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Heather Locklear

Heather Deen Locklear (born September 25, 1961) is an American actress best known for her television roles as Sammy Jo Carrington on Dynasty, Officer Stacy Sheridan on T.J.

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Would you rather like Heather Locklear or strip Mena Suvari
Heather Locklear would probably do a better job, even if it was a skit.
Afghan Hounds are the Heather Locklear of dogs.
Alexis Carrington Colby needs to be brought to life by Heather Locklear. She’s the only one to do Joan Collins justice.
If Heather Locklear played her, that would be the ultimate full circle reward!!
Also 1990s Heather Locklear called, she wants her face back
She looks like Heather Locklear. Heather has way more sense though.
Hello! My name is Heather Locklear. You killed my bill and account collector. Prepare to die.
I didn’t know Heather Locklear was ambassador to Canada
The US is going too far now...Heather Locklear as ambassador in Canada!? And she believes in "both sid…
I thought this was Heather Locklear doing a skit.
Y'all tryna tell me this isn't Heather Locklear on a skit...but that this is an actual ambassador?!
I seriously thought Heather Locklear was doing a skit...
I thought her name was Heather Locklear
All of the drama with Impact feels like a Melrose Place reboot. I'm waiting for Heat…
(JUMPS UP ON SG'S DESK) Hey, remember the episode where you save Heather Locklear from the biker gang?
John C. McGinley (better known as Dr. Cox in Scrubs) & Heather Locklear would play my parents well.
wait.. THEY GENDER SWAPPED Sammy Jo?? These *** . yes Steven is out but come one you're trying to replace H…
I can't prove it bu the movie "Heathers" was conceptualized from this shot of Heather Thomas and Heather Locklear.
I remember everyone used to mix up Heather Thomas and Heather Locklear back in the
Heather Locklear hospitalized after car accident -
Heather Locklear hospitalized after car accident
Heather Locklear sent to hospital after car crash. Read more:
Heather Locklear hospitalized after car accident: via
Heather Locklear home from hospital, won’t face charges for crash
legal_problems: Heather Locklear sent to hospital after car crash
usa: Heather Locklear sent to hospital after car crash
Heather Locklear hospitalized after car crash in California
Heather Locklear released from hospital, wont face charges for crashing Porsche into ditch
Heather Locklear is home from the hospital after her car accident & gives an update on her condition.…
Heather Locklear hospitalized with minor injuries after car accident - ABC News: Heather…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Heather Locklear involved in single car wreck
Here's how Psychic Nikki sees 2017: Heather Locklear has to watch her health and well-being
Heather Locklear Hospitalized After Car Accident volunteer to kiss her booboo's
Heather Locklear sent to hospital after car crash via
Heather Locklear sent to hospital after car crash
New post: "Heather Locklear sent to hospital after car crash"
Heather Locklear hospitalized after driving Porsche into a ditch
Locklear, who has struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years, reportedly wasn't under the influence at the time
BREAKING: US star Heather Locklear rushed to hospital after crashing Porsche
Yes!! And Heather Locklear right after she was in Dynasty
This is 2 years ago & lots of altright would still say fat & ugly. Part of is these me…
Includes the Medicis, Queen Charlotte, Pushkin, Peter Ustinov, Heather Locklear, etc. . Surprised they don't mention Alexandre Dumas family.
The one Heather Locklear, Tawny Kitaen, and Bobbie Brown live in
Thought this was a young Heather Locklear 😩
Would you rather interfere Queen Latifah or zoom Heather Locklear
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I've got a better chance to date Heather Locklear than that... Speculation? Outright fantasy.
The face is half Britney, half Heather Locklear to me
Dan's reaction to Kody seeing Heather Locklear in an elevator was amazing!!
You're in a forest with Heather Locklear.
and John Cena is the love child of Vince McMahon and Heather Locklear.
