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Heather Horton

Heather Margaret Horton, (born April 27, 1974) is a Canadian artist.

Holiday Open House today! We're ready. Original art on our small works wall from $ 225.00. And, meet fr…
This is wistful, evocative, beautiful.
Will stay extra long in chi in the spring for maximum hangage💜
I am the hottest amorphous blob there ever was miss you more
You’re adorable. Also, I miss you. Sorry about the catcalls:/
💔 If the worst happens and you need a place to stay I have an extra room for you..
A painting for you today...may your day be beautiful...:) “David’s Studio, Sunset”,oil, 36”x48”, privat…
This moment, each moment, is all we have. Savour it. Make it last. . “David’s Studio, Sunset”,oil, 36”x48”, priv col…
We are all thinking of you B...beyond tragic. Thanks for your updates...
My heart goes out to all affected by what’s happening :(
The San Fernando valley — filled with smoke from the Ventura fires.
One of my favourite artists and one of my favourite games come together!
I'm from Newfoundland. The lighthouse in TLD always reminded me of home.
Beautiful! I read this quickly and thought you wrote "Forgo Island", which will now become a place…
Perfect quote to go with a perfect painting ❤️
“The only cities were of ice, bergs with cores of beryl, blue gems within white gems, that some said gave off an od…
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Been there and this captures the feelings perfectly. . Though that’s my take from it, others will find a different emotion 😄
Love this. The parquet floor is so evocative of... memory, history, beaten paths.
Painting two figures creates a narrative of perpetual mystery, a visual kōan for the viewer to solve...“Two figures…
Oh wow she was beautiful! Glad you had her companionship and love for so long!
When Sophie was talking about her mom starting her ornament collection I couldn’t help but think of the Horton fami…
Sounds like my friend Julie. No Turkish waiter is safe... 😕😲
For a woman of 66, she has a voracious sexual appetite.
And maybe the younger men enjoy it...
Dearest Heather is a fantastic artist and captures the folds in fabric and wakes i…
She's a woman far too eager to undress for younger men.
Cheers, very special indeed! I aspire to inspire like this with my words (writer here). Again, bravo!
As a child I saw a and thought they were the most beautiful creatures I'd ever seen. A…
I’m so glad you connected with this piece in particular, these self portraits are very special.thank-you once again!!
This image is beyond brilliant, so evocative I found myself crying. Art that connects that deeply i…
Beautiful! She is magnificent & you captured her kitty essence wonderfully! Is she a
This is brilliant. I like the detail on the faucet itself. And that the tile spacing is dirty in th…
Love this one, Heather... such a unique perspective 👏
I continue to be amazed by your talent.
I love love love her work. I was a swimmer and diver. It is so rare to have someone paint water how it actually feels like t…
I so want to own one of these. I'm sure that they are totally out of my price range.
I’m convinced my heart is made of cobalt and teal..“The Selkie”,oil on panel, 60”x40”, private collection.
I always want to jump into your paintings. 😍
And a beautiful and wondrous heart it is. 💜
I am convinced my heart is made of tourquoise and teal. . “The Selkie”, oil, 60”x48”, private collection.
What an adorable picture. yes Sasha is sure "intrigued" by that big friend outside!
They do! Sasha and I drove to The Yukon together and back...just us. He’s my best friend:)
It's an honor being your friend Heather! 🙏🎨😘
Yes, our cats like to be part of "everything" we do isn't it. Lovely pic, thanks for posting :)
I legit thought those were real knives. You got some serious talent
Here’s a link to a powerfully inspiring video I thought you would enjoy.
From my art school days...our project was to paint a still life. I chose knives from my grandfather’s, father’s & m…
Sarah Sarah Runyan, Heather Doty Rutherford, Haley Wells-Fender how cool would this be for us sisters!?
Fresh Tracks at 11p tonight will have new music from Ribeye Brothers, Animal Years, Heather Horton, Kelley swindall…
Michael McDermott & Heather Horton hit the UK for dates | Americana UK
Check out a new single from and then see her live on 5/25 with .
Hope you.ll come to my first Art Exhibition in London next year Heather. Ill send you an invite to P.V. and Party Night xxx
Healing tears Heather. Thanks to your bravery i walked and thought i feel a lot happier now. Love Gail x
"Self-portrait, wings"(in progress).Oil, 7"x5". The only good thing about heartache is the cathartic sel…
Great self portrait, just wonderful
That was my next question! I love From Pangea, but The Selkie is amazing. I feel bouyant just looking at it!
Thank-you so much helps me process it all...your words bring tears to my eyes..
