAY!!! ;)
If you are one of those folks who care more about how the world will perceive you by the company you choose to keep then might you take a good hard long look at who you have chosen to become by allowing others to basically run your life according to their standards!!!You can bet your *** on this that I won't allow ANYONE to dictate my life to me!I love those who choose to be part of my life and give the same back in return 100%!!!They all matter to me!!!
Just for the record shopping alone *** and my inner conscious is having a hard time keeping me from spending. Thanks a lot Heather Cox May and Morgan Holbert!
We had a great time last night at our sleep over thanks for all that came we enjoyed it !! Alicia O'Neal Yates Madison Cate Frith Cierra Herrington MacKenzie Breanna Colvin Caitlin Swain Morgan Danielle Ponder Michaela Katherine Lewis Heather Seffens & Natalie Foster
Beautiful day on the beach. Seeing Tracey Morgan tonite at the borgata thanks to my son bobby & heather󾬓!!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Thank you Heather Morgan for the pictures you tagged to us...We enjoy them so much.Love you Girl.
Are there places to visit or hang out in Seattle on a weekday with a puppy in tow, or do we need to get doggy daycare?
I quit the club. Welcome back Friday and Saturday nights, you are now free for plans :) sooo Ashley Errington , Nicole Johnson , Dana Woods , Bex Moss, Matt Meadows , Allison Morgan , Meaghan DeCoy , Scott P. Suarez , Heather Gott , etc... I can actually be a friend now! Ye
I woke up this morning and the Internet was working!! I was so excited. I made plans to jump in the shower, then get some work done before I head off to Wabash for the day. I got out of the Internet. Well, I am off to sell tickets at the Harley Davidson store in Wabash until 3. If you would like a chance to win a 2013 streetglide or would like to support the Maconaquah band stop out and see me, if you won't be in the Wabash area today, inbox me and I will deliver them!! $20 for 1 ticket, $100 for 6
How do we like: Sofia Noeleen Carpeno for a girl? Jayden ( ) Carpeno for a boy? I need middle name suggestions here.
Had a lush lye on,,thanks kids xx gonna have some grub(somthing greasy :)),,clean this house.then get my dancing shoes on and get out there and dance my little socks off.
Would like to say Heather Morgan you look amazing and your one very brave lady for going through under the circumstances x
Hope the birthday boys Andrew Veloso and Josh Veloso have a great day! ...Along with the other June 22 birthdays Heather Merrithew , Morgan Sandoval and Jennie De Leon Bourque 's son - Ace.
Both girls are throwing up from the Doxycycline. They both have fevers but keep throwing up the Ibuprofen. The leaflet says vomiting is a "side effect that does not require medical attention". It's hard to keep giving it to them when it makes them so sick but those Lymes bugs must die! It's going to be a long haul :(
Great night last night. Drinks were flowing (probably a bit too well) had a good sing along and dance to the fab band Callout Jam Bolton. Great night lads. You were awesome, Thanks for a great night Heather Marsh Linda Morgan Kate Leach love you girls muchly xxx
Happy 8 th Birthday to our special birthday girl Olivia hope you have a really great day love u loads n loads Mum , Dad and Jennifer XxXx
Rural sports yesterday - Lionel school 2nd in S1, 2nd in S2 . Winners , Morgan Macsween 100m and long jump , Katie Murray high Jump , Mary Macleod 100 and long jump , Heather Manby , high Jump , Mairi Morrison (Habost ) 100m and 800m , George Waddington , high jump and long jump . Any others will publish later . Well done to Shawbost S2 - winners and last sports for them .
Like for a HOT or NOT being truthful
Great finish to my birthday! Thanks for all the birthday wishes from everyone. Special thanks to all that made it great!!!
I believe The Karo Krew raised $1,500 for the Relay For Life of Ardmore, OK. Special thanks to Becky Lynn, Heather Wild Holland, Belinda Banks Wild, Sarah Morgan. And everyone who came out to support the karo Krew and Karen Roe.