'Melrose Place' at 25: Scrapped Storylines, Partying With World Leaders and How a Wig Reveal Saved the Show
I watch this every day. Heather Locklear, Desmond Tutu and George Burns talking about footy? I'D L…
yes Heather Locklear makes it to the official opening credits starting in season 2 but is always credited as speci…
1. Producers wanted Heather Locklear for the lead in Murphy Brown. 2. Grant wasn't cast until…
T.J. Hooker was peak Adrian Zmed! It may also of been peak Heather Locklear!
Yes it is Willie and the Heather Locklear from TJ Hooker or Heather Thomas is in the background.
was it Heather Locklear or Heather Thomas that played in the Fall Guy. Just wondering.
Heather Locklear was on this week's Fresh Off the Boat. This show is so gloriously 90s.
Heather Locklear's thigh gap in season 2 of Dynasty is ridiculous. Lord, if I run fast enough my thighs catch on fire.
I don't like sounding mean,but based on last night, Heather Locklear's next role may be catwoman.
easy mistake, as Heather Locklear and Heather Thomas pretty much ruled the dreams of the youth lads at that time...
Caitlyn is probs busy trying to convince Heather Locklear & Ted McGinley to join I Am Cait in another effort to reboot the show.
Heather Locklear Heather Deen Locklear (born September 25, 1961) is an American actress. She is known for ... -…
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Locklear z…
TLC's 2Close to Home Is the Worst Show I Can't Stop Watching adore heather locklear but she couldn't save this ugh
Heather Locklear is not a good actress.
First a Melrose Place homage, then Courtney Thorne-Smith, now Heather Locklear. Someone has a hard-on for Spelling on
Heather Locklear was such a beautiful woman when she was younger. Before plastic surgery. She had that natural beauty.
I know I am a pig, but seeing Heather Locklear in Fresh Off the Boat just destroyed me.
Well I'll be. Heather friggin Locklear is on this week's
I'm at a loss for words with this heather locklear episode of
I just fell back in love with Heather Locklear with her "hey hussy"...LOL
Heather Locklear Practices Her Impressive — and Mischievous — Haggling Skills in Fresh Off the Bo... via
pokes fun at rumoured substance abuse struggles on FreshOffABC
You remind me so much of Heather Locklear, but like today.
Heather Locklear Throws a Lot of Shade on 'Fresh Off the Boat'
EXCLUSIVE: Heather Locklear pokes fun at rumored past substance abuse struggles on https:/…
Is that HEATHER LOCKLEAR on Fresh Off the Boat? *** she looks 1000 years old !. What happened to her? Sad 😔
It's the end of an era. Heather Locklear is now playing the old lady on
Seriously, Heather Locklear should not have let anyone TOUCH her face. Whatever they did was not right.
With John Forsythe now in the fold, does that mean that we will have more Heather Locklear sightings?
Is she in TWO shows? Sunny AND The *** Nobody done that since Heather Locklear! She must be *** good. I better watch both.
I don't date rock 'n' rollers. I just marry them.
This is so sad. Viewers like Heather Locklear. I hope she can recover. Hollywood is a tough place.
Ahh a good ole Heather Locklear back hand!
Last night, I watched Too Close to home, and Heather Locklear plays The President's wife. Her face was all puffy...
"What was that scandalous commercial with Heather Locklear?". Marriage: hearing that and knowing he's talking ab Brooke Shields/CK spot.
Heather Locklear Reportedly Enters Rehab - "I'm working on tying up some loose ends regarding certain issues so...
Something else you might like... Heather Locklear Reportedly Enters Rehab
Is back in rehab for the fifth time in nine years?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Heather Locklear in tight pants shopping in Calabasas
Heather Locklear can crash her car, while driving under the influence of god knows what, into my car any time she likes.
It's her fifth time in nine years — let's hope she starts this year with a speedy…
"Melrose Place", in rehab la star Heather Locklear
via Amazing how stars r no different from everyday ppl, they only have more money!