Thank-you so much:) Yes Deviant is the best place...i need to add more to it! If you see any images o…
You are an extremely talented individual. Thank you for sharing your work with us.
I was hoping it was U . . . ya, U know who U R 💜
Hi Heather, I absolutely love your work. Is the best place to buy prints? Anything in the UK? Thanks
Little Giant Ladders
my heart broke i hide behind a cascade of smiles and acts of self embarrassment. Wish i could be br…
This powerful painting alone made me cry Heather your words made me weep. Your eyes are open as is your heart Heather x
Sorry about the heartbreak, but I never get tired of that face.
Cannot wait to see the final product.
A beautiful piece and a lucky owner.
"Self-portrait, wings" (in progress), oil, 7"x5". No one asks for heartbreak but these self-portraits help me heal.…
I'm going to at Estate in Chicago, IL - Jun 23
I bet would like this one. That's me on a good day.
hi Heather, could you message me please about painting purchase?
Thank-you dearheart...great memories of that piece, that time...
Well I'm bit busy right now so probably not going to make it.
Love that. I've got the perfect wall for it too 😀
I will always be waiting for you.. "The lobby", oil, 30"x40", private coll.
Thank-you! Yes i have heard that once. High praise!
LOVE! Well done, Heather! We invite you to submit this piece for presentation in our emotion respon…
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you have a great Rockwell quality. I'm sure you have heard
Love your work, Heather. This is beautiful
The passage of time is never more apparent than when painting a child. "Lulu",oil, 30"x24", private collection.…
Awesome...thanks for keeping us safer!
Poster featuring all your lovely postc…
Thank-you Ira, Brian et al for "S-Town"...I painted while listening to unforgettabl…
I see this painting by from my desk everyday and wonder why it is not hanging in someone's home!
Poster featuring all your lovely po…
Mikel Horton suffered an ankle injury today. Blake bone suffered a hamstring injury and is out.
Sounds like a future meeting with art and wine. Who's in ?!?:)
. I live on the ocean. Your water looks like home to me.
Thanks:) whatever you want to be in the water, is in the water. Art is a sandbox.
Thanks! Over 200 hrs of work on this blue behemoth!
this is gorgeous, superb eye for detail ..WOW
Will you put it on the wall of your urban Chicago record store where you work with jack black?!
I want this painting. It is so beautiful.😀😀
Last painting for my show is complete! "Suburban Aegean", oil, 48"x72"..:)
DONE!! 200+ hours. Will post a better pic on on Monday! "Suburban Aegean",oil, 48"x72"...:)
Werner Herzog on creativity, self-reliance, and how to make a living from what you love
I actually haven't done any pen and ink in years...I paint in oils now but I do adore pen and ink!
What brand of pen, ink, paper do you use?
From the archives: a pen & ink from many years ago...every piece of art is a lesson, a history.
1 month today is the opening reception for my solo show! "The Homesteader", 72"x48", avail. htt…
super interesting perspective. I can see the blur between work and free time - aside from those super frustrating days.
"Art is a vital activity that keeps me from falling into madness."~H.R. Giger
This is a stunningly powerful work of art Heather.
Michael McDermott and Heather Horton performing. If you've never…
It's challenging in early adulthood. Will be in touch with helpful information.
Heh. Good but sometimes challenging. Taylor earned a 2 year degree at 17 but has been dragging since.
You are both amazing folks. Can't wait to meet you IRL in Sept E! 🦄💫🐝
My son is also 21. How are things going for your child at this age?
Thank you! How old is your child with mild Asperger's?
I like your autism advocacy. My youngin is on the spectrum with mild Aspergers.
Likewise! I love your bio. Makes me laugh. It's nice meeting you, too, via. beautiful .
We shall meet IRL one day, I know it! 💙
I would if I could. The tax man bit deep this year. Just a couple short trips up to BC... :(
Don, are you coming to Heather's art show in Toronto in September? You must.
Some day may get copy of Harry Crews tattoo: skull + "How do you like your blue eyed boy, Mr. Death?"
How "meta" would it be getting the cover of this inked?
Heather is my tattoo muse.H, didn't you suggest my maple leaf+buffalo first time we met IRL?
Don has some awesome tattoos. He's a fabulous person and friend, as are you E!
I love it! Please let us know what you decide.this is fun!
Perhaps something incorporating an image of a book? I know how much you cherish them...
Other. What else do you have in mind? has great ideas!