Heather Morgan you should make your yummy meatballs for the reunion:):):) I want some badly!!!
Need to finish up my toddlers and tantrums article - so, help, everyone! Please post me your Top 5 Tips for Managing Toddler Tantrums! Go! Go!
Regarding Paula Deen's firing, Morgan Kokoro Johnson phrased it best: "This action does not mean Paula Deen is a racist; it means Paula Deen is not a DEMOCRATIC DONOR. If she were an outspoken sycophant for President Obama she could dance naked on national TV wearing only a KKK hood and kicking black babies into traffic and still not be called racist."
MCD was Established in 1998! I could Seriously write a book on the Do's & Do Not's of owning a studio.Lol & I'm still learning. The RollerCoaster of Emotions was all worth it in the end! Wait, no End! This is Just the Beginning of what MCD is going to be. Hard Hard Work to teach someone to dance & to make them the Best they can be! Every Student! Not just that 1 dancer with Potential but all of them! That's what makes MCD so unique. We want everybody to be Great! Here we are 15 Years later! Thank you to Christina Schallenberg, Katie Geeck, Glen Meynardie, Destini Rogers, My Family, our MCD Graduates & everyone else that stood by me & these kids 100%. You Never let me down. You stood by me through it all. Good times & bad! Time for these kids to "Live" on that stage tomorrow & Represent! Thank you!
If my daughter "twerks" at all before she is out of the house, she will be in home confinement until she's 21. People these days.
TKD Dawg Pound Demo Team, our first demo is July 27 at Main Street Moments from 12 noon to 1 pm. Hopefully we will not be interrupted this year. We will have demo practice on July 11, 18, 25 for 1 hour only, and during the adult class while the adults are doing self defense. If you are part of a sync form, try to find a song that matches your tempo and message the title to Kasey if you cannot burn a copy yourself. White belt form, yellow belt form and green belt form will be done in teams to music, still working on purple and blue. Black belts and candidates, brown belts, and red belts may have opportunities to do solo katas. Be thinking of your one best kata, either open hand or with a weapon. If you don't have something to perform, support the novices in their acts. Be their "life line". The 3 team katas we are doing at Karate College will be in this demo. If you are a new white belt you will demonstrate basic punches and kicks. Don't spaz. Brown belts, up to and including black belts will be in blue .. ...
ER nurses have the happiest babies...
Pls mi fb frens don't send me anymore game request im gud i don't play any dam games except wit men last warning start deleted mf foreal
Had a really good day today with my little man Oliver :) see spent time with Auntie Heather, Elaine and Morgan. Not its time to relax and prepare for tomorrow.
An album for infographics, etc. to help with your dog's and families safety and well-being!
Tomorrow there will be exactly a week til our wedding! Hoping to see all mine and Chris Holt 's friends and famiee there! I hope everyone that was invited makes it and then some(:
In this beautifully written piece, a writer describes an experience in which she moved between two realities. When attacked and almost choked to death, she tuned into a presence that utterly transformed the experience and arguably saved her life. She begins her description of the event: I read a sto...
I just bought a 1/2 yellow watermelon at the grocery store. While cashing out, the cashier says, "Oh that's weird. What is this? A watermelon? It must be a hybrid or something or one of those chemically modified watermelons, you know where the scientists turned it yellow. That's not natural." I had considered not saying anything to her at all but my crap meter is pretty low and propagating ignorance with silence is not how I roll. So, I schooled her for 12 mins on the different colours heirloom fruits & vegetables come in and that the fruits and vegetables that the grocery store stock are not the model or standard by which we should gauge the food pyramid on. *sigh*
As its no little one refused to cooperated. No gender this time. Have to go back next Thursday.
Wishing lots of love and prayers to Mike LaRock, Emily LaRock, Monica Podol, Greg A O'Hara, Spencer O'Hara, Emily Jackson,Josh Hofacker, Nancy Lottman Cohen, Morgan Ballou and the rest of Haygood's ASP team as they head out for West Virginia tomorrow morning. Keeping homes warmer, safer and drier. ❤
A nervous wreck at Verizon getting my galaxy S4.not sure if I want to give to my iPhone but the s4 is so sweet. Am I kicked out of group chat Jandy Rowell Latasha Underwood Morgan Jacobsen???