EXCLUSIVE: Heather Locklear Slaps the President in 'Too Close to Home' Season 2 Premiere -- Watch! via
Heather Locklear is back as the First Lady! premieres TONIGHT at 10/9c on
Heather Locklear is a tied up policewoman
Heather Locklear is tying up "loose ends" amid reports that she entered rehab:
Britney Spears looked in the mirror and Heather Locklear stared back.
Heather Locklear is the Hilliary Clinton of TV LMFAO love it. Wonder if that's part of the inspiration. .
We're gonna have Courtney Cox over at agriculture, Joey Fatone running FBI, Heather Locklear will head up education…
The Heather Locklear cameo in Wayne's World 2 never gets old. I love this movie.
Usually about now they bring in Heather Locklear to revamp the sitcom
In 1981 Erin Moran and Lisa Welchel starred inTwirl, a made-for-tv movie about a baton twirling pageant. It co-starred Heather Locklear.
It's like Powell meets Heather Locklear meets superflat.
Is she pulling a Heather Locklear and starring in TWO shows? I already cast her on Grimm.
Heather Locklear (Tommy Lee been bangin that jaunt since 86)
"Unmasking the Swamp Creatures" ... too bad it's not another Heather Locklear B movie.
Were there any more beautiful ladies than on Dynasty? Diane Carol, Joan Collins, Linda Evans, Heather Locklear.
It's not Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan, Heather Locklear, Cynthia Watros, or Daryl Hannah's mugshots, and yet...
Heather Locklear, PSYOP—the secret history of subversive conceptual art on the walls of 90s TV's Melrose Place
Born this day: 1963: The voice of Hercules - Tate Donavon, 1961: Heather Locklear, 1936:'Can Can' star Juliet Prowse
You are becoming the Heather Locklear of episodic tv. Need to pump up the storyline call Luke Mitchell
Sambora's photos are gorgeous! Sexy photos of Heather Locklear's daughter are cir…
Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora's daughter Ava is stunning! See her pics!
Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora's daughter Ava Sambora bares her bikini body at a beachside shoot:
Richie Sambora & Heather Locklear's daughter Ava models bikinis in new photo shoot
Mae West, Milton Berle, Madonna, Heather Locklear...who do they have in common? This guest:
Does it get more than a series starring William Shatner, Heather Locklear and Adrian cops, no less?
Phoebe Cates, Heather Locklear or Megan Fox. Hate to limit myself to just one.
Heather Locklear, Marcia Cross, Lisa Rinna, Alyssa Milano, & Kristin Davis... What show do they all have in common?
hmm what IF Heather Locklear and Soleil Moon Frye played Ripley and Newt
Anyone remember Double Tap {1997} with Stephen Rea & Heather Locklear? HBO used to play it ad nauseum, but it deserves another look
"Jon Lovitz" dating Jessica Lowndes is somehow even more disturbing than when David Spade dated Heather Locklear or Julie Bowen or Nicollett
Hasselhoff as Matt, Heather Locklear as Karen, Emma Samms as Elektra and Telly Savalas as Kingpin.
she was mine too. After Heather Locklear. 😎
Heather Locklear's daughter is all grown up and modelling!
New for Heather Locklear spice from the 80s
I thought you were using a Heather Locklear picture.
Charissa did a great job, you look like Heather Locklear's younger sister today.
Heather Locklear's 18-year-old daughter heats up the beach in a bikini! 👙
Hot Shot for Heather Locklear spice from the 80s
80's icon and actress, Heather Locklear, played Lilly Truscott's mom on the show.
- 90s Blondes Edition - Who's hotter (in their primes): Pamela Anderson or Heather Locklear?
In the sequel Jack went back on drugs & hooked up w/Nicollette Sheridan, Lesley Ann Warren, Pamela Anderson & Heather Locklear.
Linda Gray and Heather Locklear can run the show.
Heather Locklear & Heather Thomas are together on a later episode. Babe central.
I liked a video Heather Thomas vs Heather Locklear
a lot of them older ones are. Christie Brinkley. Lynda Carter. Heather Locklear. Nell Carter. Betty white.
On this day in 1994, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora married actress Heather Locklear. They divorced in 2006.