Thank you! I'm wishing you the same. It's fun getting an insider's view of your studio & creative brilliance. xox
Thank-you E!! I have to turn this painting on its side it’s so big! Have a wonderful and energy-filled weekend! x
Thank-you my friend. I do my best :) So glad you enjoy them...hope you're well! x
gorgeous, Heather! Your paintings are uplifting. Love the poems you post and your creative thoughts. xox
Thank-you so much Ed...means a lot to hear.hope you're having a beautiful week and sleep well...
.Unbelievable work Heather. The emotions your work captures literally brings tears to my eyes.
Thank-you! I like to think it is a bit of both. Working on a much larger one similar...72"x48" 😳
Beatiful, great light. Can't decide whether it's sad or pensive, perhaps both.
I agree. That is counterintuitive and protracts creative development.
I want to paint those beautiful shoes!
Illusion and reality are frequent bedfellows..just varnished "The Revanant",oil, 72"x36", avail at
So excited for this weekend. Get to see all my favorite people. Boss, Kallie, & Heather 😍😍
Awesome! Congratulations to your folks!...that's really something to celebrate!
Has Heather W. found their perfect in East Horton Gol...?
Thank you, . I very much appreciate article.
Please know that as a painter your work has greatly impacted my art..thank-you..
love that. Really full of meaning x
Frankly, you deserve better than this
That's awesome! Not sure "love" is the word I would choose... but maybe something to strive for 😉
Thanks again, every worthwhile painting should be a bit of a paradox I think!
Oh yes F it!!! And this piece is telling a story and hiding a story all at one time
Thanks B! It's quite a moody piece. Never posted it before cause it's pretty atypical but eff it, you know? ;)
thanks my friend. Lots of fires going, that's for sure! Looking forward to your email. Glad you're buoyant/energized!
Oh I love this so much...I can hear the rustle of the leaves on the ground from a gentle breeze just looking at it
happy, grateful. I've got my energy back for now. I'll be in touch. You've got great things going on! I'm happy for you. xox
Thanks Elizabeth! Been wondering how you are:) Hugs and sunny skies your way today! 🙌🌻🌤
Thank-you and it was a pleasure! Must paint another like it some day...
Trying to decide if it’s a place I would love to go or if I’d be terrified to go. Probably both. :)
"And many miles to go before I sleep..." The experimental forest piece, oil on canvas.
Wow, this is fantastic. If this were in my house, I’d never get anything done because I’d just be staring at it all day.
That's so wonderful, thank you for painting it
. The only other sound's the sweep. Of easy wind and downy flake.
that's a little piece of the Universe there...I absolutely love it!
"The woods are lovely, dark & deep, but I have promises to keep..". Untitled, experimental piece. Oil on canvas.
very much so, he struggled his entire life. A great soul!
Lots of good artists don't. Shame really.
just stunning. Makes me want to run for my paintbrushes.
Painting, like most life, depends on light to survive, illuminating form selectively. "Gayle(Home),oil,36"x48".
Wishing you all a beautiful evening!
That's SO cool I just love your work!
That would be amazing Heather. I know there will be a rush to buy it! :)
Precisely.My father was very self-destructive. He threw knives & read of zen. The opposite of The Golden Mean. All the excess.
I can see that.two opposing emotions existing at the same time and the same place.
Thanks B. It's a double portrait of sorts: love and hate.
And now by one girl with a small, grey cat :)
I think I'll paint a little swimming piece similar to this for the 2016
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Oh he was quite haunted. It was one of the ways he coped with stress...
The ghost part. Throwing of knives to get rid of them.
What do you mean? He put the piece of wood on the back of the closet and started throwing. The roses were given to me:)
Is that an established thing... Or his own idea?
New painting! "Studio door",10"x8",oil. Father threw knives at this door. An exercise to exorcise his ghosts.
Here it is! Photo was from awhile back..I liked the in progress shot:)
Beautiful Brenda. Love the waves of distortion :)
Thank-you! Thankfully we like one another a lot, which makes for easy travel;)
. Fantastic! You're both looking great! I'm happy you're arrived at your new home.
Paint allows artists to distort life through their lens; to warp yet maintain a thing's essence.
We have arrived!! He's my hero:) Thanks for following along on the journey!
Hi, gorgeous Heather! Do you & have an approximate arrival date yet?
Thank-you so much made my morning! Wishing you s beautiful day!!
Your painting is beautiful, Heather. I'm happy you followed your talent and passion. You are a very gifted artist. xox
I contributed to the Lens Project at Hitrecord. Please check me out (title is A Reflection of Me). …
Website Builder 728x90
Let me know what you think...glad you have your aunt Sadie with you still...🌸
I will check out the album..,thank you!
thank you, no this is another Aunt, my Auntie Betty. But now Aunt Sadie is my last surviving aunt on my moms side.