So stressed that I'm going to forget something really important for this trip. Just hope it is something we can get at the grocery store!
A press conference is scheduled for 6 p.m. today at the Morgan County Sheriff's Department in Versailles to provide details of the capture of Brian Adkison, 23, who has eluded law enforcement officials for several days. He's wanted in connection with the alleged kidnapping and sexual assault of 23-year-old Lauren Crawford of Caldwell County. Adkison was apprehended by Morgan County Deputy Mike Miehaus. Adkison was reportedly wearing shorts and flip flops when he was apprehended. Check back here or check for more details as they emerge.
Attention!!! Comment below with your due date or tag someone in this status who is expecting and I will give away ONE free maternity session. ♥ I will pick a winner tomorrow night!
So... Now that Ive lost my Wife "Heather Carpenter", Son "Mikey Jr", Step-Son Cameron Morgan, Truck, Trailers/Equipment, Business "SunnyScapes, LLC", House, probably mother Fran Willett, and basically whole life... What are me and my daughter Jordan Carpenter supposed to do next?
Great party last night! Thanks so much to everyone that came through and party'd it up with us! Huge Shout Out to the Reignman Shawn Kemp for allowing us to make such a dope tee, having the release party at his spot, and for hanging out with everybody last night! Special S/O also to the entire crew of Oskar's Kitchen, our man Sesei 23 for the sick artwork, DJ DTL for the cuts, Nick & Morgan for the upcoming video, and our guy Marcus who was behind the camera all night!!! Pics and video to come!
Just ran into my sweet friend Heather and her beautiful daughter Morgan. We've got to get together soon!!
1200m in 7.13 powered by Bacon & Brie Baguettes Inspired by Food Express with Heather Bates-Morgan, Mark Holden, Ellie Barnett and Craig Lewthwaite. I wish I had remembered my booost oxygen Eesti - 99,5% Hapnik though
Heather Pratt Morgan and Donald Pratt love u more than anything
This is for u Heather Pratt Morgan love u more than I love my self
Morgan had her newborn photos taken by BlueiStudios this morning.O...M...G! Can't wait to see them! Thanks Heather for being so great with our baby girl!!
Sister and I Planning a Trip to the Beach and Dodger Stadium next weekend, any ideas on where to stay, that is reasonable?
Valerie Tappenden Stephens, Morgan Peitz Abela, Eric Thornton, Laura Kline Thornton Thinking of you all during these terrible floods in Alberta. Please stay safe!!
Wambach makes history as USA wins (Submitted by Sports Journalist) MOVE OVER Mia Hamm. Abby Wambach is now the greatest goal scorer in international soccer. Wambach scored four times in the first half to break Hamm's record for international career goals with room to spare in a 5-0 victory over South Korea on Thursday night. The four goals gave the 33-year-old Wambach 160, two more than Hamm had in a storied career that ended in 2004. Wambach connected three times in the first 29 minutes to break Hamm's mark of 158 international goals, and she added another in injury time to give her a nice round number. Ali Daie of Iran holds the men's record with 109. The historic 159th came on a line-drive header that ripped into the twine in the back of the net off a corner kick by Megan Rapinoe. ''I'm just so proud of her,'' Hamm said. ''Just watching those four goals, that's what she is all about. She fights for the ball, she's courageous and she never gives up. Her strength and perseverance is what makes her so gre ...
The toothfairy comes again tonite!!! Three times in two weeks...and the best part is I haven't had to pull any of them..yes I am a big sissy when it comes to teeth and I am not afraid to admit it!!
All purpose parts banner
Remembering Myrtle Baker on her birthday. Hope you're having a happy birthday celebration, Myrtle...with all the fine souls who have left us and gone to join you. May you all RIP or, are you resting at all? Talking, playing, shaking dice? You are loved.