I would not hesitate to nominate a female Supreme Court justice. Heather Locklear would be great.
: Hesther Thomas or Heather Locklear in their 80's prime?
heather locklear VIDEO the great american sex scandal 1990
I like to think I’m worth it. Heather Locklear says so.
Heather Locklear & Jack Wagner call off engagement, but are they totally over?
Heather Locklear still out here looking like bae?
Nah I usually just go give it a trim up while he was at the Grammy with Heather Locklear
8x10 photo Heather Locklear 3, sexy celebrity TV & movie star, Cthru top
Couples Id like 2 see back2together: . . Locklear. & Penn. Just 4 the entertainment alone
A1 recently borrowed a style from Heather Locklear, got similar cut.
You're in a forest with Heather Locklear and you're very warm, very warm
OMG I loved him so much. I cried when he married Heather Locklear.
“The less jewelry, the better the marriage” – Heather Locklear
Richie Sambora and his wife Heather Locklear and children: via
Heather Locklear: "You can't keep changing men, so you settle for changing your lipstick."
did you know she's related to Heather Locklear and a Melungeon from GA?
Howard cosell heather locklear in d dunk tank and shes looking glorious in her tanktop n shorts Marv where's Marv?
heather locklear TJ Hooker, Dynasty, and the spun off of 90210
Lady Gaga and Heather Locklear lead support for 'brave Charlie' - New Zealand Herald
Throwback Thursday to 2001 with Heather Locklear, Charlie Sheen & Michael J. Fox for a "Spin City"…
BONUS: Heather Thomas & Heather Locklear in the dunk tank.
Today, Heather Locklear is exactly as old as Abe Vigoda was the day Barney Miller debuted: 19,691 days. Horrifying, isn't it?
Heather Locklear says – don’t miss your chance to join Huntington Beach’s new Holiday Spa Health Club, built by...
Would like to see who they cast as Heather Locklear & Marcia Cross.
Locker, "Are you related to heather Locklear?"
Noteworthy Razzie Winners:. Heather Locklear - Winner for Worst Actress in The Return of the Swamp Thing. Alicia...
Yep, just like Heather Locklear remained a "Special Guest Star" for her entire run on Melrose Place
Release Heather Locklear now! . She's 53 years old. . Geez, let her go.
Thanks. or Heather Locklear in Fall Guy. . brb. doin laundry.
Getting to the podcast now, Heather Locklear was a BABE during those TJ Hooker days! Still was in 90s and still today.
I now understand why Avas house in Laguna was so nice, like I didnt know she was Heather Locklear's daughter😱😱
it definitely is. It's about public service TV in the States. They hang with Alice Cooper and everything. And Heather Locklear.
Actress Heather Locklear used sperm as an anti-aging cream.
Heather Locklear, you got butt fever
Princess heather Locklear shall be avenged! You shall be slain for even touching her!
I decree that this special Lady be treated well today. give her all the milk and cookies she wants! Heather Locklear
. Elementary School or Heather Locklear as Amanda Woodward... ill get back to you...
Heather Locklear as Amanda Woodward, i was 8 years old, i remember some parts of this show
Wayne's World 2 is so 90's cameotastic. Heather Locklear - Wwhho?
PS I am an old hand at correcting Fall Guy identity crises. I recall explaining Heather Thomas was not Locklear.
Heather Locklear as the younger second wife vibes 🚺
Throwback Thursday: Heather Locklear picks the Boppy Pillow as her favorite baby item and Oprah gives away...
Heather Thomas. Die Locklear war in anderen Serien. :-)
You eat at the Flat Turd with Heather Locklear. You order sweet goose stroganoff combination.
Welcome to Del Taco. Your travel companion is Heather Locklear. You see a dictionary.
This is Heather Dean Locklear and I've followed you forever and read every post and you are the most beautiful...
especially after stumping up for Heather Locklear's hairspray and bikini fund
A photo about Heather Locklear Breast Implant tiny ... was published on under category -
The C ... has posted Heather Locklear Breast Implant tiny xscape ... a new pin find and view -
Cel ... has publihsed about Heather Locklear Breast Implant tiny xscape ... under category -
I've made love with Heather Locklear later this afternoon.