An article with more about the album. He’s a genius IMO. Again, my deepest condolences to you..
I'm am so sorry..your aunt you've spoken of? This album is helping me process. Maybe you too? It's called "Carrie & Lowell"
Yes, like should listen to the whole album. It guts me. Will paint next two portraits to it..
Thanks Brenda. This song is from his latest album about losing his mum. I lost my dad 9 months ago. Very poignant.
Sufjan’s music is like a spiderweb detached from its anchor points: beautiful & delicate..
Haunting. I lost my dad 9 months ago so it really hits home.
White has the most colours..I do paint snowy mountains and I’m rarely sleepy :)
reviews make it sound like a perfect beer to enjoy by the swimming pool. Cheers, Heather!
1st day back in Ontario from 1.5 yrs in Yukon & I find my in an LCBO!
they are apps for your phone. I love them!
thank you! sounds so nice esp for my wicked insomnia...what are they? I couldn't sleep all night so Ima take a nap now. ;)
The painting that made me want to be a full-time painter. From school, 13 yrs ago. Oil.
Great beer! That'll make you sleep well. Welcome back to the Eastern Time Zone and cheers!
Sasha, you probably won't sleep suffering from Yukon-time warp. Sneak some of your Mums beer to help sleep!
.& I did it! 6,000km driven in 8 days. I'm the best partner in crime ever!
And Knives. Lots and lots of knives.
Thank-you my friend. I'm looking forward to both soon...
Beautiful! I'm wishing you much time and peace.
My best pic is from the Eiffel tower
Well thank you!I really like that angle for big beers! :)
Your photos are always so deliciously...precipitous 🍻😉
from one artist to another, you are an inspiration Andrew. Just sayin. ☺️
these are gorgeous, haunting and quite Hopper-esque! Thanks for sharing!
You're loved & You have Sasha. My father used to say: "Travel & Learn". I did😊
You all really know how to make this gal driving 6k km solo feel loved! Well,I have
Thank-you Elizabeth:) I paint what I experience..glad it has impacted you! 🌷 happy day lovelies!
Artists require two essential things for creative fulfillment: time & peace.
I paint what matters & who matters to me: friends, lovers, mystics & riddles all. "Wyll,Wisdom"
xox Heather! Wow, woman. Will message you later.
Your life & paintings are endlessly fascinating. Thank you for sharing. Happy Saturday to you, , & .
Thank-you so much!! High praise being grouped with him :):)
Yes, totally!! Love his photos, his spirit, his artistry. Fascinating man. Love your work, too! Talent +
The Exorcist is the only horror movie I've ever seen. Scared me so much!! I'd rather surf with sharks.
Amazing. Iconic! And photos and artistic body of work are very inspiring aren’t they?
They were super scary!! My friends would tease me about walking past 'those steps.' They totally creeped me out!
yes! Of all college, I lived several blocks from those steps in Georgetown (Washington, DC USA).
thank-you so much for doing that! And thanks for your words...I love what I do and am glad it resonates with you:)
I use google translator, and not too efficient, but your work is obviously worth a lot ...
Herzog is amazing! I want to have tea with him. His curiosity about the human condition is infectious.
I wish I could understand what you wrote...but it seems complimentary:)
Your art is a canary in a coal mine: a fluttering sentinel who measures our dance with madness.
Praying for these people, such a sad situation. ( Heather Golden Horton )
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Although I have nothing to do with art, but when I see such paintings my sense and sensibility are always at their best.
We spoke via email awhile back about the Yoda portrait…thx for your helpful replies and the portrait is in the works! :)
You’re welcome Corey! Any friend of and is a friend of mine:)
Yes, read too I have. Learned a lot and very much enjoyed them. In for a treat you are :)
Beautifully observed John. I really love your brushwork and purity of colour. Thanks for posting this. 🌻
Wonderful! I have read and love work but not Masson...cant wait to start this book:)
Happy New Year Ollie! Love your profile pic. That's the feline equivalent of William Blake's 'barbaric yawp' right there:)
Yes I have! Loves his books very much I do. Each one is better then the next :)
Thank-you so much. He is a huge inspiration to me.
Happy New Year Mickey! Wishing you all the best for the year:)
Happy 2015! . May you follow your bliss with unwavering focus and honour your art always:)
Thank-you very much Tim! I appreciate you taking a look at my work:):) Have an amazing day today!
Thanks Heather for your words of friendship. You are one of the kindest and most talented people I know. Happy 2015!!
And you too my friend! Will be in touch soon with updates:):) 🌹
Happy New Year Laurence! May 2015 bring you peace and joy in abundance! 🎉🌷🎆
If heaven exists it seems you have found it. Thanks so much for sharing:)
. Beautiful...the one I sent you is from my house,. At the top of the tallest hill.