Wesley Morgan is loaded with herpes!!
OMG! Check out this ultra-amazing UtopYA Authors Giveaway! Enter to win some amazing books and swag by authors you love - Shelli Johannes Wells, Tiffany King, Raine Thomas, Carol Kohnert Kunz, Quinn Loftis, Morgan Wylie, Laura Elliott, Ella James, Sarah Ross, Heather Self, Chelsea Fine and Amy Jones.
RI Residents and Dog Advocates Everywhere, please do all of us RI dogs a favor, we are counting on you! GREAT NEWS!!! Anti BSL bill H5671 Unanimously passed in the RI House Judiciary Committee last night. Now it is imperative we keep the momentum going and contact members of the House to let them know we want their support. We were told they were flooded with emails from people - emails work, please take a few minutes and send some out. Sample Email: Re: H 5671 Dear Representative, I am contacting you to demonstrate my full support of House Bill 5671, sponsored by Representatives Palangio, Williams, Palumbo, Lima and DeSimone. Please, vote yes on House Bill 5671. Thank you. Here's who to contact: 1 Rep. Edith H. Ajello rep-ajello274-7078 Bio 2 Rep. Christopher R. Blazejewski rep-blazejewski484-8814 Bio 3 Rep. Thomas A. Palangio rep-palangio248-8877 Bio 4 Rep. Gordon D. Fox rep-fox222-2447 Bio 5 Rep. John J. DeSimone rep-desimone351-7373 Bio 6 Rep. Raymond A. Hull rep-hull272-4026 Bio 7 Rep. ...
Morning listening... the impressive Hollywood project by Heather Morgan
Well 5am 2 mile run 6 am work out with my honey Heather Morgan at the Cottonwood Rec. center, what a morning and I feel good yea thanks you Jesus!!!
Praying for the Julia and Duane Martin families, their friends David & Heather Morgan (leader in Waxahachie...
neither did I. It's me you Emily Ashlyn jada Morgan heather sonny. I think that's all
“The little blazer baseball players outside of Walmart are way to cute how can I not buy stuff from them?!” My thoughts.
aye roll wit me to Morgan and heather thing tonight
Favorite Year 10's — Rachel, Heather, Laura and Morgan but i have never spoke to the rest bc posh and i ceebs wi...
My first year of college has been fun though. Made new friends I wouldn't give up.
Me: I just realized how drunk I am. Ghost tour man: who's a famous pirate?? Heather: Captain Morgan!!
Had a great day with my babies. Emily, heather, Morgan. Abby, and Bree 😘
Heather "Hella" Thompson, Ramona Singer and Carole Radziwill back for Sonja Morgan pending - LuLu & Aviva most likely out.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
looking much more threatening through Alex Morgan, and Heather O'Reilly hits the post, though the flag was up for offside.
Alex Morgan , heather Oreilly , Sydney leroux ( I am making this up) lol
Morgan and I both ate outdated meat today and our stomachs are hurting... Think there is a coincidence?
I said I wanna be skinny like her... Morgan says "you wanna try crack, doesn't it make you skinny?" -___-
Heather re:piers Morgan and his stupid gun control ideas, you're not even from this country mind your business
You make me wanna with Heather and Morgan
the book is called spoiled by Heather *** and Jessica Morgan
Well, we have Morgan and Heather was gonna play with us, which I didn't know. So we're worried about having too many girls.
“Is it passive-aggressive if I buy this for my boys? hashtag ever!
-__- BYE “50% of Morgan's apartment is of pillows”
50% of Morgan's apartment is of pillows
off to see small Morgan with Josh's mum
Heather rang me on Morgan's phone earlier and made me guess who it was and it took me 6 minutes, she was so good at putting an accent on omg
I’m so confused. Why wouldn’t Bravo sign Sonja Morgan for another season? Why are they keeping Heather? I DON’T GET IT.
For darkness restores, what light cannot repair.. said off
Derek Morgan is the reason I watch criminal minds. This episode is amazing!
no i mean when I get it off, my mom cuts the casts off
you should know I can't. Heather won't allow it.