More for Heather Locklear spice from the 80s
Melrose Place - why does Heather Locklear remind me so much of Stazs in this? And Andrew Shue me! oh...yeah!!! :p
Tom Cruise was only 19 when he hit the red carpet with Heather Locklear in 1981!
LMG suggestion. Tommy Lee Bones - the films of Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson.
Heather Locklear wore it before either of them on the VOGUE Fashion Awards, too.
Rewatching season 2 of I hate Heather Locklear's character "Julie". Team Jordan all the way.
1980's Heather Locklear would be proud.
just below Heather Locklear but above young Courtney Cox
did Heather Locklear show her goodies?!
I thought Heather Locklear was in that m…
I thought Heather Locklear was in that movie?!
Chris Tucker, Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear together in Money Talks is pretty fun
cant wait 4 the TJ HOOKER reunion at the Hollywood show ..Any chance of making it complete with heather locklear showing up?
Watched a little bit of and all I can think of is "Run, girl run!" at the Heather Locklear parts
Hah! I love that, thank you. I won't tell Heather Locklear you said that. -H
So surreal to argue with millennials about who heather locklear was married to.
Heather locklear is actually so buff
Abby was played by Heather Locklear once btw. :P
Heather Locklear at Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: "Best of Both Worlds" - Arrivals and After Party
Heather Locklear Sizzles in Bikini at 53,Reunites w Ex Richie Sambora for Family Vacation
Young Heather Locklear would've been great for an 80s remake of this movie
You play with Heather Locklear. You fart. You stay at the Mila Kunis B&B. Good night.
getting my fix with on Netflix. heather locklear and kelly rutherford should be new real housewives 💁🏼💎💄
any chance of getting Heather Locklear making your TJ HOOKER reunion complete ?
i just watched the episode where krystal has the miscarriage and Alexis throws shade @ her son 4 hangin out wi…
This guy was surprised I knew who Heather Locklear was 😒
Heather Locklear was so busy that she had to be a 'special guest' on Melrose? She can't commit to being a full cast member?
Some of people come up to be the best man at my wedding with Heather Locklear!
Where can you buy that 'teenage' cream Heather Locklear buys??
The amount of times I get asked a day if I'm related to Heather Locklear is too *** high.
ooohhh yea! And for some reason people say I look like heather locklear... When I'm blonde of course lol
Heather locklear was Dynasty and tj hooker
The Wrangler Sahara makes me happy. Almost as much as Heather Locklear:   10% Off
Hands across America and Heather Locklear gives her hand to Tommy Lee. All I need is a miracle and I'm good.
Whenever I hear Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'" I can't help but think of how cool Heather Locklear was on Melrose Place.
You have to be very careful with women friends. - Heather Locklear
Heather Locklear guesting on Rules of Engagement then off to play Mount Juliet...
Heather Locklear Out shopping at the Calabasas Commons x3 flip flops
Recognize this celebrity kid? She looks just like her famous mom! Find out who she is here:
When is Heather Locklear going to direct?
She is on my Mt Rushmore of beauties I have seen in person..I met Angie Harmon & Heather hot!
My dad was at this concert...and he got to meet Heather Locklear.
Sammy Jo! Heather Locklear. She was married to Steven when he was still gsy.
Surgery ... has publihsed photo heather locklear now surgery under category -
The Surgery People has posted heather locklear now surgery a new pin find and view -
A photo about heather locklear now surgery was published on under category -
Surgery ... has publihsed about heather locklear now surgery under category -
looks like Spin City that looks like Heather Locklear in the background.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Wasn't Heather Locklear kind of bow legged?
Ken that bit in Scrubs when Jordan's competing with Heather Locklear and chows down a burger? Me.
Come on people no make up,Heather locklear
Hate to drag it on..but how bout Heather Locklear..Heather Thomas..and my favorite kid crush Markie Post
Heather Locklear's first episode of aired yesterday on POP.