That is breathtaking!! Are you staying high up or in a plane? Here's mine..sunrise yesterday:)
Happy New Year! May 2015 be filled with peace and joy for you and your kindred:)
“Exactitude is not truth.” –Henri Matisse, born today in 1869. More works inspired by Matisse: http:…
Perfectly stated! May you have a cozy & peaceful NYE, ready to conquer any obstacle & foster even more compassion in 2015!
Thank You! Voice for the voiceless I am and silent never will I be :)
Size is subjective and you are a veritable force to be reckoned with Yoda! Believe in you we do :)
Thank-you:) Here are more from around a group of caribou running on the highway:)
Ah! Even the name of that island evokes beauty:) I love it up here. This is in Kluane Nat Park..
Happy New Year from Whitehorse Tahmoh! Wishing you lots of peace & joy in 2015!
Happy New Year from The Yukon Mariel! Wishing you lots of love and light for 2015!
. Here's where we are... The opposite end of. The world.
Thank-you! Yes I live here currently. Savoring it! Headed back to Ontario in April to care for my mum.
Happy New Year from The Yukon JK! May 2015 be amazing for you in all ways! I'm hopeful for a reunion! 💙
Happy New Year David! You are a bright light with many gifts. Can't wait to meet you IRL one day:)
Happy New Year from The Yukon William! May 2015 be excellent for you in all ways:)
Thanks Jane! I'm actually working on a portrait of right now! Such a sweetie:)
It's so true. could read me the phonebook and I would be elated:)
Thanks for doing s great job out there...I can tell from up here in The Yukon! Have a wonderful New Year!
I can see a bit of green sticking out. Gotcha! Your turn!
Local artist opened ‘Sea Of Change’ last Friday at the North End Gallery in
Here's a pic from - which Nathan is also a big fan of!. May the farce be with you, always!
you are an amazing artist and I really admire your work. I resonate with each piece and your rendering is superb.
"When it's over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement."-Mary Oliver. "The Green Couch"
There’s a clause in your ticket that you have to bring the nice weather back to you. Didn’t you notice the fine print?!
It was perfect...but back to grey today!
Looks like you had much nicer weather there than we had in this weekend!
It was amazing:) Mary Ellen and I had a perfect weekend..see you in YXY soon:)
Thanks, Heather! Did you have a great weekend in Vancouver?
And you too...and we did thanks. See you next year!
Reservations phone number written on the back of here. You guys are awesome. YVR->YXY
Thanks for coming Heather, very nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!
very true. Flattery hasn't got me followed by the great Heather Horton, though. Sad face.
Thanks Don for an amazing last night:) We had a fab time. Thanks to Adam too!
Flattery will get you everywhere ;) Don't underestimate the power of a well-wielded crayon!
you always make me feel like I'm a 1st grader, drawing with crayons. I'm a bit jealous for sure. ;)
You too. Great choices and whatever course it is there are many treasures to be found therein:) Enjoy:)
You have excellent taste in literature:)
"A kiss may not be the but it is what we wish were true."~
My is my only child. And like a child you must nurture it & let it go. "Old Oak, New Oak".
I am running around your town this weekend for at :)
Michael McDermott is making a stop @ Luna this Thursday @ 7:30 for an evening of tunes with Heather Horton.
Take Action today! (i'm going to be getting some P90 action in a bit with Mr. Tony Horton himself - wait, that's...
exactly!! So pleased someone else voices this sentiment!!
it's like you can hear the wind. Amazing.
Keep up the great art work We'd like to share with you our awesome new art store!
The best thing about is that every answer is the right one, because it's yours."Emilie",oil.
Nice to b here with these gr8t pple
I love your work Heather. I've been following your deviantart posts for quite some time. Inspiring!
But of course...perfect for mountaintops and Independence votes:)
One of my fav lines (though i think you might have the punctuation wrong...)
That said, I do look forward to my next visit VERY eagerly.
Powells is my favorite single bookstore. Haye-on-Wye, Wales has 29 bookstores. Breathtaking.
Thanks! I shall.those cookies you serve will fuel my adventure:)
Terrific article. You continue to articulate a strange world very well. glad I continue to make the cut:)
Thanks for the RT:) Can’t wait to meet you all on Zwanze Saturday..even writing an article on the event for a Yukon newspaper!
Off to Vancouver Friday with Air North to attend at who added us out-of-towners to their guest list!
Heather Horton 16 de sept. You will break & you will heal. Heal stronger. Paint better. Break...
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