Quote of the day for weekly operations meeting courtesy of Dr. Seuss and our GM Heather Morgan
lol negative. It's Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman I think
Hi grace Morgan and heather, wait not heather.
ha it's alright. I might change my mind if Heather closes though
Listening to needtobreathe gets me so excited.
Thank god I have a best friend like Heather and Morgan...
This spring break was boring. All I did was go see doctors cuz I am so disabled and hang out w/ heather,morgan&taya and I do that everyday
Another great item from advantagebymail on eBay!
Criminal minds has stolen my life .
Opening 25th anniversary craft fair of K&C Cancer Care Club in with Heather Morgan and Daphne Woodcock
Lauren Alaina debuts a new song 'Break Down' from upcoming album LONG ISLAND, Ny., March 8, 2013 - Country newcomer Lauren Alaina treated fans to the debut of a brand new song "Break Down" during her performance at WJVC Girls With Guitar concert last night (March 7). The mid-tempo pop-flared Country ballad, written by Heather Morgan and Jimmy Robbins, is off the singer's upcoming sophomore effort, set for release later this year. "This is one of my new songs," she began before launching into a fantastic delivery of the tune. "So, I'm just gonna sing it." The young starlet first rose to national prominence on American Idol in 2011, coming in second place to winner Scotty McCreery. Since then, Alaina has released her debut album Wildflower and has slowly... ~MusicIsMyLife
I needed that thanks for being great hosts and serving fantastic prime rib Moose Lodge and thanks for date night Heather Morgan
So here's a special shout out to sum friends I'm curious how u r doing or have not heard from ya:) Amanda Lovingood hey wondering how u n baby r doing? Christina R Chastain hi gurl n e luck on the job hunt? I'm thinking of getting bac n health care too:) Christine Marie Wilde Boyd hi how r doing love?? Lacey Cunningham Andrews how r u doing do u leave to Japan next month? How's the weight loss coming along?? Jerry Garcia hey bud how u doing? Garrett Jolliff my love how r u? I miss u? Heather Morgan how r u long time no hear:( Sasha Kellogg how u Been miss u Marlene Hintermaier how's my gorgeous Germen friend doing:) Tina Gallo how's ur Mom doing?? I hope well.. Hope to hear from u all take care xoxo
Authorized by a 1975 ordinance to encourage public support for and understanding of the arts, the 15-member, mayor-appointed Chicago Council on Fine Arts (CCFA) began work in December 1976, led by Executive Director (and noted cultural activist) Heather Morgan. Under Morgan and her successors, the C...
I am. I am. That's why when Heather has Morgan, 'Im going to keep her so it'll make me wait some more lol
"I feel like my boobs aren't even connected to my body ..."
Warning! There is a giant mob of bloodthirsty ticks crawling around like a pack of Gremlins headed towards a public swimming pool to reproduce en masse! ...
Let the Third Day of Christmas begin! Good luck everyone!
CONGRATULATIONS to the November Student of the Month. K - Lauren Austin 1 - Hunter Barnett 2 - Eliza Alvarez 3 - Aaliyah Smith 4 - Heather Demkowski 5 - Hunter Duke 6 - Austin Ruh 7 - Noah Smith 8 - David Whitehead 9 - Kilsun Keagy 10 - Morgan McCurry 11 - Austin Signor 12 - Dylan Knapp I will be handing out certificates on Friday the 14th (today) as long as the teachers are there to sign the certificates for the students they nominated. Look for the pic in the Homer Index in the next couple weeks. Once again, CONGRATS to all the Students!!
D1:Morgan has been Coatesvilles iron man
A former confessed shopoholic, as seen on The Oxygen Netoworks "My Shopping Addiction" I found that I needed to figure out what was casuing my shopping problem. So I created something where I can keep up my looks, spa treatments, and beauty for a fraction of the costs. And now I want to share it wit...
heather brought it :) her mom decorated it! & I think I can do that for you lol.