Heather Locklear's exercise routine and a little conversation about revving up your metabolism.
Heather Locklear's exercise routine & a conversation about revving up your metabolism
Heather Locklear!? You weirdo!!!. *snorts Cheese Wizz and Harlem-Shuffles a giraffe off into the sunset*
It involves Cheez Whiz, a live giraffe, and a life-sized poster of Heather Locklear. Perhaps I've said too much.
Talking about daughters, Ava Sambora clearly got some good genes ... mainly from Heather Locklear?
One man is not enough. Heather Locklear
When you're weary, feeling small. When tears are in your eyes. Just ask what Heather Locklear would do.
Just got to the part in Scrubs where Heather Locklear guest stars 😍
Garth, it's Heather Locklear and she's not signalling to us.
I think I'm a little older than you. Sammy Jo was Heather Locklear's character. I wanted to be like her.
When it's 12:39 pm and you're still Heather Locklear.
Heather Locklear, you rev my engine.
Hilary Duff: The Perfect Man (Widescreen Edition): Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear and Chris Noth star in this hilariou
Just saw a picture of Heather Locklear at 52. Still stunning. Holy crap. Good for her.
Don't look at me until I'm Heather Locklear.
DYNASTY LOCKLEAR,candid photo,the colbys
shes like Heather Locklear -10 gin and tonics and scoring Kop end rolled up in 1
Hopefully The Wolf will be having more Heather Locklear dreams after last nights sticky, fun-filled shenanigans.
Or Heather Locklear and Emma Samms, if they aren't available.
Not s lot of people know that and I met while we were both dating Heather Locklear. True story.
me too but mainly to watch Heather Locklear 😈
Myself and Emma Samm's watching her mud wrestling cat fight with Heather Locklear on Dynasty..
Calling up your hairdresser after 6 months and telling them you need an appointment for Heather Locklear Regrowth™ and they know who you are
ZOMG Legit have not seen TJ Hooker since I was a little kid! Heather Locklear's hair... *squee* — watching T. J. Hooker
I think they were trying to make her Heather Locklear's secret daughter (a fun idea), but then it was cancelled.
Update your maps at Navteq
at first glance I thought this was a young Heather Locklear
I see January Jones as "Dana" in the movie... 20 Years ago, maybe Heather Locklear.
Garth, calm down, you're in a forest... With Heather Locklear... And you're very warm...
any chance of getting Heather Locklear to attend to make your TJ HOOKER reunion complete ??
Well, can he at least bring on my Laura Leighton then? Or my Heather Locklear?
Yes! Heather Locklear does sperm treatment on her whole body to achieve a younger look on herself.
Photo: Heather Locklear is a classic beauty in a little black dress.
I always wanted to get into a car crash w/Hearher Locklear just so I could get out afterward & ask sincerely: "What's your DAMAGE, Heather?"
your mom looks like Heather Locklear bruh
On this day in 1986, Tommy Lee of Motley Crue married Heather Locklear. They divorced in 1993.
A photo about Heather Locklear Face ... was published on under category -
The Cele ... has posted Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery Face 50 ... a new pin find and view -
has publihsed about Heather Locklear Face 50 greatest ... under category -
Mug pictures of properly-recognized celebrities: Heather Locklear
Mug photographs of well-known celebrities: Heather Locklear
featuring Andrew Shue and Heather Locklear on the cover of TV Soap's Melrose...
Saw Heather Locklear and in guestbook of La Villa Mahana in
Jason will be our new guest star that boosts our popularity. The Heather Locklear to our Melrose Place.
Rock drummer, nailed Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson and now in goal for Chesterfield in play-off. Tommy Lee, living it to the max.
Work Ted McGinley and/or Heather Locklear in to the cast.
When Heather Thomas met Heather Locklear - Battle of the Network Stars
I would tell people that Hooker is named for the 1980s classic, TJ Hooker starring William Shatner and Heather Locklear.
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