Our annual Holly and Heather Christmas Concert is coming up this weekend and Morgan dancer's are ready to perform their traditional and choreographed dances. They have been working hard since October to prepare and we are excited to showcase them this Sunday, Decemeber 16th at the Port Arthur Prosvita from 2:00-4:00. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for children 12 and under. Babies/toddlers up to age 2 are free. Come out and support Morgan's School of Highland Dancing and get into the Christmas spirit!
You are right Richard. But Daggers Drawn has many stories about the daring of the SBS too! Cheers Mike Morgan
I am SO excited to see what God has in store for me and
I stood about 5 feet away from Heather O'Riley, about 10 feet away from ALEX MORGAN, and got Amy Rodriguez's autograph! 😃💙❤⚽
Shout out of love & adoration to my Prince Heather Strange, Justin Glazner my savior w cherry coke, & Captain Morgan my hero!
Anyone having a baby in the next 2 weeks??? I might be able to cut you a sweet deal. (Needs to be no older than 10 days old)
Congrats to Heather Renee Morgan and Quiana Sewell, you both have won a lip balm of your choice flavor! Please message me your address and flavor choice! :)
NO, i dont like it... I don't like it at all !!! Im just gonna run.. Like you should start doin*cough
make up your all time favorite USWNT XI
In honor of 12-12-12 I challenge you today to do 12 pushups 12 jumping jacks 12 burpees and 12 squats. Post when your done. Have fun. : )
When miss Morgan said heather was the spon of satan
Congratulations to Heather Duff from Henley Beach who was the winner of the Bowls SA and Bowls Australia Ipad Mini competition at the 2012 World Championships. Karen Fensom, Brenda Evans, Dave Hayworth, Althea Page and Mary Morgan were all winners of bowls showbags. Congratulations to all the winners!
FWD: I never drink alone i drink with my imaginary friends jack daniels and captain morgan😏😏
***CASTING CALL*** THE SHOOT: Snow Bunnies in Love, by Morgan Werner Photography and Susanne Ashby Photography THE MODELS (that's you!): A cute engaged couple or newly married couple, in their early 20's, who enjoy wearing Pinteresty (yes I just made that word up) snow clothes and frolicking in the snow. WHEN: January 2013 WHERE: Sierra Nevada Mountains Contact me at morganwith a little info about you two and some cute pics. We'll be deciding on our models in the next couple of weeks! :-)
Derek Morgan was raped on this show 💔😭😢👎
Prettiest 5th year girls? — answered this before. rachel, morgan, mel, heather and shannon t...
I miss you too baby. We do. Richard and Heather already moved though so I won't be going to Heron Isles anymore. ):
come on Morgan you know how nikki feels about the heather stuff.
Real nasty but it wasn't with Morgan it was heather and Donald
Thank you for all the comments, we had so many we decided to pick five winners from our hat :) Congratulations to Kimberly Brinkley, Tiffany Sunders-Boddie, Heather Cromer Morgan, Carl CuzinBrucie Rideout, and Donald Roberts!! Stop by Chick-fil-A on Main Street by Saturday, December 15th to receive your FREE Combo Meal!
I love Heather on the announcements cuz she's official but Morgan? No baby, go away.
"A year ago, I would've never guessed my life would be the way it is now."
that good question if all read them like Alex Morgan Abby Tobin Lauren hope heather shanon and the rest
thanks jay I thought so lol and oh yeah I forgot heather is back at home
well heather just woke up (I'm guessing school cause she's Asian) and I just finished watching Spider-Man...
Welcome Lauren Claire Hopkins, Heather Gale & Diana Morgan to my page..& a big Thank you :-)
I'm so excited to see where God takes me from here. I love you.
heather asked if I wanted to babysit but if rather go down to La and see you ☺
And the game starts NOW! -Chelsea Name your babies! You have a set of twins, one boy and one girl. Name them after movie stars with M names
Registration is officially closed. So many entries! What an awesome community response to this event. Now its up to the panel of judges to narrow it down to our 5 finalists, pretty exciting! They'll travel separately to each home to judge each display based on first impression, design, and originality. Good luck to the entries and good luck to the judges! They have a TOUGH job ahead of them.
**Santa Kit Orders ** Reminder that ALL pre-payments for those wanting delivery are due TODAY (deliveries are scheduled between Dec 15 & 20th and will be dropped off in a mailbox/on a porch etc..). All others picking up can pay at that time. A schedule for pickup will be available on Wednesday - along with address etc... Emails will also be sent out to those who are picking up to ensure they get the info. Those will be sent out Thursday & Friday :)
Getting ready for an amazing week in LA with my girls and volunteering at the amazing NOH8 event this wed in LA! Its going to be so awesome cant wait to meet everyone this Tuesday at the Roosevelt Hotel and workout with my amazing trainer here in LA!
After a few long boring days bob gets out and heads home but not to his actual home but with fiona back to his roots of north bank road, "What's got into this place? You have school children dressing like *** and *** dressing like school children its a nightmare you don't know whether to carry sweets or money" Just then bob sees mark dale sucking on a bong and turns to fiona an says "See him bet he aint had a ride?" "Doubt it I reckon his *** that small he could double wrap a condom round it" she replies "I reckon he couldn't pull a hooker" They get in an bob puts the feet up as fiona spoils him rotting even giving him a quick gobble leaving his helmet pulsing like a frogs throat. Just then fifi neil bursts in with her daughter chloe, she tells how her 16 year old daughter has missed her period for two months. Very worried, fifi sent her to the chemist to buy a pregnancy kit. She does the test in fionas bathroom and The test result shows that she is pregnant. Shouting, cursing, crying, fifi says, ...
Thank you to everyone who came out to support our artists during their holiday events this weekend. Dawson Morgan Ceramic Works of Art, Mary Nasser Art, Vesna Delevska and Deyan Bratic had a great turn out! -Heather
Today, Heather Wallace and David Morgan recorded a few songs for their father, Pastor Tony Morgan, to listen to as he enters rehab tomorrow. You can download the acoustic versions of "Who You Are," "Give Me Faith," and "It Is Well" for free here:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"I would climb the Eiffel tower in a lightning storm. Just to hear your gorgeous voice say I am YOURS." My new single "500 Years" will be available on iTunes THIS TUESDAY!!!:) Spread the word.
Who can guess who our Santa scout was? (You cannot be affiliated with CCR in any way to win ). Guess it correctly and win a free night stay with us!
WOW... what an amazing Santa's Workshop and holiday event! We had over 175 families attend! Thank you so much to our vendors and our awesome volunteers: Angie J, Heather F.,Ruth P., Tara M., Leigh P., Stephanie C., Robin T., Denise M., Kristen M., Esteleah S., Donna S.,Mrs DeLoach, Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Coates, Mrs Morgan, Mrs. Doering and our wonderful high school volunteers. And thank you to all the kids of volunteers who pitched in and hung out while their moms worked!
Washington Co 1 and 19 alerted to assist Jefferson County for a vehicle accident with entrapment didn't catch location anyone with additional info (05)
We are well on our way to reaching our target of 50 by Sunday night!!! 9 new members have joined the team today!! Whoop!! Sending a giant thank you to Candice for all your enthusiasm!! And here's a warm welcome to Heather, Asja, Morgan, Carla, Navi, Lindsay, Quiana & Kristina!!
We're excited about the College Student Personnel Preview Day tomorrow. GAPSA is hosting a social this evening to meet with perspective students. Did you attend Preview Day? Who did you meet or what was your favorite part? Share below!
Santa information for the Long Green Volunteer Fire Company! (01) Santa Detail Schedule: We will be starting each night a little after 6:30pm. December 11th: Neighborhoods on Manor Road from Windemere Parkway to Windy Manor Ct. and the neighborhoods off Carroll Manor Road. December 12th: The neighborhoods off Long Green Road, Dance Mill Road and Dulaney Valley Road. December 13: The remaining neighborhoods on Manor Road, Morgan Mill Road and Glen Arm Road. To see a detailed schedule for each night come to our Breakfast With Santa December 8th from 8am to 11am. We hope to see you!!
CLOCKWORK is a trio of talented, young musicians who are quickly making an impact in the Midwest music scene and beyond. This St. Charles, MO-based rock band performs regularly at many of the top venues in the area, including Cicero's (St. Louis), Elbo Room (Chicago), and Off Broadway (St. Loui...
Looking for someone to be a "Model" for Chelley Jea Photography! Let me know if you would be interested!
Me and Morgan are at Heartbreakers in Imperial. Fivefold is playing an acoustic set tonight. Come join us? Support local music! -Heather
so? who wants to be an admin? ;) just write your name in a comment and we will randomly pick one of you :) -Isabelle & Sofie
Help please - a friend is just starting out in a new flat and is in need of most things. she doesnt have much money, so would prefer free, but may be able to pay a small amount if anyone has anything going spare?? anything will help. Thank you. xx
Whenever my Adia sees a small child in public she says, "Oh Momma that's a cute baby! Do you want to take pictures of that baby???!!" Think I should promote her to Marketing Manager of doubledutch? ;)
Do you buy your dogs a Christmas present - if so what???
Guess the song! Spencer Hastings- 1pt Heather- 1pt Nicole: 1pt Morgan: 1pt Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me but bear this mind it was meant to be -Alex :)
I think my machine is going to give out soon! Thank you for the patience everyone! orders are coming out left and right! EVERYTHING should be done by Saturday God willing:))
If you were to meet with a Chuck star (except from Zac and Yvonne) who would you chose?
Let's welcome Heather Norman, Jennifer Morgan, Christopher Bates, and Jen Murthi to the AP page! Welcome er'body!!
I don't know if you fans pray, but if you do, please pray for a family from my hometown. A boy I went to school with was in a head on collision yesterday and he passed away last night. He was about 24 years old. :( coming from a small town, it's very heartbreaking! To make it worse, his dad died like 2 months ago so this family is going thru a lot! Please pray for the Morgan family and our small town! Thanks so much!!! -Heather
Alex Morgan Is U.S. Soccer’s Player Of The Year Alex Morgan’s golden year continued when U.S. Soccer named the fleet footed striker their 2012 Female Athlete of the Year. With the vote split 50-50 between fans and U.S.Soccer officials/press, Morgan’s spectacular haul of 28 goals and 19 assists in 2012 were too much to overlook. Also honored was defender Julie Johnston, who captained the United States to the gold medal in U20 World Cup in Japan this summer. Johnston won what U.S. Soccer described as one the closest votes ever taken in this category, edging Kealia Ohai, who scored the gold medal clinching goal, and midfielder Vanessa DiBernardo. Johnson was also honored as the third best player at the World Cup, winning the Bronze Ball, an unusual acknowledgement for a defender. But as usual the headlines go to Alex Morgan, who has gone from super sub on the silver medal World Cup team in 2011, to perhaps the best player in the world on the 2012 gold medal winners. Although impossible to prove, there ...
From Life Print Paranormal investigation in July ... Heather Morgan said: "...investigated your place in July...
The Woodbutcher- Chainsaw Carving would like to welcome our newest memebers: Nicki, Fran, Matraca, Narleen, Bran, Morgan, Julie, Susan, Heather, Cathy, Phyllis, Taleen, & Kimberly. Thanks for stopping by and supporting our work. We hope you enjoy our carvings. Requests are always welcomed.
UPDATE: Jeather is in need of desperate help!!! The pair of two lovers have not been seen talking at all, and we dont want this wonderful pair to drift apart!. Now to Bob for sports.
A TEMPTING DIVERSIONThings have always fallen into place for Richard Moore, Earl of Raleigh. His good looks, abundance of charm, and the small matter of being heir to a marquisate make him quite the catch. So when a delectable young woman wants nothing to do with him, he can’t help but sei...
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